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Carey Conley Vision is Victory PAGE 21 Photograph by Brad Olson

Is this Your Time to

SQUEEZE the Day? Day

Sharing your story essentially serves an important role in both your personal and professional development. At Lemonade Legend we are dedicated to ensuring your voice be heard. Even if you feel you have no voice, or don’t know how to express it or develop it. We will elevate your This is about YOU, story to be heard above the your story, and crowd, to resonate clearly amongst the noise by giving what you want you unique stages to share to do with it from. Storytelling is a powerful means of healing yourself, helping others, and creating a personal brand for yourself. We offer several platforms for sharing to help you find the best fit for you and where you want your story to be heard. This is about you, your story, and what you want to do with it. Even a story that is written and tucked away in your private spot is an empowering process. But, sharing it to the world and showing up brave, courageous and real is an extraordinary place to reside and rejoice in who you are, and all that you offer. You have a personal experience that is a sacred and treasured life story that you have lived and survived. It is your passionate gift to yourself and the world.

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The Dog Days of August

This phrase has never felt more in line with my mental and emotional state of mind then it does now as we enter into month 7 of Covid-19/quarantine/mandatory masks/riots/protests/and divisiveness on many levels. But my reflection today isn’t about the dark; it’s to bring out the light, which always shines brightest in the dark. I was having a discussion with friends about having the attitude of lemons to lemonade, silver linings, glass half full or half empty. No matter how you say it, it is about our mind-set and how we show up. In this same conversation someone said “I’m just happy to have something in my glass” What an enlightening moment for me. It’s not an issue of pessimistic vs. optimistic and our focus should be more about gratitude. Gratitude as a daily practice will shift our way of thinking to being more optimistic. The practice of embracing gratitude allows us to be thankful and fulfilled with less, and opens the door to abundance and hope. I am truly aware and sensitive to those who have and continue to suffer job loss, illness, death, and depression due to the world turning upside down. However, I wouldn’t be who I am if I let myself focus on the negative. When we have much to light up our life, we need to lift up our arms to our higher power (mine is God) and be open to goodness. In our 3rd edition of Lemonade Legend magazine, I see much to celebrate. Our spotlight for this issue is on Digital Streaming and the opportunities to still be in on the ground floor. There is so much growth and exploration this industry still has to offer. I am honored to share the fearless attitude and courageous female pioneers who are shaping the digital streaming world and joining forces with Zondra Evans on ZTV. I am proud to be able to announce the launch of Daring Warriors, a comic book series about mental wellness. What a creative way to shine light on a dark and difficult subject. Bringing education, awareness, comedy and art together to combat the growing numbers of people lost in the shadows of the mind. Lemonade Legend Publishing proudly announces 4 books to be released in October, November, December, and January. In part due to the authors having time on their hands to write outstanding stories to inspire and inform. Christine, Carey, and Juanita show us the way to journey from the depths of despair. Giving testament that we all have what it takes to master and achieve our true destiny. Our Lemonade Legend Leaders continue to advocate and promote courage, well beyond The Lemonade Stand. Please take note of Pops Coffee and their good works to assist with fundraising programs. Giving is understandably down as people are doing their level best to take care of themselves and families. But the needs are greater than ever and CEO Kimberly Guimarin has a program that is simple to run and is a win/ win. It’s open to any fundraising needs but for schools starting their 2020/2021 year with much uncertainty. Kids are in need of sports, arts, socialization, education, and opportunity like never before in our lifetime. Together, at a distance, we are a powerful resource of innovation, intelligence, heart, and drive to make a novel new world, with fresh ideas and do so as a united front. I say we start seeing one color - yellow - and not just for the lemonade. It is the color which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception. Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. As always, Seek the Sweet Life

Michelle Faust Editor



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Table of Contents Community Needs An interview with Kimberly Guimarin CEO of Pops Coffee


Finding the Power of Purpose from a Jail Cell By Michelle Faust


Zondra Evans: Shattering the norms as a Disrupter in Business By Angel Tuccy Introducing ZTV new producers and their shows


Lemonade Legend Library Dive into some juicy reads


Broken Pieces By Juanita R Williams


Vision is Victory By Carey Conley


From Homeless to Harvard and Beyond By Christine McKay


Lemonade Legend Leaders Forward is a Pace - By Kristine Binder


Real is the New Perfect - By Karianne Munstedt


A Little Lemon Zest Meyer lemon chicken piccata



A little goes a Kimberly Guimarin

Coffee Long Way

I recently did an interview with Kimberly Guimarin, of Pop’s Coffee, a local favorite in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Here’s what the Founder/CEO had to say: Michelle Faust (MF): “Kimberly, let’s start at the beginning for you, when you joined your father.”

Interview by

Michelle Faust

programs, art, music and sports, public schools are cutting these programs or at least limiting them. Fundraising allows them to keep at least some form of that in there in. Say your school has a band, but they want to go march at Disney and they don’t have uniforms, or they want to go to Disney, and the

Kimberly Guimarin: “After my father retired, he and a buddy started a coffee company. It was very much a traditional coffee where the grocery stores had the big bands and handed out coffee as a customer service.” “When I joined the company in 2017, my plan was more to sell retail; I was going do higher end coffee and sell to boutique and gourmet grocery stores. Here in Arizona we have AJ’s as an example. Yet, that just did not ring anywhere true to my heart. I felt like I was doing something that wasn’t me... It’s like being outside of myself. Obviously, we want to be profitable in the things that we do, because being profitable allows for more choices in how you run your company.” MF: “How did you choose your focus of schools and the military?” KG: “I love the idea of what I have now, how I can make it more in line with who I am and what our passions are; for me and my team. First of all, kids, well... kids are my passion, in a big, big way. So, that’s why I started the fundraising side of it, to help schools and kids church programs that sort of thing. I had to learn to be able to sell the fund raising aspect and everybody encouraged me to sell it online.” “Because again, kids are just huge for me, my two are in the school right now, I have one going into seventh grade and one going into fourth grade kids. We’re in a good school and we have a lot of fundraising at our school, so it was a way to help that, but also the schools that are losing 5

kids can’t all afford that trip to Disney, they can use Pop’s Coffee fundraiser to raise money to go. Or the cheerleaders that want to get new uniforms to go to a competition; so many things like that and they are such a big part of the school experience, They’ve gotten so expensive, even families with two incomes, are getting overwhelmed, even just providing school supplies. So that’s a huge part of it for me, is allowing a kid to experience everything that we got to. The schools used to provide for so much more and what was extra wasn’t so expensive.” MF: “It seems like a good way to help them still do the things that you and I did with all our friends and neighbors. Can you tell me more about what they can do fundraising for?” KG: “Yes. They can even do fundraising for the supplies that is needed and they can do it with an all school fundraiser. Maybe some of that money goes into a scholarship program for the trips, uniforms,

or band instruments. So, no child is left out, parents aren’t put in a situation trying to figure out where in the world are they going to make that money fall from the sky so they don’t disappoint the kids. We started marketing more to schools for fundraising, but we’re open for any organization that needs to raise funds. Anyone can jump in.”

don’t realize what goes into making a really, really good quality. Our flavoring is all natural. We use a process whereby an actual coffee bean is infused, injected with a concentration of a natural flavor.”

MF: “Have you modified your programs to keep up with changing technology and Covid – 19?”

KG: “My Dad’s brothers, all of my uncles, except for one, and my cousins are now serving. My husband’s side of the family has a great military presence as well.”

KG: “The more traditional way was set up based on schools and group involvement. It used to be on paper, you would send it out, the kids would go take out the order form and collect their money and turn everything in as a group. So now it’s virtual. Those forms can be emailed to the students, even if they’re not in the classroom, they can email to grandma and cousin Besse and everybody they know, and get their orders. Then they virtually send me the money. The order is filled for each individual and then I ship directly to them. So that’s going to make it easier for everyone. Because they had no fundraising in the spring for the most part, and a lot of schools post their big fundraisers in the spring, they are already behind!”

MF: “I understand that you come from a long line of military, can you tell me about that?”

MF: “Is that why you have a program that for every large bag of coffee purchased you donate a bag of coffee to the military as well?” KG: “Yes, I feel like it is something I can do to show our appreciation.” MF: “And it all started with your dad?” KG: “Yes, everything I do has been because he made me believe I can do anything.” Please visit https://popscoffee.net/ to find out more about and support this wonderful business.

