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WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012 News worth sharing. ||

TransLink rolls out plan for third Commercial-Broadway platform SkyTrain. Public will be consulted on final design before ground is broken Emily Jackson

Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station is on its way to getting a third platform to ease congestion for the hordes of commuters who visit the hub daily. TransLink issued a request for proposals (RFP) last week for detailed design and construction engineering of a new platform on the east side of the south Commercial-Broadway station, Metro Vancouver’s busiest, with 150,000 weekday users. It hopes to start construction by 2014 and complete the work by 2016 — in time for the opening of the Evergreen Line. Even if riders would rather see money spent on B-Line buses, TransLink must use $124 million in federal and provincial funding dedicated to upgrading seven Expo Line stations before it expires in 2016, according to TransLink’s

2013 base plan. TransLink will cover an additional $29 million in costs for all seven stations, SkyTrain spokeswoman Jennifer Siddon said on Thursday. The upgrade “will require acquisition of the west portion” of Safeway, part of which will be demolished to make way for the platform, the RFP says. It also calls for an environmental assessment before part of Safeway is torn down, since the old building is “strongly expected” to contain asbestos. Preliminary conversations with Safeway and other groups have just started and the RFP requirements aren’t set in stone, Siddon said. “We are in discussions with Safeway about how we can minimize the impacts of this design,” she said. “There’s a lot of work that has to go in, even before any ground is broken.” Regardless of what the final design looks like — the public and other stakeholders will be consulted — the station will be upgraded, Siddon said. Plans include a footbridge connecting the new platform to the north station and a widened bridge over the Grandview Cut. Phase 1 of upgrades to the station was completed in 2009.

Commercial-Broadway, the busiest SkyTrain station in Metro Vancouver, is set to get a new platform by 2016. JENNIFER GAUTHIER/for metro

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NEWS WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Policing costs


Richmond gets more bang for buck by sticking with Mounties: RCMP report

Time for the living roof’s annual trim A worker mows the living roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre in Downtown Vancouver Thursday. The six-acre living roof gets a trim once a year. COURTESY OF THE VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTRE

Study sounds alarm on B.C. water use Effects of fracking. In Fort Nelson, ground water is becoming contaminated and local water levels are dropping: Study LUKE SIMCOE

Metro in Victoria

The province’s thirst for natural gas may be threatening our water supply, according to a new study out of the University of Victoria. The report, a collaboration between UVic’s POLIS Project on Ecological Governance and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, was re-

leased Thursday. “Population growth, climate change, and increased water-intensive industrial activity are pushing the limits of secured access to water and energy across the province,” wrote author Ben Parfitt in an accompanying press release. “Our report is sounding an alarm for policymakers that we need much better governance and integrated management of these public resources.” Jesse Baltutis, a POLIS researcher and co-author of the study, says the province is not doing enough to track how water is being used. For example, of the 31 water licences held by pulp-andpaper companies, only one

Life source

“We’re using water at a rate that’s not sustainable or responsible.” Jesse Baltutis, a POLIS researcher and co-author of the water-supply study.

requires metering. “There needs to be a better measuring regime in the province to be able to tell the story of how much water is being used and where it’s being used,” Baltutis said. One of the largest industrial consumers of water in B.C. is the natural-gas industry. Using a process known as fracking, mining companies inject massive amounts of water into rock veins in order to release natural gas.

According to the POLIS report, a single fracking operation can consume 1.5 million cubic metres — about 600 Olympic swimming pools worth — of water. “The problem is that once this water is taken out of the natural environment, it’s effectively removed from the hydrological cycle. It’s very contaminated and can’t be released back into the environment without significant treatment,” said Baltutis.

It’s more cost-effective for the City of Richmond to keep the RCMP rather than use other policing services it may be considering, says a report by the force. Insp. Ted De Jager said the report, which was prepared by E Division, B.C.’s RCMP headquarters, was in response to Richmond studying other options in a bid to save money. “As a measure of efficiency, Richmond detachment currently deploys fewer officers per 100,000 citizens than independent municipal police forces, averaging 14 per cent below the RCMP average and 30 per cent below the independent municipal groups,” the report says. De Jager said Thursday the Mounties have serviced the city south of Vancouver for more than 50 years and currently have 229 members, 18 of whom report to integrated teams. He said the cost per member is about $146,000, and added that figures contained in other reports being considered by Richmond are incorrect because they are based on costs billed to the city for all the officers. “If that amount is wrong from the outset, then that’s going to drive all the other numbers out of balance and that’s really what’s happened here. We have the actual numbers of how much policing costs the City of Richmond and they report it regularly to their mayor and council in their annual reports.” THE CANADIAN PRESS

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news WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

B.C.’s cup runneth over, but not with homegrown spirits Hopscotch. Premier whisky-and-beer fest hitting Van this weekend MATT kieltyka

The province’s premier whiskyand-beer festival is in Vancouver this weekend, but 3,000 curious connoisseurs may find the local-spirit selection lacking. British Columbia’s seven artisanal distilleries and the NDP Opposition have been pleading all year for the government to reform its liquor rules to give them the same support local wineries enjoy. The 16th annual Hopscotch festival at the PNE forum this weekend provides a pretty stark picture of what the maturing industry is up against on the consumer stage. There will be literally hundreds of fine spirits and craft beers available to taste from all over the world, but none of the province’s up-and-coming distilleries will be there to raise a glass. That’s a shame, according to festival president Adam Bloch.

Adam Bloch, president of the annual Hopscotch festival, at the PNE on Thursday. JENNIFER GAUTHIER/for METRO

“With the way the laws are, no one is putting up distilleries in the province to get rich,” he said. “It’s just not that kind of game. The local distilleries are great, they’re operated purely

on passion.” Despite garnering some international attention through awards, the seven B.C. distilleries represent less than a fifth of one per cent of the province’s

spirits market. The Artisan Distillers Guild is now looking for a boost from the government. In line with the perks wineries receive, the guild is lobbying

the provincial government to lower markup on their products from 170 per cent to 129, to give distilleries the ability to distribute directly to restaurants and to allow them to keep

revenues from on-site sales. That would at least let them get their gins, vodkas, whiskies and other spirits out in the public domain and establish a foothold, they argue. The Opposition NDP agrees. “The success of the B.C. wine industry makes (reform for distilleries) a very desirable goal,” said Adrian Dix, the NDP’s leader. “The changes we’re proposing would have a big impact and makes the business affordable.” Minister Rich Coleman was not available for comment Thursday, but a spokesperson wrote the province is looking at further changes with a goal “to help build a made-in-B.C. craftdistillery industry that has advantages similar to B.C.’s wine industry.” That gives Bloch hope local spirits could soon have a bigger presence at festivals, restaurants and liquor stores. “I really hope the distilleries and government can work together to enhance the situation,” said Bloch. “A strong local scene brings notoriety. Look how craft beer has taken off, every single restaurant has at least one tap devoted to local beer. Maybe that can be spirits in 10 years.”

Learn to walk before you Culture Crawl The Eastside Culture Crawl has been igniting imaginations since a few artists decided to open their studios to the public in 1997. It’s one of Vancouver’s most venerable institutions, with 15,000 expected to attend this weekend. But not everyone knows how to plot their way through the three-day festival, which invites art lovers to interact with more than 300 artists in their natural habitats. Executive director Jeffrey

Boone offered these tips for the uninitiated: “Plan to bike or walk or take public transport, because obviously the area becomes very crowded and parking is always a challenge,” he said. “Pick up a map somewhere, in the first studio you go to, or download a map from our website. Then pick a route.” To get the most social experience, Boone recommends visiting one of the three biggest buildings in

the catchment area, which runs from Main Street to Victoria Drive and First Avenue to the waterfront. They are: 1000 Parker St., which serves as a workspace for 145 artists; the Mergatroid Building at 975 Vernon St., which houses 56; and the ARC (Artist Resource Centre) at 1701 Powell St. While the majority of Culture Crawl artists produce paintings, mixed media and drawings, there are also a smaller number who are

sculptors, jewellers, furniture makers, potters and glassblowers. Guests can simply browse, or shop for treasures to their hearts’ content. Boone said some of the artists make more than half of their annual income in one weekend. The Eastside Culture Crawl is free to attend and runs from 5 to 10 p.m. Friday, and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For info visit Kate Webb/Metro


Humidity Sensor G355 has an enemy, and its name is foggy windows. When the G355 recognizes high humidity and low windshield temperature (the optimal conditions for water to condense on a window), it automatically initiates defogging measures, helping to defeat fog before it turns into a monster. Yet another little thing that makes a Volkswagen a Volkswagen.

Holly Cruise, founding member of Terminal City Glass Co-op, is shown gathering glass on the end of a blow pipe. Jennifer Gauthier/for Metro


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news WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Player. Chronicles of a West Coast high-flyer

Students at UBC fall under the spell of Quidditch UBC Quidditch Captain Zachary van Zanten, second from left, is wrestled to the ground during a team practice. contributed

phylicia Torrevillas

Their brooms may not be Nimbus 2000s or help them fly, but a group of University of B.C. students hopes that a game once strictly for wizards will sweep the West Coast. Muggle (refers to a nonmagical person) Quidditch began in 2005 at Middlebury College in Vermont, but it made its way into B.C. two years ago. A few first-year students at UBC got together and decided to create the UBC Quidditch Club, adapting the magical sport originally played by characters in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books as a local earthbound sport. Zack van Zanten, the club’s president, says don’t let the odd sight of people running around in a field with brooms between their legs fool you. “I initially joined because I was interested in the sport,” he says. “Once I started playing, I realized that it was a lot more than a game that Harry Potter fans play. It’s a very competitive and physical sport

that is pretty fun to play.” The members of the UBC Quidditch Club started off using sticks they found in the forest as brooms and had no idea how to play their newfound sport, but they eventually got the hang of it and

purchased new brooms from Canadian Tire. The game has become so large it has its own governing body — a non-profit called the International Quidditch Association (IQA) that has organized events such as the Quid-

Muggle Quidditch

How the game works Each team consists of three chasers, two beaters, a keeper and a seeker. The keeper is the goal protector who stays near the team’s three hoops and prevents the opposing team’s chasers from scoring. The beaters attempt to block the bludgers (dodge balls) from hitting their team’s chasers and attack the other team’s players with bludgers to temporarily knock them out of play. The chasers are the goal scorers. They pass around the quaffle (volleyball) and score

10 points each time they put it through one of the other team’s three posts. The seeker’s job is to get the snitch sock from the snitch runner. In Harry Potter’s universe, the snitch is a magical golden sphere that flies around the field. But in Muggle Quidditch, it’s a person dressed in all yellow with a tennis ball in a sock tucked into his or her back pocket. Once the snitch is caught, the match is over. The human snitch has time to run free around the campus at the start of the game, and must come back to the field after a predetermined period has passed. Phylicia Torrevillas/Metro

ditch World Cup. The IQA has a rule book and members from all over the world. Harvard, Yale and New York University all have quidditch teams. The UBC Quidditch Club has more than 50 members, van Zanten says, including the team’s 20 players. University of Victoria boasts the only other B.C. quidditch team. “In Canada, it’s definitely growing,” van Zanten says. “It’s a lot bigger in the East Coast right now.... There’s the University of Ottawa and McGill University. The West Coast is definitely a little slower to pick this up, but we’re trying to bring it over here. “For people to really open up to it, it’ll probably have to step away from the Harry Potter thing a little bit just because no one will really regard it as a serious sport,” he adds. The team is making its way up the ladder, beating four teams (one Canadian and three U.S. schools) Saturday in Bellingham. “Our goal is to be able to compete in the western regionals in San Francisco in February 2013,” van Zanten says.

For David Danos, flying off to England last summer as part of the Canadian national quidditch team was pure Olympic magic. The second-year UBC arts student heard about the Olympic Quidditch Expo, an exhibition match held as the Olympic torch passed through Oxford, where national teams from the U.K., U.S., France and Australia were set to compete. Danos wondered why there wasn’t a Canadian team and helped his friend from the University of Victoria, who was trying to put together a Canadian squad, make it happen. “It was only until the last minute when my family had put together some funds for me to go,” he says. Danos, who ended up playing as a beater at the tournament, joined three other West Coast students and several from University of Ottawa, Carleton, Queen’s and McGill. “We arrived in London and went to Oxford the day before the game,” Danos says. “We got up the next morning and met most of my teammates that day and we didn’t get a chance to practise.” Despite that, the team won against Australia and the U.K. in their first two matches. But

playing three more straight games, combined with fatigue and injuries, destroyed their momentum. Even though they finished fourth, it was invaluable experience for the 19-year-old. Some people may see what they’re doing as goofy, but Danos says players can get bruised up, sometimes even bloody. Broken bones are very common, he adds, while others suffer from heatstroke or get elbowed in the teeth. “You hear athletes and they’re like, ‘Oh man I got injured, I can’t be playing for a while,’ but if you hear quidditch players they’ll say, ‘I got injured. Yeah, look at this I’m all gashed up and bloody.’ We consider them war wounds,” Danos says. Despite being battered and bruised, he considers quidditch his stress reliever. “When we have bad weeks and we go to quidditch, it’s an instant relief and energy boost,” he says. The diehard Harry Potter fan adds it “has all the great aspects of a team sport with a bit of goofiness.” “But when we need to be or want to be, we can be hardcore,” he says. Phylicia Torrevillas/Metro

UBC student David Danos plays at the Olympic Quidditch Expo held in Oxford, England last summer. contributed David Dano’s tips on running with a broom • It may seem awkward,

especially for boys, to run with the broomstick, but in reality, it is actually feasible and normal after a while.

• To start running with a

broomstick, really all you need to do is try. We joke that we are now more comfortable running with a broom than without.

• When dismounting and

running regularly, it is almost the sensation that you get after a nice session on a trampoline; you feel as if there is something missing. • The only part of running

with a broom that is difficult or a struggle is the tackling, which, albeit, takes a while to mask the fear you get when charging at an oncoming stick, but can be trained.






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Use-of-force complaint. Province to review jail guard reprimand A police watchdog will review the discipline imposed on a custodial guard accused of mistreating a man at the Vancouver police jail. Police Complaint Commissioner Stan Lowe says the review by a retired judge is needed to ensure accountability in the use-of-force complaint filed by Hayden Wood against Special Const. Thomas Driscoll in 2011. A Vancouver Police Department investigation substantiFoster kids

ated one allegation of abuse of authority but rejected accusations of discreditable conduct and neglect of duty. Rollie Woods, spokesman with the commissioner’s office, says Driscoll resigned from his duties before the VPD imposed a written reprimand and training. He says any discipline ordered by the retired judge adjudicating the review would be on Driscoll’s record for the consideration of future employers. THE CANADIAN PRESS

Technology and privacy

Policy tackles youth suicide: Minister

Erase licence-plate scans: Commish

The province is trying to build more stability and security into the lives of foster children at risk of suicide by limiting the number of times a young person in care is moved. Children’s Minister Stephanie Cadieux says a new policy means children will not be moved more than three times in a calendar year. The Canadian Press

Justice Minister Shirley Bond is studying a report by B.C.’s privacy commissioner that says Victoria police should be erasing data they gather during licence-plate scans instead of handing it over to the RCMP, because that violates law-abiding citizens’ privacy. Bond said she thinks the issues of privacy and safety can be mediated. The Canadian Press WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Annual Christmas Market jingles back to town German tradition. Organizers expect 160,000 visitors from all ethnic backgrounds phylicia Torrevillas

Christmas will soon be upon us, so get ready to grab a bratwurst and mug of hot spiced wine for those chilly winter nights. The only outdoor Christmas market in Vancouver is set to welcome visitors next Saturday and, for the first time, people can enjoy a true German classic — schnitzel. “I guess everybody associates German food with schnitzel, and we finally have it,” Malte Kluetz, Vancouver Christmas Market president, said on Thursday. The city’s only Christmas carousel is also back, for the “young and young at heart,” he said. Last year, 130,000 people visited the temporary market, and Kluetz is expecting 160,000 people this year. “It spreads out

Crews set up the Vancouver Christmas Market’s carousel on Thursday at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza. The market opens on Nov. 24. PHYLICIA TORREVILLAS/METRO

through all the communities and ethnic backgrounds,” he said. “We were really positively surprised that we did not only capture people with European background, but also with an Asian background. They were actually some of the most enthusiastic visitors to the market.” The Vancouver Christmas

Market at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza features 45 vendors offering traditional German delicacies such as bratwurst, suckling pig and — of course — a selection of German beers. There will also be Polish pottery, German beer steins, wooden toys and handmade ornaments for those shopping for Christmas presents.

If you go

The Vancouver Christmas Market runs at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza from Nov. 24 to Dec. 24. Children under seven are free. It’s $2 for youth, and general admission is $5.

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Fire. Daughter of victim tells inquest more needs to be done for mentally ill The daughter of a B.C. woman killed in an arson two years ago says more services are needed to help mentally ill people and their families, particularly in the evenings and weekends. A coroner’s inquest is examining what happened when 59-year-old Colette Salemink died in a fire set by her son, who was later found not responsible because of schizoaffective disorder. Salemink’s daughter, Plastic-paved road

City paves streets with recycled milk jugs The city of Vancouver isn’t paving the streets with gold, but it is using plastic. The city is experimenting with a new blend of asphalt that’s made from recycled plastic recovered from items in household blue boxes. The Canadian Press/CKNW

Erica, told the inquest there aren’t enough resources available to people whose family members have mental illness, particularly outside of business hours. Erica Salemink says there are few options other than asking the police to take a mentally ill person to the hospital, and that left her mother without meaningful help in the final weekend before the fire. THE CANADIAN PRESS


Contract killer dies in prison A man convicted in a contract killing gone wrong in Victoria more than 25 years ago has died in prison. Gordon Pawliw, 65, died of natural causes in Abbotsford last Saturday. Pawliw and two other men killed Dianna Van Dooren at her home in Duncan in 1986, in a drugrelated hit that targeted her husband. The Canadian Press WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

‘Celebrating the end of the world in a different way’ Plenty of time left. A local astronomer says the Earth still has plenty of time before the sun boils it up Kate Webb

A long time ago, on a server not so far away, some conspiracy theorists started an Internet hoax that a planet called Nibiru was headed toward Earth, and that this was what the Mayans had figured out when they ended their longcount calendar. “Conspiracy believers believe it’s happening on Dec. 21, but at the Space Centre we’re kind of celebrating the end of the world in a different way,� says astronomer Raminder Samra, who is giving a talk about the end of the universe at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre this Saturday. The wacked-out theory has given experts a chance to dis-

This is one of four historic Mayan manuscripts that still exist in the world and that suggests modern civilization will come to an end on Dec. 21. It currently sits at the Saxon State Library in Dresden, Germany. Astronomer Raminder Samra says the earth still has two billion years before it comes to an end. Getty Images

cuss the real end of the world — the point at which the sun will expand into a burning “red giant,� swallowing Mercury and Venus whole and heating Earth to uninhabitable temperatures. Samra says that will happen in about two billion years, leaving plenty of time for the fruits

of your loin’s fruits to escape in a pimped-out robot space pod. The story gets even more interesting after that, he adds, when questions are raised about the fate of the universe. “It’s going to expand so much that everything will be so far away from each other that you won’t see any more

galaxies in the night sky,� the UBC graduate explains. “The universe will become a very cold, dark place.� Samra says he feels just fine about it. “The time scales are kind of mind-boggling. It’s going to be trillions of years or quadrillions of years.�


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Excludes discounted, clearance, "Hot Buy" deals, promoted offers, and Buyer's Best Buys.

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Excludes discounted, clearance, "Hot Buy" deals, promoted offers, and Buyer's Best Buys.

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Also available in chamois

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85" Summer Sofa

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Loveseat $779.97 Chair $649.97 Ottoman and sofabed available.

98 After Discount

when you buy EITHER the matching Loveseat or Chair.



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2-Pc. Zandria Faux Leather Sectional Ottoman and accent chair available. Available in opposite configuration. ZAND3RSEC, ZAND3LSEC, ZAND3-AC/O





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98 5-Pc. Suzette Casual Dining JH516PK5 + All Cocktail Tables


Cool Bonded Leather Chair


Available in java, macintosh, olive or spice.





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When you purchase the matching end table.

