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SUNday 23 january 2011


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SUNDay 23 january 2011

MidemNet keynote

THE NEW-LOOK MIDEM NEWS WELCOME to the brand new MIDEM Daily News. To better meet your needs and to optimise coverage of MIDEM business, knowledge, events and music, we have revamped all of our ‘live’ information coverage platforms. This begins by providing you with a bigger daily newspaper, with more news, new design, more pictures and more late-night event coverage. Thanks to all the advertisers who accompanied us in this change. All business news, conferences, concerts and other MIDEM happenings of note are also covered on MIDEMBlog, as well as via Twitter, Flickr, our mobile apps and much more besides. It’s all live, and it’s all for you, so that you can stay informed, react, or come back to anything you missed. So please enjoy, share and comment.

Levy: new business models needed


EAN-Bernard Levy, CEO of Vivendi, the company that owns Universal Music Group (UMG), explained how he manages to run six separate businesses. “My time is organised around what needs attention,” he said. “My professional time is probably split equally between all six. My leisure time involves spending more time with music than anything else.” Despite the fact that UMG’s share of revenues within Vivendi has declined, Levy pointed to healthy profit margins: “The market has been difficult, we’ve cut a lot of costs, we’ve played a major role – maybe the biggest of any players in the music area – to keep the costs under firm control. But we are also working to reorganise, and eventually to reinvent the music industry, which needs new business models. Currently 30% of Vivendi’s revenues come from business models that did not exist a few years ago, which is good, but it shows how the music business is still only a part of the way towards reinventing itself.”


Dominique Leguern, MIDEM director

Jean-Bernard Levy, CEO Vivendi

MidemNet keynote

The audience knows best Guetta tells delegates


IDEMNET keynote speaker David Guetta told delegates that DJs were best placed to recognise potential hits because they can test their recordings on the dance floor. The Grammy-award winning French DJ/producer, who was being interviewed by industry entrepreneur Gilles Babinet, said that many artists today go into recording studios not knowing whether they had a hit. The nature of his work, however, means he does not need a focus group to determine what will sell. “I have a live panel of 10,000 people every two or three days because I have tested a new recording on a club’s audience,” he said. “So when I tell the record companies that this song is it, I know it to be true

because I’ve seen it work (on the dance floor).” This explains why you can find him taking notes of audience’s reactions to his new beats while performing. “I take those notes back to the studio and re-write the beats (in the song).” Having sold more than three million albums worldwide and finished an extensive tour in Australia at the start of 2011, Guetta said he’s now recording his next album in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. When asked about his influences, he disclosed that he was an avid listener of pirate radios operated by DJs during the 1980s. “You could compare what pirate radio was doing with what the internet is doing for music today,” he said.

David Guetta

in brief

John de Mol

Universal, Talpa team

Runner-up is a winner

Rocker gets smooth

UNIVERSAL Music Group has agreed a global recording and artist services deal for global TV music property The Voice Of … with its producers, Talpa Media Group, headed by Dutch TV entrepreneur John de Mol.

SAX player Julian Smith, who came second to singer Susan Boyle in the 2009 Britain’s Got Talent Final, has now signed to Birmingham company Big Bear Music, which is present on the British At MIDEM stand.

MIDEM veteran Joey Welz of Bill Hayley’s Comets, has expanded his label’s roster by signing new and well known smooth jazz artists. “We also are knee-deep in new rockers,” Welz said.

Julian Smith

Joey Welz

Corona is back

Yellow Dog’s lucky 13

Peer goes Latin

CORONA, whose hits include The Rhythm Of The Night, Baby Baby and Try Me, is back with the dance album Y Generation, available for worldwide licensing at MIDEM through independent Italian label 1st POP.

NASHVILLE independent publisher Big Yellow Dog Music marks its 13th year with 13 no.1 records — and has also signed an extension to the deal with Josh Kear, writer of Lady Antebellum’s hit Need You Now.

Mary Megan Peer has been appointed managing director of peermusic’s Argentina operations. Prior to joining peermusic in 2009, Peer worked in entertainment banking.


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Big Yellow Dog’s Kerry O’Neil (left), Josh Kear and Carla Wallace

Mary Megan Peer

FIND OUT MORE Follow the dots and find out more on www.midem.com •••

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SUNday 23 january 2011

Towards Music Ubiquity

MidemNet keynote

Schaaf looks to the future with Qriocity


ONY Network Entertainment president Tim Schaaf said during his MidemNet keynote, that he was concerned at the time of the launch of Sony’s cloud-based digital music service Qriocity. “There are a lot of bodies on the road leading to success with a digital music service, and I was very keen to avoid that fate,” he said. “But ultimately it’s not what the service is now, it’s the ways in which we grow it that will determine its fate.” And it was announced today that Music Unlimited, part of the Qriocity initiative which connects content across all of Sony’s

consumer devices, is expanding out of the UK to France, Germany, Spain and Italy. There are several other factors which Schaaf regards as important elements in the future of Sony’s much broader ambitions for its products: “Sony has a very powerful retail network which means that we can get the products in the shops easily,” he said. “Our studies show that about 85-90% of the consumers aren’t really involved in the digital music revolution at all,” he added. “That customer base is a customer base that Sony communicates to every day.”

