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Exploring the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico

This 1982 Mercedes 300TDT Wagon has explored over a half a million miles of American scenic byways, including the dirt roads in the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. What adventure has your Mercedes-Benz taken you on?

6 THE STAR SO 2023
TEXT & PHOTO: Blue Nelson

Art, Collectibles and Lifestyle







Bronze Sculpture



1962 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL ROADSTER SOLD for $1,792,500 I Amelia Island Auctions 2023


Believed to Have Been Fitted to a W194, 1952–1955



Nothing comes easy in Formula 1. It’s what makes the sport so compelling and what keeps the competition so fierce.


Now entering its sixth official generation—or eleventh if you count all the way back to the W136— the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the brand’s most successful model line.


Revs screaming, smoke pouring off the tires, Mick Schumacher flicked his wrists and pointed the Formula 1 car back up the asphalt.


Stories from Blue Nelson and Kate Crowley about cruising through Europe and the their charming blue Ponton.


The first automobiles hit the roads in the late 1800s in Europe, and it wasn’t long after that car clubs began to form.


Lime Rock Park and FCP Euro team up under a shared mission of excellent customer service to bring joy to car enthusiasts of every stripe.

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Dear Members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America,

A few months ago, in the March/ April issue, I wrote to you all about Transformation. We’re working on a metamorphosis of this club that boldly moves into the present with a sharp eye on the future. Here are some of the items that your BOD and I are working on to help shift MBCA into an even more bright and prosperous future.

1. Community is one of the most significant aspects of being part of this esteemed club: sharp, driven, likeminded individuals with a shared passion coming together to provide support, guidance, and camaraderie. We have so many members who love to “pay it forward” and this credible, knowledgeable nucleus of trusted expert collectors, restorers, and drivers must be empowered and given opportunities to share their knowledge.

2. O ur relationship and alignment with Mercedes-Benz AG are crucial to success. This does not mean we become salespeople, but instead, brand ambassadors who understand we are reflecting a luxury brand with a deep, storied heritage. Everything MBCA does should look and feel like something Mercedes-Benz would do. By focusing on our relationship with Mercedes-Benz AG, we allow their insight and success to help fuel our own.

3. R emembering that our success is not a solitary pursuit but a collective effort where we uplift and inspire one another. Being open to new ideas and adaptable to an ever-changing environment is critical to progress, and often requires us to step out of our comfort zones, challenge conventional thinking, and embrace the unknown future with courage and excitement. This starts with a shift in the Mission and Vision of the organization. The BOD recently connected with the former branding consultant to Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, David Roberston

Mitchell, who is guiding us on how we begin to gear MBCA to recognize its role in the wider world of Mercedes-Benz. We are aligning MBCA with its vision for clubs globally.

Proposed New Mission: To create a community for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts to share knowledge, exceptional events, and camaraderie while staying in step with and adding value to MercedesBenz and its ecosystems in Canada and the USA.

Proposed New Vision: A diverse and engaged community of MercedesBenz owners and enthusiasts who play a central role in the success of MercedesBenz in Canada and the USA.

MBCA must be more focused and agile. We are drafting nonprofit-standard bylaws, policies, and procedure documents to present to the membership for approval. We are also proposing slimming down the BOD, separating and defining the roles so governance is performed at the BOD level, and club management at the staff level. This will ensure proper fiduciary duty and long-term prosperity and shrink the requirements for volunteer leadership.

By slightly shifting the club structure, we can allow verticals of interest to form within our cross-geographical club locations, allowing each person to be a member at their local level but also to refine individual interests within the club. Our goal is to provide modern, easy digital solutions so the club runs efficiently and is more closely curated to the individual’s tastes and preferences while we rebuild web/IT infrastructure.

We are working toward having the raffle up and running and look forward to ushering in The Mercedes-Benz Club Lounge, which will provide all members access to the greater Mercedes-Benz AG and Heritage ecosystems. This coincides with a real need to update our chart of accounts and general ledger. My specific goal is for our financials to be transparent and straightforward for our staff, leadership, members, and sponsors

to understand and trust their time and dollars are being utilized to their highest value. We’re also looking to expand upon The Star as a multi-media outlet, allowing us to more completely reflect the plethora of activities and exciting happenings across Canada, the U.S., and beyond.

The Educational Foundation is an enormous fundraising asset for MBCA, and we are working diligently to support the vast need for automotive education and many other beneficial outreach opportunities.

We are in the process of divesting the National Business Office building in Colorado Springs. We will put all proceeds into restricted, interest-driven reserve funds to shore up the financial status of the organization. The reason for this is two-fold: first, the building is in desperate need of significant financial investment for repairs and refurbishments and second, we can rent space which has more modern infrastructure for less yearly cost and expenditure than we currently experience on maintenance of our own building.

These are but a few of the ways we are trying to direct MBCA as a club with a bright and thriving future while not losing sight of the gorgeous classic and collector vehicles that are at the core of affinity for so many. We are on a unique road navigating twists, turns, and unexpected detours. How we handle those challenges will ultimately define our club and our direction.

We are ambassadors of an incredible tradition of excellence and sophistication. Together, let’s continue intentionally driving toward our destination while embracing the journey and making every mile count. The road ahead is filled with myriad possibilities fueled by the power of our collective community.

Safe travels, and remember, the future is bright for MBCA.

With warmest regards,

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14 THE STAR SO 2023
15 THE STAR SO 2023 AUSTIN GRAND PRIX Secure your spot fast before prices go up and hotels are booked! MBCA members can contact James Bryant at 856.403.7340 or to make your trip easy, fun, and hassle-free! Secure your official hospitality and/or travel packages for the F1 Lenovo United States Grand Prix in Austin on Oct 20th – 22nd. Enjoy the largest gathering of F1 fans on the circuit!


Nothing comes easy in Formula 1. It’s what makes the sport so compelling, and what keeps the competition so fierce. Even when on the face of it the team doing the winning appears to have no obvious challenge to its supremacy, the pace of development and the sheer workload the chasing pack undertakes is almost incomprehensible. That has been the case throughout 2023, with Red Bull Racing breaking the record for consecutive race wins for a manufacturer in Hungary, where it recorded its 12th consecutive F1 victory. The team’s RB19 can now be mentioned in the same breath as McLaren’s mighty Honda-powered MP4/4 from 1988 (the previous holder of the above record), the Williams FW14B that swept Nigel Mansell to the 1992

drivers’ title, and Mercedes AMG F1’s own W07 F1 Hybrid, which took Nico Rosberg to the 2016 crown and won 19 of the 21 races it contested.

When you consider that Red Bull was one of the teams Mercedes utterly vanquished that season, and you look at how Red Bull and its talismanic driver Max Verstappen have climbed to the top of the world, you can marvel at the depth of work and intelligence that went into getting them there. Even when taking into account the rule changes in between that allowed them to change the order of supremacy. In this context, we can have a sense of the challenge now set down in front of Mercedes, but we can also draw hope from the knowledge that nothing stays the same in F1.

2023 Miami
Prix –
16 THE STAR SO 2023
Jiri Krenek
TEXT: Simon Strang

Through those eight years of Mercedes dominance from 20142021, where 15 titles were clinched, it was sometimes easy to take for granted all the work that goes into delivering victories almost on request. The window becomes much clearer for the outside observer when tinted by a lens of defeat. But ask any of those at the speartip of the fight to recover ground at Brackley HQ, and they will tell you they have never worked harder or with more intent.

There are glimpses of the old days returning, and since the recalcitrant W14 received a significant redress at Monaco, Lewis Hamilton has appeared on the podium three times, including stirring performances in Canada and Britain in particular. In Hungary, the seven-time world champion recorded his first pole position since

that fateful Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021. But the inconsistencies of the car will hold it back from greatness at least for the rest of this season, and perhaps we are still some 12 months away from another purely performance-earned victory.

One of those leading the recovery fight at Mercedes is Mike Elliott, who recently stepped up into the role of Chief Technical Officer, replacing James Allison who takes on the role of Technical Director.

Elliott’s job is to take a wide view of the current scenario, map out the future for the team and consider the best strategy and resource to achieve the team’s aim of winning grands prix and world titles. Elliott spoke to the STAR exclusively, and his most wide-ranging interview since taking on his new role gives us an insight into why

17 THE STAR SO 2023
2023 Hungarian Grand Prix, SaturdayJiri Krenek

Mercedes finds itself in the chasing pack, how it is fighting back, and what comes next for the three-pointed star in F1.

Q. What are the Holy Grails that must be optimized to get this generation of car in the sweet spot? Can you give us some examples of where Mercedes needs to improve to find them?

ME: I think with any F1 car in any set of regulations there are three key factors: tires (the bit that contacts the track), the power unit, and aerodynamics. And it’s about how you merge all those three things together that gives you a quick car. Obviously, the power unit is controlled and developed by our colleagues at Brixworth; they’ve given us a very good power unit to work with. The tires are obviously not within our control, they are provided by Pirelli, but they are something we can optimize in the cars to try and get the best out of their performance, and then probably the biggest differentiator is aerodynamics. What we have seen across the regulation change is that how you go about developing the aerodynamics optimally has changed. The re-introduction of ground effects has brought new constraints with bouncing and ride, and handling effects, that we didn’t have to deal with before. I think if you compare us to our competitors, and mainly Red Bull Racing, I think we have a little bit of catching up to do there. That is what we are working on.

Q. [Team Principal] Toto Wolff hinted at Silverstone that it’s close to a time when the focus will switch fully to 2024, but can we assume that there will still be a steady stream of updates (already planned in) for this year?

ME: Yes, we can be assured of that. There are more update packages to come. We have just got to get that balance right between understanding the current car and making sure we have taken all the lessons we can from it so that we can apply them to the next one.

At the same time knowing that this championship realistically is over in terms of winning, then it’s about how we apply that learning from this year’s car into the 2024 car so that we can try and start on the front foot.

Q. As the W14 has evolved, some aspects are necessarily compromised by timescales and budget. Are you confident the team’s full potential can be tapped into fully next season?

ME: That’s an interesting question. In terms of tapping into full potential, it’s worth saying that everybody is working as hard as they possibly can to try and get back to where we want to be, which is winning. It’s inevitable, having won eight championships in a row coming across what is a massive change in regulations, both in terms of the cars themselves but also in terms of the financial regulations, we have found ourselves on the back foot. Now we have got to dig ourselves out of that position. In terms of cost caps and timescales, the challenges we have got in terms of aero testing restrictions, there are so few runs that we are allowed you’ve got to pick a direction to move in and continue along that path. If you then find yourself on the wrong path it’s difficult to undo because we have so few [windtunnel runs] to understand it and turn it around in. And you have a similar effect from the cost cap. If we want to change big chunks of the car such as the chassis or the gearbox layout, they are now very, very difficult to do in-season. So, in answer to the question ‘Where do we think we will be next year,’ we have identified lots of issues in this year’s car and we are going to fix those over the winter, which puts us in better stead. But I guess if you had asked this question 12 months ago we would have probably said the same thing. So, it’s always a case of saying: ‘Have we learned all the lessons we possibly can learn?’ and we have to be honest with ourselves, we have very good competitors

18 THE STAR SO 2023
2023 British Grand Prix, SaturdayLAT Images
19 THE STAR SO 2023
Mike Elliott

and if you’re behind you haven’t only got to do as good a job as you possibly can, you have to do a better job than your rivals to close down the gap. And we are working as hard as we can to achieve that.

Q. Why is there so much fluctuation in terms of form in the teams behind Red Bull? It’s interesting that it’s similar to the late 1970s and early 80s in that respect when ground effect was last being used.

ME: I think it is more the case that Red Bull got these rules so right they’ve been a chunk ahead. The rest of us are playing catch-up. When you are ahead like we were when we were winning the championship, you can optimize the car you have got and put your focus into making sure you are extracting every bit of performance out of that. Whereas if you’re further behind, optimizing what you’ve got is never going to get you to the front. What you are actually trying to do is experiment and learn lessons and bring big chunks of development. The consequences of that are of course that if you bring a big chunk that works you jump forward. If you then spend your weekend experimenting on things that don’t quite deliver, then you probably have a poorer weekend because you haven’t optimized that car for that circuit. There is a famous quote from Niki Lauda: ‘You always learn more from your failures than you do from your successes.’ If you were to ask the engineers within the company, they would say that we are learning far more

now than we have ever learned before. Our objective now is to try and turn that learning into performance, and hopefully a far more successful season next year.

Q. With so many races on the calendar and the advent of Sprint Races, how much of a role does the simulator team and HQ-based engineering team have on a grand prix weekend now? Is that an area of growth? Is it more actively involved in set-up decisions in real-time, for example?

ME: We used to have 90-minute sessions for Free Practice 1 and FP2 and now we have an hour, and then with the Sprint Race weekends we have even less development time at the track, so it is having an effect. But at the same time, the quality of the simulation work we are doing has improved and the quality of the models we are running in the simulator has improved. If you go back five years, the race drivers didn’t want to drive the simulator because it didn’t feel realistic to them. Now we are at a stage where when they get in it, while there are limitations–it’s fundamentally a model, not the real thing–they are finding it a far more accurate model of what is happening in reality and therefore can use it as a tool to develop. So, because we have got to that position now, it is a tool that we can use to help us on race weekends. We can use it prior to the weekend to work out all the things we might want to try at the racetrack. [At the track] you are limited because the

2023 Canadian Grand Prix, Friday - Steve Etherington 20 THE STAR SO 2023
21 THE STAR SO 2023 2023 British Grand Prix, FridayStephen Reuss

tires are so fickle on an F1 car. They need to operate in certain temperature windows, they are completely dependent on how green the track is and what the nature of the asphalt looks like, and you don’t know all that before you get there. So, what we do is take the data we gained from Friday’s practice and use that with the model in the simulator. On Friday night we do a load of work, usually by Mick Schumacher or one of the other drivers, and feed that back into the engineers at the event so they can think about how they are going to optimize their set-up for the Saturday. It’s forming an ever-increasing part of the work we do on a race weekend and is a very useful tool.

