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The monthly magazine of My Florida Regional MLS June 2011 Volume 1, Issue 2



Ready? It’s a common question this time of year, but an important one. page 4

Also in this issue: Kurio-Showing Time Update page 5

Product Spotlight: IMAPP page 17

My Florida ReSource Magazine June 2011 Volume 1, Issue 2

June 2011

My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) 5032 Goddard Avenue Orlando, FL 32804




Ready? It’s a common question this time of year, but an important one.

Also...easy-to-print Hurricane Guide!

page 4

In every issue... 5 MFRMLS News

—Kurio-Showing Time Update

6 Commentary by MFRMLS Leadership —Don’t click that link! Stay Subscribed to our emails.

7-9 Training & Tips —Tips from the Help Desk: Prospect Searches —Recent My Tips of the Week

10-12 Resources —4 Tech Trends to Implement Now —Want a small tripod for your smartphone? —How’s Your Blurb Appeal?

15 Real Estate News 16-18 Spotlights —Team Member: Andreia Jackson, Senior IT Specialist —Product and Services: IMAPP —Member: Coming Soon!

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20-21 Commercial Real Estate News (presented by MFCRE) 2 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011

Volume 1, Issue 2

MFR booths: 406 & 408 (side-by-side), as well as booth 113.

Bask in the MFRMLS (Booth) Spotlight! Florida Realtors® 2011 Convention & Trade Expo Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL, Aug 25-26 (Trade Expo Dates-FREE Admission on 26th) Special guest appearance by...Elvis? You may just find the “King” is in the MFRMLS booth (also, giveaways and prizes)!

Learn more about your MFRMLS products & services! June 2011 | My Florida ReSource | 3




By MFRMLS Staff Are you ready?

Although you probably already know the subject in question, we can tell you we’re not talking about the dinner party you have on your calendar—of course, we’re talking about hurricane season! So ... are you ready?

What does the guide contain? The guide contains a checklist of needed provisions, important, relevant websites for your planning and recovery needs and other information for what to do when a Hurricane Watch or Warning is issued.

Well, of course you’re ready for hurricane season … right? Well, even if you’re not, or if you think you are, the fact of the matter is you can never be too prepared.

To download the guide, please visit

Which is exactly why we wanted to put together an easy-to-print hurricane preparedness guide for you—just in case you haven’t already downloaded or received one. Some of the information you’ve probably seen before, but it’s our hope that you download, print and safely keep the following guide—and then never have to use it!

Although no storms hit the United States last year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) believes this season will see 12 to 18 named storms with six to 10 becoming hurricanes, and three to six of those major hurricanes (winds 111 mph or higher). This would be an above-average season, if the predictions become reality.

Above-Average Season?

Forecasters are pointing to a few factors that might make this season above-average: 1) We are in a cyclical period of more active storm seasons; 2) Water surface temperatures in the Atlantic are higher than normal; 3) La Nina is helping to reduce wind shear (wind shear is debilitating to the organization of tropical systems). For more information on NOAA’s predictions, please visit 4 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011

Already have an emergency supply kit? Don’t forget to take inventory of your emergency kit from last season, just in case items are missing, expired or new items need to be included.

Did you know? Sustained winds are defined as oneminute average wind measured at approximately 33 feet (10 meters) above the surface.

Looking for a plan? The State of Florida has a great website that allows you to create and print a personalized disaster plan for you, your family or your business:

Did you know? For Atlantic Ocean hurricanes (or tropical storms), the names may be French, Spanish or English, since these are the major languages bordering the Atlantic Ocean where the storms occur.

Length of Hurricane Season? June 1—Nov. 30 Volume 1, Issue 2

Update: Florida Realtors® Deliver Relief to Alabama Storm Victims By MFRMLS Staff

Kurio-Showing Time Update By MFRMLS Staff

It’s “show time” for Kurio! Showing Time integration in Kurio has begun—at least on iPad. If you haven’t noticed, you can now access Showing Time in Kurio on your iPad.