Sony Network Entertainment president Tim Schaaf

We must serve the fans


ED COHEN, managing partner, TAG Strategic, and chairman of the MidemNet Visionary Chair Committee, introduced MidemNet 2011 by urging the industry to “stop litigating and start monetising”. After 17 years of using digital technology to revolutionise the music industry, he said, “We’ve got to move towards forming long-term partnerships and serving the fans. The days of trying to get fans to do what we want them to do are over.” •••

Towards Music Ubiquity

Goldsmith: profit can’t be the only motive


USIC industry impresario and Live Aid organiser Harvey Goldsmith accused the music industry of conning its public with overpriced tickets and products. “They have to stop ripping off the public with their high charges,” he said during Towards Music Ubiquity – Harvey’s Route yesterday. Goldsmith, who is also managing director of UK-based Artist Promotion Management, said: “In the US, audiences are voting with their feet because they’ve had enough with [overpriced tickets]. Most people understand that entertainment has to be paid for but at a price they can afford.”

092_GEMA_N1N3_DEM__ 13/01/11 12:50 Page1

Visionary: Ted Cohen

He also attacked music companies that tried to increase their revenue streams by going outside their area of expertise with 360-degrees strategies. “If music companies have to have a share of everything, then they must have experts in each field to deliver. Profit can’t be the only motive when signing an artist. We try to grab talent and make them work for us, when it should be the other way around.” ••• Impresario Harvey Goldsmith

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Music is our first love GEMA@MIDEM / Riviera Hall, at stand R33.20 www.gema.de

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news live conferences business

SUNday 23 january 2011


MICHEL BARNIER (left), European Commissioner for internal market and services, was in Cannes to give a keynote speech about his department’s launch of a public consultation concerning the future of electronic exchanges and the implementation of the electronic trade directive. He is pictured here with Reed MIDEM’s Paul Zilk and Anne de Kerckhove.

Registry is first step to global licensing


HE CREATION of an international music registry is an “essential stepping stone” in the music industry’s journey to a simple, safe and effective system of global licensing in the online world, WIPO director general, Francis Gurry, told MIDEM delegates in his keynote speech yesterday. But it came as no surprise to learn that devising a system that offers “confidentiality, security and integrity” to the multiple stakeholders involved in music licensing would be a complex task — and not just technologically, but also politically, logistically and linguistically.

“Essentially, what we are talking about here is a global public-private partnership,” Gurry said, requiring the support of “all the states of the world” to make it work. Gurry identified three key issues that need to be resolved: governance; the creation of a viable and sustainable financial model; and a dispute-resolution procedure that addresses the challenges of the fastmoving online world. WIPO – the World Intellectual Property Organisation — is a UN agency dedicated to developing a balanced and accessible international intellectual property (IP) system. WIPO’s Francis Gurry


Towards Music Ubiquity

Nettwerk Music Group’s Terry McBride

It’s all about performance


HE MUSIC industry is moving from selling music to profiting from the performance of music, Nettwerk Music Group CEO Terry McBride told the audience at his Towards Music Ubiquity MidemNet presentation yesterday. “It’s very important that labels and music benefit from performance,” he said. “And this is going to happen whether the industry likes it or not.” McBride saw a fight brewing between technology companies and the music industry. “The idea of cloud computing

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presents a clear threat to music companies who want to retain what remains of their control over their content,” he said. “Five years from now downloads will be more or less over, with most people pulling music down from the cloud on to their smart devices. This will engender a profound shift, with context being the value, not content.” He added: “If the music industry does not react quickly to this new reality, some kid in Russia will create an app — and the artists will not share the benefits.”

22/01/11 22:14


news live conferences business

MidemNet conference

SUNday 23 january 2011

MidemNet conference

Small is beautiful, says new Social networking can force artists generation of entrepreneurs to ‘lose focus’, Warners’ Welt says


HE NEW generation of music entrepreneurs operate a “cottage industry” that is small and therefore flexible enough to challenge the major music companies, according to speakers on yesterday’s panel Reinventing The Music Biz – The Next Generation’s Voice. Comprising young bosses of up-andcoming recording and management companies, the panelists said they filled a sorry gap left by the industry’s established corporations. “We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the majors by having a small staff that makes decisions instantly,” said Jeff Castelaz, CEO of US independent label Dangerbird Records and co-founder of children’s cancer charity Pablove

Foundation. “As part of a cottage industry, I know we’re on the right track because our artists feel that the people working there actually like music.” Being small also enables new labels to interact more effectively with fans, observed Emily White, Whitesmith Entertainment co-founder. “How you get your fans to talk about your artists is important. We’re not going to wait for that magic bullet; we shall use the tools available to us.” Mathieu Drouin, founder of Canada’s Crystal Math Management, added: “We wanted to move outside of the music establishment because, as a manager, I wanted to be able to help artists maintain their creative independence.”

