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COMPANY OVERVIEW With fifteen years of experience operating in Laos, Green

Discovery is the most well-known and highly regarded eco-tourism

and adventure tour operator in the country and have evolved to become a well-respected Destination Management Company (DMC) and Ground Handler for Laos in the international marketplace.

The company was founded in 2000 by Mr. Inthy Deunsavan, a high-

ly successful Lao entrepreneur and avid outdoor specialist. As our

company has grown it has stayed true to his vision of offering the ultimate in adventure travel and eco-tourism throughout every corner of Laos.

Mr. Inthy Deunsavan

With seven sales offices located in six provinces – Green Discovery

provides the largest variety of outdoor activities of any tour operator in Laos. And with our experience and vast network of local

community resources, Green Discovery delivers unique itineraries in a range that can suit any style of travel.

Green Discovery has built a solid network of travel agents internationally and in Laos. We value our relationships with more than 50

leading tour companies, including China by Bike, World Challenge, Alternative Travel Group, Remote Lands, and Kuoni. And we are always on the lookout to build more partnerships in the future!

We are proud of our ability to take clients off the beaten track to discover the untouched beauty and culture of Laos. Green Dis-

covery is a true industry leader, constantly scouting and developing new destinations and outdoor experiences. And we remain

strongly committed to protecting the environment and culture of the places we travel to. Travelers can choose from an ever-growing

list of set tours—well over 100 at last count—or can custom-make

a holiday of their own design. No matter where our clients go, we strive to provide the experience of lifetime!

From a one day trek to a multi-week caving adventure, the safety of our clients is always our top priority. We are proud of our 100% safety record with over 100,000 clients in our care since 2000.


green discovery branch offices




luang namtha nong khiaw luang prabang vang vieng


thakek/ khammouane


pakse/ champassak



building relationships Green Discovery continues to grow as a leader in eco-

tourism and adventure travel in Laos. We value the relationships

we build with a diverse range of partnerships. Perhaps our most important assets are the local communities we visit and the relationships we have nurtured over the years. They hold precious

traditional knowledge in various fields such as indigenous tech-

nology, the specific flora and fauna of the region, as well as arts ,

crafts and music. International advising staff skilled in ecotourism, marketing and business management have also contributed greatly to the success of the company and its ability to respond quickly to the ever-changing expectations of the marketplace.

In turn, Green Discovery has been a valued resource of expertise for many stakeholders in the emerging Lao tourism industry,

the national government, academics and scientists, television and film crews from major media markets, free-lance journalists, international non-government organizations, as well as the Lao busi-

ness community. The combination of all these elements has made

Green Discovery a highly-respected source of guidance and information throughout the region and the world.

green discovery in the marketplace Green Discovery sales are driven through four portals: • Walk-in sales (direct bookings of short excursions in seven sales offices)

• FIT on internet (short excursions and holiday packages) • Operation for travel agents (international and Lao)

• Services to professionals (study tours, TV crews, scientific, etc.) While walk-in clientele still represent more than 55% of sales volume, internet bookings and services to professionals are growing at a fast pace, especially since the introduction of ‘off the shelf’

packages as well as themed tours with high educational value such as ‘caving’, ‘photography’ or ‘biology’.

Green Discovery has an well-documented reputation its eco-tourism efforts and is referenced positively by all major travel guides


5 SINce opening its door to the world in 2001, green discovery has been engaged by over 100,000 clients.

on Laos. Customer feedback is consistently very high across the board, thus providing a solid foundation of word-of-mouth recommendation to fellow travelers.

The majority of the tourism industry in Laos focuses on standard

“classic tours,” an area which Green Discovery does not explicitly target. Competition in the adventure travel segment is limited to numerous small operators in different provinces of Laos, mainly in the north around Luang Prabang.

Prices offered by Green Discovery are above market average due

to our higher operating costs. Unlike Green Discovery, small tour operators typically do not bear any development, investment or green discovery partners:

depreciation costs for quality equipment, staff incentives, bonuses, insurance, or even taxes.

For the sake of the quality of Green Discovery products and services

as well as the sustainability of its operational model, there is no plan to enter a price battle with competing operators and we will continue place our services on the medium- to high-end of the market.

A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES Green Discovery tours span a wide range of activities from bush

walking, caving, rock climbing, elephant treks and caravans, mountain

biking, and cross-country motorbike trips, to Tree Top Explorer, zip-line eco-adventures in the dizzying heights of the forest canopy.

Green Climber’s Home in another addition to our growing roster of unique offerings. Nestled in a hidden valley outside of nearby Thakek, GCH offers climbers from beginner to professional an amazing array of routes near beautiful Xiengliab Cave.