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Cocktail Table Limited Quantities

7-Pc. Signature Queen Bedroom

Includes the headboard, footboard, rails, dresser, slats, mirror, and nightstand. 138QPK7





King Bedroom $2299.97 Chest $799.97 138KPK7, 138-94

3-Pc. Suburban Bedroom with Madison Headboard

Includes the headboard, stand up mirror, and nightstand. SUBMADQST










2360 GRANVILLE STREET (On the corner of 8th and Granville)

DESIG N E D T O FI T Nov16_UrbanBrick_VancouverMetro.indd 1




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Mission Futon MISSION




Wall Unit

Accommodates up to a 50" TV. 29287PK2


*DO NOT PAY - O.A.C. All credit offers available upon approval of credit only on your Brick Card Platinum, minimum purchase of $250. Any Brick delivery charges, GST (5%), PST or HST (if applicable), and administration fee ($99.95) are required to be paid at time of purchase. In Quebec, administration fees do not apply but there may be an annual membership fee ($35). Interest may accrue for the final 25 days prior to the promotion’s payment due date at an annual rate of 29.9%, but will be waived if the payment of the balance is made in full by the due date. CREDIT DETAILS on Sample Purchase; Brick Card Platinum credit terms for DO NOT PAY FOR 15 MONTHS. Sample purchase price: $2000.00, administration fee $99.95 (4.11 %), and interest charges $0.00. Total interest charges & administration charges: $99.95. Total Cost $2099.95. Balance due February 2014, or at such time, you may elect to make minimum monthly payments of 3.5% of your outstanding balance. A conversion fee of $42.50 (not applicable in Quebec) and a service interest charge (29.9%) applies when you decide to make minimum monthly payments. +This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or free gift purchase, sale, or other promotion, unless otherwise specified. ∆ Excludes discounted, clearance, “Hot Buy” deals, promoted offers, and Tempur-pedic. Minimum mattress set purchase $799.97. ++An Electronic Recycling Surcharge will be added where applicable. ₪ Receive an amount equal to the price of the extended warranty towards your next furniture or mattress purchase. For terms and conditions visit See in store for complete details. Offer effective November 16-18, 2012, unless otherwise indicated.

Granville Street

End Table $179.97



8th Avenue


12-11-15 10:27 AM


12 WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Cirque du soleil back in town Amaluna. New production draws inspiration from Shakespeare phylicia Torrevillas

Cirque du soleil’s newest production, Amaluna, is going Shakespeare and amping up the estrogen. The world-famous troupe raised its iconic blue-and-yellow Grand Chapiteau — the big top — Thursday at Concord Pacific Place and will unload and set up 65 trucks of equipment for its Nov. 23 show. “This is always a very important event not only at Cirque du soleil but in the circus world because this is the event that signifies the arrival of the circus in town,” said Amaluna company manager Jamie Reilly. Amaluna, the troupe’s 32nd production, is inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest and has a cast that is 70 per cent female, Reilly said. “Here we have the story of


“This is the event that signifies the arrival of the circus in town.” Jamie Reilly, Amaluna company manager, on the raising of Grand Chapiteau

Miranda, who will celebrate her coming of age, and her mother, Prospera, will create a celebration,” she said. “After the storm arrives, the boys will arrive to the island where Miranda will meet Romeo. “It’ll be love at first sight. However, as we all know love is never that easy, so their love will be tested before they can live happily ever after.” Amaluna’s director, Diane Paulus, who has directed Broadway revivals of Hair and Porgy and Bess, said she aimed to give the production a “more theatrical touch.” Amaluna premieres Nov. 23 and runs until Dec. 30. Tickets are available at CirqueduSoleil. com. Follow Phylicia Torrevillas on Twitter @ptorrevillas

Crews set up the Grand Chapiteau Thursday at Concord Pacific Place. Jennifer Gauthier/For Metro

$50 *

airfare credit

on airfare Earn a $50 per pers ok a credit when you bo ger. lon or ts gh cruise 7 ni s apply. on iti nd co Limited time offer,

Caribbean & Mexico Western Caribbean 7 nights Amsterdam, sails from Tampa. FEATURES Key West, Roatan, Honduras, Santo Tomas de Castilla and Costa Maya. Inside from

Celebrity Summit, sails from San Juan. FEATURES St Croix, St Kitts, Dominica, Grenada and St Thomas.


Mexican Riviera Valentine’s Day, 9 nights + air Zaandam, sails from San Diego. FEATURES Bahia Magdalena (cruising), Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. WITH roundtrip airfare and San Diego resort style accom near Mission Bay.

lude All cruise prices inc ard bo on , taxes & fees inment. rta te en d meals, an

Inside from


Baltic 7 nights

Alaska 7 nights

Vision Of The Seas, sails from Copenhagen. FEATURES Tallinn (Estonia), St Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm.

Rhapsody Of The Seas, sails from Seattle. FEATURES Juneau, Skagway, Tracy Arm, Twin Sawyer Glaciers and Victoria.

Inside from


Greek Islands 7 nights

Costa Magica, sails from Venice. FEATURES Bari (Italy), Olympia, Athens, Santorini, Corfu and Dubrovnik. Inside from


Transatlantic 15 nights Norwegian Epic, sails from Miami. FEATURES Funchal (Portugal), Barcelona, Marseille and Palma de Mallorca. Inside from



Splendor Of The Seas, sails from Venice. FEATURES Dubrovnik, Corfu, Santorini, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Athens and Olympia. Inside from

Lowest Cruise Price Guarantee.


All-Gay Cruise

Independence Of The Seas, sails from Ft Lauderdale. FEATURES St Maarten, St Kitts, San Juan and Labadee (private island off of Haiti). Oceanview from

Oceanview from



Cruise Packages Anaheim Mother’s Day 8 nights + air Island Princess, sails from Los Angeles. FEATURES a Pacific Coastal sailing to Vancouver. WITH airfare to Los Angeles and Anaheim accom near theme parks. Inside from


Hawaii 10 nights Celebrity Solstice, sails from Honolulu. FEATURES Oahu, Maui, The Big Island and Ensenada (Mexico). Inside from


River Cruises Danube River Cruise 8 nights Avalon Affinity, sails from Vienna. FEATURES Melk, Dürnstein, Bratislava, Slovakia and Budapest. Deluxe from

Miami & Bahamas Last Minute Offer 7 nights + air Norwegian Sky, sails from Miami. FEATURES Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay. WITH roundtrip airfare and Miami accom near South Beach.



Eastern Caribbean

$1900 9 nights + air

Avalon Affinity, sails from Zurich. FEATURES Breisach, Strasbourg, Heidelberg, Rüdesheim, Bernkastel, Remich, Luxembourg, Cochem, Koblenz, Cologne, Kinderdijk, Volendam and Amsterdam. Deluxe from


Inside from

Rhine & Moselle River Cruise 13 nights

Eastern Caribbean All-Gay Cruise, 8 nights

The Cruiseabout ✔ 6 stores in British Columbia. Drop in, call or email us. Difference ✔ Access to Canada’s best airfare & hotel deals. ✔

Popular Cruises

$596 Mediterranean 8 nights

Southern Caribbean 7 nights

Oceanview from


Ruby Princess, sails from Ft Lauderdale. FEATURES Princess Cays, St Maarten, St Thomas and Grand Turks. WITH roundtrip airfare and Ft Lauderdale oceanfront accom. Inside from


$1629 Follow us on


1 855 834 4570

Conditions apply. Ex. Vancouver. All prices in CAD unless otherwise stated. Prices are per person based on double occupancy and do not include airfare unless otherwise stated. Taxes & fees include transportation related fees, GST/HST, fuel supplements and port related fees and are approximate and subject to change. Fuel surcharge may be additional. Prices are for specific dates and subject to availability. Prices are accurate at time of publication and may change without notice, errors and omissions excepted. *Offer is valid at Cruiseabout locations in Canada. Limit two (2) airfare credits can be earned per stateroom booking. Valid on new bookings paid in full by Dec 31st, 2012. Offer is not valid on bookings made at Offer is not combinable with any other offers or discount. Credit can only be earned on cruise bookings with miniumum of 7 nights. Airfare credit is valid on roundtrip airfares departing from Canada and must be used by Jun 30, 2013. Not valid on charter airfare. Other conditions apply, call cruiseabout for more details. †We will beat any written quoted cruise by $1 and give you a $50 voucher for future travel. ”Sail Free” offer applies only where all “Lowest Cruise Price Guarantee” criteria are met but a Cruiseabout retail shop does not beat quoted price. Additional important conditions apply. For full terms and conditions visit CPBC Reg #55477



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VANCOUVER 1030 Denman Street 1139 – 88 West Pender 116 Davie Street 1160 Davie Street* 1238 Robson Street* 1251 Kingsway 20571 Fraser Highway 217 East 50th Avenue 2228 West 4th Avenue 2723 East Hastings Street 3149 Kingsway 500 West Broadway 610 Sixth Street 6446 Fraser Street 665 Robson Street* 779 Thurlow Street 807 Hornby Street* Offers valid from Nov 9th until Dec 31st 2012 or prior notice of termination on and are available to individual customers only. Each Unlimited Wish Plan is available only as long as you keep the plan without 8415 Granville Street interruption. Available to new customers and, under certain conditions, to existing customers. For eligible customers and devices, the Unlimited Wish plans may be activated in conjunction with WINDtab and are eligible Kingsgate Mall for Better Together Savings. All services subject to WIND’s Terms of Service, Fair Usage Policy and Internet Traffic Management Policy. Conditions apply. Applicable taxes extra. Learn more at *Mobile Republic retail locations. LG and the LG logos are registered trademarks of LG Electronics and its affiliates. Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Canada, WEST VANCOUVER Inc. and/or its related entities used with permission. Screen images simulated. Nokia and Nokia Lumia 710 are registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. WIND, WIND MOBILE and WINDtab are Park Royal Shopping Centre trademarks of Wind Telecommunicazioni S.p.A. and are used under license in Canada by Globalive Wireless Management Corp. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2012 WIND Mobile.

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s. fee en

No t er m

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publication: Metro - Saskatoon / Regina / Winnipeg / Vancouver / Calgary / London / Ottawa / Toronto / ad#: 15-PFKNNV17-SDMROC-4c / size: 10” x 6.182”


news WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Tweeting trash talk? Free speech debate abuzz in U.K. Social media snag. Spate of prosecutions for Twitter and Facebook tirades spark controversy One teenager made offensive comments about a murdered child on Twitter. Another young man wrote on Facebook that British soldiers should “go to hell.” A third posted a picture of a burning paper poppy, symbol of remembrance of war dead. All were arrested, two convicted, and one jailed — and they’re not the only ones. In Britain, hundreds of people are prosecuted each year for posts, tweets, texts and emails deemed menacing, indecent, offensive or obscene, and the number is growing as our online lives expand. Lawyers say the mounting tally shows the problems of a legal system trying to regulate 21st century communications with 20th century laws. Civil libertarians say it is a threat to free speech in an age when the Internet gives everyone the power to be heard around the

People use computers at a shop in central London on Wednesday. Sang Tan/the associated press

world. “Fifty years ago someone would have made a really offensive comment in a public space and it would have been heard by relatively few people,” said Mike Harris of free-speech group Index on Censorship. “Now someone posts a picture of a burning poppy on Facebook and potentially hundreds of thousands of people can see it. “People take it upon themselves to report this offensive material to police, and suddenly you’ve got the criminalization of offensive speech.” Figures obtained by The Associated Press through a freedom of information request show a steadily rising tally


of prosecutions in Britain for electronic communications — phone calls, emails and social media posts — that are “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character (from 1,263 in 2009 to 1,843 in 2011.) The number of convictions grew from 873 in 2009 to 1,286 last year. Behind the figures are people — mostly young, many teenagers — who find that a glib online remark can have life-altering consequences. No one knows this better than Paul Chambers, who in January 2010, worried that snow would stop him catching a flight to visit his girlfriend, tweeted: “Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your (expletive) together otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high.” A week later, anti-terrorist police showed up at the office where he worked as a financial supervisor. Chambers was arrested, questioned for eight hours, charged, tried, convicted and fined. He lost his job, amassed thousands of pounds (dollars) in legal costs and was, he says, “essentially unemployable” because of his criminal record. the associated press

Tall tales fly high

British pub holds World’s Biggest Liar competition Fantastic fibbers are gathering at a remote pub in northwestern England to vie for the title of world’s biggest liar. Contestants have five minutes to impress the judges with a whopping but convincing lie. Politicians and lawyers are barred from entry, as they are considered to have an unfair advantage. the associated press

Mistaken report

BBC apologizes for false abuse charge

That’s one tall order Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, holds up a potato ‘twirl’ as she tours a farmers market on Thursday in Feilding, New Zealand. Her and Prince Charles are in the country on the last leg of a Diamond Jubilee tour that takes in Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. Getty Images



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The BBC reached a settlement Thursday with the Conservative politician wrongly implicated in a child sex abuse scandal. The BBC has already apologized for linking 70-year-old Alistair McAlpine, a member of the House of Lords, to child sex abuse that happened decades ago in Wales. The mistaken report has caused turmoil within BBC management ranks and led to the resignation of its chief. the associated press



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0010-12 08-20X-NOV17-ABBC-4C.indd 1

12-11-09 2:02 PM


news WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Brazen attacks on Tel Aviv may trigger ground invasion of Gaza Heaviest fighting in four years. Daily life at a standstill on both sides of the border Palestinian militants targeted densely-populated Tel Aviv in Israel’s heartland with rockets for the first time Thursday, part of an unprecedented barrage that threatened to provoke an Israeli ground assault on Gaza. Three Israelis were killed. Air raid sirens wailed and panicked residents ran for cover in Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial and cultural capital. Israel responded by moving troops and heavy weapons toward Gaza and authorizing the call-up of tens of thousands of reservists. There was no word on where the two rockets aimed at Tel Aviv landed, raising the possibility they fell into the Mediterranean. A third rocket landed in an open area on the southern outskirts of Tel Aviv. Those attacks came after Israel launched a ferocious air assault

International reaction • The White House

says the U.S. strongly condemns the barrage of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. Spokesman Jay Carney says there is “no justification” for the violence perpetrated by Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

• Egypt’s Islamist president

A woman photographs Israeli soldiers by an armoured personnel carrier close to the Israel-Gaza border in southern Israel on Thursday. Israel’s prime minister says the army is prepared for a “significant widening” of its operation in the Gaza Strip. Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters Israel has “made it clear” it won’t tolerate continued rocket fire on its civilians. Ariel Schalit/the associated press

Wednesday to stop repeated rocket fire from Gaza. The powerful Hamas military chief was killed in that strike, and another 18 Palestinians have died over two days, including five children.

There were mounting signs of a ground operation. At least 12 trucks were seen transporting tanks and armoured personnel carriers toward Gaza late Thursday. Israeli TV stations said a Gaza incursion was

No SkyTrain Service Between Scott Road and Columbia Stations November 18, 2012

On Sunday November 18, 2012 from 7 a.m. until approximately 10 a.m., there will be no SkyTrain service between Scott Road and Columbia stations due to SkyBridge maintenance.

Need More Information? Visit or call 604.953.3333

expected on Friday, though military officials said no decision had been made. “We will increase the attacks, and I believe we will obtain our objectives,” said Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, Israel’s mil-

itary chief. Hamas, meanwhile, warned it would strike deeper inside Israel with Iranian-made Fajr-5 rockets, acknowledging for the first time it has longer-range weapons. tHE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Mohammed Morsi, whose party is an ally of Gaza’s Hamas rulers, recalled Egypt’s ambassador to Israel in protest and on Thursday ordered his prime minister to head to the tiny Palestinian territory in solidarity.

• Iran is another close ally of Hamas rulers. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as calling the Israeli bombardment of Gaza “organized terrorism.”

Forget the embargo: French say it’s time to arm Syrian rebels France raised the possibility Thursday of sending “defensive weapons” to Syria’s rebels, but Russia warned that such a move would violate international law. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said his country will ask the European Union to consider lifting the Syrian arms embargo, which prevents weapons from being sent to either side. “We must not militarize the conflict ... but it’s obviously unacceptable that there are liberated zones and they’re bombed” by President Bashar Assad’s regime, Fabius said in an interview with RTL radio.

“We have to find a good balance.” The civil war in Syria, which began as an uprising against Assad’s regime, has killed more than 36,000 Syrians since March 2011, according to anti-government activists. The fighting and flood of refugees seeking safety have also spilled over into several of Syria’s neighbours, including Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. The fighting has descended into a bloody stalemate, and rebels say they desperately need weapons to turn the tide. “The question of defensive arms will be raised,” Fabius

said, without providing details about what such arms would be. “This cannot be done without co-ordination between Europeans.” The topic of Syria is sure to be on the agenda at the EU foreign ministers meeting Monday in Brussels. France has taken a leading role among western countries in supporting Syria’s rebels. On Tuesday, it became the first western nation to formally recognize Syria’s newly-formed opposition coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. tHE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Not cool with plan

• U.S. President Barack Obama has said the U.S. won’t send weapons to the opposition because of concerns the arms might end up in the hands of extremists. • Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich cited a 1970 United Nations document saying that no country should help or finance military action aimed at the violent overthrow of a foreign government.

Syrian rebel fighters keep an eye out through a hole in the wall that overlooks a position held by troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad during skirmishes in Aleppo, Syria, on Wednesday. Narciso Contreras/the associated press



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12-11-15 3:40 PM




Politicking. U.S. atheists sue IRS over church groups’ electioneering A U.S. group representing atheists and agnostics has filed a federal lawsuit arguing that the Internal Revenue Service is violating the constitution by allowing tax-exempt churches and religious organizations to get involved in political campaigns. The Freedom from Religion Foundation argues that churches and religious organizations have become more involved in political campaigns, “blatantly and deliberately flaunting the electioneering restrictions.” The lawsuit filed Wednesday in Wisconsin cites several examples, including full-page ads that ran this fall in The New York Times and other newsTeenage lap dance

Police investigate underage exotic dance party Police are investigating reports that exotic dancers performed lap dances on teenagers at a boy’s surprise 16th birthday party in New WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Romney blames Obama’s win on ‘gifts’ to minorities

Tax man

Sore loser? Former presidential hopeful claims a superb campaign, while top Republicans point out several missteps

The lawsuit argues that the IRS is not enforcing the federal tax code, which prohibits tax-exempt religious organizations from electioneering.

papers by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that featured a photo of renowned evangelist Billy Graham urging Americans to vote along biblical principles. Graham met in October with Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney and pledged to do “all I can” to help him. the associated press York state on Nov. 3. Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy says child endangerment is among the potential charges. Police Chief Kevin Judd says photos were given to his department capturing the party. At least one image shows a scantily clad woman clinging upside down to a seated teen. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Former Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney says President Barack Obama won re-election last week because of the “gifts” Obama had provided to blacks, Hispanics and young voters and because of his effort to paint Romney as anti-immigrant. “The president’s campaign ... focused on giving targeted Press secretary

Top Republicans said the party lost the election because their presidential candidate Mitt Romney, seen delivering his concession speech at his election night rally, did not respond to criticism strongly enough or outline a specific agenda with a broad appeal. Charles Dharapak/The Associated Press

“I think that view of the American people or the electorate and the election is at odds with the truth of what happened last week.” White House press secretary Jay Carney

groups a big gift,” Romney said in a phone call with top donors Wednesday. He cited immigration proposals aimed at Hispanics and free contraception coverage that appealed to young women. “He made a big effort on small things.” Romney said his campaign, in contrast, had been about “big issues for the whole country.” White House press secretary Jay Carney disputed Romney’s assessment Thursday, telling reporters travelling with Obama aboard Air Force One that policies allowing more young people to go to college or stay on their parents’ health plans are good for all Americans and the economy as a whole. Romney also didn’t acknowledge any major missteps and said his team had run a superb campaign. By contrast, many Republicans are questioning their strategy after Obama’s strong win, with some saying they must reach out to Hispanics and others as their core demographic, aging white males, shrinks. The Associated Press


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news WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Number of doctors at all-time high What’s up? Docs. Proportion of physicians rapidly outpacing country’s population growth A new report says that over the last five years, the number of doctors in Canada has increased at a rate three times faster than that of the population. The Canadian Institute for Health Information says there were more than 72,500 physicians in 2011, a rise of 14 per cent since 2007.

