Twenty Years With Lithuania

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The beginning: After the birth of the “Sajudis’ Movement, young energetic Chicago-area Lithuanians followed the news from Lithuania. Both the U.S. government and the larger immigrant organizations appeared to take little interest in the events in Lithuania- neither took action. The Chicagoans grew impatient and formed a new organization to help Lithuania. On Sunday, March 10, 1990, a few hours after the world announcement that “Lithuania is free,” Lithuanian Hotline was established. The organizers and first volunteers of “Hotline” were: Audrone and Rimas Gulbinas, Dalia and Vytas Januskis, Algis Augaitis, Viligaile and Jurgis Lendraitis, Virginija and Petras Jokubauskas, Rita and Jurgis Riskus, Prane Slutas, Silvija and Valentinas Krumplys, Rasa Lakas, Virga Rimeika, Leonidas Ragas and Rimas Domanskis. Every day more volunteers joined “Hotline” and later “Lithuanian Mercy Lift”. Most ‘Hotline” members were of Lithuanian descent, born elsewhere. The majority were either friends or knew each other through various Lithuanian organizations. Hotline and a weekly American Lithuanian radio program run by Anatolijus and Frances Slutas became the resources for information regarding the situation in Lithuania. “Hotline’ members were assigned duties at their Lemont office (located in the Lithuanian World Center). Rasa Lakas was the first administrator. Each morning the bulletin board was filled with accurate information on the state of affairs in Lithuania which the Hotline members transmitted to hundreds of callers. Contact with the White House, members of the US Congress, and the State Department was kept by phone, letter, and fax. News of the Soviet blockade on Lithuania was received by short wave radio. In response, Hotline organized its first demonstration in downtown Chicago on March 30, 1990. There were 5,000 participants. A medical shipment of insulin and antibiotics, at a cost of $10,000 US, was shipped to Lithuania. Rimas Gulbinas, a logistics expert,

worked with Aleksas Lauraitis, owner of American Travel Service, to coordinate the 40 box medical shipment to Lithuania on LOT Airlines. On April 19th, Lithuanian Mercy Lift (LML) was established to address the critical medical needs caused by the blockade. Petras Jokubauskas designed the mother-child logo. An administrative team was organized. George Riskus was selected president, Birute Augaitis, administrator, and Algis Augaitis, treasurer. Acquiring medical supplies and medications from US pharmaceutical companies was difficult due to a diplomatic conflict with the Soviet Union. Once these issues were resolved, LML began shipping 40-foot containers. Photo. N. Lendraitis, T. Mikužis, V. Rimeika, T. Mikužis and LML member L. Jurkūnas Newsletters were mailed to some 14,000 people throughout the U.S. They contained the latest LML activities and projects. When the articles were written and edited the printed newsletters had to be folded, address labels generated and attached, postage stamped, then sorted by zip code. This process took about 5 hours with the help of LML members and their family members. LITHUANIAN MERCY LIFT PROGRAMS During the first 10 years of LML’s efforts, some 450 forty-foot containers of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, miscellaneous items, books and two ambulances were shipped to Lithuania. They were distributed to over 150 hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes and other institutions. The monetary value of these containers was about $95 million U.S (380 million LTL). During the following six years $30 million (118 million LTL) worth of equipment and supplies were shipped, together with two additional vehicles. The lot was distributed throughout Lithuania. The last shipment was in 2006. When Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004, the guidelines for donated shipments changed and LML’s focus and goals also changed. LML re-focused their efforts from securing and shipping equipment and supplies to fundraising and instituted the Rainbow of Programs. It was decided to support Lithuanian businesses by purchasing everything in Lithuania. Funding provided by our generous donors in the USA was now dedicated to these medical programs while supporting businesses in Lithuania by purchasing medicines and supplies from them. Since 2004, LML concentrated on collecting donations to support the programs in Lithuania. Mailings routinely provided information about its own activities, asking for donations. Most of the donors were of Lithuanian descent or their friends. Fundraisers, raffles and benefits with silent auction were held annually. Local merchants generously donated jewelry, artwork and other treasures. A Spa Day was organized to support the mammogram program.

The programs that were implemented focused on autism, breast cancer prevention, diabetes, dental care, health and environmental protection education, providing medical equipment, maintenance and improvements to hospitals, nursing homes and child care centers, neonatology, instrumentation reagents, suicide prevention, tuberculosis and vision screening. $1,690.425 US (4 million LTL) in cash was spent to fund the programs and remodeling projects. Hence, in the twenty years, $126,690,425 US (280 million LTL) worth of aid was provided to Lithuania through LML. Autism Program In 2010, LML organized seminars with guest speakers from UIC and Illinois school programs. Renowned Dr. Bennet Leventhal of University of Illinois, a child psychiatrist with special expertise in autism, Dr. Pranute Domanskis, an Illinois school child psychologist, Lina Lendraitis, a speech tand language pathologist from Illinois, and Šiauliai University docent Regina Ivoškuvienė presented seminars in Vilnius, Šiauliai and Klaipėda. These successful seminars were attended by over 2,600 professionals and parents of autistic children. Also, LML furnished a classroom for autistic children at the Vaikų Raidos Centras (Child Development Center). Further, LML provided financial aid to Viltis (Society for Persons with Mental Disabilities) to send autistic children and their aides to a summer camp for autistic children and donated a minibus to transport children from the neighboring villages.

Left photo: LML members Fran Slutas and Raminta Vaitenaite Jacobs with the Alytus Viltis Family Center with Viltis caseworker (lower left) and director P. Marija Laurinavičienė (lower right) Right photo: Viltis Central site where children enjoy exercise class.

Breast Cancer Prevention Program Because of her personal experience, Fran Šlutas, in 2001 initiated the LML breast cancer screening program. This was sponsored by Lithuanian Mercy Lift donations, in agreement with the Lithuanian Health Ministry, and 5 Oncology Centers. It was decided to help the women in

outer and sparsely populated regions, who could not easily reach the centers. The Oncology Centers coordinated the advertising and registration, and the municipalities provided the transportation. Mammograms were also made accessible to women from houses of correction, investigational isolation, and the blind and hard of hearing organizations. For 9 years, LML paid over $200,000 US for mammograms (the critical breast cancer diagnostic test), consultations, follow-ups, and other procedures. As a result, (here put in a number, I do not remember the statistics) women were tested across the country at Oncology centers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, and later Ukmergė. Diabetes Program

Photo: insulin injection demonstration at diabetes camp

In 2005, while visiting Lithuania, Aušrine Karaitis became familiar with Ms Vida Augustiniene and the Lithuanian Diabetes Association’s (LDA) activities. From that time, LML committed to provide stipends for children with diabetes who are otherwise unable to attend diabetes camps which teach how to live with diabetes. In 2005, Aušrine participated in an LDA conference where, during break, she observed the children tracking their sugar consumption, as they had learned at the camp. Together with their parents, they also learned to administer insulin and were able to share experiences with other diabetic children. LML also supported social and educational events for older diabetic patients, where they are introduced to advances in diabetic supplies. In 2006, LML sponsored 25 children to attend diabetes education camps and provided blood glucose kits to test 14,750 persons during the annual Diabetes Day, in total almost $20,000 US (46.500 LTL) worth. In 2009, LML appropriated $22,000 US (52.500LTL) to sponsor 24 children to a 10-day camp and 30 adults to a 7-day camp. In 2010, with $25,000 US (64.000 LTL) LML helped sponsor seven one-day camps on "Good diabetes control - prevention of complications." at area diabetes clubs: Kaišiadorys (67 participants), Pakruojis (152 participants), Kupiškis (63 participants), Šakiai (144 participants), Alytus (101 participants),

