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brand intelligence Intelligent and dynamic partnership marketing opportunities in our shopping centres.

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“With 114 million* customers per annum, our shopping centres provide an intelligent channel of communication to help you reach your marketing goals.�

what is Brand iQ? intelligent communication Brand iQ is the ultimate platform for putting your brand in front of thousands of shoppers every minute of every day. It is partnership marketing that transcends the traditional avenues of advertising, allowing savvy brands to converse with consumers via multiple touchpoints. By engaging consumers through meaningful experiences, Brand iQ gives you the ability to influence customers on the path to purchase. There is an entire suite of Brand iQ options that arm you with the power to leave an invaluable impression on shoppers as they make their final brand selection in centre.

Brand iQ touchpoints include banners, posters, brochure stands, publications, websites, plus casual leasing opportunities. These touchpoints are designed to not only influence buying behaviour, but also enhance the shopping experience. When supported by experiential marketing activity, the result is an intelligent, well rounded communication platform to help reach your brand’s sales targets.

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Brisbane Toowoomba Grand Central


Gold Coast

Robina Town Centre

New South Wales

centre profiles Sydney



Canberra Centre


Watergardens Woodgrove

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Castle Towers Westpoint


QIC is one of Australia’s leading shopping centre owners with properties in New South Wales, Queensland, The Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. Castle Towers - Castle Hill, NSW Westpoint - Blacktown, NSW Canberra Centre - Canberra City, ACT Robina Town Centre - Robina, QLD Hyperdome - Loganholme, QLD Grand Central - Toowoomba, QLD Eastland - Ringwood, VIC Watergardens Town Centre - Taylors Lakes, VIC Woodgrove - Melton, VIC

“Right in the heart of the CBD, over 19 million* fashion savvy Canberrans and tourists visit this centre each year.”

canberra centre ACT Canberra Centre is the ACT’s premier retail destination located in the heart of the CBD spanning over six city blocks. Identified as the fashion leader in the region, the Centre is home to over 300 speciality stores many of which are leading national and international brands. Hugo Boss, Saba, Sass & Bide, Guess and Marcs complement the dual department store offer of Myer and David Jones. Plus Target, Big W, Aldi, Supabarn and the North Quarter dining and entertainment precinct with Dendy Cinemas and a selection of award winning restaurants complete the mix.

Customers The Centre’s central location places it in the heart of a thriving commercial market. Canberra is distinguished by a majority of white collar workers with signficantly higher incomes compared to the Australian Average. The average household income is 34% above the national average. Housing costs as a percentage of income are lower for Canberra residents, which results in higher disposable incomes and hence a greater retail and leisure spending market.6

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“Brand iQ packages offer great flexibility, enabling you to tailor an innovative customer focused solution with measurable ROI.�

intelligent packages We work closely with you to develop an intelligent Brand iQ package to help you reach your marketing goals. Campaign lengths are completely flexible; allowing for short high impact bursts of activity, to long term strategies designed to build meaningful relationships with your customers. The touchpoints in the following pages can be configured into any form of package you desire. page fourteen.

experiential marketing Experiential Marketing in our centres allows you to interact with customers on an engaging level while they are in the spending mindset.

Whether you are launching or growing your business, Experiential Marketing will help you reach your customers in a cost effective way within a proven quality retail environment. Experiential Marketing sites exist within all of our Shopping Centres in high customer traffic thoroughfares. These sites are available on a short-term basis with weekly, monthly, or half yearly licensing arrangements. Including product sales, sampling, displays, promotions and branding; Experiential Marketing is a powerful platform for reaching your customers, allowing you to capitalise on successful retail periods such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Sales, School Holidays and more. Taking part in this dynamic and exciting opportunity is easy. We have on-site management teams at each Centre to get you started and ensure you optimise your

