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TOOLKIT A meal prep kit designed to provide your customers with a curated cooking experience in the comfort of their home.

We understand that this pandemic has caused havoc on the food service industry. and to combat that, Sysco has thoughtfully put together the following recommendations and resources to help you set up your Kitchen-2-Kitchen experience. We always encourage you to put the safety and comfort of your guests and employees first. This solution was created to help operators bring their kitchen to their customers’ homes. This is a unique curated culinary experience, you can bundle up menus featuring a few favorite recipes, wine tastings, or cocktail classes, package the ingredients, insert a recipe card, and a possible link to a video to cook along with them. Get started with your own Kitchen-2-Kitchen experience - create your own curated culinary experience for your customers.

Please review federal, state and local regulations to ensure your compliance w ith the law . For safety and sanitation, stay up to date and check the latest information on Consult your legal advisors regarding any risks associated with starting a new venture or implementing any recommendations.




Consider what menu items to feature Safety and sanitation is still required Capabilities to record or live-stream Plan sufficient staffing and efficient workflow


Takeout Containers Safety and Sanitation Social Distancing


Reservation system for sessions Online Ordering


Marketing & Recipe Cards Spread The Word Marketing Kits Service Partners



1 REVIEW & SELECT your signature dishes to feature. 2 DETERMINE INGREDIENTS you will provide and highlight the additional pantry staples the customers will need to supply.

3 ASSESS NEEDS around packaging and technology. 4 UTILIZE SYSCO MARKETING CONCIERGE to help with your recipe cards, social media / marketing, video hosting / recording suggestions.

5 COMMUNICATE to your customers.



For restaurant owners, the question of how to increase traffic in today's environment is a big one. In addition to offering dine-in service, curbside and take out, extending your footprint is critical today given current restrictions on capacity. A great option is to consider expanding the reach of your kitchen with a chef-lead recorded or live video experience for your customers. With some preparation and flexibility it’s possible to create a unique experience that diners will enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Consider what items you could feature. Deciding what items to promote for your Kitchen-2-Kitchen program will depend on a variety of factors. We recommend referencing the 4P’s of Menu Engineering as your first step:

PROFITABILITY • Review current item costs and make pricing adjustments based on current market conditions. • Identify areas where you can switch out ingredients to enhance profitability without compromising quality.

POPULARITY • Feature your signature items – what are you famous for? • Review past history or competitive analysis for key offerings.

PREPARATION • Select items that require limited preparation and assembly. • Cross-train your kitchen staff for maximum efficiency. • Review and reduce your inventory to minimize stand-alone items and excess stock.

PORTABILITY • Ensure your items package and travel well – maintaining their quality and freshness. • Invest in the proper carryout containers to maintain temperature and presentation to most closely mirror dine-in experience.

TIP: Package your spice blends and prepared sauces and provide in the kit so you do not need to share your secret recipes!


Safety and sanitation is still required. While COVID-19 is still a threat, here are some ways you can keep your customers safe while they are picking up their orders: • Provide your staff with PPE supplies. • Stock up on Sysco supplies to keep your space clean and staff protected.

• Require guests to wear their masks while walking around the restaurant.


Pre-Recorded (On-Demand) or Live-Stream If you choose to include a video demonstration, here are two recommend options, depending on your available time and resources: On-Demand Pre-recording sessions allows you to capitalize on a one-time session and then leverage it repeatedly as you have additional customers interested in Kitchen2Kitchen meal kits. This allows for you to script and record at your convenience, ensuring you provide a consistent and error-free experience. Live-Stream Offering a live-stream experience for your customers, via a platform like Zoom or Google Meet, requires the ability to package large offerings at one time for your customers and have an engaging / private environment for the chef to host the class. The bonus to this type of setup is the true engagement with your audience and the ability for them to ask questions about the products and techniques. TIP: Modern smartphones have excellent video capabilities – don’t feel like you need to purchase a full recording kit to make this idea a reality! If you purchase anything extra, consider a microphone with foam or furry cover to reduce noise interference and produce a high-quality experience.



