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June 25 – Sept 10 These paintings of boats and the sea are atypical of work in the nautical genre. There isn’t a hint of cloying, pastel sweetness or calm harbors. The hulls are skeletal, in various stages of decomposition. The world depicted here cannot recover from the aftermath of a terrible storm.


Fragile Waters: Photographs by Ansel Adams, Ernest H. Brooks II and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly Thru Aug 6 The California drought has ended. For now. To remind us of our endangered rivers, lakes and seas, the entire main floor is filled with watery images. Over one hundred blackand-white photographs are arranged for our ecological engagement and aesthetic enjoyment. The famous photographers captured an era of innocent abundance among our national parks and pristine shorelines.

The Darkened Mirror: Global Perspectives on Water

Go ahead–push ’em in.

Thru Aug 27 In a half-dozen films, several international artists take stock of our planet’s water supply. What they’ve found doesn’t look good. Humans have polluted the water supply, taken it for granted and ignored the warnings about climate change. The projected images carry weight as they fight against our thoughtless tendency to waste a precious resource.

Your Mind, This Moment: Art and the Practice of Attention Thru Aug 27 Sit down, relax, put your feet up. Listen to a guided meditation as you contemplate a few paintings on the wall. This exhibit is less about art and more about your ability to quiet the mind. Instead of breezing through the gallery, find a work that you feel drawn to and settle in for a contemplative moment of personal, and artistic, discovery.

DARK ARCHITECTURE Louise Nevelson’s 1957 work ‘Sky Cathedral #2’ will be on display at the San Jose Museum of Art.

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Heather Wilcoxon: At Sea



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May 17-23, 2017