Kėdainiai (65 participants), Kretinga (119 participants); a total of 711 participants. And, in 2011, LML appropriated $10,000 US (24.500 LTL) for LDA programs. Photo: Seminar in Kretinga, June 2010

Health Education Program In 1998 Lithuanian Mercy Lift invited Dr. Rita Vainauskiene, who worked at Klaipėda’s Public Health Center's Analysis Section, for an internship at UIC (University of Illinois). She became familiar with various ways of preventing AIDS in Chicago, and also the healthy life-style program presented to pupils and parents in grammar and middle schools. This healthy life-style educational program for children and parents was donated by Dr. McElmurry to the Lithuanian schools. Mrs. Valentina Bendoraitiene from the Lith. Health and Education Ministry approved it as a new, freely optional course. This idea was supported by Dr. Rimantas Pilipavičius, Klaipėda’s Public Health director and Dr. R. Vainauskiene, who heads this program in Klaipėda. In 1998-99, this program was taught as an elective course in Klaipėda’s "Ažuolynas" high school and "Saulėtekis" middle school, and in 1999 incorporated in the rest of Klaipėda’s regional schools. The transaltion into Lithuanian language was sponsored by LML. The program was adopted by Klaipėda’s Public Health Department and Klaipėda University’s Continuing Education Institute. The program consists of 9 books, intended for children from kindergarten to eighth grade, their parents, and teachers. It is divided into 10 sections: Know yourself, Personal health Personal health review, Individual relationships with others, Association, Food and Nutrition, Work, recreation and physical activity, Safeguarding your body, Environment and Health. This program is now installed in schools in Kaunas, Panevėžys, Ukmergė, Pasvalys, correctional institutions where teens are raising their babies, and in Panevėžys deaf and hard of hearing primary school, using sign language.

Photo: healthy life-style class at Panevėžys deaf and hard of hearing primary school

Neonatal Program

Since 1991, LML has coordinated an exchange program led by Dr. Vidyasagar, Director of Neonatology at the University of Illinois (UIC). Teams of physicians, nurses and other medical staff from UIC have traveled to Lithuania to present workshops and demonstrate state of the art techniques in both Vilnius and Kaunas hospitals. In addition, UIC invited Lithuania’s physicians to Neonatology and Perinatology seminars series. In 2004, UIC physicians attended the Developmental and Follow-Up Seminar for premature birth infants at the Vilnius University Children’s Hospital and visited the Children’s Rehabilitation Center. This important joint program has improved the level of care and Lithuania's infant and maternal mortality and morbidity rates have declined. LML has continued to support an ongoing relationship between the UIC health care professionals and Lithuania’s health care providers. Reagent Program In 1996, LML member Viligaile Lendraitis accompanied Christian Relief Services President, Eugene Krizek and Director of Fulfillment, Jenifer Patterson on a trip to Lithuania. Christian Relief Services funded transportation of containers, and provided medical supplies to help fill those 40’ containers. They allotted $300,000 per year for 10 years. The purpose of their visit to hospitals was to verify that shipments were received, distributed, and used properly. Romualdas Tamulevicius, Director of Instrumentation Laboratory, B.I. drove the guests throughout Lithuania. It was determined that hospital labs were in dire of need of equipment and reagents. Upon returning to the United States, Mr. Krizek decided to provide more funding, this time for the purchase of reagents through Instrumentation Laboratory. This was the beginning of the Reagent Program. Through 2009, Christian Relief Services provided $250,000 for the purchase of reagents. More than 70 hospitals and clinics have received reagents for their laboratories to conduct various laboratory tests. During 2010-2011, this program was funded by LML donors. Daiva Adomaviciene, an administrator of Instrumentation Laboratory, has been instrumental in acquiring requests from hospitals and providing assistance whenever LML had any concerns. Reagents were purchased on a monthly basis for 14 years. Since 1996, $300,00 has been spent on the Reagent Program. Suicide Prevention According to data from World Health Organization Lithuania is 1st in the world by the number of suicides. Most notably is the increase of suicide in Lithuania’s youth population. The capital, Vilnius, has become smart and chic, the country has reclaimed its language and culture since independence. But suicide indicates the hidden truth: that the transition from soviet times to capitalism, recent social, economic issues, a lack of help, and society's attitude towards suicide is proving deeply traumatic.

In 2008, LML was approached by YPAC, Youth Psychological Aid Centre (Jaunimo Psichologinės Paramos Centras), for help. Established in 1993, located in Vilnius, YPAC is nongovernmental, not-for profit public organization dedicated to crisis intervention and suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. Alarmed at the youth suicide statistics LML members voted to include YPAC amongst LML programs.

Youth Line volunteers 2011-05-22

For the past three years LML dedicated $32,200 US to various YPAC programs. In 2009, LML sponsored Dr. Kristinos Onos Polukordienė’s book, Netekčių Psichologija, (The Psychology of Loss). During 2009-2011 with LML assistance YPAC was able to organize five seminars, attended by 90 specialists, ranging from social workers, doctors, teachers and psychologists. The lectors, psychologists Dr. Paulius Skruibis, Irma Skruibienė, Virginija Rekuč, and Virginija Mikėnienė provided insight on crisis management in schools, psychology of bereavement, suicide intervention and prevention. Youth Line (Jaunimo Linija), a toll free line for emotional support via telephone or internet, dedicated to the youth, operates within YPAC. Staffed by trained volunteers, ready to help and to give support to everyone who calls or writes. In April 2011, with financial help from LML Jaunimo Linija, launched Youth Line "100 Towns" Campaign. Youth Line volunteers will be visiting 100 small towns and villages in Lithuania April thru October, 2011 presenting opportunities of emotional support to local residents. Though our relationship with YPAC is relatively young, LML is striving to help draw attention to Lithuania's suicide prevention programs. Additional Photo: 100 towns campaign


