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tch Book 3

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Word Count: 384




Vocabulary Glossary

butterscotch: A traditional sweet.

fetch: To collect something or retrieve it

hopscotch: A simple jumping game with numbers.

hutch: A small cage where animals are kept.

strides: To walk with long, purposeful steps.


Focus Words

batch itch catch Mitch fetch patch

Fletch scotch hopscotch snatch

Heart Words

am have says watch what sorry butterscotch kitchen

hutch sketch stretch

I cannot hang in the sun as it is wet and cold. Mum says I can watch TV while she makes butterscotch in the kitchen. Butterscotch is the best!

cannot = can + not

butterscotch = but + ter + scotch

kitchen = kitch + en

“Can I have a bit?”
“Not yet, Fletch. I have to mix it,” says Mum.
“Shall I go and fetch eggs from the hen hutch?” I ask.
“No eggs in butterscotch, Fletch,”

Mum tells me as she pops things in the pan to whisk them.

I sit and watch. It smells so yum.

“Can I have a bite yet, Mum?”

“Not yet, Fletch. I have to make the mix hot in the pan. The sun is up, and it is not so wet. Go and sit on the swing while I make the butterscotch.”

Brown sugar

Mix it up


I swing and swing for a long time then go back to the kitchen to find Mum. I beg, “Can I have a bit of butterscotch yet?”
“No, not yet Fletch. It is still too hot, and it must sit to chill. Go and hang with Mitch.” With a huff, I text my mate, Mitch, and we hang.

Mitch and I sketch a hopscotch game on the path. Hopscotch is fun but I have an itch to get the butterscotch. We go back inside and the fresh batch of butterscotch sits on the kitchen bench.

hopscotch = hop + scotch
“Can we have it yet, Mum?”
“Not yet, Fletch. I have to pop it in tubs.” Mum strides off to get tubs. But I crave the butterscotch so much that I do a bad thing.

I stretch up to snatch the butterscotch, and we make a dash for it! We hide at the back of the swing set, just me and Mitch. I hope Mum will not catch us.

We lunch on butterscotch. Yum!

Then Mum yells from the kitchen. It makes my chest flip inside.

“Fletch! Mitch!”

Oh no!

“Did you kids snatch that butterscotch?”

We can’t hide the fact that we have it.

I have butterscotch on my chin. A big patch of it is on my top. And Mitch is sick… the butterscotch was so rich!
Mitch is sent home.

I tell Mum I am sorry. Next time, I will just sit and watch. I will not beg and snatch, as I think Mum is just the best… and so is butterscotch.


Fun Fact

The History of Butterscotch

Butterscotch is a type of sweet sauce or candy made from brown sugar and butter. It was first sold in the 1850s. It was once believed that butterscotch could help to keep people healthy in the cold months, and it became known as the English Queen’s “sweetmeat”, because it was a favoured treat of hers.

Butterscotch Recipe

You will need:

• 1/2 cup brown sugar

• 4 tablespoons butter

• 1/2 cup thickened cream

• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

• 1 pinch of flake salt


Steps for cooking:

1) Melt the butter in a pan on the stove.

2) Add the brown sugar and salt.

3) Let it bubble, making sure you stir it so it doesn’t stick to the sides.

4) Add the cream and stir together.

5) Simmer for around five minutes.

6) Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract.

7) Let it sit to cool.

Put the sauce on your favourite cake or toffee.


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