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Nothing Bundt Cakes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(605) 799-1013 2101 W. 41st St. Ste. 30, Sioux Falls, SD . . . nothingbundtcakes.com Rebos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(712) 560-4144 1107 4th St., Sioux City, IA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . rebosgrill.com SweetWater Cafe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sweetwatercafe.net Ho-Chunk Centre, Sioux City, IA . . . . . . . . . . . . .(712) 224-4225 Flatwater Crossing, South Sioux City, NE . . . . . . . .(402) 933-3419 Ho-Chunk Village, Winnebago, NE . . . . . . . . . . .(402) 983-9457 Star Spangled Batter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(605) 209-1491 2130 Jackson Blvd. #2, Rapid City, SD . . . . . starspangledbatter.com The Cake Lady. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(605) 370-1909 2225 W. 50th St., Sioux Falls, SD . . . . . . . . . . .thecakeladysf.com



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SPICE UP YOUR WEDDING Celebrate your special night on Sioux City’s Historic 4th Street! At Rebos, our mission is to provide Siouxland with an unforgettable experience while combining authentic Mexican cuisine with flavors inspired from the southwestern region of the U.S. This unique combination serves to elevate your dining experience.

1107 4th Street, Sioux City, IA 51101 // (7 12) 560-4144// REBOSGRILL.COM


Your Choice for Event Rentals, Florals, and Styling Services. At Midwest Simple, we believe that decorating for an event or your home should be a simple, hassle-free experience. With a commitment to making your decorating journey stress-free and affordable, we’re here to help turn your dreams into a reality. Welcome to the simplicity of beautiful events and spaces with Midwest Simple.

EVENT RENTALS (A range of styles from timeless to modern) • Vases and Votives • Arches and Backgrounds • Candleholders and Candlesticks • Frames and Mirrors • Table Decor & Dishes FLORALS • Curating and styling floral packages for weddings or events STYLING • Styling and decorating for weddings, events, or homes


WEDDING DRESS Pure Bridal - Ames, IA HAIR/MAKEUP Gloss Hair and Makeup Boutique


Married at the MARRIOTT BY: MOLLY BARARI | PHOTOS BY: TAYLOR B. PHOTOGRAPHY Paige (Lee) Leibitzke had two main hopes for her wedding day: One—that above all, her day would reflect God and two—that the day would be fun. She had both of those desires fulfilled and so much more when she married her husband, Ian, on May 28 at the Marriott South Sioux City Riverfront in South Sioux City, Nebraska. Like many brides, Paige, 26, thought about what she wanted her wedding to be like from the time she was a young girl. She knew she would want to have her wedding at the Marriott, the place where her mother, Anne Lee, has worked for 22 years as the director of sales and marketing. “I grew up here, and the Marriott is like a second home to me. I had all my birthday parties here. I didn’t even worry for a second that something would go wrong,” says Paige. “I didn’t feel like I worked here on that day,” adds Anne. “It was truly incredible to see the Marriott transform for Paige’s special day. Many employees and coworkers were guests at the wedding.” Everything from the cocktail hour to the reception was held at the hotel. Paige and Ian had a large suite for the bridal party to get ready. Once hair, makeup and styling were complete, it was time for the ceremony on the garden terrace. “I knew there had to be trees at my

wedding, like straight out of a fairytale,” says Paige. “The garden terrace was perfect. Not only are there trees and a beautiful fountain, but it overlooks the Missouri River. It’s peaceful and serene.” A few fun highlights from the ceremony included an artist creating a live painting of the wedding, which she painted during the whole ceremony and finished during the reception. Additionally, the flowers tossed by the flower girls were all flowers that Paige dried from bouquets that Ian had given her over the past year. Another fun fact: The wedding photos were taken by Taylor Brown of Taylor B. Photography, a gal who attended high school with Paige. Although the wedding had 200 guests, the vibe was intimate and never felt crowded. “The grand ballroom can be divided into four sections, and it holds up to 600 people,” says Anne. “Guests can go inside and outside from the grand ballroom to the terrace, so even with a large number of people, it feels spacious. Many of the guest rooms at the hotel also have patios that overlook the river, and there is an outdoor pool. There are many opportunities to get outside and enjoy the scenery.” The ballroom is a destination in itself, with all the tables, chairs and linens included in the rental. Bridal parties can FLORAL Flowercart Creations - Diane Mollet myunveiledwedding.com | 2024 n 14


TUXES/MENSWEAR Men’s Wearhouse 15 n Unveiled

BRIDESMAID DRESSES Online - Baltic Born and Birdy Grey BRIDAL PARTY JEWELRY Hillary Duncan Design myunveiledwedding.com | 2024 n 16

bring in their own flowers, centerpieces and candles. At Paige’s wedding, there was also a photo backdrop area, which was great fun for wedding guests. “The ballroom honestly didn’t need much decorating, because it’s gorgeous as it is,” says Paige. “But the tables were arranged so that Ian and I sat at the end and the wedding party sat around us. The way the tables were arranged felt close-knit, like a family dinner.” The Marriott catered all the food, from the hors d’oeuvres to the plated meal. There were beef, chicken and vegetarian options, layered wedding cakes and a dessert charcuterie board for guests to indulge their sweet tooths. After dancing the night away to music provided by Complete Weddings + Events in Sioux Falls, guests were treated to savory snacks, too. “We had soft pretzels with cheese sauce as a late-night snack!” notes Paige. Paige, who teaches third grade at Dakota Valley Elementary, is looking forward to building a life with Ian, 32, who works at Wilson Trailer in Sioux City. “The wedding was the start of the rest of our lives together. It was elegant, classic, dreamy—and so much fun! It feels wonderful to be newlyweds.” The couple took their honeymoon immediately following the wedding at an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Now they are settling in and enjoying married life. Anne is grateful that the Marriott could host Paige’s big day, making memories to last a lifetime. “The folks here are industry professionals. For instance, our banquet manager has been here for 18 years. Everyone was so caring and did everything possible to make Paige’s day perfect.” To experience the wedding you’ve always imagined at the Marriott overlooking downtown Sioux City, visit their website for information and inspiration. Weddings typically need to be booked 12 to 18 months in advance, but there are exceptions when availability allows. Don’t let your dream day pass you by—take a moment to imagine your wedding at the Marriott South Sioux City Riverfront.

CEREMONY Marriott South Sioux City Riverfront - Garden Terrace RECEPTION Marriott South Sioux City Riverfront - Grand Ballroom 17 n Unveiled

385 E. 4th St. South Sioux City, NE

OTHER WEDDING CONTRIBUTORS CATERER .................. Marriott South Sioux City Riverfront CAKE/OTHER DESSERTS .................................. Indulge RENTAL/DECOR ............. 6 South Designs - Sara Sorensen HOTEL/LODGING ......Marriott South Sioux City Riverfront ENTERTAINMENT/DJ ......... Complete Weddings + Events LIVE PAINTING ...........................................Annika Kolbo

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Photos By: KLMahoney Photography & Rockin’ R Images Special Thanks to: Audra’s Bridal & Harvest Acre Venues When it comes to weddings, every detail counts, from the dress to the flowers and, of course, the jewelry. Brides and grooms alike are searching for unique and meaningful ways to express themselves on their special day, and turquoise jewelry has emerged as a stunning and versatile choice for wedding attire. Turquoise jewelry’s timeless beauty transcends eras and continues to captivate through the ages. It adds a touch of vibrant elegance to any bride or groom’s look and is becoming even more integral to bridal ensembles in 2024.

