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WELCOM Mentone Grammar is fortunate to have a very high demand for enrolments into the future. As you can imagine, this is a good situation for our School and a clear indication that the School is doing great things.

Mentone Grammar is the benchmark for outstanding coeducation in bayside Melbourne. Our learning program is built around developing happy, healthy and high achieving young people from our Early Learning Centre to Year 12. It is our goal to deliver a well-rounded experience that encourages resilience, confidence and creativity to prepare young people for an ever-changing world.

We are renowned for our successful learning model of Together-Apart-Together, where girls and boys in the middle Years (Years 5-9) learn within a coeducational environment in gender-specific classes. In Early Learning classes through to Year 4 and in Years 10-12, students learn in a fully coeducational environment.

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We really appreciate that people are so interested in our School and, if you are aware of anyone who wishes to be on our future waiting lists, we would appreciate you reminding them that it is critically important to visit our website: to register and pay the non-refundable registration fee per child, online.


We encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place in the preferred year of entry. Places at Mentone Grammar are offered according to waiting list priorities, in order of the date of application and at the Principal’s discretion.

2. OPEN DAY OPEN DAY Saturday 14 August,

On Saturday 13 March 2021, we welcomed almost 1000 prospective students and their parents to our first Open Day of 2021. It was wonderful to connect with our visitors and invite them to learn more about our School. The best way to get to know Mentone Grammar is to visit our vibrant campus. We offer three different ways for you to tour our School and meet our Community.

9.30am – all campuses SCHOOL TOURS Friday 14 May, 9.30am - Bayview Campus (YEARS 5-8) 2022 - 2025 SCHOOL TOURS Thursday 21 October, 9.30am – all campuses

9am -12 noon – all campuses

Should you wish to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: or +61 3 9581 3216. I would be delighted to answer any questions you have about our School and support you in making the right decision for your family. I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Community. PERNILLA EKLUND ALLAN REGISTRAR

All School Tour and Open Day attendees must pre-register online enrol/book-a-school-tour (walk-in registrations are not permitted at this time) 3. PRIVATE TOUR If you would like to arrange a Private Tour, please contact the Enrolments Team on: + 61 3 9584 4211 or email:

01 There is nothing quite like being 01 back at School with friends.



Registrar, Pernilla Eklund Allan, invites all families to book a place at our next Open Day.


FROM THE PRINCIPAL Our theme at Founders’ Day this year was, Why I love Mentone Grammar and, in the video produced, we saw some great storytelling from current and former students, parents and staff, all sharing their passion for this amazing place. The concept of ‘love’ implies a relationship exists and we know that for so many people and an increasing number into the future, there is a deep and abiding relationship based on the incredible experiences one has had or is anticipating having as a result of being part of this School. In some professional research, conducted recently, we discovered that our brand is incredibly strong in this region, underpinned by the culture of offering a Happy, Healthy, High Achieving environment for our community members. Even through the lockdowns of 2020, the School demonstrated an ability to outreach to our community in a highly effective manner. As a result of our strong brand and because we deliver a well-balanced, broad-based program we are currently experiencing enrolment interest at a level we have never experienced before. It is nice to know that the ‘brand audit’ affirms the fine work our staff and students undertake on a daily basis. A great deal of strategic planning is currently underway to ensure that our wonderful village continues to deliver programs, resources and people who affirm this positive culture and build on it. In our Founders’ Day video, I explained that my passion for this place comes from the fact that as a tiny little Year 6 student all those years ago, this School changed my life. At a time where I wasn’t doing all the right things some strong mentors came


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

into my life and, alongside programs such as Sport and Cadets, I had the opportunity to create a pathway in life that enables me to lead a meaningful, highly fulfilled existence. I also acknowledge the role my parents played in nurturing me at that time. It is my hope that the School provides opportunities and pathways for all of our students so that they too can lead rewarding lives. Our ‘village’ concept is a powerful one and one that has been highly successful for many years. You come into the village each day, a lot is offered within the village and, together, the members of the village raise good children. As we have grown so too has the village and its offerings. As we continue to grow so too will the offerings. One of the reasons we know people love Mentone Grammar is the fact that the village provides so much for so many. I hope you enjoy reading about other aspects of this ‘love’ in this edition of the Mentor.


FROM THE CHAIR During last year’s lockdown, I did a lot of reading. One of the most interesting books I read was by George Megalogenis titled, The Football Solution, (How Richmond’s Premiership can save Australia). Megalogenis is a respected political columnist and author; he is also a lifelong, diehard Richmond supporter. I was motivated to read his book after listening to a long-form interview with Richmond CEO Brendan Gale in which he reflected on Richmond’s journey to success over the past decade. Neither the Gale interview nor the Megalogenis book were really about football. Both could have been on the prescribed reading list for any MBA course. Although based on the Richmond Football Club they are really a case study in running a successful business. The key elements in Richmond’s success included establishing a healthy culture based on: an agreed set of core values, developing a strategic plan, assembling the resources necessary, recruiting the right people to achieve it, then monitoring progress and ensuring good governance made quite clear to all involved, their exact role. While a school may not have traditionally been thought of as a business, at one level it is. The ‘product’ Mentone Grammar strives to produce is happy, healthy, high achieving young people. All of the elements outlined above are no different whether the business is a large mining company, a football club or a school. I can confidently say that all of those elements are present at Mentone Grammar School at present. That is not to say that they are perfect. We must never be complacent and always look for ways to improve what we do; however, we are definitely on the right track. The role of the School Board of Directors is to ensure that through: good governance, the setting of a clear strategic direction, the efficient use of resources, and constantly monitoring performance, we continue to be that ‘village’ which produces happy, healthy and high achieving young people both now and into the future.

A NEW DIRECTOR As part of the ongoing process of Board succession and renewal, I am delighted to advise of the appointment of Ms Sally Buckley (2007) as a Director of the School. Ms Buckley was one of the first female students enrolled when the School became coeducational. She completed Year 12 in 2007. Ms Buckley was our first ever female Head Prefect and, as such, has played a strong role in our School’s evolution as a coeducational school. Ms Buckley is a Barrister by profession. We welcome her to the Board and look forward to her contribution to the good governance of the School. GEOFF RYAN AM CHAIR


B Com, B Ed, Grad Dip Curriculum, Dip Ed, FACE, FACEL, AAIM, MAICD Educational Consultant Mr Ross Joblin (DEPUTY CHAIR)

LLB (Hons), Dip CorpMgmt, FAICD, FCIS Company Executive Mr Simon Appel OAM PhC, FAIM, FAICD Pharmacist Rev. Kevin Pedersen B. Theol, B.Marketing, Dip Min Minister of Religion Mr Troy Riley BA (Politics/History) Company Director Ms Amanda Codila BA (Psych), MA (Psych) Human Resources Manager Ms Kylie Watson-Wheeler BA (Politics and English Literature), Grad Dip (Communications, Marketing and PR) Managing Director Mr Darren Murphy B Comm LLB (Hons) Lawyer Mr Chris Hewison MBA, Grad Dip Management, B Bus (Property) Executive Director Property & Chief Procurement Officer Ms Sally Buckley BA (Criminology/French), JD, GDLP Barrister Attendees Mr Malcolm Cater (PRINCIPAL)

B Bus (Acc), Dip Ed, MACE, MACEL, MLM Ed Ms Nicole Bradshaw (DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS)

B Bus (Acc), CPA, GAICD



In a hastily reimagined world, our VCE and VCAL students managed extraordinary outcomes in an extraordinary year! The Mentone Grammar Community has celebrated the graduating Class of 2020 for its incredible achievements, dedication and determination throughout the year. The students enduring resilience and support of one another are truly reflected in their impressive VCE results.


The Class of 2020 students has achieved very pleasing outcomes both in their academic performance and in all that they have brought to the School over the years. We are incredibly proud of the fine young people who have graduated as the Class of 2020. I commend the staff who worked with these students throughout their journey here at Mentone Grammar. MAL CATER PRINCIPAL

60% ATARs over 80 30% ATARs over 90 – Top 10% in Australia 13% ATARs over 95 – Top 5% in Australia


7 Study Scores of 50 Median Study Score 34 Dux - Akul Saigal (99.7) Mentone Grammar VCAL students also performed strongly, creating meaningful pathways for the future. The Class of 2020 achieved highly in (online) Public Speaking and Debating competitions, performed outstandingly in reimagined Drama, Dance and Music performances and willingly participated in Wellbeing mentor sessions, helping to guide younger students through their off-site learning experience.

Dux 2020, Akul Saigal, 01

accepting his many awards at a celebration assembly in March 2021. Akul has elected to study Engineering (Honours)/Commerce.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021


Students quickly adapted to 02 new performance platforms in 2020. Home studios became 03

places of inspiration for our 2020 Art students.

Prize-winning artwork by 04 Xavier Hogois 2020.

04 03 05

A rtissimo Music Award Callum Prior A rtissimo Dance Award

The Spirit of Mentone Grammar Award

Awarded to the Year 12 student who demonstrates ‘the spirit’ of what our School stands for.

Claudia Levey A rtissimo Drama Award Harrison Dart T he Good Samaritan Prize

Lachlan Howard

The Gibson-Roberts Memorial Prize

Awarded to the best all-round sportsman and sportswoman in Frogmore for 2020.

Annika Challice The Principal’s Award for Art Dhishni de Silva T he Mentonians Association Art & Design Acquisitive Prize Xavier Hogios Excellence in Applied Learning Awarded to the Year 12 student who has demonstrated ongoing commitment to vocational training, academic endeavour and personal growth within the VCAL program.

Jessica Dunkerley

Hannah Schmidt and Thomas Spencer

Acknowledgement of the 2020 Head Prefects Hannah Schmidt and Oskar Phillips The Simon Appel OAM Medal

In honour of Mr Simon Appel’s service as Chair of the Mentone Grammar Board, this award acknowledges leadership, scholarship and the broad engagement a student has had within the School. It also acknowledges the positive influence the student has had on our School Community.

Joshua Madden

01 Jessica Dunkerley enjoying her 01

final year of vocational training,




Debating Association of Victoria in recognition of the Top 5 Debaters in Victoria Winner: Akul Saigal (Year 12)


(Academic Excellence Awards are based on the ranking of student’s academic results across all classes as judged by their various subject teachers)

on Campus in 2020. Simon Appel OAM medallist, 02

T onkin Prize (English) Lauren Malby-Luke Ekanayake Prize (Mathematics)

Josh Madden, still managed a successful year of cocurricular achievements, despite remote learning.


Akul Saigal B eruldsen Prize (Physics) Oskar Phillips Dunk Family Prize (LOTE) Yani Ryan T oovey Family Award for Resilience Year 12 2020

Matilda Appel, Lily Bowles, James Bull, Ava Castle, Isabella Davies, Hao Fan, Tayla Fox, Cassidy Hardy, Xavier Hogios, Lachlan Howard, Nelson Jaden, Yukang Ji, Emily Kerr, Joshua Madden, Meg Magennis, Lauren Malby-Luke, Adam Marrow, Trent Meakins, Blake Rosenberg, Akul Saigal, Hannah Schmidt, Thomas Shepherd, Sarthak Singh, Thomas Spencer, Sam Tucker, Huiyuan Yin


The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership Awards recognise students in Years 10 and 12 who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the School and wider community and who display strong values such as ‘doing one’s best’, ‘respect for others’ and ‘mateship’, that are integral to Australian society.