Tuberculosis Program In 1992, LML decided to start one of its first programs - to fight the spread of Tuberculosis. This program initially helped children at the Žolyno Stacionaras in Vilnius. The first shipment of medicines was hand-delivered and provided medications to some 50 children. During LML’s first 10 years, TB medications were provided to Kulautuva sanatorium “Pušelė“, Žolynas Stacionaras and Šiauliai TB and Infectious Lung Disease Hospital. LML purchased $90,000 worth of medications to help treat some 12,000 children during a 10-year span. Thanks to the donors of LML, and especially to the Oak Tree Philanthropic Foundation we were able to acquire the needed medications. Medicines were first purchased in United States, but LML quickly learned that the same medicines were significantly less expensive in England. For some years TB meds were purchased in England. For the past 10 years, all TB meds have been purchased in Lithuania. LML has also helped with renovating and providing new furniture for Žolynas and Šialuliai TB hospital. From 2005-2010, LML designated $10,000 for each of the hospitals. This resulted in 2,000 additional children being provided with needed medications. Unfortunately, TB has not been eliminated, and the strains of TB have become more resistant to standard medications. Thanks to the dedication of Dr. Vita Globyte of Šiauliai TB Hospital, and Dr. Danute Budgeniene of Žolynas Stacionaras, many children have been provided treatment. LML’s Dental Connection For 50 years of Soviet occupation the Lithuanian population was plagued by substandard oral health delivery because there were no proper dental instruments, materials and no functioning dental equipment. The Iron Curtain kept the country isolated from advances taking place in civilized nations. According to WHO (World Health Organization) and the International College of Dentists, the dismal situation was the result of the Soviet stomatological (dental) training with curriculum far too theoretical as they related to clinical dentistry, not providing sufficient practical skills. The curriculum did not reflect priorities in community health care or refer sufficiently to the health needs of society. Some of the procedures they observed were deleterious and patients might have been better off had no treatment been performed. To help improve such shortcomings, shortly after Lithuania regained its independence a group of mostly Chicago area dentists and other professionals founded in 1991 a not-for-profit, Foundation Status Classification 509 (a) (1) & 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi), DAFL (Dental Assistance Foundation to Lithuania) organization. The founders and committee members were: J.A. Buzenas, A. Domanskis, P. Jurkus, G. Klockow, J. Koncius, E. Lipskis, L.O. Lipskis, J.K. Martin, N. Maskaliunas, D.R. Meile, R. Povilaitis, L. Ragas, N. Remeikis, J. Rutkauskas, D. Siliunas, W. Slikas, J. Tallat-Kelpsa. DAFL’s goal was to help the Lithuanian dental community materially and, mainly, to interact with dental teaching institutions to help them integrate with the international dental community, especially with nearby Scandinavia and western Europe – to bridge the 50-year gap between Soviet dentistry and that practiced in the West. For help and guidance we turned to Loyola University School of Dentistry. Our plan, approved and blessed by

the dean and some key faculty members, was wholeheartedly received and accepted by the Minister of Health, Dr. Juozas Olekas. He directed our efforts to Kaunas Medical UniversityDental School. The ultimate aim was to help upgrade dental education, modernize dental clinics and provide teaching assistance in current dental procedures. As an independent organization, DAFL worked hand in hand with LML until 1996, when it became an integral part of LML. The cooperation was instrumental in: a. providing several dozen dental office equipment to replace poorly functioning outdated dental chairs and units without high speed instrumentation, without air and water lines, and with spittoons used as receptacles for contaminated bloody swabs; b. procuring dental materials, instruments, books and publications; c. establishing of a new Dental Hygiene Program / Curriculum; d. training dental hygiene personnel; e. engaging volunteer dental professionals to travel to Lithuania to share with Lithuanian colleagues up to date dental operative techniques and prevention oriented clinical experience; f. sponsoring nine faculty members to come to the United States to attend major scientific dental conventions, visit U. S. university administrated dental schools, observe clinical dentistry being performed in private offices. In the year 2001 and again in 2011, LML provided KMU Children’s Dental Clinic new selfcontained portable dental delivery unit, consisting of air-compressor, saliva ejector, patient’s chair, operating light and high and slow speed handpieces. Such portable delivery units allow dentistry to be performed on home-bound patients, nursing home residents, in hospitals and in school settings. In 2002 LML procured a new dental x-ray machine for above mentioned Children’s Dental Clinic, so that patients would not have to be transported to another building for diagnostic radiographs. In 1994, Judy K. Martin, R.D.H, M.Ed., a dental hygienist from Kansas City Missouri, developed a dental hygiene curriculum and taught several faculty members to become course instructors at the Kaunas Dental Schoool. In 1998, after four years of teaching and supervising the program, Judy took part in the baccalaureate degree program graduating ceremonies of the first class of ten (10) oral hygienists – members of a new profession in Lithuania. Judy also taught at the Vilnius University Dental Clinics, which also received some shipments from LML. LML also distributed dental instruments and materials to dentists at large in various polyclinics throughout the country, especially during the first several years of independence.

Submitted (August 2011) by: Leonidas Ragas, DDS, 1991-1996 President of DAFL; from 1996 LML Executive Committee member. Smiles of the Future – In 2003, LML dedicataed (53,000LTL) to a children's dental prophylaxis program at Kaunas Academy. The funds were used for prophylactic supplies and publications for patients, and dental care for children in temporary care centers, disabled centers, Children's Gateway to Education organization’s day care centers. 3.000 childrens’ teeth were treated. This program stirred the Lithuanian government to continue the program. Padėti kraštui greičiau atsigauti, Lietuvai atgavus nepriklausomybė 1990 metais, Amerikos lietuviai, kaip ir atgavus pirmąją nepriklausomybę 1918 m., puolė Lietuvai padėti. 1991 m. Čikagos apylinkėje grupė

Photo: portable dental equipment Nuotr. portatyvinė įranga

Vision Program Klaipėda’s cataract and glaucoma clinic received a laser device for eye treatments. A Fundus angiographic camera was installed in Vilnius University Santariškes Eye clinic for early diagnosis of eye diseases. In 2002, LML organized for the American volunteer optometrist group, VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) to travel to Lithuania to perform vision tests and provide glasses when needed.. Over 1800 glasses were fitted to orphans, the elderly and poor. VOSH optometrists financed their journey, LML made the arrangements and hired 33 medical students as translators.

Photo: VOSH vision testing

LAPAS (Lithuanian American Pharmacists Association) When Lithuania regained her freedom, a small group of American pharmacists participated in a seminar in Kaunas, and had an opportunity to meet with the president Lansbergeris, who suggested the formation of the future LAPAS organization. This came to fruition in Chicago in 1991. Angela Dirkis was one of the organizers, holding various posts and president for 6 years. There was constant contact with the Lithuanian pharmacists. Throughout the ensuing years, numerous copies of newly published drug information books (which were donated by an American pharmaceutical organization) were send and then distributed by LFS (Lithuanian Pharmacy Association) to hospitals and pharmacies. As a result a Drug Information Center was established in Vilnius. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, REPAIRS AND IMPROVEMENTS: total $287,000 US (700,000LTL) and 4 patient transport vehicles

Hospital beds, furniture, electrocardiograms, microscopes, autoclaves, nerve stimulators, therapeutic carts, dishwashers and washing machines, bedding and computers for hospitals, child care homes, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools, health centers, and environmental organizations in Lithuania Ariogala Hospital, over $20,800 US (50,000 LTL) worth of equipment was purchased:

ultrasound, electrocardiograms, blood analyzer, sterilizer, electric beds and other hospital furnishings.

Ariogala Hospital and the director Vida Krenciene, in hospital's office with equipment Mercy Lift donated.