There are a variety of choices online whether you choose to do a live or on-demand demo for your cooking course. No matter which option you choose, make sure you password protect your session or make your recordings private so you maintain an stream only for those who have paid for the experience. Here are few options for 3rd party ​video systems:​


TIP: Consider posting mini live-streams and IG stories to promote your “paid” Kitchen-2-Kitchen sessions.


Plan sufficient staffing and efficient workflow. If you plan on doing a live-stream demo for your customers, you need to have items on hand and the ability to prep everything as you would a catering order. All ingredients will need to be packaged and ready for pick up the same day to maintain quality. This bulk pick up process may require additional staff to prepare and manage on the day of your event. If you choose to create a recorded video, these orders will still need lead time to prepare, but will not be a large of a strain on your staff all in one day. Your staff, operational flow, and technology depend on the decisions you make for the video demonstration and are a key to your success. Here are several considerations:

Workload distribution Determine how you will assign your staff, preparing batch recipes and packing ingredients for pick up.

Kit ordering Determine the ordering options best suited for your operation and customers – on-site QR codes for online viewing / ordering, or a call-in line for placing orders.

Wait times Consider implementing a reservation window for customers to join into a live session, or ensure you have an expected lead-time on kits ordered for an on-demand recorded experience.

Pick-up or delivery Pick-up will likely be the easiest process to manage by setting a specific time for kits to be picked up. Creating an ordering option on your Uber Eats or other third-party delivery platform could also allow for delivery of ingredients to your customers, however this will incur some additional overhead costs.



Your Kitchen-2-Kitchen program, if marketed correctly, will be a hot commodity as guests still often feel safer eating in their homes. With limited capacity permitted based on the availability of your kits, you may need to utilize a 3rd party reservation system or implement your own reservation process to coordinate.​

Here are few options for 3rd party reservation systems:​



Creating pre-portioned kits of raw ingredients requires the right products and equipment. To help you do this, we have assembled some of our products to make the transport of your ingredients a clean and seamless experience.

Ask your Sales Consultant for assistance with any of the products on the following pages.



Container Paper #3 Takeout Kraft

2 / 65 Count

Container Plastic 3 Compartment Hinged 9"x9" White MFPP

1 / 120 Count

Container Plastic 3 Compartment Hinged 8"x8" White MFPP

2 / 100 Count

Container Plastic Deli Translucent with Lid

Container Foam Hinged 3 Compartment Double Tab

Kit Cutlery Heavy Knife, Fork, Spoon, Salt & Pepper, Napkin

240 / 16 OZ

150 / 8x8x3

250 Count

Label Roll 1"x3" Tamper Protect It Permanent Blue

Carton Carry Barn Sysco Trendz 5#

10 / 500 Count

Carton Carry Snack 7" X 4.5" X 2.75"

2 / 250 Count

3 / 50 Count

Container Paper 12oz w/ Paper Lid

1 / 250 Count

Paper Cups Cold

24 / 50 Count

Brown Paper Bag w/ Handle 60#

1 / 250 Count


Container Foam Hinged 3 Compartment Double Tab

150 / 9x9x3

Container Plastic Clear Hinged 8"

2 / 100 Count

Cutlery Kit Caterwrap Natural

1 / 100 Count

Plastic Diecut Bag Square Bottom

1 / 200 Count


The health and safety of your guests should be your number one priority. To help you with that, we have put together some fundamental products you may want to consider. These include masks, gloves, sanitizer and more. Your restaurant should have a large stockpile of protective equipment in order to supply every worker with an adequate amount.


Soap Hand Antibacterial Foam Advanced

Bleach Liquid Disinfectant Cleaner

Cleaner Floor Sanitizing Wash n Walk

4 / 750 ML

4 / 32 OZ

1 / 2.5 Gal

Sanitizer Hand Foam Ready to Use

Towelette Moist with Alcohol

Thermometer Infrared Forehead Non-Contact IR

4 / 750 ML

1000 Count

1 Each

Mask Face 3 Ply Disposable

50 Count

Dispenser Hand Sanitizer Pedal Activated

1 Each

Sanitizer Hand with Aloe 77% Alc.

