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The Future of Nursing is NOW... and HERE


G 3001 Mercer University Drive Atlanta, GA 30341-4366 678.547.6700 Linda A. Streit, RN, DSN Dean and Professor Board of Visitors Lynn Jackson, Chair John M. Britt, Vice Chair W. Everett Bennett Tom Dalia Brenda Hamlin Dugger Catherine J. Futch Kerry H. Gough Norman Harbaugh Jackie Carter Johnson Eugene T. Kirschbaum Ann Patterson Luther Dorothy M. Pryor Carolyn Rich Betty Van Gerpen LaMae Williams

eorgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University is proud to announce its upcoming accreditation visit from members of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) November 9-11, 2011. The three-member education team will conduct an on-site review for initial accreditation by CCNE of the College’s new Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program. Members of the community of interest have the opportunity to provide written third-party comments. Written and signed third-party comments will be accepted by CCNE until 30 days before the visit. All comments should be directed to: Cristina Walcott Administrative Assistant Commission on Collegiate Education One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530 Washington, DC 20036 Dean Linda A. Streit, faculty, and staff of Georgia Baptist College of Nursing thank you for your support of our vision, mission, core values, and CCNE accreditation process.

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Appointments / Service Lanell M. Bellury – Member of the Nominating Committee for Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society Virginia “Dare” Domico – Manuscript Review Board for the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing Freida Fuller – Accreditation Evaluator for the Council on Collegiate Nursing Education Susan Gunby – Member of the Georgia Board of Nursing Education Committee and the Advisory Education Committee; Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education; Accreditation Evaluator for the Council on Collegiate Nursing Education; Abstract reviewer for the State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research (Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science); Editorial Board for the International Journal for Human Caring. Manuscript reviewer for the Journal of Nursing Scholarship and Nursing Outlook Elaine Harris – Palliative Care Planning Team Member for Atlanta Medical Center Intensive Care Unit; Ethics Committee Member for Portsbridge Hospice, Atlanta, GA Helen Hodges and Tanya Sudia-Robinson – Both serve on the grant review panel Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Division of Nursing, Nursing Education, Practice and Retention (NEPR) grants Objective Review Committee (ORC), Bethesda, MD Helen Hodges – Serves on the Manuscript review panel for the Journal of Advanced Nursing, Journal of Nursing Education; Reviewer for Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Laura Kimble – Grants Review Awards Committee for the Southern Nursing Research Society Laura Kimble – Manuscript reviewer for: Applied Nursing Research; Heart & Lung; Research in Nursing and Health Jill Ray – Presidential Advisor to the Georgia Association of Nursing Students Linda Streit – President of the Georgia Association of Nursing Deans and Directors; AACN Leader Development Ad-Hoc Webinar Planning Group; Ethics Committee Member for Northside Hospital

The following resolution was submitted by GBANS and approved by nursing student colleagues at the 2010 state convention: In Support of Increasing Awareness of the Growing Mental Health Facility Deficit SUBMITTED BY: Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students of Mercer University


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eorgia Baptist College of Nursing is the treasure of the south. A College which boasts a 110 year heritage filled with exemplary students, dedicated and experienced faculty, and accomplished alumni. A College which thrives in an environment filled with change and opportunity! When I was appointed Interim Dean in 2009 and subsequently Dean in 2010, I embraced challenges associated with educating nurses and developing additional degree programs. Today, I also remain steadfast in my commitment to increase regional and national notoriety of our excellence in nursing education. A component of this endeavor is to expand communication between and among the College and alumni, nurses, nursing schools across the country, and our many friends and supporters. This publication has been my dream; a way of showcasing “us” to the world, extending the borders of our heritage beyond the south, and connecting with you! This inaugural issue serves as my opportunity to “bring a little of the College to you!” To begin with, our Alumni Day events occur every October and this day serves as a wonderful occasion for graduates to re-connect with friends and faculty. The Alumni Board has planned an exciting morning program and the alumni luncheon is not to be missed! During the events, you will learn what is “new” about the College. I assure you that I will highlight the many prosperous and rewarding accomplishments of alumni and faculty and your presence will add to the thrill and excitement felt by the reconnection of alumni. The conversations and stories shared by our alum are sure to bring a smile, as discussions include comparisons of educating nurses years ago, as compared to the present. I am very excited about the first issue of this publication. It is an honor and privilege to brag about the many accomplishments of faculty, students, and alumni. In reading this issue, you will note the expansion of degree programs within the College. We continue to offer the pre-licensure BSN, as well as the RN-BSN Advanced Track. The College now has three specialty areas for the MSN degree program: Nursing Education; Clinical Nurse Specialist; Family Nurse Practitioner. Two primarily online doctoral degree programs are in place: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD). In addition to continuing the BSN degree program in Atlanta, we will offer the BSN curriculum on the Macon campus in 2013. Our expansion of simulations labs, HRSA grant awards to support students in graduate school, submission of NIH research grants, growth of the Mercer on Mission program to include travels to Cambodia and Vietnam, are just a few items you will be reading about in this issue. Georgia Baptist College of Nursing…a wonderful place which is no longer limited by the walls of a classroom or building. While it is wonderful to be the treasure of the south, let’s all work together and continue to be recognized worldwide for our contributions to nursing and nursing education! Members of our community of nurses span the globe. Our students are immersed in rigorous degree programs which are set to prepare them for the challenges associated with healthcare delivery, research, and innovative practice. Stay connected with us and share your stories and accomplishments with us! Linda A. Streit, RN, DSN Dean and Professor


