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OPINION central market page 4 sarah KOVASH - News Editor


- General Reporter Most teenagers have goals, dreams, a bucket list and things to accomplish, but not many end up acting upon them. Seniors Jerry Carlson and Nichole Bloom didn’t wait to follow their dreams and flew to Denver for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to audition for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Before leaving for their audition on Dec. 7, they were nervous, tired and excited. Many people have expectations, but Carlson and Bloom kept open minds. “We don’t really know what to expect, but we expect to see a lot of people standing in line, very well dressed professional people along with various talents for act,” said Bloom. Even going in with open minds and ready

colton Justice


Volume 22, Issue 3 • January 2014

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Mandan’s got talent to experience it, they were still nervous. “We are most nervous about getting stopped in the middle of our song, or messing up,” said Carlson. After performing their nerves didn’t go away. They have to wait until March to find out whether or not they made it on the show. With the build up of waiting to hear if they make it, they cannot tell anyone besides their parents. If they tell anyone else they will be fined $5000. There was a lot of preparation that went into auditioning. Picking the music wasn’t the hard part but getting all the words correct and making it sound clean was the difficult part. With their busy schedules they managed to practice once a week since October. They stated that is was a fast easy process online to sign up, however auditioning took

a little longer. “It was a lot of waiting [3 hours], kind of like on TV where you sit in a big room and wait,” said Carlson. “We got to meet lots of cool people and their talents during the process.” During auditioning there were 11 people in the room including the judges and producers. They wished that there would have been less because they felt a little intimidated by the good singers in the room with them. “Its odd that it’s just over now, after all the work it’s just over, time to wait now,” said Carlson. If they make it to the next round they will be getting a call some time between February and April. If they make it past the preliminary round then they make it on to the TV show.

Mandan adds new elementary school

- Feature Editor

Mandan will soon be home to Red Trail Elementary School. It is projected to have all construction and furnishing finished by August in time for the 2014-2015 school year. The new school was voted on by parents and community members because of the current and projected rising enrollment in the other elementary schools. “As our elementary schools were getting full, we wanted to split classes and we didn’t have room to do so,” said Superintendent Mike Bitz. “The school board asked the residents of Mandan to support us building another school with their tax dollars and roughly 70 percent said yes.” The new school will be able to hold

that children who live in the same 275 students and approximately 17 new neighborhood should attend the same teachers. school, so elementary students may not The principal of Red Trail Elementary will be Dave Steckler, current principal of Mary be going to the same school they did this Stark Elementary. year. Requests will still be taken from parents Mandan Public School’s Facility and who wish to have their children attend a Finance Committee is in the process of school outside of drawing new their attendance area. elementary The people authorized $12.5 attendance Photo by Colton Justice million for the area Red Trail Elementary is still being constructed construction of Red boundaries because Trail Elementary, and throughout the winter. also for the necessary of the new classroom supplies and furnishings. school. They have held five meetings so far Links to see pictures of Red Trail with parents in attendance. The MPS Facility and Finance Committee Elementary and the proposed school attendance areas can be found on the has also adopted the philosophy of Mandan Public School District’s website. neighborhood schools. They believe



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Online: easier said than done

In this day and age, electronics are more than a necessity in our everyday lives. When we depend on computers, phones and internet to ease otherwise difficult tasks, we’re putting a ton of faith in hopes that these machines don’t malfunction. The school filter interferes with students who need to research for a speech, find a picture for art, or get information for essays. Blocking sites that are supposedly “harmful” to our education is probably doing more harm than good. As students, we need to be able to get the research and information we need. Without the freedom of searching wherever we want, the information we receive and learn from is dampered. What kind of an education limits knowledge? For the Courier we use Google Drive to type up all of our articles before placing them on a design page. Numerous times Google Drive has failed on us when we attempt to open up our articles during class, sometimes even at home. There’s times when even the Google Drive app on our iPhones does not allow us to view and edit our documents, either. We use it because we are all able to access the same document at the same time which lets the staff share ideas and

make edits. It’s a great feature if only it would work properly a majority of the time. From personal experience, a few of our members were told registering online for Bismarck State College would be much easier than with paper forms. When signing up for dual credit classes, problem after problem had occurred. Not being able to load pages or something wrong with the information that had been typed in were the most common errors. Along with malfunctioning entries, the site required certain specifics in how the information needed to be . It led to one of our members and her father being extremely frustrated since she had to work with him to figure out the process. Eventually it worked, but only after a lot of stress and profanity. If there had been an alternative to online, it would have taken much less time and caused much less headache. It’s 2014, and for a generation that relies on electronics, glitches should be little to none on objects and devices that we use everyday. As students we need more reliable devices if society expects our education to grow through the use of technology.