Turquoe: A Tims Gemste For centuries, turquoise jewelry has carried profound historical and cultural significance, particularly in Southwestern Native American culture, and has been revered as a sacred and protective stone, believed to possess spiritual properties that ward off negative energy and promote well-being. Turquoise has also earned its reputation as a classic and timeless gemstone that transcends fashion trends. Its soothing blue-green color makes it a versatile choice that complements a wide range of ensembles, from casual to formal. This history, beauty and mystique make turquoise a standout choice for those looking to infuse their wedding attire with meaning and beauty.

Daka Sky Ste: A Famy Legacy of Turquoe Jewry Nestled in the heart of Western South Dakota, family-owned jewelry business, Dakota Sky Stone has been cultivating handcrafted, authentic Native American turquoise jewelry since 1971. What began with captivation and appreciation for the artistry of the people of the Navajo reservation in Arizona, has now flourished into the largest and rarest selection of turquoise in the Midwest. Dakota Sky Stone is committed to providing a personalized experience for those who wish to incorporate turquoise into their everyday and formal attire, including weddings. They work with turquoise mines and even cut their own stones, allowing brides to have customized pieces made exclusively for them. Brides can choose to purchase or rent these unique turquoise pieces, giving them the option to let turquoise be their ‘something blue’ for the day or a cherished keepsake to treasure forever.

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Incorporing Turquoe into ur Big Day Turquoise jewelry in wedding attire is growing due to its ability to add a unique and colorful dimension to the bridal look, fulfilling the desire for more personalized, authentic and symbolic elements in wedding ceremonies that resonate with couples for a multitude of profound and heartfelt reasons: » BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: Turquoise jewelry serves as exquisite bridal accessories, adding a pop of color and elegance to the bride’s ensemble, creating a unique and vibrant aesthetic. » BRIDESMAIDS’ GIFTS: Turquoise jewelry is the perfect gift for bridesmaids, adding color to their outfits and serving as a meaningful keepsake, resulting in a cohesive and visually pleasing bridal party look. » BOHEMIAN AND BEACH WEDDINGS: The vibrant hues of turquoise harmonize with the relaxed and natural settings of Bohemian and beach weddings, resonating with the sea and sky. » SOUTHWESTERN AND NATIVE AMERICAN THEMES: In weddings with these themes, turquoise pays homage to rich cultural traditions, infusing a deeper connection to the culture. » SYMBOLISM/MEANING: Turquoise represents qualities like protection, good fortune and strength, adding depth and meaning to wedding attire. » TRADITION AND MODERNITY: Couples are seeking unique and eclectic elements for their special day, moving away from conventional jewelry choices, representing a fusion of tradition and modernity. » OUTDOOR VENUES: Turquoise jewelry is particularly popular in Western and destination weddings, complementing rustic and scenic wedding venues with its natural beauty and vivid colors.

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Cor Cbinis and Meris Turquoise jewelry also offers a wealth of creative possibilities through its combination with various materials and colors: GOLD: Combining with gold exudes elegance and sophistication. SILVER: Its timeless appeal complements the vivid hues of turquoise. CORAL: Combining turquoise with coral or reddish-pink hues creates a bold and visually captivating contrast for lively and summery aesthetics. WHITE: Ideal for beach weddings and Bohemian styles, it creates a fresh and clean look. LEATHER: Imparts a rustic and earthy feel, perfect for casual and rugged styles. GEMSTONE ACCENTS: Turquoise often harmonizes with other gemstones, such as lapis lazuli, amethyst or opal, providing depth and color variation to jewelry pieces. WOOD: Creating a natural and eco-friendly aesthetic popular among eco-conscious and boho-inspired designs. ENAMEL: Offers a playful and modern twist with vibrant and bold colors that complement turquoise. These versatile combinations result in unique and diverse jewelry pieces, suitable for a wide range of occasions and personal styles.

Forever and Always Looking forward to 2024, experts in the jewelry industry predict several key trends for turquoise jewelry: SUSTAINABLE AND ETHICAL SOURCING: There’s a growing demand for responsibly sourced turquoise, as consumers increasingly value sustainability and ethical practices in the jewelry industry. UNIQUE, ONE-OF-A-KIND PIECES: Consumers are seeking jewelry that showcases the skill and creativity of artisans. The emphasis is on custom-made, unique pieces that stand out. VERSATILITY: Turquoise jewelry will remain versatile, transitioning seamlessly from casual to formal settings. Designers will continue to create pieces that reflect the evolving preferences of consumers who seek adaptable jewelry.

Turquoise jewelry remains an enduring symbol of elegance and cultural significance. With its timeless appeal, meaningful symbolism and adaptability to changing styles, it continues to captivate brides, grooms and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking the perfect piece for your wedding or any other special occasion, Dakota Sky Stone is ready to provide you with one-of-a-kind, handcrafted turquoise jewelry that reflects your individuality and style. Turquoise is not just a gemstone; it’s a representation of history, heritage and the enduring connection between people and the natural world. So, why not add a touch of turquoise to your special day?



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By: Sarah Grassel Photos By: Complete Weddings + Events Abbygail and Ryan Harrel both attended Briar Cliff University in Sioux City pursuing their careers in education when they first crossed paths. It took several years for them to really develop a friendship, and eventually, when they came to know each other better during their junior year, they officially started dating. Abbygail reminisces, “We had to spend some time going long distance, from Sioux Falls to Omaha during the pandemic, but we’ve been together for three-and-a-half years now.” During their time at Briar Cliff, Abbygail remembers the first time Ryan said “I love you.” He said it first in their relationship and scared the daylights out of her because of how abruptly he said it. Abbygail smiles, “We were lying down and he said my name really quickly, because he was nervous, then told me that he loved me. Obviously, I said it back to him, but my heart was racing from the shock!” When it came to the proposal, Abbygail was completely surprised once again. Despite little hints along the way, Ryan managed to completely shock Abbygail in front of all their family and friends. Just graduating from college two weeks prior, Abbygail was still in Sioux Falls when Ryan drove out for a visit during the middle of a snowstorm. After a night of rest, the two decided to go for a leisurely morning drive and stroll in Sioux City to spend a day at their “old stomping grounds,” Abbygail explains. At this point, nothing struck out of the ordinary, so Abbygail just thought it was another day, but Ryan had other plans.

WEDDING CONTRIBUTORS WEDDING DRESS .................. Bride to Bride Wedding Co. TUXES/MENSWEAR .............................Men’s Wearhouse BRIDESMAID DRESSES ........................................ Azazie RINGS/BANDS .................................. Helzberg Diamonds ENTERTAINMENT/DJ ......... Complete Weddings + Events BRIDE HAIR .............................. Halo - Tania Vander Kooi

Abbygail and Ryan Harrel both attended Briar Cliff University in Sioux City pursuing their careers in education when they first crossed paths. It took several years for them to really develop a friendship, and eventually, when they came to know each other better during their junior year, they officially started dating. Abbygail reminisces, “We had to spend some time going long distance, from Sioux Falls to Omaha during the pandemic, but we’ve been together for three-and-a-half years now.” During their time at Briar Cliff, Abbygail remembers the first time Ryan said “I love you.” He said it first in their relationship and scared the daylights out of her because of how abruptly he said it. Abbygail smiles, “We were lying down and he said my name really quickly, because he was nervous, then told me that he loved me. Obviously, I said it back to him, but my heart was racing from the shock!” When it came to the proposal, Abbygail was completely surprised once again. Despite little hints along the way, Ryan managed to completely shock Abbygail in front of all their family and friends. Just graduating from college two weeks prior, Abbygail was still in Sioux Falls when Ryan drove out for a visit during the middle of a snowstorm. After a night of rest, the two decided to go for a leisurely morning drive and stroll in Sioux City to spend a day at their “old stomping grounds,” Abbygail explains. At this


“Be patient with each other, but plan together. Don’t plan a wedding during your first year of teaching, and be open and accepting to the ideas/desires of your partner.”

members of the parish. For the party, they researched several venues, but ultimately chose Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort near Larchwood, IA, which has been hosting weddings since opening in 2011. Abbygail shares, “It was so convenient! A lot of our guests were attending the wedding from out of town, so we loved the idea of having everything in one place.” The venue has a variety of event rooms catering to any size wedding such as the Aveda Spa, indoor/outdoor pools, gorgeous outdoor falls space, hot tubs and of course, the casino with over 375 slot machines, a poker room, craps table and free live entertainment every Friday and Saturday. Grand Falls Casino was the perfect place for everyone because their event team was able to help with a large part of the planning process, and at the end of the night, everyone could just walk up the stairs or hop on an elevator to safely make it to their final destination for the evening. Abbygail credits the team saying, “From the first meeting and tour to the nitty gritty details the day before, they were incredible throughout the whole process.” Some of the details the events team took care of were the food, day-of coordination and just validating that all of the details were aligned with the couple’s vision and that no one in the wedding party was empty-handed. “They did an excellent job making sure we all had drinks and were well taken care of,” Abbygail closes. To learn more about the event center at Grand Falls Casino, visit them on their website or stop out in person and see for yourself how two can definitly play this game at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort.

