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The Making of the Magazine Cover When we set out to illustrate the cover of this issue of the Law Quadrangle, we knew we wanted an image that could convey the good and the bad in Detroit, the grit and the luster. A brainstorming session and an online review of many styles of artwork led us to the idea of using letterpress blocks (called “type” by those in the know)—the kind used in the printing of publications in bygone eras. Fortunately, U-M has a collection of printing type, the Moran Type Collection. It is maintained at the newly established Wolverine Press, where Fritz Swanson is director. Fritz gave us access to the treasure-trove of typography, where Law School art director Tish Holbrook created the design for the cover and photographer Leisa Thompson created the image that you see on the front of the magazine. The two then collaborated to design the artwork for the interior pages, including the photo on pages 12 and 13 that suggests a city skyline. Many thanks to Fritz Swanson for his help, to the Helen Zell Writers’ Program for preserving the beautiful type in the Moran Type Collection (which is being used to create, among other things, elegant limited-edition poems for campus readings by esteemed authors), and—why not?—to Johannes Gutenberg. We couldn’t have created this beautiful issue of the Law Quadrangle without you. Katie Vloet, Editor


Quadrangle Spring2014  
Quadrangle Spring2014