MF: “So, what exactly are the kids responsible for?” KG: “Whoever is doing the fundraising has to do the marketing, they‘ve got to get the word out, but then it’s really hands-off after that. They can refer to people to the website, see the fundraising info right there and learn more about our coffee. We even have an email template they can send out, so it’s all pretty easy.” “We’ve now set up for bigger organizations or ones that don’t want to handle the money themselves, which may be a school also, They can literally just be online and have a code, so anybody who goes in to buy and puts in that code, I know who to send a check to for the coffee they sold with their code.” MF: “So if you have 100 kids, each kid sells 10 bags of coffee, they just made $1,000.That sounds so doable. Most kids have 10 family members and friends. Plus, your coffee is a great product so it’s a win all the way around, right?” KG: “Exactly, and it’s really, high-end coffee and everything is done to order, so nothing is warehoused, it’s all super fresh and super high-end. We do all the roasting, and everything else that goes into producing a great quality coffee. I think a lot of people


Finding the

Power of Purpose By Michelle Faust

“I have always believed that when you have a voice, you have an obligation to use that voice to empower others” – Diane von Furstenberg In the Premier edition of Lemonade Legend Magazine, I shared with you my bitter experience of spending 5 horrific days in lock down and on suicide watch in a Louisiana jail. We finally have a resolution of which I want to share with you. I’ll also share with you my reflection of how the incident brought me so much clarity and increased passion around the power of sharing stories. First, I’ll recap for new readers. In February of this year, my husband and I were on vacation, with plans to go to New Orleans, Nashville, and Louisville. “Nola” was our first stop; it was day one, Friday and Valentine’s Day. We chose to spend the day in the French Quarter and avoid the partiers at night. A great time was derailed by my phone completely going belly up. We had to take an unplanned trip to the phone store for a new phone.

from a Jail Cell

scheme. To be clear, I have a lot of respect for the police and their public service. Please understand this was an isolated incident that opened my eyes to some of the recent events we’ve been exposed to of the few bad apples in the force. The story is long and complicated so suffice it to say they cuffed us, forced us out, and shoved us in the back of the car. Both my husband and I stumbled in the process which somehow led them to think we were resisting arrest which of course we weren’t. Here comes the crazy part. My arresting officer put the cuff on my left had very loosely. My small hand just slipped out and he saw this when he was putting me in the car. He got angry, put the cuff back on me and plunked me down in the back seat. Well, it happened again! He put it on too loosely. Now I reacted a bit childishly and let my hand slip out again but I felt it was the responsibility of the officer to know how to properly cuff someone. Apparently this was a bad idea because he got even more frustrated and very pissed off.

We wrapped up around 7:00pm with plans to go back to our Airbnb and enjoy some really good wine and celebrate some Valentine love. I am an avid Lyft and Uber customer, but I couldn’t get my apps to work. I didn’t know at the time, but with iPhone 11 you have to download the apps individually. As a result we asked someone from the restaurant to get a cab for us. I knew it would probably cost more but Uber runs around $10 between the French Quarter and where we were staying, so I figured it would cost $20 tops. Halfway into the all of a 7 minute drive I see $35 displayed on the meter and the meter wasn’t moving. He was charging us a flat rate of an obscenely high amount. As I noticed this, an argument quickly ensued between us and the driver. When we got to our destination, I handed him $20. He then threw it back at me and instead was demanding the entire amount. He threatened to call the cops so I yelled and told him, “Go ahead, you thief!”

We were each thrown into individual’s cells to which I became so angry and frustrated by the whole thing that I acted out and stupidity made a gesture like I wanted to kill myself. It was honestly just a reaction to the injustice and absurdity of it all.

In my opinion the cops in this particular parish were hard core, cowboy cops, probably in on the taxi

Here is the point of my telling you this. I experienced firsthand being treated mentally and emotionally with


So, now I am in lock down and suicide watch, and because it was Friday night of Presidents Weekend there would be no judge for arraignment until Tuesday morning. Five agonizing days in prison, and no communication with my husband and any privileges allowed to prisoners taken away because of the suicide watch. I was no better than snail scum. I knew my children would be calling me to check in because they were on a long distance drive and I had asked them to call me daily. I had no way to contact them. No way to alleviate their fears that would spring up when they couldn’t get a hold of me. I couldn’t even get my one phone call.

cruelty. Throughout those five days, I tried pleading to have someone hear my circumstances and at least get word to my girls. I also needed to let the Airbnb host know what was happening because we had planned to leave Monday and all of our stuff was still in the place we were staying at. I wasn’t asking for special treatment just a little understanding of my circumstances but it all fell on deaf ears. Never have I been so callously treated and silenced. With nothing left but time to myself and my thoughts, I reflected deeply and prayed fervently. I will never forget the pain and agony I went through in my heart and in my mind. I became determined more than ever to help women to unsilence their voices. To help them be heard, to bring awareness to people who are victimized. I made the lemonade. It became a gift because I knew God had a plan for me to know what it felt like to be squashed, ridiculed, silenced, and feel desperately unloved. I was charged with two felony charges for attempted escape and both, my husband and I, received misdemeanor charges for resisting arrest and theft. All of this happened during Covid so it has taken four months but we recently had our court date and we’re pleased to share all of the charges were dismissed with the DA’s apologies to us for the mistreatment

and overzealous reaction to something as simple as a taxi fare dispute. I can’t get back the money spent on the lawyer, I will never have those five days back nor will I ever quite erase the bitter incident from my memory. But I do feel validated and I’m sipping the lemonade of understanding, compassion, and acceptance of those who do not have a voice. I now have a stronger, unbreakable conviction to help women be heard. By any means this is not a story that has been easy to live, let alone share with the world but in doing so I have grown in my belief, in myself and my faith. I hope it offers encouragement for anyone struggling to be heard and for everyone to know that I’m here to help.

On to the Lemonade!

Do you have a lifechanging story? Please share. CLICK TO CONNECT


Sat., August 8, 2020 1pm-3pm AZ Time Mental Health & Education

In partnership with GEEKED Out Media, Lemonade Legends, Sipping Sisters cafe and The Living Room (DC Ranch)

Join us for the second part of our 4 part mini series. Co-Host Michelle DiMuria, Michelle Faust and Megan Good will be live at the Living Room. We will be hosting a money drive during the month of August. All proceeds collect will go towards self-care bags for teachers. 8

Zondra Evans

Shattering the Norms as a Disrupter in Business By Angel Tuccy

Award-Winning Global Impact When you look at Zondra Evans sparkling smile come across a video screen, she looks like a woman who’s always had it easy. Her natural “star power” shines through her eyes, her sultry smooth voice, and especially that signature smile. Today, Zondra Evans is the leading force behind the award-winning network, Zondra TV Network, a digital streaming platform giving small businesses and podcasters distribution on almost a dozen streaming networks and online channels. She has become the go-to force for launching television shows for series that might not ever be seen beyond a social media channel. How she got here is a story of true grit, passion for Jesus Christ, and the commitment to never giving up.

“Will this ever pay off?” This was the question she would repeatedly ask her media coach. After months of dedication, speaking on every podcast and local stage in the Dallas market, it seemed like success was never going to arrive. But at every crossroads, given the option to walk away, God would wink upon this superstar and give her a glimpse of hope that would keep Zondra forging ahead.

As the nationwide pandemic hit, and businesses everywhere were forced to pivot, Zondra was already poised to lead the way. Digital streaming networks became the life line for America, since everyone was forced to spend time at home, spending all their waking hours on one device or another. Zondra went full steam ahead. She set, what she thought, was an aggressive personal goal, to create 5 new programs. Within 12 weeks, Zondra had commitments not only from 5 new producers, but 12 leading women who had stepped into the opportunity to become business first-responders, creating a global impact with their stories. The upcoming shows lined up for the fall 2020 season are: • Real Biz Talk with Zondra • Fireside Chat with Zondra • Sawubona Sisters • Genuinely You Leadership LLC • Busy Girl TV B-Train • Entrepreneurs on the Move • The Morning Show with Angel and Tina

She published The Power of Investing In You in December 2018, and added “Best Selling Author” to her resume. She was published in Impact, Life, Leadership and Legacy, only 6 months later. Zondra became a fan favorite on stages and podcasts, and when the opportunity opened to bring her program “Fireside Chat with Zondra” to digital streaming television; it was also the chance to start her own network.

• Fashizon

“It was one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made for my business. Starting a global network meant that I was going to be able to give women the biggest stage of their lives. It was time to trust God, trust the people he had brought to my life, and to trust the process,” says Zondra.