Year 10 - Riley Barker

Year 12 - Tayla Langenfelds



An annual award made to the Year 12 member of the Mentone Grammar Army Cadet Unit who is judged by the Officer Commanding to be the highest performing cadet and who demonstrates the following qualities: Exceptional leadership of peers, including the ability to maintain an appropriate and professional distance when exerting authority, Diligence, conscientiousness and flexibility while managing responsibilities, Superb performance under the pressure of multiple demands during Unit activities, A caring and patient manner in all interactions with younger cadets and respectful, cooperative interactions with Officers of the Unit.

Jeremy Campbell


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021




VCE 2020

VCAL 2020

VCE students were extremely successful in their applications to a wide range of courses at university, TAFE and private providers. The varied academic and cocurricular programs engaged in by students over their Mentone Grammar education inspired them to undertake courses in a wide range of disciplines. Students are thinking more broadly and taking up opportunities in new and emerging industries, as they see the demand shifting in a socially and technologically changing world.

Students graduating with their Senior VCAL Certificate have all gone on to work and/or further study at TAFE. The program equipped students with the skills and resources to confidently embark on the next stage of their career. Some students started working full-time in the apprenticeships they had already begun as students, while others signed up to new apprenticeships or full-time work. Students are working in the Construction industry, in carpentry, plumbing and landscaping, as well as Early Childhood Education and IT. SHELLEY MUIR

CLASS OF 2020 DESTINATIONS Victorian Universities (85%) TAFE (7%) Employment (3%) Apprenticeships (2%) Independent Institutions (1.5%)


Interstate Study (1.5%)

CLASS OF 2020 VICTORIAN UNIVERSITY DESTINATIONS Monash University (25%) RMIT University (19%) University of Melbourne (14%) Deakin University (12%) Head Prefects 2020, Oskar and 01 Hannah, continued to lead and

Swinburne University (9%) TAFE (9%)

inspire others during a difficult

Australian Catholic University (5%)

final year.

Independent Institutions (3%)

The Ken Smith Perpetual Trophy 02 recipient Jeremy Campbell.


La Trobe University (2%) Victoria University (2%)

CLASS OF 2020 COURSE DESTINATIONS Management & Commerce (28.5%) Health & Health Sciences (17.5%) Natural & Physical Sciences (13%) Society & Culture (13%) Engineering & Related Studies (6%) Architecture and Building (5%) Education (4.5%) Information Technology (4.5%) Creative Arts (4%) Design (3%) Agricultural, Environment and Related Studies (1%)


LEADERSHIP 2021 Student leadership in 2021 began back in Term 4 2020 when our most senior leaders were selected and badged. The new School leaders were given the opportunity to begin their roles as they transitioned into their final year of study. Principal, Mal Cater, once again impressed upon them all that leadership is a privilege and an opportunity to serve others; to allow others to learn and grow. In keeping with the leadership changes instituted in 2020, the positions of House Captains and Cocurricular Captains are all shared roles. The School congratulates the following leaders: Appointment of Head Prefects 2021 – Livinia Stockdale and Harrison Huber

Morning tea with the Principal.

CITATIONS LIVINIA STOCKDALE In appointing you as one of the two Head Prefects of Mentone Grammar for 2021, I acknowledge the contribution you have made to the School over the years in Performing Arts, Sport, Academia, House leadership, Cadets, assisting at School Tours, speaking at a variety of Information Evenings and in numerous other settings. You have achieved high standards in all of these fields for which you are to be commended. You demonstrate the School Values to a high level. You are passionate about your School and I feel extremely confident that you will be a fine ambassador for it. I am delighted to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

HARRISON HUBER You have already displayed high level leadership in our classrooms, as a Cadet leader, in our Public Speaking and Debating program, in your House, in the Sport program and in a variety of other settings. You lead by example and it is my belief you will continue to do this to a very high level as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar. You display our School Values to a high standard. You recognise that we are a community of diverse individuals all of whom deserve acknowledgement for who they are, without judgement. I am delighted to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

I commend all students listed who applied for 2021 leadership positions. The fields for all positions were, once again, extremely strong which is an excellent indication of the depth of community commitment amongst the Year 12 cohort. I remind all of our students that you do not need to wear a badge to be a leader and, ever so often, those who make the biggest difference actually do not seek recognition.


HOUSE CAPTAINS ANDERSON Ella McNair and Angus Reark DEIGHTON William Frost and Ebony McCarthy DRINAN Thomas Lewis and Jenna Wale FINLAY ANDERSON Katie Goakes and Brayden Miller JONES Bethany Bratuskins and Nicholas Plevritis LIONEL LARGE Thomas Hughes and Sophie Porter WERE Benjamin Gerresheim and Zali Reynolds WHITE Lachlan Bourke and Sunday Hollingsworth

COCURRICULAR CAPTAINS ACADEMIC Caitlin Burke and Aidan Scott INTERNATIONAL Kai (Kevin) Yu and Saiyu (Serena) Zhang PERFORMING ARTS Samuel Dyer and Mikaela Cummins APPLIED LEARNING Will Garbelotto SOCIAL SERVICE Danielle Pedersen SPORTS Angus Newman and Cassandra Newman VISUAL ARTS Dylan Hinton and Isabella Terry WELLBEING Kate Jeoffreys and Monique Zakic


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

HEAD PREFECTS 2021 Livinia Stockdale and Harrison Huber.


L-R Back Row

Lachlan Bourke, Benjamin Gerresheim,

Thomas Hughes, Nicholas Plevritis, Thomas Lewis, Angus Reark, Brayden Miller, William Frost, Mr Jason Mann – Head of Frogmore.

L-R Front Row Sunday Hollingsworth, Zali Reynolds, Sophie Porter, Bethany Bratuskins, Jenna Wale, Ella McNair, Katie Goakes, Ebony McCarthy.


L-R Back Row Samuel Dyer, Dylan Hinton, Aidan Scott, Angus Newman, Kai (Kevin) Yu, Mr Jason Mann – Head of Frogmore.

L-R Front Row Isabella Terry, Mikaela Cummins, Kate Jeoffreys, Monique Zakic, Danielle Pedersen, Caitlin Burke, Cassandra Newman, Saiyu (Serena) Zhang. Absent: Will Garbelotto.

BAYVIEW CAPTAINS 2021 Congratulations to Bayview Captains 2021, Siobhan and Wilson, pictured with Head of Bayview, Mrs Terry Matthew.


YEARS 5 & 6 LEADERS Congratulations to the Semester 1 Leaders who will lead creative initiatives in the areas of: Sustainability, Sports, Arts and Wellbeing.

YEARS 7 & 8 LEADERS Congratulations to the chosen leaders for both House and Peer Support.

EBLANA CAPTAINS 2021 Year 4 students, Sienna and Fergus, have shown themselves to be enthusiastic Captains of the Eblana Campus so far this year.

EBLANA LEADERS 2021 Congratulations to the Year 4 leaders who will lead their Houses, the Eblana Singers, Eblana Strings, Sustainability initiatives and Arts in 2021.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021


LEADERSHIP 2021 Training and selection for the positions of Rank in the Mentone Grammar Army Cadet Unit has always been a highly regarded, arduous process, due to the privilege and popularity of becoming a Cadet Under Officer. Currently, the Senior Leaders are training and assessing over 100 Year 10 recruits who have expressed interest in pursuing leadership roles following a Term 1 bivouac to Puckapunyal. On 1 March, Year 10 students and cadet leaders completed a three-day training camp at the Puckapunyal Military Base. As we were unable to go on our annual camp last year, this was the first time that the Year 10 students could use the skills that they had learned during their training days, both on and offline. The Cadets were taught essential skills such as fire lighting, first aid, and cooking meals in the bush. Cadets also completed a navigation exercise, which saw them map and successfully navigate dense bushland of the military zone. On each of the nights, cadets either participated in a camouflage and concealment activity in the bush or a trivia night. The Cadets showed great development through the camp and are well positioned to have another great year. THOMAS RILEY YEAR 12 CADET UNDER OFFICER


FOUNDERS’ DAY 2021 On Thursday 1 March 1923, Mentone Grammar opened its doors to 56 boys at the Stawell Street site. Two days later, the official opening of Mentone Grammar School took place at its new location at 63 Venice Street Mentone.

On Thursday 4 March 2021, 98 years later, the School came together, after a COVID year apart, to celebrate the myriad reasons ‘Why We Love MG’. In the company of many special guests and the whole school population, students from across the four campuses delivered the following reflection:

WHY I LOVE MENTONE GRAMMAR Well, where do we start? Probably best to start at the beginning: The ELC. For those of us lucky enough to have started our Mentone Grammar journey there, who could forget the feeling of walking in, feeling really small and nervous, and finding the Kinder was full of lots of EXTRA mums, like Mrs Chislett and all her friends - and meeting Mr Morrish who was like a friendly giant! Every day was a new adventure, either real or imagined, as we unpacked the world’s biggest box of games, toys and Dress ups and shared a cubby that was as big as a house. It was the best start ever. Who would have known that you could learn so much, just playing and having fun? …and where the only things you had to remember was to wash your hands and NOT wet your pants. Who doesn’t love a place where you could have a little nap on a soft mat, if you were a bit sleepy? A question for Mr O’Neill: Could this be extended to the other campuses?


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021


… Then it was on to Eblana – with Mr Nolan’s crazy hats and dress ups to Mrs Richards' kind and caring ways. A place where all the teachers were just as nice, like in the ELC, but younger. A new world in a new building with exciting, memorable days like The Giant Book Parade, Harmony Day, The Big Sport Day at Keysey, Wakakirri, The Eblana Singers and excursions to farms, the city and Yesterday World and a sleep on the bus on the way home.

No one ever forgets their Prep teacher – and we had the best. Mrs Binge, Ms Hayes, Mrs Walker,Ms Savage, Ms Smith, … the list goes on… Eblana gave us the confidence to make and share new friends and to love challenges like reading, writing, numbers and learning a new language. And… Eblana was where we first discovered Shoreham! The. Best. Place. Ever. Who could forget the fun of playing Trenches, burying ourselves in smelly seaweed, the Passion speeches, ‘the awkward parent visit’, scary night games and, of course, Chef Greg’s fantastic meals after a big day on the beach. It was five fun years where friendships, new skills and a caring community set us up for the next four years – Bayview! Ah yes, Bayview, lovingly led by either Mr Lancaster, Ms Frizza, Mr Walton and, now, Mrs Matthew. Life got a bit more serious then. We had to get a passport! We learnt to become Leaders and we got excited about trips to Sovereign Hill, to Canberra and visiting Parliament House, flying to Uluru and jumping on Reg’s big purple bus and sleeping under the stars with our friends at Lilla - and then the big one: The Year 8 trip overseas! We learnt a lot about ourselves, our nation’s history, old and new and, most importantly, the best price for a pair of genie pants and knock off sunglasses.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021


Eblana students enjoying their I LOVE MG cookies on Founders’ Day. 01 Head Prefects Harrison and Livinia help youngest ELC students Vivienne 02 and Nicholas with the traditional cutting of the cake.


