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This Poem Anthology booklet is brought to you by:

*clears throat* Bonnie Qu, YoYo Leung, Ji Yun Lee and Michelle Wong. *bows* Thank you. This is just a little anthology based on 08EN109’s poems. We think the poems were all very high quality and we would like to share them with you all. We have all worked really hard on this and we hope you enjoy it ^.^

The Chan Poem I came from a beautiful place, where maple leafs and snow flakes drop from the sky, a place filled with my memories and dreams a beautiful place for them to come true. As I walked down the streets of my life, I have looked at what I’ve done I have achieved many things, that I thought I couldn’t overcome. I sometimes fear, I’m sometimes brave, but whatever it is, its only me

— Ryan Chan

The Wonders of Earth A blip in the sea of A council of 3 stars In a group of friends Planet Earth There are 3 of us 7 billion people reside And one of them is me here And one of them is me There are many people in the world Standing in the shadThere are many peoow of China ple who live in Hong Hong Kong Kong 7 million people reside There are many peohere. ple who go to KGV And one of them is There are many peome. ple who have friends Yet this is what makes me unique The School of the King King George V There are 1500 students And one of them is me

— Chris Chia

Don’t feel alone Before you judge me, I have

Unlike the lion who lives

one piece of advice,


The fact of my race does

Afraid of the dark, prior to

not mean I eat spice,


The colour of my skin does

He remains alone, unlike

not mean a thing,


For the world should be

We should be united with-

united and there should be

out any fuss.

no king.

Before you judge me, I have

Before you judge me, I have

one piece of advice,

one piece of advice,

I am proud of myself,

Black, White, Or Brown,

Whether I have no money

the world is always biased,

or am rolling in wealth.

There is always a lowest,

I seek out the culture that

and always a highest.

is hidden,

No matter what colour

Hidden deep inside, way

your skin may be,

down forbidden.

Embrace the life you have

I intend to pry deeper,

and always live free.

To find originality,

Before you judge me , I

Not immortality, for that

have one piece of advice,

would be impossible.

My world is no different from yours,

— Divij Daryanani

The Del Fierro Poem Identity is person Identity is pride Identity is personality Identity is what you do Identity is what people think of you Identity is what you look like Identity is what you feel like Identity is feeling Identity is meaning Identity is you.

— Joaquin Delfiero

My Teenage Identity I am a boy Who once used to like to play with toys But now that I am getting older I can feel I’m getting bolder I come from a place Where there is a lot of space It’s called Hong Kong Where the bridges are long I fear many things Such as bees with wings But now that I’m getting older I am my own life owner

— Krishna Kripalani






I live in a place where the East and West collide, where many different cultures and traditions gather. I live in a place where busy people rush , and city lights flash. I live in a place where you hear cars honking, instead of owls hooting. There are desperate people shouting, and construction machines working. I live in a place where you choke on pollution, instead of the fresh scent of flowers. I live in a place with scorching hot days, and dark stormy nights. I live in a place where the sun never rises, and night looms the city.

— Carly Lam

Two Sides To Me Look at me and tell me what you see I have two very different identities I was raised in a crowded city People scattered all over I come from a place where Green mountains guard this mighty city and Proud standing skyscrapers reach the clouds I pace the concrete streets of this town Wondering where I truly belong From mighty green mountains To proud standing skyscrapers Another piece of me still awaits I come from a place where Cloudless skies stretch for miles Crystal clear oceans surround the land A whole new side to my city days Lies another great country down under A place with air as fresh as a raindrop

— Stephanie Lam

Secrets We struggle to have meaning in this world we all know we try but yet wonder where we all should go

So before it ruins the life you have made release those dark secrets and the memories will fade hidden in our lives are stories left untold of the things we didn’t want them to know

Hidden in the questions which we cannot find the answers are hidden deep inside our minds But only when you confess Hidden in our soul is the life we try to hide but in time it will find you and it will release all of its secrets hidden beneath

and expose yourself to the world may you be free of the struggle and you’ll finally be home

— Jiyun Lee

Confession The innocent make up on my face Is replaced with the devil At night When I really put my identity on show

Burns my throat to ashes All of us Dressed in the same Picking on those Who are unique

Identity, something The paintings I draw That makes us Are worth a thousand Who we are words An adventure must be That hide deep inside told My soul My name can change The clouded sky of the My appearance can darkened city change Blinds my eyes with But my identity evil Will remain the same Smell of trash and polluted air