• Lemonade Life


• Path to Healing • SheVet Inspires • The Fanny Minnit Show • Revolutionize Your Life • Lemonade Leaders

Despite the odds, Zondra Evans wouldn’t give up. Zondra’s efforts are paying off. As a single woman of color, there have been many barriers to her success but Zondra never quit. Recognized for her leadership among minority women, Zondra has been nominated for The Forbes 50 Over 50 list, dedicated to the women on the inspiring side of 50. In partnership with Mika Brzezinski and her “Know Your Value” initiative, they have committed to shining a light on 50 diverse women over the age of 50 who have achieved significant success later in life, often by overcoming formidable odds or barriers. Authority magazine’s female disruptors’ series featured Zondra, recognizing her for shattering the norms for minority business owners, specifically minority women in business. Zondra has become the go-to icon for helping women build the necessary skills to be revered as respected leaders and accessing one’s true power and potential.

The Best Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts honored Zondra with the Communicator Award winner for Best Director. Zondra TV Network is in good company amongst other winners who include Amazon, ESPN Films, Publicist Sapient, Macy’s, PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Forbes Media, and Savvy. “There are days I wake up in amazement for what God has done for my life. It’s amazing what distribution can do for a small business. We have created the most dynamic distribution platform, and we have just begun.” Along her journey, Zondra never thought she’d be leading an award-winning network. Trust God. Trust the people he brings into your life. And trust the process. That is the story of how Zondra TV Network came into existence. Award Winning TV / Media & Talk Show Watch Episodes on ROKU by downloading Zondra TV Channel or Visit: www.ZondraTV.com Schedule your Discovery Call Today: http://beonztv.com

Zonda’s Producers Tracy and Elijah Boone Tracy and Elijah Boone Widow and Son TV Hosts Widow and Son TV Hosts

Coming soon this summer: The Path to Healing Show "You Are Not Alone"

Coming soon this summer The Path to Healing Show Back in 2012 they lost their happily ever after when Tracy's Husband and Elijah's Dad died two days before Christmas. When all of this happened Tracy and Elijah never felt more alone and lost. They "You Are Not Alone" decided they never feelCo-hosting, what they experienced. With their eyes on God they have Tracy and Elijah Boone is wanted a Mom anyone and Sontoduo The Path to Healing Show.

developed a television show bringing hope to families and individuals who have lost someone they God toever share their story to help encourage them a much larger Back inlove. 2012Tracy theyfelt lostlead theirbyhappily after when Tracy's Husband andothers Elijah'slike Dad diedon two stage and audience with television.

days before Christmas. When all of this happened Tracy and Elijah never felt more alone and Theydecided are traveling to cities andanyone barns all the country sharing their faiththeir andeyes creating lost. They they never wanted to over feel what they experienced. With on community. Elijah has his own segment asking on the for words wisdom towho share with kids like God they have developed a television showguests bringing hopeshow to families andofindividuals have him. Their Foundation called Elijah's Path Healing Foundation was created to make sure no one feels lost someone they love. Tracy felt lead by God to share their story to help encourage others like alone in their time of need and is now the driving supporter of this television program. them on a much larger stage and audience with television. Who should watch this?

Anyone suffering from grief from the loss of someone they love and people wanting to better They are traveling to cities and barns all over the country sharing their faith and creating understand what others suffering loss are going through. community. Elijah has his own segment asking guests on the show for words of wisdom to share www.icanfinishwell.com/foundation with kids like him. Their Foundation called Elijah's Path Healing Foundation was created to https://icanfinishwell.networkforgood.com/projects/73387-believe-spring-2019 make sure no one feels alone in their time of need and is now the driving supporter of this television program. (CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE)

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Nina Venturella Ike IkoKwu Coming this winter: Who wants to be a Coachanaire? Since the pandemic Nina has used her innovation and creativity to launch a rapidly growing company. One Box Fits All, is an all inclusive program that helps Coaches and Entrepreneurs, become experts and influence with their own unique brand and messaging through IP (Intellectual Property) development. Nina Venturella

Her proprietary process is a soup to nuts Ike coach the coaches program that gives value IkoKwu added services and benefits that delivers excellence in brand and messaging with tangible Coming this winter: Who wants to be a Coachanaire? deliverables. The show will be focused on teaching coaches how to be successful business owners and dominate the marketplace with their 5 phased strategy: Prepare, Build, Create, Reach and Win. We will also be introducing some tips and Nina proven that will and creativity to Since thefun pandemic hasstrategies used her innovation really engage our audience. company. One Box Fits All, is an all inclusive program that helps Who should watch this?

become experts and influence with their own unique brand and me Intellectual Property) development.

Coaches, authors, and anyone who desires to dominate the market place.

Her proprietary process is a soup to nuts coach the coaches progra services andthe benefits that delivers excellence in brand and messag “I am called to get these Messengers of hope out into marketplace, I want each of these The showVenturella will be focused on teaching coaches how to be successf coaches to be the expert they desire to be.” – Nina dominate the marketplace with their 5 phased strategy: Prepare, B We will also be introducing some fun tips and proven strategies th audience.

Felicia Lopes

Who should watch this?

Coming in winter 2020: Coaches, authors, and anyone who desires to dominate the market Reinvent You For Women Over 40 reinvention “I am called to get these Messengers of hope out into the marketpl is not an option, it's mandatory! coaches to be the expert they desire to be.” – Nina Venturella The format of this new show will be a non-scripted down interview with coaches and Feliciasit Lopes their clients, well known personalities or heads of businesses talking about the moments in their lives when they realized that in order toComing succeedin in winter life they2020 had to completely reinvent themselves. We will discuss what reinvention looks like, why it's necessary and why it is Reinvent You beneficial for us to reach our life goals.

For Women Over 40 reinvention is not an option, it's mandat

Who should watch this

The format of this new show will be a non-scripted sit down

Women of all races, creeds, and socio-economic backgrounds who are over the age of 40. clients,must wellhave known personalities or heads of businesses talki The common denominator is that all these women or are currently going through when they realized that in order to succeed in life they had to a life storm and want to successfully get through it!

We will discuss what reinvention looks like, why it's necessa

Television is the best way to our audience of reach women over and deliver the message, “That it our life40goals. is not too late to begin again, reinvent yourself and achieve that 2nd chance in the 2nd chapter Who should watch this of life!. https://www.busygalcorp.com/


Women of all races, creeds, and socio-economic background common denominator is that all these women must have or a storm and want to successfully get through it!

Television is the best way to our audience of women over 40 not too late to begin again, reinvent yourself and achieve that life!. https://www.busygalcorp.com/

Lori Dixon Betsy Schroeder Katrina Kuzniuk Eileen McDonald Erika Ervin Coming this Fall: Sawubona...I SEE You There is a legacy rising...a legacy of sisterhood Do you enjoy spending time with girlfriends chatting about life? There is a new legacy rising, a legacy of sisterhood! Join our group of dynamic women as we delve into topics that are relevant for today's sisters. Sharing joy, laughter, deep thoughts, always enlightening, always entertaining. Sawubona means that we SEE you. Come join us on the couch and SEE us in our uniqueness as we influence and impact the overall conscious collective of rising women.


Lori L. Dixon, Ed.S., is the owner of Walk with Lori, LLD Legacy, and Sawubona Sister Gatherings. Lori brings 35 years of knowledge working in therapies, education, business, healthcare, and nonprofits. As a spiritual visionary, master coach, author, speaker, and media personality, she empowers others to re-envision their authentic self, activate their strengths, and embrace their journey in life.

lfriends chatting about life? There is a new legacy rising, a of dynamic women as we delve into topics that are relevant Our mission is to SEE others in their beauty and purpose as well as to be SEEN in the ter, deep thoughts, always enlightening, always uniqueness of ours as we influence and impact the overall conscious collective of rising women. we SEE you. Come join us on the couch and SEE us in our We welcome YOU...each women...to our Sawubona Sister Gatherings! Each episode is thoughtfully and collaboratively designed to be a unique of conversation every month ct the overall conscious collective ofform rising women. for like-minded women around topics which affect us all in the world and community today. We find women are seeking true connection and to be SEEN and heard; in life and in work. They are striving to find ways to bring further harmony, understanding, and growth as they embrace their purpose and outreach with the intention of affecting the global collective.