Mercer on Mission W

hat exactly does this mean? To students and faculty who participate in Mercer On Mission, mere words cannot express the transformation received from the experience. The most common expression made is “I am now changed…forever!” Lives are being transformed through Mercer On Mission — the lives of Mercer students and the lives of those they serve in various countries around the globe. Mercer On Mission is a unique blend of study abroad and service-learning that provides life-changing experiences for students through academic instruction, cultural immersion, meaningful service, and spiritual reflection. Working alongside in-country partners, Mercer faculty, as well as nursing, pharmacy, and medical students deliver much-needed healthcare. The destination for summer 2011 – CAMBODIA. Faculty and students established ten clinics and evaluated more than 1200 patients. Dr. Therry, Kampot District Medical Director, and Cambodian medical students, were instrumental in facilitating the experience for our students. Experiences were carefully planned to allow each student the opportunity to participate in every aspect of the health care process, which included: clinic set-up, patient intake, vital

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signs, clinic coordination, diagnosis/treatment, pharmacy distribution, and patient education. Learning involved each student participating in every aspect of the care process. When practicing in a foreign country, students become aware of select health problems. For example, in Cambodia students were immersed in the care and treatment of persons with tuberculosis (TB). Although Cambodia ranks among the top 22 countries globally for TB infection, the country is dependent upon many clinics to assist with improving detection rates and providing effective treatment. Students were also exposed to the less traditional forms of self-care, such a coining. Coining is an alternative healing method used to rid the body of poisons thought to cause disease or minor ailments, such as fever, cough, headache, or backache. Following a Mercer On Mission experience, students often become more aware of health disparities and diseases not commonly seen in the United States. Participation in these projects offers a personal experience that allows individuals to continue their professional practice but with perhaps a different perspective. A Mercer On Mission experience will change them… forever. Nursing students also participated in the following Mercer On Mission service trips: Summer 2010 – Vietnam Summer 2009 – Thailand For more information on Mercer On Mission visit:


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Co Nursin l Cowart t Colleg Elizabeth from North Georgia College of e: Dr. Caro m at Georgia Baptis ntley, o te it tw m d n m n o a o ti C s ron Bra lanning D progra concentra f Nursing graduate Program P y enrolled in the Ph N program; and Sha graduate of o 1 l 1 her o 0 o 2 h ) c E S N Two 2007 known for e MS , urrentl n (GA ll y c th e o e f ti d w o a ll n c a is e te u K a a d te d u E a y d u g rgia. Lin for Nursin owdoin, 1972 grad rinkley), 2007 gra on, along with Cath asper, Geo J B . s ens, in ( B 1 a l 1 a n ll M 0 it o u 2 p s T s pital in Ath e Ho s in-Ma aldwin r 2010 Carol id o B s w fo H in ld ta rd 's ta a a e n ry r o B a u B G reta m. ont Mo ecutive 's Board s at St. M Nursing; G of the MSN progra e GANE Ex g Officer at the Piedm re Service e College of Nursing a th f C o t n e rs te e ti a a b u P ent for ber to th 2009 grad ram served as mem , is the Chief Nursin ent care. Vice Presid wly appointed mem g r ti 0 a ro io ed ‘7 p p n a e ty N S m li S a e lo u e M as th the 2011 entitl a , Dip san t to q s l d a n e ri a e ll p rv e m te A e w it s S in s m r, a is m a m av co progra (Diplom Chapter, n Dugg Linda Re tivities and intense a day-long l Health Ministries. da Hamli Cross East Georgia r n fo e c r r a B te y , n it e te n s a a commu 68 gradu rican Red the co-pre nter's Congregation the served as Nursing 19 Member for the Ame f , o s l e o h o ical Ce hnology at g h d c u c e te S H M d r rd n tt a a e te o n n n B d as a the Gwin inda Pa simulatio Georgia an Nursing, L Nurse sponsored by irector for f d o t n e g ta e is ll s o s ing C l a . of Visitors rofessiona chool and iety of Nurs h ursing and c P S n o e e f S o th th r r f f o o o o n s o s le te ua Ro (STTI) H y of Nort iate profe Triple grad ostering Hope: The ternational ffairs at the Universit s as assoc e In rv u e F a s T d y n ta tl a e n ty e Finding r Sigma Th dean for academic a on Quality and Safe a ‘76, curr esaw, GA. fo m N ’10) n t n S n lo e e M ip K id ; D s 9 in , t ‘0 re y n n te associa as vice p Branna Universit ’76; BSN nded gra onaldson g of Kennesaw State , is currently serving en is a professor and ert Wood Johnson fu tcomes. D e n a J Dr. Rob a ‘66 ursin re ou y, Gw f Haiti chool of N Sherwood, Diplom Directors. Currentl estigator for the third la and improving ca Wellstar S u f ed nation o v o y h ic in s e rr ri rd u o e in a c c v o n m o B is r o p I o ti n im D TT 0. ca we Dr. Gwen r of the 2009-2011 S ing. Additionally, G forming nursing edu holarship 2009-201 ply drive to help the uake. p c s rs e q u n S u b s h a r N tr rt a m d f a e e n n o e eY po ol da and a m bers in the y of Nebraska. l Hill Scho is grant is focused u cNelly Member of th ized a clothing, foo m e e p m a h y C il t m a it , organ EN); th ber of fa Univers mily M Carolina Nurses (QS 0 was awarded the E r University students ebe also lost a num D in 2006 from the r fo TN. n o ti a c K e h Edu er P Ms. ’s Station, Merc SN ’1 h . n r B 0 o d e s 1 e r, p 0 th iv 2 o te m e s c o h ry h b it re a T e w u e hurch in Crystal W be, BSN ‘10, along bbean county in Jan on Consultants. 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M tion Comm eston, senior ’ Association (N and the Legislation/Educa es rs u tudents: N t Megan K. S en d tu mittee, n of Nursing S ional S m o at io C N at e ci es o th ci r ss li A fo o r P ia Treasure Bylaws & Treasurer, f the Georg ve Committee, cutive Board o e President, Mairi Wiles, est. xe E e th n o e on the Executi 2nd Vic r, NEC W rrently serv B. J. Wright, onique Gree N students cu Six GBCN-BS gie) Adamack, President, ning, BTN Director, and M ag Ven Margaret (M Public Relations, Simone t, n u Jennifer H

