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Theodore Jennings is the CEO and award winning outdoor living designer who is a 14 years permanent resident of Japan.

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AUG 30-SEP 12, 2013

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metropolis Getsumatsu Fri sep 27 @ p.c.m


live music/¥500 drinks

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Randomness at Yoyogi station, by Paul England


The Small Print By Steve Trautlein


—From a farewell message by former US Ambassador to Japan John Roos, who left his post earlier this month

HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN ćć A Cabinet Office survey has revealed that 71 percent of Japanese people are “satisfied or somewhat satisfied” with their lives—the first time since 1995 that the figure has topped 70 percent. ćć Toshie Tanaka, 47, became Japan’s first female prefectural police chief when she assumed the top cop job in Iwate. ćć A high school baseball player in Aomori taking part in the Koshien summer tournament “tackled and overpowered” a knife-wielding man who was attacking a woman in the stadium parking lot. ćć Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan sued current PM Shinzo Abe for defamation over a claim made by Abe that Kan lied about making “the courageous decision to pump seawater” into a nuclear reactor during the crisis at Fukushima in 2011.


ćć After slipping to second place behind Hong Kong in 2011, Japanese women have returned to the top of global longevity rankings. ćć Life expectancy for women born in Japan is now 86.41 years. That’s a rise of half a year from 2011, and a about a month longer than women born in Hong Kong.


Number of foreign professionals that the government hoped to attract via a new “points-based preferential immigration system” introduced last May

ćć Meanwhile, Todai researchers have developed the world’s thinnest electronic circuit. It measures just 2 microns wide—one-fifth the thickness of plastic wrap.



ćć Japanese men, meanwhile, are now expected to live longer than they ever have—79.94 years. That places them fifth in the world, behind dudes in Iceland, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Israel. ćć Officials at the health ministry say life expectancy for both men and women had dropped in 2011 because of the toll of the March 11 disaster.

ćć Officials in Fukushima claim that 68 percent of companies involved in decontamination work at the Daiichi nuclear plant have violated labor laws. ćć Authorities at the welfare ministry say that, for the first time since recordkeeping began in 1990, the number of cases of child abuse topped 60,000 in fiscal 2012. ćć Animal lovers, rejoice: Researchers in Ibaraki have developed “artificial corneal tissue that could be used in toxicity tests for cosmetics.” The tests are currently carried out on the eyes of live rabbits. ćć On the other hand, officials at the environment ministry have come up with a new plan to reduce the number of orphaned pets: They’re allowing local governments “to refuse to take in [animals] abandoned by their owners.”

WATER WORLD QUACK QUACK QUACK ćć Cops in Tokyo are investigating a 74-yearold Hach ioji ma n for “administering a home-brewed cancer medication” to several people—including one man who died. ćć Officials at the agriculture ministry say 2012 was the third year in a row that Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate stood at a measly 39 percent ćć Investigators at the University of Tokyo have recommended that 43 papers published by a biology institute at the school be retracted due to “false data and other irregularities.”


Number of foreigners who have taken advantage of the program

ćć A 100-meter-tall geyser of water shot into the air when Maritime SDF personnel detonated a US mine dating from World War II off the coast of northeastern Japan. ćć Three Japanese companies have teamed up to create something called a “disaster information delivery digital signage vending machine,” which is intended to… well, the name pretty much explains itself. ćć Japan’s big four breweries say shipments of beer surged 3.3 percent in July compared to last year thanks to the sizzling heat of early summer. ćć Bottom story of the week: “Document Containing Sakamoto Ryoma’s Seal of Blood Found in Kochi” (via Mainichi Japan)

1.13 million

Lightning strikes in Japan last year, according to private weather company Franklin Japan



Cosmetic Surgery Laser Treatment Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist

Skin Care

Make your beauty wishes come true with the best in technology and high quality products



• EYELID SURGERY rejuvenation of upper and lower eye lid, tear trough, double eyelid surgery, blepharoptosis, etc. • NOSE SURGERY tip plasty, hump resection, deviated nose, ala reduction, augmentation or reduction rhinoplasty. • BREAST SURGERY augmentation, lift, reduction, reconstruction. • LIPOSUCTION with laser, ultra sonic assisted suction device. • LASER-LIPO minimal invasive facial and body contouring device with AccuSculpt™ (1444nm laser). • FACE LIFT forehead, brow, mid-face, neck lift, thread’s lift. • TISSUE ENGINEERING TECHNIQUES for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, AGA (PRFM, fat & stem cell injection, growth factor. • SKIN TUMORS skin cancer, cyst, mole, wart, scar revision. • GENITAL REJUVENATION SURGERY: tightening of the vagina, reduction of labia minor and augmentation of the labia major. • HAIR TRANSPLANTATION SURGERY

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Introduction to Clinic

Quality of Akai Clinic

Akai Clinic is a beauty clinic located in Omotesando, one minute on foot from Omotesando station. Our bilingual staff can consult with you in English for your treatment here in Japan. Treatments are done after careful counseling, so if you are unsure about treatments, please visit our clinic for a consultation.

DR. HIDEMI AKAI is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an associate professor of the department of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at Tokyo’s Showa University. Dr. Akai trained at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital before amassing over twenty-five years of experience. DR. KEIKO AKAI is also a board-certified plastic surgeon, and a dermatologist. The Akai Medical Clinic offers a range of cosmetic-surgery procedures, laser treatments and skin care, using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques.

At Akai clinic, we only use products and technologies approved by the FDA. We are committed to offering the best treatment to our customers, with the latest technology and top class products for patients who want to receive the highest quality treatment.

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I had surgery to remove a large mole on my face. I was nervous until the surgery started, but once it started I felt the experience and skill of Dr. Akai and was able to remain confident about the surgery the entire time. There are many beauty clinics in Tokyo and many different doctors, but I was fortunate to have come to Akai Clinic and receive a great treatment from an experienced doctor with the highest quality skills. —FEMALE, 33 YEARS, OFFICE WORKER



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KNK Bldg 3F 3-5-17, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 1-min walk from Omotesando stn, A3 exit.

Katsukou Bldg 4F 1-2-8, Horai-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi. 3-min walk from JR Kannai stn.

Other cosmetic procedures available. For fees and detailed information services, please refer to our homepage.

We welcome email and phone inquiries |




Dog with a blog By Lisa Wallin and Alice Odoux



ith over 535,000 followers and 30,000 likes per photo on his Instagram page, Maru is one of Japan’s most popular pooches. He documents daily life and trips across Japan, but it’s more than fur-deep. Metropolis met the rising star at a typical hangout, the Yoyogi park dog run. Tell us a little a bit about yourself.

I was born on October 20, 2007. I’m a Shiba inu—a breed that is an official national monument of Japan. When I’m not on the road, I live part-time in Shonan and part-time in Tokyo. My hobbies are digging on the beach, going for walks and playing with a toy daikon.


transport options for pets, so we always go by car and often stay at camping spots. I’ve flown before, but I didn’t like it. Any travel suggestions?

Get out into the countryside more in summer! Though it’s hot, there are festivals even in the smallest towns and people are friendlier and more open. What would you like to change about Japan?

I just live my life day-to-day, so I don’t really know. I smile a lot and I think people feed on that positive energy. It’s a simple, but profound connection.

I wish pet shop culture would end. In stores, once a dog passes the three-month-old mark, they are taken away and put down. Even those that find homes are often abandoned or given to shelters when they are not kawaii anymore. Almost two million dogs are killed annually. It’s sad that as wonderful as Japan can be, the pet-keeping culture is seriously lagging. I hope to educate people in taking full responsibility once they commit to adopting a pet.

You travel a lot. How does that work?

Any advice for anyone wanting to get a pet in Japan?

In Japan, there are not many hotel or public

Check out the shelters first. There are so many

loving dogs looking for a good home, especially after the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Follow Maru on Instagram (@marutaro), Facebook ( marustagram), or at For the full in-depth interview visit http://

mark the date


japanese green

What’s your favorite comedy combo? 1. Downtown 2. Ninety-nine 3. Summers 4. Taka and Toshi 5. Sandwich man 6. Cream Stew 7. Nakagawa-ke 8. Ame Agari Kesshitai 9. Non Style 10. Black Mayonnaise Source:

rat her tenuous play on words, C o -T r i i s p r o nounced “kotori” (“baby bi rd”) i n Japa nese a nd also works in the pseudo E ng l i s h “c ol labor at ion trifecta.” It’s an aromatic reed diffuser for the home t hat is much more t han just a small smelly work of art. Created and sold by Grasse Tok yo, a shop that specializes in Japanonly aromas (cue Shinjuku at 5am jokes here… ), actual dried reeds are dipped into aromatic oils such as yuzu, citrusy kabosu and bitter orange and Akita cedar. They are then placed in kilnfired clay pots made by Mashi No Kam from Mie Prefecture that are baked with a hydrangea blue, textured glaze. The final touch is added by Kyoto shop Musubi who wrap the whole affair in a traditional duo-sided furoshiki cloth in either colorful Akita cedar, kiso or Aomori cypress patterns. The diffuser can be unwrapped and the furoshiki used for almost anything else— the Co-Tri website even provides handy photo instructions on how wrap a tissue box. ¥4,725 at select department stores such as Seiyu and Lumine.

What makes your Instagram so appealing?

SEP 10


Koppe Pan Day This school lunch staple celebrates the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Maru Ju Pan, the first bakery to use to yeast in its bread. Celebrated on the 10th of every month in reference to the ju (10) in its name.

SEP 13

Dad’s Day A pun on tou (10) and san (3). Tou-san (dad) day is celebrated every month now, thanks to Yakult.

Italian Food Day Pun on the Italian word for kitchen, cucina, 9 (ku), 1 (i) and 7 (na). FOTOLIA





National Meals on Wheels Day Japan joined in on Australia’s drive to create an international event recognizing the work this organization provides for senior citizens every day.

SEP 17



Laughter in the Heart of Tokyo A crash course in comedy at the Asakusa Toyokan


By Shawn De Haven


here might be nothing funny about Asakusa’s iconic Sensoji Temple, but just a few minutes away from the tourist mecca lies another mecca of comedy: the Toyokan, a yose theater featuring the most hilarious characters this side of Osaka. Along with the Asakusa Engei Hall in the same building, the Toyokan has been bringing the laughs since the 1860s. Yose (寄席) comes from the Japanese characters for the verb yoseru (to get together) and seki (seats). Meaning something like vaudeville in English, it hosts a range of acts including rakugo (classical comic storytelling), iromono (variety acts including magic, juggling, paper cutting, acrobatics, and more) and manzai. Manzai is a comedic style depending on humorous back-and-forth between the fool (boke) and straight man (tsukkomi). The boke (bokeru = to go senile) takes the discussion in absurd directions, while the tsukkomi makes sharp digs (tsukkomu = to dig in) to bring things back to reason. Modern manzai rose in popularity in the 1930s with several boom periods after World War II. Although known as an Osaka invention, Tokyo manzai is alive and well at the Toyokan. The Toyokan and its building have gone through multiple transformations since converting postwar from cinema to something a little seedier. Opening in 1951, the France Za strip theater featured comedic skits and performances between shows. The popularity of these skits prompted the opening of the Toyokan Gekijo in 1964 with the France Za pushed up to the upper floors. “Beat” Takeshi Kitano, comedian and world-renowned movie director, started at the Toyokan as an elevator boy around this time. After the France Za shut down in 1999, the Asakusa Toyokan reopened in 2000 with the Toyokan devoted to manzai comedy and the 1st-floor Asakusa Engei Hall providing rakugo. Not forgetting its varied history, the Toyokan’s official full name today is the Asakusa France Za Engeijo Toyokan.

SELECTING STARS With the wide variety of acts that share the stage at the Toyokan it’s hard to choose whom to introduce, but here is a sampling of some acts that one should catch. Don’t let the unfamiliarity of their names turn you off, those at the Toyokan and other yose theaters are truly masters of the art of comedy with careers decades long. Keiko Utsumi Any discussion of Asakusa manzai has to begin with Keiko Utsumi. With an unparalleled history on the stage of over seventy years, Keiko-shisho (a term of respect reserved for masters of an art) still performs regularly at the Toyokan at the age of 91. Don’t let her age fool you. Utsumi’s wit is as sharp as comedians more than half her age and she is a regular Tweeter (@utumikeiko). Keiko Utsumi has been performing solo and with other guests


since the passing of Yoshie, her comedy partner, in 1997. Utsumi added another chapter to her interesting life when she married for the first time at the age of 77 (in 1999) to a fan who would later become her manager. Junko Ashita Unbelievably, at 80 years-old, Junko Ashita is not the eldest female comedian in the Manzai Kyokai (an organization of performers at the Toyokan)—but that doesn’t get her down. Originally part of the famous duo Ashita Junko Hiroshi, Ashita still performs regularly at the Toyokan and other yose in the area. She also sometimes teams up with Keiko Ustumi in the duo “AKB48.” A for Junko Ashita, K for Keiko Ustumi, B for baba (old woman in Japanese)—and 48 for the number of wrinkles on the two performers. Knights This duo is probably the most popular act to come out of the Toyokan in the past decade. Regulars on television as well as on stage, partners Nobuyuki Hanawa and Nobuyuki Tsuchiya have perfected the straight man and fool dynamic of manzai. With Hanawa an avid yakyu fan, routines often focus on baseball and the Yomiuri Giants. You’re bound to be entertained—even if you only catch half the jokes in their routine. U-ji Koji Another younger duo, U-ji Koji hails from Tochigi, just north of Tokyo. The duo first found an audience when member Takuro Mashiko’s trademark phrase, “Gomen ne! Gomen ne!” (“Sorry!”) took off as a catch phrase of the moment a few years ago. U-ji Koji can also be seen regularly on the small screen.

BRANCHING OUT A selection of other acts to catch at the Toyokan. Piroki: With a cartoonish appearance and a “guitarlele” (a cross between a guitar and a ukulele), comedian Piroki always brings down the house with his trademark song and low-key self-depreciating humor. Oshidori: This husband-and-wife duo is a comedy act that defies definition. While Ken bends colored wires into interesting shapes trying to please and entertain his wife and the audience, Mako plays her accordion, sings and bosses her husband around. Shotaro Yanagiya and Aozora Kirinji: These two are masters of kamikiri, the art of cutting paper at the request of audience members into beautiful twodimensional works of art. If you’re lucky you may even be able to bring home a beautiful work produced during the act. Kamikiri dates back to the late 1800s as a way of entertaining audiences at yose and beyond.

Retro and Modern watch backstage

Keiko Utsumi




Harukaze Kouta Fukuta

Caramel Machine


FITTING IN The atmosphere at the Toyokan is relaxed but there are some commonsense rules one should keep when enjoying the show. Vending machines sell snacks and drinks in the lobby, and food and drink are allowed in the theater—but audience members are required to take their trash home. Like with rakugo shows, it is acceptable to come late and leave early—but try and leave in between the acts. Most sets are 10-15 minutes in length. There is also a ten-minute intermission. Tickets for the kami, naka and shimoseki are priced at ¥2,500 for adults, ¥2,000 for students and ¥1,000 for children. Special events are usually ¥500 more for each ticket. Tickets go on sale daily from 11:30am at the box office.

LANGUAGE OF COMEDY Unfortunately, unlike at the kabuki theater, there is no English guidance available. With the speed and at times unscripted style of manzai comedy it’s doubtful any such translation could keep up. Foreigners with moderate-to-excellent Japanese skills should be able to catch many of the jokes and some of the more visual acts require no translation to enjoy. Studying Japanese through comedy can be both challenging and rewarding. Understanding comedy in any language requires not only a certain level of language comprehension but also knowledge of slang, cultural background, and styles of humor. However, even without a full understanding of Japanese the chance to experience the humor of Japan live should not be missed.

Laughing Lingo 芸人(げいにん) Geinin Comedic entertainer 漫才(まんざい) Manzai Comedic style of tsukkomi (straight man) and boke (fool)


The main performing schedule is broken down into three blocks each month with special events taking place in between. The periods are called the kamiseki, nakaseki and shimoseki, with kami, naka and shimo meaning upper, middle and lower, and seki meaning seats. Performers of the Manzai Kyokai perform daily from noon-4:30pm during the kamiseki (usually the first nine days of the month) and the nakaseki (11th-19th of the month). The shimoseki (the 21st-29th of the month) block is reserved for the performers of the Boys Variety Kyokai. To find out who is performing when check out the Toyokan web site ( and click on “Time Table” (タイムテーブル). Schedules are also available at the Toyokan.


Geinin the Blast: A taste of Edo with a bit of Tokyo mixed in. Katsura Denbei, with his trumpet, and Tsunemune, with his juggling skills, entertain audiences with a range techniques that are both new and traditional.


Caramel Machine: A rare combination of comedic flare and magic. Successfully mixing manzai comedy and magic, they have won awards at magic shows in the United States.




U-Ji Koji

漫談(まんだん) Mandan Solo comedian コント Konto Skit-based comedy 曲芸(きょくげい) Kyokugei Acrobatic act (sometimes including juggling and other skills) 演芸(えんげい) Engei Term for the various styles of performance meant to entertain the masses 色物(いろもの) Iromono Entertainment at a yose other than rakugo or storytelling

Aozara Kirinji

おち Ochi Punch line or “drop” in a comedic routine ネタ Neta Comedic routine, scenario

手品(てじな)/ マジック Tejina/majikku Magic act


Arts & Entertainment



Grand Theft Auto V and new consoles at this year’s gamer fest By William Greenawalt


t’s that time of year gamers in Japan and overseas really look forward to—the Tokyo Game Show. And after the 2012 show brought in a record 223,753 people, TGS 2013 looks like it might be the biggest yet. This year sees the much-anticipated launch of two next-generation systems by powerhouse companies Sony and Microsoft. Although Microsoft’s XBOX One was

announced first, it quickly became the source of internet rage as people around the world called out the firm on their strict DRM policies. Critics targeted the fact that users would always have to be internet-connected, and that there would be a block on playing used games on the system. Sony swooped in with the announcement of the Playstation 4 at E3—and let the world know it was doing everything the XBOX One wasn’t. Sony made it clear that they would keep a similar platform to the PS3, and would leave the system region-free and compatible with used games. Microsoft has since changed their stance on some of their policies, but it may be a little too late, especially in Japan, where the XBOX has never really made a splash. What will be interesting at this year’s show will be how Microsoft plans to win over the Japanese audience on their own turf. Sony will definitely have an easier time with their solid market. Hardware is an important issue for gamers but we all


The civilization of the sea at Ueno’s shrunken pond By C.B. Liddell


apanese maps tend to place Japan at the centre of the world, with the Eurasian landmass to the left and the Pacific and Americas on the right. Culturally, however, there is much less assurance of Japan’s centrality. This is something that is underlined by the current exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, which presents a range of art objects and sculptures from the Louvre Museum. Two hundred years after Napoleon’s defeat consigned France to secondary status amongst the great powers, the Louvre still continues to make a strong claim that France is at the centre of global culture, and one that Japanese audiences unwittingly find themselves endorsing by their deference for the great name of that institution. While most people will associate the museum

with its stunning collection of paintings, including the Mona Lisa, much more of its floor space is actually taken up by its vast historical collections. These present a narrative of France as a unifying nexus bringing together European culture and the Mediterranean civilizations that preceded it, including Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. T his is t he focus of t his ex hibit ion—w it h i mpor t a nt cla ssic a l works—including excellent sculptures like The Paris of Landsdowne (2nd century), a marble copy of a famous statue of the legendary Trojan heartthrob whose love for Helen of Troy kicked off the Trojan War, and Artemis, Diana of Gabies (4th century BC).




know it really comes down to software. No matter what system you choose, it’s about what games you’ll be playing. With the announcement of next-generation systems comes a bevy of new series and sequels to famous franchises all primed for the new systems (though many fall releases will be released for current systems, too). Famed Japanese creator Hideo Kojima has been busy putting together his new title Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This version promises to let you sneak around a gorgeously rendered, real-time open world. Ubisoft is bringing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the next chapter in their popular franchise, to both current and next-gen systems. This title focuses on free-running, pirate-ship combat and open-world sea exploration. And developer Rockstar Games has people excited with the upcoming launch of Grand Theft Auto V. Mixing up the gameplay with three different protagonists, it brings it back to Los Santos, their own unique take on Las Angeles with plenty of open world action and a decidedly non-linear, anything-goes style of play. Nintendo, although usually boothless on the game floor, has a lot of games that will appear at the show in one form or another. The Wonderful 101 is a unique Wii U title coming out this fall from developer Platinum Games where players team up with over 100 different heroes to save a city. And Nintendo will probably steal the show with Capcom through the launch of Monster Hunter 4 for the handheld system Nintendo 3DS. Monster Hunter is easily one of the most popular gaming franchises in Japan of late, loved by young and old, boys and girls, and men and women alike. The game’s booth usually summons some of the longest lines as people wait for a chance to play the newest title. Makuhari Messe, Sep 21-22. See forums & expos listings for details.

