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Weekend, June 24-26, 2011 News worth sharing.

Gamers win Xbox release

Whiff. Justin

Game developed by Londoners to premiere this August as Xbox Live indie title Resembles Atari Space Invaders, but with dragons KYLE REA


Stratford native Justin Bieber attends the Justin Bieber fragrance launch at Macy’s Herald Square last Thursday in New York City. JAMIE MCCARTHY/GETTY IMAGES

Fan tizzy at fragrance launch New York police say a 47-year-old man was issued a summons for disorderly conduct at the launch. Police say the 17-year-old singer was not injured. They did not release the man’s name.

It’s something you wouldn’t think would pair well together in a video game: Dragons versus spaceships. How would they fight each other? And why? But that’s exactly what a group of London game developers did with their soon-to-be-released title, called — not surprisingly — Dragons vs. Spaceships. Players take on the role of the dragons of Dragonia as they try to repel an invasion by evil spaceships set on destroying their world. The game was developed by Game Production Studios: eight Forest City programmers and friends who get together to make games in their spare time. “We would like to make this a company that we can all quit our jobs and do full time. For now, we’re going to keep making games

until we can find that hit,” said Chris Brosseau. How did they come up with the concept for Dragons vs. Spaceships? Brosseau said it all started in 2008 when he and some friends were at Fanshawe College, studying to be programmer analysts. A project was coming up and they

needed an idea. They weren’t very good at doing character models and the only ones they could find were spaceship and dragon models. Last fall, they decided to revisit the game and make it better, in hopes someone would take notice. Earlier this month, Dragons vs. Spaceships was entered in the Dream, Build, Play contest sponsored by Microsoft World. The grand prize is $40,000, but even if the local lads don’t take home top spot, finishing in the top 20 could make their dreams come true. “There’s a chance that Microsoft would look at us, ask us to keep working on it and then release it as an arcade game.”

Digital dragons Developers plan to work on a game for the Windows 7 phone in the future.


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Turns out excavating a 4,500-year-old Egyptian boat is as difficult as it sounds. Scan code for story.

To scan 2D barcodes in Metro, download the free ScanLife app at

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Footage backs up Vancouver riot kissing couple’s story that they were knocked down by police. Video at Follow us on Twitter @themetrolondon

WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

Making the city Boobalicious


Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation says about 445 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every week MARINA BRKLJACA


This week, the preferred colour in the Forest City is pink. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure London is asking Londoners to help Paint London Pink from Saturday to next Friday. “It’s to promote breast cancer awareness. That’s the biggest thing,” said Marnie Fallowfield, communications co-ordinator for CIBC Run for the Cure London. Fallowfield said the London support has been amazing. “This community is really receptive of our efforts and getting behind the survivors and finding a cure,” said Fallowfield. Fallowfield got involved with Run for the Cure London when she had her

News in brief

Robber gets no cash, but gets taxi bill A 30-year-old St. Thomas man faces charges in the attempted robbery of a London bank. At 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday, a man

Pink events Saturday BBQ: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Hyde Park and Fanshawe Park Road. Sunday Strawberry Social: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Springbank Gardens, 285 Wonderland Rd. S. Monday Pink your Pup: 7 p.m. at Greenway Dog Park. Tuesday display: All day at White Oaks Mall and Masonville Mall. Wednesday Boobalicious: Participating restaurants and bars will have pinkinspired specials. Thursday Silent Auction: 7 p.m. at London Music Hall. Friday fireworks: Sundown at Harris Park.

own breast cancer scare. “A couple years ago they found a couple of lumps,” said Fallowfield. Luckily, the doctors did-

entered the Bank of Montreal at 270 Dundas St. demanding money from a teller, but he wasn’t given any. The man left the bank in a waiting taxi. Police later found the suspect at an east London address and arrested him. Christopher George has been charged with two counts of attempted theft with a weapon as well as not paying his taxi fare. METRO

Ready to Paint London Pink this week: Top row, from left, Marnie Fallowfield of CIBC Run for the Cure London, David Magrath, manager of Yoyo’s Yogurt Café, Sarah Baldwind of CIBC Run for the Cure London. Bottom row, from left, Sarah Shelswell, Aidan King and Aria Palcich of Yoyo’s.

n’t find cancer cells. But Fallowfield said the scare inspired her to get involved.

“Everybody knows somebody or knows of somebody touched by the disease,” said Fallowfield.

It’s Y they cheer

leave the Centre Branch Y on Waterloo at 11:30 a.m. METRO

The YMCA cheer mob will raise the volume in downtown London on Friday. YMCA and Western Ontario day-camp staffers will be marching through downtown. They will be promoting the start of Y day camps on July 4. Y summer day camps are for children and youth aged three to 17. The cheer mob will

Heads up for head injuries Jog to help raise awareness about the impact of brain injuries in London in the Heads Up Walk-athon. The Heads Up Walk-athon runs from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. at Springbank

“Ultimately all of our efforts are going toward a future without breast cancer.”

Gardens. There will be activities for children, performances by the Sheridan Band and awareness stations to learn more about brain injury. Money raised will go to programs that benefit individuals served by Dale Brain Injury Services. Brain injuries are the No. 1 killer and disabler of people under the age of 44 in Canada. METRO


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WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

Festival season taking over city Festivals set for this weekend include London International Food Fest, London Fringe and Opa! Outdoor Greek Fest MARINA BRKLJACA/FOR METRO



With summer finally here, London is about to earn its other seasonal nickname: The Festival City. That’s because from now to Sept. 21, there are at least 29 festivals set to take place here in London. It means there’s always something going on in the Forest City, said Joan Beaune from Tourism London. “Every weekend there is a festival in London,” she said. “We’re the perfect getaway and this year we’ve got a fabulous summer festival season. We have a lot of unique, oneof-a-kind festivals, which feature food, music and entertainment.” One of those festivals, set to kick off this weekend, is the London International Food Festival, Friday to Sunday in Victoria Park. Hosted by Family Shows Canada, promoter Doug Hillier said they anticipate 100,000 people for the event. More than 150 exhibitors are expected for the festival, offering 50

different kinds of cuisine from around the world. “We’re trying to represent at least one of every culture,” said Hillier, noting they limit the number of similar cuisine types that can be on display — for instance, you won’t find 10 booths offering Mexican food. The only kind of food they don’t have? “We have never found a (First Nations food provider).” Why does Hillier think London is such a great festival location? “I think it’s Victoria Park, the crown jewel of the city. It’s right in the centre of the city with everything around it. And because London is right in the middle of everything, why not drive an hour to go to a festival?”

For lists and links to festivals going on in London this summer, scan this code.

People set up in Victoria Park Thursday for the London International Food Festival taking place this weekend. At this tent, traditional Vietnamese food will be prepared.


Reader responses We asked readers on Facebook and Twitter what their favourite London festival was. And you told us ...

Twitter: @mindyourmind_ca: We think the Sunfest — where you can discover, encourage, promote and champion new up-andcoming Canadian artists #LDNont @SarahAFerguson: Definitely Sunfest. I love it for the music and food as well as the buzz it creates downtown! @cstudies: @themetrolondon polled our office Sunfest for the music/energy & International Food for the delicious food are the top

choices here #ldnont @chrismcinnis: Sunfest is the most amazing way to discover new music and get awesome int’l food. Best #ldnont festival by far. @HamptonLondon: London International Food Festival is a great event ... and it is on this weekend too! @JClarkey: mine is @LSFSinc b/c there is such a thriving film community here in #ldnont

val in London is Sunfest!! Food, music and amazing shopping!! @sarah1039fm: Have to go with RibFest! I love the music in the beer gardens, fun people and crazy selection of delicious Ribs to try! Yum @cwatca: My favourite festival is Sunfest. Lots of awesome food to try :)


@friesandrobots: It’s a definite tie btwn #Sunfest and #Ribfest! Sunfest is unique and interesting, and well, Ribfest has ribs!! #ldnont

Amy Agulay Buchmann: First, I love that there are festivals in London all summer long! They are perfect for weekend date nights or family fun activities. I’d say Ribfest is my fave with Home County Folk Festival close behind!