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Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Supports Team 65 Roses/Cystic Fibrosis T

he Philosophy Statement of Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer University includes the expectation that all students will make positive contributions to a global society. Every nursing student should commit to five hours of community service each semester. The Georgia Baptist College of Nursing has supported the 65ROSES Hydration Station during the ING Marathon in Atlanta, GA beginning in 2008. This commitment includes arriving at 4:30AM to the designated Hydration Station, unloading trucks, preparing tables and drinks, cheering and fundraising for children and adults with this difficult disease. For a student who treasures sleep, 4:30AM is a sacrifice! The ING Marathon is a world class event that arrives in Atlanta each March. The race is open to 18,000 runners and walkers to promote health and fitness in the Atlanta community.

ABOUT CYSTIC FIBROSIS Cystic fibrosis is an inherited, chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of about 800 children and adults in Georgia, 30,000 individuals in the United States and 70,000 people worldwide. In the 1950s, few children with cystic fibrosis lived to attend elementary school. Today, advances in research and medical care have enhanced and extended the lives of children and adults with CF. Many people with the disease can expect to live into their 30s, 40s and beyond.


Why “65 Roses”? In 1965 a little boy with cystic fibrosis couldn’t pronounce the name of his illness. In his four year old world he had something he called “65 Roses,” and since then his simple mispronunciation has come to stand for much more than a large bouquet of beautiful flowers. Over the years the cystic fibrosis community has adopted the phrase for fundraisers and … just for fun. In the fall of 2006, Doctor Peter Scott and Doctor Steve Julius, cystic fibrosis physicians from Atlanta were training together for a Marathon. These physicians had an idea: “Cystic Fibrosis is not a 5K or 10K disease. It’s a MARATHON disease”. This profound phrase was the beginning of Team

65Roses. The inaugural run was in 2007 at the ING Marathon and Half Marathon in Atlanta. One hundred runners and walkers sporting Carolina blue 65ROSES t-shirts dedicated themselves to more than the physical challenge of the race but also to raising awareness of cystic fibrosis and offering financial support to individuals with Cystic Fibrosis. The organization of Team 65ROSES began with runners and walkers but volunteers were also needed to organize a Hydration Station which runners would pass to receive Gatorade and water along with cheers and support.

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing The 65ROSES story continues, as the team has grown to over 160 runners, walkers and 250 volunteers. As the Manager Hydration Station Number One, Professor Iannazzone Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing, is challenged each year to recruit at least 150 volunteers to staff the Station located on Piedmont Road. How to recruit 150 individuals to report at 3:30AM on a Sunday? It is not an “easy” task, but she admits that she is overwhelmed with student enthusiasm to help with this effort. Students not only sign up to help but they also organized a bake sale to raise money for families with Cystic Fibrosis. In addition students assist by volunteering to serve at a dinner for the runners and volunteers. “The GBCN students are a shining example of passion and community and I experienced their generosity during the preparation and their eagerness to participate in bringing awareness of Cystic Fibrosis to the community” said Professor Iannazzone. “I speak for all the families that are challenged with this difficult disease in honoring the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing for their commitment to Team 65Roses.”


The BIG Difference A

t Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, we believe that the best way to further nursing knowledge is to practice nursing. This is why we offer comprehensive clinical experiences for all BSN students. Faculty members have refined curriculum plans which incorporates theory, learning lab simulation experiences, clinical practice in acute and community settings, and research coursework which prepares students for multiple degree opportunities.

