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The Wolverine Key The official publication of the Michigan District of Key Club

Summer Edition

Volume 06 | Issue 01

Table of Contents 01 Governor's Page

26 Spring Board Recap

02 Meet the E-Board

27 Leadcon Review

05 Meet the LTGs

28 SLC Recap

13 Division Map

29 SLC Award Winners

14 Meet the Chairs

30 Important Dates

18 Meet the Adults

31 Fall Rally Update

21 Art Gallery

32 Service Spotlight

22 Trustee's Page

33 Key Club Partners/Charities

23 International Board

34 Committee Updates

24 District Project

36 Contact Information

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Hi Everyone! I'm sure you noticed that this issue of the Wolverine Key is a bit longer than previous editions but I wanted to make the magazine a bit more informative so there is one place that you can go to find a myriad of information. Although I didn't get the official story of how our wonderful mascot, Mikey, became a raccoon, I did report on a few rumors going around the district.

Governor's Page Hello Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers, My name is Prabhleen Pawar and I am your 2021-2022 Michigan Governor. You may remember me as a lieutenant governor from last year. This upcoming year is our homecoming as a club. We have been away and this year we are going to bounce back better than ever. As a district board we are here to help you with every aspect of your club from an engaging membership to help with service projects and fundraising. We also want to thank the clubs that stayed with us throughout the tumultuous year. Some district goals that we have are: 1. Recharter schools that went into a COVID-A status 2. Distribute the service directory 3. Make a more diverse, equitable and inclusive club 4. Revamp our social media and online presence Some personal goals of mine are: 1. Give our members an amazing experience at our district events 2. Provide more opportunities for our general members to be on the district board 3. Facilitate bonding between our sistricts This year will be a challenge but our members and board are more than ready and willing to push through and conquer. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish and do!!

written by Prabhleen Pawar, District Governor

Page 01

Meet the E-Board Governor Hello Mighty Michigan Key Clubber! My name is Prabhleen Pawar and I am your 2021-2022 District Governor! Some goals of mine is having smooth transitions into in person events and also have more engagement with our general members and our district board. However outside of Key Club I am in our school's Science Olympiad team, Robotics team, tennis team, golf team, choir and a whole lot of others!! I can't wait to serve with you!

Prabhleen Pawar

Favorite Animal: Bear

The executive board meets every other week to discuss what is going on in the district and to report on their progress.

Page 02

Secretary Hello Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Kathleen Leighton, and I am your District Secretary for the 2021-2022 service year! A goal of mine for this year is to make more efficient ways to fill out MRFs and ERFs in time for our fellow club secretaries. Outside of Key Club, I'm in our school's band and choir program, tennis team, taekwondo, and other clubs.

Kathleen Leighton Favorite Animal: Elephant

Treasurer My name is Shriya Kethireddy, and I am your district treasurer! Before this position, I was the Okemos Key Club treasurer, and I look forward to serving you all! Aside from key club, I enjoy running and debating. In my free time, I love to read and make puzzles, especially puzzles with beautiful sky lines! I hope to make this service year the best it can be, so, as your district treasurer, I want to improve the connection we have between district and local key clubs.

Favorite Anima: Goose

Shriya Kethireddy Page 03


Aiko Major

Hi! My name is Aiko Major and I will be the district editor for the 2021-22 key club service year! I am so excited to work with each and every one of you in service. Outside of Key Club, I love to read, press flowers, make paper, and do pretty much anything under the sun that will get me outside! I am also in NHS, Earth Club, and serve as the Marketing and Communications chair for the Lansing branch of Climate Reality.

Favorite Animal: Raccoon

LTG Chair Hello Key Clubbers! My name is Manaal Syed (she/hers), a rising senior who currently attends International Academy East in Division 15! I have the honor of serving as the LTG Chair this year and being able to serve as liaison between the lieutenant governors and the Michigan Executive Board. Apart from Key Club, I am the Creative Director for March for Our Lives Michigan, a non-profit that advocates for intersectionality and gun legislation. I also love to paint, play badminton, and finger-knit in my free time! One thing I like about Key Club is that it establishes friendships and teaches us about the value of volunteering and serving other people.

