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AN YOU IMAGINE getting married by candlelight as the snow falls gently? The glistening landscape provides a natural, cozy and heartwarming setting. After all, this is the season of giving, of family, and with a new year, it is also the season of new beginnings. There are many variables to consider when planning a winter wedding. FIRST, KEEP IT LOCAL. With everything that’s available through Omaha’s local retailers and providers, there is no need to risk the weather delaying the arrival of all your necessities. To help you create your ideal winter fairytale, they can help you add the little touches that will make your wedding and reception unique and memorable.



Your theme should be the third major wedding decision that you make (following only the who and when.) Choosing a theme in the beginning of the planning stages will help you to coordinate your dresses, invitations, cake, decor and more. It gives you a general idea of what you are looking for so that you are not so easily overwhelmed by the number of local options available to soon-to-be brides. When choosing your theme it is important that your personality as a couple should shine through! Will it be more casual or more formal? Will it be centered around the holidays? A specific culture? How many guests do you intend to invite and what are the ages? What sort of activities, if any, do you want to provide at your reception? continued



metroMAGAZINE • JAN/FEB 2011

metroMAGAZINE's January/February 2011 Issue  
metroMAGAZINE's January/February 2011 Issue  

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