1415 Grand Falls Blvd., Larchwood, IA 51241 (712) 777-7777 grandfallscasinoresort.com

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OTHER WEDDING CONTRIBUTORS CEREMONY ........................... Holy Spirit Catholic Church RECEPTION ........................................ Grand Falls Casino FLORAL ...................................................The Flower Mill CATERER ........................................... Grand Falls Casino CAKE ............................................................. Sam’s Club

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CJ Yushta Photography


Local Weddings?





CALL OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO GET A QUOTE TODAY! 1351 St. Joe St., Spearfish SD, 57783 605-642-6335 | bhsujoycenter.com Kanda.Guthmiller@bhsu.edu





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Fairy Tale Ceremo ni es & Recepti o ns for up to 350+ On-Site Catering & Acco mmo dati o ns Cho i ce o f Fo ur Reso r ts Si x Di f ferent Lo cati o ns www.CusterResorts.com info@custerresorts.com 605.255.4672 A South Dakota State Park Entrance License is Required.

HELPING YOU MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT From the moment you arrive, our wedding coordinator & professional catering staff will ensure the smallest details are tended to with style & flare. You & your guests can relax & enjoy every moment of your wedding with Minervas & our hotel partners. 2111 N. LACROSSE ST., RAPID CITY 605.394.9505•WWW.MINERVASRESTAURANTS.COM•PARTIES UP 1,000 GUESTS

Engagement Parties•Rehearsal Dinners•Showers•Receptions•Anniversary Parties

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CALL TO BOOK 605-206-2610 Carrie McIntyre Director of Sales Kelsie Monell Sales & Events Manager Alex Parks Events Coordinator

NEWLY BUILT EVENT CENTER Up to 450 guests Meetings • Trainings Conventions • Holiday Parties Weddings • Graduations Showers • Room Blocks Seasonal Outdoor Patio

What’'s your love story?

Unveiled B R I DA L




Email us at unveiled@michelscom.com

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Picture yourself here! We host amazing receptions at the

Holiday Inn Express and Event Center Brandon! • A gorgeous, upscale space that can accommodate up to 400 guests, totally set with your choice of linen colors; and we do all of the clean up afterwards! You also can have your ceremony with us. • Raised seating for your head table, and one of the largest dance floors in the area. Great memories are created here! • A beautiful guest room is included for your wedding night, and a block of rooms is held at a discounted rate for your guests. • Excellent menu selections and affordable pricing.

1103 N. Splitrock Blvd. Brandon, SD (605) 582-2901 www.events.hiebrandon@gmail.com Like us on Facebook @brandonsdexpress

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Woodlands Receptions Dave and Cara Wise woodlandsreceptions.com 13121 Lincoln Tarken Lane Piedmont, SD 57769 (605) 393-7340 Photography By: Henry Roy Photography & Indigo Blue Photography Decorations By: Justin Straw Designs

we can’t wait to see you

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What our couples are saying...

Extraordinary! “This place was amazing to have a wedding at! They were professional and super nice! Couldn’t have booked a better place!” - Julia S. (Bride) “When we first visited Lofted View Events, we knew right away this would be the perfect place for our daughter’s wedding. It exceeded our expectations! The bride and groom get ready suites, a beautiful outside setting for pictures, a wonderful inside reception area for the dinner, and to finish the evening we had the dance outside in a beautiful environment to conclude our daughter’s special day!” - Paula S. (Mother of the Bride) “My wife and I got married here, and it was just the absolute BEST!! We saw many venues before and after we met with Lofted View Events. We always kept coming back to this amazing, beautiful place. They are the best to work with, and the venue is not only beautiful, but everything from the venue, the views, and the staff are absolutely TOP NOTCH!!! So glad we chose this venue, and grateful to have worked with Lofted View!” - Kyle K. (Groom)

Find packages, pricing and open dates at www.loftedviewevents.com

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Spend your whole day with us! Established in 2019, Lofted View Events is a spacious wedding venue for up to 300 guests, located just 12 minutes from Sioux City near Bronson, Iowa. We specialize in making your wedding, family celebration, or business event seamless and unforgettable. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are surrounded by the rolling Loess Hills, gorgeous sunsets, and beautiful country setting that can be as modern or rustic as your heart desires.


712.948.3250 2086 210th Street, Bronson, Iowa www.loftedviewevents.com loftedviewevents@gmail.com Located just 12 minutes from Target in Sioux City myunveiledwedding.com | 2024 n 48

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Email us at unveiled@michelscom.com

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Feathers at the Ranch has opened its doors on a year-round basis. We are pleased to now offer a luxurious, relaxing setting to host business meetings, corporate retreats, wedding receptions, family reunions, graduation parties, banquets, holiday parties, and any other events. Feathers at the Ranch will continue its high level of customer service in hosting your special event. Feathers at the Ranch’s courteous staff will help customize your event to meet your expectations and needs. We understand the importance of making your event unique and creating lasting memories for your special day. 550 N. 1st St., Emery, SD 57332 (605) 933-0178 feathersattheranch.com

B!k An Event Today! A beautiful backdrop in South Dakota. Stunning environment for an outdoor wedding. We will stylize your wedding the way YOU want it!

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Scan to

visit our











Star Spangled Batter



making every celebration e swet 2225 West 50th St. 605-370-1909 Sioux Falls SD 57105 thecakeladysf.com

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Our large-bag popcorn is the perfect filler for serving containers, bowls, or popcorn bar. You can dazzle your guests with a wide assortment of flavors and colors at your event. We make ordering the right amount of the perfect flavors easy. The best part is it is resealable, so you take what’s left home with you but don’t count on any left because people love Craizy Daisy’s gourmet popcorn!






P E R S O N A L I Z E D PA C K E T S Our clear cello singles are perfect for any occasion! Customize our delicious popcorn packets with a personal label and make your customers, friends, or party guests craizy happy. You can order batches of any flavor. If you already have labels, send them to us, and we’ll apply them at no charge.








L E T ’ S

Scan me to be craizy happy! @craizydaisyspopcorn

CHARCUTERIE GONE SWEET Place your bite-sized dessert display orders today!


Wedding Cake O R D E R S TO DAY !

JOLIE SCHMITT 712.301.6254 4501 Stone Ave. Sioux City, IA Follow us on Facebook

engaged? have a million questions?

Let Unveiled be your guide to the perfect wedding.