Nursing is coming to the Mercer-Macon campus! The nursing program will expand enrollment in the undergraduate pre-licensure program by offering nursing on the Mercer-Macon campus, as well as in Atlanta. In 2013, the College plans to admit 45 students to nursing in Macon. Pre-nursing students arriving on the Macon campus in fall 2011 will, for the first time, have the opportunity to complete all four years of their program without having to transfer to Mercer’s Georgia Baptist College of Nursing on the Cecil B. Day Campus in Atlanta. Pre-nursing freshmen will still have the option to complete their final two years on the Atlanta campus, but the program expansion will give students a choice. The program in Macon will be offered under the identical curriculum as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing pre-licensure track on the Atlanta campus. The pre-nursing curriculum is already offered by the College of Liberal Arts on the Macon campus. The application process will be similar under the new Macon program. Students are required to submit an application along with their Test of Essential Academic Skills score to the College of Nursing’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program during the second year of the pre-nursing curriculum. Those students who are accepted for 2013 entry to the BSN degree program will have a choice to attend either the Macon or Atlanta campus. A benefit for students enrolled in the pre-nursing curriculum is that they have the opportunity to apply for the College’s guaranteed admission program. To be guaranteed admission, students must maintain a 3.0 science grade point average and a 3.0 cumulative GPA and meet the score requirements on the academic skills test. Mercer is one of the few Universities across the nation which offers a guaranteed admission option in nursing. Nursing students electing to stay on the Mercer-Macon campus may now maintain their involvement in campus co-curricular activities such as Greek life, Student Government Association, athletics or other clubs and organizations. The College has already signed an agreement with the Medical Center of Central Georgia to become a site for clinical rotations for the Macon students in 2013.

Why consider an entry-level nursing education at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University? • Excellence in personalized guidance and continued advisement from faculty after admission • The only nursing school in the state which includes three hours of clinical experience for every one hour in the classroom. • The first nursing school in Georgia to achieve 100% student enrollment in the National Student Nurses Association. NSNA acknowledged the College with a special recognition at the 2010 Convention in Orlando: Stellar School Chapter Recognition Award. • The only Georgia nursing program with students who received national recognition from the Army Nurse Corps - Spirit of Nursing Award. • The only school in Georgia with continuous state and national representation on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS) and/or the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). • A proven track record of continuously maintaining National Council Licensure EXamination-Registered Nurse (NCLEXRN) pass rate above the national norm. • Recognition by clinical agencies for preparing nurses who assist with achievement towards Magnet status, increasing patient safety, and reaching the nation’s goal of 80% of the hospital workforce with a minimum baccalaureate nursing education.


The Formation of Nurse Scholars by Susan Sweat Gunby, RN, Ph.D.


ifteen individuals enrolled in the rigorous Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D.) degree program are poised for a successful future as nurse scholars who will educate the next generation of nurses and assume leadership positions in administrative, research, clinical, and entrepreneurial settings. Five of these fifteen students are members of the inaugural class in the Ph.D. program at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing. These five individuals have completed the core and cognate courses and are actively engaged in the dissertation process. The remaining ten students comprising the second cohort of Ph.D. students are nearing completion of the first year of doctoral studies and preparing for comprehensive examinations during Summer Semester 2011. All students are exemplars of excellence in doctoral studies! As part of the formation of nurse scholars, students have been guided in tailoring their coursework and individualizing their research to focus on one of three areas of concentration offered by the College of Nursing: education, ethics, or clinical scholarship. In these two groups of students, all have selected the education cognate area. Representing the states of Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina, the first two groups of students, all of whom are female, are mainly composed of nurse educators currently engaged in teaching undergraduate students. The members of the first cohort include:

Linda M. Barber, Alison Davis, Pamela Dunagan, Jennifer Heyer, and Barbara Miller. Second cohort students are: Carol T. Bowdoin, Sheree C. Carter, Victoria M. Fennel, Rita Ferguson, Gail Godwin, Sharon Grason, Beth L. Hultquist, Erin Killingsworth, Kelly Rossler, and Terri Worthey. The College of Nursing is especially proud the members of the inaugural class of Ph.D. students submitted two abstracts for presentation at the 41st biennial convention of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing in Grapevine, Texas, October 29 – November 2, 2011. Both papers have been accepted for poster presentation at the very prestigious conference! One paper, written as a group paper, was part of the assignments in the first education cognate course; this paper is entitled “The Courage to be a Nurse Educator.” Additionally, Linda M. Barber submitted a poem entitled “The Chair: A Poetic Reflection of Caring” which will be presented in poster format during the creative session. Attendees at this major conference will join more than an anticipated 1,800 colleagues from 33 countries around the globe in sharing and creating knowledge to improve the health of the world. What a wonderful reflection upon the formation process of nurse scholars at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University! n

Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students (GBANS) was recognized at the 2010 State Convention for the following: Outstanding BTN Project Award 2009-2010 Winner: Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University About the award: The purpose of the Breakthrough to Nursing Award is to give recognition to a school chapter that impacts the community and the profession of nursing through a successful BTN project. Health needs know no boundaries, and all ethnicities, creeds, genders, religions, and sexual orientations need the compassionate care of nurses. Nurses must be culturally competent as well as clinically sound in order to provide the best level of total care. Recruitment of new nurses, retention of currently working nurses and mentoring relationships are all possibilities within Breakthrough to Nursing. Community Service Project Award 2009-2010 Winner: Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University About the Award: The purpose of the Community Service Award is to give recognition to a student chapter that finds time to give back to the community. Nursing is a profession of compassion and caring, and nursing students have the power to positively impact the community around them. This chapter has the most profound impact on a community by promoting health or preventing illness. Community Service Grants 2009-2010 Winners: Mercer University About the Award: The purpose of these grants is to provide nursing students seed money to conduct small community health projects. These projects should promote health or prevent illness and have a positive impact on the community. NCLEX Bowl Competition Winner 2010: Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University. GBCN students were unbeatable when it came to answering licensure-type questions!