The Canadian population grew 4.7 per cent over the same time period. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec had the highest physician-topopulation ratios, while Saskatchewan and P.E.I. had the lowest. In 2011, 51 per cent of Canada’s doctors practised family medicine, while 49 per cent were medical and surgical specialists. The report also found that more doctors are practising in rural Canada compared to five years earlier, including 15 per cent of the country’s general practitioners. The Canadian Press

Unsolved problems

While rural regions have managed to attract new doctors with a number of programs, many areas are still badly understaffed.

• Enderby, B.C., will soon have only one doctor for its 3,000 residents. The northern Okanagan community previously had a total of five.

The inviolable right to life Hanna Graham joins a candle-lit vigil protest outside Belfast City Hall in Northern Ireland on Thursday for Savita Halappanavar, the 31-year-old Indian woman who was 17-weeks pregnant when she died of blood poisoning after suffering a miscarriage in Galway, Ireland, on Oct. 28. Halappanavar’s father, Andanappa Yalagi, said the combination of medical negligence and Irish abortion laws led to his daughter’s death. Peter Morrisont/The Associated Press

Suit-free zone

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Feds can’t be sued over Big Tobacco: Quebec Court The Quebec Court of Appeal says the federal government cannot be sued or held liable for damages involving Big Tobacco. And in a province where Big Tobacco is being sued for $27 billion in a landmark case, the ruling could have an impact on the trial. Tobacco companies have tried using the federal government to defend themselves in the case,

saying their cigarette sales simply followed government guidelines. The companies say they will sue Ottawa to recoup damages if they lose the case. The verdict was rendered late yesterday by the province’s highest court. It comes on the heels of a unanimous Supreme Court of Canada ruling in July 2011 that decided the federal government can’t be dragged into court cases aimed at getting tobacco companies to foot the bill for smokers who get sick. The companies say the ruling will not have any impact on their defence. The Canadian Press

Northern neighbours

Mars rover

Russia silences native voices at Arctic Council

Curiosity to drive to new locale

Canada is expressing concern about Russia shutting down a group that represents its northern aboriginals at international Arctic Council meetings. Observers say it could pose a sticky diplomatic problem for Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s representative on the council and an Inuk herself.

After playing in the sand, the Curiosity rover is poised to trek across the Martian landscape in search of a rock to drill into, scientists reported Thursday. The six-wheel rover has been parked for more than a month at a sand dune where it has been busy scooping up soil, sniffing the atmosphere and measuring radiation levels. Its next task is to zero in on a rock and that requires driving to a new location.

The Canadian Press

The Associated Press

Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre


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Texas. 4 killed after train hits parade float carrying wounded veterans A freight train slammed into a parade float carrying wounded veterans on Thursday, killing four people and injuring 17 others as the float tried to get through a West Texas railroad crossing on its way to an honorary banquet, authorities said. The locomotive was sounding its horn and people were jumping off the decorated flatbed truck before the collision in Midland, according to witnesses and Union Pacific spokesman Tom Lange. A preliminary investigation indicates the crossing gate and lights were working, Lange said, though he didn’t know if the train crew saw the float approaching. Two people died at the scene, while two others died at Midland Memorial Hospital, City of Midland spokesman Ryan Stout said. Six people remained hospitalized Thursday night, including at least one in critical condition; the other 11 people injured have been treated and released, hospital officials said. About two dozen veterans and their spouses had been sitting in chairs on the float,


“People on the trailer saw the train coming and they were flying in every direction. I covered my face. I didn’t want to see.” Witness Patricia Howle

set up on the back of a flatbed tractor-trailer decorated with American flags and signs identifying each veteran, photos show. Panic swept through those seated on trailer as the locomotive’s horn sounded, said Patricia Howle, who was waiting at a nearby traffic light as the train approached. “My daughter said, ‘Momma, the train is coming!’ and she was looking for it as I saw the trailer begin to cross the railroad tracks,” Howle told KOSA-TV. “People were jumping off, trying to get off that trailer and the truck was still rolling. “There is going to be a very thorough investigation,” Lange said. the associated press


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Nazi victims to get more funding Germany remains committed. Holocaust survivors will get an increase in their compensation for Nazi war crimes Sixty years after a landmark accord started German government compensation for victims of Nazi crimes, fund administrators and German officials say payments to Holocaust survivors are needed more than ever as they enter their final years. Most Holocaust survivors experienced extreme trauma as children, suffered serious malnutrition, and lost almost all of their relatives — leaving them today with severe psychological and medical problems, and little or no family support network to help them cope. In acknowledgement of that, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble signed off officially Thursday on revisions to the original 1952 compensation treaty, increasing pensions for those living in eastern Europe and broadening who is eligible for payments. Contributions to home care for survivors already have been increased. “Survivors are passing away on a daily basis but the other side is that individual survivors are needing more help than ever,’’ the Chairman of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Julius Berman, told The Associated Press ahead of the ceremony. “While a person came out

The Chairman of the Jewish Claims Conference Julius Berman walks through the Holocaust Memorial, in Berlin, on Thursday. German officials say payments to Holocaust survivors are needed more than ever. Markus Schreiber/the associated press

of the camps very young and eventually developed a life of their own over the years, the impact of what happened at the beginning is now coming to the fore. Whether it’s mentally or physically, they’re sicker than their peers of the same age.’’ Holocaust survivor Roman Kent said his experience is something that he will never be able to forget. “Just witnessing the atrocities committed at the gate entering Auschwitz-Birkenau is more than enough to keep me awake at night until the end of time,’’ he said. But he stressed that he does not hold current generations of Germans responsible for the past, saying they are

Swedish officials caught in brawl. Newspaper releases footage of fight A Swedish far-right party that is seeking to tone down its xenophobic image has been roiled by a video showing senior party members using racist and sexist expletives in a late-night brawl. The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats entered Parliament in 2010 and have surged in recent polls after attempts to move into the political mainstream. The footage, filmed in 2010 but released by newspaper Expressen this week,

showed Erik Almqvist and Kent Ekeroth, the party’s spokesmen on economic and justice affairs, scuffling with a drunken man in Stockholm. At one point they picked up metal bars from a construction site, but dropped them when they heard police sirens. Almqvist was dismissed from his position Wednesday, while Ekeroth announced Thursday he would take a “time out’’ from politics. the associated press

actually today united in purpose with Holocaust survivors. “Both of us do not want our past to be our children’s future,’’ he said. Compensation has been ever evolving since the 1952 agreement, with annual negotiations between the Claims Conference and the German government on who should receive funds and how much will be paid. Still, even 67 years after the end of World War II, there is much to set right, said Stuart Eizenstat, the former U.S. ambassador to the European Union who serves as the Claims Conference’s special negotiator.


Germany has paid $89 billion in compensation since 1952 for Nazi crimes. • Germany has already increased home care for Holocaust survivors by 15 per cent. • 80,000 Jews who resettled in former Soviet Union will recieve one-time payments of $3,253 US. • There are still around 500,000 Holocaust survivors living worldwide.


Controversial author. Boycotted at one event, sells out another An author whose outspoken criticism of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian West Bank got him banned from a Jewish book festival in Atlanta spoke at a sold-out event at an alternate location. Peter Beinart was originally one of 52 writers invited to speak at this week’s Book Festival of the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, which attracts about 10,000 people each year. Bowing to pressure from some local Jews offended by Beinart’s views, festival organizers then cancelled his

scheduled appearance. Beinart was then scheduled to speak in a smaller venue in downtown Atlanta, nearly 32 kilometres from the festival site at the suburban community centre. The 200 seats allotted for his talk quickly sold out. Beinart’s most recent book “The Crisis of Zionism” criticizes hawkish Jewish leaders in Israel and the United States for their continued support for Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories. The associated press



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news WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Good Samaritan law. Drug charge dropped against Bon Jovi’s daughter

Search for 3 Euro hikers continues

Drug charges against Jon Bon Jovi’s 19-year-old daughter have been dropped, a central New York prosecutor said Thursday. Stephanie Bongiovi was found unresponsive by medics after she apparently overdosed on heroin in a Hamilton College dorm early Wednesday. Town of Kirkland police charged Bongiovi, of Red Bank, N.J., and fellow student Ian Grant, also of Red Bank, with possession of a small amount of heroin and marijuana. Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said he was dismissing the charges against both students. Under state law, someone having a drug overdose or seeking help for an overdose victim can’t be prosecuted for having a small amount of heroin or any amount of marijuana. The so-called Good Samaritan 911 law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in July 2011

the associated press

This December 2011 file photo shows Stephanie Bongiovi, daughter of rocker Jon Bon Jovi, in New York. Evan Agostini/the associated press

was designed to reduce overdose deaths by encouraging people to call 911 without fear of being arrested for drug possession. Similar laws have been passed in several other states. Bon Jovi, 50, is scheduled to perform at a concert to benefit Hamilton’s scholarships and arts programs in Times Square on Dec. 5. the associated press

Update. Jamaica prepares to rid penal code of slavery-era flogging law Jamaica is preparing to abolish a slavery-era law allowing flogging and whipping as means of punishing prisoners, the Caribbean country’s justice ministry said Thursday. The ministry said the punishment hasn’t been ordered by a court since 2004 but the statutes remain in the island’s penal code. It was administered with strokes from a tamarind-tree

switch or a cat o’nine tails, a whip made of nine, knotted cords. Justice Minister Mark Golding says the “degrading” punishment is an anachronism which violates Jamaica’s international obligations and is preventing Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s government from ratifying the U.N. convention against torture.


The search for three European hikers on a snowy volcano in southern Chile now has high-tech help and a fresh group of volunteers, but heavy clouds are setting them back. Searchers are using a federal police helicopter as well as the private helicopter hired by Italian’s family, and both are equipped with thermal imaging cameras that can see through the heavy snow that covered the hikers’ tracks after they lost contact on Nov. 7.


The South American nation of Uruguay is looking to legalize marijuana. Ted S. Warren/File/the associated press file

Greek inmates to get Internet Greece’s justice minister says inmates at the country’s overcrowded prisons will soon be granted supervised use of computers with Internet access and private family visits from their spouses and registered partners. the associated press Driving

Man fined $2,300 for speeding A Halifax-area man has been handed a fine for $2,300 for driving at 160 kilometres per hour in an 80 km/h zone. Police say they spotted a car speeding along a Nova Scotia highway. An 18-year-old male driver has been charged with stunting under the Motor Vehicle Act. the associated press

the associated press


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Uruguay moves toward legalizing marijuana New leading pot dealer? Uruguay lawmakers consider legalization of marijuana with goal of outselling pot dealers Uruguay came one step closer to turning the government into the country’s leading pot dealer on Thursday, as lawmakers formally introduced to Congress a framework for regulating the production, sale and consumption of marijuana. The proposal is much

more liberal than what Uruguay’s government initially proposed months ago, when President Jose Mujica said only the government would be allowed to sell pot. The draft law would instead create a National Cannabis Institute to license individuals and companies to produce and sell marijuana. It would foster marijuanagrowing clubs to provide the weed to their members. And most significantly, it would allow anyone to grow a limited amount of marijuana in their own homes, and possess marijuana for their own consumption. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Toking and driving. U.S. cops consider how to deal with stoned drivers It’s settled. Pot, at least certain amounts of it, will soon be legal under state laws in Washington and Colorado. Now, officials in both states are trying to figure out how to keep stoned drivers off the road. Colorado’s measure doesn’t make any changes to the state’s driving-under-the-influence laws, leaving lawmakers and police to worry about its effect on road safety. “We’re going to have more impaired drivers,” warned John Jackson, police chief in the Denver suburb of Greenwood Village. Washington’s law does

change driving-under-theinfluence provisions by setting a new blood-test limit for marijuana — a limit police are training to enforce, and which some lawyers are already gearing up to challenge. “We’ve had decades of studies and experience with alcohol,” said Washington State Patrol spokesman Dan Coon. “Marijuana is new, so it’s going to take some time to figure out how the courts and prosecutors are going to handle it. But the key is impairment: We will arrest drivers who drive impaired, whether it be drugs or alcohol.” THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


Uruguay vs. the U.S. A look at a proposal to legalize marijuana in Uruguay, compared with the new laws in two U.S. states: Uruguay: The proposal formally introduced to Congress on Thursday would create a National Cannabis Institute with the power to license people and companies to produce marijuana for recreational, medical or industrial uses. It would allow adults to possess up to 40 grams for personal use and anyone to grow up to six pot plants and produce up to 480 grams of marijuana in their own homes. People could join clubs of up to 15 pot smokers who together would be licensed by the state to grow as many as 90 plants at a time (up to 7,200 grams of marijuana a year.) Colorado: Allows adults 21 and older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana without a doctor’s recommendation, and to grow up to six marijuana plants. It does not allow marijuana to be used publicly. Washington State: Decriminalizes the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for adults over the age of 21. The state will license the growing, processing and labelling of marijuana.

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Booze bulge. Study says Americans pack on the pounds through alcohol Americans get too many calories from soda. But what about alcohol? It turns out adults get almost as many empty calories from booze as from soft drinks, a government study found. Soda and other sweetened drinks — the focus of obesity-fighting public-health campaigns — are the source of about six per cent of the calories adults consume, on average. Alcoholic beverages account for about five per cent, the new study found. “We’ve been focusing on sugar-sweetened beverages. This is something new,” said Cynthia Ogden, one of the study’s authors. She’s an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which released its findings Thursday. The government research-

Brazil looks to cloning to combat extinction Threatened species. Brazilian project collecting cells from endangered animals, but initial cloning attempt is likely still years away

A study has found that the average guy drinks 150 calories a day, equal to a can of Budweiser. getty images

ers say the findings deserve attention because, like soda, alcohol contains few nutrients but plenty of calories. The CDC study is based on interviews with more than 11,000 U.S. adults from 2007 through 2010. the associated press

Tycho. Scientists say Danish astronomer didn’t die from mercury Ever since Tycho Brahe died suddenly more than 400 years ago, there has been mystery about whether the Dane whose celestial observations laid the groundwork for modern astronomy fell victim to natural causes or was murdered. On Thursday, scientists who had exhumed his body said one thing is clear: If he was murdered, it wasn’t with mercury, as many rumours had claimed. “We measured the concentration of mercury using three different quantitative chemical methods in our labs” in the Czech Republic and Denmark, said Kaare Lund Rasmussen, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Southern Denmark. WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

“All tests revealed the same result: That mercury concentrations were not sufficiently high to have caused his death,” Rasmussen said in a statement. Scientists didn’t say what did kill the astronomer, but tests on the remains are still being conducted. Brahe’s death in 1601 at the age of 54 was long believed to have been due to a bladder infection. Legend said it was the result of his reluctance to breach court etiquette during a reception by leaving for a toilet. Kidney disease was another suspect. But some speculated that he might have been poisoned with mercury, even at the hands of a king or a rival astronomer. The Associated Press

Brazilian researchers are turning to cloning to help fight the perilous decline of several animal species. The scientists at Brazil’s Embrapa agriculture research agency said this week they have spent two years building a gene library with hundreds of samples from eight native species, including the collared anteater, the bush dog, the black lion tamarin, the coati, and deer and bison varieties, as well as the jaguar and the maned wolf. While still in its early stages, with the birth of a clone likely years away, the project represents Brazilian scientists’ first foray into the cloning of wild animals, said team leader Carlos Frederico Martins. Scientists in other parts of the world have been cloning threatened species for more than a decade, though with a low rate of success, and sometimes with the criticism of conservationists who say more should instead be done to save endangered animals in the wild by protecting their natural habitats. Martins said that any clones that eventually emerge from the Brazilian project would go to zoos, not into the wild. “The idea is not to use cloning as a primary conservation tool,” Martins said in a phone interview from a farm outside the national capital, Brasilia. He stressed

Canna Clinic Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary

Are You Eligible? 604-558-2454 758 East Broadway

Hour of the wolf

The project’s top candidate for initial cloning is the maned wolf, a towering canine with long legs and a thick red pelt. • Creating pups. A skin cell from the wolf would be inserted into the egg of a common dog and then implanted into the uterus of another dog, making it the pup’s surrogate mother. • Endangered list. With an estimated total population of 23,600, the vast majority of them in Brazil, the maned wolf is classified as “near threatened” on the ICNU Red List of Threatened Species.

that clones don’t resolve one of the main problems facing species with dwindling populations, which is maintaining a sufficiently varied gene pool. “Let’s be clear that cloning can’t be a substitute for protecting endangered animals’ habitats,” Martins said. “It’s a way to aid zoos, beef up their collections, particularly for animals that don’t easily breed in captivity.” Nearly all the samples in the Embrapa team’s gene library were culled from the bodies of dead animals, generally road kill brought in from the Cerrado, the vast tropical Savannah that surrounds Brasilia. If officials approve a pending partnership with the city’s zoo, staff there will be trained to take samples from live animals from its collection, Martins said.

An onca pintada jaguar walks in the Jardim Zoo in Brazil. It’s one of eight species whose cells have been collected in a gene library built by Brazil’s Embrapa agriculture research agency. the associated Press A tricky enterprise

Learning From Dolly The cloning of animals became a reality in 1996 with the birth of the Dolly the sheep. Dolly developed a virus-induced lung disease and was euthanized at age six — about half the life expectancy of her breed — but she gave birth to four lambs. Cloning remains a difficult enterprise with a success rate of about five to

seven per cent. The first reported cross-species clone, a wild ox called a gaur born in 2001, died of dysentery two days later. Martins said new techniques might boost the Brazilian team’s success rate to about 12 per cent. Martha Gomez, a senior scientist at the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species in New Orleans, applauded the Brazilian effort but cautioned that any actual clones could be a long time off. The Associated Press

The Associated Press


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news WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

One-on-one with Mansbridge National matters. Peter Mansbridge shares his thoughts on the media, consumers and climate change RUTH DAVENPORT Metro in Halifax

Veteran news anchor Peter Mansbridge was in Halifax Thursday for a live broadcast of The National. Mansbridge has worked as a journalist for 45 years, 25 of those with the CBC anchoring the nightly newscast. He sat down with Metro to share some insights from nearly a half-century of experience. There have been a lot of major developments on the international scene in the last few years — what’s your sense, given your vast Top 5

Mansbridge’s top-five standout moments in journalism: • One-on-one with U.S. President Barack Obama. • Being in Berlin when the wall fell. • Travelling the Northwest Passage on the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent. • 1979 documentary on the “boat people” of Vietnam. • His three years as a rookie in Churchill, Man., covering the “stories that matter.”

experience, of how engaged people are today? What I’ve found with our audience generally is that when something big happens, they’re very interested. Then as things quiet down, they’re more concerned about domestic issues. Lots is dependent on what we do in the media — we spent so much money covering the post-9-11 period and the Iraq war, and then we ran out of money. And sadly, when that happens, you pull back on international coverage because it’s the most expensive, and you’re giving less information, and it shows. Of late, Syria is a hugely important story but I don’t think people are going to be leaping to their television at night saying, ‘Man, what’s happening in Syria?’ The latest escalation of violence between the Israelis and Palestinians may do that. Where does the chickenand-egg cycle start between what the media provides and what consumers want?

CBC news anchor Peter Mansbridge outside the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel on Thursday. ruth davenport/metro in halifax

I think the cycle has gotten worse, for a number of reasons. One of them is at times a failure on our part. Look at the example this week at how so much of the media went crazy over the (David) Petraeus story. Why did they do that? My theory is that it’s a lot easier to tell the Petraeus story than it is to tell the fiscal-cliff story. Which one actually impacts your life? The fiscal cliff. So people get cynical because they look at that and say, “What’s the matter with these guys?”

programs like Entertainment Tonight, they’re wildly popular. There’s an appetite for scandal and “sexy” stuff.

But when you look at

What’s the story that’s the

That’s true, and that’s where it belongs, is programs like that. I do fault the consumer to some degree. They have to make a decision about what they’re going to watch and what they’re going to trust. And if they’re going to demand that not only on Entertainment Tonight but also in the nightly news, they’ll get what they asked for, and that’s too bad.


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most under-reported?


I think we do a pathetic job on the climate-change story. It’s changing our world, without question. It’s not all bad — some things are good about climate change — but there are some things that are threatening the way we live, and other countries are miles ahead of us in adapting to climate change. We’ve got to get in the game.

“It comes back to that issue of, what’s news? Is it what’s entertaining and what people are talking about at water coolers, or is it what’s important?”