Q. Why does the W14 tend to be stronger in terms of race pace compared to qualifying?

ME: That’s an interesting observation. I think if you had asked us for last year’s car there was a feeling within the team that going from race to race our pace was better. What we are seeing this year, if you compare our qualifying to race pace against our top competitors, it’s not varying by very much. What we are probably seeing more of, and with all due respect to them, the more mid-grid teams’ performance ebbs and flows a lot from race to race. We are also seeing that they can produce a car that can do well in qualifying and then struggle in the race. That is all about how you are managing the tires, and if you can get them switched on in qualifying you can have a very good session, but then by switching them on in qualifying you end up with a set-up that means they get damaged through the race. Then the degradation is high and you tend to fall back in the field. We do a lot of work looking at our strategy, and our simulations, to help us decide where we should place our focus and for the vast majority of races we position our focus on our race pace. That’s where we do the majority of our work. Once we get our race pace in the right window, we then look at how we can do the best job of qualifying.

Q. Does the strength of the Mercedes driver line-up [Hamilton and George Russell] come into its own at times like this?

ME: We are lucky that we have got two very good drivers, who also want pretty much the same thing from the car, so we are not being pulled in two different [development] directions. We can take their feedback and combine that with the engineering data we are getting from the car and use it to work out how we best most forward. That doesn’t mean that we give them exactly what they want unfortunately, but it means that we are driven in one clear direction in the things that we need to try and fix and the area that we think that we can bring the most performance to the car. If you think about the aero testing limits and cost cap restrictions when you are behind, what you really want is to make sure that you are focussing all your resources on the areas that will bring you the most return. Having two drivers that tell you the same thing and being very clear about what they think the direction of travel is, is really helpful.

Q. We will see new regulations for 2026. For you personally, is F1 heading in the right direction in terms of technology, entertainment, and spectacle?

ME: That is a tough question! The whole world is changing. The answer is much wider than F1 when you think about where we are with the world, our concerns over the environment, what is the future of the various types of propulsion we have whether it’s electric, internal combustions engines, hydrogen, all sorts of technology that the future could hold. I think it’s tough in F1 to know where is the right place to be working. Even within the wider car industry, it is not completely clear. We are trying to work out what is the right balance between creating a spectacle for the fans and developing the right technologies in a sustainable manner for motorsport and the wider industry. Have we got the balance right? Only time will tell, and I guess that’s one of the questions we must answer. But I think the focus for F1 needs to be how to maintain the show and the entertainment we are providing, but also have the right eye on the future and sustainability and we need to get that balance right.

22 THE STAR SO 2023
2023 British Grand Prix, SundayLAT Images

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TEXT: Daniel Golson | PHOTOS: Daimler AG
26 THE STAR SO 2023 Ludvigsen Partners/Gianni Berengo Gardin

Now entering its sixth official generation—or eleventh if you count all the way back to the W136—the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the brand’s most successful model line with more than 16 million units sold since 1946. It’s also one of the most important Mercedes models, as the E-Class typically ushers in new designs and innovations to the masses that quickly trickle into other models.

Codenamed W214, the 2024 E-Class sedan is improved in pretty much every way compared to the outgoing W213 model. But the important, headlining stuff for this new W214 generation has nothing to do with how it drives, looks, or even feels. After getting to experience the redesigned E-Class in and around Vienna, Austria earlier this summer, my biggest takeaway is the car’s technology and the way it’s designed to integrate with and enhance your everyday life.

Riding on an updated platform shared with the C-Class and S-Class, among other models, the E-Class has grown slightly in every dimension, most notably gaining nearly an inch in wheelbase length. Its powertrains are familiar, but there are a number of beneficial updates. The entry-level E350 uses a new turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 taken from the C-Class, and the E450 gets the lovely turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 that first debuted in the W123. Both models get standard 4Matic all-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic transmission, and both engines have a 48-volt mild-hybrid assist system that provides up to 22 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of boost. Total output for the E350 is 255 hp and 295 lb-ft, with Mercedes claiming a 6.1-second 0-to-60-mph time, while the E450 puts out 375 hp and 369 lb-ft and will hit 60 in under 5 seconds.

All of the E-Classes I get to sample in Austria are fully loaded examples of the E450. The inline-6 engine is ultra smooth and more than quick enough, and it even sounds pretty good. Mercedes continues to improve the tuning of its electronic power steering, the new car’s being a bit sharper and more communicative than before, and the E-Class feels more agile overall despite being nearly 200 pounds heavier. Sport mode

27 THE STAR SO 2023

firms everything up, offering quicker shifts and more responsive dynamics, but the E-Class is much more suited to cruising along in Comfort mode.

Four-corner Airmatic air suspension with continuously adjustable dampers is optional, providing an ultra-smooth ride that rivals the S-Class even when the available 21-inch wheels are fitted. The new E-Class is a lot quieter than before, too. Opting for the air suspension also nets you rear-axle steering that can turn the rear wheels at up to 4.5 degrees. This reduces the turning circle by three feet and makes the E-Class way more maneuverable on city streets and when parking, also increasing stability at highway speeds. Once you’ve driven a car that has rear-wheel steering like this, I can’t imagine going back.

While not a major departure from the outgoing W213, the new E-Class has enough interesting design elements to prove

divisive among Mercedes die-hards. The E-Class’ traditional three-box sedan proportions are intact, and the only real surfacing flourishes are the crisp lines on the fenders that enhance the car’s athletic stance. Its bulbous headlights mark a pseudo-return to the dual round lamps of the W210 and W211, as the lower running lights are two disconnected curved lines following the shape of the light housing. The classic front end with a standing hood ornament won’t be offered in the US; every American E-Class gets a black-framed grille with a large star emblem in the center and dozens of little stars making up the mesh pattern. An illuminated grille surround is optional, and the taillights are also shaped like the Mercedes star, which is a pretty cool effect.

Pull on the illuminated pop-out door handles and the doors open to reveal a seriously luxurious cabin. Every new E-Class

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29 THE STAR SO 2023
30 THE STAR SO 2023
31 THE STAR SO 2023

gets a 12.3-inch gauge cluster screen and a 14.4-inch central touchscreen taking up much of the dashboard, but there’s still a large swath of wood (or other trims) on the dash and center console. Everything feels high quality and well-built, the optional Nappa leather has beautiful quilting and there are tons of soft-touch materials mixed in with real metal. Climate control vents run along the top of the dash as one continuous strip, and adjusting them has a great tactile feel. Trunk space is massive, having grown by 6 cubic feet to best even the S-Class, and there’s more headroom for front passengers and more legroom for those in the rear.

Optional is the new Superscreen, which pairs that central display with an additional 12.3-inch touchscreen for the front passenger under one panel of glass. Unlike the Hyperscreen found on the EQ lineup, which combines three OLED screens, the Superscreen uses LCD screens and lacks the Hyperscreen’s

haptic feedback, which is a bit of a shame. The E-Class is the first car to run second-gen MBUX software that is entirely made up of Mercedes code for the first time, and it’s easier to use thanks to simpler menus and updated graphics.

A camera mounted at the top of the dash allows for high-definition Zoom calls with excellent audio quality—though the video function is only available when parked—and it can also take selfie photos. For the first time, MBUX supports third-party apps. At launch, passengers can play games like Angry Birds and Sudoku, browse the web through Vivaldi, and stream movies and TV shows on Zync, and even more apps will be added in the future. ‘Visual shield’ tech makes the passenger screen appear black to the driver when media is playing so videos can be safely streamed while driving, and the E-Class will come with wireless headsets for passengers to further lessen driver distraction.

32 THE STAR SO 2023
Bruno Sacco with a Mercedes-Benz series 201 compact class car model, produced from 1982 - 1988. Mercedes-Benz AG

Every new E-Class gets a 21-speaker Burmester 4D sound system as standard, and it’s easily the best setup in the class. It features Dolby Atmos capability, a huge step up over standard surround sound, and there are even sound exciters in the seats to give you seriously immersive audio. As an option, the car’s active ambient lighting will pulse along to the music, enhancing the nightclub-like atmosphere that the lights already can provide.

Another new feature: automated routines that the car will accomplish without the driver needing to do anything. For instance, if you have to present a badge every time you arrive at the office, the E-Class can automatically mute your music and roll down the driver’s window when you pull up to that GPS location. Owners can choose from all sorts of different functions to link together and conditions for when they activate, and the car will even use AI to suggest routines for you. The voice assistant is also improved, no longer requiring occupants to say “Hey, Mercedes” before issuing a command.

Among all of the new features and tech found in the E-Class, company CEO Ola Källenius told us his favorite is the new automated lane change function—and after experiencing it myself, I’m inclined to agree. When the adaptive cruise control system is active, existing Benzes will execute automatic lane changes when prompted by a tap of the turn signal stalk. The new E-Class, though, will do lane changes completely on its own in all sorts of situations. If you come upon a car in the middle lane that’s driving slower than what you’ve set the speed to, the E-Class will move into the fast lane to pass the slower car and then get safely back into the middle lane. If a navigation route is set and an exit is coming up, the E-Class will merge over to the right lane ahead of the exit. A host of sensors detects the car’s surroundings, and it will safely abort a lane change if it detects another vehicle suddenly moving into its path. At no point during my hours of Autobahn driving did this system ever freak me out. Instead, this enhancement of Mercedes’

33 THE STAR SO 2023

already great Level 2 highway driving systems adds another level of relaxation to a long journey.

The adaptive cruise control comes along with the Driver Assistance Package which also includes active lane-keeping assist, highway steering assist, traffic sign and speed limit recognition, and side-impact detection. Lots of other safety features come standard, like a 360-degree camera, blind-spot assist, automated emergency braking, active parking assist, and a driver attention monitor. The E-Class won’t be offered with Mercedes’ Drive Pilot Level 3 system at launch, but that could become available later in the model’s lifecycle. Other standard features include a panoramic sunroof, wireless smartphone charging, augmented-reality navigation, heated front seats, and keyless entry. Fancier LED headlights that can project graphics on the road ahead are optional, as are a 3D gauge cluster, excellent massaging seats, and a number of new exterior colors, wheel designs, and upholstery choices.

Given the high level of equipment and numerous other improvements, the 2024 E-Class should carry a premium compared to the old model when it goes on sale in the first half of next year. Expect a starting price of around $65,000 for the E350 4Matic and $70,000 for the E450 4Matic. While the U.S. won’t get the standard wagon version of the E-Class—a shame, as it’s stunning—the lifted All-Terrain wagon will be brought to our shores. Mercedes-AMG E53 and E63 models will follow, both likely powered by that inline-6 with the latter getting a powerful plug-in-hybrid setup. (We’ll still get the E63 wagon, too.)

As what will likely be the last new gas-powered E-Class that Mercedes ever develops, the W214 marks a sort of inflection point for the brand as a whole. The definition of the Mercedes-Benz customer is changing, becoming increasingly younger and more accepting of electrification and new technology, especially in rapidly growing markets like China— the average age of a Mercedes customer in China is 36 years old, even for the S-Class. More than 80% of new Mercedes buyers desire in-car digital services, as people spend more time in their vehicles both for leisure and work, not to mention time spent charging EVs or plug-in hybrids.

By 2030 Mercedes will be a fully electric brand in many markets, with all of its new cars gaining pillar-to-pillar displays, more autonomous driving features, and other advanced tech. The 2024 E-Class is like a stepping stone to that near future, prepping its more traditional buyers for what’s to come from the three-pointed star. Even if none of the new features appeal to you, at its core the next-gen E-Class is a fantastic, well-rounded luxury sedan that’s coming in at the top of its class. But embrace all that the E-Class has to offer and you just might find your life improved in ways you never expected.

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35 THE STAR SO 2023


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37 THE STAR SO 2023
TEXT: Jim Holder | PHOTOS: Mercedes-Benz AG PHOTO: Sauber-Mercedes C9 Group C racing car. Photo from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019. Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz AG
38 THE STAR SO 2023
Festival of Speed 2023, Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team, Mick Schumacher. Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz AG

Revs screaming, smoke pouring off the tires, Mick Schumacher flicked his wrists and pointed the Formula 1 car (the very same one his father, Michael, had raced back in 2011) back up the asphalt. The appreciative crowd roared their approval at his unbridled, joyous display of dizzying donuts as he launched back on his way up the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb course.

It was a moment laced with poignancy and high emotions. Another chapter in Mercedes-Benz’s remarkable history with this most remarkable of events.

Mick, of course, made it to Formula 1 himself, racing for two seasons with the Haas team in 2021 and 2022 before taking on the role of test driver for Mercedes this season. But he did so without his father by his side. The seven-time world champion had suffered a serious brain injury in a ski accident in 2013, just as his son was embarking on the formative years of his racing career. While little is known of Michael’s condition today, a result of the family preferring to respect his privacy as he convalesces, there was no questioning that the background story heightened the emotionally

charged atmosphere as Mick climbed aboard the 2011 W02 car on this most special occasion.

More so, even, when Mick arrived at the car wearing his father’s helmet and overall from that season. He may not yet have achieved as much on track as his famous dad, but the 24-year-old has shown tremendous composure and decorum off it, handling himself and the legacy that he must live with to perfection. This day was no different, as he sought to celebrate the moment by getting all of the details just so and then momentously wheel-spinning off the line, engaging an incredible engine map which revved the motor to produce a rendition of ‘God Save the King’, and then launching into that trio of donuts before enjoying the car up the hill.

“Just experiencing this generation of cars was mega,” said Mick, referencing the different V8 motor, grip levels, and performance of the car compared to what he has become used to. “I have been lucky enough to drive one of his [Michael’s] Benetton cars and some of the Ferraris he raced. But this was the first time behind the wheel of a Mercedes he drove. Knowing that he raced this car makes it extra special, and there will be many emotions coming with it. I was super-happy, super-stoked. I got to do some donuts. I got out of it with a big smile on my face. It was a very emotional day”

How could it not be, in this most special of cars and at this most special of venues? The Goodwood Festival of Speed is the motorsport event that has something for everyone. Yes, it’s about magnificent

39 THE STAR SO 2023
Mick Schumacher and fans at the Festival of Speed 2023. Ph. by PA.
Mercedes-Benz 1.5-litre racing car W
165 of 1939.
Photo from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019.
40 THE STAR SO 2023
Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz AG

cars of all ages and heroic drivers of all eras tearing up the twisting 1.16-mile hillclimb course in a usually quiet corner of England, but it’s also a huge garden party, with off-track displays taking in everything from giant stands from car makers to bijou stalls from memorabilia sellers. Fireworks displays and fly-bys add glitz day and night--and champagne is flowing if you want it.

The rawness of the competition cars is a stark contrast to the setting. The Goodwood estate is home to the Duke of Richmond, Charles March, who organizes the event each year. Midway up the course, the cars streak past Goodwood House, the stately house that he calls home, and the displays, including the magnificent sculpture that sits in front of it bearing real cars at eye-watering angles, are housed on what is essentially his front and back garden. More than 210,000 people typically attend over four days, and it is always a sell-out. Little wonder that Mercedes-Benz always seeks to make it special.