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Dedicated Wedding Coordinator TO ARRANGE A CAKE TASTING

605-799-1013 2101 W. 41ST ST. #30 SIOUX FALLS, SD 57105 NOTHINGBUNDTCAKES.COM

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DIANE MOLLET 712-251-7140 DIANEMOLLET@YAHOO.COM Facebook | Instagram

Wedding Dress: Marie & Marie Bridal Menswear: David Jones Fashions

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MILES Moments


By: Emily Pogue Photos By: JJ Studio Photography & Video

From a breathless “Yes” among the roar of motors at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to their binding “I Do’s” along a peaceful beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico, Tonya Madsen and Heath Rodney have been led by love across both time and distance at their own pace. And, thanks to some thoughtful planning, their nearest and dearest were able to be along for the ride. Ten years ago, Tonya was settling into her new normal of growing a real estate career in a new town, when she was introduced to a fellow REALTOR’S® best friend, Heath. While not a full-time resident, Heath had an apartment in Sioux Falls where he could unwind with friends when not dedicating all hours to work as owner of a busy motorcycle shop in Iowa. The two hit it off as friends and took their first adventure together West, where they joined a larger group at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Though they started off friendly, they very quickly began accumulating the miles and moments it takes to get between “like” and “love.” Each a success-driven professional, Tonya and Heath spent their first eight years together building their respective businesses and learning more about one another. In 2015, Heath sold his dealership and moved to Sioux Falls where he and Tonya purchased a house together. For years, the two focused on growing their professional futures, enjoying their close families and friends and navigating the peaks and valleys of a close relationship. But there had been discussions that it was time to take things to the next level. myunveiledwedding.com | 2024 n 66

“It was like, okay we’ve been together so long, it’s time to commit to each other,” says Tonya of the talks they shared. “We know we’re going to be together.” In addition to the dialogue, Tonya and Heath visited Gunderson’s Jewelers and shopped for a ring that would help them level up when the time came. Thanks to Abby Swanson, designer at Gunderson’s, Tonya was able to choose a round-cut diamond engagement ring and band that reflected her personality and preference. They did level up, fittingly in front of the Indian Motorcycle store during the 2021 rally. On a cool summer morning, above the growl of motorcycle engines and a parking lot full of bikers ready for the day’s ride, a nervous Heath asked a surprised Tonya to marry him. The next step was to start planning. When it came to the wedding, it was no secret that “typical” was not an option. So, what do you do when don’t want a big church, hundreds of people and being the primary focus of attention? You decide to take things overseas and create an enjoyable getaway for those you love most. “In most weddings, you get caught up, and Heath and Tonya don’t really like the attention on them,” adds Jason Madsen, brother of the bride. “They work with a lot of people whom they have to be one way around and hold back, but with this, they can just be themselves, have fun and relax. This was perfect for them.” Knowing what they didn’t want, the couple put their “must-haves” to work. They wanted a place that was low-key, didn’t require long travel times and big enough to provide their guests the opportunity to do their own thing.

Rings/Bands: Gunderson’s Jewelers

They decided that the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya would play host to their March 10th nuptials along with being the all-inclusive destination for the 61 guests traveling to celebrate alongside them. With a language barrier, phone-only meetings and hundreds of miles between them, one might expect that planning the wedding was difficult, but Tonya says that the resort had a wedding planner who was able to coordinate all the details and prevent the typical stressors of planning. They were able to make arrangements with vendors both on and off-site to ensure the day went seamlessly. While there was plenty for people to do outside of the wedding celebration between the pool, excursions, entertainment and rest, festivities officially kicked off the night before the ceremony when guests were treated to a dinner on the terrace. 67 n Unveiled

Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey Wedding Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico

On the day of the wedding, the hotel staff set the stage for the beach-side ceremony while the bride and groom gathered with their respective parties to get ready. Tonya chose a dress fit for a beach wedding; a light champagne-colored sheath with white tulle overlay. The bridal party was outfitted in neutral-colored tuxes and dresses. While getting ready, the bridesmaids gave Tonya a gift from Heath- a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. Later, Tonya’s sister gifted her with an oval pendant containing a picture of her grandpa and grandma Madsen who were two of the most important people in her life before their passing several years before. That pendant, and a brooch that belonged to her grandmother, were attached to her bouquet as she walked down the aisle, arm-in-arm, with her father. 69 n Unveiled

The officiant, chosen by the resort staff, gave a beautiful, short and meaningful ceremony after which all the guests were invited to a cocktail hour with beverages and appetizers. Just before dinner, the DJ introduced the new couple and they shared their first dance. But really, six full days of family and friends? While it’s not for everyone, Tonya and Heath say that sharing this special time with the people they love most was memorable, relaxing and highly recommended. It’s been nearly a year since their wedding and Tonya and Heath are thankful for the journey that led them here and are looking forward to the road that lies ahead. “We are excited about future trips and hopefully getting a property somewhere warm for the winter,” Tonya quips. “We’re both still building our businesses, supporting each other in that and just ready for the future.”

ADDITIONAL CREDITS Venue: Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Flowers: Hard Rock Hotel DJ: Mills & James

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SETTING THE STONE: TAKING A LOOK AT 4 POPULAR ENGAGEMENT RING SETTINGS Did you know that there are more factors to consider in an engagement ring than just the diamond? Finding the perfect diamond is just the first step; the next thing you may want to consider is how the diamond sits. Hopefully, this blog will help you narrow down your choices and make ring shopping a little easier! Choosing bridal jewelry is an exciting time for a bride and groom. There are so many options available! Depending on taste and budget, the ideal bridal jewelry can be found. Here are four of the most popular ring settings that will help you make a perfect choice.



A prong setting is designed to elevate the stone on display without any distractions, and show it off in its pure, naturally beautiful, state. To accomplish this, four or six metal prongs hold the diamond in place as it rests in the basket. This is one of the most popular settings for engagement rings.

A channel setting is extremely popular for both engagement rings and wedding rings alike. This dazzling design features a continuous row of diamonds positioned without any separation at all around the whole band or part of the band. The diamonds are burrowed in between the two bands of metal that make up the ring.

BEZEL SETTING In a bezel setting, the diamond seems to be nestled into the setting. The metal holding the stone encompasses the entire perimeter of the stone, almost framing it like a picture.

TENSION SETTING For a striking, contemporary look, the bride and groom may want to consider a tension setting. This is a design which supports the diamond almost invisibly, so it has the appearance of floating. Round and square-cut diamonds look especially dramatic in a tension setting.

All around the world, one of the sweetest questions ever is: “Will you marry me?” And, when the answer is yes, the bride and groom often embark on the adventure of shopping for beautiful jewelry. Wedding and engagement jewelry, on the average, usually totals about $6,351 for the happy couple. Looking at engagement rings and wedding rings is a wonderful part of getting married, and bridal jewelry that the groom and bride select can be a source of special memories to treasure together for a lifetime.

The Diamond Room is proud to offer our services to anyone, no matter the location or budget. Give us a call at (605)362-0008, or visit our website at https://www.thediamondroom.com/ to learn about our vast selection of engagement rings.


what’s your

By: Lauren Johnson

Selecting an engagement ring can be a daunting decision with so many unique styles to choose from. The experts at The Diamond Room by Spektor can help you pick the one that’s right for you! “We’ve been in business since 1996 as a full-service jewelry store, and we pride ourselves on having the largest selection of loose diamonds in the area,” says Justin Shatto, a partner at The Diamond Store. “We have two in-house goldsmiths, so we’re able to get any re-sets or repairs done in a timely fashion,” Justin says. No appointments are necessary to visit The Diamond Room and see all the sparkle it has to offer. “Come at your convenience, and visit with any of our staff to consult about what it is you’re looking for,” Justin says. “Because of our laid-back environment and no-pressure attitude, people often feel at ease after visiting with us. They find out we don’t work on commission, and we’re here to build a relationship rather than getting a quick sale.” The Diamond Room offers help with picking a setting based on the client’s desires as well as deciding about diamond clarity, size and color. “We respect the client’s budget. We’ll find something that fits, from $2,000 to $20,000 to meet whatever price the individual wants,” Justin says. “We’re willing to walk through the process with them and answer any questions they have. Whether in one visit or several, we go along with them on this journey together.” Solitaire Style A solitaire gives a classic style to your wedding set, with solely a heavy-set gold band around a center stone and no diamonds on the shank of the ring. The shape can be marquise, oval or round, and you can style your solitaire engagement ring with wedding bands in different stackable layers, shapes and curves that accent the center stone. Three-Stone Style The options are endless with three-stone engagement rings and their matching wedding bands. The three-stone style, as the name depicts, has three stones in the center, with no diamonds on the shank of the ring and it can be made of a fancy center with accented sides, an oval with pear sides, a marquise with oval sides, an emerald cut with pear sides, a round with baguette sides, three stones of the same shape and size or three assorted sizes of the same shape! Using a curved wedding band will outline the curvature of the stones, and straight wedding bands will sit underneath the center stone, flush with the smaller side stones.