Our Elephant Conservation Center—a joint venture with ElefantAsia—is committed to the welfare of the endangered Asian el-

ephant. Another statement of innovation and environmental/cultural responsibility the center is open to visitors looking for the a

retreat from the crush of mass tourism. ECC is proud to operate Laos’ first elephant hospital complete with professional veterinary

care and research for domestic elephants affected by disease or are victims of logging accidents.


green discovery activities


There are four categories of Green Discovery products: • Discovery • Experience • Adventure • Challenge! Each category marks a different level of educational value or physical requirement. Whenever embarking on a Green Discovery tour, the sales team makes sure that clients know what to expect to ensure they will take home a satisfying and memorable experience. SERVICE TO PROFESSIONALS For many people, Laos is regarded as one of the most mysterious and undiscovered nations in Southeast Asia. International print media and television film crews are increasingly interested in learning more about life and culture in Laos. And schools from all over the world choose to send student groups to experience real village life. Green Discovery has the capacity and experience to comprehensively handle such specialized requests from outlining the itineraries, to all logistics, government approvals and required paper works for foreign journalists and film crew, as well as all support and guiding services. Some of Green Discovery’s satisfied international media crews include BBC (UK), France Television, NHK (Japan), Channel News Asia (Singapore), National Geographic (US), and Discovery Channel (Animal Planet; US). Universities and international schools from the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Laos have all trusted Green Discovery to provide an unforgettable educational experience for their students. SERVICE TO SCIENTISTS Green Discovery also caters to individual scientists or teams and their specialized requirements. These include tours in search of rare plants, birds or other animal species, and the support for a wide-range of research work. We also provide planning and support for thematic travels of virtually any subject, including photography, architecture, religion, anthropology, entomology, orchid ecology. Green Discovery also supports limestone cave explorations conducted each year by researchers from Europe and America. 8

SINce opening its door to the world in 2001, green discovery has been engaged by over 100,000 clients.


Green Discovery also offers a comprehensive package of activities aimed at enhancing corporate team building or employee recognition travel. All of these tours can be adjusted to meet specific requirements or we can custom-build an itinerary for our client. Tours can include zip lining, trekking, via ferrata, rock climbing, cycling, team building games and even Lao-style cooking! Corporations that have made use of our services include: • Lao Brewery Co. • Unilever Laos • Asian Trails/Kuoni Group • Phongsavanh Bank • Child Fund Laos • Sunlabob

DESTINATION MANAGEMENT Tourism is a global phenomenon. Acting as a Destination

Management Company, Green Discovery Laos is reaching out to travel

agencies from Laos and all over the world. to expand its customer base.

Green Discovery currently collaborates with 32 local and 31 international agents, and works closely with 12 local and 5 international companies.

A recognized partner of Green Discovery Laos receives the following benefits:

• Attractive contract rates on all tours to allow better profit margins.

• Quick responses to enquiries with an efficient sale’s team and dedicated accounting manager.

• High operations performance to ensure highest customer satisfaction. • Individualized services where requested (including re-branding to TA/ TO and signature packages).

• Preferred access to our network of partner companies

• Peace of mind working with an internationally respected tour operator.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Green Discovery is more than just a successful travel company. We are proud of our record of social, cultural, and environmental respon-

sibility. Wherever possible, Green Discovery employs ethnic people in

all the regions where tours are offered. Through its operations and a largely participatory approach, the company supports more than 1200 families all over the country.


11 SINce opening its door to the world in 2001, green discovery has been engaged by over 100,000 clients.

The same sense of social, cultural and environmental awareness As part of our tour philosophy, guides educate and encourage our customers

to partner with us in our commitment to protecting the local ecology.

All clients participating in a Green Discovery tour get the opportunity to learn more about the history and the cultural significance of the region.

We also limit the size of our touring groups in order to not exceed the carrying capacity of the culturally sensitive places we visit. Our hope is that we can preserve the natural beauty of Laos for locals and travelers alike.

To ensure that these commitments to social responsibility will be em-

bedded in its further development, Dr. Klaus Schwettmann joined our

team in 2008 as Senior Advisor of Sustainable Tourism. His wide-rang-

ing experience in nature conservation, poverty alleviation projects and community-based eco-tourism adds great value and substance to all of our activities and services.

Green Discovery also maintains close ties with renowned international

organizations operating in Laos, such as ElefantAsia, IUCN, WCS and WWF. Green Discovery is also a strong advocate and active supporter

of the Illegal Trade in Wildlife Action Group, a team of professionals

dedicated to stopping the illegal capture and trade of endangered species in Laos.

commitment to laos Green Discovery recently launched the GREEN CARE Fund, which underscores our commitment to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This new private and independent Lao non-profit fund is dedicated to

promoting awareness of nature conservation among Lao urban youth and their teachers.

Through sponsorships, the fund finances camping trips and fun outings

with teenagers from secondary schools into the forests of protected

areas where they learn about environmental issues and nature appreciation guided by experts.