Schumacher’s drive, backed up with a run in the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 that contested the 2021 season, winning the constructor’s championship in the hands of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, put another never-to-be-forgotten chapter in Mercedes’s book of Goodwood experiences. It was up there with the pinnacle of Nick Heidfeld’s famous 1999 run up the hill, when he tamed his bucking McLaren-Mercedes MP4/13 Formula 1 car, visibly on the edge of adhesion, in a scarcely believable 41.6 seconds and at an average

of just over 100mph. That record stood for 20 years, beaten only in the era of electrification. Today, onlookers still talk about it, recounting how the hairs on the back of their necks rose (such was the electricity of the moment) and, while very different, there’s no question that there will be similar emotions in years to come about Schumacher’s run.

But while it was one of those ‘I was there’ moments in history, it was far from the only awe-inspiring blast up the hill from Mercedes in 2023--just the most poignant. Other drivers tackling the hill and showing off the company’s rich motoring and motorsports heritage included ex-F1 and Le Mans drivers Jochen Mass, Karl Wendlinger, Esteban Gutiérrez, and Bernd Schneider, plus former DTM racer and now motorsports manager Thomas Jäger. Together, they got behind a dazzling array of machinery ranging from the ultra-modern Mercedes One hypercar, an F1 car for the road, complete with a powertrain derived from the one used by the multi-title-winning race team, through to heritage cars dating back as far as 1939, and representing competition exploits from almost every subsequent decade. Among the displays, historic winners were taking in everything from race and rally success to show-stopping road prowess, including the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR racing sports car (W196 S, 1955), Mercedes-Benz 280 GE “Paris–Dakar” (W460, 1983) and Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss (Z199, 2009).

41 THE STAR SO 2023
Jochen Mass. Mercedes-Benz Heritage Brand Ambassador at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023. Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz AG

Who wouldn’t marvel at the W165 racer, developed for a single event, the 1939 Tripoli Grand Prix in Libya, after organizers announced the race was exclusively for voiturette formula vehicles with a 1.5-liter engine to end the winning streak of German manufacturers? Mercedes and Auto Union had won the previous four events there, prompting the dramatic rule change; Mercedes responded in incredible style, building an all-new 1.5-liter racing car in less than eight months. Two of the cars took to the grid, surrounded by 28 red-painted Alfa Romeos and Maseratis, and sensationally took a one-two finish, Hermann Lang taking the spoils and Rudolf Caracciola finishing second.

Another eye-catcher was the 1952 Le Mans-winning Mercedes-Benz 300 SL racing sports car (W194), the car which brought the company back to competition following the Second World War. With resources scarce in the post-war world, the axles, transmission, and engine of the new racing car were derived from components of the Mercedes-Benz 300 saloon. Yet innovation triumphed: the car featured an extremely lightweight yet torsionally rigid spaceframe enclosed by a streamlined light-alloy body. As the height of the spaceframe restricted the available entry space, the racing sports car was fitted with the iconic gullwing doors with roof-mounted hinges.

From a more modern era, the C9 Group C racing sports car of 1989 put on a spectacular show. Famously, the car brought the three-pointed star to the race track. Customer team Sauber

had been running factory-affiliated cars in a black or dark blue livery since 1987, but in 1989 there was no doubting Stuttgart’s involvement: the cars now received a silver paint finish that placed them in the tradition of the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows. Amazingly, the C9 won eight of the nine races they entered, including the Le Mans 24 Hours, with drivers Jochen Mass/ Manuel Reuter/Stanley Dickens, and Mauro Baldi/Kenny Acheso/Gianfranco Brancatelli finishing first and second.

Getting behind the wheel of another classic was Bernd Mayländer. At 52 he may have been around the clock more than twice as many times as Mick Schumacher, but the former DTM touring car race winner and today Formula 1 safety car driver believes that with age comes an even deeper understanding and appreciation of what makes an event like Goodwood so special for everyone who attends the event.

“There are so many elements that make it spectacular: the cars, the venue, the fact it is run by a Duke, the fans, and, above all I think, the fact that every manufacturer goes there not seeking to win, but rather seeking to put on a show and to allow all these incredible people who come to watch to enjoy the spectacle,” he says. “The result is an event that is almost like no other. Maybe the Mille Miglia in Italy has some of the same ingredients, but that really is a moving event, and so very different.”

Underlining his love affair with the event, Mayländer was making his fourth appearance at the Festival this year, driving the Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 Track Tool. He breaks

42 THE STAR SO 2023
Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022: Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR racing car (W 196 S). Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz AG

into a laugh and broad grin when asked about the reaction of fans to a car first built in March 1968. “The knowledge of the fans at Goodwood is amazing,” he says. “Many people know about the car and its history, but those that don’t are so polite and so interested, that it makes it really special as a driver to be able to share the story.”

Codenamed W109, the 300 SEL was famous for offering the performance of a high-end sports car in the body of a luxury saloon. Powered by a 6332cc V8 engine and automatic transmission the road car didn’t lack for any performance, but to show off its capabilities in the early 1970s Mercedes built this Track Tool special as a racy taxi to allow its drivers to show off its capabilities. Tuned for 250bhp, fitted with a Getrag six-speed manual transmission with a Sachs racing clutch, a stainless steel exhaust system, a KW racing chassis, a large oil circuit, and a large water cooler, it certainly had the performance to thrill. Other performance highlights include three-part BBS wheels, an ATE eight-piston brake system with slotted discs, and an adjustable brake system. Over 50 years old it may have been, but the 300 SEL was also a reminder of the progress provided by racing in the search for motoring performance steps.

“The brilliant thing about older cars is that you can be part of them,” he says. “You smell them, you touch them, you sense them, and with time you really feel part of them. A modern car shows you what to do, but an older car you have to learn and become at one with. For someone my age, to come to an event and mingle with my heroes, both people and cars, and to see the emergence of new

heroes for the next generations shoulder-to-shoulder with us, is really something quite special.”

Even so, there was no risk of Mayländer following Schumacher’s example and spinning the wheels of the 300 SEL in the way he did the Formula 1 car. As he has highlighted, each era needs a different mindset. “Spinning the wheels, doing donuts, that’s all great, but you have to be careful in the older cars. When you know what they are worth then you will definitely be careful! Just as when I drive the safety car in Formula 1, I have to remember that I am there for a nice ride but a safe one. There’s no point risking anything when there’s nothing to win. Better to put on a safe show and keep everyone happy”

By the end of the weekend, hundreds of thousands of spectators went home happy. As Mayländer says--and Schumacher discovered--the Goodwood Festival of Speed is unique. It’s a celebration of the past and present, in incredible surroundings and a place where rivals can become friends, and fans get closer to the action (and their heroes) than perhaps anywhere else. For the drivers just as for the fans, it’s also a place where they can put down roots, or reconnect with them. It’s a place where a young gun like Schumacher can connect to his family history, just as easily as a veteran like Mayländer can connect to motorsport’s history. Together, in unison, and to celebrate all that is good about motorsport and Mercedes, they laid down burnt rubber and priceless memories, firing a passion that will keep them coming back for years to come.

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44 THE STAR SO 2023


Travels through Europe and the U.K. with Blue Nelson, Kate Crowley, and the Ponton

45 THE STAR SO 2023
TEXT: Richard Simonds | PHOTOS: Blue Nelson & Kate Crowley

II regularly seek high-quality cars in Europe and the United Kingdom. My lifelong passion since high school has been to find special cars that have significant histories for my collection and for clients. This takes me to Europe and the United Kingdom searching for European cars (mostly German) whose fascinating stories and well-documented histories can bring pleasure into my life or the lives of my clients. It is an interesting passion that leads to innumerable stories that are worthy to tell in their own right.

Why I Bought This 1956 190 Ponton Sedan

I had a red Ponton with the Webasto sunroof at my home in Oregon. I did a lot of work on it to make it look good, however, it still needed a lot more work. That car hooked me on the magnificence of the Pontons and led me to search for my concept of the ultimate version of a Ponton with the Webasto sunroof. While searching for my dream Ponton, this 1956 Ponton 190 met my criteria for originality/authenticity, condition, cleanliness, and known history. After intense inspections by a fellow MercedesBenz specialist in Germany, I made the decision to buy it to use as my traveling car. When I am in Europe and the United Kingdom searching for and inspecting other special cars for myself and my clients, I drive my 1956 Ponton 190.

My Most Recent Trip

In late March I took a three-week trip, and I had three objectives. First, to take delivery of my 1956 190 Ponton. Second, to inspect a handful of “Split-Window” Porsches, and third, to take delivery of my 1937 Bentley parallel-door Sedanca 4.25. All the while I appreciated and sought out experiences to enjoy everything that Europe and the U.K. offer travelers.

Living a Technology-Free Life in the Era of the Ponton

At this point in my life, I have traveled through more than 120 countries, all without a smartphone or GPS, but sometimes with a basic flip phone. This trip proved no different but there was an unexpected setback. Even today, much to the chagrin of my fellow car friends, I still have a flip phone, with no texting capabilities. Just plain voice conversations, that’s it.

46 THE STAR SO 2023
A passerby admiring Blue’s Ponton
47 THE STAR SO 2023
48 THE STAR SO 2023
Blue’s Ponton outside a premiere cheese shop A Porsche 356 being restored Blue’s Ponton makes the grade in the Pyrenees

However, at the airport in Medford, Oregon (my starting point) my flip phone broke, and I just discarded it, so there was no opportunity to use it at all. For the entirety of my trip, I had no way to call anyone--like a time traveler from another dimension. This would have been no big deal 25 years ago when no one had a cell phone, but in today’s world, nearly all of daily life’s happenings are based on internet access or smartphone/ texting. It was a quick way to be relegated to what felt like the dark ages!

It’s not as though I chose to have a three-week getaway from technology, but still had a phone standing by to use just in case. No, I had nothing! It was for me an incredible time of observation and restraint. I decided to fully enjoy watching the world operate and feel somehow outside looking in. Coupled with driving a 67-year-old car, and dressing in vintage clothing, with one large-scale paper map of Europe, I have to say, I loved it all. I was SO 1960s! No cell phone, no GPS, just some large paper maps that I bought at the first gas station on my trip.

Special Ponton Wheels and Tires

Before the start of my trip, I found and bought four special 15-inch wheels and tires made for the Ponton Limousine (a

long wheelbase version). I put them in two bicycle boxes to have them with me in Germany when I got my Ponton, but the airlines would not take them because they were 5 pounds over the allowed weight (although they had been weighed before going to the airport and were supposedly 20+ pounds under the limit). You cannot remove 5 pounds from a wheel so I left them with a friend at the Medford airport. He would ship them to me, hopefully in time for me to receive them in Germany where I could put them on the car. But they did not arrive until a month later. They arrived in Germany after I had left my car in the UK. I did, however, arrive with one in Dan Beard’s luggage to which the owner of the Ponton replied, “You crazy American.” Dan Beard and I traveled in my “new-to-me” 1956 Ponton through Europe and the U.K. with one oversized, nicely restored 15-inch wheel in the trunk. With shipping, customs duties, and miscellaneous expenses these were probably the most expensive set of Ponton wheels ever purchased.

The Start of My Trip

Dan Beard and I drove the next week together. We drove to Andorra throughout the night with the ragtop open under a full moon. Dan had never been to Andorra. It was quite an

49 THE STAR SO 2023
Blue’s Ponton resting in a pastoral setting

experience. While in the south of France, Dan and I followed handwritten paper signs along a back country road to a flea market, which turned out to be a small car swap meet. We were immediately ushered into the Classic Car Display Parking at which time local folks were astonished to find that I had driven from Bavaria via Denmark and Andorra. Once again, a local farmer exclaimed: “Crazy Americans”! And I proceeded to receive a ribbon for the Ponton.

Antique Fair

It was here that it was suggested we should attend one of France’s oldest and largest authentic Antique Fairs, which was only just down the lane. So, we carried on until we came into this insanely crowded village where there was no parking, so I just drove into the center of the village, amongst the vendors and quaint cafes, and parked the Ponton front and center to everyone’s delight. We spent all day wandering among the most incredible high-end French antique dealers who were selling everything from a World War I biplane (I have no idea how it got into town) to art dealers and antique camera vendors. There were thousands of people and vendor stalls. My favorite part

was that during lunchtime all the vendor spaces were emptied and the long outdoor dining tables peppered throughout the village were crammed with grand-gestured, beret-wearing, jazz-shirt boasting, űber-French, French dealers noshing and drinking (yup) French wine, without any interest in tending to their respective booths. I had to cautiously interrupt their gastronomic gorging to ask to look at antiques that I was curious about. Needless to say, we ended up touring empty stalls until the wine stopped flowing, then the dealers returned, and the post-libation dealings were on! It was also a fantastic opportunity to photograph all these eclectic French dealers who were at times more interesting than the antiques they were selling! Ultimately, Dan and I purchased a couple of pairs of WW2-era motorcycle goggles in their original metal cases having never been opened. Tres chic!

Split Window Porsche Inspections

Along the way, I was engaged in inspecting seven separate Split Window 356 Porsches. The last Porsche inspection was to be in Tulette in the south of France. There I met with Michel and mutual classic Porsche and VW collector Pascal, whom I have

50 THE STAR SO 2023
First Gas Station Stop where I bought large paper maps
51 THE STAR SO 2023
Drive to the Flea Market Ponton at the Antique Fair

known for nearly 30 years. Michel, Pascal, Dan, and I had what felt like a timeless afternoon examining and driving a couple of 1951 Porsches, one of which was fully restored in Pasha Red. As I looked at the paint code on the car, I was overjoyed to find that the paint code was the color-coded Porsche that I have been seeking for decades. The paint code tag showed to be originally Adria Blue. I asked Pascal why he had restored it in Pasha Red, and he and his wife felt that Pasha Red would be a nice change from the other colors of split Window Porsches he had owned previously. This was to be a BIG turning point for me in that I had always wanted a factory-delivered Adria Blue Split Window Porsche and there are very few—as in less than five worldwide. Suddenly I found myself inspecting a car, not for a client in the USA, but for myself! After lots of scrutiny, test driving, and thumbing through original documents, I made a deal on the car and am returning to the UK in September to head back to the South of France to attend the Pre-1955 Porsche (by invite only) meeting. We will tour through Switzerland and Austria to re-create the very first Porsche 356 gathering in 1953. And how will I get to my (other) dream car Porsche to start the tour? Why, in my nifty 1956 Ponton Sunroof, of course!

