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SINCE its inception in 1989, the success of the Melomed Private Hospital Group has been powered by four driving-forces: quality of treatment, service excellence, broadening access to healthcare, and the transformation of the medical sector and healthcare platform in South Africa. The Melomed Group consists of four private hospitals namely: Melomed Gatesville, Melomed Mitchells Plain, Melomed Bellville, the brand new Melomed Tokai, a soon to be commissioned Melomed Richards Bay, a specialised mental health establishment in Claremont and an ambulance service – Melomed24. Melomed hospitals have state of the art equipment and facilities including specialised Catheterisation Laboratories, Cardiac Theatres, Intensive Care Units (ICU), High Care Units and Neonate ICU facilities amongst others. The group’s Catheterisation Laboratories perform all major procedures such as cardiac intervention, neuro-intervention and vascular intervention. All major treatments including oncology, chemotherapy, renal dialysis and nuclear medicine are performed within Melomed hospitals. All of our hospitals also consist of 24 hour emergency centres and in-house pharmacies. The strength of the Melomed brand is based on quality and access to healthcare, low cost medical services, staff excellence and highly skilled specialists covering all major disciplines. Melomed Private Hospitals’ mission is to create environments that enable the highest level of quality private healthcare and to maximise investment potential in partnership with strategic service providers and patientfocused employees within the communities in which the group operates. Our Hospitals endeavour to create a statement of confidence in the healthcare sector. Melomed started its healthcare journey over 27 years ago, when its visionary Chairman Ebrahim Bhorat, together with local community members led the initiative aimed at providing the h i g h e s t l e v e l s o f q u a l i t y, compassionate, private healthcare to previously disadvantaged communities in the surrounding areas by establishing Melomed Gatesville. Melomed Gatesville developed into a specialised multidisciplinary facility with a Catheterisation Laboratory, Renal Dialysis Unit, Oncology, Nuclear Medicine and other speciality units, together with the first Cardiac Unit on the Cape Flats and the biggest Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on a single floor in the entire Western Cape. “From the beginning Melomed’s ethos was to incorporate the support of locals by providing local GP’s and Specialists who were members of the community a facility to practice their speciality from,” says Group Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Melomed Randal Pedro. “We are striving for excellence in healthcare, exceptional and outstanding service is what patients can expect to experience when they are admitted to one of our hospitals.’’

“We are committed to providing quality private healthcare and our company’s track record and success to date confirms this’’, says Pedro. The group has received numerous compliments for its willingness and ability to respond to the real needs and suggestions of its clientele and practising clinicians. The success of Melomed is also due to the core skills derived from its passionate and energetic management team and over 2 500 staff members. Our dedicated team consists of highly skilled individuals, each of whom have become part of the Melomed family and it is these staff members who ensure that healthy relationships exist between our patients and Melomed Hospitals. “Our management team, nursing and general staff, comprise 80% females and we have an aggressive training policy to fast-track employees to improve their position within the organisation,” adds Pedro. Patient Management Systems: Melomed Hospitals’ Melodoc patient-management system was developed in partnership with Pathcare and Morton & Partners, which is a first not only for any private medical facility in South Africa but throughout Africa, thus allowing specialists the ability to access and manage their vital patient records anywhere in the world. With a single encrypted login either via an iPad or personal computer, specialists are able to access their real time or archived inpatient information at any of the Melomed Hospitals, instantly view detailed pathology and radiology results, easily co-manage patients with other treating specialists, and make detailed notes pertaining to their patients. All data is viewed online over a secure connection and none of the data is transferred to any of the devices thus preserving patient confidentiality. Caring for Comfort: The Melomed Group places emphasis on comfort and upon admission patients are issued with a complimentary gift bag which includes a shopper bag, toiletry bag, earphones for their TV and bedside slippers. Maternity patients receive a complimentary nappy bag containing most essential items such as creams and nappies needed to ensure a peaceful first day at home upon their discharge. Melomed recently introduced the Melobabes Programme which helps expectant mothers to prepare for their journey of parenthood by providing them with all the relevant information that they need. This maternity programme includes complimentary antenatal classes as well as instant free birth registration in the maternity unit. All medical aids are accepted at Melomed Hospitals.

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Melomed Tokai


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Five star private health facility Group focuses on increasing access and decreasing costs

MELOMED TOKAI SPOKESPERSON MELOMED Tokai is a perfect example of how with the right medical practitioners, a conducive hospital environment can provide a great sense of comfort and peace of mind instead of making people anxious. Entering Melomed Tokai’s double-volume reception area feels like arriving at a hotel with a “free-flow feeling” carrying through to the curved staircase. “Melomed Tokai has the look and feel of a five-star facility, from the spacious luxurious wards to the ample natural lighting, expansive scenic views of Cape Town’s mountains, and modern design of interior decorations,” says Joe Regal, Facilities Manager at Melomed. Melomed firmly believes its facilities should not feel or even smell like the traditional hospital, but be an attractive environment. The modern, top-class furnishings make patients and visitors feel relaxed and pampered. The artwork depicts the Cape’s fauna and flora, which adds freshness to the interior.

