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it’s human nature

to focus on what we don’t have. Here in eastern Nebraska, we don’t have the mountains for a day of summer hiking or winter skiing. We can’t escape July’s heat or February’s chill splashing in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it’s because we don’t have these natural playgrounds at our immediate disposal that we focus our entertainment around dining and the arts; we have both in great numbers and quality. Established as one of the best in Omaha is Jams Grill and Bar. May marks Jams’ 19th year of serving Omaha fresh, innovative dishes in a casual though sophisticated environment. Owner and manager Mark Hoch says the secret to his restaurant’s success and longevity is consistency: low staff turnover, caliber of food, an “honest drink at the bar,” and daily focus. Customers have said Jams serves the “most consistent food in town,” says Hoch, “A lot of our employees have been here a long time which contributes to the stability of our business.” He also attributes Jams’ success to his business formula, which centers on repeatedly striving for excellence. “Everyday is important in this business, not just busy days,” Hoch asserts. Hoch jokes that he’d rather just be the owner at a distance in warm Arizona. You can’t blame him after this winter, but his daily presence at the restaurant helps it run more

metroMAGAZINE's APRIL 2010 Issue  
metroMAGAZINE's APRIL 2010 Issue  

metroMAGAZINE's APRIL 2010 Issue is online now! metroMAGAZINE is published monthly by ALH Publications, serving the Omaha/Lincoln/Council Bl...