Between poverty, overpopulation, climate change and the economy, the future’s looking kind of grim.

The common thread for both consumers and journalists is to understand an issue before you decide on it. In today’s

Peter Mansbridge

If we’re going to avert the apocalypse, what would you tell both media and media consumers that we all need to do?

world of journalism where the pressure’s on time, you’ve got to spend more time doing the basic journalism before going on the air. Our role is a fundamental, basic pillar of democracy, and if we do it poorly, everybody suffers. If we do it right, we end up living in a better society.

Winnipeg drawn into ‘Earth’s rectum’ debate No longer content to slag the city in print, Stephen Colbert has taken his disdain for Windsor, Ont., to the airwaves, and this time he’s drawn in Winnipeg as well. During Wednesday’s broadcast of The Colbert Report, the political comedian said the “Maple stream media” had taken offence to a passage in his latest book that suggests Windsor is the Earth’s rectum. “Folks in Canada are ‘ootraged,’” Colbert said. Colbert defended his book and said he was just asking “probing” questions. He also dragged Winnipeg into the controversy. “Could the Earth’s rectum be Windsor? I don’t know, it could

just as easily be Winnipeg,” he said. Referencing a CBC poll, Colbert said being known as “the Earth’s rectum is an improvement over Windsor’s previous reputation.” Colbert’s comments sparked a social media campaign aimed at getting the comedian to visit the city. A Let’s Get Stephen Colbert to Windsor Facebook page was created shortly after the show ended. But by mid-morning on Thursday, the page had accumulated only 84 likes, suggesting that the feelings between Rose City residents and Colbert’s bellicose conservative alter-ego are mutual. Luke simcoe/metro in windsor

Stephen Colbert says Winnipeg could be the “Earth’s rectum.” screengrab


Scientists have completed work on what they are calling the world’s first standards for storing carbon dioxide underground. The International Performance Assessment Centre for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide and the Canadian Standards Association have been working on the guidelines since 2009. The process injects CO2 deep into a porous rock formation to prevent the emission from things such as power plants and refineries from entering the atmosphere. the canadian press


Japan headed for December vote Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda was poised to dissolve Japan’s parliament Friday, setting the stage for elections next month that will likely result in a weak coalition government with differing policies on how to fix the country’s myriad problems. The associated press

FBI agent in Petraeus sex case has ties to Canada






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Canadian connection. French education helped Humphries make the 1999 arrest of an Algerian al-Qaida member

There’s now a Canadian connection to the David Petraeus sex scandal following revelations that the FBI agent who helped uncover the disgraced CIA director’s extra-marital affair went to high school in Canada and played a key role in the infamous Ahmed Ressam case 13 years ago. Frederick Humphries, one of the key players in the tawdry unravelling of Petraeus’s once-storied career, set the wheels in motion for the general’s downfall after he agreed last spring to investigate anonymous emails sent to a friend in Tampa, socialite Jill Kelley. That probe revealed

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FBI agent Frederick Humphries the associated press

Petraeus’s affair with Paula Broadwell, who was behind the harassing emails to Kelley, a woman she viewed as a rival for the four-star general’s affections. Humphries, 47, a counterterrorism specialist at the FBI, was born in the Washington state community of Steilacoom but attended high

school somewhere in Ontario. His mother and stepfather live in Illinois. He reportedly learned French in the Canadian school system, a skill that helped him nab Ressam, who claimed to be a Montrealer in 1999 as he attempted to sneak across the Canada-U.S. border to blow up the Los Angeles airport in a thwarted millennium attack. Ressam, an Algerian alQaida member who lived in Montreal, was apprehended with explosives in the trunk of his car on a Canadian ferry to the U.S. and claimed only to speak French. But while reading Ressam his rights in the language, Humphries immediately knew he was not Quebecois, detecting an Algerian accent instead. Before long, investigators discovered Ressam was using false ID and had charged him with plotting what would have been a deadly attack on one of the busiest airports in the U.S. THE CANADIAN PRESS

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Standards set for carbon storage


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Going underground


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A security guard stands near a screen showing a broadcast of China’s new Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping to introduce the newly-elected members of the Politburo Standing Committee. andy wong/the associated press










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• Rising costs. Though Jintao pledged more balanced development, inequality has risen

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Public inquiry. The Italian Mob used death threats and intimidation to control construction industry Quebec’s public inquiry got a glimpse into how the Italian Mafia used its muscle to maintain control of the construction industry in Montreal. It looked to squeeze out companies when they competed for work against members of the city’s construction cartel. An out-of-town construction owner testified Thursday that he received multiple threats after bidding on contracts in Montreal. The Quebec City man, Martin Carrier, said he got a phone


dent Xi said in nationally televised remarks in the Great Hall of the People. He later said “we are not complacent, and we will never rest on our laurels” in confronting challenges — corruption chief among them. By his side stood the six other newly appointed members of the Politburo Standing Committee: Li Keqiang, the presumptive premier and chief economic official; Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang; Shanghai party secretary Yu Zhengsheng; propaganda chief Liu Yunshan; Tianjin party secretary Zhang Gaoli; and Vice Premier Wang Qishan, once the leadership’s top troubleshooter who will head the party’s internal watchdog panel. Xi gave no hint of new thinking to address the problems. The lack of specifics and the new leadership heavy with conservative technocrats deflated expectations for change in some quarters.

Businessman Martin Carrier the canadian press

call at home in 2004. On the other end of the line was a man with a heavy Italian accent. He warned him to stop working in the city, in the first of two similar phone calls Carrier received. Carrier asked the man for

his name. “Never mind who I am,” the caller said. “Because the next time you won’t be walking away from here ... Thank you and have a nice day.” He reported the initial phone call to police. The RCMP later came to visit him and told him that they’d recorded that call. They said the caller was Francesco Del Balso, one of the senior-most members of the Rizzuto crime family. The tape was played Thursday at the inquiry. When he didn’t back down, Carrier received by courier at his office a condolence card — the kind sent to a grieving family after a death. At the end of his testimony, Carrier was saluted by inquiry chair France Charbonneau. “I thank you, and I congratulate you for your ... courage,’’ she said. The Canadian Press

Bringing home the bravery hardware Pte. Taumy St-Hilaire, from Montreal, looks at his Star of Military Valour, Canada’s second-highest award for bravery, received during a ceremony with Gov. Gen. David Johnston at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, Thursday. adrian wyld/the canadian press


Town begins killing feral rabbits

The Associated Press

and housing costs have soared. • Economy. Over the past year, the economy has flagged, dragged down by anemic demand in Europe and the U.S. for Chinese products.



Xi’s predecessor Many of the challenges Xi confronts are legacies of his predecessor, Hu Jintao.



Long-anointed successor Xi Jinping assumes the leadership of China at a time when the ruling Communist Party is confronting slower economic growth, a public clamour to end corruption and demands for change that threaten its hold on power. The country’s political elite named Xi to the top party post on Thursday, and unexpectedly put him in charge of the military too, after a week-long party congress and months of divisive bargaining. The appointments give him broad authority, but not the luxury of time. After decades of juggernaut growth, China sits on the cusp of global preeminence as the second largest economy, but it also has urgent domestic troubles that could frustrate its rise. Problems that have long festered — from the sputtering economy to friction with the U.S. and territorial spats with Japan and other neighbours — have worsened in recent months as the leadership focused on the power transfer.

Impatience has grown among entrepreneurs, others in the new middle class and migrant workers — all wired by social media and conditioned by two decades of rising living standards to expect better government, if not democracy. All along, police have continued to harass and jail a lengthening list of political foes, dissidents, civil rights lawyers and labour activists. In his first address to the nation, Xi, a 59-year-old son of a revolutionary hero, acknowledged the lengthy agenda for what should be the first of two five-year terms in office. He promised to deliver better social services while making sure China stands tall in the world and the party continues to rule. “Our responsibility now is to rally and lead the entire party and the people of all ethnic groups in China in taking over the historic baton and in making continued efforts to achieve the great renewal of the Chinese nation,’’ a confi-


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Xi Jinping. Successor has been sworn in as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China



China’s new leader will face many challenges


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Businessman details threats from the Mafia

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33 WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

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Canmore, an Alberta mountain town, is trapping and killing feral rabbits. Town spokeswoman Sally Caudill says she doesn’t know how many rabbits have been humanely killed, but the trapping started in midOctober. the canadian press

Justin Trudeau

100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? Justin Trudeau gets marks for creativity in answering the new benchmark of leadership: 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck. New life was given to the question of which you’d rather fight, or would win in a fight.

“Oh, definitely 100 ducksized horses,” said the Liberal MP and leadership candidate. I was raised the eldest of a whole bunch of brothers and cousins, and I’m really good at fighting with crowds. If you’ve ever tried to pet a Canada goose you know how aggressive a single, normalsized goose can get, and how ill-tempered they can be. I would imagine that a large duck would be fairly unpleasant.” torstar news service






S:10” WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Obama views Superstorm Sandy’s devastation in N.Y.C. Aftermath. President sees wreckage more than two weeks after the storm ripped through the region





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President Barack Obama vowed Thursday to stick with New Yorkers still struggling 17 days after Superstorm Sandy “until the rebuilding is complete” after getting an up-close look at devastated neighbour-

to rebuild their lives. He also delivered a post-election message of unity, nine days after a closely divided America gave him a second term. “We’re reminded that we are bound together and we have to look out for each other,” Obama said from a block in Staten Island that was demolished by the storm. “The petty differences melt away.”

be his point person to oversee long-term rebuilding in the region. The president encountered many still suffering in Sandy’s aftermath, waiting in lines for food, supplies and other help. He also met privately with parents who experienced the most unthinkable tragedy — the loss of their young boys, Brandon and Connor Moore, who

“Obviously I expressed to them as a father, as a parent, my heartbreak over what they went through,” Obama said. He said the Moores were “still a little shell-shocked” but wanted to thank the New York City police lieutenant who stayed with them and supported them until their boys’ bodies were found. the associated press






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President Barack Obama, accompanied by, from left, Sen. Charles Schumer, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, hugs Debbie Ingenito Thursday on Cedar Grove Avenue. The street, on Staten Island, was significantly damaged by Superstorm Sandy. Carolyn Kaster/the associated press

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business WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

BP to pay record $4.5B over Gulf oil disaster Offshore oil. As part of settlement, firm will plead guilty on charges related to worker deaths and lying to Congress A day of reckoning arrived for BP on Thursday as the oil giant agreed to plead guilty to a raft of criminal charges and pay a record $4.5 billion US in a settlement with the U.S. government over the deadly 2010 disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Three BP employees were also charged, two of them with manslaughter. The settlement and the indictments came 2 1/2 years after the drilling-rig explosion that killed 11 workers and set off the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. The settlement includes nearly $1.3 billion in fines — the biggest criminal penalty in U.S. history — along with payments to entities inside and outside government. As part of the deal, the BP will plead guilty to charges related to the deaths of the 11 workers and to lying to Congress. “We believe this resolution is in the best interest of BP and its shareholders,” said Carl-Henric Svanberg, BP chairman. “It Market Minute

In this April 21, 2010, file image provided by the U.S. Coast Guard, fire-boat response crews battle the blazing remnants of the offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. U.S. Coast Guard/The Associated Press file

removes two significant legal risks and allows us to vigorously defend the company against the remaining civil claims.” Also, BP rig workers Robert Kaluza and Donald Vidrine were indicted on federal charges of manslaughter and involuntary manslaughters, TSX 11,811.38 (-118.41)

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accused of repeatedly disregarding abnormal highpressure readings that should have been glaring indications of trouble just before the blowout. In addition, David Rainey, BP’s vice-president of exploration for the Gulf of Mexico at

the time, was indicted on charges of obstruction of Congress and making false statements. Prosecutors said he withheld information from Congress that indicated the amount of oil spewing from the blownout well was greater than he let on. The Associated Press

Tax break for travel in Canada would be welcome, poll finds Canadians are prepared to embrace the idea of a tax incentive for travelling within Canada, a new poll suggests. A private member’s bill tabled in the House of Commons by Liberal MP Massimo Pacetti proposes a tax credit for air, bus or train fares on non-business trips that cross at least three provincial borders. Some 70 per cent of respondents to a recent Canadian Press-Harris/Decima poll expressed support for the idea. Regionally, almost eight in 10 respondents in Atlantic Canada liked it, with 75 per cent of those in British Columbia and Alberta in favour. About four of every 10 people surveyed said they would be more likely to travel within Canada if the tax break was in place, the poll found. “I think it’s certainly well intentioned and I think we’d certainly like to see Canadians travelling in Canada as opposed to outside the country,” said Kevin Desjardins, vice-president of strategy and public affairs for the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. Pacetti’s Discover Your Canada Act would allow an income-tax deduction of 100 per cent of bus fares, 75 per cent on train tickets and 50 per cent for domestic flights,

By the numbers


Canada’s travel deficit — the difference between what travelling Canadians spend abroad and what foreign visitors spend here — hit $4.2 billion during the second quarter.

up to a maximum of $2,000. As a private member’s bill, the proposal is unlikely to become law, but HarrisDecima vice-president Patricia Thacker said a tax break of some kind could help reduce the country’s big travel deficit, which is the difference between what travelling Canadians spend abroad and what foreign visitors spend here “Our survey results show that Canadians need just a small push to consider — or to reconsider ­ — travelling within Canada,” Thacker said. Chisholm Pothier, a spokesman for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, said the government has to consider the cost of such focused subsidies. “In an era where governments are trying to get back to balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility suggests costly, new, novelty subsidies are not the best use of taxpayers dollars,” Pothier wrote in an email. The Canadian Press

Glum forecast. Eurozone Hall of fame. Star Wars falls back into recession figures make toy history The 17-country eurozone has fallen back into recession for the first time in three years as the fallout from the region’s financial crisis was felt from Amsterdam to Athens. And with surveys pointing to increasingly depressed conditions across the 17-member group at a time of austerity and high unemployment, the recession is forecast to deepen, and make the debt crisis — which has been calmer of late — even more difficult to handle. Official figures Thursday showed that the eurozone conRenewable energy

Google invests in wind farm Google is investing $75 million US in an Iowa wind farm as part of its effort to encourage development of cleaner energy sources. The deal announced Thursday gives Google Inc. a stake in the Ropey Wind Farm in Greene County, Iowa. The wind farm is located about 210 kilo-

Definition • A recession is commonly

defined as two straight quarters of falling output.

tracted by 0.1 per cent in the July to September period from the quarter before. The decline reported by Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office, was in line with market expectations and follows on from the 0.2 per cent fall recorded in the second quarter. The associated Press

metres northeast of Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is home to one of the eight data centres that power Google’s Internet search engine and other services. The Iowa data centre won’t be getting power from the wind farm. The high electricity demand of Google’s massive data centres is one of the reasons the company backs energy projects that cause less pollution than traditional power plants. The Associated Press

Star Wars action figures are joining centuries-old dominoes in the U.S. National Toy Hall of Fame’s class of 2012, announced Thursday. Star Wars action figures went on the market after the 1977 release of the classic movie. The figures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and others were sold until 1985 and again from the mid-1990s to today. Museum officials said their phenomenal popularity inspired other toy makers to tie their products to movSales drop

McDonald’s replaces head of U.S. operations McDonald’s Corp. is hoping a leadership shake-up for its U.S. business will help it fight off intensifying competition. The world’s biggest hamburger chain said Thursday that Jan Fields, president of McDonald’s

ies and television series, and they noted the toys’ appeal extends to adults, who continue to collect them. Dominoes originated in China in the 1300s and appeared later in Europe in a slightly different form. The two toys beat out plastic green army men, the board game Clue, the FisherPrice Corn Popper, Lite-Brite, the Magic 8 Ball, the pogo stick, sidewalk chalk, the electronic game Simon, the tea set and Twister. The associated Press

USA, will be replaced by Jeff Stratton, its global chief restaurant officer, effective Dec. 1. The announcement comes less than a week after the fast-food giant reported its first monthly sales drop in nearly a decade. A McDonald’s spokeswoman said CEO Don Thompson and Fields are long-time friends and that they discussed the need for a change at the top. The Associated Press





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the underbelly of navel-gazing You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows; Paul Sullivan you just need the Metro List. Justin Trudeau for king. It will probably end up as a formality, but the federal Liberal leadership race is on, so far pitting the sexy son of a legendary philosopher-visionary prime minister against somebody named Martha Hall Findlay. Gotta like them odds, Martha. Old white men just wanna have fun. Renowned for his strategic brilliance, Gen. David Petraeus also demonstrates that he can think with his little brain. After his affair with his biographer is revealed, Mrs. Petraeus is in shock, if not awe. Now the old soldier would dearly love to fade away … or crawl back under a nice rock. Navel-gazing for science. The belly buttons of 66 volunteers at a North Carolina university were examined and researchers announced they contained 2,368 bacterial species, 1,458 of which may be new to science. One belly button alone harboured 107 species. I realize I say this a lot, but I am not making this up. Why do lemmings jump over the fiscal cliff ? Let me get this straight. Unless the U.S. Congress and the president come up with a new plan, a series of budgetary changes mandated to take place in the new year will plunge the world into recession? Why do I have a bad feeling about this? Like THIS on Facebook. The Israeli Defense Forces blow up the car carrying the head of military operations for Hamas, immediately post the attack on YouTube and send the following tweet: “Ahmed Jabari: Eliminated.” Geez. And then there’s Nik Lewis. In another inappropriate tweet, the slotback for the Calgary Stampeders issues the following bulletin: “I just bought O-J’s gloves on eBay. Now all I need is a white girl named Nicole.” First we had computer viruses, now we have social-media disease. Fifty million French persons outraged. The French government apparently feels the need to save its citizens from Nutella, that hazelnut-andchocolate spread that no French person can get through the day without. The Nutella tax, as it’s being called, increases the price of the oil used to make Nutella by three times. What’s next? Foie gras? Bieberwatch. No doubt overwrought after his breakup with Selena Gomez over the weekend, Justin Bieber was pulled over by a Hollywood cop for making an unsafe left turn. How about that? He’s old enough to drive. It’s his second violation in six months. The other one was for driving without training wheels. WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

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Guinness record

Dance in numbers

Indian dancers set world record Thousands of participants take part in the largest kaikottikali, a traditional Indian dance, in Mumbai — an achievement to celebrate Guinness World Records Day on Thursday. The eighth annual event brought together more than 420,000 people worldwide, attempting to break an array of unique and amazing records. Metro


participants in the kaikottikali dance, the largest-ever event of its kind and a world-first: A dance of this scale is unprecedented. Kaikottikali is a famous groupdance performed by women in the southwest Indian state of Kerala. This spectacle has eight to 10 women dancing in a symmetrical form. The dancers move in a circular pattern, accompanied by rhythmic hand-clapping, to the tune of the ritual song Thiruvathira pattu. As they move, they bend sideways, with their arms coming together in graceful gestures.

Other records

• Most underpants worn. 266 by Australian Steve Jacobs, who beat the previous record held by himself: 247. • Most people crammed in a Mini Cooper. 28 is the new record for most people crammed in a modern Mini in London, England. Dani Maynard and her team beat the previous record by one person cramming in for a total of five seconds.

A graceful dance that smashed record: The world-first mass kaikottikali dance was organized by local charity Mumbai Pooram Foundation.

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Been doing some navel-gazing lately? Betcha didn’t know there’s a whole kingdom of different species in there — some not even known to scientists yet. flickr



@Erica_Sigurdson: ••••• I think I just saw Ryan Kesler working at Cafe Artigiano - come on let’s get these guys back on the ice #NHL @GraemeMcRanor: ••••• Don’t forget about the @CultureCrawl this weekend. Visit http:// for more info. @FarhanLaljiTSN: ••••• Nik Lewis apologizes: “I will be donating my West Final game cheque

to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.” #Stamps #CFLonTSN @TSNBobMcKenzie: ••••• No news is no news on CBA front. On the bright side, it’s a gorgeous sunny, mild day in Vancouver. No better city for a long walkabout. @rickquinton980: ••••• No Drew Tate for the Stamps on Sunday. He broke his arm in Sunday’s semi-final win last Sunday. Kevin Glenn starts vs Lions in West Final.