TechnoClassica, Essen, Germany

Dan and I attended TechnoClassica, one of the largest events in the world only for classic cars. It is a huge, multi-day event and fascinating. However, unless you simply enjoy seeing everything you might need or want for any kind of classic car, it requires focus on a specific model or marque. Dan and I left the Essen show at 3 am to drive across Germany, Holland, and then into France. We took the ferry to Dover, then drove up to London to pick up Kate at Heathrow, 21 hours later, with no UK maps or reservations.

Kate’s Story About the Third Week of the Trip

We accomplished the third objective of the trip, to pick up the 1937 Bentley. The owner went with Blue to drive the Bentley to find a part for the Ponton and to coach Blue on how to drive the Bentley

(non-synchro straight-cut gears transmission, no power brakes or steering or anything). It turned out to be a great learning experience for Blue but was also exhausting. We then took the Bentley to storage and drove another car to the Goodwood Members’ Meeting (as guests of the former owners of the Bentley). We saw many rare and classic cars over two days of racing, and it was a thrilling experience to see these very special cars competing on the track. The highlight for me was the hospitality of the owners and their friends, a very gracious group of people. The hostess had a beautiful table for 18 at a formal dinner and we were a part of this exclusive gathering of very special friends. It will be a lifetime memory for us.

What I Accomplished

The trip exceeded my expectations. I decided to invite a fellow Mercedes enthusiast (Dan Beard) for the first week and my girlfriend for the last week. We had a great time sharing our love of classic cars, enjoying all the cultural, historical, and beauty that is available to travelers in the Springtime. My typical way of traveling is to not make reservations, to not have a strict agenda, but to simply experience what comes my way, without the use of a Smartphone or GPS. Doing that terrifies some people, but I find that it leaves me open to “living in the moment” and cherishing the surprises that pop up.

In Retrospect: Why This 190 Ponton Sedan Is Perfect

During the three weeks that we drove the Ponton, it never failed to be a reliable and enjoyable companion. This was the chassis that Mercedes-Benz used to introduce unit-body construction with crumple zones to protect passengers in a collision. It was a major breakthrough for the industry, and it started the emphasis on safety that has carried forward to today. Its historical significance, its ease of use, and its exemplary craftsmanship were an important part of my decision to have my own Ponton as a key part of Mercedes-Benz’s leadership in innovations that put owners’ safety and satisfaction first.

52 THE STAR SO 2023
Overnight Drive to Andorra
53 THE STAR SO 2023
Anton Brandl in Bavafia Installing the new license plate

StarTech offered classroom-style workshops to allow nationally recognized Mercedes-Benz experts to share in-depth knowledge. The event also took advantage of displaying members’ cars during its own carshow.

54 THE STAR SO 2023


The Beginning of a Rich Heritage

TEXT : Dave Engelman | PHOTOS: Jon Reed and Ian Gleedle

If you’re reading The Star® the Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s award-winning magazine, you’re likely one of North America’s most prevailing single marque car club members. Today, Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) continues with some of the timeless legacy its founders established in 1952. Let’s take a look.

55 THE STAR SO 2023

TThe first automobiles hit the roads in the late 1800s in Europe, and it wasn’t long after that car clubs began to form. They started as social clubs where people with similar interests in motoring and motor racing could meet.

The first was in France in 1895 and was soon greeted by similar interest groups in Great Britain and Belgium.

But the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) and their beginnings at the 1931 Philadelphia Automobile Show set the stage for American enthusiast clubs. The show’s organizers invited early cars to drive to the event, which started an annual tradition that continues to this day.

The fascinating truth is that car clubs were established in the beginning simply to create a space to have fun and meet and chat with other auto enthusiasts. This core tradition (dating back over 128 years in some cases) still applies today.

In The Beginning, there were Two Stars

Well-renowned importer Max Hoffman led the postwar effort to bring in the increasingly complex European machines (along with forward-looking American G.I.s stationed in Europe). Importing and distributing Mercedes-Benz, along with BMW, Jaguar, Volkswagen, and Porsche, with enough knowledge and intuition of the American market, made Hoffman legendary. He was famously able to sway hesitant automobile manufacturers to create new variants specifically designed for the booming 1950s U.S. economy and to slake customers’ thirst for bespoke vehicles for the U.S. roads and racetracks. For example, the historically significant 300 SL Gullwing, 190 SL, Porsche 356 Speedster, and BMW 507 are the result of Hoffman’s insight, and they all made their way through his Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Park Avenue dealership in Manhattan, New York.

When Dr. Milton J. Allen (MBCA Founder and First President) attended the 1954 New York Auto Show at Madison Square Garden, he spied a 190 SL prototype that was there together with the new 300 SL Gullwing making its world debut. Instantly hooked, Dr. Allen ordered his teal blue 190 SL with both tops and

56 THE STAR SO 2023
StarFest was the club’s most elaborate national convention where members convened for autocross, track, Concours d’Elegance, and many other various gatherings and events.

waited a year for its arrival. After taking delivery at Hoffman’s dealership and a quick driving lesson to the George Washington Bridge base, Dr. Allen could finally drive his new Roadster home for the first time.

Cars of the 1950s needed considerably more maintenance than cars of today, and European cars, especially the specialized European cars, were no exception.

Finding parts and the knowledge became a challenge for pioneering Mercedes-Benz owners such as Dr. Allen, leading him and others in the same situation to form a club to help persuade Daimler-Benz to improve the parts situation in the USA (strength in numbers). It was in June of 1955 when Dr. Allen met with a group of Mercedes owners and founded a Mercedes-Benz club in America. After contacting Daimler-Benz AG in Stuttgart, and a year after the first meeting, Dr. Allen’s small group met and approved a set of bylaws, formally adopting the name The Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc. in June 1956.

In a serendipitous happenstance, a Chicago group affiliated with the Mercedes-Benz Club of Great Britain had the same idea, at the same time, with a publication of the same name: The Star®. With

the help of a Daimler-Benz public relations liaison, the two clubs unified MBCA began to grow.

The Start of German Trips

The forerunner to what was the Factory European Delivery program began in 1960. The idea was to charter a plane to Stuttgart so that members could take delivery of their new cars directory from the factory and tour Europe for a month. The response was overwhelming, requiring three planes to escort 181 MBCA members on the club’s first European Delivery trip, the “Stuttgart Safari.” Factory representatives rolled out the red carpet on both ends, at LaGuardia Airport in NYC and again in Stuttgart, where 61 new cars were waiting for quality time on the Autobahn and a tour of Europe.

MBCA continues its long tradition of exclusive member-only German trip expeditions. Excluding the European Delivery, the tour includes access to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, assembly plants in Stuttgart, and many impressive European landmarks as part of a first-class vacation. At the time of press, the 2023 German trip will continue with a roster of members preparing to experience a fully-guided trip between September 11-17.

57 THE STAR SO 2023
Gemütlichkeit was one of three MBCA national events that began in 1959 at Studebaker-Packard’s headquarters in South Bend, Indiana. This event carried on its tradition well into 2000s, with the last Gemütlichkeit occurring in 2015.
58 THE STAR SO 2023
MBCA has been providing travel experiences to Germany for years, and has received rave reviews. Mercedes-Benz Niderlassung Stuttgart sits next to the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Evolution of National Events

From Tri-O-Rama 26, Gemütlichkeit, Sand & Surf, StarFest, to StarTech, members have enjoyed driving, autocross, Concours D’Elegance, and celebratory award banquets for over four decades.

As the MBCA continued to grow, national driving events evolved into a welcoming place for drivers of every skill level. And there was a place for those that wanted to learn more, take defensive driving training, participate in time trials, autocross, road rallies, and/or acceleration tests. Just about anything you can do with four wheels and pavement became available.

In 1988, the Greater Washington Section hosted MBCA’s first National Convention, StarFest. The club’s largest and most elaborate event was a biennial five-day celebration of all things MercedesBenz, combined with driving events with a Concours d’Elegance, technical sessions, social gatherings, award banquets, and recognition of outstanding sections and individual members.

On the technical front, StarTech became a bi-annual three-day technical weekend with invaluable opportunities to learn about all aspects of the Mercedes-Benz experience while celebrating the lifestyle that comes with ownership. Classroom-style workshops allow nationally recognized Mercedes-Benz experts to share in-depth knowledge and expertise on relevant topics such as restoration, maintenance, and performance. In addition, the StarTech events were ideal for conversations with Mercedes-Benz executives and off-site outings designed to build camaraderie with like-minded enthusiasts. There was something for everyone.

Even though the core of successful events remains the same, times change, and in 2021, Mercedes-Fruede was the first national event to merge StarFest and StarTech. It was a success, and today, Mercedes Grande, which is occurring this month, September 7-10, in Indianapolis, will continue the legacy of Mercedes-Fruede, StarFest, and StarTech. Mercedes Grande is elevating the MBCA national event experience for auto enthusiasts to enjoy. To learn more about Mercedes Grande, visit

One event that has changed the landscape since 2009 is the Legends of the Autobahn (LOTA) Concours d’Elegance, a fixture

during the August Monterey Car Week. LOTA is the perfect way for members to participate in the most prestigious car week in the world. For members to take their car to Pebble Beach week generates unforgettable memories. Then, to display their classic at Legends of the Autobahn’s perfectly manicured golf course facing the ocean, where else can you encounter that kind of opportunity during Pebble Beach week.

In its current configuration, the MBCA joins the Audi and BMW Clubs at the Pacific Grove Golf Links in Pacific Grove, CA, just a few hundred feet from the water’s edge of Monterey Bay.

The annual event offers corral and judged areas for all three featured marques and includes an open class for all Germanbuilt cars. Sponsors and vendors join bespoke OEM manufacturer displays, filling out the field for participants and attendees.

The Attraction and Commitment

Since the inception of car clubs in the late 1800s, automotive activities have been natural. At the core, it’s about bringing people together to enjoy the activities and events wrapped around the shared interest. In addition to the founding members of MBCA, the real story lies with the people who have continued the legacy.

Like Past National President (2003-2005) and Silver Star Award Recipient Richar Simonds. “I bought a 1965 230SL in May 1991 and wanted to join a marque-specific car club. I found a small (MBCA) box ad in Road & Track, called the MBCA NBO, and joined. My membership has been active since June 1991,” said Simonds.

Simonds continues, “After my (National President) term ended, I continued being active and proposed the ‘Historic Route 66’ Tour. We had a total of 173 cars and 315 people taking part during the 50th Anniversary of the MBCA and the 80th Anniversary of Route 66 in 2006. That was FUN. Of course, attending “StarFest” and StarTech events over the years was particularly rewarding due to the strong friendships we had built across the U.S.”

Laura Simonds, Former Western Regional Director, Director at Large, chairman of the Governance Committee, National Treasurer, and National Vice President, adds, “Not wanting to spend a lot of

59 THE STAR SO 2023
60 THE STAR SO 2023
61 THE STAR SO 2023
StarFest was the club’s most elaborate national convention where members convened for autocross, track, Concours d’Elegance, and many other various gatherings and events.

time alone at home, I went to club activities with Richard. Since I always tend to become an active volunteer when I join an organization, I was soon hooked on the club because it was fun, and we made some very good friends.”

Laura adds, “In addition to the official positions I held, one special highlight was the decade that I spent as MBCA chairman of the Legends of the Autobahn, started by Richard. That event has become a significant one during Pebble Beach Weekend, and I’m proud that MBCA continues to be involved.”

Then there are volunteers like Jim O’Sullivan, Past National President (2006-2008) and Silver Star Award Recipient. “It was an honor to serve as MBCA’s National President in 2006, our golden anniversary year. The club was founded by a dedicated band of marque enthusiasts, and it’s been a wonderful experience watching it grow through the years into the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz club.”

“Part of the virtuosity of the club is how everyone comes from their own unique experiences. I went to high school in Midtown Manhattan, graduating in 1961,” says O’Sullivan. “On Friday afternoons, I would take the bus down Park Avenue to where Max Hoffman’s Mercedes-Benz showroom was. I can remember the new Ponton (pontoon) and Pagoda models. I’m an engineer by education, and I’ve always admired Benz’s engineering, so it was a natural attraction.”

O’Sullivan continues, “My lawyer was a Mercedes-Benz aficionado, and he sort of mentored me, and when I got my first S.L., he gave me a one-year subscription to the club. The first Star I received was the March and April issue. The entire magazine was a special edition devoted strictly to the Pagoda models. And I’d probably read through it cover-to-cover multiple times.”

“Any club is only as good as the people, as they are the ones who devote so much of their time creating the variety of member services we enjoy, and so many pleasurable events. We have been fortunate to have had wonderful volunteers throughout the years, and without them, MBCA would never be the great organization it is today,” concludes O’Sullivan.

Daimler AG’s Silver Star Award recognizes non-employee individuals who have significantly contributed to the MercedesBenz brand. Mercedes-Benz clubs worldwide can nominate one person yearly, and Daimler AG selects who they will honor. Richard and Jim were the eighth and ninth Americans to receive this high praise and acknowledgment from Germany.

The Star®

Since 1957, The Star® has been continuously serving every member, whatever their interests: new cars, classic models, events, technical matters, history, racing, and club organization. To most members, the magazine is arguably the most valuable member benefit. In its early days, The Star® was more newsletter than magazine, and in 1960, it ran its first color piece. Over the years, MBCA has been a leading automobile group of passionate brand ambassadors, and the largest Mercedes-Benz enthusiast’s group in the world. And since the earliest days of the club, the award-winning magazine, The Star®, has been the primary benefit for a majority of the membership. By virtue of its position as the primary connection with like-minded members, it, continues to be the central activities hub for all things MBCA.

It Started with a Love Affair

And in the beginning, it all started with a small group of people getting together to share their love affair with Mercedes-Benz automobiles. It’s been our focus for over sixty-seven years now. Although the organization’s size demands we pay closer attention to the business of our hobby, it remains a hobby, and the focus remains fun. As we look to the future, we also look to the past and honor those who laid the foundation for our enjoyment and success. And we look to the future and eagerly await the following chapters in the life of MBCA.

62 THE STAR SO 2023
63 THE STAR SO 2023


64 THE STAR SO 2023
TEXT: Tiffany Wismer | PHOTOS: Mike Paniccia
65 THE STAR SO 2023

Lime Rock Park opened in 1957 on what used to be a sand and gravel quarry, nestled in the foothills of Litchfield Hills in the Berkshire Mountains. Surrounded by natural beauty, 300 acres of rolling hills, farms, and small communities, it is one of two racetracks in the nation that are on the register of historic places, along with Indianapolis Speedway.

