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am happy to have this chance to thank you for your unwavering support of Benedictine College. As you will see in the pages of this Donor Report, many people committed to supporting the college last year. This outpouring of generosity in times of such economic turmoil demonstrates the enduring value that alumni, benefactors and friends see in this wonderful institution. With your help, Benedictine College continues to change lives. In this issue you will read about five remarkable students--Jessica, Joey, Rachel, Laurie, and Irays. Each of these students has an inspiring story and each of these stories demonstrates the power your generosity has to make an impact. Of course, your investment in these students is also an investment in the future. Now more than ever young people need to be ready to be leaders. We must prepare them for that responsibility. We are doing this through a rigorous liberal arts education in a faith-based community emphasizing ethical leadership. We are strengthening our academic programs and providing an increasingly international focus to our education, all to make sure that our graduates are ready to take on the challenges they will face. One of the blessings of my life is that I spend time every day with our students, and I often wish that it was possible for everyone to have that gift. One occasion that does provide an opportunity is our Scholarship Ball, to be held this year at Crown Center in Kansas City on February 21. I hope you will be able to join us. You can enjoy great Benedictine hospitality, renew your ties to the College, and get to know some of our amazing students. Through the generosity of those named in these pages we have made great progress. However, we will need your help to do more. Your gift is an investment in the future of our communities, our country, and our Church. Benedictine College is building one of the great Catholic colleges in America and we are grateful for your support. God bless you.


Stephen D. Minnis, ’82




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58 US News & World Report 59 Alumni Giving On the Cover: Featured students: Irays Munoz (center), Rachel and Laurie Ghigliotti (top), Joey Orrino (middle), & Jessica McGinty (bottom). Stories written by Steve Johnson, photography done by Megan Bickford unless otherwise noted.

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DONOR REPORT - DPH V .HZ  Âś   Director of Gift Processing 6DU D . U DPH U  Âś   Director of Advancement Services C o u r t ney M ar shal l Director of Alumni & Donor Relation Ro nal d Ol i ng e r Chief Financial Officer K ri st i e Scho l z Controller .H O O \ - 9RZH O VÂś  Vice President for Advancement


For some students, going to college is a given. For others, it is not the right path. But for a few, it is for themselves, their families, and even their culture. Irays Munoz believes she fits the third description.

a defining moment

DQH[DPSOH to follow “I’m the first one in my family to go to college,â€? said the Benedictine sophomore business major. “I’m trying to be a role model for my younger brothers and sister, but not just for them, for the whole culture. You don’t see a lot of Hispanics JRLQJ WR FROOHJH VR ,ÂśP VHWWLQJ DQ H[DPSOH IRU them all.â€?

She said she was motivated by the atmosphere at the private school and was encouraged by the personnel at the Challenge Foundation, so she decided to apply to Benedictine College and see if she would be accepted. She was‌and she also received a healthy academic scholarship. “My parents are very proud,â€? she said. “This is QRWMXVWDQH[SHULHQFHIRUPHEXWIRUWKHPWRR Moving into the dorms, meeting other people IURPWKHFROOHJHLWÂśVDOOEHHQYHU\H[FLWLQJIRUP\ whole family and they’re grateful that I have this opportunity.â€?

Munoz attended St. Mary’s Academy, a Catholic school in Denver, by virtue of a scholarship from the Challenge Foundation, a Denver non-profit that helps students attend college by funding scholarships to select college preparatory schools. She knew she would need financial assistance to Munoz said she has found Benedictine go to college as well. academically challenging, but thinks she has learned a lot and has developed the confidence to know she can succeed. She also thinks being out of state and learning to live away from home LVDJRRGJURZLQJH[SHULHQFH

“I’m trying to be a role model for my younger brothers and sister, but not just for them, for the whole culture.�

“My freshman year was like a dream,� she said. “It feels more real now in my second year. I would like to thank all the donors for opening “Financing for college was a real problem,� she doors for me, helping me achieve this wonderful said. “Thanks to the scholarship, I am able to HGXFDWLRQ DQG JLYLQJ PH WKH H[SHULHQFH RI D come. Without it, it would have been a real lifetime.� struggle and I don’t think I would be here now.�

$VDIUHVKPDQDW%HQHGLFWLQH&ROOHJHLQ Parker, Colorado native Joey Orrino was flying KLJK+HZDVH[FLWHGDERXW%HQHGLFWLQH+HZDV thrilled with his majors; Political Science and 7KHRORJ\  +H ZDV HDJHU WR H[SHULHQFH DOO WKDW lay ahead. Everything was going his way. Early in his sophomore year, though, all that suddenly changed.

burden. Were it not for grants and scholarships, that last loss would have been too much to bear. I’m sure I would not have been able to continue at Benedictine.�

And Joey truly loved it at Benedictine. He had thrived in the liberal arts environment, having been an intended major in eight departments over time. In his fifth and final year he has During fall break of that year, he got the word that settled on Spanish, Education, and Philosophy. his father was in ICU. At only 45, Joey’s father He now has minors in his original two majors, KDG VXIIHUHG WZR VHYHUH DQG YHU\ XQH[SHFWHG Political Science and Theology. That breadth strokes. The resulting brain damage prevented RI DFDGHPLF H[SHULHQFH FRPELQHG ZLWK KLV leadership skills and thirst for him from maintaining knowledge has provided him a short-term memory, much more complete view of having complete use of the world. his eyes, and holding a job. In the end, he will be the first of his mother’s side of the family With the loss of family to graduate from college. He income and mounting medical bills, financing a Benedictine education is prepared to be a high school Spanish teacher, for Joey looked more and more precarious. Over but he is also looking into law school. Special the past few years, his mother’s small business counseling from Dean of the College Kimberly has been struggling as well, adding to Joey’s Shankman helped him with that decision. concerns over financing his college education. With outstanding grades and strong leadership “I’ve always been interested in world affairs and politics,â€? said Joey. “And law school helps open skills, he turned to scholarships and other aid. doors into those areas. Only at Benedictine +HKDGUHFHLYHGDDFDGHPLFVFKRODUVKLS could I get advice from the Dean of the College which turned from “icing on the cakeâ€? to on such a personal level.â€? necessity. He has since earned two Benedictine Leadership Awards; one for serving as co-lead “Scholarships have made me a better person by Ambassador his junior year and another for simply allowing me to be here,â€? he concluded. serving as president of the Student Government “I’m thankful and I hope scholarships allow others to come. Everyone should have their own Association this past year. LQGLYLGXDO%&([SHULHQFH´ “The concern was that help that had been there would not be there anymore,â€? he said. “Everything, even books, became a greater

“Scholarships have made me a better person by simply allowing me to be here.�


building character



A jailed father. A homeless mother. A foster home. Any one of these situations would weigh heavy on a little JLUOLQPLGGOHVFKRRO0RVWSHRSOHZRXOGQRWH[SHFW a child faced with all of them to be able to handle the strain. Most people don’t know Jessica McGinty. A freshman at Benedictine College, McGinty found her way with the help of her aunt in Ponca, Neb., who took her in five years ago. With a stable home environment and the admonition that she would need scholarships to be able to JR WR FROOHJH VKH JRW WR ZRUN DQG H[FHOOHG LQ KHUFODVVHV6KHFDUULHGD*3$WKURXJKKLJK school and did well on her ACT test, but she had an inclination to join a religious order. “I thought I wanted to join a religious community,� she said. “But I wasn’t sure.�

McGinty worked in a nursing home this past VXPPHUDQGWKDWH[SHULHQFHKDVHQFRXUDJHGKHU to pursue a nursing degree. At Benedictine, she is majoring in biology. “I’m thinking about nursing, but I might go for an MD,� she said with a smile. “Classes are hard, but I’m maintaining.� She’s also maintaining contact with her parents, as best as possible.

“Since my father is incarcerated, I have the She prayed about it and decided to apply for opportunity to talk with him two times a week,â€? college scholarships. Her answer would come she said. “I can’t keep up with my mom as easily, in the response. If she won no scholarships, it but I did get her to come to my high school graduation. I paid for her to come out. It was meant she should pursue a religious vocation. nice.â€? She researched available scholarships through her high school and applied for several. The response She said her father is studying while in prison ZDVRYHUZKHOPLQJ6KHJRWRQHIRUWKHQ and might even try to open a business upon his RQH IRU  DQG DQRWKHU IRU   7KHQ release. She said his children, her half brothers, Benedictine offered her an academic scholarship, are aware of what she is accomplishing. She thinks she is helping show them the path to the Sister Jerome Keeler Scholarship. success. “God steered me in the right direction,â€? she said. “I’m very happy here. I like the Catholic aspect “I have a long way to go, though,â€? said McGinty. and the community is outstanding. There are Âł,KDYHLQORDQVWRSD\RIIHDFK\HDUDQG smiles everywhere. I was encouraged to check some of my scholarships will run out. I’ll have to out Benedictine by a current student who was find additional scholarships to get through the four years.â€? from Ponca. I did and I fell in love with it.â€?

ginty a diamond in the rough 11

living ghigliotti

ghigli Benedictine College is known for its strong legacy SRSXODWLRQ  $V DQ H[DPSOH LQ  WKH ODUJHVW incoming freshman class in school history included 25 percent legacy students. Most of them are children of alumni. One, though, is a 51-year-old mother of nine who qualified as a legacy because her daughter is currently a Benedictine junior. 12

in Atchison Catholic Elementary School, their grandmother pays for uniforms for the younger kids, and all the older kids give as they’re able. That’s how we’re making it.�

Laurie Ghigliotti followed her daughter, Rachel, to Benedictine from Oklahoma at the beginning of the fall semester this year. She had been working on an Associate’s Degree but decided she wanted to pursue Bachelor’s Degrees in Mass Communication as well as Spanish. Her goal was to work with a diocesan newspaper or within a parish, diocese or non-profit group in some way.

Rachel has applied to leave the residence hall in order to move into the family home in Atchison. It would be a cost savings, but the more pressing reason would be just to help her mother.

“I felt like I needed to finish my degree at a Catholic, four-year school,� Laurie said. “There is only one in Oklahoma and it didn’t have either major.�

I knew the federal help would not be enough, so the scholarships were key.�

“It would be nice to have Rachel at home,� said Laurie. “It’s challenging, since I’m sort of here (involved in college), but I have three young children at home, so I’m not really.�

Rachel encouraged her mother to join her in Atchison, the majors were available at Benedictine, and quality Catholic education was also available for the younger siblings. The stars were in alignment and Laurie made the move. “The financial aid was a big factor,â€? Laurie admitted. “I have to look to the future. Michael RQH RI KHU VRQV  LV LQ WK JUDGH VR LQ ILYH years he’ll be in college and I can’t have a lot of outstanding loans and debt. I knew the federal help would not be enough, so the scholarships were key.â€?

If all goes according to plan, the two will graduate WRJHWKHULQ0D\RI7KHHFRQRPLFGRZQWXUQ and financial sector crisis have disrupted plenty of plans, though, and the Ghigliottis are concerned how it all will affect their aid packages, both from the college and the federal government.


“I want to be here, but without the grants and scholarships, I probably couldn’t do it,â€? said Rachel. “Looking to the future, being a math teacher isn’t going to pay much‌so I don’t want to have a lot of loans.â€?

Laurie received a government Pell Grant, along with an academic scholarship from Benedictine. Rachel landed a SMART Grant from the federal government since she is a mathematics major, along with a Pell Grant, an Angels Scholarship for tutoring math, and the Fr. Sylvester Schmitz Scholarship, an academic scholarship from BC. Both also have work-study hours. Even with all that, times are tight.

“We will get there,� said her mother with a reassuring pat on the hand. And by sheer force of will from a large and very close family, they will.

“The whole family is pitching in,� said Laurie. “One son (her oldest) pays tuition for the two



Suitest Gift


uring Homecoming weekend on 6DWXUGD\2FW%HQHGLFWLQH&ROOHJH formally dedicated the new John T. Dugan Basketball Suite, located on the upper level of the Student Union.

suite allows us to bring recruits and their families into a beautiful location overlooking our basketball court and ‘close the deal.’ It also reflects the great history of basketball at BC, allowing us to display the

War II, he joined the Navy. He met his wife, Irene, a Navy nurse, during the war and the two were later married. They settled in Lima, Ohio, and John went into the insurance business with Gene Seiffert. His success in the insurance business allowed him to make an investment in land east of Lima. He developed that into a beautiful golf course called Hawthorne Hills, one of the top courses in Ohio and still part of the Dugan family.

The office suite for the basketball coaches was made possible by a donation from Jack Dugan, John’s son and a key member of the 1$,$ National Championship team. With dark wood The Dugans were paneling and great supporters of a beautiful From left to right: Darryl Jones, Vice President for Advancement Kelly Vowels, Catholic education bronze college President Stephen D. Minnis, Kitty Colwell, Jack Dugan, and Joe Brickner. and sent three sons, logo on the Jack, Mike, and Dan, wall, the suite provides a professional great teams and individuals of the to St. Benedict’s College, following in image for the school’s basketball past via pictures, plaques, etc. in a WKHLUGDGÂśVIRRWVWHSV-DFNLVD programs. quiet office setting.â€? JUDGXDWH0LNHDJUDGXDWHDQG 'DQVSHQWKLVILUVWWZR\HDUV  “The new offices reflect the firstJohn Dugan grew up on a farm  DW6%&EHIRUHWUDQVIHUULQJWR class programs (women’s basketball in Nebraska and enrolled in St. Bowling Green University because head coach) Chad Folsom and I are Benedict’s College, now Benedictine SBC didn’t have an insurance major trying to build here at BC,â€? said &ROOHJHLQ+HJUDGXDWHGLQ (he eventually took over for his dad Joe Brickner, head men’s basketball 1941 with a major in Philosophy and in the insurance business). All the coach and another player from the became a member of St. Benedict’s Dugan boys have been successful, &KDPSLRQVKLSWHDPÂł7KH Abbey. With the outbreak of World with Dan growing the insurance


From left to right: Jack Dugan and Joe Brickner.

business, Jack being an eye surgeon, Mike and Patrick being lawyers, and Gene being a dentist. “John Dugan has been a financial and moral supporter of Benedictine &ROOHJHIRU\HDUV´VDLG6WHSKHQ D. Minnis, president of Benedictine College. “It is only fitting that Jack IROORZVKLVGDGÂśVH[DPSOHZLWKVXFK a generous gift to the college. We are truly blessed to be able to call the Dugan’s Ravens.â€? Brickner, a native of Lima and a longtime family friend of the Dugans, said the senior Dugan had always had a fairly intimidating presence. But it was John Dugan who first approached him about playing basketball in Atchison. “I actually signed my letter of intent with Coach (Ralph) Nolan at Mr. Dugan’s house at Hawthorne Hills Golf Course,â€? Brickner said. “He believed in me and he believed in SBC. He knew it was a good match, and here we are, 42 years later and I am still vitally connected to BC. As the years went by, our relationship grew. Every time I go home to Lima, even to this day, I make it a point to spend quality time with Mr. Dugan.â€?

$W\HDUVRIDJHDOOUHSRUWVDUH that John is still going strong. He’s enjoying his time visiting Dan in Florida and his memory is sharp. He’s even still driving. Mrs. Irene 'XJDQSDVVHGDZD\LQ “He is still his old feisty self, and it is an honor for me to be able to work in a beautiful office named after him,â€? said Brickner. Brickner also spoke about John’s son, Jack, who gave the money and named the suite out of love for his dad. The two were on opposite ends of the spectrum during that historic VHDVRQZLWK%ULFNQHUEHLQJD freshman and Dugan being a senior. But there was real inspiration there. Brickner told the story of how Jack Dugan had helped re-establish the basketball program’s success after several losing seasons.

In Dugan’s sophomore year and with the help of Darryl Jones and others, WKHWHDPZHQWDQGPDGHLWWR the quarterfinals of the national WRXUQDPHQW7KHQH[W\HDU'XJDQ injured his knee during warm-ups before the first game of the season. “Back then, once you hurt your knee, you were pretty well done – but not Jack,â€? said Brickner. “He came back his senior year and, wearing a huge brace on his knee, came off the EHQFKDVRQHRI1RODQÂśVÂľVWDUWHUVÂś and averaged 13 points a game. He was a co-captain and helped lead WKHWHDPWRWKH1DWLRQDO Championship. It was truly an amazing ending to what could have been a sad story.â€? Brickner can still remember the dedication Jack showed that season. He said Jack would work every day after practice with Coach Tom Colwell and Brickner took notice. “I remember seeing the pain on Jack’s face when he would do the drill daily,â€? he said. “That painful look was imprinted on a young freshman’s mind, and it really inspired me to give it everything I had every day.â€?


Scholarship Ball Headed Benedictine College’s 38th Annual Scholarship Ball is scheduled for a change of venue this year, heading to the Century Ballroom at the Westin Crown Center Hotel in downtown Kansas City. The move to the high-profile location should help to further bolster the reputation of the Ball, which is now regularly one of the top 10 fundraisers in the area. This year’s co-chairs, Dennis and Carolyn Connor, ’76, Watley and Lawrence, ’63, and Linda Kaminsky, have set the date for Saturday, February 21, 2009. This year’s event will honor Dan and Mary Carol Garrity and Matt, ’81, and Ann Anthony with the prestigious Cross of the Order of St. Benedict.

Dan & Mary Carol Garrity submitted photo

Mary Carol is best known for her successful home decorating stores, Nell Hill’s, located in Atchison and Kansas City, and Garrity’s Encore, also in Atchison. Her entrepreneurial spirit and wonderful sense of style have made the retail store legendary in the home decorating world. Success has brought her national attention from Forbes magazine, CBS’s The Early Show, NBC’s Today show, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Midwest Living, Country Living, Victoria, and many other media outlets.

Dan, a successful lawyer and former mayor of Atchison. The two have worked hard to encourage the economic growth and well-being of their hometown. Nell Hill’s DORQHEULQJVPRUHWKDQSHRSOHWR$WFKLVRQHYHU\ \HDUPRVWIURPRYHUPLOHVDZD\'DQKDVVHUYHG on the Benedictine College Board of Directors and has served as an adjunct professor at the college. Mary Carol has been involved in everything from hosting college events to treating female BC students to a special entrepreneurship dinner. She also provides BC students with marketing internship opportunities at Nell Hill’s. 7KHFRXSOHKDVRQHGDXJKWHU.HOO\DJUDGXDWHRI the Washburn University School of Law.

In addition to the stores, she also has her own series of books, a column syndicated weekly throughout the U.S., DOLQHRIKRPHDFFHQWVFDUULHGE\VWRUHVDQGFXVWRP paint colors. Helping her in the business is her husband,

for Crown Center

Matt & Ann Anthony submitted photo

The Anthonys have been strong supporters of Benedictine College and area educational institutions and charities. Matt is the CEO of VML, a Kansas Citybased interactive marketing agency and throughout his career, he has been a tireless supporter of philanthropic endeavors and community causes. In memory of his brother Chris, who suffered from a glioblastoma brain WXPRUDQGGLHGLQDWWKHDJHRIWKH$QWKRQ\V established the Head for the Cure Foundation to raise awareness and funding for brain cancer research. The annual highlight is the Head for the Cure 5K Run & Walk held each September. Proceeds from the event help fund the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC).

hours in pro bono design work and established the successful “Ignite Your Spiritâ€? brand for Benedictine College. A native Nebraskan, Matt played intercollegiate soccer at Benedictine College where he earned a Bachelor RI$UWVLQ0DUNHWLQJDQG&RPPXQLFDWLRQVLQ+H FXUUHQWO\VHUYHVRQ%HQHGLFWLQHÂśV([HFXWLYH%RDUG+H and his wife, Ann, have three children, Danny, Mary and Steven. The Cross of the Order of St. Benedict was established LQDVDZD\IRUWKHFROOHJHWRUHFRJQL]HDOXPQL and friends who have supported charitable institutions, provided civic or religious leadership, and demonstrated SURIHVVLRQDOH[FHOOHQFH7KLV\HDUÂśVKRQRUHHVKDYH H[KLELWHGWUHPHQGRXVVXSSRUWIRUFKDULWLHVSOHQW\RI OHDGHUVKLSDQGEXVLQHVVH[SHUWLVHDQGWUXHLQVSLUDWLRQ

Matt is also the motivating energy behind the VML )RXQGDWLRQZKLFKPDQDJHVWKHDJHQF\ÂśVH[WHQVLYH community outreach program, including direct funding, employee volunteerism, and pro bono work for charitable organizations. The agency has donated thousands of

Lifelong Friends

Darryl Jones and Dr. Joe Williams

They both had dreams

and they knew they would have to work hard to achieve them. One was a young black man struggling through the height of racial turmoil in WKHPLGVZLWKGUHDPVRISOD\LQJEDVNHWEDOODWDWRSIOLJKWSULYDWH college. The other was a poor white man from a broken home in St. Louis with dreams of becoming a medical doctor. The two came together at St. Benedict’s College and, years later, found that the initial passing connection on campus had actually meant something to both of them. 'U-RH:LOOLDPVœDQG'DUU\O-RQHVœDUHIHOORZ alumni, longtime friends, and doctor/patient. There is a trust there that only a lifetime of friendship could develop. And like so many other Benedictine graduates, the seeds of that friendship were sown on campus.

Williams. “I remember he always had a smile on his face, he was always smiling.â€? In addition to sharing the same hometown, Jones and :LOOLDPVDOVRKDGDPXWXDOIULHQGLQ,YDQ-DPHVÂś who had gone to high school with Williams. This made them casual acquaintances in college, but they reconnected while Jones was visiting alumni as part of his job at the college after he graduated.

“I remembered Joe,� said Jones. “He was ahead of me, but the college was so small and close-knit that you knew everyone. He was a stand-up, good guy and I always liked him.� “He was in a very elite category, though, because he was a science major. I didn’t spend a lot of time in the science building, if you know what I mean,� Jones joked.

“The core relationship was developed on campus,� said Jones. “But it never dissipated over the years. Twenty years later you pick up where you left off and it’s like you’re back in school.�

“I saw him on the basketball court, and we were both from St. Louis, so there was some common ground,� said

Williams did, in fact, go on to become a doctor and is now a very successful orthopedic surgeon at Des Peres

Hospital in St. Louis. Jones became an All American basketball player at St. Benedict’s and was part of WKH1DWLRQDO&KDPSLRQVKLS team. After graduation and his first job as a coach at Benedictine, he went into business, eventually running his own State Farm Insurance agency, first in St. Louis and then in Dallas. When one of Jones’ daughters had leg problems while running track in high school, Jones consulted with Williams. Later, when Jones’ mother needed knee and hip replacement surgery, she went to Williams. “Over the years, I’ve built a great deal of trust and respect for him,â€? said Jones. “I’ve sent a lot of people to him. Close friends, even my own mother. They always have a good H[SHULHQFHZLWKKLP7RWKLVGD\P\ mother loves the man!â€? ,QHDUO\DIWHU\HDUVRISDLQ that had been misdiagnosed as Sciatica, Jones was told he needed hip replacement surgery. His first thought was, “I gotta call Joe.â€? “My trust in him is immeasurable,â€? he said. “I didn’t know how busy he was or how hard or easy it would be to get in to see him, but I knew he was the one to do the surgery. I called and his assistant said he would see me whenever I wanted. I flew up to St. Louis and had a consultation WKHQH[WGD\,FDQÂśWWHOO\RXKRZ quickly he made this all happen. I

was diagnosed the first week in January and I had the operation on -DQXDU\´

enabled me to get loans to go to medical school. Darryl thought it was so important to donate, especially with rivals, competing schools in the area that have much larger endowments. He mentioned the importance of the new Academic Center and I thought it was the right time to give back.� Joe and his wife gave WRWKH campaign, designating it to the academic capital project and helping toward the Mabee Challenge. “I was just sharing my

President Stephen D. Minnis, Betsy and Dr. Joe Williams, and Darryl Jones. thoughts with a fellow

“Great patient, great attitude, great guy,� was Williams’ assessment. Ultimately, he replaced Jones’ right KLSILUVWWKHQKLVOHIWKLSVL[PRQWKV later. “Darryl’s doing beautifully,� he said. “He’s back to walking, golfing, doing anything he wants to do.� During this time, he and Jones spoke often about their college days. Jones had become a member of the Board of Directors at Benedictine and shared a lot of insights into the growth, achievements, and needs of the college. Listening to his friend speak so enthusiastically about Benedictine hit home. “I was lucky to go to St. Benedict’s,� Williams said. “They gave me a full tuition scholarship, which actually


alum,â€? said Jones. “I’ve surrounded myself with these people, because they’re sincere and they’ll be there.â€? As it turned out,l their mutual friend, Ivan James, helped another JUDG-D\(YHOHUÂśVWDUWKLVEXVLQHVV in St. Louis. Eveler then helped Jones start his first State Farm agency. Williams has operated on numerous Benedictine alumni and their relatives. They’re a tight group and the level of trust is tremendous.

“The bond among alumni is very strong, like family,� Jones said. “The fact that Joe is a part of that family is the most meaningful thing to me. At the time, a lot of people questioned my choice when I went to St. Benedict’s. Now they ask me how I had enough sense to choose the school.�

Provide for your future...

and theirs You can do both with a Benedictine College Charitable Gift Annuity. A BC Charitable Gift Annuity provides guaranteed lifetime income for you and the opportunity to create an endowed scholarship for future students.

Contact the Director of Planned Giving, Tim Andrews, at or by calling IRUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQDERXWKRZ\RXFDQFKDQJHVRPHRQHÂśVIXWXUHWRGD\

DONO R REPORT GUIDELINE S The following pages list individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations making actual JLIWVLQVXSSRUWRI%HQHGLFWLQH&ROOHJHÂśVILVFDO\HDURI-XO\Âą-XQH7KHJLIWVFRXOG have been in the form of cash, securities, real estate, bequests, gifts-in-kind or others. This report has been compiled by the Office of Advancement. Please note the following guidelines before reviewing the list of benefactors: ‡ ,QGLYLGXDOV DOXPQLIDFXOW\DQGVWDIIIULHQGVDQGSDUHQWV FRUSRUDWLRQVRUJDQL]DWLRQVDQG foundations are listed in alphabetical sequence under their respective giving levels. ‡ 0DUULHGLQGLYLGXDOV DOXPQLDQGQRQDOXPQL DUHOLVWHGLQDOSKDEHWLFDOVHTXHQFHE\ last name. ‡ )RUDOXPQLOLVWHGLQGLYLGXDOO\WKHFODVV\HDUIROORZVWKHODVWQDPHHJ-RKQ( Doe ’68. For married alumni, the class year follows the first name or maiden name, e.g., John E., ’68, and Jane Smith, ’69, Doe. ‡ $FURVV ‚ LQGLFDWHVWKHGRQRULVGHFHDVHG ‡ 0DWFKLQJJLIWDPRXQWVDUHQRWXVHGLQGHWHUPLQLQJJLIWOHYHOSODFHPHQWIRU individuals. Please note: Every attempt has been made to include all of our contributors. If your name is omitted from this list or the information is in error, please help us by contacting Kathy Garrison, administrative assistant, DWJDUULVRQ#EHQHGLFWLQHHGXRUE\FDOOLQJH[WHQVLRQ


Net Tuition and Fees 49.4%

Gifts/Contributed Services 25.2%

Investment/Other Income 1.9%



















Net Assets, Beginning of Year


Net Assets, End of Year 



Change in Net Assets



Fundraising  General Institutional Support 9.2%

Student Services 11.4%


General Administration 







ORGANIZATIONS 1st Street Graphics 3F Farm The A.M.D.G. Fund Ackman, Inc. $GDLU([FKDQJH%DQN)RXQGDWLRQ Susan Devroy Adams and Charles M. Adams Fund The Anthony Family Foundation Apostles of the Sacred Heart Apple Chevrolet Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Arensberg-Pruett Funeral Home Associated Podiatrists PA Atchison Automotive Group Atchison Dental Associates PA $WFKLVRQ)LUH([WLQJXLVKHU Atchison Home Health Equipment, Inc. B & W Guttering Baird, Kurtz & Dobson Ball Brothers Drug Store Bangor Family Chiropractic Bank of Atchison, USB Bank of Blue Valley Beal Distributing, Inc. Becker-Dyer-Stanton Mortuary

Benedictine College Foundation Benedictine Raven Soccer Boosters Berger Company Don Bernskoetter Plumbing, Inc. Blish-Mize Company Bottorff Construction, Inc. Byrd Memorial Company Campbell Law Office Capuchin Province of Mid-America, Inc. Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, Inc. The Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services, Inc. Cedar Ridge Catering and Banquet Hall Central Bank of Kansas City The Clements Agency Commerce Bank Consumer Oil Co., Inc. Cooperativa Jardines de San Francisco Corless Family Fund Corner to Corner, LLC Country Carpet, Inc. Country Club Bank &R[)DUP


The Cloud L. Cray Foundation The Evah C. Cray Residual Trust Custom Neon & Vinyl Graphics, Inc. Davies Construction Company Davies Oil Company, Inc. Domann Custom Homes Double Eagle Beverage, LLC The Bob and Susan Downey Foundation DST Systems, Inc. Advised Fund J. E. Dunn Construction Monica Dunn & Associates LLC Easterday Charitable Foundation Edâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trophies & Awards Engineered Systems, Inc. Ernstmann Tree Care ([FKDQJH1DWLRQDO%DQN 7UXVW&R Fahey Family Foundation J. M. Fahey Construction, Co. Farmers State Bank J. David Farris Law Office Figg Tree Foundation First Bank of Troy First Hand Foundation Mable Fitch Charitable Trust, U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee

Formation Actuelle, Inc. Forsberg Dental Fourth Floor Ventures, Inc. Gates Ministry Robert and Kathleen Gau Family Fund Gerber Electric, Inc. Don and Nancy Germano Charitable Fund Godfrey Investments, Inc. Golden Star, Inc. J. Jeffrey Grada Family Foundation Graphic Sportswear Screenprint Corp. Green Mountain Charitable Foundation Hammer and Nail Remodeling Hausman Metal Works & Roofing Tim and Helen Healy Charitable Fund Heartland Bank +HUUPDQÂśV([FDYDWLQJ,QF Holy Trinity Catholic Church J. Hovanec Group, LLC Hug Chevrolet Buick Pontiac GMC Hundleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Liquor Store Michael S. Hundley Construction, Inc. IHP Industrial, Inc. ,QGH[3RZHUHG&',QF Insurance Replacement Service, Inc. Irish Mist Car Wash, LLC J & B Enterprises J G & J Construction Fran Jabara Family Foundation, Inc. Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Auto Service Johnson Refrigeration M. Darryl Jones, Inc. K & E Investments, Inc. Julius Kaaz Construction Co., Inc. Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences Kansas Gas Service Kansas Independent College Fund Katherineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Distinctive Gifts The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation KC Master Companies, Inc. Kearney Construction Keltech, Inc. KFC/Taco Bell of Atchison Kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kountry Daycare Kilkennyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Backhoe KMG Holdings, LLC Knights of Columbus Charities Aid Foundation Koch Foundation Kovacs Drive-In Market L & L Construction Landmark Mortgage Lending, LLC Lanter Distributing Division Lario Oil & Gas Company Latimer, Sommers & Associates, P.A. Engineers Lawlor Family Trust John E. Leland Fund Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Live, Inc. DBA Curves Edward Mosby Lincoln Foundation

Lockton Companies, Inc. /RSH]GH0H[LFR Lou Holtz Foundation M & T Trust Madden-McFarland Interiors Madison Bates Insurance, Inc. Magellan Barter & Import, LLC The Marketing Group, Ltd. Markâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Overhead Door Service Martin Family Charitable Gift Fund Martyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Coaches Corner, Inc. McDonaldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of Atchison The McDonnell Foundation, Inc. William G McGowan Charitable Fund McLarney Foundation Fund The Law Firm of Larry R. Mears Media Communications Media Searchlight, Inc. Medtrak Services, LLC Catherin V. Merrill Foundation MGP Ingredients, Inc. Miller Bros. Farms, Inc. Miner Enterprises, Inc. 0R.DQ7UDQVLW0L[,QF Montgomery Associates Morrill & Janes Bank Mount St. Scholastica Mouser Services, Inc. Muchnic Foundation National Managed Assets Corp. R.J. and Liz Neary Charitable Fund E. E. Newcomer Enterprises Foundation Newmyer Contracting, Inc. NHL Enterprises, L.P. Nill Brothers Sporting Goods, Inc. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Malley Beverage, Inc. E. Andrew & Eileen Orlet Donor Advised Fund The Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center DH Pace Co., Inc. Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply, L.P. Peltier Investments Perf - Etc. Steel Corp. Petrus Development, LLC Pittcraft Printing, Inc. Planners Financial Services, Inc. Platte Valley Bank of Missouri Poor Richardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Office Supplies Pratt Family Charitable Foundation Premier Bank R/S Electric Corporation Ratkewicz Technical Engineering Services Raven Liquor Store Ravens, Inc. Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Inc. Right Cooperative Association River Marketing, Inc. The Roasterie Law Offices of Rolf J. Rolnicki 5R[ÂśV,PDJHV


