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Catalogue 2015

As Meijers Fit & Gezond, we have specialized in quality training equipment since 1976. Our target customers are private consumers looking for fitness equipment, physiotherapists, personal trainers, fitness centres and top athletes alike. Our range is indeed unique and offers an endless range of possibilities, from the simplest to the most advanced, always with proven benefits. This brochure only offers a small glympse of our product range and possibilities. For more info, please contact us or visit our website Kindest regards from the Meijers team, Herrald and Monique Meijers

Table of Contents RMT™ Club


BOSU® Elite


BOSU® Balance Trainer - BOSU® Sport - BOSU® Ballast™ Ball




UltimateInstability™ - Trigger Point The GRID


RAGE® Fitness




Kamagon Ball® - Dynamax Medicine Ball






Core Power Programs



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RMT® Club Rotational Movement Training The RMT® Club is a functional training tool which has many uses. Strength training, mobility training, skill based training, high intensity training (HIIT), sport specific training, and much more. It improves athletic movement, balance, coordination and unifies both sides of the body. It offers you a complete full body workout as well as the ability to focus on specific targeted areas. It's extremely durable so you can strike it against padded areas such as a wall, heavy bag, the ground and other suitable surfaces. You can also use the "shifting weight" inside for dynamic resistance training, synchronizing movements and educating the non-dominant side of your body to move like your dominant side. Each feature of the RMT ® Club was specifically designed around the principles of Rotational Movement Training®, Non-Dominant Side Training™, and Spiraling™ movement patterns. The RMT® Club comes complete with a training DVD including detailed instructions on 21 foundational exercises covering the entire body. As well as a full 40 min workout, FREE online access to additional videos, sports specific workouts, and an exercise wall chart.





BOSU® Elite The BOSU Elite incorporates a much firmer dome designed to spring load your body and intensify core exercises, defined training zones (Power Line, Power Zone) to create better alignment and force transfer, and specialized programming that allows you to get the most out of your workouts. - - - - - - - - -

Provides more stability and support for high impact movements and weighted exercises. Specialized athletic programming specific to the new design and firmer dome. Optimizes total body alignment for better movement mechanics. Promotes pelvic balance to harness efficiency and power of the hips. Enhances the athletic power position and movement. Primes the body for greater strength and power. “Spring loads” the feet and legs for increased speed and jumps. Accommodates heavier athletes. Ultra durable (weight rated at 2000 lbs vs. 350 lbs for the original).







BOSU® BOSU® Balance Trainer BOSU ® stands for ‘Both Sides Utilized’, which means that you can use the dome as well as the flat side of the BOSU ® Balance Trainer. The BOSU ® Balance Trainer is the perfect workout product to add balance to any existing type of exercise. Balance is the start of every movement and helps us move with purpose and control. With the motto “making every workout better”, the BOSU ® Balance Trainer provides more stability and challenges to the body during every workout. Especially the core fulfils an important and active role in this. The core is the most important link between the upper and the lower body and it makes sure that the movement patterns and abilities that we need for sports, work and daily activities are enhanced. The BOSU ® Balance Trainer is challenging, accessible, efficient and suited to all. Your customers and you will achieve results quickly: - stronger core, abdominal and back muscles - a greater awareness of the body, better achievements in sports - a better posture

BOSU® Sport The new, redesigned BOSU ® Sport 50 cm Balance Trainer, a smaller version of the original BOSU ® Balance Trainer.

BOSU® Ballast Ball™ The regular stability ball is one of the most versatile training products ever developed. The dynamics of the ball offer a plethora of training options for power, coordination, stabilisation and mobilisation on any level of fitness. The BOSU® Ballast™ Ball is a transparent training ball with a diameter of 55-65 cm and is made of high-quality, burst-proof material. The Ballast™ Ball contains plastic beads for a total weight of circa 3 kg.