Walk with Lori, LLD Legacy, and Sawubona Sister knowledge inandtherapies, You mayworking connect with Lori her team on socialeducation, media through FB onbusiness, Walk with Lori and Sawubona Sister Gatherings and on IG with the same. Her websites are: tual visionary, master coach, author, speaker, media www.walkwithlori.com and https://www.sawubonasister.com/ to see more and of the products and services they offer for women. re-envision their authentic self, activate their strengths, and Who should watch this?

Women ages 21-60+ Open to all women for connection, interaction, learning, and sisterhood

beauty and purpose as well as to be SEEN in the nd impact the overall conscious collective of rising women.

o our Sawubona Sister Gatherings! Each episode is gned to be a unique form of conversation every month for hich affect us all in the world and community today.

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Michelle Faust Coming soon this Fall: Lemonade Life: Storytelling for Growth and Impact Legendary Leaders: Michelle Faust Literary Trailblazers and Trendsetters ComingFaust soon this Fall. Michelle is forging ahead to create the largest storytelling distribution network. These two Lemonade Life: for Growth and Impact TV shows add toStorytelling her network of books, magazines, podcasts, and stages. Michelle is also, a writer, publisher, podcast host, and virtual event producer. &

Lemonade provides opportunity for women to share their stories and give them a voice to be LegendaryLife Leaders: Literaryan Trailblazers and Trendsetters heard above the conventional noise. Join us as we explore inspiring stories of taking bitter lemons Michelle Faust is forging ahead to create the largest storytelling distribution network. These two in life and creating the sweetness of lemonade. Hear the powerful stories of ordinary women, TV shows add to her network of books, magazines, podcasts, and stages. Michelle is also, a accomplishing extraordinary writer, publisher, podcast host, andthings. virtual event producer. Legendary is an dedicated highlight their anda give exposure to their works. Lemonade Leaders Life provides opportunitytoforauthors women toto share their stories andwork give them voice to heard above conventional noise. as we explore inspiring of taking It’s be a book club the with the author asJoin theusfeatured guest. Westories not only willbitter cover the book topic but the lemons in life and creating the sweetness of lemonade. Hear the powerful stories of ordinary trials, tribulations, achievement and elation of writing a book. Have you ever wanted to play big and women, accomplishing extraordinary things. write a book? Find out how. Legendary Leaders is dedicated to authors to highlight their work and give exposure to their

Who should works. It’s awatch? book club with the author as the featured guest. We not only will cover the book topic but the trials, tribulations, achievement and elation of writing a book. Have you ever

Ages 30+,toall anda ethnicity, storytelling and literary lovers wanted playgenders big and write book? Find out how.

Who shouldawatch? To schedule discovery call: https://scheduletimewithMichelleFaust.as.me/ Ages 30+, all genders and ethnicity, storytelling and literary lovers

Email: michelle@lemonadelegend.com To schedule a discovery call: https://scheduletimewithMichelleFaust.as.me/ Email: michelle@lemonadelegend.com

Website: Website:www.lemonadelegend.com www.lemonadelegend.com

Wanda Petty aka ‘Sistah Soldier’ Coming soon this Fall: SHE VET iNSPIRES "Your Blueprint for Success"

Wanda Petty aka ‘Sistah Soldier’ SHE VET iNSPIRES strategically teaches others how to become masterfully indispensable in their Coming soon this Fall career using their spiritual gifts to build divine relationships and generate a future with possibilities. SHE VET iNSPIRES In 2012 while serving the military community, she realized there was a greater need to assist women "Your Blueprint for Success" veterans with the transitioning process. During that time, women were not recovering well from the wounds of war. Yet, they were returning home with the expectation of blending into the civilian SHE VET iNSPIRES strategically teaches others how to become masterfully indispensable in workforce.

their career using their spiritual gifts to build divine relationships and generate a future with

possibilities. whilehoped. serving Therefore, the militaryshe community, realized there them was a at greater nee Things were not going as wellIn as2012 everyone creativelyshe decided to meet their level by visiting them in their most intimate their homes. Since then,that SHEtime, VETwomen iNSPIRES to assist women veterans with theplace, transitioning process. During were not has been changing one life at a time the East and Midwest recovering well fromalong the wounds ofCoast war. Yet, they werecities. returning home with the expectation o blending into the civilian workforce.

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Thingscommunity were not going as well as everyone hoped. Therefore, she creatively decided to meet Women of the military and their families between the age of 32 - 50.

them at their level by visiting them in their most intimate place, their homes. Since then, SHE VET iNSPIRES has been changing one life at a time along the East Coast and Midwest cities.


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Dr. Brenda Stratton Coming soon this Fall: Revolutionize My Life-Where Evolution occurs one step at a time

Based on her #1 International Bestseller book, "Lord, Deliver Me From Me (How to Stop Becoming your own Worst Enemy)", Dr. Brenda Stratton helps women to stop sabotaging their lives, move on Dr.and Brenda Stratton from painful experiences, get unstuck from the difficulties they face. The transformation results will make it possible for them to create the life and business of their dreams. Dr. Stratton is a speaker, four timesoon International Bestselling author on Amazon, and is the world’s Coming this Fall only Meologist transformation coach, and publisher. Dr. Stratton is the founder and President of Revolutionize My Life-Where Evolution occurs one step at a time The University of Life and Business Transformation and Publishing Company. Who should watch this?

Based on her #1 International Bestseller book, "Lord, Deliver Me From Me (H Women, a few brave men, all ethnicities, Becoming yourages own40-75. Worst Enemy," Dr. Brenda Stratton helps women to stop lives, move on from painful experiences, and get unstuck from the difficulties www.drbrendastratton.com to get a complimentary session go to: bit.ly/2workwithdrbrenda transformation results will make it possible for them to create the life and bus dreams.

Who should watch this? Women, a few brave men, all ethnicities, ages 40-75. Andrea Crum Dr. Stratton a speaker, four time International Bestselling author on Amazo Comingisthis Fall: world's onlyGYRL Meologist transformation coach, and publisher. Dr. Stratton is th Talk: GenuinelyPresident You Real-life ofLeadership The University of Life and Business Transformation and Publish Andrea Crum

Building her 25-year career from an intern a member of an Executive team, led her to launch Comingtothis Fall Talk:of her organization Andrea Crum knows firsthand GYRL Talk on the Zondra TV Network.GYRL As part Website to get a complimentary session go to: bit.ly/2w Youapproach Real-life Leadership how challenging being genuine in drbrendastratton.com our Genuinely leadership can be all while juggling organizational expectations and a happy home life. It’s the reason she founded Genuinely You Leadership, LLC. Building her 25-year career from an intern to a member of an Executive team, led her to launch She develops and encourages women who deal with similar struggles and successes to lead more GYRL Talk on the Zondra TV Network. As part of her organization Andrea Crum knows genuinely. She believes that when a woman genuinely leading, she will SHINE. firsthandishow challenging being genuine in our leadership approach can be all while juggling organizational expectations and a happy home life. It’s the reason she founded Genuinely You

The show features interviews of amazing genuine women leaders about their leadership Leadership, LLC. She develops andtalking encourages women who deal with similar struggles and struggles and triumphs. With so manysuccesses genuinetoleadership insights shared on each episode, be leading, she w lead more genuinely. She believes that when a womanitiswill genuinely a huge help to women on the genuine SHINE. leadership journey. Follow Andrea on Instagram to be alerted when the first episode becomes available on Roku and Amazon. Who watch this should this? Women leaders between 25-55 www.genuinelyouleadership.com

The show features interviews of amazing genuine women leaders talking about their leadership struggles and triumphs. With so many genuine leadership insights shared on each episode, it wi be a huge help to women on the genuine leadership journey. Follow Andrea on Instagram to be alerted when the first episode becomes available on Roku and Amazon. Who watch this should this? Women leaders between 25-55 www.genuinelyouleadership.com (Continued on next page)



Fanny Minnitt

Fanny Minnitt

Coming soon in Summer: The Fanny Minnitt Show Just Have Faith and Keep It Moving!