Artemis, The Diana of Gabies



Mr. Jazz Bass on artistic reinvention By Apryl Peredo


rimarily known as a bassist, Marcus Miller is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and radio host. He’s worked on hundreds of sessions crossing jazz, R&B and rock, with notables from Luther Vandross to Chaka Khan and Miles Davis. Despite a busy schedule, he remains conscious of social issues, and is now a UNESCO Artist for Peace. Miller will support UNESCO’s Slave Route Project, raising awareness about a phenomenon that continues to have a profound impact on the modern world. Metropolis caught up with Miller ahead of a series of gigs at Billboard Live. On your albums, what artistic points do you want to make and what do you hope listeners realize?

Each album is a reflection of the world as I see it. My recordings are mostly instrumental; I try to make sounds that evoke the feeling of living in today’s world. This album [Renaissance] is about change. I feel it all around. The music business is changing due to the internet; the financial crisis has caused many to change their lives. I’ve changed too. I began to feel like I needed to do something different and a couple years ago, I started working with young musicians who I’ve discovered in different places. I’m finding an energy with them and, although it was difficult to change from my former musicians, I feel like it was the right thing to do. Renaissance is the first album I wrote and arranged specifically for these musicians. I’m trying to show listeners that, although change can be difficult, it can be positive in the end. How do you come up with your musical concepts?

your own band different from when you were performing in bands led by another—such as Miles Davis or Luther Vandross?

When you’re supporting someone, you’re helping them realize their vision. Or you’re helping to create their new vision. When you are the artist, it’s your vision and people work with you to express that vision. The problem that some sideman have is that, when they try to become an artist, they don’t have their own vision. They can be great musicians but they don’t have a clear point of view. Each song on the album sounds like a different personality. I work hard to make sure you can understand who I am and what I stand for as an artist. You are on an extensive tour. In an age where some musicians feel releasing their music online is enough to reach an international audience, for what reasons do you tour?

Tutu is an album I wrote and produced for Miles back in the eighties. I agreed to re-perform the music but decided to keep the spirit of Miles and use young musicians who were born around when the original CD was released. This way the music was fresh. That show turned into a twoyear world tour with “Tutu Revisited.” The great feeling I had during that tour inspired me to continue with young musicians and to write new music for them. You have an impressive catalog of film scores. What inspires you to accept film projects?

If I enjoy the film while watching it the first time, I feel like I can do a good job. With films, the job is to guide the viewer emotionally through the story. You encourage them to feel certain things: fear, anger, laughter... in a subtle way with music, so you don’t take attention away from the story. I enjoy it because it makes me think about how music affects people. It’s cool because I think it has made my own music more affective. Many enjoyed your project with Keb Mo. Any possibility of another project with him or other musicians in the future?

I simply live life, keep my eyes open and ideas come. For example, there was a Miles Davis exhibit in Paris a few years ago. The exhibit had several rooms, each representing a different era of Miles’s life. The director asked me to perform the music from Tutu as part of the exhibition.

I would really like to do more with Keb Mo. He’s a good friend and we talk about it a lot. I’m sure it will happen soon. I would also like to do a collaboration with a flamenco guitarist from Spain. Not sure who yet, but it would be cool.

This second statue is a tasteful work, thought by some to be by Praxiteles, one of the ancient world’s most famous sculptors. It portrays the later, sophisticated view of the important Greek and Roman goddess Diana (associated with hunting, chastity and childbirth) who in earlier incarnations was represented as a fierce, dangerous and multi-breasted fertility deity; and thus reveals the softening and ameliorating effects of artistic traditions in conjunction with religion. W hile marble sculpture has its ow n aest het ic, it should a lso be remembered that statues like these

were originally brightly painted and that the way they look today is merely a historical accident. For a clearer idea of how these works may have looked, check out some of the pottery and mosaics, especially Cupids Frolicking with Dolphins (3rd century). This exhibition sets out not only to stake France’s claim to the legacy of Mediterranean civilization, but also points to its links with the Islamic world. There are a number of items of Islamic art as well as “Orientalist” French paintings, depicting what was often considered the exotic and enchanting world of the harem, including several works by Theodore Chasseriau. These works also

How is leading and being the creative force behind

There’s nothing like the energy that comes from live performances. Particularly as jazz musicians, we thrive on interaction. Our songs change a lot from night to night based on the energy from the audience. I made a commitment when I recorded Renaissance that I would “bring the music to the people” and I’ve been doing that. What are some differences in audience behavior from country to country?

Each country is different, but even within a country different cities have different personalities. Washington, DC is a crazy town with a very vocal audience. Osaka is similar. New York is more chilled out until the energy of the music grabs them. Then they start to party, too. Tokyo is similar. Japan used to be very quiet long ago. They treated jazz like it was classical music. Now they seem to enjoy it more and react as audiences do in the States and Europe. What do you enjoy when in Japan?

I have a robata place, an Indian place and a sushi place in Tokyo I like. Nagoya has incredible chicken wings. I try not to eat too much! I like shopping for clothes in Osaka and Shinjuku. I like to hang out in the small music cafes in Fukuoka. My friend, Mr. Fuji, lives in Osaka. He’s an expert on John Coltrane. I enjoy visiting him and his wife and listening to music. Final words?

I’m a Gemini. I like to have a lot happening at the same time: movie scoring, touring. I host a radio show in the States on Sirius XM Real Jazz station and another in French that plays in France on radio TSF. I’m enjoying that as well. Billboard Live, Aug 31 & Sep 1-3. See concert listings for details.

evoke the world of the Barbary slave trade that not only enslaved Africans, but also sought out white women to service the seraglios of the sultans and the emirs of the Islamic world. The timing of the exhibition to the summer months suggests that the curators are hoping that the exhibition will prove popular by evoking dreams of the Mediterranean Sea. If this is the intention, then the red-brick Met—set in the sultry humidity of Ueno Park, with its newly reopened but greatly shrunken decorative pond and fountains—is hardly an ideal venue. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, until Sep 23. See exhibition listings for details.




HIGHER EDUCATION Whether you want to brush up on your conversational nihongo skills, seal the deal with your impeccable business Japanese or finally get that university MBA— this autumn is the perfect time to head back to school in Tokyo WEBSITE

AKAMONKAI JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL Nippori COURSES ▶▶ Regular course (1-2 years): ¥670,000-1,280,00 ▶▶ Business course (1 year): ¥720,000 ▶▶ Three-month course: ¥120,000 All courses include textbook fees


kamonkai Japanese Language School has two campuses and four dormitories around Nippori in Tokyo. The student body boasts approximately 1,000 students who come from over 30 different countries. Akamonkai offers a wide range of classes for various levels, from college prep courses to job hunting, business Japanese and short term courses as well as internship programs—so no matter what your goal or level, they will help raise your Japanese ability in the most efficient way possible. In recent years, the college prep and job hunting courses have developed into a specialized and customized curriculum that adapts to each students changing needs. Full support is provided for students from the day they enter school to the day of their graduation. The caring faculty at Akamonkai is dedicated to helping all students achieve their Japanese goals and are looking forward to meeting talented, global thinkers like yourself.

6-39-12 Higashi Nippori, Arakawa-ku Nippori



ARC ACADEMY Shibuya COURSES ▶▶ Intensive Course (four days to three months): ¥18,000-¥170,000 ▶▶ First Japanese Course (10 classes): ¥40,000


RC Academy was established in 1986 and offers a variety of courses to meet students’ diverse needs. For people at any level who want to learn Japanese systematically, the Intensive Course focuses on speaking and listening. ARC also offers extra optional activities organized for students to learn different aspects of Japanese culture. This flexible course will let you study for as little as four days or months and even years. For those new to Japanese, the First Japanese Course offers a ten-lesson, one-to-one program that teaches the minimum conversation skills required for living and getting around in Japan. For company training lessons, a custom-made curriculum can be designed to meet any individual schedules and objectives. Whether you are looking to develop your basic conversation skills or master business Japanese for the boardroom, ARC Academy has a study program for you. Its friendly teachers and staff welcome your inquiries by email, telephone or in person.

2-14-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002

Mon-Wed & Fri 10am-6:30pm, Thu 10am-7:30pm, Sat 10am-4pm, closed Sun & hols Shibuya Shibuya 03-3409-0391 (Shinjuku 03-53487671, Yokohama 045-312-5759)




zabudai Japanese Language Course offers practical lessons based on real-life situations to help students acquire communicative knowledge of Japanese, rather than just grammatical structures. Because an ability to use new language skills helps students experience the excitement of learning, class activities are based on developing oral proficiency. And because learners know their mistakes will be corrected, they gain the confidence to speak freely and naturally. Beginner students at Azabudai are given a three-month starter course that introduces hiragana, katakana and simple sentences. Azabudai Japanese Language Course was established in 1982 and students come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. Lessons are conducted in large classrooms in a relaxed atmosphere. The school is located just six minutes from Kamiyacho station and ten minutes from Akabanebashi, AzabuJuban or Roppongi-Itchome stations. For those with a car, there is also onsite parking.

▶▶ Daytime, evening and private course ▶▶ Entrance fee: ¥5,000 ▶▶ Group lesson: ¥44,000 (120min x 20 lessons), ¥33,000 (90min x 20 lessons) ▶▶ Private lesson: ¥25,000 (60min x 10 lessons) ▶▶ Material fee: ¥4,000~¥5,000 SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Free 30-min private mini lesson (appointment necessary)

1-9-8 Azabudai, Minato-ku.

Daily, 10am-8pm Kamiyacho 03-5563-2537


COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND COMMUNICATION Kawasaki College / Uni SPECIAL OFFER Mention Metropolis and receive one free special kanji class (50-min class once a week) COURSES Three-month Course: ¥185,000 ▶▶ Oct 7-Dec 20, 2013 (Autumn) ▶▶ Jan 8-Mar 19, 2014 (Winter) One-month Course: ¥70,000 ▶▶ Oct 7-Nov 1, 2013 (Autumn) ▶▶ Jan 8-Feb 7, 2014 (Winter)


ollege of Business and Communication (CBC) is a prestigious vocational school renowned as a pioneer in language and business studies. Thousands of international students who have studied there have gone on to success both in Japan and internationally. Located just one minute’s walk from Keikyu Kawasaki station, the location is perfect for students traveling to and from work or home. CBC’s curriculum is designed to balance and improve students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Those at an intermediate level or higher can take courses to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 and N2, as well as courses in useful business Japanese. CBC also provides special kanji classes devised for those unfamiliar with the form. One-month, three-month and six-month courses are held for 22 hours a week. Students taking long-term courses receive commuting passes or discounts for long distance JR tickets. Exchange student visas are available. For details on this or anything else, please feel free to call or email the friendly, multilingual staff.


22-9 Ekimae-Honcho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki 044-244-3200 Kawasaki


CREATIVE ENGLISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Nihonbashi Kids SPECIAL OFFER Half day free trial if you mention this advertisement! COURSES

▶▶ Take advantage of our Summer Campaign and get up to 25% off your first bill


ocated in Nihonbashi, Creative English International School is a private English-language school that provides full-day, half-day and hourly care for 15-20 children between the ages of two and six years old. Providing a warm and family-oriented environment that promotes child development in a fun and educational manner, the school helps prepare children for their future learning—wherever that may be. The qualified teachers at Creative English International School plan hours of imaginative lessons in strategic blocks scheduled around free play time and meal and sleep breaks. Each week an entertaining new theme is chosen as a guide for the school’s various educational and recreational activities. Creative English is not your average daycare, and neither is it an eikaiwa. It is the best of both worlds and more: playful learning with goals. Children have unlimited access to the free play room, class room and nap room, plus they will also enjoy a selection of entertaining playground trips.

9F Kayabacho-building (K1), 3-14 Koamicho,

Nihonbashi Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Suitengumae, Kayabacho 03-6661-7449


EBISU JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL Ebisu COURSES ▶▶ Private courses: ¥3,800/50 min ▶▶ Intensive lessons: ¥3,800/90 min SPECIAL OFFER

Mention Metropolis and receive one free lesson


bisu Japanese Language School hopes to change your impression of Japanese language study. Beginners can focus solely on developing natural-sounding daily conversational ability. By learning the difference between similar grammar points, intermediate students who lack confidence when speaking can eliminate their anxiety while continuing to develop syntax. Those with advanced skills can learn and practice business Japanese, job interview techniques and how to craft a proper Japanese resume. EJLS offers online lessons in Japan—and many other countries around the world—meaning you can learn anytime and anywhere. If you’re in a hurry, EJLS offers an intensive course including ten days of comprehensive private lessons over a two-week period. The teachers at Ebisu work together with students on individual learning plans, ensuring there is no drop in motivation and that students are always on the path to language success.

4F Hiroo Stone Bldg, 1-3-17 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku

Daily 10am-9pm Ebisu 03-3441-4713


GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, GLOBIS Kojimachi College / Uni PROGRAMS ▶▶ 1-year full-time MBA ▶▶ 2-year part-time MBA ▶▶ Pre-MBA (A trial period in which students can take up to 10 courses from our MBA)


tarting from scratch in 1992, Globis has grown into one of Asia's fastest-growing business schools with over 7,000 students studying at campuses across Japan and subsidiaries in Singapore and Shanghai. Widely recognized as Japan's top MBA provider, Globis offers a two-year part-time and a one-year full-time program entirely in English in the heart of Tokyo. A former start-up with its own venture capital arm, Globis has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and provides a highly practical education while focusing on deep self-reflection and development of students’ core values. Through these means the school aims to develop visionary leaders who create and innovate societies. The school holds regular Open Campuses where participants can take a free trial class and learn about the programs and scholarship opportunities available. Come and see the Globis difference for yourself! For details please visit our website.

Sumitomo Fudosan Kojimachi Bldg., 5-1

Niban-cho, Chiyoda-ku Mon-Fri, 10am-6:30pm Kojimachi 03-5275-3850



HUMAN ACADEMY JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL Shinjuku COURSES ▶▶ Regular Course (student visa available) - Preparatory Course - Practical Japanese Course ▶▶ JLPT N1-N4 Preparation Course ▶▶ Business Japanese Course ▶▶ Working Holiday Course


ince the founding of the Tokyo School in 1991, Human Academy Japanese Language School (HAJL) has sent thousands of graduates into local communities. The goal at HAJL is not just to teach Japanese but to help individuals to create a bright, new future. It is the school’s mission to help students attain the skills and tools necessary to navigate life in Japan—and what lies ahead. To do this, HAJL offers classes that are not only easy to understand, but also engaging enough that the students will not get bored. Many of their successful graduates have gone on to pass the JLPT and enter universities, graduate and vocational schools. Why not join Human Academy in a voyage beyond Japanese?

Waseda Yobiko Building 7F, 4-9-9

Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm Takadanobaba 03-5348-8951


IIDABASHI JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL Iidabashi SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Free trial lesson for both private and group lessons COURSES ▶▶ Nihongo Plus! Part-time group lessons ▶▶ Three-week intensive course offered every month


ave you diligently studied Japanese, but just can’t seem to hold a conversation at all? It’s remarkable how much your lifestyle will expand when you can communicate in Japanese. Iidabashi Japanese Language School has developed original courses aimed towards upping your conversation level quickly, focusing on real-life Japanese and not just textbook examples. The “Nihongo Plus!” part-time group lessons focus on conversational ability training and will expand your vocabulary and ability to express yourself. ILS also has a three-week intensive course for those wanting to dramatically increase their conversational level. Additionally, private lessons are available to support the learning experiences of all students. For those wanting to expand their Japanese conversation ability in a fun environment, feel free to visit and take a free level check assessment. The experienced staff at ILS will create a lesson plan to fit your current skill level and goals.

Rm# 1003, 4-10-1 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku

Mon-Fri 10am-9:30pm, Sat 10:30am-6pm Iidabashi 03-5225-9732



▶▶ Enrollment fee, ¥15,750 ▶▶ Ten-week group course in January, April, July and October (¥141,750) ▶▶ Private Course (please contact for prices)


f you’d like to study Japanese in a truly fun, personalized and dedicated environment, then look no further than Kichijoji Language School. Everyday in class you have the opportunity to practice Japanese with friendly teachers and fellow classmates—making your language study enjoyable and exciting. With a solid curriculum and highly experienced teachers, Kichijoji Language School strives to support each student's individual learning style. With various course levels, advanced electives and private lessons, you have the ability to choose whichever course is right for your needs. At KLS, the group courses consist of eight classes ranging from everyday conversation to academic and advanced level communication. Private lessons will help clarify points learned in class and are tailored to your particular needs and interests. Enjoy learning Japanese at a school known for its cozy “at-home” atmosphere, one that encourages students to ask any questions or voice their comments freely.


701 Valore Bldg, 2-3-15 Kichijoji Minami-cho,

Musashino-shi Weekdays 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm Kichijoji 0422-47-7390


LAKELAND COLLEGE Shinjuku College / Uni COURSES ▶▶ ¥100,000 scholarship for all international students ▶▶ Early bird discount for open college classes


arn a two-year Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree in Tokyo! Lakeland College Japan Campus (LCJ) is both accredited in the United States and recognized in Japan. Complete the degree at the Shinjuku campus and transfer credits to finish a B.A. degree or higher at colleges or universities in the US, Japan and worldwide. Liberal-arts education develops well-rounded, forward-thinking individuals. Learn crucial analytical skills in a broad array of fields— foundations for success in a fast-changing world. LCJ students come from over 25 countries. Join lively multicultural discussions and explore broad perspectives. Small class sizes maximize learning opportunities and student-teacher interactions, while faculty advisors provide one-on-one counseling to help students achieve their true academic potential. New students are accepted for the spring, summer, or fall semesters and after completing an A.A. degree at LCJ, students who transfer to the Wisconsin campus are guaranteed scholarships from $4,500-$7,500.

5-7-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Shinjuku-Sanchome Mon-Fri 8:30am - 8:00pm 03-3225-0425 LakelandCollegeJapanCampus


LITTLE ANGELS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Mitaka Kids COURSES ▶▶ Chinese and robotics courses from third grade (8-9 years old) ▶▶ International Baccalaureate courses ▶▶ Japanese immersion courses


ingle-minded awareness for children to attain a better education was the passion that stirred Jeevarani Angelina to open Little Angels International School in Mitaka, Tokyo. Having been featured in both domestic and international news media, Little Angels focuses on fostering a new generation of global citizens. The school has an exemplary academic program carefully developed from various curricula around the world, and is also duly equipped to comply with the International Baccalaureate (IB) system and the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education International (CBSE-I). Some of the unique features of the school include free trial lessons, special classes for non-English speakers, after school child care, transportation via their own school bus and school lunches. “We believe that every child is a unique individual and as such each has a different personality and learning style. If there is any international school out there that would make a difference in your child’s life, it would be us!” says founder Angelina.