Courier Staff and Editorial Policy

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The Courier is a news/feature newspaper that is published throughout the school year. As an open forum for student expression, all content online and in print is decided and moderated by student editors. The staff welcomes

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January kaitlyn SCHELSKE

Bruno’s provides dinner and a show

- Editor-In-Chief

“And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your pizza can do for you; ask what you can do for your pizza.” With that being said, the first thing you should do is get in your car and drive yourself to Bruno’s Pizza immediately. From first stepping into the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was how relatively small it was compared to other pizza joints. After thinking that in just a matter of seconds, I was then greeted by a hostess and immediately ushered to a table. As I prepared to order, the restaurant continued to impress me. The service was excellent, with the waitress continually checking up on me periodically and was quick in refilling drinks. Even with Bruno’s being a bit busy at the time, she always made her rounds to all the tables. In waiting for my food, I enjoyed the liveliness and the atmosphere of the place.

sarah KOVASH - News Editor


Televisions were placed around the store and tuned to sports stations so the football fans could watch their teams play it out while they waited for their food. If you’re not a sports fan, you’re in luck. From Monday through Thursday at five

to seven, live music is played while you eat. While I was sitting I listened to the guitar and a variety of songs while we waited for food. The singing was superb, the only negative I found with it was how loud it was. It was hard to have a conversation with a person sitting right beside you without hav-

ing to yell. If the speakers would be toned down a bit, Bruno’s would be golden. After listening to music and enjoying a conversation with friends, I got pretty hungry and lone behold my food arrived. With ordering a calzone (pretty much a Pizza Pocket but 10 times better), I was more than impressed with it. Arriving hot and yummy smelling, I indulged and loved every single bite. It was more than filling, not to mention having a slice of some delicious pizza also. With melty cheese and a hand tossed crust, I was sold on the food and in pizza heaven. With an exceptionally full stomach and an exceptionally reasonable check, I was more than pleased with my experience at Bruno’s. With great service, excellent food and a good atmosphere, Bruno’s truly does give you dinner and a show.

Saying goodbye to my first job

Staff Photo

Bare shelves, 20 percent off the entire store and an empty stockroom. That was the sight of Mandan’s Central Market after they announced they sold their building in early December. Walking through and seeing a business that’s been around for 64 years closing its doors is a hard sight to see. Saying goodbye to all the loyal customers and employees tugged at my heart. As I made one final walk through the store that I worked at for a year and a half,

I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing after seeing the empty shelves, stockroom and store. This was my first job and it helped me to get my first car, computer and so much more and now it’s just gone. Emotions and memories flooded back to me of the past few years of my life that I spent here. From the long summer days and school nights, to working on holidays and vacations, as much as I complained about that store, I miss it more than anything. Ask any of my friends, family and even my teachers and they can tell you that I said “I hate Central Market” more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. There were countless days where I dreamed of quitting, but I never imagined the store would quit on me and the other 70 employees. Now we’ve all heard the cliche “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” and it’s never been more true for me. However, I knew what I had; I had a job at a grocery

store that I thought I hated, I just never thought I would lose it like this. The thing about working at Central Market is it was more than just a job. I definitely miss my coworkers and regular customers the most. I worked with people aging from 15 to 75 and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. They were some of the best coworkers I could have asked for and I only wish I could see them as often as I used to. On the bright side, now that I have transferred over to Dan’s Supermarket (the Turnpike Ave. location) I still get to see some of the familiar faces I worked with every weekend. As sad as I am to see Central Market close, I am keeping my hopes up for my new job at Dan’s. This is a new opportunity for me and my old coworkers to still work together under the same environment and I’m happy to say that Dan’s welcomed us with open arms.



