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consumer-facing UI’s. Before joining Philips he earned recognition while working at a large online web design agency and as entrepreneur with award-winning apps and websites. He studied Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology.

RIK RUNGE UX/UI Design Lead Philips

Rik Runge is Interaction Design Consultant for healthcare products and services at Philips Design. He is responsible for creating digital solutions that optimize the healthcare experience. He advocates using rapid prototyping methods, while bringing experience from designing many

DESIGNING FOR HEALTHCARE The world of health care is confronting challenges from all sides: an aging population, increasing incidences of lifestyle-related diseases, higher expectations of care, shrinking budgets and rising costs. These coupled with the rapid changes in technology are challenging the health-care systems across the globe. In this talk, we get insight into how Philips’ global design team is helping make sense of these changes so we can all understand the most meaningful methods to reimagine the experiences that can (and will) save lives.

established manufacturing companies such as Stannah and Marshalls as well as charities like Scope and government bodies like the Royal Borough of Greenwich and TfL.

ROSS ATKIN Ross Atkin Associates @rossatkin

DESIGN &TECHNOLOGY FOR THE PUBLIC Ross will be informing the audience about the various projects that he has developed in the UK that respond to direct public needs. These projects include responsive street furniture, tactile pavements, foot tunnel lift info systems and the crafty robot. I am a designer and engineer based in Hackney, East London. I work primarily, though not exclusively, on projects using design and technology to meet the needs of older and disabled people. Whilst research is core to my practice I prioritise projects that are close to production/implementation over those that are more conceptual or speculative. I pull together a network of software engineers, graphic designers, researchers and film makers to deliver products that straddle the digital/ physical divide. My clients include well

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Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.

Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.