@KellyFM96: My fav festi-

Rory Kilkenny: Sunfest fol-

lowed closely by Home County. Though I like most of them — great for food at lunch downtown, great way to spend an evening or weekend afternoon! Erika Faust: Fringe Festival is my favourite — I love seeing performers from all over the place brighten up London every year! Jackie Sheridan: Greek Festival — music, dancing and food is always excellent! Ann Moore: Home County Folk Festival for the music, of course. Katie Naus: Rib fest... yum

London’s popular, and delicious, Rib Fest is scheduled for July 28 to Aug. 1 in Victoria Park. WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

YOGA INSTRUCTOR PITCHES HEAT had my first hot yoga class last week. The team is lucky enough to receive free services from local businesses that sponsor the team with signs and billboards around Labatt Park. It’s a cool perk and gives me the opportunity to experience what the city has to offer that I might not otherwise if I wasn’t a MaMIKE ARSENAULT jor. MAJORS PITCHER AND IBL INSIDER Four of us went to Moksha Yoga London to try the ancient regimen of practised poses designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility. This will be a breeze, we thought. We’re baseball players. Surely a little preening and prancing around on a mat won’t be too difficult. I thought I was going to die. I forgot to mention that moksha yoga takes place in a room heated to 39 C. It was like standing on the surface of the sun. When I started sweating as soon as I entered the studio, I knew I was in trouble. Within minutes, I had a Hudson Bay-sized puddle pooled around the floor in front of my mat. I kept waiting for the instructor to place a “Caution: Wet floor” sign beside me. My guess is she didn’t want to draw any more attention to my laughable execution of poses than was absolutely necessary. The heat in the room was suffocating. At times, I had to stop and lie down on my mat to force the stifling huMajor success midity into my lungs. But surprisingly, I felt tremendous after the class was over. I was The Majors are 13-3 on the re-energized. I am definitely season, with a one-game going back. I’m not going to lead for first place. They let yoga beat me again. play Kitchener on Friday at This time it’s personal. Labatt Park, at 7:30 p.m.



Fabulous. Focaccia

Kaitlynne Angus organizes the focaccia bread at the International Bakery in Covent Garden Market on Thursday.


Honey, I drove the kids, and they said I was best Mom is best — again! For the sixth time, a majority of Grade 4 and 5 students said their mom is the “best driver I know.” Every year since 2004, local students have been asked to write Sgt. Tom O’Brien of the London police’s traffic management unit a letter describing the best driver they know and why. Students said the best driver they knew was one who makes sure everyone is buckled up, doesn’t drink and drive, never talks or texts and obeys the speed limit and red lights. They also said a good driver looks out for pedestrians and cyclists. Dad did get a lot of letters, but fell short of winning this year. In the past, letters written identified dads as more likely to get upset with other drivers and yell and swear at other motorists. METRO

Baking people happy Angus, 20, has worked at the International Bakery for three years and she loves it. “I like the environment and the people,” said Angus. “I think we have great customers.”

For more information visit london



WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

ABCs of baby fat Daycares must promote good habits: Report With one in five U.S. youngsters already overweight or obese by the time they start school, a new report urges steps to help prevent babies, toddlers and preschoolers from getting too pudgy too soon. Topping the list: Better dietary guidelines to help parents and caregivers know just how much toddlers should eat as they transition from baby food to bigger-kid fare. Contrary to popular belief, children don’t usually outgrow their baby fat — and that can lead to lasting bad effects on their health as they grow, suggests the report.

Healthy weight The new report is not about putting the very young on a diet. At the top of the report’s list: Daycare and preschool operators should be trained in proper physical activity for young children, providing at least 15 minutes of it per hour the child spends there. Regulations should limit how long toddlers and preschoolers sit or stand still to a maximum 30 minutes — and limit holding babies in swings, bouncy seats or other equipment while they’re awake.

“It’s a huge opportunity to instil good habits at a time when you don’t have to change old ones,” said

Leann Birch, director of Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Childhood Obesity Research, who chaired the institute’s panel. Consider: Babies drink milk until they’re full and then turn away. But children as young as two or three are sensitive to portion size. “If you give them larger portions, they eat more,” Birch explained. The report makes the case that children’s habits are influenced by far more than their parents — and thus it is time to expand obesity prevention to more of the other places youngsters spend time. For example, nearly three-fourths of children ages two to five spend at least part of their day in some form of child care. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

AIDS. South Africa

Michelle Obama does push-ups Thursday with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town, South Africa, to raise HIV-prevention awareness among youth.

Big push to prevent AIDS

On her first visit to South Africa, U.S. first lady Michelle Obama yesterday met with former Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the country’s leader in the fight for racial equality. With her daughters, she also visited Cape Town’s District Six Museum, which memorializes the forced segregation of a once vibrant and racially mixed area of this coastal city. A long-planned ferry ride to Nelson Mandela’s island prison cell was cancelled because of high winds.

T.O. mayor backs out of Pride

News in brief


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he will miss the city’s Pride Parade next weekend because he will be at the family cottage. Ford says going to the Huntsville cottage on the Canada Day long weekend has been a tradition in his family for 30 years. The mayor’s office says Ford will also not be attending the Pride flag-raising ceremony next week. Francisco Alvarez, the co-chair of Pride Toronto,

calls the decision disappointing and regrettable. Alvarez says Ford is missing an opportunity to score political points by showing his solidarity with the Pride community. Former mayors David Miller, Mel Lastman and Barbara Hall all marched in the Pride parade, which attracts more than one million people and pumps millions of dollars into the Toronto economy.

G20 cops too slow: Audit TORONTO. As “radical ele-

Participants flaunt it at Pride in Toronto two years ago.

ments” broke free of a G20 protest and began causing the unprecedented destruction of downtown Toronto, officers were simply unprepared to deal with the magnitude of the disorder, an internal police report concludes.


Metro, Canada’s first newspaper to really Android DOWNLOAD THE NEW METRO APP FREE for your Android

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An audit by the Toronto Police Service of the force’s actions during the G20 summit over June 26 and 27, 2010, was released yesterday with 10 recommendations. The report paints a picture of police resources being overwhelmed by the sudden vandalism and socalled Black Bloc protest techniques. Not enough riot police could respond, and some officers not properly trained in riot policing were forced to step in, the report says. THE CANADIAN PRESS

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FREE ADMISSION Days Inn London. June 27th - July 1st 1100 Wellington Road South, Monday-Thursday: London, ON N6E 1M2 9:00 AM-6:00 PM Directions: Located just south Friday: of the corner of Wellington Rd 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM and Bradley Ave.

my kitchen.” During our show in Haliburton, a woman came in with a jewelry box that she had just inherited from her late aunt. “I don’t wear jewelry,” explained Cheryl Barnes, “so it was an easy decision to come down to the Roadshow to sell it”. She was very excited when she was able to walk away with a cheque for over $2,100 for jewelry she was never going to wear anyways. Expert Cliff Edwards explains, “We have noticed a substantial increase in the amount of precious metals such as gold and silver coming to the Roadshow, which makes sense considering how high it’s currently trading at. He added, “The Roadshow is great because it puts money in people’s pockets, especially during such hard times. Lots of items that are just sitting around collecting dust in basements and jewelry boxes can be exchanged for money, on the spot! ”. At another Roadshow event, a woman walked in with a tin full of hundreds of old coins that were given to her as a young child come in to the Roadshow and see what he had given her. She was ecstatic to learn she had coins dating back to the late 1800’s, some of which were extremely rare. Roadshow consultant Raymond Flack explains “We had uncovered an 1871 Queen Victoria 50 Cent piece, valued at over $2,000!! She also had a nice assortment of coins that were not rare dates, but she was able to sell them for their silver content”. All in all, Roadshow customer Linda Donaldson was able to cash in with $4,500! “I’m so happy”, Linda explains, “I never would have thought that my old tin of coins was worth so much! I can

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Experts at the Roadshow will evaluate and examine your items, FREE OF CHARGE, as well as educate you on them. The Roadshow sees hundreds of people during a one week event, and they have been travelling across Canada to different cities and towns, searching for your forgotten treasures. Trains, dolls, toys, old advertising signs, pocket watches, porcelain and bisque dolls, pretty much everything can be sold at the Roadshow. Any early edition Barbie’s are sought after by Roadshow collectors, as well as a variety of Dinky Toys and Matchbox Cars. Lionel Trains and a variety of tin toys can also fetch a price, especially if they are in their original box or in mint condition. If a collector is looking for one of your collectables, we can always make an offer to buy it.

“We have noticed a substantial increase in the amount of precious metals such as gold and silver coming to the Roadshow, which makes sense considering how high it’s currently trading at.” A man brought in a 1950’s Marx Tin Toy Robot, in fairly good condition, still in its original box. We were able to locate a collecthat gentleman went home with over $700 for his Toy Robot and a few other small toys. So whether you have an old toy car, a broken gold chain, or a Barbie sitting in the closet, bring it down to the Roadshow, we will take a look at it for FREE and it could put money in your pocket!





If you want to help Japan recover from its tsunami disaster, come visit, says Lady Gaga. “I can’t say enough to people all over the world that the majority of Japan right now, Japan in general, is very safe,� said the flamboyant pop star, in Tokyo for a benefit concert for tsunami victims. “It’s fine to come here. It’s beautiful.� Many performers and athletes have cancelled appearances in Japan after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that caused widespread destruction and a nuclear crisis. Lady Gaga said she couldn’t wait for the chance to show her support. “The most important thing, and the best thing, we could do for Japan right

Lady Gaga poses Thursday with a We pray for Japan wrist band.

now is to boost tourism, and so everyone come to Japan and come enjoy the beautiful country,� she said. Lady Gaga received a certificate from the commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency on Thursday, thanking her for her support and money-raising efforts.

A home breaks apart as it’s engulfed by swirling Missouri River oodwaters in the Hoge Island area of Bismarck, N.D.