National Honor Society

National Honor Society’s next meeting will be held in the library on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 7:30 a.m. Applications for induction into the National Honor Society will be available for all sophomores, juniors and seniors who have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Applications will be handed out Wednesday, Feb. 5 and will be due to Mrs. Caya on Wednesday, Feb. 19. Juniors interested in taking a practice ACT test can register Monday, Feb. 10 through Thursday, Feb. 20. The fee is $10 and all proceeds benefit the Mandan High School National Honor Society.

MHS Courier

Club Roundup History Club

History teacher Miss Hanson, with the help of some students, plans to start a History Club. There will be an informational meeting within the next month. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


FFA had 32 students attend their winter FFA Leadership Conference in Bismarck.


FCCLA will be signing up and starting their Star events project. Meetings are the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in room 119. Their district competition will be on Feb. 19.


DECA had an ugly sweater contest at their Christmas Party on Dec. 15. They will be attending Bit Day competitions on Jan. 29 at Valley City State University.

MHS’s posters for their upcoming musical: Cinderella.


Mandan High School presents their production of Cinderella in the MHS Auditorium Jan. 17-19, 2014. The play will be at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 2:00 p.m. Sunday.

Skills USA

Skills USA students signed up for their competitions in April for the ND Skills USA conference in Wahpeton. Second semester Heath Career II students will sign up for these competitions after the new semester starts. Photo submitted

Members of MHS’s DECA posed for a picture in their ugly sweaters at their Christmas Party on Dec. 15.

Art Club

Art Club will be doing henna tattoos on Jan. 14 and will be doing glass etching on Feb. 12.




Autism Spectrum Disorder is all around us sarah KOVASH - News Editor It is estimated that one in 700 babies born in the United States each year is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Take that number times eight and you get the number of children diagnosed every year with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a complex developmental disability. Roughly each year one in 88 children between the ages of one to three are considered to be on the Spectrum. If those numbers are correct, then at Mandan High School there should be about 15 students diagnosed with ASD. That is only the number of people diagnosed; that does not include those who have not been diagnosed by a doctor and are considered to just have “problems” learning in school.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

A person diagnosed with ASD typically has problems with communication and social interaction skills. However, since ASD is considered a “wide-spectrum disorder” no two people with ASD have the same problems.

1 88

Some diagnosed are unable to communicate at all while others are able to express themselves, but they still have difficulties. Usually they are unable to empathize with people as easily as others. That doesn’t mean they are unable to feel emotions.

What can we do to help?

Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed than girls.

The most common myth about ASD is that those diagnosed aren’t able to feel happiness, sadness or pain like everyone else because they cannot express their feelings. Because they are unable to communicate, it is up to the family, friends and peers to develop an understanding of what they have and what they are going through. Even though it is not possible to have a complete understanding what is running through their minds, there still needs to be support for them. Support can be something as simple as not making fun of them for the way they act, or don’t act.


children are diagnosed with a form Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United States each year.

Sometimes all a person really needs is a friend or someone who is willing to be there for them. The same is true for those on the Spectrum. Reaching out for those around you, whether you know they are Autistic or not, can change a person’s life. As of right now, there is no cure for Autism, that means there needs to be effort from everyone on accepting and understanding what ASD is.

Common early signs of ASD in children: • Difficulty in interacting with others • Laughing at inappropriate times • Problems expressing their needs or wants • No apparent fears or dangers • Inappropriate response to sounds • Prefer to be alone • Avoid eye contact • Repetitive actions • Echo words and phrases • Don’t speak or delayed speech • Appear unaware of feelings or emotions • Fail to respond to their name

Student Life


colton Justice

- Feature Editor

MHS Courier

Peppermint hot chocolate



• 1 1/2 cups heavy cream • 1/4 cup sugar • 1/8 teaspoon salt • 3 drops peppermint oil • 1 1/2 cups milk • 6 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped • Chocolate shavings, for garnish

1. In a saucepan, combine the cream, milk, sugar and salt and heat over mediumlow heat 2. When the cream mixture just begins to steam, add the chopped chocolate and stir until melted

• Sweetened whipped cream, for garnish

3. Stir in the peppermint oil

4. Divide the hot chocolate among mugs and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings Perfect for warming up on a cold day, or if you are just craving a Photo by Colton Justice

chocolate treat.