A modern feel has been created for Melomed Tokai with natural light used to a large extent. The wards at Melomed are nothing short of luxurious. The private wards are in essence luxury suites, individually decorated with beautiful en-suite bathrooms; fully electronically controlled beds, flat screen LCD televisions, telephones, free Wi-Fi, and leather chairs. The wards and hallways are spacious and uncluttered, replete with pause and waiting areas which provide comfort to patients and visitors alike. The walls in the Paediatric Unit were hand painted by a Cape Town artist, and depicts images of friendly farm animals providing a cheerful atmosphere that is combined with professional service and loving care. The Neonatal Unit has wingback chairs making it easy for mothers to breastfeed and we have comfortable leather recliner chairs in the Paediatric Unit to cater for parents/guardians. Melomed Tokai has focussed on security and access control for extra safety and patient comfort.

HAVING started on the Cape Flats with the Melomed Gatesville Hospital during 1989, Melomed Hospital Holdings has always had a goal of improving access to healthcare in South Africa. With cost being a critical factor in accessing healthcare in the country the Melomed Group has a strong focus on managing and containing costs in its hospitals. We have a number of agreements with medical aids, whereby we are a designated service provider and we enter into very competitive fee tariffs with these funders in order to ensure it is sustainable and cost-effective. “It is known in the industry that our tariffs are generally lower than other private hospital groups,” says Pedro. He says that the group’s mission is to provide affordable healthcare, so there is also a strong focus on managing healthcare costs downwards. “Our hospital design and layout is important; by reducing the distances between services and making the hospital more efficient we reduce our fixed overheads, especially by combining stock rooms between wards and improving security. “We also insource a number of services that other hospitals might outsource, which improves our control and reduce costs per patient, while still increasing the efficiency and quality of services to patients,” says Pedro. The importance of Melomed’s emphasis on containing and cutting costs wherever possible is substantiated by the first Future Health Index (FHI) recently released by Philips, which reports that cost is a significant barrier to healthcare in South Africa. The detailed international research study explored how countries around the world are positioned to meet long-term global health challenges through integration of health systems and adoption of connected care technologies. South Africa received an overall score of 56.7 out of a possible 100, highlighting the need for a concerted effort to increase access to healthcare; the cost of healthcare came out as one of the top barriers to coordinating healthcare further in South Africa.


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Melomed Hospital Group on the opening of the Tokai Hospital.

From the Clinic Manager support team .

Melomed Tokai Hospital is committed to quality healthcare, we’re committed to their success.

Comprehensively prepared for intensive care THE ICU and High Care Units at Melomed Tokai are on the same floor within close proximity of each other and also to the theatres and Cath Lab to facilitate ease of movement. The ICU has been designed to have the maximum amount of natural light and space to promote the well-being and positive mind-set of patients and

visitors alike. The ICU is equipped with both staff and medical technology to treat a wide range of medical conditions regardless of the complications or intricacy of treatment required, from patients recovering from a cardiac bypass procedure to neurosurgery or vascular surgery.

We congratulate Melomed Tokai Hospital for being at the heart of quality healthcare. Many thanks to Melomed Hospital Holdings for opening Melomed Tokai Hospital: A state-of-the-art facility, that brings the residents of Cape Town a variety of quality healthcare options within reach. As their proud bank of choice for 27 years, we look forward to providing them with many more innovative solutions to better the lives of their community.

Speak to our Acquisition Team: Contact Hein Du Toit on 0873356059, 0724963744 or email or contact us on 087 328 0282 or email for more information. First National Bank – a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider (NCRCP20).















Melomed Tokai

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First stem cell transplant at Tokai successful MELOMED TOKAI SPOKESPERSON

Supporting environmentally friendly healthcare WATER and energy saving both play an important part in promoting an environmentally friendly consciousness among staff at Melomed Tokai Hospital as well as advancing the development of a green medical facility. South Africa is a water stressed country, and the water resources are under tremendous pressure from a growing population, on-going development, pollution, wetland destruction, alien invasive plants and the effects of global warming. The 2014 Global Risk Report conducted by the World Economic Forum rated “water crisis� as the third-most significant global risk, two places above that of the “failure of climate change mitigation adaption�. While South Africans have undeniably suffered from the effects of load shedding with the ongoing electricity supply crisis, experts warn that an even larger crisis on our horizon is water supply, which could have unmatched detrimental effects for our country’s socio-economic sustainabili t y, M e l o m e d To k a i H o s p i t a l ’s contribution to the saving of water and energy is accomplished by re-using water from two sources, namely water from the renal unit’s reverse osmosis plant and the autoclaves utilised in the hospital. The reverse osmosis plant provides at least 10 000 litres of water a day, this water will be used as part of the flushing water system in the hospital, to flush toilets and urinals. An additional benefit of this water is that the water requires no cleaning processing, thereby providing an energy saving as well.

The water reclaimed from the autoclaves comes from two sources, firstly the condensate produced by the system and the cooling water from the vacuum system. This water is captured in a tank and is then fed back to the autoclaves. It is estimated that at least 3 000 litres is saved each day from the autoclaves. Here again the reclaimed water requires no cleaning processes. The parking area makes use of permeable paving and the water that runs off is collected for re-use. The reduction of electricity consumption at Melomed Tokai began in the planning stages of the hospital by deigning the facility making use of as much natural light as possible, for both the wellbeing of patients, and the health of the environment by saving on electricity. The windows have been built to sustain energy usage. Low-power LED lights are used throughout the hospital as a means to cut down on electricity consumption and motion detectors have been installed to ensure that lights are immediately and automatically switched off when vacant or not in use. Using Cutting-edge heat pump technology, any heat emitted from the air-conditioning system is used to heat water in the plumbing system so that there is as little wastage as possible. This eco-friendly feature of the new Melomed Tokai facility supports the global warming initiatives, aimed at the reduction of our carbon footprint to preserve the earth for generations to come.