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WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011


Rising river spurs mad rush to save city 10,000 residents moved to safety as floodwaters move into Minot, N.D. Trailer park engulfed Missouri and Nebraska brace for trouble, too Crews worked furiously Thursday to raise earthen levees in a last-ditch effort to protect North Dakota’s fourth-largest city from floodwaters. Trucks and loaders carried clay and dirt to waiting Bobcats that sped to and fro, spreading and tamping the material atop levees in Minot. But as the Souris River kept rising ominously, officials acknowledged they can’t stop significant damage to at least some neighbourhoods. The workers and National Guard members were the only people to be seen — as many as 10,000 residents, or about one-

fourth of Minot’s population, have been moved to safety. Parts of the city were already flooding. One trailer park near the river was under several feet of water. Much of Thursday’s effort focused on protecting critical infrastructure, including sewer and water service. More evacuations could become necessary if they are knocked out by flooding. Mayor Curt Zimbelman said the sewer and water situation was “under control” but being monitored. The river, which begins in Saskatchewan and flows

“There are no hotel rooms, no campers to rent — nothing. It’s very stressful and it’s very annoying.” AQUIRA FRITT, 23, WHO IS SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT AND PLANNED TO SPEND THE NIGHT IN A VAN WITH HER BOYFRIEND AND FIVE-YEAR-OLD SON

for a short distance though North Dakota, was all but certain to inundate thousands of homes and businesses during the coming week. “There are 300 people in shelters and the others have found places with

family, friends, some rentals,” Zimbelman said. “But for the long term it’s going to be a very difficult situation.” Zimbelman said many people have opened their doors to evacuees. “I tell you what, North Dakotans are pretty good people,” Zimbelman said. Minot is about 95 kilometres south of the Canadian border. Meanwhile, in Missouri residents braced themselves for flood trouble as the Missouri River rose. Water has started pouring over levees in Holt and Atchison counties, flooding homes and cabins.

Kentucky Derby HQ smashed A tornado smashed stables at the home of the Kentucky Derby, but the legendary track was set to get back to racing Friday after events were postponed for a day. No people or horses were hurt at Churchill Downs during the Wednesday-night storm. Its famed twin spires, grandstand and clubhouse were undamaged. Churchill Downs president Kevin Flanery said it was the first tornado to strike the 136-year-old track. Workers and trainers scrambled to pull horses from stables as the storm caved in roofs and tossed debris. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


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WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011


FBI captures mob boss

Notorious gangster was wanted for 19 brutal murders FBI criticized for protecting mob figures when using ‘Whitey’ and others as informants Boston mob boss James (Whitey) Bulger was captured near Los Angeles after 16 years on the run that embarrassed the FBI and exposed the bureau’s corrupt relationship with its underworld informants. The FBI finally caught the 81-year-old Bulger on Wednesday at an apartment in Santa Monica, Calif., along with his girlfriend Catherine Greig, just

days after the government circulated pictures of her on daytime TV. The arrest was based on a tip from this new campaign. FBI agents put the apartment under surveillance, lured Bulger out and arrested him without incident, authorities said. The couple were using the aliases Charles and Carol Gasko. A variety of guns and a large amount of cash were

found in the apartment, the FBI said. Federal investigators declined to say how Bulger got enough money to live on. Bulger had a $2-million US reward on his head and rose to No. 1 on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list after Osama bin Laden was killed. “Although there are those who have doubted our resolve at times over the years, it has never wa-

vered,” said Richard DesLauriers, agent in the charge of the FBI’s Boston office. “We followed every lead. We explored every possibility, and when those leads ran out, we did not sit back and wait for the phone to ring.” Bulger faces a slew of federal charges while Greig, 60, is charged with harbouring a fugitive.

A couple walks past an FBI video looking for mob boss James (Whitey) Bulger in New York’s Times Square Thursday.


: t Hin


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WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011


Black’s fate in judge’s hands Former press baron to be resentenced Friday Neither side a victor, whether Conrad Black goes to jail or walks free, legal experts say For the record

But even if Black, 66, emerges a free man, the challenge of clearing his name could prove insurmountable because he remains a convicted felon, legal experts say. “He’s going to come out of court on Friday when the judge does not impose additional jail time, and he’s going to claim victory,” said former prosecutor Jacob Frenkel. “If someone views being

Market moment TSX

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Gold contract $1,520.50 (- $32.90)


The length of Conrad Black’s sentence will be up for debate on Friday. Judge Amy St. Eve could choose to uphold the original six and a half year sentence, send him back to jail for a lesser time on the remaining convictions or allow him to stay free based on time served. Black has exhausted all legal avenues after a lastditch Supreme Court appeal was denied in May Even if Black is allowed to go free on Friday, he will continue to have a criminal record stemming from his two convictions. Full exoneration will take nothing short of a presidential pardon.

Conrad Black will learn whether his days of wearing an orange jumpsuit and sleeping in a cell are behind him when he appears on Friday in the same Chicago courtroom where he was sentenced four years ago. The Canadian-born former press magnate, who has been free on bail for nearly a year, will appear before U.S. Justice Amy St. Eve at a resentencing hearing.

a convicted felon on two counts and having served 29 months a victory, then let him call it a victory.” St. Eve sentenced Black in 2007 to six and a half years in prison for three fraud convictions and another for obstruction of justice, to be served concurrently. Black had served two and a half years in a penitentiary in Coleman, Fla., before being released on bond last July awaiting an appeal after a Supreme Court ruling that exposed flaws in a federal fraud law. An appeals court in October reversed two of his fraud convictions. But Andrew Stoltmann, a Chicago lawyer who has been following Black’s case, believes the remaining charges are so serious that he is headed back to jail to

Conrad Black, shown in Chicago in 2006, will learn his fate on Friday, when he returns to court for resentencing.

serve the rest of his term. “The fraud and obstruction of justice convictions are very serious, and warrant a six-and-a-half-year sentence of their own,” he said. He said resentencing

judges are also charged with considering a defendant’s behaviour in jail. Affidavits from Coleman officials claiming that Black shirked his duties will hurt his chances, he said. THE CANADIAN PRESS

New ad campaign toasts the breadbasket


The Canadian Wheat Board and Canada Bread Co. have signed a branding deal to promote Prairie grain across the country. The board’s motto — “Canadian Wheat Makes it Good” — and maple leaf logo will appear on bags of Dempster’s WholeGrains bread and in television commercials, print advertising, in-store promotions and online material. A tagline will read: “Prized around the world. Grown on the Prairies.” The Wheat Board is controlled by western Canadian farmers and sells wheat and barley to more than 70 countries. Its monopoly has come under assault in

Canadians ‘heart’ Apple Apple products accounted for 83 per cent of Internet traffic in Canada in May on non-computer devices, a comScore

Hay bales dot the wheat fields outside Saskatoon. “The Prairies are Canada’s wheat heartland,” says Canada Bread spokeswoman Andrea Graham. The company is pairing with the Canadian Wheat Board on a joint ad campaign.

recent years and the federal government has said it will move to allow farmers to sell to whom they choose. report says. Canadians ranked highest in the world in relying on iPads to use the Internet, with 33.5 per cent of non-computer traffic tied to Apple tablets. Slightly more consumers, 34.6 per cent, used iPhones and 14.9 per cent used iPod touch devices. THE CANADIAN PRESS

Canada Bread Co. is 90 per cent owned by Maple Leaf Foods. In 2010, Canada Bread had sales of $1.6 billion. THE CANADIAN PRESS


Android devices drove only 0.4 per cent of non-computer Internet traffic, while Research In Motion’s PlayBook accounted for only 1.3 per cent.

Thank you Canada On June 19th, 7,500 Canadians took part in the Father’s Day Walk/Run to help raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer Canada. Visit our website, for photo and story updates or to donate. To all our sponsors, participants and wonderful volunteers – thank you for your generous and continued support. To all men over 40 – talk to your doctor about early detection.





Late Transition. You may have seen commercials about an analog shutdown on August MIKE BENHAIM 31. This transition to “all digiMETRO tal” only impacts people that still use an antennas to receive their TV signal. Not to alienate the dozens of people who still adjust their image via wire hanger attached to the back of Uncle Lenny’s wheelchair, but a cable-conversion box is available. Now, I’m not the most techsavvy person in town, but isn’t this like adding a Touch-Tone converter to your rotary phone? Hey, it’s 2011. People are watching HBO on their wristwatches. You don’t have to dance, but the least you could do is come to the party, Huckleberry. Jeez! Amy Winehouse. After two years of supposed sobriety, her European comeback tour began with her “coming back” to rehab. I suddenly thought it ironic that a notorious alcoholic/junkie should be named “Winehouse,” but then I discovered that like many immigrants, her parents had changed their name. The original name was “Crackhouse.” (My apologies. I couldn’t resist.) Drop the puck. Winnipeg’s new NHL franchise was unanimously approved by the league’s board of governors. Within three days of announcing the sale, the franchise sold 13,000 season tickets. I’ve always said that the two best things about Winnipeg in the ’80s were hockey and Burton Cummings. Now if they combine the two and have him sing every anthem, I’m watching. Disservice with a smile. Two of our nation’s most important service providers, Air Canada and Canada Post, went on strike, forcing consumers to employ other alternatives. Unfortunately, Canadians are having a difficult time adjusting, as they are unaccustomed to receiving good service while being treated well at the same time. Royal economics. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in an effort to save taxpayers’ money, will reduce the number of valets or dressers on their foreign tour this month. This simply means that instead of the 14 aides with which daddy, Prince Charles, routinely travels, they will tough it out with a mere six or seven. I don’t mean to appear ungrateful for the extra McFlurry I can afford with my tax refund in 2013, but I keep getting distracted by repeated footage of their $80million wedding! Sotto Voce. The Voice has officially eclipsed American Idol in talent, quality and class. Not a single contestant, even in the opening rounds, was there for the sole purpose of public mockery. Every contestant had chops. I also believe they have identified a great new artist in Javier Colon. If you haven’t been watching, check him out on YouTube. Who’s the boss? Every Springsteen fan knows the story of that stormy night at Asbury Park in 1971 when Bruce met some football player who apparently “played a little sax.” And anyone who’s seen a Springsteen show recalls Bruce’s introduction of the band. Right before breaking into a rendition of Thunder Road, he’d say, “On saxophone, the incomparable, the big man … Clarence Clemons!” Clarence is gone now, but his music remains.