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SCENE WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012


Reel Guys


Going out with a fang Breaking Dawn Part 2. In this Reel Guys, Liz Brown, a TwiHard, helps skeptic Richard Crouse understand the final installment Richard: Liz, this is it… or is it just the beginning of Edward and Bella’s immortal romance? I don’t know. All I know is the film franchise is over and it goes out with probably the most enjoyable movie of the bunch. It’s out with the angst, and in with a newfound sense of fun. The previous movies struck me as overly ponderous; this one is actually quite funny, occasionally bordering on camp. And that’s OK given that the story of vampire babies and ab-tastic werewolves is rather silly. Tell me, superfan, what did you think? Liz: Richard, the first step is admitting you have a prob-

lem — and I do. I fell for the fang when I picked up Christopher Pike’s The Last Vampire series in Grade 6. Twilight brought me back to that time — daydreaming about brooding, loner vampires and wishing I had superpowers. It seems in this last installment the franchise has whole-heartedly embraced its camp. I prefer my femmes to lean towards the fatale, so it was nice to see Kristen Stewart finally stop biting her lip and show us her blood-thirsty side. RC: I agree! Four movies of brooding Bella and Edward’s ennui was enough. The sad faces and staring off into space may have captured the pain of teen love, but, if you’ll excuse the pun, they also sucked some of the lifeblood from the story. The newlyweds still share eternal love, but now they’re having some fun. Edward, if you watch closely, even smiles occasionally. It’s a big step from the first installments and, unsurpris-

ingly, it makes for a more fun movie. LB: I’m sorry Richard, I’m still firmly Team Jacob, so I didn’t pay Edward much heed. But I’ll agree — the actors are having fun in this final hurrah. The most fun for me? Jacob’s semi-nude explanation of the supernatural. Judging from the cheers in the crowd, I’m not the only one who enjoyed it. But I was a little disappointed with the action scenes. I know it’s a film for tweens, but couldn’t the battles have a bit more style? RC: I thought I heard you let out a squeal when Lautner stripped down. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. The action scenes are bloodless for the most part. The Walking Dead makes this look like Sesame Street, but I liked the steely look of determination on Dakota Fanning’s face throughout. I just hope she wasn’t paid by the word for her mostly mute performance.


It can be said that the world can be divided into two groups: Those who like the Twilight movies and those who don’t get the vampire romance movies. We look at why fanpires are addicted to this undead love story. •





LB: Yes, Fanning’s Jane doesn’t get too many lines this time out, but overall this film is less talky than the others — and that’s a good thing. I’m sad to bid farewell to the Cullens, but I’m certain they’ll be happy in their “perfect piece of forever.” My inner tween now anxiously awaits the next adventure of Katniss Everdeen.


Bella and Edward’s immortal romance has just begun. HANDOUT


40 Drama

Documentary WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012



“It was such a moving experience I think because the winter was so hard with all the bad publicity and the insults.” The film was a chance for the residents “to have a place to speak for yourself and be recognized.


Chasing Ice

Holy Motors

Director. Steven Spielberg

Director. Jeff Orlowski

Director. Leos Carax

Stars. Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field

Stars. James Balog

Stars. Denis Lavant, Edith Scob, Eva Mendes



Lincoln focuses on a short period in Honest Abe’s career, zeroing in on the backroom politics that led to the passage of the anti-slavery 13th Amendment through the House of Representatives. The first glimpse of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln feels like watching a Yankee fivedollar bill come to life. It’s a remarkable performance in a movie filled with great acting. Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field also impress, but it is director Steven Spielberg who really brings this ambitious and important story to life.

In 2007, photographer James Balog set out to capture images of climate change that the public could not ignore. So he installed time-lapse cameras throughout the Arctic, which took photos every day for years and documented the world’s rapidly shrinking glaciers. Jeff Orlowski’s film, which follows Balog and his team, is full of stunning yet devastating images that will do more to inform the world about climate change than any depressing statistic or dire warning could. But Chasing Ice is not just another climate change film. It’s a film about Balog.

richard crouse

regan reid

••••• As a professional chameleon tooling around Paris in a white stretch limousine, Denis Lavant gives the performance of the year — or actually, eleven of them. Lavant’s shape-shifting brilliance (he’s an old lady, a monster, a hitman and a motioncapture-suit-clad-martialartist) makes him a walking analog special effect, and he holds this wild, unruly, impressively ambitious movie together. A must-see.

“There were a lot of old people who watched the film and they were just hugging me and (saying), ‘Thank you’.” Acclaimed Abenaki filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin on recently screening her film The People of the Kattawapiskak River: The Story of the 2011 Housing Crisis for the people of Attawapiskat. The film puts a human face on a crisis in the Cree community in Northern Ontario that most people discovered in brief images of decrepit housing on the evening newscasts or in angry exchanges in the House of Commons. The community had declared a state of emergency on Oct. 28, 2011, and in the fallout Canada received a rebuke from the United Nations. the canadian press

adam nayman



Rick Groen




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“An INTENSE and SATISFYING end to a groundbreaking and beloved series.” BONNIE LAUFER, TRIBUTE CANADA

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42 WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

These pages cover movie start times from Fri., nov. 16 to Thurs., Nov. 22. Times are subject to change. Complete listings are also available at

Vancouver OMNIMAX Theatre Science World 1455 Quebec St.

Hubble (STC) A.M. Wed 11 Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey (STC) A.M. Fri 11 Rocky Mountain Express (STC) Fri-Thu 1-3 To the Arctic (G) Fri 12-2 Sat-Sun 12-2-4 Mon-Thu 12-2

Dunbar Theatre 4555 Dunbar Street

Skyfall (PG) Fri 3:30-7-9:55 Sat-Sun 12:303:30-7-9:55 Mon-Thu 7-9:55

Fifth Avenue Cinemas 2110 Burrard Street

Argo (PG) Fri-Thu 1:15-4-7-9:30 Chasing Ice (G) Fri-Thu 1:30-5:15-7:30-

9:40 Lincoln (PG) Fri-Thu 1-4:15-8 Midnight’s Children (PG) Fri-Sun 12:45-3:45-7:45 Mon 12:45-3:45 Tue-Thu 12:45-3:45-7:45 Searching for Sugar Man (PG) Fri-Thu 3:15 The Sessions (18A) Fri-Sun 1:45-4:30-7:15-9:20 Mon 1:45-4:30-9:20 Tue-Wed 1:45-4:30-7:15-9:20 Thu 1:454:30-9:20

Pacific Cinémathèque 1131 Howe Street

3440 Cambie Street

Skyfall (PG) Fri-Thu 12:50-3:50-7-10 Ridge Theatre 3131 Arbutus Street, 604-738-6311 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri 4:15-7-9:30 Sat-Sun 1:30-4:15-79:30 Mon-Thu 4:15-7-9:30

Rio on Broadway 1660 E. Broadway

Los Angeles Plays Itself (STC) Sun 6:30 Chinatown (18A) Fri 8:35 Sat 6:30 The Holy Assassin (STC) Mon 7:30 No Films Showing Today (STC) Tue Thu Still (STC) Wed 7:30 Zabriskie Point (STC) Fri 6:30 Sat 9

Choose Your Own Adventure (STC) Thu 7 Gremlins 2: The New Batch (STC) Fri 11 No Films Showing Today (STC) Mon On the Sly (STC) Sun 2 Reel Rock 7 (STC) Sun 7:30 Seven Psychopaths (18A) Tue-Wed 7-9:30 Thu 9:30

Park Theatre

Scotiabank Theatre

Vancouver 900 Burrard St.

Argo (PG) Fri-Sun 1:30-4:20-7:25-10:20 Mon 1:20-4:10-7:10-10:05 Tue 1:30-4:2010:20 Wed-Thu 1:20-4:10-7:10-10:05 Cloud Atlas (14A) Fri-Sun 3-6:45-10:25 Mon 1-4:35-8:10 Tue 3-6:45-10:25 WedThu 1-4:35-8:10 Flight (14A) Fri-Sun 1:25-4:35-7:40-10:45 Mon 12:30-3:30-10:35 Tue 1:25-4:35-7:4010:45 Wed-Thu 1:10-4:15-7:25-10:35 Lady Antebellum: Own The Night World Tour (G) Tue 7:30 Life of Pi 3D (G) Wed-Thu 1:30-4:407:40-10:35 The Metropolitan Opera: L’Elisir d’Amore Encore (STC) Sat 9:55 Mon 6:30 Silver Linings Playbook (14A) Wed-Thu 1:15-4:20-7:30-10:25 Skyfall (PG) Fri-Sun 12-12:25-12:50-3:10-

3:40-4:10-6:30-7-7:30-10-10:30-11 Mon 12:30-12:45-1:50-3:40-4-5-7-7:20-8:1510:20-10:40 Tue 12-12:25-12:50-3:103:40-4:10-6:30-7-7:30-10-10:30-11 Wed 12:30-12:45-3:40-4-7-7:20-10:20-10:40 Thu 12:30-12:45-3:40-7-7:45-10:20-10:50 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri-Sun 12:20-1:05-1:403:55-4:30-6:50-7:20-9:35-10:10 Mon 1:05-1:40-3:55-4:30-6:50-7:25-9:40-10:10 Tue 12:20-1:05-1:40-3:55-4:30-6:50-7:209:35-10:10 Wed-Thu 1:40-4:30-7:25-10:10 Fri-Sun 11:55-2:35-5:20-8:05-10:50 Mon 2:15-5-7:45-10:30 Tue 12-2:35-5:20-8:0510:50 Wed-Thu 2:15-5-7:45-10:30

Vancouver Aquarium 4D Experience Theatre 845 Avison Way

The Great Salmon Run 4D Experience (STC) Fri-Thu 11:15-12:30-1:45-3-4:15 North Shore Esplanade 6 200 West Esplanade, 604-983-2762 Cloud Atlas (14A) Fri 7:20 Sat-Sun 12:304:10-7:50 Mon-Thu 7:20 Flight (14A) Fri 6:50-9:45 Sat-Sun 12:50-3:50-6:50-9:45 Mon-Tue 6:50-9:45 Wed-Thu 6:35-9:30 Lincoln (PG) Fri 6:45-9:50 Sat-Sun 12:35-3:40-6:45-9:50 Mon-Tue 6:45-9:50 Wed-Thu 6:30-9:35 Pitch Perfect (PG) Fri 7:10-9:40 Sat-Sun 1:20-4:20-7:10-9:40 Mon-Tue 7:10-9:40 Red Dawn (PG) Wed-Thu 7-9:40 The Sessions (18A) Fri 6:30-9:35 Sat-Sun 1:15-4-6:30-9:35 Mon-Tue 6:30-9:35 WedThu 7:10-9:45 Wreck-It Ralph (G) Sat-Sun 1 Wreck-It Ralph 3D (G) Fri 6:40-9:15 Sat-Sun 3:30-6:40-9:15 Mon-Tue 6:40-9:15 Wed-Thu 6:50-9:15

Park & Tilford 333 Brooksbank Ave.

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In anticipation of the world premiere of Liz & Dick, enter for your chance to win a five-night trip to their beloved Wales.

a lifetime original movie


NOVEMBER 25 free preview on now Rogers Digital VIP 83 | Shaw Direct Classic 615 / Advanced 212 | Bell TV 335 | Cogeco 146

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No purchase required. Contest runs from November 5, 2012 to December 16, 2012. Entries must be received by December 16, 2012 at 11:59:59 p.m. EST. There are a total of 10 prizes available to be won: (i) One 5 night, 6 day trip for 2 people to Wales (approx. retail value up to $7,500); and (ii) 9 copies of The Richard Burton Diaries (approx. retail value $35 each). Skill testing question required. Open to Canadian residents who are the age of majority in the province or territory of residence at time of entry. Excludes Quebec residents. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Limit one entry per e-mail address per 24-hour period. For full rules and entry details visit

12-11-14 11:29 AM

Argo (PG) Fri 6:50-9:40 Sat-Sun 1-3:507:25-10 Mon-Thu 6:50-9:40 Life of Pi 3D (G) Wed-Thu 6:30-9:45 The Metropolitan Opera: L’Elisir d’Amore Encore (STC) Sat 9:55 Midnight’s Children (PG) Fri 6:40-9:50 Sat-Sun 12:30-3:45-7-10:10 Mon-Tue 6:40-9:50 Rise of the Guardians 3D (G) Wed-Thu 7:30-10:10 Skyfall (PG) Fri 6:30-7-9:45-10:15 Sat-Sun 12:15-12:55-3:25-4:05-6:35-7:159:50-10:30 Mon-Tue 6:30-7-9:45-10:15 Wed 7-10:15 Thu 10:15 Star & Strollers Screening, Thu 1 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri 6:45-7:15-9:30-10 Sat-Sun 1:10-2:05-4-4:50-6:50-7:35-9:40-10:20 Mon-Thu 6:45-7:15-9:30-10 Star & Strollers Screening, Thu 1

Richmond SilverCity Riverport 14211 Entertainment Way

Argo (PG) Fri-Thu 1:40-4:30-7:25-10:20 Beethoven (STC) Sat 11 Cloud Atlas (14A) Fri-Sat 3-6:40-10:25 Sun 12:30-10:25 Mon 2-6-9:45 Tue 3-6:40-10:25 Dangerous Liaisons (PG) Fri-Thu 2-4:407:30-10:20 Flight (14A) Fri-Sun 12:55-4:15-7:2510:40 Mon 12:55-4:05-7:15-10:25 Tue 12:55-4:15-7:25-10:40 Wed-Thu 12:554:05-7:15-10:25 Hotel Transylvania (G) Fri-Tue 12:40-3 Hotel Transylvania 3D (G) Fri-Tue 5:20-7:40 Jab Tak Hai Jaan (PG) Fri-Sun 1:45-5:40-9:30 Mon 1:20-5:10-9 Tue 1:455:40-9:30 Wed-Thu 1:20-5:10-9 Lady Antebellum: Own The Night World Tour (G) Tue 7:30 Life of Pi 3D (G) Wed-Thu 1:30-4:357:35-10:35 Lincoln (PG) Fri-Sun 12:30-3:50-6:25-7:10-9:45-10:30 Mon 12:40-3:55-6:30-7:10-9:50-10:25 Tue 12:30-3:50-6:25-7:10-9:45-10:30 WedThu 12:40-3:55-6:30-7:10-9:50-10:25 Looper (14A) Fri-Mon 2-4:50-7:45-10:35 Tue 2-4:50-10:35 The Man With the Iron Fists (18A) FriSun 1-3:25-5:50-8:15-10:45 Mon 1-3:255:50-8:10-10:30 Tue 1-3:25-5:50-8:1510:45 Wed-Thu 1-3:25-5:50-8:10-10:30 The Metropolitan Opera: L’Elisir d’Amore

Encore (STC) Sat 9:55 Pitch Perfect (PG) Fri-Tue 1:55-4:457:35-10:25 Red Dawn (PG) Wed-Thu 1-3:30-5:50-8:10-10:40 Rise of the Guardians (G) Wed-Thu 12:45 Rise of the Guardians 3D (G) Wed-Thu 3:10-5:35-8:05-10:35 Silver Linings Playbook (14A) Wed-Thu 1:25-4:20-7:15-10:10 Skyfall (PG) Fri-Sun 12-3:10-6:30-10 Mon 1-4:10-7:25-10:40 Tue 12-3:10-6:3010 Wed 1-2:30-4:10-6-7:25-9:20-10:40 Thu 2:30-4:10-6-7:25-9:20-10:40 Fri 12:50-4:10-7:30-11 Sat 10:15-10:3010:45-11:40-12:50-4:10-7:30-11 Sun 12:50-4:10-7:30-11 Mon 2:30-6-9:20 Tue 12:50-4:10-7:30-11 Star & Strollers Screening, Thu 1 Skyfall: The IMAX Experience (PG) FriSun 12:40-3:50-7-10:15 Mon 12:25-3:356:45-10 Tue 12:40-3:50-7-10:15 Wed-Thu 12:25-3:35-6:45-10 Son of Sardar (PG) Fri-Sun 12:30-3:406:45-9:55 Mon 12:45-3:55-7:05-10:10 Tue 12:30-3:40-6:45-9:55 Wed-Thu 12:453:55-7:05-10:10 Taken 2 (PG) Fri-Tue 10:05 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri 12-1:05-1:40-3:55-4:30-6:507:20-9:40-10:10 Sat 10:05-10:10-10:551:05-1:40-3:55-4:30-6:50-7:20-9:40-10:10 Sun 1:05-1:40-3:55-4:30-6:50-7:209:40-10:10 Mon 12:55-1:30-3:45-4:206:40-7:10-9:30-10 Tue 12-1:05-1:403:55-4:30-7:20-7:40-10-10:10 Wed 12:55-1:30-3:45-4:20-6:40-7:10-9:30-10 Thu 1:30-3:45-4:20-6:40-7:10-9:30-10 Fri-Sun 11:55-2:35-5:20-8:05-10:50 Mon 2:15-5-7:45-10:30 Tue 11:55-2:35-5:208:05-10:50 Wed-Thu 2:15-5-7:45-10:30 Star & Strollers Screening, Thu 1 Wreck-It Ralph (G) Fri 1-3:45 Sat 10:1010:20-1-3:45 Sun 1-3:45 Mon 1:05-3:40 Tue 1-3:45 Wed-Thu 1:05-3:40 Wreck-It Ralph 3D (G) Fri-Sun 12-2:455:30-8:10-10:45 Mon 1:40-4:15-7-9:45 Tue 12-2:45-5:30-8:10-10:45 Wed-Thu 1:40-4:15-7-9:45 WWE Survivor Series - 2012 (STC) Sun 5

Burnaby Dolphin Cinemas 4555 E. Hastings St.