9-7-14 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Mitaka 0422-57-6887



▶▶ Regular Program (five days per week) ▶▶ Part-time Program (one or two day per week early mornings, evenings and Saturdays) ▶▶ Private Lessons (Custom tailored classes)


f you’re keen on studying practical or business Japanese, Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin Japanese Language Institute (JLI) is the place to be. At the basic level, you’ll practice intensive drills for practical conversation skills; at the intermediate and advanced levels, more sophisticated conversation and speech drills are part of the program. Newspaper articles, TV news, and JLPT preparation—as well as Japanese corporate-culture studies— are also covered. Students include business people, corporate trainees, diplomats, family members of working expats, spouses of Japanese and more—all with various cultural backgrounds. Founded in 1967 by the International Education Center (IEC), JLI is conveniently located in central Tokyo, a three-minute walk from Yotsuya station, in a recently-constructed, earthquakeproof building. In addition to Japanese lessons, IEC provides a variety of international exchanges such as the International Speech Contest in Japanese, broadcast on NHK, the Japan-America Student Conference, founded in 1934, and so on. Prospective students should contact JLI to discuss which course is appropriate. Everyone is welcome to sit and observe classes.

1-21 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku

Mon-Thu 9am-7:30pm, Fri 9am-5pm Yotsuya 03-3359-9600




SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ After school program trial ¥1,000 ▶▶ School lesson trial 50% off


ith over 20 years experience, Poppins Active Learning School (ALS) uses a unique approach that teaches based on children’s “active” and “voluntary” learning abilities. ALS offers customized programs designed to nurture the critical living and thinking skills for children of various ages, interests and capabilities—including the first “Kids Life Saving” class offered in Japan. The ALS program is available for infants and youngsters up to elementary school age. In addition to the Active Learning School, Poppins also offers a simultaneous Poppins International Preschool (PIPS)—a world class educational facility purposely established to provide the highest quality education and childcare in a safe, positive, nurturing and intellectually-stimulating environment for those kids aged from one to four years old. PIPS knows the value of early childhood experiences lay the foundation for an individual’s adult character. The school provides experiences designed to have a significant impact on a child’s potential and disposition for learning, readiness for and success in school, and—inevitably—their ability to become productive future citizens.



2F Galleria Bldg., 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku



1F Yebisu Garden Terrace Nibankan, 4-20-2

Ebisu, Shibuya-ku 03-5791-2105


Kids SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ New family membership 30% off until September 30 ▶▶ Reg. ¥52,500 now just ¥36,750 MENU ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶


f you are looking for the best babysitter in town, look no further than Poppins Nanny Service, a company that strives to provide the best in-home childcare. For infants to children up to 18 years old, Poppins can provide you with customized care that designed to suit a family’s every need. Depending on what you require, Poppins will dispatch the best-suited educational babysitter for your brood. With service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Poppins has over 2,000 nannies who possess unique individual skill sets that can fulfill your every request, including (but not limited to) Japanese-language education, swimming lessons, piano lessons, after-school tutoring, calligraphy and even the housework. Poppins also provides transportation to and from schools, emergency babysitting when a child is ill, entrance exam coaching and help with the care of newborns. Please feel free to contact them any time if you have any questions with childcare and/or education.

Yearly child membership: ¥10,500 Hourly rate: ¥2,300/hour (3-hour min.) Evening rate (5-10pm): ¥575/hour extra Overnight rate (10pm-9am): ¥805/hour extra Optional services (studying, gymnastics, piano etc.): ¥1,500/hour extra ▶▶ Optional housekeeping service (incl. cooking or clean-up: ¥1,200 extra)

5F Hiroo Plaza, 5-6-6 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku

Mon-Sat 7am-9pm, Sun 9am-6pm Hiroo 03-3447-2292


TCC JAPANESE INSTITUTE Nakano SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ 3-month class lesson discount: ¥10,000 (one time use only) ▶▶ Student visa course: ¥100,000 enrollment fee exemption ▶▶ Free trial lesson


CC Japanese institute is located in the center of the city, conveniently accessible at one-minute’s walk from Araiyakushi-mae station on the Seibu Shinjuku line—just 10 minutes from Shinjuku station. Classes are conducted in a homey, comfortable way, and previous and current students have often mentioned the style of teaching as natural, considerate, and friendly—not to mention effective. The regular course runs 9am12:30pm, and 1-4:30pm in four terms with new classes starting April, July, October, and January. TCC offers short term lessons (from two weeks to three months) that are perfect for those on working holiday and tourists visas— and if you want to change those visas to “student” status, the school will happily provide the support necessary. TCC also offers private lessons, group lessons, and corporate classes. Non-student visa holders can register and start whenever they want if their level fits an appropriate class.


2F 5-28-4 Arai, Nakano-ku

Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm Araiyakushi-mae 03-3388-6728


TIDA JAPANESE PRIVATE LESSONS Various locations SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Free 30-min lesson-extension ▶▶ Free entrance fee Until September 30 COURSES ▶▶ From ¥3,500/60 min ▶▶ From ¥4,400/90min ▶▶ From ¥1,700 for a group Teacher visits are free


ida JPL’s reputation attracts a range of clients including business people, embassy staff and other professionals. And it’s no wonder, considering the school’s blend of educational pedigree, reasonable fees, and a convenient system. No two lessons are the same at Tida. From absolute beginners to super-advanced learners, lessons of general Japanese, JLPT preparation, business Japanese or even cultural lectures are offered. They’re not only trained as Japanese teachers, but also have cultivated knowledge in various fields such as sociology and economics. Tida’s distinguished original materials for the beginner make it possible to learn natural Japanese grammar efficiently and intelligibly. Though the lessons are exclusive, prices are not prohibitive. One 60-minute class starts from ¥3,500 and a 90-minute lesson starts from ¥4,400 (¥1,700 for a group lesson). Teacher visits are free if the location is in central Tokyo. Tida also provides attentive consulting and a free trial lesson for those who may be undecided.

Teacher visits your place

7:30am-9:30pm Akasaka (office only)


VALIANT LANGUAGE SCHOOL Minato SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Sign up before 2014 and receive a free text book COURSES

▶▶ No registration fee ▶▶ 30 hours of private lessons, ¥4,000 per hour ▶▶ 3 months of group intensive lessons, ¥72,000 (¥3,000/90min) ▶▶ Afternoon and late evening classes for JLPT preparation levels N5 to N1


any visitors and residents find learning Japanese in Tokyo a daunting prospect. Even committed students can struggle with motivation, perceived barriers and inefficient study techniques. Valiant Language School understands the intricacies of language acquisition and makes it a priority to engage students in the most suitable learning environment for their individual needs—whether that is surviving the challenges of day-to-day life, studying for a qualification or navigating delicate business negotiations. At Valiant, students are invited to experience authentic Japanese customs alongside their studies, since language and culture are so intertwined. Upon enrollment, all students receive a free calligraphy class. Conveniently located a short walk from Roppongi Hills, the school offers courses for beginners to business professionals. Classes can be taken in a group or on a one-to-one basis. Busy clients will appreciate the flexible timetable, which also allows for drop-in classes. Encounter the difference at Valiant—a school that understands the true meaning and value of communication. Free trial lessons available.

8F Barbizon 40, 1-8-9 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku

Mon-Sat 10am-8pm (Closed Sun) Roppongi


WE JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL Shibuya SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Free registration (Reg. ¥17,850) Until September 30 ▶▶ Free trial lesson COURSES ▶▶ Daily, Business, JLPT ▶▶ Autumn intensive courses available Starts September 9 and October 7


ocated three minutes from Shibuya station, We Japanese Language School prides itself on providing quality lessons and premium services to assist you in achieving your objectives. Experienced instructors offer customized lessons that address your specific academic needs, ensuring you’ll acquire the practical Japanese needed for your life in Japan—whether in a casual situation or a business setting.We also has English and Chinese language schools in the same building, offering the chance to mingle with people from around the world through social events and a language-exchange program.We is open from 7am-10pm, offering a flexible study schedule to cater to early birds and night owls. Off-site services are also available for those with busy schedules. A variety of new courses start in September, including JLPT preparation courses. Contact We to schedule a free trial lesson today!

4F Higashi Nihon Bldg, 1-22-8 Shibuya

Mon-Fri 7am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm, closed hols Shibuya 03-5489-6480


m o r






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Sheet metal work


Restoration Hiroo High School




Meiji-dori Komazawa-dori



JR Yamanote line

TOKYO DROP OFF Hiroo View Hills 1F, 3-1-3, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-6419-7321. Fax: 03-3797-7321. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

YOKOHAMA HQ AND FACTORY 4460, Ikonobecho, Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Tel: 045-939-0299 Mon-Fri 8:30am-7pm Sun-Hols 11am-3pm


Ebisu stn

Agenda Listings


DANCE Miminashi Houichi

Veteran butoh dancer Tenmetsu will perform a new piece inspired by Shuji Terayama as part of a festival dedicated to the legendary avant-garde playwright and director. A prolific writer, director and photographer, Terayama produced almost 200 works and during a career cut short at age 48. His surrealist output influenced a generation of Japanese creatives, and is now being given a new look at a festival at the Za Koenji theater. Tenmetsu is a butoh dancer with a long history of unique solo works. Miminashi Houichi translates roughly to “Earless Houichi” and uses a motif from Terayama’s Jashumon (“Gate of the Heretics”) about a man who sets off in search of his missing ear. Samsa Asagaya, Sep 7, ¥2,900 (adv)/ ¥3,200 (door). Nearest stn: Asagaya. Tel: 03-5327-7640.


Tel: 03-3444-6751. www.




Female-led Okinawa pop rock. Aug 30, 7pm, ¥2,800 +1d. Star Lounge. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 050-5533-0888.

Soul Power Summit

J-pop music fest with Beni, May J and more. Aug 30, 6:30pm; Aug 31, 5:30pm, ¥7,000 (adv). Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 050-5533-0888.

Twilight Records 10th Anniversary

Quietdrive, Fact, Five New Old and more. Aug 31, noon, ¥5,800 (adv). Club Citta. Nearest stn: Kawasaki. Tel: 03-3499-6669.

Otodama Sea Studio

Summer-long festival with DJ Baku, Chara, Hybrid Human Ideology and more. Until Sep 1 various times, various tickets. Cantina-mae coastline, Zushi, Kanagawa. Nearest stn: Zushi.

Children of Bodom

Finnish metal. Sep 6, 7pm; Sep 7, 5pm, ¥6,500 (adv) +1d. Shibuya-AX. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 03-3499-6669.

The Hitch Lowke

Kyoto charisma kings with Jackpot Bell, Blue Cloud and more. Sep 6, 5pm, ¥2,500 (adv)/ ¥3,000 (door) +1d. Shibuya Milkyway. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Dragon Ash, Eastern Youth, Zazen Boys and more. Sep 7, 2pm, ¥4,900 (under 18s)/ ¥6,900 (gen). Higashi-Ogijima Higashi Park, Kawasaki. Nearest stn: Higashi Ogijima Higashi Park.

Sounday Joint

Hip-hop music festival with Waka Flocka Flame and more. Sep 8, 12:30pm, ¥5,0007,500 (adv). Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest. Nearest stn: Sagamiko. www.soundayjoint. com


UK indie rock quartet. Sep 10, 7pm, ¥5,000 (adv) +1d. Duo Music Exchange. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3499-6669. english

Onda Vaga

Argentine folk pop quintet. Sep 12, 7:30pm, ¥6,000. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Party rapper with catchy sing-it-when-you're-drunk lyrics. Sep 13, 7pm; Sep 14, 6pm, ¥9,000 (adv). Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 03-3499-6669. www.

Nature Airliner

Acoustic ensemble with Johnny Barefoot, Jimmy Binks and The Shakehorns. Sep 13, 7pm, ¥2,000. Crocodile. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.crocodile-live. jp

Wire 13

All-night musical festival with DJs Takkyu Ishino, Ken Ishii and more. Sep 14, 6pm, ¥11,500 (adv). Yokohama Arena. Nearest stn: Shin-Yokohama. www.

Music Energy

Female-only artist collaboration with Kalafina and more. Sep 14, 5pm, ¥6,300 (adv). Tokyo International Forum Hall C. Nearest stn: Yurakucho.

Oedo Daikessen

Oriental rock harvest with Ichigeki, Exist Trace and more. Sep 14, 6pm, ¥2,500 (adv) /¥3,000 (door) +1d. Star Lounge. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-6277-5373. www.


J-pop singer-songwriter from Kanagawa. Sep 15, 5pm, ¥5,500 (adv). Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Nearest stn: Yurakucho.


K-pop sensation. Sep 18-20, 7pm, ¥9,300 (adv) +1d. Yokohama Arena. Nearest stn: Shin-Yokohama. Tel: 03-34996669.

Less than Jake

Ska punk from Florida. Sep 18, 7pm, ¥5,000 (adv) +1d. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3444-6751. www.

The Datsuns

Old school Kiwi hard rock. Sep 19, 7pm, ¥3,900 (adv) +1d. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3444-6751. www.

Sound Live Tokyo

International music festival

with Ant Hampton, Tim Etchells and more. Sep 21-Oct 6, various times, various prices, various venues.

¥7,500 (adv). Higashi Ogijima Higashi Park, Kawasaki. Nearest stn: Higashi Ogijima Highashi Park


American Jazz drummer and others. Sep 10-12, ¥6,8009,000. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.cottonclubjapan.

J-pop duo. Sep 22, 5pm; Sep 23, 4pm, ¥6,500-9,450. Yokohama Arena. Nearest stn: Shin-Yokohama. Tel: 0570-000-777.


Heavy rock with traditional Okinawan vocal melodies. Sep 23, 6pm, ¥3,000 (adv) /¥3,500 (door) +1d. Shibuya Milkyway. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Bump of Chicken

Melodic J-rock band from Chiba that started as a high school project, now in their 19th year. Sep 25-26, 6:30pm, ¥6,900 (adv). Yokohama Arena. Nearest stn: Shin-Yokohama. Tel: 0180-99-3602.


Ska band with an upbeat sound and positive lyrics. Sep 26, 7pm, ¥4,000 (adv) +1d. Studio Coast. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba. Tel: 03-34446751.


Hardcore punk from Canada. Sep 26, 7pm, ¥3,500 (adv) +1d. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-34446751.


Japanese-American hardcore based in Okinawa. Sep 27, 8:30pm, ¥500 (adv). Shibuya Ekimae Ongakukan. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5728-6501. schedule

JAZZ/WORLD George Benson

Ten-time Grammy Award-winning jazz guitarist. Aug 30, 7pm, ¥10,000-12,000. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho. Tel: 03-56081212.

Latin Festival ¡Animate!

Cuban salsa music maestros Havana D'Primera and more. Aug 31, 5:30pm, ¥7,500-8,500. Zepp Diver City. Nearest stn: Daiba. Tel: 03-3527-5256. http://meturl. com/latinanimate


Mediterranean-pop with Greek folk music elements. Aug 31-Sep 1, ¥5,8007,000 (adv). Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.

Marcus Miller

Jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist. Aug 31-Sep 3, ¥7,500-9,500. Billboard Live. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-3405-1133.

Akira Jimbo

A one-man orchestra on drums. Sep 3, 7pm, ¥3,0004,000. Green Hall. Nearest stn: Sagami-Ono. Tel: 042-742-9999.

Tokyo Jazz Festival

Jazz ensembles from all four corners of the world. Sep 6-Sep 8. various times, ¥3,000 (adv). Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.

Tokyo Jazz

Leading jazz festival. Sep 7-9. various times, ¥6,5009,500 (individual concerts)/ ¥18,000 (1 day pass). Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo.

Yokohama Reggae Sai: Stay Positive

Outdoor festival with Mighty Crown Family, Fire Ball Guan Chai and more. Sep 8, 1pm,

Kendric Scott Oracle

Nelson Rangell

Smooth jazz musician plays with his band. Sep 13-15, ¥7,000-9,000. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.

Pheeroan akLaff

Internationally acclaimed percussionist from Detroit leads a quartet of freedom seekers. Sep 16, 8pm, ¥4,000 (adv)/ ¥4,500 (door). Pit Inn. Nearest stn: Shinjuku Sanchome. Tel: 03-3354-2024.

Omar Rosa

Afro-Cuban quartet. Sep 17, ¥7,350 (adv). Blue Note. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-54850088.

Jonathan Butler

Grammy Award-nominated South African singersongwriter and guitarist. Sep 17-18, ¥7,500-9,500. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.

Joey Calderazzo Trio

Jazz pianist with Orlando Le Fleming and Adam Cruz. Sep 20-22, ¥6,800-9,000. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.

Shibuya Reggae Matsuri

Spicy Chocolate, Ryo the Skywalker, Shock Eye and more. Sep 21, 4pm, ¥5,250 (adv). Shibuya-AX. Nearest stn: Harajuku.

Dianne Reeves

One of the leading exponents of the jazz vocalist genre. Sep 21-22, ¥8,400. Blue Note. Nearest stn: Omotesando.

Peter Hammill

Extraordinary voice and singing prowess. Sep 21-22, 8pm; Sep 23, 7pm, ¥9,000 (adv)/ ¥10,000 (door). Pit Inn. Nearest stn: Shinjuku Sanchome. Tel: 03-3354-2024.

Daikanyama Dazzling Night

Three artists from different genres collaborate to make something new. Sep 25, 7pm, ¥4,500 +1d. Loop. Nearest stn: Daikanyama. Tel: 080-43405820.

CLASSICAL Teatro alla Scala Special Concert

Pelleas et Melisande and more. Sep 11, 7pm, ¥5,500-6,000. Oji Hall. Nearest stn: Ginza. Tel:

The 563rd Popular Series

Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra plays works by Mozart and Mendelssohn. Sep 13, 7pm, ¥3,500-7,000. Suntory Hall. Nearest stn: Roppongiitchome.

Modigliani Quartet

Italian string quartet plays Haydn and Ravel. Sep 17, 12:10pm, ¥1,000. Saitama Kaikan. Nearest stn: Urawa. Tel: 0570-064-939.

No. 1761 Subscription

The NHK Symphony Orchestra plays works by Brahms. Sep 21, 6pm; Sep 22, 3pm, ¥1,5008,500. NHK Hall. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet

German woodwind ensemble plays Haydn, Mozart, Ibert and more. Sep 28, 5pm, ¥2,0004,500. Saitama Arts Theater. Nearest stn: Yonohonmachi. Tel: 0570-064-939. www.

Stage Toyokan Vaudeville Special Vol.26

Yukari Nishi, Yuttei and more. Aug 31, noon, ¥1,000-3,000. Asakusa Toyokan. Nearest stn: Asakusa. Tel: 03-3841-6631.

The Little Mermaid

Disney and Shiki Gekidan grand production of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale. Until Aug 31, various times, ¥4,000-8,800. Shiki Theater Natsu. Nearest stn: Oimachi. Tel: 0120-489444. www.shiki. jp/applause/littlemermaid


Teatro alla Scala plays Giuseppe Verdi. Sep 4-14, 3 & 6:30pm, ¥13,000-¥62,000. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: 03-3791-8888.


Teatro alla Scala performs Giuseppe Verdi. Sep 9-15, various times, ¥13,000-62,000. NHK Hall. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3791-8888. www.nbs.

Toyokan Vaudeville Special Vol.27

Piroki, Knights and more. Sep 10, noon, ¥1,000-2,500. Asakusa Toyokan. Nearest stn: Asakusa. Tel: 03-3841-6631.


0120-03-9354. http://meturl. com/kagurajazz2013


Award-winning comedy performance group. Sep 21, 2pm, ¥4,500. Bunkyo Civic Hall. Nearest stn: Korakuen. Tel: 0570-00-3337. www.

Dance Time is on My Side: 1996 Special

Condors Dance Company travels through time. Aug 30, 7:30pm; Aug 31, 2 & 7pm; Sep 1, 3pm, ¥2,500-4,500. Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 03-53912111.

What Happened Anyway

Mika Kurosawa and Dancers perform with poets and musicians. Sep 1, 5pm; Sep 8, & 16, 1 & 5pm; Sep 29, 5pm, ¥2,000-3,000. Okurayama Kinen Hall. Nearest stn: Okurayama. Tel: 090-84905439.


Butoh dance performed by Sankai Juku. Sep 7, 3pm, ¥2,500-8,000. Green Hall. Nearest stn: Sagami-Oono. Tel: 042-742-9999. www.hall-net.