Coming soon in Summer

The Fanny Minnitt Show is a global live-streaming Television show, on the Award-winning ZTV network. Spreading the word of faith and rendering hope to the hopeless and getting people back The Fannyinto Minnitt Show the word of God. It’s also helping believers and non-believers to better understand how the spirit intertwined with family, community, and the political sphere of influence. Just Havemind, Faithbody, andand Keep It are Moving! Fanny Minnitt, the Faith and Inspirational Lady is a bestselling author of, "Just Have Faith.” It was

The Fannynominated Minnitt in Show is a global live-streaming show, onLiving the Award-winning the Christian Literary Awards in twoTelevision categories (Christian and Inspirational), and she is an award-winning talk and showrendering host. ZTV network. Spreading the word radio of faith hope to the hopeless and getting people back into the God.this? It’s also helping believers and non-believers to better understand how Whoword shouldofwatch the mind, body, and spirit are intertwined with family, community, and the political sphere of influence.Everyone, ages 30 – 75. http://bit.ly/Minnittwebsite

Fanny Minnitt, the Faith and Inspirational Lady is a bestselling author of, "Just Have Faith.” It was nominated in the Christian Literary Awards in two categories (Christian Living and Avis Carter Inspirational), and she is an award-winning radio talk show host. Nena Finds Who should watch this? Coming soon this Fall: Everyone, ages 30 – 75. FashAzon Always Zealous to Overcome Negativity


Fashazon has no Respecter of Persons, and it is built on two scriptures: (1) Romans 12:6, we are different, according to the grace given us. (2) 1 Timothy 4:14-15, do not neglect your gift… Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.

Avis Carter

Fashazon is a TV Network that offers up and coming designing entrepreneurs the opportunity to Nena Finds create exposure. Fashazon introduces you and your creative talents globally to more than 200 million clients and users. Entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth; tailor your business to let Cominginsoon thisareFall. the world see the cashmere you. You the diamond, formed under heat and pressure; of value and always in style.FashAzon

AlwaysonZealous to Overcome Fashazon will be launched the Award-Winning ZTV Negativity Network, a global multi-media platform.

Exposure expands your market! Are you tired of posting and not getting results, this is a great Fashazon has no Respecter of Persons, and it is built on two scriptures: (1) Ro opportunity for you? Fashazon allows the designer to level the playing field by providing a platform to to the around grace the given us.globally. (2) 1 Timothy 4:14-15, help you get noticeddifferent, by reachingaccording millions of people clock, The Network will helpdo not negl diligent in these yourself to them, so that you to connect to a new audience to helpmatters; you build give the ‘Know,’ ‘Like,wholly “and ‘Trust” Treasure Box. everyone may Who should watch this?

Fashazon is a TV Network that offers up and coming designing entrepreneurs you and your creative talents globally t Info@fashazon.commillion clients and users. Entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth; tailor y the world see the cashmere in you. You are the diamond, formed under heat a value and always in style. Multi-Cultural Professional women of ages 35-50+ introduces create exposure. Fashazon


Fashazon will be launched on the Award-Winning ZTV Network, a global m

Ruth Marquez Devin and Angel Aponte

arquez nd Angel Aponte

Coming this winter: The Raw Draw - Love Expectations Challenge Yourself

The Raw Draw is a dating TV show where we will challenge our client's expectations, push their

boundaries and test their theories on whom they are willing to date… all in the name of love. We this winter hope that by presenting them with Yourself options they had never considered, they will open themselves w Draw - Love Expectations Challenge up to different opportunities and ultimately find “The One”.

her dating knowledge helps singlespush everytheir day w Draw is Using a dating TV show whereand wepast willrelationship challengeexperiences, our client'sRuth expectations, through public podcasting. Nothing herof more joyWe than ies and test their coaching, theories matchmaking, on whom they are speaking, willing to date… all in thegives name love. helping someone discover what's blocking them from love. It's what she lives for every day. I am at by presenting themtowith had considered, they to will openlocal themselves on a mission helpoptions 1 Million they People findnever love. TV is a great avenue feature professional ferent opportunities and ultimately find “The One”. singles, get them out of the apps and help them connect with other singles. The guest will receive one on one coaching on the show, community members will get an opportunity to share their expertise andand advise to relationship help the singles in their community, and viewers willevery get sound knowledge past experiences, Ruth helps singles daydating advice from an Elite Matchmaker while being entertained.

er dating coaching, matchmaking, public speaking, podcasting. Nothing gives her more joy than Who should watchblocking this? someone discover what's them from love. It's what she lives for every day. I am sion to help 1 Million People find love. TVof is great avenue localvisit the Dallas, Males and Females Between the ages 21aand 65 whom liveto in feature or frequently Fortget Worth and/or (i.e. Oklahoma, Arkansas). onal singles, them out surrounding of the appsareas and help them connect with other singles. The ll receive https://www.therawdraw.tv/ one on one coaching on the show, community members will get an opportunity their expertise and advise to help the singles in their community, and viewers will get ating advice from an Elite Matchmaker while being entertained. Lachelle Adkins Jerome Adkins ould watch this? DJ Bravado Macknificent nd Females Between the ages of 21 and 65 whom live in or frequently visit the Dallas, This Winter: rth and/or surrounding areas (i.e.Coming Oklahoma, Arkansas).

Excuse Less Living - Leading without limits! Lachelle Adkins www.therawdraw.tv/ Lachelle Adkins helps to empower women who have decided to follow their dreams in spite of their Jerome Adkins past. As a mother of 15, she plans to show women that it is possible to manage marriage, ministry, DJ Bravado Macknificent career and children with a smile and no stress! Coming This Winter! TV is the best way to demonstrate action others. Leading by example Excuse Lessfor Living - Leading without limits! is the best way to produce results with others. In addition, with such a large family - people are inspired when they see us as a unit in action. Lachelle Adkins helps to empower women who have decided to follow their dreams in spite o their past. As a mother of 15, she plans to show women that it is possible to manage marriage, Who should watch this? ministry, career and children with a smile and no stress! Career women 35 and over with children TV is the best way to demonstrate action for others. Leading by example is the best way to https://youtu.be/kSGMIGmBZlM produce results with others. In addition, with such a large family - people are inspired when https://anchor.fm/americassupermom they see us as a unit in action. Who should watch this? Career women 35 and over with children https://youtu.be/kSGMIGmBZlM

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Angel Tuccy Tina Torres Watch Now – Every Weekday at 10am ET: The Angel and Tina Morning Show This daily morning show is hosted by Angel Tuccy and Tina Torres, two gals who came together at the time of social distancing and answered the call to deliver hope, inspiration and laughs every morning. Every episode, new guests join the duo to share coffee and unscripted live chat, creating a bright start to the day. Guests on the show include thought leaders, moms, network marketers, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and podcasters. Top influencers such as Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Bill Walsh, Forbes Riley, Larry Thompson, Joe Kenemore, and Manny Lopez have been guests, sharing life, hope and laughter. Angel Tuccy is an award winning author and media specialist, teaching entrepreneurs and authors how to use media to attract more leads and create exposure for your business book or brand. Angel can be connected with at www.makeyourbigimpact.com. Tina Torres is a bestselling author and customer retention specialist. Tina is the queen of using gratitude to build your business and relationships. Connect with Tina by texting the word Connection to 26-786. Who should watch this? Anyone looking for inspiration, entertainment, and a treasure trove of information Follow the Angel and Tina Morning Show at www.theangelandtinamorningshow.com

Morning Show with Angel & TinaGuests: Molly McGrath & Roosevelt Morris


Telling stories is at the heart of our community, the world needs stories, almost as much as nourishment, shelter, and companionship.


Broken Pieces Falling into Place By Juanita R. Williams

It all started nearly seven years ago when I decided that I would no longer be a victim of domestic violence. I wanted more and better for me and my children. It was on Christmas Eve of 2013 that I let go of the pieces of my life that I was trying so desperately to hold together. I decided, “No more. Enough is enough”; and lifted up my hands to God and said, “I’m done.” It was suddenly like all the pieces in my life started falling apart. I divorced my husband of 12 years and found myself a single parent with two young children. It was a difficult transition seeing that I was previously a stayat-home mom who walked away from an abusive marriage and had to return back to corporate America after being away for more than 10 years. The first two years as a single mom proved to be the most difficult. I was managing my own small design firm, juggling 2 children in school, attending countless custody hearings, and feeling overwhelmed. I would go to work with the “strong woman and can-do” attitude but would return home every day and cry myself to sleep. My family was so worried about my health because I had lost so much weight that I looked sick. I was oblivious as to my appearance; all I knew was that I had to keep going. Giving up was not an option. My mother eventually came to stay with me for a short period of time, but had to leave to return to her life. I was frightened again, I thought, “God, all the pieces are falling apart” and he replied “No, my daughter, they are falling into place.” Still worried about being left alone again, I was suddenly graced with a miracle from God. Out of the blue, a close cousin called me to say that he was coming to Arizona on a temporary work assignment and needed a place to stay. On that very same day my mom was leaving, my cousin Nathaniel was arriving in Phoenix, Arizona. God was watching over me...no doubt.


