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Each morning, Miami Country Day School (MCDS) students awaken excited about the day’s possibilities. At night, they reflect on their experiences throughout the day, what they learned and what they loved. As an independent, non-denominational, PK3–12 college preparatory school, we provide a well-rounded learning experience for the whole child — a right-fit experience we explore and nurture at every age. Learning in a positive, sunlit environment creates an anticipation for what the next day will bring.

Each day opens a door of possibility.

Whether joining our community as a Lower, Middle or Upper School student, a typical day on our expansive, open-air campus is one defined by numerous possibilities that strengthens each child’s core values while exploring his or her potentials. Each is encouraged to discover how learning is a chance to connect with ideas that are personally meaningful. We empower every student to find his or her unique voice and sense of self through a diversity of opportunities that meet a breadth of interests and academic, artistic and athletic abilities. At the end of each student’s journey here, your child will emerge intellectually engaged, compassionate and respectful—an ethical citizen of the world prepared to walk through his or her day with confidence and curiosity.


Miami Country Day School

Miami Country Day School