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APRIL 4/1 (Lisa) Mandeville, LA Women’s Night Church of the King

4/2-3 (Lisa) El Paso, TX From Glory to Glory Women’s Conference Congreso Internacional De Mujer a Mujer & Regular Worship Services Vino Nuevo Church 4/3 (John) Irving, TX DFW New Beginnings 4/3 (John) Broken Arrow, OK Grace Church 4/3 (John) Tulsa, OK REAL: Transparency in Leadership Event Oral Roberts University Student Association Oral Roberts University 4/6-7 (John & Lisa) Shreveport, LA Vision for a City Conference Shreveport Community Church 4/8-9 (Lisa) Meridian, ID Capital Women’s Conference Capital Christian Center 4/9-10 (John) Mandeville, LA Church of the King 4/14-15 (Lisa) Rockford, IL Original Women’s Conference 2011 - SHAPE Full Conference: 4/14-16 Rockford First 4/17-18 (John) Georgetown, TX Celebration Church 4/24-28 (John) Virginia Beach,VA Wave Church 4/29-30 (John) Hampton,VA Bethel Temple Church


5/1 (John) Fayetteville, NC Covenant Love Church 5/6-7 (John) Dalton, GA Extraordinary Conference Cross Pointe Christian Center 5/7-8 (John) Huntsville, AL The Rock Family Worship Center 5/11-13 (Lisa) Jacksonville, FL Shine 2011 Women’s Conference Celebration Church of Jacksonville 5/19-20 (Lisa) Real Women Conference 2011 Los Alamitos, CA Cottonwood Church 5/25 (Lisa) Lima, NY Elim Fellowship Leadership Conference Full Conference: 5/23-26 Elim Gospel Church 5/26 (Lisa) Kalamazoo, MI Press Pause Women’s Conference Full Conference: 5/26-27 Valley Family Church of Kalamazoo 5/27-28 (John & Lisa) Fort Wayne, IN City Wide Worship Conference Envision Life Center

SPECIAL EVENT Curriculum Taping 6/4-5 (John) Colorado Springs, CO Live Taping of John’s newest book: Relentless Church For All Nations

1st Annual Messenger Cup Golf Tournament 6/6-7 Colorado Springs, CO Broadmoor Resort

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JUNE 6/3-4 (Lisa) Orange County, CA Women’s Conference So. California Assemblies of God 6/9-11 (Lisa) Oklahoma City, OK Girlfriends 2011: Love University Church of the Harvest 6/17-19 (Lisa) Keller, TX Summer Splash Women’s Conference & Regular Church Services Milestone Church 6/18-19 (John) St. Peters, MO Church on The Rock 6/24 (Lisa) Springfield, MO Awaken Women’s Event Ridgecrest Baptist Church 6/25-26 (John & Lisa) Washington, DC Capital City Church

INTL 3/17-19 & 3/24-26 (Lisa) Sydney, Australia Colour 2011 Women’s Conference Hillsong Church 4/27-29 (Lisa) Kiev, Ukraine Colour 2011 Women’s Conference Hillsong Church Kiev 5/5-7 (Lisa) London, England Colour 2011 Women’s Conference Hillsong Church London 5/14-15 (John) Ukraine International Conference House of Bread 5/20-22 (John) Yerevan, Armenia Conference, 20th- 21st & Regular Worship Services, 22nd Word of Life Church of Armenia

THE COURAGE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Dearest friends, It seems darkness grows as our light flickers. It’s time to announce that a Lion is in our midst. Perhaps we missed Him while we bickered about the unimportant. Our ranks have become divided and our focus distracted as the powers of darkness have caused havoc on the earth we are charged to keep. A battle rages around us, but we are too busy fighting within our camp. Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen. Timothy, my son, I give you this instruction in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by following them you may fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience. Some have rejected these and so have shipwrecked their faith. 1 Timothy 1:17–19, NIV There are promises thrown into our future. We wage war with weapons of light and hope. He is not defeating death again; He has won that victory. But it is time we walk out His triumph and encourage others to follow. Even now our nation is on the verge of moral, economic, and spiritual collapse. We are beset with enemies and terrorists throughout the world and within our borders. Fear and treachery sow their discord on every front, and there are those among us who imagine we cannot think for ourselves. It doesn’t matter what others see for you. If God has spoken, believe Him. Go where He tells you to go; listen to what He speaks to you. Follow this Lion as He leads, and trust the “knowing” even when others might not understand. All my love,