2 3 4 5 6 7

WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

Register at and take the quick poll Airbus has thought up a see-through aircraft for 2050. Would you fly in it?



33% 16%



Local tweets @TommyGoudge: I know road work is necessary, but this city is screwed right now. Don’t go near Highbury north of Oxford today. #ldnont @AndrewSchiestel: @AllisonDGraham is cooking me a big steak and 2 baked potatoes tonight.. SUPER excited and grateful! :D #ldnont @welcome2markham: Every time I try to figure out my timetable, I get a headache #fail #uwo @MarekSutherland: London Hydro hand delivering monthly bills during

Canada Post work stoppage, nice young man came to my door. #directpaymentrules #ldnont @craigscorgie: Touched down in #ldnont. Actually touched into or touched sideways, I drove I didn’t fly. Gonn check out some Fringe! @eliothong: Hittin up the @uscwavespoke with my boy @arthur_kwok - PAD THAI!!!! #UWO @NicoleKopera: Toronto Pride Parade goers: LAST CHANCE to let me know if you’d like a limited edition, @PrideWestern bandana to wear at the Parade! #UWO

Cartoon by Michael de Adder Worth Mentioning DINOSAURS. Scientists

have figured out a way to take the temperature of dinosaurs, and it turns out to be almost the same as ours. Of course you can’t stick a thermometer under the tongue of a creature that’s been extinct for millions of years. So they did the next best thing. They studied dinosaur teeth, which can reflect body temperature. They found the longnecked Brachiosaurus had a temperature of about 38.2 C and the smaller Camarasaurus had a temperature of about 36.8 C degrees. People average 37 C. Their study, reported online Thursday in the journal Science, will not settle the long-running debate over whether dinosaurs were warmblooded like modern mammals or cold-blooded, requiring outside sources of warmth to get them going like lizards. The researchers were able to determine the creatures’ temperatures because body temperature makes a difference in the amount of different types of carbon and oxygen that collect in the tooth enamel.


Holding out for the right one: Man, 99, weds Gilbert Herrick says he never got married because he never met the right woman — until he turned 98. Now 99, the Second World War veteran and retired postal worker from western New York recently

married 86-year-old Virginia Hartman, a widower who raised five children. Gilbert tells the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester that their first encounter was in 2010 in a hall at Monroe Community Hospital, the nursing home where they both live. After that, he started visiting her every day. Gilbert says they wanted to share a room, but the facility’s rules don’t allow it unless a couple is married. Hartman asked him if he wanted to tie the knot, he said yes and they were married on June 6 with Hartman’s extended family on hand. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


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scene Plot synopsis


In the new Cameron Diaz movie, Bad Teacher, she plays – you guessed it – a bad teacher! More concerned with hooking up with a wealthy co-worker (played by her real-life ex Justin Timberlake) than with her students, she doesn’t make much of an effort to actually educate until she learns there’s a cash bonus for the teacher with the highest classroom grade average.


Ratings: Richard: 888 Tony: 888 12⁄

Scene in brief

Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake in Bad Teacher.

Reel Guys


Turn up the raunch

Richard Crouse and Tony Krolo agree Bad Teacher could have afforded more vulgarity But Cameron Diaz shines, as does her supporting cast


Comedian Tony Krolo is sitting in for Mark Breslin this week. Richard Crouse: Tony, having seen the red band trailer for Bad Teacher I went in expecting a vulgar, funny swear-fest along the same lines as The Hangover. Instead I got a funny, only somewhat vulgar movie that I think could have benefitted from a bit more raunch. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but my expectations were higher... or, I guess, lower. What did you think? (Remember you have big shoes to fill here!) Tony Krolo: First let me thank you for the opportunity to temporarily replace the vacationing Mark Bres-



WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

lin. I wanted to like this movie... so I did. From the opening song Teacher, Teacher by Rockpile, something I still have on original vinyl, to the great casting in even the smallest of roles to the sweet moments followed immediately by gross sight gags to the nicely paced direction by Jake Kasdan, Bad Teacher had a little bit of everything. But it could have had a lot more raunch, you’re right. RC: Yeah, it seems a bit afraid to go all the way. Diaz’s character, a desperate, pretty-on-the-outside but ugly underneath is an odd character to hang a comedy on, but she pulls it off. She’ll never be the funny, fresh face she was in

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There’s Something About Mary and The Mask, and for this movie that’s a good thing. The very slight patina of age and experience in her manner adds some extra desperation to Elizabeth. Having said that, I don’t think this movie would work nearly as well without the supporting cast. You? TK: The cast was incredible. Justin Timberlake really shines here. Jason Segel, John Michael Higgins, Phyllis Smith from The Office, they do their usual, great characters, but Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family played opposite to what you would expect, to really funny results. The only sad thing was the


grossly underused Molly Shannon. It’s sad. If she was 15 years younger, she’d have been perfect to play Lucy Punch’s Amy Squirrel character, who I felt was doing a great Molly Shannon. RC: The supporting cast don’t exactly rescue this movie – it doesn’t need rescuing – but without them Bad Teacher wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. TK: It is very funny if you can allow your suspension of disbelief to ignore the premise that Cameron Diaz’s character actually worked at the school for a full year and gets hired back to have the shenanigans in this movie.

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Justin Bieber, Queen Latifah, Gladys Knight, Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj are coming to the BET Awards. The entertainers will appear on Sunday’s ceremony, which will be broadcast live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The awards honour the year’s top actors, athletes and musicians. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Bollywood breakout Anil Kapoor says he’d like better Indian film scripts. Scan code for story.



Movie reviews

WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

See it twice 88888 | See it now 8888

| Worth watching 888 | Yawn 88 | Don’t bother 8

Thinking big pays off for Gibson CONTRIBUTED

Cars 2 Genre: Animated Director: John Lasseter, Brad Lewis Stars: Larry The Cable Guy, Owen Wilson, Michael Caine 88 1⁄2

After Pixar’s ambitious work on titles such as Ratatouille and Wall-E, this is a disappointment. The first Cars was arguably the weakest Pixar outing, but it at least had moments of pathos and the mature storytelling. Cars 2 shoves Lightening McQueen to the side-

lines of his own franchise in favour of an ill-conceived James Bond homage starring the comic relief character Mater. The material might have worked as a direct-to-DVD sequel exclusively for children, but as a big-screen outing that will draw in all ages it’s a letdown. The convoluted plot wants to comment on the ruthless tactics of corporations determined to maintain fossil fuel dominance, but quickly turns into an mistaken identity comedy

with Larry The Cable Guy playing spy games with Michael Caine. The jokes are tired and the message about accepting friends in spite of their differences was already covered last time. The animation is stunning and there are a handful of funny sequences, but it’s impossible not to compare it to the original movie. Pixar set the bar pretty high for animated fare and at this point simple family escapism like Cars 2 isn’t enough. PHIL BROWN Josh Duhamel plays Lennox and Tyrese Gibson plays Epps in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.







2’ revs up the action and laughs ” . Pete Hamm ond, BOXOFFI CE



©2011 Disney/Pixar

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Tyrese Gibson, the handsome singer and actor, thinks big. Making his new film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, was intense, he says, because “we were working on something the world is anticipating.” Later he mentions Michelle Obama is a fan of his book How to Get Out of Your Own Way. “I’m going to meet her one day.” Gibson doesn’t regard

these overblown statements as hubris but as simple statements of fact. It’s hard to argue with him. The third Transformers movie is one of the most anticipated of the year and his book is on the New York Times Bestseller list. The key to his success is something called “maximizing the stage,” he says. “You want to become or be a part of the things that you see. There is only so much in your life that you can plan out. It’s arrogant

to believe that the next second belongs to you. Tomorrow is a promise so now that we’re here it’s about maximizing.” “I shot both Fast Five and Transformers simultaneously over seven months,” he says. “Hanging out with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then getting on a private plane to get to Michael Bay. The same day; two different movie sets. That’s a good life right there baby.”



