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A look into the past as we explore Super Mario 64



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Issue 1 2013

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Super Mario 64 The Origin of 3D Gaming Platform Nintendo 64 Genre Platforming Publisher Nintendo Developer Nintendo EAD Release 1st March 1997

Super Mario 64 made in 1996 is considered as the grandfather of 3D gaming. Some of its ideas are still used today. The story of Super Mario 64 is well just like every other Super Mario game. You need to kill the living daylights out of Bowser and save the Princess but you needed to collect stars in order to do this.

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The stars can be found in a bunch of different paths by jumping into different paintings. Once you jumped into these paintings you had to complete certain tasks that vary to collecting red coins, to racing penguins and fighting bosses. The structure of Super Mario 64 was nice and simple and the different task in Super Mario 64 kept the gameplay nice and interesting. Super Mario 64 is still fun as of today because its’ still challenging with fun activities and fun mini games. Fayez Kabarra

Guns of Icarus Teamwork Redefine Platform PC Genre Action/Online Publisher Muse Games Developer Muse Games Release 29 Oct 2012

Developed and published by Muse games, using the unity engine comes Guns of Icarus online. Guns of Icarus Online Version 1.0 officially went online on October 29th, 2012. The improved Version 1.1 was first available through Steam on November 20th and online on November 23rd. In early 2013, Linux support was added. This multiplayer Steampunk game has to be one of the games that require the most

teamwork seeing that you and your three teammates must control an airship to destroy the enemy ship to win. One of the main features of this game is the engineering. If your ship gets damaged by enemy fire, you or your teammates must repair that part with engineering tools such as a rubber mallet or wrench. Also, these parts of the ship can catch fire which can be extinguished by a fire extinguisher.

A problem in this game is that there tends to be lag, which makes it harder to play. There are a few different ships and classes that you can choose from. The classes you can be are, the gunner, engineer and pilot. The different ships you can choose from are Galleon, Squid, Goldfish, Junker, Pyramidion, and Spire. Each team uses their captain’s ship and load out. Everyone else uses their load out for their class. There are also many types of weapons that can be customised onto a ship. Muse games are developing an adventure mode which will be DLC (Downloadable content). In adventure mode, there are missions that you and your friends must complete. Also, adventure mode turns the game into more of a role playing game. Nicolas Butler

League of legends is a massive MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game which is played by over 32 million people. This game is THE biggest game played, which is no surprise. Placed in a team of five you choose any role of your liking with the over 100 champions in the game. Imagine carrying your team, having the greatest damage output and playing the most important role in your team, leading your team to victory. Imagine playing the support, risking your life to make those game changing plays, helping your carry become the god of the arena. Imagine playing

in the jungle, being unseen by the enemy team, like a beast hunting down his prey, you choose whether you want to pounce on a lane or stay in the forsaken jungle and kill jungle camps to gain gold. The way the game works is that you enter a battlefield consisting of ten players (5v5) or on one of the (3v3) maps, you then fight, you kill minions to gain gold, you can kill enemy champions to gain more gold however it is much harder, and the way you win is to complete global objectives which consists of destroying turrets (gains 150 gold for each player on your team), destroying inhibitors

(gives you the ability to spawn super minions), killing dragon gives (190 gold to each player on your team), destroying the enemy nexus wins you the game. League of legends is a game in which you can play over and over. The over 100 champions makes you compete really good in every game in order to win, gain IP and buy champions. This is a FREE game; however you are able to buy in game cash with real world money letting you buy any champion at a price. Albion Jahiri Richard Mac

9/10 “Tense, explosive gameplay makes every match a thrill� -Gamespot

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The next evolution to Pokemon has finally arrived... Pokémon X and Y are the first mainline Pokémon games made for the 3DS and feature a large variety of Pokémon both old and new as well as a trio of new starting Pokémon - the watery toad Froakie, the fiery fox Fennekin and the grassy chipmunk Chespin.