THE Haematology Unit at Melomed Tokai treats a range of blood-related organ disorders and with only about 50 Haematologists in the country the hospital is at the cutting edge of diagnosing, treating and monitoring patients with illnesses of the blood and bone marrow. Head of the Unit, Dr Shahroch Nahrwar, a Specialist, says that Haematological tests at the new hospital are performed with stateof-the-art technology on blood samples to diagnose diseases such as leukaemia and disorders to do with blood clotting. “There are so many aspects of internal medicine in which the blood plays such a critical role that the Haematologist works closely with other disciplines and departments in the hospital, from the Oncologist to the Cardiologist. “Blood flows everywhere in your body and lymph nodes are throughout the body, so many organs in the body are indirectly influenced by the blood,� says Nahrwar.

He says the haematologist conducts bone marrow transplants or stem cell replacements in cases of cancer of bloodrelated organs or bone marrow failure such as leukaemia. “Haematology is one of the few divisions of internal medicine that has a strong component of oncology, especially pertaining to bone marrow and lymph nodes, because immune cells can become cancerous. “For example, the lung tissue can become cancerous, but then the disorder is treated by an Oncologist; it is rare that cancer of a specific organ is treated by that specific organ specialist, but blood related cancer like lymph node cancers are primarily treated by a Haematologist,� says Nahrwar. He says Melomed Tokai’s Haematology Unit, which is the first of its kind within the hospital group, is also equipped with the facilities to conduct

Dr Shahroch Nahrwar (Haematologist).

stem cell transplants, which is a special field in which stem cells can be given from a healthy donor to a sick patient. The first such transplant at Melomed Tokai was successfully conducted last week from a sibling to a patient with leukaemia, which is a feather in the hospital’s haematological cap. Nahrwar says the Melomed group is doing an excellent job of making specialised healthcare services and quality private healthcare accessible to the less privileged and emerging population of South Africa whilst still offering state-of-the-art service.

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Melomed on the opening of their new Tokai hospital.

($67 &2$67 0(',&$/ 6287+(51 5(*,216 FF As a proud supplier of medical equipment and service to the 3RQWDF 5RDG 6D[HQEXUJ 3DUN ¹ %ODFNKHDWK Melomed Group, we at EAST COAST MEDICAL wish them &$3( 72:1 6XQQLQJGDOH $YHQXH ¹ 6XQQ\ULGJH well with the establishment of their latest medical facility ($67 /21'21 in Tokai and commend them on the excellence of the 32 %R[ ¹ .XLOVULYHU ¹ 7 ‡ important service they provide. ) ‡


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Melomed Tokai

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Oncology unit brings treatment closer to home who might be feeling a bit under the weather,” says Dr Imran Parker, Oncologist at Melomed Tokai. “Patients are also provided with food and beverages during their therapy sessions,” he adds. The multidisciplinary Oncology team and Oncology Unit comprises of a six-station chemotherapy section with two doctors, a Clinical Haematologist, two chemotherapy sisters, a pharmacist, an administrative clerk, and a Laminar flow for the mixing of chemotherapies on MELOMED Tokai’s modern Oncology Unit is situated on the fifth floor with a panoramic view of Table Mountain that provides patients with a tranquil environ-

ment in which to relax on comfortable on lazy-boy chairs while receiving their treatment. “There are also two beds for patients

GIVEN the fast pace of life these days, it is difficult to imagine how patients who have lost the function of their kidneys manage to find 12 hours every week for the life-saving dialysis treatment they need. The Melomed Renal Care Tokai dialysis unit provides life-saving dialysis treatment for many renal patients. At full capacity the unit can accommodate 180 patients and is open six days a week. State-of-the-art equipment is complimented by a highly skilled Nephrologist, Dr Jashira Naidoo, who oversees the unit together with the professional staff who are all committed to providing quality care to their patients.


site. The unit service offering currently include a dedicated bunker where radio therapy is to be added at a later stage.

Parker says up until the opening of Melomed Tokai there has been a need for an Oncology Unit in the southern Cape Peninsula as the number of oncology patients is growing while there has been a lack of oncology services in the TokaiMuizenberg-Fish Hoek area. “Melomed Tokai’s Oncology Unit will allow patients residing in the Southern Cape Peninsula to travel a shorter distance cutting time in the traffic which allows for a greater focus on the treatment and recovery time,” says Parker. “We have already had patients from

the Fish Hoek area expressing their gratitude for not having to spend so much time travelling as their oncology treatment is now closer to home.” Parker says the Melomed Tokai Oncology Unit treats a wide range of different cancers including breast, lung, colon and brain tumors, while the clinical haematologist treats lymphomas and leukemics. “We try and cover every aspect of oncology. Our clinical haematologist also has a stem cell and bone marrow transplant service available.”

Kidney dialysis available in comfortable setting Patients enjoy comfortable facilities with access to television and Wi Fi. The Melomed Renal Care Tokai dialysis unit is situated in the Melomed Tokai hospital on the foothills of the Constantiaberg, and is the third unit of its kind within the Melomed Hospital Holdings Group. Melomed Renal Care offers a range of value added services, including pre-dialysis education, nutritional guidelines, monthly patient education and support groups for patients and their families.