Favorite Animal: Snowy Leopard

Manaal Syed

Page 04

Meet the LTGs Division 2 Hi Key Clubbers! My name is Michelle Xia and I am the Lt. Governor for division 2. Some of my goals this service year include re-activating clubs that have been inactive because of Covid-19, and increasing communication with clubs. Outside of Key Club, some things I enjoy doing include playing tennis, cooking, baking, and binging tv shows occasionally :)

Michelle Xia Favorite Animal: Monkey

Lieutenant Governors act as a liaison between the District Board and the individual key clubs in their division. They do this by getting the districtwide resources to the key clubs and get information to the district board from their key clubs. They also much participate in a district board committee.

Page 05

Division 3

Ari Pajaro

Hello Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Arianna Pajaro but everyone calls me Ari. As the lieutenant governor for division 3, I am most looking forward to working with my fellow board members on making this the best service year we can. As well as Key Club, I also participate in volleyball, band, soccer, student senate and 4-H. My passions lie within helping others around me.

Favorite Animal: Hedgehog

Division 4 My name is Aditi Kashi and I am a junior at International Academy East. I enjoy being a part of Key Club because I can make a difference in my community. In my free time, I like to read, bake, play violin, and do taekwondo.

Aditi Kash Favorite Animal: Dolphin

Page 06

Division 5

Hane Eun

Hello! My name is Hane, and I am the lieutenant governor for Division 5 this 2021-2022 year. Other than Key Club, I do varsity track, play the trombone in the Jazz band, and compete in events in HOSA. Being the new lieutenant governor, I am looking forward to working with various people and creating a closer community this year. I am looking forward to a great year!

Favorite Animal: Turtle

Division 6 Hey everyone! My name is Arohi Nair, and I am the lieutenant governor for Division 6 this service year. I love Key Club because of the impact it can have, as well as the opportunities that one is given to better the community (both locally and internationally). This year, I hope to grow membership in my division as well as organize a division-wide service event. Outside of Key Club, I also enjoy reading, running, baking, and playing the violin. I am on my school's varsity cross country team and play in the philharmonic orchestra. I am so excited to serve with you all this year!

Favorite Animal: Orangutan

Arohi Nair

Page 07

Division 7

Camryn Nauta

Hi everyone my name is Camryn Nauta and I spend most of my time reading and paddle boarding with my dog! I love that Key club gives us the ability to make connections within and outside of our communities. This year my goal is to foster those connections and get to know each club on a personal level. I am so excited for the service year ahead and can not wait to see what you all accomplish!

Favorite Animal: Polar Bear

Division 8 Hey everyone! My name is Jacob Remington and I get to serve as your Lieutenant Governor for Division 8 for the 21-22 service year. I'm a senior at Saint Joseph High School. I love to swim and I'm on the news team, I love photography and I love to travel!

Jacob Remington Favorite Animal: Dogs

Page 08

Division 9

Jaslynn Pham

Hello, My name is Jaslynn Pham! I am the Lieutenant Governor for Division 9. I am a senior at Henry Ford II High School. A few extracurricular activities that I am part of besides Key Club are H.O.S.A, NHS, NFHS, Freshman Mentor, and French Club. For sports, I am a 3rd year varsity Track and Cross Country runner. Something I love about Key Club are the people who make it memorable and the passion everyone has towards helping the community.

Favorite Animal: Sea Otter

Division 10 Hello, everyone!! My name is Rachel Asirvatham, and I enjoy reading, playing the violin, watching Netflix, scrolling through TikTok, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends!! I am the lieutenant governor for Division 10 this year. I am also going to be a sophomore next year at International Academy East!

Rachel Asirvatham Favorite Animal: Dog (German Shepard)

Page 09

Division 11

Emiyah Jones

Hello! My name is Emiyah Jones, and I am a current Junior attending Salem High School. I am the LTG for Division 11 as well as a member of MYLead! I just applied for NHS and plan on taking AP English in the fall. Outside of Key Club, I volunteer at shelters and work at Panera. As an LTG, I plan on making a difference in everyone’s lives and strengthening Key Club (to the best of my ability)! I love Shawn Mendes and The Neighbourhood and my favorite color is sunflower yellow. I also have an identical twin sister, Jayden!