I was so grateful to God that He heard my silent prayer of wanting support in my home. What a blessing my cousin was to me and my children! In just a short period of time, he brought so much joy and laughter into my life and home; he pulled my spirit out of a spiraling abyss of sorrow. For that reason alone, I am eternally grateful for God sending my cousin, Nathaniel, when He did. Eventually, a year and half had come and gone. My cousin walked into the kitchen and reluctantly told me that he was planning to return home. He expressed that he was still worried about me, but I assured him that I was going to be okay. Oddly enough, there was peace in my heart when I responded because God had told me a month prior that Nathaniel was leaving soon, and that I was going to be okay. Somehow, I knew this was true. The day he left, my children and I waved goodbye as he drove down the street away from our home; overwhelmed with tears because we were going to miss his spirit of joy in our home but, I was ready and this time I knew that we were going to be okay. The following days, he was sorely missed by me and my children. But I was stronger now. One day after returning from the office, I sat down on the couch to rest. I found myself feeling less motivated about my graphic business and had a thought; there must be more to life than this struggle day in and day out. I thought about how my sister Sondra had been encouraging me to read a financial book called “Women and Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny” by Suze Orman for over a year, and finally decided to order the book online. When the book arrived in the mail, I eagerly sat down to read. After several days of digesting the content of the book, I felt more determined…I needed to do something to have a better life for me and my children, but how could I do that and to whom was I to turn? All I knew was that it needed to happen soon. As I finished the last few pages, I sat down and said a quiet prayer from Psalm 37, simply put “Dear Lord, show me how I can leave a financial legacy to my children. I no longer want a life of struggle.” Soon

after my brief prayer I heard these words so clearly, “Get your finances in order.” I responded,”But how?” Immediately, I heard the voice speak again, “Call your friend, Jennifer.” I immediately picked up the phone to call her. She recommended that I call a financial adviser who helped her. The following day, I set an appointment and was sitting in his office the day after. I brought my book along just to compare the advice he would give me to what was recommended in the book. To my surprise, he gave the same advice. He even went further to offer me the opportunity to join his team after seeing how enthusiastic I was to learn more about money and how to build wealth. It has now been four years since that day, and I have become very good friends with that adviser. Now, I hold Garron in great regard for his insight to see my desire to do better and to help others do the same. From his continual encouragement and support including from my family, I am fully licensed to practice as an investment adviser representative; holding a life insurance and securities licenses (including a principal’s license to own and operate my own financial services business) in multiple states including Arizona, where I reside. From my journey of depending on government medical and food assistance to paying off all consumer debt, owning a home, and on track to paying off my home in the next seven years, I have found the secret to building and passing wealth to my children and generations to come. Most importantly, I discovered my purpose and destiny for my life. I now manage a financial literacy social media platform, Financial Solutions for Women, where

I share tips with women on how they can improve their finances. I am passionate about empowering women to be confident in managing their finances by educating them on how money works, how to make better financial decisions, and how to strategically position them, their households, businesses, and future generations for a lifelong legacy of health, wealth, and prosperity. In addition to spending time with my two children, I also serve as a licensed minister/counselor/teacher at a local Ahwatukee community church and as the founder of Caring Big Foundation, a nonprofit organization which partners with local organizations and businesses to provide care kits to children and teens throughout the year to meet their basic care needs at the time of them entering the Arizona foster care system. I live by the mantra... “That all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” My purpose is to help other women and give them hope that life can be better and then show them how it can be done. Lemons to lemonade...yes... that’s my story. Join me along with a team of women as we share our story, and inspire other women to ignite their confidence during our upcoming 2020 Women’s Empowerment Summit starting August 6-15 nightly at 6:00-6:30PM PST. We look forward to you being with us online! Please click the link to register. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womensempowerment-summit-2020-ignite-yourconfidence-tickets-110924253428

“ As a single mum you’ll discover inner strengths and capabilities you never knew you had.” – Emma-Louise Smith


Vision is Victory By Carey Conley

Up until 2014 I never really thought much about the phrase ‘turning lemons into lemonade.’ It is not that I didn’t have ups and downs in my life because we all do, but overall my life was somewhat of a fairy tale, until tragedy changed my entire life.

income I needed for the family plans we had, and most importantly it allowed me to be that person who reminded people how important their vision was to get through all the challenges they were about to face.

I grew up in the beautiful suburb of Centennial Colorado in a middle-class family of four consisting of my two parents and my younger brother. My parents both worked very hard to make sure we had a nice roof over our heads and a great education. I met my husband in high school. Soon after we graduated from college we got married and began our careers and raising two amazing children; my son, Cole and daughter Laurel. My husband did very well in corporate sales while I really struggled with following someone else’s set schedule and determined paycheck.

When our kids ‘left the nest’ I decided to create my own speaking and training business to teach the curriculum I had created to help people write their vision and purpose on paper. The more I spoke and coached, the longer the list became as to why my tagline is, “Vision is Victory.” From the conversations I had with the people I was networking with, speaking to, and those who had become my clients, I heard so many challenges that having this written vision helped fix, and the list continues to grow. With regards to being able to turn lemons into lemonade, my favorite one is the reminder that your vision becomes the anchor in all the storms.

I wanted freedom, personal growth, and to be able to reach my own income goals. At one of the jobs I met my first mentor who was the first person in my life to encourage me to sit down and write on paper everything I envisioned my life to look like. I took an entire day and in a very quiet space wrote out all the things that were flowing out of my head and my heart. I wrote about the kind of relationship I wanted with my husband, how we spent our time, the values and relationships I wanted to have with the children we were planning, and what I would like to personally accomplish as an entrepreneur; including being an inspiration to others to write their own vision and go after their dreams. When my son was almost two and I was five months pregnant with my daughter I stepped into the network marketing industry with Arbonne because it was everything I had envisioned and more. It allowed me to have that freedom I dreamt about, create the


It was the summer after my son graduated from college, while my daughter was a junior in high school, our beautiful little family took a drastic turn when my husband left the house one morning and took his life. Everyone wants to know at this point, ‘did we see it coming?’ The answer is not that simple. Yes, we were all aware that he was not happy with his job, was feeling very anxious about many things, but did we ever think he was planning to take his life? No, we did not. That rocked our world to its core. I felt compelled to take care of things very quickly in order to allow my kids the space to go on with their lives. At that point I had a thriving coaching business so there wasn’t much time to think about stopping or quitting. The kids and I talked a lot about what an epidemic this had become and we felt called to share our story. I also felt called more than ever to help people

get anchored in their own vision. I do not know all of the reasons for suicide, but I do know this: people without vision perish. Three years later, my son also died by suicide. For the following year, my daughter and I disappeared from public activities and from growing our businesses. We took time to heal. I had to do a lot of quiet time, prayer, reading, and allowing God to work through me to be able to find joy again and see that HE still had a plan for my life which included the work I had already been doing. Had I not had the ‘anchor’ in knowing why I am here and what I have been called to do I could have easily given up and drifted like so many people do with less tragic circumstances than this. “I have no idea”, is the hardest answer for me to hear when I ask people if they have a vision and know what their purpose is. It pains me so much because I know

that outside circumstances in our lives will surely change, and if you anchor your happiness in those things you will inevitably be disappointed, or worse lose hope. EVERYONE has a purpose while they are alive and it is our mission to fulfill it. The starting point I have found is to take that quiet day like I did over 25 years ago, handwrite on paper everything you hear God saying to you in your heart. Let it flow and hold nothing back. Take baby steps every day to follow that beautiful vision – it will become your own personal anchor to not only weather the storms, but to also learn to take that experience and use it to better the world. To watch my Vision is Victory Masterclass: go.careyconley.com/masterclass To join my private ‘Vision Driven Life facebook group: careyconley.com/group

Book One: The Secret King Beckham andThe Queen Book One: SecretGale’s daughter Reagan Kolbeck was King Beckham and Queen Gale’s daughter absolutely perfect in their eyes. A Reagan Kolbeck absolutely beautiful youngwas woman who perfect was in their eyes. A beautiful young woman who destined for greatness. Reagan was was destined for greatness. Reagan was a a force forcetotobe be reckoned reckonedwith. with. She was She was a a strong, strong, independent woman wholife independent woman who lived lived life to the fullest. Doing whatever to the fullest. Doing whatever she wanted, she wanted, shenowanted whenever shewhenever wanted and one, not even godmother, Dafne could and noher one, not even her Linette godmother, stop her. This could was herstop life and Dafne Linette her. she Thiswas going to life do things her way. was her and she was going to do things her way. Determined to show her father and the

The Secret Pre-Order Package! Starting August 1, 2020, we will have 100 pre-order packages available for purchase. Price: $100.00 The package includes: 7 limited edition magazines about the characters, a poster, the E-Book version of the comic book and one very special surprise thank you gift. Release date: August, 22, 2020. A portion of the proceeds will go towards printing physical copies of the comic book. Along with providing more resources, putting together ADs, marketing pieces and more programs to help reduce the stigmas that surround mental health.