Haemodialysis is a life-saving procedure for people with kidney function impairment, involving a dialysis machine filtering the blood by providing an artificial purifying mechanism when their kidneys can no longer eliminate dangerous toxins from their bodies. Naidoo says that renal disease is on the rise, because obesity and diabetes is increasing and poorly controlled diabetes and hypertension are the number-one reasons and attributors of this disease.


Lifeskills unit offers mental health healing

Unit H105, Hills Building, Buchanan Square 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, 7925 T: +27 21 4612122/3 f: +27 21 4612124 E:

Congratulations on the opening of Melomed Hospital Tokai. We are proud to be associated with them


MELOMED Tokai’s Lifeskills unit regards mental health as an essential aspect of a person’s overall holistic existence including their psychological and emotional well-being, that affects not only the individual, but their family, friends, employers or employees and society in general. Dux Maseti, Lifeskills Unit Manager at Melomed Tokai says that it is estimated that at any one time, one in four people has a mental health problem so there is no need for embarrassment when asking for help. Melomed Tokai’s has an ethos of offering the best health care facilities available with an excellent team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Nursing staff. “We specialise in depressive disorders, therefore anxiety disorders and bipolar disorders serving a diverse patient population with varying culturally sensitive needs,” says Maseti. “Where indicated alternative wellness initiatives such as gym and yoga, massage and nurturing advice are initiated,” he adds. The unit’s dedicated multidisciplinary, professional team consists of the following team members: ● Specialist Psychiatrists who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of many disorders which include emotional disturbances and substance dependence. They work closely with the General

Practitioner, Psychologists and other health professionals. ● Clinical Psychologists provide counselling and psychotherapy. They also provide diagnostic assessment or “testing” services. They work with people who have a life adjustment problem as well as emotional disorders. They provide treatment for people of all ages and to families and groups. ● Occupational Therapists guide clients through a client-centred process provided on an individual basis and in group settings that aims to improve the client’s physical well-being and emotional health as well as support the client to actively reengage in meaningful life activities that may include, work, leisure and activities of daily living. and ● Psychiatric nursing staff who, apart from issuing medication and making sure that patients are comfortable, take part in group psycho education sessions during which patients are taught about their conditions and the use of their medication. The values Melomed Tokai’s Lifeskills unit aspires to include working with integrity, working with open communication, being culturally sensitive, engaging ethically, spirituality, and building a “Unit of Excellence”.


Giving South Africa’s next generation a healthy start. Now’s our time to inspire the future of healthcare together Congratulations to Melomed private hospital group on the opening of their new hospital in Tokai. Siemens Healthineers is proud to be associated as a medical technology partner to the Melomed private hospital group and wish them continued success with the new Melomed Tokai facility. The Tokai facility boasts state-of-the-art cardiac catheterisation laboratory and x-ray, proudly installed by Siemens Healthineers.


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Melomed Tokai

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Life-saving cardiovascular treatment on your doorstep MELOMED Tokai offers the only cardiac intervention unit in Cape Town’s southern Peninsula and brings the life-saving facilities much closer to people living in the area. With a limited amount of time (known as the Golden Hour) to perform an intervention once a person suffers a heart attack, Melomed Tokai has made the distance to the closest cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory (cath lab) shorter and safer. Cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death, accounting for more than 17.3-million deaths per year, a number that is expected to grow to more than 23.6-million by 2030, according to the American Heart Association’s Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2016 Update. “Our Cath Lab boasts the latest advances in technology and has the latest multi-million rand machine that performs angiograms, which allows doctors to see more closely and have a better

view of blood flow, locate clots in the blood vessels and choose one of a number of ways to intervene immediately,� says Sister Sharon Peterson, head of the cath lab unit. “The Cath Lab enables us to perform all vascular procedures, including stenting of major peripheral arteries in the arms, legs, kidneys, abdominal aorta and carotid arteries. “Our cath lab is also fully equipped to perform all neuro-interventions and neuro-interventional procedures� There are many conditions of the brain which can be treated through neuro-interventional procedures; some of the most well-known including aneurysms and strokes just to mention a few,� says Peterson. She informs that staff members participate in both local and international cardiovascular disease congresses regularly to keep their knowledge up-to-date with international standards.

Dr Debbie Rolfe (Intensivist), Dr Michael Janson (Cardiothotacic Surgeon).and Dr Patrick Ntuli (Cardiologist)

Melohearts Support Group MELOMED established the Melohearts Programme in support of those who had suffered a cardiovascular event. This free monthly programme is held at our various hospitals and provides educational talks, cooking demonstrations and advice on leading a healthier lifestyle. Melomed has over the years become

increasingly aware of the high rate of cardiovascular incidents in the communities in which it serves and has recently extended the support groups to the general public as well. For more information e-mail : or contact us on 021 699 0950.

The directors and sta of the SA Biomedical Group wishes our valued customer, the Melomed Hospital Group, much success on the occasion of the opening of their Tokai Hospital.