Back on Campus, we couldn’t wait to start AGSV summer and winter Sport, compete in Chess, Debating and Public Speaking, make the auditions for the Bayview stage productions and ensembles and being top dogs on ‘the other side of Lucerne Street’. Best friends and memories were made with great people who shared all these same passions. These teams, stage crews, orchestras and ensembles became our families. … But who couldn’t wait to get to Greenways? The promise of months away with your mates, doing death defying stunts off mountains, under water and on horseback! We learnt, the more we challenged ourselves, the more we learnt about ourselves. We loved the everyday random opportunities that made us extend ourselves, mentally, socially and physically. In Greenways, we all achieved, and we all changed. One week we’d be hanging out in the city, the next scuba diving in the bay, flying a plane or crutching sheep in far north Victoria.

On Campus, we learnt by exploring our passionate interests, becoming hipster baristas and becoming Army recruits in Cadets. The best times have been spent around campfires at Pucka, getting to know, and learning from, our Frogmore Cadet leaders. It was then we knew we were finally ready for Frogmore. From the outside, it looks like it’s all hard work and no play. Not the case. We still have a lot of fun. Mostly it’s through our House connections. House becomes super important by the time you get to Year 10. It’s your family and a big happy home. House events are awesome. They bring out the best in everyone and everyone has their time to shine. There are so many opportunities and good reasons to excel in Frogmore. Everything we do and support each other in, like Leadership, VCAL, Cadets, stage performances, the Arts, Sport, Debating and the many cocurricular events are an opportunity to add to our knowledge base, to grow as people, to develop new

passions and to have fun. But what we love most about our time in Frogmore, is the camaraderie that comes with sharing our common goals, the challenges and the good times. We could not do this without great friends and great teachers. That’s why, after all these years, we still love coming to School each day. If we learnt anything from last year, it was that we missed being connected with each other. When we are together MG is our ‘other’ home – a big noisy, diverse family’ - and we wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you to everyone here today for being a part of our crazy family and celebrating our 98th birthday. YOU are the reason we LOVE MG!


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY In 2021 the theme of International Women’s Day (IWD) was:

#ChooseToChallenge. Mentone Grammar marked this occasion to both acknowledge and celebrate 15 years of coeducation in the School and to hear from current Mentone Grammar Board member and inspiring business and community leader, Ms Kylie Watson-Wheeler.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

8 MARCH 2021

KYLIE SHARED THE FOLLOWING WORDS AT A SPECIAL ASSEMBLY: … International Women’s Day is a global day that celebrates the social, economic and cultural achievements of women. But it’s not just a day for women, but a day for everyone, as its purpose is to ensure all of us can play a role in society regardless of gender. This doesn’t just benefit women, but society as a whole. I am lucky to work for a Company that values effort, commitment and results over everything else. Sixtyfive per cent of our workforce in Australia is female, because the best person for the job, always gets the job. Consequently, we are one of the most successful Walt Disney Company markets in the World. Personally, I’ve always chased my passions. Outside of my family, I love footy and great movies. I’ve been continuously inspired by the impact the AFL and The Walt Disney Company both have on people, community and culture. This passion has driven me to continuously develop my career in both areas, even when I’ve come across hurdles. I’ve always chased my North Star. There’s a saying that goes, ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’ which means: if someone like you doesn’t currently do the job that you’re aspiring to do, then you may feel you can’t do it. But here’s the reality – someone has to go first. Julia Gillard was our first female Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern is the current New Zealand Prime Minister, and the US has just elected their first female Vice President, Kamala Harris, who has said, ‘While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last’. Four years ago, the AFL Women’s league, the AFLW, launched in Australia; 120 years after the men’s league.

Now one third of all people who participate in footy across all levels are women – that’s more than half a million girls. So many are now inspired to imagine a career in footy – but someone had to go first. On Monday at the Golden Globe awards, the Best Director Award was won by a woman for only the second time ever – the awards have been running for 78 years. Movies shape our culture; they need to reflect our world. It makes no sense that we’re only hearing half of the story. There’s now a focus in Hollywood to ensure all voices are heard and stories shared. Change is happening. So, what can we do to be a part of this change? Everyone can play a role in creating gender equality. Together we can challenge gender stereotypes and bias, maintain a gender-equal mindset and be brave enough to call out gendered actions or assumptions. I am proud to be the first female President of the Western Bulldogs AFL team, but I’m sure I won’t be the last. I hope every single one of you, regardless of your gender or gender designation feels empowered to chase your dreams no matter what they are, even if you’re the first. KYLIE WATSON-WHEELER



EARLY LEARNING CENTRE We have all eagerly awaited 2021, so life in the Early Learning Centre could begin to return to a (new) normal so we could personally interact with the children and families of the ELC, once again.



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

The children have shown remarkable resilience and a willingness to just get on with ‘life’ making new friends, trying new activities, questioning their thinking and finding answers with the support of their teachers and peers.

It was so delightful to greet all families as they made their way into the Centre at the beginning of February. Hands were sanitised and washed, sunscreen applied, lunches unpacked, snuggle toys placed in lockers, for a quick cuddle when needed. Staff had huge smiles on their faces being able to physically meet the new children in their class, introduce themselves to families and go about building safe, secure, and warm relationships with all. The children have shown remarkable resilience and a willingness to just get on with ‘life’ making new friends, trying new activities, questioning their thinking and finding answers with the support of their teachers and peers. Last year taught us all myriad things, but one of the most important lessons is to just appreciate the little things in life, the ability to see family and friends, to play unrestricted, to adopt new learning resources, like listening to stories digitally if the library is closed, to access amazing websites … who didn’t love watching the fairy penguins amble up the sand dunes from Phillip Island, or watch feeding time at the Zoo, or doing yoga at home or watching a mindfulness video?

This year, so much has been planned to offer the children new and varied experiences. We have discovered sea creatures, visited our local beach and look forward to going to our Shoreham camp. Once again, we look forward to a visit from the Wiggerly Worm Dance Company and the Drama Toolbox so the children can immerse themselves in the joy of drama and movement. Our long-awaited Nature Kindergarten program will begin in Term 2 at our Keysborough Playing Fields along with the Little Wood Workers, which teaches children how to construct a special item from wood using hammers and nails. Other highlights include visits to our local shops and spending time with indigenous elders. We certainly are looking forward to taking this journey with you. It will be an amazing one with twists and surprises that will culminate with our end of year ELC Pageant and Graduation. Onwards and upwards to all our students in obtaining their goals this year. LIBBY CHISLETT DIRECTOR OF THE MARY JONES EARLY LEARNING CENTRE

Our families have stated how much they missed the ELC Community, the connectedness they feel to staff, the School and the local environment. We have all learnt so much about ourselves. We rose to the challenge, explored new ways of teaching and learning, embraced TEAMS and Face Time, as all we needed a chat during 2020!



How lovely it has been to have children back at School and enjoying all that a school day brings. With a return to routines and enjoying experiences that were greatly missed over the last 12 months, our Campus is a happy, busy home once again. The enthusiasm for school life and celebration was especially evident on March 19 when ELC and Eblana students gathered to celebrate Harmony Day in a somewhat traditional fashion.



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

Eblana is a vibrant and multicultural campus and we believe cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

Harmony Day celebrates Australian multiculturalism and integration. Australia continues to grow as a multicultural country and here at Mentone Grammar we take pride in celebrating this along with inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic backgrounds.

Multicultural Australia is part of our national identity. All people who migrate to Australia bring with them some of their own cultural and religious traditions, as well as taking on many new traditions. Collectively, these traditions have enriched our nation and, closer to home, continue to enrich our School.

Eblana is a vibrant and multicultural campus and we believe cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths. It is at the heart of who we are and a big part of what makes our School a great place to be.

Students in Eblana thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to dress in support of Harmony Day, wearing orange, to represent Harmony. Orange signifies the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect and we wear orange to show our support for cultural diversity and inclusion. We are proud to be a school that has a true acceptance of diversity and we thank you all for what you bring to our School. Term 1 has been a very rewarding term. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and opportunities from classroom learning through to excursions to CERES, Healesville and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Our Year 4 leaders have completed a wonderful term of leadership from participating in Assemblies through to running effective House meetings. It has been wonderful to witness students initiating organised clean up rosters and playtime clinics, taking on board all the requirements of getting activities like this off the ground. Our students truly love their School and continue to find new ways to make it an amazing place to be. JESS RICHARDS HEAD OF EBLANA



In 1849 the French novelist, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, coined the well-known phrase, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. These words perfectly describe my experience of Bayview this term. While COVID has changed so much in the world, our Bayview staff and students have come back to school with a refreshed determination to celebrate what our School has (and has always had) to offer.



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

Our Bayview Team knows that no matter what changes happen in the world, one universal truth remains the same – when given the right guidance, young people can achieve more than we could ever imagine. I could almost touch the excitement in the air on the first day of school this year and this positive energy has permeated everything we have done this term in Bayview. From the moment the gates opened on 30 January this year, our staff and students worked at full pace. Students got to know their new classmates, completed their academic tasks, attended sports events, and took part in a range of cocurricular opportunities. Year 5s learned about voting at their Civic Activation Day and, along with the Year 6s, embraced crazy hair day to support the Leukemia Foundation. Year 6s went to the Melbourne Museum and attended their Ballarat Learning Journey. The Year 7s also visited the Melbourne Museum, attended their Shoreham Learning Journey and had a GameAware incursion. Finally, Year 8 students had leadership training, Medieval Day and also attended a GameAware incursion.

This year has been particularly exciting for me as it is my first year as the Head of Bayview. I have been at Mentone Grammar for 11 years and during this time I have been fortunate to teach English and English Language to students from Year 7 to Year 12. I was also honoured to be the Head of Were House for seven years and the Head of Year 7 for three years. After spending a year focusing on our School’s Wellbeing Program last year, I feel ready to apply my knowledge to support an environment for our staff and students that will allow them to thrive. I look forward to getting to know the parents, staff and students better and realise that I have a great deal still to learn. I am particularly grateful to be a member of a team that believes that, by providing our young people with security, direction, and encouragement they can become the very best versions of themselves. Our Bayview Team knows that no matter what changes happen in the world, one universal truth remains the same – when given the right guidance, young people can achieve more than we could ever imagine. The future looks bright in Bayview. TERRY MATTHEW HEAD OF BAYVIEW



Addressing the Greenways students for the first time earlier this year, there was a distinct feeling of excitement and anticipation for all that was to come, as we returned to a ‘new normal’ following the interruptions of 2020.



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

Commencing as the new Head of Greenways has undoubtedly meant for a busy start to the year. Working at Caulfield Grammar School for 16 years, I have held various roles in senior leadership, including Deputy Head of both Middle School and Senior School. I am particularly passionate about supporting student wellbeing to maximise social, emotional and academic development during adolescent years. In addition to my Head of Campus role, I enjoy my time in the classroom teaching Mathematics and VCE Physical Education. This year, I plan to continue to build on the outstanding program that Greenways is known for, all of which contributes to providing our students with the foundations to thrive and adapt in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.

After missing such opportunities throughout 2020, students and staff very much relished the chance to engage in various activities across Melbourne...