— YoYo Leung

Where I’ve Been I live in a crowded place, Where the lights do not flick. I was born in another city, Where the city never sleeps. The sounds cars makes, The buzzing motors create. The color’s light blazes, All in the same place. The smell of pollution, Mixed with sweet scent of flowers. The burning from the sun, And the swirling of typhoons. The tea we drink, The spaghetti we eat. Culture mix, All in the same place

— Alexander Li

I’m Different I’m different, The way the water touches my skin, The smell of fresh baked goods, Knowing I’ll see my family, Playing in the snow, Different tastes tickling my taste buds, Long walks under the trees, That’s me, I’m different The halves of me, Equal but different, One from the west, One from the east One cold One hot, That’s me, I’m different, But in many ways the same. — Nadia Mastroyannis

My Life I am from the Taj Mahal, Home of elephants and beings, I am scared of many things, Ants, spiders, bees.

er. From all around the world. We are all different people with many stories. Which are all Unique in their own way

I am a fan of Barcelona I am a brave boy Fc & Rafael Nadal I am a Strong boy, Playing football & tennis That is who I am is my life I live in Hong Kong, The Main of China, It is a very nice place, Filled with people from all around the world I go to KGV School, We are an International School, Working togeth-

— Sahil Mirchandani

I’m Not Scared Of Anything I’m not scared of anything, not a single thing Screeching cars, barking dogs No, I am not scared. It keeps on repeating All the things But I’m not scared of one single thing Even if I am all alone, I can still defend myself I’m not scared of anything Even being captured, Trapped Even a small dark room does not fear me.

— Michael Mountford

Brother Alarm My first alarm was black My second needed snack In the middle of my dream Out of the sudden I started to scream What is this all about You cheeky little thing, Why do you always ring? I wake up with a shout What is this all about? I hear my brothers talking And my little sister knocking What is this all about? I guess the night is over I might put on my pullover And start my day with a smile This will hopefully last for a long long while!

— Victoria Mullikas

Starting Middle School You’re starting middle school You have to follow the rules make new friends and have a blast But make sure it will last You will slowly get more homework So make sure you finish Play at lunch Play at snack Make sure no more trouble With you splashing in puddles We need to study more science And increase your allowance

— Sai Gayatri Nainani

Everyone has an Identity

Everyone has an Identity Everyone has an identity It is hidden deep inside. To find it is the greatest challenge But you will have to try.

You have to search within yourself. Finding it will never be easy But you have to get to the top.

Everyone has an identity A trail of endless questions.

Everyone has an Identity

To find the answers awak- Finding it means everything ens the mind But you must follow your Even after the hardships heart to the truth.

In the end all of pieces will Add up to your identity

— Devika Nair

The Real Me I look at myself from a mir- I ask myself, Where is the real me? ror, and all I see is the plain old me. I think, is this the true me?  Is this truly who I am? 

When I see the true me,  I am nothing but a tangled mess. 

Like looking through the

Searching for the real me

stygian depths of the

is like a lonely cloud


drifting from one place to another.

— Sevilla Ng

My sister’s bedroom My sister has made me Or monsters covered in hair scared But one thing that does scare me is To enter that dark room And to be confronted by The bears that guard her lair those blank stares I was very unprepared

I do not care for spiders I do not care for many things Or monsters who go boo I am not an easy scare But the one thing that But all that goes out the does scare me is window The shadows in her When I enter my sister’s room lair I do not care for bats

— Heather Nye

A Multitude Of Colours If I caught a raindrop in my hand Would it stay? Or would it slip through my fingers Like so many things already have? If a bird were to sing its sweet melody Would it keep singing? Or would it stop eventually Like all things must? If I were to tell you my name Would you remember it? Or would it fly from your mind Until it is just a hazy memory? If you were to be graced with sunlight Would the sunlight stay? Or would it fade into darkness As all light things do? If there were to be rain Would a rainbow bloom? Or would the rain slowly stop And no rainbow was to be found?