Coming Soon! Integration with other tablets, as well as mobile devices, using the following operating systems are not far behind! —Android —IOS You may remember a recent announcement about one of our fellow REALTOR® members, Bob Caldwell, who was organizing a relief effort for victims of the Alabama tornado. Well, it appears Bob Caldwell and other Florida REALTORS® have been lending a lot of help in Alabama to those in need—and the effort isn’t going unnoticed … Visit the following link to see a news story that was done on WAAY-TV, an ABC affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama: To those REALTOR® members who have contributed to the relief effort in Alabama or to any relief effort in previous years, thank you for all that you have done and for being great REALTOR® ambassadors.

—Blackberry 0S 5.0 or greater Along with this integration, also coming soon: Showing Time in Kurio will also work when you are accessing Kurio from a desktop or laptop device, offering a great alternative for MLS access if MLXchange goes down. Try Kurio out here: (and then bookmark the link on your desktop or laptop computer, in case you ever need it).

Kurio Custom Link Feature Did you know that the custom link feature works in Kurio too? That’s correct! When you use or send a client to your MyFloridaHomesMLS. com custom link (i.e.—*not a real link) through a mobile or tablet device, the searches that you or your client conduct in Kurio will yield property results that contain your contact information. Please note: After you type in or your custom link into your mobile or tablet browser, your mobile or tablet browser will automatically load Kurio as the primary means for property searching.

June 2011 | My Florida ReSource | 5

Commentary In case you missed this article in last issue...

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Every once-in-awhile we receive an unsubscribe notice from our email marketing vendor, saying that we had a member unsusbscribe. Quite honestly, it makes us sad. Why does it make us sad? Well here are a couple of primary reasons: 1. That member just said good-bye to direct, timely information on new member benefits, system updates, rules and regulation changes ... these are just a few of the communications they will miss! 2. That member won’t get an e-bill, as we have moved to a paperless billing system and invoices are no longer mailed. Without an e-bill, they will not receive the deadline reminders, running the risk of having to pay a late fee or having their account suspended. Essentially, if you choose to unsubscribe from our emailing list, you may not receive the important information you need or are looking for. Don’t let this be you! Please think before you click that link to unsubscribe. You might just unplug yourself from a valuable part of your membership with MFRMLS. Also, if you unsubscribed (accidentally, of course) from the MFRMLS emailing list, there are only two ways to re-join the list. 1. If you have a previous email from us, you can click the “Manage your Subscription” link and re-subscribe. 2. If you no longer have a previous email from us, you will need to provide the MFRMLS Communications Team with an alternate email address. Since your “Unsubscribed” status is only associated with your email address and not your name, we can set you up to receive emails with this alternate email address. So once again, don’t click that link! Stay subscribed! This has been a public service announcement from the MFRMLS Communications Team.

6 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011 For more information about becoming an MFCRE member, a Commercial Information Exchange (CIE), please contact Connie Kazakowitz at 1-800-686-7451 (ext. 8668) or email

Volume 1, Issue 2

tips from the Help Desk A monthly tip from the MFRMLS Help Desk.

How to Set Up a Prospect Search (Auto-Notification Email) in MLXchange A Prospect Search is used to send listings to clients automatically (hence “auto-notification email”). If you are using MLXchange, these are the steps to create your Prospect Search: Please note: These steps assume that you already have a client set up. If you do not have your client set up, click on “Clients” first, and then click the “Add New Client” button. Enter the first and last name of the client along with an email address (at a minimum) and save your client. Continue with the steps below after you have your client set up. 

 1. Click on “Search” and enter criteria. 2. Click “Results” 3. From the lower right of the results, click on the “Save Search” button. 4. On the next screen, enter a name for the search. 

 5. Next, choose the client that the search is for in the “Link To Client” box. *Note: If you have not yet established your client you may do so here by clicking “New Contact” 6. Choose “Yes” for the “Activate This Search” option. This will open up additional options below it. The days to expire should default to the maximum number of days. 7. Put a check in the first box labeled “Send Notifications To” for the “Client Notifications” section (the client’s




How to Set Up a Prospect Search (Auto-Notification Email) in MLXchange

email address should be in the box).

changes and listing images. 