Dangerbird’s Jeff Castelaz and Whitesmith Entertainment’s Emily White

N1P6+D.indd 1

PIAS’ Adrian Pope


EREMY Welt, Warner Bros Records’ senior vice-president proved controversial during the panel Marketing To Fans – The New Mix, when he said an excess of digital-marketing tools is forcing artists to lose focus. The ability of artists to use social networks to interact with fans is distracting them from their priorities to create music. At a time when artists are encouraged to respond to every fan’s Twitter and Facebook message, Welt added: “I think you can put too many artists in the fans’ pocket. They then try to make everyone happy, which can, in fact, piss other fans off.”

But co-panelist Adrian Pope, PIAS Entertainment Group’s director of digital & business development, disagreed. “There’s a huge number of tools out there, but the focus on writing music is better than ever. If you can stand back and ask yourself what’s your objective, you can select the most relevant tool for the artist.” ReverbNation CEO Michael Doernberg added: “You can’t say people are not building houses because there are too many hammers. Artists are learning to use technology and how they use it will evolve.” The other panelists were Eric Garland, Big Champagne’s CEO, and Bernie Cho, president of Korea’s DFSB Kollective.

22/01/11 22:33

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SUNday 23 january 2011

sponsor: French Vibes

sponsor: French Vibes

SACEM showcase for France’s future stars

Industry optimistic for French music’s future


ONIGHT at 18.30 five French acts will be performing at the 7 Club as part of SACEM’s Vanguard of Independent Publishers (VIP) project which features Empyr, Viva and the Diva, Myra Lee, Veronique le Berre and Luiz de Aquino. SACEM is also a sponsor of the French Vibes at MIDEM 2011. The five acts represent five French publishing companies who are all either MIDEM first or second-timers, and all are considered to be promising in terms of export potential by SACEM and the Chambre Syndicale de L’Edition Musicale (CSDEM). “There is an enormous dynamism in French music at the moment across all genres,” David Sechan, founder of Encore Merci publishing and a member Myra Lee

N1P7+D.indd 1

of the SACEM steering committee. “And SACEM is very keen to support artists who have clear export potential as well as to show the industry in general — which is so dominated by US and UK acts — that France also is a real player.” Sechan is very clear as to what he expects from the VIP project: “I would love it if these artists could manage to make a living from their music,” he said. “Behind what we see when they perform, these acts are real people with lives, responsibilities and bills to pay, so I hope they manage to make their mark and find success in France and elsewhere.” • SACEM is holding a press conference today at 17.00 in Salle de Redaction 1 on level 3. The event features Claude Lemesle, president of the board of directors of SACEM, and Bernard Miyet, CEO and chairman of the Sacem management board who will present the results of the survey The French and Music.



RENCH independent producers’ society SPPF managing director Jerome Roger is convinced that MIDEM’s French Vibes initiative will be important both for the acts involved, and for the reputation of French music generally: “We are going through a real boom period right now, partly because to sing in English is no longer any sort of a handicap to success in the local market,” he said. Marc Guez, managing director of phonographic producers association SCPP believes that 2011 will be a banner year for French music: “We have an impressive amount of talent coming through, plus some key releases from established artists this year,” he said. On top of that in terms of the overall industry picture, the HADOPI anti-online piracy system is now fully operational, which I think will make a significant difference.” Francois Chesnais, director of the Fonds Pour La Creation Musicale (FCM), sees 2011 as the year to consolidate the current strength of the domestic music scene: “Internally French music is on a real high right now and I’d like to see that talent being exported more regularly,” he said. “And I don’t think it’s just a question of singing in English although that obviously helps, but we have a lot of electronic music talent which transcends language.”

SPPF managing director Jerome Roger

Marc Guez, managing director of the SCPP

François Chesnais, director of FCM

22/01/11 22:32

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SUNday 23 january 2011


MidemNet sponsor


IODA partners with Sony in Africa


ODA has announced the launch of IODA Africa, the first global digital music distribution network in SubSaharan Africa, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (SME). “Africa is the second largest and most populous continent after Asia, yet almost entirely unexplored as a market for digital music distribution,” said Keith Lister, managing director, SME Africa. “In partnership with SME, IODA Africa will handle the payment of mechanical royalties to composers throughout the African region, putting to rest concerns that composers will not be paid for sales in Africa.” In further news for rights holders, IODA has also just launched a completely redesigned Rightsholder Dashboard, the

main interface between IODA clients and their global, digital business. “IODA’s Rightsholder Dashboard 2.0 sets a new standard for digital distribution and the flexibility and functionality it requires. Now, we can fine-tune how and where our content is sold and promoted in the global marketplace,” Kieran Roy, general manager, Arts & Crafts, said. “IODA’s surgical approach to content ingestion, workflow, pricing and delivery, publishing, mechanical clearances and artwork gives content owners direct control.” The company also announced new content and retail partnerships for its classical music roster, which represents 15% of IODA’s catalogue and 4.5% of the US classical digital market.

