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Changes to transit operations Q: Are there going to be any changes for buses or

A: Metro will update signs on buses, at bus stops,

and major transit centers to reflect the changes. Metro will publish an updated Visitor Guide that includes information on transportation services and fares, and will develop a Metro downtown bus service brochure for hotels, businesses and visitors bureaus. Metro’s website will have updated information on how to pay your fare.

trains in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel?

A: To ensure smooth operations in the tunnel, Metro

will likely move some bus routes to surface streets in September. In addition, Metro will be making some operational changes to keep buses moving in the tunnel. This includes some changes to the ways buses and trains are scheduled in the tunnel during the evening commute, and moving the bus bays to more effectively accommodate riders and buses.

Q: How is Metro informing employers of this change? A: Metro will be reaching out to employers, employee transportation coordinators, transportation networks, and community partners – such as the Downtown Seattle Association – to spread the word about the elimination of the RFA and the transition to pay-on-entry.

Q: Are there going to be any changes for buses that use surface streets in downtown Seattle?

A: Metro may move some bus routes from the tunnel to surface streets in September, and improve some bus stops and traffic signals to help buses move more quickly through downtown Seattle. Improvements will be mostly focused on Third Avenue.

Q: How is Metro getting bus drivers and other staff ready for the changes?

A: Metro will train bus drivers and other operations

and customer information staff before the change so they can be effective sources of information for riders.

Keeping informed Q: How do I find out more and keep up-to-date as Metro finalizes its plans?

A: Metro has information about these changes online

Ride Free Area project

Q: How is Metro informing bus riders about the

Website: Email: Phone: 206-296-7643 206-263-9988 (Español) 206-263-9674 ( )

at:, and the site will be updated when new information is available in the coming months. You can also call the Customer Information Office at 206-553-3000. changes?

A: Starting with an open house on March 29, Metro

is planning a six-month campaign to educate bus riders about the changes. The campaign includes signs on buses, Rider Alerts, and street teams of Metro employees in September. The Metro Online website will have new information under the “How to Ride” section, and the changes will be included in all the September service change materials.

Q: How is Metro informing tourists, downtown visitors, and occasional bus riders about the changes?

Alternative Formats Available 206-684-1151 TTY Relay: 711 12019/comm

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King County Metro Transit Implementation plan for Ride Free Area elimination and transition to pay-on-entry