8. ”Email Template” section should be left as the default unless you want to use a custom template for notifications.

14. After all of the above settings are entered, click “Save” at the bottom left. *Note: Any new mataches that occur to all prospecting searches will now appear on the the homepage of MLXchange in the upper left where it says “New Prospecting Matches.” You can click on the link there and you will be taken to all of your searches that are set up for auto-notification.

9. To the right of “Send Listing Report(s)”, choose which report(s) that you would like to send to your client. *You can choose multiple reports by holding down the Ctrl Key on your keyboard and then choosing each report. 

 10. The “Save History of Email Notifications” should be set to “Yes” if you would like to track the emails going out. This is the client “Sent Mail”. 11. In the “Agent Notifications” section, choose if you would like to receive a copy of the emails also. Place a check in the box labeled “My Primary Email Address” for this. *Note: This is also where you may choose which report you would like to view when property matches are emailed to you. 12. In the “Auto-Notification Settings” section you will choose the “Auto-Notification Frequency.” You can choose how often the emails should be sent: ASAP, Daily (being sure to choose which days of the week), Monthly or Never. Below that, you can choose two options for resending notification emails based on price changes, status

**Please note that MLXchange will not send out the initial listings from the saved search automatically. You can choose to either manually email them to the client or send your client a link to their private Client Gateway where they can view all listings matching the prospecting/saved search. If you have chosen to automatically send updates to the client, sit back and relax. MLXchange will now send your client an email with the new/changed listings that match their criteria based on the settings you chose!

Help Desk Hours: Mon–Fri: 7:30 AM–8:00 PM Sat–Sun: 8:00 AM–6:00 PM Toll Free: (800) 686-7451 Local: (407) 218-8607

June 2011 | My Florida ReSource | 7

Class is Now in Session!

Go Big "U" Have you been to MFRMLS University? This training portal will connect you to the many courses available to you as an MFR Member. Online, or in person, we’ve got a class for you. Looking to learn in your pajamas? With easy registration and no waiting, you can bring our trainers into your home through live and recorded webinars. Available online, you can save gas and you can save time. Best of all, the courses are free. Need face time? No problem. MFRMLS University also connects you to live courses taught at your association/board by MFRMLS instructors. With interactive sessions in a classroom setting, you’ll be an expert in no time. In-person or online, MFRMLS University can help you boost your business with the many tools and products offered with your membership. Log on today to learn more!

Commentary 8 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011

Volume 1, Issue 2




Recent My Tips of the Week Did you know that you can access Imapp from your mobile device? Open the browser on your mobile device and type the address:

Did you know that you can send a file to your DocBox, a fax machine, and an email address all at the same time? Instanet’s DocBox Printer does the trick! 1. Access Transaction Desk, by navigating to “Resources” on the MLXchange Homepage, then “Smartlinks”, then “Login To TransactionDesk”... 2. Once in TransactionDesk, Go to the “Settings” tab 3. Then Go to the “My Preferences” box 4. Now Click on “Print Driver Settings” in the list at the left 5. Follow the instructions to install your new DocBox Printer!

Did you know you can attend online, live webinar training from your home or office PC? 1. In MLXchange, cick on the “Education” category under the MLXchange “Resource Links” from the home page or on the sidebar; then, click on “Live Webinar Registration” or click the link: 2. After clicking the link to register, type your First Name, Last Name and Email Address. 3. The link to attend the webinar is emailed to your email address and a reminder email is sent on the day of the webinar, which includes a link you can use to attend the webinar, in addition to a phone # to dial (to hear the presentation). 4. If you are unable to attend one of the live webinars, look under the “Tutorials & Recorded Webinars” category under the MLXchange “Resource Links” for previous webinars that are available to you 24/7.