If you were to watch something spectacular Would it last for ever? Or would it disappear Like fireworks into the night? If I were to give you my trust Would you treasure it? Or would you throw it aside Like paper into a bin? If I were to tell you about myself Would you understand? Or would you nod absently Your mind far from the place? Questioning reality Accepting truth It is the thing that makes us human Questioning reality Accepting truth It is the thing that makes me Me

— Bonnie Qu

Seasons Of Life The four seasons flow as time pasts. I come from a place where, pink blossoms rest on trees , bringing cool wind and the warmth of the sun, where sunlight peeps through the gaps between the leaves on trees, Different colours being born on this great nature. The beginning of all things starts here. The seasons I see. My memory of seasons. I come from a place where, the green leaves rustle with the sound of the bugs and insects, the cool water, shimmering in the burning sun, hoping for the slightest cold, the view of heat waves in the air, fireworks exploding in the summer night. The time where I make the adventurous memories.

The seasons I see. My memory of seasons. I come from a place where, the leaves turns amber and yellow, the colorful leaves dancing to the breeze, maple trees all around my vision, dragonflies fly around the water. The seasons I see. My memory of seasons. I come from a place where, the trees and plants are covered all white, snowflakes slowly falling to the ground, wishing for the slightest warmth of the sunshine, staying in my blankets to bear the cold The time when my whole memory started. The seasons I see. My memory of seasons. The seasons flow as time pasts.

— Nene Shimizu

About Me the place, I am from a wondrous home to the jungles place, Where nature shapes of concrete and glass. And people walk beits history, low in streets like Where native mixes ants. with foreign people. Where a million places seems to be one. I am my father’s hardworking instinct, I am from a wondrous I am my mother’s place, Where my mum lives never-ending love. I am brought up into in ancient times, came over to my a place that is open to dad’s, the entire world Where they both kept I am contacted by to the traditions. people from uncountI am from a wondrous able races, I am me place, Where food shapes

— Matthew Tam

Plastic Warriors Brother oh brother my little brother

ways playing with them

Always in his room playing with his plastic warriors

What would he do without them

Always trying to be just like them Flipping, punching, elbow dropping Always playing with his warriors Warriors of different colors

9 inch plastic warriors pilled up in his room stacks of warriors on the walls stacks of warriors on the floor every possible inch of room

Black, blue, red

covered in plastic warriors

What would he do without them

what would he do without them

Everyday he’s looking I guess you would just at them buy some more Admiring them and al-

Plastic warriors

— Samuel Walsh

Who Am I? Who am I?

But is this the real me?

I wonder all the time.

I look to my right,

I see all the things in life,

I look to my left.

but I never seem to seek the

I see them separate,


But does it matter?

I look in the mirror.

I continue to walk down the

Sometimes it’s me,


And sometimes I see a

I look around the dim street.


And I wonder,

What I see seems strange,

Who am I?

I look closely but I still can’t see, what is meant to be the real

That’s when I noticed,


That it doesn’t matter how I look.

I see dark brown hair,

I’m unique,

I see brown eyes,

Because I’m me.

I see a Chinese.

— Michelle Wong

A World Of Desire I come from a world where I come from a world where hurricanes billow our people connect and leave my city in shock. and in turn come to celeWhere clouds drift north bration. and winds blow south Where wars are emanated it leaves my town in chaos. but disasters are intermittent. I come from a world where skies are gray and storms hunt down the ocean. Where buildings reflect the bright lightning and the moon never rises.

We can all be united by nothing but a sentence but what in all does it take to care for our troubles? We survive, we live, we roam but none think we are free I come from a world where for the world still has its flowers bloom claim and birds fly free in the sky. on its land, its nature, its Where bauhinias flourish on people. dull trees it gives my country a glow.

— Crystal Yeung

Searching As I continued down the path, Looking down, I looked up, I searched…

Their distorted presence, I was astonished by sight.

The sky is black, The ground is yellow, Where they meet, Is a little fellow.

I felt no terror.

Me? I increased my pace, Desperate to see, Panting and puffing, I wasn’t progressing. Then it caught my eye. I knew it was the answer. Two spiders weave webs, One black and one white,

The two webs combine, Forming a mirror, Curious to know,

As I leapt towards it, Devoured whole, A voice whispers to me: “Discover your soul.” Seeing myself, I questioned no longer. I knew in my deepness, I am myself. Nothing else. I am myself. Nothing else.

— Leo Ying

Thank you for reading! :)

Poem Anthology Edit  
Poem Anthology Edit  

This the edited poem anthology. It includes a poem by every student in the class. Enjoy!