Favorite Animal: Dog

Division 12 Hi everyone! My name is Sena Alenzi and I am the LTG for Division 12. I am a senior at Dearborn High School and have been a part of Key Club since 9th grade. My favorite thing about Key Club is being able to give back to your community through fun volunteering events.

Sena Alenzi Favorite Animal: Cat

Page 10

Division 13 Hey! My name’s Ashika Gangur and I’m the Lieutenant Governor of Division 13 of the MIDKC. I’m also a member of TLC, a volunteer group at my local library, quiz bowl, and I’ve played the piano for 7 years. My main goals for this position are to make sure that I provide adequate resources for all the clubs in my division to thrive and continue to stay active.

Ashika Gangur Favorite Animal: Tiger

Division 14 Hi Everyone! My name is Harshini Veerappan, and I am a senior at the International Academy of Macomb. In school, I am a part of several different clubs like HOSA and Drama Club! Outside of school, I am a dancer, I enjoy spending time with my family, and watching movies. My goal for my position is to communicate with most of the board members in my Division and possibly start up some clubs again. Harshini Veerappan

Favorite Animal: Red Panda

Page 11

Division 15

Siddarth Gupta

Hello Key Clubbers, I am Siddharth Gupta, a Senior at International Academy East. I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 15. Some hobbies I have are cooking; watching sports, tv shows, and movies; playing tennis; and even dancing. I am involved many clubs besides Key Club such as HOSA, Model UN, Robotics, and even Forensics(a public-speaking club not CSI club). I am really great that I will working with many of you this upcoming year.

Favorite Animal: Dragon

Division 16 Hi, my name is Maria Ivezaj and I am the lieutenant governor of division 16. I attend Henry Ford where I hold many other leadership positions besides being a Lieutenant Governor. I am a French club officer, HOSA club officer, and I was previously the vice president of my home key club before becoming a Lieutenant Governor. I enjoy playing tennis and travelling.

Maria Ivezaj Favorite Animal: Dog

Page 12

Find your Division!

the e e os t k c ap! m Cli l ful

Page 13

Meet the Chairs New Club Building Hey! My name’s Azra, and I’m a senior at the International Academy East. In my free time I’ve been learning to skateboard and watercolor, and in the winter I love to go skiing. My favorite animals are baby goats!! I’m so excited to be your new club building chair! I chartered the club at my own school, so I know the process like the back of my hand.

Azra Tokovic Favorite Animal: Baby Goats

Committee Chairs oversee one of six committees: New Club Building, Membership Development, Projects, Kiwanis Family Relations, Events, and International Partners. This position allows for also an elected club board position (You can be your home club president and a committee chair).

Page 14


Jada Coles

Hello! My name is Jada Coles and I have been a part of key club for almost four years. Not only am I a part of key club, but I also participate in French club, NHS, French NHS, and student council! I love key club because it brings people together and encourages helping those all around. Because of my love, I am now the projects committee chair and hope that as a committee we will be able to get more people to do service projects and show people that serving others is rewarding!

Favorite Animal: Panda

Membership Development Hello, my name is Alex Moon, and I am a Junior at Okemos High School. Some of the extracurriculars I am involved in are Key Club, Golf, Student Council, and Cello! One thing I love about Key Club is how supportive the Key Club community is. There are tons of people willing to help you if you are struggling with anything.

Favorite Animal: Walrus

Alex Moon Page 15

Kiwanis Family Hi I am Claire Schafer. I am going to be a senior at Adrian high school. I have been a competitive dancer for 14 years. I am very involved in clubs at my school including NHS and project unify. I have been for the past two years and am currently the Vice President of my schools key club. I am absolutely thrilled to be in a higher place of leadership in this organization.