FIRST-TIMERS COCKTAIL THE MIDEM First-Timers Cocktail takes place this afternoon at 16.30, at the Underground Stage on level 01 of the Palais. First-time MIDEM delegates are invited as well as delegates who were first-timers when MIDEM launched back in 1967.

DDEX gets boost from industry heavyweights


HE DIGITAL Data Exchange (DDEX) announced today that YouTube owner Google, major label EMI Music, and international mobile music distributor Omnifone have joined the DDEX board and become charter members of the consortium, which aims to standardise the way digital music is categorised and reported worldwide. DDEX develops standards for metadata communication that make online business transactions in the music industry more efficient. And this year the company has a major presence at MIDEM, as a sponsor of MidemNet. “It’s the right time to get involved, because last year our membership grew by around 25%,” Mark Isherwood, COO of DDEX, said. “Plus it has become increasingly apparent that the need to implement new standards is more broadly accepted among the music industry, so it seemed like a good time to show what we do to the global music industry and MIDEM is the obvious place to do that.” Another important boost for the company came when DDEX members Sony Music, Warner Music, Rhaphsody and the Harry @imogenheap Imogen Heap

@davidguetta David Guetta

MIDEM tweets

About to go on stage at # midem for a conference It looks pretty serious!!!

Mark Isherwood, COO of DDEX

Fox Agency publicly stated that they would only do business with companies who have adopted DDEX standards: “In the digital world companies are having to deal with an enormous volume of low-value transactions,” Isherwood said. “Therefore anything that makes managing the flow of information easier and more cost-effective is extremely relevant to the modern music industry.”

Hello. Really enjoyed the talk with Damian from @okgo. Need an app to take picture of and file business cards! Overload! Love from #midem

A selection of #MIDEM tweets. Join the conversation: http://twitter.com/midem

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ponsor s o c y t r a tp


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A2IM is improving the business of independent music labels. Contact Jen Masset or Jim Mahoney at 212 999 6113 to learn how A2IM can benefit your business. WWW.A2IM.ORG

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SUNday 23 january 2011


territory focus

territory focus

Japan reports CD sales of $2.6bn

Finnish music industry out in force in Cannes


APAN leads the world in CD sales, according to the Japanese rightscollection society MPAJ. The country’s music market is still the largest in the world — and has been since Japan overtook the US in 2008 — with sales worth an estimated $2.6bn in 2010. The 2010 sales figures for CD singles alone grew by 8% on the previous year, with an estimated 50 million units sold. Leading MPAJ’s 150-strong MIDEM delegation is new chairman Hajime Taniguchi of Avex Music Publishing, who took over from Ichi Asatsuma last June. In Cannes, Taniguchi is addressing the ICMP General Assembly (International Confederation of Music Publishers) on Japan’s buoyant publishing business. While CD sales are dropping even in Japan’s market, the country’s music publishing revenues tipped $1.2bn last year. As a result, music publishers from around the world are looking to Japan for tips on how to reactivate their faltering music-publishing business models. MPAJ is also hosting its traditional showcase of Japanese artists, which starts at 18.30 tomorrow at The Lounge Bar. This year’s J-Night highlight is Marie Digby, an American-Japanese singer who made her debut in Japan after she received an extraordinary response to her singing on YouTube. Digby will be performing some of the J-pop and anime songs that she has loved since she was a little girl.

N1P11+D.indd 1


HE FINNISH music industry is well represented at MIDEM 2011, with 78 delegates from 38 companies in Cannes. The Nordic country is also responsible for five out of the 30 finalists in the MidemNet Lab pitching competition for digital start-ups. “If you are not at MIDEM, you are not in the international music business,” said Epe Helenius, CEO of Poplandia Music and Sound Of Finland Music Group, and a partner at Ratas Music Group. “Again, we have the opportunity to present our artists and writers to potential international business partners in a professionally organised and promoted environment, where we have the luxury of being able to concentrate on our core business in a hassle-free environment. And

New MPAJ chairman Hajime Taniguchi

the networking events arranged by Music Export Finland are also a great help in creating new contacts.” MidemNet Lab is designed to highlight the most innovative music-industry digital start-ups of the moment. This year, a total of five Finnish companies — Geisha Music, GigsWiz, Playmysong, SongHi and Steamrepublic — have been chosen as finalists and will be pitching their business concepts to a panel of industry experts, venture capitalists and digital media. The winners will be announced on Tuesday. The Music Export Finland pavilion, built in an environmentally responsible way in Scandinavian design style, is also hosting its traditional Black Monday cocktail party tomorrow, as well as the Meet Finland speed networking event.