Skyfall (PG) Fri 4-6:50-9:40 Sat-Mon 1:15-4-6:50-9:40 Tue-Thu 4-6:50-9:40 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri 4:30-7:05-9:30 Sat-Mon 1:454:30-7:05-9:30 Tue-Thu 4:30-7:05-9:30 SilverCity Metropolis 4700 Kingsway Ave., 604-435-7474 Argo (PG) Fri-Sun 1:45-4:35-7:40-10:25 Mon 1:35-4:20-10:25 Tue 1:45-4:35-7:4010:25 Beethoven (STC) Sat 11 Flight (14A) Fri-Thu 1:25-4:25-7:35-10:40 Life of Pi 3D (G) Wed-Thu 1:15-4:257:25-10:35 The Man With the Iron Fists (18A) Fri 1-3:30-5:55-8:15-10:45 Sat 1:15-3:30-5:558:15-10:45 Sun 12:15-2:30-8:30-10:45 Mon-Tue 1-3:30-5:55-8:15-10:45 Wed 1:05-3:30-5:55-8:10-10:50 Thu 8:20-10:45 The Metropolitan Opera: L’Elisir d’Amore Encore (STC) Mon 6:30 Red Dawn (PG) Wed-Thu 12:55-3:155:35-7:50-10:25 Rise of the Guardians (G) Wed-Thu 12:20 Rise of the Guardians 3D (G) Wed 2:455:25-7:55-10:20 Thu 2:45-5:25-7:55-10:15 Skyfall (PG) Fri-Sun 12:50-4:107:30-11 Mon 12:50-4:10-7:30-10:50 Tue 12:50-4:10-7:30-11 Wed-Thu 12:50-4:10-7:30-10:45 Fri-Sun 1212:25-3:10-3:40-6:30-7-10-10:30 Mon 12-12:25-3:10-3:30-6:30-7-10-10:20 Tue 12-12:25-3:10-3:40-6:30-7-10-10:30 WedThu 12:25-3:40-7-10:20 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri 1:05-1:40-3:55-4:30-6:50-7:209:40-10:10 Sat 11-1:05-1:40-3:55-4:306:50-7:20-9:40-10:10 Sun-Tue 1:05-1:403:55-4:30-6:50-7:20-9:40-10:10 Wed-Thu 1:40-4:30-7:20-10:10 Fri-Sun 11:55-2:355:20-8:05-10:50 Mon 2:15-5-7:45-10:30 Tue 11:55-2:35-5:20-8:05-10:50 Wed-Thu 2:15-5-7:45-10:30 Wreck-It Ralph (G) Fri-Tue 12:20 WedThu 12:30 Wreck-It Ralph 3D (G) Fri-Tue 2:55-5:308:10-10:35 Wed-Thu 2:55-5:30-8-10:30 WWE Survivor Series - 2012 (STC) Sun 5

scene WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

SilverCity Coquitlam 170 Schoolhouse Street

Argo (PG) Fri-Thu 1:40-4:30-7:20-10:10 Beethoven (STC) Sat 11 Cloud Atlas (14A) Fri-Thu 1:10-4:50-8:30 Flight (14A) Fri-Sun 1:15-4:25-7:35-10:45 Mon 1:10-4:15-7:25-10:35 Tue 1:15-4:257:35-10:45 Wed-Thu 1:10-4:15-7:25-10:35 Fri-Sun 12-3:15-6:30-9:45 Mon 3:15-6:309:45 Tue 12-3:15-6:30-9:45 Wed-Thu 3:15-6:30-9:45 Hotel Transylvania (G) Fri-Sun 12:20 Mon 12:40 Tue 12:20 Hotel Transylvania 3D (G) Fri-Sat 2:505:05-7:40-10 Sun 2:50-5:05-10:25 Mon 3-5:20-7:40-10 Tue 2:50-5:05-7:40-10 Lady Antebellum: Own The Night World Tour (G) Tue 7:30 Life of Pi 3D (G) Wed-Thu 1:30-4:357:30-10:25 Lincoln (PG) Fri-Sun 12:30-3:50-7:1010:30 Mon 12:45-4-7:15-10:30 Tue 12:30-3:50-7:10-10:30 Wed-Thu 12:45-47:15-10:30 Fri-Sun 2-5:30-9 Mon 5:30-9 Tue 2-5:30-9 Wed-Thu 5:30-9 Looper (14A) Fri-Thu 2-4:55-7:55-10:45 The Man With the Iron Fists (18A) Fri-Mon 1-3:25-5:50-8:15-10:40 Tue 12:10-2:35-5-10 The Metropolitan Opera: L’Elisir d’Amore Encore (STC) Sat 9:55 Red Dawn (PG) Wed-Thu 1-3:20-5:408:05-10:30 Rise of the Guardians (G) Wed-Thu 12:40 Rise of the Guardians 3D (G) Wed-Thu 3-5:20-7:45-10:10 Seven Psychopaths (18A) Fri-Thu 9:45 Silver Linings Playbook (14A) Wed-Thu 1:15-4:10-7:10-10:05 Skyfall (PG) Fri-Sun 12:50-4:10-7:30-11 Mon 12:50-4:10-7:30-10:45 Tue 12:504:10-7:30-11 Wed-Thu 12:50-4:10-7:3010:45 Fri-Sun 12-3:15-6:35-10 Mon 3:156:35-10 Tue 12-3:15-6:35-10 Wed-Thu 3:15-6:35-10 Fri-Sun 12:20-2:30-3:40-6-79:30-10:30 Mon 3:40-5-7-8:30-10:30 Tue 12:20-2:30-3:40-6-7-9:30-10:30 Wed-Thu 3:40-5-7-8:30-10:30 Taken 2 (PG) Fri-Sat 12:40-3:05-5:35-810:20 Sun 12:10-2:30-8-9:30 Mon-Tue 12:40-3:05-5:35-8-10:20 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri 12:30-1:05-3:20-3:55-6:20-6:509:10-9:40 Sat 11:10-12:30-1:05-3:20-3:556:20-6:50-9:10-9:40 Sun 12:30-1:053:20-3:55-6:20-6:50-9:10-9:40 Mon 12:45-1:05-3:30-3:55-6:20-6:50-9:10-9:40 Tue 12:30-1:05-3:20-3:55-6:20-6:50-9:109:40 Wed 3:55-6:50-9:40 Thu 1:05-3:556:50-9:40 Fri-Sun 1:40-4:30-7:20-10:10 Mon 4:30-7:20-10:10 Tue 1:40-4:307:20-10:10 Wed-Thu 4:30-7:20-10:10 Fri-Sun 11:55-2:35-5:20-8:05-10:50 Mon 2:15-5-7:45-10:30 Tue 11:55-2:35-5:208:05-10:50 Wed-Thu 2:15-5-7:45-10:30 Star & Strollers Screening, Wed 1 Wreck-It Ralph (G) Fri 1:40-4:20-7 Sat 11-1:40-4:20-7 Sun-Tue 1:40-4:20-7 Wed 4:20-7 Thu 1:40-4:20-7 Star & Strollers Screening Wed 1 Wreck-It Ralph 3D (G) Fri-Sun 12:052:40-5:15-7:50-10:25 Mon 2:40-5:15-7:5010:25 Tue 12:05-2:40-5:15-7:50-10:25 Wed-Thu 2:40-5:15-7:50-10:25 WWE Survivor Series - 2012 (STC) Sun 5

Surrey/White Rock/ Langley Clova 5732-176th St., Surrey

No Films Showing Today (STC) Fri Wreck-It Ralph (G) Sat-Sun 1:30-7 Mon-Thu 7

Hollywood 3 Cinema 7125-138th Street, Surrey

Brave 3D (G) Fri-Thu 5 Frankenweenie 3D (G) Fri 7:05 Sat-Sun 3-7:05 Mon-Thu 7:05 Fun Size (PG) Sat-Sun 12:30 Here Comes the Boom (PG) Fri 6:55 SatSun 2:25-6:55 Mon-Thu 6:55 Ice Age: Continental Drift (G) Sat-Sun 1 The Man With the Iron Fists (18A) Fri-Thu 9:05 Pitch Perfect (PG) Fri-Thu 4:35-9:05

Taken 2 (PG) Fri 5:15-7:15-9:15 Sat-Sun 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 Mon-Thu 5:157:15-9:15

Strawberry Hill Grande 12161-72nd Ave, Surrey

Argo (PG) Fri-Tue 1:40-4:30-7:20-10:15 Thu 1:40-4:30-7:20-10:15 Beethoven (STC) Sat 11 Flight (14A) Fri-Sun 1:25-4:30-7:3510:40 Mon 1:15-4:20-7:25-10:30 Tue 1:25-4:30-7:35-10:40 Wed 4:25-7:30-10:35 Thu 1:15-4:20-7:25-10:30 Star & Strollers Screening Wed 1 Jab Tak Hai Jaan (PG) Fri-Thu 1:15-1:455:10-5:40-9:05-9:30 Life of Pi 3D (G) Wed 1-4-7:05-10:05 Midnight’s Children (PG) Fri-Tue 1:204:45-8:10 Thu 1:20-4:45-8:10 Power Cut (PG) Fri-Sat 2-6-9 Sun 2-9 Mon-Thu 2-6-9 Rise of the Guardians (G) Wed 12:20 Rise of the Guardians 3D (G) Wed 3:155:45-8:15-10:40 Skyfall (PG) Fri-Sun 12:25-12:503:40-4:10-7-7:30-10:30-11 Mon 1-3:40-4:10-7-7:30-10:30-10:45 Tue 12:2512:50-3:40-4:10-7-7:30-10:30-11 Wed 12:25-12:50-3:40-4:10-7-7:30-10:30-10:45 Thu 1-3:40-4:10-7-7:30-10:30-10:45 Son of Sardar (PG) Fri-Sun 12:55-4:107:25-10:30 Mon 1-4:10-7:25-10:30 Tue-Wed 12:55-4:10-7:25-10:30 Thu 1-4:10-7:25-10:30 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri-Sun 11:55-2:35-5:20-8:05-10:50 Mon 2:15-5-7:45-10:30 Tue 11:55-2:355:20-8:05-10:50 Wed-Thu 2:15-5-7:4510:30 Fri-Tue 1:40-4:30-7:20-10:10 Wed 4:30-7:20-10:10 Thu 1:40-4:30-7:20-10:10 Star & Strollers Screening, Wed 1 Wreck-It Ralph (G) Fri-Sun 12:20-2:55 Mon 1:30 Tue-Wed 12:20-2:55 Thu 1:30 Wreck-It Ralph 3D (G) Fri-Sun 5:308:05-10:35 Mon 5:20-7:55-10:25 Tue-Wed 5:30-8:05-10:35 Thu 5:20-7:55-10:25 WWE Survivor Series - 2012 (STC) Sun 5

Skyfall (PG) Fri 7-9:40 Sat-Sun 2-7-9:40 Mon-Thu 7-9:40 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri 7:20-9:35 Sat-Sun 2:20-7:209:35 Mon-Thu 7:20-9:35 Wreck-It Ralph (G) Fri 7:10-9:10 Sat-Sun 2:30-7:10-9:10 Mon-Thu 7:10-9:10

Colossus Langley 20090-91A Ave, Langley

Argo (PG) Fri-Sun 1:35-4:25-7:20-10:15 Mon-Thu 4:15-7:20-10:05 Beethoven (STC) Sat 11 Cloud Atlas (14A) Fri-Sat 1-4:50-8:30 Sun 1-5:50-8:45 Mon-Thu 4:10-8 Flight (14A) Fri-Sun 1:25-4:30-7:35-10:40 Mon-Thu 3:45-7:20-10:35 Here Comes the Boom (PG) Fri-Sat 12:35-3:05-5:40-8:15-10:45 Sun 12:353:05-8:15-10:45 Mon-Tue 4:10-7:05-9:50 Hotel Transylvania (G) Fri-Sun 12:40-3

Hotel Transylvania 3D (G) Fri-Sun 5:207:40-9:55 Mon-Tue 4:05-6:50-9:25 Lady Antebellum: Own The Night World Tour (G) Tue 7:30 Life of Pi 3D (G) Wed-Thu 4-7:25-10:25 Lincoln (PG) Fri-Sun 12:30-3:50-6:407:10-10-10:30 Mon 3:35-6:40-7:05-10:0510:30 Tue 3:35-6:40-7:05-10:10-10:30 Wed-Thu 3:35-6:40-7:05-10:05-10:30 Looper (14A) Fri-Sun 1:40-4:25-7:15-10 Mon 4:25-7:25-10:15 Tue 4:25-10:15 Wed 7:25-10:15 Thu 4:25-7:25-10:15 Star & Strollers Screening Wed 3 The Metropolitan Opera: L’Elisir d’Amore Encore (STC) Mon 6:30 Midnight’s Children (PG) Fri-Sun 12:153:40-7:10-10:30 Mon-Tue 4:25-7:55 Pitch Perfect (PG) Fri-Sun 2:10-4:50-7:3510:20 Mon-Thu 4:20-7:10-10:10 Red Dawn (PG) Wed-Thu 4:30-7:3010:40

Rialto 1732-152nd Street, White Rock

Argo (PG) Fri-Tue 7-9:15 Cloud Atlas (14A) Fri-Tue 7:30 Life of Pi (G) Wed-Thu 7-9:25 Lincoln (PG) Wed-Thu 7:30

Twilight Drive-In 260th Street & Fraser Highway, Langley

The Man With the Iron Fists (18A) Fri-Sun 7:30 No Films Showing Today (STC) MonThu Silent Hill: Revelation (18A) Fri-Sun 9:15



Go to to enter today! 1) Win a pair of front row tickets to the Capital One® Just For Laughs Comedy Tour show at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts on November 24! 2) Grand prize: a trip for two to Las Vegas, Nevada, including flights, courtesy of Air Canada, a 6-night stay at the Paris Las Vegas and a $200 gift certificate to Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse!



NOV. 24 AT 7:30 PM



Jim Breuer

Modern Family Man

Debra DiGiovanni The Single Cat Lady

John Heffron

The Domesticated Male

Vancouver portion of contest closes November 16, 2012. Open to Canadian residents 21 years or older. No purchase necessary. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries. Go to to enter and fill out entry form, including skill-testing question. There is one (1) prize of a pair of front row tickets to the Capital One® Just For Laughs Comedy Tour show in Vancouver. Winner in Vancouver will be pooled with similar winners in Halifax, London, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary for the Grand Prize draw. There is one (1) Grand Prize of a trip for two to Las Vegas, which includes return airfare on Air Canada, six nights of hotel accommodation at The Paris Las Vegas and a $200 gift certificate at Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse, valued at approximately $6,000 CAD (based upon departure from Halifax, actual value may vary depending upon time and year of departure).

Criterion 4 White Rock 2381 King George Highway

Flight (14A) Fri 7:30 Sat-Sun 2:10-7:30 Mon-Thu 7:30

12:30-1:05-1:40-3:20-3:55-4:30-6:20-6:507:20-9:10-9:40-10:10 Mon-Tue 3:30-44:30-6:15-6:45-7:15-9:10-9:40-10:10 Wed 4:30-6:45-7:15-9:40-10:10 Thu 4-4:306:45-7:15-9:40-10:10 Fri-Sun 11:55-2:355:20-8:05-10:50 Mon-Thu 5-7:45-10:30 Star & Strollers Screening, Wed 3 Wreck-It Ralph (G) Fri-Sun 1:10-4 MonThu 3:40 Wreck-It Ralph 3D (G) Fri-Sun 12:20-35:30-8:05-10:35 Mon-Thu 4:15-7:10-9:55 WWE Survivor Series - 2012 (STC) Sun 5

The Metro News Just For Laughs Comedy Tour Contest

Studio 12 Guildford 15051-101st Ave, Surrey

Flight (14A) , Fri-Sun 12:15-3:15-6:209:45 , Mon 5:05-8:10 , Tue 12:15-3:156:20-9:45 , Wed-Thu 5:05-8:10 Jab Tak Hai Jaan (PG) , Fri 4:20-8:10 , Sat-Sun 12:30-4:20-8:10 , Mon 7:30 , Tue 4:20-8:10 , Wed-Thu 7:30 Life of Pi 3D (G) , Wed-Thu 5:25-8:30 The Man With the Iron Fists (18A) , Fri 5-7:25-9:50 , Sat 1:35-5-7:25-9:50 , Sun 1:35-9:50 , Mon 6-8:25 , Tue 5-7:25-9:50 Power Cut (PG) , Fri 3:20-6:15-9:15 , SatSun 12:20-3:20-6:15-9:15 , Mon 5:15-8:30 , Tue 3:20-6:15-9:15 Red Dawn (PG) , Wed-Thu 6-8:55 Rise of the Guardians (G) , Wed-Thu 5:15 Rise of the Guardians 3D (G) , Wed-Thu 7:50 Skyfall (PG) , , Fri 3:25-4:25-6:45-7:45-10 , , Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-4:25-6:45-7:45-10 , Mon 5-5:40-8:20-9 , Tue 3:25-4:25-6:457:45-10 , Wed-Thu 5-5:40-8:20-9 Son of Sardar (PG) , Fri 4-7:30 , Sat-Sun 12:40-4-7:30 , Mon 5:30-8:50 , Tue 4-7:30 , Wed-Thu 5:30-8:50 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) , , Fri 3:40-4:10-4:40-5:106:30-7:15-8-9-9:30-10:15 , , Sat-Sun 12:50-1:20-1:50-2:20-3:40-4:10-4:405:10-6:30-7:15-8-9-9:30-10:15 , , Mon 5:10-5:50-6:30-7:20-8-8:40 , , Tue 3:404:10-4:40-5:10-6:30-7:15-8-9-9:30-10:15 , , Wed-Thu 5:10-5:50-6:30-8-8:40 Wreck-It Ralph (G) , Sat-Sun 12:35 Wreck-It Ralph 3D (G) , Fri-Sun 3:55-79:40 , Mon 5:20-7:40 , Tue 3:55-7-9:40 , Wed-Thu 5:20-7:40 WWE: Survivor Series (STC) , Digital Presentation, , Sun 5

Rise of the Guardians (G) Wed-Thu 3:55 Rise of the Guardians 3D (G) Wed-Thu 6:55-9:30 Silver Linings Playbook (14A) Wed-Thu 3:40-7:15-10:15 Skyfall (PG) Fri-Sun 12-3:10-6:30-9:45 Mon-Thu 4:20-7:30-10:45 Fri 1:10-4:207:30-10:45 Sat 11-1:10-4:20-7:30-10:45 Sun 1:10-4:20-7:30-10:45 Mon-Thu 3:55-7:15-10:25 Skyfall: The IMAX Experience (PG) Fri-Sun 12:40-3:50-7-10:15 Mon-Thu 3:35-6:45-10 Taken 2 (PG) Fri-Sat 1:05-3:25-5:55-8:1510:35 Sun 1:05-3:25-5:55-10:35 Mon 3:55-10 Tue-Thu 5:10-7:35-10 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (14A) Fri 12:30-1:05-1:40-3:20-3:554:30-6:20-6:50-7:20-9:10-9:40-10:10 Sat 11-12:30-1:05-1:40-3:20-3:55-4:306:20-6:50-7:20-9:10-9:40-10:10 Sun

Line-up subject to change.

New West/ Coquitlam


The Official Credit Card of Comedy

Godfrey Ladies' Man





To register and for full contest details visit Don’t forget to like us on Facebook! VTSL_Metro_HR_16Nov2012.pdf 1 11/13/2012 1:16:35

BER 22



Andre on trying to humanize Hendrix Rock star biopic. Actor and musician aimed to find the regular guy inside the legendary guitar icon In order to capture his best version of Jimi Hendrix for an upcoming biopic, Andre 3000 said he had to think of him as a regular dude and not a rock star. “I didn’t look at him as an icon because when you’re in it, you don’t know you’re an icon. You don’t know you’re an icon until other people say you’re an icon,” the 37-year-old said in an interview Tuesday. “So I had to take it as a person, you know what I mean? And I just tried to say, ‘Well, what would Jimi want people to know that they can’t get PM off of YouTube?’ And that’s how I approached it,” he said. Hendrix died at age 27 in 1970. He was ranked No. 1 on Rolling Stone magazine’s greatest guitarists of all-time list. His band, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, is known for iconic albums such as Electric Ladyland and Are You Experienced. All Is by My Side, which focuses on the early days of Hendrix’s career, will be released next year. Andre 3000 is excited to see the film, which he’s finished shooting in Ireland. He believes the public “will be pleased.” Andre 3000, one-half of OutKast with Big Boi, has been out of the music scene in recent years, although he’s been featured on songs by Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Rick Ross, Ke$ha and Young Jeezy. OutKast’s 2006 platinumselling album, Idlewild, which accompanied a film of the same name starring

Andre 3000 filmed the Hendrix biopic in Ireland.

the duo, was their last album. Their 11-time platinum Speakerboxxx/The Love Below won the 2004 Grammy Award for album of the year. Big Boi, who released a solo album two years ago to welcoming reviews, will release a new solo disc, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours, next month. But Andre 3000 isn’t in a rush to record an album. “Some days I feel like

An improvised comedy gr udge match

BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY PARTY TODAY Holiday Rumble (starts Nov 22) Thu - Sat 7:30PM

Scared Scriptless Fri & Sat 11:15PM

Ultimate Improv Championship Thu 9:15PM

TheatreSports® Fri & Sat 9:30PM

Improv Test Kitchen Wed 7:30PM

Rookie Night Sun 7:30PM



Jimi Hendrix, arguably the greatest guitarist ever, died tragically at the age of 27. handout

The Associated press


“It’s a feeling for me. I can’t just throw out an album to be rapping.” Andre 3000 When asked if he is bringing out a new record.

I’ll do it, some days I don’t. Some days I feel like I don’t need to, some days I feel like I want to do it before I die. So, I don’t know where to fall. I am just hoping one day I get that inspiration,” he said at an event for Gillette’s eMO’gency Styler Tour, which supports men’s health and prostate cancer programs. The tour kicked off in New York, with stops scheduled in Chicago and Houston. “It’s a feeling for me. Like, I can’t just throw out an album to be rapping,” he said. “And I don’t even know if it will be rap. I don’t even know what it will be.” However, he could find the inspiration and complete an album in just a few days: “It could be a rush situation. Like if I feel that

feeling and I record an album in three days and I’m like, ‘This is what I want to say right now’ – that can happen, too.” He also says he’s constantly writing songs. “I write all the time ... I actually stopped typing it in my phone because like a cloud is basically reading every thought that I have and I don’t like that,” he said. “So I went back to my paper and started writing.” He’s not sure fans want a new OutKast album for the right reasons. “Man, we’ve had a great ride. ... Like when we got into it when we were high school kids and we just wanted to do something fun and push it, and if it’s not that then why do it?” he said. “I’m not the type that prescribes to nostalgia, and most people say they want an OutKast album because they used to love it. Y’all don’t even know if y’all still love it. You just know you used to love it. But you may not like it now, who knows?” the associated press

scene WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

How to Destroy Angels, Crystal Castles, Rolling Stones are make-or-break for labels sound check

Alan Cross

We’re in the midst of the biggest avalanche of bigname releases of the year. Here are three more tracks:

Affection/ Crystal Castles Canadian band living in London records their third album (cleverly entitled III) in Warsaw then goes to war against Katy Perry for “selling sex to kids.” Fascinating.