Sanitizer Hand Liquid 80% Alc.

12 / 25 FL OZ

6 / 0.5 Gal


For the unforeseen future, we will need to continue to exercise social distancing of at least 6’ between us in all environments. Most restaurants are operating at or below 50% to maintain the required social distancing requirements. Be sure to check your local guidelines, depending on where you are located there may be different restrictions. As a general rule, continue to check local and national guidelines to ensure you are aware of any new practices at all times.

In addition to masks and sanitation, there is also a second tier of equipment you may need to consider. Check out the products below.

Rosseto®Avant GuardSneeze Rosseto®Avant GuardSneeze Rosseto®Avant GuardSneeze uard with PasG s-T hrough Guard AcG rylic Guard withAPvant ass-TG hrough Doore Cal-Mil Free-StandingBarrier RG os seto® Avant uard Sneeze Rosseto® W indow A vant uard S neez e R os s eto® uard S neez Wtanding indow Barrier G with as s-T Ross euard to®A vantP G ua rdhrough Sneeze Rosseto®G Cal-Milwith Free-S Rosseto® Avant Guarde A va nt G ua rd S ne e z e R os s e to® A va nt G ua rd S ne e z e uard A c rylic G uard with P as s -T hrough D oor Guardwith P ass-T”hrough W indow xGuard 15½ 48” xA28” 48’’ 40’’ x31¾ ” x4”Barrier il40” Fre e-S ta with Wnding indow Gua rdAvant crylic GRosseto® uardwithAvant Pasx sGuarde -T hrough Door Cal-M Sneeze Rosseto® Guarde Sneeze Cal-Mil Free-Standing Rosseto® A24” va nt G uardwith Sneeze Rosseto® W indow A va nt G ua rd S ne e z e R os s e to® A va nt G ua rd S ne e z e with W indow Window GuaPass-Through rdwith Paxss -T hrough Guard with Pass-Through Door with Window Sneeze Guard 24” 15½ ” 48” 28”Acrylic xhrough 40’’ D 40” xta 31¾ ” xB 4”arrier Fre e-S nding Gua48” rd A cx28” rylic Gua rdwithP a48’’ ssx -T oor Cal-MilBarrier $86.35 $213.48 $336.23 $160.37 24” x 15½ ” x 48’’ 40’’ 40” x 31¾ ” x 4” W indow with W indow 40" x 31.75" x 24" x 15.5" 48" x011 28" 48" G LR$86.35 -A G002 GLR -AG GL R -AxG40" 020 CAL-2213731 $213.48 $336.23 $160.37 24”$86.35 x15½” 48” x28” 48’’ x40’’ 40” x$160.37 31¾ 4"” x4” $213.48 $336.23 G L R -A G 002 G L R -A G 011 G L R -A G 020 C A L -2213731 GLR-AG002 GLR-AG011 GLR-AG020 CAL-2213731 $86.35 GLR-AG002

Cal-Mil®Westport Social

Dil® isil® tanc ing Sign Ca W es tport Soc iaial l Cl-M al-M W es tport Soc Cal-Mil Wesport Social D is ta nc ing S ign xing 22” D17½ is tanc S Cal-Mil® W es”tport Sign ocial Distancing Sign 17½ ” x22” Dista nc ing S ign 17½ ” x22" 22” 17.5"x $216.21 17½ ” x22” $216.21 CAL -851SD C AL$216.21 -851SD $216.21 CAL-851SD CAL-851SD

$213.48 GLR-AG011

AmericanMetalcraft Protective

$336.23 GLR-AG020

AmericanMetalcraft Black

B Line H Grotective uard arrier Paos and Bra asraft eS tem AA mm earrier ric anM eta lcinged raraft ft Prote ctive BA m eric ntM eta lc ft Bys lalac ckk erican M etalc P A m erican M etalc B American Metalcraft Black American Metalcraft Protective B a rrie r L ine H inge d G ua rd B a rrie r P os t a nd B a s e S ys te m 28” Rte etractable BBarrier arrier ine H inged Gctive uard AB arrier Pos and BftasB eSystem Sys Americ anMeL ta lc ra ft Prote m eric84” aPost n M ta lcBase ra la cktem Barrier and Line Hinged Guard 28” 84” R e tra cta ble Barrier LineHinge dGuard Barrier Pos t aR nd BaseSystem 28” 84” etractable 28" 84" $251.31 $158.59 28” 84” R e tra cta $251.31 $158.59ble Retractable AM M-AG34 AM M -RSBPBL $251.31 $158.59 A MM-AG34 AM M -RSBPBL $251.31 $158.59 AMM-AG34 AMM-RSBPBL AMM-AG34 AMM-RSBPBL