Music Export Finland communications executive Riku Salomaa and director Paulina Ahokas

22/01/11 21:40

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103_JETRO_N1_DEM__ 21/01/11 10:18 Page2


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SUNday 23 january 2011

new product MVD puts Iggy & The Stooges In Hands Of The Fans


VD Entertainment Group has launched a new series entitled In The Hands Of The Fans. The series utilises the energy and talents of fans, who by means of an online video contest win the opportunity to film a performance of their favourite band in HD, and interview the band members. The first installment of In The Hands Of The Fans features Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Iggy & The Stooges performing their seminal classic album Raw Power at the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival. Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power Live, is now available for licensing in all territories. MVD is also looking for

partnerships with artists, management and labels to create new editions of In The Hands Of The Fans. Speaking exclusively to the MIDEM News, Iggy Pop said: “Getting this top-notch performance of the entire Raw Power album by The Stooges realised a life long dream. This shit really sizzles and we are so obviously a crack band in a class of our own.” Ed Seaman, COO of MVD, said: “This idea works on so many levels. Fans tend to do really good interviews because they have thought about this moment for years. The result is well thought-out questions and intriguing answers.”

Iggy Pop

new product MXP4 helps fans get social with the stars


XP4, the interactive musicpowered games provider for social networks, has launched its first social music gaming application for Facebook called Pump It, in partnership with EMI Music and based around the music of renowned superstar DJ and producer David Guetta. MXP4’s interactive music gaming apps allow fans to not just play music, but to play with it. The Who’s That Chick? Pump It game with David Guetta featuring Rihanna, gives Guetta’s Facebook fans a social music gaming experience that encourages repeat visits and offers the chance to win official merchandise and other prizes, and the chance to meet Guetta himself. During the app’s limited beta launch, over 15,000 users actively played with the game for more than 12 minutes per track. The company has also launched a music game for Cheryl Cole which is exclusively available on Cole’s Facebook page. The Game has already been a huge hit during its beta launch, with over 200,000 monthly

users playing the game for an average of more than 10 minutes per track. “Fans today are interested in doing far more than just listening to music – they want to be social with each other and with the artist,” Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4 said.

Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4

new product Noise Inc app tracks 50 years of charts


OISE Inc, a new UK-based music apps developer, hits MIDEM with high-profile clients, which include Sony Music, Vodafone, Universal Music, and The UK’s Official Charts. Formed by mobile-entertainment industry experts including Kim de Ruiter,

N1P14+D.indd 1

Jane Turner, Mark White and James Coughlan, Noise Inc aims to to help the music-industry use mobile apps to create customised marketing campaigns. Among its first creations is Time Wheel, a smartphone app giving consumers access to the last 50 years of the music charts.

22/01/11 21:38

news live conferences business

SUNday 23 january 2011


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new product

Ondine recording will mark JFK’s inaugural speech


INNISH classical label Ondine strengthens its American ties this month by recording the Washington-based National Symphony Orchestra’s performances to mark the 50th anniversary of President John F Kennedy’s inaugural address. The orchestra’s first commercial recording in 10 years — to be released in May — will include Peter Lieberson’s new composition Remembering JFK (An American Elegy), with Richard Dreyfuss narrating excerpts from Kennedy’s speeches, Bernstein’s Fanfare For The Inauguration Of JFK and Symphonic Dances from West Side Story, and the Gershwin Piano Concerto in F major, with Tzimon Barto as soloist. The recording continues a seven-year partnership between Ondine and conductor Christoph Eschenbach, the National Symphony Orchestra’s new music director, which has resulted in 19 releases to date. The new album will include a bonus CD with excerpts from the broadcast of the 1961 inaugural concert, featuring the NSO’s then music director,

Howard Mitchell, conducting works including John La Montaine’s specially commissioned Overture From Sea To Shining Sea, a movement from Randall Thompson’s Testament Of Freedom, and Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue with piano soloist Earl Wild.

The National Symphony Orchestra’s Christoph Eschenbach



La Fenice operas go multi-media

New Japan store bucks world trend

Don Giovanni at La Fenice


LOBAL entertainment company Eagle Rock Entertainment has signed an exclusive all-media representation agreement with Venice’s Teatro La Fenice opera house and its production company Opera Italiana. The deal covers operas performed at La Fenice — including Don Giovanni, La Boheme, La Traviata and Il Barbiere Di Siviglia — all shot in HD by Opera Italiana over 2010 and 2011 and performed in their original languages. Eagle Rock will distribute the performances across theatrical premiere, TV, digital platforms, Blu-Ray and DVD, the first titles roll out at the end of the second quarter, 2011. In 2011 La Boheme, Lucia di Lammermoor and Das Rheingold will be released theatrically live across the UK, US and Eire by More2Screen and by Bewegte Bilder in Germany. Inaugurated in 1792, La Fenice has twice burnt down and recently re-opened in 2003. It is associated with the roots of Italian opera; many operatic world premieres have taken place on its stage, including La Traviata and Rigoletto.

N1P15+D.indd 1


ISK Union has opened a new flagship store called Jazz Tokyo in Ochanomizu, in the centre of Tokyo, to add to the 40 stores it already has in the area. Jazz Tokyo is a specialist store for jazz lovers that the company considers to be a world-class establishment. “This store is for all the millions of jazz lovers around the world,” Jazz Tokyo’s general manager Kouki Hanawa, said. The shop stores over 100,000 titles — including second-hand vinyl — from labels including Blue Note, Prestige and Riverside alongside a large selection of rare Japanese vintage jazz recordings. Bucking another trend, Disk Union launched Jazz Perspective, a magazine for jazz enthusiasts, in November of last year. The magazine is available at the company’s MIDEM stand.