Claire Schafer Favorite Animal: Monkey

Co-Events Chair Hi! My name is Chloe and I am one of the new Events Co-Chairs. I am currently a sophomore at International Academy East. Some of the extracurriculars I am involved in are Key Club, Book Club, and violin! One thing that I like about Key Club is that you can always learn something new about how to be a great leader.

Chloe Shaman Favorite Animal: Chinchilla

Page 16

Co-Events Chair

Revelle Hami

Hey! My name is Revelle Hami and I am a Junior at International Academy East. Some extracurricular activities I am involved in are Key Club and Indian American Student Association. In my free time, I like to play volleyball. My favorite thing about Key Club is that its community is filled with ambitious people.

Favorite Animal: Penguin

. . . t i s a H r o m u R

,I w e i terv re n i l rma . I'm su o f ra on o of f t r d y o e n Mik t to rep g arou h c s ng n a i i a e t e r p a b s hi s flo nt one g, le to n r b o o a s un mation the rum omina lvin a o v w in ed of for hI t r g n n e p i r u e two t e a o d s d i h w o m c n t a Al e m ible ac k, a e so ready h v n s. a a T r . d h r l p n r n a o o o e l n d t fri e al a racco d in a h c potio s r e a i raz you s now lve agi c o s m v i fh ei s in ecuted o h a y w wh ex he t y l a b h i t orr h a ic, g a m

Page 17

Kiwi (CNH Kiwins)

Penny (ECD)

Meet the Adults Administrator Hello Key Clubbers!

Audrey Salesberry

My name is Audrey Salesberry. I have the privilege of serving as the Michigan District of Key Club District Administrator! I am a CPA and live in St Joseph with my husband Mike. I have 4 grown kids and 5 grandchildren. Fun fact about me is that I have three chickens that are my pets. I love to garden, goodwill and spend time at my summer lake house.

Favorite Animal: Dog

The Adult Team consists of extremely dedicated individuals that are essential to our Michigan District. They make sure that everything is running smoothly with club advisors and sit on the executive board to help with anything that we need adults for.

Page 18

Assistant Administrator

Megan Cadle

My name is Megan Cadle and I serve as the Assistant Administrator for the Michigan District of Key Club. In this role I work closely with the District Treasurer and Executive Board to manage the district finances as well as assist with planning our large events. I have been a part of the KFamily for over 15 years and love seeing all the great work that Key Clubbers do!

Favorite Animal: Elephant

Zone Advisor Division 1, 2, 3 I have been a Kiwanis member for 33 years and involved with Key Club for 31 of them. I started out as an assistant Kiwanis advisor and progressed up to Zone advisor about 25 years ago. My involvement with youth also extends to leadership in the Boy Scouts in various areas. I like being outside and camp whenever I can. I also like being on the water and spend time fishing and cruising. I also use my boat for volunteer work also as I am in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and am on call for search and rescue missions. I am also in a men’s singing group and perform throughout the year.

Favorite Animal: Dog

John Knapp

Page 19

Zone Advisor Div. 7 Hi there, my name is Tristin Nguyen and I’m an adult zone advisor for the Michigan District Board. My job is to ensure that my LTG has all the tools they need to have a successful year! The thing I love about Key Club is that you get the opportunity to meet and work with people from all over and make connections you would never get anywhere else.

Tristin Nguyen Favorite Animal: Manatee

Zone Advisor Divs. 14, 15, 16 Hello! I'm Drake Lambright, and I serve as an adult team member for the MI District Board. In my role, I oversee specific lieutenant governor's and one of the district committee's and offer assistance when needed. But my primary function is to ensure that the District Board is working hard to bring exciting opportunities to the district and grow as independent leaders. A fun fact about me is that I recently graduated from Oakland University, and I am a former Key Club and Circle K member!