As I have quickly discovered, every day in Greenways offers a dynamic, energetic hub of activity for our students. Already this term, many classes have undertaken their barista training and worked in the student-run café, a unique opportunity within the Greenways program. Likewise, the daily Greenways Fitness and Study sessions have been a popular inclusion as the term has progressed. In addition to this, students have been involved in many cocurricular programs, from sporting events and Chess competitions to Debating, Music and the Performing Arts. The highlight of this term was the first in our program of Learning Journeys; activities which offer experiential learning opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. After missing such opportunities throughout 2020, students and staff very much relished the chance to engage in various activities across Melbourne during the ‘Discovering Our City’ week, as well as attending a full-day workshop facilitated by Project Rockit, with a focus on respectful relationships. I am particularly grateful to the many staff, students and families who have provided me with such a warm welcome into the Mentone Grammar Community. Alongside all of the Greenways staff, I look forward to supporting our young people in navigating their personal challenges and seizing opportunities for success, as they develop their own pathway throughout the year ahead. JULIE JAMES HEAD OF GREENWAYS



It was wonderful to see the Frogmore students back on site and excited about the new year ahead. We are extremely proud of the way in which our students have begun their journey for 2021. The challenges of last year have not diminished their enthusiasm nor their love of our School.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

I have quickly come to understand in only my first term at Mentone Grammar why, there is such passion at the School. As the Head of Frogmore, I am delighted to have joined the Mentone Grammar Community and am energised and excited about the year ahead. Prior to joining Mentone, I worked at a number of independent schools including The Knox School, Caulfield Grammar and more recently at Haileybury, for the past 15 years. During this time, I have held a range of senior leadership roles, including the Associate Dean of Evaluation and Structure and the Head of Senior School.

The world has certainly changed since 2020. But it is heartening to know that at the core of everything we do is still community and wellbeing.

Senior students are well supported by a number of key staff through a pastoral program within our House system. Each of the eight Houses in Frogmore fosters an environment of belonging and connection. Houses are led by wonderful House Coordinators who establish caring and nurturing relationships with each student in their House. Each student is also assigned a mentor from their House, who is a teacher responsible for being the first point of contact for wellbeing. Each morning students have an opportunity to discuss with their mentor any questions, queries or concerns they may have as they move throughout their day. Mentors and House Coordinators also engage students in the Wellbeing Program. Additionally, I have always had an interest in Mathematics and enjoy engaging with students in the classroom to enable them to achieve their goals. Throughout my teaching career I have been passionate about creating a learning experience and environment where students are able to maximise their potential and move beyond school to live happy and rewarding lives. We know that for a student to achieve their personal best they must be surrounded by a strong and supportive community. That strong, supportive community is certainly evident at Mentone Grammar, which has welcomed me so wholeheartedly. I thank the School Community for such a warm welcome and I look forward to meeting even more families over the coming months. One of the six pillars that underpins Mentone Grammar’s Strategic Plan is Personal and Organisational Wellbeing. We believe that it ‘takes a village to raise a child’ and that wellbeing is at the heart of this.

The Resilience Project is another important element of the Frogmore Wellbeing Program. Since the introduction of the program in 2019, students have developed further tools to enable a happier and more resilient future. The Resilience Project is centered around simple ideas – MEGA: Mindfulness, Empathy, Gratitude and Action. Students use an app to record daily reflections and to incorporate Mindfulness, Empathy and Gratitude as part of their everyday lives. Being happy and healthy enables students to achieve their personal best. Part of finding their place in the ‘village’ is supported through students involving themselves in activities that they are passionate about. I am amazed by the wide range of opportunities Mentone students have on offer to engage in their learning outside of the classroom.

Throughout the summer season, Frogmore students have represented the School proudly in many sports. The sport program encourages students to be happy, healthy and enjoy the benefits sport has to offer. Students have also committed to supporting two very important initiatives so far this year. ‘Bullying no way’ which encourages positive, inclusive and proactive attitudes and practices in our School and ‘Shave for a Cure’, raising much-needed funds for the Leukemia Foundation. The world has certainly changed since 2020. But it is heartening to know that at the core of everything we do is still community and wellbeing. It has been a wonderful start to the year. I encourage all Frogmore students to embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead and make the most of all that Mentone Grammar has to offer. It is this diverse learning environment that will assist students in preparing for life beyond the School. Thank you to the Mentone Community for making my start at Mentone Grammar such a memorable one. The Frogmore staff and I look forward to an exciting year ahead, continuing to support each individual student so that they feel they belong, are cared for and are understood in the ‘village’ as they strive to achieve their personal best. JASON MANN HEAD OF FROGMORE

Already this year I have seen several remarkable events. House pride and commitment has been on display in the first House competitions for the year, Swimming and Dodgeball. Both were highly contested with students passionately participating for House points.





Our Visual Arts program is fortunate to have a support system that allows students from Bayview, Greenways and Frogmore access to hands-on assistance. Within the Creativity Centre, we all aim to inspire, connect, develop and empower students to broaden their Visual Arts experience. The key to this support system is our newly appointed Visual Art Technician, Oliver King, and our dedicated teaching staff. The primary purpose of our VA Technician is to support the Visual Arts staff in the day-to-day implementation of the Visual Arts program at Mentone Grammar and to contribute to the promotion of the subjects through exhibitions and events and in the cataloguing and hanging of the School’s art collection.

MEET OLIVER KING I am a practising artist and designer with full qualifications in Communication Design as well as a background in photography, so I am equipped to help students in all areas of their work throughout the Visual Arts faculty. It has been great to see such strong support and enthusiasm for the Arts coming from both the students and teachers alike. I’ve been blown away by the incredible facilities in the Creativity Centre, allowing students from all year levels to engage with new and exciting ways of creating. Having seen so much inspiring work created in my first term here, I can’t wait to see what the remainder of the year brings!


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

CREATIVITY NEVER STOPS Each morning at 7.15am our magnificent studios are open to Greenways and Frogmore students so that they can continue with their artwork. The studios are supervised by a staff member up until 8.15am. Our Bayview students have the opportunity to come over to the open plan studios in the Creativity Centre each day during lunchtime. After school, from 3.45pm until 5pm, the studios reopen from Monday through Thursday for Greenways and Frogmore students and are once again supervised by a staff member. Year 12 students have the opportunity to use the senior studio areas, (when available) during their study periods; these sessions are supervised by our Visual Arts Technician. After a year where our studios were quiet and less colourful, it is exciting to be able to, once again, offer our students extended support, inspiration and motivation to endlessly explore their creativity. We all look forward to seeing their works take shape throughout the year. KIM WOOTTON HEAD OF VISUAL ARTS




Without delay, our 2021 Performing Arts calendar has swung into action. Auditions for the Bayview Play, the Senior Musical, Chicago, Cre8tive Dance and the Amadeus Opera Company were completed within the first weeks of term, and all instrumental programs and ensembles commenced regular rehearsals. Of particular interest is the Year 6 Band program, which can now meet and rehearse together as an entire year level ensemble.


In parallel, our Term 1 Limelight Concert was produced and recorded as a broadcast style performance and released at the end of term, to great applause, albeit remotely. It is our hope that this will be the last of our ‘recorded’ concerts and that our Theatre will soon be open to a live audience. The Concert featured 27 students from Years 5-12 in either a solo, duo or small ensemble context. The audience was treated to a variety of styles, instruments and voices ranging from piano, violin and ‘cello, through to a drum solo and even a Speech and Drama monologue.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

This year’s Bayview Play, On Guard, will feature 11 students in a tragicomedy tale of greed and deceit. With a Commedia Dell’arte interpretation, the characters all compete for a ‘spot at the top’. The play will be performed on stage in the Thorold Theatre in June, with technical support provided by a mix of Bayview students backstage and some senior students managing the on-stage lighting and audio. Our annual Cre8tive Dance event will, this year, showcase a Circus Spectacular and will include a fusion of dance, acrobatics and circus acts. The production is formulated as an inclusive experience where 46 students from Years 5-12 have been chosen across a range of skill levels to create solo and ensemble pieces for the performance, on stage, in the Thorold Theatre on 27 May.

Our Jazz musicians who make up the Froggers ensemble and The Cat’s Meow vocal group, will all compete in the All State Jazz Competition, Sunday 2 May in Melbourne. The competition has been created to provide an alternative following the cancellation of the annual Mt Gambier Generations in Jazz competition, which is always highly anticipated and enjoyed greatly by those who have had the opportunity to attend. We wish Froggers and The Cat’s Meow well for competition day. Following the successful auditions for our senior musical, Chicago, the Director and Musical Director have opted to create a double cast of leading roles due to the extraordinary and prodigious standard of the performers who presented for casting. The stage musical, Chicago, is set in the Roaring ‘20s and revolves around two larger than life characters, Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, who compete for the spotlight, headlines and the American Dream. Chicago will be performed on stage in the Thorold Theatre in August 2021. Once again, we are excited to be able to invite all in our Community to join us for these live performances and remind you to book early, once the booking links are released. Thank you in advance for supporting our Performing Arts program in 2021. GAVIN CORNISH HEAD OF PERFORMING ARTS DIRECTOR OF MUSIC






Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

The resumption of School Sport in Term 1 was welcomed by students and coaches alike. With a break of almost 12 months, the enthusiastic return to regular training sessions and fixtured matches was fantastic to see. There was certainly nothing gradual about the recommencement of Sport – teams heading to Assumption Week 1, matches commencing at 8am and students new to the School on the courts, pitches and ovals.

Our Boys’ Firsts teams have become accustomed to a Home and Away season followed by Finals for the teams finishing in first through to fourth places. With the season being shortened this year, the Basketball, Cricket and Tennis competitions were amended so that the school sitting atop the Ladder at the end of the Home and Away season was adjudged the Premiers. Our teams competed strongly with the cricketers finishing the season in second place, a highlight. In Volleyball, there are less teams participating, so the regular Finals system was in place. By winning their Semi-Final, our Firsts Volleyball team made its way through to the Grand Final, to meet a well-established team from Ivanhoe. The Mentone boys competed valiantly but ultimately were defeated, finishing the season in second place. A sensational accomplishment with so many players debuting at a Firsts level this season. The Sailing team competed in both the weekly series, hosted by Australian Sailing, and the State Championships held over a weekend in March. A fourth-place finish in the State titles highlighted the season. Both the Boys’ and Girls’

Swimming squads trained throughout the term with a focus on the AGSV Carnival in March. The Boys’ team finished in third place whilst the Girls’ team went head-to-head with the Ivanhoe Girls’, finishing in second place by one point. In the combined AGSV/APS Girls’ competition, Mentone fielded teams in Cricket, Softball, Tennis, Touch Football and Volleyball. At a Firsts level, the Girls’ Volleyball team performed well in a strong competition. One Firsts Team achieved the ultimate success in Summer 2021 with the Girls’ Firsts Touch Football team completing an undefeated season, winning the Inaugural AGSV/APS Touch Football Premiership. This team was sensational in its application to training, determination to improve and execution to their game plan. Well done girls! A huge congratulations to all of the students who played sport for Mentone Grammar this Summer Season making it a memorable, high achieving season for all. STUART BAINBRIDGE DIRECTOR OF SPORT - SUMMER