Photo: Ariogala Hospital with Vida Krenciene, Director, and Virginia Jokubauskas, LML member, visiting patients and noting what future help LML could provide. Garg탑dai Hospital

In 2004 90,000 lt ($33,000 USD) from Gionitis family bequest (Dayton, Ohio) and LML funds

were awarded to fund the hospital projects with a condition that a fundraiser be organized to secure local matching funds. The grant assisted in remodeling the children's ward and assisted in the establishment longer term recovery ward. The ward was equipped with 10 mattresses for preventing bed sores (4 thousand lt each), 2 functional beds, 3 walkers, 3 wheel chairs, patient transfer equipment, compressor to inflate mattresses and others. Together with city government, parliamentarians and business, LML assisted in the remodeling the facilities of the children's ward, its roof, staircase, replaced some doors and windows, and provided some medical equipment.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, REPAIRS AND IMPROVEMENTS (Cont’d) Jiezna Childrens’ Home, together with the American organization, Daughters of Lithuania,

provided infrastructure repairs in 2003. 108 children reside. Jurbarkas - Ona Kutkaitė-Durbin Foundation - George Lendraitis had travelled to Lithuania with

U.S. Senator Richard Durbin in February, 1997 and the Senator’s elder brother, Bill Durbin. During those few days, George had an opportunity to tell Mr. Bill Durbin of LML’s work, about the events of January 13th and the martyrs that rested in Antakalnis cemetery. The Durbin brothers visited Antakalnis cemetery and their mother's birthplace, Jurbarkas. When Bill Durbin returned to the United States, he shared his experiences with George, who suggested supporting the childrens’ ward of Jurbarkas Central Hospital, in honor of their mother’s memory. Bill Durbin liked the idea and donated the initial $ 5,000 U.S. (20,000 LTL). The Senator, their children and grandchildren also donated to the foundation. That Fall, the first remodelling project was carried out in the 76- bed children's ward - new windows, sinks, toilets, etc were installed. In 2009 a second remodelling project was initiated, to which LML added to the Durbin Foundation funds to provide 32,000LTL for new flooring, baths, etc in the childrens’ ward. LML (and Hotline) has been working with the US Senator Richard Durbin for over 20 years – Mr Lendraitis believes He is Lithuania’s best friend. Gyvenimo Viltis home for the aged, kitchen furnishings

Kaunas Red Cross Hospital, multifunction monitor $10,000 US, Kretinga Hospital Obstetrics Department

The $6,000 US received from LML helped to renovate the Obstetrics department. The hospital invested the money in materials ( paint, tiles, linoleum, etc.) , with which they remodeled the neonatal section. Labor was done by the maintenance workers. New floors were put in, 7 wards were remodeled for the newborns and their mothers, a neonatal intensive care unit created, sanitary node established, and the nurses station was updated. The whole section got a facelift and change, providing a pleasant atmosphere for the newborns and mothers. Kretinga Hosp New flooring and painted walls

Kretinga Hosp new sink, plumbing and walls

Panevėžys Algimanta Bandza’s Infant and Children’s Orphanage, where 155 children reside, a new ventilation system was installed for 23,000LTL in the kitchen to meet code. Šakiai Hospital. A donor from Cleveland repeatedly donated to provide an electrocardiograph,

ultrasound, electrotherapy equipment, therapeutic cart, electric nerve stimulators and a transport bed for infants Seredžius Home for Seniors where 30 elderly live, in 2009 a wireless communications system was

purchased and installed to meet new regulations and a new washing machine was purchased, total $13,000 US (31,500 LTL) VŠĮ Stakliškės PSPC

In 2009, LML was notified that Jean Warren had passed away. Her Last Will and Testament left her estate to Lithuanian Mercy Lift upon her death. It consisted of a home in California and a savings account totaling approximately $390,000. Jean’s wish was that a portion of this money be put to use in such a way that would help ease any medical burden in Stakliškės eldership, Village of Pikelionys, Lithuania – her ancestral home. LML used this money to provide Stakliškis PSPC with an automobile for transporting the sick, an electrocardiogram, clinical supplies and provisions, dental equipment, furniture and other necessities required to provide health care to those in need, totaling $107,300. The remainder was used for the mammogram and diabetes programs providing testing to those living in Prienai District.

Photo above Electrocardiograph

Photo: New dental equipment for Stakliškes, (chairs, tools, wash basin, lamp)

Photo: New vehicle for patient transport from farm and woods

Švėkšna Hospital

Repeated funding from LML and Saulys Foundation (Drs. A. & V. Sauliai) contributed to partial remodeling of Sveksna Hospital, provided medical and computer equipment; remodeling of therapy room and equipment at the Sveksna Home for at risk children, updated "Saules" high school's chemistry laboratory, provided equipment for biology laboratory, books for the library and suplementary textbooks , and helped establish and update computer training classrooms. Photo: Švėkšna group therapy room Švenčioniai Hospital, artroscopy kit purchased Ukmergė Hospital, 24,000 LTL mammogram equipment was purchased. Utena Hospital, In 2001, the Morkūnas family (Karaitis, Puras, Šileikis) provided an ambulance in memoory of their deceased sister, Konstance Balzaras. Vilnius University Child Development Center remodeled a classroom for children with mental


Americares is the U.S.A. based global relief organization that provides medicines, medical supplies and aid to people in crisis or countries needing longer-term medical relief around the world. AmeriCare provided LML donated drugs and medical equipment worth over $3 million. Environmental Education

The then US EPA Region 5 Administrator Valdas Adamkus and Vacys Saulys with their Lithuanian coworkers and friends established Computer Lift in 1993 to send 100 computers to Lithuania. Goal was accomplished by joining Computer Lift with Lithuanian Mercy Lift in 1994. Most of the IT technology ended up at Siauliu University and Švėkšna "Saulės" high school. In 1995, with the approval of US EPA, an informal network of state, local government and private laboratories was established to recycle (with LML assistance) used analytical chemistry and environmental monitoring equipment and literature as the donor facilities were being updated or phased out. Over 2 million litai worth analytical technology was donated to various institutions: Ministry of Environment's subordinate laboratories, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Kaunas Technical University, Klaipeda University, Vilnius University, Kaunas Vytautas the Great University and the Physics Institute's Atmospheric laboratory. Environmental literature mailings reached 16 institutions and universities in the Baltic Region, predominantly in Lithuania. Gerry G. Ioannides, Ohio EPA Laboratory Director was a principal source and driver of the network, often contributing reagents for scientists from his own personal funds.

Photo: Vacys Šaulys with colleague T. Watson preparing computer shipment to Šiauliai University.

LML’s Closing LML's original goal was to help Lithuania’s sick and needy in a time of crisis, to help stabilize the Lithuanian healthcare system after the Soviet Union’s collapse. It has not only been stabilized, but medical professionals and government agencies have stepped forward to take charge of improving Lithuania's healthcare system. Hence, Lithuanian Mercy Lift ended its work in 2011.

LML MEMBERS Peter Jokubauskas (One of the founders of the LML in 1990) Born: Hanau, Germany Profession: Business Owner - Sign Shop Education: Bachelor Degree in Art and Architecture, Illinois University of Chicago Family: Wife Virginia Jokubauskas, daughters Erika Jokubauskas and Laura Rupinskas. Daughters participated in stuffing and mailing letters and in packing donations for shipment to Lithuania. Responsibilities: Member of the Board of Directors, 1990-2011 Created Mercy Lift Logo. In charge of transportation, packing, and sending out donations to Lithuania. Traveled to Lithuania a number of times to visit hospitals and nursing homes.