From Kosovo to the College of Nursing By Eleonora Hoxha


t was the 27th of March, 1999, still very cold from a hard winter in Kosovo. We heard that the war was steadily moving towards us, but felt sure it would never reach Peja, my hometown. Three days earlier, NATO planes began bombing the Serbian Army forces who had vowed to enforce ethnic cleansing on our country. As the bombs and the fighting grew closer, my family hurriedly gathered a few things and left our home in the middle of the night. I left in such a hurry that I forgot to put on heavy shoes and started out with my parents and my two sisters with only light clothes, a sweater and my house shoes. We were able to avoid the approaching forces and joined thousands of others as we walked nearly 100 miles to Montenegro. Many infants and older people did not survive that journey. My Eleonora Hoxha and Genc Goga family wound up living in Montenegro for six months in a NATO refugee camp. During that time, I met my husband-to-be, Genc Goga. Though we both lived in Peja, we had not been acquainted before the war. When we finally came back home, we found our home burned out and all our possessions either destroyed or stolen. However, I was able to finish high school with some nursing training as my family tried to rebuild their lives. Soon after graduating from high school, Genc and I were married. Genc was able to come to the USA in 2003 and, through a series of unusual circumstances, met our American parents and moved to Atlanta. With help from our new parents and friends in their church, I was able to come to Atlanta that summer. Genc began working and I enrolled at GSU to study ESL (I spoke no English prior to coming to the USA). After two years of college, I was able to get a weekend job as a tech in the ER at Piedmont Hospital. In 2007, again with help from our American parents and their friends (and especially Ms. Nancy Teal in the Mercer Finance Office), I was able to enroll in Georgia Baptist College of Nursing. I graduated in May, 2010, and went to work full-time in the Piedmont ER that summer. I feel I am truly living “the American Dream” and I am in a profession that I dearly love. The College of Nursing is a wonderful place and I made many friends there and at Piedmont. My professors did so much to help me prepare for my career in nursing. And, at some point I hope to go back and get an advanced degree and to give back to all those who helped me achieve my goals. (continued from page 10) SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT Orthopedic Nurse. Her work as a nurse set the stage for a strong foundation for learning and enabled her to have the discipline, organization, and dedication to complete her accounting degree at Mercer University. She completed this degree with academic honors and assumed the responsibilities of accountant and business manager of her husband’s Ophthalmology practice. Mrs. Davis was a graduate of the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing in Atlanta. The College is proud to have the opportunity to work with the Davis family and to assist them in awarding a scholarship to a young woman who met their pre-

established award criteria. “The College is grateful to donors, such as members of the Davis family, who find spirit and enthusiasm in reaching out to others,” said Dr. Linda Streit, Dean and Professor at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University. “Mary always wanted to help people and that is the motivation for the scholarship,” Dr. Davis said. “She would have hoped, if she were here today, to have helped a deserving student. That’s what it’s all about.” For information on giving, contact Jenny McCurdy at 678.547-6453 or 1-800-837.2905 or McCurdy_VM@ 11


TransculTural nursing Professsor Susan Estes-Gump, RN, MS


Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University


he world is our classroom. At Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, Professors Gump and Kamp strive to assist our students to become global citizens by offering cultural immersion experiences through their coursework. Transcultural Nursing, an elective offered by Professor Susan Estes-Gump, provides students the unique opportunity to participate in the Appalachian culture of Eastern Kentucky. Students spend a week engaging in service learning experiences while helping the underserved population of Pike County, Kentucky. The nursing students have opportunities to truly immerse themselves in the culture by participating in health care activities through the Pike County Health Department. They work with school nurses, health department nurses, and nurse educators. They work with nurses on a mobile unit that travels miles into the mountains to provide needed nursing care. They also provide health fairs at a local community center. The nursing student’s eyes are open to the hurt and pain that exists outside their own world. Although they appreciate all the service learning experiences, they report the experiences with the school nurses as the most unforgettable. The nursing students saw children with many chronic diseases and congenital disorders.

