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Mentari Preschool Grand Surya Preschool Newsletter Term 2

Volume 3 Issue 2

SY 2011-2012

Let’s blast off to term 2 ! Dear Parents, Have you ever wondered what is the great infinity and beyond? Buzz Light-year of the Toy Story movies always says that before he takes off. Well this second term , the Mentari Preschool term theme will try to shed light on what is the great infinity and beyond. we hope to take your child to places —beginning with his own planet and towards the solar system which is the milky way. How exciting that would be.! We hope you will be enthusiastic and excited as we are to bring to life all these new concepts with your child . Have a good read!

Theme: OUTER SPACE Let’s take off on an incredible journey to discover the secrets of the universe…. Where are we?

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Theme: Outer


Cool space facts


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The Earth, the planet where we live is in a part of Termly calendar 8 space called Galaxy – a huge, swirling cloud of stars, dust and gas. Our Galaxy is called the Milky Way. It is so big that even if we could travel at the speed of light (299,000 km a second) it would take us 50,000 Special points of interest: years to travel from one side to another. Scientists  Second term activities all lined up think that there are as many as one billion planets in our galaxy.  Pictures from last term activities

Earth Our Earth-Of all the planets in our solar system, Earth is the only one with life. It is the air and water on Earth and the heat and light from the sun that makes life possible. The Earth is an amazing place. It has deserts, glaciers, mountains, cities, forest, rivers and oceans animals and of course…people. It takes 365 days for the earth to orbit the sun,

 Tip: cool space facts  Upcoming events

Outer Space Sun The sun is a star at the center of our solar system. It is the biggest, brightest and hottest object in the solar system and all of the planets orbit it. It is is a common middle-sized yellow star which scientists have named Sol, after the ancient Roman name. This is why our system of planets is called the Solar System The Sun is our closest star. It is a member of the Milky Way galaxy. The Sun is a yellow dwarf star, which means it is a medium size star. It is believed to be over 4 billion years old. The Sun spins slowly on its axis as it revolves around the galaxy.

Moon The moon takes about 28 days to orbit the Earth. Different amounts of sunlight shining on it mean that sometimes we see a full moon. Other time we see only a half moon or crescent shape

Solar system inner planets The four planets nearest the sun are called the inner planets. Mercury-is the closest planet to the sun . A year on mercury is only 88 days long. Venus- is the closest planet to earth. It is the hottest planet in our Solar system because its clouds trap the Sun’s heat. It shines very brightly in the sky. Earth-is the only planet we can live on. The other planets are too hot or too cold or do not have the right air for us to breathe. Mars-is called the Red planet. It looks red because its surface contains lots of iron which has turned rusty.

Solar system outer planets

There are five outer planets. These are the furthest planets from the sun Jupiter- is the biggest planet in our solar system. It is 1,300 times the size of earth Saturn=is surrounded by beautiful rings made from billions of tiny rocks covered in ice. Uranus-is very cold . The temperature there is about -210 degrees. It has winter nights that last 20 years . Neptune- is extremely stormy with winds that blow to 1,900 km/hour. Pluto-was regarded as a planet until 2006, when astronomers decided to rename it a ‘ dwarf planet’. It is much smaller than the other planets

Looking into space Some things in space we can see from Earth, but most of them are so far away that you need a telescope to see them. These include shooting stars, constellations, galaxies, comets and gas clouds.

Astronauts People who travel into space are called Astronauts. You have to be very fit and have lots of special training to be an Astronauts.

Exploration Rockets are used to send people and spacecraft into space. They are extremely powerful machines that burn millions of tonnes of fuel to lift off. Rockets are used to launch space stations, satellites, space telescopes.

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Mentari Preschool Grand Surya

COOL space Facts How to Remember Planets in Order from the Sun Most of us tend to get jumbled up and forget the names of planets in order from the Sun. If you are wondering how to remember planets in order from the Sun, then there is one simple way. You can use a simple sentence mentioned below to remember the names of the planets in the solar system in order from the Sun.

Check this out with your child via the internet: 


 Buzzle,com

My Very Educated Mother Just Saw Uncle Nick. M: Mercury V: Venus E: Earth M: Mars J: Jupiter S: Saturn U: Uranus N: Neptune

Four Little Astronauts Four little astronauts winking at me, (Hold up fingers as rhyme indicates.) One blasts off, now there are three. Three little astronauts with nothing to do, One blasts off, now there are two. Two little astronauts afraid of the Sun,

Did you know?  

There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth . Life is known to exist only on Earth, but in 1986 NASA found what they thought might be fossils of microscopic living things in a rock from Mars.


The full cost of a spacesuit is about $11 million although 70% of this is for the backpack and the control module.


· The Universe is probably about 15 billion years old, but the estimations vary.


· . One problem with working out the age of the Universe is that there are stars in our galaxy which are thought to be 14 to 18 billion years old – older than the estimated age of the Universe. So, either the stars must be younger, or the Universe older


If you fell into a black hole, you would stretch like spaghetti.


The opposite of black holes are estimated to be white holes which spray out matter and light like fountain.


Nicolaus Copernicus was the astronomer who first suggested that the Sun was the centre, and that the Earth went round the sun.


When Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon for the first time, he said these famous words: “That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.”


During the moon landing, a mirror was left on the Moon’s surface to reflect a laser beam which measured the Moon’s distance from the Earth with amazing accuracy.