June 2011 | My Florida ReSource | 9

4 Tech Trends to Implement Now By Katherine Tarbox, REALTOR® Magazine


Want a small tripod for your smartphone? Feeling industrious?

ith social media and mobile phones advancing, technology is allowing practitioners to connect with more consumers, send files faster, and ultimately, do more business. At the Professional Development Forum at the REALTORS® Midyear Legislative Meetings, technology expert Amy Chorew of urged practitioners to consider incorporating these strategies into their business models. 1. Market through social media. A popular NAR study says that 87 percent of home buyers begin their search online, but Chorew says that more will probably start at social media sites. “Permission-based marketing such as Facebook or Twitter allows the customers listen or read messages because they are interested in the content of the message,” she explained. She cautions practitioners to be careful with the content they create for social media and how they use the Like and Share functions. However, when used effectively, she says this is all the marketing one may need to do. 2. Work in the cloud. Real estate pros often have to exchange large files between colleagues and clients. Cloud computing allows you to store those files online. These files may be later accessed online from your smart phone, desktop or wherever you are. Chorew recommends, Google Docs, or, which syncs with DocuSign, an e-signature company. 3. Make your site mobile. Five years ago, Web site developers were concerned with making sure that their pages looked good all browsers. Today, Web hosts need to make sure their site is navigable on all mobile devices. “People expect to be able to pull up a site from any device and have it look good.” Chorew recommends that practitioners make it a priority to develop their sites for mobile devices.


4. Go viral with video. As more smartphones come built in with video cameras, Chorew says you can expect to see more video on real estate sites, since it can show more of the property. She recommends trying out the video functions on your digital camera before investing in a video camera and always recording with a small tripod. Copyright National Association of REALTORS®. Reprinted with permission.

10 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011

Every once-in-awhile we receive an idea from one of our members or an industry professional that we like to share. With that said, below is a “how-to” article from Dick Betts, a national speaker, especially in the real estate industry, who covers everything from mobile technology to business management. The article: how to construct a small tripod for your smartphone. Here is Mr. Betts: Every week I pour over newly released Smartphones, Tablets, Pads and apps looking for the latest technology to aid REALTORS® in doing their job easier, better and more efficiently. I download apps to see if worthwhile, play with all kinds of hardware and read the latest technology news. My goal is always the same—to help folks work smarter (please see “Tripod” page 12) Volume 1, Issue 2

a request Tuesday and had TWO calls from houses but she called the second time because I I call responsive! And she couldn’t have been -M. Hunt Altamonte Springs, FL

Eligibility Criteria Real estate professional must be a member of a participating MLS. Real estate professional must be the listing agent for the property. Real estate professional must obtain a signed Borrower Authorization Form (BAF) from the homeowner(s) and submit it to the MLS;


Submission Guidelines issue by working through the servicer. Real estate professional may submit the case in the event the servicer has not provided: an initial response within 20 days,

or, if the real estate professional has received an approval from the servicer for your transaction, but either the mortgage insurer or second lien holder has imposed a closing condition that is not possible for the borrower to meet. Real estate professional must address all “actionable” requests from the servicer before submitting the issue. Where additional documentation is requested, servicer response time will be

5032 Goddard Avenue Orlando, FL 32804

June 2011 | My Florida ReSource | 11

Tripod (continued from page 10)

Resources How’s Your ‘Blurb’ Appeal? You could be turning off buyers with your property descriptions. Here are some things to avoid to increase your “blurb appeal,” according to Bankrate. com: -Avoid hyperbole and exaggeration. Don’t use “the best” to describe features in the home. You’ll make buyers skeptical and assume that you’re exaggerating. -Don’t imply that the property is being flipped. -Make sure the photos you include match your descriptions. Research studies have supported the idea that the wording you use in property descriptions can greatly influence buyers and the sale of the home. For example, a University of Texas at San Antonio study found that descriptions that state facts about a home tend to be associated with increased selling prices. Also, a study by the University of Guelph in Ontario found that when listing’s ads (please see “Blurb Appeal” page 15 12 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011

