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Cia “Dead Fish” Trick That Defeats Any Attacker

The Secret To Winning ANY Fight Is To Never Get Hit In The First Place. There Is A REAL CIA Trick That Practically Assures You Can Do This. It's Real Cool... But You Had To Go To CIA School To Learn The Trick Until Now.

Here’s Access To A TON Of CIA Spy Tricks:

Http://Survival-Life.Good-Info.Co The CIA Spy Escape Expert On TV's Shark Tank Is Sharing This Normally Classified Information For A Short Time, Along With...

How To Disable Any Attacker With A "Special" Ink Pen

How To Hide Anything, Even A Gun, In Plain Daylight

How To Gather "DIRT" On Anybody

How To Access The CIA Black Market For Gear

What To Do If You're Kidnapped

How To Escape Handcuffs

How To Disappear In A Crowd In Seconds

What You Need To Know About Fake Ids

CIA Social Engineering Secrets

How To Become A Human Lie Detector

How To Hot-Wire A Car

And MUCH More...

Ex-CIA Operative And Shark Tank Star Reveals... HOW SPIES THINK! Click Here


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Spy Escape And Evasion, Survival Class, How To Become An Escape Artist, , Survivalist Training CIA “Dead...

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