This recipe takes about 10 minutes for prep time, 5 minutes for cook time, and yields about 4 servings.


Student Life



Four years ago, ND ranked lowest in diagnoses at 4.8 percent and MS highest with 14.7 percent.

Having a twin is a major contributing factor to depression at an early age.

Even positive events such as graduating, getting married or a new job can lead to depression.

Tobacco kills an enzyme responsible for “seeking pleasure” and is often linked to people who smoke.

Winston Churchill suffered from clinical depression. He called it "Black Dog".

- Asst. Editor-In-Chief


n astronaut, an actor, a rockstar and a football player are varied in their careers as well as their personalities, but share one similar link that's more common than you might realize. Buzz Aldrin, Jim Carrey, Kurt Cobain and Terry Bradshaw all suffer or have suffered from some form of depression. Though they were all well known in the public eye, not many fans knew they had each battled with this mental disease. The problem with this, however, is that it often leads to many misconceptions about depression as a whole. As defined by Webster's dictionary, depression is "a state of feeling sad". Though "sad" is an understated symptom, it is merely an emotion - a mindset - more than just a bout of the blues. Depression isn't a weakness, nor is it something that one can simply "snap out" of. Despite this definition, depression is not just a feeling but a mental disease. As stated by “Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest affecting how you feel, think and behave.” It is a serious illness that nearly 19 million Americans suffer from yearly, 350 million worldwide. Thats about 17 percent of the entire US population and 20 percent overall. All diagnoses are different for there are different forms of depression such as Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder), Postpartum Depression (PND), and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), to name a few. These forms are most common. For teens and young adults, Bipolar Disorder is more common than among any other age group, and the effects are more severe as well. The manic and depressive moods swings are more intense, and the sufferers are more sensitive to the medication, making it difficult for a diagnosis. Because behaviors and symptoms are similar in both BPD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) a diagnosis may be hard to establish and often go untreated said the World Health Organization. Another form of Depression is Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says it is triggered by the winter months and is most common throughout January and February. SAD is much more common the further from the equator you go, where the end of summer means the beginning of less sunlight and more dark hours. A person who develops a depressive illness during the winter months might have SAD.

Since SAD su help is rarely so believes this is as those year-r ashing two-th after d Though depre it is still not kno


The PET scans shown levels in a person with a person wit

onset may be trig a tragedy, one's h make-up. This va research as well. Stanford's Scho role in depression stated that depres Women are 70 pe during their lifetim showed that depr percent of women you also have an

Don’t suffer silently. If you or someone you know needs help please, speak up! S whenever you need them – walk in or make an appointment to find a solu

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

ufferers are mainly affected during certain months, ought after. The National Alliance of Mental Illness due to the thought that their cases aren’t as important round sufferers. gton University School of Medicine estimates that hirds of those 19 million never even seek medical help diagnosis and suffer silently. ession has been identified medically since the 1800s own precisely what the cause or causes may be. The

Photo by

n depict different activity h depression, compared to thout depression.

Harvard Health published an article explaining that depression is not caused just by the level of one chemical being too low and another too high. Rather, “several different chemical substances are involved, working both within and outside nerve cells. There is an indefinite amount of chemical reactions that make up the dynamic system that is responsible for your mood, perceptions, and how you experience life.”

ggered by many factors such as their environment, heredity, or even just changes in a brain’s chemical aries from case to case, but has been sided by

ool of Medicines' revealed genes do actually play a n, as well. The National Institute of Mental Health ssion affects both men and women differently. ercent more likely to develop depressive symptoms me, though an article published in JAMA Psychiatry ression affects 30.6 percent of men and 33.3 n, only a 2.7 percent difference. If you are a twin, increased risk.

School counselors are available ution or even just to talk.