Experiential Marketing site. Our reputation for providing outstanding packages has attracted many National and International clients. Leading fashion retailers, media agencies, sporting clubs, tourist and local state Government agencies continually enjoy the rewards our sites provide. A choice of packages can be tailored to meet your individual needs, with added value options such as advertising your site within Shopping Centre marketing. Offering plenty of flexibility, Experiential Marketing activities can include static or interactive promotional displays, roaming and sampling, Centre Court events, branding displays and Centre advertising. So talk with us today about the many opportunities we can offer you. page fifteen.

experiential marketing

“We appear on multiple short-term occasions at multiple QIC centres during any given year; this keeps the offer fresh and vibrant while exposing our products to a different set of customers in different locations within the same mall. QIC have proven to be professional and helpful partners in tailoring suitable space to help us maximise customer impact, provoke consumer response and generate additional sales.” - K Walker, BM Angus & Robertson “The team at QIC seamlessly helped roll out a national kiosk network for my client Shades N Style Sunglasses who now have 8 shops with QIC Australia wide.”

image: courtesy of oOh! media

mall leasing


short term in-line

- Michael Hennessy, Pinpoint Retail Solutions.

A pop-up shop in one of the centre’s busiest thoroughfares.

Take your product directly to the customer.

Large areas for short term tenure.

“While trading in QIC Centres we exceed our yearly sales projections and are constantly impressed with the dedicated sales teams who always go the extra mile when required.”

Whether it be for a product trial or launch, lead generation, to promote upcoming events, or to generate direct product sales, mall leasing sets the standard for Experiential Marketing. Engage with passing customers and take advantage of the path to purchase sales opportunity. Mall leasing is a cost effective retail choice, with direct measurable results.

Roaming promotions allow product sampling to occur in multiple locations all in one staff shift. Mobile sampling allows promotional teams to be positioned in the most relevant locations of the mall at the most relevant times. It provides greater flexibility of promotion and reinforces your brand to customers on their path to purchase.

Short term in-line or vacant shops provide the opportunity to trial an in-line store, but with more flexibility and lower overheads. Usually available on a month-by-month basis, vacant shops are a great option for clearance sales or alternatively for short term luxe brand secure pop-up store locations.

- Tim Oldfield, CEO, Gold Buyers Australia.

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proximity media Integrate your brand in the stunning surroundings of our shopping centres.

image: courtesy of oOh! media

atrium banners

door decals

Larger than life signage designed to fill the communication void.

A crucial touchpoint that begins the path to discovery.

Atrium banners are ceiling mounted and can hang across multiple levels of the centre to create outstanding visual impact. With the opportunity to advertise on either standard or spectacular sized banners, making your brand visible across every level of the centre creates a larger than life “wow� factor.

Engage with your customers the minute they walk through the door. These touchpoints can be the first in a campaign that sends your customers on a path of discovery, ensuring your brand is top of mind from the moment customers enter the mall.

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proximity media

floor decals

mall banners

lift wraps

escalator wraps

Deliver your message anywhere in centre right under their nose.

Wide coverage from above and beyond.

Engage them with an uplifting message while they wait.

Take your branding to a whole new level.

From the bottom of escalators to main centre thoroughfares, floor decals let you slip your message right under the feet of your customers.

Horizontal and vertical mall banners are a perfect way for staggering your message throughout key walkways in the centre. Choose to use them for brand messages or even as directional signage.

Lift wraps offer plenty of time to reach customers while they wait for an elevator. Available in selected centres, this high traffic touchpoint can be effective for splitting creative messages.

This dynamic space cries out for innovative ambient creative. From directional signage to brand messages, escalator wraps give you the opportunity to clearly deliver your message to customers on the move.

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print media Sell your brand story across a wide range of print collateral.

in-centre posters

brochure stands

retailer newsletters

Sell your brand story in our high traffic thoroughfares.

The smartest way to reach customers on the run.

Business to business comms has never been this easy.

Whether you are promoting your business, brand or event, in-centre posters are a terrific way to enhance your exposure. Our Centres offer various stands in key locations, sized at 30� x 40� (762mm x 1016mm) in single or doublesided options. Note that in-centre posters are only available as part of a package.