Congratulations to the Melomed Hospital Group on the opening of the new Tokai hospital


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Congratulations! Genop Healthcare congratulates Melomed Private Hospitals on the opening of Melomed Tokai. We applaud your exceptional vision and dedication in providing Tokai with worldclass medical facilities and the highest standards of professional treatment. Genop Healthcare offers a range of worldclass pharmaceutical products, surgical and diagnostic instruments and devices with the emphasis on ´


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Genop Healthcare (Pty) Ltd. PO Box 3911, Halfway House, 1685, South Africa. Co. Reg. No.: 1984/011575/07. 07/2016/NS/174.

Melomed Tokai


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Family-friendly paediatric unit MELOMED Tokai’s Paediatric Unit is a light, bright, friendly and sunny environment aimed at supporting a large population of families with children in the South Peninsula region, by supplying a conducive healthcare environment promoting improved infection control measures. The 26 bed unit is very spacious and conducive to good healing with ample space for a parent staying with their child. Melomed Tokai already has some favourable reports since its inception and received positive feedback from parents of patients complimenting the hospital and staff for the caring environment created. The Unit also boasts a separate High-Care and Isolation section, apart from the normal Paediatric Ward to cater for the specific healthcare needs of these patients. The Paediatric Unit is well equipped with specialised technology offering the latest in lifesaving and support monitoring equipment, giving parents peace of mind knowing that their little ones are in safe hands while in the hospital’s care. Melomed Tokai strives at all times to create a secure environment, effectively allowing the nursing staff to care for their patients with confidence. Promoting a happy parent-staff relationship is one of the hospital’s main objectives. However, nursing staff are ultimately responsible for children whilst in our care. To ensure that children’s stay in hospital is not too

Melomed takes-up SA’s nursing skills challenge

stressful, Melomed encourages the use of their own belongings such as: pyjamas, gowns; their own teat if they are bottle fed; nappies; their favourite duvet or blanket; and toys. As part of the service offering to patients upon admission, each paediatric admission is given a complimentary back pack and slippers upon admission. To commemorate their bravery, a certificate is issued to all discharged paediatric patients.


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We would like to Congratulate the Melomed Hospital Group on the opening of the new Tokai private hospital. We are proud to be associated with them. OM\04\10392135

MELOMED Hospital Holdings places an emphasis on the training of nurses. The group believes continuing professional development for nurses is imperative for the provision of consistent and high-quality patient care at its hospitals, especially as statistics from the South African Nursing Council (SANC) illustrate that the existing outputs of nursing education institutions do not match the health and service demands for nurses and midwives. In 2010, 3 595 professional nurses with four years of training registered with the SANC. In the same year, the National Department of Health estimated a professional nurse shortage of 44 780 in the public health sector, which suggests a severe shortage of professional nurses across all healthcare services. Nurses in South Africa, make up the largest single group of health service providers and their role in promoting health and providing essential services is undisputed. Melomed agrees that nurses are integral to South Africa’s quest for universal healthcare to improve population health and achieve equity and social justice-. It is for this reason that the hospital group places an emphasis on the development of the nursing skills mix including continuing professional development in its ploy to promote the provision of consistent and high-quality patient care. “We take the training of our nursing staff very seriously,” says Yolandi Pedro, Group Training and Development Manager at the Melomed Training Institute. “Besides our own facilities we collaborate with the University of Stellenbosch for the post-graduate Nursing Diploma.We invest in the training and skills development of our nurses to overcome the large shortage of nurses in the country. We do general nursing training, mid-

wifery, and ICU. Last year we achieved a 100% pass rate of the 74 nurses trained and two of our nursing students achieved honours from the SANC,” says Pedro. She says several Melomed nurses have also won the coveted Discovery Excellence Awards for Nurses (DEAN award), an intiative launched in 2014 by Discovery Health to recognise excellence in nursing care. These awards aim to: reward and enhance nursing excellence in hospitals; strengthen the healthcare system by facilitating further education and training for nurses; acknowledge excellence in the services delivered by hospitals; and encourage a culture of both individual excellence and team work in nursing. “The DEAN awards are granted via a system of judging by Discovery Health that is based on the questioning of their medical aid members who have been patients in the country’s hospitals,” says Pedro. Melomed hospitals were chosen by the University of Connecticut in the USA as worthy hospitals to send nurses annually to train and gain practical experience, which is an indication of the quality of nursing and management in the Melomed hospitals and the group’s willingness to share knowledge, learn about first world countries’ healthcare delivery, and adapt healthcare modules and advances to suit patient’s needs. “This arrangement is not only beneficial to the University of Connecticut, but the Melomed Group too as it gives the healthcare provider continual feedback from a highly credible outside nurses training institution regarding Melomed’s quality of nursing, infection control, training, quality assurance, and healthcare standards,” says Pedro. She contends that the provision of training by Melomed not only produces more skilled nurses in the group, but more loyal nurses too. “One of the reasons we have a lower turnover of nursing staff compared to most other hospital groups is that they have opportunities for continual training and development. We have a centralised formal training institute as well as on-going nursing training and development facilitated by a clinical facilitator at each of our hospitals who assesses the level of nurses’ skills,” says Pedro. In the last five years Melomed has put some600 employees through training courses in the organisation with staff members progressing from care-givers to nursing auxiliary, enrolled nurses and finally registered nurses. “We are proud of the growth we have experienced through our nursing staff,” says Pedro.

