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Knowing The Time By Bishop Brenda K. Perry

When I sit down to write in this little spot, I try to keep things a bit friendly, on the soft side and not sarcastic - as I am told I can be in some of my writings.

“Of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know However, this month I want to write to you what Israel ought to do, from a more heartfelt and serious position. their chiefs were two Two passages of scripture that I feel describe hundred; and all their brethren were at the hour we are in and the boldness that must their command.” 1Chronicles 12:32 be lived by God’s people. They are 2 Timothy 4: 2 - 5 and Titus 1: 9 - 2:15 (read for yourself).

God, who is eternal and living in eternity, is the creator of all things, brought into time doing the creation of In recent months the “walls of the church” the earth. Time is a precious seem to have been shaken. But if our foundation is built on Jesus Christ the gates of commodity that is given to all by God. hell shall never succeed in destroying the Ecclesiastes 1:3 clearly states, “To church. everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” To every professing believer, the hour has



living together in an unmarried state is now referred to as cohabitating. A homosexual lifestyle is now referred to as an alternative life style. They were born that way. Sin by any other name is still continue on page 4

Overcoming Our Past By Minister Isaac Bazile Philippians 3:13

In my last article I spoke about being transformed, and I believe that being spiritually transformed is vital to our relationship with Jesus and our fellow man. Being transformed also means we must overcome our past, the mistakes we’ve made, people we come when Christ must be in us. His Word It’s a very sad thing to be born into have hurt, people and things that have must become far more valuable than our this world, and die in old age, and hurt us. However often times, that’s homes, cars or money in the bank. The value of our currency is deflating with each passing never fulfilled your purpose in your easier said than done. Many people day. But the Word of the Lord shall never pass life time. We must understand that have asked me to pray with them and away or be of no value. for them, asking the Lord to give them time is of the essence, and is a the strength to overcome their past. I, If you want to see what appears to be the state measurement for use in life to myself, wrestle with thoughts of my complete that which we were charge of the church, visit the social networking past. All of us, who are honest with world. I’m amazed at how many will stone to do. The Apostle Paul said it like Christians (those who strive to live Christ this, “When I was a child, I spoke as a ourselves, know we have failures in our lives. Some are bigger than others, like) for standing up for simple righteousness. child, I understood as a child, I It’s an insult to “church goers” if you speak thought as a child; but when I became but all of them must be properly dealt against sin. But these same people will stand with in order for us to be free to live a a man, I put away childish things.” in line and allow someone to lie to them about healthy life before the Lord. divine blessings that will never come to those Many people waste time on unessential things of life. In Philippians 3:13 Paul speaks of who live contrary to the Word of God. both the past and the future. As for the The lie has gone out that it is ok to live the It is of great importance in a born past, he speaks of "forgetting those same life of those who deny Christ, and yet again believer’s life that we know the things which are behind." The past step up boldly and profess to serve God in the time. Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians can be a dear friend that inspires us “holies of holies”. chapter five admonishes the brethren that such as remembering the day of your they know the time and season, and that All I can say is Lord take me back to the place salvation. Moses said to the people where I first believed. Help me to serve you in the Lord will come as a thief in the night. in Exodus 13:3, "Remember this We today are so close to the Lord’s Spirit and in truth! day, in which ye came out from coming compared to the time of Paul. Egypt, out of the house of bondage; When you look around and see that sin

Mel A. Perry, Editor In Chief 2

was once frowned upon by the Church, and even certain sin what frowned upon by sinners. Now sin has made its way into the body of Christ. Names are now given to downplay the act. For example,

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