Determined to show herready father entire kingdom she was to and be an “adult.” on her with her the entireWorking kingdom shegarden was ready to Avoiding the wrath hergarden father. bemother. an “adult.” Working onofher He her didn’t exactly approve herof with mother. Avoiding the of wrath relationship with Calvin. And when she her father. He didn’t exactly approve wasn’t busy staying out of trouble, she was ofspending her relationship with Calvin. And time with her best friend, Alva. when she wasn’t busy out be Little did she know, herstaying life would ofturned trouble, she was spending time upside down on her 21st birthday. with her best friend, Alva. Little did Joinknow, Reagan, Calvin, Vector, she her lifeAlva, would be turned Beckham, Gale, the secret upside down onand herDafne 21st as birthday. unfold….. Join Reagan, Alva, Calvin, Vector, Beckham, Gale, and Dafne as the secret unfolds…


Homeless to Harvard and beyond


By Christine McKay

When I was little we lived on a large ranch in northcentral Montana. My dad was a ranch foreman and my mom was the ranch cook. I rang the dinner bell so the cowboys would come in from the bunkhouse to eat their dinner. The ranch was a wondrous place to live as a little kid. There was so much freedom. We could ride horses, play in the barns, run, go sledding, swimming, and more. It was idyllic to experience so much freedom at such a young age.

and had two more daughters soon after. At the age of 22, I was a mother of 3 girls separated by 32 months. After relocating to Massachusetts, things completely fell apart. I wasn’t allowed to work, and he didn’t make enough to support our family. Groceries came from the local food bank. Landlords left eviction notices. We huddled under blankets for warmth when the heating oil ran out. We boiled water on the stove for baths and on and on.

As we get older, freedom doesn’t always look the same.

Finally, I broke. ENOUGH!

After moving into “town” (population: 550), my definition of freedom changed. I appeared to have a successful high school career. I was an honor student, competed in public speaking, and was ranked first statewide in my event for three consecutive years. I was an international exchange student and a beauty queen. I had all these amazing, incredible things going on in my life, yet life unspoken was pretty miserable. There was constant fighting in our home. I hated being there. At school, I was mercilessly bullied. The name-calling was relentless and crude. I was locked in a locker with snakes, barked at like a dog, and among other things. At age 16, I was raped. Looking at my life from the outside, people assumed I was doing great. I was voted most likely to succeed. People saw a girl with dreams, ambition, and someone who made things happen. Inside, I had no faith in myself, only doubt. When I left home, that doubt nearly destroyed me. I had become a prisoner to my fear. I became an unwed teenage mom living out of the back of my 1972 Chrysler Newport. I decided I was incapable of making sound decisions for myself. I surrendered myself to a guy who would make them for me. After my first daughter’s birth, we married


I wondered where my life had gone so wrong. My marriage was a disaster, and my husband was controlling and abusive. I needed out! This was not how I wanted to live, nor was it what I wanted my daughters to know. I needed an education. It was my ticket out. I went to our local community college and had to take remedial math. I studied from 3am to 6am because I wasn’t allowed to study when the girls were awake. I worked hard to receive a 4.0 GPA. As a result, I earned a full scholarship to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I went to orientation in late August. Upon arrival I felt like I had found my safe place and it didn’t include my husband. I went home, and asked for a divorce. Two years later, I became the first woman to graduate cum laude from Rensselaer, while being a single mom and full-time student. I landed a fantastic job with Bell Atlantic (now Verizon), and I married the man of my dreams just after graduation. With our daughters only 5, 6, and 7, Keith, my husband, became “insta-dad” and supported me fully in my career. Around our first anniversary, an opportunity arose for me to work in international finance. Keith encouraged me to take it. The first time I flew first class on Singapore Air, I cried. It had taken 10 long years to rise above being homeless.

It was in this role that my passion for negotiation was ignited. I was in my mid-20s and negotiating with government ministers, bankers, and executives. I knew I needed to get an MBA if I was going to be on a bigger stage and advance my career. I applied to the school known throughout the world. My crowning moment was watching my girls walking across the stage ahead of me, to receive their school teddy bears. Then, Dean Kim Clark awarded me my MBA from Harvard University. Since graduating I have advised hundreds of businesses, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across numerous industries. I’ve negotiated in 53 countries, pulled companies from the brink of bankruptcy, saved billions of dollars, and built organizations from the ground up. Through my experience, I have seen many smaller businesses hampered by business deals that strangled

profitability and hurt their long-term survivability. I realized my mission is to level the playing field for smaller companies, and Venn Negotiation was born. We create programs to help guide people and companies to ask for more of what they want and then teach them how to negotiate for it. For all of us, life is one negotiation or renegotiation after another. The challenge is that we often don’t ask for what we want. Sometimes, we don’t know what that is. Other times, we think we don’t deserve it. Furthermore, we convince ourselves we’re asking too much, long before we even ask and as a result we ask for less. Freedom doesn’t look the same as it did when I was on the ranch. Today I know that freedom is individually defined and it is absolutely negotiated between us and others. Get more of what you want and deserve. Negotiate.


Forward is a Pace By Kristine Binder

If someone had told me all of the changes that would happen to me in one year…

Once I sat down and got centered, the words flowed out like water, flooding the pages.

That I would connect with some amazing women, write my story and become a bestselling author, I would have told them they were silly…but a lot can change in a year!

It was one of the most cathartic experiences of my life! Putting my story on paper was like opening the curtains and letting the light into a room that had been dark for far too long. I think I had forgotten the feeling of the warm sunshine on my face, the freedom that comes with sharing what has been hidden. The freedom that comes with sharing the truth. Oftentimes the reason that truth is hidden is because, like in my case, it was not pretty.

In the spring of 2019 a high school friend of mine invited me to be a part of a book project. She had been following me on social media and knew part of my story. She said that this was a perfect opportunity to share my stories, inspiring others, as I had inspired her. Well, through her insistence, I connected with the publisher and editor multiple times. I gave them every excuse not to be a part of the project and they had a response for each one! I had recently started a new business. The additional investment of this project scared me to death. They soon helped me realize I was investing in myself and my future. We then created a financial plan that worked for me and my budget. Once I took that initial step forward, it was all downhill from there. The scariest part was over! Ok, that is not really the truth but I had taken the first step on a journey that would further change the course of my life. ‘Forward is a pace’ has long been my motto. It matters not how fast I am going as long as I am moving forward. One step was leading to the next as I moved forward. Step two was actually putting the words on paper and writing out my story.


Step three was allowing my own children to read what I had written. This was difficult. I am always careful about sharing parts of my life as this directly affects my children. They are now young adults, each having their own narratives and lives, thus they are affected indirectly. Once they approved, I hit send for the final time! Women are powerful when we believe in ourselves and each other. We are unstoppable when we channel our energy towards a positive purpose. I leaned heavily on the women who had been in this space before as we moved throughout the process, bringing this project to completion. Once the book was released, it became a bestseller! I was overwhelmed and overjoyed! How has this process and the past year changed me? Well, with the pandemic and all the changes that have accompanied it, the trajectory of the school year and my life has been drastically

altered! Having the experience and confidence with the book project, allowed me the freedom to grow my brand. Prior to the shutdown, I had the opportunity to speak to women’s groups about the book and my story which ignited a new fire within me. I used the time during lockdown to create and unveil my own website. I am currently in the process of developing and launching my own coaching business, learning new things daily from my “Lemonade Sisters”.

take risks and trust myself. I am a firm believer in God- incidences. I believe that God brought me to this project so that I could learn and grow, becoming more confident, all while inspiring others. It is no accident that these women have become a strong support system and lift me up when I lose my way.