They saw children lacking the necessities in life. In the midst of snow, they witnessed children coming to school with no coats, no shoes, or if they had shoes, the shoes were wired together. They were told astonishing stories of children whose clothes were sold for drugs, diabetic children who could not receive insulin because money was spent on drugs, and children afraid to report illness for fear of violent repercussion from parents. Many children visited the school nurse daily seeking love and affection. Upon returning home, one nursing student reported, “I felt welcomed by the children and their parents. The variety of experiences (tutoring and playing with the children and health care activities) helped me experience the Appalachian culture. I did not know such need existed in my own backdoor.” Another student exclaimed, “We had excellent nurse role models. I see that I, too, can be a nurse who can make a difference in the lives of others in need. One person can really make a change!” Taking the classroom to the world opens our student’s eyes to global health care needs. It promotes the development of nurses who are sensitive, ready, and committed to practice in evolving global communities. n

Nursing Student Recipient of the First Mary Gailmard Davis Scholarship Jennifer Stagg Florence was the first nursing recipient of the Mary Gailmard Davis Scholarship; a competitive nursing scholarship with specific award criteria selection. Family members, Dr. Floyd Davis, Timothy L. Davis, and Danielle DavisWeer were delighted to make this award to such a deserving student. In a letter sent from the Davis family members to Jennifer, they wrote, “Our family is proud of your hard work. Your academic achievements and dedication 10

to your family exemplify the life and career of our dear mother and wife, Mary. We hope our scholarship assists you in your goals of reaching your full potential and dreams towards a rewarding and successful career in Nursing care and education, which will become increasingly important in the years ahead.” Mary Gailmard Davis was a very caring, compassionate wife and mother who always wanted to help others. She was proud of her first career as a skilled (continued on page 11)




n Saturday, March 5, at the Pell City, Alabama Civic Center, friends and family gathered to celebrate the 100th birthday of Almeda “Boots” Hines Fincher Donalson. “Boots,” as she is known by her friends, was born March 3, 1911, in Decatur County, Georgia. She received her nursing education at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing, graduating in 1933. She worked as a private duty nurse, employed at the Fort McPherson Army Base, and served as nurse for Dr. Equin, an Ear, Eye, Nose, and Throat specialist in Atlanta. On 15 August 1936, Boots married James Travis Fincher, Jr. The couple moved from Atlanta to Birmingham in 1942, where they lived for almost 30 years. After James’ death, Boots married Major General John M. Donalson in 1975. Since the death of Gen. Donalson in 1987, Boots made her home in Cropwell, AL until she moved to Assisted Living at the Village at Cook Springs in March 2010. The birthday celebration for Boots was hosted by her children, Ray and Nancy Fincher of Cook Springs, Jack and Rita Fincher of Pell City, and Dan and Linda Fincher Wood of Birmingham. Her seven grandchildren and their spouses, and her four great grandchildren were in attendance along with relatives and friends from Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and South Carolina. As a surprise for Boots, in lieu of gifts, guests were invited to make a donation to Georgia Baptist College of Nursing to be used for a deserving student needing financial assistance. The generosity of Boots’ friends and family will result in a scholarship award for a 2011 Fall Semester student.

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing o

Award Recipients and Hall of Hon

The Hall of Honor was established in 2002 during the Centennial Celebrations to honor the excellence displayed by so many of our alumni. The profession and to the world-at-large. Names of all inductees are on plaques in the College of Nursing in the literal Hall of Honor. Additionally, a Distinguished Alumna Award: Betty Stephenson Van Gerpen, 1960 graduate of the School of Nursing, was presented this award for outstanding achievement and distinction in the profession of nursing. The Distinguished Alumna Award recognizes excellence in nursing practice, humanitarian contributions, and support of the alma mater. Betty also earned a BSN degree from Brenau University and a MEd in adult education along with a graduation certification in gerontology from Georgia State University. She is the founder and president of Menders, Inc., a home care and assisted living company for senior adults. Menders, Inc. has been serving senior adults in the metropolitan areas of Atlanta for 19 years. Betty is the author of Sparkling Service – Its Yours to Give, A Guide of Caregiver Etiquette for Senior Adults. Her newest venture, Menders House Service, includes house repairs, home modifications, and ongoing home maintenance plans. Betty is active in the Buckhead Rotary Club and other civic activities.

Edna Earle Teal Award: Diane Ashmore Granger, a 1978 graduate of the School of Nursing, personifies the essence of the Edna Earle Teal Award. The award is given to a graduate who has provided distinguished service to God and humanity and the award is named for a former superintendent of nurses at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing who also served as the first nurse-missionary to China in 1910. Diane received a parish nurse certification through the Marquette University Parish Nurse Preparation Institute. She serves as an associate of Gwinnett Medical Center in partnership with Lawrenceville First Baptist Church, where she is in her 12 year as a congregational nurse. As a member of the ministerial staff, Diane combines professional nursing expertise with theological concepts to improve the well-being of individuals. Last year, Diane and her volunteers touched lives 4748 times through health education, support groups, personal counseling, visits, and special health programs. As Diane instilled in those with frightening diagnoses, provided strength for those who lost loved ones, encouraged young parents, provided needed health information and resources, she has shown herself to be qualified without question to receive the Edna Earle Teal Award.