2 1 Keep It Together/How to Destroy Angels

Trent Reznor returns with a band featuring his wife, Mariqueen, and his soundtrack collaborator, Atticus Ross. Make sure you spell the title of the EP right: An Omen_ (that underscore is not a typo.)

On the web

Want to hear these tunes? Visit metronews. ca/scene to listen to Alan Cross’s selections.

Doom and Gloom/Rolling Stones One of two new tracks on Grrr!, the new Rolling Stones greatest hits collection. Although the artwork is horrible, I still felt the need to drop $150 on the super-deluxe box set.



Rihanna. On board with a pop star as she kicks off her promotional 777-tour Who wants champagne? Rihanna serves true bubbly from a golden bottle into plastic cups, handing them out left and right to fans and journalists when walking down the centre isle of the private jet that are taking us to seven cities in seven days. The superstar and her entourage sit in business class but now she is walking past our video cameras and iPhones, a tiny figure in a black top, sun glasses and gold jewelry. There are journalists and fans from five continents and more than 30 countries on the plane. Take off is, of course, two hours late and the scheduled press conference is cancelled. Rihanna seems to be the only one who knows what’s going to happen next. And that she likes to party is no secret either. The welcome greeting is concluded with a “Let’s get drunk!” “This is what my life looks like. You better like it!” she says to her fans on the plane before returning to business class. Jesper Melin, a 23-year-old plumber from Stockholm, is one of the lucky fans on-

Follow Rihanna’s tour highlights in Metro next week. Getty Images

board. He was snoozing when Rihanna came past his seat. “Are you asleep, baby? Here, have some champagne,” she said to him. Jesper’s friend Daniel Thunell, 22-year-old tinsmith said hello to the superstar. “It feels unreal and great.


I took her hand, it was small and warm,” he says. The first show in Mexico City included many hits and one new song. “She has changed style completely, it is so cool,” says Jesper Melin. Metro world news

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Finding the perfect gift




Budgeting enough time to shop



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46 WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012


Guy Fieri responds to scathing New York Times review

Winter’s almost here and it’s time to come up with an escape plan.

Guy Fieri is understandably upset with the New York Times’ withering review of his new Times Square restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. “I just thought it was ridiculous,” Fieri says in an interview with the Today Show. “There’s good and there’s bad in the restaurant business. That one went overboard.” The review, a series of criticizing questions posed to Fieri about the restaurant, service and dishes, including, “Why did the toasted marshmallow taste like

fish?” “When we hear the words Donkey Sauce, which part of the donkey are we supposed to think about?” and, “When you hung that

sign by the entrance that says, WELCOME TO FLAVOR TOWN!, were you just messing with our heads?” Metro WORLD NEWS

YOU COULD WIN a trip for two to escape to Saint Lucia! There are 2 prizes available to be won and consist of: • Airfare for 2 to Saint Lucia via Air Canada Vacations • Seven-night all-inclusive stay at the Morgan Bay Beach Resort, an Elite Island Resort

To register and for full contest details


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Lindsay lohan. all photos getty images

Love is all you need Lindsay Lohan may have pinpointed the source of all her unhappiness. According to the troubled actress, she’s never found true love. “Love is scary and I’m yet to find that one person. Yes, I’ve been in love with people — maybe one or two — but I haven’t really had a true love yet,” she tells the Daily Mirror. I love being in love. There’s nothing better than that first feeling of being in love, so I look forward to having that at some point.”

Justin Bieber

Poor driving lands Bieber in hot water The bad news keeps coming for newly single Justin Bieber. The Canadian pop star returned to L.A. and within 24 hours found himself pulled over by the sheriff’s department for his poor driving skills, according to

Hollyscoop. “He was cited for an unsafe left turn and expired registration,” a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman says. Bieber is due in court January 14 for the citations.

WEEKEND WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Liquid Assets

A wine and pizza union LIQUID ASSETS

Peter Rockwell @therealwineguy

Master Italian with the Cake Boss I don’t consider myself a master. I think that I’m a really good cook. I’m not intimidated to try anything. At the end of the day, nothing brings families together like food, but sometimes people get in a rut. Take my wife, God bless her, great cook … but she makes the same stuff every week. So I want the book to make people think, ‘You know what? Instead of making plain veal cutlets, I’m gonna make Veal Saltimbocca. Let me try something new’.

New cookbook. The TLC star shares 100 of his favourite recipes IZABELA SZYDLO

Sundays at Buddy Valastro’s house are ruled by three fwords: food, family and football. It’s a day for the star of TLC’s hit show Cake Boss to throw on his New York Giants jersey and munch on game snacks (wine, bread and prosciutto, in case you’re wondering) while his wife, Lisa, whips up Sunday Gravy (a.k.a. tomato sauce). But the man behind Carlo’s Bakery also knows his way around the kitchen — so much so that he has released Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss: Family Favorites As Only Buddy Can Serve Them Up. The 100-recipe book features Italian-American dishes with signature touches that may just expand Valastro’s boss reputation to boiling pots of potato gnocchi and simmering dishes of lasagna.

Speaking of family, we’ve seen you cook with your family on Kitchen Boss, who is your favourite person to cook with? All my sisters and me cook great together so I would pick any of them. Probably my least favourite is Grace. She just really don’t know how to cook (laughs). I remember, one time I was at her house and she was like, ‘Buddy, you make this pasta so good, why don’t you just make it?’ I’m asking her where things are, and she’s like, ‘I don’t have it’. I’m like, ‘No wonder your food tastes like crap. You don’t have anything!’ Aside from Italian, what else do you like to cook? Oh, I cook everything. My favourite is probably Asian.

The book is dedicated to your wife. Who is really the boss in your kitchen? Buddy Valastro has released a new Italian cookbook. SUBMITTED

I gotta give it up to my wife, she is definitely the boss of cooking in my house. She does 90 per cent of it. I really wanted to dedicate a book to her and I’m so happy it’s this one because a lot of the recipes are hers, so I feel like I didn’t just steal from her.


I have to pit you against your mom and your wife, and ask, who is the best cook?

Oh, I’m definitely the best cook out of the three. They won’t even try to deny it. My food has a lot more flavour profile to it. I attribute that to having a really unique palate. When I’m at a restaurant and I eat something, I can pick apart what’s in it. Then I can go home and recreate it. Is there anything you haven’t mastered in Italian cooking?

Are we going to get a Cooking Chinese with Buddy book? I don’t know about cooking Chinese, but Buddy can make some damn good fried rice. What advice do you have for the people who want to make this Pizza Margherita recipe? Get a good pizza stone and crank your oven. The trick to pizza is the oven being hot, so get the oven up to 500 degrees, have the door closed, get the pizza right in, close the door quickly, and get it nice and crispy.

Buddy’s Pizza Margherita 1.

Position rack in bottom of oven and set pizza stone on rack. Preheat to 450 to 500 F.


Lightly work surface and a pizza peel with cornmeal. Pat and stretch or roll out the

dough to a 9- to 10-inch round. In one swift movement, lift the dough by one edge and drag it onto peel.

3. Use ladle to spoon sauce into

centre of dough, then use back

Ingredients • Cornmeal, for dusting your work surface and pizza peel • 1/3 Pizza Dough recipe (page 95) or store-bought pie • 1/4 cup Pizza Sauce (page 97) or store-bought

• 4 oz fresh mozzarella, sliced into 1/4 -inch-thick rounds and drained on paper towels • 6 leaves fresh basil • Kosher salt • Extra-virgin olive oil, for serving

of ladle to spread it, leaving 1/2inch border. Scatter mozzarella decoratively over pizza.


Open oven and carefully slide pizza onto stone. Bake until crust is golden brown and cheese bubbles, 10 to 12 minutes. Remove pizza with peel. Scatter basil over pizza, season with pinch of salt, and drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil.


Transfer pizza to a serving platter. Slice into 6 slices, and serve. ADAPTED FROM COOKING ITALIAN WITH THE CAKE BOSS BY BUDDY VALASATRO (SIMON & SCHUSTER, 2012)

This recipe serves one or two.



It doesn’t matter how you slice it: Canadians love their pizza. Fresh or frozen, baked in a wood-fired brick oven or from a neighbourhood take-out joint, the way we devour it almost makes you think that Italians discovered the Great White North. While my quest for that perfect mix of dough, sauce and toppings has taken me everywhere from Naples, Italy to Sydney, Australia, I’ve discovered that the hunt for the perfect pie really begins at home. Making a pizzeria style version in your own kitchen isn’t rocket science — especially when you keep things simple like a Pizza Margherita: The classic Napoli pie that, with its combo of tomato, mozzarella and basil, was designed to mirror the Italian flag. As a general rule, your average pizza is pretty vino friendly. Without meaty influences, a lighter, leaner red makes the ideal quaffable match. Bolla’s 2011 Valpolicella Classico ($11.95 - $15.50) is a perennial bythe-glasser at in-the-know pizza parlours. Its soft, fruity blend of cherry and subtle spice makes as happy a marriage with a Margherita-style pizza as it does with a mainstream. PRICES



weekend WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Have a few gaps in your schedule you’re looking to fill? Whether you’re hoping to dance, drink or just relax, check out these hot upcoming events courtesy of To get even more info on these Notable happenings, make sure to check out

The original James Bond tribute party On Saturday, Nov. 17, dress as your favourite 007 character to celebrate 50 years of James Bond. Get ready to party the night away at one of Vancouver’s oldest and most distinguished private clubs. The Vancouver Club (915 West Hastings) will be transformed into an exotic spyworthy underworld complete with secret agents and Bond girls dolling out the perfect Belvedere martini. Tickets start at $50. Visit for more info.

Eastside Culture Crawl The Eastside Culture Crawl is a free, annual, three-day November event that has grown to encompass more than 300 artists on Vancouver’s Eastside who open their studio to the public. The event, which has attracted more than 15,000 attendees, involves painters, jewelers, potters, glassblowers, writers, printmakers, sculptors, musicians and more. For more information visit

Hopscotch Grand Tasting event

40th annual Christmas at Hycroft

Whistler Mountain opening early!

This weekend marks the finale of one of Canada’s largest beer, whiskey and scotch events with its signature tasting taking place at The Grand Tasting Hall, located at the PNE Forum on Friday, Nov.16, and Saturday, Nov.17 from 6-10 p.m. Taste your way around the world as you visit 65 booths and try 250 different selections of spirits, beer and whiskey. hopscotchfestival. com. Tickets start at $40. 2901 East Hastings St.

Get started on holiday shopping and attend this four-day event at the UBC Women’s Club of Vancouver’s stunning manor. This annual holiday fundraiser helps support the club as it aims to promote education through programming, scholarships and bursaries while promoting rights and opportunities for women through advocacy. Take in live music, decor and a gift market inspired by the Edwardian setting as you get into the Christmas spirit. Tickets are $13 at the door. For more info visit: 1489 McRae Ave.

Dust of your ski bum and get geared up for another season full of pristine powder days. In true west coast style, Whistler has announced it will be opening early this year (this weekend), with Blackcomb set to follow suit on Nov. 22. Head up to one of Canada’s best spots for winter adventures where recent snowfall and more than 70 million gallons of water converted to snow awaits. For full details and conditions visit:

Notable now

Julian Brass, Founder of, Canada’s online source for young professionals

Just opened: Purple Olive Grill Stating that ‘Good food doesn’t have to be expensive,’ the Purple Olive Grill boasts a substantial menu of appealing options and invites guests to put that notion to the test. The former home to Ensemble has been given a bright and welcomed facelift — well-timed given Vancouver’s penchant for grey winter weather. The emphasis is definitely geared toward comfort food and no one’s complaining. Review the menu here: 850 Thurlow

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778.330.6889 •


516-4538 Kingsway, Burnaby (Crystal Mall Office Tower, Please use HSBC bank entrance)

You Owe It To Yourself To Check Out This Powerful & Effective Alternative!





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Only in Metro. News worth sharing.



50 WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012


Nintendo Wii U — $299.99 and up.

Below, clockwise, from top left: Gunnar Technology Eyewear — $79.99; Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset: Elite Edition — $149.99; PS Vita — $249 and up; Skylanders Giants: Starter pack — $74.99; Kinect — $109.99.

Best buys for the gamer on your list MIKE YAWNEY For Metro

Since the early ’80s, video game consoles have always been big sellers around the holidays. This year is no different. The competition between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft continues to heat up. Here is some of the best gaming gear you can give.


Nintendo Wii U — $299.99 and up While it looks very similar to the Wii, the Wii U is a brand new console. With

shopping days left

PepperWireless brings

beefed up hardware and intense graphical power, this will be the first Nintendo console to feature HD graphics. What really sets it apart is the new GamePad controller. As well as traditional buttons, the GamePad features a 6.2-inch touchscreen, stylus, accelerometer, gyroscope, Near-Field Technology, front facing camera and microphone. Nintendo promises to introduce new styles of gameplay never seen before. More importantly, when mom and dad want to watch TV, the Wii U console will stream the game to the screen on the GamePad so everyone remains happy. The Wii U is also backwards compatible with nearly all Wii games and controllers.

PS Vita — $249 and up Playstation takes portable gaming to the next level with the PS Vita. This handheld console features a vibrant five-inch touchscreen display, dual analog sticks, motion sensors, stereo speakers and two cameras. Surf the web, video chat with friends o r challenge them to a game online via Wi-Fi or 3G. A rear touchpad introduces unique elements of gameplay not seen on any other handheld console. Kinect — $109.99 It’s easy to dismiss video games as being just for kids, but Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 is so intuitive, even adults will have fun. The Kinect sensor uses a cam-

GRAND OPENING celebration

TOMORROW at 1191 Robson St



era to actually put you in the game. There is no controller, just you. All your movements are shown on screen, which makes it perfect for dance or fitness games. Whether it’s for fitness or fun, Kinect opens up new possibilities. Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset: Elite Edition — $149.99 Play games late at night without waking up the family. This high-end wireless headset works exclusively with Playstation consoles. Enjoy 7.1 virtual surround sound and crystal clear voice chat thanks to the noise-cancelling microphone. These headphones can also connect to many different mobile devices with an included cable. Gunnar Technology Eyewear — $79.99 Eye strain can become a serious problem for gamers, espe-




cially those who play on PC monitors. Gunnar glasses are designed to increase screen contrast while blocking blue light, resulting in decreased eye fatigue and dryness. Those who use them swear by them. Available in a number of different styles. Skylanders Giants: Starter pack — $74.99 The video game that magically brings toys to life. Place Skylanders figurines onto the magic portal and watch as they come to life on your TV. Players build up their characters to unlock new powers. Figurines remember all in-game experiences so it doesn’t matter if you are playing at home or at a friend’s house, your character never loses its abilities once they’re unlocked.

Fr om






Get a chance to win a phone* every hour.

Some conditions apply. *Retail value of phone is $300. The winner must be present at time of draw on November 17, 2012 to claim prize. TMFido and related names & logos are trademarks used under licence. © 2012


holiday gift guide WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Merry minstrels hit the right note

Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum perform during the 2012 Country Christmas concert earlier this month. Getty Images File

Keith Carman For Metro

The holidays are almost upon us. While many feel the first snowfall signifies the festive season’s advent, though, the more musically inclined know that the release of yuletide albums mark its true arrival.

At that, this year there are plenty of minstrels primed to make us feel quite merry. Legendary rocker Rod Stewart issues Merry Christmas, Baby (Warner), his first-ever holiday record. An interesting affair, it offers standards (Auld Lang Syne, White Christmas), duets (We Three Kings with Mary J. Blige and What Are You Doing New

Year’s Eve? accompanied by Ella Fitzgerald) and oddball tracks such as Red-Suited Super Man. Lady Antebellum has also released its first holidaythemed collection this year. Dubbed On This Winter’s Night (EMI), it boasts the country trio taking on 12 favourites such as, A Holly Jolly Christmas, Let It Snow,

and Silver Bells. Not to be outdone in the genre, revered twangy vocalist Blake Shelton has also compiled his own slew of tracks. In fact, Cheers, It’s Christmas (Warner) has already hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Holiday Albums chart thanks to his efforts on Jingle Bell Rock and Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! For a touch more upbeat fun, check out famed soul, hip-hop and R&B singer Cee Lo Green’s inaugural Christmas collection. Blending original tunes with carefully-selected covers, Cee Lo’s Magic Moment (Atlantic) treats us to What Christmas Means To Me, You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch featuring Straight No Chaser and, most impressively, All I Need Is Love backed by none other than The Muppets. Diversity is the key behind Universal Music’s Holidays Rule compilation. Endeavouring to create a mixed bag that works well as background fodder for your inevitable party, its 17 new and beloved songs are performed by artists including Rufus Wainwright, Paul McCartney,

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé will get you in the spirit for the holidays with his album entitled Christmas. Getty Images File

Calexico, Y la Bamba, Punch Brothers and The Shins. Sometimes we need to hear an extraordinary set of pipes really belt it out, though. Thankfully, we’ve got a few true crooners who have stepped up to the mistletoe, prepared to kiss our ears with their velvety voices. Opera star Katherine Jenkins’ This is Christmas (Universal) will surely soothe the seasonal beast thanks to her silky singing. From The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) through Santa Baby and Deck The Halls to Hark The Herald Angels Sing, one can bet this blonde bombshell is at her best. Need a little more Canadian spirit in your seasonal celebration? Fear not. Michael Bublé will happily oblige with his pointedly-titled Christmas (Reprise), a bastion of 15 holiday-heavy tunes ranging from It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Moreover, if there is a passionate Bublé fan on your gift list, consider the limited special edition with three bonus tracks and an exclusive acrylic ornament.

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holiday gift guide WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

The hottest toys for kids HEATHER BUCHAN For Metro

Here’s a roundup of five of the hottest kids toys as well as a few stocking stuffer ideas that are sure to raise the holiday spirits of every child on your gift list. LeapPad2 Explorer Based on the award-

winning LeapPad1, this tablet made especially for little people (ages three to nine years old) features front and back cameras, two video recorders, 4GB of memory and a library of hundreds of learning games, eBooks, videos, music and much more. The Gameboy-like portable unit focuses on educational gaming. Comes pre-installed with a music player and a few creativity apps. $109.99. Furby That furry and famous kids’ pal is back and better equipped for a generation of tech-savvy kids. Furby is interactive: You can feed it, speak to it, tickle it, play music for it and it will react with varying emotions. But how you treat Furby will shape its personThe LeapPad2 Explorer, $109.99, available at

ality. Aside from capacitive sensors in its head, stomach, back and sides that react to touching, inside Furby’s yellow beak is a red tongue, that, when pressed, starts Furby chewing. Available in 10 colours. $70. Ages six and older. Lollipop Duet Stage Microphone Little singers can belt out their favourite tunes with this rockin’ stage mic. Featuring a handheld microphone with a height-adjustable stand along with a headset mic, so two kids can share the spotlight at once. The microphone can be connected to an iPod, MP3 or CD player so little singers get a real surround sound effect. Disco Lights and applause sound effects are sure to delight wannabe Canadian Idols. $39.95. Ages four and older. The Art Creativity Book Featuring games, puzzles, stencils, sticker sheets and an illustrated gatefold page for sticker decorating as well as pull-out art paper and art projects to complete, this softcover book is not only

an educational tool but will provide hours of artistic fun. $14.99. Ages six and older. Spy Case This kit contains everything a little super sleuth needs to complete an investigation. Contained within the sleek black nylon case: Binoculars, a magnifying glass, fingerprint powder, brush, flashlight, secret marker pen set, and a spy guide. $24.95. Ages six and older. Chapters. And don’t forget these stocking stuffers: Magic School Bus Slime and Polymer Lab Let kids conduct cool experiments on things like milk and snow. $40. Ages five and older. Rory’s Story Cubes Just roll the dice and tell a story. $10. Ages eight and older. Paper Bag Monsters Peel, stick and glue stickers and paper shapes to five paper bags to create a cool monster. $11.95. Ages three and older.