Though only someone who has or has had depression can describe exactly the way it acts upon your mind and body, there are some unavoidable symptoms present in each case. oss of interest is one of the easiest symptoms to identify with. Sports, clubs and activities that were once a passion tend to become distant and there isn’t a reason to explain why. Those suffering may completely shut themselves from what they used to find joy in, either gradually or all at once. Sadness is also one of, if not the most, important factor in deciding if one is dealing with depression. When this certain sadness continues every day for a span of two weeks or more, it is something that should be more closely looked at. Everyone is bound to feel sad once in a while, but the intensity of this sadness is a key factor. Online, Medical News Today says that the edge between simple sadness and depression is the point where it interferes with everyday life. Then it is time to seek further guidance. Low energy levels, restlessness, a change in sleep patterns and/or eating habits are other symptoms to look for if you might be depressed, though not everybody has these symptoms; Some have few, some have many, but nearly everybody suffers differently. Suffering can be helped through many varied treatments such as pills or therapy sessions. Each case is treated differently depending on the type of depression and other personal factors. ills like Prozac, Zoloft and Lexapro are a very common medication for many cases of depression. In an interview with CNN, actor Jim Carrey describes his use of Prozac to help him overcome the “low level of disparity” that he had described as depression. For extreme cases like the Scandinavians and their insanely small amount of light in the winter, researchers developed light therapy. Patients actually sit in front of a special light designed to make them feel better, though this only works in about half of SAD sufferers. Recovery rates are high along with the hope for patients. Nearly 80 percent of treated patients recovered when treated. Whether you are young or old, man or woman, famous or not, depression can affect you or the ones you love and is a serious treatable disease.




Student Life

MHS Courier

Student Life



A childhood dream becomes reality kaitlyn SCHELSKE

- Editor-In-Chief

“I am innocent, but I am wanted. I fight for what is right, but I am hated. I prey of those who prey on the innocent. I am the mystery, that people ask to solve mysteries. The only field allies I have are my dog, my cat, and my mind. I am the man who finds the unfindable. I am the man who stops the unstoppable. I am the man who will search in the worst conditions, and fight in the worst areas. I save lives. I protect people. I am the master detective. I am Inspector Z.” “A dream cruise ship turns out to be a nightmare survival when a group of tourists crash on an unknown island, with no way off. Soon

Senior Tanner Hostetter

For many students reflecting on their childhood, most thought of growing up and becoming a firefighter, policeman, or teacher. Needless to say, this dream was different for senior Tanner Hostetter. “As a kid I was fond of stories and adventures and hearing all these incredible things and I was thinking of my first book and then I figured, why not write it?” said Hostetter. “I just linked it together and became a creative writer.” With that thought came his motivation to write and publish his first novel “Dragon Wars.” From there, Hostetter has published two more, the “Predator of the Chimera” and “The Mystery and Mysteries of Detective Z.” With publishing books comes criticism, but Hostetter manages to work through it. “There’s been both [for me] but you need to take both,” said Hostetter. “You need the positive because they’re positive and you need the negative to know your mistakes, know what to improve on and not to mention for me that negative criticism keeps me going.” With a sequel to the “Dragon Wars” sent to the printer and a new fifth book recently finished, Hostetter continues to use criticism to help drive him to write. After high school, Hostetter plans to attend college and major in Creative Writing.

(continued from bottom left) they find out that they are not alone. Things get worse when an alien called the Chimera, with the power to evolve in seconds, starts hunting them. But what they don’t know is that the Chimera has an enemy, and is looking for something. Will this Chimera save their lives, or will birds feed on what is left of their flesh?” “TJ has always had everything he could ever want: his family and his home. But when he finds out that he is a dragon, he leaves home to find where he came from. However, things don’t improve. Soon he must survive a group of hunters that think he is a danger to the world. If he manages to survive, he must stop a Dark Knight from reviving his master and destroying the human race. Luckily for TJ, he meets four other dragons along the way who teach him to use his powers and a few other things about being a dragon. Can TJ and his new allies slay the Dark Knight, or will the only hope for saving the human race fall at the Dark Knight’s feet?” *All photos are submitted

Student Life


MHS Courier

“The gov ern -Freshm ment spying on an Jacob us Honeym .” an

kaitlyn SCHELSKE

- Editor-In-Chief

.” Saur usauer . s r M a “ en H d a r ior B

on race


esota n n i ,M lville ss track.” nson l i M o e e it t motocro eese Jorg d a “M ore R m o h -Sop