3501 W. 57th St., #108 Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (605) 362-0008 thediamondroom.com

Vintage Style Vintage style engagement rings pull inspiration from the Victorian era to the 1900s. Cluster rings were immensely popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, so adding a cluster or large group of diamonds with varying shapes gives a unique vintage style with a modern twist. With vintage style, brides have the opportunity to play with different colors for the center stone and textures to style the ring. If the bride wants a colored stone for

the center, The Diamond Room consultants say it’s important to select a strong stone. Sapphires are the best option and have a wide range of colors. Matching wedding bands are the most popular with vintage style because they are the perfect fit. Halo Style A halo is an outline of diamonds around the center stone that accentuates the size of the center. A thin band halo has small diamonds around the center stone. A double halo style has two rows of diamonds around the center. An offset shape halo is made of diamonds that are different shapes than the center, such as baguettes circling a round center stone, a round center stone outlined in an octagon shape or a round center outlined with a cushion halo to give the design a squarer shape. A hidden halo is the most popular, with a small outline of diamonds that sits underneath the center stone. Wedding bands can match the engagement ring or give the opportunity to be creative. Accent/Side Stones Style The main focus of this popular style is the center stone, with diamonds added to the straight shank of the ring to give the ring more sparkle. Accent stones are set in a vine-like or floral design which can really highlight the bride’s personality. The sleek and straight design is similar to the solitaire, with different shapes on the sides to give the ring more shimmer and dimension. Wedding bands match the size and shape of the shank of the engagement ring. myunveiledwedding.com | 2024 n 74

Lindsey Dutler DNP, NP-C & Carey Baczwaski MSN, NP-C

Medical Weight Loss Programs & Facial Aesthetic Services • Cosmetic Injections • Microneedling • Microdermabrasion • Chemical Peels • Vitamin Injections

Hormone-based weight loss program Ketogenic weight loss program Semaglutide weight loss program

(605) 534-4043 medicalstaff@vibrancemedical.com 101 Tower Road Suite 103 Dakota Dunes, SD 57049 Located in the Dakota Dunes Tower building, inside the Dunes Pain Specialists clinic.


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T ry one of our many services • INFUSIONS • VITAMINS • IM INJECTIONS

• MEDICATED WEIGHT LOSS • GROUP INFUSIONS (Bachelorette Parties, Wedding Parties, etc.)

BEAUTY GLOW Designed to help bring out radiance and natural glow, believed to fortify hair, skin, and nails, reduce wrinkles and quench skin from the inside out. Includes an add-on of Glutathione. POSSIBLE BENEFITS Fortifies hair, skin, and nails; Reduces wrinkles; Quenches tire skin

Meet Cassidy Hello! I’m Cassidy Walker, owner and operator of Thrive Hydration Therapy. I am a board certified nurse practitioner with 8 years of nursing experience! I am so excited to be the first to bring IV therapy to the Siouxland area. I hope this service will encourage patients to focus on their health and wellness. I take pride in offering a mobile service and will gladly meet you in the comfort of your own home! In my free time you can find me traveling, working out and playing sports, or spending time with my husband, Chad, and two boys Barrett and Silas.



LOCATED AT THE BRIDGES AT 57TH STREET 50 0 5 S . W ESTERN AVE ., # 140 SIO UX FALLS , S D 57 10 8 ( 6 0 5) 3 35- 6 021• E ILERS FU RS .CO M

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We are your local experts


Becah Fliehs, OWNER


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Your honeymoon is waiting...

Call Kayla Wagner today!

Book Your Adventure of a Lifetime!

605-453-4950 klwtravels14@gmail.com www.klw-travels.com

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By: Molly Barari Photos By: Shane Monahan When it comes to wedding photographers, there are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming. How do you pick a photographer who will best capture your big day? Shane Monahan, owner of Shane Monahan Photography based in Sioux City, Iowa, has been photographing weddings since 2005. His number one tip for couples searching for the right photographer is to do their research. “There are a lot of photographers to choose from, but not all are going to bring the same level of professionalism or experience. Experienced photographers will cost more money but are more likely to capture the important shots and have the experience to create other fun and beautiful moments,” says Shane. According to Shane, it’s worth reviewing a photographer’s body of work to make the best decision for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask the person about their experience. Ask if they use lighting equipment or if they are a natural light photographer. For instance, some venues can be significantly dark, and it can be a challenge to photograph if there isn’t natural light available.

Ask about backup gear in case a camera breaks. Ask how long it will take to receive your photos after the wedding. If you know somebody who has worked with the photographer before, ask your friend about their experience working with the photographer. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, so you cannot gather too much information or ask too many questions. It may seem like common sense, but it’s also important to ask yourself, “Do I sincerely like this person?” Your photographer is someone you will spend a good deal of time with, so it’s important to feel a connection and trust the vibe you are getting when you interact. “If you genuinely like your photographer, it will be a lot easier to take direction from them during your wedding day, and you’ll probably have more fun working with them, which leads to more smiles and better photos!” says Shane. As a general rule, if you meet with a photographer and enjoy their personality, appreciate their style and believe they are a professional who will do an excellent job on your wedding day—then they are likely a good fit for you. If you love their work, but something feels off to you, it’s best to trust your gut and consider a few different options.

It’s also important to have a discussion with your potential photographer about the types of photographs you hope to capture and to make sure your photographer is on the same page. Shane believes both candid and posed shots are essential for the wedding album.

“I photograph the day as it unfolds and notice the emotion happening around the couple whenever possible,” he says. “When I pose couples, I look at the background and lighting. From there, I will often add humor to the moment or ask one of them to whisper something beautiful into their partner’s ear just as I am taking the photo.” One of Shane’s favorite moments to capture is individual portraits of the couple right after they finish getting ready. “I love capturing a bride in her wedding gown after she has put all her jewelry and accessories on. There’s something magical about a bride in her gown on the wedding day.” What are the other moments that Shane enjoys capturing? Emotional “first looks” between a couple or between the bride/groom and their parents. Also, the moment the couple is walking down the aisle to leave the church immediately after they are married.

“My goal is to capture the day in a beautiful way, but I always want to get at least one dramatic ‘wow’ shot from the day. That usually involves dramatic lighting and sometimes a little luck,” he reveals. The personality of the couple greatly influences the photographs. Shane does not bring his own props to weddings, because he realized a long time ago that the couple’s interests are most important. “I make the wedding photos as unique as they can be. Some couples are super romantic towards each other, others are more reserved, some are silly and others are more serious. I bring my own flavor to the day, but ultimately, I always let the couple set the tone and honor them for who they are.” What if you have some unique and out-of-the-box ideas for photographs you want? Shane may be just the guy you are looking for.