Whether you are promoting your business, brand or event, brochure stands are a terrific way to enhance your exposure. Various size brochures can be displayed in our stands in prominent locations within our malls.

All QIC Shopping Centres print monthly newsletters to keep retailers informed about major promotions, marketing events, electronic reports, performance data and more. Delivered to all Centre retailers and staff, they are a very highly targeted communication option for B2B campaigns. page nineteen.


10% Transpare

print media


15% Transpare


20% Transpare

May 09

what’s ncy

25% Transpare

Mother’s Day inspira tion arency 30% Transp in st yle

heryMan Sportcraft, Witc and Calvin Klein

wn in to newBord ers and kikki.K the hottest s trends in shoe 00 win a $1,0 ree shopping atsp Sportscraft robinatowncentr

magazines The most targeted and informative medium available. Selected QIC Shopping Centres produce glossy customer magazines distributed via high circulation letterbox deliveries in their trade area. Newsworthy stories and offers help drive customers and sales to your business. This is a powerful communication tool that can be used to target customers based on the demographics of the respective trade area.

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digital media Integrate your brand in the stunning surroundings of our shopping centres.


social media

Send your brand straight to the Get customers saying the right inbox of thousands of members. things about your brand. Getting in front of thousands of our loyal website members is easy thanks to our monthly e-newsletters. E-newsletters are sent to our members to communicate Centre promotions and events, you can participate by advertising within these highly targeted pieces of communication.

Participating QIC Shopping Centres have attracted dedicated followers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These shoppers are highly engaged and respond favourably towards instant offers and events offered by retailers via this medium.

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digital media

websites Immerse your brand in a high traffic interactive environment. Each QIC centre has its own website that customers visit on a daily basis to find information about retailers and events. Centre websites provide various marketing opportunities from banner advertising, listings, links to your own website, plus ‘What’s On’ pages for detailing upcoming sales or promotions. page twenty two.

unique opportunities Specialised media is available to enhance your campaign with maximum impact.

display windows

vip clubs

It’s like having your own shop front in one of our centres.

Tap into a targeted database of VIP shoppers.

Create your own unique displays within these highly sought-after windows to establish a store-like presence in-centre. Ideal for any type of product display, from launching a new innovation to showcasing the latest season fashion.

These VIP loyalty programs have a huge membership base of local shoppers on the hunt for regular rewards. Getting involved in these weekly/monthly offers is easy and the fastest way to reach high value customers with a targeted message.

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unique opportunities


events & promotions

digital directories

These large format sites guarantee maximum impact.

Celebrate everything great about your brand with your customers.

Engage with customers while searching for a store.

Large-scale signage opportunities positioned in prime locations throughout the Centre will ensure that your message connects with thousands of passing customers each day. A range of internal and external billboards are available for short or longterm license.

From events surrounding festive periods to huge sales promotions, there are plenty of opportunities all year round for your brand to get involved in. Typically based around the centrestage within each Centre, QIC events and promotions are well known for drawing large crowds and driving sales.

ifind displays or centre directories are located in all QIC Shopping Centres, allowing customers to quickly locate various stores. This makes them the perfect vehicle for reaching customers via high quality audio/video advertisements that can be produced to your individual needs.

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“Building a sponsorship brand alliance with us is the smartest way to reach and influence key consumer segments every day of the year.”

intelligent sponsorship Many brands strive to reach key consumer segments 365 days per year without incurring the expense and logistical hurdles of complex activation. That’s why more and more marketers are seeking to brand a piece of real estate in our shopping centres by entitling areas and services that appeal to their core customers. This approach allows marketers to more subtly integrate their brand into a consumer’s existing experience. In addition to naming this area, you would be integrated into our directories, newsletters, websites and more. page twenty five.

sponsorship options Sponsorship brand opportunities can be considered across all parts of our shopping centres.

page twenty six.

concierge service desk For any brands that want to be associated with superior customer service, partnering with our Concierge Service Desks is the perfect option. The opportunities are endless - you may choose to reward your customers with luxury services such as hands-free shopping. Or you may want to advertise your brand by dressing our concierge staff in branded uniforms to help promote an offer. Successful partnerships have included financial organisations, luxury goods and services, telecommunications and banking.