Romeo and Juliet

Performed by La Scala Theatre Ballet. Sep 20-23, various times, ¥5,000-¥18,000. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: 03-3791-8888. www.

Tahiti Ora

Ori Tahiti-style Polynesian dance. Sep 21, 7:30pm, ¥9,00011,000. Akasaka Blitz. Nearest stn: Akasaka. Tel: 04-53210693.

Clubbing FRIDAY 30 Ageha

Sabishinbo Night. Hip-hop DJs Kango, Kaori, etc Live: F.O.H and more. From 11pm, (m)¥4,000, (f)free. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba. www.ageha. com


Marcel Fengler. Techno DJs Marcel Fengler, Gonno,: etc. From 10pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.air-tokyo. com


Force. Techno, minimal: DJs Masa, Nishimura, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Story of a quartet by Michael Hollinger featuring Eriko Kogawa. Sep 10-29, various times, ¥1,500-5,250. New National Theatre Tokyo. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. Tel: 03-5351-3011. www.nntt.jac.

Sound Museum Vision

Conducted by Daniel Harding. Verdi, Rossini and more. Sep 5, 7pm, ¥8,000-¥19,000. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: 03-3791-8888. www.

Saito Kinen Festival

Ozashiki Entertainment

Global Rhythms. Hip-hop: DJs Shark, Sancon, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Classical music festival led by famed conductor Seiji Ozawa. Until-Sep 7. various times, various prices. Matsumoto, Nagano. Nearest stn: Matsumoto.

Yukio Yokoyama

Piano recital featuring works by Beethoven, Chopin and more. Sep 8, 11am, ¥3,0008,000. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Shinjuku or Hatsudai. www.

No. 1760 Subscription

The NHK Symphony Orchestra plays works by Brahms. Sep 11-12, 7pm, ¥3,500-8,500. Suntory Hall. Nearest stn: Roppongi-itchome. www.

Faure Serenade

The Tokyo Sinfonia plays

Rakugo by renowned storytellers and traditional dances performed by Geisha. Sep 16, 3pm, ¥2,000-4,000. Yurakucho Asahi Hall. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 03-32840131. rakudance2013


Verdi's famed opera performed by Arena di Verona's resident company. Sep 17, 6:30pm; Sep 18, 6:30pm; Sep 19, 6:30pm, ¥30,000-70,000. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: www.

Kagura meets Jazz

Traditional Shinto dance gets revamped with the help of jazz guitarist Kazumi Watanabe. Sep 20, 7pm, ¥1,000-2,000. Mitsukoshi Theater. Nearest stn: Mitsukoshimae. Tel:

Independent. Electro, techno: DJs The Japanese Popstars, Sunahara, etc. From 10pm, (m)¥3,500 w/1d, (f)¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

The Room


Naughtyclub. DJs Yuya, Yajima, etc. From 10:30pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-57784777.


Fantastic Dance. House: DJs Daishi Dance, Marcos Carnaval, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039.


Kitsune Club Night. House: DJs Gildas, Falcon, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba.


Agenda Listings

Submit your event at

CLUBBING Goldie x Dego


Two overlords of the London underground meet face to face for the first time inTokyo in the latest installment of the timeless Drum and Bass Sessions series. If Goldie symbolizes dnb’s flash—the man even starred in a reality TV series—then Dego first with his 4Hero unit and later with his 2000Black collective stands for urban cool. Together, the pair helped birth the drum and bass movement through discs like 1998’s Saturnz Return by Goldie and Two Pages by 4Hero. They span the gamut of jungle from its sweaty roots in rave to its sophisticated flirtings with jazz and laid the foundation for today’s dubstep scene. Unit, Sep 21, 11:30pm, ¥3,300 (adv)/ ¥3,800 (door). Nearest stn: Daikanyama. Tel:03-5459-8630.


Just Realize. Techno, house: DJs Anthea, Den, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Techvane. Techno: DJs Qhey, Kobayashi, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Ruby Room

Zettai Blen. Rock DJ Woodoff Dance Party: Live: No Name Band 101 and more. From 7pm, ¥1,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Sound Museum Vision

Japan Music Conference. House: DJs Akiyamania, Kaji, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

The New Matrix Bar

Saturday Night Fever. Hip-hop, R&B, reggae: DJ Ykk and more. From 6pm, ¥1,000 (after 10pm). Nearest stn: Roppongi.

The Room

Jazz Brothers. Jazz: DJs Yama, Takehana, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.


Moshiwake Night. J-pop: DJs Utamaru, Gyuzo, etc. From 11:30pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Daikanyama. www.


Like a Virgin. Hip-hop: DJs Kosuke, Tokyo Dandy, etc. From 11pm, (m)¥3,500 w/1d, (f)¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-57784777.


Grand Slam. Hip-hop: DJs Nuckey, Kekke, etc. From 11pm, (m)¥3,000 w/1d, (f)¥2,000 w/2d. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban or Roppongi. Tel: 03-6230-0343. www.


The Yes. Electro, techno: DJs Osawa, Para One, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039.


Own. House, techno DJs Iwaki, Morita, etc. From

10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.air-tokyo. com


Dust Space. All good music: DJs Dust Crew. From 8pm, ¥1,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

The Room

El Amor. Disco, house: DJs Endo, Jin, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Celebration. Hip-hop: DJs Sah, Yaz, etc. From 11pm, (m)¥3,000 w/1d, (f)¥2,000 w/2d. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban or Roppongi. Tel: 03-6230-0343. www.


Mid. Techno, house: DJs Sodeyama, Ohnishi, etc. From 10pm, ¥1,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039.

FRIDAY 6 Ageha

Agepa. Hip-hop, all mix DJs U5, Sweet, etc: Live: Yun*chi. From 11pm, (m)¥2,500, (f)free. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba. www.

Sound Museum Vision

Rolling Thunder. Electro, edm: DJs Tjr, Yoshimasa, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

The Room

Breakthrough. Hip-hop: DJs Jin, Ladi Dadi, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Sterne. Techno: DJs Nick Curly, Ishino, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039. www.womb.


The Wonderland. House, techno: DJs Riva Starr, Dexpistols, etc. Sep 7, from 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba.


Basin. House, techno: DJs Tasaka, Tti, etc. Sep 7, from 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Sound Museum Vision

Alien Radio. Techno: DJs Jon

Rundell, Groove Patrol, etc. Sep 7, from 10pm, (m)¥3,500, (f)¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. com

The Room

Especial Records Session. House, jazz: DJs Yoshihiro Okino(Kyoto Jazz Massive), Yukari, etc. Sep 7, from 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


06s. Drumnbass: DJs Marky, Aki, etc. Sep 7, from 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039. www.


¥70-200. Close Up Crafts. Mixed media. Sep 14-Dec 8, ¥300-500. Open Tue-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-5pm. 1-1 Kitanomarukoen Chiyoda-Ku. Nearest stn: Takebashi. Tel: 03-5777-8600.

from Medieval Japan. Spanning 300 years. Sep 11-Oct 20, ¥600-1,000. Tue-Sun, 10am-4:30pm. 6-5-1 MinamiAoyama, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Omotesando. www.

Idemitsu Museum of Arts

Christian Kerez: The Rule of the Game. Mixed media. Until Sep 28, free. 3F, Toto Nogizaka Blg, 1-24-3 Minami-Aoyama. Nearest stn: Nogizaka. www.

Sengai and the World of Zen. Well-known Edo period Zen priest's humorous yet sophisticated paintings and calligraphy. Sep 21-Nov 4, ¥700-1,000. Open Tue-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-7pm, closed Mon. 9F Teigeki Bldg, 3-1-1 Marunouchi. Nearest stn: Tokyo. node_19876/hana-hito-tokyo

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

Color Hunting. Directed by Dai Fujiwara. Until Oct 6, ¥500-1,000. Open Mon & Wed-Sun 11am-8pm, closed Tue. 9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Nogizaka. Tel: 03-3475-2121.

Masterpieces from the Collection of Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum. Works by Renoir, Vallotton, ToulouseLautrec and more. Oct 5-Jan 5, ¥400-1,200. Wed-Fri 10am-8pm, Tue, Sat & Sun/ hols 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 2-6-2 Marunouchi. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-5405-8686.

Fujifilm Square

Mitsui Memorial Museum

21_21 Design Sight

Traveling Planet. Stunning travel photography from Yemen, Bulgaria, Peru and more. Sep 6-25, free. Animal Locomotion. Original stop-action prints of photographs taken by Eadweard Muybridge in 1873. Until Sep 2, free. Open daily 10am-7pm. 9-7-3 Akasaka, Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-6271-3350.

Mori Art Museum

All You Need Is Love. Works from Chagall to Kusama. Until Sep 1, 10am-10pm (till 5pm on Tue), ¥1,500. Out of Doubt: Roppongi Crossing 2013. Contemporary art series held triennially. Sep 21-Jan 13, ¥500-1,500. Open Mon & Wed-Sun 10am-10pm, Tue 10am-5pm. 6-10-1 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.

Mori Arts Center Gallery

Harry Potter: The Exhibition. Interactive theatrical event. Audio tour available in English. Until Sep 16, ¥1,000-2,500. Ever and Never: The Art of Peanuts. Original drawings and sketches of Snoopy & co. Oct 12-Jan 5, ¥500-2,000. 52F Roppongi Hills Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.roppongihills. com/art/macg/

Suntory Museum of Art

Drinking Glass. A rare collection of drinking vessels from all over the world. Sep 11-Nov 11, ¥800-1,300. Open Wed-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun-Mon & hols 10am-6pm, closed Tue. 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.suntory. jp/sma

The National Art Center, Tokyo

Andreas Gursky. Germany's leading contemporary photographer. Until Sep 16, ¥600-1,500. Divisionism from Van Gogh and Seurat to Mondrian. Oil paintings. Oct 4-Dec 23, ¥800-1,500. Open Wed-Mon 10am-6pm, closed Tue. 7-22-2 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi.


Gustave Caillebotte. Oil paintings. Oct 10-Dec 29, ¥1,000-1,500. Open Tue-Sun & hols 10am-8pm, closed Mon. 1-10-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-5777-8600. www.

Craft Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art Body x Body x Body. An eye opening exploration of the human body. Until Sep 1,



Youkai: Demons, Folklore Creatures and GeGeGe no Kitarou. Mixed media. Until Sep 1, ¥700-1,200. 7F Mitsui Main Bldg, 2-1-1 NihombashiMuromachi, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Mitsukoshimae. Tel: 03-5777-8600.

Mitsuo Aida Museum

Ukemi. Modern calligraphy and poetry. Until Sep 1, ¥200-800. Also one thing. 10th Anniversary special planning Mitsuo Aida museum relocate. Sep 3-Dec 15, ¥200-800. Open Tue-Sun 10am-5:30pm, closed Mon. B1 Tokyo International Forum Glass Bldg, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Tel: 03-6212-3200. www.mitsuo.

National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo

Seiho Takeuchi. Traditional Japanese paintings. Sep 3-Oct 14, ¥300-1,300. Open Tue-Thu & Sat-Sun 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-8pm. 3-7-6 Kyobashi. Nearest stn: Takebashi. www.

Shiseido Gallery

Me in Me. Japanese-inspired films and video installations by Ming Wong. Until Sep 22, free. Open Tue-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm, closed Mon. B1F Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Bldg, 8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Shimbashi. Tel: 03-3572-3901. www.shiseido.

Vanilla Gallery

Artwork from Blade of the Immortal. Illustrations and watercolors by Hiroaki Samura. Until Sep 7, ¥500. Open Mon-Fri noon-7pm, Sat noon-5pm, closed Sun. 4F Daini Kamata Bldg, 6-10-10 Ginza. Nearest stn: Ginza. www.

Zeit-Foto Salon

Enchanting Collection. Photography. Until Aug 31, free. Tenjiku. Photos by Hitomi Watanabe. Sep 6-Oct 12, free. Open Tue-Fri 10:30am6:30pm, Sat 10:30am-5:30pm, closed Sun-Mon & hols. 4F Matsumoto Bldg, 1-10-5 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-3535-7188.

HARAJUKU/AOYAMA Diesel Art Gallery

Extreme AR Image Core. Mixed media. Psychelic manga-style pop art by Kazuki Umezawa. Until Nov 15, free. Open daily 11:30am-9pm. 1-23-16 Shibuya. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Nezu Museum

Lofty Elegance: Ink Painting

Toto Gallery Ma

Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art

Wild Geese and the Moon Beauties of Nature. Paintings by Utagawa Hiroshige. Aug 31-Sep 26, ¥500-700. Open Tue-Sun 10:30am-5:30pm, closed Mon. 1-10-10 Jingumae. Nearest stn: Harajuku.

SHIBUYA/EBISU The Watari-Um Museum of Contemporary Art Shuuji Terayama: Knock. Performance art, film and photography. Until Oct 27, ¥800-1,000. Open Tue & Thu-Sun 11am-7pm, Wed 11am-9pm, closed Mon. 3-7-6 Jingumae. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. www.watarium.

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

We Shall Meet in the Place Where There is No Darkness. Landscape photography by Tomoko Yoneda. Until Sep 23, ¥500-700. Open Tue-Wed & Sat-Sun 10am-6pm, Thu-Fri 10am-8pm, closed Mon. 1-13-3 Mita, Meguro-ku. Nearest stn: Ebisu.

Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya

Identities in the World. Five artists reflect upon the themes "energy" and "identity". Mixed media. Until Sep 23, free. 1-19-8 Jinnan. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3463-0603. www.

Yamatane Museum of Art

Hayami Gyoshu and the Elite of the Japan Art Institute. Nihonga paintings on silk and paper. Until Oct 14, ¥800-1,000. Open Tue-Fri 11am-5pm, closed Mon & hols. 3-12-36 Hiroo. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-5777-8600.

Zen Foto Gallery

They Called Me Yukari/Mama Love. Photography by Hideka Tonomura. Until Sep 7, free. 2-17-3 Shibuya. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 050-5531-9536.

SHINJUKU/IKEBUKURO Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

Soen & Soen Fashion Award. Fashion. Until Sep 28, ¥200-500. Mon-Sat 10am-4:30pm, Closed Sun and hols. Shinjuku Bunka Quint Bldg. 3-22-7 Yoyogi. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. Tel: 03-32992387. museum/text/english.html

NTT Intercommunication Center

Open Space 2013. A melting pot of artists and media. Until Mar 2, free. AR Museum. ICC Kids' Program. Mixed media. Until Sep 1, ¥300-500. 4F Tokyo Opera City Tower, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Hatsudai.

Shinjuku Nikon Salon

Room and Photography. Photography by Go Terakado. Until Sep 2, free. Shrove Tuesday. Photography by Keijiro Kai. Sep 3-16, free. Moments of the 21st Century. Photographs by the Japan Stage Photographers Society. Sep 10-16, free. Open daily 10am-7pm. Tokyo L-Tower 28F, 1-6-1, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. Tel: 03-3344-0565. activity/salon/index_en.htm

Sompo Japan Museum of Art The Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Palazzo Pitti. Sep 7-Nov 10, ¥600-¥1,000. Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 42F Sompo Japan Bldg, 1-26-1 Nishi-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. Tel: 03-5405-8686. museum

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

Why Not Live for Art? Nine collectors reveal their treasures. Mixed media. Until Sep 23, ¥600-1,000. Project N53 - Teppei Ikehila. Paintings. Until Sep 23, ¥600-800. Open Tue-Thu 11am-7pm, Fri-Sat 11am-8pm. 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. www.operacity. jp/en/ag

Tokyo Toy Museum

Japan Native Toys Collection. Until Sep 29, ¥500-700. Open Fri-Wed 10am-4pm. Closed Thu. Yotsuya Hiroba, 4-20 Yotsuya. Nearest stn: Yotsuya Sanchome. Tel: 03-5367-9601.

UENO National Museum of Nature and Science

Deep Sea. Earth's last frontier with a rich biodiversity that we have only just begun to explore. Until Oct 6, ¥300-600 admission, plus special exhibition fee. Open Tue-Thu & Sat-Sun 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-8pm, closed Mon. 7-20 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: 03-3822-0111. www.

The National Museum of Western Art

Michelangelo Buonarroti. Painting, sculpture and more. Sep 6-Nov 17, ¥700-1,400. Open daily 9:30am-5:30pm. 7-7 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno. www.

The University Art Museum

Gallery Shuhari

The National Treasure Butto of Yakushi Nyorai and Masterpieces from Kohfukuji. Wooden sculptures and bronze Buddha heads displayed for 1,300th anniversary of Nara’s Kohfukuji. Sep 3-Nov 24, ¥¥800-1,500. Open Tue-Sun 10am-5pm, closed Mon. 12-8 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno.

Konica Minolta Plaza

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Living Design Center Ozone

Tokyo National Museum

Drunk Heaven. Photography by Kenji Kawamoto. Until Sep 8, free. Tue-Sun noon-8pm (5pm last day), closed Mon. 3-13-3F Yotsuya. Nearest stn: Yotsuya. Slough. Photography by Satoru Ikegami. Aug 30-Sep 9, free. Open daily 10:30am-7pm. 4F Shinjuku Kono Bldg, 3-26-11 Shinjuku. www.konicaminolta. jp/plaza

T-Life Design. Furniture. Until Nov 12, free. 10:30am7pm, closed Wed. 3F to 8F Shinjuku Park Tower, 3-7-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. www.

La Méditerranée dans les Collections du Louvre. Art and sculptures from the Louvre's Mediterranean collection. Until Sep 23, ¥600-1,500. 8-36 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno. www. From Kyoto, Inside and Outside: Scenes on Panels and Folding Screens. Depictions of symbolic locations around Kyoto, including Ryoanji temple, the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Nijo Castle. Oct 8-Dec 1, ¥900-1,500.




H “H,” in Israeli artist Gil Yefman’s locution, stands for “echi” (“sex” in Japanese) and “hentai” (“pervert” in Japanese)—but also for “holocaust.” The title pertains to a mixed media installation— replete with a sex doll—that recreates a sex-slave’s residence, inspired by research Yefman conducted on “Block 24,” an isolated unit in the Nazi’s Auschwitz concentration camp. “Block 24” was in fact a brothel in Auschwitz created to serve camp officials to relief them from the stress of war, and also to reward “industrious” workers. The Japanese references are to Japan’s own World War II sex slaves. The Container, until Oct 28, free. Open Mon–Fri 11am-9pm, Sat–Sun & hols 10am-8pm, closed Tue. Hills Daikanyama, 1-8-30 Kamimeguro. Nearest stn: Nakameguro. www.

The Beauty of Japanese-style Calligraphy. Mixed media. A stunning collection showing the evolution of kanji. Until Sep 8, ¥600-1,500. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-5pm. 13-9 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno.

SEP 9-15, 12-8 PM

Painting Exhibition “FLOW”

Native New Yorker Adam Weston—painting exhibition in Ginza. Meet the artist and enjoy light refreshments at the opening on Sep 9 (5-8pm). Free admission. OGallery 1-4-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku 3F. Tel:03-35677772 Sep 9-15, Mon-Sat 12-8pm, Sun 11-4pm.

Ueno Royal Museum

Art in Wonderland. Interactive and exploration-friendly art. Sep 6-Oct 6, ¥400-1,200. Open Sat-Thur 10am-6pm, Fri 10am-8pm. 1-2 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno. www.

OTHER AREAS Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

Enoshima. Photography by Eiichiro Sakata. Until Sep 29, ¥500-1,000. Open Tue-Sun 11am-5pm, closed Mon. 4-7-25 Kita-Shinagawa. Nearest stn: Kita-shinagawa. Tel: 03-34450651.

Hoki Museum

Feeling the Light and the Wind. Realist painting by Japanese artists. Until Nov 10, ¥750-1,500. Open Mon & Wed-Thu 10am-6pm, Fri, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm, closed Tue. 3-15 Asumigaokahigashi, Midoriku. Nearest stn: Toke. www.