Melomed Tokai

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THE birth of your child is such a powerful and special event, Melomed aims to do everything possible to make your experience memorable and miraculous. M e l o m e d To k a i i s r e a d y t o handle the full range of needs for expectant mothers with pre-and-postnatal services, normal birthing and caesarean deliveries, as well the post delivery care of both mother and baby. The Melobabes programme helps women to prepare for this journey by providing expectant mothers with all the relevant information. The programme includes complimentary antenatal classes; a special pregnancy journal to help keep track of the changes women can expect in their bodies as well as a guided tour of the hospital facilities. Upon admission the expectant mother receives a complimentary nappy bag, a shopper bag, which includes a luxurious pair of velvet slippers, a toiletry bag, earphones. Melomed encourages expectant mothers to start planning as soon as possible for the whole duration of their pregnancy. For example, Melomed Tokai strives to introduce expectant mothers to the entire multi-disciplinary team, including midwives and Gynaecologists so that a relationship of trust is built. Melomed Tokai guides and prepares expectant mothers, not only regarding what to anticipate for themselves, but

also for their new-born baby. All nursing staff members at Melomed Tokai’s women’s health unit are registered midwives with more than 8 years experience and some even have advanced mid-wife qualifications. Although delivery is physician-led the midwives are all qualified and trained to monitor the patient. The hospital favours patient centred care, which means the midwife stays with the mother through the entire birthing process. Melomed Tokai has wards that consist of four beds, two beds, and private wards, for post delivery care. The hospital strives to allow the baby to stay with the mother at all times and encourages the father of the new-born to be present. There is also a nursery nurse to assist mothers with breastfeeding and to bath the baby. “Additional services offered at Melomed include an in-house Lactation Specialist as well as free birth registration services” Registering the birth of your child previously required visiting the Home Affairs office, joining long queues and paying a fee for your birth certificate. At Melomed Hospitals however, a newborn can be conveniently registered at the maternity ward and an original copy of the birth certificate will be printed and issued free of charge.

Neonatal facilities THE hospital is well equipped to handle any neonatal emergency and ensures that any baby in distress after the birth is taken care of in the most professional manner. Melomed Tokai has an extremely well-equipped and advanced speciality neonatal Intensive Care Unit with highly trained staff, a two-bed ICU unit where babies can be ventilated as well as two isolation beds and a two-bed High-Care facility. All facilities are set to the highest standard of safety and patient care. Melomed Tokai’s neonatal staff members are specially trained to care

for premature babies. Special skills are required with premature babies, because they are not fully developed yet, so the hospital unit is specifically designed to care for them in a way that simulates the womb, without sharp lights, loud noise or extreme changes in temperature. The way that premature babies are handled requires constant care, however, Melomed Tokai regards it as fulfilling to see the babies develop and gain in strength as it is to build relationships with the parents who become like family for the duration of their stay.

Wide range of medical services on offer MELOMED Tokai has extended the footprint of the Melomed Private Hospital Group to Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs. Melomed Tokai, which is the hospital group’s latest flagship facility, has both private and semi-private wards and provides a wide spectrum of specialist services, including: ■ The only dedicated Cardiac Unit supported and backed by a Catheterisation Laboratory, ■ Cardiac Theatre in the Southern Peninsula; ■ 24-Hour Emergency Centre with ambulance base; ■ Oncology Unit; ■ Renal dialysis Unit; ■ Nuclear Medicine ■ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric Intensive Care and HighCare Units; Adult Intensive Care Unit; ■ Maternity and Obstetrics Unit with a dedicated Obstetric Theatre; ■ General Surgery ■ Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery Paediatrics and Neonatology which includes: ■ Paediatric surgery; ■ Paediatric neurology;

■ Paediatric cardiology; ■ Paediatric pulmonology ■ General Orthopaedic Surgery ■ Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ■ Psychiatry ■ Obstetrics and Gynaecology ■ Urogynaecology ■ Ophthalmology/Vitreoretinal Surgery ■ Oncology ■ Spinal Orthopaedic Surgery; ■ Endocrinology; ■ Haematology; ■ Nephrology ■ Rheumatology ■ Hepatobiliary Surgery; ■ Interventional Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery ■ Internal Medicine/Physicians ■ Surgical Gastroenterology; ■ Vascular Surgery; ■ Urology; ■ Dermatology Maxillo-facial Surgery ■ Dentistry ■ Pathology ■ Radiology ■ Podiatry ■ Occupational Therapy ■ Clinical Psychology ■ Audiology ■ Dietitics ■ Physiotherapy.


Melobabes maternity program guides parents in welcoming their newborns into the world

CONGRATULATIONS to the Melomed Hospital Group on their new state of the art hospital in Tokai.

Melomed Tokai


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IT drives service excellence and operational efficiency


“Security Specialists that cares� Tel: 021 633 6206 / 021 633 9272

We Congratulate Melomed Hospital Group on the opening of their Tokai Hospital om/13/10392178