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16 WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

Hanks up against screen superheros His new comedy, Larry Crowne, faces competition this movie season Film about a middle-aged man who goes back to college after being fired from his job CONTRIBUTED


LONDON Mustang Drive-In -London 2551 Wilton Grove Rd., 519-644-1160 Bad Teacher (14A) Fri-Sat 12 Sun-Wed 9:45 Thu 12 Bridesmaids (14A) Fri-Sat 9:45 Sun-Wed 11:25 Thu 9:45 Green Lantern (PG) Fri-Thu 9:40 The Hangover Part II (18A) Fri-Thu 11:40 Priest (14A) Thu 1:45 Something Borrowed (PG) Thu 1:25

Hyland Cinema 240 Wharncliffe Road South, 519-913-0313 Listings not available at press time.

Rainbow Cinemas London 355 Wellington St., 519-4343073


Tom Hanks is the first to admit that Larry Crowne, his new comedy about a middle-aged man who goes back to college after losing his job, is something of a hard sell in the crowded, superhero-heavy summer movie season. “How do we compete in the marketplace? Forgive me, I haven’t the slightest f---ing idea. It’s going to be interesting,” Hanks says. “Here we are in a summer of big-time blockbusters. It’s not the summer — it’s year-round,” he says. “You could interview all the marketing gurus and they’ll all talk about release dates and counter-programming and blah blah blah. But at the end of the day, it’s got to be a good movie, it’s got to be a funny movie and it’s got to make people think, ‘Hey, I couldn’t have spent my time any better.’” A tall order, to be sure. But as director, co-writer and the face of the titular Crowne, Hanks is more than up to the challenge. Besides, he’s not actually that worried about the competition. “By the way, that thing about the guy who wore a suit and the planet exploded and he


Bad Teacher (14A) Fri-Thu 12:55-3:05-5:157:15-9:25 Bridesmaids (14A) Fri-Thu 1-7:05 Cars 2 (G) Fri-Thu 1:20-3:55-7-9:35 Green Lantern 3D (PG) Fri-Thu 1:15-3:457:20-9:50 Kung Fu Panda 2 3D (PG) Fri-Mon 1:103:20-5:25-7:25-9:30 Tue 1:10-3:20-5:25-7:25 Mr. Popper’s Penguins (G) Fri-Tue 12:503:10-5:25-7:30-9:45 Wed-Thu 1 Wed-Thu 3:105:25-7:30-9:45 Super 8 (PG) Fri-Thu 1:05-3:50-7:10-9:40 Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D (STC) Tue 9:30 Wed-Thu 12:45-3:45-6:45-9:45 X-Men: First Class (PG) Fri-Thu 3:40-9:35

Western Film Room 340, UCC Building, Listings not available at press time.

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks star in Larry Crowne.

still got the girl by travelling through time? That movie sucked,” Hanks says with a laugh. “I’m not saying any movie sucked, but you know what I’m talking about,” he’s quick to add, his inherent Mr. Nice Guy kicking in. The story of a man heading to college in his 50s might make most people think midlife crisis, but for Hanks that doesn’t begin to cover it. “It’s not a midlife crisis, it’s a midlife disaster,” he says. “Midlife crisis is when you wake up with everything — ‘Oh, I have everything but I’m still unhappy.’ That doesn’t happen to Larry. Larry thinks it’s the greatest day in the world and he gets fired.”

And while not graduating college did work out OK for Hanks, he is quick to point out that he and his leading lady, Julia Roberts, still remember the tough times, Oscars or no Oscars. “There is a time for both of us where we’re living in a rented house in the Valley that we cannot afford, we have been fired from the job that we had and it’s now been 13 months since you’ve actually worked in the city and the phone still is not yet ringing,” Hanks says. “And you wonder if in fact you’re going to take the job at the Wienerschnitzel on Laurel Canyon. When you have that moment, that never quite goes away.”

Wellington 8 Cinemas 983 Wellington Rd. S, 519685-2529 Bad Teacher (14A) No Passes Fri 7:20-9:55 No Passes Sat-Sun 12:40-3:10-7:20-9:55 No Passes Mon-Tue 7:20-9:55 No Passes Wed-Thu 12:403:10-7:20-9:50 Bridesmaids (14A) Fri 6:45-9:35 Sat-Sun 12:30-3:20-6:45-9:35 Mon-Tue 6:45-9:35 WedThu 12:30-3:30-6:45-9:35 Cars 2 3D (G) No Passes Fri 7-9:45 No Passes Sat-Sun 1-4-7-9:45 No Passes Mon-Tue 7-9:45 No Passes Wed-Thu 1-4-7-9:45 Green Lantern (PG) Fri 7:15-10 Sat-Sun 1:204:15-7:15-10 Mon-Tue 7:15-10 Wed-Thu 1:204:15-7:15-10 Green Lantern 3D (PG) Fri 6:50-9:30 Sat-Sun 12:20-3:40-6:50-9:30 Mon 6:50-9:30 Tue 6:50 Mr. Popper’s Penguins (G) Fri 7:10-9:40 Sat-Sun 12:50-4:10-7:10-9:40 Mon-Tue 7:10-9:40 Wed-Thu 12:50-4:10-7:10-9:40 Super 8 (PG) Fri 6:40-9:25 Sat-Sun 1:10-3:506:40-9:25 Mon-Tue 6:40-9:25 Wed-Thu 1:103:50-6:30-9:25 Transformers: Dark of the Moon (STC) No Passes Wed-Thu 12:15-3:35-6:55-10:15 Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D (STC) No Passes Tue 9:30 No Passes Wed-Thu 123:20-6:40-10:05 X-Men: First Class (PG) Fri 6:30-9:50 Sat-Sun 12:15-3:30-6:30-9:50 Mon-Tue 6:30-9:50

Cineplex Odeon Westmount & VIP Cinemas 755 Wonderland Road South, 519-474-2796

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds as the colourful action hero. Bad Teacher (14A) No Passes Fri 5:10-7:309:55 No Passes Sat-Sun 12:35-2:50-5:10-7:309:55 No Passes Mon 7:30-9:55 No Passes Tue 4:40-7:30-9:55 No Passes Wed-Thu 12-2:30-57:30-10 No Passes Fri 4:15-7-9:40 No Passes SatSun 1:30-4:15-7-9:40 No Passes Mon 6:45-9:15 No Passes Tue 4:15-7-9:45 No Passes Wed 7-9:20 No Passes Thu 12:30-3:40-7:30-10:15 Bridesmaids (14A) Fri-Mon 10:15 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (STC) Sun 1 Cars 2 3D (G) No Passes Fri 3:50-6:45-9:30 No Passes Sat-Sun 12:50-3:50-6:45-9:30 No Passes Mon 6:45-9:30 No Passes Tue 3:50-6:45-9:20 No Passes Wed-Thu 12:50-3:50-6:50-9:30 Green Lantern (PG) No Passes Tue 10:10 No Passes Wed 7:30-10:20 No Passes Thu 1-4:1010:30 Green Lantern 3D (PG) No Passes Fri 4:207:10-10:05 No Passes Sat-Sun 1:20-4:20-7:1010:05 No Passes Mon 7:10-10:05 No Passes Tue 4:20-7:10-10:05 No Passes Wed-Thu 1-4:10-7:4010:30 No Passes Fri 3:45-6:30-9:15 No Passes Sat 1-3:45-6:30-9:15 No Passes Sun 2-4:45-7:30-10:20 No Passes Mon 7:15-10:10 No Passes Tue 3:456:30 The Hangover Part II (18A) Fri-Tue 7:4010:20 Kung Fu Panda 2 (PG) Fri 5:20 Sat-Sun 12:40-3-5:20 Tue 4:50 The Metropolitan Opera: Capriccio Encore (STC) Mon 6:30 Mr. Popper’s Penguins (G) Fri 4:10-6:359:15 Sat-Sun 1:10-4:10-6:35-9:15 Mon 6:35-9:15 Tue 4:10-6:35-9:15 Wed 3:35-7-9:50 Thu 12:303:35-7-9:50 National Theatre Live: The Cherry Orchard (STC) Thu 7 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D (PG) Fri 4-7 Sat-Sun 1-4-7 Mon 7 Tue 3:40-6:50 Super 8 (PG) Fri 4:30-7:20-10:10 Sat-Sun 1:304:30-7:20-10:10 Mon 7:20-10:10 Tue 4:30-7:2010:10 Wed 4-7:20-10:20 Thu 12:40-4-7:20-10:20 Fri 4:45-7:30-10:10 Sat 2-4:45-7:30-10:10 Sun 3:45-6:30-9:15 Mon 9:50 Tue 4:45-7:30 Star & Strollers Screening Wed 1 Transformers: Dark of the Moon (STC) No Passes Wed-Thu 11:50-3:15-6:40-10:10 Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D (STC) No Passes Tue 10:15-12:01 No Passes WedThu 12:20-3:45-7:10-10:40 No Passes Tue 9:15 No Passes Wed 6:30-9:50 No Passes Thu 11:55-3:106:30-9:50 X-Men: First Class (PG) Fri 3:30-6:30-9:40 Sat-Sun 12:30-3:30-6:30-9:40 Mon 6:30-9:40 Tue 3:30-6:30-9:40 Wed-Thu 12:10-3:25-6:30-9:40