Jazz Perspective

22/01/11 21:36


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SUNday 23 january 2011

Peer acquires movie catalogue

new product ‘Perfect partnership’ for Lasgo Chrysalis



HE MASTERS and publishing rights of Galatee Films’ music catalogue have been acquired by peermusic France. The catalogue includes Bruno Coulais’ composition for films including Microcosmos, Himalaya, le Peuple Migrateur (the Winged Migration), Les Choristes with Christophe Barratier (The Chorus) and Oceans. The catalogue has garnered three Victoires de la Musique and three Cesars for best film soundtrack. “After having decided to turn a page in Galatee’s music history, I am happy that

this catalogue, put together over several decades, is now looked after by peermusic, which works in the music field with the same independent spirit as Galatee does in the movie business,” Jacques Perrin, CEO of Galatee, said. “This catalogue is extraordinary,” Bruno Lion, managing director, peermusic France, said. “It shows how Jacques Perrin and his team are constantly looking for the highest quality. This acquisition allows us to strengthen peermusic France’s catalogues in the long term. It also confirms our acquisition policy.”

K WHOLESALE and distribution company Lasgo Chrysalis is set to launch two major projects at MIDEM 2011. Cafe del Mar 17 is the new offering from the legendary Ibiza label. And Tarantino Take 3, via the Music Brokers label, follows the worldwide success of the first two volumes. Once again the compilation features songs included in and inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino. “We bring over 30 years of invaluable export experience to the table, and working with labels

N1P16+D.indd 1

Franco Passaniti

deal Beezik signs Sony, renews Universal


Anna Mir (left) and Bruno Lion of (peermusic) with Paul Lavergne (Madoro Music, consultant for Galatee), Jacques Perrin, founder of Galatee Films, Sandrine Martin (peermusic), Nicolas Mauvernay (producer, Galatee) and Corinne Wiktor (peermusic)

like Cafe del Mar and Music Brokers is a perfect partnership,” Franco Passaniti, Lasgo commercial director, said.

N THE lead-up to MIDEM, French streaming music service Beezik has renewed its deal with Universal Music, one of the first labels to support the Beezik model. It has also cut a deal with Sony Music which, after EMI and Universal, is the third major label to join Beezik. Beezik allows users to download free and legal singles through an advertising-funded format that, according to Beezik, rewards its partners 10 times more than a standard website. With nearly four million titles available, Beezik has attracted over 1.6 million registered members to date and is growing popularity as a platform for single downloads on the internet in France.

“These deals demonstrate the relevance of the Beezik business model and also the value of our attempt to progressively bring illegal users back to legality while at the same time maximising value creation for the music industry,” Beezik founder Thomas Pasquier said.

Beezik founders Thomas Pasquier (left) and Jean Canzoneri

22/01/11 21:35

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SUNDay 23 january 2011

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MSP teams with eircom to offer music-on-demand


NEW partnership model that will see telcos and the music industry work together in harmony is being pioneered by next-generation digital distributor Media Service Provider (MSP) and Irish telco eircom. MSP has launched its first bundled music-on-demand platform in partnership with eircom, which will use it to power its MusicHub service. The white-label platform enables ISPs, cable and other network operators to offer music via the web, mobile and IPTV. It can also be used to deliver any combination of business model, from subscription through ‘freemium’ to pay-per-download. MusicHub, which launched in December to offer eircom customers high quality, unlimited, ad-free music streaming, provides a compelling alternative to illegal file-sharing, according to MSP

o the Partner t ustry Music Ind

CEO Paul Hitchman. MusicHub, he added, points the way to a credible “longterm sustainable solution” to piracy: “It’s the first ISP in the world to launch a service that controls illegal file-sharing while growing revenues. It’s an exciting development and one that I believe will set a precedent by showing other ISPs the benefits of working with, rather than against, the music industry.” Hitchman observed that, for all the talk of ISPs becoming a major “class of partner” for labels, there had been little real progress in this regard. “Sadly, the music industry still sees ISPs a little bit as the enemy,” he said. “We need to change that perception and see them as partners.” The eircom alliance was a sign that MSP was “ready to partner any ISP or mobile operators prepared to follow eircom’s lead”, he added.

Musikmarkt & Musikmarkt LIVE! The trade magazine Up to the minute every week: everything about market developments, music biz events and live entertainment, about music trends and new releases with a comprehensive charts service. Annual subscription: € 214.00 (D) students: € 143.60 (D) online only subscription: € 178.80 (D) students: € 118.80 (D) Price varies for other countries.