Makuhari Messe

Secrets of the Human Body: A Big Adventure. Giant bodies opened up for exploration and excavation. Until Sep 1, 10am-5pm, ¥700-1,600 (adv). Nakase 2-1, Mihama-ku. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Francis Alÿs. Videos and photographs of a Belgian

artist's social practice projects. Until Sep 8, ¥600-1,100. Ghosts, Underpants and Stars. Kids are free to run, touch, photograph and explore art naturally. Until Sep 10, ¥600-1,000. Crystallize. Mixed media by Tokujin Yoshioka. Oct 3-Jan 19, ¥600-1,100. Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku. Nearest stn: Kiyosumi-shirakawa. www.

National Museum of Japanese History

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and its Recovery Efforts. Images and talks by people from the area. Until Sep 23, ¥250-420. Technology that Made the Era: Production Revolution of the Middle Ages. The first step towards mass production. Artifacts and illustrations of daily life. Until Sep 1, ¥450-830. Daily Life and Bugs in Oedo. Mixed media. Until Sep 1, ¥200-420. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm, closed Mon. 117 Jonai-cho, Sakura-shi. Nearest stn: KeiseiSakura. english

Pacifico Yokohama

The Frozen Woolly Mammoth Yuka. New findings about the prehistoric beasts, featuring a full-size, frozen one. Until Sep 16, ¥900-2,200. 1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama. Nearest stn: Minatomirai.

Snow Contemporary XYZ Collective

Scenery as is. Extraordinary paintings of ordinary things by Korehiko Hino. Sep 20-Oct 6, free. 12pm-8pm Mon, Wed-Fri, closed Tue. 1F 2-30-20 Tsurumaki. Nearest stn: Komazawa Daigaku. Tel: 050 1148 7964. www.officekubota. com/snowcontemporary

The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama

War/Art 1940-1950: Sequences and Transformations of Modernism. Works by Tsuguharu Fujita, Shunsuke Matsumoto and more. Until Oct 14, ¥100-1,000. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-5pm, closed Mon. 2208-1 Isshiki, Hayama, Miura-gun. Nearest stn: Zushi.

The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

Floating Design: Shiro Kuramata and His Contemporaries. Mixed media. Until Sep 1, ¥880-1,100. Open daily 10:00am-5:30pm. 9-30-1 Tokiwa, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi. Nearest stn: Kitaurawa.

Yokohama Museum of Art Masterpieces of French Paintings from the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Works by Cézanne, Renoir and more. Until Sep 16, ¥800-1,300. Fri-Wed 10am-6pm. 3-4-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai.

Sports BADMINTON Yonex Open: Preliminary Round Sep 17, 10am, ¥500. Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Sendagaya. Tel: 03-5474-2112.

Yonex Open

Sep 18-Sep 22, 10am, ¥500-3,000. Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Sendagaya. Tel: 03-5474-2112.

BASEBALL Central League

–Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Yokohama DeNA Baystars. Aug 30-1, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Meiji Jingu Gaien. Nearest stn: Harajuku. –Yomiuri – Giants vs. Chunichi Dragons. Sep 1, 2pm, ¥2,000-5,900. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999. –Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Sep 10-12, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Meiji Jingu Gaien. Nearest stn: Harajuku. –Yomiuri – Giants vs. Yokohama DeNA Baystars. Sep 11-12, 6pm, ¥500-5,900. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999. –Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Hanshin Tigers. Sep 13-15, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Meiji Jingu Gaien. Nearest stn: Harajuku. –Yomiuri – Giants vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Sep 21-23, 6pm, ¥500-5,900. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999. –Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Yomiuri Giants. Sep 24-26, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Meiji Jingu Gaien. Nearest stn: Harajuku. –Yomiuri – Giants vs. Tokyo Yakult Swallows. Oct 2-3, 6pm, ¥1,700-15,000. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999.

Pacific League

–Chiba – Lotte Marines vs. Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. Aug 30-1, 6:15pm, ¥500-1,500. QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn: KaihinMakuhari. Tel: 043-296-1227. –Saitama – Seibu Lions vs. Orix Buffaloes. Aug 30-1, 6pm, ¥600-20,000. Seibu Dome. Nearest stn: Seibukyujomae. Tel: 04-2925-1141. –Hokkaido – Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. Sep 3-5, 6pm, ¥500-5,000. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999. –Chiba – Lotte Marines vs. Saitama Seibu Lions. Sep 6-8, 6:15pm, ¥800-4,800. QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari. Tel: 043-296-1227. –Chiba – Lotte Marines vs. Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Sep 10-12, 6:15pm, ¥800-4,800. QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn: KaihinMakuhari. Tel: 043-296-1227. –Saitama – Seibu Lions vs. Chiba Lotte Marines. Sep 14-16, 1pm, ¥600-20,000. Seibu Dome. Nearest stn: Seibukyujomae. Tel: 04-2925-1141. –Chiba – Lotte Marines vs. Orix Buffaloes. Sep 17-18, 6:15pm, ¥800-4,800. QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn:

Since 1949




* ONE MONTH INTENSIVE * 2 DAYS & 3 DAYS A WEEK 2014 Jan term * PRIVATE & COMPANY student VISA * BUSINESS JAPANESE registration open!! * PREP FOR JLPT (N1,2,3) * COLLEGE VISA COURSE YUTENJI 03-3713-4958 JIYUGAOKA 03-3723-4785




Agenda Listings Kaihin-Makuhari. Tel: 043-2961227. –Saitama – Seibu Lions vs. Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. Sep 17-19, 6pm, ¥600-20,000. Seibu Dome. Nearest stn: Seibukyujomae. Tel: 04-2925-1141. –Chiba – Lotte Marines vs. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. Sep 21-23, 2pm, ¥800-4,800. QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari. Tel: 043-2961227. More games and ticket info at


Aug 31, 6pm, ¥5,000-10,000. Shinjuku Face. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. Tel: 03-3419-0536.

Kensuke Office

Aug 31, 6pm, ¥3,000-7,000. Korakuen Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999.

Noah: Shiny Navig

Sep 7, 6pm, ¥4,000-7,000. Differ Ariake. Nearest stn: Ariake-tennis-no-mori.

Big Japan

Sep 9, 7pm, ¥4,000-5,000. Shinkiba 1stRing. Nearest stn: Shinkiba. Tel: 03-3521-1015.

Dragon Gate Away on business or leisure, find comfort in a familiar environment — luxurious in Oakwood Premier, elegant in Oakwood Residence or stylish in Oakwood Apartments. Come home to the ease of Oakwood living in Asia. Oakwood offers a choice of 7 hot spot locations in Asia's most cosmopolitan city, Tokyo — Aoyama, Akasaka, Azabujyuban, Midtown, Roppongi and Shirokane. For further details, please visit our website or call (81-3) 5412 3131 or email us

Sep 12, 6:30pm, ¥4,000-6,000. Korakuen Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999.

New Japan: Road to destruction

Sep 14, 6:30pm, ¥6,000-8,000. Korakuen Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999.

Tenryu Project

Sep 16, 6:30pm, ¥4,00010,000. Shinjuku Face. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. Tel: 03-34190536.

Zero 1

Sep 16, 12am, ¥4,000-6,000. Korakuen Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999.

Wrestling New Classic

Sep 18, 7pm, ¥3,000-7,000. Shinjuku Face. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. Tel: 03-3419-0536.

Stardom: 5 Star GP Final

Sep 23, 12am, ¥3,500-15,000. Korakuen Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999.

RUGBY Top League

––Top League. Aug 30, 7pm, ¥300-3,500. Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-3401-3881. ––Ricoh Black Rams vs. Coca Cola West Red Sparks. Aug 31, 5pm, ¥300-3,500. Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-3401-3881. ––Toshiba Brave Lupus vs. Canon Eagles. Aug 31, 7pm, ¥300-3,500. Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-3401-3881. ––NTT Communications Shining Arcs vs. NEC Green Rockets. Sep 6, 7pm, ¥300-3,500. Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-3401-3881. ––Canon Eagles vs. Panasonic Wild Knights. Sep 7, 7pm, ¥300-3,500. Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-3401-3881. ––Kubota Spears vs. Kintetsu Liners. Sep 7, 5pm, ¥300-3,500. Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-3401-3881. ––Ricoh Black Rams vs. Canon Eagles. Sep 13, 7pm, ¥300-3,500. Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03 -3401-3881. ––Kubota Spears vs. Toshiba Brave Lupus. Sep 14, 4pm, ¥300-2,000. Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium. Nearest



stn: Yokohama. Tel: 045-3112016. More game info at www.

SOCCER J. League, Division 1

–Kashima – Antlers vs. Kashiwa Reysol. Aug 31, 6:30pm, ¥1,400-7,500. Kashima Soccer Stadium. Nearest stn: Kashima Sports Stadium. –Shonan – Bellmare vs. Vegalta Sendai. Aug 31, 7pm, ¥600-5,500. Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka. Tel: 0463-33-4455. –Urawa – Reds vs. Albirex Niigata. Aug 31, 6pm, ¥1,0004,500. Saitama Stadium. Nearest stn: Urawamisono. Tel: 048-812-1001. –Kashiwa – Reysol vs. Jubilo Iwata. Sep 14, 7pm, ¥1,0005,000. Hitachi Stadium. Nearest stn: Kashiwa. Tel: 047-162-2250. –Kawasaki – Frontale vs. Sanfrecce Hiroshima. Sep 14, 7pm, ¥800-4,500. Todoroki Stadium. Nearest stn: Musashikosugi. Tel: 044-7220303. –Yokohama – F Marinos vs. Cerezo Osaka. Sep 14, 7pm, ¥900-5,000. Nissan Stadium. Nearest stn: Kozuke. Tel: 04-5477-5000. –Kawasaki – Frontal vs. Sagan Tosu. Sep 21, 7pm, ¥800-4,500. Todoroki Stadium. Nearest stn: Musashikosugi. Tel: 044-7220303. –Urawa – Reds vs. Ventforet Kofu. Sep 21, 5pm, ¥1,0004,500. Saitama Stadium. Nearest stn: Urawamisono. Tel: 048-812-1001. –Yokohama – F Marinos vs. Shimizu S-Pulse. Sep 21, 7pm, ¥900-5,000. Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium. Nearest stn: Yokohama. Tel: 045-3112016.

Kirin Challenge Cup

Japan vs. Ghana. Sep 10, 7:20pm, ¥1,000-3,000. Nissan Stadium. Nearest stn: Kozuke. Tel: 04-5477-5000.

Nabisco Cup

Jiyugaoka International Friendship Mikoshi Festival

Traditional summer festival with all the trimmings. Organizers seek mikoshi bearers of any nationality. Registration required. Aug 31, 3pm, free. Mizuho Bank parking lot, Jiyugaoka. Nearest stn: Jiyugaoka. Tel: 03-57317274.

Tsumagoi Cabbage Festival

Gunma-farmed cabbage, corn and other fresh vegetables from Tsumagoi village. Until Aug 31, all day, free. Gakugeidaigaku East Exit Shopping Street. Meguro-ku. Nearest stn: Gakugeidaigaku. Tel: 03-3712-5971.

Daradara Matsuri

Festival dedicated to ginger and its many health benefits. Sep 11-21, all day, free. Shibadai Jingu, 1-12-7 Daimon, Minatoku. Nearest stn: Daimon. Tel: 03-3431-4802. www.

Meguro Citizens Festival

A mixed bag of rakugo, belly dance, legal consulting and grilled saury. Sep 15, 9:30am3:30pm, free. Dendo Hiroba Park and other venues. Nearest stn: Meguro. Tel: 03-5722-9278.

Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Festival

Boom factor: 3,000. Beachside fireworks light up the autumn sky. Oct 19, 6pm, free. Katase beach. Nearest stn: KataseEnoshima. Tel: 0466-22-4141. fujisawahanabi

Forums & Expos JATA Tabihaku Travel Showcase

International and domestic travel fair. Sep 14, 10am-6pm; Sep 15, 10am-5pm, ¥600 (students)/¥1,200 (adults). Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stn: Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon. www.

–Kashiwa – Reysol vs. Yokohama F Marinos. Sep 7, 7pm, ¥1,000-5,000. Hitachi Stadium. Nearest stn: Kashiwa. Tel: 047-162-2250. –Kawasaki – Frontale vs. Urawa Reds. Sep 7, 6pm, ¥800-4,500. Todoroki Stadium. Nearest stn: Musashikosugi. Tel: 044-7220303.

Tokyo Game Show

More game and ticket info at

High quality coffee beans, grounds and coffee makers from around the world. Sep 25-26, 10am-5pm; Sep 27, 10am-4pm, ¥1,500. Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stn: KokusaiTenjijo-Seimon. Tel: info@ english

SUMO September Grand Tournament

Sep 15-Sep 29, various times, ¥3,600-8,200. Ryogoku Kokugikan. Nearest stn: Ryogoku. Tel: 03-3623-5111. Match and ticket info at www.

TENNIS Davis Cup: Japan vs. Colombia

Sep 13-Sep 15, 1pm, ¥1,00010,000. Ariake Colosseum. Nearest stn: Ariake. Tel: 03-3529-3301.

Toray Pan Pacific Open

Sep 20-Sep 28, various times, ¥1,000-21,000. Ariake Colosseum. Nearest stn: Ariake. Tel: 03-3529-3301.

Festivals Hodogaya Candle Night End of summer celebration with candles and Japanesestyle fire dance. Aug 31, 5:30-8pm, free. Hodogaya Park, Yokohama. Nearest stn: Hoshikawa.http:// hodogayacandlenight.wix. com/home

Video games, merchandise and cosplay. Sep 21-22, 10am-5pm, ¥1,000 (adv)/ ¥1,200 (door). Makuhari Messe. Nearest stn: KaihinMakuhari. expo.nikkeibp.

SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition

Bazaars & Markets Earth Day Market

Farmer's market focused on organic and fair trade goods. Sep 22, 10am-4pm, free. Yoyogi Park. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 090-3525-8481. www.

Organic Market Day

Organic and handcrafted goods. Yoga lessons, massage and live music in a natural environment. Oct 12, 10:30am-4:30pm, free. 185-2 Komahongo, Saitama. Nearest stn: Saitama.

Iidabashi Ramla Market

Every first and third Sun, 10am-4pm, Iidabashi Ramla. Nearest stn: Iidabashi.

Best Flea Market

Every second Sun, 10am-4pm, Tokyo International Forum Hall C. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 03-3226-6800.

Hanazono Shrine Market Every Sun, 8am-4pm,

LISTINGS FOR COMPLETE LISTINGS Hanazono Shrine. Nearest stn: Shinjuku-sanchome. Tel: 03-3200-3093.


Farm-fresh veg from the north. Every Sat, 7-9am, Roppongi Hills East Court. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-6406-5285.

Nogi Shrine Market

Every second Sun, 5:30am3pm, Nogi Shrine. Nearest stn: Nogizaka. Tel: 03-3478-3001.

Oedo Antique Fair

Japan’s largest outdoor antique market. Every first and third Sun, 8am-4:30pm, Tokyo International Forum Hall C. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 03-5805-1093.


Meet fellow knitters, crocheters and sewers to talk, share ideas, eat, drink and create. Every first and third Tue, 7pm, free, Cafe Respekt. Nearest stn: Shibuya. TokyoStitchandBitch

Half-Fast Cyclists

Bicyclists of all treads meet for slide shows, lectures, ride-planning, etc. Every second Wed, 7pm, free, The Pink Cow. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-6434-5773.

Tokyo Street Hockey Association

Aoyama Marché

Casual street hockey group with regular meet-ups. Every first, second and third Fri, Various venues. Check website calendar for details. www.

Yasukuni Shrine Antique Market

Let's Enjoy a Traditional Japanese Game of Go

Organic farmers’ market. Every weekend, United Nations University. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-34560960.

Every Sun, sunrise-sunset, Yasukuni Shrine. Nearest stn: Kudanshita. Tel: 03-3261-8326.

Fudaten Jinja Market

Every second Sun, 10am-4pm, Fudaten Jinja. Nearest stn: Chofu. Tel: 04-2489-0022.

Learning Learn game rules and test them out, beginners welcome. English interpretation available. Sep 5, 7pm, ¥100 (MIFA member)/ ¥200 (gen). MIFA. 5F Annex, Meguro City Office Complex, 2-19-15 Kamimeguro. Nearest stn: Nakameguro.

Community Japan Armored Battle League Recruitment

Open recruitement forJapan's first full contact armored combat sports league. 6:30pm, Sep 1, free. Ikebukuro Seibu Myspace and Business Space, 2F Nukariya Bldg, 1-16-20 MinamiIkebukuro, Toshima-ku. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. www.

Beers for Books

¥100 from every drink bought goes to charity Room to Read. Sep 5, 7pm, free. Suji's, Azabudai, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-3505-4490.

International Knit Cafe

Knitting and more. Sep 6, 10am-12pm; Sep 20, 1:30-4pm, ¥400. MIFA. 5F Annex, Meguro City Office Complex, 2-19-15 Kamimeguro. Nearest stn: Nakameguro. quienes_0615@

Pause Talk

Open forum where creatives can get together and discuss projects, ideas and cultural currents. Every first Mon, Cafe Pause. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 03-6912-7711. www.

Small early morning yoga class in Azabu-Juban with a maximum of six people makes it possible to connect with the instructor. Teachers are fluent in English and Japanese. Private classes also available. Tel: 03-64345448 or email: info@ for reservation.

Party and Purpose

A casual get-together over dinner with people interested in personal development, organized by Tokyo Positive Thinkers. Every third Wed, 8pm, about ¥2,000, Ikebukuro TGI Friday's. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 090-44406391. positivethinkerstokyo

32nd Asakusa Samba Carnival

Latin-style parade and dance contest. Aug 31, 1-6pm, free. Umamichi-dori, Asakusa. Nearest stn: Asakusa. www.

Blood of Samurai

Quiet residential areas of the city conceal a secret haunt of angry ronin spirits. Sep 5, 2pm, ¥3,000. Meet at Shirokane-Takanawa, exit 1. www.hauntedtokyotours. com

Belgian Beer Weekend

More than 73 different kinds of beers up for tasting. Sep 6-16, 2-10pm Mon-Fri, 11am-10pm Sat & Sun, ¥3,000 (adv)/ ¥3,100 (door). Roppongi Hills Arena. Nearest stn: Roppongi.

Closet Ball

Pageant-style competition where newly emerged butterflies show off their charisma and talent. Are you the next Tokyo Closet Ball Queen? Open mic environment for anyone undaunted by the stage. Sep 7, 5pm, ¥3,000 (all-you-can-eat buffet and 2 shows)/ ¥1,500 (from 9pm, incl 1 show and 1 drink). The Pink Cow. Nearest stn: Roppongi. cowmail@ Tel:

Tokyo Runway A/W

FROM SEP 21, 6:30-9:30PM Telephone Counselor Training Program Fall 2013 Comprehensive training program held over 12 weeks, starting September 21. Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:30pm - 9:30pm. Wesley Center 2F, Minami Aoyama. Email:

Enjoy Haiku in English

English Haiku workshop with the Meguro International Haiku Circle. Sep 14, 6:30am, free (students)/¥1,000 (gen). Meguro Citizens Center Community Education Center. 2-4-36 Meguro. Nearest stn: Meguro.

Introduction to Polish Culture

Cooking lesson and a talk about the nation's culture. Sep 21, 10am-2pm, ¥700 (MIFA members)/ ¥1,000. Meguro Citizens Center Community Education Center. 2-4-36 Meguro. Nearest stn: Meguro.

Regional Disaster Briefing Session on Animals

WED-THU SEP 4-5 & 11-12, 7 AM VedaPlus Morning Yoga Class


Informational seminar in cooperation with Animal Welfare Week. Sep 28, 10am, free. Grand Conference Room. 2F Meguro City Office Complex, Kamimeguro. Nearest stn: Nakameguro. Tel: 03-5722-9505.