SilverCity London

1680 Richmond St, 519673-4125 Bad Teacher (14A) No Passes Fri-Mon 12:253:35-6:40-9:45 No Passes Tue 1:05-4-7:15-9:55 No Passes Wed 1:05-4-7:15-9:50 No Passes Thu 1:05-4-7:15-9:55 Bridesmaids (14A) Fri-Tue 12:40-3:40-6:5010:05 Wed-Thu 12:40-3:40-6:45-10:05 Cars 2 (G) No Passes Fri 1:20-4:15-7:15-10:10 No Passes Sat 10:35-1:20-4:15-7:15-10:10 No Passes Sun 1:20-4:15-7:15-10:10 No Passes Mon 7:15 No Passes Tue 1:20-4:15-6:55-9:40 No Passes Wed-Thu 6:55 No Passes Mon 1:20-4:1510:10 No Passes Wed 1:20-4:15-9:40 No Passes Thu 1:20-4:15-10:40 Cars 2 3D (G) No Passes Fri-Mon 12:50-3:506:45-9:30 No Passes Tue-Wed 12:35-3:25-6:309:15 No Passes Thu 12:35-3:30-6:30-9:15 Green Lantern (PG) No Passes Fri-Mon 12:30-3:30-6:30-9:30 No Passes Tue 12:30-3:306:30 Green Lantern 3D (PG) No Passes Fri-Mon 1-4-7-10 No Passes Tue 1-4:05-7-10:20 No Passes Wed-Thu 1-4:05-7:05-9:55 The Hangover Part II (18A) Fri 1:10-4:207:25-10:30 Sat 4:20-7:25-10:30 Sun 1:10-4:207:25-10:30 Mon 1:10-4:20-10:30 Tue 1:10-4:20-7:25-10:30 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (PG) Sat 10:30 Mon 7 The Importance of Being Earnest (PG) Sat 1 Midnight in Paris (PG) Fri-Mon 12:45-4:057:35-10:40 Tue 12:50-4:05-7:35-10:35 Wed 12:50-4:05-10:35 Thu 12:50-4:05-7:35-10:35 Mr. Popper’s Penguins (G) Fri-Mon 12:553:55-6:35-9:20 Tue-Thu 12:55-3:50-6:35-9:20 National Theatre Live: The Cherry Orchard (STC) Thu 7 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D (PG) Fri-Mon 12:35-3:457:05-10:20 Tue 12:35-3:45-7:05 Super 8 (PG) Fri 1:15-4:10-7:30-10:15 Sat 10:45-1:15-4:10-7:30-10:15 Sun-Thu 1:15-4:107:30-10:15 Transformers: Dark of the Moon (STC) No Passes Tue 9:45 No Passes Wed-Thu 2:306:30-10 Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D (STC) No Passes Tue 10:15-12:01 No Passes WedThu 12-12:20-3:25-3:45-6:50-7:10-10:20-10:40 X-Men: First Class (PG) Fri 12:45-3:55-7:2010:25 Sat 1:20-4:20-7:20-10:25 Sun-Tue 12:453:55-7:20-10:25 Wed 3:55-7:20-10:25 Thu 12:45-3:55-10:25 Star & Strollers Screening Wed 1


Usually, the route to fame requires help: publicists, pluggers, and plenty of public appearances (cf. Lady Gaga). But in the ultra-short attention span world of today’s music, I’ve noticed that an increasing number of performers are becoming famous by staying anonymous. The publishing world has known about the marketing power for anonymity for decades. Now some quarters of the music world seems to be applying the same methods. Smart, this, since the intrigued are forced to embark on competitive detective work that may go on for weeks or months, creating buzz and increasing chances of a breakthrough in a noisy market. An example is Cults, the boy-girl indie pop outfit from Manhattan who created a stir in the hipster blogger community when they released a well-received EP in 2010 without offering any information about themselves. That mystery parlayed itself — intentionally or otherwise — into a major label deal. The British music media recently fell for Manchester’s Wu Lyf. They gave no interviews and made no appearances.

“The publishing world has known about the marketing power for anonymity for decades. Now some quarters of the music world seems to be applying the same methods.” All communication was one-way through their website, which consisted of weird mission statements in language that bordered on nonsensical. There was one picture: four people wearing bandanas in a smoky parking lot. Only now that they have an album coming out has Wu Lyf begun to talk. Their manager has been revealed as the founder of a creative agency whose clients include Adidas and Virgin. All this was carefully staged. At first, all anyone knew about Brighton’s YAAKS was that the lineup included someone named Thom and five mates. Their identity is still pretty unclear, but that hasn’t stopped a sizeable number of people from freaking out about a single called HRHRHYTHM. Lest you think that this a new thing, consider the Residents, the San Francisco art collective whose members have never been identified since forming in San Francisco in 1966. Hey, who says you have to be famous and recognizable?


WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

Intent on improvement Beady Eye over the breakup, not resting on success from Oasis’ days METRO WORLD NEWS



Beady Eye sees the former members of Oasis, including frontman Liam Gallagher, but minus brother Noel, downsizing tours and playing smaller venues. However, forging ahead with this new band has upped their game. “It’s weird, man,” says guitarist Gem Archer, “because I think a lot more bands should split up.” Known for the sibling rivalry of the Gallagher brothers as much as their melodic Brit-pop hits, Oasis suddenly, though not too surprisingly, fractured in 2009.

Oasis factor Inevitably, Beady Eye have plenty of Oasis fans in their audiences. Metro asked Gem which of the Brit-pop giant’s songs do audiences yell requests for? Quote: “We haven’t had one,” says Gem. “That said, we take every gig as it comes. But, so far, everyone’s bought in really quickly to it. And been really respectful. Because we’ve been clear about it. We haven’t been dabbling around saying we are going to play old songs. We’ve drawn the line and stepped over it.”

Liam Gallagher, minus his brother Noel, fronts Beady Eye.

As Archer considers the quote he just provided, he laughs at how it could be taken as typically acerbic for these Brit-pop vets. “I mean as an exercise,” he adds. “Imagine if every band said, ‘Look, for the next tour we’re going to do all the new songs and only

sticking in three or four (old ones).’” That is exactly what Beady Eye’s challenge is. Though they look and sound familiar, they don’t want to lazily rest on old laurels and play Oasis hits on this first world tour, which includes only a handful of U.S. dates and a

promise, says Gem, to return for more before the end of the year. “It was a bit of a mindf— to sort of go, ‘Look this is all we’ve got,’” Gem says of the band’s debut album, Different Gear, Still Speeding, which was released in February. “It raises your game.”



WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

It’s a full house of poker problems Tobey Maguire among celebs reportedly caught ante-ing up at unlicensed poker matches Spidey actor caught in a web of lawsuits GETTY IMAGES

Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire and other celebrities have been caught in a web of lawsuits seeking to reclaim more than $4 million won during unlicensed poker matches at upscale Beverly Hills hotels, court records show. The lawsuits were filed by a bankruptcy trustee attempting to recoup money for investors who were duped in a Ponzi scheme. The legal actions claim the clandestine Texas Hold 'em matches were played between 2006 and 2009, with some of the money taken in the Ponzi scheme used to pay off debts incurred by its architect, Bradley Ruderman. Maguire is being sued for $311,000 plus interest that the lawsuit says was won from Ruderman. In all, 22 people have been individually sued to try to recoup money. Among them was Nick Cassavettes, director of The Notebook. The trustee

Tobey Maguire

is attempting to recover nearly $73,000 plus interest from the actor-director. Maguire's attorney, Robert Barta, did not im-

mediately return a phone message seeking comment but was expected to file a response to the suit later this week. Cassavettes'

agent Jeff Berg also did not immediately respond to a phone message. Also being sued is billionaire businessman Alec Gores, who along with his brother attempted to buy Miramax Films last year. Gores is being sued for $445,500. Phone message left for Frank Stefanik, a spokesman at The Gores Group, and his attorney, Patricia Glaser, were not immediately returned. Ruderman was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison earlier this year after pleading guilty to two counts of wire fraud, two counts of investment adviser fraud and wilful failure to file taxes. Bankruptcy trustee Howard Ehrenberg filed the lawsuits in late March, attempting to recoup money on behalf of people who invested in what the legal action called a Ponzi scheme organized by Ruderman. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


PRIZE PACK Get clean, beautiful skin today. A gorgeous look starts with clean, naturally beautiful skin. Olay’s Pore Minimizing Cleanser & Scrub is a 2-in-1 foaming formula that exfoliates skin to help minimize the appearance of pores while cleansing skin deeply. The 2-in-1 formula combines Deep Cleansing Ribbons that sweep away dirt and impurities with Exfoliating Microbead Ribbons to refine skin and help minimize the appearance of pores. Check us out at © 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.


