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TRANSLATED FROM THE SPANISH BY MMBIGALKE, 7/14/11 July 5th, 2011 Mr. Brad Lerch Royal Blue Organics/CafĂŠ Mam Esteemed Clients: In recent days we have visited with the family of Mr. Austreberto Morales Perez (may he rest in peace). The executive committee, members of the administration team, a spiritual counselor (Father ToĂąo) and other members as well as delegates who witnessed the death of Mr. Perez met with family members and local coworkers to discuss how best ISMAM might seek to support the family. ISMAM pledged to help compensate the family for the money lost in the assault. The family requested economic help in order to support their six small children (ranging through elementary to high school) who depend on the lost income and therefore require our support. Mr. Perez (50) was a member of ISMAM for 20 years, as well as serving as a delegate and a leader in his own community. His 8-hectare coffee property , located in the Sierra region (municipality of Siltepec, area Honduras) would produce around 50 quintales of coffee per year. He will be remembered not only as a great partner but also for his kindness, sympathy and goodness to everyone. We ask for your help in economically supporting the family of our partner and friend who lost his life on the 14th of June, 2011 at the hands of thieves, who stole not only his money but also his life. Sincerely, The Executive Committee Delfido Morales Tomas, President Adulto Roblero Roblero, Secretary Floriberto Perez Perez, Treasurer

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Translated Letter from ISMAM

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