Runyan Jewelers Safe Retirement Solutions N.H. Scheppers Distributing Co. Scherer Schneider Paulick Schmidt & Associates, PC The School District of St. Joseph School Sisters of Christ the King Security Bank of Kansas City Shook Hardy & Bacon, LLP Shreeji Enterprises, Inc. Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 6RGH[KR86$ Soener Foundation SPCS, Inc. St. Benedictâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Abbey St. Monica Catholic Church St. Thomas More Church St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church Outreach Commit Staley and Dierking Stinson Morrison Hecker Foundation Fund Strata Tech, Inc. Stratmoor Hills Water District Patrick and Janna Stueve Family Fund Sydko Enterprises, Inc. Target Insurance Services, Inc. Tate Plumbing & Construction Thoele Management, Inc. Thomas Family Practice, LLC Tim Diebolt Sales, Inc. Travel Center of Atchison Treanor Architects, P.A. Troutman-Truster, Inc. Troy State Bank Turf Masters, Inc. The Courtney S. Turner Charitable Trust, Daniel C. Weary and Bank of America, Trustees T-Village Fund UMB Bank, n.a. Unit Rail Anchor Company United Bank of Kansas United Way of Rhode Island UPS Foundation Vitae Enrichment Foundation VML, Inc. Wallace, Saunders, Austin, Brown & Enochs, Chtd. Attys. Wallflowers Custom Frame Studio Wal-Mart Stores Walnut Street Station Jane Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neil Wandless Charitable Fund Western Beverage, Inc. :HVWHUQ5RELGRX[,QF WTGG Consulting, LLC Law Offices of Yeretsky & Maher, LLC Young Dragon Ztyl Foundation

INDIVIDUALS $1,000,000 and Above 'DYLG/¶DQG Rebecca Reichenberger, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Moritz $250,000 to $499,999 -HDQ):HLWNDPS¶DQG Thomas A. McDonnell Byron G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Joan Thompson $100,000 to $999,999 0DU\.5RFKIRUG0F$OOLVWHU¶ +RZDUG*¶DQG 5KRQGD0%HKOPDQQ¶:HVWHUPDQ $50,000 to $99,999 'U-RKQ7'XJDQ¶ 7.HYLQ¶DQG0DU\&0F1LFKRODV James V., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Mary L. Napier 5REHUW6¶DQG-DQHW):KROH\ Carolyn Riechoff Wisner, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;42 â&#x20AC; $25,000 to $49,999 William R. Anton, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;42 &KDUOHV$&RPEV¶Â&#x201A; .DWKU\Q::HLVKDU¶DQG5LFKDUG/'DO]HOO -DPHV9¶DQG'DZQ+LQW] John and Carol Kornitzer Bernadine C. Law, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Dr. Paolo Lanzano 0DUN-¶DQG0DU\$0R\HU¶/D]]R -RKQ-¶DQG6WHSKDQLH&/\QFK Eleanor Moore â&#x20AC;  Jack and Karen Pletz Nancy L. Schneider 3DWULFN-¶DQG0DU\0DUJDUHW6O\ 3DXO'¶DQG.DWKOHHQ$:HVWHUPDQ /DZUHQFH0¶DQG -DQHW/0XQUR¶¶:LOFR[ $10,000 to $24,999 Anonymous 0DWWKHZ'¶DQG$QQ0$QWKRQ\ 'U0LFKDHO)¶DQG'HEUD$%RODQG 'U-RVHSK/¶DQG&RQVWDQFH%ULFNQHU Frances L. Broderick /DUU\-¶DQG7UHVD$%XHVVLQJ Stephen M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and -RDQ0.RHFKQHU¶&KDUERQQHDX Lawrence and Colleen Deneen Thomas A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 â&#x20AC;  and JoAnne Di Marco Richard and Cindy Dickason 'DQLHO/)DQJPDQ¶DQG'ROO\'XII\ (OL]DEHWK =LEELH *LOOHVSLH¶ and James E. Ferrell 0LFKDHO*¶DQG 6XVDQ0&RQURZ¶*DQJHO Michael and Marlys Haverty Beatrice Hickert 5RQDOG9¶DQG 0HUOH)UHXGHQEHUJ¶.HOO\ 7KHRGRUH.HOO\¶

'U5REHUW-¶DQG6XVDQ$/XHJHU -DPHV0¶DQG 'RURWK\$+HLEHUJHU¶/\QFK Steven and Nancy Markel Lou, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Sue McAvoy 6WHSKHQ(¶DQG3HJJ\0F%ULGH 6WHSKHQ'¶DQG$P\(.RKDNH¶0LQQLV -DPHV)¶DQG0DU\&%XVK¶0XHOOHU Dr. Patrick W. Mullins, M.D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Mary O. Murphy â&#x20AC; 0LFKDHO3¶DQG 7KHUHVD/0F3KHH¶0XUSK\ -DFN$¶DQG.DWKOHHQ*1HZPDQ -DPHV7¶DQG.DWKOHHQ'2¶%ULHQ Joseph L., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Laura E. Peters Harold J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Judith M. Sheahan 3DWULFN-¶DQG-DQQD0&URZOH\¶6WXHYH Elena Wahbeh-Foster Rev. John H. Wandless 7KRPDV$¶DQG/LQGD:HVVHOV L. Jane Westerman 1RUPDQ5¶DQG6KLUOH\<RXQJEHUJ $5,000 to $9,999 Anonymous 'DQLHO)¶DQG 'RURWK\$+RZDUG¶%HDWWLH Peter and Kathleen Brown 'U'HQQLV$¶DQG $OLFH0LODFHN¶'LHGHULFK 6HDQ0¶DQG-XOLH-=RRN¶'RKHUW\ George R. Donnelly Robert and Susan Downey Ann T. Eckels 0DWWKHZ-¶DQG 0DU\$&RRN¶)LOSRYLFK %R0¶DQG7HUU\$)UDVHU -RKQ$*DJHV¶ +HOHQ&R]]HQV¶DQG7LP+HDO\ Lou Holtz )UDQN$¶DQG.LWW\6+XJ )UDQN$¶DQG'HEELH+XJ Richard H. and Mollien Koenig Richard and Debra Konzem .HYLQ(¶DQG 3DPHOD$6FKDHIHU¶.UDPHU -DFTXHO\Q//D1RXH¶DQG'DYLG/LHEHQWKDO -RKQ3¶DQG0DU\0F*RYHUQ Richard W. Miller James R. Nolan â&#x20AC;  Sue Nolan Mary E. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor 'U)-¶DQG-DQH(:HWWD¶2KPHV H. Charles Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Reilly, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 +HOHQ2U]HO¶ 7KRPDV-¶DQG0LFKHOOH$2VZDOG¶6DN &KDUOHV+6DQ3HWUR¶ (GXDUGR0¶DQG$QQH6DUGLQD 0DUN$¶DQG 'HQLVH0+RIIPDQQ¶6FKLHEHU

3DXO*¶DQG.DWKU\Q/6FKQHLGHU %\URQ6FRWW¶ B. Christopher Thompson B. Gregory Thompson Mark C. and Amy Thompson Michael S. Thompson Paul J. Thompson Timothy J. Thompson Aman S. Udani, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Dr. Stephanie C. Van Dyne and Robert Hazelwood -RKQ0¶DQG 0DU\/&RFKUDQ¶9DQ'\NH Wahbeh Family 9DOHU\1¶DQG-XGLWK:DKEHK =R\D:DKEHK0HDG¶DQG+XGVRQ'0HDG Richard and SueAnn Wright 0DU\$OLFH:HLU=LHJOHU¶ $1,000 to $4,999 Rolland L., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Ginger Abel Paul and Marsha Adair &KDUOHV0¶DQG6XVDQ$GDPV 'U5REHUW-¶DQG(OL]DEHWK0$OEHUV %HUQDUG*$OOHQ¶ Dr. Cy K., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Junko K. Kurabayashi, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Anderson 6XVDQ0$QGUDGH¶ Anonymous 7KRPDV*¶DQG0LFKHOOH$WWHEHUU\ $DURQ/%DOGULGJH¶ 'U6WHSKHQ0¶DQG(OL]DEHWK%DOGZLQ 6HDQ(%DXHU¶ Jeffrey and Stacy Berghoff Mary C. Bosanatz 'U0DUN7%RVFKHUW0'¶ /DUU\/¶DQG$QQ0%UDQGRQ 5REHUW'¶DQG 0DU\.D\0XUSK\¶%ULJKW /H5R\)¶DQG/LQGD.'RRKDQ¶ Brungardt 7KRPDV:¶DQG (OL]DEHWK$&RRNH¶%XUNH Daniel and Molly Callahan Dr. John B. Campbell 'U'DQLHO-¶DQG7HUUL&DUH\ -RQDWKDQ5¶DQG-HVVLFD(5RVH¶&DUUROO -RKQ-¶DQG3DPHOD&DVH\ Arthur W., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Harriet M. Catrambone P. Jean Ho, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Y. Austin Chang 5REHUW:¶DQG 6KLUOH\$9RQ+DU]¶&KHQRZHWK (GPRQG5&LDUQLHOOR¶ Martin and Linda Clements 1HDO'¶DQG0DU\%0XUSK\¶&ROE\ -DPHV)¶DQG0DULO\Q-&RQURZ .DWKOHHQ&\U&RUULJDQ7RHZV¶DQG Reagen Toews Brett W. Cott, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94

-RVHSK/¶DQG -DFTXHOLQH0/DUNLQ¶&ULGHU Paul V., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Olga C. Crotty Joseph J. Cygan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 'U--RVHSK¶DQG )UDQFHV-:ULJKW¶'DJOHQ -DQLFH0&ODUN¶DQG6DELQR/'H*LVL 'U-RKQ0¶DQG'U/LVD'HODQH\ '(LOHHQ'HUVKLPHU¶ Don P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Kathleen T. Diederich -RVHSK:¶DQG&DURO'LQJPDQ 0LFKDHO(¶DQG0DUFLD+'LQJPDQ David and Kathy Disney 'U$UWKXU*'REEHODHUH¶ 0DWWKHZ5¶DQG$QQH::HWWD¶'RODQ 6WHSKHQ*'RODQ¶ Robert and Susan Downey $QWKRQ\*¶DQG7KHUHVD'UXPPRQG Stephen D. and Anne Dunn Terrence P. and Peggy J. Dunn 5RQDOG(¶DQG'RURWK\'XQSK\ 3DXO.¶DQG7DPP\/'XUNLQ J. Robert Erickson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 Marie T. Demmer Esselmann, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Joseph T. Fahey Kevin R. and Connie Fahey 'DYLG0¶DQG/DXULH&)DUUHOO 3KLOOLS))DUULV¶ -RKQ)¶DQG0HODQLH/6PLWK¶)HFKWHU Frederick J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Carole A. Finder 6HDQ7¶DQG(ULQ)O\QQ -DPHV'¶DQG .DWKHULQH0*RXOG¶)UDQHN 5REHUW*¶DQG$GD0*HRUJLH¶)UD]LHU *HRUJH-¶DQG&DWK\)XFKV &KDUOHV-¶DQG6KHLOD/*DUWHQPD\HU 0LFKDOO-*DVVPDQ¶ 'U-RVHSK(*HLVW¶ Edward A. and Marlene R. Gellings 0.DWKU\Q*HOOLQJV¶ 'RQ-¶DQG1DQF\*HUPDQR -RVKXD$¶DQG(OL]DEHWK*LGHRQ John J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and 0DUJDUHW6FKXPDFKHU¶*ODGEDFK *UHJRU\0*ORUH¶ 9LUJLO-¶DQG/LQGD*RUDFNH 7KRPDV(¶DQG0DU\(/DW]¶*RUF]\FD -RKQ(¶DQG7KHUHVD03LNH¶*RXOG J. Jeff, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Nicole Grada 0DUOHQH-5DSDOLQR¶DQG-DPHV5*UDKDP 'U7HUHQFH(¶DQG-LOO7*UHZH -0LFKDHO¶DQG&HFHOLD0*ULQGHO 'U6WHSKHQ*UXED¶DQG'U%HWKHO.RSS C. Francis Hales, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 (GZDUG)¶DQG/LVD.+DOSLQ :LOOLDP6+DVNH\¶ Eugene C. Hegarty Michael A. Heimos, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 'U:LOOLDP-¶DQG 7HUHVD$%H\H¶+HQGULFNV

-RKQ+¶DQG -R$QQ(-RKQVRQ¶+HQQLQJVHQ 'DYLG'¶DQG-XGLWK+HUQH -HDQQLH/(0%$¶DQG0LFKDHO(+HUULQ David and Marcia Herrman Mary G. Herrman .HLWK*+HUWOLQJ¶ %HUQDUG-+LFNHUW¶ 7LPRWK\6+LFNH\¶ 5RQDOG/¶DQG.DUHQ/+LQGPDQ Susan M. Schaefer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Dan Hinds James C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Marilyn Hinkefent 6HDQ-¶DQG'HQLVH+LQW] 5LFKDUG/¶DQG0DU\/RX+RPDQ Adolph J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Marjorie A. Horinek -RKQ0¶DQG0DU\55XGROSK¶+RXVH -DPHV5¶DQG*LJL+XPSKUH\ James W., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Charlotte R. Humphrey Diane Hunninghake Paul and Barbara Jansen 0'DUU\O-RQHV¶ Richard D. and Kathleen Jones William J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Pat Joyce /DZUHQFH6¶DQG/LQGD-.DPLQVN\ 'U7KRPDV)¶DQG -RDQ00R\HU¶.HPODJH 5HJJLH/.HPQD¶ 3HWHU/.OHEED¶ Dan Koch Eleanor A. Kohake -RKQ)¶DQG%DUEDUD%%HW]HQ¶.RKOHU 5DQGDOO(¶DQG&RQQLH/.ROODVFK .LUN6¶DQG -HDQQHWWH0/D*XH¶.RZDOHZVNL -RVHSK0¶DQG 1DQF\-/XW]¶.UDNRZLHFNL 6DUD()OD[¶DQG-HII.UDPHU 5REHUW&¶DQG-HDQLH/DW] Courtney M. Laurie 'U'HQQLV3¶DQG &DURO$:DONHU¶/DZORU -RKQ(¶DQG5LWD.=HRUOLQ¶/HODQG 'U(GZDUG1¶DQG /LVD./XGZLJ¶/HWRXUQHDX -DPHV6¶DQG'XQULH/HZLV Dennis and Stacie Lindsey /\OOLV/LQJ¶ 5LFKDUG/¶DQG-DQH/RWWHV -RDQ)5LFKDUGVRQ¶DQG5LFKDUG-/\QFK James and Barbara Mahoney Glenn and Diane Manny Courtney M. Marshall )UDQFHV:XHUWK0DUVRODLV¶ Robert A. Martin 5RQDOG6¶DQG 0DULH0F&XOORXJK¶0F$GDPV 3DWULFN)¶DQG6\OYLD$6FKRUQ¶0F*HH 7LPRWK\&¶DQG.DWULQD0F*XLJDQ &3DWULFN¶DQG0DUWLQD-0F/DUQH\ 0DU\:0F1HUQH\¶

7KRPDV-¶DQG'LDQH+0HOLFKDU 7KRPDV0¶DQG -RDQ(7HHJDUGHQ¶0HW]JHU -D\$¶DQG%DUEDUD0H\HU Dr. Brett A. Miller 'DYLG'¶DQG0DU\3DW*XHJXHQ¶0LOOHU Richard and Sherry Miller Theresa Wolters, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Raymond L. Miller D. Douglas and Marjorie Minnis John P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Angela Minnis M. Elizabeth Bacon, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 and W. Richard Mize /DZUHQFH(¶DQG &HFLOLD03DOPHU¶0XII Dr. William S., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Lila Mullican John F. P. and Mary V. Murphy Daniel and Elizabeth Muzyka William E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Margaret Ferkenhoff, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Myers Lorry and Brenda Nelson Walter G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Mary Jo Nelson N. Nelson and Marcia Newcomer Timothy and Tanya Newkirk James and Kathleen Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Hara -RKQ3¶DQG-DQLFH$2¶/HDU\ 7KRPDV0¶DQG0DXUHHQ2¶/HDU\ .HYLQ-¶(0%$¶DQG&ROOHHQ0 0F*UDZ¶2¶0DOOH\ Dominic N., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Marilyn A. Paolucci Victor Patel Steven and Theresa Paul :LOIUHG-¶DQG&HFHOLD3HOWLHU 5REHUW-¶DQG&DURO3HQND 6WHSKHQ'¶DQG0ROO\%3HQQ\ Rita M. Gages, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Norbert B. Phillips 'U5LFKDUG$¶DQG0DU\$3LURWWH .HYLQ3¶DQG/RUL$5DXEHU -HUU\-¶DQG.HUULH$5HOOLKDQ Mike and Suzy Richards 0LFKDHO+¶DQG6DQGUD5LHNHU -RQ'5RVV¶ Teresita M. Breitenbach, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Anthony P. Ruotolo 3HWHU¶DQG0DXUHHQ6KHHKDQ¶5XVVR &DUOD6FKDHIHU'RYH\¶DQG'HQQLV'RYH\ 6\OYHVWHU-¶DQG9LFNL$6FKLHEHU 'RQDOG(¶DQG5RVHO\Q6FKPLGW 6WDQOH\-¶DQG .DWKOHHQ)+LJOH\¶6FKPLGW 'U7KRPDV&6FKQXUU¶ Donald H. and Dr. Kimberly Shankman &DU\&¶DQG &KDUORWWH0/DQGRQ¶6KDZ 'U'DQLHO-6KHDG¶ .DWKOHHQ(6KLHOGV¶ &DURO06KRPLQ¶ 5REHUW-¶DQG0DU\6LGPDQ -DPHV$¶DQG-DQH'H%URHFN¶6LGRQL 5REHUW/¶DQG&KDUOHQH1HOVRQ¶6ODWHU $QQH03LQNHOPDQQ¶DQG0DUN16PLWK

Mark and Susan Solbach 5R[DQH00XHWLQJ¶DQG0LFKDHO6WHF Darin Stephens 6DOO\)'R\OH6WULFFD¶ 3DWULFLD5)DUUHOO¶DQG Dr. Gerald L. Strohmeyer Joyce Suellentrop 'DYLG-¶DQG-XGLWK7D\ORU¶6XO]EDFK Mark Switzer Clarence B. Synakiewicz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 %HUQDUG*¶DQG (OOHQ00F&DVNH\¶7RQTXHVW 5REHUW(7XPEHUJHU¶ %DUEDUD(&DQQHOO¶DQG$QGUHZ)9DFODY (XJHQH-¶DQG .DWKOHHQ$*DPPRQ¶9DGHU Virgil F. Vanderfeltz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 6DPXHO59HUVOXHV¶ .HOO\-%RODQG9RZHOV¶ 'U'XQVWDQ-¶DQG +HOHQ0%UHQWDQR¶:DFN Robert and Debra Walker 5HQHH-.RKDNH¶DQG5LFKDUG0:DVKEXUQ &DURO\Q/&RQQRU¶DQG'HQQLV:DWOH\ /DZUHQFH&:HUQHU¶ 0DUN-¶DQG%DUEDUD$%HOORZV¶:HWWD -XOLH$0XQUR¶DQG'DQLHO:KLWH 'LDQQH++LFNHUW¶DQG*HRUJH%:LWZHU -RKQ-¶DQG0DUJDUHW<DVLQVDF 5HY3DWULFN*<RUN¶ Dr. Lionel W., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Florence I. Young Less than $1,000 'HQLV($EERWW¶ John and Elizabeth Abegg Ron and Robin Abel 'DQLHO)¶DQG %DUEDUD(,VROLQH¶$EHOLQJ Jeanette Abeling /HR&¶DQG&DURO\Q$EHOV Lance C. Abernathy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 David and Molly Aboussleman David and Lisa Abramovitz 'DYLG0¶DQG-XG\$FNHUPDQ 'HQLVH$0DFN¶DQG5DQGDOO/$FNHUPDQ Douglass J. Adair Dick and Kim Adams .HYLQ+$GDPV¶ 5HEHFFD+ROPHV$GDPV¶ Timothy and Marybeth Adams Claudia A. Adamson Charleane Addison 6XVDQ/+RUYDWLF¶DQG*UHJRU\3$GGLVRQ 'DQQ\($GHOKDUGW¶ Catherine A. Adkins -DPHV(¶DQG3HJJ\$7LHQNHQ¶$JQHZ William J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and 3DWULFLD03DVFRH¶$JQHZ Bill and Roberta Aguirre &KLS-¶DQG0RQLFD76PLWK¶$KHUQ

Scott A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Lori M. Aho Joseph and Lois Akers 0DU\(0F'HYLWW¶DQG%UHW$NHUV *UHJRU\-¶DQG-HQQLIHU$OEHUV -RDQ0$OEHUV¶DQG6WHSKHQ:6DQGV Charles R. Alberts .DWKOHHQ$6SXUORFN¶DQG*OHQQ$OELQ Nancy Albin 0DULO\Q60HJOL%XVFKH¶DQG Jack E. Albright T. Ed Albright III, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Thomas and Susan Alderson Fred P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Theresa E. Aldrich $GDLU:¶Â&#x201A;DQG (OHDQRU/DNHUV¶$OH[DQGHU 9LFWRULD/$OH[DQGHU /7%U\FH6$OOHQ¶ (-RDQ$VW$OOHQ¶ James M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Mary Lou Allen Janet Allen Meredith E. Allen, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Douglas and Jennifer Alles Carolyn S. Almond Jane E. Altenhofen Joseph and Elizabeth Altenhofen Justin and Marva Altenhofen :LOOLDP¶DQG 0DULOHH)0F.HQ]LH¶$OWHQKRIHQ -RKQ1¶DQG&LQGUD/$OWPDQ 6DUDK-+RJDQ¶DQG=DFK$PEDULDQW] *LOOLDQ($PHQW¶ 'U*HQHYLHYH::HVWKXHV¶DQG-RKQ$PHV Barry and Joni Amthor &RUDQ7¶DQG0DU\$QQ$QGHUMDVND Thomas and Lynn Anders 0DU\&+RULJDQ¶DQG5RQDOG'$QGHUVHQ $PDQGD5$QGHUVRQ¶ $QQH&$QGHUVRQ¶ Carol L. Anderson Geane Anderson -DPHV5¶DQG 3DWULFLD'0F'RQDOG¶$QGHUVRQ Jeffrey and Monica Anderson -RVHSK5¶DQG -RYLWD0%HW]HQ¶$QGHUVRQ -RVHSKLQH'HPPHU¶DQG Kenneth G. Anderson Julia A. Anderson 0DUJDUHW&:LONHV¶DQG)UHG$QGHUVRQ 5REHUW&¶DQG0DU\-R¶$QGHUVRQ Ty G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Jennifer A. Grewe, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Anderson Wayne and Linda Anderson 0DMRU:HVOH\-/(0%$¶DQG Elizabeth A. Anderson -DPHV$¶DQG 0DUJDUHW5/DQKDP¶$QGUD 5LFKDUG(¶DQG 'RORUHV$6WLHIHUPDQQ¶$QGUD Paul and Jane Andrew Rev. Daniel R. Andrews, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93

7LPRWK\&¶DQG /LVD0+XHUWHU¶$QGUHZV /\QQH,7XUQHU$QJHO¶ Charles and Lisa Angwin 5RQDOG)¶DQG0DU\&$QLHODN -RVHSK$¶DQG'HEUD$QLHOOR Anonymous 1DQF\-+DQGOH\¶DQG:LOOLDP/$QWKHV -RVHSK%¶DQG-RDQ0$QWKRQ\ Lois Larkin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and John L. Anthony 5LFKDUG'¶DQG%HWW\/RX$QWKRQ\ 5REHUW($UDQRZVNL¶ $QGUHD1$UFKHU¶ .HYLQ3¶(0%$¶DQG .DWKU\Q&&UDZIRUG¶ /HH&¶DQG/XHWWD3+HQU\$UHQVEHUJ Peter and Barbara Arensberg -XOLH50DUWLQ$UJHQ]LDQR¶ James and June Armer $QJHOD)$UPRXU¶ James and Constance Armour James and Ann Armstrong Martin F. Armstrong, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Dale E. Arndt Benjamin and Sherry Arnold Ronald F. and Kathy J. Arnoldi Mary A. Zehrung, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Edward V. Arnone 9LFWRULD/9HODVTXH]¶DQG'DYLG:$UW]HU William and Toni Ashby -DPHV:¶DQG0DXUHHQ5$VKHU 0DUWLQ-¶DQG$JJLH0$VKHU 0DU\0$VKHU¶ 5RJHUDQG6XVDQ00F&DUWK\¶$VVPDQQ .DWKOHHQ$(UNHU¶DQG7KHRGRUH)$VW The Hund Family: Bill, Louie, Ann, Sue and Ginny 0DUMRULH($QWKRQ\$WNLQVRQ¶ Keith Atlakson Salvador and Juanita Avitia 'U'HQQLV&¶DQG9LUJLQLD0$\HU Richard J. and Gwen Aylward Amy M. Braman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Paul M. Baack Gary Baack Gerald and Judith Baalmann Barbara A. Jackson Babcock, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 .HYLQ%¶DQG/DXUD/)HOWV¶%DFKNRUD Linda C. Badger 5REHUW7¶DQG:DQGD)%DJOH\ Patti S. Shideler, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and George F. Bahorich 'U)UDQFLV1%DLQ¶ 'U*HRUJH:¶DQG1DQF\%DLQ Delbert and Sonia Baker -RKQ:¶DQG'RULV(%DNHU -RVHSK:¶DQG1DQF\,%DNHU 0DU\(4XLQQ%DNHU¶ 3DWULFLD(7RUOLQH%DNHU¶ Rita Baker Theresa Baker 1LFKRODV*%DOGXFFL¶ Butch and Mary Ball

-RKQ$%DOOZHJ¶ Duane and Cristin Banderob Philip and Lisa Baniewicz Bryce and Carolyn Banion Francis and Barbara Barak Eileen Dever, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Lewis C. Barbe 'LDQH00HDO\¶DQG3DXO'%DUEHU Debbie and Vito Barbieri -RKQ$¶DQG&DWKHULQH+%DUFDV 'U6WHSKHQ)%DUGRW¶ 0DUtD)2UWL]%DUHOD¶ &-RKQ¶DQG0DUWL%DULFHYLF 'HQQLV3%DULFHYLF¶ 6FRWW/¶DQG-RGLH5%DUQHV Shannon C. Herbert Barnes, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Harold R. and Nancy K. Barnett Robert E. Barnett 6KHLOD&DWUDPERQH%DUUHWW¶ David and Sheri Barrett 3DXO%¶DQG'HEELH%DUURQ *UHJRU\'¶DQG0DU\-R0XFNH\¶%DUU\ -RKQ&¶DQG%HYHUO\%DUU\ -RKQ.%DUU\¶ 3DXO-¶DQG5HEHFFD6%DUU\ Rosalie M. Barry Walter D. and Mildred S. Bartel &LQG\0%DUWHOV*UDKDP¶ Barbara B. Bartholdi Thomas and Kelly Bartlett Barbara H. Bartocci 7KHRGRUH0%DUWROHWWL¶ 'HERUDK$+XHOVNDPS¶DQG Daniel Bartuccio John and Alane A. Bartush 9DOHULH-%DUWXVK¶ Paul M. and Kathleen A. Bastasch -HDQQH0+HMQDO¶DQG'DYLG:%DWHPDQ 0LFKDHO*¶DQG'U-HQQLIHU%DWK Maria G. Batten James and Kathleen Bauer 5D\PRQG3¶DQG0DUFLD%DXHU Charles and Barbara Baughman Marty Baughman Dr. George J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Barbara A. Stotts, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Baumgartner 9LUJLQLD$%DXPJDUWQHU¶ Gloria G. Baur -RQDWKDQDQG6DUDK%D[D -RVHSK)¶DQG6WDYUD%D\HU Beverly A. Reinkemeyer Beam, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Marcia Beason 1RUPDQ-¶DQG%DUEDUD(%HDW .HYLQ-¶DQG 0DUOHQH9+HVWHUZHUWK¶%HDWW\ 6WHYHQ'¶DQG1DQF\&%HFKHUHU Theodore P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 â&#x20AC; and Marilyn D. Bechtel 'U-RKQ5¶DQG0DU\%HFN $QQHWWH./LFKWHQDXHU¶DQG David A. Becker Bryan and Patricia Becker

5D\PRQG&¶DQG0DU\-%HFNHU Amy M. Beckham Cheryl Beckley 'U'DYLG7%HFNOH\¶ Rita M. Beckner 0RQLFD05RFKH¶DQG&UDLJ%HGNH Robert and Susan Bednar James Beeman John and Tamara Beggs 6WHSKHQ:¶DQG0DU\&*HUVW¶%HJJV 0DUN/DQG$P\1¶*DWHV%DJOH\ -RKQ$%HKUPDQQ¶ Richard and Cynthia Beien *UHJRU\-¶DQG0DU\(%HLHU Vincent Bejarano Joseph E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Doris A. Belden Mary Jane Bell Meg Bell 5H[DQG'HQLVH%HOO 5D\PRQG3¶DQG-DQLFH0%HOOHU Steven and Virginia Bellis Harriet E. Bellmyer -RKQ)¶DQG$LPHH*XLQRWWH¶%HQDJH Frank, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Barbara J. Meyer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Benanti &DWKHULQH:LQGHUOLQ%HQGHU¶ Judith A. Benjamin Bryan and Janet Benner 'RQDOG*¶DQG.DWKHULQH/%HQQHWW David and Jane Bennett Roger T. Bennett -DQH(%HQRLW¶ Terrence and Mary Bentley 0LFKHO7¶DQG&LQG\)UDQFR¶%HUDUG &ODXGLD(%HUGXJR¶ $Q\D%HUH]LQD'HUULFN¶ (OL]DEHWK$%HUJHU¶ -RKQ$%HUJHU¶ Richard and Sally Berger Mike and Theresa Bergida Ken and Mary Bergman Raymond G. Bergman -RVHSK$¶DQG0DU\(%HUJVFKQHLGHU 'U&DUO7%HUNKRXW¶ Rick Berkshire Tony and Jane Bernardel 9LUJLQLD((GPLVWRQ%HUQH\¶ (GZDUG-¶DQG6XVDQ%HUQV Don and Georgene Bernskoetter .HQQHWK-%HUUHVKHLP¶ John and Kathy Berrick (ULF(0%$¶DQG/HGHHQ%HUU\ 7LPRWK\5%HUVFK¶ &KHQH\/%HUWKROI¶ Gary and Carolyn Berthot James and Kristi Bertrand /DZUHQFH$¶DQG3DWULFLD%HVVHUHU %ULDQ0%HWWODFK¶ 6WHYHQ5¶DQG0DUWLQD%HWWODFK /DXUD-%HW]HQ¶ $QWKRQ\-¶DQG5HEHFFD/%LDQFKL