BOSU® BOSU® POWERSTAX The BOSU ® POWERSTAX ™ adds even more variety and challenges to training with the BOSU ® Balance Trainer and the Ballast ™ Ball! Combining the BOSU ® POWERSTAX ™ with the Balance Trainer creates progressive training options for different target groups – from young to old, from recreational to performance-oriented. The unique features of the BOSU® POWERSTAX™ - Elevate the Balance Trainer stepwise with an unlimited number of 10 cm increments and make exercises more accessible or challenging. - Stabilize the Ballast™ Ball or the Balance Trainer by placing it either platform side up or down in the POWERSTAX™. - Load, fill the POWERSTAX™ with 1 - 16 litres of water and use it as a training tool.

SURGE™ Dynamic-Fluid Resistance Training The SURGE™ is a training tool that uses water to create a dynamic type of resistance. The natural movement of the water in The SURGE™ creates unpredictable movements, which challenges the body to stabilize the joints during every movement. Training with The SURGE™ is based on the principle of dynamic fluid resistance training: training with products filled with water, which creates an active, unstable type of resistance training. The SURGE™ is a tube of a length of 1 meter, has a diameter of 24 cm and can be filled with up to 29.5 litres of water. Thanks to the large volume of the tube, the water can easily move, which creates a higher level of instability with every movement. The vertical and horizontal handles allow you to perform different types of exercises. Every traditional barbell exercise becomes a completely new experience with The SURGE™.

Benefits of The SURGE™ - Dynamic resistance training. - Can easily be filled with water. - Vertical and horizontal handles for numerous exercises. - Length: 1m - Ø 24 cm.


Ultimateinstability™ These cylinder shaped containers can be filled with water. The Aquabag® come in three different sizes to ensure that there is always a size that fits your needs. The unstable water mass that flows through the cylinder helps you gain stability, strength and core power. It triggers not only the larger muscle groups but also the smaller stabilising ones. There are multiple grips on the Aquabag® which allow for a wide variety of exercises. From people who just started training to the most advanced users there are exercises that will fit their every need.

Aquabag® Aquabags® are made out of hight quality material and can even be used outdoors. Due to the softness of the Aquabag® you don’t even have to worry about broken skin or bruises. The filling system on the Aquabag® is durable and allows you to easily add water or release it from the Aquabag®.

Aquaball® The Aquaball™ are made out of hight quality material and can even be used outdoors. Due to the softness of the Aquaball™ you don’t even have to worry about broken skin or bruises. The filling system on the Aquaball™ is durable and allows you to easily add water or release it from the Aquaball™.

Trigger Point The GRID Foam Roller The GRID is the new foam roller: compact, light-weight and efficient for performing Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) techniques. SMR is a process during which the myofascia are influenced by means of self-massage in order to optimise flexibility of tissue and reduce muscle tension.

Hollow Core

12,7 cm / 5”

33 cm / 12”

Benefits of The GRID Foam Roller - Improvement of circulation. - Evacuation of waste products from the tissue to facilitate recovery. - Stimulation of proprioception via the nervous system. - Optimisation of ROM. - Optimisation of muscle tissue contraction.


RAGE® Fitness Train to Live RAGE ® Fitness is dedicated to the creation of and engagement with quality functional fitness equipment. We fuel the passion and intensity for people who lift, jump, push, kick, run, climb, catch, twist, flip, resist, sweat and recover, and then do it all over again to push their athletic limits, reach their goals and improve their lives. STRENGHTEN with RAGE ® medicine balls, kettle bells, weightlifting equipment INTENSIFY workouts with RAGE ® Cages, pull-up bars, ring towers CONDITION using RAGE ® ropes, resistance bands, mobility tools FUEL your training and your life with RAGE ®


RAGE® Fitness RAGE® Highland Atlas Ball Ø 56 cm RAGE 22" (56 cm) Highland Atlas Ball is wider, heavier and built for strongman workouts. Hand crafted in the USA and built to withstand high velocity impacts, this ball has a recycled rubber and fiber core that gives it a firm, high quality feel. Available in 50 - 100 - 150

RAGE® Gym Hammer 20 | 30 kg A hammer designed for strength, endurance and fitness. The RAGE Gym Hammer is ideal if youlike extreme strength training; it is typically used for slams and strongman workouts. The center is smooth allowing for an easier swinging motion. Safer than using a regular sledge hammer. Solid weld design. Dimensions: handle Ø 3,8 cm and 7,6 cm long. Handle is 3,8 cm diameter and 7,6 cm long. The bottom of the handle has 21,6 cm of a diamond pattern in the knurl. Hammer head size varies with weight.