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021




Mr M & Mrs N Smith

Mr J & Mrs K Oliver

Mr D & Mrs M Bishop

Mr J Tirta & Ms C Sardjono

Mr J Wang & Miss Y Zhang

Mr P & Mrs M O'Sullivan

Mr A & Mrs S Gowan

Mrs M Basin

Mr G & Mrs L Duker

Mr M Zou & Mrs Y Xu

Mr M & Mrs D Brown

Mr M & Mrs T Levey

Mr X Huang & Mrs L Jiang

Tracy Mu

Mrs K Greentree

Mr P & Mrs C Grella

Mr C & Mrs M Burnside

Mr M Wang & Mrs S Dong

Ms J Spargo

Mr R & Mrs M Leydin

Mr J & Mrs S Hicks

Mr P Goddon & Ms L Anderson

Mr Y Sun & Ms L Fu

Mr M & Mrs D Marrow

Mr A & Mrs S Cafarella

Mr G Vlamakis & Ms A Jackson

Mr G Peng & Ms K Zheng

Mr T Zhang & Ms X Wang

Mr A & Mrs D Persic

Mr A & Mrs E Dunn

Mr S & Mrs T Poll

Mr S & Mrs K Lamble

Mr K & Mrs C Russell

Mr M & Mrs S Patron

Mr W & Mrs C Growdon

Mr A Burgon & Ms C Hill Mr M & Mrs J Langhorne

Mr T & Mrs R Philp

Ms L Fedotova & Mr B Fedotova

Mr C & Mrs Q Zhang Mr S Oh & Ms H Do

Mrs S Wilson

Mr J d'Alquen

Mr & Mrs F Hutchinson

Mr D & Mrs S Bunnett

Mr A Bozic & Ms D Katanovic

Mr G & Mrs H Schmidt

Mr R & Mrs K Steiner

Mr L & Mrs J Georgiadis

Mr P Soden & Mrs Z Eidi Moghaddam

Mr C & Mrs A Bristow

Mr M & Mrs K Toovey

Mr J Dumoff & Ms R Hughes

Mr S & Mrs S Bloomfield

Mr E & Mrs M Katsouranis

Mr M and Ms G Lazzari

Mr D & Mrs K Bedford

Mr P Neylan

Mr M Beljon & Ms S Baldey

Mr P & Mrs V Maxted

Mr M Pinzana & Ms M Lampard

Mr S & Mrs C May

Mr K Yang & Mrs H Liu

Mr S Zou & Mrs E Liu

Mr D Topor & Ms A Oskolkova

Mr I & Mrs K Bohlken

Mr M & Mrs C McGrath

Mr S & Mrs S Hill

Mrs N & Mr S Knight

Mrs A Orchard

Mr S Ryan & Ms S Corin

Mr M Popelianski & Ms H Papasoulis

Dr M Gokhale & Dr S Aradhye Mr H Nguyen & Ms D Dao

Mr A Roest & Ms J Van Der Scheer

Mr P & Mrs K Ursprung

Mr & Mrs L Bartle

Mr A Tezay

Mr T Antoniou & Ms K Farr

Mr K Davies & Ms A McVean

Mr C & Mrs Y Guneysu

Mr M & Mrs F Marshall

Mr L Chen & Mrs C Liu

Mr J Kiriakou & Ms A Stefanatos

Drs A & C van Heerden Mr R & Mrs N Lorinc Mr S & Mrs T Scott-Branagan Mr S & Mrs K Nish Mr A & Mrs S Fix Mr A & Mrs S Hirst Mr H Shuai & Mrs Z Yuan Mr T & Mrs K Kelly Mr J & Mrs L Redfern Mr L Harris & Ms T Newgreen

Mr B & Mrs L Rafferty Mr J & Mrs K Arnold Mr D & Mrs A Hodges Mr W Zhang & Mrs C Zhao Mr G & Mrs M Orfanidis Ms M Karakurt Mr N Parsons & Ms L Jackson Mr J & Mrs N Kitchen Mr R & Mrs S Hollingsworth

Mr W Meng & Mrs H Chen Mr L Cao & Mrs V Tao Mr R Hadiwiyana & Mrs N Widjaya Ms A-M & Mr D Horsley Mr S Song and Mrs R Li Mr D & Mrs L Whitehouse Mr L Wan & Mrs W Zhang Mr W Mo & Mrs X Huang Mr X Zeng & Ms M Sun Mr N & Mrs J Cheah Mr H Zhang & Ms J Qiu

Ms K Edwards Mr A & Mrs M K Mr W Shi & Ms L Liang

Mr Y Yu & Ms S Fan

Mr A Al-hashimi & Mrs M Alyassin

Mr B and Mrs G Connor

Dr Y Nikolayevsky & Mrs M Nikolaevska

Mr R & Mrs N Webster

Mr M & Mrs S Amos

Mr A & Mrs J Barnard

Ms K Miller

Mr T & Mrs M McGlone

Mr R & Mrs C Denbury

Mr C & Mrs M Kalopisis

Mr C Li & Mrs W Wang

Mr Z Shi & Ms J Sun

Mr Y Huang & Mrs Y Li

Mr H Gu & Mrs M Wang

Mr E Yu & Mrs C Li

Mr S & Mrs N Krikun

Mr Z Qiao & Mrs J Zhang

Mr M & Mrs D Granell

Mr P Self & Ms I Miller

Mr G & Mrs T Brooks

Mr Z He & Mrs Q Chen

Mr C & Mrs C Papadopoulos

Mr S & Mrs J Arvanitakis

Mr A Kondratov & Mrs E Kondratova

Mr and Mrs Jung

Mr B Zhong & Mrs C Tang

Mrs S Higgins

Mr J & Mrs G Kruss

Mr N & Mrs L Antoniou

Mr M & Mrs K Sorrenson

Mr B Dahlstrom & Ms K Leunig

Mr M O'Hare

Mr R & Mrs J Veza

Mr J Hu & Ms X Liu

Mr R & Mrs S Preston

Mr I & Mrs D Kohler

Dr A & Mrs L Leaver

Mr J Pan & Ms J Zhu

Mr M & Mrs S Cirkovic

Mr P & Mrs D Stilianos

Mr S & Mrs S Iatropoulos

Mr S Fernando & Mrs K Dona

Mr T Hong & Mrs B Liu

Mr A & Mrs M Austin

Mr P Atlee & Ms J Vannucchi

Mr N & Mrs N Kerkez

Mr A & Mrs L Trevis

Mr M & Mrs R Ioannidis

Mr E & Mrs J Mefsut

Mr D & Mrs M Parr

Mr C & Mrs E Thompson

Mr J & Mrs S Rosaia

Mr S Naim & Mrs S Worthy

Mr P & Mrs A Kokkinos

Mr Y Monzie & Mrs G Delgado

Mr D Eley & Ms J Bladen

Mr D & Mrs A Minster

Mr M and Mrs M Parker

Mr K & Mrs B Elliot

Dr P & Mrs M Ferguson

Mr M Daniell & Ms K O'Connor

Mr B & Mrs L Sullivan

Mr M & Mrs N Wloszczak

Mr J Papagiannis

Mr J Naffine

Mr K Fernando & Mrs J Sieira

Mr C & Mrs C Scharl

Mr S & Mrs S Nickols

Mr R Taylor

Mr N & Mrs C Lidonnici

Mr A & Mrs C Smith

Mr D & Mrs H McPherson

Mr E & Mrs S Vrondou

Mr C Leffler & Ms J Salvana

Mr C Robinson & Ms E Steverink

Mr P Crew & Ms G Manger

Mr X Tan & Mrs L Lei

Mr X Ren & Mrs J Zhang

Dr D & Mrs C Noble

Mr S & Ms A Dugar

Mr J & Mrs J Laurent

Mr D & Mrs M Lettieri

Mr M & Mrs H Simpson

Mr C & Mrs S Cleur

Mr I & Mrs C Richards

Mr R & Mrs C Esakson

Mr I & Mrs L Vrionis

Mr A & Mrs G Hamilton

Mr H Mu & Mrs H Jin

Mr W & Mrs C Cramer

Mr B Ong & Ms M Yoshimura Mr Y Piao & Ms H Zhang

Mr O & Mrs G Blombery Mr I Kulakovskiy & Miss P Lagutina


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

Mr A & Mrs V Chaplin

Mr D & Mrs S Rikanovic Mr M & Mrs L Kirwan Mr T & Mrs L Gallagher Mr N & Mrs J Phillips Ms L Pitt Mr S & Mrs Q Zhang Mr A & Mrs E Hood Mr I & Mrs M Dimits Ms M Gill Mr B Pavan & Dr S Nashi Mr S & Mrs S Toncinich Mr M Stott & Mrs E Walch Mr M & Mrs K Georgiades Mr M Mairs & Ms A Byers Mr H Li & Ms F Zhu Mr B Qian & Mrs M Lin Mr N & Mrs J Riley Mr C & Mrs S Hewlett Mr D & Mrs A Green

The School gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Mentone Grammar School Foundation Building Fund up to, and including, March 2021.

Mr C & Mrs T Male

Mr P & Mrs D Schols

Mrs N & Mr T McCann

Mr J & Mrs M Cooper

Mr J & Mrs Z Park

Mr J & Mrs M Weller

Mr A Littleford & Ms C Jupp

Mr M & Mrs E Selby

Mr R & Mrs S Hayes

Mr D & Mrs A Tryfonopoulos

Mr M Zhou & Mrs L Li

Mr S & Mrs G Dakic

Mr M & Mrs C Bond

Mr P & Mrs R Birch

Mr B & Mrs L Harding

Mr T Fantas & Dr G Soldatos

Mr R Wei & Ms G Han

Mr S & Mrs K Mellett

Mr K Aravindth & Mrs H Fonseka

Mr C Papageorgiou & Ms N Kambanaros

Mr M Wheeler & Ms K Watson-Wheeler

Mr A & Mrs D Newman Dr C & Mrs D Pregnalato Mr D & Mrs S Shipton Mr P & Mrs R Brown Mr N & Mrs A Bountroukas Mr M Lighton & Ms E Kishida Mr Z Weng & Mrs B Wei Mr M Selby & Ms J Stewart Mr M Harper & Mrs R Harper Mr A & Mrs V May Mr S & Mrs A Luca Mr D & Ms F McCall

Mr X Fang & Mrs W Li

Mr T Pullar & Ms M Robinson

Mr S & Mrs M Chippindall

Mr S & Mrs L Kitson

Mr C Jones & Mrs L Matthews

Mr M & Mrs H McComb

Mr C Mills & Mrs J Piper

Mr P & Mrs M Nayna

Dr K Siemering & Ms K Raymond

Mr M & Mrs S Duggan

Mr M & Mrs H Doig

Mr M & Mrs J Skinner

Mr B Marcombe & Ms S Spillane

Mr J & Mrs J Lombard

Mr M Chan & Miss R Wane

Mr D & Mrs T Basile-Goto

Mr S Poberezovsky & Mrs N Poberezovska

Mr M & Mrs M Karageorgiou Mr R & Mrs A Kombol Dr R & Mrs J Armit

Mr A & Mrs D Corcoran

Mr X Liu & Mrs H Dong

Mr A Macpherson & Ms B Hyland

Mr M & Mrs V White

Mr J & Dr V FitzGerald Mr Y Wang & Ms L Ma Mr R & Mrs L Langenfelds Mr D Bone & Mrs E Thomas Mr R & Mrs M Murphy Mr T & Mrs M Chamberlain

Mr C & Mrs A Huxtable Mr Y Wang & Ms Y Cai Mr M & Mrs S Anderle Mr S Deshpande & Ms A Joshi Mr B & Mrs S Sampson Mr B Kondopoulos & Ms Xynos Mr M & Mrs S Koopman Mr B & Mrs R Kushnir