As a Lao company, Green Discovery is committed to ensuring that all


SINce opening its door to the world in 2001, green discovery has been engaged by over 100,000 clients.


local employees not only benefit financially from tourism but are true

team players within the organization. We value their insight and feedback and use that information to grow and expand our company-wide

skills and abilities. This is why the Green Discovery management believes in pro-active planning and product design in close cooperation with its Lao team. This enables Green Discovery to provide quality tour-

ism products to clients, while fostering the development of leadership and management skills.

Our Production Manager, Mr. Thongkhoon Sayalath, is an example of

this model. He started his career as a waiter in one of our restaurants before becoming one of our most requested tour guides. While con-

tinuing to guide motorcycle tours, he holds a key position for Green Discovery and manages 60 Lao colleagues throughout the country. He

represents a perfect example of the commitment of Green Discovery to educate, train and empower human resources within its own ranks.

THE FUTURE OF GREEN DISCOVERY Green Discovery can now look back with pride on more than a decade of its prominent role developing eco-tourism and adventure travel in Laos. With a well-trained and professional work force, the

company has succeeded in capturing a solid market position and professional reputation, both nationally and internationally. A network of

diverse partner companies all over the globe and a strong marketing strategy underline the strength of its operations. Already renowned for

our excellent safety record, Green Discovery will never stop striving to

improve its products through constant maintenance and replacement of equipment as well as the highest standards of training of its staff.

Our goal is to retain our leadership position in providing unique and exceptional tourism services to clients in Laos. We will achieve this by con-

tinually adding value to our products in terms of educational aspects,

service, and quality of the operations. We will continue to invest in new

‘eco-projects’ throughout the country. 2011-14 did not only witness

the successful creation of the GREEN CARE FUND, but also the birth exciting ventures like the TREE TOP EXPLORER (A Jungle Hotel), the


a physically demanding adventure in the natural beauty of Vang Vieng’s limestone karsts and waterfalls..


15 SINce opening its door to the world in 2001, green discovery has been engaged by over 100,000 clients.

With the purpose of strengthening the management and business de-

velopment side of the company, Mr. Vianney Catteau came on board 6

years ago to lead Green Discovery on an ambitious path: ensuring that the company grows in a sustainable and professional way while never

losing sight of its values and Lao identity. In conjunction with various consultants over this span, Mr. Catteau has strengthened Green Dis-

covery’s market position through enhanced product development and focused marketing efforts.

CONNECT WITH GREEN DISCOVERY To learn even more about Green Discovery and the comprehensive range of services we offer, please visit www.greendiscoverylaos.

com! These travel packages can comfortably be pre-booked via the net. And all of our tours can be booked in person at any one of our 7 Green Discovery sales offices.

Other projects affiliated with Green Discovery can be viewed at:



green discovery NAME [brand]

fa c t s Green Discovery


NAME [legal]

Green Adventures


Company, LTD


Vientiane, Laos



Private, 100% Lao; Mr. Inthy Deuansavan 90%


Managing Director: Vianney Catteau Production Management: Thongkhoon Sayalath


2000 [as Wildside; 2001 as Green Discovery]




LATA (Lao Association of Travel Agents). Mr. Deuansavan is member of the Board of Directors


Mainly Europe, Australia/New Zealand, United States; to a lesser extent Japan and other Asian countries incl. Laos


Trekking; White-water Kayaking; Canoeing; Rock Climbing; Caving, Canyoning; Tree-Top activities such as Zip-lining, Abseiling, Canopy Walkway; Motorbike Tours; Mountain Biking; Cycling; Wildlife Watching; Nature Observation; Team Building and Incentive Packages; Elephant Caravans; Customized and Self-guided Tours; Camping; Home-stay (Village Discoveries); Classical Travel; River Tours; Support to professionals (e.g. tour fixing for film crews; student excursions; scientific expeditions)



More than 180 off-the-rack offerings


Based on requests and needs of clients


Elephant Adventures [Sayaboury] Elephant Conservation Center [Sayaboury] Tree Top Explorer [Champassak] Green Climber’s Home [Khammouane] Boat Landing Guesthouse [Luang Namtha] Green Care Fund [Vientiane]


IUCN [The World Conservation Union] ElefantAsia Campaign Against Illegal Wildlife Trading The Agro-business Initiative


Support Lao tourism (to reach ‘Millenium Goal’ of poverty alleviation) Conservation of Lao natural and cultural heritage supporting underprivileged communities and indigenous peoples


HEAD OFFICE: Vientiane BRANCH OFFICES: Central: Vientiane; Vang Vieng North: Luang Namtha; Luang Prabang; Nong Kiau South: Thakhek; Pakse


green discovery

s tat i s t i c s

STAFF [total, 2014]





13 [20%]




Vientiane, Laos [Sales Office and Head Office]

32 [5]

Luang Prabang

15 [3]




Luang Namtha

6 [3]

Vang Vieng

10 [2]









CLIENTS [2012]



Internet sales




Luang Prabang


Luang Namtha


Vang Vieng





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