George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis have split up, they announced in a statement this week. “We are not together anymore. It’s very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy,” the statement reads. Canalis, who had been dating Clooney since 2009, recently said in an interview that she hoped to be married some day, which many assumed wouldn’t sit well with the marriage-


To register and for full contest details visit

George Clooney

averse Clooney. METRO

Speaking of Spider-Man Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield reportedly had so much fun filming The Amazing Spider-Man that they’ve continued their friendship even after production wrapped up — and have become

more than friends, according to Us Weekly. “They got close during filming and have been hooking up,” a source says. METRO

Celebrity tweets

Today, Judd Apatow is branching out, Hugh Hefner is on a field trip, Seth MacFarlane is looking for a new hobby, and Paris Hilton is watching her own reality show.


I am thinking about writ@JuddApatow ing a play. I have never tried. Reading a ton of them. Which ones should I read? @SethMacFarlane



Clooney single yet again ladies

Think I'll take up toothpickchewing.

So awkward watching this right now... @hughhefnerx

I'm treating Anna & the girls to a day at Disneyland, the other Happiest Place on Earth.

Sharon would have pulled a ‘Bobbit’ Sharon Osbourne says she wouldn’t have reacted as calmly as Maria Shriver did to news that her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had an illegitimate child with a housekeeper. “I would have chopped his willy off. Arnie’s willy would have been down the disposal unit spinning around, that's where it'd be,” Osbourne says, accord-

ing to Hollyscoop. “I was really, really disappointed at him for being so horribly disrespectful and deceitful to do that in your own home. He can do whatever he wants in hotels on the road, whatever, knock yourself out, but you don't disrespect your family by doing it in your own home. To me it’s just unthinkable." METRO


When you’re a wine it’s not that easy being pink. Caught between a red and a white place you’re often a misunderstood novelty that gets accused of being designed primarily for folks looking to take a step up from coolers. Though California’s White Zinfandel may be the best known pinky, both Europe and South America have long histories of making rosé wines that have evolved with food companions in every country on both continents that embrace a Mediterranean-esque lifestyle. Their wines are typically drier with crisp berry fruit flavours. Light in acid and tannin they make a perfect match with mainstream fare such as pasta with tomato sauce and pizza, as well as grilled meats and salads. That harmony between body and fruit also gives them an edge over red wines when looking for a liquid partner for white meats and fresh fish; and they pair nicely with Asian dishes, brunch and laid-back summer afternoons. Selection across the country varies greatly, with a wine like Folonari’s 2010 Pink Pinot Grigio ($11.95 $12.99) from Italy, a soft, strawberryinfused twist on the world’s most popular white grape variety. PRICES









Pizza pie heaven These two pizzas take the Italian favourite to a whole new level Grilling this Sweet Potato and Sausage Pizza infuses tasty smoky flavours MATTHEW MEAD/ THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


Start to finish: 30 min. Makes: 8 slices

• 1 medium sweet potato • 2 sweet or spicy Italian chicken sausage, each cut diagonally into 8 slices • 1 ball (about 567 g/20 oz) pizza dough • 30 ml (2 tbsp) olive oil • 1 ball (500 g/16 oz) fresh mozzarella, sliced • Salt and ground black pepper, to taste • 15 ml (1 tbsp) chopped fresh thyme

heat, set dough on grate. Close lid and grill for 7 minutes or until bottom is golden.

Grilling pizza offers a new flavour.

Summer grilling season is a great excuse to give the pizza delivery guy a break. Grilling infuses pizza with a wonderful smoky flavour and a crisp, chewy crust. But you need to know a few basics. First, your toppings need to be precooked because the pizza won’t be on the grill long enough to cook them there. Second, it’s important to start with clean, well-oiled grates because the dough will stick to charred food left on them.

Finally, start by grilling the dough plain until the bottom is lightly browned. Then oil the top, flip and add your sauce and other toppings to finish cooking.

Drain sweet potatoes, then set aside.


Heat grill to mediumhigh. Grill sausage slices until charred and cooked through, about 3 minutes per side. Remove from grill and set aside.


Clean grill grates and brush with oil. Stretch pizza dough into a rough circle, about 35 centimetres in diameter. Reduce grill to medium



Bring a medium saucepan of water to a boil. Peel sweet potato and slice it into 3-mm (1/8-inch) slices. Drop slices into boiling water and boil until just tender, but not falling apart, 5 to 7 minutes.


Brush top of pizza crust with half of the olive oil and flip over. Brush again with remaining oil. Top with sweet potato slices, cooked sausage pieces and mozzarella slices. Close grill and cook for 7 to 8 minutes or until cheese is melted and bottom of crust is golden and crispy. Remove from grill and sprinkle with salt, pepper and thyme. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

A Strawberry-Kiwi dessert pizza you can feel good about indulging in Preparation:

1 2

Crust: In bowl, whisk whole-wheat flour, allpurpose flour, baking powder, salt. Set aside. In food processor, puree cottage cheese. Add sugar, oil, milk, almond extract, process until smooth. Add dry ingre-

Ingredients: Crust • 175 ml (3/4 cup) wholewheat pastry flour • 125 ml (1/2 cup) flour, more for dusting • 10 ml (2 tsp) baking powder • 1 ml (1/4 tsp) salt • 125 ml (1/2 cup) low-fat cottage cheese • 75 ml (1/3 cup) sugar • 45 ml (3 tbsp) canola oil


WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

dients and pulse until dough clumps together. Turn onto lightly floured surface, use floured hands to press dough into ball. Knead 3 times, but do not overwork. Dust dough with flour, wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 30 mins.


In bowl, whisk together raspberry jam and orange juice. Set aside.


To bake pizza, position rack in middle of oven. Heat oven to 200 C (400 F). Coat 30-cm (12-inch) pizza pan with cooking spray.


Place cooled crust on clean pizza pan and sprinkle evenly with 22 ml (1 1/2 tbsp) coconut. Arrange strawberry and kiwi slices on top. Sprinkle evenly with remaining coconut. Cut into 8 wedges and serve immediately. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

• 30 ml (2 tbsp) milk • 3 ml (3/4 tsp) almond extract Toppings • 75 ml (1/3 cup) seedless raspberry jam • 30 ml (2 tbsp) orange juice • 45 ml (3 tbsp) sweetened coconut flakes, divided • 2 kiwi fruit, peeled and thinly sliced • 3 large strawberries, sliced


On floured surface, roll dough into a 30-cm (12inch) circle about 5 mm (1/4 inch) thick (sprinkle flour on rolling pin). Roll dough back over rolling pin and transfer to pan.


Spread raspberry jam mix over dough, leaving a 2-cm (3/4-inch) border around edge. Bake until crust is golden and crisp, 20 minutes. Transfer to wire rack and let cool.

3 life

Iron Chef Battle Roger Mooking is the latest Canadian chef to enter kitchen stadium for an Iron Chef America battle. Food Network Canada says the Everyday Exotic host will face off against Michael Symon as part of three back-to-back battles featuring Canuck cooks. The showcase is part of an Iron Chef America marathon Canada Day weekend. Mooking’s episode premieres July 3 and follows repeat airings of challenges with Lynn Crawford and Chuck Hughes. THE CANADIAN PRESS

If you’re a novice on the barbecue scan this code for tips on how to grill perfectly, every time.



4 sports Flyers moves


WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

Decision day arrives Flyers’ blockbuster trades could signal more as teams prepare for NHL draft What was thought would be a straight-forward NHL draft highlighted by Ryan Nugent-Hopkins being picked first by the Edmonton Oilers became a more mysterious place Thursday after an explosion of trades by the Philadelphia Flyers. Now the question going into the opening round on Friday night is not only where the top dozen or more highly regarded 18year-olds in this year’s pool will be selected, but what sudden moves may be made on the Excel Centre floor. Already, the Columbus Blue Jackets have dealt away the eighth overall pick, plus 21-year-old Jakob

Top picks After Edmonton, Colorado drafts second, but they have good defence prospects and may want a big forward in Sweden’s Gabriel Landeskog, who is captain of the Kitchener Rangers.

Voracek and a thirdrounder, to the Flyers for veteran centre Jeff Carter. That came just before Philadelphia general manager Paul Holmgren sent his captain Mike Richards to the Los Angeles Kings for two players.

Florida, which also has good young blue-liners like Erik Gudbranson in the fold, holds the third pick and may also want a forward. They are followed by New Jersey, the New York Islanders, Ottawa, Winnipeg/Manitoba, Philadelphia, Boston (from Toronto in the Phil Kessel deal) and Minnesota.

Now there’s a sense it may set off a round of big deals involving several other clubs. “That probably will shake some other things moving, but it doesn’t affect anything we’re working on,” said Toronto Maple

of talented young forwards that includes last year’s first-overall pick Taylor Hall as well as Sam Gagner, Magnus Paajarvi and others. “If I do go first there’s a lot of young guys there who have gone through the same things I have, so they’ll be great to talk to,” Nugent-Hopkins said. “I joined a rebuilding team in Red Deer a couple of years ago and I really liked that. “Edmonton is going through the same thing right now. I’d love to join a rebuilding team like that and help them to the ultimate goal, which is the Stanley Cup, eventually.”