2010 Hall of Honor Inductees and a Summary of Their Achievements: Angela Henry Robinson was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition for her Leadership in Law and Health Policy. A 1973 graduate of the Georgia Baptist School of Nursing, Angela entered law school at the University of South Carolina and has been engaged in the practice of law since 1981. Currently, she is a shareholder in the Law, Snakard and Gambill firm in Fort Worth, Texas. She specializes in labor and employment law, professional liability, and insurance law. Angela has taught law at two different institutions and has been recognized as one of the top attorneys in the Fort Worth area each year from 2004-2009. Additionally, she serves on the editorial board of the National Association of College and University Attorneys. Nola Jean Pridgen Gower was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition of her Excellence in Nursing Education. Jean graduated from Georgia Baptist School of Nursing in 1960 and earned her bachelor of science degree from Tift College. She began her teaching career as a clinical instructor in the Fundamentals of Nursing department and became the Chairperson of the Fundamentals of Nursing department. Her influence upon the rapidly expanding department was immediate and profound. New student enrollments were almost doubled in size. The curriculum was changed to add Fundamentals of Nursing courses in three successive quarters. Jean’s incredible organizational abilities were critically needed to keep up with the large numbers of students and the faculty. Students were transformed by the positive professional teachings and clinical supervision of Jean Gower. Faculty were honored to teach in “her department.” Most of the new faculty hired were very new to teaching and Jean became an incredible role model to faculty. Sylvia Camp McDonald was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition of her Excellence in Nursing Education. In 1973, Sylvia graduated with honors from Georgia Baptist School of Nursing; later she earned her BSN from the Medical College of Georgia, her master’s degree in education from Georgia State University, and a MSN degree from the Medical College of Georgia. Additionally, she completed course work in the PhD in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University, and is

a 2006 graduate of the Amy V. Cockcroft Nursing Leadership Program of the College of Nursing at the University of South Carolina. Sylvia was a staff nurse and later a unit director at Athens Regional Medical Center in the intensive care unit as well as the orthopedic and neurology unit. Sylvia began a 30 year teaching career at Athens Technical College in 1978 and served as ADN program director for five of those years. Sylvia is the co-developer of a method of teaching and evaluating the development of critical thinking in nursing students. In 2006, Sylvia was selected as the Teacher of the Year for Athens Technical College. She retired from Athens Technical College and now teaches NCLEX-RN review courses and pharmacology workshops as an associate with the Sylvia Rayfield international nursing consulting company. Wanda Sue Guidry Marley was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition of her Excellence in Nursing Research. In 1977, she graduated from the School of Nursing was a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. She earned a BSN from the University of South Alabama (where she was a Presidential Scholar); graduated from a nurse anesthetist program at the Mayo Clinic; earned a master of science degree in anesthesia from the University of Kansas; graduated summa cum laude with a PhD degree in physiology from Colorado State University; and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in research related to physiology and exercise science at the Colorado State University. Among her many research successes was a focus on gastroenterology, enteric and myogenic and ion-channel control of the GI tract, and the pharmacological management of prokinetics, H2 receptor antagonists, proton pump inhibitors, and gastric-specific cyto-protective prostaglandins. Currently, her research interests focus on forensic toxicology and she serves as a private consultant in this area. She has been a faculty member for a number of years, authored numerous articles, and made many presentations related to her research. Charles Anthony (Tony) Smith was inducted into the Hall of Honor of his Excellence in Mentorship. Tony is not a graduate of our School or College of Nursing. However, he has been an integral part of our College for so many years, some individuals believe he is a Georgia Baptist alumni. He graduated from Piedmont Hospital School of Nursing in 1977. While a student,

of Mercer University Alumni Day

nor Inductees | October 15, 2010

e Flame Award presented to each inductee represents the brilliant reflections cast by graduates for incredible contributions to the nursing all recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Edna Earle Teal Award have their names on special plaques in the College of Nursing. Tony was awarded the Ellen Norah Salter Award. Additionally, he earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in nursing from Georgia State University. Tony has been actively involved in many leadership activities and roles in the 33 years he has been employed at Piedmont Hospital. Previously serving as a staff nurse, head nurse on orthopedics and neurology units, director of orthopedics, he is now the Administrative Director of Nursing with responsibilities for the Orthopedic Service Line and the Women’s Service Line. Tony was named the Nurse Leader of the Year for 2010. For over 20 years, Tony has been an integral part of the faculty at our College of Nursing. He has served as an adjunct faculty member. As a clinical instructor, Tony has mentored many of our nursing students. Karen Yarborough Pugmire was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition of her Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice. Graduating with honors from Georgia Baptist School of Nursing in 1990, Karen received the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Award. She earned a MSN degree from Georgia State University. For 5 years after graduating from Georgia Baptist School of Nursing, she worked as a staff nurse in the intensive care unit at Atlanta Medical Center (formerly known as the Georgia Baptist Hospital). Since 2005, Karen has been a trauma nurse practitioner at Atlanta Medical Center and is a certified family nurse practitioner as well as a certified neuroscience nurse. In 2010, Karen was name the Tenet Hero for Atlanta Medical Center. In 2009, she was name the Nurse of the Year for Atlanta Medical Center. The person who nominated Karen for induction into the Hall of Honor stated: “Karen exemplifies excellence in clinical nursing practice. She exhibits a confident, positive, and nurturing demeanor. She is a positive role model and leads by example.” Robert (Bob) L. Zwald was inducted into the Hall of Honor of his Excellence in Mentoring. Bob is a long-time supporter of the School and College of Nursing and the Georgia Baptist Hospital and Health Care System. For a number of years, Bob was the Assistant Administrator for the Georgia Baptist Hospital and in 1979, he was named Administrator. In 1965, the students dedicated the yearbook to Bob Zwald. The following is part of the narrative the students wrote in the yearbook dedication: “We appreciate you for working tirelessly for the School of Nursing. We salute you for your unique way

of incessantly paying the compliment of expecting from us the best, and appreciating the best in each of us.” He has been a long-time member of the Georgia Baptist Health Care Foundation Board. For six years, Bob spent six weeks at a time in China teaching English as part of an initiative sponsored by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Bob holds an honorary doctorate from Mercer University.

program brochures for all kinds of events. John has served on the Board of Visitors for a number of years and is passionately invested in advancing the College of Nursing. Many years ago, John and his wife, Pat, established a named scholarship to benefit our students and both continue to support nursing students in various ways.