Favorite Animal: Cat

Drake Lambright

Page 20

Art Gallery

Aya Moughni, Dearborn High School Shriya Kethireddy, District Treasurer

I'm sure this comes as no surprise that we have some extremely talented Key Clubbers and one objective of the Wolverine Key is that it provides a space for them to show off their beautiful work. Literature submissions are open for any edition of the Wolverine Key, all you have to do is submit it to one of the three forms applicable at

Fiona Magyar, Okemos High School

Page 21

Trustee's Page Hello Michigan Key Club! My name is Cheyenne Stewart, and I am ecstatic to serve as your new International Trustee! I’m originally from the small European country called Hungary, and I now live in Terre Haute, Indiana. I’m a senior at Terre Haute South Vigo HS, and I’m involved with Spell Bowl, countless church activities, the CANDLES Holocaust Museum Youth Board, Link Crew, Science Olympiad, and a few others. This is my fourth and final (sadly) year in Key Club, and this trustee year is the cherry on top of all of the service I’ve been a part of in high school! Our sistrict, Camiwins, comprises Eastern Canada, Michigan, and CNH KIWIN’S! My role as trustee is to support each governor to the level they need, complete lasting work on international committees, connect with district and international board members, and serve as the liaison between you and the international level. I’m not just here for the Governors; I’m here for any and all of you through both Key Club topics and life events! Many people ask, "Do you make keys in Key Club?" Well, not quite. We make keys from our experiences that open countless doors for our futures, and we ARE the key people who have servant hearts in our communities that initiate change now and will initiate change in the future to make our world a better place! Remember, YOU are the reason Key Club is this incredible. Without your tireless work, meeting prep, newsletter creations, attendance, lots of emails, and volunteerism, Key Club would not be alive and would not THRIVE the way it does today! Thank you so much for welcoming me into your Key Club family. I cannot WAIT to travel to your meetings, events, and conventions and to see you even through Zoom! Good luck for the rest of your terms! Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time or day because I’d love to get to know as many of you as possible! written by Cheyenne Stewart, International Trustee

Page 22

International Board Salma Eldeeb International President

Melanie Kim International Vice-President

International Trustees Aliya Ali

Ava Chae

Emily Leonard

Anton McDonald

Ellie Nusbaum

Lena Oswald

Natasha Shrestha

Cheyenne Stewart

Subashree Venkatasuramanian










Kathy Ye


Page 23

Sana Yooseph II - CNH - CAROLINAS

District Project Stress Ball Making Make stress balls from balloons and filling them with sand, sugar, etc and handing them out to people. Stress balls can relieve stress by releasing pent up energy and tension!

Meditation Groups Set up groups on zoom or FaceTime with people from your school and have quiet time and meditation to help mental health especially with school starting.

Page 24

Hope for Health Making Cards Make cards for kids in hospitals that can boost their mental health. This is a super easy event to pull off as it can be done virtually or physically and can be very helpful!

Making Mental Health Posters making posters is a simple but effective way to make people feel better and do good for the community! You can also set up a second event by hanging up these posters around your school!

Page 25

Spring Board Recap Agenda LTG and Chair training

May 13th - May 15th

The purpose of Spring Board Duties and Responsibilities is to train give a brief training to the members of the board Key Club International Information and to get to know each Board Meeting Information other! I would personally say Committee Talk Editor's Updates that I thought it went really well and my favorite event was Secretary Updates Goals playing with the rest of Treasurer's Updates the board. written by Aiko Major, District Editor

Page 26

LeadCon Review Hello Michigan Key Clubbers, At the end of July, I went down to Indianapolis and worked with the international board, fellow governors, and international trustees. We attended seminars talking about various topics like diversity, inclusion, equity, service, and leadership. However it wasn't all desk work, we made cards for a local charity called VIPs and also had board bonding events. Overall it was a cherished and informative experience that I will recall throughout my term. written by Prabhleen Pawar, District Governor

July 29 - August 1st

Page 27

SLC Recap Workshops! Culture of Care Goal Setting & Vision Boards Key Club and Real Life Intro to Erika's Lighthouse How to Get a Date Key Club Service Projects Youth Protection Adaptability is the New Change How International is KCI? Public Speaking And much more!

