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One of the highlights of my year is participating in the Tribeca Film Festival. For six years, I have had the joy of photographing some of the brightest and most imaginative talents in the film industry. What I find most exciting is meeting a young film maker from the outskirts of sweden to some of hollywood’s leading figures. The energy is collective and powerful, throughout. And here are some of this years talent....

bill sage, actor

Alessandra Niola, ACtor

michael rapaport, director

Yulene olaizola, director

Abigail Breslin, Actress

Denis Lee, Writer

Lisa Aschan, Director: She Monkeys Winner of Tribeca Film Festival

Jen Gatien, Director

Jason Specack, actor

Ron Eldard, Actor

Mark Kasen & Adam Kassen, Director

Jessica Makinson, Actress

Storm Large, Actress & Singer

Sean Nelson, Joshua Leonard and Ross Partridge, Actors

the vicious brothers, directors

Phife dawg, A tribe called quest

Boyd Holbrook, actor

Dagmara dominczyk, Actress


Vera Farmiga, Director & Actress

Alexandra Mcguinness, Actress

Benn NORTHOVEr, Actor

Alexandra Chando, ACtress

Carice Van Houten, ACtress

DAVID DUSA, Director

JAFFE ZINN, Director

Matthew gray gubler, actor


Shinji Imaoka & Sawa Masaki, Actress & Director

Helene Lindholm, Producer

Eva Mulvad, Director

Joshua Leonard, ACtor


Steve Coogan, Actor

Ania Bukstein, Actress

Will Estes, Actor

Kerri Bishe, Actress

Caitlin Fitzgerald, Actress

Kerri & Caitlin

Navot Papushado, Director

Agnes Merlet, Director

Marie Losier, Director

Scott Glenn, Actor

Gemma atwal, director

Cedric Klapisch, Director

John Michael McDonagh, Director

Griffin Dunne, Actor

Thank you, To all the people that worked on this project. -Michael Representation: Syndacation: Retna Ltd,

Tribeca Film Festival 2011  

MICHAEL TAMMARO PHOTOGRAPHY - The Tribeca Film Festival 2011.

Tribeca Film Festival 2011  

MICHAEL TAMMARO PHOTOGRAPHY - The Tribeca Film Festival 2011.