-------------------------------------------------------------George Lendraitis (One of the founders of the LML in 1990) Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts Education: Bachelor’s Degree: English Literature - Suffolk University - Boston, Massachusetts. Master’s Degree: Special Education Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts. Family: Wife-Viligaile Lendraitis Daughters: Lina(Speech and Language Pathologist), Nida(Social Worker). Both daughters participated in LML volunteer work from an early age by helping pack medical supplies and preparing mailings/newsletters to send to LML donors.

LML Responsibilities: President 1993-2000; Chairman of the Board 1990-2011. -Established and maintained contact with Executive and Legislative Branches of both the U.S. government and the Lithuanian government, the U.S. Dept. of Defense, the U.S. State Department, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, and the Lithuanian Health Ministry. -Visited Lithuanian hospitals, orphanages, and nursing homes to see what the needs were, and to verify that the sent supplies reached their destinations. Escorted U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin on hospital visits in Lithuania. Coordinated efforts by William Durbin and U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin to establish the Ona Kutkaite-Durbin Fund - support for major upgrading to the children’s ward of Jurbarkas Hospital. -Worked with Dr. Craig Locatis (U.S. NIH) to establish internet service and capabilities to the Vilnius University Medical Faculty/Medical School. -Coordinated efforts to supply the Lithuanian Medical Library with current medical books, journals, and computer software. Awards: In 1994, Lithuanian President Algirdas Brazauskas bestowed the State Order of the Grand Duke Gediminas to --------------------------------------------------------------------Viligaile Lendraitis (One of the founders of LML in 1990) Birthplace: Kenosha, WI Profession: Special Education Teacher Education: Bachelor’s Degree: French Teacher Education - University of Illinois Chicago Master’s Degree: Special Education - University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana Family: Husband-George Lendraitis Daughters: Lina (Speech and Language Pathologist) Nida (Social Worker) Both daughters participated in LML volunteer work from an early age by helping pack medical supplies and preparing mailings/newsletters to send to LML donors. LML Responsibilities: Executive

Director 1990-2011 - Organized container shipments of medical supplies and distribution of goods in Lithuania working together with the Lithuanian Ministry of Health -Visited Lithuanian hospitals, orphanages, and nursing homes (Prienai and Seredzius are two homes that have been supported by LML throughout the years) to see what the needs were and that the sent supplies reached their destinations -Edited the LML Newsletter - Coordinated the Tuberculosis and Reagents programs working together with UAB Armila and Instrumentation Laboratory B.I. - In 1999 Pres. Valdas Adamkus bestowed the State Order of the Grand Duke Gediminas to Viligaile Lendraitis.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Virga Rimeika (One of the founders of the LML in 1990) Born in East Chicago, Indiana USA in 1957 . Employed by Walgreen Company as a staff pharmacist in the Chicago suburbs for the past 30 years. Graduated The College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois Chicago. Virga and her husband Kęstutis have one daughter Vaiva an art director. Both have been a great support and have lent their time and creative skills to LML. During the 1990 Soviet embargo, Lithuania experienced a dire need for medical necessities. That was the catalyst leading Virga to join LML. During the past 20 years Responsibilities at LML ranged from evaluating and acquiring pharmaceuticals, accounting values for container shipments of medical equipment, and managing the LML Facebook page. From 2008 she has been the LML liaison for the Suicide Prevention Program working with Youth Psychological Aid Centre (YPAC) in Vilnius. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Frances M. Šlutas (One of the founders of the LML in 1990) Born: Chicago, IL USA Profession: Registered Nurse, member of University of Illinois Office of Global Health Leadership. Specialties: surgery, emergency medicine and hospital administration. Education: Bachelor Degree in Nursing, Loyola University, internship St. Bernard Hospital Family: Widowed, son Marty - sculptor, painter, his wife a histologist, two grandchildren. One of the original members that started LML 1990. Responsibilities: LML Board of Directors Vice chair 1990 – 2011, LML Health education program director 2004- 2011, LML President 200-2004. 1) Began communications with HIV/AIDS center in 1989, which led to a prevention program with colleagues from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Nursing. 2) Pursuant to an agreement d between UIC and Vilnius University College of Medicine, in 1993 worked together on the neonatal program and introduced healthy living education program. 3) made arrangements for doctor and nurse internships at UIC. 4) Coordinated an autism program in Lithuania. 5) Coordinated the breast cancer prevention program in Lithuania. Awards: In 1998 awarded Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas’ 1st class medal by Pres. V. Adamkus.


Virginia Jokubauskas Born: Munich, Germany Profession: Business Owner - Sign Shop Education: B.A. Degree in Sociology, De Paul University Family: Husband Peter Jokubauskas, daughters Erika Jokubauskas and Laura Rupinskas. Daughters participated in stuffing and mailing letters and in packing donations for shipment to Lithuania. Virginia Jokubauskas is one of the original members that started Lithuanian Mercy Lift in 1990 and is on the board of directors. Responsibilities: Member of the Board of Directors, 1990201,1Secretarial Responsibilities: deposits, thank you letters. Traveled to Lithuania a number of times to visit hospitals and nursing homes to find out their needs.

Aleksandras Rimas Domanskis Born: Chicago, IL USA, 1952 Profession: licensed Illinois state attorney from 1977, partner in the law firm Boodell & Domanski, LLC. Education: Bachelors degree, history (magna cum laude), and Doctoral in legal sciences (cum laude) University of Michigan. Family: Married to Frances Laucka Domanskis, Ph.D. in psychology. Frances has previously participated in the LML Autism program as a specialist in childrens’

development problems, together with autism specialist for the University of Illinois PhD. Leventhal and Lina Lendraitis, lecturing in Vilnius, Šiauliai and Klaipėda. Two grown children, Laucka Maria Domanskis, also an attorney, Northern District of Illinois federal judge Joan Lefkow's assistant. Son John Joseph Domanskis Laucka, a certified financial analyst at Barclay’s. Attorney. Domanskis has been active in many Lithuanian-American organizations, providing pro bono legal advice. Legal adviser to the LML from the organization's inception. ----------------------------------------------------------------Leonidas Ragas, (Ragauskas) Born: 1934, Kaunas, Lithuania. Emigrated to Austria in 1944- 1949, to USA in 1949 Profession: private practice in dentistry. Education: 1960 Loyola University School of Dentistry, odontoloty Dept., Chicago IL. Family: 1957 married soloist Praurime Krašauskas from Tauragė, LT, raised a son Paul and daughter Laura, has 4 grandchildren. From youth, was extremely fond of plalying the violin, football, tennis, skiing in the mountains. Writes editorials for some 20 years.f Joined LML in 1991 m. įstojo. Responsibilities: DAFL (Dental Assistance Foundation to Lithuania) partnership. 1) To betterdental health in Lithuania, spent several weeks training at the Kaunas Medical Academy. 2) DAFL collected and LML shipped donated dental equipment or purchased dental equipment and supplies. In 1996 m. DAFL merged with LML and he worked on LML’s behalf. 3) Coordinated children’s dental hygiene program, Smiles of the Future 4) Helped institute a new branch – dental hygiene, in Lithuania. Awards: From 1995 was honorary member of Lithuanian Dental Society for “. Lietuvos Stomatologų Sąjungos Garbės narys "For the great contribution to dentistry Lithuania”, 2003 awarded the Order of the Commander's Cross for Merits to Lithuania.