Ac tually, there are two tracks on the property. The first is a 1.5-mile grade B FIA-licensed multi-configurable natural terrain road course. The other is a .5-mile autocross track with a 300 ft skidpad. This second track, dubbed the “FCP Euro Proving Grounds” can be configured in multiple different ways for people to test and improve driving and racing skills.

FCP Euro is one of Lime Rock’s biggest partners. It was originally a brick & mortar family-owned shop called Foreign Car Parts Groton, dedicated to sourcing the best foreign auto parts with an emphasis on efficiency and quality. But in 2001

66 THE STAR SO 2023

KM&A, the only name you need to know when it comes to VIP treatment at the world's most exclusive events. Our services include lodging, hospitality & ticket sourcing, travel management, onsite concierge assistance & more.

not if not but always

KM&A | Experience Experts - Contact us today to start planning your VIP experience

Lime Rock Park hosts many other events over the course of the year, including four tentpole events that return each year. First is the Memorial Day TransAm event. Second is the Imsa Race Series, then there’s GridLife in August, and lastly the Labor Day Historic Festival.

Lime Rock Park has both the history and pedigree to serve as a fashionable host for these events. The track layout and configuration, built 66 years ago, has never changed, and many greats have enjoyed the course, including Mario Andretti, Dan Guerney, Paul Newman, Scott Pruitt, Tommy Kendall, and Jeff Brabham. The track has hosted LaMons, Imsa, Grand Am, NASCAR, SCCA, TransAm, World Challenge, and many other local and national organizations and clubs.

Jamie Kistner told us that Lime Rock’s community has always been close-knit. “People make lifelong friends here. They come back every year, and camp next to each other. We see that all the time. People have made those connections and continue to foster those relationships for years.”

One of the more notable members of Lime Rock’s community is Paul Newman, who has a long-standing relationship with LRP. “This was his home track, and he raced here many many times,” Kistner told us. Lime Rock also supports Newman’s charity, “The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang Camp” which provides the opportunity for children with serious illnesses to enjoy a safe and joy-filled camp experience at no cost to their families. Money is raised by

Lime Rock Park for the camp throughout the year. For example, they recently held an estate auction where Newman’s racing memorabilia could be viewed after donating to the cause.

Jamie also told us that Lime Rock Park is constantly making improvements to the grounds and looking to the future. The sleepy communities surrounding the park can’t always accommodate travelers, so Lime Rock is looking for ways to better serve its visitors. In the next 2-3 years they plan to build an upscale 48-room boutique hotel with a gourmet restaurant and spa on the grounds.

Enthusiasts will be able to stay at the park for a race weekend, enjoying the comfort of a well-appointed room and a gourmet meal, taking in the excitement of the race and conversations about shared passions, and spending long, lazy afternoons motoring through beautiful rural Connecticut.

FCP Euro and Lime Rock Park complement one another well, sharing a commitment to excellence and a passionate, customer-focused service mentality. “We want to make sure we have the best parts and pieces for you to enjoy your vehicle,” Brown told us. “We want to help you keep it on the road, and keep it well-maintained—that’s whether it’s a brand-new AMG or something a little older. We’re really just here to help people have the best experience with their vehicle.”

68 THE STAR SO 2023
1 THE STAR SO 2023

Thursday, 9/7

• Tech Talks & Guest Speakers

• MBCA Fashion Show/ Car Show & Luncheon

• Mercedes-Benz New Car Extravaganza and Lifestyle Exhibition

Friday, 9/8

• Tech Talks & Guest Speakers

• Rally Drives and Tours

Presented by the Mercedes-Benz Club of America & Artomobilia

• MBCA Medallion Rally Luncheon

• Hullabaloo Street Festival, Drive-In Car Show, and Concert

Saturday, 9/9

• Mercedes Monumental Classic Car Show at Artomobilia

• The Grande Celebration Awards Dinner

• Kids Zone Exhibit Play Station & Driving Experience

Sunday, 9/10

• Rally Drives and Tours

Presented by the Mercedes-Benz Club of America & Artomobilia

• Silo Auto Club Racing Simulator Challenge


A Celebration

We have partnered with Indianapolis Downtown Hilton Hotel & Suites to help accommodate you during your visit from start to finish. This is the host hotel for many of the Mercedes-Benz events, and they are nothing short of the best.

7-10, 2023
Days of Mercedes-Benz Culture, Causes, People, Lifestyle, Technology, and Cars.
Access the MERCEDES BENZ CLUB OF AMERICA special rate of $179.00 per person plus taxes. When you use promo codeGRANDE NOW! Save $50 per person by purchasing the VIP Ticket Package.
all Things Mercedes-Benz Four


Primary members of U.S. Mercedes-Benz Club of America are eligible to exclusive rebates on the lease or purchase of select Mercedes-Benz vehicles. To learn more visit www.

1 Fleet incentives available only for qualified customers on certain MY23 Mercedes-Benz models. Not all engine variants are eligible for Fleet incentives. Please confirm with dealership if chosen vehicle is eligible for Fleet incentives at the time of purchase. Incentive must be used at time of purchase/lease. Incentives vary based on vehicle model as indicated. Eligible person must be the buyer/co-buyer or lessee/co-lessee. Star Access$M incentives cannot be used in conjunction with Diplomat, European Delivery, Special Demos, Certificate Programs Mercedes-Benz Incentive Bonus Cash and other Fleet programs, or non- U.S. specification vehicles. Incentive amounts are subject to change on a monthly basis and should be confirmed with your dealer at the time of transaction. Amount of actual savings may vary depending on model selected. Offer expires March 31, 2023.

Mercedes-Benz USA
Photo Credit:
72 THE STAR SO 2023

Mecum Auction Schedule

MBCA Member Exclusive

MBCA welcomes Mecum Auctions as a member benefit and sponsor. Now, members can enjoy the “Mecum Experience” at any future Mecum Auction.

1 Get Access

MBCA members can access any Mecum Auction and also receive 50% off the Standard Bidder registration fee at any Mecum Auction.

2 Bring a Group

MBCA Regions and Sections can schedule member meet-ups and gatherings at any Mecum Auctions, which includes a welcome from Dave Magers, the CEO of Mecum Auctions, and also information about trends in the collector car market. In addition, members will experience the display of thousands of consigned vehicles.

3 Did You Know?

In just the last 10-plus years, Mecum Auctions has consigned more than 7,000 Mercedes-Benz, with the highest-seller being a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing selling for $2.64 million. Details about this and all results at Mecum Auctions are complimentary with a MyMecum profile at

73 THE STAR SO 2023


June Jamboree

On June 17, 2023, over 100 members gathered for the 59th annual June Jamboree.

The club's oldest continuing event, June Jamboree, has been continuously run by the Northern New Jersey Section.

With members traveling aross many sections this year, June Jamboree celebrated the 60th anniversary of the W113 Pagoda. The anniversary of the Pagoda also coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Northern New Jersey Section. The Jamboree was held at Bridgewater Manor in Bridgewater, New Jersey, a new but picturesque location. The event featured 77 total cars that were judged according to the MBCA concours standards, display cars that were eligible for popular votes, and Silver Star Preservation candidates that reward cars that have remained original and unrestored.

74 THE STAR SO 2023
TEXT: Valerie Christiano PHOTOS: Carl Schwartz
75 THE STAR SO 2023

Valerie Christiano and Lucille Chabala have worked tirelessly to ensure June Jamboree is enjoyed by members year after year. While they will continue to be in attendance, this year marks their final year to officially run the event. On behalf of the Northern New Jersey Section and the entire MBCA membership, we thank them for their hard work, dedication to the event, and leadership of the section. We look forward to seeing them as they enjoy future events as attendees.

Thank you so much, Valerie and Lucille!

-Terry Kiwala

Guided by Chief Judge Tom Elder, the judges began at 9 AM and judged the interior, exterior, engine bay, glass, and chrome of numerous vehicles. Judges were evaluating each component’s authenticity, condition, and cleanliness. Along with age and mileage, the car received a score on a 100-point scale and was entered to place both in its class and overall. For Silver Star entrants, the cars were judged on the originality of the body, interior, and mechanicals, aside from parts that need replacement due to wear or use, such as tires. And finally, popular vote cars were on display and members voted on their favorite.

Following the judging, all had lunch inside the Manor and viewed an impressive display of silent auction items. During that time, the votes were tabulated and the awards presentation began once lunch was concluded.

For the Popular Vote, cars were divided into classes. For the first class, new cars (2018 to present), the first place award went to Mitch Tanner for his 2019 E450 Cabriolet. For modern sedans (2008-2017 models), the first-place award went to Don Boop for his 2015 CLS400. For old sedans (1998-2007), the first-place award went to Carmine Buda for his 1998 CL600. For old sport models (1998-2007), the first-place award was a tie among three entrants: John Sale for his 2004 CLK320, Jeri Barrett for his 2003 SL55, and Jose Elcid Ruivivar for his 2001 SL500. For vintage sedans (1972-1997), first place was tied between Sean Connor for his 1984 500SEL and Roger Egolf for his 1992 500E. For vintage sport models from 1972-1997, Bob Guiao won first place in his 1983 380SL. For vintage (pre-1972) sedans, Jorg Windau won with his 1967 300SEL. And finally, for vintage sport models (pre-1972), first place went to Jens-Otto Christensen for his tastefully modified and very unique 1968 280SL.

Following the popular vote, the presentation of the concours awards began. For Class 2, vintage sedans, first place went to Jeri Barrett for a beautiful white 1962 300d Adenauer sedan. For Class 4, consisting of 190SLs, first place went to Bob and June Platz for a flawless 1960 190SL. For

Class 6, vintage sedans, first place went to Keith Morgan for his 1967 250SE. Of note, Keith lives in Maine and drives his pristine vintage sedans around the country and displays them at club events, and this 250SE was a beautiful original example. For Class 7, vintage coupes, first place went to Bruce Rosenbaum for his attractive 1969 280SE coupe. For Class 8, vintage sedans from the 1960s and 1970s, first place went to Eugene Espinoza for a spectacular manila beige 1979 300D that he rescued and spent several months detailing to its incredible original condition. The winner of Class 9, 1980s and 1990s sedans, was Alan Snyder with his clean, low-mile 1991 420SEL. For Class 10, modern coupes, the winner was Phil Morgan in his incredibly clean 1991 560SEC. Class 11 featured modern sports sedans and its winner was Tom Elder in his 2001 SLK320. Class 12, modern sedans, was won by Andrew Syracuse for his 2009 C300. Class 15, which celebrated Pagodas, was won by Ann Fagan in a 1971 280SL. And finally, for Class 16, modern sport models, Kevin Esposito took first place in his 1989 560SL.

There were three special awards given at the end of the presentation. The first award recognized the best W113 for the 60th anniversary of the Pagoda. Based on the concours score sheets, the Best W113 award went to Ann Fagan for her 1971 280SL, a beautiful green on parchment example.

The second award, the Judges’ Choice, was chosen based on a unanimous vote of the judges. The award went to Jeri Barrett’s stunning white 300 Adenauer sedan, a perfectly detailed example.

Finally, the Best of Show is given to the highest-scoring car at the show. Phil Morgan won this award with his exceptionally clean 1991 560SEC that he drove from Maine.

The Jamboree continues to be a well-attended event that members look forward to each year. We look forward to seeing our members next year and are always looking for volunteers to pull this event off, so please plan to attend and get involved in 2024!

Mercedes-Benz Club of America offers members a complete travel adventure and tour to the iconic Mercedes-Benz Museum, AMG Factory, Mercedes-Benz Factory and Euro Delivery Center, Carl Benz Museum, and much more. Space Is Limited | | (800) 637-2360 2023 German Tours September 11-17


Minuteman Section, "Back to the Future" Exhibit and Tour, June 11. Members participated in a very special VIP tour of the Shea Family's Back To The Future Museum in Hubbardston, MA. The setting is an impeccably maintained farm property dating back to New England's early settlement and arrived at by driving bucolic country lanes. We viewed and learned about an outstanding collection of cars, along with an accompanying cast of supporting memorabilia, from the production of the Back to the Future movie series, as well as tribute vehicles from Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Bullitt, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Yes, we saw the actual Ferrari 250 GT California Spider that crashed through glass and plunged into a ravine in one of the final Ferris scenes. The Shea Family generously gives one hundred percent of museum donations to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, and our chapter is proud to be among its contributors. —Dean

North Texas Section, Membership Lunch at Luigi's, June 17. Twenty-six members met at Luigi's Italian Cafe in Rockwall, Texas, for lunch. Rockwall is near the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard, and driving across the lake and seeing the boats was special. The weather was great for a meeting, and the Italian food was excellent. We had a 50/50 raffle to benefit our club, and thanks to Ron Harwick, the winner who donated his winnings to the club. We had two new members join the lunch. —Brett Jurick

unfashionably early to South Central Texas this June, but that didn't stop some of the Lone Star Section's best cars from showing up and showing Gateway Classic Cars' Caffeine & Chrome how it's done! In all, nine cars made the event, including a 450SL from one of our sister chapters, which was absolutely gorgeous, and a Designo Selenite Grey AMG GT that even the hotrod crowd was caught mouths agape over! —Esteban Monclova

Houston Section, Dry Ice Detailing Technical Session, June 24. Members met at Dry Ice Detailing Pros for a demonstration of using dry ice to clean dirt, grime, and gunk from your car. They specialize in cleaning the undercarriage, engine bay, and wheel wells. Dry ice cleaning is an environmentally responsible cleaning and surface preparation technique. Dry ice blasting uses solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets or Micro Particles, which are blasted at supersonic speeds and sublimate on impact, lifting dirt and contaminants off the underlying substrate. Dry ice cleaning is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Thanks to the Dry Ice Cleaning Pros for the technical session and for providing coffee and donuts. This event included the rare occasion of seeing six generations of the Mercedes-Benz SL. —Erroll

Fort Worth Section, Taste of Summer: Frescos Cocina Mexicana and Lost Oak Winery, June 24. Thirty folks in 17 cars joined us for a nice country drive, a Mexican lunch at Frescos Cocina Mexicana, and a visit to the Lost Oak Winery in Burleson for wine tasting and a winery tour. Our event started with a backroads drive to Burleson. We proceeded to the Lost Oak Winery, also in Burleson. Everyone enjoyed a comprehensive winery tour and tasting led by guides who obviously loved their craft. —DJ