TCS Improv Workshop

The weekly Tokyo Comedy Store In the Moment improv workshop, all levels welcome. Beginner intensives on weekends throughout the year. See website for more details. Every Wednesday, 7-9pm, Our Space Studio. Nearest stn: Hatagaya. Tel: 03-5770-7401. improv_comedy_workshop

Other Events Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter

Japan's biggest pret-a-porter fashion event. Aug 31, 3pm, ¥6,000-10,000. Saitama Super Arena. Nearest stn: Saitama-

Pret-a-porter fashion brands Dear Princess, Samatha Thavasa and more. Sep 14, various times, ¥4,50010,000. Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Sendagaya. Tel: 03-5474-2112.

Ark Hills Fall Festival

Obon dance, traditional floats and gourmet food stalls. Sep 14-16, all day, free. Ark Karajan Place, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Roppongi-icchome. www.

Ghosts and Goblins of Old Tokyo Explore the backstreets of Edo, one of the most haunted cities in the world. Sep 18, 1pm, ¥3,000. Meet outside McDonalds, Higashi-Ueno. Nearest stn: Inaricho. www.

All seats non-smoking

Twomey Scholarship Fund Launch Parties 4 Peace's fundraiser. Organic buffet, performances and more. Sep 20, 8pm, ¥2,500 (adv)/ ¥3,000 (door). M (Event Space & Bar). Nearest stn: Daikanyama. www.

Mitsu 10

A terrifying haunted house experience under the theme "teeth". Ages 6 and up. Until Sep 23, 10am-4pm (scary) & 5pm-9pm (scarier), ¥800. Tokyo Dome City. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-3817-6001.

Screen Beauties Vol.1

Digitally remastered screening of old movies featuring cinematic stars. This edition features Audrey Hepburn. Sep 28-Oct 13, various times, ¥1,000 (adv)/ ¥1,800 (door)/ ¥3,000 (all 3 screenings). Shinjuku Piccadilly, Kawasaki Cine Citta and more. www.

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony

A unique opportunity to experience firsthand the many different styles of serving Japanese tea. Register by Aug 31. Sep 28-29, 10am-5pm, ¥700. Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum. Nearest stn: Musashikoganei.




More reviews and theater details:




he conventional wisdom has been t h a t J a c k K e r o u a c ’s rambling, episodic 1957 novel, a legendary bit of stream-of-consciousness that had a major impact on American literature, is unfilmable. Certainly exec producer Francis Ford Coppola must have thought so several times since he bought the film rights in 1979. If you funded 12 directors to adapt it, you’d probably get a dozen completely different movies. That said, this evocatively filmed take by Brazil’s Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) is surprisingly effective entertainment. Some scenes nicely capture the characters’ rebellious hunger for life, their wanderlust, their quest for self-discovery. But the overall tone is – how to say it? – a little on the sane side. The committed cast of Beat alter egos is very strong,


I saw it, and I enjoyed it. But little re a l ly s t uc k . L e on a rd Ni moy ’s c a m e o ( a n d Z a c h a r y Q u i n to ’s nailing of the character he created), Benedict Cumberbach’s powerful performance as a complex villain, the zowie special effects, its warpspeed pacing. Wisely not ignoring the past, it includes a plethora of little in-joke surprises for long-term fans of the now nearly 50-year-old series/franchise (now, what are they called?). So it hits all its marks and successfully walks the cusp between too much reverence for the ST canon and not enough. A fun and satisfying blockbuster, but no The Wrath of Khan. (132 min)




notably Ga r ret t He d lu nd ( Ne a l Cassidy), Sam Riley (Kerouac), and Kristen Stewart (Cassidy’s first wife, Marylou). The best parts, tellingly, are the voice-overs of Kerouac’s prose, which prompted me to pick up the book again. In fact, a perusal is highly


A bankrupt former soccer star tries to worm his way back into the affections of his ex-wife by coaching his son’s peewee team, but his efforts are hampered by all those horny soccer moms throwing themselves at him (whom he accommodates; this was originally titled Playing the Field). I can understand the increasingly tiresome Gerard Butler being in this kind of sappy-happy family crap, but Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Judy Greer and Dennis Quaid should know better. And the kid’s annoying. Here come the adjectives: lazy, valueless, predictable, misogynistic and dismaying. Japanese title: Smile Again. (106 min)

© 2013少年H」製作委員会

his film is based upon a muc h-he ra lde d autobiographical novel by Kappa S enoh t hat wa s published in 19 9 9. A s s u c h Shonen H has a very personal, emotional and at times, cloying feel to it. Despite this, the anti-war and humanist take on Japanese history makes the work watchable and important. It’s the 1930s and the Senoh family is just like any other prosperous, middle class Japanese household. Father Morio (Yutaka Mizutani) is a tailor with loving wife Toshiko (Ran Ito) and two young children, daughter Yoshiko (Yurine Hanada) and son Hajime (Tatsuki Yoshioka), who becomes known as H when his father sows the letter on his sweater. But the Senohs do have one difference from other Japanese—they are Christians. When the fascist and nationalist forces rise in the country, the family’s religion becomes their undoing. The film thoroughly depicts the arbitrary brutality and prejudice they face, as well as the horrific consequences the war has on Japan. A worthy adaptation of a valuable book. (122 min) Rob Schwartz

recommended, given that one of the film’s weaknesses is the assumption that the viewer is intimately familiar with Kerouac and his work. And when you think about it, isn’t that the best way to deal with an unfilmable novel? (124 min)


Two LAPD cruiser cops (Jake Gyllenhaal & Michel Pena) unintentionally step on the toes of a Mexican drug cartel. This brilliantly written and finely crafted cop opera offers little you haven’t seen before. You just haven’t seen it done this well. The characters are first well developed, and then the suspense and tension are ratcheted up to the point where the final 30 minutes are almost u nb e a rable . S ome m ay h ave a problem with the too-clever, handheld, multiple-POV camerawork. Emotionally hefty, visceral, and done on a human scale, this gritty ride-along is irresistibly entertaining. (109 min)

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Roland Emmerich makes big, dumb and loud disaster porn for 12-yearolds. Like Godzilla and 2012. This i s a not her. A bu nch of ha m my bad guys cinematically take over the title mansion. Fractured plot, murky motives, and what pacing? Also the silliest car chase in movie h i stor y (a rou nd t he W H law n ). Okay, Channing Tatum is marginally less wooden than usual as the wife-beater-clad hero, and he and imperiled POTUS Jamie Foxx riff well off each other. So is it better than that other moronic blowingup-the-White-House, Die Hard clone, Olympus Has Fallen? Jeez, who cares? At least it doesn’t star Gerard Butler. (131 min)


s summer winds down in Japan, the capital gears up for the Tokyo International Film Festival in the fall. And the f i r s t a n nou nce d guest for the 26th edition is a big one. To m H a n k s w i l l attend the fest, his first visit to Japan since coming to promote Angels and Demons in 2009. On this visit, the two-time Oscar winner will present TIFF’s opening film, Captain Phillips. The multi-layered thriller is closely based on the true story of a Boston-born merchant marine who fought to save his crew after his cargo ship was taken over by Somali pirates. Although the film has yet to be screened anywhere, it is already generating some award buzz around Hanks. Boston Magazine has praised the actor for pulling off an authentic Bostonian accent in the trailer. Director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum) recalls that at the end of the demanding 12-week shoot on open seas, the cast and crew gave Hanks an intense round of applause. “A huge appeal for me with this project was working with Tom and we just hit it off,” Greenglass told the Film Society at Lincoln Center “He’s just such a brilliant actor and collaborator.” The Tokyo International Film Festival runs October 17-25. Kevin Mcgue



This unnecessary reboot is more a blow-stuff-up science fiction fantasy (we don’t have enough of those) than a superhero saga. It badly wants to be taken seriously, but it’s soulless, manipulative, overlong and derivative, the characters are thinly drawn, the tone is dour, the patriotism is faux, and it plods when it should soar. There’s no joy. The luminous, rather simple Superman story just can’t be shoehorned into the dark, complex Batman mold. Henry Cavill, as the title ferrous fellow, shows that The Cold Light of Day was not a fluke. He really is a dreadful actor. Man of Wood, maybe. Superturkey. (143 min)


Sally Potter’s latest is the emotional and political coming-of-age story of a pair of best girlfriends. The time frame is the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 England, during which the girls’ bohemian families are heavily into the leftist ban-the-bomb movement. The focus is on Dakota’s little sister Elle Fanning as Ginger (playing a 17-year-old at just 13!). Of special note is Alessandro Nivola as her father, a jailed conscientious objector during WWII who milks his “sacrifice” for all it’s worth, including the justification of an appalling betrayal. A self-involved villain you’ll love to hate. Japanese title: Ginger no Asa. Sayonara, Watashi ga Aishita Sekai. (90 min)


A rare breed, the appealing politician. Maldives pro-democracy activist Mohamed Nasheed was jailed before ending the 30-year rule of a corrupt dictator and being elected president. Kind of a Maldives mini-Mandela. The spirited new prez tackled the climate-related problems besetting his low-lying country, often using pure showmanship to get the world’s attention. He was a crucial player in getting the USA, India and China to agree in Copenhagen in 2009. Alas, we learn in a terse postscript that he was forced from power last year by a military junta loyal to the dictator he deposed. Japanese title: Minami no Shima no Daitouryou: Shizumi Yuku Maldives. (101 min)

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repare to have your mouth water as you watch the French culinary biopic Haute Cuisine (2012; pictured) on Danièle Delpeuch, a self-trained cook who ruffled the feathers of the gastronomical elite when she was appointed private chef to President Mitterrand in the 1980s. It’s on from September 7 at Bunkamura’s Le Cinema (2-24-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku; and Ginza’s Cine Switch (4-4-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku; Acclaimed French director Patrice Leconte tackles Tim-Burtonesque 3D animation with The Suicide Shop, about a mom-and-pop business that sells nooses and the like. The family’s upside-down world is turned, well, upside-down when the latest addition is an undeniably adorable baby. Screening from September 7 at Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho (2-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku; www.ttcg. jp)... If dumb summer movies have left you wanting something a bit deeper, head to Cinema Vera (1-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku; for masterpieces of Russian cinema, running August 31-September 20. The lineup ranges from the 1936 sci-fi flick Cosmic Voyage to Andrei Tarkovsky’s existential thriller Stalker (1979). KM


Dining Out

restaurant review


The ABC’s of NYC cooking By Yukari Sakamoto


orn and bred in New York City, Chef Dan Kluger honed his skills in kitchens with some of the best out there, including Floyd Cardoz, Tom Colicchio and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Chef Kluger, known for showcasing the flavors of locally sourced ingredients, was awarded a Food & Wine magazine “Best New Chef” award in 2012 and James Beard “Best New Restaurant” award in 2011 for his work as the current chef at ABC Kitchen in New York City. Metropolis caught up with Chef Kluger ahead of his upcoming guest chef appearance at the Park Hyatt Tokyo from October 9 to 12. ABC Kitchen is about local and seasonal food. How do you plan to translate that to Japanese ingredients? I heard that Japanese produce is amazing in appearance and tasty in flavor. I plan to use local fall produce and find similar varietals that hold to the same cooking application. The Park Hyatt has been great in providing an extensive list of produce and protein. Plus, cooking is about adapting quickly. What are you looking forward to cooking in Japan? I’m excited to explore the local produce found in the markets. I can’t wait to go to Tsukiji Market and pair light and bright flavors with such delicate, yet flavorful seafood. What’s your culinary philosophy? ABC Kitchen food is very direct, but when you dig a little, you’ll find that there’s more than meets the eye. You’ll find layers of flavors with a balance of sweet, salty, spicy and acidic. Texturally and visually, I like to have a combination so it’s never muted, but always vibrant, and yet not too over the top. Where do you find inspiration? It can be from cooking for my family at home, to having a conversation with my team, to walking through the stands at the greenmarket. Also a lot of inspiration comes from traveling and eating out.

Favorite kitchen tools? A chiatarra for pasta, the Benriner mandoline is an absolute must, or simple things like a corn zipper for zipping away corn. Favorite cookbooks? Tom Colicchio’s Think Like a Chef and Jean-Georges’ Simple Cuisine. Underrated ingredients? Parsley, nutmeg and grains such as quinoa, faro, and freekah. A simple lemon or lime can brighten a dish, provide acidity, cut the heaviness and lighten it.

What are you looking forward to on your first trip to Japan? I would love to check out some Japanese knife and kitchen supply stores. Tableware is something I really like. I’d love to go to an amazing store that carries beautiful Japanese ceramics. I’m looking forward to absorbing the food, learning about the culture and getting to know the people of Japan. I can’t wait to have okonomiyaki, amazing sushi and sashimi, maybe find a place known for house-made tofu and just lots of street food. I heard about an awesome tonkatsu place that has paper thin slices of pork layered with cheese then breaded and fried, and would love to see how it’s done. Message to Tokyoites? Bringing ABC Kitchen to Tokyo is an honor. I’m very excited to bring my cooking philosophy and flavors to Tokyo. I am hoping that they will enjoy the food and come say hello. Five-course dinner with chef Dan Kluger from ABC Kitchen at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, ¥19,000. Tel: 03-5323-3458 for reservations.




Craft Beer from


This September, we bring you "P.C.M. Brazilian Terrace". Experience Brazil with special food and drinks. Come spend a pleasant evening with us at P.C.M.! 1F Tokia Tokyo Bldg, 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Nearest stations: Tokyo or Yurakucho. Open: Lunch 11am-2:30pm, Tea 2:30-5pm, Dinner (Mon-Fri) 5pm-4am LO 3:30am, (Weekends and hols.) 5pm-11pm LO 10pm


2013 Grand Open! 8 types of draft beer and over 80 types of bottled beer ALL 14:00-19:00 HOUR! ¥500 HAPPY - VEDETT EXTRA WHITE - KRIEK BELLE-VUE - EDELPILS - COCKTAILS - GLASS WINE


dori bori-

Tokyo Stn o St

Tokyo International Forum


Kyobashi Stn Exit 5


7min from Tokyo stn. Yaesu Central Exit, 5min from Kyobashi stn (Ginza Line) Exit 5 10min from Yurakucho Stn.

Yaesu Central Exit


B1F PCP BLDG, 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku

Marunouchi Central Exit

Yur ak

Open: 11am-11pm (L.O. food 10pm/ drink 10:30pm) Lunch time: Weekdays 11am-2pm, Sat, Sun & Hols 11am-4pm TEL: 03-5220-2272 - Email:



Dining Out




silence of the lambics


okyo’s Belgian Beer Weekend might be a Guinness Record contender for the longest wet weekend ever—or maybe just a giant misnomer—but who really cares when there’s this much beer at stake? The 73 different kinds of Belgian beer on tap will make it a weekend to remember (or forget) depending on how much of the brew you consume. Sausages and other sizzling snacks will be provided by Belgian Beer Cafe and Bistro & Cafe Le Figaro to soak up the monastic suds. Snap up your tickets (¥3,000 adv, ¥3,100 door; includes an original BBW glass and 12 food/drink tickets) from 7-Eleven, Circle K Sunkus and Ticket Pia stores to guarantee your spot at the only beer event in the city held even remotely close to Oktoberfest. Roppongi Hills Arena, Sep 6-16.

hat’s brown and round and full of ground and makes a squishy sound?” (From The Haggis Song). The answer, thankfully, isn’t Mackie’s of Scotland Potato Crisps. The distinctively Scottish snacks, now available in Japan, do come in a love-it-or-hate-it Haggis & Cracked Pepper flavor. For those less adventurous, or Brits feeling homesick for something more nostalgic, Classic Salt & Vinegar or Cheddar Cheese & Onion may be more suitable crunchy chip choices. Made with natural flavorings and Scotland-grown potatoes, they’re a guaranteed bite of the genuine article. Also, Crispy Bacon flavor—need we say more? 40 grams of goodness for ¥200 and up. Available at select Plaza Style, Family Mart and Tokyu Precce stores, as well as foreignerfriendly hangout The Hub. COURTESY OF MACKIE’S OF SCOTLAND

apocalypse meow


estled in the wilderness of rural Nagano lies a place of dreams for cat ladies everywhere. In this enchanted forest, delightful cat-shaped marshmallows are made, little bundles of feline fluff to sweeten your tea or coffee—all 100% fur-free. From the “swimming” cat trying to keep afloat in your brew to the mysterious paw pads left in your coffee, these Café Cat Sets (two cats and four paws, ¥840) from Marshmallow Shop Yawahada make the purr-fect gift for any cat lover. The paw print melts clawlessly (ba-dum bump!), but we don’t know if neko-chan will wind up like a melted horror movie character. There’s only one way to find out! Order online at or check out the Facebook page MarshmallowShopYawahada.


C hot cuisine


ecently opened in Omotesando, Restaurant Irié Le Joyeux (5-5-4 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-6418-7778; is the latest installment of ooh-la-la dining spots in the capital. Simple sophistication describes both the linen-textured interior and the menu. Lunch (from ¥4,200) and dinner (from ¥12,600) both feature two set menus that are as much a feast for the eyes as the palate. Choices include mains like mussels tartar or pumpkin gnocchi drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette—with vegetarian options available. Head chef and restaurant namesake Makoto Irié explains, "Something that just tastes good is boring.” He wants to create art and a memorable experience that remains long after the patron is gone. Restaurant Irié Le Joyeux is open for lunch and dinner daily, except Sunday (lunch only).

hain takoyaki shop Tsukiji Gindaco, famed across the nation for its version of the local Osaka treat, has recently expanded its selection to offer a different kind of octopus-balled treat at its Tokyo station shop, Gindaco Kitchen (1F Tokyo Station, Keiyo Street, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Nearest stn: Tokyo; Takoyaki sweets may sound like a bad idea, but trust us: there are no chopped up bits of eight-armed cephalopod inside these succulent spheres. Not just a sweet version of the Japanese festival staple, these are a recreation of the original—in dessert form. Looks like an octopus ball, tastes like heaven. These unlikely after dinner treats come in a range of flavors worthy of their own buffet table: caramel pudding, black sesame cream, blueberry yoghurt, strawberry shortcake, mango cream, matcha cream, chocolate and cookie or coffee cream. ¥180 each, sets of four (¥700) or eight (¥1,400). COURTESY OF HOTLAND

italian ice


lready a household name in native Milan, Gelateria Marghera (2-5-1 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban; 03-57723283) is out to make a name for itself here in Tokyo, too. They’re making a fresh start by providing authentic Italian gelato made from scratch every morning using base ingredients directly from The Boot. Add locally sourced flavors such as white peach, matcha and azuki, and you have one frosty treat. While the ¥480 price tag for the piccolo (small) may seem be a bit pricey for softserve, each smooth, creamy spoonful feels like you’re eating a pureed version of the real thing. With 36 flavors to choose from, it may burn a hole in your pocket pocket—but there’s no better way to cool the fire. www.


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CHEAPEST, QUICKEST AND SAFEST! Transporter Tokyo supports your moving and delivers your stuff. Moving for singles or couples from ¥12,000. Delivery (furniture, motorbikes, etc.) from ¥7000. English, French and Japanese -speaking staf f available. Inquiries: info@ t r a n s p o r t e r- t o k y o . c o m w w w.tra n s p or te r-tokyo. com/english/contact Tel:036715-9391 Fax: 03-6715-9392 Ad d re s s : 3 -2 9 - 8 N i s h i Rokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo


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webpage, documentation and support without additional fees. Roleoriented page layouts for administrators/teachers/ students. Lesson reminders by email. English demo site available. ¥26,800/m. info@ http://www.

LAW OFFICE IN KAWASAKI (next to Tokyo), member o f t h e Yo ko h a m a B a r Association. Legal service in English for traffic accidents, divorce, inheritance, bankruptcy, business cases (contracts, establishing a company, trademarks, etc.) and other legal problems. Email:


LOVI N G BABY MA S SAG E . Teaching mothers, fathers and other family members professional baby massage and child yoga techniques from internationally acclaimed Peter Walker’s “Developmental Baby Massage” and “YogaGym”. E/J. Private sessions from ¥4000. Small groups from ¥3000. Four-session discount. Call Shino at 080 -3362- 04 29 or email babymassage123@gmail. com.