Gražina Kasparaitis Born: England. Emigrated to the US when 10 years old. Profession: Training Coordinator. Education: BA, University of Illinois at Chicago Family: Daina – teacher, assisted LML at an early age preparing shipments. In 1992 Gražina joined LML. Responsibilities: LML Treasurer 2007-2011, LML Secretary 2005-2010. Maintained contacts with estate administrators during settlements. Assisted preparing containers for shipment. Edited LML Newsletter. Helped organize fund raisers. Maintained database of 9,000 donors 2005-2010. Visited hospitals and nursing homes in Lithuania several times. -----------------------------------------------------------------Aušrinė Karaitis Birthplace: Chicago, IL USA Profession: Illinois State forensic toxicologist, University of Illinois Chemical Safety Specialist and Director of Environmental Health and Safety at a semiconductor company. Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Safety and Health Management. Education: Forensic Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago Family: Son Žaibas Valaitis, information technologist who from his youth helped prepare LML newsletter mailings, and later managed the LML database. In 1995, Aušrinė Žaibas participated in the V World Lithuanian Sport Olympiad, sailing competition at Kauno Marios. Žaibas participated in the laser class regattas and Aušrinė with Fėja yacht. Aušrinė, together with Viligaile and Virga were Lithuanian sea scouts. Aušrinė joined LML in 1994. Responsibilities: LML President 2004-2011, LML Vice President 2001 – 2004. 1) Organized the raffles and

instituted silent auctions to increase profits during benefits. 2) Helped prepare shipments and newsletter mailings. 3) 1995 and 2005, met with the Lithuanian Ministry of Health, visited Vilnius psychiatric hospital, Antakalnis hospital, Santariškes hospital, Kaunas Red Cross hospital, Childrens’ Development Center, Švėkšna hospital. 4) Participated in the Lithuanian Diabetes Association (LDA) conference in 2005. -------------------------------------------------------------Vacys Šaulys Born: November 22, 1945, Germany Profession: Electric power production water pollution specialist in US EPA Region 5; Deputy Director of Great Lakes Program Office; participated in US-USSR environmental cooperation programs. Appointed Deputy Director of US EPA Region 5's Office of International Activities by Regional Administrator Valdas Adamkus to manage Eastern Europe and Baltic region technical assistance programs and later served as Director. Retired in 2009. Education: Bachelor in Chemistry in 1969 from Illinois Institute of Technology where he continued studies in environmental engineering. Family: Married to Viktorija Dirgelaite with 3 children: Aras, Linas and Zibutewithout their physical assistance and work there would be no shipments. 1994 joined LML , partnering Computer Lift activities. 1) Collected and prepared shipments of environmental technology and literature. 2) Coordinated LML and Saulys Foundation projects in Sveksna, assisted other projects. Awards: US EPA: 3 bronze medals-one for effective implementation of environmental asstance programs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Received in 2008 the US EPA Region 5 Valdas Adamkus Honor Award for Sustained Environmental Commitment. Awards from respective Latvian and Lithuanian Ministries of Defense and Environment. Formal recognition for assistance in building environmental programs from Kaunas Technology University and other Latvian and Lithuanian educational institutions.

Angela Dirkis, PharmD I was born in Lithuania, and immigrated to America with my family in 1949. Finished Maria High School, where I was president of "Ruta" Club. Graduated University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy in 1962 and received my PharmD degree from them in 1987. Owned and worked in 2 pharmacies. Raised a family, and both daughters, Audra and Dana, also chose pharmacy as their career. Now, am a proud and happy grandmother of five. Joined LML in 1996. During various visits to Lithuania, participated it the initiation of Lithuanian Mercy Lift's breast cancer prevention program, became familiar with the work of, JPPC (Youth Psychological, Aid Center), a suicide prevention program, visited various hospitals, and coordinated Kretinga Hospital Obstetrics Department's renovation. Personally, the closest to my heart LML's achievement was the opportunity to keep in constant contact with the Lithuanian pharmacists. Throughout the years, I could supply them with drug information literature and reference books, donated here, and distributed in Lithuania to hospitals and pharmacies. But the most interesting and uplifting task was to coordinate a couple of "Spa Day" events as fund raisers. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Raminta Vaitenaite Jacobs Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio Profession: Healthcare Administrator who currently works for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Education: Bachelor of Arts, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio; Masters Degree in Social Work, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Masters Degree in Health Care Administration, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Family: Christopher (husband) who together with Raminta purchased a minibus for the Alytus “Viltis� Family Center in Lithuania

Raminta joined LML in 1996 and participated through 2011. Responsibilities: 1) Raminta served as Vice President from 2005-2008, 2) She served on Fundraiser committees for gala events and SPA day fundraisers, 3) She submitted website updates, 4) Raminta was the contact person for donations from AmeriCares of medicines and medical equipment. 5) She visited hospitals, clinics and the Viltis organization in Lithuania.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Laima O. Jurkunas Birth: MEMMINGEN, GERMANY, April 27, 1946 Profession: State of Illinois – Department of Revenue – Auditor Degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration – Roosevelt University Master of Business Administration – Northern Indiana University Family: Husband Algis (Al) Jurkunas, who help in sending and packing containers from donations from hospitals and other areas to Lithuania. Laima joined the organization in 1998. Responsibilities: LML secretary – 1998 thru 2011. 1) sending out the thank-you letter to donors and placing thank-you ads to the Lithuanian newspapers. 2) Help in packing and sending containers to Lithuanian. 3) Help during fundraisers as taking reservations, getting donations for silent auctions, sending out invitations.

Aušrelė Sakalas Born: Kaunas, Lithuania 1940. Emigrated too USA in 1949. Profession: Finance administrator at Western Electric, AT & T, and Lucent Technologijos; retired in 2000. Headmastress of the Omahos, Nebraskos Lithuanian school program from 1986 to 1998.

Family: Two persian cats, Pūkis and Kipšas, Scoutmaster of Lithuanian Academic scouts in Chicago, Lithuanian ), Lithuanian American Community Inc. member at Lithuania’s Parliament representing the United States. Joined LML in 2001. Responsibilities: LML Vice President 2008-2011, LML Treasyrer 2001-2007. 1) Traveled to Lithuania with VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity). 2) Visited Lithuanian Diabetes Assoc camp and Jurbarkas Hospital.

