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Photography by Meghan Jenkins and John Reid


Interiors by Lois Moore

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Our Story of I visit the Botanic Gardens, outside of Chicago, as often as I can. Every garden, especially this 800 acre wonderland, is a collaboration. Collaborations are joint efforts, and joint efforts require teamwork, cooperation, and concord. When people work well together on a project like the Botanic Gardens, we call it an extraordinary collaboration - I call it beautiful and wise. Interior design closely resembles garden design, and a sort of partnership is necessary for both to be successful. The principals involved in a homes’ design: the owners, the interior designer, the kitchen designer, the architect, the landscape designer, and the contractor, must all believe in the wisdom of collaboration if the project is to be a triumph. I believe a home’s interior and a home’s design are fundamentally important to the mental and physical well-being of a home’s occupants. I further believe that interior design is about the client, not the designer; a home is a backdrop for the client’s life. With this philosophy in mind, I attempt to design an interior that reflects the client, not me. Lastly, I believe that a project with principals that do not find beauty in collaboration is doomed from the beginning. That is why I enjoy being a part of a design team that is committed to the benefits and beauty of collaboration.

Collaboration Do you believe that collaborations are fun? I do. Do you believe collaborations breed friendships? I know they do. I believe this so strongly that I base my designs on the idea that friends collaborating on a project stimulate each other to produce a final beauty neither was capable alone. Besides, shared joy, as the old Swedish proverb says, is double joy. I strive for harmony in design, and I have learned that noteworthy design reflects a harmony between the designer, the design team, and the client. This book showcases my home and some of my friends’ spaces I’ve been privileged to work on. It concludes with a section that features some of the hand-knotted rugs I design and have made in Nepal. I hope this book is a visual treat for you. It is a collaboration, and I’m thrilled it is. Smiles,


Pretentiously Polite

A Home Tells A Story, Every Room’s A Chapter

Living Without COLOR is Like Living Without


Hope Knocks the

Cobwebs Off Love

Every Man Needs A Firepole

I Like Organization The Kind You Find in a Garden of


Hooky is


at its Finest

Don’t Let Them


Contentment Has Nev

ver Been An Accident

Rooms Should Charm, Amuse, Startle



When a True Friend Comes to Your Memory You’

ll Know It - The Memory Kinda Winks at You

“Collaboration is a beautiful word to me because it means listening and focusing on the value of someone else’s ideas. It makes me appreciate others’ gifts and talents.”


Daring and


Details Add Layers Layers Add Elegance

Using COLOR and TEXTURE in an unforseen way gives a room a personality.

We Shape our Dwellings,

and Afterwards Our Dwellings Shape Us. -Winston Churchill

Success is an unworthy target,

strive for excellence instead.



Winning Warmth



Alluring and


Well Mannered Wow

I told you


are FUN!

Diane Schleyhahn Artist

Meghan Jenkins Photographer/Graphic Designer

Urszula Lisiecki Workroom

Our Friends in Nepal

More to Come! Collaborations don’t require that those involved be friends, but it is sweeter if they are. The collaborations in this book were exceptionally enjoyable for me, as everyone involved was and is my friend. It’s time for me to thank Jimmy, Marcie and Dan, Julie and Jeff, Vada and Mark, Lawrie and Eric, and Pam and Jamie. Their homes and hearts are both beautiful to me. Some nights my mind wanders to friends. Their faces come out of the shadows or my mind, and their voices emerge from the echoes that fill the halls of my memory. I’m sure you know what I mean. These faces and voices remind me that true friendships are real - real in every sense of the word. The folks I thanked above are some of the faces I see when I’m quiet and thoughtful. Other faces, those of other friends, come to me in my private times. They too bring me pleasure. The Lord willing, I will do a second book, one that features collaborations I have done and am doing with some of my other friends. May I give you a preview? The next few pages will, hopefully, whet your appetite. Someone once wrote that a woman with many friends is rich. If he is right, and I think he is, I am wealthy beyond imagination. Smiles, Lois

Lois Moore Designs Custom, Nepalese, Hand-Knotted Rugs An old design adage advises that one should design a room from the floor up. This is wise, as rugs are very sizable pieces of art. They often dictate rather than harmonize.

For years I was troubled by the predictability of the available rug designs and colors. It became increasingly difficult to obtain rugs that didn’t clash with a room’s fabrics. Finally, I determined I’d need to custom-design and custom-color my own designs if I wanted the unity and balance I sought. Hand-knotted wool and silk rugs from Nepal provided the solution. Now, the rug, the room’s largest piece, may be created after the room is designed and the fabrics are chosen. The pattern and colors of the rug can be selected to insure they enhance the design. It is truly a freeing concept; dare I say revolutionary?

Why shouldn’t your home feature a one-of-a-kind rug? Why? All designs are available in 60 knots, 100 knots, and 150 knots per square inch. Lois Moore Designs utilizes only manufacturers who agree not to use child labor. In fact, we support manufacturers who support schools for the under-privileged in Nepal. Feel free to ask for more details if this is dear to your heart as well. From a simple stair-runner to a rug fit for a queen’s ballroom, Lois Moore Designs will eagerly help you. The exhilaration one feels in creation is better experienced than described. Come design a one-of-a-kind rug with me, you will love it.

Frequently Asked




Where is your store?

Actually, my little studio is inside our one hundred twenty year old home. Yes, the home in the first section of this book. My resources are housed there, but, in reality, I am often on the road at a client’s home. The village of Loami, Illinois is located approximately fifteen miles southwest of Springfield, Illinois. Stop by and see me sometime; maybe even spend the night in our guest quarters!



Do you have clients outside that area?


Yes, in fact, the majority of my business these past few years has been in and around Chicago. However, we travel to serve clients everywhere. We have done condos and homes from Florida to Costa Rica and from Cabo to the British Virgin Islands. Interior design has no geographical boundaries.


You use such vibrant, clear colors. Can you explain your basic design philosophy to me?

I guess it resonates from a driving passion to make life appear happy and peaceful. Standing in the middle of a tulip field my pulse races and my tensions flee. I feel alive and well! Color can be the one single design element that can be controlled and used to create all kinds of emotional and physical responses. Color is nature’s Prozac. Everyone is to be served their own COLOR-COCKTAIL of choice. Mine happens to be the delicious delicate clear happy colors of spring and summer. I so enjoy the sunshine and cheer these shades bring to my sometimes grey day. My design passion is to help identify what brings joy to each client and then to dress their lives with these colors. Life then has a beautiful backdrop.


Are all the rugs in this book your designs?


Years ago I became very frustrated with the limited choice of rugs in the marketplace. Let me explain why. I would have a vision for the spaces I was helping to create for my clients. I knew there were certain colors that looked better on one client than on another. I feel that the woman in the home is the BEST accessory. Don’t you agree that the home should be designed so the lady of the house looks beautiful in every room? Remember every home needs a princess... So for me the selection of the colors that best compliment her is the key to the color scheme. Sometimes I was able to find a ready-made rug that “fit the bill”; most often I could not. So, I decided that I needed rugs I could recolor so that I could achieve the look I wanted. At first, I simply recolored others’ designs. In a relatively short while I was impassioned to create my own designs. Like art, rugs help set a mood for a room. Obviously, the rug is the largest piece of art in the room. You can imagine that I was excited to be able to collaborate with Nepalese weavers to fashion the exact rug I envisioned, colored precisely as I dreamed it would be. By designing my own rugs I could bring all of the elements in the room, the fabrics, the paint, the art, and the accessories together. Personalizing a client’s home is important to me, and my rug company allows me to do that better than I was able to previously.



May I purchase a rug from you individually, or are they always a part of your total design service?

The simple answer is, “YES” you may. I recognize that there are many gifted and talented people that enjoy designing their own spaces. And I celebrate such talent! I am always delighted to work with someone to create the rug they’re dreaming of, one that makes them smile. There are endless possibilities, simply give me a call.


The book is titled Collaboration, do you really welcome a client’s input in a rug or house design as you say you do?


Yes. Yes. Yes. I actually find great pleasure in watching the creative side “come out and play” in my clients. Many of my clients are in fields that don’t allow for much creativity. The experience of collaborating on a design project can be both energizing and exhilarating for them. What I bring to the table is a short-cut to sources to save them time. I can also help prevent a design mistake. Two things I have observed over the years with everyone I work with is: 1) Everyone knows what they DON’T LIKE. (That is pretty easy and actually very helpful)

2) Often they are surprised to discover what they DO LIKE. I attempt to put a myriad of choices in front of a client, many they never imagined existed; colors they had never considered, fabrics they didn’t know were available, chairs they wouldn’t thought comfortable, etc. In short, I titled the book COLLABORATION because I believe in it.

Final Word Collaboration is a beautiful word to me because it means listening and focusing on the value of someone else’s ideas. It makes me appreciate others’ gifts and talents. If everyone that is involved has made the decision to lay aside their personal pride and ego for the higher good of the client, then the collaboration will be successful. Then creativity, brainstorming, answer-finding and good decision-making can take place. At the end of the day, everyone wins! Everyone is happy! And wow! Just take a look at the beauty everyone was a part of creating! The pleasure of creativity, what a celebration of life!

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