Lone Star Section, Gateway Classic Cars Caffeine & Chrome, June 24. The scorching heat came

Ozark Section, Peel Museum and Garden Tour, June 24. Our members always likes to learn from our history of automobiles and the communities that we live in. At this event, we learned about Samuel West Peel, one of the first prominent families settling in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 1875. Samuel and his wife, Rose, raised seven children on 180 acres with apple orchards, farmland, lush gardens, and a mansion. Helen Walton convinced her husband Sam to save this home and grounds from imminent demolition by investing in and restoring the mansion and grounds beginning in 1991, allowing us to marvel at this beautiful time capsule from that period. This was a great opportunity to gain a perspective and visual of what customs and family life were really like back then. –

Southern Stars Section, Southeast Region hosted "An Evening With The Stars" at Jacksonville

Sports Car Museum, June 24. MBCA Members and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts throughout Florida, including Members from the Road Star Section (Palm Beach region) and the Tampa Bay Section, attended or participated in An Evening With The Stars, held at the Jacksonville Sports Car Museum (JSCM) JSCM is located in Deerwood Castle, also home to The Patrons Club, a private social club. We celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the W113 SL series, the "Pagoda," and were fortunate enough to have a beautiful white 1968 280 SL, with the "pagoda" hardtop featured for this special event. Jacksonville Sports Car Museum CEO/Owner David E. Gonzales also shared his 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster, with "6 figures" of modifications from RENNtech, including a Magnuson supercharger. —David Wommer

78 THE STAR SO 2023
Top: North Texas members spend time at Louden Motorcar Service during the DIY Tech Session. Bottom: Members of the Fort Worth Section tour the Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, TX.
79 THE STAR SO 2023 190 SL-230SL-280SL-450SL K&K Manufacturing


Texas Hill Country Section, Dinner Event, July 8. Members met at the Thai Esan Noodle Restaurant for dinner together. Sak and Bebe Reeves were our hosts and also the owners and operators of the restaurant. Sak was our chef too! The food was exceptional! The evening was fun, and we had lots of good conversations. It was nice to see the many members we missed for the past few events. We welcomed a new face: Dylan Perera. It was a great evening. —Charles Dove

Bluegrass Stars Section, Keeneland Concours d'Elegance, July 15. Saturday's Keeneland Concours brought lots of rain, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the many loyal Mercedes-Benz owners who weathered the storms to meet up with old friends and meet new ones. The Bluegrass Stars Officers were on hand, as were the Regional Director, Ken Koehler, and his lovely wife, Sara, who had both attended

enjoyed fielding multiple questions from section members. Here's a link if you're interested in finding out more about Shift. –

Sierra Section, Hawaiian Luau Party, July 15. Every July, members of the Sierra Nevada Section look forward to one event: the Annual Summer Backyard Party. Held in the beautiful backyard of Christy and Marcus Dodson's Reno home, the well-attended party is always off the charts. For the last few years, the theme has been Christmas in July, but this year's theme went in a different direction. Guests were invited to wear their finest tropical flair for an authentic Hawaiian luau. In total, 65 people attended, making it the largest Sierra Nevada Summer Backyard Party to date. The party lured guests from as far away as Southern California, the Bay Area, and Dallas. Steve Ross, past Mercedes-Benz Club of America Regional Director, drove from San Diego to attend the party, and everyone was happy to see his friendly face again. —Gail Wells

the 20th Emerald Anniversary Celebration Party the night before. We had more beautiful Benz on hand this year than in years past, which drew lots of potential members over to peek inside and take lots of pictures!

Wichita Section, Visit to Shift Auto Society, July 15. The Wichita section gathered in downtown Wichita for a private tour of Shift Auto Society. Founder Rodney Horton showed everyone around this private auto club which offers vehicle storage as well as a meeting and social space for members. Shift occupies an old car dealership building which creates a unique car storage space in the heart of the downtown area. There are two levels of car storage space, and members also have access to lifts and a wash rack. It was a very impressive setup, and Rodney

Ozark Section, Annual Membership Recognition Picnic, July 15. Our club depends on loyal members who continue to renew and get involved in their own ways. Some members enjoy The Star® magazine for helping them to increase their awareness of what is happening in this premium brand and the dealership and vendor discounts. Many also love to participate and volunteer in our activities recommended by members. It's a rewarding time to see so many members celebrate their club anniversaries, including milestones this year of 25, 20, 10, and 5 years. Milestone Anniversaries: 5 years - Milton DeJesus, Catherine Nickels, Nathan Smith, Dan Myers; 10 years - Keith Rutkowski; 20 years - Dee Eberhardt, Michael Maraziti, Kent Thomas; 25 years - Dane Paulsen. Our current and past leaders were also recognized for all that they do by contributing their time so generously to make this such a special Section to be a part of. We introduced two of our newest members, Tim and Rose Skaife from Texas, and now Springdale, and shared their pride and fun owning their classic 1971 280 SL. –Kathleen Menold Portland Section, Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance & Mercedes-Benz Safety Innovations, July 16. A series of 11 vehicles were displayed with 50 descriptive posters detailing safety features and their first application on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The posters covered early design improvements, crash-testing engineering, and safety innovations that have been applied to nearly all marques of vehicles since their inception. Mercedes-Benz has contributed to vehicle safety and safer driving that eventually will support autonomous driving vehicles. The posters were made possible by support from three of our local dealers, MB of Portland, MB of Salem, and MB of Wilsonville. Many thanks for their monetary support and the latest vehicles they provided to make this show include the newest innovations. The poster set and stands (55 total) are

80 THE STAR SO 2023
Top: Spectators relish the details of safety features and the pure beauty of the Mercedes-Benz displayed at the Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance. Middle: Despite stormy weather, the Wichita Section Cars & Coffee braved the elements to display their cars. Bottom: Members of the Wisconsin section take in the '50s and '60s music, matched with a fantastic evening of visiting and chatting about their Mercedes.
81 THE STAR SO 2023 New identity, new projects !!!


available for other Section's use by contacting Portland Section for scheduling and for the cost of round-trip shipping (3 boxes). Contact George Larson for further details at –George

Niagara Fox Run Car Show, July 19. Members drove out to Orchard Park, a southern suburb of Buffalo, to put on a car show for the residents of the Fox Run independent living complex. Our members filled the street with 20+ cars. We enjoyed sharing car memories with the residents who came out to see our Mercedes. —Deborah

Wisconsin Section, Starry Nights Drive to Dine and Concert, July 21. What a beautiful night for an outdoor concert! We cruised into the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center, where we gathered for a potluck. We enjoyed a social hour of "Mercedes Talk" and visiting with club members. We listened to songs from the '50s and '60s by the Rockin Robins, a favorite band that has been entertaining audiences in this area for many years. Then we drove home under the stars on this perfect convertible night! A good time was had by all! –Jim

Bluegrass Stars Section, Dinner at Martin's Bar-BQue Joint, July 21. A big thank you for participating in our 2nd Charity Component. We had a great turnout to assist the Jeffersontown Police Department's REACH Program by donating unused cell phones. We were joined by Amanda Chapman, the Community Resource Supervisor, and Community Resource officer, Steve Fisher, who were on hand to tell us about their program, in partnership with the 911 Cell Phone Bank, to provide 100% free cell phones to those in need of reaching 911, or otherwise in a high-risk population. We were able to collect nearly 20 cell phones and even more cell phone accessories to donate to REACH.

Southern Stars Section, The Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, FL, July 22. MBCA Members, who joined us from three sections and two regions, toured The Brumos Collection automotive museum

in Jacksonville, Florida, for our "Summer Series" of air-conditioned experiences! The Brumos Collection has been named the Best Museum in Jacksonville and is ranked in the top 25 among the world's top 100 collections by The Classic Car Trust! Thank you to The Brumos Collection for having us out and for the warm welcome of almost 30 of our guests; it was a great day! –David

Fort Worth Section, Watts Cookin’ BBQ, July 22. Teresa and Chris Watt invited the club for lunch at their home. Around thirty folks enjoyed great Texas BBQ ribs. After lunch, teams were formed to compete for prizes by playing an abbreviated game of pool. Special thanks to Teresa and Chris for cooking and hosting a great event, Ernie Borroel for his famous sausage and chicken wings, and Paula Bartlett for bringing even more goodies. —DJ de Jesus

North Texas Section, DIY Tech Session - Louden Motorcar Service, July 22. Louden Motorcar Service hosted a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) session for our members. The facility is always an excellent place for our folks to do maintenance on their cars. The ability to have a technical person available to give help and advice is unique, and having lifts to service the cars is excellent. DIY Sessions have been a long-standing tradition for our members, and in addition to the folks at Loudens, our dealer friends at Park Place Motor Cars and Mercedes-Benz of Plano host us each year. –Brett

Minuteman Section, Sunday Drive to Barre, MA, July 23. Thirty members joined a beautiful Sunday drive from Framingham to Barre, MA. Coordinated by Mark Fancy, the drive took us through several lovely towns and rural roads in Western Mass and along the Wachusett reservoir. Our final destination was the Stone Cow Brewery, where we enjoyed a nice BBQ along with fresh refreshments and ice cream. The property had ample room to display our vehicles along with other car clubs that had the same idea. –Dean

Wisconsin Section, Summer Picnic 23, July 23. A small but enthusiastic group gathered at Carl Schurz Park on Sunday July 23rd for the Section's Annual Picnic. Everyone enjoyed fellowship and conversation, including a technical discussion of the complexities of a '73 220D manual transmission led by Todd Knutson. –Jim

North Texas Section, MBCA NTX - Cars & Coffee, July 29. Twenty-one cars attended the Cars & Coffee at the TURBO Coffee parking lot at The Colony, Texas. The turnout was great, with a good mix of cars, new and old. The early morning temperature was perfect for folks to visit and share stories about their cars. This is the first year that the Section has sponsored Cars & Coffee events, and it has been a great success. Folks have time to see our member's cars, share stories about their cars, and in many cases, share information about maintenance, parts sourcing, and how to perform work on the cars. It is an environment that allows time to just make friends and visit. –Brett Jurick

Fort Worth Section, Park Place Fort Worth's Electrified, August 12. Thirty-five members attended Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth's Electrified event. The knowledgeable staff presented Mercedes-Benz's exciting lineup of new electric vehicles, their unique features, operation, and technology. General Manager George Johnson, New Car Sales Director Nolan Bedford, and EQ Ambassador Rylen Sibley presented Mercedes-Benz's execution of what their intelligent electric cars should be. Members were invited to test-drive the complete lineup of EQ vehicles - EQB, EQE, and EQS sedans and SUVs. Thanks to George Johnson and his expert staff for hosting a very informative and fun event, which we all enjoyed. We appreciate Jennifer Naylor, whose preparation helped ensure a seamless event. Thanks also to member Kris Ikejiri for sharing his excellent photos. –DJ de Jesus

Houston Section, Overnight trip to College Station, August 12. Twenty-three folks joined the Houston Section for a great weekend caravanning in on some back roads to College Station. The drive provided the opportunity to enjoy the luxury and performance of Mercedes-Benz cars. We met other MBCA members from North Texas and The Lone Star sections at the Messina Hof Winery in Bryan, Texas. Members took a tour of the wine-making process and a wine-tasting session. In the evening, we had an excellent speaker, Dr. Robert Holzweiss, Acting director of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Dr. Holzweiss gave a great presentation regarding the library and the upcoming addition, the Railway & Locomotive Museum, which will be finished by June 2024. All had a great weekend. The Houston section much appreciated the participation of the North Texas and Lone Star sections. –Erroll Hines

82 THE STAR SO 2023
Members experience the fantastic thrill of test-driving the electric cars at the Park Place luxury dealership.
83 THE STAR SO 2023 Own a Porsche? Great Membership Benefits for only $46: • Over 3,500 events annually including National and Regional events, driving tours, car shows, autocross, high performance driving, sim racing, and rallies. • Award-winning monthly magazine, Porsche Panorama. • Free classified ads and access to our exclusive membersonly marketplace, The Mart. • Exclusive bi-annual members-only new car raffles. • e-Brake News, weekly Porsche content to your Inbox JOIN US | WWW.PCA.ORG | 410-381-0911



Vice President (2024)

Drew Webb

Northern NE Star Section 508.662.4900

Treasurer (2024) Charles Woods Central Oklahoma Section

Secretary (2024) William L. (Bill) Parrish, Jr. Tarheel Section Cell: 828.719.6140

President Ex-Officio

Julie Bruggner Three Rivers Section 260.348.1369 (h)

“To elevate the Mercedes-Benz experience through knowledge, camaraderie, and exceptional events.”


Director at Large (2024)

Ernie Fancy Minuteman Section 508.377.8286 (c)



Ernest Fancy Minuteman Section 508.377.8286 (c)


Charles Woods Central Oklahoma Section Edmond, OK 73013


Jason Burton Chicago Section 312.224.1787


Terry Kiwala

Three Rivers Section 312.286.0532


Josie Lesler Southwest Florida Section 216.403.2216 (c)

Director at Large (2023) James E. Roberts, DMD Alabama Section 205.529.0071 (c)

Director at Large (2023) Jason Burton Chicagoland Section 312.224.1787

Executive Director Katie Carruth 800.637.2360

Administrative Services Cindy Tumbleson Pikes Peak Section 800.637.2360



Roger Brummett Indiana Crossroads Section 317.721.2784


Laura Simonds Portland Section 650.703.2656


Richard A. Huskey Carolinas Section 828.785.9995


Pete Lesler Southwest Florida Section 216.403.2951 (c)

Co-Chairs: Jon Bernardi San Diego Section

Gary Edwards Peachtree Section


Jim Roberts NW FL/Alabama Section 205.529.0071


Cliff Reyle Memphis Section 901.754.8574 (h)


Indiana Crossroads 317.989.2843 (c) rachelle.mbcaindianacrossroads@


Julie Bruggner

Three Rivers Section 260.348.1369 (h)


George Murphy Smoky Mountain Section 865.482.9175


Diana Quinn Peachtree Section 770.635.8112

1955-1957 Dr. Milton Allen =

1957-1959 Dr. Ken Bartlett, Jr =

1959-1960 L. B. Kirkendall =

1960-1961 Arthur G. Rippey=

1961-1962 Allen G. Bishop =

1962-1964 John W. Burnside =

1964-1966 Walter G. Vartan

1966-1968 Frank S. Baker=

1968-1970 Harger W. Dodge =

1970-1972 J. Chadwick Hunt=

1972-1974 Otto Saborsky=

1974-1976 Allen Funkhouser=

1976-1977 Tracy Williams =

1977-1978 Thomas Doherty=

1978-1979 Fred Lustig=

1979-1981 Phil Parrino =

1981-1982 Ferne Gardner=

1982-1984 Grant Elford =


President Bryan Gunning


Thomas James

1984-1986 Hyatt Cheek

1986-1988 Murdoch Campbell =

1988-1990 Virginia Turner

1990-1992 Robert Beltz

1992-1994 Robert A. Martin =

1994-1996 Kathy Kennel =

1996-1998 Walt Anderson

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1999-2001 H. Peter Watson

2001-2003 Donald Leap =

2003-2005 Richard Simonds

2005-2007 Jim O’Sullivan

2007-2009 Peter Lesler

2009-2011 Rodger Van Ness

2011-2013 Steve Dierks

2013-2017 Terry Kiwala

2017-2019 Gene Jurick

2020-2022 Julie Bruggner = Deceased


Customer Assistance

800.367.6372 (U.S.)

