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direction. If I have to go downtown to catch another bus would I have to pay for another going the same direction (north or south). This too is difficult because it would eliminate going shopping, to work for many working poor, doctor's appointments, and much more. Many people have things to do; errands to run, and if they need the bus system it should be accommodating and convenient. Elimination of the free ride zone could also affect the businesses downtown. It's understandable that costs of business do go up, however, the system should accommodate the poor. The added costs would hinder the poor, lower income people (and some middle class as well) and is also discriminatory. Could Metro find ways to raise money to fund the system, perhaps apply for federal grants to fund low income poor riders? I think the Metro Bus Transit services has gotten worse: raising fares, now eliminating the free ride routes. Paying $2.50 for each bus is too prohibitive for many riders. And many people do not have family and friends to give them rides to wherever they need to go (the ride givers also have their own lives to lead, too); they may be alone in this city. I am one of these riders. And taxicabs? Forget it! Too cost prohibitive and some cab drivers are unscrupulous. I work the graveyard shift and cannot attend your open house, so I am writing this letter to voice my opinion. THANK YOU. 559. why not pay as you leave the bus? paying when you get on holds up the exiting of the masses. 560. Although I have an unlimited ORCA card that I receive from my employer, I do not agree with eliminating the ride free area downtown. I think the ride free area is essential for tourists and low income individuals. It's an easy and efficient manner for them to get around the core downtown area without having to pay. I think it puts an extreme burden on lower income individuals who NEED to utilize the bus system. 561. Tho' I'm not a low-income person, I have concern for them and their ability to get to needed services with no cost. You say in announcement: "Will address providing transportation assistance for low or no-income people who have used the Ride Free Area to get to essential services in the downtown area. " How will you address this? I suggest some kind of card for those proving they are low income so they can scan a "free ride" card when needed to Dr or appointment, or other need. The dept that determines now who gets low-income housing, for ex, could tell bus service how to determine who will get these cards and ability to use when needed. If such cards are issued, and you don't make them look that different from other's cards, it will help the self-esteem of those who must use such also. Thanks for listening, as I can't make the meeting date. 562. I do not use the bus in the downtown Ride Free Area. My comments have to do with all riders entering through the front door of the bus in the Tunnel. Having all riders enter through the front door of the bus will add a substantial amount of time. Also, in the Tunnel, the mob of people will be a bigger mess than it is already -- there is hardly room to move around on the Tunnel platform now. Will the busses still stop at their posted stops in the Tunnel? or just stop anywhere so that the riders will be running the length of the platform trying to get to their bus? Obviously those that are making these changes do not depend on the busses for transportation. I've been a loyal bus rider for 36 years and this is the worst change to come along. 563. I welcome ending the RFA. Everyone should be expected to pay when they use the bus. Too many people are cheating the system by getting on free and not paying as they get off outside of downtown. Also, I suggest ending the paper transfers as well. Should do as CT has done. If you pay with cash, you get no transfer, but with ORCA you get electronic transfer. There's a guy at my bus stop that he stored

Ride Free Area - Public Engagement Report  

King County Metro Transit Implementation plan for Ride Free Area elimination and transition to pay-on-entry