RAGE® Stackable Plyo Box 20,3 | 30,5 cm The revolutionary design is engineered to stack vertically and securely with the RAGE signature puzzle design. Perfect for beginners and advanced athletes. Change the intensity and style of your workout every time. Conveniently stack and store boxes when not in use to conserve space. Dimensions: 55,9 (l) x 55,9 (w) x 20,3 or 30,5 (h) cm.

RAGE® Resistance Bands Ideal for strength training, mobility and assisting with functional movements. Available in six different sizes to vary the amount of force. Resistance strength varies based on the band (xtra light – xtra xtra heavy); 5 mm thick.

RAGE® Muscle Therapy Curve Target all of your sore muscles with this ergonomically designed self-massaging therapy tool. RAGE Muscle Therapy Curve provides a deep pressure massage to relieve muscle pain and tension. Minimal force is needed to apply adequate pressure to trigger points and restore muscle mobility. Fits conveniently into gym bag or suitcase; dimensions: 37,5 x 19 x 3,2 cm.


Stroops® Stroops® Slastix Clips Slastix Clips – tubing with carabiner hooks on either extremity – are easy to combine with various accessories like belts, grips and Fit-Stik. This allows you to create a specific training product for every desired training objective and to turn every training session into a new challenge for yourself or for your customer! The Slastix Clips are available in different lengths (0.40 – 9.15m) and resistances (very light to super heavy). Slastix Tubing with carabiner hooks on either extremity. Available in different lengths and resistances.

Stroops® The Beast Battle Rope Battle rope training is a perfect way to create a high-intensity workout to address (among other things) power, core stability and condition. Contrary to ordinary battle ropes, The Beast Battle Rope by Stroops® uses Slastix Tubing Technology. This offers all the benefits of a high-intensity battle rope training, takes up less space, offers the possibility to adapt the resistance of the battle rope and offers a much wider array of exercises!With The Beast Battle Rope, besides traditional battle rope exercises, you can e.g. also perform explosive sprints, jumps and lateral movements. Slastix Battle Rope (6 m) with a loop on either extremity for a safe and comfortable grip. Available in 4 resistances: 22.5, 35, 48 and 68 kg.

Stroops® Accelerator The Stroops® Accelerator is ideal for training speed and is suited to e.g. top athletes, boot camp and functional training. The Accelerator has a length of 3 m, is available in resistances 35, 48 and 68 kg and is delivered with a fastening anchor and a comfortable harness. Slastix Clip (3 m) including harness and anchor, ideal for training e.g. speed and jumping power.


Stroops® Stroops® Functional Performance Kit (SFP) • 4 Slastix Clips (0,91 medium) • 1x 360° belt • 1x Swivel belt • 2x Biceps straps • 2x Thigh straps • 2x Ankle straps • 2x Wrist straps • 5x Agility dots • 2x Handles • 1x Bag • 1x Manual.

Stroops® Accessoires Stroops® Roll Out Ladder Ideal for ladder exercises on a hard floor. This ladder stays in place well and is easy to roll up. Dimensions: 0.45 m wide and 4.5 m long. Stroops® Hurdles Stackable hurdles on which you can write; ideal for enhancing lateral movement, agility, speed and jumping power. Available in heights 15 and 30 cm. Stroops® Sliding Spine 2,06 m Ideal fastening point for various training materials, like e.g. Slastix Clips. The Spine has fastening points that are fixed but that can also be adjusted in height. Fastening materials included. Stroops® Belts Various Stroops® belts, like e.g. the 360°. Surf to for a complete overview. Stroops® Harnassen Various Stroops® harnesses. Surf to for a complete overview. Stroops® Handles Various Stroops® handles. Surf to for a complete overview. Stroops® Wrist- & Ankle straps Wrist and ankle straps for even more ease of use and exercise options. Available in 2 sizes: 5 and 6.3 cm. Stroops® Biceps- & Thigh straps Biceps & Thigh straps for even more ease of use and exercise options.


