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Leopard geckos were originally named for their leopard like stripes. Of course today there are a variety of leopard gecko breeds and morphs. A morph is what you get when you breed certain geckos with attractive coloring for even more attractive coloring. Though there could be as many as several hundred gecko morphs, there are a few main leopard gecko breeds that are common. In this article or going to look at some of the most common ones that you are likely to encounter. This does not include all leopard gecko breeds, and certainly not every morph. A normal or regular leopard gecko, or commonly known as a Leo, has sort of an orange yellow skin with black spots like a leopard. Very similar kinds of Leo's are high yellow. Similar to a normal leopard's but with a much brighter yellow color, high yellows are one of the original designer leopard gecko breeds. Pastels are a very interesting variety of leopard gecko breeds. Lacking most black pigment the leopard spots are actually replaced with other colors like tan or sometimes even lavender bands. Pastels, as the name implies are a rather pale but colorful kind of leopard breeds. Jungle Leo's got their name because of their distinctive almost tiger like stripes instead of leopard like spots. Also called 'striped' these types of geckos are some of the most erratic in terms of coloring. While the stripes can go all the way around like that of a jungle cat, they can also have lots and lots of broken stripes in very strange colors. This of course only adds to their beauty. Patternless leopard's are usually called such because of a distinct lack of patterns. Often a bright or pale yellow, or sometimes almost white, they are different from a true albino. If you breed them carefully, you can get a morph with a very subtle pattern. Patternless leopard geckos are also known as Leucistic or Murphy's Patternless. Although there are many albino leopard gecko breeds out there, the most common are the Tremper Albino, the Las Vegas Albino, and the Bell Albino. Although they look very similar these albinos can actually not be mated with all other breeds so it's best to know what mixes well with yours before you get one. Some people say that a blizzard leopard gecko is also a type of albino since it only has the faintest traces of yellow on it. Tangerine Leo's are pretty much exactly the way they are described; a bright orange color instead of the yellow that so dominates most leopard gecko breeds. Also known as just plain 'Orange' these types have an increased orange color depending on what you feed them. A diet rich in carotenoids means a deeper orange color.

One of the most unusual leopard gecko breeds is known as the eclipse. What makes this one so unusual is that the fact it can be of any coloring because the difference is really in the eyes. The eyes are a solid black color, like the eyes of a stuffed animal. With a name like Mack Snow or Super Mack Snow, you'd expect these types of geckos to be all white. In reality, Mack Snows are really silvery in color with many attractive variations on pattern. Not just plain old leopard or tigers markings, these types can actually have spots within spots or stripes within stripes. Although there are many other types of leopard breeds, and even more morphs, these are the ones you're most likely to encounter when buying a Leo. Now that you know little bit about them, you know to check for markings and genetic compatibility before buying any of the leopard gecko breeds. Especially if you're planning to merge them into a morph.

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==== ==== Get Your Leopard Gecko Mini-Course For Free Now! ==== ====

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