800.387.0100 (CANADA)

Classic Parts & Information 866.622.5277

84 THE STAR SO 2023



Michael Georgewsky



Contact Regional Director


Dean Coclin 781.789.8686


William Raymond


James R. Wright 518.439.3178


Joanie Long 716.655.4515


Obed Opare-Sem 732.618.6345


Thomas Lang 613.596.5460


David Peebles 514.941.5320


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David Wommer 904.534.7319


Gary Keener 904.635.9888


Robert Hartmann 407.913.6134 (h)


Michael J. Chrusch

561.990.7886 (h) 954.260.6466 (c)


Barry Paraizo 561.310.8957


Christopher Pakietur 239.287.1368

TAMPA BAY Gary Dolin


Bill Fisher 609.221.2633


Winthrop E. Baum 203.858.6300

NORTHERN NEW JERSEY Valerie Cristiano 908.369.0793


Ernest Schirmer 609.895.1611


Oliver Seligman

917.763.0178 (c) 212.510.8293 (h)

KEYSTONE Marty Rexroth



610.504.5370 (c)

DELAWARE VALLEY Contact Regional Director



Ken Koehler

317.669.2072 (h)


J. Anne Gilliland




Contact Regional Director


Bill Sudekum



Tyler O’Brien 513.477.3056


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Branton Pardee 419.215.1696

WESTERN RESERVE Rod Thompson 440.247.2853 renold.thompson@

THREE RIVERS Contact Regional Director

INTERNATIONAL STARS Don MacDonald 248.647.8430

WESTERN MICHIGAN Matthew Short 269.760.7204



WISCONSIN Bruce Hamilton 608.754.6066

CHICAGOLAND Robert Schuldt

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MINNESOTA John Jacobson 651.690.5115

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HAWAII Shawn Merrill 650.255.8202


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SACRAMENTO David Michael 415.939.9000


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David Abarr 541.981.1919


Satellite to British Columbia Section



Robert Watson 250.652.5667 (h)


86 THE STAR SO 2023

MBCA's National Board comprises seven Directors at Large and 12 Regional Directions. Members are entitled and urged to vote in MBCA's 2023 National Election. A convenient tear-out ballot can be found between pages 80-81. Please complete and mail it in now.

To be valid, the ballot must be signed by the club member who is voting. An independent auditor tabulates the ballots, so no candidate, club member, or employee sees your ballot.

The following statements, written by the candidates and minimally edited, are intended to indicate their experience and philosophy on club matters. Please read their statements, decide which candidates you believe are best qualified, then complete and mail the ballot.

You may vote for up to three Director-at-Large candidates. Listing a write-in candidate for Director at Large will invalidate that portion of your ballot.


Candidate for Rocky Mountain

Sales training programs frequently admonish salespersons to “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” We know that Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) members are enthusiastic about owning and driving the finest automobiles available in the world today (the “steak”). The role of MBCA is to enhance to the total MercedesBenz Experience by providing innovative, valued, and meaningful membership benefits (the “sizzle”). In the process of re-defining MBCA, we have identified several core elements that will significantly enhance the value of membership while making significant contributions to the complete Mercedes-Benz Experience.

When I joined MBCA, I became a member of a national organization. Membership benefits included the STAR, access to expertise, local, regional and national events, and a club store. MBCA assigned me to the Pikes Peak Section because I live in Colorado Springs. Soon, I was deeply involved as a Section Board Member, Treasurer and President. As Section President, I introduced an off-road event for the ML and G-Class vehicles and initiated Pikes Peak Section off-road Events. Section membership and participation introduced me to the MBCA Experience. It is the very heart of MBCA.

To the National Board, I bring many years of business experience. I have earned an MBA and have served as a University Trustee. It has been a privilege to previously serve MBCA as Rocky Mountain Regional Director, National Vice-President, National President and President of the MBCA Educational Foundation. In my view, it is the responsibility of the Club’s Officers and Directors to foster organizational sustainability by maintaining a responsive organization that is consistent with MBCA’s goals and objectives. I ask for your vote as Rocky Mountain Regional Director. The MBCA Experience can “sizzle.”

This year, Regional Directors in the odd-numbered regions are being elected: Northeast, Midwest, Rocky Mountain, Central, and Western Region. The Midwest, Northwest, and Western Regions do not have a candidate. These region's Regional Director will be appointed at the Fall Board Meeting by the National Board. To determine your region, check the list of sections in the Directory on pages 85 and 86 of this issue. If your region is electing a Regional Director, please vote for the candidate of your choice in your region only. Votes for additional Regional Directors in other regions will invalidate the Regional Director portion of your ballot. Listing a write-in candidate for Regional Direct will invalidate that portion of your vote. Even-number regions will elect Regional Directors in 2024.


Candidate for Director-at-Large

I have been a member of MBCA since July, 1994. At the Section level I have served as President, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and Membership Chair. I have been chairman for several Regional Events and one National Board meeting. I served as Southwest Regional Director and National Vice President. I have attended hundreds of events throughout the country during my membership and have had the good fortune to meet and befriend many of you.

I am dedicated to serving in a leadership role in the MercedesBenz Club of America and have a strong desire to see us continue to grow and improve.

I have experience with the MBCA organization, how it functions and where we have failed to move forward with the challenges that face the club in today’s environment. The club has failed to act, on recommendations made by outside individuals and firms to improve its relevance and attraction to new members. With the loss of financial support from MBUSA, it is now even more critical and important to take action to turn the ship around. The club has in place an Executive Director and staff who have the knowledge, expertise and networking to determine and implement a turnaround plan. As a DAL I will support all strategic actions that move the MBCA forward in achieving its goals. I am committed to attending every National Event and Regional Event possible, as I have done for nearly thirty years. Having served on the board of other car clubs who have no corporate support, I have gained experience on how success can be achieved.

We are the largest Mercedes-Benz club in the world and drive automobiles made by the best manufacturer in the world, so let us get on board, support the programs, and have some fun.



1965 230SL White/Red. Convertible. Restored to original in 1995, one owner for last 31 years, both tops, matching numbers, 4 speed manual. White with red MB Tex interior. Caleb, 250/758-3288 (BC)

1978 450SL Cabriolet Red/Palomino tan. 116,500 miles. Convertible. Hard top, trolley, and cover included. Garage stored. 2 previous owners. Asking $15,800 & will listen to offers. Robert Kust, 513/478-8700 (OH)

1989 560SL Maroon paint, Dark Brown softop/Light Grey. 72,941 miles. Convertible. Beautiful maroon exterior, dark brown soft top w/light gray leather interior 560SL. California/Florida car owned since 2003. Excellent condition everything is original, always garaged & all service records available. $31,000. Add’l photos avail. Robin Wetmore, 916/425-2343 (FL)

1970 280SL Blue/Blue. Convertible. Great Driver! Cooper Classics is excited to offer this 280SL with matching numbers, original colors of blue over blue, notches and spot welds. Extraordinary driver in excellent condition. Comes with books, data plate, tools and jack. Elliot Cuker, 212/929-3909 (NY)

1986 560SL Red/Palomino. 67,099 miles. Excellent condition interior and exterior. Runs/drives great. Hardtop and storage cart. Won’t find a sharper one. Original keys, glass, tools, dealer window sticker and owners manual. New tires and Mercedes battery. Soft top is black/brown, like new. Ready to drive. Everything has been serviced. Everything works. No rust. Additional photos available. Carl Sekulich: 330/495-2013 (OH)

1989 560SL White/Beige. 39,000 miles. Convertible. This Mercedes is in impeccable condition, less than 100 miles per month. Custom ceramic coating by Mod Finishes of Colorado Springs. New Pirelli tires. Custom metal Hoist. Tonneau cover, car cover and more. $65,000. Shawn Smyth: 909/518-0452 (CO)

1971 280SL Arabian Grey/Red. Outstanding nut and bolt restoration! Cooper Classics is proud to offer this 1971 280SL in its original colors of Arabian Grey with red interior. This car has received a full, nut and bolt restoration by best 280SL specialist in USA. Elliot Cuker, 212/929-3909 (NY)

1987 560SL Red/Palomino. One Family owned since 1987 my father’s pride and joy daily driver. Professional maintained and ready to just drive. Hard top and stand included. A time capsule from 1987, top has not been out of the cover ever. Aftermarket wheels and radio. $15,000. Mark Rose: 440/227-4160 (OH)

1991 500SL Black/Gray. 126,249 miles. Convertible. This 1991 Mercedes-Benz 500sl roadster is an excellent original driver just out of long-term loving ownership. Black with gray leather interior and 2 tops. It’s a beautiful example that starts right up and drives great. Heinz Langeneckert: 201/475-0700 (NJ)

1975 450SL Blue/Tan. 143,000 miles. Good condition, protected in storage. Thousands in restorations, including new tires and brakes. Soft top is in great condition, and a removable hard top is included. $14,000, local pickup. John Manuel, 510/483-5550 (CA)

1987 560SL Red/Tan. 67,579 miles. Convertible. Fully Serviced. Price: $44,000. European Autobody Inc, 561/498-5600 (FL)

1998 SL 500 Red/Tan. 22,000 miles. Bumper to bumper replacement of all things rubber, fluids, suspension, most gaskets all done by MB dealership costing $11,000. Car is as close to new as can be. Runs perfect & smooth. $33,000 firm. Ted Flynn, 608/289-5599 (WI)


1978 450SL Silver Green Metallic/Parchment. 131,000 miles, 2nd owner, always garaged, both tops, new soft top, new Michelin tires, well maintained with complete service records. $38,000. 404/797-4134 (GA)

1987 560SL bronze/Brown. 88,831 miles. Convertible. Garage kept. Car runs great. looks fantastic. Whenever the car is on the road, people notice. This car is a great example of a very nice driver. Since I have owned, seats have been recovered. $29,000. Wendell Gundlach, 336/209-2736 (NC)

2007 SL 55 AMG Lorinser Silver/Black. 17,400 miles. Convertible. 2007 SL 55 AMG with Lorinser’s GS03 package. Lorinser exhaust, 20 inch fan style wheels. High quality conversion that will not go unnoticed. Clean Carfax report. Only 10 of these were reported sold in the USA with just 50 sold word wide. Reportedly sold new at $189,000. $65,000. Phillip Reed, 858/395-4035 (CA)

88 THE STAR SO 2023

Be careful. Online crooks can scam you. It’s best to sell to someone you know, or to confirm the transaction with a mutual friend, like a club member. Note that cashier’s checks are easily faked. Ask for a direct bank-to-bank transfer and confirm receipt before releasing your car. The most common scam is when the Scammers offers more than your asking price, paying with a cashier’s check, with excess to be used by you to pay for shipping.

2011 550SL Silver/Tan. 47,827 miles. Coupe. Stunning Vehicle, Garage Kept, Clean, Price: $39,000. European Autobody Inc, 561/498-5600 (FL)


1953 220 Cabriolet B Butterscotch Yellow/Beige Leather. 17,000 miles. Frame-off restoration in a rich butterscotch yellow, beige leather interior, new black soft top, 403 produced. A very rare car. Asking price: $90,000. Lee Elrick, 316/619-6922 (KS)

1967 200 Black/Red. 153,500 miles. Full restoration by 3 MBCA mechanics, 95% original, upgrades are 3pt seatbelts, quartz clock, 14 inch wheels and new tires, wood dash, auto transmission on floor. All receipts, quiet and powerful, fun driver, nothing but thumbs up, email me, $75K. John E Lofgren, (CA)

1985 380SE Silver/Henna Red. 105,000 miles. Sedan. Freshly paint. 105,000 miles. 4th owner. Purchased in 2014 at 85k miles. Upgraded to R134a. New DEKA battery, rear seats replaced, new tires, radiator, water pump & thermostat. New rear rotors, pads, AC compressor, alternator. $9,975 OBO. Richard Mackey, 703/5774524 (FL)

1962 220SE Mother of Pearl/Black. Coupe. Fully restored, beautiful. Owned for 25 years, all paperwork $55,000. Serious buyers only please. James Donovan, 206/364-1258 (WA)

1970 280se Dark Olive/Mahogany. 97,000 miles. 6-cyl auto. I’m the third owner, I have a comprehensive service history, owned the car for the last 7 years. Serviced by Ludwig at L&M Motors in Santa Monica, trans rebuilt, top end done, much more. Asking $15k. Kyle Hyatt, 206/849-4908 (CA)

1986 190E 2.3-16. Smoke silver, 205,000 miles. Original owner. 4 new tires unmounted. Engine rebuilt at 197,000 miles. Always driven carefully. All records. Ray Moore, 914/631-8528 (NY)

1963 220SE Convertible. 8k miles on rebuilt motor, new paint, everything in excellent condition. 6 cylinder fuel injected motor. Rebuilt by MB specialist. Make offer. Ditmar Wissel, 352/843-3033 (FL)

1971 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet. Comprehensive bare metal cosmetic restoration. One of 1,232 built. Original exterior color of Tobacco Brown as per data card. All cosmetic aspects of car as new: paint, interior, top, and underbody. Restoration completed in 2000 by renowned facility in Hyannis, MA. 43,000 original miles and 2000 miles since restoration. Elliot Cuker, 212/929-3909 (NY)