$JQHV00LODFHN%LDQFR¶ )UDQN(%LDQFR¶ Victoria E. Bianculli Frank G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Caryl A. Bichlmeier %ULDQ-¶DQG0HJDQ.&DVVLG\¶%LFNIRUG Bruce and Patricia Bidwell %HWK$%LJHORZ¶ William and Ann Biggins Dr. Douglas and Beth Biggs Edythe H. Bilimek Robert J. Binder &DURO$+DXJ¶DQG0LFKDHO)%LUNHO John and Roberta Birmingham James and Susan Birt 7LPRWK\-%LUW¶ Edward A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Louise H. Birzer Gregory and Carla Bishop John Bishop Yolonda K. Campbell, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Jerrod Bishop 5REHUW(¶DQG/XDQD-%LWWHU N. Carol Bitting .HOO\$&DQQDYDQ¶DQG.HQW%MRUN Richard N., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Dorothy M. â&#x20AC; Blackwell (OOHQ00XGG¶DQG-RKQ%ODKD :LOOLDP$¶DQG3DPHOD%ODLU R. J. and Mary C. Blaise -HIIUH\'¶DQG $P\.0F*XLUH¶%ODQFKDUG 5D\PRQG6¶DQG .DWKOHHQ%DELQHDX[%ODQFR /HUR\$¶DQG+HOHQ*%ODVL 0DUJDUHW$%HFNHU¶DQG7LPRWK\%OHYLQV John and Mary Block George B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Dorlene Blodig 3DXO(%OXP¶ Michael and Lisa Boddicker 5RODQG-¶DQG0DU\%%RHGLQJ 5HY0DUYLQ-%RHV¶ (OL]DEHWK:LGKDOP¶DQG-LP%RHVFK 'DYLG-%RJGDQ¶ (OL]DEHWK$%RJGDQ¶ Richard C. Bogdan Patrick and Diane Bohlig -RKQ'%RKRQ¶ 'U.DWKOHHQ-¶DQG-DPHV7%RODQG 0DU\*/DFNH\¶DQG5RQDOG%RODQG Richard and Doris Boland *HRUJH$¶DQG &\QWKLD1'DYLV¶%ROGULGJH Kevin Bolend 6WHYHQ-¶DQG3DWULFLD%%ROLQ %HWWLQD,0LFKDHOLV¶DQG7RP-%ROOHU 7KRPDV$¶DQG0DUJLH-(%RPPDULWR 9LQFHQW3¶DQG -DFTXHOLQH$5RHKULJ¶%RPPDULWR Charles T. Bond -XGLWK*UDQH\%RQG¶ 'U-DPHV.%RQJHUV''6¶DQG Linda Bongers Michael and Leslie Bono

%HUQLFH*6WHVVPDQ¶DQG0HOYLQ%RRN -XOLH$0F1HLYH¶DQG(ULF$%RRQH -RKQ3¶DQG.DWKU\Q(+DHJHOLQ¶%RRV 6XVDQ&UXLVH¶DQG*HUDOG$%RRV (PLO\&0R[OH\¶DQG5REHUW%RRWK David and Margie Bordovsky 'U-RKQ*¶DQG 0DUWKD$5LFKPRQG¶%RUNRZVNL Daniel and Melissa Bosso Sandra Boswell Diana M. Bourisaw Lisa A. Bourquin -RVHSK+¶DQG(YHO\Q-5DFN¶%RXWWH Emily Harkins Bowen, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 -DQHDQ'1DUQGHQ¶DQG Dr. Daniel E. Bowen Dr. Julia Bowen Gregory M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Rhonda A. Petry, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Bower Kevin and Karen Bower :LOOLDP7¶DQG Katherine A. Bowler %REEL%R[OHU 0LFKDHO-%R\FH¶ 'U:LOOLDP+¶DQG6XVDQ3%R\FH 'RQDOG(¶DQG3DWULFLD0%R]LFK John and Mary Bradley Robert and Janet Bradshaw -DPHV0¶DQG/DXULH1HXVHO¶%UDG\ Kathy Brady Sally M. Brady 6KDURQ(0RUOH\¶DQG7RP%UDG\ Austin J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Janna L. Braithwait Robert S. Braksick John and Nancy Braman .DUHQ0&KDUOWRQ¶DQG5LFKDUG6%UDQGO Edwin and Joan Brandt 1HLO:¶DQG6DQGUD0%UDQGW Robert and Margaret Brandt Erik T., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Annette M. Steinauer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Branstetter Rich and Carolyn Branstetter 5LFKDUG-¶DQG0DUOHQH0%UDXQVGRUI &DURO6FKXFNHQEURFN%UHJHQ]HU¶ 'DOH&%UHJHQ]HU¶ John and Marybeth Brehany Jack Breitenstein Teresa M. Breitenstein &DUULH1%UHPPHU¶ Dr. Dale A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Jean Bremmer (&DURO/DFNH\¶DQG'DQLHO%UHQHLVHU Ann E. Cleary Brennan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 Heather M. Armstrong, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Conor Brennan Lucille Fontana Brennan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Dr. Robert A. and Joan Brennan 7HUU\-%UHQQDQ¶ Timothy and Kathleen Brennan Carol J. Brenner Joseph and Kathleen Brenner Monica S. Barry, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Joe Brentano

Elizabeth C. Breting, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Richard and Patricia Brewster Luis and Maria Brignoni Brian J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Michelle Brinker .DWKOHHQ0%XUGLHN%ULQNHU¶ Rose L. Brinks Kevin and Deborah Brock Curtis and Vicki Bromm -DURQ-%URPP¶ Carolyn Brooks 0LFKDHO$DQG0DU\36LHGKRII¶%URRNV 6WHYHQ'%URRNV(0%$¶ -RQL(%URSK\¶DQG7KRPDV*&ROZHOO-U (GZDUG5¶DQG$QQ:%URSK\ James P. and Dorothy M. Brophy Mary C. Brosnan 7KRPDV+¶DQG .DUHQ$0XHOOHU¶%URWKHUWRQ Kenneth and Becky Brown Carole A. Brown &DURO\Q-%HFNHU¶DQG5XVVHOO$%URZQ Dr. David E. Brown Donald and Ruth Brown Gerald A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Alice J. Brown -HQQLIHU5%URZQ¶ .DUHQ0%URZQ¶DQG%UDGIRUG&RDVK Kenneth and Becky Brown 2OLQ/%URZQ¶ Ryan D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Colleen Brown Seth E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Alicia C. Pettey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Brown 'U7HUUHQFH-¶DQG0DUFLD-%URZQ Timothy and Jenifer Brown 'DQLHO-¶DQG0RQLFD$%ODLVH¶%URZQH -DPHV(¶DQG7HUUL6%URZQH .HYLQ%%URZQH¶ 0LFKDHO'¶DQG .LPEHUO\$*DOODJKHU¶%UR[ -DPHV7¶DQG 65HQH'URXKDUG¶%UR]RYLFK Isadore Brulez Jim and Marilyn Brull Mark and Brenda Brull and Family Dave and Patricia Brull 6DQGUD.:RLWD¶DQG-DPHV'%UXQHU Cecelia A. Christophene, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and William A. Brunner 'DQLHO(¶DQG0ROO\%UXQV David and Elizabeth Brunson Julie K. Bruntz Rudy and Veronica Brynac &\QWKLD0*HLJHU¶DQG'RXJ%XFKDQDQ Philomena Buchholz -DPHV7%XFNOH\(VT¶ -HURPH0¶DQG6XVLH%XFNOH\ 3DWULFLD.RSIOH¶DQG-DPHV$Â&#x201A;%XFNOH\ -RKQ:%XHFKQHU¶ Gerald and Francine Buettner &KDUOHV)¶DQG3DWULFLD$%XKOHU 6WHSKHQ5¶DQG 0LFKHOH$:HVWHUKDXV¶%XKOHU

Harold and Luella Buhman $GDP%¶DQG$QLWD0¶%XKPDQ:LJJV Jane P. Berry, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Pat F. Buhr 0DU\-R%URZQH¶DQG5D\PRQG$%XOOLV %UXFH0¶DQG&DURO$%XQFK -DQLFH0¶0($¶DQG-RH%XQFN Thomas and Nancy Bunker Helen E. Glancy Buquoi, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;35 *UHJRU\5%XUFNKDUGW¶ (GPRQG7¶DQG3DXOD(%XUJDQ Waldo and Martha Burger Family -DPHV/%XULYDO¶ 0DU\$QQH*LQDLQH%XUNH¶ 0DU\..RRE¶DQG-RKQ-%XUNH 7KRPDV*¶DQG Carol M. Lysaght, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Burke 7KRPDV-¶DQG'LDQH&%XUNH 6DUDK-%XUNV¶ &ODUN$¶DQG%DUEDUD-%XUQHWW *DU\%¶DQG0DU\&RXUL¶%XUWRQ Martha E. Burton Robert and Elizabeth Burton 7KRPDV+¶DQG/DXUHQ-%XUWRQ Lawrence Bush Paul and Colleen Bush Gilbert and Barbara Bussen Dr. Felipe and Stacey Bustillo 6KHOE\0:DWOH\¶DQG0LFKDHO%\EHH $QWKRQ\(¶DQG%HUQDGLQH%\N .DWKU\Q/3XVFK¶DQG0LFKDHO'%\UG -HDQ0+DZHV%\UQH¶ William J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 â&#x20AC; and Joan Herbin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Byrnes &DWKHULQH&DELEL¶ 5RQDOG/¶DQG 5RFKHOOH'DUYHDX¶&DIIHUW\ Glenn and Betty Cahill Scott and Linda Cahill 6XVDQ/.RHQLJ&DKLOO¶ 7KRPDV0¶DQG6WHSKDQLH-&DLQ /XNH3&DLUQH\¶ Patrick and Anna Cairney James R. and Margaret Calcara Jamie C. Calcara, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Tony and Rhonda Caldarello %ULGJHWW$5RVVLQ(0%$¶DQG-RKQ&DOLD Martha J. Campbell, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 0LFKDHO-¶DQG 'HEUD00DQQLRQ¶&DPSEHOO Robert Campbell 5REHUW'¶DQG$OOLVRQ(&DPSEHOO 6KDURQ55KRGHV¶DQG3DWULFN&DPSEHOO Magell and Kathleen Candelaria Vincent V., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Patricia R. Canning &KULVWRSKHU-¶DQG$QGULDQD&DUERQH John and Joan Carbone -DPHV0&DUHZ¶ Michael and Frances Carey Robert and Colleen Carey Dr. Thomas E. Carey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Kristine J. Hilger, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Gilberto Carles

-DVRQ:ÂśDQG$EE\-&DUOLQ Michael and Cherie Carlisle Richard A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and %DUEDUD-/DUFKHUÂś&DUOVRQ Kay Carney -&ODUNVRQ&DUSHQWHUÂś &HFLOLD2YHUEH\ÂśDQG'U)UDQFLV&DUSLQHOOL Madeline Carpinelli %ULDQ.ÂśDQG+HDWKHU6&DUU Dave and Mary Carr Patrick M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Kathleen S. McClard, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Carr Ann Carrigan Charles and Janelle Carrigan Gere Carrigan -RVHSK0ÂśDQG/LVD*&DUULJDQ 3DWULFN'ÂśDQG.DWKU\Q0&DUULJDQ .HYLQ/ÂśDQG'RQQD&DUULO James A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Teresa Carroll John E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Marilyn Carroll -XVWLQ;ÂśDQG&LQG\.LQJ&DUUROO 'U.DUHQ0-HQNLQVÂśDQG:DOODFH&DUUROO Steve and Pat Carson -HDQ)%XVVDQÂśDQG-RKQ7&DUVWHQV 'DYLG/ÂśDQG3DPHOD6&DUWHU Theonne K. Wolters, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and William Carter William and Glenda Carter Neil and Marlene Carver +HQU\'ÂśDQG0DU\7&DPSEHOOÂś&DVH\ John E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Clarita L. Hampton, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Casey Katherine K. Kistler, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 and Thomas Casey -DPHV$&DVNH\Âś(0%$Âś James and JoEllen Caskey Patrick and Mary Caskey 7KRPDV)ÂśDQG'H'H&DVSDUL -XGLWK$DURQ&DVVLOO\Âś Sandie Cassinerio :LOOLDP+ÂśDQG0XVHWWH6WLQVRQÂś&DVWOH 0DUN-ÂśDQG-XGLWK'XYDOÂś&DWDQ]DUR John and Catherine Cattle Robert J. Caulfield Leo F., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Judith Cavanaugh Dr. Patrick J. and Kerry M. Cavanaugh David and Therese Cavin Michael and Margaret Cawthra .DUHQ%DUUHWWÂśDQG(XJHQH&D\ORU Jane B. Celaya -DFN-ÂśDQG5HQHH6/RQJÂś&HOOD 'U-RVHSK7ÂśDQG &ROOHHQ5)RUJHÂś&HUQLFK -RVHSK)&HUYHQ\Âś James and Julie Chandler Pius K. W. Chao, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 -DPHV+ÂśDQG7HUOLHQ:&KDSPDQ 0DULO\Q-0LOOHU&KDSPDQÂś -DPHV+&KDSSHOOÂś Carl and Rita Chatfield Ellen Y. Wang, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and David H. Chen -DPHV$ÂśDQG .DWKOHHQ:LOVRQÂś&KHQRZHWK

'LDQD-7LQNHUÂśDQG-DPHV6&KHUYLQNR 5REHUW:ÂśDQG6XVDQ&KHVQXW 0DULDQQH:LOOLDPVÂśDQG-RVHSK&KPHOHFN Jean M. Choinka +LOEHUW+ÂśDQG(LOHHQ&KROH 3DXO)ÂśDQG0DUFLD(&KRSS 7KHUHVD/HHÂśDQG5LFKDUG&&KX 6DOYDWRUH0&LOXIIRÂś %ULDQ'&LQFRWWDÂś Frank Cindrich John Cindrich Dale and Kathleen Cinotto Michael J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Jaime M. Cizek 0LFKHOH5%HHUPDQÂśDQG'DYLG6&ODQF\ Theodore and Kathleen Clark Abbot Victor Clark, O.S.B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 'U-RKQ)ÂśDQG$XGUH\&ODUNLQ 5REHUW-&ODVVHQÂś Anne C. Clayton Michael and Jeanne Cleary $QQ/1HVWHUÂśDQG1RUPDQ-&OHHODQG Norma L. Clemens Richard and Jannet Clinesmith Jerry and Rosemary Clinton -RKQ5ÂśDQG/RXLVH09HQDUGÂś&OLQWRQ Charles and Nancy Clisbee Richard H., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Mary E. Clothier Robert J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Jo A. Coakley 6XVDQ0&DPHURQ&RGHUÂś James and Mary Cody Ben and Alberta Coe .HQQHWK:ÂśDQG(LOHHQ.&RIIHH .HOO\5\DQ&RJDQÂś 1DQF\50F&DUWK\ÂśDQG&ROLQ&RKHQ Brian Colby Kevin and Jacqueline Coldren James and Ann Cole Christopher S., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and -HQQLIHU$$OOHQÂś&ROH Eugene and Patricia Cole James and Ann Cole 'U7KRPDV*&ROHÂśDQG(ODLQH.UXO 3DXO'&ROHPDQÂś Randal and Rachel Collett Margaret N. Collins 3DPHOD-:HVVHOÂśDQG0LFKDHO9&ROOLQV Scott Collins Katherine E. Colwell Kevin and Brenda Colwell Michael and Karen Colwell Jack and Joyce Comfort Richard A. Comfort Trudy Compton Richard and Jennifer Condon 0DUFLD$7KLHVÂśDQG5D\PRQG&RQOH\ Marcia A. Bartel, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and John F. Conley 0DUJDUHW(5LFKDUGVRQ&RQOH\Âś Michael Connelly Joe and Ann Conner &DURO'LQHHQÂśDQG3-&RQQRU


Michael and Blish Connor -HII7ÂśDQG6DUDK$&RQUDG Robert and Lois Conrad Kathryn L. Hoffman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Richard B. Conradt John and Mikiko Conroy 7KRPDV-ÂśDQG .DWKOHHQ$&URQLQÂś&RQZHOO Lori K. Cook 0DUN*ÂśDQG.DWKLH$&RRN Matthew J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Barbara Cook Paul and Linda Cook $QQD$JQHZÂśDQG3DWULFN-&RRNH 'DQLHO-ÂśDQG 0DUJDUHW0&KU]DQRZVNLÂś&RRQ L. G. and Mary Lou Cooper Larry and Cathy Cooper /HRQD%RJQHUÂśDQG'U.HQW-&RRSHU Susan B. Cooper 7HUU\&RRWVÂś Kent and Katherine Cope 0DUJDUHW(1LFNV&RSSHÂś 5LFKDUG3&RUGHURÂś Fred and Wilma Corkins Daniel and Mary Corless James L. Corless, Jr. Jo Ann Corless, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Mike and Sara Corless Dr. Richard J. and Cathy Coronado Michael and Carolyn Corry 0DGDOHQH'LFNPDQQÂśDQG-$&RUVRUR David and Dessie Costello (OL]DEHWK$&RVWLJDQÂś Timothy and Susan Costigan Edward T. Cotter, Jr. Robert and Laura Cotter Raul Cotto and Myrna Martinez William and Anne Cotton Mary R. Coupe, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Thomas E. Courtney, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 (OOHQ0:HLVKDUÂśDQG'DYLG&RXVLQV -RKQ(ÂśDQG0DU\&&RZHOO &UDLJ'ÂśDQG7KHUHVD/&R[ 9LQFHQW0&R[Âś Carol A. Coyle Jeffrey A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Constance Coyle Rev. Andrew H. Cozzens, S.T.D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 John and Judith Cozzens R. Keith Crabtree Patrick and Jeanne Crawford Stephen and Ila Crawford &DWKHULQH$+HQFPDQQÂśDQG Kevin M. Crean William and Debi Creighton John E. Crone David and Karen Cronin Emily M. Cronin Matthew Cronin Victoria G. Cronin 7KRPDV%&URVVÂś

William and Doralee Cross Gretchen F. Crossett -DPHV$¶DQG-XG\&URVVOH\ Frank and Karin Crosson %ULDQ)¶DQG3DWULFLD&URZH Barbe G. Crowley 7KRPDV&¶DQG$QQ&URZOH\ 7KRPDV0¶DQG&DUROH&URZOH\ 7LPRWK\5¶DQG-DQLFH3&URZOH\ John J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Shanda M. Heenan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Cruciani %HQHGLFW%¶DQG Clara V. Vervaecke, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 Cruise -0LFKDHO¶DQG0DU\)HQGOHU¶&UXOFLFK Dolores Collins, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Charles K. Crum 'U7KRPDV$&XHYDV¶ 3HWURQHOOD&&XOLYDQ¶ 7KRPDV5¶DQG/RUHWWD&XOODQ 7HUUHQFH-¶DQG6DQG\&XOOHQ :LOOLDP+&XOWRQ¶ -HURPH&¶DQG%DUEDUD5&XOYHU 0DXULFH)¶DQG0HOYD0&XPPLQJV 'RQQD-RDQ&XQQLQJKDP¶ Marva M. Cunningham Robert F. Cunningham, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 Candelaria Curiel 'RXJODV$¶DQG0DUJDUHW6&XUUDQ -RKQ3¶DQG&DURO\Q(&XUUDQ 3DWULFN(¶DQG-DQH&XUUDQ *HUDOG-¶DQG+HDWKHU(&XUU\ -RVHSK'&XVDFN-U¶ $QQH//DFKRZVN\¶DQG Dr. Charles J. Cusick 6XVDQQH%URRNH&XVVHQ¶ 9LFWRU$¶DQG.DUHQ&XVWDUGR Salvatore and Carolyn Cusumano -RDQQ(+D\RE&\U¶ Lloyd and Noreen M. Cyr Irene K. Czaplinski Douglas and Lynn Dahl 0DU\)&DUH\¶DQG-DPHV'DKOLQ :DOODFH5¶DQG0HOED'DO6DQWR %HUWULFH0'DOGUXS¶ :LOOLDP$¶DQG6\OYLD+DXVHU¶'DOHWVNL 'RQDOG/¶DQG0DUJDUHW0'DOODR 0LFKDHO7¶DQG%DUEDUD'DOODYLV Timothy J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Carolyn S. Diederich, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Dalton 'DYLG5¶DQG(LOHHQ0'URVWH¶'DO\ /HRQDUG$¶DQG $00F0LOODQ¶'DPLDQR Marjorie (Rupp) Dampf, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 -RUGDQ$'¶$QJHOR¶ %'RXJODV'DQLHO¶ Nick Danze Debbie Darragh 0DULO\Q%RHKP¶DQG-RKQ+'DUWH] 7LPRWK\*¶DQG 7KHUHVD''RROH\¶'DYHQSRUW -RKQ3'DYLGVRQ¶

0DUFHOOD$*ZDOWQH\'DYLGVRQ¶ Pamela C. Davidson (PLO\$:ROIH¶DQG'DQLHO''DYLV Gary and Darla Davis Michael C. Davis Ted and Deni Davis *HUDOG3¶DQG5HJLQD5%\HUV¶'DZVRQ +DUROG-¶DQG0DUJ\/'DZVRQ 5HY0VJU-DPHV''DZVRQ¶ Paul and Susan Dawson Donald J. Day, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Jacqueline J. Day )UDQFLV;'H0DU¶ Eleanor De May John F. and Sheryl J. De Rossi (ODLQH.ODDV¶DQG'U-RVHSK'H:XOI Carl and Yolanda Deal $ODQ'¶DQG.DWKOHHQ6'HDQ 'RORUHV&,VDDFVRQ¶DQG James L. DeAndrea Jeffrey W., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Elizabeth A. Clavenna, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Deane 7KHRGRUH/¶DQG Joan M. Copenhaver, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 DeBauge Kevin and Denise Debrick -HDQ*DOODJKHU'HFNHU¶ 'U7KRPDV$¶DQG3DWULFLD$'H&RVWHU Salvatore and Sheila DeFazio (OL]DEHWK%U\DQ'HJHQ¶ 5REHUW-¶DQG/XFLOOH'H*RVWLQ 5HY5REHUW/'HJUDQG¶ Mark V., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Nicole DeGreeff Robert J. Dehaemers -DPHV%'HKQHU¶ Richard C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Helen Deitchman Benita K. Deiter Daniel and Elaine Deiter Norman Deiter Randall J. Deiter 'LDQH0)XUORQJ¶DQG0DXULFH-'HODQH\ George R., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Marilyn A. Knute, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Delaney Dr. John M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Patricia K. Delphia 6DPXHO-'H0HR¶ $QQD/'HPPHU¶ -RKQ1'HPPHU¶ Leo A. Demmer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 0VJU3DWULFN('HPSVH\¶ Terry and Mary Denker DeAnna R. Denney Frederick and Antoinette Denney Harold and Mary Denny Keith and Theresa Deras Larry and Dianne Dercher Ruth L. Link Deuschle, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 *HRUJLD¶DQG/DUU\'H9DGHU 7KRPDV$¶DQG&KHU\O/'H9LOELVV Eric T. Devonshire Doug and Debora Dibben Saundra Dibella


Nicholas R., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Kara A. DiCarlo )UHG5¶DQG)UDQFHV-'LFH Chris Dickason Victoria Dickey Virginia A. Mannas Dickson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 'DQLHO-¶DQG 0DU\$QQ7HHJDUGHQ¶'LGGH 'DQLHO-¶DQG0DUWKD<'LHEROW Mary Lou E. Diebolt Terrance and Rosemary Diebolt 'HDQ%¶DQG0DU\(&XUUDQ¶'LHGHULFK %HUQDUG)¶DQG3DWULFLD6'LHGULFK D. Thomas, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Mary L. Diedrich Margaret Diedrich Karen and Michael Diehl David and Karen Dille 'DYLG%¶DQG -HQQLIHU$.UHKHU¶'LOOQHU (GZDUG+'LOORQ¶ Jerome C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Gloria Dillon Daniel and Corinne Dineen 'U'DYLG)¶DQG &KULVWLQH0.RQLF\¶'LQJHV Dorothy R. Dingfelder Jerry and Mary Beth DiSalvo Harry P. and Paula Disbrow %HDWULFH$%XUQV'LVVHWW¶ 0LFKDHO3(0%$¶DQG6RQLD'LWWHPRUH &KULVWLQD0'L[RQ¶ -RKQDQG6KLUOH\'L[RQ 5REHUW$¶DQG$XGUH\$'REULQLF John and Catherine Dobrynski James T. Dockery, Jr. -RKQ0¶DQG &KULVWLQH&+XHEQHU¶'RFNHU\ William R. Dodd Andy and Jerri Dodds Dr. Donald B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Marjorie A. Doemling James and Barbara Doherty Patrick E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Luella Doherty Patrick R. Doherty Eugene E. Doleschal, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Ken and Carolyn Dolezal Lt. Col. Charles W. Dollard, (Ret), â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 &DURO\Q6/RHUZDOG¶DQG'RQDOG'ROOH Bernard and Kay Domann %HYHUO\$:HLVKDDU¶DQG Christopher Domann Michael and Dona Domann Greg and Carol Domian 0LFKDHO3¶DQG%HYHUO\$'RQDKXH David and Mary Ann Donelson George and Stella Donnelly Timothy and Paula Donohue 'U)UDQNOLQ$¶DQG 'RUHHQ+DUULV¶'RQRYDQ Eugene and Edna Doolan Cynthia L. Dooley -DQHW'RROH\¶

Mildred Dooley, Nick and Kathy Enzbrenner, and Gary Enzbrenner 6KDURQ::DUG¶DQG.HYLQ%'RROH\ William A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Rita Dooley -RKQ'¶DQG$QQ''RROLQJ Roy and JoAn Doonan 'U-RKQ/¶DQG0DU\.6FKHUUHU¶ Dornhoffer 'HQQLV:¶0($¶DQG Kathleen A. Heggemeier 6DUDK0'RUVW¶ -RKQ7¶DQG'RQQD2'RXJKHUW\ 0DU\-0F1HLYH'RXJKHUW\¶ Mark C. Douglas Peggy J. Douglas James W. Douthit, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 'DYLG-¶DQG0DU\%/DQJHU¶'RYHU Connie L. Dowling .DWKHULQH'RZQH\¶ Barbara A. Moebus, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Francis J. Doyle Kevin and Brenda Doyle Elizabeth A. Wack Doyle, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 Robert and Cindy Doyle Donna L. Drees Paul J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Evelyn R. Drees 'U)HOL[)¶DQG0DU\-'UHKHU 5DQG\-'UHLOLQJ¶ &DURO-3DWWHUVRQ¶DQG5LFKDUG6'UHVVHO 5RQDOG5¶DQG3DWULFLD'UHVVOHU Dennis D. Driscoll Kevin Driskill Donald Droege Sally Droege 'DQLHO*¶DQG5XWK(%URRNH¶'URVWH -DPHV-'URWDU¶ 5LFKDUG(¶DQG.DWKHULQH+'UXPPRQG 0DXUHHQ30XOOHQ'UXPZULJKW¶ John and Mary Ann Duckers Helen Duff Frank and Janice Duffy 0LFKDHO('XJDQ¶ Jocelyn Dugas -RKQ-'XLJQDQ¶ 3DWULFLD&0RUDQ¶DQG-DPHV'XODF %ULDQ-'XQQ¶(0%$¶ .HYLQ:¶0%$¶DQG (ULQ8UEDQ¶'XQQ 0RQLFD61H\ORQ¶DQG0LFKDHO*'XQQ &3DP-RQHV¶DQG7KRPDV'XUKDP .DUHQ0:LWWH¶DQG'DYLG5'XURV John C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Helen L. Dussault Mary M. Walker, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and M. Dean Dutton 5RODQG(¶DQG&LQG\7'XWWRQ 5REHUW.'Z\HU¶ Edward J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Sharon Dyer Robert J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Georgiann Dytrych Donald V. and Judith J. Eades John R. Earnshaw 5RVHPDU\&0DUWLQ(DVOH\¶ /HH0¶DQG-DQLFH(DVWHUGD\

0LFKDHO-¶DQG0DU\$OLFH(DVWHUGD\ 'U-DPHV(¶DQG-DQH$:DOVK¶(EHO Daniel Eberle â&#x20AC; Gabriel, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Catharine E. Eckart Mrs. John W. Eckstein &KULVWLQH*(GPRQGV¶ Donald and Lynn Edmonds Gerald and Carol Edson Bruce and Mary Jane Edwards 0LFKDHO$¶DQG&LQG\/(GZLQVRQ Edward and Kimberly Egan 3DWULFN-(JDQ¶ Patrick and Mary Egan *HUDOG3(JJOHVWRQ¶ Delbert G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Marion L. Martin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Ehret James and Carletta M. Eifler $OLFLD$(LOHU2UGRQH]¶ Laura L. Eilers Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Eker W. Chris Elcan Harry and Patricia Elder 7HUU\6¶DQG6X]DQQH:KLWH¶(OO 0DUN-¶DQG 1RUPD-+HQNHQLXV¶(OOLRWW 'U0DWWKHZ6¶DQG3DPHOD5:DUGOH(OOLV 1DQF\-%LOLPHN¶DQG.HLWK(OOLVRQ 6KDURQ0:DWNLQV(OOV¶ Virginia Hynes, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Michael Elsen Thomas and Phyllis Emmel William and Lisa Emmerson Michael and Elizabeth Engel Kevin and Cindy Engelkamp Robin C. Englert, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 -RVHSK1¶DQG-RDQ(QJOLVK 'DYLG%(QJVWURP¶ /DUU\.¶DQG 'LDQH0%HFNPDQ¶(QNHOPDQQ Damian W., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Geraldine Enneking -DPHV$¶DQG&KDUOHQH(QQHNLQJ Dr. John R. and Deborah L. Eplee Lawrence L. Epperson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Donald C. Erbs $OLFH$+RFNHQVPLWK¶DQG William T. Ergovich 7UDYLV-¶DQG Cristina D. Silvey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 Erickson Donal Erikson Pat Erikson John Ermers John and Annette Ernst /RLV+DOELJ(UQVW¶ Brian and Joan Ernstmann /RUL$:KLWHKDLU¶DQG-'(UVNLQ -DPHV:¶DQG0RQD6(UYLQ Donald and Theresa Essner Marianne and Steven Estes Tamara S. Estes Rozanne Immele, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and George Etheridge Caroline M. Meyer Etherton, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Daniel and Kathleen Euston


&DURO(YDQV¶ Joan M. Evans 0DXULFH:(YDQV¶ 6XVDQ0(GLQJHU¶DQG6WHYH(YDQV -D\¶DQG0DXUHHQ(YHOHU :LOOLDP'¶DQG 6KDURQ./HLNDP¶(YHUV George and Rose Ewald -HURPH)¶DQG'RORUHV)(ZDOG 1RUPD&DUWHU¶DQG-DPHV(ZEDQN +HQU\%¶DQG -DQLFH0%UXHQLQJ¶(ZHUVPDQQ C. Joseph, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and W. Jean Fager $QD/7HOOR¶DQG-RQ+)DLUFKLOG Kenneth and Claire Falk (OPHU*)DQJPDQ¶ John and Frances Fangman Dr. William J. Farley 5REHUW-)DUPHU¶ 6XVDQ6WHLQNH¶DQG0LFKDHO)DUPHU $QLWD$XHU¶DQG&XUWLV')DUQDQ Michael and Robin Farnet Richard and Vickie Farney Michael and Lois Farrell 5DPRQD+)DUULV¶(0%$¶ 6HDQ7¶DQG/DXUD-4XLJOH\¶)DUVRQ Garry L. Farthing 0DWWKHZ-¶DQG0HJDQ-0DVXU¶)DVVHUR Fred and Nora Faucett 3KLOLS1¶DQG%HWK)DXONQHU Phillip and Patricia Faulkner Mariano and Elaine Favazza 7KRPDV5¶DQG 3DWULFLD'3RZHOO¶)DZFHWW 6WHYHQ0¶DQG 'DUOHQH5'HYHUHDX[¶)HGHU (XJHQH5¶DQG.DUHQ+)HGHUKRIHU :LOOLDP(¶DQG -R\FH(6WDUN¶)HGHUKRIHU Ethel M. Felder Gwyn A. Felder, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 0LFKDHO+¶DQG &ULVWLQD/+HUQDQGH]¶)HOGHZHUW Robert A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Mary Feldmann -DPHV$¶DQG'RQQD.)HOWPDQQ 'RQQ&¶DQG0DU\5RVH)HQGOHU Kermit and Mary Ellen Fendler 0DWWKHZ)¶DQG6KDURQ.+DOO¶)HQOH\ -HUROG9¶DQG1DQF\/6FKLHEHU¶)HQQHOO 6U-RVHSKLQH+)HQVNH¶ 5REHUW-¶DQG3DWULFLD/)HUNHQKRII -DPHV3¶DQG0DU\()HUQ .DWKOHHQ06FKLOOLQJHU¶DQG Mark Fernandez &ODXGLR-¶DQG0DU\(0HUWHV¶)HUUDUR Dr. Gerald and Dolores Ferris Dr. Ronald C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Patty Ferris 5\DQ'¶DQG 0DXUHHQ)'H)D]LR¶)HVNHU &DWKHULQH$)HWWHU¶