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Sep 5, 3pm

Sep 18, 3pm

F O N TA N A , e s t a b l i s h e d over 30 years ago. With a wide range of locations at competitive prices, our apartments and guesthouses are some of the best. Let our international team find you the perfect p l a c e t o l i v e i n To k y o . fo n t a n a @ g o l . c o m w w w. 03-3382-0151

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I C H I G AYA G R E E N C O R P. Furni she d , t wo or thre e room, three-story apartment, sunny and quiet, south/north facing, many trees, small Japanese g a r d e n , 5 m i n wa l k f r o m subway station, 13min by bicycle to JR Shinjuku/ Yotsuya ¥100,000 ¥ 1 2 0,0 0 0/m . T E L / Fa x : 03-3341-7875 Email: itto@

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2.5 PLACE WANTED Female native English speaker needs home. I am 23, from Seattle, Washington. I am seeking a place to stay in/around Tokyo. lost.

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COMPASS OFFICES, MEGURO, SHINAWAGA-KU. Fully furnished offices for 1-100 people, virtual offices and meeting rooms. Flexible terms. Co-working and mobile working in the largest business lounge in Tokyo. Call 03- 4540 -1234, email jpsales@compassoffices. com or visit www. compassof for more info. TO ADVERTI SE In Japan’s No.1 English magazine, log on at www.metropolis. or email yo u r c o m m e r c i a l a d s t o commercial@metropolis.


3.2 JAPANESE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF JAPANESE TEACHERS. Highly qualified, exp e rie n ce d in struc to r s offer individual/small group lessons at your home/office/ instructor’s home. Business/ d aily co nve r s atio n/J LPT available. Lesson fee from ¥ 2 2 0 0 / h a t i n s t r u c t o r ’s home, from ¥2700/h + transportation fee at other places. Frequency of lesson/ g ro u p l e s s o n fe e wi l l b e negotiable. 03-3918-0876, 044-855-5039 ajtkyokai@ y a h o o . c o . j p h t t p : //a j t . JAPAN E S E LE S S O N S for all levels from experienced private te a c h e r a l o n g t h e Ya m a n o te line. First two lessons free. Let’s e n j oy l e a r n i n g t h e J a p a n e s e language and culture. Please call Setsuko at 090-1210-9285. Email:

3.5 LANGUAGE EXCHANGE Chinese, English, Japanese. I am living in Komatsugawa, near HigashiOjima subway stn. I come from China, and can speak E well. It is better to have a weekly one hour conversation and better to meet somewhere nearby. Thank you. Chinese, English, Spanish. I am a beginner at Chn. I can teach you E basics. I am a native Japanese, but my E is business level. Also, I can speak Sp at an intermediate level. English and Japanese. American male, 36, new in Japan. I'm interested in learning J. I live in Aoyama, so meeting here or in Omotesando or Roppongi is best. English and Japanese. Just moved to Toyko from San Diego. Hoping to meet a fun person to exchange E/J. I'm AsianAmerican, fun, genki and love to laugh. Let's meet in a cafe or bar and have fun! English and Japanese. Hi, I am a Japanese female seeking a language exchange partner in central Tokyo. My English speaking is low intermediate, but I like to talk and want to improve. Looking forward to hearing from you! English and Japanese. Seeking a good language exchange partner in the Futako-Tamagawa, Sancha or Tokyo area to help me learn J. I'll help your English. Let's meet soon and also become friends. 070-5451-1960

SERVICED OFFICES/virtual offices/co-working space/ event space/cafe lounge in Ginza. A place to connect with future business friends. Monthly membership ¥ 1 5 , 7 5 0 ~. M ov i e : h t t p : // watch?v=gTxIQTuBFk0 Web: Email: info@league-ginza. com

3 EDUCATION 3.1 JAPANESE SCHOOLS FREE JAPANESE LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS. University of the Sacred Heart teacher training is seeking fe m a l e s o n l y, a g e 1 8 +, for beginner Japanese classes. Sep 27, Oct 4 , 11, 18, 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 22 , 29, f r o m 1 0 : 4 0 a m -1 2 :1 0 p m . U n ive r s it y of th e S a c re d Heart, 4-3-1 Hiroo, Shibuyak u , To k y o . L e s s o n f e e : free. Textbook fee ¥1000.

English and Japanese. Please teach me J and you can learn E from me. I am near Takatsu stn on the Denentoshi line. Shibuya is also ok. Could you help me speak better J? English and Japanese. Hello, JF seeking a language exchange partner around the Keio line. Let's improve each other! Hope to hear from you soon! English and Japanese. JM, mid30s, seeks language exchange. Prefer central Tokyo or Saitama. I love music/ art, politics and craft beer (ji-biiru)! Looking forward to a language exchange and hopefully making new friends! English and Japanese. I'm a Japanese male and US CPA. I work for an American company (financial institution) as an accountant in Tokyo. It would be great if you could help me improve my English. I'd be happy to help you with J. English and Japanese. Australian male, 36, seeks people to exchange J for my English. I live in Tokyo, Keikyu line, so I'd prefer to meet between Shinagawa and Yokohama, though anywhere is ok if it's not far. getafix76@

English and Japanese. Group language exchange every Wed, 7:309:30pm, at coffee shops around Ginza. Most members are 20s and 30s. We switch languages every 30min. Fun events on weekends. Free to join. ando. English, French, Spanish, Chinese. Hello, I'm a Japanese man, 20s, living in Tokyo, seeking someone who I can practice E, Fr, Sp, Ch with. I'd be glad to help your Japanese. Please feel free to contact me. English, Hebrew, Japanese. Israeli/ American visiting Tokyo to practice aikido. I am looking to meet someone on a regular basis. I am a native Hebrew and E speaker, having grown up in both countries. Italian, Chinese, Japanese. I would like to learn It. I can help you with Chn or J. Spanish and Japanese. Japanese male. I cannot speak Sp well. I can only speak E. If you can help me learn Sp, please drop me a line. I can help you with J. Spanish, French, English, Japanese. Japanese female seeking a language exchange buddy. Sp (beginner), Fr (intermediate). I can help you with J and E in return.

3.6 LEARNING: GENERAL TODDLER CLASS. Come and join us learn songs and games the fun way! It is great bonding time as you play, sing, dance and roll around with your little one. 090-7205-9396 https:// Tiny-Tot-and-I/498528846902803? id=498528846902803&sk=info

3.9 TEACH ME! English lessons. JM, 30, seeks native English teacher for reasonably priced lessons in Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa. Japanese. Need some help with my Japanese and kanji. I can help you learn English or pay you. I am friendly and like meeting interesting people. Let's also be friends. funjamsession@ Sakubun teacher. Teach my 15-yearold son the joy of learning, the power/ advantage of knowing and using kanji and writing sakubun. He hates and cannot write sakubun. Email how much you want to be paid. goldenvitamin@

tip–top–tap English speaking speaking Private Private Nail Nail Salon Salon English Cozy, homely, homely, friendly friendly nail nail salon salon Cozy, Play area area for for children children Play


Drawers, top is wood, other areas plastic, in very good condition ¥1500.

4.2 APPLIANCES Humidifier, Twinbird SK 4975, as new, in box ¥1000. Pick up Shinjuku. Juicer, Vitantonio, 200W, quiet, also makes soy milk and green juice, hardly used, very clean ¥10,000. Pick up near Yokohama. sayonara_vancouver@

4.3 SAYONARA SALE Sayonara sale! Toshi Gas stove, tripod, sliding holder for washer. Bank transfer ok. Can deliver. compljnk@ Sayonara sale! Leather sofa, fridge, microwave, dishes, wardrobe, computers, desks, filing cabinet, backpacks, bookcase. Make an offer. Sayonara sale! Sharp 32” TV ¥8000. Pioneer 42” TV ¥20,000. Panasonic 55” TV, w/stand ¥50,000. Brand new iron ¥1000. Toaster ¥1000. Blender ¥1000. Power vacuum ¥5000. Tel/fax ¥1500. Pick up Nishi-Azabu. vincentnida@

- SHELLAC SPECIAL Mani & Pedi Combo

¥ 10,000

(Removal is additional charge)

Shellac ¥4,800~ Gel Nail ¥6,500~ Foot ¥ 6,800~ Brazilian Wax ¥6,800~ Bikini Wax ¥3,800~ Under Arms Wax ¥ 2,200~


Carpet, Loft (140x200), bought June ‘12. New ¥20,000. Sell ¥4000.



NISSIN Akabanebashi Sta. Azabu Juban Sta.

B1F Rever Hayashi 1-18 -7 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku Weekday 12:00-22:00 Weekend 10:00-20:00 •Akabanebashi Stn: 1 minute walk from Nakanobashi exit •Azabu Juban Stn: 8 minutes walk from exit 3


Strong, beautiful, flexible Transform your body & soul at BASI PILATES! Offering you “Authentic Pilates” Metropolis Campaign

Admission Fee: ¥15,750 ¥0 Trial Machine Private Lesson: ¥10,000 ¥8,400 Package 3 Machine Private Lessons

¥30,000 ¥18,000

Machine Private Lessons available at our Roppongi studio Lessons in English available Studios in Roppongi, Ginza, Nakameguro and more

03-6425-7054 • #1014 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 29

Many more Classified ads online! Please visit



Various items. Leather sofa, end tables, coffee table, desk, wardrobes, bar stools, microwave/oven, kitchen stand, kotatstu, TV, fans, ionizer, stereos, etc. Akasaka. Preference given to those who take multiple items. 03-3683-3070


5 HOBBIES&INTERESTS 5.2 SPORTS EQUIPMENT Pool table (2x1.2m), w/ball return system, quality pool balls, two cues. New ¥200,000. Sell ¥40,000/obo. Pick up/arrange own delivery Shiba Koen.

5.3 MUSICAL EQUIPMENT Acoustic-electric guitar, Epiphone PR5-E, vintage sunburst color, in very good condition, w/case ¥22,000. Pick up Senzoku stn, Tokyu Meguro line.

J-STAR PATENT, TRADEMARK & IMMIGRATION OFFICE Reasonable prices. Free first time consultation We can support you with: Visa and immigration Intellectual property rights (Patent, trademark, copyrights) Establishing a Company & Branch office Other Legal & Business matters Hiroshi Oogai,

Patent attorney Immigration lawyer

Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

Exit 4, Nagatacho stn Supreme Court

Imperial Palace

Aoyama Ave Akasaka Mitsuke stn

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

National Diet Library

608 Kitano Arms 16-15, Hirakawa-cho, 2-Chome, Chiyoda-ku ,Tokyo, 102-0093

Tel: 03-5216-6890 Fax: 03-5216-6891 Email:

WADA Legal & Administrative Office We can help you with: • Visa & Immigration Procedures • Mixed Marriage, Naturalisation and Refugee Status • Establishing a Company & Branch Office • Accounting Services, Acquiring Business Licences • Preparation/Translation of Legal & Business Documents • Other Legal & Business Matters E-mail: 3-5-3-1402 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

For information: Tel: (03) 3345-7977 FAX: (03) 3345-5377


Acoustic-electric guitar, Stafford, cleaned up, action lowered, no peg bridge, cheap guitar, w/a little work added, scruff on upper left headstock, no battery drawer cover, no case/gig bag. Meet in Shinjuku or thereabouts. Headphones. Ultrasone Edition 9 studio monitoring headphones, limited edition, in presentation box, brand new, unused ¥300,000. Synthesizer sound module, Roland XV-5080, as new ¥40,000. Pick up Senzoku stn, Tokyu Meguro line. Synthesizer, Roland JX-3P, vintage, analog, 100% functional, in nice cosmetic condition, w/optional PG200 programmer ¥50,000. Pick up Senzoku stn, Tokyu Meguro line.

5.6 COLLECTORS Ichiro Suzuki stamps. Commemorative stamps of the S e at tl e M a rin e r s ce l e b ratin g nin e con se cutive sea son s of 200 hits, exclusively released in Japan ¥10,000. Photos available.


(Appointment only)


Watch, Casio, Baby G, '09, women’s, casual, very light blue, not perfect but in good condition, battery still works ¥1000. Pick up Koto-ku or meet central Tokyo.

MERCEDES 350CLK, 2007, LHD, silver gray, 36,000km, sunroof, navi, new tires, leather seats, top condition ¥2 million. Private sale. Contact or 090-1697-8280.


10.1 HELP ME Do you have Vimeo/YouTube experience? Can you help me edit my home movie and upload it to YouTube/ Vimeo? I don’t know how to do it. I can pay. I’m an English speaker, can meet in Shinjuku. Thank you! easytonemichel@ Restaurant or bar wanted. Trying to reopen my bar, but as a foreigner, am having trouble renting property. If you have a bar you're thinking of letting go, and we can work something out, please let me know.

WRITE A M ES SAG E FO R YOU R SPECIAL SOMEONE! Write anything, from birthday messages to proposals, and so much more! Contact us through our website at

10.2 SUPPORT FREE LEGAL/ACCOUNTING ADVICE?! Yes, that's right! Metropolis is offering free p r o f e s s i o n a l a d v i c e by English-speaking lawyers, accountants, and visa support officers to any reader wanting help. Any problem related to le gal matte rs , taxe s , company start-up, visa issues, etc., can be covered and the first no -strings-attached consultation is totally free. Date: Sat, Sep 21, 1-5pm Address: OG building 4F, 1-3-4 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo *Each one - on- one consultation is limited to 30min and is available between 1 and 5pm. By appointment o n ly. Em a i l : eve n t s @ Web: http:// metropolis make-your-paper-work/


JCE AUTOS - THE A U T O M O B I L E PROFESSIONALS. Specializing in car buy-backs, door-to-door shipping, longterm car storage and any other car-related matters. I f yo u n e e d a s s i s t a n c e with your car, we are here t o h e l p . Te l : 0 3 - 6 8 6 8 3 366 or 090 -9362- 5098

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS TOKYO. If you have a problem with drinking, we can help. English-speaking meetings daily. 03-3971-1471 inquiries@aatokyo. org

10 HELP!


Get professional advice from English speaking lawyers, accountants and visa support officers. Any problem related to legal matter, taxes, company start-up, visa issues etc.

Sat. 21/09

Shoes, women's, black lace, round toe, 8.5cm heel, ankle strap, in great condition, bought in Japan, size Japan 25.5/US 9/EU 40 ¥1500. Pick up Koto-ku or meet central Tokyo. larajuku1997@

NEED TO TALK? We’re here to listen. TELL LIFELINE: free, anonymous English counseling daily from 9am-11pm by trained volunteers: 03-5774-0992. TELL COUNSELING: affordable multilingual p syc hothe rapy by acc re dite d Western-trained professionals, a CIGNA International Provider: 03-4550-1146. TELL website: www. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TokyoLifeLine.

THE JAPAN HELPLINE, 24 hours a d ay, fro m a ny wh e re , a b out a ny t h i n g . Fro m e m e rg e n c y assistance to simple questions. Visit and press “help,” or call 0570-000-911. To volunteer or support, please contact team@

WEST PAPUA: ONE SOUL , ONE PEOPLE . Fifty years ago, West Papua should have been an independent country. Since 1969, West Papua has been invaded and the people robbed of their rights, culture and country. Help support West Papuans’ desire to be free.

M A R I A M Y S LOT H , thank you for always being there. We have so many more fun times a n d a dve ntu re s to co m e . I ’m unstoppable with a girl like you. Remember always to live a little. Love always. Sincerely yours, Showa-no-Otoko


JAPAN I NTE R NATI O NAL PARTY - Autumn Special. Sat, Sep 28, 6:30-9pm, Devi Fusion (Roppongi). Japan’s biggest international party. 250 people expected. All-youcan-drink and free snacks. Japanese men: ¥4000. Others: ¥3000. Mobile: getyourfriend. com/mobile/ jiparty@hotmail. com 090-1735-5405 http://

J O I N T H E B I G G E S T, B E S T, M O S T P O P U L A R INTERNATIONAL PARTY! Great people, drinks and food! Meet new friends and party with nice people in a friendly atmosphere. Events in Tokyo (Ginza, Azabu Roppongi) and Osaka. ¥1500-¥2000. http ://

I N T E R N AT I O N A L PA RT Y @ LEAFCUP. Come join us and have fun. Men ¥3000. Foreigners/


To advertise:

SEEKING CAR LOVERS FOR THE 2013 TOKYO MOTOR SHOW! Be in a car video, give a 30min group presentation. Half-day video shoot in Oct, and one day at the show between Nov 22 and Dec 1, conversational Japanese required ¥25,000. Must be a foreigner living in the Tokyo area. Send resume to jobs@ 03-4588-2279 SALES & MARKETING POSITIONS. Metropolis is seeking motivated , b i l i n g u a l ( E /J ) s a le s e xe c ut ive s and support staff to join the most successful English-language advertising and marketing team in Japan. Experience preferred, but not required. Base salary and attractive commissions. Send your resume, in both English and Japanese, to jobs@ More info online:


CHAT HOSTS & TEACHERS WANTED BY LEAFCUP @ Tokyo, Iidabashi, Shibuya, Yokohama, Omiya. Seeking enthusiastic and proficient English, Korean, French, Spanish and/or German speakers who can teach and lead lively conversations. ¥1000-¥1500/h. Apply online: FRIENDLY STAFF SOUGHT. Newly opened restaurant/bar, Rib House/ Ocean House (Ginza), is seeking floor staff. Japanese conversation skills, va l id v i s a , p rev iou s ex p e r ie nce are essential. Part-time: ¥1000~/h. Full-time: ¥300,000~/m. Please contact Mr. Hoshikawa. Tel: 090-3233-8208 jhoshikawa7@g mail .com www.

women ¥2000. All-you-candrink-and-eat. Shibuya and Omiya: Sep 14 and 28. Iidabashi and Yokohama: Sep 7 and 21. For more info:

shuttlecock! We play two or three tim e s/m o nth o n we e ke n d s in Meguro with many socials. Join us! More details: en/


Futsal player. Want to play futsal on weekends in Tokyo? Please introduce yourself (name, age, nationality, where you live, whether you belong to another team).


Futsal players wanted by a very friendly international team. Practice is in Tokyo and Kanagawa on Sat. Details available. fkkyn468@ybb.

JAPAN ARMORED BATTLE L E A G U E O R I E N TAT I O N MEETING. Brutal fullcontact, steel-on-steel combat! Martial arts experience required: judo, MMA, boxing, sumo. Orientation meeting: Sep 1, 6:30, Ikebukuro. Reservation required. Dress code. kishinokura@gmail. co m a rm o re d bat tl e .co m 03-6912-7280

Tennis in central Tokyo! Active international group of tennis friends in central Tokyo welcomes new players. We play on weekday evenings and weekends. Different levels, fun workouts with coach, great people! Only motivated players also interested in learning, please. tennis. Wing Chun - Jeet Kune Do. Yokohama, 30s, male, Wing Chun/JKD practitioner, seeking fellow martial artist to practice chi sau, forms, light contact, etc. I am not a teacher. Serious only, please. No beginners. Thank you.


T O K YO M E T R O P O L I TA N GYM, equipped to satisfy people of all levels. Starting from ¥600/2.5h including pool use with no additional fees. Excellent facilities,1min from Sendagaya stn, less than 5min from Roppongi/ Shinjuku/Aoyama by train. en_index.jsp PLAY RUGBY. The Tokyo Crusaders are a friendly but keen international rugby club. Devoted to the game and its social side, the “Cru” welcomes all players and supporters. Established in 1990, the Cru plays in the Shuto League 1st Division. http:// TA M B O U R E L L I . Ve r y u n i q u e new sport from Scotland. Using a tambourine -like instrument as a sports racquet, players hit a

T・A・C Top Stylist “Hiro” joins Gold Aug 1 !

MCARTHUR HEIGHTS. Take a break where General Douglas McArthur did! One hour from Tokyo by car or direct train. Beautiful cabins on the ocean, w/onsen, beach, shopping. Free Japanese home cooking lessons. Japanese wife offers casual home cooking in English for free at her house near Kawasaki stn. Weekdays during the day only. You pay the cost of ingredients. tome.