---------------------------------------------------------Rita Riškus (1956-2011) (One of the founders of the LML in 1990) Birthplace: Gary, Indiana, U.S.A Profession: Registered Nurse, Holy Cross Hospital Director of Nursing Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Purdue University; Masters in Nursing, University of Phoenix Family: Husband, George, and three sons, Justinas, Paulius and Antanas (the two oldest sons contributed to LML activities when they were younger). Justinas spent the summer of 2006 in Vorkuta, Russia with “Mission Sibiras.” Paulius spent 2008 and 2009 in Vilnius as an intern in hospitals and nursing homes. Rita participated until 1997. Responsibilities: Rita made many contributions to LML. She served as LML Vice-President 1993-1997. While working at Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, she coordinated shipping

surplus used beds, hospital furniture, medicines and equipment to Lithuania. Through her “Rotary” Club contacts, she introduced Eugene Maurey to LML who helped to collect many drugs and medical equipment for LML. Through Eugene Murray, she introduced Eugene Krizek of Christian Relief Services International to LML. Christian Relief Services donated millions of dollars worth of transport for donated goods. Finally, on behalf of LML, Rita visited hospitals, old age homes and children’s orphanages in Lithuania twice to assess how LML could help.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------George Riškus (One of the founders of the LML in 1990) Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A Profession: Businessman Education: Bachelor’s Degree, University of Illinois, Chicago Family: Wife, Rita, and three sons, Justinas, Paulius and Antanas. See Rita Riskus above. George participated until 1997. Responsibilities: George served as the first LML President from 1990-1993. He suggested the name, Lithuanian Mercy Lift. George coordinated the transportation of donated goods with LML members, Rimas and Audrey Gulbinas. They organized LML members, their children, and friends to pack trucks used in the shipping process. Also, he organized demonstrations for the Lithuanian American community during the Soviet blockade of Lithuania as Lithuania declared its independence. He believed that if Lithuanian Americans would help collect and ship “donations of medicine” to Lithuania, then it would speed up the American government’s recognition of Lithuania’s independence.

Rimas Gulbinas (One of the founders of the LML in 1990) Birthplace: Kaunas, Lithuania, Home: Chicago, IL Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Political Science, Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, Ohio Profession: Businessman Family: Audrone (wife), Diana Rima (daughter) and Viktoras (son) Rimas participated from 1990 – 1993. He was also a founding member of the Lithuanian Hotline and the Lithuanian World Center in Lemont, IL. Responsibilities: 1) As a founding member, he helped to set up the LML charter and registration as a notfor-profit organization under U.S. statutes. 2) He contacted various pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott for donated medicines. 3) Rimas helped to find transportation for the donated goods through his contacts with major transport companies such as Maersk, Sealand, CSX and others. ----------------------------------------------------------------Audrone Gulbinas (One of the founders of the LML in 1990) Birthplace: Chicago, IL Profession: Director of materials manufacturing Education: Bachelor’s Degree, University of Illinois in Chicago Family: Rimas (husband), Diana Rima (daughter) and Viktoras (son) Audrone participated from 1990 – 1993. She was also a founding member of the Lithuanian Hotline. Responsibilities: 1) Audrone handled LML administration. 2) She processed donations and researched opportunities for donations of medicines.

Other volunteers During the 20 years, other Chicagoans also participated in LML. Some participated a year or so while others were involved for 5 years. Among them, serving as Treasurer were Algis Augaitis, Richard Burba, Jūra Slivinskas and Maryte Utz; as Secretary - Dana Mikužis; Algis Ankus and Sigute Mikrut procured medical equipment, Algis Jonusas maintained the database; Nijole Bauža-Lass, Zita Ewert, Vida Jonušas, Maryte Nemickas, Lydia Ringus, Daina Rudaitis and Janine Ruibis chaired fundraising committees; Ona Daugirdas and Birute Vindašienė edited the newsletter; Algis Jurkūnas and almost everyone and their children helped prepare donated goods for shipment, newsletter mailings and visited hospitals in Lithuania. In earlier years, when Paul Bindokas worked at the Lithuanian Ministry of Health, he ensured that shipped items were distributed appropriately from the Vilnius warehouse.

WORDS OF THANKS (PADĖKOS in Lithuanian): Jūsų parama atsikūrusiai Lietuvos valstybei – tai gražus humanizmo aktas , tikrojo rūpesčio pavyzdys daugeliui žmonių bei organizacijų. Jūsų kilniu rūpesčiu ne vienos Lietuvos gydymo įstaigos profesinis gyvenimas ir veikla pakilo į naują kokybę, ne vieną ligonį aplankė viltis. Valdas Adamkus Lietuvos Respublikos Prezidentas --------------------------Ačiū, kad esate, kad pasirengę ištiesti pagalbos ranką, pasirengę suprasti ir atjausti, ieškote gyvenime prasmingų iššūkių, dalinatės tuo, ką turite. Dana Migaliova Lietuvos Sutrikusio Intelekto žmonių globos bendrijos vadovė --------------Nuoširdžiai dėkojame už paramą – lėšas neįgaliųjų transportavimui skirtą automobilį.Telaimina Dievulis Jus ir tuos, kas kurie atsiliepė i Jūsų raginimus. Birutė Viskontienė Kretingos Dienos veiklos centro direktorė ---------------------------------Su džiaugsmu pranešu, kad mūsų ligoninę jau pasiekė Jūsų parama.Už 10.000 JAV dolerių iš UAB „Armila“nupirkta 500 dėžučių Ethambutol ir 191 dežutė Peteha.Paskaičiavome, kad medikamentų turėtų užtekti pusei metų Dėkojame už labai netikėtą gerą naujieną apie naują auką mūsų ligoninei. Net nežinau, kaip padėkoti Oaktree fondui. Juk jie nematė mūsų ligoninės ir nepažįsta mūsų, bet aukoja jau kelintą kartą! Manau, kad čia didelis Jūsų nuopelnas perduodant informaciją apie mus. Malonu kad mumis tikite, pasitikite ir teigiamai visiems pristatote. Būtinai susisieksime su jais, lauksime jų elektroninio pašto numerio. Labai apgailestaujame, kad Lithuanian Mercy Lift baigia savo veiklą. Gaila ne tik dėl nuolat teikiamos paramos, bet ir dėl malonaus bendradarbiavimo. Žavimės Jūsų žmogiška šiluma ir mokėjimu ją skleisti kitiems. Linkime, kad nepristigtumėte energijos, sveikatos ir malonių akimirkų.

Gautus pinigus, kaip ir visada norėtume panaudoti medikamentų pirkimui, nes Valstybinė ligonių kasa geriausiu atveju organizuos centralizuotą medikamentų pirkimą tik II eilės prieštuberkulioziniams medikamentams ir tik antroje metų pusėje. Vita Globytė Respublikinės Šiaulių ligoninės filialo Tuberkuliozės ir plaučių ligų ligoninės direktorė ---------------------Iki Lithuanian Mercy Lift siuntų daugelio dalykų mes tiesiog nebuvome matę, daugelį dalykų reikėjo aiškintis, kam jie skirti, kaip jie skirti, kaip naudoti.Tai buvo mūsų mokymosi periodas.Ateidavo konteineriai pilni tvarsliavos, vienkartinių priemonių, įvairių zondų, kokių mes tais laikais neturėjome.Tai buvo labai reikšminga ir reikalinga parama. Arūnas Liubšys VU vaikų ligoninės intensyvios terapijos skyriaus vedėjas ---------------------------------------------------------------Dėkojame Jums už ilgameti bendradarbiavimą su Kauno Medicinos Universiteto Odontologijos fakultetu ir mūsų klinika, kuris vyko dr.Leonido Rago iniciatyva. Jūsų dėka klinika įsigijo dentalinį rentgeno aparatą, portatyvinę odontologinę įrangą ir kitą reikalingą darbui įrangą. Esame dėkingi už 2004 metais padovanotas odontologines profilaktines medžiagas, kurios buvo išdalintos Lietuvos vaikų odontologams. Dr. L.Ragas rėmė ir kitas Kauno Medicinos Universiteto Odontologijos fakulteto klinikas vienokia ar kitokia parama. Todėl jam esme labai dėkingi. Dabar sužinojome, kad Jūsų organizacija baigia darbą. Norime paprašyti, jei dar yra galimybių, naujos portatyvinės odontologinės įrangos ir burnos irigacijos sistemos , kurią mes naudojame neįgaliųjų vaiku dantų gydymui bei priežiūrai. Jūsų 1999 metais įranga dovanota jau susidėvėjo, todėl labai praverstų nauja, kurios įsigyti neturime galimybės, be to, analogiškos įrangos Lietuvoje nėra. prof. Simona Milčiuviene Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universiteto Burnos priežiūros ir vaikų odontologijos klinikos vadovė. -----------------------------April 20, 2011 2:08 AM Sveikiname Jus ir Jūsų kolektyvą.su atėjusiu pavasariu ir katalikiška švente,Šv.velykom. Jūsų prasmingi darbai,palengvino mūsų gyventojų šviesesnį ir lengvesnį rytojų,už kuriuos esame dėkingi.