and determine if the benefits outweigh the fuss or cost. Well, have I got a home run for you—a tripod mount for Smartphones. We’re all doing so much more video than ever with the help of Skype, AT&T’s Face Time, shooting YouTube videos and using our Smartphone cameras for just about everything, so this might be the perfect tool/gadget for you! In my world I have Skype loaded on my iPhone and not on my computer. You ask “why?” Well, it is because the newer Smartphones typically have better cameras than most webcams. Smartphones are now being shipped with 5, 8 and even 12 mega pixels, including front and rear cameras. The big problem is holding the phone still so the person on the other end doesn’t get drunk from you shaking the phone. So off I went to Best Buy looking for an answer. Well I found nothing in the store that would work, nor have I seen any solutions on the web that I liked. I then went home and pulled out my graph paper and colored pencils and decided to build my own. Three hours later, and after a trip back to Best Buy and Lowe’s, I found the answer. How about a tripod adapter for Smartphones costing $2.21 (not including tripod)? Yep that’s it and here are the parts you need: One Foot of ½” Schedule 80 PVC pipe—51 cents Two ½” street elbows—19 cents each (38 cents total) One ½“ Tee—17 cents One ½” Cap—19 cents One T-nut ¼” —96 cents Total $2.21 I sawed, filed and glued all in about 30 minutes—and then was ready to test it. All the above parts came from Lowe’s. I then went back to Best Buy to pick up the tripod SunPak Mini Flexpod for $21.99. If you notice in the picture (on page 10), I have allowed space from the bottom of the phone to the framework of the adapter. The reason is so that I can keep the phone on charge while in tripod. Now that I am a little further away from the phone, I decided to add a wired headset which has a boom microphone, ear piece and across the top head support. The phone sits in the tripod next to my computer, charging with the headset connected. I have learned it is easier to use the phone when texting, looking up contacts or anything else while it’s mounted in the tripod. Whether shooting a video for YouTube, using Skype or even taking still photos the tripod is the answer. Now, don’t ask me to make you one. And, no, I have no plans of marketing them, but you CAN do this simple project by taking the list I’ve provided to the hardware store and make your own! Volume 1, Issue 2

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Learn from some of the industry’s top agents and trainers how to leverage social media to build your business! There is something for EVERYONE!

James Nellis II What Your Kids Never Told You About Social Networking Build a Social Media Strategy Make Money Connecting with People of Facebook! How To Make Money Using Twitter LinkedIn—Build Your Professional Image Social Media—Gorilla Marketing

Social Fusion Technology Free For All

For more info visit More topics coming soon!

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June 2011 | My Florida ReSource | 13

Upgrade Highlights for MFRMLS Members!


YouTube iVuVideos! Professional Results iVuVideo transforms your still photos and panoramas to video in one click. More Exposure Automatically publish your tour to YouTube or any video sharing or social network.

Video never got easier!

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Social Media

Viral Marketing Tools!

How would you like to be introduced to your client’s friends and family with each listing? AnnounceMyListing is a viral marketing tool that auto-generates two Free Listing Announcements from your VuVista MLS Tour. Simply select AnnounceMyListing when you publish your tour!

Agent Announcement

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Email your announcement to your database of clients and peers. You can even embed video and links to your blog or website.

Let your seller personalize and email their announcement to their social contacts and post to their Facebook wall, leveraging social media in a new and unique method.

For more information visit:

14 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011

Volume 1, Issue 2

Instanet Solutions announces tablet-based form management service

Real Estate News

InstanetForms service supports popular tablet devices such as iPad and Android based tablets. AUSTIN, TX – May 10, 2011 – Insta- need empower our users to be able to net Solutions announced today the work with their forms and contracts availability of a zero footprint version using tablet devices” says Martin of InstanetForms PresiUsers simply need to login Scrocchi, enabling real estate dent and CEO of to their existing Transac- Instanet Solutions. professionals to be able to create and tionDesk or InstanetForms “InstanetForms maintain contracts was originally account through their taband forms through released in 1998 let browser and will auto- and was the first popular tablet devices such as the matically be accessing the web based contract iPad, Xoom, Playand form managenew version. Book or any other ment service and Android based tablet device. is now the first service of its kind to enable users to be truly mobile when “As more real estate professionals mi- it comes to managing their forms.” grate to tablet technologies we saw the Starting in June 2011 the zero foot print version of InstanetForms will be available to all existing InstanetForms and TransactionDesk users at no additional cost. Users simply need to login to their existing TransactionDesk or InstanetForms account through their tablet browser and will automatically TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – June 1, 2011 be accessing the new version. – Florida Governor Rick Scott signed two bills passed during the 2011 sesin law does not impact local governsion of the Florida Legislature. One ments that were collecting business bans local governments from collecttaxes from sales associates on Oct. 13, ing business taxes from associates 2010. while the second helps licensees who handle short sales. Mortgage licensing Business taxes SB 1316 by Sen. Nancy Detert (RVenice) codifies into the Florida Sales associates who don’t currently pay a business tax (formerly known as S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act the same language contained in a federal occupational licenses taxes) will appreciate HB 311 by Kenneth Roberson act. The law allows Florida real estate licensees to list and sell short sales (R-Port Charlotte). without having to first obtain addiLocal governments that weren’t coltional licensure under Chapter 494. lecting business taxes from sales associates on Oct. 13, 2010, may not do Reprinted with permission. Florida Realtors®. All rights reserved. so in the future. However, the change

Gov. signs two bills that impact real estate

About Instanet Solutions Instanet Solutions is a leading provider of real estate technology with approximately 390,000 licensed, paid, user accounts of their various real estate focused products – InstanetFormsTM, TransactionDeskTM, DocBoxTM, DocBox2GoTM, InstanetFaxTM, and AuthentisignTM. Instanet Solutions began delivering residential real estate technology in 1992. Further information about Instanet Solutions and its products is available at

Blurb Appeal (continued from page 12) incorporated words like “beautiful” —rather than “move-in condition”— the sale price was influenced by 5 percent or more, as much as $15,000 on a $300,000 house. Also, researchers found that words that reflected “curb appeal” or the attractiveness of the home, such as good neighborhood or excellent upkeep, also were found to help the property sell faster than homes that were described as being a “good value.” Source: “How to Spoil a Home Description,” (June 2011) and REALTOR® Magazine online Copyright National Association of REALTORS®. Resources Reprinted with permission. June 2011 | My Florida ReSource | 15



l i t o p gh

MFRMLS Team Member Andreia Jackson, Senior IT Specialist Every month we spotlight one MFR team member, in order to help distinguish some of the dedicated, hard-working, friendly faces we have on our MFR staff. We truly believe we an outstanding team of individuals. And, of course, this is no coincidence, as we look to provide our members with outstanding service. So, without further ado, we are pleased to spotlight (drum roll please) … Andreia Jackson, Senior IT Specialist and amateur photographer by day—stargazer by night. How long have you been working at MFR? 7 years What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? I’ve always been into computers, even as a kid. I was able to turn my hobby into a career here at MFR. Any hobbies outside of work? Amateur photography, astronomy and gaming. What is (or are) your favorite subject(s) to photograph? Nature, family, and in the near feature I would like to dabble into astrophotography. Where were you born and where were you raised? I was born in Queens, NY, but was raised in a few places. My father used to do contract work for the military as a technical writer, so I got to live in a few states growing up. If there’s one place in the world, all expenses-paid, you could visit tomorrow, where would that place be and why? I would love to see Hawaii. Kona & Maui is one of the top places to whale watch and I would love to capture that on camera up close! Thank you Andreia—thank you for your answers and for being such an important team member!

16 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011

Volume 1, Issue 2


IMAPP link appears in the left column —Or simply perform a tax search by clicking “tax” from the menu bar (a property doesn’t have to be listed with the MLS for IMAPP to have access)

Spotlights Property Tax Information at Your Fingertips IMAPP is an industry leader in providing tax roll data, parcel maps, and integrated MLS information. Once you are logged in, you have a host of intuitive tools for searching, displaying, and reporting the public property tax records for every county in Florida.