The first rockets were made 1,000 years ago in China Volume 1 Issue 3

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Activties for Term 2: Looking Forward to…. SPECIAL EVENTS OF THE TERM October 19 PTC (Parent Teacher Conference) How did your child perform for this new school year ? It is time to meet the teachers and be updated about your child’s performance in his/ her level. We look forward to meeting you so that together, we can help and guide your child to reach his possibilities. We value your cooperation in each activity we do here at the preschool. You will receive a note informing you of your scheduled 15 minute. Please advise the teacher beforehand if you cannot make it to this event.

October 28 (Friday) United Nations International Friendship celebration -October is the month the whole world commemorates the founding of the United Nations. As in previous years , to celebrate it we have planned special activities. To add spice to the event, a costume dress up day is planned so the children will see costumes from different countries . On this day please let your child wear any costume (rented/homemade) to represent any country from the following continent. Please refer to the note your head teacher sent you for country assignment. If you have any artifact or oleh-oleh from any country you would like your child to share with his class please don’t hesitate to send it to us. We will take good care and return it promptly.

December Concert (December 10) Coming soon ,,, our December holiday show. The holiday is never complete without a show. We are preparing the kids for our annual show, Watch

15 December

Christmas Party

The last day of our second term will end with happy

15 December Release of Report Card and Folio Your child’s progress as well as sample of his activities will be re-

smiles as the children will celebrate the closing of the holidays with a class party . The day will be filled with games, songs and fun . Children can come to school wearing the holiday colors of Christmas

leased on this date. It will explain to you how much your child has progressed in the different aspects of

Holiday Fund Drive

growth (social/physical and mental

Christmas Fund Drive – on the last week of Novem-

skill) during the last six months.

ber , the preschool will launch a Christmas fund drive to gather donations of pre-owned clothes and shoes , toys, books and stuff and even food that we can share to the needy children in the orphanages. Your support in this project is much appreciated.

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Mentari Preschool Grand Surya Preschool Newsletter

Flash Back...Flashback‌..FlashBack August is always a month to celebrate and be especially proud to be Indonesian. The preschool had a Merah Putih day with saluting of the flag, delman rides for everyone . We went around the block and Mr Horse toured us tirelessly. We had cue api ,too! It was so delicious!! We then had games in the Montessori room . Of course that day was an all Red and white Day! Cheers! Merdeka!

The preschool parents came on this special day to meet the teachers, learn all about pre-school activities and curriculum as well as be familiar with the Montessori room . Thanks for coming to learn more about the preschool—dear parents!!

Volume 1 Issue 3

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Field Trip for the Preschool Wowee! It’s field trip time at the Preschool . The Ki and K2 kids took a bus ride to visit the Planetarium. As the second term’s lesson is all about outer space.. a visit to see the night sky is a fitting treat! The Nursery and the toddlers – first time field trippers (LOL ) went to see the fabulous SeaWorld at Ancol ! Ohh !!! We saw lots of sea creatures . We thank all the Toddler and Nursery parents who fully entrusted their kids to the teachers and waited eagerly at Sekolah for our return .

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Mentari Preschool Grand Surya Preschool Newsletter

FYI—- for your information


Lebaran Party celebrated Here at Mentari Preschool—all events are reasons to celebrate –so, we held a Lebaran party to celebrate with our Muslim friends, teachers and classmates. The Marawis came to sing and dance for us and Teacher April of K1 even sang with them. Everyone came in long dress or pants and long sleeves and we ate yummy opor ayam and ketupak ! Before we had a vacation

the Mentari students shared generously

Assessment Test for K2 We will have an assessment test for all those children who are interested in enrolling in SD Mentari. The assessment is taken to see whether your child is emotionally ready for Primary school or not and how best we can help to prepare him for the transition. Parents need not worry about teaching anything to their child before the test… -just let your child be healthy and happy and come to school as usual. We will send out forms within the term. Homework Cards Homework on Reading and Phonics cards as well as Math sheets are sent every week. The Nursery will be provided homework starting this term reading cards. Kindly help your child work on these so they can develop good study habits as early as now. After School Activities After school activities are offered every month for English Conversation, Reading and Math for Nursery, K1 and K2 levels. The classes run for 8 sessions (30 minutes each). Please talk to your head Teacher or Teacher Melanie for further inquires. Next session begins by November.

The Playroom is Open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow the 2nd room playroom is the kid of playroom I wanted to have as a child. LOL!! It has a mini kitchen that makes bubbling sounds, doctor’s corner, ironing area, car mats and toys ! toys ! toys! We also have the soft toy pillows to roll, slide and tumble at. Pre-school also has it’s own Tv and video watching is doubly fun!

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MENTARI PRESCHOOL TERMLY CALENDAR 2nd Term (17 October to 16 December 2011) Monday


17 Oct

18 Oct

24 Oct

25 Oct

31 Oct

1 Nov

7 Nov

14 Nov

21 Nov

28 Nov

5 Dec

Wednesday 19 Oct

Thursday 20 Oct

PTC Day 26 Oct

27 Oct



21 Oct

22 Oct

Open House

Open House

28 Oct

29 Oct

UN Day 2 Nov

3 Nov

4 Nov

5 Nov

8 Nov

9 Nov

10 Nov

11 Nov

12 Nov

15 Nov

16 Nov

17 Nov

18 Nov

19 Nov

22 Nov

23 Nov

24 Nov

25 Nov

26 Nov

29 Nov

30 Nov

1 Dec

2 Dec

3 Dec

6 Dec

7 Dec

8 Dec

9 Dec

10 Dec

Holiday Show 13 Dec

12 Dec

14 Dec

15 Dec

16 Dec

Class party/ Issuance of report Card and portfolio

Holiday Break for Preschool : December 16 – January 8,2012 Classes for Preschool will resume on January 11,2012

17 Dec

News Letter - October 2011  

Mentari Grand Surya

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