Kamagon Ball® Throwing our weight around The Kamagon® Ball is unique in the field of stability training. Through hydro-inertia (the use of water to create an unstable resistance), even more muscle fibres are recruited to perform controlled movements. KAMAGON ® BALL – Ø 35,5 CM / 20 LITRES. Unlike many types of fitness products that use an unstable base to sit, stand or lie on, it is the Kamagon® Ball itself that is the origin of instability. This instability thus works on the body from all directions, which allows for a much more focused and functional training session. The Kamagon® Ball is the ideal fitness product to enhance, among other things, explosive power, balance, stability, speed, agility, neuromuscular coordination and proprioception. The Kamagon® Ball can be filled with water up to no less than 5 /20 litres and the handles on both sides of the ball provide better grip and extra possibilities for exercises. Throwing, slamming, pitching... it’s all possible with the Kamagon® Ball! Thanks to the use of the hydro-inertia principle, the training effect is much higher compared to e.g. a similar kettle bell or medicine ball workout. KAMAGON ® BALL – MINI Ø 22,5 CM / 5 LITRES.

Dynamax Medicine Ball The medicine ball is a versatile training product that has already been in use for a long time to enhance performance (in sports) and prevent injuries. When used correctly, a medicine ball can enhance power, coordination and stability. The force that the body has to absorb when tossing and catching the medicine ball requires reactivity and stability, namely in the core. The weight of the ball is just heavy enough to offer enough resistance, without impeding technique and speed of movement. The unique features of the Dynamax Medicine Ball are his format (Ø 35.5 cm), the comfortable grip and its impact-absobing power. The dimensions allow to always grab the Dynamax Medicine Balls at shoulder height, which enhances correct body posture. The impact-absorbing power of the Dynamax Medicine Balls allows catching the balls from up close with maximum power and speed. The softness of the ball also offers a wide array of extra training options. Dynamax Medicine Balls are made of recycled materials for 70%. The patented design and the composition of the Dynamax Medicine Balls allow them to keep their shape and stay balanced. FEELS SOFT AND COMFORTABLE. PRESERVES ITS SHAPE AND IS ALWAYS BALANCED. STANDARD ERGONOMIC FORMAT Ø 35.5 CM. HIGH IMPACT-ABSORBING POWER. HANDMADE AND COMPOSED OF RECYCLED MATERIALS FOR 70 %. DURABLE AND HARD-WEARING. THE SOFTNESS OF THE BALL OFFERS SUPPLEMENTARY TRAINING OPTIONS.


Hyperwear® SandBell ® The patented SandBell® from Hyperwear is the most versatile and functional training weight on the market. The SandBell® - made from elastic neoprene - is among other things a cross between a dumbbell, a barbell, a medicine ball, a grip bag, a slam ball, a gliding disk and a kettle bell. The use of neoprene makes the SandBell® easy to grab, yet strong enough to slam and adapted to a very intensive use. The dynamics of the sand makes SandBell® workouts very efficient – more muscle fibres are recruited in a shorter amount of time. The weight with its accompanying colour code is depicted on the SandBell® and can range from 1 to 23kg (2 – 50lbs).

SteelBell ® The SteelBell® is the larger and more robust version of the SandBell®. With a thickedge, a thicker layer of neoprene and a stronger core, the SteelBell® conserves the safe and dynamic features of the SandBell®, but with a weight range between 2.3 and 91 kg (5-200 lbs).

SandRope ™ The SandRope™ offers you all the benefits of high-intensity battle rope training, but requires less space, doesn’t need an anchor point and offers a much wider array of exercises! The SandRope™ is a neoprene cover filled with sand that can move freely in the cover. This presents an extra challenge to the body on the level of stability and coordination. Where a standard heavy battle rope takes up a length of 15-20 m, the SandRope™, with its length of 3 m, is ideally suited to smaller spaces! Hyperwear’s SandRopes™ contain 15/30 lbs of sand, so are comparable to the weight of a standard 15 m rope of Ø 35 mm.