“I’ve climbed up the side of grain bins, laid in the middle of the road, carried my gear a mile on foot to a lake, photographed first look photos from a rooftop in front of the Duomo in Florence, Italy, and probably a bunch of things I’e blocked from my memory over the years,” he jokes. “No matter what I have done for a photo, it always comes down to this: A simple well-lit photo of a happy couple in love is often the best photo.” Shane has had bookings as far as two years out, but he’s also had people catch him with an open weekend a month out. Learn more about his business online or call 712-223-1032.


605.929.5920 COREYJGROSS.COM SIOUX FALLS, SD 85 n Unveiled


A Lifetime Toge!er By: Michaela Feldmann Photos By: Paige Wallace Photography and Ever Beloved Photography

“I’m going to marry you someday.” It wasn’t long before Mitchell said those six words to his now wife, Shelton. “It was her smile and the way she carried herself and went about life,” says Mitchell. “This is before we really knew each other,” says Shelton. “But there was just something about him and I was like yeah, I could see that.” But as the old saying goes, “When you know you know.” Soon Mitchell and Shelton couldn’t get enough of one another. They found themselves driving the 200-plus miles from Vermillion, South Dakota, to Ames, Iowa, each weekend to see one another. “I remember sitting in a booth at a restaurant called Hickory Park on our first date,” says Mitchell. “And I thought to myself, ‘I am done. This is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.’” The two never looked back from there. Soon they were meeting one another’s families - something Mitchell hadn’t done in a while. “I told her I wanted her to meet my family. I was a little worried that my family would like her more than they like me,” jokes Mitchell. “After that first weekend, that turned out to be true. That weekend confirmed it for me though. I was done and I’d found my wife.” Job opportunities brought Mitchell to Sioux City after graduation, but despite the distance, the two continued to make it work. After graduation from Iowa State, Shelton packed her bags and closed the years-long distance between them. Then, four years after their first date, Mitchell closed the final gap when he pulled a ring from his pocket, got down on one knee and asked Shelton to marry him while they were in Vegas. “Shelton and I went and looked at rings at Gunderson’s Jewelers,” says Mitchell. “We kind of both agreed on the one we liked. Once I knew what she wanted, my mom came with me to pick it out. I had the ring for about a month, and I knew I wanted to propose in Vegas with the water show because Shelton loves that. So, I got it all scheduled and invited my family and hers.” “And I didn’t know any of this,” says Shelton. “I even tried to ask our families to come to Vegas with us, but they all just kept saying they were busy. Probably to throw me off.”

Wedding Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal (New York) Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

“She didn’t believe I had it all lined up with dinner and everything. She usually handles the reservations,” says Mitchell. But Mitchell pulled off the spectacular proposal without a hitch and kicked off the process of planning a wedding. The two decided on a fall date: October 29, 2022, and started planning for the next year and a half. “Oh my gosh,” laughs Shelton. “I did not realize how much planning and how many details really go into a wedding. I was so excited though. I probably started thinking about the planning process right when we got back from Vegas.” Conference calls with vendors and trips to Des Moines, where they would have their wedding, soon became a part of their days. But Shelton knew a bigger trip was in her future – one

that would put her in her dream wedding dress. Shelton headed to New York to the famous Kleinfeld Bridal store to ‘say yes to the dress.’ “I grew up watching that show,” says Shelton. “I was completely obsessed with it. So, I had always wanted to do that, but I didn’t know if I would ever be able to go and shop with my family. The cool thing was my dad has had New York on his bucket list forever. So, we made it a trip! I was so lucky to have my mom, my dad and my sister all there with me to look at dresses and it was just an amazing experience.” An experience that landed her, her dream dress filled with all the sparkle she could have hoped for. It’s just one of the many vendors that helped make Mitchell and Shelton’s wedding the perfect fall day. Beautifully created flowers by Boesen The Florist donned the aisle at Christ the King Parish and filled the reception hall at the Iowa Events Center. It’s what Shelton and Mitchell say still stands out in their minds when they think back to that day. “There were so many flowers everywhere,” says Mitchell. “It was just incredible.” “They were just amazing. I told her my vision and she took that and elevated it times 10,” says Shelton. “It was absolutely perfect. There are still people who come up to us and say how beautiful and extravagant the flowers all were.” Paige Wallace Photography, Ever Beloved Photography and The Final Draft Films captured special moments throughout the day, and their families and friends. One of the most special to Shelton was the first look. “I remember being nervous and I had butterflies,” says Shelton. “But after I did the first look with my dad and the first look with Mitchell, I just felt a total calm come over

Bridesmaid Dresses: Revelry Hair: Emina Masinovic Makeup: XO The Face Bully Floral: Boesen The Florist

me and was able to relax. I knew it was right. That’s what makes me smile and what my mind goes to right away when I think back.” Mitchell laughs as he thinks back and jokes, “Stuttering as we read through the letters, we wrote each other. It’s tough.” Of course, if you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know, things can go wrong leading up to the day. “We had so many things go wrong the week of our wedding,” remembers Shelton. “Things you can’t even imagine or make up. But when the day got here, it was like nothing else mattered. Even if something went wrong, it didn’t matter because we were together, and everything was perfect.” As their wedding came to a close, Shelton and Mitchell found time to take a moment alone together. “It was just so relaxing to take that moment together to breathe after it was all over,” says Mitchell. “We’d been planning this moment for a year and a half, and the day just flew by. It was special to take that moment together and just go, ‘We are officially married.’” Today, life looks about the same for the Hoeflings. You’ll find them both still enjoying life in Sioux City with their dog Broker. Mitchell is the Operations Manager at Tri-State Nursing and Shelton works for the Iowa Corn Growers Association as their District Field Manager. As the two look back six years earlier, to those six words said in 2017, Mitchell simply says, “It all just makes sense.”

Bride & Groom’s Rings: Gunderson’s Jewelers Ceremony: Christ the King Catholic Church – Father Stark Reception and Caterer: Iowa Events Center Photography: Paige Wallace Photography and Ever Beloved Photography Videographer: The Final Draft Films Rentals/Decor: Vintage Love Rentals Cake: Iowa Rent-A-Cake and Cakeballs by Missy Moorman Lodging: Hilton Downtown Des Moines Event Planner: Kylie Busick DJ: KNM Productions

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Wedding Checklist There are a few changes newly married couples will want to make to get their financial lives together started the right way. I now pronounce you … joint account holders? That certainly doesn’t have the same ring as “husband and wife,” but it’s the new reality in your role as a husband or wife. You made a commitment to each other when you exchanged vows; since that carries over to your financial life, there are a few documents you’ll need to sign beyond the marriage certificate. So, before the honeymoon bliss wears off, gather your financial papers, sign into those accounts, sit down with your partner and dig into these eight financial to-dos for newly married couples.

1. DECIDE HOW TO HANDLE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT(S) Are you going to keep your individual bank accounts, or will you merge them into one? Sharing a bank account can make paying the bills and building your rainy-day fund simpler. Just make sure you set expectations beforehand about saving, spending and bills. Also, don’t forget to set aside some “fun money” for zero-judgment, zero-guilt splurges for each of you. For others, sharing an account might feel like losing financial independence. It might also cause stress if one spouse enters the marriage with obligations like student loans, child support, alimony and other debts that get pulled from a shared pool of money. If you want to keep accounts separate, it’s important to be on the same page about who pays for what — from utility bills to groceries. Of course, you can always develop a hybrid system, where you both maintain separate accounts but contribute a portion to a shared savings account. Ultimately, there’s no wrong answer, you just need to talk it out.

