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AS A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL IN OMAHA, I FEEL IT IS IMPORTANT for us to be involved because there are thousands of people in our city that need our help. From kids to seniors, they need our passion, energy, ideas and thoughtfulness. It's important to take the issues you care about and make a difference. If you love poetry, how can you make a difference? If you love designing clothes, how can you make a difference?...Do what you love and positively impact our community and people’s lives by way of your passion. Omaha is on the verge of great things over the next 10 years, and I just want to be a part of it!

hillary nather-detisch director of donor accounts • 35 OMAHA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION I AM PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY because I was taught by my mom to do so and more importantly, I enjoy it. I love giving back–regardless if it is time, talent or treasure. Knowing I am making a difference is what motivates me every day in both my job and my own personal commitments to community organizations. I look forward to teaching my three daughters the importance of giving back to the community and being involved. From a philanthropic point of view, it is important because frankly, it is our responsibility as a steward of the community. If every young professional in Omaha started to get involved, in a small way–what would that look like? From political and government involvement to business leadership involvement, to education and philanthropy, we would set a standard for generations following in our footsteps and that would make Omaha an even more amazing place to live.

christian gray executive director • 38 INCOMMON COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FOR THE PAST 50-PLUS YEARS, AMERICANS have increasingly become disengaged from community life and civic participation, that is, until now. The generation(s) that make up the “Young Professionals” demographic has begun to reverse this detrimental trend in significant and creative ways... The question remains, “Will we continue to press on in this challenge of restoring the vibrant civic life so formative–and great–in this Nation’s history?” This, of course, is not a question that can be resolved with words, only through personal and collective action...Action is contagious, and a collective movement of active, reengaged young citizens is exactly what our community–and country–needs most as we face the challenges and opportunities of today. 26

phil mcdonnell manager, investor solutions • 27 TD AMERITRADE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS HOLD MUCH OF ITS FUTURE in their hands. Without them in our future, sustained growth or prosperity is impossible. Their talents are in high demand, which means we are constantly competing for their loyalty. The needs of today's young professionals must be very important to the community and must be taken into consideration by today's leadership. Young professional recruitment in the community then becomes similar to young professional recruitment in business. Whoever does the better job meeting the needs of the talent will recruit the better candidates and ultimately have the greatest potential to succeed...This is precisely why it is so critically important for them to engage with the community. The more influence young professionals have, the better the community can become for their needs and the more success they will have recruiting and retaining the better talent for our future.

sarah brownlee public relations manager • 27 OMAHA SYMPHONY AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING CLICHÉ AND CHEESY, IT BOILS DOWN TO THIS: We are the community’s future. In practice, this means some healthy give and take between current and future generation leaders. The give? Young professionals must take ownership in their community, getting involved and speaking up. If we want to enjoy the arts down the road, we are wise to invest in them now. If we want better jobs and infrastructure tomorrow, we had better pay attention and do our part today. The take? Area business leaders and civic influencers need to listen to us and encourage our presence at the table, where decisions that impact Omaha’s future are being made. Omaha is a cool city for young professionals—a great place to live, work and play. Why not step up and contribute to its future growth and opportunity? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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