Lisa (The above is an excerpt of Lioness Arising: Wake up and Change Your World, Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group, 2010.) | 1.800.648.1477




It is a question I hear echoed by believers around the globe… There’s a restless inner stirring that hungers for something so much more than what we’ve known and seen. I believe this stirring is an invitation from God for us to press into more. I believe what is missing is the fear of the Lord. Many Christians don’t understand the fear of God; therefore, they don’t have it operating in their lives, and it has left a tremendous void. The fear of the Lord does not translate to being afraid of God. On the contrary, it invites us into the most intimate relationship with Him. When we draw near to God with wonder, awe, worship, praise, adoration, respect and reverence, He pours out His presence, promises and purpose into our lives. The children of God should love what He loves and hates what He hates. We are to make loving and honoring God our highest goal. “He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.” (Isaiah 33:6, NIV) Do you see that? Living with the fear of the Lord provides us with the key to the greatest treasures of all! There is so much protection and provision in life when we understand and walk in the fear of the Lord. Why do many ignore—even reject—a truth containing such promise? This is an invitation for all. The

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fear of the Lord is the key to having a firm foundation and unlocks heavenly treasuries of salvation, wisdom and knowledge! When God revealed this to me several years ago, our family was building a home. From visiting the job site, God taught me great lessons from the basic principles of construction. Actual construction of a house begins with the foundation and framing, which upholds all the furnishings inside such as tile, carpet, windows and cabinetry. When the house is completed, you don’t see the foundation or framework, but its vital presence upholds and protects all that is beautiful within. Likewise, the fear of the Lord provides the foundation and framework needed to protect and build an intimate, powerful relationship with God. This principal is not grasped by the mind but etched in our hearts and is one of the manifestations of the Spirit of God (Isaiah 11: 1-2). God will impart it to those who earnestly seek Him (Jeremiah 29:11-14; 32:40). The fear of the Lord is the foundation to relationship and friendship with God. There are invitations all throughout Scripture encouraging us to live out this principle: 1 Peter 2:17 implores us to fear God, 2 Corinthians 7:1 invites us to cleanse

ourselves to perfect holiness in the fear of God, and Hebrews 12:28 encourages us to serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. You will serve whom you fear. If you fear man, you will serve man. If you fear God, you will serve and obey God. Many simply don’t understand what it is to fear God. With this lack of understanding, sin is able to creep in and destroy individuals, marriages and families. This tragically impacts the Church’s strength, growth and vitality. We must evaluate and ask, “What must we do to guard our lives?” Proverbs 16:6 tell us: “By fearing the Lord, people avoid evil.” If we understand and walk in the fear of the Lord, believers won’t continue falling into all types of entanglements, and we will be the strong Church I see on the horizon. We cannot truly love God until we fear Him; nor can we properly fear Him until we love Him. The two principles go hand-in-hand. We must pursue knowing His awesome glory and extravagant love. This was the heart cry of Moses when he pleaded, “Please, show me Your glory” (Exodus 33:18). The more we comprehend God’s greatness, the greater our capacity is to fear Him. Pause for a moment and ponder the boundless expanse of the universe. Do so and you will catch just a fleeting glimpse of His unlimited glory!