Keller as -Senior B king me to Sno b enaiah S imburge all.” r

“Competing at State Parliamentary Procedure for FFA and taking 4th place in the finals!” -Senior Tessa Keller

nd Y.” “Pokemon X a Clark -Junior Wayne

Most Memorable Moments of 2013

“Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker dying.” -Junior Brooke Thomas

“The early October blizzard.” -Sophomore Stetson Ellingson

izzo!” B n i dy rgun Wanek u B “Ron nior Alex - Se

“The Ap r -Freshm il Snowstorm.” an Hann ah Hein ze

“The g o -Soph vernment shu omore Tucke tdown.” r Ham mer

“When ‘What Does the Fox Say’ came out. Now my little sister wants the childrens book.” -Junior Colton Meuchel

“War in Afghanistan being prolonged.” -Senior Alicia Hinkley

Student Life



kaitlyn SCHELSKE

- Asst. Editor-In-Chief

- Editor-In-Chief


r something to do this w o f g n i k Loo Check out these activities! inter

Mandan Parks & Recreation 32 nd Annual Winte r Daze

ink Ice Skating R Locations:

r Park Borden Harbo Eagles Park omplex Legion Park C KC Park uses available *Warming ho ons at select locati

• • • •

January 11-19

Huff Hills Ski Area

Snowflakes to Sprockets Bike Race Race down the slopes on your bike. -February 2nd

Includes a volle yball tournament, free sw imming, indoor ice skatin g, aerobics and more.

Night Jam

Enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the Green Lift under lights. -February 8th at 7 p.m. -Admission is $15

*For more information, go to

Parenting: Take Baby Home!

Textiles: Make a toilet paper wedding dress!

We are Mrs. Grenz, Mrs. Otos & Mrs. Rinas and we LOVE what we teach!

Welcome to 2014! Here is a snapshot of what happens in some of our classes. Housing: Recycle, reuse, and reinvent in a cool way!

Cultures & Cuisines: Travel the world, eat tasty food!

FACS 1: Make Fruit Pizza!


Noobs of the Month

Freshman Makayla Hickman Photo by Sarah Kovash

How does it feel to be a noob? “It feels fantastic.” What is your most embarrassing moment so far? “When my friend and I both tripped and fell into our classroom. It was funny though.” As a noob, what’s your biggest fear? “To be a total outcast and have no friends throughout high school.”

How big is your freshmen pack? “I don’t have one.”

Freshman Trevor Murphy

How does it feel to be a noob? “Pretty amazing.” What is your most embarPhoto by Sarah Kovash rassing moment so far? “Falling down the main stairwell.” As a noob, what’s your biggest fear? “Looking like a noob.”

How big is your freshmen pack? “Medium/small.” *Each month the Courier will feature one or two freshmen to be the noob(s) of the month. Noobs are chosen at random each issue.


Student Life

MHS Courier Don’t forget to like us on Facebook by searching

MHS Courier!

Mandan Wal-Mart is Hiring! Part time Positions For: -Cashiers -Courtesy Associates -Unloader Competitive pay with great hours! Must be 16 years old or older. Apply in store or at Be a part of a great team today! Cappuccino On Collins 105 Collins Ave Mandan, ND 58554 (701) 667-1979 Mon-Fri: 6:30-3:00, Sat: 7:30-1:30


Sports Roundup Boys’ Basketball

The Mandan Boys’ Basketball team kicked off their season with losses to Jamestown and Century. On December 26-28 they traveled to St. Cloud, MN to compete in the Cathedral Holiday Tourney where their record was 1-2. So far in the regular season their record is 0-4 with upcoming games on Jan. 17 and 18 in Williston and Turtle Mountain.

Girls’ Basketball

The Braves in their season currently have a 0-4 record. On Jan. 2-4 they played at the Gillette Energy Classic Tournament in Gillette, WY and were 0-2. The Braves will travel next to Williston on Jan. 17.

Boys’ Hockey

Mandan Boys’ Hockey began their season with a win against Hazen and has proceed to a 3-6 record so far. The Braves went to Minnesota to compete in the Roseau Holiday Classic on Dec. 26-28 and left with a 0-2 record. The Braves will be heading to Century on Jan. 18.