Hyper Vest ® PRO Hyper Vest® PRO by Hyperwear is a revolutionary type of weight vest aimed at creating more resistance during movements. This extra resistance largely enhances training results, offering more results in less time! A unique feature of the Hyper Vest is its patented control system. It evenly distributes the extra mass of the vest and keeps it secured tightly and comfortably around the upper body. The vest is also elastic horizontally, which allows you to breathe freely and without hindrances while the weight stays in place. The V-shape around the neck, the short waist, the wide arm holes and the use of breathable material offer a comfortable fit and complete freedom of movement in all directions.


FLOWIN® FLOWIN® Friction Training FLOWIN® offers a new and functional, but most of all practical view on power training: Friction Resistance Training. FLOWIN® Friction Training is performed on a FLOWIN® Friction Board. The smooth surface of the FLOWIN® Friction Board is the starting point of the training. With the workout pads, movements can be performed on the smooth surface of the Friction Board, during which the core muscles stabilize movements in order to control them. The resistance you experience during the exercise can be modulated by using different movement patterns, contact points, speeds and movement amplitudes.

Training from the inside out As opposed to many fitness machines, where one single muscle group is generally trained in an isolated fashion, FLOWIN® is aimed at integrated power exercises. These exercises do not train just one muscle group at a time, but allow you to make several muscle groups work together efficiently. The format of the FLOWIN® board (138 x 98 cm) allows you to train standing up, but also sitting down and lying down, using the complete body mass as workload during the entire workout. Training options are manifold: FLOWIN® can be used as a training tool for e.g. fitness training, personal training and revalidation.

FLOWIN® Pro FLOWIN® Pro is suitable for intensive use in sports centres and (physiotherapy) practices. The FLOWIN® Pro package consists of a hard FLOWIN® board that cannot be rolled up, with adapted pads. The board is available in black and white, dimensions: 138 x 98 cm.

FLOWIN® Sport FLOWIN® Sport is ideal for home use and easy to take along. The FLOWIN® Sport package consists of a board that can be rolled up, adapted pads, a DVD and a storage bag. Dimensions: 138 x 98 cm.

FLOWIN® Push-up Bars Place the push-up bars on the workout pads for an ergonomic, neutral and comfortable position of the wrist. The sturdy metal construction guarantees that the push-up bars are safe and durable.


Core Power Programs Core Power offers 5 unique training programs to make functional training accessible for everyone! The Core Power Programs are 30 minute group training sessions for 6-12 people, developed for specific target groups, from seniors to bootcamp! Each program has it’s unique format, supported with laminated exercise cards and a video library in the Core Power App.

FIT & FUN Put the fun into functional training with Core Power Fit & Fun. This group class offers a wide variety of functional exercises that challenge your strength, balance and endurance while having fun!

VITALITY Functional training is essential in rehabilitation and prevention. Core Power Vitality is designed to help people stay fit, prevent injuries and recover fast, with its unique programs for Ankle & Knee, Hips & Back and Shoulder.

PRIMAL Get maximum results in minimum time with Core Power Primal! This High Intensity Interval Training takes you back to the primal movements: running, jumping, throwing, slamming and striking. Train like a caveman!

STRONGMAN Challenge your fitness with Core Power Strongman! This circuittraining concept combines traditional strength training with Strongman challenges, like odd object lifting, weight carrying, pulling and pushing. Get fit, get strong!

BOOTCAMP Core Power Bootcamp is designed to take functional training outside. With a combination of light weight, portable training tools and well balanced, ready to use training programs you can set up a bootcamp training in no time!




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Export catalogue 2015  

See an overview of the brands that we sell across Europe. Including BOSU, Kamagon, Surge, Stroops, Triggerpoint, Rage, Ultimateinstability,...

Export catalogue 2015  

See an overview of the brands that we sell across Europe. Including BOSU, Kamagon, Surge, Stroops, Triggerpoint, Rage, Ultimateinstability,...