Mr Y Duan & Ms P Li

Mr M & Mrs S McCulloch

Mr E & Mrs J Glotzer

Mr A & Dr L Woll

Mr G Pyszczek & Ms M Monk

Mr E Zoggia & Ms E Giannakis

Mr M Banda

Mr A Xipolitos

Mr G Van Ameyden & Ms S Nuttall

Mr J & Mrs L Donaldson

Mr S & Mrs C Davie Mr W Xue & Ms X Wang Mr M & Mrs G Toby Mr D & Mrs K Fenech Mr P & Mrs D Stilianos Mr S & Mrs C Markovic

Mr K Brodie & Ms B Morris Mr A & Mrs B Sawyer Mr D Wee & Mrs C Ng Mr R & Mrs O Sleep Mr B & Mrs K McCarthy Mr D Harding & Miss R Kay

Mr J & Mrs K Vorster

Mr B Hodgson & Ms D Melrose

Mr N Oliver & Ms C Terry

Mr V Luthra & Mrs S Joglekar

Mr N Ma & Ms Y Cao

Mr U & Mrs I Guvenir

Mr L Liu & Ms J Xia

Mr G Zheng & Miss H Shi

Mr A & Mrs D Chambers

Mr C & Mrs H Vayenas

Mr S & Mrs R Mudholkar

Mr P Potts & Mrs N Clark

Mr A & Mrs G Bethune Mr R & Mrs K Holmes

Mr T & Mrs M Paterson

Mr Y & Mrs H Gofman

Mr A Dimopoulos & Ms H Poliviou

Mr P Bosa & Mrs R Stobart

Mr D & Mrs M Warmuz

Mr S & Mrs A Dormer

Mr J & Mrs R Kieseker

Mr S & Mrs K Gade

Mr G Hayton

Mr W Sweetman & Ms S de Sousa

Mr A Parris & Ms M Symes

Mr G Chen & Ms B Liu Mr D & Mrs M Durand Mr D & Mrs M Pipito

Mr M & Mrs S Bailey Ms J Kemelfield Mr P Magennis & Ms J Haslam Mr D & Mrs T Flower Mr L & Mrs R Moran Mr M Robinson & Ms V McMahon Mr W Wang & Mrs P Cai Mr S & Mrs M Drummy Mr B & Mrs N Chaplin Mr P & Mrs J Hopkins

Mr T & Mrs N Buschkuehl

Mr T Riley

Mr R Walker & Ms N Wane

Mr D & Mrs K Bennett

Mr A & Mrs K Batty

Mr C & Mrs E Bakas

Mr T & Mrs T Bucci

Mr J & Mrs A Doulgeridis

Mr J McNamara & Mrs L Hilder

Mr V Panopoulos

Mr & Mrs Beynon

Mr A & Mrs J Brown

Mr A & Mrs H Long

Mr J & Mrs S Bhansali

Mr J Tan & Mrs R Bian

Mr A & Mrs L Fogarty

Mr B Stevens & Mrs D Cooper

Mr C Prior & Ms S Tozer

Mr S & Mrs F Stevenson

Mr P Harrington

Mr P & Mrs C Manning

Dr J Galanos & Mrs S Nhieu

Mr J & Mrs F Calvi

Mr L & Mrs S Temby

Mr G & Mrs K Bentley

Mr P & Mrs K McKinnon

Mr & Mrs L Donchos

Mr B & Mrs D Henshall

Mr D & Mrs B Ingram

Mr V & Mrs M De Zoysa-Lewis

Mr V Le & Mrs K Tran

Mr A & Mrs D Gerresheim

Mr T & Mrs E Millis

Dr P New & Ms M Hodes

Mr W & Mrs Y Hooley

Mr P & Mrs M Brown

Mr C & Mrs C Phillips

Mr Z Romanis & Ms G Nadenbousch

Mr D Higginbotham & Ms Y Gao

Mr G Hanson & Ms P Torossi

Mr G & Mrs S Berry Mr S & Mrs J Cummins Mr K Chho & Mrs S Chan Mr J Shim Mr V Shanmugamani & Dr G Meenakshi Sundaram

Mr M & Mrs N Garrett Mr X Shen & Mrs W Liang Mr K & Mrs R Devers

Mr S & Mrs B Caldwell Mr D & Mrs D Notman Mr B & Mrs J Stafford

Mr and Mrs Jung Mr S & Mrs C May Mr E Yu & Mrs C Li Mr P & Mrs S Appel Mr D Boyd & Miss S Ford

Mr W & Mrs N Burrows

Mr D Royale & Ms P d'Avrincourt

Mr A & Mrs T Richmond

Mr G & Mrs J Kershaw

Mr J & Mrs P Malamatinas

Mr M & Mrs A Huber

Mr S & Mrs J Hooker

Mr J & Mrs M Clark

Mr D & Mrs F Bunting

Rev & Mrs K Pedersen

Mr M & Mrs J Howe

Mr C & Mrs S Rawlings

Mr P Pavlidis & Ms S Giannakis

Mr M & Mrs K Dannals

Mr R & Mrs K Watson

Mr S & Mrs J Carroll

Mr S & Mrs A Bera

Mr D & Mrs E Laws

Mr S & Mrs D Weeks

Mr K & Mrs H Hennessy

Mr J & Mrs N Jacobs

Mr R & Mrs N Awasthi

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1943-2020 At the end of a most extraordinary year, the School learnt of the passing of one of its most indelible figures, Rev. Roger Williams … ‘The Rev’. Such was the timing, the School could not come together to celebrate his life and all that he gave in his many years as a Chaplain of Mentone Grammar (1998-2014), but the following words, written by former Mentone Grammar Principal, Neville Clark MC, OAM, most eloquently encompass the wonderful life and times of ‘The Rev’.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

Wherever he served he ministered to the spiritual and emotional needs of his students and in each school he involved students in practical and effective charitable work, not just through sponsorship and fund-raising schemes but through hands-on experiences of what it meant to be a good Samaritan.

ROGER GRANT WILLIAMS Roger Williams was a superb counsellor, encourager and leader of youth throughout his service as school chaplain. He had a width of experience in government and independent schools, co-educational and single-sex, day and boarding, not to mention international schools and churches, some in Third World situations.

While strong in his own robust Christian faith and traditional in his conduct of religious services, whether in chapel or open-air situations, he engaged the young with relevant narratives and ethical and moral lessons without resorting to pious platitudes. I have seen the positive effects of this approach on questioning youth and staff colleagues – whether enthusiastic or, at times, jaded. Roger’s faith and his personal example challenged both young and old, yet never in an unmannerly, intrusive or ungracious way. The warmth of his personality and his obvious sincerity, coupled with a pleasant and refreshing out-of-church informality, endeared him to generations of students. He has been the most outstanding chaplain I have worked with in my professional life as schoolmaster, housemaster and headmaster. For almost 40 years, and on upwards of 80 separate occasions, he led parties of students over the Kokoda Track, offering them, in the most practical way possible, an insight into the sacrificial service of Australian Diggers in the Papuan campaign of 1942. On one of the most remarkable of these expeditions to mark the 60th anniversary of the campaign, he led 10 Mentone Grammar and 10 Nagoya Gakuin students on what became a pilgrimage of reconciliation. Each of these fortnight expeditions also included the unique experience of village homestay for the individual student, followed by a scenic, although arduous, bicycle odyssey along the coast of New Ireland. Well into his 70s by the last of these trips, “the Rev”, as he was affectionately known, proved a seemingly tireless leader and mentor for the students, who gained not only in physical confidence but also in cultural understanding of the environment that produced the “Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels”, some of whom they would occasionally meet, especially on the earlier trips. Students characteristically emerged with a new appreciation of Melanesian culture and, by comparison also, of their own. All of this was organised by “the Rev” through his contacts with the local

inhabitants of the Owen Stanley Range mountain villages and those of the inland and coastal plains. It was they who provided the sort of guidance and physical support that their forebears had given the soldiers, although each student, like Roger himself, carried their own 16-kilogram pack stuffed with five days’ rations, mosquito net and sleeping gear, plus gifts for their village hosts. There are hundreds of former students who can now look back on this physical and cultural experience as one of the most outstanding, and certainly different, experiences of their school years. That Roger Williams was able to combine this holiday experience with his regular term-time teaching – he always conducted these expeditions in his own vacation time and without personal remuneration – testifies to a practical demonstration of the Christian values by which he lived and encouraged students to adopt, although always in the most gentle, self-effacing and understated manner. The support of his wife and sons for this missionary-like work was something he never took for granted; they were all part of it. In addition, Roger acted as pastor and priest to the school family, conducting marriages, baptisms and funerals, as many will testify. He used to say he had the best job in the world because of the privilege he felt in being with people at such times of rejoicing and sorrow. He died as he lived, bravely and uncomplainingly, in the manner and faith of John Bunyan’s Mr Valiant-for-Truth from Pilgrim’s Progress: “Then said he, ‘I am going to my Fathers, and tho’ with great difficulty I am got hither, yet now do I not repent me of all the Trouble I have been at to arrive where I am. My Sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my Pilgrimage, and my Courage and Skill to him that can get it. My Marks and Scars I carry with me, to be a witness for me that I have fought his Battles who now will be my Rewarder’. When the day came that he must go hence was come, many accompanied him to the Riverside, into which as he went he said, ‘Death, where is thy sting?’ And as he went down deeper, he said, ‘Grave, where is thy Victory?’ So he passed over, and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side.” Roger is survived by his wife, Enid, and three sons Scott, Glen and Neale. PUBLISHED IN THE AGE 2 FEBRUARY 2021.




A BIG STORY Recently I came across a small collection of .303 blank and drill cartridges. The cartridges were donated to the School Archives 10 years ago by Mentonian John Dawson (1965), who in his time at Mentone Grammar, was Anderson House Captain, Prefect, Cadet Under Officer and recipient of Full Colours for Cricket.

PROVENANCE OF THE .303 RIFLE CARTRIDGES The USA had produced the .303 Pattern for the British Government during the First World War and although Australia (along with USA, United Kingdom and India) had become major producers of both .303 rifles and ammunition, the RG headstamp on John Dawson’s .303 cartridges links their manufacture to the Royal Ordinance Factory, Radway Green, in Cheshire, UK – and dates the initial manufacture of this model to 1942.

John Dawson’s donation of .303 blanks and drill cartridges

A quick search through Jim Rundle’s Mentone Grammar memoir, Against all Odds (AAO), reveals a couple of wartime references to the .303 cartridges back when they were the latest in firearms technology. Both references struck me for their relative ordinariness against the backdrop of WW2, demonstrating how normalised war had become after years of conflict. One afternoon in 1943, an R.A.A.F. Wirrawav pilot circled the School at 300 feet and waved to the upturned faces on the oval before dipping his wings in farewell. 'One of our Old Boys. no doubt'. the Principal remarked. Live ammunition The .303 in the same year provided a more dramatic UK Headstamp reminder of the war on home ground, fortunately without serious consequences except for the culprit involved: he later recollected: 'threw some .303 ammunition into coke stove in empty main classroom: blew out stove, disrupted cricket match in progress: ammunition confiscated, caning followed’ And the wry, ‘The eighth of May 1945, Victory in Europe Day, was declared a holiday but not before members of the Cadet detachment had fired .303 blanks into the air from the oval. (Domestic staff were discouraged from leaving the laundry.)’ A little more research opened a window to our past to reveal how our School Community was responding to world events unfolding between the war years, 1939 and 1945. Triggered by our early records of .303s, the following stories, based on AAO and the 1945 Mentonian, as well as a collection of captivating artefacts, offer a rich insight into our history where School growth followed a global shock.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

Cadets with their .303 rifles on the School oval, 1945

WW2: MENTONE’S DRIVE TO SURVIVE When war broke out in Europe in 1939, Mentone Grammar was learning of the sudden death of Headmaster, Charles Campbell Thorold. The School was only just beginning to recover from the effects of the Great Depression which had hit Australia harder than most other developed countries.