13.4 MUSIC Bass in yo face! Singer and guitarist with a heap of original material seeking a bass player with a sense of humor. Music is eclectic, from grunge to hip hop to metal to house. Can send you a demo. Bassist seeking groove/jazzoriented musicians. Tokyo electric bassist into everything from acid jazz to funk to bebop seeking creative and technically proficient musicians to play with. Looking to

NEPENJI Curly Hair Specialist & Colorist

play groove-based music with jazz element. Seeking singer to play gigs with. I made some unique music that's based on haiku and waka (a traditional Japanese art style). Here is a sample: Skilled brass players needed for working brass ensemble classical, jazz, movie themes, etc.

Cut ¥7,350~ Nepenji Ebisu: 03-3793-2357 Cut &Treatment ¥10,500 ¥8,400~ Other location in Aoyama & Single Color ¥7,350 ¥6,300~ Ikejiri. Book online today! Half Head ¥8,400 ¥7,500 Enquiry: Full Head ¥12,600 ¥10,800~ Blow Dry ¥3,675

Purhase a cut and color and we’ll offer you 20% off the coloring

V i o l i n i s t wa n t e d . S e e k i n g violinists to play northern European/ Scandinavian music together. Already have pianist, guitarist, bassist and percussionist. Wind players needed. Experienced wind players, any woodwind or brass instrument, needed for a variety of paying gigs. Fun classics, movie themes, jazz, etc. Yes, another "bass player wanted" ad. Original music. Play blues/rock. Can actually "play." No slappers. No suits. Sample of playing. See online for video.

13.9 INTERNATIONAL Intercultural activities. JII (Japan Intercultural Institute) is a nonprofit, member-run organization that sponsors activities (seminars, cultural events, conferences) for those wanting to further develop intercultural competencies and meet other interculturalists. yuko. www. Volunteer for peace around the world. Are you interested in volunteering on PeaceBoat as a language teacher, interpreter, or as an office intern in Tokyo? Everyone is welcome to join, meet, exchange, have a drink and learn more about PeaceBoat. getprogramme@ https://www.facebook. com/events/187803458060926/ 0352873192

14 PERSONALS 14.1 FRIENDS Clubbing friends in Tokyo. British male, 30s, seeking friends to go clubbing with in Tokyo. I like all electronic music, but especially trance and techno. Clubbers of any nationality or age are welcome. clubs_in_tokyo@ #1014 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 31

English teacher. Hi, I'm seeking English speakers in Tokyo. I can meet at any JR station in Tokyo. Please email me if you would like to meet up. JF seeks friend. Hi, I'm 37, physically disabled, a huge fan of Manics, interested in British, German, Italian, African culture. Tea party at my place?

I'm seeking a Japanese female, 30-40, for a good relationship. Let's be friends first. Hey, what's up ladies? Cutie, you're the one I've been waiting for all these years. Come, my sweetheart, let's go make a family. They'll bring us joy always. Cool black dude needs you!

Mama tomo friends on maternity leave. I'm a mid-30s new mom on one-year maternity leave with a baby girl. Let's share common topics over coffee. Odakyu or Keio line preferred.

Indo guy. I'm an Indian living and working in Tokyo. I'm highly educated and cultured. I like conversation on various things. I am seeking a nice woman to meet sometimes after work/ weekends for drinking and dining.

New friends sought to hang out with, movies, museums, explore new places or just chat about anything that comes to mind. Please drop me a line if you're interested. I can speak English and Japanese. Cheers. addakota@yahoo. com

Italian seeking JF for marriage. I'm an Italian professional, 48, nonsmoking, seeking a JF for a serious relationship leading to marriage. I hope we have similar interests: art, travel, dance, opera, wine (I'm a sommelier), dining, concerts, etc.

Soul music fan. SJF in Tokyo seeks friends, around 40, to explore soul/R&B bars in central Tokyo. Nonsmokers only.

JM seeks cool female friend for a good time. Hello, I am a SJM, 41, seeking a female friend to spend time with sometimes.

Tennis partner sought. Weekend hitting partner sought by JM, 40s. My level is intermediate, but I haven't played for a while. udaishobakka@

Just a younger man for a mature woman. Gentleman, late 20s, seeking a sophisticated 40-something lady for dates in Tokyo and maybe more...


Just pleasure. WM, good-looking, athletic, passionate, seeking a JF who only wants adult fun together. Safe, clean, no complications.

BLACK GUY, late 30s, seeking a nice female for a good relationship leading to marriage. Any nationality ok. JAPANESE MAN SEEKS A SPANISH OR LATIN WOMAN. I am single, 175cm and speak English and Spanish. Call 080-3319-6436 or email copa2002mundo@gmail. com. SERIOUS ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP IN TOKYO. Successful Japanese businessman, early 30s, bilingual, good-looking, caring, seeking something long-term, potentially leading to marriage. If you're a sincere and serious woman, please feel free to drop me a line. pirlo_ SUBMISIVE SJM, 35, cute, is seriously seeking a woman who is into, or interested in, dominating men. I am so submissive, with seven years’ experience, that I am happy to take whatever and serve you in any way. American beach boy, 37, born in America, my father spoke German. Raised near Santa Monica. Live near Tokyo Tower. Enjoy dining out, fashion, R&B, exercise every day. You: live or work in Tokyo, open-minded. Asian guy seeking Japanese woman. I'm a Vietnamese guy who came to Japan two months ago for business. I'm seeking a Japanese woman who can talk with me and relax with me on weekends. Attention single ladies: this is the ad you've been waiting for. I may be the nice guy you have been wanting to meet. Shall we talk in person to see if we click? Attractive SJM seeks a nice Western or Japanese female for friendship and possibly more. Nonsmokers preferred. I am confident that I can create fun times for you. If you are ready, email me. Attractive SJM seeks SWF for friendship or more in Tokyo or nearby. I am kind, outgoing, fun, thoughtful, fluent in English, with lots of overseas experience. Let's have some fun together! Black man for good woman. Black man, early 40s, Christian, nonsmoking, alcohol and narcotics-free, seeking a good Christian woman for good times, talks, relaxing, getting to know each other more. From Nigeria, seeking JF. Hi, I am a black male graphic designer living in the Tokyo area. I speak Japanese a little.

Large and lovely English-speaking woman, 20s-40s, sought by mature, professional SJM nonsmoker. Mature and sophisticated Japanese, some have said charming, seeking an elegant, passionate, kind SWF. I dream about wild nights as well as sharing the simple pleasures of love. Is that you? Mature for mature. Mature gent seeking a mature lady for a serious long-term relationship. Willing to relocate if we click. Thanks! Mature Japanese woman sought by Australian, 26, in Tokyo. I am a fun, open-minded, respectful and athletic person. Mutual pleasure. I'm a Caucasian guy, mid-30s, 181cm, 75kg, fit, living and working in central Tokyo, can speak English and moderate Japanese. Simply put, I'm seeking someone to please and be pleased with, nothing serious or complicated. addakota@ Natural is natural. North American, early 40s, nonsmoker. Is there still such a thing as a natural relationship? Things seem too superficial here sometimes, including human connections. You: nonsmoker, 30s. Thinker, tired of the rat race. Older women. I'm an attractive SJM, 26, seeking older foreign women in Tokyo. European or American preferred. Let's get some drinks and see how it goes. benishigurenj@gmail. com One for me. American male seeking long-term relationship, but friends first. I like a girl who smiles a lot and who has a good sense of humor. It's ok if you have a career; I have one, too. Our love story. SWM seeking SJF for long-lasting love story leading to something greater! Seeking kind, sweet and honest Japanese woman with whom I can share my life. I'm 36, kind, loving and caring. But so lonely!

relationship. myfunkychubbygirl@ Seeking female European swimming mate. JM, early 40s, into swimming, is seeking a European female for swimming. I swim slowly, but can swim long distances. Prefer pools in Shibuya/northern Minato-ku area. Seeking female friend. Hi, I am an Indian male, 42, in Kanagawa-ken, seeking a female friend of any age. Seeking girl/woman to enjoy life with. I'm a Spain-jin, 34. Now I have Mon, Tue and Wed off. I would like to find a woman to enjoy drinks, laughter, and maybe a love hotel. basquiat33@ Seeking Ms. Right. American male seeking beautiful, decent, outgoing girl. I'd love to go on fun dates, have a great conversation, laugh and miss you when you are not with me. Could you be the one? Seeking someone nice and cute who can hang out and share some good times. I am missing passion in my life and hoping we can have that together. I am handsome and strong. luv269jp@

L AV I S H DAT E S A N D INDULGENT NIGHTS - WE CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for elite foreign males to meet elegant Japanese females. Start with a luxurious dinner date,take the night wh e re yo u wa nt it to g o. Fresh, young women join our club every day. Try our free one-month trial offer: f ir st d ate i s o n u s! 0120 675-858 (E) international@ u n i ve r s e - c l u b . j p h t t p : //

Single and seeking! Single guy seeking long-term relationship with JF, 25-45. I don't smoke or drink. SJF friend sought. SWM, 42, seeks SJF, 30-40, for friendship and maybe a long-term relationship with the right person. Enjoy recording/writing music, reading, biking, travel, sightseeing. I'm friendly, like to joke. Little English? That's ok. Let's chat! earth_travel_joy@

Elegant, untamed. We are funloving, adventurous, easygoing and discerning; we know exactly what we want. Japanese, around 40, very easy on the eyes from head to toe, seeks SWM who understands what intelligence and elegance sound and look like.

SJM for SWF/DWF. SJM, late 30s, would like to have conversation, coffee, drinks, lunch, dinner, your smile and hopefully a meaningful relationship. My interests are music, art, photography, painting, movies, jokes and you! No playgirls. Younger Western lady preferred. happymantarou@yahoo. com

Give it try. SJF, late 30s, tall, enjoying a stylish life, seeking a real, open-minded, fashionable SWM with a taste for the finer things in life. Would love to share your passionate life. Longterm relationship would be perfect!

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14.6 AND OTHERS M気ありの女の人と出会いた。東京

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15 JOBS 15.1 JOB WANTED Part-time job. Filipino student studying Japanese in Tokyo seeking a part-time job related to tourism, hospitality, bar/restaurant. Speak English fluently and a little Japanese. Please feel free to message me. Seeking job as assistant o r interpreter on-site. Office work, document creation, drawing, etc. I also like physical work. Japanese, 41, with overseas experience in construction and other industries. Thanks. trlaviedutierra21@



♥ Love ¥ Money ♣ Luck





You are not one to take lightly. One minute you’re all hot and bothered, the next you’re a lightning streak across plains of greater distance. What goes up does not always come down with you. The love being bestowed is your due, yet not to be taken for granted. Continue to make your requests to the universe. You have a streak of brilliance and insight which deserves to be heard. And it will be.

Something (or someone) you have been waiting for finds you this week. The New Moon in your solar fifth house of romantic interludes, creative expression and speculative ventures signals the beginning of a new experience. Combined with the Sun, you can blend your active self with the intuition you feel moving through you. You won’t be at a loss for opportunities to find out details before you act!

Gemini shares a ruler with Virgo— Mercury the Messenger. The New Moon in Virgo on Thursday brings balance home as the Sun shines light on just where your sacred hearth should be. How you choose to move through each day adds up to the results you reap. Venus is the one to watch. She’s the goddess of love, now in your sector of love. What could be better than a double whammy like that?

Cancers have all the luck and then some. You really can’t help it with Jupiter in your sign. You are fed and feted, pampered and adored. Everyone wants to know you and be close to you. Let yourself accept the warmth and recognition that comes your way. Someone you have just met is a delight and sparks a chance to take a different path. Is this the leap of faith you have dreamed of? It may be!



Aug 23, 24~Sep 22, 23 ♥♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣

Sep 23, 24~Oct 22, 23 ♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣



With Mars blazing through Leo, you’re able to move forward and make a difference. Others make way for you as they realize you’re in charge. Your charisma amps up to even higher levels. You have big dreams and they don’t seem willing to let you escape. Take time to nurture them. You don’t need all the answers as some simply show up. This is a week to smile and be inviting to a small gamble of fate.

The New Moon Thursday connects with the Sun in your sign. Nice week for Virgos who want to marry logic and intuition, blend the bohemian and traditional, or unhook from old patterns. Neptune and Chiron are still opposite your sign, but Chiron is pulling away. Thus healing can occur, and illusions about what is healing when they’re not are swept away. You can manifest wishes quite quickly right now.

There’s a New Moon Thursday and someone is really paying attention to the bottom line. If it’s not you, switch your tactics and be the first to show up with needed numbers. Other than that, you’re sorted. Venus in your sign makes sure something cushy happens so you remember what life is all about. Uranus in your solar seventh house is about to introduce you to just what you’re looking for.

There’s a New Moon on Thursday, right smack dab in your solar eleventh house. This reflective luminary connects with the Sun and Vertex, meaning out of nowhere you could enjoy a very successful week. Expressing your hidden depths may pay off, as long as the bottom line is caring about others. Venus behind the scenes is letting you get a good look at just how big your heart really is.





It’s not everyday the Part of Fortune is in your sign. So it’s worth building yourself up, appreciating who you are, and practicing kindness and patience with a very important person – you! This way you can be ready for any on-call situation or opportunity that comes your way. The New Moon Thursday is in your solar tenth house of career. Have your details ready and you are good to go.

There’s a New Moon Thursday and it’s in helpful earth sign Virgo. You may not have wanted to be thinking of ‘the deeper meaning of’ but it just keeps coming back. That’s where your power is, so you may as well dive in. The keys to your dreams are healing and dissolving the blocks. Then you can travel to realms where you are appreciated - actually, virtually, or otherwise.

Yes it’s a sign of the times that everyone is checking their accounts. Finances continue to be a high priority. However, having someone who cares about you whether you have money or not is more important. This of course begins with you. Juno in your sign will back you up and show you have much to offer. Just by being you. The New Moon on Thursday is a great time to go to a new level and believe.

Your answers will not come through thinking this week, but through feeling. Not the kind of feeling where you are reacting to someone or something. That’s an alarm system to get your attention. Your key is to notice in real time that you choose to be calm, centered and focus on a gentle love for yourself and others. Thursday’s New Moon in your relationship sector starts you off in the right direction.

March 20, 21 - April 19, 20 ♥♥♥ ¥ ¥ ♣♣♣

July 23, 24~Aug 22, 23 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Nov 22, 23~Dec 21, 22 ♥♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Apr 20, 21~May 20, 21 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Dec 22, 23~Jan 19, 20 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Metropolis Mediabox

LETTER OF THE WEEK Regarding “Zero Sum Games” (The Last Word, August 2): As I write this, there is a sports drug testing scandal in Istanbul and Madrid is essentially bankrupt. Consequently, it seems

May 21, 22~June 20, 21 ♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

Oct 23, 24~Nov 21, 22 ♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Jan 20, 21~Feb 18, 19 ♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

likely that Tokyo will get the nod. But Tokyo’s win will be the Japanese taxpayer’s loss. Japan needs a fourth postwar Olympics like it needs more vending machines and pachinko parlors. Olympic advocates always overstate the benefits (tourism, image, improved infrastructure, public housing) and downplay the reality (cost overruns, corruption, inconvenience to residents due to the construction phase and then security checkpoints during the games). Sydney and Nagano are filled with Olympic white elephants: an underused, expensive stadium and an ice rink respectively. There are many other examples. Speaking of Nagano, the expense account records for entertaining the

June 21, 22~July 22, 23 ♥♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Feb 19, 20~Mar 20, 21 ♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣

Olympic Committee were lost. It was regrettable. An interesting cost/benefit analysis of the Olympics has been done by the Freakonomics team (listen to the podcast here: freakolympics). In a nutshell, they found that the cities that benefit most from the Olympics selection process are those that are shortlisted but ultimately not chosen. These cities get the international spotlight and see a boost in tourism, but are not burdened by huge expenses and hassles. The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. I would like to see an end to this con game. There should be permanent winter and summer games sites. These would be chosen on the basis of political freedom, climate, safety, infrastructure, ease of access and so on. More than one city/country could share the winter/summer games. All member countries would pay for maintenance,

renovations etc on the basis of their GNP or another formula. This reform would require a marathon effort—but the present system just does not work. Pass the cheese, please.—Allan Murphy

FACE REJECTION Regarding “Sony Releases Software That Knows If You’re A Gajin” (The Negi, August 16): I just got rejected at the Sony repair center, so your article must be synchronicity (although my broken Walkman is not). Apparently, they no longer have parts available so I wonder how long they will undertake to repair the gaijin detector? — johnnyforeigner

HEAD TO TOE Regarding “Japan From Top To Bottom” (Travel, August 2): Onomichi Temple Trails is one of the best places to visit. I am just astounded by its beauty.—sinmrdle

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The Last Word

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Why it’s hard to speak Japan! By William Bradbury


not malicious, but it’s an unintentional back handed compliment. Though done with such sincerity it’s hard to get angry about it, it’s nevertheless demoralizing for those wanting to integrate themselves into another culture. It relates to a deeper sense of separation from the other— the foreigner. On the surface level we smile, but deep down the frustration builds. Even after 10-20 years we still expected to be flattered rather than given a chance to have an open conversation in another language. Many of my conversations have taken place in bars, and it often hasn’t worked out. One oft-repeated scene is, conversely, a shocked reaction that I’m not better at Japanese considering the time I’ve spent here.


t’s common for me to receive ema i ls f rom f r iends say i ng “Your Japanese must be fluent by now.” I don’t often reply to these comments. How can I put into words that after XXX years I’ve progressed more through reading books than from actual communication with Japanese people? It’s not because I haven’t tried. It’s difficult to say “Nobody wants to talk to me in Japanese” without sounding like you’re lazy, a loser—or both. Yet my Japanese teacher used to respond with surprise when I completed a single page of homework. She acted as if I’d studied with a Rocky–style training regimen, when I’d actually done about the same amount as my own five-year-old students of English. I’ve been asked multiple times why I even study Japanese. “It’s too difficult.” “Don’t waste your time!” Before this gets too one-sided, I’ve also felt the frustration of conversation with non-natives in my home countr y. I understand the feel i ng of not k now i ng ex act ly which words to choose or how fast to speak. I can appreciate that—if you don’t have an otaku-style interest in foreign lands—struggling to communicate is a hindrance to humor,

insight and other essential things that make conversation interesting. Yet the dismissal of efforts here is unique to Japan. It’s fair to say a high percentage of friends that expats make in Japan are those with an interest in foreign cultures who are often bilingual. While great for friendship, these people often represent a barrier to learning Japanese. There is nothing more de-motivating than hav ing Japanese questions answered in English—or translated into English then answered. Then there’s the unintentional patronizing, the cheers of success for reading a single word in katakana. The one thing that people are very keen to say to me in Japanese is that my Japanese is very good. It’s

True as that may be, emphasizing that point and refusing to communicate in Japanese after pointing it out doesn’t do much good for my studies. Sometimes my questions in nihongo are shut down with the retort that t he person “doesn’t spea k English.” Sometimes there’s a jokey call around the room: “Anybody here speak English?” That’s fine, but I can speak Japanese well enough to have a basic conversation—if the person is willing. And therein lies the problem: few are (in Japanese). In English my entire career is based upon the opposite. Ot her prac t ice for u ms ex ist than friendly local bars and restau ra nts, but concepts such as language exchanges or foreignerfriendly meetings may as well just be renamed “free English lessons.” Those able to impress with their ability can sidestep these issues and converse with ease. So how do we get past that challenging middle step? Finding someone with the same hobbies and interests as you works to a degree. But it’s limiting—people are who they are, not what they like. Another option is finding someone who cannot speak English and has no interest in learning it—quite a rarity. Perhaps the only option is to go underground and return to the books, and surface someday fully charged, like a ling uistic Super Saiyan.

THEN THERE’S THE UNINTENTIONAL PATRONIZING, THE CHEERS OF SUCCESS FOR READING A SINGLE WORD IN KATAKANA.” ■ William Bradbury is a freelance writer, English teacher and co-founder of experimental Tokyo-based band Kaos Order.

The views expressed in "The Last Word" are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the position or opinions of Japan Partnership Co. Ltd. or its partners and sponsors

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Metropolis #1014 Aug 30-Sep 12, 2013  

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