Opening Session Key Club Caucusing Workshops Award Session I-Council Meeting

Due to the pandemic, ICON has been cancelled and was instead replaced with the Summer Leadership Conference (SLC). Things were a bit different but it was still very well put together and they had some great speakers and workshops! written by Aiko Major, District Editor

July 8th - July 10th

Workshops Closing Session

Page 28

MIDKCI '20-'21 SLC Award Winners

Major Emphasis Award Winner Lakeshore High School Key Club

Poster Contest Winner Dearborn High School Key Club

Video Contest Winners Okemos High School Key Club Lakeshore High School Key Club

Year-In-Review Contest Winners Okemos High School Key Club Lakeshore High School Key Club

Oratorical Contest Winner Nicolina Buccilli, International Academy of Macomb

Utica High School Key Club Edsel Ford High School Key Club Dearborn High School Key Club

Page 29

St. Joseph High School Key Club

Single Service Awards

Important Dates August - October

August 1st July TRFs and MRFs

August 10th August Newsletter August MRF and TRF

August 12th First Committee Kit

August 1
































August 13 - 15th Summer Board

August 16 - 21st

Kiwanis District Convention

September 1st

August MRF and TRF

October 1st

September MRF and TRF ERFs due































September 10th

September Newsletter

































Page 30

l l i w e m e h T y l e l h a t R n l i l a d F e c n u o n n a e u be s s i t x e n

Page 31

Service Spotlight Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House The Ronald McDonald House is a charity that helps give families a home when facing a medical crisis. They are working for an amazing cause, and collect soda tabs to help raise money for their chapters. They take donations of these pop tabs, and so one service project to try out this year would be collecting tabs as a club to give to a House near you. The best part about this is that it can be done either virtually/ individually, or in-person with can drives.

Community Service

written by Arohi Nair, Division 6 LTG

Recycling/Cleaning Our Communities For the betterment of all people and wildlife in our communities Key Clubs would clean parks and recreational areas in their communities. For greater impact, foster more greener solutions for the park such as implementing recycling bins instead of trash cans and planting more vegetation around the park. written by Mohammed Harp, Crestwood High School

Community Service

Page 32

Key Club Partners Thirst Project hopes to educate the next generation by arming students with information about how they can be a part of social change, make a difference and encourage others to join in the effort.

Nickelodeon currently presents two major campaigns each year that encourage action in kids globally. Worldwide Day of Play reinforces Nickelodeon’s mission to make the world a more playful place by leading active, playful events across the country. Nickelodeon’s Get Dirty campaign seeks to educate kids, families and teachers about what they can do to help protect the planet in fun, mindful ways.

Landscape Structures (LSI) has joined Kiwanis International as a vision partner to bring play to communities across the globe. LSI is proud to provide high-quality commercial playground equipment and planning consultation services that reflect the high degree of integrity that Kiwanis clubs expect.

Up with People strives to develop a sense of social responsibility in their participants through hands on community service. Service projects are integrated into each city visited during the semester. By volunteering to meet the specific needs of each community, participants develop insight into how different cultures address social and political challenges.

Preferred Charities UNICEF is the only organization of the United Nations dedicated exclusively to children. Working with other United Nations bodies, governments and nongovernmental organizations, UNICEF helps to provide for children’s needs in more than 150 developing countries through community-based services in primary health care, basic education and safe water and sanitation.

Since the 1940s, Key Clubs have worked with March of Dimes to make a positive impact in the lives of babies everywhere. Today, Kiwanis members continue that culture of service by supporting the March of Dimes all year long by hosting service projects, raising funds and educating communities about the crisis of preterm birth.

Members work together by sponsoring fundraising events and conducting service projects at their local children's hospitals. Contact your local CMN hospital and invite a representative to a club meeting to share ideas and create a partnership.

Committee Updates New Club Building Committee

written by Azra Tokovic, chair

My goal is to make the process less daunting and unfamiliar by working more closely with students interested in chartering. So far, as a committee, we’ve started to identify potential clubs and started to set up meetings with clubs in the process of chartering. If you are someone interested in chartering a club, or you know a school that would be interested, please feel free to shoot me an email at, and I’d be happy to help!

Projects Committee written by Jada Coles, chair So far as a committee we just finished the 2021 service directory and are working on our first summer kit right now! I hope that we can get more people involved and to know more about our committee.