Desperately seeking students!

In 1933, Francis Wellington Were, father of Mr Thorold’s wife, Jessie Were, had enabled his son-in-law to buy the School, effectively saving it from closure, but there was much work to do and through the rest of the decade Charles and Jessie worked tirelessly to grow enrolments and facilities. Charles’ sudden death and the outbreak of the Second World War (WW2) cast another dark shadow on the School’s future. Fate would have it, however, that Charles’ and Jessie’s son, Jeffrey, an accountant by trade, and sole beneficiary of his father’s estate, decided he was ready for a new vocation and chose to run the School himself (assisted by temporary Headmistress Bessie Johnston). It would not take long for him to get stuck in, as reported in Jim Rundle’s AAO: “With an eye to the impact of war on the home front, Jeffery Thorold cast his enrolment nets in new directions. Potential boarders were his principal targets. … he conceived and posted off a printed card headed 'EVACUEES'. On one side was a stylised image of a modern Mentone Grammar School, complete with bathing box beside the sea; on the other the news of 'A School with exceptional advantages for the sons of unsettled families. '

The advertisement appeared in the lobbies of selected country and city hotels and boarding establishments. It was also acknowledged by the Government Housing Commission, Legacy House and the Travellers' Aid Society in Melbourne where, it was discovered by the close of 1940, 'large numbers of boys are awaiting foster parents. Mr Thorold’s simple marketing campaign exceeded expectations. By Speech Day, 14 December 1940, there were 40 inquiries for the new year, compared with two in 1939. As the war worsened, and more children were evacuated, not just from England but from places around Australia as their fathers enlisted and mothers took up vital wartime work, by May 1942 Mentone's numbers had reached 160, including 75 boarders. Whilst the initial focus had been on School survival, Thorold became thoroughly committed to his growing flock, including those who enlisted. AAO tells us Mr Thorold initiated communications with, and maintained diligent details for, all students who joined the war effort. At the time, he was deeply affected by those who did not return or recover from the war, which included all but one of those listed as 'missing' (three) or 'prisoner of war' (four) in 1943. By the end of the war at least 13 ‘Old Boys’ were confirmed war casualties. We remember these ‘Old Boys’ in the Avenue of Honour on our Bayview Campus.


VICTORY IN EUROPE DAY – BOARDERS’ PICNIC VE day was declared on 8 May 1945, the day the Cadet Unit shot its .303 volley salute. Mentone’s remaining day students and some boarders were lucky enough to return home to celebrate with family. For those boarders who could not go home, including the international boarders, the Mentonian reports that music master, Mr Eric Coonan, arranged 'one of the best outings of the year at Cheltenham Park. Organised sports and a picnic lunch with sausages grilled over an open fire and boiled billy tea, were thoroughly enjoyed in bright sunshine’. Imagine what the students were feeling at that picnic, many of whom were evacuee boarders who had not seen their parents in years.

The VE Day Picnic for the Boarders

VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC DAY – VICTORY FAIR Victory in the Pacific came a little later than VE day. To celebrate, the Mothers' Association arranged a Victory Fair on the School Oval. The Mordialloc News covered the event, reporting brilliant sunshine and a carnival atmosphere. The boys organised side shows, junior athletic events were run in the afternoon, including an obstacle race for 60 competitors. Classic archive images of the event show the formality of teachers, pictured below right, whose commitment to academic attire prevailed even on that historic day of celebrations. Not so for the parent community who attended, pictured below, photographed on the oval looking north (towards Mentone shops), with Venice Street to the left. Notice the familiar giant on the left of this picture – the large eucalyptus tree still standing proud today by our current bike shed. As well as the carnival attractions, the Fair showcased a student art display and the newly built brick classrooms. The art display was arranged by the new Art Master – Mr Karl Duldig – who would go on to teach at Mentone for another 22 years, during which time he became renowned for his art works and sculptures, many of which are still installed in public and private spaces today.

Bessie Johnston, Jean Nakken, Ivy Grace Odgers Victory Fair 1945


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

POST-WAR GROWTH Though the war wreaked havoc on many aspects of Australian society, the burgeoning numbers of day and boarding students at Mentone led to many developments.

Looking across the Bayview oval where today sits the Don Ingram Centre and basketball courts in 1973.

Science lab, 1945. 'B' Dorm open air, 1942.

A rented double-storey home, 'Bay View' at No. 41 Moorabbin (later Warrigal) Road became the Junior House for 20 boarders. Hence the name of our Middle School Campus, Bayview. A second new timber dormitory – proudly boasting an ‘open air’ design was built to house another 15 students, presumably hardier types! Modern bathrooms were built with a proper sewerage system – by all accounts, long overdue. An all-day nursery was established to meet the needs of those mothers involved in war service work, and 1945 also saw the opening of brick classrooms, which would have seemed luxurious compared to their wooden predecessors. One of the new brick classrooms was earmarked for science, equipped with instruments supplied by one of the boys’ fathers. The new science classroom would have been the seat of learning for a whole new field of physics in 1945, when America dropped the world's first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.


– TALLYHO TO MENTONE’S EVACUEES Of the original 16 evacuees, AAO tells us that the eight remaining English war evacuees were farewelled in August 1945. Jeffery Thorold had approached the Children's Overseas Reception Board to hasten their repatriation - well aware that the children were most anxious to be on the next ship back to England. Finally, in August, Andes arrived at Station Pier, Port Melbourne. R.M.S. Andes was built in 1939 in Belfast by Harland and Wolff for the Royal Mail. Almost immediately it was requisitioned and modified in Liverpool to become a troop ship for the war effort. Six years later, on 11 September 1945, after travelling 520,000 nautical miles cross the world’s oceans to transport more than 350,000 troops back and forth to battlegrounds, Andes docked in Southampton, to deliver troops – and the last of Mentone’s evacuee students, to their waiting families. The image and caption are taken from a Wikipedia entry for R.M.S Andes. Our School records for the same image identify three faces considered to be Mentone evacuee students (thanks to Brian Lewis’s diligent research); 14-year-old Alan Ellis (5th from left), 15-year-old Robert MacLagan (third from right) and 16-year-old John Moran (first from right). In the centre background, seen over the children's heads, is one of Andes' wartime anti-aircraft gun platforms. According to its history, this was also used for the 21-gun celebratory salute on VE Day, a fitting coda to the humble .303 volley fired by cadets on our oval that same day in 1945.

‘Child evacuees on Andes' boat deck in Southampton on 11 September 1945, celebrating their return from Australia’. › wiki › RMS_Andes_(1939)


• Against All Odds, Jim Rundle, 1991

• The Mentonian, 1945

• › wiki › RMS_Andes_(1939)



PRESIDENT The Mentonians Association is delighted to be back in 2021 with a full calendar of reunions, events and sport - fulfilling our purpose as stated in our Constitution: • to promote and foster social and sporting activities among the members of the Association and with other bodies with similar objectives and aims • to promote the welfare of the School. Despite a global pandemic in 2020, we are proud that both the School and our Association displayed incredible resilience, finding new and creative pathways to unite and collaborate with our Alumni. We stayed connected via online platforms and inspiring videos so that whilst not able to physically host gatherings, these memories lifted the spirits of our Community during a lengthy period of isolation and uncertainty. Along with our Clubs we embraced technology, holding our committee meetings on platforms such as Zoom and Teams and made efforts to regularly check on the wellbeing of Mentonians. We were also both surprised and gratified that they also took the time to check in on us.

2021 promises to be a ‘bumper’ year for us as we double our efforts to reconnect Mentonians and reschedule reunions and events that we were unable to hold last year. We will continue to send details via email and social media and look forward to keeping in touch online via our website: https://www. We are always keen to connect with Mentonians around the globe and we encourage you to send us your memories, photographs and updates for inclusion in our ‘Where Are They Now’. On Thursday 4 March, we proudly participated in a whole School Founders’ Day Assembly themed with an

accompanying video titled ‘I Mentone’, to celebrate the School’s 98th Year. The Assembly continued a wonderful tradition of inclusion for Mentonians. Each year, the Head of School or a class member celebrating their Golden (50) Year Reunion is given the honour of cutting the celebratory cake (using Col. Weir’s sword), along with the youngest members of the School. This year Phil Hutson (1971), our 2008 Tony Drinan Medal awardee, was asked to cut the cake. Wes Ballantine, Head Prefect (1996), read The Lesson and current staff member Michael Martin (1980) led the School Prayer. MARK HENRICKS (1977) PRESIDENT

L-R Principal, Mal Cater (1981), Wes Ballantine (1996), Michael Martin (1980), Phil Hutson (1971).


VICE PRESIDENT Jon Ponnusamy (2010) L-R Tim Hutson (2004),


Principal, Mal Cater (1981),

Vic Stroumos (1978)

Phil Hutson (1971),


Michael Hutson (2001).

Georgia Ahern (2011)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Josh Burt (1989) Cameron Dunkerley (1986)

L-R Phil Hutson (1971)

Mike Durack (1967)

& 2008 Tony Drinan Medal

Miranda Ingram (2013)

Awardee cutting the

Jono Ling (2008)

celebratory cake.

Jeremy Longstaff (1989) Peter Newton (1966) Mark Pearman (1982) Rob Sinclair (1976)



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021


MENTONIANS Congratulations to Geoffrey Goode (1955) awarded the OAM for service to the community as an advocate for electoral reform.

Geoff has held senior roles in the Proportional Representation Society of Australia including the Presidency of both the National Branch and the Victoria–Tasmania Branch. He remains the current Secretary of the Victoria–Tasmania Branch of that organisation. Geoff is also very well known for his environmental services to the community. He is the current Secretary of the Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. (BCS Inc.). Previously he has been Treasurer and President of the BCS Inc. He also was the Treasurer of the Australian Conservation Foundation for a number of years. In addition, he is a former City of Sandringham councillor, 1970-73.

Congratulations to Daniel Maitland (2010) - Kingston’s Citizen of the Year 2021 Mentonian, firefighter and personal trainer, Daniel Maitland (2010), was named Kingston City Council’s Citizen of the Year at the 2021 Australia Day ceremony. Daniel uses ‘fitness to fundraise’ and has contributed over $25,000 for causes which are close to his heart. But he says that his work is about much more than donations and considers that, ‘the most important thing is raising community awareness and support!’ Daniel’s older sister suffered a stroke in 2016 at just 28 years old. ‘Bec was living a really positive life. She was happy and successful, working in a job she loved as a paramedic. In an instant, her life was tipped upside down and she was thrown into an incredible battle. I think that most people understand the physical impacts of stroke, but there is less awareness around the invisible effects on mental and social wellbeing. I wanted to improve the community’s understanding and compassion for these challenges to ultimately help Bec and others who have suffered from a stroke.’ During COVID-19, Daniel organised a 28km charity relay run to raise funds and awareness for the Stroke Foundation, but also to increase a sense of community connection during a difficult time. With a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) and while training for professional football at Sandringham Football Club, Daniel’s coach recognised that he had a powerful ability to build rapport and motivate people and suggested that Daniel start training his teammates at the facility. Daniel’s personal training business, Training with Mates (TWM) leverages from his personal experiences and promotes a holistic approach to health with a combination of physical, mental and social wellbeing dimensions. Mentonians, Taylor Ward (2012) and Emile Tait (2018), have also joined Daniel and the TWM team runs fitness programs for Mentone Grammar students and staff. ‘The Mentone Grammar Community has been a huge network of support and friendship for me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.’