sponsorship options

parents room What better way for parents to experience your brand than through our parents rooms? Targeting your desired audience, customers are able to touch and feel your product. Brands have the opportunity to sample and trial products, provide poster advertisements on the walls as well as special offers. You can also design the parents rooms so consumers can not only sample and trial, but also be immersed in your brand for maximum impact. Designing the room could include anything from painting the walls your brand’s colours to providing decorative wall decals, stencils and borders. Brand category suggestions would be, but are not limited to children’s programming, toys, baby products and services.

lounge areas Customers enjoy rejuvenating in our lounge areas during their retail therapy sessions. Many brand categories could make this area appeal to any targeted audience - for teens a game room; for fathers create a man cave; for families create a fun zone; for females an indulgent spa zone! These are just a few ideas which have infinite possibilities to creatively reach your marketing potential.

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Fashion Magaz


Towers sT yle 40 pagES STylE oF WINTER ERS @ ThE ToW mewares

Fashion, Ho & Dining


e Director Meet Creativ Cathr yn wills styling Tips

p 10 WINTER’S To


WINter FaShIoN 2010

RuM Indulge dESIgNER Fo ng with winter Cooki Your look ToN MaTT pRES

Winter Fashion Myer, David Jones, Cue, Country Road, Veronika Maine and more @ the Towers

e INDUStlYlG e

In-Store now Your

co-sponsor major campaigns Brands that want access to targeted audience segments can do so through a variety of short-term campaigns or ongoing programs. Short term campaigns offered throughout the year include things such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fashion, Formal Fashion for teens, and more. Year-round programs include our kids clubs and fresh food loyalty programs designed to reach families and foodies. During the holidays, QIC’s shopping destinations embody the spirit of the season. At this time, shoppers visit our centres more frequently and stay longer than any other time of year. It’s hard to imagine a better venue in which to deliver a message to consumers! page twenty eight.


David Jones, Myer and over 310 specialty stores Customer enquiries: 8858 9700


Vertical Banners

fashionistas: winter/summer fashion campaigns Brands that want to be associated with stylish, sophisticated and edgy campaigns would align well with our seasonal fashion campaigns. Our fashion brand partners are featured in a host of marketing collateral including glossy fashion magazines, website and VIP databases, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter plus an extensive choice of advertising packages. Promotional giveaways are also a great way to expose your products to consumers and can be included as part of our packages.

co-sponsor major campaigns Magazine



the search


the final


as Chrippstedmup


Gold Coin

new star

Join in the fun with Shrek and Fiona at the Shrek Stompin’ the Swamp live interactive show. Dates: Monday 5th July 2010 – * Friday 9th July 2010 Time: 9:30am daily per person Where: Inside Hyperplex Cinemas


Robina Town Centre Centre Management PO Box 3005 Robina Town Centre QLD 4230 T 5575 0480 F 5593 1416

Shrek Meet and Greet

Come and meet Shrek and Fiona for a cuddle, handshake, or high-five. Dates: Monday 5th July 2010 – Friday 9th July 2010 Time: 11am and 12noon daily Where: Outside Hyperplex Cinemas




*Conditions details.





3 Pack

*Conditions details.

apply. See Valid 1/4/10 retailer for to 11/4/10


Pass Card.indd

UNTIL 11.04.2010



3 Pack



This card entitles

you to


Ask out your to help cut mask.



Animation L.L.C. DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. After™ & © 2010 DreamWorks Shrek Forever trademark of Shrek is a registered information. for tickets and e Customer Service Visit Hyperdom Conditions apply. *Includes GST.