-DPHV3¶DQG.DWKOHHQ0)HXHUVWHLQ Michael and Mary Fiala Sr. Mary Fidelis 0DULH)6KHOGRQ¶DQG*DU\7)LHEDFK 7DPP\/0RQVR¶DQG%U\DQ$)LJJ -DPHV-(0%$¶DQG3DWULFLD)LOOH\ -RVHSK-¶DQG-XOLH$0D\HU¶)LQJHUKXW Timothy G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Rebecca H. Fink .DWKOHHQ$)LQQH\¶ *XQWKHU¶DQG (OL]DEHWK$*HULW]¶)LVFKHU Hank and Mary Fischer Melinda Roblee Fischer Robert and Leeanne Fischer %UXFH:¶DQG7LQD)LVKHU Francis R. Fisher Loretta M. Schmidt, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Marvin D. Fisher Michael and Margaret Fisher 'DYLG$¶DQG$QLWD66WRFN¶)LW]HNDP *DU\:)LW]JHUDOG¶ Gerald and Julie Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald -DPHV0¶DQG,UHQH)LW]JHUDOG /LQGD6:DONHU¶DQG-DPHV)LW]JHUDOG Mary E. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Mara Fitzgerald, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 0LFKDHO7¶DQG (OL]DEHWK/-DFREV¶)LW]JHUDOG 0LFKDHO7¶DQG -XOLD$&URJKDQ¶)LW]JHUDOG 5REHUW(¶DQG 9LFWRULD-*UHJRU\¶)LW]JHUDOG Theresa A. Grosdidier Fitzgerald, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 7KRPDV3¶DQG6DQGUD0)LW]PDXULFH Edward, Matilda and Joe Fitzpatrick (OOHQ0)LW]SDWULFN¶ Mark and Nancy Fitzpatrick :LOOLDP-¶DQG0DU\()LW]SDWULFN Ted and Laura Fiudo :LOPD73ODQW¶DQG'RXJODV)ODJJ -DPHV3¶DQG0DU\3:HJPDQ¶)ODKHUW\ 'DYLG/¶DQG-DQLFH0)ODNH Dr. Frances M. Flanagan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 -DPHV3¶DQG -DQLFH0%HUJPDQ¶)ODQDJDQ Richard and Laura Flanigan 'HQQLV3)OHPLQJ¶ Mark J. and Joyce A. Flemington William L., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Aileen Flemming Richard and Ruth Fleschner James and Kathy Florence Dr. Charles W. Flume -RKQ'¶DQG3DWW\)O\QQ 0DU\77LPPRQV¶DQG6HDQ0)O\QQ William and Susan Flynn /\QQH$%DHUYHOGW¶DQG.HYLQ*)RJDUW\ 0DUJDUHW-2¶1HLOO¶DQG'DYLG:)RODQ Tom and Dolores Foley Kathryn Foote -RKQ3¶DQG5LWD+)RUG .HYLQ7¶DQG0DU\.+ROWKDXV¶)RUG

0DU\-:DUG¶DQG*HUDOG)RUG Thomas and Connie Ford Dr. H. Lee, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Donna M. Forge 5LFKDUG-¶DQG.DWKU\Q$)RUJH -DPHV/¶DQG%DUEDUD$)RUVW Rosemary Umscheid Forst, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Catherine Keating, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Edward L. Foster Gary and Rebecca Foster Jay and Catherine Foster David and Elizabeth Fowler %HUQDGLQH/)R[ &\QWKLD5)R[ (YDQ0)R[ )UDQFLV0¶DQG.DWKOHHQ/)R[ .HLWKDQG0DUJDUHW)R[ J. Franey Foy Hector Fragoso and Zoila Garcia Stephen R. Frame 0DU\)UDQFHV:XWLFK¶DQG3HWHU-)UDQFH Michelle France .HOO\.2¶'RQQHOO¶DQG-XVWLQ7)UDQFLV 'U*HRUJH0¶DQG$QQH0)UDQN Steven and Connie Franke .HOO\$+HJDUW\¶DQG'HUHN)UDQNOLQ Paul and Janice Franklin Louise Frankovich James H., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Gloria A. Fraser 5REHUW-)UDVHU¶ Curtis and Sheryl Frasier %HQ)UHULFKV¶ Roger and Katherine Freudenberg John R. Fridell Dolores M. Fries Matthew and Peggy Frihart .DWKOHHQ$0DKHU¶DQG-DPHV-)ULW] Dr. Thomas J. and Anne Fritzlen Roger D. Frye Gregory and Linda Fuchs /LQGD03HDUVRQ¶DQG%HUQDUG)XHKQH Ryan S. Fuger 'DQLHO&¶DQG 'RQQD.+DOORUDQ¶)XKUPDQ Al and Nancy Fuhrman Gregg and Eva Fujan 0DU\)UDQFHV.HDWLQJ¶DQG-DPHV:)XOWRQ Howard R. Funk Kenneth and Nancy Furr 0DUN')XUWK¶ Elaine Gadzos Stephan Gadzos 0DUWLQ7¶DQG'LDQH*DKDJDQ -RDQQH0.ODXV¶DQG)UDQN)*DOEUHFKW %ULDQ&¶DQG6DUDK(=LHOLQVNL¶*DOH (GGLH'¶DQG0DU\$+HXHUW]¶*DOO *UHJRU\-¶DQG 6XVDQ(&XFFKL¶*DOODJKHU /DZUHQFH$¶DQG )UDQFHV-<RXQJ¶*DOODJKHU Michael and Elizabeth Gallagher 7KRPDV-*DOODJKHU¶


7LPRWK\-¶DQG .DWKOHHQ::HW]HO¶*DOODJKHU &DWK\*DOODJKHU*UHHQ¶DQG Harvey H. Green 6%HUOLQGD*DOOHJRV26%¶ Rudolph R., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Patricia Gallegos )UDQN-¶DQG-HDQ$*DOPLVK :DOWHU/¶DQG0DUWKD-HIIUH\¶*DOXV]ND Roberto and Maria Galvan $OH[3DQG'U/LQGD5*DO\RQ Keith and Martha Gann Mark and Margaret Gannon Sandra J. Ganzer -RVHSK-¶DQG9LFWRULD*DUDYDJOLD Salvador and Gerri Garcia 0DUN(¶DQG(UYLOHQH*DUGQHU 'U3DWULFN5¶DQG /RLV-3URKDVND¶*DUGQHU Peter B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Julie M. Armour, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 Gardner Charles F., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Mary C. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Garrett Isabel Fritz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Joseph T. Garrity Katherine E. Gartenmayer Mary L. Curry Garvert, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 John and Mary Garvey Leon B. Gaschen, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Teresa Gasper 1LFKRODV-¶DQG-DQLFH&*DVSHUV Karen Gates Michael F. Gates 7KRPDV0¶DQG3DWULFLD*DWHV Jennifer Gatz Joe and Linda Gaul Sharon M. Gaydess Ambrosia M. Michalicka, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Sebastian Geffre Jeff and Jenny Geheb *HUDOG-¶DQG.DWKOHHQ*HKOLQJ (OL]DEHWK1*RRGZLQ¶DQG Dr. William A. Geiger John and Clare Geiger 7KDGGHXV*¶DQG%REHWWH¶*HLJHU David and Valerie Geile &DURO$0DUFRQ*HLV¶ 3DWULFLD0&RQYHU\¶DQG Joseph W. Geisinger 5REHUW/*HLVW¶ Mark Gellings Richard E. Gellings /HR7¶DQG5HJLQD*HQVZHLGHU *0¶DQG.DWKHULQH+HUW]OHU¶*HQW 3DWULFN.¶DQG/RUL*HRUJH 3DWULFN/*HRUJH¶ Richard and Jane George -DPHV0¶DQG 9LUJLQLD/$KOHUW¶*HRUJLH Constance Gerard 'U-D\'¶DQG 'U5XWK$:HQ]O¶*HUEHU 5LFKDUG/¶DQG6DQGUD*HUGLQJ

Greg and Lynne Gerken $OEHUWD6FKDW]OH*HUPDQQ¶ 0DUWKD-*HUPDQQ¶ &DWKHULQH0*HUVW¶ 'U-DPHV$¶DQG0DU\+*HUVW 7KRPDV(¶DQG-XG\$*HUVW 'U:LOOLDP&¶DQG1LQD*HUVW -HDQ$)HOGNDPS¶DQG'DQLHO3*HUVWQHU Megan Gerwin James and Cheryl Gettinger John and Laurie Ghigliotti Ronald S. and Sharon A. Giangreco 0DUWKD/\QQ&DOGDUXOR¶DQG Richard L. Gibson Sharon R. Gibson 3DWULFN-¶DQG7HUUL/*LHEOHU 'RQDOG/¶DQG0DU\$*LHVH Peter and Catherine Giesen -DPHV5¶DQG'HDQQD/0\HUV¶*LHVVHO 'LDQQH&+HQQHV¶DQG-HUU\7*LOO :LOOLDP(¶DQG0DULO\Q$*LOO Patrick L. Giller, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Paul H. Giller, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Tom Giller Raymond and Violet Gillick )UDQFLV(¶DQG-HDQQH0*LOOLJDQ Margaret Gilligan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Dolores A. Flackmiller, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and John J. Gioia -RKQ-*LRLD¶ Kenneth and Kristine Girard Steven and Susan Givens Dr. Virginia Glandon .DWKOHHQ%*ODVHU¶ 0DUJDUHW$5RKDQ¶DQG-RKQ5*ODVVPDNHU -DQH$)HOWPDQQ¶DQG0DUN-*ODVWHWWHU Doris and Michael Gleason $QQ*OHDVRQ(UQVW¶DQG:LOOLDP.(UQVW Perry and Mary Glenn Daniel and Karen Glennon Roger and Christine Glenski Robert and Elaine Glenski 9DODQQH/DQZHUPH\HU¶DQG Dr. Walter A. Gloosch 6WHSKHQ'¶DQG&DWKHULQH0*RGIUH\ Steven and Janet Godwin Christopher and Mary Goebel Janet O. Goebel Wilfreda Goebel Victor and Sara Goeckner Martin and Lisa Goedken James M. Goettelmann Jay Goettelmann Thomas and Kathy Goettelmann Timothy Goettelmann Smith and Judith Goetting 'LDQQH+RZH\¶DQG-HII*ROGPDQ 7KHUHVH*ROGVLFK¶ Reg and Bobbie Golubski 'U/LERULR5¶DQG$QJHOLQD7*RPH] Gummie Gonzales

-R\FH(0%$¶DQG0DULDQR*RQ]DOHV Brian J. Good -DQHW/=HOOHUV¶DQG'RQDOG-*RRGZLQ 0DU\(6SLWVHQ¶DQG7HUU\/*RUGRQ Dan and Jill Gorges Raymond and Kathleen Gorges Catherine F. Gorman -DPHV*¶DQG'LDQH*RUPDQ Dr. James W. Gorman Kathy T. Gorman Lawrence M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 and Mary A. Gorman Michael and Kathleen Gorman 3DXO1¶DQG.DWKU\Q$*RUXS Stephen and Linda Gosche Robert and Marlo Gould 0DXUHHQ7*RZHQ¶ Dr. Paul David Goza Ann Grabar Jerry and Mary Grace Jane A. Graegin 6WHSKHQ/*UDII¶ John M. Graham, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Mark and Linda Graham Dr. Timothy Grahn -HURPH7¶DQG .DWKOHHQ00F&DUWK\¶*UDQH\ &DUO5¶DQG,GD5*UDQWKDP Alfred J. Granum 'U&KDUOHV(¶DQG .DWKU\Q0.UHXO¶*UDYHV David and Laura Graves *HRUJH5¶DQG7HUHVD*UD\ Neal and Mary Margaret Gray Marilyn L. Sawyer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Ralph E. Graybill &DWKHULQH$6FKPLGW¶DQG-RKQ*UHHQ &KULVWLQD&*UHHQ¶ 0DUJDUHW(*UDFH¶DQG:LOOLDP)*UHHQ Billy and Mary Beth Green -RDQ0+DKQHU¶DQG5REHUW)*UHHQH Michael and Melinda Greenhalgh Brian and Deborah Greenwood 0DU\$*UHHU¶ George L. and Wanda L. Gregar -XGLWK0*UHJDU¶ $UWKXU-¶DQG&KDUOHQH6*UHJJ (GPXQG-¶DQG <YRQQH0'DQN¶*UHZH David and Carol Griffin 'RURWK\/*ULIILWK¶ (XJHQH(¶DQG$QLWD.*ULIILWK Margaret A. Griffith )UDQN9¶DQG0DU\-6DYDU\¶*ULPDOGL Richard J. Grindinger Dennis and Kelly Groff Daniel and Kimberly Gronniger -RVHSK+*URQQLJHU¶ -RKQ)¶DQG0DUJDUHW*URQVWDO 'LDQH0+XUOD¶DQG&KDUOHV(*URV Albert J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Elizabeth Grosdidier Margaret Grosdidier and Family


6XH$6WHZDUW*URVGLGLHU¶ :LOOLDP$¶DQG&DWKHULQH0*URVGLGLHU Edward and Leslie Gross 0DU\-'R\OH¶DQG3DWULFN*URVV Daniel and Helen Gruber (OL]DEHWK$$VKHU¶DQG Dave J. Gruenbacher Eugene J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Rosemary Gruenbacher 3DWULFLD)1HOVRQ¶DQG5RJHU*UXHQNH Pete and Deigh Guardado Frank and Kristina Guardado +HUPDQ+¶DQG3DWULFLD0*XHQWKHU 0DU\$5RWKZHOO*XHQWKHU¶ Andrea L. Chase, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Thomas E. Guetterman Norman and Theola Guettermann William H. Guhman James and Brenda Guldan Antoinette Gurriere Stephen J. Guter Valeta B. Guthrey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Carroll Gutschenritter *RUGRQ$¶DQG +HOHQ02¶&RQQHOO¶*X]HQVNL Oscar A. Guzman Gerald and Mo Haake 0DU\&7KRPSVRQ¶DQG/DZUHQFH-+DDV 7KRPDV6¶DQG&KHU\O$/XW]¶+DDVH %HQHGLFW-¶DQG%DUEDUD$+DELJHU .HYLQ*¶DQG&DURO\Q$+DFNHU -DQH$*LOEHUW+DHJHU¶ 0LFKDHO+DHJHU¶DQG1DQF\&RQOH\ 3DXO7¶DQG &DWKHULQH$&UHZVH¶+DHUOH :LOOLDP&¶DQG:D\RQD-+DIHPDQ Donald C. and Cheryl Hagedorn Nancy J. Curtis Hagen, Ph.D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 5XWK$QQ$EHOV¶DQG-RVHSK7+DJHU Will and Bridgett Hager 'U0DWKLDV¶DQG0DULRQ.+DJRYVN\ Jawad and Colette Haider 7LPRWK\0¶DQG0DU\&+RVW\¶+DLU 0LFKDHO-¶DQG7KHUHVD0$VKHU¶+DLUH *UDFH+XJXHOHW+DMLFHN¶Â&#x201A; &ODUHQFH(¶DQG3DXOHWWH-+DOH\ -RKQ'¶DQG0DUJDUHW:+DOO 0DWWKHZ:¶DQG5RELQ5+DOO 3DWULFLD$7KRPDV+DOODGD\¶ 0:LOOLDP+DOOLGD\¶Â&#x201A; -DPHV$¶DQG .DWKOHHQ0&RQQRUV¶+DOOLQJ -DPHV)+DOOLQJ¶ Rosina Baumgartner, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Joseph G. Halpin 7KRPDV-¶DQG9LFWRULD/+DOSLQ Glen and Deborah Haman Mary L. Hamele -DPHV3¶DQG1DQF\.+DPLOWRQ Sheldon and Sandra Hamilton -RDQ+DPPRQG¶DQG(GZDUG/HLV 0LFKDHO-¶DQG0DUWKD$+DPPRQWUHH

Rosemary Triska Hampston, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;29 'RULV56FKHLGW¶DQG(GZDUG/+DPSWRQ .DWKOHHQ0&ODUN¶DQG-RKQ:+DPSWRQ 0DU\)+HQQHV¶DQG-RKQ)+DQDQ -RKQ-+DQG¶ 0HOLVVD$$FRVWD¶DQG'DYLG+DQNV Todd C. Hanks, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Dr. Leonard J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Phyllis M. Hannapel Charles J. Hannon 0LFKDHO-¶DQG /DXULH$'HFKD¶+DQQRQ 7LPRWK\&¶DQG$QQH&+DQQRQ 'DULQ6¶DQG.DUD/¶+DQVHQ Janet L. Melvin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Thomas Hansen -XOLD$&DUWHU¶DQG'RQDOG+DQVHQ William and Elizabeth Hansen Brenda Hanson 7HUUDQFH0¶DQG 3DWULFLD5&DQQRQ¶+DQVRQ Peter and Michele Harb Chad Harberts 3DXO)+DUGHQ¶ Edward E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Mary A. Hart, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Hardey Mark A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Mary V. Hardick %HXODK))OHVNHV¶DQG.LUN+DUGLQJ -DQHW6FKPLGW¶DQG*HQH+DUG\ .DUHQ(0F+XJK¶DQG(DUO+DUG\ 3DWULFN.¶DQG 0DUJDUHW6WHLQEDFKHU¶+DUH Frank Harkins -RVHSK-¶DQG&RQQLH0+DUNLQV 3DWULFN7¶DQG$OO\VRQ+DUNLQV 0HJDQ5+DUPRQ¶ 0LFKDHO(¶DQG (OL]DEHWK-6WDUN¶+DUPRQ Patrick R., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Rose M. Harper Mary M. Ruddy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Norman Harrell Raymond S., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Patricia A. Harrington 'DYLG¶DQG-DFTXOHQH(3LFN¶+DUULV Elizabeth J. Lednicky Harris, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 James and Esther Harris Joseph W. Harris 0LFKDHO-+DUULV¶ Michael and Georgian Harris Gerald P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Marilyn Harrison John D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Rita M. Harrison 7KRPDV)¶DQG6XVDQ+DUULVRQ $QQ3+DUULW\¶ $QGUHZ'+DUVK¶ )UDQNOLQ'¶DQG/LQGD&+DUVK 'RQDOG/+DUWHU¶ Katherine S. Harting -DQH-&\U¶DQG3DXO-+DUWZHFN Drs. Rick and Kimberly Hartwell 6DUDK%HFNPDQ¶DQG5RJHU&+DVEURXFN Stephen and Judith A. Hasenohrl Sharon E. Hasley Charles and Ann Hatch Richard and Elaine Hatch Thomas and Jackie Hatch

&KDUOHV)¶DQG)UDQFHV(+DWILHOG Glenn and Marilyn Hattan -RVHSK0¶DQG-DQLFH(+DWWUXS -RKQ(¶DQG)UDQFHV0+DXFN Gilbert A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Elizabeth Spangler, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Haug David and Jennifer Hausman David and Karen Hausmann 1DWKDQ3+DYHUODQG¶ +HOHQ0+DYOLN¶ James W. and Anita M. Hawes Robert and LaVon Hawkins -HVXV¶DQG&KDUORWWH+D]DV &DWKHULQH/5DXFK¶DQG-RKQ+HDO\ 'DQLHO-¶DQG7KHUHVD:HLWNDPS¶+HDO\ 'DQLHO/¶DQG0DUJDUHW$¶+HEHUW &DURO-0H\HU¶DQG'DQLHO+HFNPDQ Charles and Schevaun Hegarty George and Natalie Heib Dr. Hubert R., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Janis B. Heichelheim -DQH0+HLGHPDQ¶ Robert J. and Eleanor Heideman 6WHSKHQ$¶DQG 1DQF\/%DNHU¶+HLGHPDQ Rita M. Heigert James E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Barbara E. Heili &DWKHULQH-%UHQQDQ+HLP¶ 0LFKDHO5¶DQG/LQGD.+HLP Marie M. Heiney, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Greg and Angela Heinisch 5LFKDUG%¶DQG%DUEDUD+HLQLVFK Ernestine C. Heisserer 'U-$QWKRQ\¶DQG7HUHVD0+HLW $QQH05RHVQHU¶DQG'DUF\:+HLWPDQQ Dr. Francis H. Heller William and Ann Helling Jerome and Susan Hellmer Michael J. Helton )U.HQW$+HPEHUJHU¶ 'LDQQD6&KULVWLDQ¶DQG6WHYH+HQGHUVRQ William and Nickie Henderson (OL]DEHWK$*ULHVHPHU¶DQG James H. Hendricks *HRUJHDQG%HWW\+HQGUL[VRQ 'RXJODV-¶DQG 6DUDK$*XLQDQ¶+HQJJHOHU 0LFKDHO-¶DQG6DUD+HQNH 3DWULFLD.+HQQHEHUU\¶ Mike and Gail Hennessy George and Mary Lynne Henning Patrick and Anne Henning Michael J. Henningsen, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 :LOOLDP-¶DQG'HERUDK.+HQQLQJVHQ Daniel J. Henry, Jr. (GJDU&¶DQG6DOO\6+HQU\ (OPHU)¶DQG5LWD+HQU\ *HUDOG7¶DQG/LQGD0%HFNHU¶+HQU\ Matthew P. Henry Bernadette Hensen -RVHSK&¶DQG$QQH/:LUW]¶+HQVLHN Nicole D. Henson

Harry and Cathy Heppler %UHWW/¶DQG/DXUD+HUEHUV 5HEHFFD0$JQLHO¶DQG5DQG\3+HUEHUW John F. Herbst, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Ronald and Kellee Hercules Edwin J. Herman Fr. Michael P. Hermes 5LFKDUG-¶DQG'HERUDK+HUPHVFK Timothy W. Hermsen 0LFKDHO¶DQG 0DULD&&RPSWRQ¶+HUQDQGH] 1RUPD-0XVVO\Q¶DQG-RH$+HUULQJ Sherry L. Herring 5REHUW(¶0($¶DQG &\PEUH$&RVWHOOR¶+HUULQJHU 'LDQH05]LKD¶DQG-DPHV)+HUURQ Mary J. Herron 0LFKDHO/+HVOLS¶ /DZUHQFH-¶DQG-DQH0+HVVH Douglas and Stacy Hettinger Gary and Kathryn Hetzel 'DOH$+H\LQN¶ Steven and Opal Hibbs -RVHSK6¶DQG*DLO$5LW]GRUI¶+LFNHUW Stephen and Jody Hickert D. Clark Hickey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Nadine D. Devlin Hickey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;42 Christine F. Hicks Frederick and Carrie Hicks Jerry â&#x20AC; and Marguerite Hicks Richard C. Hicks Carmen A. Hiegert -HDQQHWWH+LHUVWHLQ¶ Doris Y. Higa, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 0LFKDHO6¶DQG-XGL+LJJLQV 6HDQ3¶DQG.LPEHUO\.+LJJLQV &KDUOHV6¶DQG-RUHWWD+LJK Deborah A. Bischof, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Donald Hilke %DUEDUD-.RHO]HU¶DQG0DULRQ5+LOO Daniel and Jayne Hill John S. Hill Mary L. Hill 0LFKDHO$¶DQG-RDQ.6XOOLYDQ¶+LOO 5LFKDUG$+LOWV¶ 'DQLHO/¶DQG-HDQ:+LPPHO Dave and Marilyn Himmel -0LFKDHO¶DQG&ODULVVD0RRUH¶+LUVFK .DWKU\Q)6NDOVN\+LUVFK¶ -HDQQHWWH9DQHFHN¶DQG'HQQLV'+LVHN Debora S. Hlinak 'DYLG:¶DQG3DWULFLD$+RFNHWW (-R\+RFNHWW¶ &KDUOHV)¶DQG0DU\+RGJH 0DU\$)DOHV¶DQG'DYLG/+RGJHV 5LFKDUG/+RGJHV¶ %DUEDUD+RGLN¶DQG+-RKQ-DFREL $QGUHZ-¶DQG5KRQGD/+RHGO 0DUJDUHW++RHKO¶ 0DWWKHZ-+RHLQJ¶ 7KRPDV0¶DQG&\QWKLD+RHQLJ

/DZUHQFH*¶DQG7HUHVD$+RII Bernard and Marion Hoffman %ULDQ-+RIIPDQ¶ John F., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Rosemary L. Leet, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Hogan Joseph Hogan Ruth A. Loehr Hogan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Riley and Linda Hoheisel Donald O. and JoAnn Holdener %DUEDUD$0LOOHU¶(0%$¶DQG Blaine Holder 6WHYHQ'¶DQG0DU\(&DUVRQ¶+RONH 'RURWK\/<HWPDQ¶DQG9LQFHQW+ROODUHQ N. J. Hollembeak Ted and Laurie Hollembeak )UHGHULFN%¶DQG 6RKHLOD1D]DULDQ¶+ROOH\ %HWW\))HLVW¶DQG-RKQ0+ROORZD\ 7HUHVD0/H\¶DQG7RQ\+ROPDQ Randall and Donna Holt 'HERUDK03DOHUPR¶DQG*DU\+ROWHUPDQ Nicholas and Jeanne Holthaus Keith and Nancy Holtz 7KRPDV$¶DQG6KHU\O:+RPDQ *HUDOG0¶DQG6KDURQ+RUJDQ 6WHSKHQ3¶DQG3DWULFLD/+RUJDQ &DWKHULQH&+RRG+RUPR]L¶ 'DYLG3¶DQG-RG\+RUQ Rita A. Novak, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and David W. Horne (GZLQ+¶DQG/LOOD(+RUQHLM James E. and Suzanne M. Horner 0DU\$QQH7/D3UHV¶DQG Thomas D. Hornik %HUQDGHWWH0+RUYDW¶ 7KHUHVH0+RUYDW¶ Jim and Mary Ann Hosier 7KRPDV&¶DQG-XOLH+RVW\ 'U5LFKDUG-¶DQG5HEHFFD6+RXULJDQ Barbara Houser -RVHSK5+RYDQHF¶DQG Judy Devoe-Hovanec Jeffrey and Theresa Howard -DPHV¶DQG+HOHQ+RZH John and Candice Howe Justin O., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and 0DU\&ODLUH6RELHFN¶+RZH 5HY6DUDK(+RZH0LOOHU¶ Margaret Dorney Howey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 $QWKRQ\5+RZVHU¶ 'HQWRQ&¶DQG-RG\$+R\ Drs. Donald A. and Mary P. Hoy -DPHV(+R\H¶ Tracy M. Van Anne, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Greg Hoye Andrew and Mary Hoytal David A. and Brenda Hruska -LDQKXL+XDQJ¶ Patrick and Cathy Hubbard 'RPLQLFN¶DQG 0DU\$3DOODUG\¶+XEEOH *DEULHO/¶DQG1DQ+XGVRQ Owen Hudson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45

)UDQN-¶DQG0DUJR-+XHEQHU 7DUD0+XHOV¶ Jose A. Huertas Claudio %XUWRQ3¶DQG &ROHWWH'LHGHULFK¶Â&#x201A;+XHUWHU 'U'DYLG)¶DQG0DXUHHQ(+XHUWHU *HUDUG:¶DQG-R$QQ+XHUWHU William C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Doralyn Huerter Dustin R. Huff Bud and Nancy Huffman David Hufford and Susan Clay-Hufford 5LFKDUG:¶DQG.DUHQ$+XJ (OL]DEHWK$+HVV+XJJHU¶ -DFTXHOLQH+XJJLQV¶ 'RURWK\(6Q\GHU¶DQG:LOOLDP-+XJKHV -RKQ0¶DQG3DWULFLD0+XJKHV Robert and Roseann Hughes 5REHUW0+XJKHV¶ Kimberly A. Huls -HII'¶0($¶DQG$QJHOD&+XPEXUJ Chico and Denise Humes Robert and Nancy Humes -RKQ7¶DQG-DFTXHOLQH+XPO Chris and Bridget Hummel Erik P. Humphrey &DWKU\Q$+XQG¶ Jeffrey and Helen Hund Kim A. Arlt, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Roger M. Hundley Michael E. Hundley Mike and Debbie Hundley Shane and Ashly Hundley William and Linda Huninghake Thomas and Charlotte Hunkele Christopher Hunninghake Donald B. Hunninghake, Jr. *HUDOG/¶DQG-RDQQH+XQQLQJKDNH 5RVHPDULH(0D\HU+XQQLQJKDNH¶ /HUR\$¶DQG&LQG\+XQROG $QJHOD.6FKQHLGHU¶DQG6WHYHQ5+XQWHU John and Anita Hunter Stuart and Jill Hunter Douglas Huppe Mark and Maureen Huppe Mary Huppe -RKQ3¶DQG.DWKOHHQ0+XUOH\ 'U0DUWKD+XUOH\¶DQG'U6WHSKHQ&DUOH\ 'DOH:¶DQG0DUMRULH-+XUVW Edward and Patricia Hurtado Anita M. Huskey 0DUWLQ-¶DQG%HWV\+XVV &UDLJ$¶DQG 6XVDQ0)DQJPDQ¶+XVWLQJ Patsy Huston Terry and Nancy Huston 'U-RKQ-¶DQG$QQH-+XWFKLQVRQ Clyde and Debbie Hutchison 7KRPDV6¶DQG6KLUOH\-+XWFKLVRQ /LQGD0+XW]HQEXKOHU¶ /LVD$0F*LOOLQ¶DQG0DUN,EDUUD 'U5LFKDUG&¶DQG(OLD2,EDUUD

Wayne and Kimberly Ignowski David and Roberta Imig .DUHQ$7KRPSVRQ¶DQG'RQDOG,QGUD Dr. Anthony L. and Joan L. Ingino *HRUJH:¶Â&#x201A;DQG Mary M. Downs, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Intfen *ODGLH0(OWLQJ¶DQG0LFKDHO,UZLQ Joseph M. Irwin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 0DUN'¶DQG0DU\7,VOH\ 5REHUW/¶DQG Margaret A. Powers, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Itschner -HVVH:¶DQG6DOO\,Y\ Bettie Jackson Dorothea Jackson James A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Virginia Jackson -RKQ:¶DQG%HWW\-R-DFNVRQ Mark J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Marcia Jackson 1DQF\(%ROWH¶DQG'DQQ\-DFNVRQ $OLFH(/LQFROQ¶DQG5RQDOG-DFREV Edward J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 â&#x20AC; and Marge E. Jacobs -RKQ(¶DQG3DWULFLD-DFREV 0DUN(¶DQG7HUHVD6+DOO¶-DFREV 5LWD0'RPDQQ-DFREV¶ Frank and Mary Jaegle William P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Mary Kay Jaksa Keith and Terry Jaloma Dr. Thomas O. and Ann James )-RVHSK¶DQG/RUL-DQDFDUR James M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and .LPEHUO\$1HEJHQ¶-DQVHQ Marilyn A. Jansen, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Timothy Jansen Edward C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;42 and Rose Mary Rost, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Jaraczewski Muriel E. Thomas Jared, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;42 7HUHVD0/DQJGRQ-DU]HPNRVNL¶ Derek Jasper Alice M. Jedlicka )UHG)¶DQG.D\/-HKOH Kelley L. Jenkins F. Edward Jennings, Jr., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Judy Jennings %DUEDUD/)ODKHUW\¶DQG'DYLG5-HQVHQ Michael and Lois Jensen Steven A. Jensen Kristina M. Jinkens, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Steven and Victoria Jirak Donald F., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;42 and Jane W. Jochems Jim and Gail Joerger Joseph E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Margaret Mary Wolters, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 Johannes Marlin and Mary Johanning Lezlie T. John Harry R. Johnessee Alan and Becky Johnson Barry and Jeanne Johnson David L. Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Dr. Frank N. Johnson James and Mildred Johnson Jennifer A. Johnson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93

Kevin and Sherry Johnson 0DUJDUHW00F*XLUH¶DQG Justin D. Johnson Merlin and Cinthia Johnson Michelle Johnson -HUU\9¶DQG0DULDQQH--RKQVWRQ 0DULD'3DFH¶DQG:LOOLDP5-RQDV Arnold and Gladys Jones Betty A. Jones 'RQDOG:¶DQG%HWW\$-RQHV James and Marilyn Jones Jerry and Catherine Jones -RKQ6¶DQG/XF\(QQHNLQJ¶-RQHV Nancy L. Jones Richard E. and Pauline F. Jones 5LWD0&DXOILHOG¶DQG%RE-RQHV 5RQDOG:¶DQG$OLFH+-RQHV Rosalie M. Kleinsorge Jones, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Thomas and Marggie Jones 7KRPDV-¶DQG7DPDUD.-RQHV Gustavo and Sonna Jorge George N. Jorgensen, Jr. Alan Joy 5\DQ&-XGG¶ /LQGD)HUULV¶DQG'DQLHO:-XGJH Gary and Kathleen Juelich Paul and Carol Junk 5REHUWD%&KDUD\-XUF]DN¶ -HURPH-¶DQG $PHOLD$:DJQHU¶.DF]PDUHN &OLQW5¶DQG.DW\-.HOOHUPDQ¶.DHGLQJ 5REHUW$¶DQG 0DULH&&DVVLOO\¶.DHPPHUHU Warren and Florence Kaemmerer H. Joan Gleeson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Melvin A. Kahn Kanakasabha and Mekala Kailasam 'DQLHO-¶DQG6KHU\O$.DLVHU Jon and Alice Kaiser Paul and Patricia A. Kalicki -DPHV-¶DQG$QQ&.UHXO¶.DPLQVNL John and Elisabeth Kammerer 0DU\(OOHQ+D\RE.DQDN¶ Dr. William J. Kapp, D.D.S. /W&PGU3KLOLS(.DSXVWD¶ Ronald and Dana Karaskiewicz -XVWLQ$¶DQG $QGUHD06HPWQHU¶.DUSLOR 'RQ:¶DQG$PHOLD.DVVLQJ 5RVHPDU\7.DVWHQ¶ 7KRPDV.¶DQG.DUOD.DXW] )UDQN*¶DQG0DUFLD.DYDQDXJK -RKQ..HDOH\¶ 5LFKDUG-¶DQG )UDQFLQH0%OHXPHU¶.HDQ Noel and Linda Keane &ODUH-6HQHFDO¶DQG3HWHU-.HDUQH\ 'U-RKQ3¶DQG&DURO-.HDUQH\ Francis L. and Marcena Keating -HIIUH\)¶DQG-RDQ(0XOOLJDQ¶.HDWLQJ :LOOLDP7¶DQG6XVDQ..HHKQ

Theodore P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Norine C. Keeley 3DPHOD6+HLW¶DQG/DUU\.HHQDQ 0DUFHOD$.HLP¶ Joseph and Judy Keirns 5REHUW-.HLWHU¶ -HIIUH\6¶DQG0DU\.HOOHQ John V. Keller Katherine J. Kellerman 0DUN(¶DQG$P\.HOOHUPDQ Thomas M. and Donna J. Kellerman Joan M. Silva Kellett, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Carl Schultheis 6WHSKHQ3¶DQG0LOLQGD.HOOH\ %HUQDUG.¶DQG6XVDQ%.HOORP %HUQDUG-¶DQG&KULVWLQH0.HOO\ Dorothy Derichs, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 and Maurice J. Kelly 'U-DPHV&¶DQG&DWKHULQH/.HOO\ -DQHW0.HOO\¶ -RVHSK-¶DQG*HQHYLHYH.HOO\ /DZUHQFH).HOO\¶ Marjorie A. Nass Kelly, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 3DWULFN'¶DQG6DOO\.HOO\ 6KDZQ2¶DQG 7HUHVD00HUVLQJHU¶.HOO\ Stephen D. Kelly, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 William and Theresa Kelly 'DUUHO$¶DQG0DULRQ$.HOVH\ 7LPRWK\3¶DQG-XQH&.HQHDO\ 5HY/HRQDUG$.HQNHO¶ 3DXO$¶DQG 7KHUHVH05RWWLQJKDXV¶.HQNHO Ronald and Natalie Kenkel 0DUFLD$/DQH.HQOH\¶ $QQ0.HQQHG\¶ 'U*HUDOG7¶DQG$QJHOD'.HQQHG\ John R. Kennedy Dr. Patricia A. Kennedy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 3DWULFN6¶DQG (OL]DEHWK-3HUNLQV¶.HQQHG\ 5HEHFFD$.ROE¶DQG3DWULFN$.HQQHG\ 5REHUW3¶DQG0DU\&.HQQHG\ 6KDUOHQH56FKXOW]¶DQG:DOWHU.HQ\RQ Robert and Kristi Kerian 'DOH$.HUNPDQ¶ -RKQ-¶DQG%RQQLH-.HUQ Greg and Colleen Kerschen /HR9¶DQG9LUJLQLD&.HUZLQ Ernest and Kathryn Ketcham -DPHV3¶DQG6KDURQ(.HWWHU .LP-.HXW]HU¶ :LOOLDP-¶DQG%HWW\.HXW]HU -DPHV$.HZ¶ /HZLV7¶DQG0DUJDUHW'.HZ %HWKDQ\0-DPHV.H\¶ Larry W. Kibler William T. and Kathleen Kibler Marvin and Sheri Kiel Laurie Kilcawley 0LFKDHO*¶DQG (OL]DEHWK$'HPD\¶.LOLDQ

&KULVWRSKHU5.LQJ¶ -HDQQHWWH0.LQJ¶ John R., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Kimberly D. King 0LFKDHO*¶DQG&KULVWLH0.LQJ 37LPRWK\¶DQG-RDQQ.LQJ 5LFKDUG-¶DQG-HQQLIHU-6PLWK¶.LQJ Kathryn M. Kinney 0DUMRULH$+DPPRQG¶DQG*DU\:.LQ]HU -DVRQ/.LUN,,(0%$¶ Gary and Keven Kiser William and Frances Kitusky &KDUOHV6.ODSS¶ 5HY*HRUJH:.ODVLQVNL¶ Celeste Leary Klebba, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Virgil and JoEllen Klein -RKQ-¶DQG$P\.OHLQH Dan and Karen Kleiner John and Pamela Klenda David J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Tiffany M. Opsahl, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 Klenke -DPHV5¶DQG.DWKOHHQ(.OHQNH .HQQHWK*¶DQG0DU\/.OHQNH 'U.HQQHWK$.OHV]\QVNL¶DQG %DUEDUD-$OH[ Stanley and Janet Kliesen Cathy D. Kline .D\3HGHUVRQ¶DQG-DPHV5.OLQH Michael and Leslie Kline Eugene G. and Joyce Klingele 3DWULFLD0+RJDQ¶DQG*UHJ.OLQJOHVPLWK 'U7LPRWK\-¶DQG(OL]DEHWK.ORSSHQERUJ 'RQDOG:¶DQG .DWKOHHQ67MDGHQ¶.ORVWHUPDQ 7LPRWK\*¶DQG -HDQQLH&&DPSEHOO¶.OXHPSHUV John and Mary Kluesner $QQH(1RWWEXVFK¶DQG:LOOLDP.OXPS Charles and Liesa Klump $QJHOD0.PHW]¶ Gary and Knapp Theresa Knapp Bob and Elaine Kneemiller +HOHQ0.QHLE¶ Anthony Knoeber â&#x20AC; Ann Sturm Knollmeyer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 John and Lori Knollmeyer -DPHV-¶DQG9LUJLQLD$/DW]¶.QR[ James and Nancy Knutson 3KLOOLS:¶DQG6KLUOH\-6WHQJHO¶.REHWW 'U-RVHSK&¶DQG &DURO\Q-)HWNR¶.RERV Regina C. Kobuszewski &DURO$:LGPDQ¶DQG6WDQOH\*.RFK $OEHUW%¶DQG%DUEDUD-.RFRXU Michael A. Kocour 5REHUW*¶DQG -XOLH$.XU]GRUIHU¶.RFRXU Joseph P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Chanda M. Morrow, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 Koechner Tim and Janelle Koehler Lyle and Joyce Koehn

$OH[DQGHUDQG0DU\.D\.RHQHQ Albert J. and Patricia M. Kolarik $QQH&.RODULN¶ Mary Anne Kolb :LOOLDP&¶DQG/RUHWWD$.ROE Lorraine M. Kolich John and Joan Koller 3DXO5¶DQG'HEUD.ROOHU Richard J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and &DUROH-%HOOR¶.RPDUHZLFK L. Eileen Koopal 5REHUW¶DQG-RDQ.RSHF Kristin L. Kopp Alison P. Kopreski 3DWULFLD$/H5R\¶DQG-HUU\:.RUNRZVNL Charles and Anna Kormanik .HLWK-¶DQG(OL]DEHWK11LFNHO¶.RUWH Scott and Mary Kotrba -DPHV/.RWWZLQNHO¶ Albert and Helen Kovac Bernice Kovac and Family Helen Kovach Theodore G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Thelma F. Kozan 1RUEHUW:¶DQG-DFTXHOLQH-.R]LDWHN &KDUOHV:¶DQG7HUHVD.UDIW 7KRPDV$¶DQG0DU\0+DQG¶.UDIW Charles and Linda Krajewski )UDQFLV/¶DQG(OL]DEHWK$.UDP -DPHV-¶DQG0DU\(.UDP -DPHV0¶DQG-XG\$.UDPE &KDG(¶DQG-R\6&URVV¶.UDPHU 'U5DOSK-¶DQG&DURO.UDPSHU 5HY6WHSKHQ.UDQ]26%¶ Marty and Beth Krebs &DWKHULQH6+DZHV¶DQG-DPHV-.UHEVEDFK Dale and Melinda Kreher 'RQDOG&¶DQG-DQH.RKDNH¶.UHLPHU Steven and Kathleen Kreitner Darrel L. Kreutzer Daniel and Ellen Krieger Debra L. Kring Rev. Francis J. Krische, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 /DZUHQFH'¶DQG6XVDQ.ULVFKH (UQHVW0¶DQG Stephanie M. Grewe, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Krogmeier Andrew and Connie Krohn Matthew M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Kelly Krohn James MEA, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Sharon Krone Rita Kropp Owen and Rita Kross Joe and Mary Krstulic Kenneth and Janis Krug +HUEHUW/¶DQG.DWKOHHQ%.UXPVLFN Barbara L. Krupich Ronald F., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Betty Krupp Michael and Robin Kruse Most Rev. Daniel W. Kucera, O.S.B. Mary Margaret McBride Kucera, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Keith and Connie Kuhn Edward J. Kujawa, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53

Brad G. and 6KHUULH6.QROO(0%$¶.XQHFNH 5LFKDUG'¶DQG.D\6.XWODV Janet R. Kweiser %DUEDUD-/D)RUJH¶ Gary and Sharon Lackey :LOOLDP0/D)DYRU¶ -RVHSK0¶DQG.DUHQ/DIIOHXU -HQQLIHU$/D)OHXU¶ Rea D. Laflin Ronald and Linda Lager 5LFN0/D*URWWD¶ Thomas J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Catherine Wolters, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Lahey Bonita E. Clark Laible, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 5D\PRQG6¶DQG1DQF\$*LOO¶/D-RLH J. Richard Lake The LaMar Family -DPLH//DPEUHFKW¶ *HUDOG$¶DQG$QQD0DULH/DPPHUV Robert Lampe 3DWULFN-¶DQG0DU\-R(UW]¶/DPSLQJ -RKQ/¶DQG$QQ%/DQGRQ Leo T., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Mary E. Ketter, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Landon 0LFKDHO(¶DQG$QJHOD/DQGRQ 3KLOLS-¶DQG 0DUJDUHW$*UHJDU¶/DQGRQ Roger G. and Doris Landwehr */DZUHQFH¶DQG Betty A. Heiman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Lane -DFTXHOLQH00XOKDOO¶DQG0DUWLQ%/DQH 5H[/DQG(OL]DEHWK/DQH Paul and Teresa Lanfermann Steve and Lori Lang .DWKOHHQ06ZDQLFN¶DQG'DQQ\/DQJGRQ Mark A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Beth M. Klingele, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Lange 6KHUU\$0HIIRUG/DQJH¶ :LOOLDP+¶DQG-DQHW'RXJKW\¶/DQJH .HLWK$¶DQG/HVOLH$/DQJHO John Langenhan 5REHUW-¶DQG6KLUOH\:/DQKDP Dr. Anne P. Lannon 0DWLOGD$%XUQV¶DQG*UHJRU\/D3ODQWH $QJHOD5(OOLRWW¶DQG-D\PH$/DURFFD *DU\DQG'L[LH/DUVRQ 5\DQ7/DUVRQ¶ &KDUOHV-/DVQLHU¶ Donald and Teresa Lasnier 0\UQD/*UDPH¶DQG'RQ//DVVZHOO -RKQ3/DWHQVHU¶ -RKQ5DQG0DU\(.LHUO¶/DWHQVHU Jeanie Sell Latz 7KRPDV3¶DQG&ROOHHQ/DW] William A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Margaret A. Latz Edward and Cynthia Lauck 'DYLG0¶DQG6KHUUL/DXJKOLQ 6KLUOH\$)DUQDQ/DXJKOLQ¶ 5LFKDUG$¶DQG5RVH/DXPDQ Carol A. Launius Wayne and Mary Laurentius


0LFKDHO)¶DQG$QQ*/DXVH Rick and Sophie Lausman )UDQNDQG6XVDQ/DX[ Julie A. Lawless .HOO\¶DQG6KDURQ/DZOHVV 'HQQLV:¶DQG -ROHQH06DUUDLOORQ¶/DZORU James P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Anna M. Sonnenmoser, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Lawlor Paul and Debbie Lawrence :LOOLDP7¶DQG 6KHLOD0$QGHUVRQ¶/DZUHQFH (OOHQ/DZVRQ*LOJRYDQ¶DQG Gary M. Gilgovan Thomas A. Laylock *HQH¶DQG-DQHOOH.QRHGHO¶/D]]R 0LFKDHO(¶DQG0HOLQGD./D]]R 0DXUHHQ66XOOLYDQ/HDK\¶ Robert and Alberta Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ecuyer Kim M. Lee Richard and Judith Lee Paulette Leeper 5RQDOG:/HKPDQQ¶ 'RQQD0LWXOVNL/HLQHQ¶ 0LFKDHO5/HLQHQ¶ (XJHQH¶DQG-HDQHWWH/HLVH .HQQHWK$/HLWQHU¶ Mark E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Tamhra D. Leland James P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 â&#x20AC; and Claudette Lemar 1RUPDQ-/H0HUH¶ 0DU\%6HJHUVRQ/HPRLQH¶ Lindon H. Leners (OL]DEHWK$%XUNH¶DQG'DYLG:/HQW] Farolyn J. Lenz George L. and Betty Lenz Lawrence E. and Margaret Leroy Rowena Lesher and Kathy Trotter 3KLOOLS$¶DQG&DUROH/HVWHU Gerald J. Letourneau, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 )UDQFLV:¶DQG%DUEDUD$/HY\ Frank and Dorothy Lewandowski ):LOOLDP/HZLV¶ 0DUN&¶DQG(ULQ$.HQQH\¶/HZLV Patrick and Cathleen Lewis 5DQG\//HZLV¶ Thomas and Suzanne Lewis William and Mary Lewis .LPEHUO\.:ROWHUV¶DQG*DU\//HZPDQ -RVHSK*¶DQG6XH(-DHJHU¶/H\ $QWKRQ\/LDQJ¶ 'DYLG(¶DQG %DUEDUD-+XW]HQEXKOHU¶/LFNOLGHU &DUO*¶DQG0DU\0'DOWRQ¶/LFNWHLJ David and Carolyn Lickteig 'LDQH0(FNHUW¶DQG5LFKDUG0/LHEVFK John and Marilyn Liljestrand /RXLVH/HH¶DQG3HQ0LQ/LQ /HR(¶DQG6KLUOH\0/LQFN Glenn J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Janet L. Lincoln Richard and Jo Ellen Lincoln

.DWKOHHQ00LOOHU¶DQG7UDF\5/LQG Janice L. Lingan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 :D\QH9¶DQG'LDQH0/LQQHQEULQJHU Penny Lipp 0DUJDUHW55HGPRQG¶DQG+DUROG)/LVWHU Karen M. Martin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Rick Litschgi /DZUHQFH-¶DQG.ULVWL/LYLQJVWRQ Michael and Eileen Livingston -RVHSKLQH6)/HH¶DQG,JQDWLXV/R $QJHOD0(OOLVRQ¶DQG'DYLG:/RFK Dick and Ardena Loch 'RQDOG/¶DQG .DUHQ6DLQW(UQH¶/RHIIHOKRO] Mary Logan Stephen and Rita Logan -RKQ0¶DQG'RQQD%/RJUDVVR Stan and Leslie Logsdon Kathleen M. Lohman Janice K. Lohrmeyer Philip A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Jennifer Lombardi Amy L. Smith, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Edward L. Lomshek Marjorie E. Long Roger and Jo Ann Long 'RXJODV0(0%$¶DQG$QQD/RQJVWDII $PEHU0/RRVEURFN¶ Manny and Vivian Lopez $QWKRQ\6/RVWUDFFR¶ Daniel and Carolyn Loughman 'U6WHSKHQ3¶DQG %DUEDUD('RKHUW\¶/RXJKPDQ -HDQ$$SSOHJDWH¶DQG-RKQ3/RXJKUDQ 5DOSK3¶DQG7UXG\/RZGHU Bruce and Ann Lowe Allan and Enid Lowenberg 'DYLG%/R\G(0%$¶ 'U-RKQ3¶DQG/HRQD/XHEEH 3KLOLS+/XHEEHUW¶ /HH$5RHVHO¶DQG+DUU\/XHFKWHIHOG Tim and Julie Lueckenhoff 'RQDOG/¶DQG'LDQH./XHJHU Leona Lueger 'DYLG6¶DQG'LDQH/XHWNHQKDXV :LOOLDP-/XII¶ )UDQN5/XNH¶ 5LFKDUG$¶DQG-XOLH/XQGVWURP James and Harriet Lunsford Mary L. Luscinskas John and Barbara Lutz Barbara L. Garside, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Michael H. Lutz Greg and Marci Lutz Micah L. Purslow, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Michael C. Lutz 1RUPDQDQG'RULV/X[ -DPHV6¶DQG&DUROH6/\NH 'DQLHO¶DQG-XG\$/\NLQV -HQQ\0)DUUHOO¶DQG7RP/\NLQV Mary M. McNerny Lykins, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 'RQDOG)¶DQG)ORUHQFH0/\RQ 7HUHVD0+DDNH/\RQ¶ Mary R. Portman Lyons, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Chuck MacFall

Archie and Jean Macias -DQH$0DFNH¶ Douglas and Denice Mackey Barbara A. Bacon, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Ed MacKinnon 6DQGUD.ULHJVKDXVHU¶DQG5LFKDUG0DFNOH\ 0DUFLD0XQUR0DF/HQQDQ¶ Brenda S. Madaj Stacey A. Mader 0DWWKHZ:¶DQG Michelle E. Youngman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Madison -DPHV(¶DQG$UOHQ0DGROH Louis and Christine Madrid -3KLOLS¶DQG.DWKOHHQ0DJHUV .DWKOHHQ,0DJXLUH¶DQG7RP-)ULWWV 'U&DURO\Q5¶DQG&KDUOHV0DKRQH\ 'LDQH05HLFNV¶DQG6WDQ'0DKRQH\ James D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Marea T. Mahoney .HUL/0DKRQH\¶ 'U0LFKDHO$¶DQG 0RQHWWH09ROWPHU¶0DKRQH\ 0DU\(OOHQ7RELQ¶DQG-RVHSK*0DKU Nancy L. Main James and Julie Mainelli Richard M. Majetic, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Steve and Emily Malin Eugene D. Malir, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Rose M. Malnar ,UHQH5RWWLQJKDXV¶DQG-RVHSK0DORQH 5D\PRQG'-¶DQG-DQHW/0DORVSLULWL Dennis and Linda Malotte Francis J. Malouff Paul and Nancy Maly (OL]DEHWK&R[HQ¶DQG3DXO0DQFLQL Dr. Robert L., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Alma Mandeville Benita Mangimelli Victor and Elizabeth Mangler Amy J. Manka 0LFKDHO*¶DQG9LFNL,*HUEHU0DQO\ -DLPH5¶DQG0DU\0DQXHO -RKQ7¶DQG&\QWKLD0DQ]RWWL Elmer and Jeanne Mapes 0LFKDHO$¶DQG-RG\60DSHV 'HERUDK5(0%$¶DQG-LP0DUFKDQG Steven and Annalee Marek Kevin Maring Dr. L. A. and Remedios P. Maristela Richard E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Catherine Anderson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Markey Robert H., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 and Eva M. Markey James A. Marksman $QQ0)HUQ¶DQG'DYLG+0DUNXV Lester and Ruthanna Marlatt 6XVDQ/0DUSOH¶ $GGLVRQ:¶DQG 0DU\5.RHFKQHU¶0DUTXDUW Alvin and Opal Marquart .\OH'¶DQG/HVOLH0DUTXDUW 0DUWLQD=6DQFKH]¶DQG*HRUJH-0iUTXH] Robert and Lois Marrin Roger and Carol Marriott

0DUFHOLQH$0DUVKDOO¶ Anthony and Lisa Martin *HQHYLHYH/6WXGHU0DUWLQ¶ James and Mary Martin Roland and Rosemary Martin Steven and Rebecca Martin Joseph and Esther Martinez Juan and Nancy Martinez 0DULH7&DUUROO¶DQG2UODQGR0DUWLQH] .HQQHWK:¶DQG7HUHVD0DUW] 'HQQLVDQG6XVDQ0DU[ 'U'RQDOG/¶DQG%DUEDUD-0DU[ -DPHV%0DU[ 'U-RKQ1¶DQG3DWULFLD&0DU[ .HQQHWK/0DU[ Carl and Carole Maschka Ed and Susan Mason 0$OH[DQGHU¶DQG %ULGJHW0%URNHU¶0DVRWWL Michael and Cheyenne Mathews 5LFKDUG-¶DQG3DWULFLD$0DWKHZV Nancy Mathis Donald and Jeanne Mathy Joseph, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Amy Matisek Noel D. Matkin 3DWULFLD$9DGHU¶DQG+RZDUG/0DWVRQ 'U-DPHV0DWWHD¶ Morris and Bridget Matthias 6WHYHQ-¶DQG <YRQQH09RHONHUGLQJ¶0DXQH Sheila Mauton-Kellerman 0DWWKHZ)¶DQG$UUDK0D\ Raymond E. and Freida May Jerry E. Mayne %HUQDUG:¶DQG&DURO60D\VH -DPHV(0D]LQL¶ Joseph F. and Imogene Gregory, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Mazur Samuel A. Mazzarelli Mary T. Mazzaro John and Jamie McAleer 0DWWKHZ-¶DQG6KHU\O0F$YR\ 9LUJLQLD$OH[DQGHU0F$YR\¶ 0DU\$OLFH*DOEUHDWK¶ Dorothy L. McBride -RKQ7¶DQG .HUU\6.XSIHUVPLWK¶0F%ULGH 0LFKDHO*¶DQG 9LYLDQ05LRV¶0F%ULGH 3DWULFN-¶DQG0DU\3&RRQH\¶0F%ULGH 7HUUHQFH-¶DQG'HQLVH0F%ULGH -DPHV0¶DQG 0DUOHQH$&RRN¶0F&DEH 7KHRGRUH5¶DQG-XGLWK$0F&DOHE 3DPHOD.0F&DQQ¶ Paul A. McCann 5HY'RQDOG30F&DUWK\¶ Rev. Frederick J. McCarthy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Marian McCarthy 5REHUW3¶DQG.ULVO\Q0F&DUWK\ 7KRPDV(¶DQG

Barbara J. Benavides, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 McCarthy Thomas H. McCarthy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;34 -D\1¶DQG.LUVWHQ0F&DXOH\ James E. McClafferty Kevin and Sandra McClafferty David J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Mary McClain 3K\OOLV$%URRNH¶DQG Theodore R. McClard Matthew P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Anglea McClorey William and Carolyn McConnell /\QQ0F&RUPLFN0F&RUPDFN¶ Russell and Sharon McCort 5HHG$¶DQG 0LFKHOOH&5RDFK¶0F&URU\ +HLGL50F&XEELQ¶ Wallace and Maureen McCubbin Hugh and Judy McCullough -DPHV'¶DQG7KHUHVD$0F'DGH Dorothy E. Ernzen McDermed, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 .HYLQ7¶DQG7KHUHVD.0F'HUPHG Joseph and Sarah McDermott .HQQHWK-¶DQG %DUEDUD0DOO¶0F'RQDOG 'U.HUU\6¶DQG5RVDOLH$0F'RQDOG 0LFKDHO-0F'RQDOG¶ Walter C. McDonald, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 %HUQDUG30F'RQQHOO¶ John and Jeannette McDonnell 3DWULFN%¶DQG0DULH50F'RQQHOO Randy and Carol McDonough Gary and Kay McDowell 7HUHQFH-0F(QDQH\¶ .HYLQ7(0%$¶DQG/DXUD60F(QHU\ Heather J. Stanley, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Sean McEnroe Michael and Kathleen McEvilly 7KRPDV9¶DQG-DQHW+LOJHU¶0F(YR\ William and Jo Ellen McEvoy 3DWULFN'¶DQG%HWW\-0F)DGGHQ 'DYLG*¶DQG -XGLWK0'HOPRQWH¶0F*DUU\ (LOHHQ0F*DUWODQG¶DQG-RKQ-&ODUNH -DPHV&¶DQG 0DUJDUHW%HLOHLQ¶0F*DXOH\ 6DOYDWRUH'¶DQG Karen M. Kutis, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 McGhee Kendall T., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Melissa McGibney Thomas S. and Lucille E. McGibney *DU\/¶DQG-XG\.0F*LQQHVV -HQQLIHU$5HLFKHQEHUJHU¶DQG Michael McGinnis James and Helen McGown 'DQLHO3¶DQG0DUJDUHW60F*UDWK *DU\/¶DQG)UDQFHV0F*UDWK Lillian M. Rome McGrath, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 -RKQ3¶DQG3DXOLQH55REO¶0F*UHHY\V 0DUWLQ-¶DQG 3DWULFLD-1DVK¶0F*UHHY\ .DWKOHHQ.HQQDOO\¶DQG.HYLQ60F*UHZ .RXUWQH\(¶DQG+HDWKHU*0F*UHZ -DPHV3¶DQG/LQGD50F*XLUH

0DUN/¶DQG%DUEDUD0F*XLUH 0LFKDHO7¶DQG'HEELH0F*XLUH 7KRPDV-¶DQG0DU\7+RVW\¶0F*XLUH -DPHV60F,QHUQH\¶ Mary Ellen Quinn, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Dr. Jerry L. McKain Dolan M. McKelvy &KDUOHV$0F.HQQ\¶ -DPHV$¶DQG .DWKOHHQ-(FNDUW¶0F.HQ]LH John and Beverly McKernan %UDQGRQ0¶(0%$¶DQG Christy McKibben %HUQLFH00F.LQQH\¶ Greg and Julie McKinney Joseph and Sharon McKinney Betty J. McKinnis 7KRPDV,¶DQG-DQHW%0F.QHZ &KDUOHV)¶DQG-R$QQ0F/DXJKOLQ -DPHV*0F/HDQ¶ Gregor J. EMBA, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Ashley McLeod John A. McLuckie Marcella T. McMahon, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 +HOHQ//DZOHVV0F0DQXV¶ Jan and Kathleen McMillian .\OH$0F0LOOLDQ¶ William and Pat McNally Michael E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Mary R. McNamara 3DWULFLD(0F1HLYH¶ Kevin McNorton Josephine Bremmer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Hugh McQueen Judith A. Smith, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Robert N. McRae Edward J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Ann K. McShane 6HDQ%0F6ZHHQH\¶ 0LFKDHO-(0%$¶DQG&DQGLV0F9LFNHU Anthony and Yueh Meadors :LOOLDP0¶DQG'LDQH0HDO\ %UHQGDQ/0HDUD¶ 'DQLHO)¶DQG-R$QQ)6FKDHIHU¶0HDUD Peter and Francine Meatte Janine M. Meeh Thomas F. Meehan $LPHH7RQTXHVW¶DQG6WHSKHQ0HKO Sarah Mehl Leonard and Sondra Meier Dennis and Judy Meinert +DUU\3¶DQG0DU\:0HLQKDUGW Rev. Msgr. Heliodore N. Mejak, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;31 â&#x20AC; -RDQ&0HODQFRQ¶ 3DWULFLD$:ROWHUV0HOFKLQJ¶ 'U5LFKDUG3¶DQG'HQLVH0HOLFKDU Connie Mendiola Arthur and Lynda Mendizabal 6WHSKHQ$¶DQG%DUEDUD0HQNH C. Brett Mentzer Ted and Cindy Menzel 'U0DU\()LVFKHU¶DQG Dr. Richard W. Mercer 5RVH()DUQDQ0HUFKDQW¶ Michael and Kristin Merck 'DQLHO+¶DQG/RUUDLQH00HUFXUH


Linda J. Meredith Richard and Adelaide Merkle 'RURWK\.+DXVHU0HUULILHOG¶ .DURO\Q22UOHQD0HUVPDQQ¶ William and Lisa Merz 3DWULFLD$*UDKDP0HVVEDUJHU¶ Alan and Lynne Mestdagh *HRUJH)¶DQG/DXUD-0H\HU -DPHV3¶DQG-R$QQ0H\HU .DWKU\Q$:DOOPDUN0H\HU¶ 0DU\/RX0H\HU¶DQG7KRPDV:/\QFK Paul and Mary Theresa Meyer Paul B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Roberta Meyer Josephine A. Meyers +HOHQ%%XHVVLQJ¶DQG Arnold J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Meysenburg Rev. John J. Michalicka, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Roger A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and &KULVWLQH0(QJHOEHUW¶0LFN Mary Mihanovich -HDQQH0/DQJHQIHOG0LNHVHOO¶ 'RURWK\-5RFKH0LODN¶ -RDQ0:KHODQ0LODQL¶ 7LPRWK\'¶DQG5LWD$0LOIRUG )UDQN:¶DQG-HDQ&ODUN¶0LOLN Francis E. Milkent, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 Barbara H. Miller %UHQGD-&DQWZHOO¶DQG:LOOLDP0LOOHU Dolores Miller Randy and Bibiana Miller James and Amy Miller 'U-RKQ7¶DQG-DFHO\Q)0LOOHU /HRQDUG-¶DQG5RVHPDU\'\HU¶0LOOHU Linda and Clayton Miller Mary Margaret Miller 0LFKHOOH$5HLPHU¶DQG6FRWW0LOOHU Millard W. Miller, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Robert and Patricia L. Miller 7HUHVD$&RUULJDQ¶DQG*HRUJH'0LOOHU Trevor S., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Amy D. Hankins, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Miller Alan and Gloria Minnick 'HH$¶DQG-DQLFH,0LQQLV Patricia Minnis &KDUOHV*¶DQG-RDQQ0LVNR -RVHSK5¶DQG9LFNL60LWFKHOO Dr. Paul and Laura B. Moccia John T. Modlin Leo Mohrman Mike Monaghan 0DUJDUHW/HDK\0RQQDW¶ Eileen Halpin Monteil, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Mary Montes and Rose Arroyo -DQLFH&6FRWW¶DQG3KLOOLS/0RQWJRPHU\ 0.ULV'LWWR¶DQG0DOFROP'0RQWJRPHU\ Dennis and Mary Montgomery (ULF$¶DQG.DWLH*0RQWR\D Mike and Florence Mooney -RKQ50RRUH¶ Kevin and Kerry Moore Leigh A. Moore

03DPHOD&ODUNÂśDQG-RKQ0RRUH Mackenzie M. Moore Marlys Moore Maynard E. Moore Michael D. Moore 0LFKDHO-ÂśDQG0DU\/0RRUH 3DWULFLD$+L[ÂśDQG-RKQ&0RRUH 3DWULFN5ÂśDQG .DWKHULQH5:LOPHULQJ0RRUHÂś 7LPRWK\+ÂśDQG&RQQLH60RRUH Charles F., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Marjorie Moos 0DULO\Q6OLHI0RUDOHVÂś 3DWULFN(ÂśDQG1DQF\60RUDQ 3DXO&ÂśDQG5HEHFFD-.ROOHUÂś0RUDQ 5D\PRQG$ÂśDQG6WHSKDQLH0RUDQ 5RVHPDU\(0RUDQÂś Dr. Bruce B. Morgan *DU\ÂśDQG&DURO0RUJDQ W. Patrick Moriarty Eugene Morin 0DU\.2Âś+DUD0RULQÂś Robert E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Rose E. Morin Jon and Linda Morris 6KDURQ30RUULVÂś Sue Morris 6\OYHVWHU&0RUULVÂś Tim and Katherine Morris 5HEHFFD'0($ÂśDQG6KDZQ0RUULVH\ Irene Morrison .DUHQ50LOOHUÂśDQG5DOSK0RUULVRQ 0DUO\Q6ÂśDQG$OLFH0RUULVRQ Ray S. Morrison, Jr. â&#x20AC; 7LPRWK\*ÂśDQG7KHUHVD.0RUULVRQ Marjorie E. Morrissey 5XWK&&RQQRU0RUURZÂś 3DXO5ÂśDQG$QQD50RVEDXJK %U\DQ'0RVVÂś -DPHV)0RXQWÂś Kevin and Malia Mouser &KULVWLQH%6FKXVWHUÂśDQG0LFKDHO0R\D 5REHUW$0R\HUÂś Sharon K. Muckey Catherine Rost, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 and Dr. Ferd J. Mueller 5REHUWD&OHJJÂśDQG0LFKDHO0XHOOHU Samuel and Marguerite Mueller 1RUEHUW/ÂśDQG0DUORX0XKOEDXHU Francis and Maureen Mulcahy -RKQ)ÂśDQG-R\0XOFDK\ John and Shirley Muldoon Edmund and Ann Mulholland Richard P. â&#x20AC;  and Patricia A. Mullally 7LPRWK\3ÂśDQG6LOYLD0XOODQH $UWKXU)ÂśDQG0DUFHOOD/0XOOHU 0DWWKHZ00XOOHUÂś :LOOLDP-ÂśDQG-HDQHWWH0XOOHU <YRQQH(/H0RLQHÂśDQG&OHR+0XOOHU 'U0LFKDHO'ÂśDQG 5HEHFFD&%DNHUÂś0XOOLFDQ 0DUN(ÂśDQG$OLFH77UDXVFKÂś0XOOLQ James and Myrtle Mullins

%.HYLQÂśDQG0DU\9%ODFNEXUQÂś Mulvany Dan and Ann Mulvenon William and Kathleen Mundie /HUR\)ÂśDQG1RUPD-(QJHOÂś0XQN 3KLOOLS50XUDVNLÂś Agnes M. Murphy Dr. Donn B. Murphy, Ph.D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 -RKQ3ÂśDQG6XVDQ''HQWRQÂś0XUSK\ /DUU\(ÂśDQG&DURO6.HLWKÂś0XUSK\ Lea Murphy 0LFKDHO-0XUSK\Âś Patricia A. Murphy Robert and Diane Murphy 'DYLG$ÂśDQG .DWKOHHQ+ROEURRNÂś0XUUD\ 0LFKDHO-ÂśDQG&DWKHULQH0XUUD\ 3DGUDLF2ÂśDQG/LOD/0XUUD\ Dr. Robert and Claire Murray 6WHSKHQ'0XUUD\Âś 7LPRWK\-0XUUD\Âś &KDUOHV(ÂśDQG%DUEDUD-0XUUHOO Dr. John P. and Mary Margaret Murry Delora E. Musslin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Daniel Musso /\QQ&0\HUV(0%$Âś Gordon and Dr. Susan Myers -DPLVRQ7ÂśDQG .DWKHU\Q((YDQVÂś0\ULFN 5REHUW(ÂśDQG-R$QQ1DGHDX 'U/\QGRQÂśDQG $P\'6FKZDU]HUÂś1DLSDXO Angelo B. and LaVerna Nasche -RKQ9ÂśDQG&KXQJ+XL1DVK Michael A. Nash -DPHV:ÂśDQG:LQLIUHG/XQG\Âś1DVV Mary A. Tabor, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and John G. Nass Theresa M. Nass 0LFKDHO:ÂśDQG 6KDURQ06WDOOEDXPHUÂś1DWLRQ Helen M. Sarg Naughton, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;42 5D\PRQG-ÂśDQG0DU\(1HDU\ :LOOLDP(ÂśDQG0DUFLD/1HEHO 0LFKDHO-ÂśDQG/LQGD/1HHQDQ Kelly F. Brungardt, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Scott Neil Frances B. Brady, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 and Horace Neilson Ed and Suzie Nelander Kevin L. Nelson -RVHSK'ÂśDQG-DQH1HUQH\ 7KRPDV&ÂśDQG0DU\DQQD1HUQH\ 5R[DQQH'LGGHÂśDQG0DUN1HWHPH\HU Beth Neubrech Nacole L. Neuendorf Richarda Sparrow Neuman Richard and Joy Neumann 5LWD05DZOH\1HYLOOHÂś .HLWK3ÂśDQG0DULO\Q1HYLQV Jay H. New Rhonda K. Newlin (OOHQ''DOGUXS1HZPDQÂś


David and Janice Newmann Denton Nichols -DPHV-ÂśDQG0DU\$1LFKROVRQ 7KRPDV*ÂśDQG6DQG\*ODYLQÂś1LFNHO %HQMDPLQ$1LFNV-UÂś William H. Nicks /\QQ0*LOJ1LFROLFKÂś (LOHHQ/0DUTXH]ÂśDQG/OR\G1LHOVRQ Lois Niemann 0DU\&1LHPF]\NÂś William and Rosemary Nies Michael T. Nieto, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Patrick T. F., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 and Nancy C. Nieto 5RQDOG/ÂśDQG3DWULFLD$5REOÂś1LHWR /LVD(1HXPDQQÂśDQG6DOYDWRUH1LJUR 0DUJDUHW)0HDUD1LOHVÂś Randy Nill .DWKHULQH/3URKDVND1LOOHVÂś 6YHQ)-ÂśDQG 7HUHVD$:HLVKDDUÂś1LOVVRQ Sheri Nitz 'DQLHO$1REHOÂś Daniel and Joyce Nolan Robert and Tricia Nolan Forrest Noland Mark and Catharine Nold -RKQ&1ROOÂś -RVHSK'ÂśDQG0DU\1RRQDQ 0DU\(*UDKDPÂśDQG'DQLHO1RUEXUJ -DPHV51RUGKXVÂś 0DU\31RULFNÂś Louis J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Irene M. Normandin 3KLOLS+ÂśDQG3DWULFLD:1RVHU 7KRPDV-ÂśDQG'RURWK\61RXG &RQQLH-&LQGULFÂśDQG%LOO1RYDN .HOO\$&DPHURQÂśDQG-HIIUH\71RYRWQ\ Henrietta M. Nowak Michael and Susan Nowak 'DYLG-1RZDW]NHÂś 5REHUW-ÂśDQG 1DQF\.+HQOH\Âś1RZDW]NH Todd A. Nugent, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Juan and Alicia NuĂąez Jeroldine R. Nunley 'U0LFKDHO-ÂśDQG0DXULQH1XVFK\ Anthony and Charlene Nutz Joseph and Julie Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Flaherty :LOOLDP7ÂśDQG6XVDQ02DNHV David and Sandra Oberley William and Karen Obermark 0DU\$6RQQHQPRVHUÂśDQG Edwin Obermeier 5REHUW/ÂśDQG-XOLD.2ERUQ\ Tom and Cindy Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien James and Jane Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Jaylene C. Kenkel, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Peter Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien -HUU\'ÂśDQG3HJJ\2Âś%ULHQ 7KRPDV-ÂśDQG'RUHHQ02Âś%ULHQ Kieran K. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Callaghan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 'DYLG7ÂśDQG3DWULFLD)UDZOH\Âś2FKV

-RKQ-¶DQG(YHO\QH2¶&RQQRU John R. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 /DXUHQH%UDG\2¶&RQQRU¶ 5LFKDUG'¶DQG%HUQDGLQH2¶&RQQRU :LOOLDP(¶DQG-HDQQH.2¶&RQQRU George and Corine Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Donnell 6HDQ3¶DQG 3DPHOD6+XQGW¶2¶'RQQHOO 7KRPDV-2¶'RQQHOO¶ Mary E. Cleary, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Warren Oeff 5HY-RKQ2HWJHQ¶ William H. Ogan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 5REHUW0¶DQG*D\OH2¶*DUD Charles and Donna Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Grady -RKQ7¶DQG/DXUD2¶*UDG\ 5RQDOG-¶DQG(OL]DEHWK52¶*UDG\ *UHJRU\-¶DQG&KHU\O2¶+DOORUDQ $ELJDLO52¶+DUD¶ $GULDQ0¶DQG'RPLQLTXH2¶+DUD &DURO55DPDHNHUV¶DQG(GZDUG2¶+HDUQ 5LFKDUG'¶DQG0DU\62¶+HUURQ 3DXO:2KOHQGRUI¶ Jerome H., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Mary L. Oidtman 0DULO\Q0DOQDU¶DQG:LOOLDP2¶.HHIH Martha A. Sellmeyer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Maurice P. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Keefe 1DQF\(¶DQG'U)UDQN-2¶.HHIIH 'DOH-2OEHUGLQJ¶ 3DXOD-/DQJH2OEHUGLQJ¶ 0DU\$O\FH2OGDQL¶ (LOHHQ7.HOO\¶DQG-DPHV6¶2¶/HDU\ Bud Oleksky Ron and Peggy Olinger Thomas and Joan Oliver Thomas and Margaret Oliver Stephen and Barbara Olliges )UDQFLV-¶DQG0DU\$=XSHW]¶2OPVWHG Robert J. Olmsted, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 0LFKDHO'¶DQG6KHUUL2OVRQ 3DWULFN)¶DQG 0DUJDUHW$+XJKHV¶2¶0DOOH\ 'DQLHO72¶1HLOO¶DQG 1DQF\*(W]ZLOHU¶ 'U/HRQDUG7¶DQG&DWKLH-2¶1HLOO 0DU\$'XQQ¶DQG:LOOLDP2UGZD\ +XJK-¶DQG(LOHHQ2¶5HLOO\ Eileen T. Murphy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Andy Orlet (GZDUG7¶DQG*LOPD2¶5RXUNH Michael and Patricia Orr Ann Turgeon Ortega, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 /HR-2UWK-U¶ Hope A. Ortiz Thelma Cantu Ortiz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 *DU\)¶DQG0DU\'/RIWXV¶2VFNR 5RJHU0¶DQG0DULO\Q:2¶6KHD Marilyn Fogarty and Theresa Fogarty Osredker Leland L., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Irma Ostdiek .LP0¶DQG $QWRQLQD7%UHQQDQ¶2VWHUKDXV Craig and Jeri Ann Ostertag

7HUUHQFH(¶DQG/LQGD2VWPH\HU Donna M. Oswald 0LFKDHO*2¶7RROH¶ Nancy D. Huerter, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Jeff Otott Glenn Overdick ))O\QQ¶DQG-HDQQLQH2ZHQV Geneve G. J. Owensby 0DULDQQH6KHD¶DQG-RVHSK'2[OHU 3DWULFLD-(XOHU2\HUO\¶ -RVHSK&2]EROW¶ Carlos and Teresa Pacheco Kevin and Susan Page Nichole Ward Page, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Jay Page Edwin J. C. Pajor -RVHSK7¶DQG7HUU\O$3DMRU &HOHQH0'HWHUV3DOOHVHQ¶ Joseph Pallo Ruth L. Walker Palmer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 Stuart and Susan Palmer -RKQ)3DOVPHLHU¶ Ted and Lillian Palsmeier -HURPH3DOXND¶ -DQHW0.HWWHU¶DQG0DUN$3DQNDX $QQ-*UDWWDQ3DQOHQHU¶ Russell and Gail Panza $QWKRQ\9¶DQG3DWULFLD$3DROXFFL Steven and Madeleine Paolucci %HUQDUG-3DSSHUW¶ 5RVHPDU\)0F'RQQHOO¶DQG Rudolph L. Pappert Charles L., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Alice Parcell Linda Paredes Mark and Marcella Parillo 5RVH03DULV\¶ Mary J. Kocour Park, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 6WHSKHQ'3DUN¶ 'U&KULVWRSKHU¶DQG5R]LQD3DUNHU Thomas and Lisa Parnow 5RQDOG$¶DQG'DUOHQH$3DUU 3DWULFLD0%RQJHUV¶DQG7LPRWK\53DUVRQV -R\FH$.HWWHU¶DQG%LOO3DUWLQ &RQVWDQFH0/RKPDQQ¶DQG+HQU\3DVVDUR $QQH&:XUW]¶DQG.HYLQ03DVVLQR /DXUD$(UEV¶DQG-RKQ3DV]NLHZLF] Rupert and Deborah Pate Richard and Barbara Pattengale Chris and Janice Patterson -DQHW($QGUD¶DQG+RUDFH(3DWWHUVRQ Janice L. Patterson 0DU\.3DWWHUVRQ¶ Rosemary Patterson 7KRPDV&¶DQG(YHO\Q3DWWRQ &DWKU\Q-&ROGZHOO3DXO¶ -DPHV$¶DQG0DU\(3DXQRYLFK %DUEDUD$%UHPPHU¶DQG5REHUW/3DYOH\ Mary and Joni Pavlich 'U5REHUW5¶DQG&\QWKLD03DYOX Gregory and Catherine Pavlyak &KULVWRSKHU3¶DQG -RDQ0%DNHU¶3DZORZLF]


Carey A. Pawlowski, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 -RDQ0+HEHUW¶DQG'%UXFH3HDUVRQ :LOOLDP,¶DQG-RDQ3HDUVRQ -HDQ06FDQORQ3HFN¶ Admerle N. Peckham Charles A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Joyce Pecora 0/HQH:HVWHUPDQ¶DQG$QWRQLR3HFRUDUL 3DWULFN-3HGGHFRUG¶ :LOOLDP5¶DQG(GLWK3HGOH\ -RKQ%3HHU¶0%$¶ J. David and Joetta Peer 0LFKDHO-¶DQG$QJHOD/%URZQ¶3HOJHU -RKQ0¶DQG-DQLFH3HOOHJULQR Janice L. Benda, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Raymond L. Pelster Christopher R., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Kathleen M. Gates, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;92 Pennington George W. Pepin 'U3HGUR$3HTXHQR5RVVLH¶DQG(QPD$ $ULWD3HTXHQR¶ Lynn Perez 'DYLG'¶DQG$GHOH$'H)HR¶3HUNLQV 0DU\3+HJDUW\¶DQG-RVHSK3HUNLQV Sally Perkins Bernadine LeBeau Perraud, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;42 David and Diane Perry William and Carol Perry Patricia J. Person John Petelin, III '*UHJRU\¶DQG 0RQLFD06KHUPDQ¶3HWHU /DXULH-3HWHU¶ 0DUWLQ-¶DQG&DWKHULQH/3HWHUV Jeffrey and Jane Peterson -RKQ/3HWHUVRQ,,,¶ 33DWULFLD3HWHUVRQ¶ 6XVDQ66DFKVH3HWHUVRQ¶ Wayne and Susan Peterson Joseph and Mary Ann Petruccelli Barbara A. Petryshyn Kathleen A. Petti :LOOLDP(¶DQG/LQGD3IHLIIHU Marilyn Pfundheller Jeffery and Virginia Pheatt Therese Phebus 'DYLG-¶DQG3K\OOLV3KHJOH\ 7HUHVH66FKLUPHU3LFFROL¶ Thomas and Joyce Pick Alan and Cindy Pickard Carrie Pickard Mark and Cindy Pickerel *HUPDLQ((0%$¶DQG Shannon L. Pickman Ted J. Pickul &KULVWLQH06PLWK¶DQG.LUN63LHUFH Barbara A. Pinaire -RKQ-¶DQG5RVDLUH3LURWWH Peter Piscitello Irma L. Pittroff, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 'UV'RQDOG(¶DQG(OL]DEHWK(3LYRQND Dr. William C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Darlene Pivonka

'RQ$¶DQG.DWKOHHQ7%XUNH¶3ODFHN Leonard and Patricia Plank &DUUROO9DUJDV¶DQG%ULDQ3ODWW Sally Platt 7UDFL$/LQN¶DQG%ULDQ3OXPOHH 0LQG\/+HLGHVFK¶DQG%HQMDPLQ3OXPPHU John and Dragica Podrebarac Family Stephen J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Dorothy A. Osborne, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Podry 0DUWKD3RHKOHU¶DQG%HQMDPLQ&RPSDLQH John and Jane Poelzl $QQHWWH+)LFN¶DQG6WHYH&3RHWWJHQ 'ZLJKW$3RNRUQ\¶ Gregory and Colleen Poland ,UHQH$6SLWVHQ¶DQG-LP'3ROODUG 0LQG\6.UXSLQVNL¶DQG0LFN3ROORFN Chris and Susan Ponce 0DU\75DQGROSK3RSH¶ 3KLOLS(3RSODVNL¶ Dale Popovich -HIIUH\3¶DQG1DQF\-$QGHUVRQ¶3RSS Adam and Elana Poquette Christine Porter Natasha M. Schmidt, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Kevin Porter John Pouy .DWKOHHQ66NHOWRQ¶DQG*DU\.3RZHOO Larry and Mary Lynn Powell Lloyd and Cindy Powell Desmond J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Gretchen Powers Michael and Kathleen Powers 0LFKDHO-¶DQG.DWKOHHQ3RZHUV &DUO03UDWW¶ Clark and Jacqueline Pregont 6WHSKHQ)¶DQG1RUPD53UHW] Roger and Karen Prewitt Scott R. Pribyl John and Jan Price -RVHSK33ULFH¶ /LQGD53ULFH¶ Dr. Patrick and Cyndy Price Robert and Daryn Price 7KRPDV-¶DQG'RQQD6%ORFN¶3ULFH $OH[DQGUD00DLQHOOL¶DQG6WHYHQ3ULHV Barbara D. Prinzi 5REHUW/(0%$¶DQG7HUU\3ULWFKHWW Ruth A. Classen, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Kenneth N. Prochaska -DQH..HQQHG\¶DQG&KDUOHV3URFWRU -XQH*URVV¶DQG7RQ\3URP Francis F., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Viola Moeder, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Prosser 6KDURQ0¶0($¶DQG*DOHQ3UXHWW 6WHSKHQ-¶DQG'LDQH3U\RU 0DUFLD/(LVHQEDWK¶DQG)UDQN(3WDFHN 'U0LFKDHO(¶DQG&DQGDFH&3XIDOO 'U3HWHU%¶DQG$QQ(3XIDOO Bobbie J. Purley-Davis 5LFKDUG-¶DQG%DUEDUD-3XUVFKNH 5REHUW-¶DQG'HQLVH33XUVFKNH 0LFKDHO%¶DQG1RUPD(3XUVORZ Mark Puthuff :LOOLDP73XWWKRII¶

-RHOOHQ0(SSHUO\¶DQG/RZHOO3\OH 'U'DYLG$¶DQG6WHSKDQLH3\QH Billy and Jean Quade Craig and Cindy Quick Lillian C. Fisher Quigley, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 /XFLOH00XUUD\4XLJOH\¶ &DUROH2IIHQEXUJHU4XLQQ¶ 'DQLHO*¶DQG6DUD/7KRPDV¶4XLQQ Marilyn F. Quinn 5REHUW/¶DQG-DQLFH:4XLQQ 7KRPDV:¶DQG0DU\$4XLQQ 5LWD//XQGVWURP¶DQG-RQ4XLQWDQD +HOHQ&DVSHU¶DQG.LUN4XLVWRUII Joann S. Schmidt Rackley, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 -R$QQ)HOWPDQQ5DGHWLF¶ 0DUN6¶DQG0DU\5DGHWLF 'U0LFKDHO(5DGHWLF''6¶ -RVHSK3¶DQG-XG\5DGLQ Frank Rahija Teresa Rains Matthew Ramsey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 3DWULFLD/5DQGDOO¶ 'HERUD$0RRQH\¶DQG7RGG$5DQGHOO Donald V. Raplinger Michael K. Raplinger 9LFWRU*¶DQG6DODP$5DVNRYVN\ 6KDQQRQ&$XJXVWLQH¶DQG John W. Rasmussen 'DYLG*¶DQG$JQHV5DVXUH Donald and Martha Rasure $QGUHZ6¶DQG0LFKDO5DWNHZLF] Rosemarie Ratkey 6WHSKHQ5¶DQG9LUJLQLD-%DUURQ¶5DX Robert H. Rauf Norene R. Rauh +HUPDQ,5DXWK¶ :LOVRQ¶DQG%DUEDUD5D\ Tony and Mary Ann Raynor Beverly Read Frederick K. Readman Lewis E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Lucinda Real Rev. Patrick J. Rearden, O.P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 &KHU\O$0($¶DQG&UDLJ5HGLQJ 'U0LFKDHO-¶DQG+DQQD-5HGLQJ $QQ(5HGPRQG¶ +DWWLH06KRRN5HHYHV¶ $QQHWWH05HDUGRQ5HJDQ¶ (XJHQH3¶DQG6KDURQ(5HJDQ Reggie and Louise Regenstein Thomas E. Regnary, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Christopher W. Reh &RQVWDQFH05HLFKDUW¶ Donald and Joan Reichenberger 7RP:¶DQG.DWKOHHQ5HLFKHQEHUJHU 5DOSK35HLG¶ Richard F. Reifers 0DU\%HWK'REVRQ5HLII¶ Rick A. Reigert -RKQ/¶DQG$OLFLD5HLOO\ 'U-RKQ3¶DQG


%DUEDUD$0H\HU¶5HLOO\ 3DWULFN-¶DQG.DUHQ$%HOO¶5HLOO\ 3DXO:¶DQG%UHQGD5HLOO\ Therese P. Reilly Walter and Rolene Reinhardt Donna Reinig Thomas and Cindy Reischl Timothy J. Reischl Reising Bolt Family -RVHSK5¶DQG-DQH5HLWHU Albert and Mary Jeanne Relic Relic Family - Clarence, Theresa, John, Marilyn and David Patricia F. Rellihan Beth Remedios 5RQDOG95HSSOLQJHU¶ Donald G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and 0DUJDUHW0*XOGH¶5HWWHQPDLHU 5LFKDUG:¶DQG/L]EHWK:5HWWLJ Julie Reuter Bruce and Suzanne Reynolds Mark and Ann Reynolds -RVHSK:5H]QLN¶ 5RVHPDU\9LYHURV5KHLQEHUJHU¶ 7KRPDV$5KHLQEHUJHU¶ $QGUHD/9RVV¶DQG9LQFH5LFH Jacqueline J. Rice Mary A. Boeding, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and James W. Rice -HUHPLDK6¶DQG -HQQLIHU*:XQGHUO\¶5LFKDUGV Ida Swiderski Richardson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 Kelly and Susan Richlin -XVWLQ5¶DQG 6WHSKDQLH(=HOIHU¶5LHFKHUV $QGUHZ9¶DQG7UDF\5LHGHO 0DU\$+LOO¶DQG5REHUW(5LHGHO Shonya and J. D. Riedel Frank and Martha Rieger Mildred I. Rieke Harold and Patricia Rieker -RKQ-¶DQG'U0DXUHHQ%5LIIOH Michael and Imogene Rigdon Maurice W., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Rose Mary Strathman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Riley Ken H. Rinderknecht Patricia L. Eccher, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Barton Rindom 'U5D\PRQG-¶DQG 0DU\00LOOHUHW¶5LQJ Patricia A. Ringel 5REHUW)¶DQG-R\FH05LQJHO Rita M. Rinkenbaugh $XJXVWLQH*¶DQG.DWKOHHQ$5LROR 5REHUW(¶DQG9LUJLQLD5LRUGDQ Angela Rios Gertrude S. Ament Ripley, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 Catherine A. Rippey, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 (ULF%5LWWHQKRXVH(0%$¶ 'U-RKQ(¶DQG.DWKOHHQ5LWWHU Barbara J. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Rourke Ritz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Victor Rivera

'U5RQDOG$¶DQG/LQGD(5L]]R Ellen Lister, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Richard Roach 'DYLG(¶DQG0DU\&5XSS¶5REE Angela C. Roberson Harold Roberts June E. Roberts 0LFKDHO'¶DQG$QQH5REHUWV 6KHOE\&¶DQG$O\VH5REHUWV Theodore and Suzanne Roberts Tom Roberts Geraldine L. Robertson $O\QH05RELQR¶ Michael and Elsa Robinson -HDQ(¶DQG7KRPDV+5RELVRQ 'U5LFKDUG0¶DQG&DQGDFH-5REO Kathryn Roblee Lincoln Roblee 5HY5LFKDUG'5RFKD¶ William and Margaret Roche Michel Rochon Peter and Jennifer Rochon Rudy and Judith Rockey Rockhurst University Physical Therapy, &ODVVRI Bunny Rodina and Tom Diester &HOHVWLQR5RGULJXH]¶ Michael and Linda Rodriguez 9LFWRULQR5RGULJXH](0%$¶ Sydney and Lynn Rodway Bill and Donna Roe David and Susanne Roeder 'U0DU\(¶DQG-RKQ&5RHVHOHU Dr. Joseph and Judy Roetheli )UDQFLV;¶DQG (OL]DEHWK*+LUVFK¶5RJDQ %ULDQ0(0%$¶DQG&KULVW\5RJHUV &KDUOHV$5RJHUV¶ &KDUOHV:¶DQG$QLWD5RJHUV -RKQ/¶DQG.DWK\5RJHUV /-DPHV5RK¶ -DPHV35RPH¶ Ellen Valdez Romero, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Michael and Kathy Romero 5LFKDUG%¶DQG/HDQQ:ROWHUV¶5RPHUR Kenneth W., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Antonina M. Valdez, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Romp Kirkland Rone Alan and Constance Ronnebaum Christine M. Ronnebaum, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 *LQD$5RQQHEDXP¶ $QQ05KHLQEHUJHU¶DQG'DYLG$5RRG Kevin and Mary Rooney Michael and Janyce Rooney Robert and Kelly Roper Ron and Marta Roper 'U7KRPDV$¶DQG6KHOO\5RVH Harvey and Vicky Roseberry -HURPH%¶DQG'DUOD5RVHOOH &KULVWRSKHU'¶DQG&DURO\Q5RVV Glenn and Marla Ross

-RKQ-5RVV¶ Joseph P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Angela M. Ross /RUHWWD)'RZQH\¶DQG-0LFKDHO5RVV $OLVD-)DUUHOO5RWK¶ Delbert R., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Donna M. Roth 5REHUW5¶DQG $QJHOD0+LFNPDQ¶5RWK (OPHU$¶DQG'HORUHV5RWWLQJKDXV (PPHWW-¶DQG .DWKOHHQ5:LQWHU¶5RWWLQJKDXV 3K\OOLV$5RXVVHDX0F&XQH¶DQG James McCune Paul and Carolyn Rowden Debbie Rowland Gretchen D. Roy %UHQGD/:HEHU¶DQG'DYLG/5R\HU 3HWHU5¶DQG0DU\/5XELQHOOL William and Helen Ruby 'XDQH-5XHE¶ 1RHO$0($¶DQG-HDQQHWWH5XHE -R$QQH/DPPHUW¶DQG'HQQLV-5XHWKHU /LVD05XIILQ¶DQG W. Bentley Ruffin-Edmonds Daniel Rujawitz C. W. and Aleene Rule 1DQF\/0F*DUJLOO¶DQG:LOOLDP05XORQ $OPD+ROWKDXV5XQQHEDXP¶ *HUDOG:¶DQG1DQF\5XQ\DQ William A. and Joan Rupp Nicholas and Jenny Ruppert -HUUH$%DNHU¶DQG'DQLHO)5XVK Cherry M. Russell Larry and Holly Russell Marvin and Wanda Russell Michael and Juliann Russo 0DU\0&ROH¶DQG0LNH5XWKHIRUG Carrie J. Rutherford -RVHSK)¶DQG0DU\+5XWNRZVNL Valentine and Theresa Ruzick %DUEDUD$(QJHOHPH\HU¶DQG 0DUN-¶5\DQ H. Michael Ryan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 -DPHV3¶DQG'RURWKHD05\DQ John Ryan John F. Ryan, Jr., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 Gerald and Jeanne Rziha Mariellen C. Cunningham Sabato, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Marguerite C. Amador, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Norman Sachnik 3DXO'¶DQG*HUDO\Q0*URWH¶6DFKV 0DXUHHQ&*LEERQV6DGRZVNL¶ Kristin A. Sager Denise M. Koetting, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Chris J. Salanski :DOWHU:6DOLVEXU\¶ 'DQLHO-¶DQG7KHUHVH0%HQGHO¶6DOO Peter and Barbara Salsich Bradley J. Sameshima, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 7KRPDV0¶DQG$QJHOLQH%6DPS &DURO$6PLWK¶DQG-RKQ$6DPSOH Richard and Audrey Samuels


$QQHWWH0'HPDUV¶DQG'DYLG/6DQGHIXU -RVHSK$¶DQG0DULH(6DQGHU /LOOLDQ6LHYH6DQGHUV¶ 'U5HOLIRUG76DQGHUV¶DQG Dr. Karen Eley Sanders Diann M. Sandridge James and Constance Sanduski Rafael and Mariana Santa Maria 5LFKDUG:¶DQG5XWK$6DQWQHU David and Karen Sapenoff Stephen A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Patricia M. Dorney, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Sasenick 5REHUW+6DXFLHU¶ Douglas and Susan Scalard -DPHV&6FDQORQ¶ 5RQDOG$¶DQG-DQHW6DNDO\¶6FKDFKWQHU -RVHSK/¶DQG-R\FH6FKDHIHU Patrick and Jeannine Schaefer Louis and Theresa Schafer -DFN6¶DQG0DWULFH:LOOHUGLQJ¶6FKDIHUV Gary and Carolyn Schamburg Larry and Dorothy Scheafer 3KLOOLS5¶DQG7HUUL6FKHHUHU David and Stephanie Scheid -DPHV(¶DQG:HQG\6FKHLG Mark and Mary Scheipeter David and Donna Schempp 0DU\/(USHOGLQJ¶DQG+DUROG6FKHRSQHU 'HDQQD)HOGW¶DQG-RKQ36FKHUHU 3DXO0¶DQG*HUU\+6FKHUHU David and Cheryln Scheu James M. and Jeanne A. Schibig 0DWWKHZ76FKLHEHU¶ Ronald and Stephanie Schieber /LQGD0'HWHUV¶DQG0DUN6FKLHIHUHFNH 0DU\6FKLHIHUHFNH¶ -DPHV5¶DQG0DU\&.UDPHU¶6FKLHU 5LWD0XUSK\6FKLHUHU¶ Shirley A. Schilling +DUU\-¶DQG'RQQD6FKLOOLQJHU Brenda Schindler -RKQ5¶DQG9LFNL6FKLQGOHU Dale F. and Caroline K. Schippers .XUW00($¶DQG 6DUDK3HUGXH¶6FKODQNHU -RVHSK$¶DQG0DU\(6FKOHLFKHU Gena Schleimer /HR56FKORVVHU¶ Edward and Ann Schlueter Andrew G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and 6X]DQQH(%URP¶6FKPLGW $UQROG&¶DQG3DWULFLD&6FKPLGW 'HQLV-6FKPLGW¶ Don J. and Carol E. Schmidt Dr. Jerome P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Pamela M. Schmidt John and Elsa Schmidt Kyle J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Julie A. Schmidt Dr. Garret and Laura Schmidt Terrance C. and Delores Schmidt 'LDQH0%HDYHQ¶DQG

Edward R. Schmiedeke Fred J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Ann E. Schmiedeler John L., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Rosemary Kinsella, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Schmiedeler 0DU\-6FKPLWW¶ 0DWWKHZ-¶DQG(GQD6FKPLWW &KDUOHV-¶DQG(ODLQH06FKPLW] 'HQQLV(6FKPLW]¶ *UHWFKHQ03ORHKQ6FKPLW]¶ Norbert G. Schmitz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 6WHSKDQLH/+HUPDQ¶DQG Benedict R. Schmitz Martin and Maria Schnabel 'RXJODV-¶DQG0DU\'+DOO¶6FKQHLGHU Joe and Norma Schneider Kelly and Ann Schneider Rick and Lori Schneider :LOOLDP/6FKQHLGHU¶ :\DWW1¶DQG/DXUD6FKQHLGHU -HDQQH7.HLWK6FKQXUU¶ Daniel and Susan Schoenecker Jeanne S. Schreck Schofield, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 Trevor and Kristie Scholz +DUROG)6FKRUQ¶ &KULVWRSKHU/¶DQG-DQHW/6FKRWWHO 5DOSK-¶DQG0DU\.+ROOH¶6FKUDPS Robert and H. Jean Schreffler :D\QH5¶DQG0DU\(6FKUHLQHU James and Pamela Schrick Randy and Mary Schrick :LOOLDP%¶DQG 7LQD0+R\QDFNL¶6FKULPSI $QQH0'RXJKHUW\¶DQG*DU\76FKURHGHU %HWW\6FKURHGHU¶ Donna L. Schroeder Mary L. Kreuzberg Wichert, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Joe Schroer Stephen and Dolores Schroff Martha Compton Schuckenbrock Dr. George and Judy Schudy 3DWULFLD++HOOLQJHU¶DQG5RELQ&6FKXG\ 0HJDQ(.HDWLQJ¶DQG-HIIHU\6FKXHOH 'RQDOG5¶DQG 0DXUHHQ0F/DXJKOLQ¶6FKXHULQJ &KULVWLQH0=HOOHU6FKXHW]¶ 'DQLHO/¶DQG/LQGD6FKXHW] )UDQFHV&%LQJHUW6FKXHW]¶ 'U(PPHWW(¶DQG Mary Ann C. Zavadil, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Schulte 0DU\(6FKXOWH0DXO¶DQG7KRPDV0DXO 1HLO-¶DQG0DUVKD6FKXOWH James and Patti Schultz -DPHV:¶DQG'RURWK\-6FKXOW] Theodore J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Catherine E. Costa, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Schultz Robert J. and Sandra Schumm -RKQ(¶DQG-RDQ0)DQJPDQ¶6FKXVWHU Leo and Susanne Schutzenhofer Mary A. Wallerstedt Schwab, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 C. Frederick Schwaner Dennis and Sharon Schwarzer

George A. Schwetz Kelly Schwetz Linda Schwinn 0DWWKHZ-¶DQG0LNNL/7LEDOGR¶6FLED -RVHSK6FLJOLDQR¶ Todd and Cathy Scofield Elizabeth A. Scott Mary J. Scott Tom and Diane Scott 'U9LQFHQW&6FX]]R0'¶ Donald C. Seaman <YRQQH0'H.H\VHU6HDUOV¶ Mary L. Sebel 0DXUHHQ3'Z\HU6HEXV¶ 'DQLHO7¶DQG9LFNL6HGODFHN -DPHV7¶DQG.DWKU\Q$6HHEHUJHU Raymond and Julie Seefeldt Dennis and Mary Segebart *DU\-¶DQG*ORULD$6HLE Bernadette and Jim Seikel 'RQDOG¶DQG3DWULFLD6HLOHU John and Reine Seiler Janet Selby David G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Marisol R. Perido, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 Sellinger 5REHUW$¶DQG'RULV6HPSHN Robert J. Senecal $\URQ06HTXHLUD¶ Frank and Delores Serrone Larry J. Servaes 0DU\$QQ&1LHEHUGLQJ¶DQG-DPHV6HVODU Ralph A., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Shirley Settle .LPEHUO\$6PLWK¶DQG-DPHV$6HW]HNRUQ Rev. George A. Seuferling, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 -DPHVDQG5REHUWD6H[WRQ 0DU\.&R\QH6H[WRQ¶ .HOO\(.HDWLQJ¶DQG'DYLG6H[WUR 6DPXHO/¶DQG)UDQ6H\OHU Steven and Teresa Shaad Fred and Betty Shade John and Nancy Shambaugh 6XVDQ03IHLIHU6KDPPR¶ &KULVWRSKHU(¶DQG 5HEHFFD$+ROWKDXV¶6KDQN 6KDURQ.6PDUW¶DQG%ULDQ6KDZ :LOOLDP6¶DQG%UHQGD<6PLWK¶6KDZ %HWW\$1HPPHUV¶DQG$6WHYH6KHD Thomas and Doreen Shea 3DWULFLD)%XWOHU¶DQG'HQQLV76KHDUQ *HUDOG3¶DQG3DWULFLD76KHHKDQ 3DWULFLD0XUSK\¶DQG5REHUW/6KHHWV *DU\/6KHOE\¶ James A. and Mary M. Sheldon Alan and Eva Sheley (OL]DEHWK07RUOLQH¶DQG$ODQ-6KHSKHUG Joe and Jennifer Sheridan 'RXJODV:¶DQG /HVOLH$0XOOLQV¶6KHYOLQ David J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Jeanette G. Shields 0LFKDHO-6KLHOGV¶

Don Shiffermiller Laura L. Shiffermiller Linda S. Shinn $QWKRQ\-¶DQG-R\/6KRPLQ *HRUJH:¶DQG-R\FH6KRPLQ Michael Shomin Family Ernest and Doris Shonka 5HEHFFD,/DQGZHKU¶DQG Thomas G. Shrimplin Clare and Julia Shriwise 'U7KRPDV/¶DQG&HOLQD$6KULZLVH Pauline W. Woolston, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 and George W. Shuck 6X]\/6KXSH¶ )UDQN-¶DQG-HDQQH07D\ORU¶6LHEHUW &RQVWDQFH0(UW]6LHINHQ¶ 0DUN%¶DQG$QQ6LHU]DQW Richard D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Anna Silha George J. Silovsky, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 5REHUW¶DQG6XVDQ06LPDQRZLW] *HUDOG5¶DQG(YD(6LPHFND )UHGHULF0¶DQG/RUL6LPPHQV Genevieve Simmens Edward and Jana M. Simon )UDQN:¶DQG-XGLWK(6LPRQLFK Raymond E. and Paula S. Simonich George and Dorothy Simpson Tom and Ellen Simpson 7DVKD6%UDQGW¶DQG-DPHV6LPSVRQ 5LFKDUG+¶DQG6KHLOD)6LPV Bob and Jeannine Sinak Joseph and JoAnn Sind .DWKU\Q$6LQH¶ -DPHV(¶DQG3DWULFLD6LQQHU 0DUOHQH(+DYHUNDPS6LQQRWW¶ Kenneth P. and Mary Sittenauer 5HY(XJHQH(6LW]PDQQ¶ 0LFKDHO(¶DQG$UDFHO\)6LW]PDQQ 0LNDHO6MREHUJ¶ -DPHV5¶DQG0DUWKD-&ODUN¶6NDLQ Marie P. Skain Mary Ann Carney, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Paul Skolaut Helen A. Skradski 3DWULFN$¶DQG&KHOVH\''LOORQ¶6ODSH 'U'DYLG7¶DQG6XH$6ODWHU James C. and Linda Slattery Kevin M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Emilie Slattery 7KRPDV(¶DQG.DWKDULQH.6ODWWHU\ &DURO\Q0%HUJPDQ6ODXJKWHU¶ Bruce and Jennifer Slimmer (OL]DEHWK$+UXVND¶DQG3DXO$6ORERGQLN -XOLDQ6ORZLQVNL¶ 5&KULVWRSKHU6PDOO¶ Bruce and Kathy Smilie $QQH22¶'RQQHOO¶DQG*OHQQ-6PLWK Bradley and Julie Smith Brian K. Smith Diana Smith (OL]DEHWK.0RQDKDQ¶DQG3KLOLS-6PLWK Eugene J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Marilyn K. Smith Francis P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Geraldine A. Smith

Gary and Julie Smith -HDQQH0'H:LWW¶DQG'DQLHO-6PLWK -RDQ.:ROIUDP¶DQG5REHUW/6PLWK Kevin and Carol Smith Lawrence W. and Helen M. Smith Joseph and Marcella Smith Margaret L. Donovan Smith, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Margery Laughlin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Robert M. Smith 0DU\$+DOGRUVHQ¶DQG(UQHVW/6PLWK Michael and Susan Smith 3DXO0¶DQG-HZHOO06PLWK Paul and Michelle Smith 3HWHU(¶DQG&KHU\O+6PLWK Ronald and Juanita Smith Rosemary and Pam Smith 6HDPXV36PLWK¶ Dr. William C., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Joyce A. Smith :HQGHOO&¶(0%$¶DQG Chasity K. Snodgrass -R\FH$+HLGHPDQ¶DQG5RJHU6QRZGHQ Patricia Snowden John and Joan Snyder /DXUD06Q\GHU¶ 0LFKDHO)6REHN¶ 7KHUHVD-=LOOHV¶DQG6REHUDQR Dr. Eric G. Sollars -DPHV'¶DQG 0DU\(0RQWJRPHU\¶6RORSHUWR Raymond and Margaret Sonnenberg -RVHSK-¶DQG-9DOHUD'R\OH¶6RYFLN Larry and Shirley Spain 0DU\&+XUOD¶DQG'RXJODV6SDQJOHU 3KLOLSSLQD06SHLVH¶ Steven A. Speise Dan and Jane Spencer Robert and Sandra Spencer 'RQDOG-¶DQG5XWK6SHQQHU 5RVH00HLQKDUGW¶DQG$ODQ/6SLFHU 'U(GZLQ-¶DQG 'RURWK\-'DYLGVRQ¶6SLFND 0LFKDHO*¶DQG-HDQ0.DKQ¶6SLHJHO :LOOLDP-¶DQG6KDURQ/6SLHJHOKDOWHU Jordan P. Spinharney Robert and Sharon Spinharney Dolores Spinuzzi Charlotte E. Schmidt, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and A. J. Splawn Dale R. Spoehr 0LFKDHO6SRHKU¶DQG-DFTXHOLQH0RUDOHV¶ Louis and Lisa Spohr Marianne Sportsman 0DU\-DQH7XUQHU¶DQG&DOYLQ6SUDGOH\ 3DWULFLD$&DYDQDJK6SUDJXH¶ Karen M. Sprugel Marian Squires Elizabeth K. Schlueter, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Dr. Edward Sri Dr. Richard D. J. St. Clair 0DU\&6WDFK\UD¶ Robert and Helen Stack Gerald and Mikey Stafford Robert and Joan Staley

/DXUD6WDOOEDXPHU¶ 'U6WHSKHQ-6WDPERXJK3K'¶ &DURO$&KRSS¶DQG*DU\6WDPP -RQ0¶DQG -HQQLIHU/)DXONQHU¶¶6WDPPHUV Fred Stanbrough Adam Stanley -XVWLQ5¶DQG3DWULFLD$5LWFKLH¶6WDQOH\ Florence R. Stapleton Mary Ann Stark .HOO\0.RYDF¶DQG.HYLQ6WDUNH\ Kari B. Starnes Jim and Judy Starr $QGUHD/0H\HU¶DQG William A. Staudenmaier &DWKHULQH$0RRUH¶DQG-DPHV56WDXVV Donna Stec and Family Dr. Joseph M. and Mary K. Stech 'DQLHO-6WHIIHQV¶ (YHO\Q0'ROO¶DQG$OIUHG)6WHLPHO .HQW%6WHLQEUXHFN¶ 5REHUW)¶DQG6XVDQ6WHLQHU 5RJHU:¶DQG/LVD&6WHLQHU Timothy and Mary Beth Steinkoenig -DPHV)6WHMVNDO¶ George Stelljes -RVHSK*¶DQG0DUOHQH06WHQJHU -DPHV-¶DQG5RVHPDU\6WHSKDQ Jennifer L. Stephens -HIIUH\1DQG0D[LQH6WHSKHQVRQ Joshua N., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and 0LVW\$0F%ULGH¶6WHSKHQVRQ Martha L. Koehler Sterner, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 :3DWULFN¶DQG1DQF\6WHUQHU Dolores Zimmerman Stessman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Jeffrey and Christine Stevens Mary B. Kochevar, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 and Bradford V. Stevens 'DQLHO&¶DQG /LOOLDQ.0XOGRRQ¶6WHZDUW Laura P. Stewart Jerome F. Stiefvater Michael Stigman Jeanie M. Ryan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and George C. Stiles James and Irma Stillwell 0DUJDUHW06WRKU¶ J. Thomas and Rebecca Stokes Peter and Marcie Stokman 3KLOOLS.¶DQG0DULVXH..X]LOD¶6WROO Allen and Maureen Stone Morris and Celeste Stoops Gary and Janice Storm Lisa G. Stovin (ULF-¶(0%$¶DQG3DWULFLD6WUDWKPDQ :LOOLDP)6WUDWKPDQ¶ Katie Stratman Michael J. Stratton )UDQFHV-7KZHDWW¶DQG-DPHV6WULHE\ $QLWD6WULHJHO¶ -HUU\:6WUXQN¶ 'DYLG3¶DQG&DUOHQH$/HWFKHU¶6WXHYH

Joseph E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Judy M. Stueve Eugene and Rebecca Stuhlsatz George and Elly Stump â&#x20AC; Darla D. Sturdevant John F. and Marigene Suellentrop -DVRQ/¶DQG6KHUUL/6KRQND¶6XHOWHU -RKQ-¶DQG3DWW\-6XKRODVNL %ULGJHW$0LOOHU¶DQG-HUHP\6XLWRU Arthur and Rosemary Sullivan 'DUOD0:ROFRWW¶DQG0DUN76XOOLYDQ 0DUN5¶DQG-DQH00F%ULGH¶6XOOLYDQ 7HUUHQFH5¶Â&#x201A;DQG*OHQGD.6XOOLYDQ William J. Sullivan 5LFKDUG.¶DQG 3DPHOD63HWHUVRQ¶6XPPHUV Naomi R. Sumner 5RVHPDU\9+XJKHV6XPSWHU¶ &ROHWWH&&KDQJ¶DQG6KDQ&6XQ -DPHV&¶DQG$QQD6XQGX *HUYD(6XQQHEHUJ¶ Janice I. Supple Terry and Trish Supple Mary E. Lynes, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Anthony Suso Mark and Lynda Sutrina Charles Sutulovich :DOWHU$¶DQG9LUJLQLD06YRERGD $QGUHZ'¶DQG 6DUDK0+HQU\¶6ZDIIRUG Larry and Anna Swafford Nancy C. Christenson Swan, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 David and Susan Swanson Dennis Sweeney Joseph, Linda, Michael and Laura Sweeney 3DWULFLD$3HWHUVRQ6ZHHQH\¶ Donna L. Sweida -RKQ%¶DQG&RQQLH$6]F]HSDQLN 'DYLG-¶DQG3DWULFLD$0RKDWW¶6]RWW Donald T., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Margaret Mary Tabor 0DULD(9LJOLDWXUR7DERU¶ 0DU\-6WHZDUW¶DQG'RQDOG(¶Â&#x201A;7DERU Judith Ferrell, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and William A. Taggart Frederick A. Tallmadge, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 'DYLG)DQG-RDQ//HQHKDQ¶7DPEOLQJ Emmett Tangeman 5LFKDUG+¶DQG/DLQH(7DQJHPDQ James B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Sharon Tank Thomas and Cheryl Tanner James and Joan Taphorn Rev. Joseph C. Taphorn, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Mike and Donna Taphorn /XFDV0¶DQG &DWKHULQH06LJOH¶7DSSDQ 3DXO-¶DQG$QQH(7DUVNL /DXUD.7DXEH¶ 3DWULFLD/*RVFKH7DYDUHV¶ %DUEDUD$1RUWRQ¶DQG Ronald K. Tavernaro Barry C. Taylor Cari A. Baughman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Mike J. Taylor Elizabeth A. Taylor

Hurshel R. Taylor Kimberly L. Wohlgemuth, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Chris Taylor 3DXO07D\ORUÂś 'XQFDQ(7HDJXHÂś Ted Dinggs Family CW3 Jack E. Teegarden, (Ret), â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Marjorie M. Tello Robert W. Temm /7&-DPHV0ÂśDQG 0DULH.&DWKHUVÂś7HQQDQW William R. and Dorothy E. Tennant Gary and Patricia Terschluse Jeffrey G. Tettamble, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 -RKQ*ÂśDQG$QQ07HWWDPEOHDQG)DPLO\ John Teuscsher Phillip and Rebecca Thacker Vincent and Louise Tharp Randy and Mura Thatcher A. W. and Virginia Thedinga Robert L. Thedinger $ODQ3ÂśDQG&\QWKLD'7KLEDXOW )UDQFLV&ÂśDQG1DQF\/7KLVVHQ Eric T. Thoele Thomas and Mary Thoele /LQGD06WHHOHÂśDQG0LFKDHO(7KRP Clinton and Jane Thomas Kenna M. Thomas 0DQGD6/HHÂśDQG&KDG'7KRPDV 0DULD$5LOH\ÂśDQG:LOOLDP'7KRPDV Mary A. Thomas Mary K. Thomas Ramona E. Thomas Stephen and Diann Thomas 'U7HUHQFH0ÂśDQG $QLWD0%HW]HQÂś7KRPDV Thomas and Becky Thomas Brian and Ann Thomason Carole F. Thomason Arlene R. Thompson Charles and Karen Thompson Charles W. Thompson Kennard and Collene Thompson Mary A. Thompson 3DWULFN+7KRPSVRQÂś 5RJHU)ÂśDQG-XG\7KRPSVRQ 6HDQ0ÂśDQG -XOLH+6WRGGDUWÂś7KRPSVRQ 6WHSKHQ&7KRPSVRQÂś 'U7KRPDV1ÂśDQG6DUDK$7KRPSVRQ 7LPRWK\-ÂśDQG6XVDQ07KRPSVRQ Tom K. and Susan Thompson 'DYLG3ÂśDQG5HJLQD$XVWLQÂś7KRUQWRQ James and Margo Thornton 0DULRQ/ÂśDQG'HQLVH7KRUQWRQ :LOOLDP5ÂśDQG5R]HWWD7KRUQWRQ &UDLJ67KRUSHÂś Michael Throop Margaret Moslander, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and John J. Thull Virginia K. Thull Joseph and Mary Thum

5LWD0(Q]EUHQQHUÂśDQG'RQDOG7KXUQ Patricia D. Tierney Richard and Jane Tilghman 5RVDOLH0:XUW]ÂśDQG7KRPDV7LPOLQ Betty L. Becker Timmerman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Ernest W. Timmons, Jr. 6WHSKHQ'ÂśDQG&ODUD%7LPPRQV Douglas and Catherine Timpe James C. Timpe Ronald C. Timpe Seth Timpe Sharlene Tipken W. Elaine Barnes Tittsworth, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Dr. Arkom and Libda Tivorsak Janet A. Tluscik David and Lucille Tobben 0DULDQQH/DVKÂśDQG*HRUJH7RELDV William E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Beverly Todhunter Bill and Mary Toepfer Joseph P. Toigo Gaylord and Flonnie Toll Karolyn A. Tomasic -HDQ%7RQMH(0%$Âś Deborah A. Tooley -DPHV5ÂśDQG-RDQ00RRQHÂś7RSOLFDU $QWKRQ\)ÂśDQG9LUJLQLD7RUFKLD Stephen J. Torline, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 3DXO07RUQHWWRÂś Roman and Delia Torres 5R[DQD6%UDGOH\ÂśDQG*HRUJHÂ&#x201A;7RVWHUXG &KDUORWWH*7RVWLÂś Thomas Tousignant 3DWULFLD$.HOO\7RZHUÂś 9LFDULR/7UDF\Âś John R. Traffas 0DULO\Q$6ZRERGD7UDIIDVÂś Molly Traffas Dr. Corey A. Trease $QWKRQ\$ÂśDQG0DU\-7UHPPHO 5REHUW:ÂśDQG-XGLWK7URFNH Patricia J. Faricy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 and Silvio Troisi Edward E. and Debra Trompeter Thomas E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Cecelia Trompeter Lionel G., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Eileen Trujillo 0LOWRQ0ÂśDQG 0DUJDUHW-*RHKOÂś7UXMLOOR Mary Ann Trzok Vincent B. Tseng, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 (YD5.XFHUDÂśDQG(GZDUG-7XFKROVNL L. Patrick, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Flora Tucker 'U0LFKDHO-ÂśDQG/LQGD7XHWK Robert and Beverly Tumberger :DWDQHH&RYDYLVDUXFKÂśDQG Virachai Tunnitisupawong Dr. Thomas R. and Anne Turnbaugh -HIIUH\67XUQHUÂś -RVHSK/7XUQHUÂś -RVHSK3ÂśDQG 0DXUHHQ%%URSK\Âś7XUQH\ Thomas and Kathleen Turntine

Don and Rosie Turpin Charlene Stessman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and Allan Twark 0DUFHQH5=LPPHUPDQÂśDQG Richard D. Twark 'DQLHO3ÂśDQG1DQF\.7ZHHG\ /LVD0ÂśDQG0DUN7ZRPEO\ :LOOLDP$ÂśDQG&DURO$7\UND *HRUJH+8QGHUZRRGÂś Mike and Lisa Unterreiner Jerry and Bernadette Urban Jack Urban Jim and Raynette Urban Mary Kay and Ken Urban Michael and Katherine Urbik Ralph and Joanne Urevich James and Wendy Urkevich Tony and Liesel Urkevich Benedict and Elizabeth Ursanic Mary Vaio Raquel Valdez, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Terry and Patsy Valliant 'DQLHO(ÂśDQG6KHU\O9DQ$QQH 5REHUW+9DQ'H&UHHNÂś M. James and Peggy Van Dyke Brian and Lauri Van Leer Catherine Van Compernolle 9DQ5\FNHJKHPÂś Kenneth M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Julietta M. Eifler, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Van Speybroeck Mary C. Vanatta Nick Vancas Dr. Donald and Jean Vanderfeltz R. David Vandergriff and Susan Smith-Vandergriff Kevin and Mary J. VanDyke Mark and Terri VanDyke Fred and Terry VanNahmen 0LFKDHO3ÂśDQG&DWKOHHQ(9DUHO Samuel Varghese 7HUHVH/2UOHWÂśDQG'DYLG-9DUJR Margaret A. Bigelow, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Joel B. Vaslow 6DQGUD-&RQUR\9DXJKQÂś Victor and Marjorie Velasquez Helen Verbeck -RKQ.ÂśDQG1DQF\$9HUQRQ Stephen and Lucille Vertin 1LFKRODV-9HU]LQRÂś $ODQ-ÂśDQG-HDQ0:HW]HOÂś9LFNHUV 6WHYHQ5ÂśDQG=LOGHWH69LOYHQV 0DUN$ÂśDQG'RULV$9LQFHQW Frank and Marilyn Viscek Mark and Patty Vishnefske )UDQFLV0ÂśDQG/X](OHQD9LWW Walter and Pauline Vitt 9LQFHQW-ÂśDQG3DXOLQD69ODVLF John J. Vocker -RVHSK3ÂśDQG 3DWULFLD00F&XOORXJKÂś9RGD Charles Vogel 9LQFHQW'ÂśDQG0DULD*9RJOHU

Joseph and Susan Vogliardo 5LFKDUG&ÂśDQG&DURO-DFREVÂśÂ&#x201A;9RJW Robert and Martha Vogt Robert A. Vogt John and Barbara Volk Michael and Kathleen Volker Douglas and Sharon K. Volkman Edward J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Lynda Volkman Francelaine G. Gorman Voltz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 5DQGDO-ÂśDQG6XVDQ(&ODUNÂś9RO] John and Lori VonDollen Gary and Bonnie Vontz :DOWHU-ÂśDQG5HQHH9RRUKLHV /HR)ÂśDQG/LQGD9RUZHUN 6DPXHO-9RVVÂś Kenneth and Elizabeth Vyvlecka 5LFKDUG(ÂśDQG6DOO\+HQQHVV\Âś:DFKWHO Charles and Marianne Wadle %RQQLH-ÂśDQG'DQLHO/:DJQHU %ULDQ$ÂśDQG$P\0%DWOLQHUÂś:DJQHU Sara B. Smith, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Robert Wagner Liz Wahlert Anthony G. Waite, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 6KDURQ4XLUNÂśDQG-RVHSK:DOEUDQ 'DYLG'ÂśDQG7KHUHVD:DONHU James and Jeanette Walker 5H[$:DONHU William and Shirley Wall David Wallack /\QQ$*LOOHVSLHÂśDQG3HWHU:DOOHU Thomas J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Catherine A. Devlin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Waller Casey and Jane Walsh /DZUHQFH3:DOVKÂś 'U0DU\0:DOVKÂś 3DWULFN0ÂśDQG1DQF\$:DOVK William F. Walsh 'DYLG/:DOWHPDWKÂś 0LFKDHO(ÂśDQG%RQQLH:DOWHPDWK Candie K. Walter .DWKU\Q'0RUULVVH\ÂśDQG-RH:DOWHU Steven and Randi Walters James and Judith Walton Donald K. Wansing Leslie M. Wansing Lawrence and Joan Ward )UHGHULFN-ÂśDQG/RXLVH-:DUG Karen Ward Stephen M. Ward Rev. Thomas J. Ward, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Richard M. Waris 0DU\76HLEROGÂśDQG0DUN):DUQDFN 0DUJDUHW$6DPSVRQÂśDQG*UHJRU\:DUQXV] +DUG\5ÂśDQG&DURO-:DVKLQJWRQ Bill and Renee Waterfield Loren and Kathy Waterman Michael and Bunnie Watkins Richard and Lori Watkins 6X]DQQH:KHHOHU:DWWÂś

&KDUOHV-ÂśDQG 0DU\55HLFKHQEDFKÂś:DYDGD Victor F. Wavada, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 Jeffery and Kathryn Weaver $QLWD06LHEHUWÂśDQG7KRPDV):HEHU Gerald and Tina Weber /RUL$6Z\PHOHU:HEHUÂś Mary C. Weber Rod and Barbara Weckman 5REHUW%:HHGÂś 3KLOLS-ÂśDQG-XGLWK$:HJPDQ (ULFK-:HLGQHUÂś *HUHO\Q+ROOLQJVZRUWK:HLOÂś -DPHV-ÂśDQG&DURO:HLODQG :LOOLDP-ÂśDQG0DUMRULH:HLV Donald E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Donna M. Weise Geraldine Weishaar *HUDUG-ÂśDQG-DQH):HLVKDDU Marcelline Weishaar Marlene M. Weishaar Beverly J. Weishar Doyle J. Weishar Gregory S. Weishar Judy K. Weishar Jonathan and Judith Weisiger Kevin and Patricia Welch Dr. Lauren and Dr. Maura Welch Terry and Patti Welch Rose M. Weldon Kate Wellenstein %HYHUO\.0D\URVHÂśDQG-DPHV0:HOOV Mary E. Kuhlman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Robert Welsh -DQHW0:HQJHUWÂś Jennifer L. Wenski 3LSHU(:HQW]0$6/Âś -DQHOOH/6WUDWKPDQÂśDQG5LFN:HQ]O Shirlee J. Varin Werba, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 *DU\6:HUQHUÂś 0HOYLQ%ÂśDQG-XGLWK$:HUQHU Terry and Laurie Werner Donald and Glenda Wernert Mary C. Werring -DPHV$:HUWKÂś -RKQ6:HUWKÂś Darron and Sheri Wessel 'DYLG(ÂśDQG-HDQ:HVW James West Jeani West -DPHV)ÂśDQG(OOHQ(:HVWHUKDXV Tom and Patty Westfall 6WDQOH\*ÂśDQG0DULND\:HVWKRII Rev. Msgr. John H. Westhues, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 â&#x20AC; Francis P. Weston, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 'DQLHO-ÂśDQG/\QHWWH/:HWWD (PPHWW&ÂśDQG0DUOR3HUU\PDQÂś:HWWD Robert and Laura Wetzel Catherine Whalen Dr. Stephen and Teresa Wheatley 0DU\%:KHHOHUÂś (GZDUG/ÂśDQG-DQHW:KLWH


0DU\&2Âś&RQQRUÂśDQG-DPHV::KLWH Thomas G. and Katherine White Francis M., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Mary E. Whitesell Vernon and Dorothy Whitney Stephanie Wiber 'U5REHUW-ÂśDQG3DWULFLD:LFNHQKHLVHU 'HQLVH0%HDYHQÂśDQG-HII:LFNHU Keith and Anne Wiedenkeller &DWKHULQH0:LHJDQGÂś Richard P. Wike Ronald and Debra Wilczak Greg and Deborah Wilhelm Les D. and Rosemary A. Wilkerson Mary E. Williams Wilkins, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Johneta L. Wille 5RQDOG&ÂśDQG0DGHOHLQH=:LOOHQEURFN Billy and Judith Williams &DWKHULQH(2YHUEH\ÂśDQG(GZDUG:LOOLDPV Chris and Patricia Williams Jay H. Williams 'U-RVHSK-ÂśDQG%HWV\0:LOOLDPV 6XVDQ53ULQVWHU:LOOLDPVÂś 9LFWRULD%RNLQDÂśDQG0LFKDHO':LOOLDPV Bryan P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Lisa A. Griffin, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 Willie Christopher B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Tracy L. Willie Martin B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Heather A. Willie Richard K. and Colleen L. Willie Wendell and Kathleen Willis $QQ)%LVKRSÂśDQG/DUU\:LOONHWW Kristin L. Willsey Timothy and Gina Wilmering David L. Wilmesherr Mark and Kathy Wilmoth Barbara R. Wilson 0DUN3Âś(0%$ÂśDQG%HWK:LOVRQ 0DUWKD-'XGOH\ÂśDQG 6WHYHQ:LOVRQÂś Carol Winder Lester and Mary Winder Mark and Cyreesa Windsor Jon and Kathleen Winegardner Velma R. Wing $QJHOLQH02KOLQJHU:LQJHUWÂś -HUHP\3ÂśDQG (OL]DEHWK/'LGGHÂś:LQNHOEDXHU .HQQHWK-ÂśDQG6DOO\:LQNHOPDQ 0DUN$ÂśDQG'DZQ:LQNOHU Michael and Jacqueline Winn 0DU\9.OHQHÂśDQG William A. Winslow

:LOODUG(ÂśDQG5XWK,:LQVORZ Edwin and Madelynn Winstead %HWW\*OHQVNL:LUW]Âś Julia Hepburn Wirtz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 &ROOHHQ+REDQÂśDQG7KRPDV-:LVGD Anna K. West, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 and Michael Wise /DXUHQFH&ÂśDQG-DQLV.HQQHUÂśÂ&#x201A;:LVHO\ Patricia Witte -DQH$:LWWPH\HUÂś Deborah A. Wittwer Jerome Wohleb Kent and Mary Beth Wohlgemuth /\OH6ÂśDQG3DWULFLD/:RLWD Rose M. Wojciechowski 0DU\$6XGUODÂśDQG'DUUHO::ROFRWW Mark and Martha Wolf .DWKOHHQ0LOOHUÂśDQG'DYLG(:ROIHUVEHUJHU .DUHQ0(PPHQGRUIHUÂśDQG7RQ\:RONHQ Dr. Donald E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Mary M. Wolters 0LFKDHO-ÂśDQG&RQQLH.:ROWHUV 6WHSKDQLH$:ROWHUVÂś William H., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Edna Mae Wolters Bob Wombacher .DWKOHHQ*HOVNLÂśDQG.HQQHWK:RPEZHOO Alma J. Wood Alvin and Barbara Wood Nancy J. Wood 0DU\0/HUR\ÂśDQG-DPHV:RRGUXII Robert L., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 and Maureen C. Woods Roger and Virginia Woody Charles and Sue Wozny Barbara Wright 6HDQ5ÂśDQG&DPL5:ULJKW Thomas and Veronica Wright 7KRPDV*ÂśDQG0DU\.+DOOÂś:ULJKW Michael and Allison Wurst $OLFH+XQQLQJKDNHÂśDQG5RQDOG(:XUW] Dr. Richard F. and Susan Wurtz 5LWD$.HOO\:XUW]Âś Winona E. Diedrich, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 and James R. Wurtz Thomas and Judith Wyrick Joseph and Mary Yakamavich Dr. Dominic, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Kyoko K. Yang Richard and Janeen Yankowski $OLFH3%R\OHÂśDQG+DUROG<DQRZ Brad and Pat Yates -DPHV7ÂśDQG'HERUDK/<DWHV $OIUHG:ÂśDQG0DUYD:<HP *HRUJH/ÂśDQG*DLO0<HQGHU Sarah Yi (-DQLFH0DELQÂśDQG3KLOLS<RUN &DURO$*RGHOOÂśDQG-RKQ<RUNH 7KHUHVH$.HQQH\ÂśDQG'DYLG<RVW Brett and Terri Young (ULF&<RXQJÂś 'U)UDQN*ÂśDQG0DU\&<RXQJ 0DULO\Q$/LEHOÂśDQG:LOOLDP5<RXQJ Teresa M. Young Thomas and Joanne Young

:\PDQ(ÂśDQG%RQQLH/<RXQJ David T., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 and Stacy D. Grazier, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 Younger /DYHUQ$ÂśDQG3DWW\<RXQJHU Dr. Tammi S. Plotnik Youssef, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Dr. Riad Youssef Martin A. Zaccone Kelli R. Zackary 0LFKDHO(ÂśDQG'LDQH0=DLQKRIVN\ -LOO=DVDGQ\Âś Ruth A. Zbylut 'RQQD/0H\HUÂśDQG'DU\O=HOOHU Nadia Zhiri and Jim Regan Gerald and Sally Ziegler 0LFKDHO(ÂśDQG 3DWULFLD$.UHLIHOVÂś=LHVHO .HQQHWK0=LPPHUPDQÂś Robert and Suzanne Zonneveld Frank E. Zook, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Nancy Boettcher Zook, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 -DFN/ÂśDQG6XVDQ-=RUQ 6XVDQ(%DNHUÂśDQG'RXJ=XEUDGW -RKQ)=XJVFKZHUWÂś Lawrence G. Zukel, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 Kathryn A. Zunick C. Joseph Zuptich Barbara A. Zurga Neysa Zurkammer


An original casting of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ex Nihiloâ&#x20AC;? by Frederick Hart in the Student Union.

MATCHING GIFTS 3M Foundation Aetna Foundation, Inc. Amerada Hess Corporation Ameriprise Financial Amgen Foundation AMSTED Industries Foundation Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. AstraZeneca AT&T Foundation Avaya Communication Bank of America Foundation BellSouth Corporation Boeing Company Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Caterpillar Foundation Citgo Petroleum Corporation Citizens Charitable Foundation Colgate-Palmolive Company ConAgra Foods Foundation ConocoPhillips Company Del Monte Foods Dow Corning Foundation Duke Energy Foundation El Paso Corporate Foundation Embarq Corporation Emerson Electric Co. ([HORQ&RUSRUDWLRQ ([[RQ0RELO)RXQGDWLRQ Fluor Foundation Ford Foundation General Electric Foundation *OD[R6PLWK.OLQH)RXQGDWLRQ Graybar Electric Company Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company Hallmark Cards, Inc. Hershey Foods Corp. Homesite Group, Inc. IBM International Foundation ING Foundation Ingersoll-Rand Company Johnson & Johnson Johnson Controls Foundation Kraft Foods Matching Gifts Program LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. Macyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foundation Maritz Inc. Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. McKesson Foundation, Inc. Merrill Lynch & Company Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Monsanto Fund Nationwide Foundation Northwestern Mutual Foundation Parker Hannifin Foundation The Pentair Foundation PepsiCo Foundation, Inc. Pfizer Foundation

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IN MEMORY OF JAMES R. (RON) ADAMS R. David Vandergriff and Susan Smith-Vandergriff RICHARD G. ADAMS 7KRPDV3ÂśDQG6DQGUD0)LW]PDXULFH Robert and Patricia L. Miller James and Myrtle Mullins

MAX F. CARR, SR. Keith and Anne Wiedenkeller 6&(/,1(&$55,*$126%Âś Ann Carrigan Gere Carrigan 3DWULFN'ÂśDQG.DWKU\Q0&DUULJDQ 'DYLGÂśDQG-DFTXOHQH(3LFNÂś+DUULV 'LDQH05]LKDÂśDQG-DPHV)+HUURQ 0LQG\/+HLGHVFKÂśDQG%HQMDPLQ3OXPPHU PETE CATHERS $QQH&:XUW]ÂśDQG.HYLQ03DVVLQR -DPHV0ÂśDQG 0DULH.&DWKHUVÂś7HQQDQW FRANCES MCCUNNIFF CHAVEZ, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 Ellen Valdez Romero, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 FR. COLUMBAN CLINCH, OSB -RKQ-'XLJQDQÂś 7+20$6*&2/:(//Âś -RQL(%URSK\ÂśDQG7KRPDV*&ROZHOO-U Katherine E. Colwell Kevin and Brenda Colwell Michael and Karen Colwell Stephen D. and Anne Dunn Dennis and Kelly Groff Todd and Cathy Scofield

FR. FRANCIS BRODERICK, OSB, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;33 Ellen Valdez Romero, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52

'$55(1&2876Âś Ryan D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Colleen Brown -RQDWKDQ5ÂśDQG-HVVLFD(5RVHÂś&DUUROO %ULDQ-'XQQÂś(0%$Âś 5\DQ'ÂśDQG 0DXUHHQ)'H)D]LRÂś)HVNHU 7DPP\/0RQVRÂśDQG%U\DQ$)LJJ Figg Tree Foundation -RVKXD$ÂśDQG(OL]DEHWK*LGHRQ Todd C. Hanks, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 5REHUW(Âś0($ÂśDQG &\PEUH$&RVWHOORÂś+HUULQJHU 7DUD0+XHOVÂś &OLQW5ÂśDQG.DW\-.HOOHUPDQÂś.DHGLQJ :LOOLDP0/D)DYRUÂś 0DUN&ÂśDQG(ULQ$.HQQH\Âś/HZLV 0DWWKHZ:ÂśDQG Michelle E. Youngman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Madison Dr. Brett A. Miller .XUW00($ÂśDQG 6DUDK3HUGXHÂś6FKODQNHU *DU\/6KHOE\Âś 5RVHPDU\9+XJKHV6XPSWHUÂś




)5(8*(1('(+1(526%Âś Abbot Victor Clark, O.S.B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51




/,6$0$5,(6&+8/7(+$0/,1Âś -RQL(%URSK\ÂśDQG7KRPDV*&ROZHOO-U

CLARENCE E. DEITCHMAN Lawrence and Joan Ward


FR. FLORIAN DEMMER Marie T. Demmer Esselmann, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43

BERNARD B. HICKERT Jawad and Colette Haider Beatrice Hickert %HUQDUG-+LFNHUWÂś Stephen and Jody Hickert Dale F. and Caroline K. Schippers



WILLIAM HODAPP *HUDOG-ÂśDQG+HDWKHU(&XUU\ &2/(77(',('(5,&++8(57(5Âś /DUU\-ÂśDQG7UHVD$%XHVVLQJ MARY A. HUNNINGHAKE Christopher Hunninghake Diane Hunninghake 5RVHPDULH(0D\HU+XQQLQJKDNHÂś $OLFH+XQQLQJKDNHÂśDQG5RQDOG(:XUW] *(25*(:,17)(1-5Âś %HQMDPLQ$1LFNV-UÂś Henrietta M. Nowak Gerald and Mikey Stafford JOHN W. JACOBI, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 Dr. George J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 and Barbara A. Stotts, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 Baumgartner JAMES L. KEATING, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 Barbara B. Bartholdi 'U)UDQNOLQ$ÂśDQG 'RUHHQ+DUULVÂś'RQRYDQ Curtis and Sheryl Frasier Stacey A. Mader Montgomery Associates Rhonda K. Newlin Planners Financial Services, Inc. ED KELLY &KDUOHV-ÂśDQG6KHLOD/*DUWHQPD\HU 7+20$6/.(77(5Âś -DQHW0.HWWHUÂśDQG0DUN$3DQNDX

REV. JOSEPH A. GRAFF Walter C. McDonald, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41

PATRICIA ANN WHITE KIRK R. David Vandergriff and Susan Smith-Vandergriff

-2+1:*5(:(Âś 'U7HUHQFH(ÂśDQG-LOO7*UHZH

5$<021'$.583,16.,Âś 5RQDOG(ÂśDQG'RURWK\'XQSK\


GEORGE H. KURTZ R. David Vandergriff and Susan Smith-Vandergriff $57+85&.85='25)(5Âś 5REHUW*ÂśDQG -XOLH$.XU]GRUIHUÂś.RFRXU MONICA LAUGHLIN-OLDEN The Betsy J. Bernard Giving Fund /DXULH-3HWHUÂś 0$77/$85,&+Âś 'DYLG'ÂśDQG-XGLWK+HUQH JACK LAURIE Courtney M. Laurie PAUL LETOURNEAU 'U(GZDUG1ÂśDQG /LVD./XGZLJÂś/HWRXUQHDX )5$16(/0//(:(//<126%Âś -DPHV$ÂśDQG0DU\(3DXQRYLFK JAMES W. â&#x20AC;&#x153;JIMâ&#x20AC;? LYKINS 'DQLHOÂśDQG-XG\$/\NLQV SPENCER P. MAYSE, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 %HUQDUG:ÂśDQG&DURO60D\VH JAMES W. MCBRIDE, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 6WHSKHQ(ÂśDQG3HJJ\0F%ULGH DENNIS J. MCCARTHY 3DPHOD.0F&DQQÂś Rev. Frederick J. McCarthy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Marian McCarthy ADAM MILANI -RDQ0:KHODQ0LODQLÂś -8$1*025$/(6Âś 0DULO\Q6OLHI0RUDOHVÂś ALBERT JOSEPH AND EILEEN MUELLER -DPHV)ÂśDQG0DU\&%XVKÂś0XHOOHU SAMUEL M. MUELLER Samuel and Marguerite Mueller PATRICIA HATTENDORF NERNEY 7KRPDV&ÂśDQG0DU\DQQD1HUQH\ JOHN ROBERT NIES Paul and Marsha Adair ([FKDQJH1DWLRQDO%DQN 7UXVW&R Gummie Gonzales James and Myrtle Mullins William and Rosemary Nies

RALPH J. NOLAN, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;39 James R. Nolan â&#x20AC; Sue Nolan 5,&+$5'/2%(57Âś /DUU\-ÂśDQG7UHVD$%XHVVLQJ KENNETH J. OLDANI 0DU\$O\FH2OGDQLÂś SR. JUANITA PAVLICK, OSB, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 .DUHQ0%URZQÂśDQG%UDGIRUG&RDVK JOHN E., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 AND -2$11:,77(.Âś3$:/2:6., 3DWULFLD++HOOLQJHUÂśDQG5RELQ&6FKXG\ 7+(2'25(93,&5$8;-5Âś Kenneth and Claire Falk Alice M. Jedlicka Peter and Barbara Salsich Fred and Betty Shade DANIEL W. POPE 0DU\75DQGROSK3RSHÂś THOMAS AND ANNA ROBERTS Harold Roberts LEE ROEST Marvin and Wanda Russell '$1,(/*5833Âś -DPHV'ÂśDQG7KHUHVD$0F'DGH RICHARD RZESZUT, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 John J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and 0DUJDUHW6FKXPDFKHUÂś*ODGEDFK JIM SCHAEFER -RVHSK/ÂśDQG-R\FH6FKDHIHU JOHN AND DELPHINE SCHMIDT 6WDQOH\-ÂśDQG .DWKOHHQ)+LJOH\Âś6FKPLGW BISHOP MATTHIAS SCHMIDT, OSB, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 -DFTXHOLQH+XJJLQVÂś /(21-6&+1(,'(5Âś Nancy L. Schneider 60$5<)$,7+6&+867(526%Âś -RQL(%URSK\ÂśDQG7KRPDV*&ROZHOO-U 3DPHOD6+HLWÂśDQG/DUU\.HHQDQ 5DQGDOO(ÂśDQG&RQQLH/.ROODVFK 'U5LFKDUG3ÂśDQG'HQLVH0HOLFKDU .DWKOHHQ66NHOWRQÂśDQG*DU\.3RZHOO

SR. SCHOLASTICA SCHUSTER, OSB 'U5LFKDUG3ÂśDQG'HQLVH0HOLFKDU MARY AGNES SHOMIN Jane E. Altenhofen Justin and Marva Altenhofen Marva Altenhofen Judith A. Benjamin Jack Breitenstein Teresa M. Breitenstein /DUU\-ÂśDQG7UHVD$%XHVVLQJ Scott and Linda Cahill Frank Cindrich John Cindrich Joe and Ann Conner Barbe G. Crowley Frederick and Antoinette Denney Helen Duff Gerald and Carol Edson Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Eker Louise Frankovich Joe and Linda Gaul 0.DWKU\Q*HOOLQJVÂś 6WHSKHQ'ÂśDQG&DWKHULQH0*RGIUH\ Godfrey Investments, Inc. Reg and Bobbie Golubski Ann Grabar -HURPH7ÂśDQG .DWKOHHQ00F&DUWK\Âś*UDQH\ %HUQDUG-+LFNHUWÂś Richard C. Hicks %HUQDGHWWH0+RUYDWÂś 7KHUHVH0+RUYDWÂś Theresa Knapp Charles and Anna Kormanik Bernice Kovac and Family Helen Kovach Owen and Rita Kross Joe and Mary Krstulic Barbara L. Krupich .HLWK$ÂśDQG/HVOLH$/DQJHO Lanter Distributing Division Rowena Lesher and Kathy Trotter Penny Lipp Rose M. Malnar Steven and Annalee Marek 5REHUW3ÂśDQG.ULVO\Q0F&DUWK\ Mary Montes and Rose Arroyo 5R[DQQH'LGGHÂśDQG0DUN1HWHPH\HU 0DULO\Q0DOQDUÂśDQG:LOOLDP2Âś.HHIH Bud Oleksky Marilyn Fogarty and Theresa Fogarty Osredker .LP0ÂśDQG$QWRQLQD7%UHQQDQÂś Osterhaus Joseph Pallo Mary and Joni Pavlich John Petelin, III Barbara A. Petryshyn Sally Platt John and Dragica Podrebarac Family


Frank Rahija Rosemarie Ratkey Reising Bolt Family Albert and Mary Jeanne Relic Relic Family - Clarence, Theresa, John, Marilyn and David Tom Roberts Bunny Rodina and Tom Diester Robert and Kelly Roper Valentine and Theresa Ruzick Richard and Audrey Samuels Gena Schleimer Tom and Diane Scott Mary L. Sebel $QWKRQ\-ÂśDQG-R\/6KRPLQ &DURO06KRPLQÂś *HRUJH:ÂśDQG-R\FH6KRPLQ Michael Shomin Family Helen A. Skradski Rosemary and Pam Smith Steven A. Speise Charles Sutulovich Donna L. Sweida Ted Dinggs Family Kenna M. Thomas Mary A. Thomas James and Margo Thornton Janet A. Tluscik Karolyn A. Tomasic Mary Ann Trzok James and Wendy Urkevich Tony and Liesel Urkevich Nick Vancas Helen Verbeck Frank and Marilyn Viscek Charles Vogel 5H[$:DONHU Wallace, Saunders, Austin, Brown & Enochs, Chtd. Attys. Marlene M. Weishaar Jennifer L. Wenski James West Tom and Patty Westfall Stephanie Wiber Johneta L. Wille Velma R. Wing Kathryn A. Zunick Barbara A. Zurga FLOYD LEO SLIEF 0DULO\Q6OLHI0RUDOHVÂś ARTHUR L. SPRATT, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 $QWKRQ\-ÂśDQG5HEHFFD/%LDQFKL JOHN PATRICK STAPLETON Norene R. Rauh Elizabeth A. Scott Florence R. Stapleton Stratmoor Hills Water District

Gaylord and Flonnie Toll James and Judith Walton Jeani West Gerald and Sally Ziegler REV. JOSEPH STAUDINGER, OSB, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;24 *UDFH++XJXHOHW+DMLFHNÂśÂ&#x201A; MARK STEVENS Mary B. Kochevar, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;41 and Bradford V. Stevens DONALD E. TABOR, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;52 Charles R. Alberts Thomas and Susan Alderson Janet Allen Anonymous The Hund Family: Bill, Louie, Ann, Sue and Ginny Gary Baack Beal Distributing, Inc. Steven and Virginia Bellis Edythe H. Bilimek Robert and Janet Bradshaw /DUU\-ÂśDQG7UHVD$%XHVVLQJ Waldo and Martha Burger Family 6DUDK-%XUNVÂś Ann Carrigan Gere Carrigan Steve and Pat Carson Carl and Rita Chatfield Charles and Nancy Clisbee Mary R. Coupe, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 Stephen and Ila Crawford 7LPRWK\*ÂśDQG 7KHUHVD''RROH\Âś'DYHQSRUW 'LDQH0)XUORQJÂśDQG0DXULFH-'HODQH\ 'DQLHO-ÂśDQG 0DU\$QQ7HHJDUGHQÂś'LGGH Andy and Jerri Dodds 'U)UDQNOLQ$ÂśDQG 'RUHHQ+DUULVÂś'RQRYDQ Double Eagle Beverage, LLC Bruce and Mary Jane Edwards W. Chris Elcan Harry and Patricia Elder Edward, Matilda and Joe Fitzpatrick .HLWKDQG0DUJDUHW)R[ Matthew and Peggy Frihart &KDUOHV-ÂśDQG6KHLOD/*DUWHQPD\HU John and Mary Garvey Jeff and Jenny Geheb Edward A. and Marlene R. Gellings Kenneth and Kristine Girard Robert and Elaine Glenski Catherine F. Gorman Dr. James W. Gorman Kathy T. Gorman Michael and Kathleen Gorman Jerry and Mary Grace Mark and Linda Graham

David and Laura Graves Billy and Mary Beth Green Margaret Grosdidier and Family Pete and Deigh Guardado Frank and Kristina Guardado Mary M. Ruddy, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and Norman Harrell 0LFKDHO-+DUULVÂś Michael and Georgian Harris David and Jennifer Hausman &DURO-0H\HUÂśDQG'DQLHO+HFNPDQ Dave and Marilyn Himmel *HRUJH:ÂśÂ&#x201A;DQG Mary M. Downs, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;43 Intfen Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Auto Service James and Mildred Johnson James and Marilyn Jones Katherineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Distinctive Gifts $OEHUW%ÂśDQG%DUEDUD-.RFRXU The LaMar Family 6KHUU\$0HIIRUG/DQJHÂś Allan and Enid Lowenberg James and Harriet Lunsford John and Barbara Lutz Roger and Carol Marriott Ed and Susan Mason Morris and Bridget Matthias Marian McCarthy Hugh J. and Judy A. McCullough Lillian M. Rome McGrath, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;53 John and Beverly McKernan Thomas F. Meehan Randy and Bibiana Miller Millard W. Miller, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 John T. Modlin James and Myrtle Mullins N.H. Scheppers Distributing Co. Michael A. Nash Mary A. Tabor, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and John G. Nass Theresa M. Nass Ed and Suzie Nelander 7KRPDV&ÂśDQG0DU\DQQD1HUQH\ NHL Enterprises, L.P. Tom and Cindy Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Martha A. Sellmeyer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 and Maurice P. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Keefe William and Karen Obermark Alan and Cindy Pickard Carrie Pickard Mark and Cindy Pickerel Tony and Mary Ann Raynor Ida Swiderski Richardson, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 Michael and Imogene Rigdon River Marketing, Inc. 5HY5LFKDUG'5RFKDÂś Larry and Holly Russell Shirley A. Schilling Martin and Maria Schnabel The School District of St. Joseph 3DWULFLD++HOOLQJHUÂśDQG5RELQ&6FKXG\ John and Nancy Shambaugh


Tom and Ellen Simpson 5REHUW/ÂśDQG&KDUOHQH1HOVRQÂś6ODWHU Bruce and Jennifer Slimmer Joseph and Marcella Smith -RKQ-ÂśDQG3DWW\-6XKRODVNL Janice I. Supple Joseph, Linda, Michael and Laura Sweeney 0DU\-6WHZDUWÂś7DERU Donald T., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Margaret Mary Tabor %DUEDUD$1RUWRQÂśDQG Ronald K. Tavernaro A. W. and Virginia Thedinga 5RJHU)ÂśDQG-XG\7KRPSVRQ Jack Urban (XJHQH-ÂśDQG .DWKOHHQ$*DPPRQÂś9DGHU -RKQ0ÂśDQG 0DU\/&RFKUDQÂś9DQ'\NH Kevin and Mary J. VanDyke John J. Vocker Christopher B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Tracy L. Willie Martin B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Heather A. Willie Richard K. and Colleen L. Willie Jon and Kathleen Winegardner -HUHP\3ÂśDQG (OL]DEHWK/'LGGHÂś:LQNHOEDXHU William H., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 and Edna Mae Wolters Barbara Wright C. Joseph Zuptich SKEET AND DOROTHY THOMPSON Tom K. and Susan Thompson EUGENE N. AND FRANCES K. THULL Virginia K. Thull 75$&<-7+8//Âś Virginia K. Thull CATHERINE M. TIMMERMANN Karen and Michael Diehl +(15<'$9,'85%$1-5Âś 0DU\0$VKHUÂś Butch and Mary Ball Jim and Marilyn Brull Mark and Brenda Brull and Family Charles and Janelle Carrigan 3DWULFN'ÂśDQG.DWKU\Q0&DUULJDQ CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services, Inc. L. G. and Mary Lou Cooper Corner to Corner, LLC 7LPRWK\*ÂśDQG 7KHUHVD''RROH\Âś'DYHQSRUW 'U)UDQNOLQ$ÂśDQG 'RUHHQ+DUULVÂś'RQRYDQ Mildred Dooley, Nick and Kathy Enzbrenner, and Gary Enzbrenner Edward Mosby Lincoln Foundation Daniel and Kimberly Gronniger

Glenn and Marilyn Hattan Mike and Debbie Hundley Shane and Ashly Hundley Frank and Mary Jaegle 7KRPDV.¶DQG.DUOD.DXW] Larry W. Kibler $OEHUW%¶DQG%DUEDUD-.RFRXU /HRQDUG-¶DQG5RVHPDU\'\HU¶0LOOHU Rockhurst University 3K\VLFDO7KHUDS\&ODVVRI Joe and Norma Schneider 5LWD0(Q]EUHQQHU¶DQG'RQDOG7KXUQ Jerry and Bernadette Urban Jim and Raynette Urban Mary Kay and Ken Urban %RQQLH-¶DQG'DQLHO/:DJQHU Kent and Mary Beth Wohlgemuth CLEMENTINE VALDIVIA R. David Vandergriff and Susan Smith-Vandergriff HELEN K. VOLK 5RQDOG:/HKPDQQ¶ 'XQFDQ(7HDJXH¶ 650$5<12(/:$/7(526%¶ -DFTXHOLQH+XJJLQV¶ +2:$5'*:(67(50$165¶ Lindon H. Leners -(55<:,&+0$1¶ 'DYLG'¶DQG-XGLWK+HUQH SR. JULIA WILKINSON, OSB, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 -RQL(%URSK\¶DQG7KRPDV*&ROZHOO-U 0DU\$*UHHU¶ FR. GILBERT WOLTERS, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;31 John J., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 and 0DUJDUHW6FKXPDFKHU¶*ODGEDFK &DURO06KRPLQ¶ MARGARET ANN ZUKEL Lawrence G. Zukel, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59

IN HONOR OF MARIE AND MARTIN AMADOS Marguerite C. Amador, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 and Norman Sachnik BENEDICTINE SISTER TEACHERS Charles and Barbara Baughman &/$662) +HOHQ&R]]HQV¶DQG7LP+HDO\ .$7+5<1:(,6+$5'$/=(//¶ William and Anne Cotton (OOHQ0:HLVKDU¶DQG'DYLG&RXVLQV Doris and Michael Gleason 6YHQ)-¶DQG 7HUHVD$:HLVKDDU¶1LOVVRQ Beverly J. Weishar Doyle J. Weishar Gregory S. Weishar Judy K. Weishar RICHARD AND CINDY DICKASON Barbara H. Bartocci Michael Connelly Mark and Cyreesa Windsor EDWARD AND LUELLA DINGMAN 0LFKDHO(¶DQG0DUFLD+'LQJPDQ %(51,(&('22/(<¶ -DQHW'RROH\¶ 3$75,&,$&'8/$&¶ St. Monica Catholic Church 65.$7+/((1(*$126%¶ -DFTXHOLQH+XJJLQV¶ %2¶$1'7(55<)5$6(5 Jim and Judy Starr -26(3+(*(,673+'¶ 6WHSKHQ3¶DQG3DWULFLD/+RUJDQ %-+,&.(57¶ Betty A. Jones BEATRICE SCHANDLER HICKERT Jawad and Colette Haider %HUQDUG-+LFNHUW¶ Stephen and Jody Hickert Dale F. and Caroline K. Schippers 7+20$60+2(1,*¶ M & T Trust Premier Bank


DONALD B. HUNNINGHAKE SR., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Donald B. Hunninghake, Jr. LEO T., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;45 AND MARY E. KETTER, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;49 LANDON 0LFKDHO(¶DQG$QJHOD/DQGRQ SR. BARBARA LANGEL, OSB Charles and Barbara Baughman GENE, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 AND JANELLE .12('(/¶/$==2 0DUN-¶DQG0DU\$0R\HU¶/D]]R :$1*$5,0$$7+$,¶ 9DOHULH-%DUWXVK¶ HELEN MEATTE Peter and Francine Meatte 67(3+(1'0,11,6¶ James E. Fitzgerald *(5$/'-02+/0$1¶ 'DYLG'¶DQG-XGLWK+HUQH DANIEL MUSSO Nancy Albin ISAIAH ANTHONY PARICH Michael and Wendy Parich DR. LORENZO PATELLI Nancy Albin FRANCIS AND GLADYS PETESCH 3DXO$¶DQG 7KHUHVH05RWWLQJKDXV¶.HQNHO JAMES C. PURSLOW, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;59 'DYLG'¶DQG-XGLWK+HUQH 0,&+$(/+5,(.(5¶ Harold and Patricia Rieker SARAH RIEKER Harold and Patricia Rieker ROSIE SCHAEFER -RVHSK/¶DQG-R\FH6FKDHIHU FR. BLAINE SCHULTZ, OSB, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Daniel and Elizabeth Muzyka '5-2+1)6(77,&+¶ Francis J. Malouff SALVATORE SNAIDERBAUR Nancy Albin


BYRON G. THOMPSON, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;55 Platte Valley Bank of Missouri ROSEMARY SUNNEBERG WHITMER *HUYD(6XQQHEHUJ¶ 52%(576¶$1'-$1(7:+2/(< Premier Bank /$55<:,/&2;¶ 3DXO%¶DQG'HEELH%DUURQ Thomas M. and Donna J. Kellerman -XOLH$0XQUR¶DQG'DQLHO:KLWH


JASON T. WYRICK, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;93 Thomas and Judith Wyrick

Ferrell Hall tower


$QQH&:XUW]¶DQG.HYLQ03DVVLQR -DPHV0¶DQG 0DULH.&DWKHUV¶7HQQDQW ARTHUR AND TERRI CATRAMBONE SCHOLARSHIP Arthur W., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 and Harriet M. Catrambone TOM COLWELL, SR. ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP -RQL(%URSK\¶DQG7KRPDV*&ROZHOO-U Katherine E. Colwell Kevin and Brenda Colwell Michael and Karen Colwell Stephen D. and Anne Dunn Dennis and Kelly Groff Todd and Cathy Scofield DARREN COUTS ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Ryan D., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 and Colleen Brown -RQDWKDQ5¶DQG-HVVLFD(5RVH¶&DUUROO %ULDQ-'XQQ¶(0%$¶ 5\DQ'¶DQG 0DXUHHQ)'H)D]LR¶)HVNHU 7DPP\/0RQVR¶DQG%U\DQ$)LJJ Figg Tree Foundation -RVKXD$¶DQG(OL]DEHWK*LGHRQ Todd C. Hanks, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 5REHUW(¶0($¶DQG &\PEUH$&RVWHOOR¶+HUULQJHU 7DUD0+XHOV¶ &OLQW5¶DQG.DW\-.HOOHUPDQ¶.DHGLQJ :LOOLDP0/D)DYRU¶ 0DUN&¶DQG(ULQ$.HQQH\¶/HZLV 0DWWKHZ:¶DQG Michelle E. Youngman, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Madison Dr. Brett A. Miller, M.D. .XUW00($¶DQG 6DUDK3HUGXH¶6FKODQNHU *DU\/6KHOE\¶ 5RVHPDU\9+XJKHV6XPSWHU¶ FR. EUGENE DEHNER SCHOLARSHIP FUND Boeing Company Abbot Victor Clark, O.S.B., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51 'U-D\'¶DQG 'U5XWK$:HQ]O¶*HUEHU Pfizer Foundation 3DWULFLD5)DUUHOO¶DQG Dr. Gerald L. Strohmeyer 0DU\$OLFH:HLU=LHJOHU¶ ANNA S. BEREZINA DERRICK ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP $Q\D%HUH]LQD'HUULFN¶


Marjorie (Rupp) Dampf, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;54 Thomas and Phyllis Emmel 'U-RVHSK(*HLVW¶ Susan M. Schaefer, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;91 and Dan Hinds 5HEHFFD$.ROE¶DQG3DWULFN$.HQQHG\ Joseph P., â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 and Chanda M. Morrow, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 Koechner Mary Anne Kolb Tim and Julie Lueckenhoff 'U&DURO\Q5¶DQG&KDUOHV0DKRQH\ :LOOLDP-¶DQG-HDQHWWH0XOOHU &KDUOHV(¶DQG%DUEDUD-0XUUHOO 7KRPDV:¶DQG0DU\$4XLQQ &RQVWDQFH05HLFKDUW¶ $QGUHD/9RVV¶DQG9LQFH5LFH The Sallie Mae Fund -RVHSK/¶DQG-R\FH6FKDHIHU &DUOD6FKDHIHU'RYH\¶DQG'HQQLV'RYH\ Dr. Donald and Jean Vanderfeltz Virgil F. Vanderfeltz, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;44 6DPXHO59HUVOXHV¶



H. GUY AND ALMA STINSON MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP Dr. Paul David Goza Martin Family Charitable Gift Fund Robert A. Martin




Benedictine College Again Named One of Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Colleges by U.S.News & World Report For the second year in a row, Benedictine College was named one of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Collegesâ&#x20AC;? by U.S.News & World Report. The college is listed as a top tier institution in the Midwest Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s category in the SXEOLFDWLRQÂśVHGLWLRQRIWKH annual college issue. The rankings represent the most comprehensive look at how schools stack up based on a set of 15 widely accepted LQGLFDWRUVRIH[FHOOHQFHDQGKHOS consumers evaluate and compare GDWDFRPSLOHGIURPPRUHWKDQ accredited four-year schools.

Âł:HÂśUHH[FLWHGWREHRQWKHOLVW again,â&#x20AC;? said Stephen D. Minnis, president of Benedictine College. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It serves as national confirmation of all the positive things happening on our campus; a new engineering physics major, a School of %XVLQHVVH[SDQGHGVWXG\DEURDG opportunities, beautiful new apartment-style residence halls, a high alumni giving percentage, and record-setting attendance to name just a few. I feel confident that we are building one of the great Catholic colleges in America.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;&#x153;For nearly a quarter century, consulting the U.S.News & World Report rankings has been a vital first step for prospective college students DQGWKHLUSDUHQWVLQWKHFRPSOH[ process of determining which institution best fits their goals,â&#x20AC;? said U.S .News & World Reportâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s editor, Brian Kelly. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Designed as a one-stop resource, the rankings supply hard data and analysis to help college applicants make apples-to-apples comparisons of schools across the country.â&#x20AC;?

Alumni Giving Helps Propel Benedictine in College Rankings Probably the best-known national college and university ranking is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Collegesâ&#x20AC;? by U.S. News & World Report. The magazine has FRPSLOHGWKHGDWDVLQFHDQGKDVHVWDEOLVKHG the rankings in the minds of parents and prospective college students as a key comparative resource. Benedictine College has been named as one of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Collegesâ&#x20AC;? for the last two years and, though they may not realize it, the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s alumni have helped put the college in the top tier of Midwest Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s institutions. U.S. News establishes its rankings based on a set of factors. These include a peer assessment score, retention and graduation rates, student selectivity, average class size, faculty salary, faculty degree level, student-faculty ratio, financial resources, and alumni giving. The magazine measures the percentage of living alumni with bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degrees who gave to the school during the previous two years. U.S. News gives this a weight of five percent of the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s total score and considers it an indirect measure of student satisfaction. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Donations from our alumni mean more to the college than just building the endowment or providing operating or capital construction funds,â&#x20AC;? said Kelly Vowels, vice president of advancement at Benedictine College. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It impacts our reputation. We have worked hard to get into the national consciousness and it is important for alumni to realize that when they are considering their charitable contributions each year.â&#x20AC;? Benedictine reflects well in the average alumni giving rate at 24 percent this year. That is in the WRSSHUFHQWRIFROOHJHVZLWKLQWKHLUUDQNLQJ7KH perennial top colleges, Creighton University, Xavier University, and Valparaiso University, have alumni JLYLQJUDWHVRIEHWZHHQSHUFHQWDQGSHUFHQW Bedrace Champions, Ferrell Hall, crossing the finish line during Homecoming Festivities. photo by Amanda Davis, student worker


Non-Profit U.S. POSTAGE PAID Lawrence, KS 3(50,7 BENEDICTINE COLLEGE 1257+6(&21'675((7 $7&+,621.$16$6

Benedictine College Donor Report  
Benedictine College Donor Report