Mortgage Information As of June 21, 2011, mortgage information can now be found in IMAPP for Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties. Additionally, IMAPP is working on adding mortgage information for more counties in the future.



IMAPP is a perfect companion to MLXchange, and you can access IMAPP several ways from within MLXchange: —From the information bubble that appears to the left of a listing in the results grid, the IMAPP icon looks like a chain link (if you have a pop-up blocker, remember to press “CTRL” as you click to allow the window to open) —From the “SmartLinks” section (under “Resources”) on the right hand side of the homepage of MLXchange —From the listing detail page, the


Currently, for the mentioned counties, simply access IMAPP by one of the ways previously Product and Service mentioned in this article With the click of the and the mortgage informouse, you can view mation can be found in county tax records, the “Sales Information” section. deeds, recently sold properties, aerial photos, building sketches, demoOther IMAPP Updates graphics and foreclosure information. The knowledge you gain from In addition to the mortgage informaIMAPP will allow you to speak more tion, the following release items were authoritatively about every property announced: you investigate. —Options in the “Show Report” sections of the tax reports to enable/disable the view/print of “All Sales”, “Only Most Recent Sale”, “Show Mortgage Details”, or enable/disable the view/print of the entire “Sales Information” section. —Zip code sorting of search results. —”Millage Rate” added to the “Value Information” section of the tax reports for Pinellas County (already displayed where available for other counties). —”Tax Authority (Municipality or Unincorporated)” added to the Value Information” section of the tax reports. —Tax Search by both State and County Property Use Codes (County Use Code not available for Lee and Pasco Counties) June 2011 | My Florida ReSource | 17



l i t o p gh

Member Coming Soon! Our members mean the world to us and we’d love to get to know you better. With that said, we’ve dedicated this “spotlight” to YOU! Here you can tell us more about yourself, your business and how you use your MFRMLS subscription. Check out the below sample spotlight to get a feel of what this Member Spotlight will look like.

Transaction Desk to help me organize my documents, thus giving me more time to spend with clients—and family. Must have gadget or tool: My iPhone. Greatest accomplishment to date: Completing the Boston Marathon. When not working you can be found: Heading to the beach and enjoying the Florida weather. Want to be the next Member Spotlight?



Send an email to with the subject line “Spotlight Me” and you could be the next Member Spotlight.

Please note: Member spotlights are selected at random, and on a first-to-email first-to-feature basis. We look forward to hearing from and about you!

Sample Member Spotlight Name: Jane Sample Business: Jane Sample Realty Association/Board: West Pasco Board of Realtors

your photo here

How long in the industry: 15 years. What you love about real estate: Helping clients find the perfect home for their current and long term needs. Favorite product or service through MFRMLS: Kurio because I am always on the go and my mobile device is my lifeline. How has MFRMLS helped your business: I love having all the different products and services, and have used 18 | My Florida ReSource | June 2011

Volume 1, Issue 2

Are You Getting the Most out of YOUR Consumer Website? is YOUR Consumer Website. Similar to a Trulia or a Zillow, keeps YOU at the center

Got Buyers?

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MFCRE and CCIM Members: CCIMREDEX is here! Are you a CCIM Member? A My Florida Commercial Real Estate (MFCRE) Member? Then you’ve found yourself a match, as CCIM Institute (CCIM) just announced this month that MFCRE Members who are also CCIM Members can now link their MFCRE listings to CCIMREDEX. According to CCIM’s website, CCIMREDEX offers “more exposure for your property in less time” by allowing “you to enter property data once and automatically submit that data to a variety of listing services, providing local, regional and national exposure.” “We’re always excited by new opportunities to help ensure the success of our commercial (MFCRE) members,” said Carole Burgess, Vice President of Administration for MFRMLS. “CCIMREDEX is a comprehensive and effective way to market your properties.” If you’re an MFCRE and CCIM Member, here’s how to enable the CCIMREDEX feed, which will allow you to push listings from MFCRE to CCIMREDEX: 1) Log into MFCRE 2) Verify that you’re known as a CCIM member: —Click “My Account” in the top navigation bar —Click “Edit Profile” on the right-hand side