*Conditions details.

apply. See Valid 1/4/10 retailer for to 11/4/10





For further information check out

IF YOU AT McDONALD’S UNDER Hand inARE ® this voucher14 YEARS OF AGE, HYPERDOME be used to when ordering THIS VOUCHER ONLY. discount any other offer. to receive offer. MUSTABE REDEEMED Limit of one 11:22 voucher per WITH A PARENT/CARER. person per day. Not to 16/03/10




you to





apply. See Valid 1/4/10 retailer for to 11/4/10


This card entitles




is on for a


11:22 A



te next 12 mon rgardens ths!

30/03/10 3:06 PM




Chef Posters_FA.indd

form or waterg


How to make your mask face.

around Step 1: Cut mask to cut Step 2: Foldeyes and holes. out the holes. a string through look like Shrek. to Step 3: Tie your mask Step 4: Wear

u for details.




ThuRSdA y 24Th JuNE 2010



30/03/10 3:05 PM

watergardens chef






entitles you


to This


entitles you


AMF Bookings

*Conditions details.




Valid apply.

25 100 TOKEN

AT IF UNTIL TICKE S KAPOW See 1/4/10 HandYOU – AMUSEM retailer AND be usedin ARE UNDER11.04.201 HYPERDO TS ENTERTAIN this to 11/4/10 for voucher 14 to discount ENT YEARS0 AT McDONA ME* ARCADEMENT when *Conditions OF any ordering AGE, other details. LD’S ® offer. to THIS Valid apply. receiveVOUCHERHYPERDO See 1/4/10 offer. retailer ME LimitMUST to 11/4/10 for ONLY. 2 of oneBE REDEEMED voucher 16/03/10 11:22 A per WITH person A PARENT/CA per day. Not RER. to






Visit Hyper dome Custom for tickets er Servic and inform e www ation .hype rdomesho or check out pping 16/03/10


*Cond itions apply.


Valid Thursd to Sunda y 11th July ay 24 th June 2010 2010.

$30 *

for movie, bowling & Kapow games!

Become the resident watergardens chef for the next 12 months!


to This


retailer to 11/4/10 for



3 Pack






Valid apply. See 1/4/10


Shrek kite craft Zone

Decorate your very own Shrek yours to keep. kite which is Dates: Monday Friday 2nd July 28th June 2010 – 2010 Time: 10am – 2pm daily where: Outside The Reject Shop cost: $5* per person per




*Conditions details.




at up to $49.45

entertainment 3 PACK PASS 817 HDOME 3 Pack Pass Card.indd


L.L.C. rks Animation L.L.C. © 2010 DreamWo rks Animation After™ & of DreamWo Shrek Forever trademark registered Shrek is a

$30 *

• MOviE TickET & MEDiuM POPcOR n • bOw ling & SHOE HiRE • 25 kAP Ow TOk & 100 TickETS EnS



WATER0537 Watergardens Chef Posters_FA.indd 4

making a


Sumbit you r 3 course men u and apply at watergarde in centre or on-line Application one of our fres forms are ava h food stan ilable from ds or the Cus Applications close 5pm on tomer Service Thursday 29th April 2010. *Terms and Desk! conditions apply see

Amateur Chef Competition Posters



chef for the

Applications close 5pm on Thursday 29th April 2010. *Terms and conditions apply see application form or for details.



new star Become th e resident wa





Secure a 12 month contract to become the resident Watergardens Chef! Sumbit your 3 course menu and apply in centre or on-line at Application forms available from one of our fresh food stands or the Customer Service Desk!


to $49.45 Valued at up

s chef

Make the final cut! Applications close 29th April!

Purchase your tickets from Hyperdome Customer Service. BOOK NOW Limited spaces available! Safety First! Dad Mum and


the search

you to


Shrek Stompi n’ the

Swamp live Join in the fun Show with Stompin’ the SwampShrek and Fiona at the Shrek live interactive show. Dates: Monday Friday 9th July 5th July 2010 – 2010 Time: 9:30am daily where: Inside Hyperplex Cinemas * cost: $5* per person



Shrek Meet and greet

per person

Come and meet Shrek and Fiona handshake, or for a cuddle, high-five. Dates: Monday Friday 9th July 5th July 2010 – 2010 Time: 11am and 12noon daily where: Outside Hyperplex Cinemas cost: Free


For further informatio n www.hyperdome check out shopping *Includes GST. Conditions apply. Customer Service Visit Hyperdome for tickets and information

. Shrek Forever After™ Shrek is a registered & © 2010 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. trademark of DreamWorks Animation L.L.C.