Irene Wade Belcher was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition of her Entrepreneurial Excellence. She graduated from the School of Nursing in 1967; attended Columbia Bible College for two years; earned a BSN from the Medical College of Georgia and graduated magna cum laude; and earned a MSN degree in adult psychiatric nursing from Georgia State University and graduated magna cum laude. Additionally, she is certified in massage therapy. Upon graduation from Georgia Baptist School of Nursing, she worked at GBH as a staff nurse and then worked as a clinical research nurse at Emory University Hospital. Additionally, Irene is the founder and executive director of the Center for Therapeutic Massage and Counseling. In 1995, she was appointed to the national board of the American Holistic Nurses Association and served as the senior editor for the Association’s national newsletter. In 1997, Irene was selected by Dr. Barbara Dossey and Dr. Lynn Keegan to be one of the 40 nurses selected from all parts of the world in their book entitled Profiles of Nurse Healers. In 1999, Irene co-founded the Holistic Nursing Institute and began to offer continuing education for nurses desiring to pursue certification in holistic nursing offered by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Irene is in private practice as a psychiatric nurse specialist, and she is a holistic or complementary care consultant.

Joyce Holshouser Benton was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition of her Leadership in Clinical Development. In 1978, she graduated from the Georgia Baptist School of Nursing and received the Maternal-Infant Nursing Award. She earned a bachelor of science in health arts from the College of St. Francis and graduated from an associate in risk management specialty professional program at Georgia State University. Additionally, Joyce earned a master of science in administration degree with a concentration in health services administration from Central Michigan University. Joyce worked at Grady Hospital in surgical pediatrics and held various positions at Henry General Hospital, including serving as the Director of Quality Management and Safety. Since 1995, Joyce has worked with CNA HealthPro and is currently the risk control director. She has been awarded the Fellow designation from the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management and later received the distinguished Fellow designation. Serving as past President and Chairperson of Education Committee, she has been actively involved in the Georgia Society for Healthcare Risk Management and this organization awarded her the Lifetime Achievement Award for her significant contributions to the success of the Society. Joyce has received an award for writing excellence, has published 9 articles or chapters in books, and made numerous professional presentations.

John Britt was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition of his Excellence in Mentoring. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor of arts degree in graphics design. Actively involved in establishing several companies and serving as the CEO of those companies, John has attempted to retire several times, but his organizational abilities and artist talents are in tremendous demand. Currently, he has his own consulting company and serves as a consultant in the printing and graphics industry. John has readily given of his incredible talents to support the College of Nursing for about 20 years. He has spent countless hours with us as we designed handbooks and

Lisa Swift was inducted into the Hall of Honor in recognition of her Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice. She graduated with honor from Georgia Baptist College of Nursing in 1998. Prior to entering the College, she earned an associate degree in nursing from DeKalb College. In 2006, Lisa earned a Master of Science with a focus in a family nurse practitioner specialty area from Emory University. While she was at Emory, she was awarded a distinguished scholarship from the Georgia Nurses Association. Lisa is actively involved in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Currently, she is a nurse practitioner in the Athens Neurological Associates practice.

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3001 Mercer University Drive Atlanta, GA 30341-4115


n Friday, October 21, the alumni of Georgia Baptist College of Nursing will once again assemble for their annual meeting. This gathering always proves to be a special day of reminiscing with friends, and receiving updates on nursing topics. The agenda typically involves a continuing education workshop in the morning, followed by the awards luncheon in the afternoon. This year the topic chosen for the morning session is “How Safe Are Our Patients? Quality and Safety in Patient Care.” We are pleased that our speakers will be two of our distinguished alumni: Cynthia Wiley Masters, RN, BSN, CHC, and Gwen Dorminey Sherwood, PhD., RN, FAAN. Ms. Masters is currently Vice President, Medical Services Integration Division, for Tanner Health System. Dr. Sherwood is Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing. Regarding this year’s topic, Ms. Masters reports that closer scrutiny is being imposed on hospitals by consumers and governmental payors who no longer accept that negative outcomes cannot be prevented. Demands are being made that the healthcare industry as a whole rapidly change the methods of teaching and training personnel in order to decrease the chance of “preventable harm outcomes.” Emphasizing that the “simple and obvious” are often not carried out, includes procedures such as falls assessment, proper medication history and medication administration and proper and frequent checks throughout the night. Obviously these are areas that affect all healthcare professionals and all consumers, and would therefore behoove us all to be better informed. GNA contact hours will be awarded for the morning session. We therefore urge you to “Save the Date” of October 21 in order to attend Alumni Day—treat yourself to a day off to enjoy a time of celebrating our history and our future as nurses. We look forward to seeing you there!

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