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—Select the “Credentials & Education” section on the right-hand side —Select “CCIM” in either the “Designations & Certifications” or “Professional Organizations” section—or enter your CCIM Member number where specified 3) Pull up your property listings by clicking on “My Listings” in the top navigation bar 4) Select a property listing, then click the “Promote” link to view the list of online distribution options 5) Under CCIMREDEX, click “Enable” 6) Enter your CCIMREDEX username and submit 7) Select preferences, as appropriate (i.e. send or stop sending this particular listing or all listings) Alternately, in order to pull listings from CCIMREDEX to MFCRE, all you need to do is log into CCIMREDEX and enable the feed to Catylist (MFCRE). MFCRE, which premiered in January 2010, is excited to offer this opportunity, as it continues to look for new opportunities to provide MFCRE Members with more success. For MFCRE membership information, please contact Connie Kazakowitz in our Administration and Membership Department at 1-800686-7451 (ext. 8668) or by email at

We’re always excited by new opportunities to help ensure the success of our commercial (MFCRE) members.


—Carole Burgess, MFRMLS Vice President of Administration About CCIM

The CCIM Institute was established in 1954 to give commercial real estate practitioners a previously unrealized opportunity to further their business practices through focused education and networking opportunities. Today, with the addition of advanced technology tools, CCIM is the global leader in commercial and investment real estate education and services. And the coveted CCIM designation, recognized as a hallmark of professional competency, affords members an undisputed competitive advantage. Belonging to CCIM means being part of an ethical and knowledgeable network that fosters lasting relationships based on mutual respect. Our membership represents diversity in culture, gender, and age from all disciplines in the commercial real estate industry.

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Zuklu Announces the Launch of Its New Social Networking Website Zuklu is for Commercial Real Estate Professionals, Investors and Brokers Los Angeles, CA, May 22, 2011 -Zuklu, a commercial real estate social network marketplace for professionals, investors, and brokers, announced the launch of its new website today. not only connects its users with other Commercial Real Estate (“CRE”) professionals globally, but also provides them access to CRE information quickly and in an easy to manage manner. It is a listings site, social networking site, tools site—all in one—it is a one stop shop for commercial real estate. People post deals, post needs, ask questions, network, and utilize Zuklu tools to help them underwrite deals and close deals more efficiently. “Our website attracts not just the commercial real estate professionals, but also all ranges of investors and buyers on a global basis. There are many buyers and investors out there ranging from doctors looking for commercial space to family trusts looking for apartment deals or a neighborhood gas station to invest in, or even your neighbor looking to invest in land as an investment opportunity,” said Christina Young, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Zuklu. “We are redefining the commercial real estate marketplace the same way pioneering companies like Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow redefined it for residential housing.”

ing tools and library that help them research and do analysis on commercial deals, bid out projects, and tools to negotiate and close deals more efficiently. Zuklu is based out of Los Angeles, California and has a fast growing database of Commercial Real Estate professional members and deal listings spanning over 20 countries. About Zuklu Zuklu is a social network for Commercial Real Estate professionals, investors, and brokers, and offers its members listings in a marketplace setting. Zuklu not only connects its users with other Commercial Real Estate (“CRE”) professionals globally, but also provides them access to CRE information quickly and in an easy to manage manner. It is a listings site, social networking site, tools site—all in one—it is a one stop shop for commercial real estate. People post deals, post needs, ask questions, network, and utilize Zuklu tools to help them underwrite deals and close deals more efficiently. Copyright 2011 RE Technology Inc. Reprinted with permission.

With the launch of the new website, Zuklu will offer its fast growing community of global members several unique features such as

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My Florida ReSource - June 2011  

The monthly, member-focused magazine of My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS).

My Florida ReSource - June 2011  

The monthly, member-focused magazine of My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS).