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ho am I? It seems like a simple question, but we spend so much of our lives answering it. Galatians 3:26-27 says, “You are all sons [and daughters] of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.” Therefore, we are made in the image of God and should identify ourselves through Him. It’s easy to let our earthly activities define us. For 15 years, I was an athlete. I ate, breathed and slept for softball; it was at the core of my being. Before going to sleep at night, I’d think about how to improve my game, obessing over improvement. After two years of playing college softball, I finally listened to God and quit the game I once loved. It took me awhile to get over not being identified as a softball player any more, but I finally realized my true identity - as a follower of Christ.


Society tries to identify us as well. Young women are constatnly told what to wear, how to act and who to be like. Oftentimes, women define themselves by what men think of them. My observations of women in the media inspired me to create Forsaken Life, and I hope that this magazine will serve as an alternative to the media that degrades young women. Here at Forsaken Life, we believe that, to live for God, we must forsake, or give up, the things of this world. That includes our identity in earthly things. This issue features content that shows how God uses and shapes our personal identity. We know that we are supposed to identify ourselves in Christ, but what does that look like? I hope you use what you read in this magazine to strengthen your relationship with the Lord. Sincerely, Megan A. Studdard Founder, Forsaken Life Magazine.





minute workout

Whether you are trying to slim down, stay healthy, or just relive stress this is an easy fast work out that you can fit into any busy schedule. I have a pretty full schedule, so I know how difficult it is to squeeze in a work out every day, but I promise if you do you will feel so much better. This work out is great to alternate with your regular work out or as a kick start to a healthier you!



YOU WILL NEED a set of small hand weights 5-8 lbs depending on your strength level. If you don’t have had weights find soup cans or a full water bottle. If you don’t have those just go without, you will still get your heart rate up and burn fat. Do each exercise for 30 sec with no rests between, if needed take short 5 sec breaks, but try to push through. It’s only 20 min; you can do it!

Jumping Jacks Butt Kicks High Knees Squats Arm Circles Stretch!


CIRCUIT 1 Weighted butt kicks Hold the weights in front of you with your elbows at a 90째 angle. Keep your arms stable while performing the traditional butt kick. Be sure to keep your arms stable and get as close to kicking yourself as possible! Squat with shoulder press Squat down with the weights on your shoulders, making sure your knees do not go past your toes. As you come up engage your core and press the weights up above your head. Lunge with bicep curl Start with your weights in your hands palms facing out. As you go into your lunge bring the weights up like a standard bicep curl. Push off your front foot and return to the start position. Rotate your legs so it goes right, left, right, left, and so on. Like on the squat be sure not to let your knee pass your toe. Repeat Circuit 1


CIRCUIT 2 Shadow Boxing Dumbbells Get into a squat position and bring your weights up in front of you as if you are going to box. Punch across your body alternating arms as if hitting a punching bag. Front Kicks Set your weights to the side and stand with your fist in front of you. Take your right leg and kick it out in front of you, then switch legs. Alternate back and forth as fast as you can. If you want to make it more challenging try hoping from leg to leg. Spider Push-ups Get into push up position with feet shoulder width apart. Bring your right knee up to you right elbow, then back to starting positions. Now bring your left knee to your left elbow, and so on. To add a challenge, perform a full push up as you bring your knee to your elbow. Superman Lay flat on the ground with your arms in front of you as if you were superman flying in the air. Lift your legs and arms up as far as you as if you were folding in half. Hold for a second then release and repeat. Repeat


CIRCUIT 3 Mountain Climbers Get into plank position and bring your knee up to your chest. Alternate your legs as fast as you can just like you are running in place. Get your knees as high up as possible. Plank Twist Stay in plank position and bring your right knee across your body to your left elbow. Return to plank and do the other side, continue alternating sides. Burpees Stand, reach up then go down into plank position. Come back up jumping at the top, then go back down to the ground. Do as many as you can in the 30 sec. Repeat


CIRCUIT 4 Glute Bridge Lie on your back with your feet about shoulder width apart, hands by your side, and knees up. Push off the ground lifting your hips up to the ceiling. Hold and release coming back to the ground, as soon as you reach the floor push back up for another rep. To add difficulty place the weights on top of your hips. Leg Lifts Lie flat with your arms straight out above your head and the weights in your hands. Bring your arms and legs up at the same time like you’re folding in half. If this is too difficult lift your legs only. Scissor Kicks Lie on your back with your hands at your side and lit your legs about 6 inches off the ground. Criss cross your legs back in forth keeping them lifted off the ground. To add difficulty lift your head and shoulders off the ground. Hip Twists Get into plank position with on your elbows. Twist your hips to the let until your right hip is parallel with the ground, or until it is as far as you can turn. Return to center and go to the other side. Side Plank Roll over to your side resting on your elbow with your feet stacked on top of each other. Push up lifting your hip to the sky, hold for a sec then bring your hip back down. Do the right side for the first 30 sec then the left for the second time through. Repeat


Is your body a temple or a trash can?

BY REBEKAH STATON God has created our bodies as these intricate and fascinating machines, and like any machine it matters what you put into it.


. When we treat our bodies as God’s temple it will function as it is made to, but if we treat it like our trashcan, it becomes run down and full of junk. Healthy living choices aren’t just about having a perfect figure, it’s about allowing your body to function naturally and feeling great. I’m going to give you a few tips to start living well and seeing a difference in your body’s functions.


I am not a huge fan of diets, but some people like the structure of having someone to tell them what to eat and not eat. When choosing a diet, be careful, not all diets are good for your metabolism. Do not fall trap to the crash diet or cleanse. Losing 10 lbs in a week is not natural and it will usually pile right back on. When you go back and forth from diet to diet you also confuse your metabolism. Choose a long term diet that emphasizes whole foods and doesn’t include crazy drinks or pills. Natural weight loss is about a 1.5 lb a week. An instant fix isn’t long lasting; real results take time.


Not all “diet” foods are healthy. The best diet foods are naturally occurring like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat. Outside of these foods you must read labels to know what actually goes into your food. Avoid hydrogenated oils as much as possible and high fructose corn syrup, these lead to all sorts of health issues. Another common mistake is buying sugar free everything or using sweeteners. Do you know what is in these sweeteners? No, me either and neither does your body, artificial ingredients confuse your body and slow down your metabolism. Try to consume foods that include as little ingredients as possible.


Working out can be a drudgery or it can be the highlight of your day. Find a work out you enjoy and that makes you feel good. I love lifting weights and running, however some people would rather do aerobics or dance as their exercise. Try different things and find what you like, but whatever you do don’t give up on fitness. It is so important to your body and I promise once you get into a habit of living active you will feel so much better. It is also important to not get bored with your work outs. Try to mix it up every once in a while, take a fitness class, try a new move, or try a completely opposite style workout. Your body can do incredible things go out there and discover what an incredible creation you are!

Most importantly, be happy with who you are. No matter what size there is always something to criticize, so if you don’t like your body now you won’t like it 10 pounds lighter. Don’t chase the world’s view of a perfect figure, chase God’s view of your body, and treat your body like the shining temple it is.


BY JESSE SUTTON Dressing warm for the season doesn’t mean surrendering style. Jackets are the perfect way for fashion-savvy women to stay on top of the latest trends and stay warm at the same time.



The “marshmallow” look of weather-suitable jackets can be reduced by color blocking. The grey coloring in the white jacket creates the hour glass shape that would otherwise be hidden by the jacket’s warm padding.

This green, zip jacket from Nike is a neutral color, allowing for numerous matching possibilities ranging from jeans to running shorts.

Blazers are a great way for women to stay professional and warm in the office. With bright, unusual colors, it is best to compliment the piece with neutral-colored bottoms and tops, like grey and black.

Red is a passionate color and attracts attention in and out of the office. Blazers like this can easily be paired with jeans to complete a more casual look.



BY JESSE SUTTON From the moment my parents surprisingly discovered they were having twins, I found myself struggling to define who I really am.



y existence has always tended to be a little bit shy. From the moment my parent’s surprisingly discovered they were having twins, I found myself struggling to define who I really am. A large portion of my identity search developed from being Abbe’s counterpart. Being the more dominant of the two, she took the lead as I often hid beneath her shadow throughout our childhood. Up until high school, she would even order my meals at restaurants. However, as I began to mature, the desire to identify who I really was began to drastically increase. I found I no longer wanted to hide from the spotlight… Sometimes I wanted to be in it. Although being a twin has more positives than negatives, solidifying an identity is more difficult than normal situations as both siblings’ identities are tied in the other’s identity. Abbe and I are also identical twins. As a result, I began to dress differently, emphasizing that we had to have different hair and clothing styles. I wanted desperately to be known as “Jesse” instead of “the twin with the glasses,” “Abbe’s twin” or one of the “Sutton girls.” However, over the past year, this need to be separated from this integrated identity has begun to decrease. My identity has become less of what I think I am but what God thinks I am. Gratification in appearance and personality doesn’t derive from self-adaption. Stories of both male and female celebrities with eating disorders and other problems litter the news daily. The amount someone weighs, the price of clothing or the immensity of closet space does not build identity that fulfills the soul.

“As Christians, we don’t live to satisfy the needs or image of the flesh. God created us in His Image; therefore, by definition, we are perfect.”

We become delighted in ourselves when we see how God is delighted in us. God made no mistake in making me a twin sister. He blessed me by causing me to search for who I really am. In a sense, this drive helped me find Jesus and His purpose for my life.


SEX & ROCK N ‘ ROLL an analogy of God’s redemption


The air is crisp, cool, and filled with a tangible anticipation. Murmurs and an occasional whistle from a crazed fan resound in the dark, open arena. The excitement mounts as footsteps rustle across the stage. There’s an audible hush across the room. The lights clamp on and the band strikes the first chord; they’re off!



he excitement mounts as footsteps rustle across the stage. There’s an audible hush across the room. The lights clamp on and the band strikes the first chord; they’re off! Snare and cymbal fuse with hollers and screams, as the lead singer’s voice emerges like a lion from his den. Crowd surfing and sing-alongs commence and the song is in full fury hand-in-hand with herkies and flying hair. But suddenly, amidst the noise and excitement, a distraction slices its way into the unison of the band. The drummer looks out into the crowd, locks eyes with a feminine beauty, and his beat begins to hasten, gradually accelerating to match the pace of his heart. During the drummer’s attempt to mask his mistake, the lead singer, in utter bewilderment, sings a note a half step too high. The next thing you know, the crowd-surfer is dropped, the band is in disarray, and the audience is in uproar. Bottles smashed, tomatoes thrown, and all is at a loss. Until they hear it. The song of the phoenix! The flight of the eagle! It arises beautiful and clear—the reverberating chime of the electric guitar. The crowd is silenced. The band stands still. The soloist steps in. Notes sail through the air with a flawless and indescribable ease and all of the sudden it appears as if Heaven has met earth. As the soloist strikes his last note, the drummer locks in, and the band is redeemed. Shouts resume, everyone’s hugging, and dad is seen for the first time in tears.

Sometimes in our sexuality we may miss a few beats or even drive ourselves into the pit. Sometimes we have created such dissonance that we can’t repair it on our own. Perhaps it’s not our own doing, but what’s been done to us. But when all is said and done, we have the ultimate Guitar Soloist ready to step in at any time and redeem what’s been broken; to put us back in sync. When we set our eyes on Him, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can transform our petty little sing-a-longs into rock hits of the ages. Some things about our sexuality may be scarring, maybe we have hit many wrong chords, and while they can’t be changed, “God makes beautiful things out of dust. God makes beautiful things out of us (Gungor, “Beautiful Things”).” He makes us whole. He makes us new. And in those places we feel we still have holes, He lets our light shine through.

“For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” - Colossians 1:13-14



“We worked a lot with aftercare...I had a heart earlier for younger girls in helping with prevention.” During that time, Dobbelmann connected with a young girl around 12, who was at high risk for being trafficked. “Meeting her and putting a face to a statistic that we usually just see as a number was really amazing,” said Dobbelmann. Her team also worked with women who were commercial sex workers (CSW) at the time of their mission by putting on programs and singing songs. “It was really was always like there was this elephant in the room—just knowing we were all laughing and having a good time, but also knowing that evening, they were most likely going to have to work on the streets,” said Dobbelmann. “It was almost to the point of bringing me to tears right there, but we gotta keep our composure and just love on these women.” Dobbelmann worked with young girls caught up in the bonds of prostitution before in the U.S., but she admitted that this trip stretched her much farther than before, and God helped her get through all of the emotions so she could do his work through her. “I had very strong feelings of just abandoning my life in America, moving to India and devoting my life to fighting for these women. God had to do a lot of realigning my thought processes, reminding me that I am called to be a voice for the voiceless in America in this season. None of that is trivial as long as we are following the heart of God for His direction in our lives,” said Dobbelmann on her blog.

Mandy Dobbelmann, a singer/songwriter who calls Los Angeles her home, traveled to India with Rahab’s Rope this past year. As a child, she visited many countries on lengthy mission trips with her family, who is filled to the brim with musical talent, and has continued to have a heart for helping others ever since.

“As I get older, I see the importance of going in and establishing roots and disciplining, training, making sure [those in need] are plugged in with local churches.” She knew that God had called her for a season to India specifically, so Mandy logged onto Google, searched for organizations she could connect with, and found Rahab’s Rope. Once she talked with the founder, Vicki Moore, she decided to be a part of the ministry. In the beginning, she thought she would hear all the stories from women and write songs about the experiences. “But God turned that on it’s head in a really awesome way” said Dobbelmann.

Hillary served as an intern for Rahab’s Rope, a missions organization focused on helping sex trafficking victims. She wrote this piece while working for the organization.


When she came back to Los Angeles, Dobbelmann picked up her guitar and prayed about the writing process of her song, Kimti Laraki. The song, its title Hindi for “precious one,” was influenced by the story of a girl who was sold into trafficking at age 17 by her own aunt. “On the first night, she was raped and beaten and left naked, lying in a field...and went back to her family, [who] rejected her and she ended up on the streets, pregnant and alone, and that’s when Rahab’s Rope found her,” said Dobbelmann. “That was one of the nights, after I heard the story, where I went to bed and was just really broken for her.” Dobbelmann wanted desperately to be able to share this girl’s tragic story in a way that wouldn’t be for her own benefit as a singer/songwriter, but would open people’s eyes to the struggle and suffering of others. “[Kimit Laraki] is not even specifically about her story,” said Dobbelmann. “It’s more of me trying to speak God’s heart to culture.” Though she has not recorded the song in the studio just yet, you can here her rough cut on her website at

Forsaken Life Magazine - Winter 2013/2014