1987 300D Ivory/Palomino. 215,000 miles. Sedan. A prior owner bought this 300D for his wife and then replaced everything that needed it. I bought the same vehicle in grey because my wife prefers that color so I’m selling this one. $7,000 obo Contact for photos & info. Clark Bowen, 541/708-1943 (OR)

1966 200 Diesel Dark Burgundy/Parchment, 22,363 miles. Rare options include: sunroof, 4 speed manual on column, original Becker radio, ivory wheel, rear reading lamps, headrests. Rich history + lots of photos. Concours participant 2022. $25K+ in restoration costs. Records and original invoice. $25,000. Eric Schene, 513/379-2522 (OH)

1978 280SE Blue/Blue. 172,500 miles. One owner. Excellent condition externally, interior and mechanically. All records are available. $12,500. Bill Palumbo, 480/239-3279 (IN)

1989 260SE Pearl Gray/Gray. 11,6500 miles. Sedan. Rare 1989 Euro 260SE. Originally owned and brought in by a diplomat. All records. Asking $9,500/best offer. Roy, 504/957-9636 (TX)

1982 300D Turbo Diesel Light Ivory/Palomino MB Tex. 134,000 miles. FL car from 1984-2022, one owner until 2021. Recent oil change, rebuilt transmission, alternator, new tires, MB battery, brake hoses, rear Bilstein shocks, rear brake pads, brake & power steering fluids, and fuel & air filters. $12,500. Larry Taylor, 717/406-8015 (NY)

1990 300SE Black/ Palomino Leather. 46,000 miles. First place winner NE MB Club Concours 9/22. Car is completely original and unrestored. Completely sorted and all equipment works perfectly including Becker cassette. Paint, interior and chrome are all in excellent survivor condition. Asking $25,000. Clint Sager, 978/999-5900 (MA)

89 THE STAR SO 2023

1991 420SEL Smoke Silver/Beige. 146,806 miles. Manuals. New: Radiator, voltage reg, fuel pump, front brakes rotors, 4 new tires, front Bilstein shocks, Bosch distributor cap & rotor, Bosch plugs, air cleaner element, German Moly Oil. Excellent condition, always garaged. Anthony Testani, 410/303-9592 (MD)

1996 S320 Moonstone Grey Pearl/Grey leather. 116,243 miles. Great condition, needs new vacuum for power doors and what else is on circuit. Interior and exterior in great shape, all electronics and power options work. Rims/tires worn. Trying to sell for elderly neighbor, looking for $3500-4000 OBO. Daniel Rooke, 352/2251749 (OR)

2011 E550C Mars Red/Black. 100,025 miles. Coupe. 3rd owner 4/17 airbag recall 01/19. New motor/trans mounts, belt-both idle pulleys, shocks F/R, front stab links, wash reservoir, engine oil housing, centrifuge cover 4/22. Starter replaced, brake fluid/oil service 06/22. K40 Laser Radar F/R. $10,000. Mark McFadden, 704/606-1825 (NC)

1991 300 CE.154,854 miles. Sedan. Price $7,900 OBO. No rust. Robert Speakman, 774/251-2330 (MA)

2002 CLK430 Silver/Black. 69,518 miles. Convertible. Originally a Texas car in a beautiful condition, 100% original. Too much to list in terms of what has been done to this car to make it near perfect. Recent A Service and tires (Contis). Everything works as it should. $13,999 obo. Adam Wilson, 248/885-1595 (MI)

2014 E250 Obsidian Black/Chestnut Brown leather. 145,000 miles. Original owner offering 2014 E250 (W212) turbodiesel. 40+ MPG highway. Highly optioned. 145k miles. All records since April 2014. MB dealer maintained and garage kept. Asking $16,500. Ken McCauley, 908/377-5982 (NJ)

1993 S600 Grey/Black. 156,700 miles. In excellent shape with extensive records and maintenance history. All major concerns have been addressed (wiring harness, etc) and the interior and exterior show immaculate care and gentle care. An excellent example of the last robust MB design. $18,500. Gregory Lindema, 773/505-3874 (IL)

2002 SLK320 Magma Red/Ebony. 68,000 miles. 2nd owner, garage kept with full service history, no accidents, body perfect, wheels need refurbishing, A/C controller needs replacing, minor interior blemishes new plugs, coils, wires. Top functions flawlessly. $15,000 OBO. Paul Reitnauer, 310/270-8256 (FL)

2016 S550 4Matic. Magnetite Black Metallic/Black. 40,500 miles. Twin Turbo 4.7L V8, Black Leather Interior, Burmeister, Premium Package, Distronic, Pano roof, Keyless Go, Updated Nav, 360 cameras, Auto LED Lights, Heated and Cooled Multi-Contour front seats, Power Side & Rear Screens, AMG Wheels, & more. Buffalo. Gene Long, 716/912-2902 (NY)

1995 E300 Diesel Silver/Black. 224,000 miles. Factory order one owner. Rare one year only model. Glossy original paint, beautiful interior. 6 cyl, 4 valve non-turbo engine runs great. Everything works, AC is weak. Maintained MB master tech. Mobile 1, records, books, tool kit, etc. $9000. Joe Mignon, 908/359-8402 (NJ)

2003 CL55 AMG Black/Black. 47,007 miles. Black/Black, presents as new. No mods; CA & TX car - spotless. Looking for similar quality 2013-2015 G550. Comprehensive services @ MB Grapevine. Tom Hughes, 214/914-2446 (TX)

2017 S65 AMG White Metallic/Porcelain. 13,877 miles. Coupe. Panoramic sunroof with sky control. Vehicle is in excellent condition, low mileage and has been garage kept. Asking $138,600. John Lord, 402/677-3850 (NE)


1995 E300 Diesel Smoke Silver/Cream Beige MB Tex. 82,000 miles. Sedan. Recently purchased from original owner in FL. All original rare one year only model with the OM 606 24-valve motor; 34 mpg. Fluid & filter changes, brake rotors, pads, hoses, MB Battery, new Michelins, ball joints & tie rods. $18,500. Larry Taylor, 717/406-8015 (NY)

2005 C-CLASS Silver/Black. 94,000 miles. 6-speed manual. Original owners. Have title, all keys. Pristine interior/exterior, new tires. Stephen Nelson, 432/770-8483 (DC)

R129 Wheels and Tires. QTY: 4 each Gloss Black Painted Aluminum Wheel -A10-2 Size:17x8 Offset:+28mm Backspacing:5.629” Bolt Pattern:5X112mm Firehawk Indy 500 tires - Size: 245/45R17 $925.00 local pickup. Al Michaud, 860/913-5257 (CT)

90 THE STAR SO 2023

1998 CLK 320 Parts Car. Not running, parts car with clear title. Need to remove due to selling storage location; otherwise scrapyard. $1 for anyone able to pick-up and haul. Interior in very good condition. No rust on hood. More photos upon request. Located in Somerset. Sean Garrigan: 215/357-1541 (PA)

560SL Wheels. Four newly refurbished 560SL wheels with Falken 205/65R15 tires and 100 miles wear. $800 for the 4. Shipping not included. Paul Levine, 434/466-6767 (ME)

How to Submit Trading Post Ads

To submit a Trading Post Ad, upload your ad, with a good quality image if desired, at:

Covercraft Weather Shield HP Car Cover Mercedes S-class 2000-2006. Cover was purchased in September 2022 and probably on the my 2006 S65 for a total of 45-60 days. It is in excellent condition and will fit any S-class W220 car from 2000 to 2006. Asking $260. Kevin Cowherd, 615/967-5099 (TN)

19” Multi-spoke wheels (4) W221. Wheels and tires from my 2007 S600. Tires should be replaced. More pictures available. They are in the Detroit, MI area. Local delivery can be arranged, otherwise buyer arranges shipping. Best offer to Members Only. Jim Schuster, 248/353-3327 (MI)

To appear in the November/ December 2023 issue of The Star, ads must be active on the website at the end of the day September 15, 2023. Submitted ads are posted immediately. A club member may post one Mercedes-Benz related ad of up to 250 characters (approximately 35 words) and one photo on the website free of charge, space permitting. Members are charged for additional words and pictures. The online ad may be edited or removed by the member.

All ads are automatically removed after 60 days online unless renewed. Only ads for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, parts, literature, and related services are accepted.

OM603 Engine 300D Turbo Diesel. Complete engine or will sell as individual parts. used from 1984 through 1999. The 603 saw use in the W124, W126 and W140 models. Engine from a 1987 W124 car. Please call for further info. Thomas Culp, 215/3574264 (PA)

123, 126 & a few 107 Parts for Sale 1981-1985 Diesel. Barn full of DIESEL parts for: 1977-85 (123 & 126; 1974-1986 (107). 35 years’ experience with these cars and parts. Happy to respond with answers & advice. William “Chip” Johnson, 860/402-0232 (VA)


1988 107 Parts For Sale. 1.107 O.E. Third Brake Light-New

2. Wheelskin Steering Wheel Cover-New 3. 107 German Canvas Convertible-New 4. 107 All Weather Convertible Custom Top-New 5. 107 Custom Dash Cover-New. Thornell Page, 202/258-2532

Memorabilia, collectible items. For those onto rare and collectible items a very special item: the Recaro sofa pillow in the iconic orange spectrum fabric. Brand new and Euro sized bur aprox. 19”/19”. The back and sides are made of a very soft velvet in a dark grey color -$149.99. 718/414-4409 (CO)


2006 C-350 parts. Complete spare tire set 125/90/R16 – lug nuts, glove and holder. Never used!!! Tan rear headrest. Owner’s manual and Haynes repair manual. $150.00 OBO plus shipping. Located in Las Vegas NV for pickup. Charles, 610/984-4520 (NV)

Non-members or commercial enterprises may post text ads for Mercedes-Benz related vehicles, parts, goods, and services on the club website. Ads up to 300 characters $30 per issue with 60 days on the website. Fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Please submit all Commercial Corner ads to Nicole@ or call 800.637.2360.

The terms of sale, payment, shipping, and other affairs related to Trading Post ads are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller. However, if issues arise, write to:

MBCA and the Editor of The Star reserve the right to edit or remove any advertisement without recourse, justification, refund, or compensation.

Club members without internet access may submit ads by mail to:

MBCA National Business Office 1907 Lelaray Street Colorado Springs, CO 80909-2872

Please follow correct ad format when submitting ads by mail. Ad must be typed or clearly printed, and include name, address, phone and credit card information or check. Always include member number. Photographs submitted by mail will not be returned. Trading Post ads automatically expire after 60 days unless promptly renewed.

No inference should be made that the goods and services advertised herein have the endorsement of Daimler AG, MBUSA, or MBCA.

190SL Scale Model Car, Maisto, & Mercedes Picture frame 4”X4”. 190SL Model Car Steers, 1/18 scale doors, trunk. hood open/close working suspension $35. Picture frame desktop-Mercedes 4”X4”. $17 Both Excellent. Stanley Gold, 386/931-3998 (FL)
91 THE STAR SO 2023


Mercedes-Benz original Wood cuts. Six wood cuts by Mercedes-Benz in special cardboard folder. All in perfect condition. Folder shows wear and stains.Six different cars. $150.00, you pay shipping from CA More pics available. Mary Nohr, 805/688.7192 (CA)


NOS thick plush 100% cotton large Mercedes-Benz beach towel. New old stock towel sold exclusively MB dealerships. 33” X 56”. Made USA. Gray with blue borders & Mercedes-Benz letters & Star one side; colors reversed other side. Great wall display (vertically) in den or garage. $150 shipped free CONUS. David Pienkowski, 702/984-9492 (KT)


Mercedes-Benz Shop Closing. All left over assorted manuals, parts and tools are for sale. Owners manuals, Service manuals and Assorted parts for most models from 1960-1990. Mostly used, some new. call with needs. Jeffrey, 410/526-4495 (MD)

1990-2002 SL hardtop. Free: non-panoramic hardtop. Near perfect silver exterior, needs headliner replaced. Glass is in excellent condition. Hardtop stand not included. Shipping will be from St. Charles, Missouri, 63303. Mike Dierker, 636/634-6904 (MO)

Forged Gullideckel Style Wheels. Set of four (4) professionally restored forged wheels (#124 400 1802) from a 1988 300E that will fit most W124 models from 1986 to 1995 except for the 400 and 500 series cars. Dimensions are 6.5J x 15H2, ET 49. Beautifully powder- and clear-coated. Joe Caruso, 952/486-3589 (MN)


Mercedes literature/books for sale. Sales literature from 1970 to 2022. Most all models. Send me an email (no text) for a complete list with special prices for MBCA members, before I list on eBay. I joined the club in 1967 and have tons of literature to place in good hands. Bill Burkhardt, 913/648-183 (KS)


Mercedes-Benz 3D novelty plate & genuine leather wallet. Frank Roberts, 786/535-5624 (CO)

190sl parts available. After restoring my 1956 190sl to a concours level, I have numerous new or excellent condition used parts. Prices negotiable. I have more parts than the photo including 4 matching 1958 300 SL rims in excellent condition. Whit Stark, 817/404-9495 (TX)

1958 Mercedes - 220S Sedan Parts. 1958 Mercedes 220S Sedan miscellaneous parts including chrome trim, lights, wood window trim, dashboard, engine parts, hub caps and rims, radios, seats, grill, heater box, radiator, glass windows etc. Would consider selling complete collection. Kerry Lane, 802/236-9004 (VT)


E60 AMG Wanted. Looking for a silver 1994 E60 AMG that was for sale in 2020 at Russo & Steele Auction in Scottsdale AZ This vehicle did not sell. From the photo I see online it appears to be owned nt a member of the MBCA as I see the decal on windshield. John Liapes, 847/610-0070 (IN)


Mercedes Wanted. 1986-1989 Mercedes 300 Grey Market SL wanted. Any condition. Jerry Ciardello, 603/894-4464 (NH)

1984 280SE red/red. 200,000 miles. Sedan. Completely European car. All components, engine, transmission etc in excellent condition except for the chassis. Rust made it, despite repairs, unsafe to drive. Asking $4000 obo. Eduard Talens, 214/908-0572 (TX)

For Sale. Stellar Reputation known world wide, established profitable Mercedes-Benz restoration facility / sales center, business for sale. Fully staffed. Ongoing book of business. Location Palm Beach, Florida. Call for further details. Ross Kuflik, 631/532-9189 (FL)

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1982 300 SD. Sedan. Ross Harrell, 404/769-1444 (GA) Classic Mercedes-Benz Restoration/Sales Center Business
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The MBCAEF supports automotive education, defensive driving programs for young people, and Mercedes-Benz technical documentation


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