THE use of information technology spans virtually every aspect of the day-to-day running of the newly established, state-of-the-art Melomed Tokai Hospital, from improving quality and efficiency to cost containment, advancing successful medical-procedure outcomes, improved infection control measures, maintaining safety and security, financials and credit control, pharmacies, the trauma unit, enriching patient experience, and ensuring speed of booking-in and personal service. “Our intention is not only to ensure patients leave medically fit, but are offered the same five- star experience during their stay as they would expect from a world-class healthcare establishment,� says Sachin Nathoo, IT manager at Melomed. He explains that the Melomed Group’s employment of IT plays a big part in the quality of service and ambience at Melomed Tokai. Patients need to get through the admission process and understand the financial implication of his/her hospitalisation and be informed of the cover provided by medical insurers and the implications thereof. We achieve this by ensuring our IT systems are connected to every medical aid therefore offering up to date information upon their arrival. Revolutionary patient-management system: After the admission process is completed and the pertinent information required by the hospital to effectively manage the patient during their stay is stored. Within a few minutes, the patient is taken to their bed where their vital details are already displayed on an electronic bedside screen. At this point Melomed Tokai’s revolutionary ‘Melodoc’ patient-management system comes into play. Developed in partnership with Pathcare (pathologists) and Morton & Partners (radiologists), the Melodoc system gives our specialists the ability to access and manage their vital patient records anywhere in the world. Specialists are able to access their real time or archived in-patient information at any of the Melomed Hospitals instantly, view detailed pathology and radiology results, easily co-manage patients with other treating specialists, make detailed

notes pertaining to their patients, issue prescriptions, issue discharge and/or other instructions to the wards and unit managers. The secure system features a unique security protocol whereby the treating specialist may be required to enter a One Time Pin (OTP) to authenticate certain entries/orders when managing his or her patients treatment plan. Events management: “Other features of the system include an events management section whereby specialists can manage their CME (Continuous Professional Development) needs and print their attendance certificates online, view the latest news and events at Melomed, as well as view up to date/real time Specialist On-Call Rosters and more,� says Nathoo. He explains that a module of the Melodoc system is also available to nursing staff, which allows them to quickly capture the theatre slate information, manage the patients bedside status, view notes as well as manage the specialists on call rosters and more. We welcome our patients feedback and our client service officers at hospital level also utilise particular information on their iPads to conduct daily electronic patient quality rounds and patient opinion surveys with complaints or compliments being immediately filtered to the relevant departments from the patient’s bedside, allowing the hospitals to instantly address any of the patients concerns and observations. “The same information is also filtered through to head office allowing us to better manage the patient care experience,� says Nathoo. IT has become an integral part of the hospital’s functioning: He says the Melomed Group’s hospitals have advanced rapidly in terms of efficiency and communication using IT, which has become an integral part of the hospitals’ successful functioning.

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HUMAN resources is the single most important factor to the success of any organization and here at Melomed Private Hospitals this is no different, according to Ridwaan Allie, CEO of Melomed. Healthcare is patient centered and people intensive, from clinical, to nursing, pharmacy, catering or cleaning aspects of the hospitals; all are driven and dependent on human capital. “The human element is vital in the hospital environment, whether it be diagnosing a patient, conducting surgery, changing a drip, giving medication or serving a meal. All of our patients relate to Melomed through our staff who are the face and brand ambassadors of our hospitals. The medical profession is highly dependent on staff members being able to serve and relate to patients in a professional manner with understanding and empathy,� explains Allie. He says that our people are our passion and we treat them as such, this ties in with the group mission in becoming an employer of choice in the private healthcare arena. However, Allie says Melomed is an extremely cosmopolitan organisation employing staff from all sectors of society and all walks of life. “We reflect the rainbow nation of South Africa’s demographics, which is important to us, as is the development of our staff.

“It is important to Melomed that our staff is motivated, positive and inspired at work, because their frame of mind filters through to the patients and impacts on the quality of healthcare delivered at our hospitals. “We put a lot of emphasis and effort into providing a conducive environment for our staff to work in, which is one of the reasons we are becoming known as a preferred company to work for.

“This is reflected by the number of applications we receive each month for employment� “In the last year the group has had somewhere in the region of 5 000 people applying for employment,� says Allie. In the past five years the number of Melomed employees has grown from about 1 000 to 2 500 staff members to date. Melomed is registered with the Health and Welfare Sectorial Education Training Authority (HWSETA) and currently has a number of students on learnerships with the majority of students being female and from the surrounding communities. “The Melomed Private Hospital Group’s human resources focus is on community upliftment through the development of a sustainable workforce

Melomed Tokai

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Patients pleased with service, locality and care YEAR prior to Tristan Lee having an operation at Melomed Tokai, he had the same operation done at another private hospital in Cape Town, however, he found Melomed “110-times better”. “The nurses were more friendly and the doctors saw me more regularly. The doctor checked-up on me twice on the Saturday and then came again at 7am on the Sunday morning to check

me out of the hospital.” Lee says he can’t find anything to complain about. Everything in the hospital is stylish and modern, very up-to-date; far more stylised than what I was expecting “Having gone to other hospitals that look as if they have 1980s furnishings Melomed Tokai looked stylish and modern.”

Although Lee lives only a short drive away from Melomed Tokai, proximity was not the main reason for using the new hospital’s healthcare services. “I wasn’t happy with my experience at the other hospital, so I thought I would try the new hospital and it has lived up to expectations. “I’m glad to have the new hospital close-by,” says Lee.

Shanice Cole also had an operation at Melomed Tokai recently. She is happy with the outcome of the procedure as well as her stay at the hospital. “Although I was only in hospital for the day I found it very comfortable and the staff members are extremely polite.” Cole says she went to Melomed Tokai, because it is cheaper than the

hospital she had been to before and she wanted to try the new hospital’s facilities. “I am happy that Melomed Tokai is close to where I live, because it makes a big difference to the amount of time that it took me to get to a hospital previously. “I am relieved to have Melomed Tokai close by,” says Cole.