Indoor Wall/Floor Decal aall/ ll/ F Deecal cal with nkY Indoor W ll/F loor S ll S #20 per S ia ncing Indoor Social Distancing Indoor Wall/Floor Small IndoorW W Floor loor withT Tha hank You ou Indoor Indoor Waall/F loorwith withwith Sm maall Shoe hoe Indoor Indoor #20P Paaper Soc oc iall D Dis ista tanc ing Thank YouDfor Practicing for P ra ctic ing S oc ia l D is ta nc ing T eext P rints F loor D e c a l W a ll P os te r Wall Poster 20# Paper Shoe Prints Floor Decal for P ractic ing S oc ial D is tanc ing T xt Social Distancing Text P rints F loor D ecal W all P os ter Indoor W a ll/ F loor D e c a l with T ha nk Y ou Indoor W a ll/F loor with S m a ll S hoe Indoor #20 P a pe r S oc ia l D is ta nc ing Wall/ Floor Decal withThankYou Indoor #20Paper Social Distancing Indoor W all/F loor with Small Shoe Indoor13”x18” 13” x 18” •Case C a ••lC eis of 4 17” for Practicing Socia Da iss ta nc ing Text Prints Floor D esce lof W11”x a ll P te rter 13"x18" 11" xP 17" 13"x18" Case of for P13”x18” ractic ing Soc ial De tanc Text P F•loor D W allos os 13” xrints 18” C as eaofecal of444 C as of 44ing 11”x 17”

13” x18”$57.15 • Caseof 4 13” x$57.15 18” • Caseof 4 RCI-F$57.15 DR10advnlID RCI-FDR 10advnlID $57.15 RCI-FDR10a dvnlID

13”x18”$62.40 • Caseof 4 13”x18” • Caseof 4 $62.40 RCI-F$62.40 DW11advnlID RCI-FDW 11advnlID RCI-FDW$62.40 11advnlID

11”x 17” $8.93 11”x 17” $8.93 RCI-S$8.93 DB1enc1117 RCI-SDB 1enc 1117 $8.93 RCI-SDB1e nc1117


*Pricing and product availability are subject to change at any time.

$160.37 CAL-2213731

Wall/Floor Indoor Social

Disloor tanc ing Decal W all/F Indoor SS oc iaial l W all/F loor Indoor oc Wall/Floor Indoor Social D is ta nc ing D e c a l 13” xtanc 18” •ing Cas eSecal ofia 4l D is D Distancing Decal Wall/F loor Indoor oc 13” xnc 18” • CD as eca ofl 4 D is ta ing e 13"x18" Case 13” x18” • Casofe4of 4 $62.40 13” x18”$62.40 • Caseof 4 RCI-FD$62.40 N1advnlID RCI-F DN1advnlID $62.40 RCI-FDN1advnlID RCI-FDN1advnlID

B on he H althPartitions P rtitions Bon Chef B onC C heff Health Heealth Paartitions R e s ta ura nt T a ble P a rtition Restaurant Table Partitions R es taurant able artition Bon C he fhef HeH aT lth PaP rtitions B on C ealth Prtition artitions 18” x 48” x 60” ReR sta ura nt T a ble P a 18'xx48” 48' 60' 18” xx60” estaurant Table Partition 18” x$735.76 48” x60” 18”$735.76 x48” x60” BO N-90200BC $735.76 B O N$735.76 -90200B C BON-90200B C 13 BON-90200BC

Now that you have thought through your cooking class experience, it's time to spread the word. Sysco Marketing Concierge offers strategies and customized marketing pieces designed to help you communicate your message.