Leafs general manager Brian Burke, who nonetheless is ready to move his 25thand 30th-overall first-round picks plus a high secondrounder if he can get a good NHL-ready skater. It was already a tough draft to call, with widely varying opinions among scouts on what order to place the strong crop of prospects that come after Nugent-Hopkins, the skinny playmaking centre from the Red Deer Rebels who is a consensus choice as the top pick. The Oilers hold the first pick and, without confirming it, have given every indication they will add Nugent-Hopkins to a pool




1 2 3

Top NHL draft prospects speak with the media on Thursday.

Mike Richards was traded for Kings forwards Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds and a second-round pick. Jeff Carter was traded for Blue Jackets forward Jake Voracek and the club’s first- and thirdround picks. Later in the day, the Flyers announced they had signed goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov to a nine year, $51-million US contract. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Riot casts shadow over Grey Cup CFL EXTRA POINTS DAN TOTH


Tickets for the 2011 Grey Cup in Vancouver — one of Canada’s biggest annual parties — went on sale this week and already organizers face a problem. While cup seats come with plenty of perks, common sense and civility aren’t among them. Most years the game and related boozing goes off without a

hitch. A handful of drunks end up in jail, but nobody gets hurt and widespread hooliganism is non-existent. In Vancouver’s case, hot on the heels of the riots and the smell of burned cop cars after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, there must be some concern of a repeat performance tied to the 99th Grey Cup game at B.C. Place Stadium. The facility is in the shadows of where the infamous rioting took place, and with 60,000 football fans pouring into the streets after the Nov. 27 championship game, organizers are sweating.

Listen in. Give TSN full credit for using live microphones on players and coaches Thursday night for the first time during a CFL pre-season game. Giving fans a chance to hear play calls and sideline chatter live as it happens has been lacking from sports broadcasts. While we see players and coaches having face-toface rants, we’re usually relegated to listening to the talking heads in the broadcast booth offer their version of what’s being said. The experiment during the Toronto Argonauts at Winnipeg Blue Bombers had live microphones on

Argos head coach Jim Barker and Blue Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice. The quarterbacks were also wired up, giving the TV faithful at home live unedited audio from the huddle and the sidelines. Kicking around. Kicker Sandro DeAngelis will start the third chapter of his CFL career with Montreal, which is not only good for the Alouettes but the league and its fans will benefit too. Yes, DeAngelis has a mouth even larger than his ego, but getting released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats after just one season should bring the former all-star down a notch.

The very quotable DeAngelis last season posted a career-low 76.2 per cent success rate on field goals, but a year before he was a West Division all-star with the Calgary Stampeders. He was once considered the CFL’s most reliable kicker during his five seasons and a Grey Cup title in Calgary, but after signing with Hamilton as a free agent in 2010, he converted just 32 of 42 field-goal attempts and was considered an overpaid failure. Many CFL fans will want to see him fail, but his colourful persona, while irritating to some, makes the CFL that much more entertaining.


Wild day at Wimbledon CLIVE MASON/GETTY IMAGES

Third-seeded Na had won 14 of last 15 Grand Slam matches in 2011 French Open champion Li Na squandered two match points and lost in the second round of Wimbledon on Thursday to German wild card Sabine Lisicki, the biggest upset of the tournament so far. The 62nd-ranked Lisicki erased both match points with service winners in the ninth game of the third set and beat the third-seeded Chinese player 3-6, 6-4, 8-6 under the roof on Centre Court. Other winners on Day 4 included six-time champion Roger Federer, defending women's champion Serena Williams and second-seeded Novak Djokovic. After Li hit a forehand long on Lisicki's third match point, the 21-yearold German fell to her knees at the baseline and put her head to the turf. She broke into tears at her courtside chair. “My emotions are so, I mean, just over the moon,” said Lisicki, who served 17 aces and had 32 winners. “It's just amazing.” Li was up 4-2 in the third set and twice served for the match but was broken each time. She became China's first major singles champion at Roland Garros last month. “Tough match,” Li said. “But I think both players today played great. Nothing wrong, just unlucky. I have two match points. But I can do nothing for these two match points.”

“They like to put us on Court 2, me and Venus, for whatever reason. I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe one day we'll figure it out. I don't know.” SERENA WILLIAMS, WHO COMPLAINED ABOUT NOT PLAYING ON CENTRE COURT OR COURT 1 AFTER HER MATCH YESTERDAY. SHE SAID TOP MALE PLAYERS ARE NEVER “MOVED ACROSS” TO THE OUTSIDE COURTS.

Lisicki has now won 12 of her last 13 matches on grass, including reaching the Wimbledon quarterfinals in 2009 and winning a tuneup tournament in Birmingham this month. She missed five months last season with a left ankle injury, and subsequently fell out of the top 200 rankings. “It was very, very hard,” she said. “I really had to start from zero after being on crutches for seven weeks so it just means so much to me, you know, winning the title in Birmingham and getting the wild card here. I appreciate it so much, to be back in Wimbledon. It's just a place that I love so much.”


WEEKEND, JUNE 24-26, 2011

Sabine Lisicki of Germany celebrates match point against China’s Li Na on Thursday.


*Limited Time Offer - June 20th-July 17th, 2011. © Desnoes & Geddes. RED STRIPE lager is imported by Diageo Canada. The RED STRIPE Words are a trade mark. © Diageo 2011

Cavs take Irving with No. 1 pick The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Kyrie Irving with the No. 1 pick Thursday in an NBA draft that quickly became filled with international players. Three of the first six players taken were from Europe, capitalizing on the absence of some American college players who might have gone in their spots if it wasn’t for the league’s uncertain labour situation. Irving was loudly cheered by family and friends in attendance in Newark N.J. The point guard played high school basketball at nearby St. Patrick's High School in Elizabeth, N.J. The draft gives the Cavs a chance to rebuild less than a year after LeBron James left for Miami, as they also owned the No. 4 selection that they used on forward Tristan Thompson from Brampton, Ont. The Minnesota Timberwolves took Arizona forward Derrick Williams with the No. 2 pick. The Utah Jazz then took Turkish big man Enes Kanter third. The Toronto Raptors selected Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas with the fifth overall pick. The six-foot-11 centre played in his country's top league last season. It was the Raptors' highest draft pick since they took Andrea Bargnani first overall in 2006. Jan Vesely of the Czech Republic was taken sixth by Washington. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/ THE CANADIAN PRESS



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You can now post your kiss, and read even more kisses, online at Dear chico, you are lovely inside and out. Have a great last day! LOVE POO POO Kali, Usted es la única mujer para mí, I will always love you. ROBOTIC DINOSAUR BOY Peter, Had a wife and couldn't keep her soooooooooooo HE MARRIES another one ? When? Someday? Oh really!!! PUMPKIN

Mike My Spanish Boy The universe stopped from reaching you, just like you did on Tuesday. The kisses, the love, the connection, I have always felt the same way. Now I am straight in Metro office, trying to send this once again (for the 40th time in the last 3 days). Come back.

How to play 4 Shattered 5 Hepatic organ 6 Consumed 7 Pennsylvania city 8 Gather gradually 9 Charged bit 10 Head of st. 11 Firmament 16 Stared stupidly 20 Opposite of bellum 23 Tournament component 24 Addict 25 “Hey, you!” 26 Cleanse

27 Ottoman VIP 28 Acute 29 Drone 32 Summer dress fabric 33 Bruckner or Chekhov 35 Mr. Six-Pack 36 Marsh plants 38 Coast 39 DHS Secretary Napolitano 42 Release money 43 Greenland 44 Snow transport 45 Scenery chewer

Gemini May 22-June 21 There’s money to be made this weekend, but if you take silly chances you could also lose money. Cancer June 22-July 22 This is your time of year. You must make the most of it, but you must also be conscious of your limits.

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Leo July 23-Aug.23 High expectations are good but you also need to keep your feet on the ground. Virgo Aug. 24- Sept. 22 You may think you can take on the world but you wouldn’t be wise to expect too much of yourself now. Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 23 The moment success starts to go to your head is the moment your luck will start heading south. Scorpio Oct. 24-Nov. 22 It’s not like you to be outrageous but you’ve just got to do something to break the cycle of boredom.

Fill in the grid, so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There is no math involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.


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Today’s horoscope Aries March 21-April 20 Don’t do anything that might set off a war of words, or a flood of tears with friends or loved ones. Taurus April 21-May 21 It may be a carefree time, but don’t think you can do as you please.

46 Lemieux milieu 47 Healthy 49 Hearty brew



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Sagittarius Nov. 23-Dec. 21 Don’t be shocked if someone you could always count on decides not to go along with your plans. Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 20 If you want to get things done, you’ll have to work closely with others.


Aquarius Jan. 21-Feb. 18 Slow down a bit and catch your breath. If you don’t, health-wise, that’s asking for trouble. Pisces Feb. 19-March 20. Be selective about your ambitions — and be ruthless with how you manage your time. SALLY BROMPTON

“Yeah, yeah child me up.” FRANK


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