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Michael S. Headrick 2011584087 The University of Hong Kong Department of Architecture Year One Architecture Studio (Fall Semester 2011)

Project: Toy

The job of an architect is to explore-to discover and seek deeper trends, patterns, and abnormalities which may not be immediately apparent. Drawing, one tool to make these discoveries, allows the architect to observe situations, objects and actions so to make further and deeper conclusions. From basic sketches to detailed sections of these various objects or actions, different observations can be made. Every stage of this drawing process is important as each sketch proposes and suggests different and new discoveries.

Project: Super Shelter

As one approaches a site, the senses are assaulted with objects and experiences attached to that place. The process of documenting the site and analysing the site includes a range of different techniques like drawing, sketching, photography, and collage. All of which present a unique way to view an area, but more importantly present a way to approach further analysis. The powers of suggestion and inspiration are also given to the site as it influences so much about a project and acts as the host of an outcome.

The human body, or figure, is so important to architecture-as this is the dictator, the ruler, the model, and the standard for all architecture. In analyzing the body, there are special discoveries made and important rules discovered. Without the initial observation of the human figure, the suitablility of buildings, furniture, or installations are put into question. Starting at the human body, there is a sort of measure placed on all projects-an important nessesity in design.

The architect brings art and analysis to a deeper level, as it takes products into a third dimension. This one act can alter the project and add depth to the already present two dimensional work. As something is brought from 2D to 3D, there is a transformation and richness; however, there is also an array of new problems to be solved. Through working on these issues, design is sharpened and developed into a more complete and well thought out whole.

Final stages of design come when a project is taken into the real world in full scale. This provides such a different view of the design, and also gives the project a new viewpoint all together. This also provides a chance for the project to interact with the site. This chance for exchange between the designed piece and the site allows the designer, the public, and critics to view and appreciate it in a much different way compared to mere models or drawings.

Project: A New Nature

The challenge of design is attacked in various methods. In creating objects and tools that can interact in intelligent ways, certain components that have history of interaction with other components are able to improve and bring a special addition to projects and designs. As there is more and more information added to components, the focus is shifted away from the individual pieces and one is able to see how the overall project becomes an interactive and intelligent design.

Year One Architecture Studio (Fall Semester)  

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