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To Protect and To Serve: Mission Complete BY TOMMY DOUGLASS managing editor

“To Protect and Serve.” This motto, initially adopted by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1963, embodies the mission of many great policemen and women across the country, and in Yamhill County -- specifically at McMinnville High School -- the staff and students have indeed been honorably protected and served over the last four years by School Resource Officer (SRO) Toby Carver. Unfortunately, as another saying goes, “all good things must come to an end,” and at the end of this school year, Carver will retire from his position in the McMinnville School District. The legacy of Toby Carver begins long before his assignment with McMinnville Schools, in fact, Carver’s law enforcement career began 28 years ago. In 1990, Carver began his career as an officer with the Glendale Police Department in California where he would serve for 15 years. It was there, in 1994, that Carver got his start working in schools where he served as a D.A.R.E. Officer, then a middle school SRO, and finally as the supervisor of the Police Activities League. After his 15 years with the Glendale PD, Carver moved to McMinnville in 2005 where he joined the McMinnville Police Department, and 10 years after that, he would be assigned as the SRO to the McMinnville School District. As an SRO, Carver stated that his “foremost duty as an SRO is to help establish a safe and secure campus experience for students and staff alike.” Carver maintains this environment by not only working an 8-4 workday, 5 days each week in the school district, but also by SAM HELLER being present in the community. Carver is fast to point out that keeping students safe, “involves being visible on foot and in my patrol car on campus and in the [neighborhood]. I must be in good communication with our district Security Manager, administrators, deans, and campus monitors to maintain that high level of safety and security.” As part of the community, Carver would occasionally work with the patrol squad in McMinnville, filling in as needed over the summer holiday, but he added, “I always look forward to returning to the school atmosphere where my heart really resides.” The joy of working with kids is not without its challenges though, and Carver admitted that this workload can be tough to balance. Carver said, “I have come to learn quickly that this assignment involves a whole bunch of multi-tasking skills.” These multi-tasking skills can involve discipline including making arrests and issuing citations; but equally as important, Carver stands out as a role model, teacher and leader. Carver said, “My role also should be heavy on the proactive piece [such as] teaching, giving presentations, meetings with staff, students, and parents, etc. That is actually my favorite part of this assignment. I love to interact with people of all ages and hopefully make a

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positive impression on them. I want to convey to people that I’m a regular guy doing a job that can be very rewarding. A job that involves a lot of serving and being transparent and real.” For Carver, it is after these 28 years of being transparent and real as a police officer, that he is able to retire and move onto a new chapter in his life. Although his official retirement plans are up in the air, he is certain that he wants to “retire healthy and move into that next season with a passion.” Luckily for Carver, he has received new help this year as he prepares for retirement. This new assistance comes in the form of a new, second SRO with the McMinnville School District, Officer Greg Park. Carver said, “This year, Officer Park, has been a great addition to the SRO team! His commitment to this assignment allows the two of us to maintain a better focus and be more available for requests.” Like Carver, Park has had a seasoned career in Law Enforcement. This is Park’s seventh year as an officer where has served for both the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and the McMinnville Police Department. Park, like Carver before him, has embraced the school environment as he said, “The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is that I now have the ability to take my time and really get at the root cause of a particular issue. When you’re on the road you don’t have a lot of time to do that. It’s a nice change.” Park is a self proclaimed “laid back person with a sarcastic sense of humor” who likes building relationships with those he encounters. Park added, “I am a people person. I like talking to people and learning about their lives or opinions on various topics. Since there are over 2,000 students at MHS there should be plenty to talk about. I’m excited to help students navigate the stressful and potentially overwhelming phase of life [they’re] in.” As a brand new SRO, there are bound to be struggles, and as Park acknowledged, “The hardest part has been getting to know the students and building trust between us. It will come with time.” However, Park also recognizes the ability he has, as an SRO, to make a profound impact in people’s lives.” As Park transitions in and builds new relationships within the school district, Carver is prepared to transition out and strengthen the already tight-knit relationships that he has with his family. Carver said, “I really enjoy hanging out with my family for sure. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 26 years. We have three children. It looks a bit different today than in years past since they are older now, but we try hard to stay connected as much as possible. My middle daughter is married. My son is a Western Oregon University graduate and my other daughter is about to transfer to WOU as well from Chemeketa. We enjoy camping, family gatherings, playing games, listening to music, and watching movies… Our church family is a huge part of our lives as well.”

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