2. UPDATE YOUR BENEFICIARIES (AND EMERGENCY CONTACTS) If you haven’t looked at your accounts lately, your parents may still be your beneficiary for your 401(k) and your old roomie might still be your emergency contact. There’s a good chance you filled out that information once, long ago when you first started your job or opened the accounts, so this is an easy one to overlook. Update your HR rep at work with current information, and then double-check all your retirement accounts, insurance policies and even bank accounts (these typically have something called transfer or pay on death) if you’re not making your spouse a joint accountholder. 3. ADJUST YOUR TAX WITHHOLDING Once you’re married, you can either file taxes jointly or separately; a tax professional can help you decide the best route, based on your situation. However, whatever your tax status, you should update your withholding to indicate you are married. Contact your HR department to change your W-4.

4. CONSOLIDATE INSURANCE COVERAGE Life Insurance: If you don’t have life insurance yet, now is the time to consider it; you have someone else who, at least partially, depends on you financially. Talk with an advisor about how much and what kind is right for your situation. They can also show you how a policy can grow with you in the future (perhaps if kids enter the picture). And think twice about relying solely on your work-based policy, because if you lose your job, you will lose your coverage. Health Insurance: This is also a good time to review your health insurance coverage and choose the best option between your plan and your spouse’s plan. While you typically can’t switch plans outside of the enrollment period, marriage is considered a qualifying event that qualifies you for a “Special Enrollment Period” that typically gives you 60 days after the “life event” to make changes. Car Insurance: Check with your insurer to see if you can get better rates by combining policies and potentially enjoying a “marriage” discount. 5. CHANGE YOUR NAME ON ALL YOUR IDENTIFICATION CARDS AND ACCOUNTS If you have taken a new name, fill out Form SS-5 for a new Social Security card and FORM DS 5504 of Form DS-11, then visit your local DMV to update your driver’s license. Once you have your new documents, make sure you’ve changed your name on all your banking, credit card and savings accounts. 6. TACKLE ESTATE PLANNING “Until death do us part,” can, sadly, happen unexpectedly, and it’s why you shouldn’t avoid a discussion about estate planning. Having a will means that your assets will be divided up as you intended, which is especially important should you and your spouse perish together. Without a will, you leave it up to a court to decide how to handle your estate. Along with your will, make sure you have enacted a power of attorney, so your spouse can make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated.

7. PLAN YOUR FUTURE TOGETHER With all the paperwork-y stuff out of the way, it’s time for some fun. How will you and your partner spend the rest of your lives together? That is a huge question to answer, but it will generate so many exciting discussions with your spouse. Talk about when you both want to retire and the lifestyle you want to maintain. Talk about travel, or children, or second houses, or starting a business or a backyard pool. Take your bucket lists and merge them into a master list of things to do together. Your life as a married couple is a blank slate that you can fill in however you choose. How awesome is that?! Charting your future as a couple is incredibly gratifying, but these discussions will also serve a very practical purpose: These are life goals, but they are also financial ones. Your conversation will help you both to get on the same page about your financial priorities together. When you’ve built a vision for the future that excites you both, it’ll be much easier – and rewarding – to stick to a financial plan that gets you where you want to go. Of course, if you’ve got big dreams but the path forward is a little hazy, a financial advisor can help put the pieces together and design a plan that gets you to “happily ever after.” 8. CELEBRATE With all this planning, don’t forget to live today! Take your new spouse out for an expensive dinner, see a show on Broadway, do something awesome to celebrate the beginning of your lives together. There’s a reason you got married! Get out there and enjoy the journey together.

Matthew Culhane, RICP® Managing Director 605.999.9367 Mitchell and Black Hills matt.culhane@nm.com

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When the bones are good, the house won’t fall. Helping create and mend those bones in a marriage is something Cheryl and Mike Wells are passionate about doing. Through Side by Side Ministries and with the help of Dr. Don and Renee Worcester, they’re helping couples renew and strengthen their marriages. “We started doing a couples retreat back in 2020,” says Mike. “We saw a renewed need then for a strengthening of marriages, as well as the need for a place where couples could get away, feel refreshed and receive help if they needed it.” In April, they’ll mark their fourth year. It’s a milestone Mike and Cheryl say they’re already proud to see. “While a lot of churches have retreats, we felt this was an opportunity to reach beyond church affiliation and do something more community-based. We see people come from Sioux Falls or Omaha and I think that’s validation that it was a good approach.” “I think what also sets it apart and makes the retreat really great is couples share real-life examples,” says Cheryl. “Not from 20, 30 or 10 years ago but things they walk through or are working on themselves right now. I think that helps people.” The three-day retreat, which will be held April 5-7, 2024 at the South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront, is led by Don and Renee and is designed to have real and tough conversations. “They’re so willing to be vulnerable themselves and I think that causes a vulnerability in the group as well,” says Cheryl. Friday brings the chance for couples to get together and meet one another during

some social time during sessions. Saturday often gives the couples time to themselves – a chance to go deep because of what they have heard and seen. “It’s also an opportunity for some couples to be alone, without their kids for the first time in years,” says Cheryl. “A chance to reconnect and just be them again.” Couples come back together Saturday evening for some more sessions and then wrap things up Sunday morning. “I do think there is a sort of stigma when you hear ‘couples retreat’,” says Mike. “But there doesn’t have to be something wrong in your marriage for you to be here. It’s a renewal opportunity for those who are in healthy marriages, a growth opportunity for couples that see where they can do better and for those in crisis, it’s really good to be around other people where they can share their experiences and struggles. I think we always see a good balance of those three groups at the retreat.” And Mike and Cheryl know this firsthand. Not only do they sponsor the retreat, but they’ve taken part in it since the beginning. “In our almost 47-year marriage, we know it’s a lifelong process of investing in each other,” shares Mike. “We got married at 17 and 18 years old. We struggled as two young people raising our first child. We ultimately separated but had the opportunity to get our lives right again and grow in our faith. In 1981, we remarried and made a lifelong commitment to one another that regardless of the circumstances, we would choose each other and this marriage.” That decision, Mike says, has had a significant and positive impact on their own kids and their 13 grandkids.

“It’s why this is so important to us and that we do it right.” “Our commitment continues to grow stronger and stronger every year because of this retreat,” says Cheryl. “Our commitment, that’s what holds a marriage together. Feelings can come and go. Every year, the retreat gives us a new growth opportunity personally and in our marriage. If you go into it wanting to learn and grow, you’ll always come out with something.” As they look forward to the future, Mike and Cheryl both say, they can’t wait to see what the retreat continues to do. “I really just hope that we keep getting bigger every year,” says Cheryl. “Maybe it can happen more than once a year. We just want to keep making a difference in couples’ lives and have a positive impact on their marriages.” “To see what God can do during that weekend to bring couples together and make new friends, is really powerful,” says Mike. “We’ve invested in something that we feel is so important, so critical to the fabric of families and our communities – healthy marriages. So, to see it making a difference really feels like we are changing lives.”

God has a good plan for you God sees you God is proud of you God is at work in our life God has freedom for you God’s heart is tender towards you You are stronger than you know You are meant to believe You are a light to the world You are fully forgiven We can walk this life together God has mercy for us I want to be with you I need you I love you

I’M ALL IN Don and Renee gifted Mike and Cheryl a framed quotation of what couples recite to each other, which they described as “very powerful and sweet to witness”

Register online or scan the QR code below for the 2024 Sioux City Marriage Retreat being held April 5-7, 2024 at South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront. There will be a block of rooms reserved for a discounted price until March 1.

donandrenee.com/retreat-dates Truenorthweb.org

sidebysideministries.org (712) 546-7544 hello@sbsmin.org

Ner Terrory Neutral colors are eternally classic — white, gray, beige. A neutral color scheme is a good place to start as you merge your collection of furnishings, art and accessories. Neutral-colored walls and floors pair well with anything and perfectly set the stage for eclectic decor.

By: Tanya Manus

After your dream wedding, you and your spouse can create a comfortable, cozy dream home together. Your home can be a haven for two as well as a place to entertain family and friends. How do you start blending two people’s styles and tastes into one relaxing space you’ll both enjoy? Mod House Interiors in Sioux City offers tips for newlywed decorating.