UNLOCK GOD’S TREASURES IN YOUR LIFE… You will be challenged throughout this powerful curriculum to embrace the fear of the Lord in your daily life. If you are ready to grow in your knowledge of God, then this study is for you. Whether used individually or in a group, this riveting message will revolutionize your life! Curriculum Includes: š 8 Video Sessions on 3 DVDs (30 minutes each) š 8 Audio Sessions on 4 CDs (30 minutes each) š The Fear of the Lord Book š Devotional Workbook š Promotional Material to help gather groups

Special Price: $99 USD Retail Price: $179 USD

Again I ask: What is missing? Is it missing in your life? How about among your friends and family? Have you felt a void but couldn’t figure out what it was? I believe you are reading this on purpose. God is inviting you into something new—a new year, a fresh start. Will you embark on a new adventure? Will you accept His invitation? It is my prayer that you will. | 1.800.648.1477


The Fear of the Lord Book & CD Set Plus Distinguished 2-DVD What is the fear of the Lord? What is the Grace of God?

John Bevere reveals from Scripture these often-overlooked and misunderstood life-saving truths. These principals are the key to walking in wisdom, knowledge, freedom and intimacy with God. If you are ready to grow in your knowledge of God, then this package is for you. Package Includes: š 8 Audio Sessions on 4 CDs

(30 minutes each)

š The Fear of the Lord Book š Distinguished 2 DVD Set

Package Price - $3900 USD Retail Price: $9999 USD

Also Available The Fear of the Lord š Book & 4 CD Set š


Are you ready to be challenged to embrace the fear of the Lord in your daily life? This teaching will equip you to understand this oftenoverlooked and misunderstood truth. This riveting message will revolutionize your life! Package Includes: š 8 Audio Sessions on 4 CDs

(30 minutes each)

š The Fear of the Lord Book

Price - $3900 USD Retail Price: $5999 USD

Offer ends April 30, 2011

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š 2 DVD Set š

Grace gives us the ability to go beyond our natural ability. So in essence, it enables us to distinguish ourselves. This message, recorded live at the Planetshakers Conference in Australia, digs deep into the core of grace. Learn how to possess the extraordinary spirit that will allow you to distinguish yourself for His honor and glory!

Price - $1900 USD Retail Price: $3999 USD


In 2009, Messenger International launched Bill and Patricia as full-time missionaries to Kenya, Africa. Bill and Patricia are raising up leaders to spread the love of Christ and are meeting desperate needs in Kenyan communities. Over the last few months, your partnership helped fill an eight-ton container with much-needed supplies! “When the container was opened, we stood there was the answer to months of prayer. Someone whispered, “Thank you, Jesus,” and the silence broke into praise. We wish we could’ve captured the squeal from the children as we slipped new shoes on their dirty bare feet. One father rejoiced over receiving towels as his family has shared just one since 1999. A huge thank you to Messenger International’s Partners!” - Bill & Patricia Orphans – Your support gave Kenyan orphans a Christmas they will never forget! These children now have beds, blankets, clothing, shoes and school bags with supplies. They screamed with excitement upon receiving the gifts!

Medical Facility – Bill and Patricia were able to deliver baby formula to an orphanage that rescues infants out of pigpens, toilets and bushes. These are children usually conceived from rape or born to terrified HIV-positive mothers. Students – These are some of the poorest people in Kenya. They live in mud huts with no electricity or running water. They struggle daily to feed their families, but they all have a burning desire to teach the Word of God! These pastors walk many miles a day to fulfill their pastoral duties, and because of your support, they now have bicycles! Vehicle - Messenger International matched each donation that came in for our missionaries’ much-needed transportation. Bill and Patricia are now able to safely travel and minister to the most remote areas of Kenya.

CAMBODIA UPDATE To truly stop the cycle of human trafficking, a holistic approach to healing is needed. That is why Pearl Alliance partnered with In His Steps International to build a vocational training center. Through a one-year program, the girls learn and excel in all the sewing skills necessary to create their own business one day. As well as counseling, discipleship, bible study, leadership training, life skills training, medical care, and education. Through your support and our friends on Facebook, we provided the funding to complete the construction of the training center along with necessary tools to educate and train. The dream is to one day expand to include other types of vocational training such as auto mechanics, computer training, and more.

Partners, you have made all of this possible! We are so honored to extend your reach to the world! If you are interested in supporting future projects, you can give online at or call us at 800.648.1477.


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