The famous and furry Furby is back and better equipped for tech-savvy kids this holiday season. Getty Images file

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(1) Roaming rates apply outside of Canada. Data overage rate of 5¢/MB applies. (2) Availability of service will vary by country and is subject to change without notice. Excludes premium messages and subscription-based messages. Picture messaging includes international picture messages sent and received within Canada. Additional data charges apply depending on picture size when roaming in the U.S. and internationally. Picture messaging is supported by a BlackBerry smartphone with SIM card only. (3) Unlimited calling from 5pm to 8am, Monday through Thursday, and from 5pm Friday to 8am Monday.

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Mayfair Shopping Centre Metropolis at Metrotown Oakridge Centre Orchard Park Shopping Centre Park Royal Shopping Centre Richmond Centre Royal City Centre Scottsdale Centre Seven Oaks Shopping Centre Woodgrove Centre

12-11-07 9:05 AM

Give a movie and Go to the movies. Get a free movie ticket to see any movie you like when you purchase select titles at the Cineplex Store.* Plus, free shipping until December 16, 2012. Shop online at our interactive gift guide at


holiday gift guide

Sweater With Bow At The Collar, $59, available at Jacob, WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

A red-hot holiday Women’s Sweater, $12, available at Walmart, Aspen French Tote, $278, available at Roots,

Bow Embellished Leather Gloves, $59, available at Jacob,

Red Satin Bennox Clutch, $22.99, available at most Payless stores,

The Original Comfort™ Skirt – Straight, $36, available at Reitmans,

Open Knit Sequin Sweater, $50, available at Reitmans, reitmans. com.

Red Flower Print Scarf, $29, available at Jacob,

Pump, $40, available at Reitmans, reitmans. com.

Skinny Denim Pants, $46, available at Reitmans,

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Prices in this ad based on gold @ U$1,770.21 and silver @ U$34.51 and a USD/CAD exchange rate of 0.9744 on September 19, 2012, the day this ad was created.


Rolex, Vacheron & Constantine, Patek Philipe, Breitling, Omega, Jaeger LeCoultre, Select Cartier, and many other high-end watches.

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holiday gift guide WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012



DeWalt 12 Volt MAX Lithium Ion Imaging Thermometer, $999.99, available at DeWalt,

Black & Decker 20V MAX Lithium Chainsaw, $120, available at Black & Decker,

DeWalt 15-Ounce Framing Hammer, $79.99, available at DeWalt, DeWalt HeavyDuty Adjustable Wrenches, $19.99 to $39.99, available at DeWalt,

Motomaster Kneeling Creeper, $29.99, available at Canadian Tire,

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Stanley® Stud Sensors, $14.99 to $39.99, available at Stanley,


Couple sees donation results first-hand Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope help improve lives of families in developing nations

Greg Pacek


hen Leslie Ann Bent, 47, received her Chartered Accountant designation, she celebrated in a unique way. “I thought, I’ll always be employable, so why don’t I do something for someone else?” She sponsored three children in South and Central America through Plan Canada. “That was more than 20 years ago,” says the Oakville resident. Bent still helps the organization reach its goal to improve the lives of children and families in developing nations through Gifts of Hope. “I’ve been buying them since the program started,” she says. Every year, Bent browses Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope (, which provide necessities to those in need — such as medical care, literacy programs and clean drinking water. Gifts of Hope can be purchased in the name of a donor’s family member or friend — often in lieu of traditional holiday presents — who are then notified that the donation has been made on their behalf. “It’s a win-winwin,” says Jeff Cornett, vice-president

Leslie Ann Bent and Andrew Smith of Oakville browse the Gifts of Hope catalogue and chat about their 2012 trip to Ghana. of donor marketing for Plan Canada. “Donors put their holiday budget towards helping kids in the developing world, the recipient [here] loves getting a gift with meaning, and entire communities overseas benefit.” Bent herself has received Gifts of Hope. “One year, my staff got together and got me a Library in a box for Haiti [$60],” she recalls. “They knew that I’m an avid reader and Plan sponsor. It

was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.” Another year, Bent’s parents bought her and her husband, Andrew Smith, a $75 gift of Clean water for a family. This was especially valuable because it is one of

Gifts at any price

Plan Canada’s matched Gifts of Hope, wherein the value of the donation is matched by Plan’s generous funding partners. The Clean water for a family gift is matched for a total of $750, and will help keep many communities safe from illness or death due to unsanitary drinking water. The program, which has given Canadians ethical alternatives to gift giving for eight years, is part of Plan Canada’s 75 years of working in international development in 69 countries. Its incredible success gives Plan Canada the clout to attract partners that match public donations. Bent and Smith witnessed the success of matched Gifts of Hope when they visited a school in Ghana. The school was funded by donors whose generosity was matched by Plan partners. “At the ribbon-cutting for the school water well, the kids put their hands in to touch the clean water,” says Bent. “The queen mother [the village female elder] was so proud and appreciative.” Bent hopes this will inspire others to give Gifts of Hope: “After all, there's such a variety of gifts at all income levels.”

Long-time donor Leslie Ann Bent stresses that there’s always a need for affordable gifts, which are life-changing in developing nations: $25 for a Birth certificate, for example, provides a child with an official document that opens doors to education as well as basic human rights. Girls’ hygiene essentials, at $25, offers a kit containing vital supplies that girls need in time of natural disaster or political turmoil. There’s a Gift of Hope to suit any income level: t Goat: $75 t Newborn checkup: $12 t Anti-malaria bed nets: $30 t Help build a well for a class: $175 t Build and stock a school kitchen: $500 t Primary school in Guinea: $10,000 Browse all the Gifts of Hope at

Did You Know? This year, when you purchase any Gift of Hope, you’ll be entered into a contest to win a chance to see Gifts of Hope in action in Tanzania. See contest details at

Why a goat? When you give a goat, you provide a family in a developing country with nourishment, the makings of a family business, and a new future. Gifts of Hope are real gifts to real projects that change real lives.

Charitable Registration Number: 11892 8993 RR0001

Think outside the gift box Shop now at

Plan is one of the world’s oldest and largest international development agencies, working in partnership with millions of people around the world to end global poverty.


SPORTS WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012


Whitecaps part ways with Soehn The Vancouver Whitecaps have made an off-season change, this time to their technical staff. The Whitecaps and their director of soccer operations, Tom Soehn, had a “mutual parting of ways,” the Major League Soccer club announced Thursday. Soehn joined the Vancouver side in January 2010 and managed the Whitecaps’ scouting and recruiting programs, which will now be taken over by the team’s technical staff led by head coach Martin Rennie. Soehn was also named the club’s interim head coach midway through the Whitecaps’ inaugural MLS season after Teitur Thordarson was fired. METRO WHL

Giants lose Tvrdon for rest of season Calgary quarterback Kevin Glenn, left, scrambles away from Lions defensive end Keron Williams at BC Place on Oct. 6. Glenn will start this Sunday against the Lions with the Stampeders’ usual starter, Drew Tate, out for the season with a broken forearm. DARRYL DYCK/THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE

Drama ratchets up ahead of West final CFL. Calgary QB Tate sidelined with broken forearm, and Lions prepared for replacement Glenn The plot has thickened — again. The B.C. Lions were back at practice Thursday as word came from Calgary that Drew Tate, the quarterback who guided the Stampeders into Sunday’s West Division final in Vancouver, would not play due to a broken forearm. Kevin Glenn, 33, will now start at quarterback for the Stamps against the Lions, with the winner advancing to the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto on Nov. 25. The news came a day after Stamps slotback Nik Lewis’s controversial O.J. Simpsonrelated tweet forced head coach John Hufnagel to institute a Twitter ban for his players leading up to the game and a concussion controversy that swirled around Tate earlier in the week. “We always make sure we

look at both quarterbacks just in case,” said Lions linebacker Adam Bighill. “You never know what happens and this is the reason why.” Glenn, in his first year in Calgary, was the starting pivot in all three games

against the Lions. His regular-season statistics weren’t bad. He threw for 4,220 yards, which was fourth amongst CFL quarterbacks. He had 25 touchdown passes compared to 16 interceptions and his

Two-week wait

Semifinal bye ‘way too long’ for Benevides’ liking It’s just been practice for the B.C. Lions for a while now and for the players and coaches, the Leos’ two-week wait to face the Calgary Stampeders in this Sunday’s West Division final might have felt like an eternity. “This week is way too damn long. Sunday

can’t come quick enough,” lamented head coach Mike Benevides, who was actually finishing a point about his veteran players and the role they’ve played this week at practice. The Lions were the top team in the CFL’s West Division with a 13-5 record and were given a bye week prior to the final. They also had two practices last week, but haven’t played since Nov. 3 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. CAM TUCKER/ METRO

overall 66.7 per cent completion rate was second only to Ricky Ray of the Toronto Argonauts. However, against B.C., his completion percentage was almost seven points lower than his overall total, and he threw three interceptions compared to only two touchdown passes. His style also differs from that of Tate. Glenn is known as more of a pocket passer, delivering short passes designed to chew up the clock and wear down a defence. Tate has shown an affinity for taking chances down field. “It really doesn’t matter what 12 (players) they put on offence,” said Lions defensive back Korey Banks. “Because at the end of the day, we’re going to put our 12 on defence and we’re going to play our style of football. I’m not really concerned about who is at quarterback for them. That’s not even our problem. “We were prepping for Calgary. I felt if we did what we want to do, both quarterbacks were going to play, anyway.”

Marek Tvrdon, the Vancouver Giants’ leading scorer, will miss the remainder of the regular season after undergoing a “medical procedure” earlier in the week, the team said Thursday. “Marek had a small blockage isolated to a single vein in his left shoulder,” said Giants general manager Scott Bonner in a statement released by the club. “It was completely and rapidly dissolved and he is doing very well. Marek is under the excellent care of numerous specialists and he is recovering quickly. “He will not be returning this season but he is expected to have a full recovery and future career as a hockey player. Right now our priority is Marek’s health and well-being and we would like to respect his and his family’s privacy.” In his third season with the Giants, the 19-year-old Tvrdon was leading the club in scoring with eight goals and 22 points in 18 games. The Giants, winners over the Prince George Cougars in their last game on Sunday, will host the Regina Pats at the Pacific Coliseum Friday night. METRO

Giants winger Marek Tvrdon CAM TUCKER/METRO FILE

SPORTS WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012


CFL’s final assessment CFL Extra Points

Dan Toth

East final Toronto at Montreal, Sunday, 10 a.m. (TSN) Here’s something the Toronto Argos don’t face every day — crowd noise, and lots of it. The more than 40,000 rabid Alouettes fans at Olympic Stadium for Sunday’s East final will be harassing the

The Argonauts head into hostile and hectic territory and the Stampeders travel to Vancouver minus their No. 1 pivot, with spots in the Grey Cup game on the line Photos by The Canadian Press/Torstar News Service

Argos in both official languages, rattling the Big O’s creaky rafters and making things difficult for Argos quarterback Ricky Ray and the Double Blue offence. The Argos have survived and, in fact, thrived in similar noisy atmospheres this season. Toronto escaped Hamilton’s ear-piercing Ivor Wynne Stadium with a win on Labour Day. The Argos also emerged from rowdy Taylor Field in Regina to secure a win and second place in the East and their first home playoff game since 2007. To prepare for Sunday’s Thunderdome experience, the Argos have been practising with noise piped into Toronto’s Rogers Centre in anticipation of the real thing on Sunday. Season series: Toronto slipped past the Als 23-20 in Week 5, with Ricky Ray

throwing two TD passes. Montreal trounced the Argos 31-10 in Week 13 when Ray left the game early with a knee injury, while also beating the Argos 2412 in Week 16. Pick: Toronto by 3.

West final Calgary at B.C., Sunday, 1:30 p.m. (TSN) They were worried about his forehead just a couple of days ago, and now Drew Tate’s forearm is causing headaches in Calgary. The Stampeders quarterback is out for the rest of the season with a fractured right forearm, giving way to Kevin Glenn in Sunday’s West final in Vancouver. Tate arrived at practice Thursday with a cast on his throwing arm, just days after suffering an apparent con-

Bettman asks for break in negotiations: Sources Season in peril. With hopes for a new CBA dashed again, hockey execs also warn of more scheduling carnage After a lockout spanning almost nine weeks, about the only thing the NHL and NHL Players’ Association are talking about is taking

a break. Commissioner Gary Bettman has proposed placing a two-week moratorium on talks after NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr told him that he didn’t know how the sides could proceed, multiple sources told The Canadian Press on Thursday night. The offer was made during a phone conversation on Wednesday and didn’t

produce an answer. According to the sources, Fehr told Bettman he would need to bounce the idea off his membership before responding. The potential freeze comes with talks already having fallen silent after a busy stretch of meetings last week in New York. However, by the time negotiations broke last Sunday afternoon it was clear that

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman speaks to reporters after negotiations last Friday. Louis Lanzano/The Associated Press file


“I’m more discouraged now than I have been at any point in the process.” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly on the lack of progress in labour talks

pessimism and some bad feelings had made their way into the bargaining room. Some of the tension can be chalked up to losses that are beginning to mount. On Thursday, players missed their third paycheque of the season while the league moved closer to making another round of game cancellations, prompting some to suggest the entire year could be in danger. The NHL is expected to start wiping games beyond Nov. 30 off the schedule early next week. There had previously been hope for a shortened 68-game season starting Dec. 1, but that now appears to be gone. In total, the lockout has already forced the cancellation of 327 games, including the Winter Classic between the Maple Leafs and Red Wings at Michigan Stadium. The Canadian Press

cussion in the Stamps’ 36-30 West semifinal win over Saskatchewan. Although Tate’s head received a clean bill of health, he underwent an MRI and CAT scan Tuesday when the small fracture was discovered in his throwing arm, sidelining him for the biggest game of the year. “We won 10 out of the last 12. Kevin started eight of those wins, so we’ll just move on,” Stampeders coach John Hufnagel told the assembled media in Calgary. Tate said he suffered the fracture in the third quarter of the win over the Roughriders. It’s a frustrating setback for Tate, who missed 14 games this season with a dislocated shoulder after being tackled

in Week 2. Glenn led the Stamps offence during Tate’s absence, directing Calgary to a second-place finish in the West. Season series: The Lions thumped the Stamps 34-8 in Week 5 in Calgary, and followed that win with a slim 27-22 victory in Vancouver in Week 15. The Stamps answered in Week 18 with 34 unanswered points in a 41-21 win in Calgary. Pick: B.C. by 2.

AHL. Abbotsford Heat goalie on the brink of history As of Thursday, Abbotsford Heat goaltender Barry Brust was not aware that American Hockey League history is within his reach. Well, he knows now. Thanks to a 29-save 2-0 victory over the Lake Erie Monsters Wednesday at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre, Brust extended his shutout streak to 231 minutes and 41 seconds. Hockey Hall of Fame goalie Johnny Bower holds the current AHL record, which stands at 249 minutes and 51 seconds, a mark he set back with the Cleveland Barons in 1957. Should Brust not allow a goal in his next period of hockey, he will set the new record. “No, it hasn’t crossed my mind and I didn’t really know about that,” Brust said in a phone interview. NHL

Rangers will be ‘Skating for Sandy’ Just because there are no NHL games on the schedule for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean the New York Rangers aren’t getting on the ice. On Friday, many of them

“But that’s pretty cool. Johnny Bower is a legend in the game and it’s interesting — I like to poke check (like Bower), myself, so that’s kind of neat that it’s approaching his record.” Brust is one of three goalies currently on the Heat’s roster and has a perfect 4-0-0-0 record. He’s allowed just a single goal in four games. That came on Oct. 20 against the Chicago Wolves, the AHL affiliate of the Vancouver Canucks, at 8:19 of the first period. “First and foremost, you don’t get three shutouts in a season with a bad team in front of you,” said Brust. “I haven’t really had to make too many big saves or anything like that. It’s just kind of been shutdown, defensive style of play by the team so far.” cam tucker/metro will head to Staten Island, in fact, for a charity skate. Centre Brad Richards has organized a benefit to help in the relief efforts on Staten Island after Superstorm Sandy. Richards, who led them to the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference last season, has partnered with a high school team to organize “Skating for Sandy.” The Associated Press


62 Horoscopes

By betty martin

Canadian Crossword


March 21 - April 20 The more someone tries to blackmail you emotionally, the more you must resist. If you give in to them once, you will be expected to give in again and again. Don’t let them intimidate you, today or any other day.


Sept. 24 - Oct. 23 If someone in a position of authority gives you a hard time for no good reason today, the best thing to do is take it. The planets warn that they want you to respond so they can escalate the situation.



April 21 - May 21 This will be a hectic day, the kind when you always seem to be playing catch-up. But you will reach your goal in the end, so keep going. One of the strengths of your sign is your stubbornness — you refuse to be beaten.


May 22 - June 21 There is a time to be secretive and a time to be open and this is definitely one of the latter. If you share a problem today it, won’t be a problem for long. If you keep it to yourself though, you may never resolve it.

Oct. 24 - Nov. 22 Some people like to boast about what they are going to do. You prefer to say nothing and just get on and do it. The less noise you make about your plans today, the more likely it is they will succeed.


Nov. 23 - Dec. 21 Whatever odds you face today, either at work or in your personal affairs, you must not be intimidated. Fortunately you are a very good actor: You may be scared on the inside but on the outside you appear utterly fearless.



June 22 - July 23 If you go to extremes, the consequences could be painful. Saturn in Scorpio warns that where both creative endeavors and affairs of the heart are concerned, you should stay on the straight and narrow.

Dec. 22 - Jan. 20 You will meet someone today whose attitude and beliefs are about as different to yours as is possible. They say opposites attract and it is quite likely that the pair of you will form a long-lasting bond.



July 24 - Aug. 23 If you don’t want to get involved in what others are planning, you must let them know immediately. If you keep quiet, they will take that as a sign that you approve and soon you won’t be able to back out.

Virgo WEEKEND, November 16-18, 2012

Jan. 21 - Feb. 19 You may be tempted to double up on your workload and get everything finished as quickly as possible but is that really such a good idea? Quality work is always preferable to quantity, so take your time.

Across 1. Bikini part 4. Dust cloth 7. Genetic component 10. Common suffix 11. Gershwin, and others 13. Avid 14. Deli staple 15. Empty --16. --- Chef America 17. Catapult 20. Eastern Standard Time 21. School room exercise 25. Winter malady 28. Actor Affleck 29. Gold 30. Shopkeeper on Little House on the Prairie 31. Heir, often 32. Bread spread 33. Feeling poorly 34. Morning moisture 35. Lake diver 36. Earth 38. Huge 40. Inwardly 45. Vile 48. “---- Brockovich” 49. Wide shoe width 50. Whose ---- is it Anyway? 51. Fourth largest European river 52. Wheel of Fortune purchase (2 words) 53. Ziering of Beverly Hills, 90210 54. Ever (poet.) 55. Golf term Down 1. Baby’s neckwear 2. Dinner staple 3. Against 4. “Lord of the ----“ Yesterday’s Crossword

Aug. 24 - Sept. 23 If you want something, you will have to go out and get it for yourself. You cannot trust other people to bring it to your door, even if they promised to do so. And if they won’t help, why should you share?


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24. Lunchtime 25. Spring back 26. How I Met Your Mother star ---- Patrick Harris 27. Pot 28. Child’s ribbon 31. Sofa 32. Common German name 34. Rec room 37. Longest river 38. Blackmail 39. Deep inside

41. Perry Mason penner 42. ---- of faith 43. Actress/singer Horne 44. A --- in the Life 45. Daryl Mitchell on Ed 46. By way of 47. Country motel


How to play Fill in the grid, so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There is no math involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.


Feb. 20 - March 20 Set your sights high then go even higher. There is little, if anything, that is beyond your reach at the moment, so don’t put up with average. Strive to be the biggest and the best at what you are good at.

5. Give it -- -- (2 words) 6. Savage cut 7. Actor James Van --- Beek of Dawson’s Creek 8. Prefix meaning recent 9. Columnist Landers 12. Pilfered 13. Smooch 18. Names in the ---19. Just the --- of Us 22. Alone 23. Chocolate layer cookie

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Yesterday’s Sudoku

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