Membership Development

written by Alex Moon, chair

Our goals as a committee as of right now is to figure out our future for the following year, and we are going to start working on our Kits and other projects.

Page 34

Kiwanis Family Relations

written by Claire Schafer, chair

My big goal with this position is making the transition into each branch easier. I want people to know what will be in there future as they transition through life (ex: high school to college). This is such a great committee and I love working with them.

written by Revelle Hami, co-chair


Our goals as a committee as of right now are to coordinate and plan a successful and entertaining Fall Rally and SLC by figuring out our future for the following year.

Give Love and Be You From a young age, we're all taught that, beauty is living. Are we not? We are taught that, if we fit the social standards of "beauty", that we are to be satisfied and happy with ourselves. We are taught that our opinions do not matter, and our voices are not to be heard. We are told, that silence is our only option. But that's not right. That's not how we should live. There is no such thing as the "ideal person", because we all have different views on what beauty is. And nobody views things the exact same way. Silence isn't how people need to live their lives, it isn't how they SHOULD live their lives. If we all lived in a world of silence, how could we share our views? Now, don't be afraid to go out and do what you want. Don't be afraid to make a change. Don't be afraid to be YOU. Live however you want to be, and define yourself. Give love and speak love. poem written by Emiyah Jones, Division 11 Lieutenant Governor

Page 35

Contact Info. Governor Prabhleen Pawar 517 - 930 - 5369

Secretary Kathleen Leighton 517 - 899 - 5238

Treasurer Shriya Kethireddy 517 - 755 - 6646

Editor Aiko Major 517 - 455 - 8443

LTG Chair Manaal Syed 248 - 225 - 6730

LTG Div 1 Vacant xxx - xxx - xxxx

LTG Div 2 Michelle Xia 231 - 360 - 1352

LTG Div 3 Ari Pajaro 989 - 824 - 2359

LTG Div 4 Aditi Kash 248 - 422 - 4789

LTG Div 5 Hane Eun 248 - 971 - 3248

LTG Div 6 Arohi Nair 517 - 515 - 1190

LTG Div 7 Camryn Nauta 517 - 962 - 6048

LTG Div 8 Jacob Remington 269 - 921 - 2012

LTG Div 9 Jaslynn Pham 586 - 569 - 1373

LTG Div 10 Rachel Asirvatham 248 - 989 - 9015

LTG Div 11 Emiyah Jones 989 - 572 - 9567

LTG Div 12 Sena Alenzi 313 - 515 - 8779

LTG Div 13 Ashika Gangur 734 - 773 - 9273

Page 36

LTG Div 14 Harshini Veerappan 586 - 267 - 7118

LTG Div 15 Siddharth Gupta 704 - 547 - 4542

LTG Div 16 Maria Ivezaj 586 - 922 - 9558

New Club Building Chair Azra Tokovic 586-563-7404

Projects Chair Jada Coles 586 - 933 - 7534

Membership Chair Alex Moon 734 - 560 - 2191

K-Fam Chair Claire Schafer 517 - 918 - 8136

International Partners Vacant xxx - xxx - xxxx

Co-Events Chair Chloe Shaman 586-917-8849

District Administrator Audrey Salesberry 269 - 277 - 4638

Assistant Administrator Megan Cadle 586 - 212 - 2741

Co-Events Chair Revelle Hami 580 - 480 - 8353

Zone Advisor Divs. 1, 2, & 3 John Knapp 989 - 464 - 7464

Zone Advisor Divs. 4 & 6 Vacant xxx - xxx - xxxx

Zone Advisor Div. 7 Tristin Nguyen 616 - 406 - 8977

Zone Advisor Div. 8 Finbar Hurley 734 - 776 - 3466

Zone Advisor Divs. 9, 10, 11, & 12

Zone Advisor Divs. 14, 15, & 16

Alexis Stillwell 586 - 719 - 7548

Drake Lambright 517 - 442 - 8450

International Trustee Cheyenne Stewart 812-239-5842

Page 37

The Official Publication of the Michigan District


@Michigan KeyClub @MikeyRaccoon


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