2021 LUNAR



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

On Friday 12 February, The Mentonians Association sponsored a special Lunar New Year Lunch in celebration of our international students, their families and homestay families within our Community. A number of the School’s international students have not been able to return home to visit their families for some time, so the day was particularly special this time around. Unfortunately, family members could not attend this year due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Undeterred, they were excited to share this special time with some wearing traditional dress. Others brought along ‘lucky’ decorations, including red packets with (chocolate) coins; all added to the happy atmosphere in the room.

We were indeed fortunate to be able to host this lunch as a ‘snap five-day lockdown’ for Victoria was announced on that afternoon, meaning that for our students, this occasion was most likely the only social function they were able to share with others to celebrate this very significant tradition.




OX This year is the Year of the Metal Ox and our international leaders Saiyu (Serena) Zhang and Kai (Kevin) Yu welcomed everyone with the following speech: After the crazy year of 2020, the new year closed in with the golden wind of autumn. We were lucky to have The Mentonians Association arrange the amazing lunch to celebrate the arrival of 2021, Year of The Ox. …2020 was a tough year for many of us, as we had no chance of reuniting with our family. Fortunately, we can find acceptance in the family called Mentone Grammar, where our culture and language are respected by others. Year of The Ox will be an energetic year of endeavour and hardworking will be our motto. At the same time, we appreciate the communion between the local community and the international students, and we look forward to a fantastic year!

The year of the Metal Ox brings career advancement, success in business, prosperity, and wellness for all zodiac signs. Ox is the second in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. Years of the Ox include: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033... The ox represents loyalty, and honesty, it’s a hard worker that never complains. Those who were born in year of the Ox are very reliable and hardworking, they speak with their actions, they can always motivate themselves to move forward.




In February, we hosted our annual family picnic at the magnificent R. M. Sykes Camp at Shoreham, located on Westernport Bay. We were once again blessed with clear blue skies and bright sunshine to greet our guests as they arrived. Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions we limited the picnic to Year 7 students and their families this year. In fact, for many families, it was their first visit to Shoreham and indeed for a large number of people, it was their first opportunity to gather for a family occasion following the 2020 lockdown in Victoria. The purpose of the day is to provide families, especially those new to the School, the opportunity to explore and enjoy this amazing facility and for both parents and students to familiarise themselves with the camp, prior to their children’s visits, as part of the School’s Learning Journeys program. From the lively chatter and introductions made, the Year 7 families all enjoyed the opportunity to relax and enjoy the grounds. Our family activities included a fabulous Animal Farm which was very popular across all age groups along with fun sports such as table tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket and the ever popular ‘chasey’! The Miss Elodie Vintage Caravan was also on hand selling coffee, soft drinks, and their number one best-seller of the day, Choc Top ice-creams! With Mentonians Committee members cooking up a storm, our families also enjoyed a barbecue lunch. A magnificent light sea breeze, and temperature of 28 degrees, ensured families made the most of the afternoon, visiting the beach


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

with their excited and eager children. It was wonderful to have grandparents join in again this year; many commenting on how much they enjoyed the day and asking to be invited back next year. Our Mentonians who attended enjoyed reminiscing about their days at the camp, which remains, we are proud to say, a rustic, natural bush environment perfect for learning and outdoor activities. Sincere thanks to The Mentonians Committee and family members for working tirelessly on the day, to ensure that everyone else could relax! SUZANNE ASHLEY ALUMNI MANAGER


Following on from our very successful Golden Reunion events held over recent years, we are looking to update contact details and invite members of the Classes of 1970 & 1971 to their Golden Reunion.



L-R Nick Toovey, Phil Hutson, Grant Andersen, Mal Cater, Graeme Lund and Bob Box.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021

Thanks to Graeme Lund (1968), Bob Box (1969) and Nick Toovey (1969) for joining and passing on their tips for ‘Golden Reunion success’ to Grant Andersen, Head Prefect (1970) and Phil Hutson (1971) and 2008 Tony Drinan Medal awardee.

REUNIONS The Reunions are special occasions that keep you connected with your old School and each other, so please don’t let the opportunity pass you by. When you can, come and see what all the excitement is about; and let us know of staff members who you would like invited along to share the evening with you. Please contact Suzanne Ashley via: for any further details.


1970 & 1971 50-year (Golden) Reunion, Saturday 4 September

Our purpose is to serve our members and support the School. We aim to excel at meeting our members’ needs and to achieve this we have expanded the events calendar to maximise contact with as many past students as possible through reunions, our clubs, special events and other TMA activities.

1980 & 1981

40-year Reunion, Friday 23 July

1985 & 1986

35 Year Reunion, Friday 23 July

1990 & 1991

30-year Reunion, Friday 23 July

1995 & 1996

25 Year Reunion, Friday 7 May

2021REUNIONS 2000 & 2001

20 Year Reunion, Friday 7 May

2005 & 2006

15 Year Reunion, Friday 7 May


2010 & 2011

10 Year Reunion, Friday 8 October

We are combining our 2020 & 2021 reunions so that we can reconnect as many Mentonians as possible. Visit our website for booking links, further information or to update your contact details:

2015 & 2016

5 Year Reunion, Friday 8 October

2019 & 2020

1 Year Reunion, Friday 19 November




03 9584 4211

ADELAIDE Peter Bray (1985)

CANADA Ontario Mervyn Archdall (1957)

USA Florida David Pearson (1987)

ENGLAND London Cambell Lean (1993)

New York Chris Leslie (1982)

Alumni Manager Suzanne Ashley 03 9581 3254 (direct) 0481 602 144

BRISBANE Dan Chalmers (1999) CANBERRA Michael Taylor (1955) SYDNEY Luke Murphy (1990) PERTH Tim Ponnusamy (2006) Phillip Yap (1985)

Please contact The Mentonians Office: 03 9584 4211 if you would like to become one of our representatives. To ensure that we remain in contact with you, don’t forget to keep your details up-to-date via our website:

HOBART Michael “Rusty” Reynolds (1986)

Plymouth John Read (1973)

Arnold Ephraums (1982) Chris Jacob (1999)

HONG KONG Peter Cheung (1992)

Vermont Justin Johnson (1985)

JAPAN Onomichi City Gareth O’Gradie (1999)

SINGAPORE David Goh (1961)

MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur Kamal Ragupathy (1992)

THAILAND Jitti Rachjaibun (1964) David Wylie (1973) U.A.E. James Halliday (2008)


VALE We record with sadness the passing of the following Alumni, and extend sincere sympathy to their families:




*Further details are included online in our Monitor newsletter.



Labore et Honore

On behalf of the Denyer family, Tim Denyer (1964) donated a silver plate awarded to his late father Doug Denyer PH.C.JP - to acknowledge his lengthy service to the Board of Mentone Grammar (1957-1994) along with an iconic photograph of our 1978 Board members.

MENTONE MEMORIES We were delighted to receive from Peter Rayson (1962), a donation to Archives an Old Mentonians Society Est. 1927, pure wool navy jumper circa 1980, which was actually made in Australia! Peter couldn’t wear the jumper because it was too small but kept it as a memento! We have it on good authority from our Alumni that these jumpers were a favourite as they were warm, breathable and windproof! Peter also donated a Form IIIA 1959 photo, with a complete list of typed students’ names on the back.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2021


Greenways Café Greenways Campus Phone: 9584 4211

MONDAY 3 MAY 9.30am – all campuses

FRIDAY 14 MAY 9.30am - Bayview Campus (YEARS 5-8) 2022 - 2025 THURSDAY 21 OCTOBER 9.30am – all campuses


Friday 6 August Sydney Reunion Saturday 14 August TMA Annual Dinner & Drinan Medal Award


Friday 3 September Friends of Frogmore Luncheon

Please pre-register online enrol/book-a-school-tour

Our purpose is to serve our members and support the School. We aim to excel at meeting our members’ needs and to achieve this we have expanded the events calendar to maximise contact with as many past students as possible through reunions, our clubs, special events and other TMA activities. Suzanne Ashley - Alumni Manager

Saturday 4 September Class of 1970 & 1971 Golden (50) Reunion

PRIVATE TOUR If you would like to arrange a Private Tour, please contact the Enrolments Team on: + 61 3 9584 4211 or email:


R. M. Sykes Shoreham Camp Marine Parade, Shoreham Keysborough Playing Fields 756-768 Springvale Road, Keysborough


Friday 8 October 2011 (10) & 2016 (5) Year Reunion & 2020 Reunion Groups - 2010 & 2015 Thursday 11 November Remembrance Day Service Friday 19 November Class of 2019 & 2020 (1) Year Reunion Thursday 9 December MG Service of Lessons & Carols

The Reunions are special occasions that keep you connected with your old School and each other, so please don’t let the opportunity to participate pass you by.


Style Guide

Archives Centre For all historic Mentonian donations please contact Colette Russell at:

Wednesday 28 July Annual General Meeting

SATURDAY 14 AUGUST 9am - 12 noon - all campuses

(walk-in registrations are not permitted at this time)

Final Design

Parent & Friends Association Friendraising - Fundraising -Dads@MG Secondhand Uniform Shop

Friday 23 July 1976 (45), 1981 (40), 1986 (35) & 1991 (30) Year Reunion & 2020 Reunion Groups 1975, 1980, 1985 & 1990


Cnr Como Parade West & Lucerne St, Mentone

Come and see what all the excitement is about; and let us know of staff members who you would like invited along to share the evening with you. Friday 7 May 1996 (25), 2001 (20) & 2006 (15) Year Reunion & 2020 Reunions Groups 1995, 2000 & 2005


PANTHER PRODUCTIONS For further information please contact Suzanne Ashley (03) 9581 3254 or email: pantherproductions@



63 Venice Street, Mentone 3194

With special thanks to:

T +61 03 9584 4211

Geoff Ryan AM Chair Mal Cater Principal


Suzanne Ashley (TMA Editor), Stuart Bainbridge, Sharon Bates, Peter Bratuskins, Neville Clark MC, OAM,

ABN 87 616 069 977 CRICOS 00323C

Libby Chislett, Gavin Cornish, Pernilla Eklund Allan, Hunter Griffin, Mark Henricks, Julie James,

EST. 1923

Oliver King, Alexandra Lindsay, Jason Mann, Terry Matthew, Jess Richards, Colette Russell,

Editor Jen Blackburn Design Danny Yardis

Beck Russell, Kylie Watson-Wheeler, Ben Wolstencroft, Kim Wootton.


63 Venice Street Mentone Victoria Australia 3194 T: +61 3 9584 4211 E: MENTONE GRAMMAR SCHOOL EST. 1923 CRICOS 00323C

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