Linkime geros pavasarinės nuotaikos,sveikatos geruose darbuose. Pagarbiai Seredžiaus senelių globos namų direktorius Zigmas Zakaras ...Nuoširdžiai dėkojame Jums ir visam Lithuanian Mercy Lift kolektyvui už 2010 m. suteiktą didžiulę paramą - 25 tūkst. JAV dolerių (67 017,49 Lt), kuri sudarė 28% visų Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos mokymo programai gautų lėšų/.../ /.../Jūsų paramą 10 tūkstančių JAV dolerių gavome 2011 m. gegužės 3 d. Ją naudojame sergančių diabetu mokymo programai.Jau įvyko 4 mokymai ,,Gera cukrinio diabeto kontrolė - komplikacijų prevencija":Kelmėje , Utenoje , Varėnoje, Plungėje, Vilkaviškyje.Dalyvavo apie 550 žmonių. Birželio mėnesį-savaitės mokymo stovyklos Neringoje. Iš viso planuojame 6 tokias mokymo stovyklas (vaikams ir suaugusiesiems), bei 4 stovyklos vaikams vyks Kačerginėje. Vida Augustienė Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos prezidentė -----------------------------------Kretinga Hospital Obstetrics department: Kretinga Hospital serves a population of 46,000. The present building was built in 1958. In 2003 , a massive capital remodeling was started. Due to lack of funds, the progress was slow. Obstetrical help in the hospital was started in 1920. Each year there is 320 new births. We are very grateful to LML for their support, which allowed us to remodel the Obstetrics department with new floors, refurbish 7 wards, create a neonatal intensive care unit, update the nurses stations, and provide sanitary nodes. As a result, the whole section changed, making better conditions for the newborns and mothers.

The hospitals chief medical administrator, Dr. Ilona Volskiene, and the whole medical staff sincerely thank LML for your very needed support, for your good works, and concern for the needy. Wishing you all good health, welfare, and God's blessing. Thank you. Sincerely, Chief Medical administrator, Dr. Ilona Volskiene lona Volskienė Kretingos Ligoninės vriausioji gydytoja -------------------------------------


2004-10- 05 Nr.(5.1.53)-A5-1667

Gerbiamasis Vacy Šauly,

Gargždų ligoninės steigėjai Klaipėdos rajono savivaldybei labai svarbu, kad ši įstaiga turėtų gerą medicininę įranga, tinkamas gydymo sąlygas ir galėtų teikti ligoniams kokybiškas paslaugas. Susipažinau su viešojo pirkimo konkurso rezultatais ir jiems pritariu. Esu Jums dėkingas už paramą, kurią ruošiatės skirti Gargždų ligoninės vykdomiems projektams “Vaikų stacionarinio gydymo sąlygų gerinimas” ir “Slaugos ir palaikomojo gydymo skyriaus plėtra”.

Su pagarba, Savivaldybės meras

Vaclovas Dačkauskas


LIETUVOS DIABETO ASOCIACIJA Tarptautinės diabeto federacijos narė —————————————————————————————— Įm. Kodas 291737660; adresas: Gedimino pr. 28/2 – 404, LT – 01104 Vilnius; Tel.: 8 5 2620783, mob. +370 652 11555; faksas: 8 5 2610639; internetas: , eel. paštas: Atsiskaitomosios sąskaitos Nr. LT 50 7044 0600 0103 0696, BIC: CBVILT2X, AB SEB bankas

2011 01 12

Nr.11 – 41

Gerb. p. Aušrinei Karaitis Lithuanian Mercy Lift prezidentei

Dėl paramos Lietuvos diabeto asociacijai 2011 m. diabetu sergančiųjų mokymo programai Nuoširdžiai dėkojame Jums ir visam Lithuanian Mercy Lift kolektyvui už 2010 m. suteiktą didžiulę paramą - 25 tūkst. JAV dolerių (67 017,49 Lt), kuri sudarė 28% visų Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos mokymo programai gautų lėšų. Kreipiamės į Jus su prašymu pagal galimybes paremti Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos 2011 m. cukriniu diabetu sergančių vaikų, paauglių, jaunuolių ir suaugusiųjų mokymo programą.

2011 m. Lietuvos diabeto asociacija planuoja organizuoti 7 dienų trukmės 4 mokymo stovyklas cukriniu diabetu sergančių vaikų ir jaunuolių bei 5 suaugusiųjų, sergančių I ir II tipo diabetu, 14 vienos dienos

trukmės mokymo stovyklas rajonuose, diabeto mokyklą Lietuvos diabeto asociacijoje. Taip pat pagal galimybę kartu su Kačerginės vaikų sanatorija ,,Žibutė” planuojame organizuoti diabetu sergančių vaikų ir jų tėvų bei paauglių 2-3 mokymo stovyklas Kačerginėje, Kauno rajone. 2011 m. Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos planuojamai mokymo programai reikia - 440,2 tūkst. Lt Iš Neįgaliųjų reikalų departamento prie Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerijos tikimės gauti ~40-50% reikalingų lėšų. Kitai reikiamai daliai lėšų kreipiames paramos į Lithuanian Mercy Lift, farmacines kompanijas bei kitus rėmėjus. Bendras diabeto mokymo stovyklų ir dalyvių skaičius priklausys nuo gautų lėšų joms organizuoti. Pridedame daugiau detalios informacijos apie Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos 2011 m. planuojamą cukriniu diabetu sergančiųjų mokymo programą. Taip pat informacijos apie Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos veklą galima rasti adresu ir ,,Diabeto” laikraštyje. Jeigu priimsite sprendimą skirti lėšų Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos mokymo programai, prašytume jas pervesti į Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos atsiskaitomąją sąskaita. Iš anksto nuoširdžiai dėkojame.

Pagarbiai, Lietuvos diabeto asociacijos prezidentė Europos pacientų forumo valdybos narė -------------------------------------------------------------

Vida Augustinienė