I was fearful to open myself up to this new opportunity.

I have spent the past year moving forward, navigating each detour, moving over every speed bump, and pulling myself out of each ditch along the way. I have put myself back on the road forward….with the help of my newfound confidence and help from some friends. No matter what happens moving forward, I will always be putting one foot in front of the other inspiring others to do the same!

I realized that by sharing my story, I gave others permission to do the same. I have been contacted by many people who were not aware of my journey. They shared the ways in which they were inspired by my bravery, honesty, and vulnerability. I have learned to believe in myself and my potential. I continue to

I made myself a promise long ago that I will always move forward, no matter how fast or slow.

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REAL is the new PERFECT

Karianne Munstedt’s Journey to Confidence After The Lemonade Stand I had the honor of being an original contributing author to The Lemonade Stand. I procrastinated writing my chapter until just before the deadline, because I couldn’t find my story. Why would anyone care what I had to say? What was worthwhile about my life that would inspire others to read about it? About the same time I was writing the chapter, I attended a photography conference where the host had to get up in front of the audience and give the audience some very bad news. I was in awe by the way she delivered the message with tears in her eyes and love in her heart. She stood up on that stage raw and vulnerable. Her voice shook as she read her notes. She didn’t deliver the message ‘perfectly’; that wouldn’t have been real. Instead, she delivered it authentically, as a human being with feelings and emotions. It was in that moment that divine inspiration hit me: like Orange is the new Black, and Healthy is the new Skinny… Real is the new Perfect. I felt like my whole life had been culminating to that very moment. I finally saw how much significance I had put into ‘being perfect’ my entire life. I was always striving to be the best and have the best, but it wasn’t healthy striving. In striving for perfection, I was hiding so much shame and fear that I was holding on to. Now, THAT was a good story for a book. You can read all about my journey from living a life of perfection to that of authenticity in the book The Lemonade Stand. Over the past year, perfectionism has been front and center in my life. As a portrait photographer who specializes in business branding portraits for women business owners and professionals, I continue to help women overcome their perfectionist thoughts. This 27

is what I know: 1) most women say they hate to have their photos taken and 2) most women feel they need to look or be different in order to exist in photos. That perfectionist voice in our head tells us that we aren’t young enough, pretty enough, slim enough, successful enough, a good enough mom, a good enough boss, and so on. That voice also tells us that others won’t accept us as we are. This is what I also know: when women love the person they see in photos, they change how they talk to themselves. They show more love and compassion and kindness to themselves. They feel power and confidence. They start to stand up to the perfectionist voices in their head, because they have visual proof that they ARE good enough just as they are. And what others think of them starts to matter less, because what matters most is what they think of themselves. When COVID-19 hit this year, my portrait photography business became one of many small businesses to temporarily close. Without revenue from my business, we had no income coming into our household. It was a very trying time and the perfectionist thoughts were screaming at me: “your business will never recover from this,” “you’re so dumb for only having one stream of income,” “you’re going to fail your family,” and so on. I fell into a depression and had a hard time getting motivated to do anything. A few weeks into quarantine, I realized that I needed to come up with a way to continue to use my photography skills and build connections in a creative way. I came up with an idea to take portraits via Zoom, and ‘Portraits in the time of Coronavirus’ was born. Over eight weeks, I photographed nearly 150 people in 42 states, strengthened past connections and made new connections, raised more than $3000 for nonprofit Shoebox Ministry, and flooded my Facebook feed with

more than 100 stories of love and hope and positivity. I recovered from my depression and gained the strength once again to stand up to the perfectionist voice in my head telling me that I wasn’t good enough. Although I knew the perfectionist voice was lying when it told me I was ‘dumb’, one thing that I did realize during that time was that I indeed only had one way of reaching clients and generating income in my business. So, over three months, I worked with a speaker coach, developed a full 45-minute keynote speech, tested it, and started delivering it to amazing women’s groups. My signature talk is called ‘From Bully to Bestie: How changing your thoughts changes everything’, and it’s about changing our negative, perfectionist thoughts so we are able to step into the boldest versions of ourselves. If you are part of a woman’s association, business group, or networking group and think this would be a great topic for your network to hear, please let me know! After that, I developed an 8-week, online group coaching program to dive deeper into the work we started in my Keynote talk. The goal is to help women ditch their perfectionist thoughts and let go of what has been holding them back. Each week, we’ll weave photography into the teaching and lifework so there is visual proof that they are good enough just as they are. When I was able to stand up to my own perfectionist voices, I was able to take steps towards living as the woman of my dreams. Until one day I woke up and realized that I was her. A woman who no longer hides from the camera, who no longer talks down to herself in the mirror, and who no longer keeps herself small. A woman who now photographs other women and helps them build up their confidence. A woman who lives an authentic life, full of friendship and love, and keeps taking steps every day to show up in the world in bigger ways than I ever imagined. That’s what I want for all women.

Finally, I created a new Facebook Group called ‘Real is the New Perfect, A Community for High-Achieving Women to Ditch Perfectionism and Be Real.’ It’s another way to inspire women to stand up to that voice in their head, ditch their perfectionist thoughts, and live their lives as the wonderful, authentic women that they are. Over the past year, I have continued with my popular Facebook Live video series, where I talk about my own perfectionist thoughts, traumas and obstacles. When we talk about our issues, it removes the shame and embarrassment that surrounds them. By me being vulnerable with others, it allows clients to open up and be more vulnerable in front of my camera. As a result of this video series, as well as helping women show up as their authentic selves in their portrait sessions, I was honored by ATHENA Valley of the Sun with a HAIL Award for ‘Living Authentically.’ Through photography, speaking, coaching, and showing up as my authentic self, I am helping women stand up to their perfectionist self-bullies and step into the boldest version of themselves. For photography, speaking, and coaching: https:// kariannemunstedt.com/ To join the FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/ groups/realisthenewperfectcommunity To see past videos: http://www.youtube.com/c/ KarianneMunstedt Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ KarianneMunstedtPortrait Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ kariannemunstedt/ Contact: kari@kariannemunstedt.com

Real is the new Perfect with karianne munstedt





kariannemunstedt.com Join our FB community: Real is the new Perfect: A Community for High-Achieving Women to Ditch Perfectionism and Be Real


Lemon Zest A little

Meyer Lemon Chicken Piccata - MyRecipes.com This is one of my favorites! So easy and always comes out delicious.

Ingredients (4 servings) 2 (8-ounce) skinless, boneless chicken breast halves ½ cup fat-free low sodium chicken broth 1/3 cup sauvignon blanc wine or a crisp white wine 1/3 cup fresh Meyer lemon juice (about 3 lemons) 2 TBS capers, rinsed and drained ¼ cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp fresh ground pepper ¼ cup all-purpose flour 2 TBS unsalted butter, divided

Preparation 1. Split chicken breast halves in half horizontally to form 4 cutlets. Place each cutlet between 2 sheets of heavy-duty plastic wrap; pound each cutlet to ¼ inch thickness using a meat mallet or small heavy skillet. Sprinkle cutlets evenly with salt and pepper. Place flour in a shallow dish; dredge cutlets in flour. 2. Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add 2 cutlets to pan, and sauté’ for 2 minutes. Turn cutlets over and sauté’ for 1 additional minute. Remove cutlets from pan. Repeat the procedure with remaining 1 tablespoon butter and 2 cutlets. 3. Add wine to pan, and bring to a boil, scraping pan to loosen browned bits. Cook for 1 minute or until liquid almost evaporates. Stir in chicken broth; bring to a boil. Cook until broth mixture is reduced to 2 tablespoons (about 4 minutes), Stir in juice and capers. Serve over chicken, Sprinkle with parsley.

6 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Lemons 1. Support Heart Health

4. Protect Against Anemia

2. Help Control Weight

5. Reduce Cancer Risk

3. Prevent Kidney Stones

6. Improve Digestive Health

https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/6-lemon-health-benefits#section6 29

I’m black and I’m proud I could say it out loud But, open your eyes and you’ll see. I’m in love with a man that raised up his right hand and took an oath to protect you and me. Our family is like yours, we go to church, hang out doors, we also love spending time with our son. We live check to check like you, we pay our bills when they’re due but we always make time for some fun. Don’t expect me to pick sides, I’ll stand by you with pride no matter if you are black or white. I back the Black and the Blue and I’ll be there for you as long as what you are doing is right. – Written by a Police Wife Phyllis Singletarry