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How to Decrease High Creatinine Level for Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) Patients? Patients always give the most concern to lower creatinine level.The following content is one patients consult me and the kidney experts’s answer. If you have any question you can also consult me through . Patient: I am a PKD patient, 35 years of age. My creatinine level is 6, and the biggest cyst is 1.6cm, but I am not on dialysis. What kind of treatment can decrease my creatinine level? Do I need to come to China for the treatment? Doctor: PKD is a kind of hereditary disease. And the probability to get PKD for child is 50% if one of parents has PKD, while the probability will increase to 75% if both of parents have PKD. Why will the creatinine level rise for PKD patients? The cysts growing on the kidneys keep growing and they will oppress the surrounding kidney tissues, which makes the kidney function worse and worse. So the glomerular filtration rate will decrease. Creatinine and other toxins can not fully be filtered out, they will accumulate in the body. Now your creatinine level is 6, it can tell us that your kidney

function has been damaged very severely. Generally speaking, if the creatinine level reaches to 6, doctors have already advised patients to do dialysis. However, nothing is absolute. Different people have different situations. Creatinine levels could indicate that how the kidney function is to some extent, but it can not be the only factor to decided whether the dialysis is needed or not. Speaking of, dialysis can not treat PKD, and the final result of long-term dialysis must be a kidney transplant. If PKD patients want to decrease creatinine level and treat PKD, they should start with shrinking the cysts.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

is such a therapy used externally.

The herbal medicine is micronized into ten thousands of its original size. With the help of osmosis device, effective ingredients of herbal medicines will infiltrate into kidneys through







can repair the damaged kidney inherent cells

and enhance the patients′ immunity. What′s more, this therapy is an advanced treatment in treating end stage of kidney disease in the world. China is the leading country in using Micro-Chinese


Medicine Osmotherapy





is a traditional Chinese medicine

iontophoresis, without any side-effect for the human body. In addition to this therapy, the patients should keep a good mood and a healthy diet, which can make them recover as soon as possible. If you have any questions about your kidney disease.Or if you interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy please clik here .

How to decrease high creatinine level for polycystic kidney disease(pkd) patients  

How to decrease high creatinine level for polycystic kidney disease(pkd) patients

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