Menu Strategize your menu to feature those items your establishment is known for and with higher profit margins and shorter prep times. Consider featuring small bite items, appetizer, entree, dessert, and specialty drinks to give participants a full meal. Review the 4Ps of menu engineering to boost your profitability!

Spread the Word Many guests are excited to learn something new, and to support their favorite place any way they can. To get the word out, post photos on your social media channels of a previous classes and the menus for upcoming classes. Don’t forget to update your google/yelp business listing, as well as Open Table gallery, to showcase to your customers the new experience they can expect. ➢ Communicate frequently. ➢ Update with operational changes or safety standards you have implemented. ➢ Provide information how customers can sign up ➢ Share your class menu. ➢ Market promotions you may be offering. Such as, “Attend our Kitchen-2-Kitchen session and get a free appetizer on your next visit!”

Recipe Cards Provide recipe cards to each participant in your Kitchen-2-Kitchen session, featuring plated images of menu items, restaurant information, and a QR code to link to the video experience.

Sysco Marketing Services is here to help you design your promotional pieces and recipe cards. Contact us at 1-800-380-6348 or



Talk to your customers. During this time, it’s important to communicate and engage with your customers where they are – and the majority of your customers are online. We realize this pandemic is making everything incredibly challenging, and Sysco is here to support you in every way possible. We have put together some core fundamentals to help you engage with your customers online, boost awareness on your offerings and keep your business going strong during this unprecedented time.

Your website, email, and social media can help you to: • Be responsive and virtually interact with new and existing customers in a personal and transparent way. • Answer customer inquiries about your business operations and support. • Stay connected with your employees by sending them updates. • Get guests to feel safe with your services and comfortable with their experience. • Share photos, promotions and updates about your business and services. • Make sure you’re top-of-mind when your customers are looking for dining options. • Share your services and availability.

Promote Your Services

Share Your Commitment

Drive Traffic

FROM OUR KITCHEN TO YOURS! Check out our new interactive online cooking classes. Ingredients provided! Sign up today!

FROM OUR KITCHEN TO YOURS! Check out our new interactive online cooking classes. Ingredients provided! Sign up today!




Let your customers know that their health and safety is your top priority by communicating via these marketing essentials. Sysco Marketing Concierge is here to help you customize these pieces for your establishment, providing you with print-ready PDF files for you to print locally.

Contact us at 1-800-380-6348 or 11x17 Sign

8.5x11 Sign 4x6 Table Card

11x17 Sign 11x17 Sign

8.5x11 Sign



Let your customers know that you are following recommended safety and social distancing guidelines by communicating via these marketing essentials. Sysco Marketing Concierge is here to help you customize these pieces for your establishment, providing you with print-ready PDF files for you to print locally.

Contact us at 1-800-380-6348 or

11x17 Posters

Floor Decals



The Sysco iCare program is what makes the difference between good customer relationships and great ones! The iCare program is designed to make you more efficient, increase your profits, and make it easier for you to manage your operations. We help you drive business in the front and back of house with our holistic collection of offerings, encompassing our specialized services, restaurant technology, tools, partnerships, and personalized consultation. We have partnered with best-in-class companies to make sure you have the right tools to optimize your business and increase traffic.



ORDEREZE is a restaurant-specific online marketing/ online presence solution where everything from your website and your social media, to your online ordering and more is managed from one dashboard with one company. We provide restaurants with the ability to seamlessly engage with, promote to, and provide exceptional products and services to their customers.

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FOODSERVICE TRAINING PORTAL is a leader in the field of e-Learning and hospitality talent training solutions. Our company provides online education tools and assists clients in effectively achieving your training goals.

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Need help with Kitchen-2-Kitchen? Contact your Sales Consultant or Sysco Marketing Concierge at 1-800-380-6348 or


Please review federal, state and local regulations to ensure your compliance w ith the law. For safety and sanitation, stay up to date and check the latest information on Consult your legal advisors regarding any risks associated wKITCHEN ith starting a new venture or im plementing any recommendations. TO KITCHEN FOODIE SOLUTION

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