Bold statement wallpaper continues to be a popular trend, and if you find a pattern and color combination you both like, wallpaper can be a fun choice for an accent wall, entryway or guest bathroom.

Wh stays, wh go You’ll likely be merging two households into one. Talk with your partner and decide which furnishings you each want to keep and which will go. Feel free to donate or sell anything you no longer need or want. Take inventory of what you’re keeping and what furnishings you might need to add or replace. Talk about the design styles you both like. If you decide to buy furniture, opt for investment pieces that are well-made and comfortable that you both like. Incorporate elements into your home that define your personality as a couple. Choose colors you both like. Create a photo gallery from favorite vacations, concerts or other events you shared together. Especially in your bedroom, let the decor celebrate your love story with special photos and mementos you both cherish. Eclectic style is here to stay, so try some brave decor choices as you decorate your home together. Experiment, mix and match until you come up with combinations of furnishings and accessories that harmoniously express both your personalities.

255 5th Street, Sioux City, IA



Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm Saturday 10am - 2pm

The color forecast for 2024 predicts a trend of fresh, nature-inspired shades to blend into your neutral palette, or to use as a new accent color. There’s moody, dramatic deep charcoal Cracked Pepper by Behr and the dark olive Ironside by Dutch Boy. Meditative sky blue Renew Blue by Valspar is calming and peaceful. The warm sunset orange hues of Persimmon by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams and Apricot Crush by Pantone evoke the relaxed mood of a tropical vacation.

Lighting can complement the colors in your home and set an atmosphere that’s light, bright or romantic. Abundant natural lighting can create a feeling of overall well-being. If your home lacks light, the Mod House staff can help you select lamps and light fixtures. And, of course, candlelight is superb for romantic evenings at home.

A Space of ur Own Everyone needs alone time to work, to be creative or simply to relax. Remember to create space in your newlywed home where you each can have alone time when you need it. These could be the places where a favorite recliner, art or other belongings you love find a home. Having a space of your own in your new home gives you freedom with the decor — especially if either of you loves something the other doesn’t. A private space such as a craft room, office, man cave or she shed can be the place that suits your style — while the rest of the home reflects a balance of both of your tastes.

Scan to s h!

lisa kalaher owner

Life Stages Of

WOMANHOOD “Infertility can be something that many people do not talk about. We are seeing more and more patients with infertility issues. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about any concerns.” - Dr. Kathleen LaFavor

The moment you receive a positive pregnancy result, Siouxland Women’s Health Care will be with you every step of the way. From the first prenatal visit to labor and delivery, our doctors are knowledgeable and trained to handle every high and low during your pregnancy.


A woman’s health care needs change throughout her life and aging well is an important part of health and happiness. We offer gynecological services specific to menopause and healthy aging, including: • Hormone Replacement Therapy • Strategies and options for coping with menopausal symptoms • Treatments for postmenopausal vaginal bleeding

• Evaluation of and treatment for urinary incontinence • Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment – Prolia Injections • Treatment for painful intercourse and vaginal dryness


Dr. Kevin W. Hamburger M.D., F.A.C.O. G.

Dr. Mary T. Schneider M.D., F.A.C.O. G.

Dr. Kathleen M. LaFavor D.O., F.A.C.O. G.

COMING OF AGE When hormone levels increase during puberty, young women begin their menstrual cycles. Since every teen is different, they may experience a variety of symptoms along with their cycle. The physicians at Siouxland Women’s Health Care take the time to guide your child through their first annual exam and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

FERTILITY & FAMILY PLANNING Once a woman reaches full maturity, she will then be able to conceive. If a baby isn’t in your immediate plans, we offer a variety of contraception options. When you are ready, our experienced doctors at Siouxland Women’s Health Care are there to guide you along your journey, whether it’s a pre-pregnancy checkup or if you are struggling with infertility.

1000 Jackson St., Sioux City, IA 51105 (712) 252-0501 • siouxlandwomenshealth.com

Dr. Danielle J. Hay D.O., F.A.C.O. G.

Dr. Rena A. Kazos D.O., F.A.C.O. G.

New patients welcome No referral necessary Most insurance plans accepted Interpreter services available Infertility Specialty Clinic In-office surgery

Dr. Jodi Netley MSN, ARNP






What is your

secret? Have you been married 30+ years?

We want to hear your story!


BACK TO BASICS PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR YOUR PELVIC FLOOR By: Michaela Feldmann It’s more than just Kegels. Keeping up your pelvic floor healthy can sometimes be confusing. Where do you start and what really is your pelvic floor? If you aren’t quite sure, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Dr. Mallory Hertz is a physical therapist and clinic director at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of Dakota Dunes. She spends most of her days educating and helping treat issues surrounding your pelvic floor. “One thing I hear the most is ‘PT for what?’,” she said. “They have no idea that physical therapy even treats this. People also think things in the pelvic health region are embarrassing, but they shouldn’t be. That can cause people to not bring up concerns and can leave them feeling isolated.” So, let’s start with the basics. The pelvic floor is made up of bones, muscles and ligaments that help with things like bladder, bowels and babies. When this area is weakened, such as during pregnancy or postpartum, you can experience problems like back pain, abdominal issues and pain or scar tissue, pain with intercourse or incontinence. That’s where Dr. Hertz and her team come in. “Pelvic health physical therapy helps to treat these issues,” she said. “Treatment really depends on what you’re coming in for, but it can include bladder training, manual therapy using hands-on pressure and instruction on pelvic floor exercises for your diaphragm and core.” While anyone can and should seek therapy for their pelvic health, Dr. Mallory says typically those being referred are having issues postpartum or experiencing pain during pregnancy. “Unfortunately, our society has this notion that birth is a natural process and your body will bounce back,” says Dr. Mallory. “The truth is it really doesn’t without some help

or encouragement from the right direction. Without it, we compensate. By the time we hit menopause, these problems start coming to light. Now suddenly we have incontinence. In reality, it probably stemmed back to childbirth because those muscles never recovered.” Dr. Hertz treats issues like a split in your ab muscles, SI joint pain in your lower back, bladder leaking or urgency, scar tissue or prolapse. “It’s never too late to get physical therapy for your pelvic health,” she said. “Recently, I was helping a woman who had a C-section 50 years ago which goes to show that these issues can continue for years to come. Though no referral is needed to go to PT, it is my hope that one day every postpartum woman would receive a physical therapy referral when they go in for their six-week checkup. There are also benefits to seeing a pelvic PT prior to birth to learn about stretching to prevent tearing, as well as muscle control and biomechanics.” It’s expertise like Dr. Hertz’s that makes FYZICAL stand out. “We have the most years of combined experience, as well as the most advanced training in pelvic health within one clinic,” she said. “We have team members whose workload is dedicated to pelvic health, and we have the most advanced treatment techniques and equipment.” If you’re struggling with any pelvic floor issue, Dr. Hertz said it’s important to remember, you’re not alone, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. For her, seeing the change she can help create makes it all worth it. “If I can make an impact in someone’s life in the realm of pelvic health, that makes a huge difference in their overall well-being and that’s incredible.”

605.217.4330 • www.fyzical.com/dakota-dunes-sd 101 Tower Rd. #210, Dakota Dunes, SD 57049

Dr. Mallory Hertz PT, DPT, FYZICAL Director

Dr. Leah Noel PT, DPT, FYZICAL Physical Therapist

Say “I Do” at Holiday Inn City Centre W H E R E L O V E M E E T S L U X U RY I N T H E H E A RT O F T H E C I T Y !

Photo by: talialee.photography

Photo by: talialee.photography


100 W. 8TH ST. SIOUX FALLS, SD 57104

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