Consumer Research – Concert Business 2009 Which revenues does the German live entertainment business generate? How much do punters spend for which tickets and which genres? Published by „Musikmarkt & Musikmarkt LIVE!“ and the Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft (Federal Association of the Event and Live Music Industries) and executed by the German Society for Consumer Research, the study offers concert promoters, artist managers and agents, venue operators and service providers up-to-date information, data and figures about the German live entertainment market 2009.

! new MSP’s Paul Hitchman


Kobalt marks 10 years with launch of rights platform


OBALT Music Group — which celebrates its 10th anniversary at MIDEM — is hoping to replicate its publishing success in the complex world of multiple rights, including neighbouring rights and synch rights for master recordings. One of the world’s largest independent publishers, Kobalt is set to launch what it claims to be the first global extendedrights collection platform, combining multiple rights in one database. “It’s truly the next revolution, not just for the industry, but also for creatives and users,” said company founder and CEO, Willard Ahdritz. “Our global database increases collection efficiency and maximises data usage and information. It also offers our clients higher revenues, faster payments and complete transparency.” Several major clients have already signed on for the direct collection of neighbouring rights, Ahdritz said. He added: “Our music-publishing model has always been 100% transparent. Now it is also 100% aligned to the interests of our clients.”

N1P17+D.indd 1

Kobalt, which has spent 18 months developing its new rights-collection platform, collects from 33 territories and administers more than 175,000 copyrights on behalf of some of the world’s top songwriters and artists.

LEA - Live Entertainment Award Awarded annually since 2006: The LEA – Live Entertainment Award honours outstanding achievement in the German concert and entertainment industry. „Musikmarkt & Musikmarkt LIVE!“ has been co-partner of the LEA – Live Entertainment Award Committee e.V. from the beginning. As the exclusive media partner the magazine provides the LEA award show with an exclusive special issue and programme.

KG H & Co. b m G t k 5 r Musikma ieder Strasse 26 r n e t s Fuer 00 uenchen 81377 M +49 89 741 26-4 1 0 + Telefon +49 89 741 26-4 + x a f Tele kt.de usikmar www.m ra n c Das B


g a z in

Kobalt Music Group’s Willard Ahdritz

22/01/11 22:30


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SUNday 23 january 2011



Industry welcomes online A&R service

The tablets are working for 7digital’s music app



HE IMC is an international A&R filtering system that enables bands and artists to connect and establish relationships with music industry professionals, and viceversa. It is also a tool for the industry to

IMC CEO Paul Knowles

connect with other like-minded/relevant professionals. The filter uses a digital ranking system for all end-users and also dynamically connects people by music genre, services required and territories of interest. “The level of interest in the IMC has been astounding, with top-flight music industry professionals championing the concept as a welcome tool over the past 12 months,” IMC CEO Paul Knowles said. “This trip to MIDEM is about making conference delegates aware of the IMC.” The IMC enables end-users to infiltrate new markets through an extensive network of relevant music industry professionals using the IMC to facilitate connections across numerous territories. “To build an international artist brand in today’s complex music environment requires localised expertise in every market,” Knowles said. “The IMC website has been designed with this in mind.” He added: “In order to build the filter as accurately as possible, the number of fans became the marker for artists. In terms of ensuring that relationships are meaningful and are matched accurately, previous experience and successes of music industry professionals are taken into account upon sign-up.”

IGITAL media company 7digital is celebrating the success of the 7digital API (application programming interface), which has received over 600 million API requests from developers and branded services to date and is currently serving over 2.5 million API requests daily. During MIDEM, 7digital will be showcasing digital music applications on a range of tablets and consumer electronic devices including the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and devices from Acer and Toshiba. During 2011, 7digital power MP3 download applications will be present on millions of Samsung devices shipped to consumers across Europe, the US and Canada. “With the influx of tablets and new devices, consumer electronics manufacturers are focused on populating devices with high-quality content for customers,” Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital, said. “7digital has become the default MP3 music application on tablet devices from Samsung, Acer and Toshiba, and we were the first to offer an MP3 music download application on RIM’s BlackBerry handsets. As a result, we currently have the largest global footprint of any digital music service. As more devices launch throughout 2011,

7digital CEO Ben Drury

we anticipate 7digital will become the default digital music provider on tablets and consumer electronics devices.”

100_FRANCEINTER_N1_DEM__ 14/01/11 17:16 Page1

Toutes les musiques font la différence CLASSIQUE Carrefour de Lodéon Frédéric Lodéon Lundi-Vendredi 16h