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From the beginning, Pokémon X and Y shows you how much it’s changed compared to older versions. In earlier Pokémon games, they just ask you if you’re a boy or a girl, but X and Y adds a new twist by asking you for your skin tone and hair colour as well; you’re also going to be able to customize your appearance even more as the game goes on. Instead of fading in from black and seeing your character wake up, X and

Y starts more dynamically by spinning the camera around your bedroom to follow a well-animated and rendered Pokémon. The world is big, threedimensional and filled with beautifullooking creatures. Earlier games had you plodding slowly from house to house until you receive “running shoes” which allowed you to jog; in X & Y, the second you push the analogue stick, your tiny trainer moves full tilt – THANK GOD!

With each new mechanic smoothed over and each traditional stepping stone from the old games chipped away, a part of me began to worry that Game Freak would accidentally end up ruining Pokémon. Many games, in their attempts to reach a wider audience, end up flattened and appealing to no one. However, X and Y did not fail to deliver a game that’s updated but keeps the aspects of the game that we all know and love. Inspired by France, the Kalos Region is full of palaces, cafes and pastoral country-sides, each brimming with new Pokémon to encounter. After 17 years, one game after another, the whole series has up to 718 different Pokémon at this point. Out of those, only about a hundred can’t be found in X and Y, meaning there are six hundred different Pokémon in this game to battle, capture and befriend. No content to simply refine its formula, Pokémon X and Y also adds a few

changes to the series’ core gameplay. With the new Fairy Type being introduced, it means everyone needs to re-learn which type is super-effective against what, and helps take the edge off against the once-unbalanced Dragon Type. Mega-Evolutions are also new to the series, which allow your Pokémon to temporarily “Hulk Out” during battle, changing shape and getting stronger until the effect wears off. I’m sure all audiences will love it, but since there’s no downside to Mega-Evolutions in the single player campaign, it doesn’t feel interesting strategically against other players in online matches. A few minor inconveniences pop up here and there such as having to be frustratingly and accurately lined up in order to talk to a townsperson when using the roller skates (another new feature) or not having enough of the 3D effect implemented within the games,

however, none of these stop Pokémon X and Y from being as close to the platonic ideal of a Pokémon game as there ever has been. After long hours spent on the game, I don’t feel even close to done with it yet. With Nintendo deciding to introduce many new features and mechanics that weren’t included in past games, I want to keep playing these Pokémon games even after the main story is over. Between the beautiful battle animations, the amazing 3D world and the character customizations, Pokémon X and Y finally matches what I, as well as other fans had imagined while playing earlier versions over the years. Pokémon X and Y have pulled me into its world so completely that when I think back on those earlier adventures, I render them all in the style of this game. I can’t wait to return again to Kalos in the next addition to the games and make more memories that I will treasure for a long time. Aaron De Leon MHS Technology Magazine - 9

The Power of Words Social Media

As more teenagers are getting involved in social media, cyber-bulling is starting to become a dominant issue in Australia. Cyber-bullying amongst adolescents has increased the number of teenagers becoming depressed and engaging in self-harm, and in extreme cases being driven to commit suicide. During August 2013, a 14 year old girl committed suicide after being severely bullied online. Constant bullying on Facebook crushed

her self-esteem until she could not take it anymore.

and share ideas. However, while being a part of this new way of communicating, one must never forget to 'think’ before posting something up. We, as teenagers these days, are not giving enough thought to the stuff that we post. This has caused mental stress and occasionally brought terrible consequences in the lives of some teenagers.

Being on social media is great fun for many teenagers. About 85% of Australian teenagers (according to a research conducted by Edith Cowan University) use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the recent years. These sites allow people from different parts of the world to communicate The power of words is enormous. 'Think'

Everyone knows that being a bully is not the way to treat others. Yet, we live in a world where verbal bullying is becoming a part of our daily lives on social media. Bullying someone might make the bully feel big but it can have disturbing effects on the victim. Of course, some teens are strong enough and are not affected by cyber-bullying. However, no one deserves to be bullied.

