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What (Not) To Pack Elizabeth Kokoruda help graduating seniors pack their bags for the next big step in life BY ELIZABETH KOKORUDA writer

What To Pack 1. Sheets/Pillows/Towels

Fortnite Gods

The popular Battle Royale game, “Fortnite,” has captivated gamers on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Mobile Devices (coming soon) all across the globe. MHS is no exception and we were happy to learn that we have some Fortnite standouts in our own classrooms

BY MAX EGLI photographer and TOMMY DOUGLASS managing editor

You’re independent now, so this means that your mom isn’t coming into your room and washing your bed sheets, and picking up your dirty towels off the floor. You must bring them with you, and wash them yourself.

2. Storage Bins

I’ve talked to kids who are attending universities and they all have said that storage bins are way more helpful than they seem to be. Being in a crowded room; it’s helps makes space for other things you might have/need and keep you organized during the term.

3. Toothpaste/Shampoo/Deodorant

These are things you use in your everyday life, so you must being them with you. When you’re in college, no one wants to be known as the kid that always smells in the back of the class. So bring all and make sure to stack up on it too.

4. Money!

Money makes the world go round, and yes it shouldn’t let it run your whole life, but you must bring some with you. College is expensive and you got to learn how to budget your money. If you don’t; you going to be eating Top Ramen for a while.

What Not To Pack

Fortnite has taken McMinnville High School by storm (no pun intended). We decided to find out who was the best! These are the top four MHS fortnite players by most wins combined regardless of platform. *Note all contestants had to provide photgrahic evidence of their success.

1. Anonymous Senior- 250 Wins

Let’s be real, you’re going to be studying too hard to be partying every single night, so leave your high heels and fancy boots at home, and bring those ugly Birkenstocks and a pair of slippers because you’re going to use them more and it’s super

Who is this player? Ninja? Myth? Dakotaz? Joe Gullo? (Just kidding, Joe only has about 10 wins). The world may never know because this Battle Bus warrior intends to keep their identity a secret. What we do know, is out of ALL the students interviewed, this Senior was by far the best Fortnite player to grace the halls of MHS, holding the number one spot by a whopping 56 wins! And as long as rpgs “‘splode” and snipers snipe, we think the number one spot is safely reserved for this player.


2. Jairo Calderon- 204 Wins

1. All Of Your Shoes

2. Books

You have to be crazy to think you’re going to have time to get a quick read of one of your favorite books, for most of the time you’re going to be reading the textbooks that a professor requires you to read. Leave those books in your room; they’re not going anywhere.

3. Fancy Dishes

Despite being in second place, Jairo comes in with an impressive 204 wins, and we’re sure if he went to a smaller school, like Amity, he would not only be a varsity Fortnite player, but likely the best in the entire school. Heck, Jairo might be better than the entire city of Amity! His skill with the SCAR can’t go unnoticed, and he has the wins to back it up. Atta boy Jairo!

3. Brett Martino- 117 Wins

We all have a cute mug we hold dearly in our hearts, or we have entire collection of cat mugs, but just don’t bring them! Your dorms is incredibly small, so there’s barely any space for your stuff, and keep in mind that you will be sharing with another person. So do you roommate and yourself a favor, and leave the mugs in your mom’s cabinet.

The gap between 2nd and 3rd place may be a large one, but Brett’s 117 wins is nothing to scoff at, hey you know he has more wins than you do. To break that 100 mark, you have to be an all-around player and that’s exactly what Brett is, whether he has an AR, Sniper or Grenade Launcher, you better

4. Dorm Decorations

4. Daveonne Quitaga- 82

Everyone gets ideas in how they’re going to start decorating their dorm, and you bring somecan, but pack lightly. You don’t want to only bring stuff to decorate your dorm because you are an adult now, and you have to separate what’s important and what’s not. 16

The Bruin MARCH 21, 2018

run if you ever encounter Brett in a game. Despite being number four on the list, one peek at Daveonne’s nightly snap story will prove just how good he is. It seems like winning is a daily occurance in Daveonne’s world. Plus there are rumors Daveonne is coming out with a Youtube Channel soon, and we hope it happens! Congrats Grizzlies, keep winning and may the storm be forever in your favor!

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McMinnville High School, The Bruin, Issue #4, 2018  

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McMinnville High School, The Bruin, Issue #4, 2018  

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