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NEWS BULLETIN Volume 3, Issue 4

5 November 2011


We expect Sekolah Mentari students to be:

Dear Parents, 

 Morally upright;

I t was a busy and activity laden month for the primary students at Sekolah Mentari. The grade 4 and 5 students

 Engaging communicators;

time to learn new things about the Indonesian heritage.

 Never too busy to lend a helping hand;

This News Bulletin Edition is full of activities that we had in the month of October. went on a field trip to the National Museum and they did a lot of engaging activities. The field trip was a wonderful The reading week was celebrated with success.! A lot of daily activities were done in the hope that reading would always be a part of your child ’ s daily life.

“The greatest gift is a passion for reading.”

- Elizabeth Hardwick

 Tech savvy;

In line with the reading week, the students celebrated the spirit day by dressing up as their favorite book/fairytale characters from around the world. Everyone came in their wonderful attire. Thank you for supporting this activity .A

 Able leaders;

mini program was celebrated to mark this event.

 Responsible citizens;

concern for your child ’ s education .

The Parent Teacher Conference ( PTC ) was held and your attendance was appreciated as it indeed showed your

 Innovators, and problem solvers.

Best regards, Tatie H. Agus

Exploring Javanese Culture Fieldtrip

Grade 4 & Grade 5 classes visited Museum National (previously named Museum Gajah), on October 27, 2011. The museum has a collection of 61,600 prehistoric and anthropological artifacts, and 5,000 archeological artifacts from all over Indonesia and Asia. The museum collections is among the richest, the most complete, and the best of its kind in Indonesia and one of the finest in Southeast Asia. Students had tons of fun activities there: exploring the museum, cooking bakpia, doing batik painting, coloring the shadow puppet, listening to a Javanese folktale, watching the traditional dance “wayang orang” and playing Javanese instrument Karawitan.

Volume 3, Issue 4

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PLAYING KARAWITAN The word Karawitan derives from the Javanese word of Sanskrit origin, rawit, which refers to the smooth, elegant sense idealized in Javanese music.

COOKING BAKPIA Students were cooking Bakpia, food made from green beans with sugar mixture wrapped in flour and then baked.


Batik Painting Art, depicting Indonesian iconography and traditional Indonesian subjects, using cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique.

Volume 3, Issue 4

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Students were watching Wayang orang, another kind of art performance usually held in Central Java. Wayang orang is played by human. The performance consists of many dancing, singing and talking in high Javanese language, and gamelan music.

Students were coloring Wayang kulit bookmark, Kulit means skin, and refers to the leather construction of the puppets that are carefully chiseled with very fine tools and supported with carefully shaped buffalo horn han-

Soccer Friendly Match

Our soccer friendly match ( S ekolah Mentari GS Team vs Mentari International School Jakarta Team ) was held on October 6, 2011. Keep up the good work, students! Thank you parents for your continuous support!

Volume 3, Issue 4

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Reading Week

During the Reading Week, some moms voluntarily read the stories to the students at school. The students were so excited and eager to listen to the stories. Thank you moms for reading us the stories!

Reading Week, was highlighted with a program. We also welcomed Ms Angel, from Ohio, USA, who taught us songs and acrostic poems about reading.

Our Spirit Day: Book Characters from around the World

Students and teachers were wearing their favorite book / fairytale character costumes on this day.

Parent-Teacher Conference, 18—19 October This parent-teacher conference provides a great opportunity for parents and teachers to share insights and information about the students’ progress in learning.

News Bulletin - October 2011  

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