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May 2012


Technology News

From the Director

I know  many  of  you  have  told  me  you  are  counting  down  the   days  until  summer  break,  and  who  can  blame  you!  Summer   is  a  fabulous  time  to  get  some  much-­‐needed  R&R,  spend  time   with  family  and  friends,  and  to...start  planning  for  next  year!   There.  I  said  it!    I  know  you  may  not  want  to  think  about  it,   but  the  2012-­‐13  school  year  will  be  here  before  you  know  it.   So,  here  are  some  summer  technology  ideas  for  you.     ü Create  Smart  lessons  and  save  them  so  you  are  ready   to  go!   ü Search  and  explore  Web  2.0  tools  or  apps.   ü  Storage  warehouse  tools  are  very  popular  right  now   because  everyone  is  accumulating  so  much   information  they  don't  know  how  to  organize  and   store  it  in  a  central  location!  If  this  sounds  familiar  to   you,  check    out  these  tools-­‐-­‐  Livebinders,  Slideshare   and  Edshelf.   ü If  you  haven't  already  started  using  cloud  storage,   check  it  out!  Dropbox  is  what  we  use  in  the   technology  department.   ü Attend  one  of  the  upcoming  web  site  trainings  and   begin  to  add  content  to  your  page.   ü Subscribe  to  Twitter  and  start  following  educational   leaders  around  the  world.  They  post  some  great   resources!   It  has  been  a  wonderful  year.  I  appreciate  everyone's  help   and  support  and  willingness  to  explore  technology   integration  in  new  and  exciting  ways.     Enjoy  your  summer!  

End of the Year Check-In Dates and Locations High School:

Turn in by Wednesday, May 30 to Janice Nadeau in the Media Center

Middle School:

Check-in Tuesday, May 29 in the Media Center

Erwine Intermediate:

Check-in Wednesday, May 30 in Technology Lab Room 113

Turkeyfoot Elementary:

Check-in Tuesday, May 29 in the 2nd Grade Hallway Please be sure to check your end of the year procedures list for more information and instructions.

ProgressBook Update Did you know? You can include your email address on the Teacher Home Page. This can be found on the right side under Tools. The email address entered will show in Parent Access on the Student Schedule tab and the Classroom Information tab. ProgressBook allows you to import assignments created in previous grading periods into your current gradebook. From the Class Dashboard, along the bottom below the assignments, you will see a link for Import Assignments. Your previous assignments will be listed. Using the magnifying glass will display more assignments. Click the arrow/paper icon to export the assignment to your class dashboard. This will take you to the Main assignment tab where you can enter the point value and marks.

Incorporating QR  Codes  in  the  Classroom  

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Three simple ideas for integrating QR codes in your classroom. Have students install a free quick-response (QR) code reader on their phone, iPod Touch, or tablet. (Try ‘Zappit,” “OneTap QR,” “T3 QR Code Scanner”) ONE: Create a classroom QR bulletin board that students can add to throughout the year. That way, any time they need to revisit course materials, they can scan the codes on the bulletin board. TWO: Integrate QR with a PBL or Service Learning project where students can create codes that will link to the content they create. If students helped create awareness around spreading germs, for example, they might put the codes around the school or in a parent newsletter. THREE: Award prizes by having students scan a code leading to an animation or badge. When they pass a test on commas, perhaps they get a code that takes them to a badge for Comma Guru!

Textbooks, a Thing of the Past? The High  School  cart  of  iPads  is  being  utilized  for  exploration  of   real-­‐time  content,  hands  on  learning,  and  innovative  assignments.    

PRODUCTIVITY - Amy Stacy, Math Students  are  utilizing  iPad  video  and  picture  capability  to   create  Keynote  and  PowerPoint  presentations  about  a  famous   mathematician.    

ASSESMENT - Rick Glass, Spanish

QR codes,  a  thing  of  the  past?  Maybe…for  those  a  bit  savier!   The  Aurasma  App  is  being  utilized  to  create  video  news   announcements  that  are  overlaid  with  an  Aurasma  “trigger   image”.  Once  iPad  camera  scans  the  “trigger  image”,  the   student  created  video  begins  to  play.  Another  clever  way  to   assess  content  learned!  

INFORMATIONAL - Colleen Vincent, Health

Students are  exploring  Safari,  YouTube,  and  iTunesU  to  study   real-­‐time  content  about  genetic  modification  and  trends   within  the  food  industry.  


The website featured in January’s ‘Technology News’ was “The Teaching Channel.” Congratulations to

Cindy McDonald who received an iTunes gift card.

Bring Your  Own  Device   “Okay,  class  please  get  out  your   cellphones”  is  becoming  a  common   phrase  in  classrooms  throughout  the   country.  Coventry  High  School  and  Middle   School  are  not  the  first  to  implement  a   ‘BYOD’  policy.  Students  in  Rick  Glass’   Spanish  class  and  Joe  Headley’s  history   classes  might  have  been  shocked  hearing   their  teachers  ask  them  to  get  out  their   iPods,  iPhones,  and  other  devices.  The   addition  of  wireless  Internet  access  has   allowed  students  to  use  their  own   technology  in  the  classroom  and  it  is   working!    

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