LIVE Le pont des artistes Isabelle Dhordain Samedi 20h

CLASSIQUE Les Grands concerts de Radio France Frédéric Lodéon Dimanche 21h

ROCK C'est Lenoir Bernard lenoir Lundi-Vendredi 22h

TENDANCES Alternatives Laurence Pierre Samedi 22h00

JAZZ Summertime Elsa Boublil Dimanche 22h00

ECLECTISME La prochaine fois, je vous le chanterai Philippe Meyer Samedi 12h

REGGAE Boulibaï Vibrations Malik Boulibaï Samedi Minuit

ELECTRO Electron Libre Didier Varrod Dimanche Minuit

ACTUALITÉ Les notes de la semaine Valli Samedi 15h45

LÉGENDES Pop etc Valli Samedi Minuit

CLASSIQUE C'est du classique mais c'est pas grave Sylvie Chapelle Samedi 16h

AFRIQUE L'Afrique enchantée Soro Solo et Vladimir Cagnolari Dimanche 17h


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SUNday 23 january 2011

new product


MIDEM director Dominique Leguern was named Officier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres by French minister of culture and communication Frederic Mitterrand at a ceremony in Cannes yesterday evening. The ceremony was followed by a cocktail party, where friends and colleagues toasted Leguern on the occasion of her final MIDEM. Leguern steps down as director of MIDEM at the end of this week. She said: “I have met some extraordinary people, listened to some truly outstanding musical talent, and made a good number of exceptional friends,” during her 13 years in the position.

Craker finds Karma in Thailand


ERFORMER, producer and veteran music-industry executive Chris Craker is at MIDEM to promote his luxury recording complex in Thailand — and to spread the word about his new classical label for young musicians, Karma Classics.

Chris Craker

Craker is also in negotiations with several A-list pop and rock singers, including Annie Lennox and Jimmy Page, for a new TV series to be filmed at the Thailand studio. “It’s called The Karma Sessions and it’s a cross between MTV Unplugged and Live At Abbey Road,” he said. Karma Sound Studios was initially intended as a “creative utopia” for Craker’s own projects, as well as those of his friends — Placebo and Jamiroquai were among the first guests — but is now available for hire for several months a year. Karma Classics’ roster of young talent will also be recording at the new studio, enabling Craker to provide the sort of hands-on support and mentoring that propelled the likes of Elizabeth Watts, Liza Batiashvili, Jack Liebeck and Ruth Palmer into the limelight during his tenure at Sony and Black Box. “This is an exciting development in my career,” Craker said. “I’ve always loved helping new talent to shine through and, with 25 years of front-line experience in marketing, I feel I can assist the stars of the future.”


RECORD and digital distributor Yves Riesel, publisher Rolf Budde and producer Christophe Mae, receive French honour the Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres from French culture and communication minister Frederic Mitterrand, today at the Majestic Barriere at 15.00.

135_HAPPYMUSIC_N2_DEM__ 21/01/11 14:50 Page1

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Indie Power for artists


NDIE Power, the US-based entertainment marketing and distribution company, comes to MIDEM with a portfolio of new services, tours and apps for the creative community. Company president and CEO, Jay Warsinske, who is celebrating his 20th MIDEM, said it had been a “breakthrough year” in terms of strengthening Indie Power’s brand and positioning as a one-stop promotion, distribution and marketing shop for numerous artists, producers and labels worldwide. This was reflected by Indie Power being named ‘company of the year’ by L2P Network, which harnesses technology to offer news and services to working musicians. Warsinske has also been raising Indie

Indie Power’s Jay Warsinske

Power’s profile at a succession of industry events, delivering keynotes on building successful brands and entertainment entities in today’s challenging market. “We are at the forefront of the new entertainment industry,” Warsinske added. “We believe the future for artists controlling their own destinies has never been brighter.”

22/01/11 22:59

Music 20

news live conferences business

Stars walked Cannes’ famous red carpet, up the steps to the Grand Auditorium, for the 2011 edition of the NRJ Music Awards. MIDEM News photographers were there to shoot the action ...


SUNday 23 january 2011










1 Fans gather outside the Palais 2 David and Cathy Guetta 3 Usher 4 Shakira 5 Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am 6 Pascal Negre 7 James Blunt 8 Nikos Aliagas 9 Jermaine Jackson 10 Mylene Farmer 11 Bob Sinclar with his wife Ingrid

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22/01/11 23:07

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Et vous, v , c’est Ă q quel moment et dit dan ns quelles que co conditions ondition ?/ When and W hen a nd how do you enjoy njoy it most? m t? +BO 1PJOU 1SFTTF 4BDFN Sondage “Le es Français et la musiqueâ€?

Stand S tand 13.02 —

hVXZb#[g h VXZb#[g


4 - 7 April 2011 Cannes, France connected-creativity.com

In partnership with

Exclusive offer for MIDEM participants: Save 30% on registration for Connected Creativity Promo code MIDEM CC11

The global forum for entertainment, mobile media and technology

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SUNday 23 january 2011

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SPEED NETWORKING Get connected in 3 minutes! Come and meet with a series of potential international business partners in a quick, efficient and friendly way.


HOW DOES IT WORK? > You have one hour time to meet with each country or association. > You have 3 minutes to present yourself and your projects to each country delegate. > Timed by the sound of a gong, the participants will move from one table to another.



14.00 > 15.00 MEET BARBADOS

14.00 > 15.00 MEET TAIWAN

16.00 > 17.00 MEET FINLAND

16.00 > 17.00 MEET SCANDINAVIA

MIDEM® is a registered trademark of Reed MIDEM. All rights reserved.

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