Purch tickets fromase your CustomerHyperdome Service.

Book No w Limited spac

Magazine Christmas Giffort the festive season! stions

Over 100 gift sugge

available es


Sumbit your 3 course menu and apply in centre or on-line at Application forms are available from one of our fresh food stands or the Customer Service Desk!

www.eastl and.c


Applications close 5pm on Thursday 29th April 2010. *Terms and conditions apply see application form or for details.

WATER0537 Watergardens Chef Posters_FA.indd 1

my photo with Santa Photo Wallet

Cost: Free

PICK UP A This card entitles


Gift Wra

available ping is now Gift wrap locations: at two handy Jones de David Level 2 outsi de Target. Level 3 outsi flight go to Care eds All proce g Church. ife Unitin and the Newl

Shrek Stompin’ the Swamp Live Show

Cost: $5* per person

watergardens chef



Decorate your very own Shrek kite which is yours to keep. Dates: Monday 28th June 2010 – Friday 2nd July 2010 * Time: 10am – 2pm daily Where: Outside The Reject Shop per person Cost: $5* per person



and ge t

Shrek Kite Craft Zone

is on for a


30/03/10 3:05 PM

foodies: live cooking demonstrations and competitions Our shopping centres create individual promotions to suit their customer demographics, ensuring they appeal to their target audiences. An example of a Fresh Food promotion, shown above, highlights the unique branding opportunities which are available. An Amateur Chef Competition capitalising on a high profile national campaign provides strong cut through in the market, high recall and strong participation levels - the perfect recipe for success!

families: school holidays

families: christmas holidays

School Holiday entertainment and activities at QIC shopping centres are high impact and provide multiple events that draw large crowds year after year. Our popular and exciting school holiday programs provide a robust platform to profile your brand.

During the holidays, QIC’s shopping destinations embody the spirit of the season. During this time, shoppers visit our centres more frequently and stay longer than at any other time of year. It’s hard to imagine a better venue in which to deliver a message to consumers than during this peak sales period. page twenty nine.

contact Stuart Norman Brand iQ Sales Manager Canberra Centre Tel +61 2 6247 5611 Email

disclaimer. The information contained in this flyer (including without limitation estimated visitor numbers) has been prepared in good faith by QIC Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively “QIC�). However the information is not intended to constitute advice and persons should seek professional advice before relying on the information. QIC makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency or suitability of the information, and to the maximum extent permitted by law disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by any person directly or indirectly through relying upon it whether that loss or damage is caused by any fault or negligence of QIC or otherwise. As at 1 November 2010, unless stated otherwise. QIC Limited ABN 95 942 373 762. *These figures represent the estimated number of visits to the relevant QIC Shopping Centre for the stated period. The estimate is the result of applying a visitor estimation parameter to the total number of electronically recorded entries and exits to the relevant QIC Shopping Centre. Further information on the visitor estimation process can be obtained from QIC or Centre Management.

source: 1 Consumer Research Report June 2010, Urbis 2 Urbis Economic Analysis April 2008 3 Urbis Consumer Research Report, March 2010 4 Urbis JHD Trade Area Analysis August 2004 5 Pitney Bowes 2009, Directional Insights 2007 6 Market Research and Strategy May 2009 Urbis 7 Consumer Research Report, May 2010, Urbis 8 The Leading Edge March 2007 9 Consumer Research Report July 2010, Urbis 10 Urbis Consumer Research Report July 2009 11 Urbis Consumer Research Report November 2008 12 Leading Edge 2004, Urbec Consultants 2006 13 Urbis 2006

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Canberra Centre Brand IQ  

Canberra Centre is a mall in Canberra, Australia.

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