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before you say something to someone in real life or online because words are very powerful, more than one can imagine. Negative words are strong enough to hurt people but inspiring words can build people up and brighten their future. Why not use your words to lift someone up today rather than knock them down? Mahnoor Mushtaq

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A map from: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Super Nintendo Entertainment System The best thing to come out of the 4th Gen of Gaming The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a phenomenal leap in gaming. This was probably one of the consoles that your parents would remember if they were big on games. Its predecessor was the Nintendo entertainment system and it was only succeeded by the Nintendo 64. It was the last major 16 bit video game console to be released by Nintendo as the Nintendo 64 was 64 bit hence the origin of

the name. The SNES was designed by Masayuki Uemura who began working for Nintendo because he was interested in a girl that also worked there. He resigned from Nintendo in 2004. The SNES was released in the PAL region 4 (Australia, South America, Mexico) on the third of July, 1992. There were 49.1million units sold worldwide with a release cost of $199 ($331 in today’s

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money). The bestselling games on the platform were Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country with 20.6 million and 9 million copies sold respectively. Some of the other big hits on the SNES were Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3 but by far, the best game to come out on the SNES was Legend of Zelda, a Link to the

Past. At the time, Nintendo was at a major console war with Sega, much like Microsoft and Sony today. The major competition for the SNES was the Sega mega drive. Some of the major games on the mega drive were Sonic 3 and Street Fighter 2. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was discontinued in October of 1999, three years after the Nintendo 64 was released. Some would say, that the consoles we own today are thanks to the innovations and technology of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Phillip Brooks Charles Mifsud

iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c To upgrade or not to upgrade? It’s here! The next generation iPhone has been launched. There are two vastly different models of this phone you can choose from, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. Both the S and C models of the iPhone 5 are said to be the best iPhones in Apple’s history. However, are they worth the upgrade?

screen layer is toughened glass, and unlike most smartphones, the body is made of aluminium with toughened glass elements. The iPhone 5S is also very thin and light and comes in classic gold, silver and black. On the other hand, the iPhone 5C is made of plastic, and comes in a rainbow of colours, which may be more appealing to younger users. The iPhone 5S boasts a new camera with 8 mega pixel sensors that is capable of capturing slow motion video. This isn’t too different from the iPhone 5 which also has an 8 mega pixel camera, however the iPhone 5s has much larger sensors in the camera which allow for more light to be taken in, thus producing much brighter and clearer images in darker situations.

The new iPhone 5S is similar to the iPhone 5, however the resemblance is only in the software and outer body of the phones. Like every smartphone these days, the front

The iPhone 5S also uses fingerprint technology, which is cutting edge technology and allows users to quickly access their phones without needing to use a password. This fingerprint technology also allows users to make purchases at the app store without using a password. This hugely helps prevent children from spending their parent’s money on items at the store since they need the fingerprint that they don’t have.

tasking. It also looks better which is a plus. The downfall to both the S and C models is the similarity to the other iPhones – users do not get a replaceable battery, which means that people who use their phones a ton and like carrying an extra battery around, won’t get to use that extra battery, unfortunately. One aspect of the new phones that people were dissatisfied with is the display. Since the beginning of time, the first iPhone till this very second in time, the displays have been the same. However, iOS7 may make up for that with its new design, and this is also an advantage as well, previous iPhone users will not be left behind and will also get access to iOS7. All in all, the question still remains, should you upgrade to the iPhone 5S or 5C? Well it depends on what you already own and what you need. If you value higher quality images in darker situations and the ability to capture slow-motion video then the iPhone 5S might be worthy of the purchase. If you are on a tight budget or would just simply like to upgrade to something not as hectic, then the iPhone 5C is perfect for just that. Overall there are only slight advances in the iPhone 5S and 5C. If you already have an iPhone 5, it is best to just upgrade to iOS7 and wait for the iPhone 6. Krijan Prajapati

Both the iPhone 5S and 5C come with iOS7, which is a complete re-design of iPhone software, allowing much smoother multiMHS Technology Magazine - 13

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