Contributing to a better SA for all

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CELEBRATING MADIBA DAY THE Melomed Private Hospital Group aims to give back and has developed social responsibility programmes that uplifts the community. The group believes that by assisting in improving the quality of life for the less fortunate, it will be helping to forge a more equitable and less discriminatory South African society. Melomed is aware that there are communities in South Africa who often exhibit needs that the rest of society takes for granted. Lack of numeracy, literacy, proper nutrition and recreational amenities to name a few, are such examples. Over the past 27 years that Melomed has operated in these disadvantaged communities, the company has become

increasingly aware of these needs and has made interventions to alleviate some of those needs including prevention initiatives such as pregnancy awareness, dental awareness, and diabetes awareness. Melomed’s social responsibility programmes serve the communities, as the company believes it is incumbent to plough back some of the benefits derived from the surrounding society. By contributing to meeting and alleviating the needs of the communities in which it operates, Melomed is helping to forge a society in which the division between those that have and those that have not is less pronounced, a society that is healthier, more caring and sharing, a society without discrimination or deficiency.

Proud to be associated with the Melomed Hospital Group on the opening of their Tokai Private Hospital. Tel: 021 981 9120 · E-mail:

Congratulations to Melomed Hospital on their new Tokai Hospital


Business : 021 637 1638 Ph/Fax : 021 637 1638 • Cell: 082 875 0786 Email :

Congratulations to Melomed Hospital on the opening of the new State of the Art Hospital in Tokai

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Melomed Tokai


Emergency medical care available around the clock

The management and staff of

Congratulate the Melomed Hospital Group on the opening of their state of the art medical facility in Tokai and look forward to many years of providing so ware and support to the Group.



STATE OF THE ART DIGITAL R ADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Morton & Partners in Tokai ŏers a private, secure, comfortable environment and a Women s Imaging facility complete with convenient parking. • • • •

Siemens MAGNETOM High field Aera Open Bore MR Multi slice low dose cardiac CT Digital diagnostic X-rays Digital fluoroscopy

• • • •

Digital mammography with digital tomosynthesis Ultrasound Bone mineral densitometry (BMD) Interventional radiology

TAKING RADIOLOGY INTO THE FUTURE Morton & Partners Melomed Tokai Hospital Morton & Partners Women’s Imaging Tokai

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T: 021 276 1789 | F: 021 409 7219 T: 021 276 1790 | F: 021 409 7219

THE PUBLIC will be pleased to know that each Melomed Private Hospital facility boasts a dedicated 24Hour Emergency Centre, all of which caters for every eventuality in case of emergency. The Emergency Centre is probably the most critical aspect of any hospital, because all emergencies come through the unit and addresses patients’ needs for swift and critical stabilization and emergency medical care. The Melomed Tokai Emergency Centre since the opening of its doors, has received numerous positive patient feedback, reiterating and confirming patients calls for the much needed lifesaving emergency centre and services for people living in the entire Southern Cape Peninsula as far as False Bay and Fish Hoek. Melomed Tokai patrons dominated social media platform expressing and stating appreciation for the speedy and efficient manner in which they are taken care of in the Emergency Centre. There is a strong team culture between staff in Melomed’s Emergency Centres as they work under extreme conditions. ‘The Emergency Centres utilise the Cape Triage Score (CTS), which has been derived by the Cape Triage Group (CTG) for use in emergency units throughout South Africa and comprises a physiologically based scoring system and a list of discriminators, designed to triage Emergency Centre patients upon arrival into one of five priority groups for medical attention’ Three versions have been developed, for adults, children and infants. All doctors and nursing practitioners who work in the Emergency Centre are all specifically trained. Their skill sets comprise of basic life support and acute cardiac life support as well as the advanced trauma life support certificates, which are all essential in delivering this critical service in the area. A key fundamental of those certificates is the close loop communication that is essential for the effective run-

ning of any Emergency Centre, which requires immediate response with either an action or a positive confirmation when a patient informs the doctor of any symptoms. Close loop communication is a concept that is vital in the trauma unit environment as it prevents miscommunication and saves time, which in an emergency can save a life. The Emergency Centre at Melomed Tokai’s facilities are excellent and the unit comprises of 10 normal consulting beds of which two are dedicated for paediatric patients; two are resuscitation beds in a separate, fully equipped resuscitation room, two procedure beds in a procedure room where patients with minor emergencies like dislocation of any joints or fractures can be assessed and treated. The Melomed Emergency Centre is built on 500 square metres and has state-ofthe-art equipment including a digital videoguided Laryngoscope for helping a patient to breath in an emergency situation and mobile X-ray equipment that allows for the X-ray of a patient that cannot be moved by moving the X-ray equipment around the patient’s body. The Emergency Centre was purposely built neighbouring the X-ray department, which gives patients direct access to emergency diagnostic radiology including CT & MRI investigations. Melomed Tokai’s Emergency Centre boasts the services of a fully equipped ambulance and response vehicle, manned with highly skilled and specialised paramedics. Melomed Emergency Units have the capabilities to deal with any emergency 24-hours a day assessing and stabilising patients who are in a critical condition. Their advanced capabilities are reflected by the fact that Melomed24 Ambulance Service also provides emergency standby services and has successfully provided this service for many local and international events.

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