Girls’ Hockey

The Braves started their season with a win against Jamestown, leading to their current record of 6-4. On Dec. 26-27, the Braves traveled to Minnesota to play in the Crookston Holiday Invite where there record was 0-2. The Girls’ will face off against West Fargo in their next game on the 17.

Boys’ Swimming and Diving Mandan Boys’ Swimming and Diving have a 2-1 record so far into their season. They competed in the Bismarck Invite, Mandan Pentathlon and Thomas Manley Memorial, where they placed 4th, 4th and 5th. The Braves’ next meet will be at Minot and Jamestown on Jan. 17 and 18. *All photos from

Sports Athletes of the Month



“Sydnie finished a distinguished career in girls golf this month in style. She finished off the year earning All WDA Honors and All Regional Tournament Team with a great showing at the Regional tournament in Jamestown. Senior Sydnie I believe her season Mongeon ending individual award pale in comparison to what she has added to our team in other areas. She has been a model of consistency and leadership, putting in the work needed to earn her success as well as our team’s success. The younger girls really look up to her and she treats and encourages them in such a positive and nurturing manner. She has reached out to them in recruiting, encouraged them in off season prep and lead them through the season.” said Head Coach Dean Johs.

“Cameron proved himself as a leader in all aspects of the game in the month of October. He contributed as a running back carrying the ball 47 times for 175 yards. He caught 3 passes for 25 yards. He caused two fumJunior Cameron bles against Williston Christopherson and returned one fumble 98 yards for a touchdown. Defensively, Cameron finished with 39 solo tackles, 37 assisted tackles, 19 passes defended and he only allowed the opposition to catch 9 passes. On special teams, Cameron averaged 8 yards per punt return and 18 yards per kick-return. Cameron has been the consummate leader throughout the season. His “can do” attitude and work ethic have made him a true asset to the team.” said Head Coach Todd Sheldon.

“Brandon has started out the season very successfully for the Braves. In the first Coaches Poll he is the second ranked wrestler in the State at the 126 pound weight class. He also picked up two very good wins with a victory Sophomore Brandon Zachmeier over the #4 ranked wrestler from Dickinson and a returning state qualifier from 2013 in the Bismarck High Dual. Brandon was much improved as the season progressed last year and was able to earn a 5th place finish at the state tournament. With the offseason training and wrestling he was able to do he has come back even tougher this season and should be able to move up the podium for the Braves this season. At a only a sophomore level, his work ethic has put him into a leadership role on the team

as an athlete who leads by example during practice and competitions.” said Head Coach Ben Beckler. “As co-captain, Madysen had a lot of responsibility this year not only to run the team’s offense as our setter but to keep a very young team on task. Always willing to do whatever I asked of her, whether that was Junior Madysen learning the libero position or being a Zander big right-side blocker... she always put 110% effort into whatever she was doing. Although as a team, we fell short of a couple of our team goals, but Madysen really stepped up her game in the month of November. She was voted our teams MVA for this season and ended the season with 400 assists, 188 digs and 27 aces.” said Head Coach Anna Folk.



- Asst. Editor-In-Chief

2014 When people say “A penny for your thoughts,” and you put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny?

Freshman Kendall Dietz

Sophomore Sydney Reimers

Junior Justin Pfliger

Senior MaKayla Kohler

Science Teacher Julie Fleck

“It gains interest until I’m ready to give another two cents of my thoughts.”

“It gets saved for later.”

“The government takes it.”

“You have to pay someone to listen.”

“Believe me... I use up the two cents!”

“Ask someone colorblind, they’d know.”

“Many have a different shadowing effect - but black is the fur color and the white areas have no pigmentation. (So black with white stripes)”

“Another mail person.”

“They are if their delivery route is in the same area- if not then some other mail man delivers it.”

Is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

“It’s an optical illusion, and they’re purple.”

Who delivers a mailperson’s mail?

“The same person that shuts off the light in your fridge and closes the door on the bus when the bus driver gets off.”


“White, they have to dye their stripes black.”

“Another mail person.”

“I’m colorblind, so it looks like neon green with purple stripes.”

“Who collects a tax collector’s taxes?”



MHS Courier January 2014  

Coverage of December and January at Mandan High School and community.