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Table of Contents 2- Women's Wear Daily 3- Business Week 4- Vogue 5- Spring 2013 and Spring 2014 Women's Apparel 6- JC Penney Trends 7- WGSN Trends vs. JC Penney Trends 8- Fabric & Color Trends 9- Global Trends 10- Visual Displays 11- Trends from New Movie 12- Designer & Favorite Design 13- Career Description 14- Fashion Don'ts 15- 3 Career Opportunities

Entry #1- Women’s Wear Daily Article: “MAC in Fashion Sponsorship” Link: src=search_links MAC in Fashion Sponsorship MAC Cosmetics has signed a three-year agreement valued at $1 million as an underwriter and sponsor of three CFDA programs: The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, the CFDA Fashion Incubator, and is now the sole makeup sponsor of the Fashion Awards every June. MAC is continuing to work backstage with designers at shows scattered around the city. MAC makeup artists will be working 76 shoes during the eight days of New York Fashion Week alone. This year MAC will partake in more than 850 shows around the world. John Demsey, who oversees MAC, called these new roles a partnership, not a sponsorship. Diane von Furstenberg, CFDA President, said that MAC will also provide educational seminars and panel discussions between beauty and fashion which helps brings a designer's creation to life on the runway. MAC will also be providing backstage makeup support during Fashion Week, and throughout the year for look books and other events. Steven Kolb, chief executive officer of CFDA, said there will be a collaborative relationship between MAC and the designers in the Incubator program which could result in the creation of products. He said that MAC has supported fashion designers and their shows as far back as 25 years ago. The brand's involvement with the fashion fund dates back to a decade ago when it was created. I think this is a great idea as MAC is one of the biggest makeup companies out there. It is a natural fit as MAC is already such a big part of the fashion world, especially during Fashion Week. It's a good idea to start having educational seminars and panel discussions to get the most creativity out of a fashion designer and their work. It is great that these well-known fashion designers and the like are helping out the fashion industry to really give everyone a chance.

Entry #2- Business Week Article: “The Case for VF Trying on Land’s End” Link: The Case for VF Trying on Land’s End Sears is steadily losing shoppers, and as it prepares to rid of Lands' End in their stores, apparel executives are interested. The 50-year-old line of preppy clothing is the biggest profit for Sears, which it paid $2 billion for in 2002. Analysts are suggesting VF should buy out Lands' End, the clothing company behind Timberland, North Face, Nautica, and Vans shoes. VF has a lot to offer. It's budget was $9.4 billion last year, and has plenty of purchasing power to replace Sears. It has a strong distribution network, a deep group of designers, and a well-oiled supply chain. Recently, VF has been moving to capitalize on its size by opening a number of "innovation centers" that work with its brand names. It has an in-house research and development team that comes up with material that is used in Timberland and North Face. Steven Rendle, President of outdoor and action sports at VF, says that Lands' End is a "good, longstanding brand" and would not comment as to whether his company is making an offer. This is not good news for Sears, in addition to only 18 percent of Land's End sale coming from retail. Most Lands' End customers have never even set foot in their store. The rest of Lands' End revenue (the majority) are ordered online or via catalogs. Also, the Lands' End financial side has been going downhill. Sales have been fair, but profit is getting lower and lower. I think it would be good for VF to buy out Lands' End. Let's be honest- no one shops at Sears anymore, especially in stores. If they do, it's online. If Lands' End wants more profits, they obviously should go with VF. VF has all of the means to make Lands' End a better company than it ever was before. They have the people, the business, the money, and the operations to get it back on its feet.

Entry #3- Vogue

Article: Please Stop Putting Cats on Clothes Link: Please Stop Putting Cats on Clothes The article begins to state that we have had over four years of fashion cat mania. It began on the Spring 2010 runways from Miu Miu. Those clothes were conversation starters. It was cute, unexpected, and made a "cat lady" hip. But, 4 years later, we are seeing cats on clothing more now than ever. This animal inspired clothing has outlived other animal inspired clothing like Burberry's owls and Givenchy's rottweilers. BCBG Max Azria, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, and Forever 21 all sell clothing and accessories with cats on them from kitty loafers to kitty sweaters. The author asks for a compromise; after Miu Miu's Spring 2014 collection involving cats and Karl Lagerfeld's cat accessories sell out, let's take a break; a cat-nap. The more saturated the market is with cats, the less interesting, funny, and cute they become. I agree with the author completely, which is why I chose this article for this entry. I do not understand the cat mania. I love cats and I absolutely adore my kitty but it really is a cheap and easy way to say "hey, I'm unique!!" by putting cats on clothing. I see so many people who are NEW! cat lovers saying they are cat ladies because they have one cat and have a kitty sweater. You are not a cat lady! Look it up. Maybe if you had 20 cats, or 10, but 1? C'mon. Stop trying to fit in. And when you come across the cat section at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, or H&M, turn the other way and ignore it just like I do.

Entry #4- Spring 2013 and Spring 2014 Women’s Apparel

Article: Spring 2013 Trends, Spring 2014 Trends Links: Spring 2013 and Spring 2014 Women’s Apparel Trends popular in Spring 2014 women's apparel include pastels, a rainbow of soft springtime shades. Another is boxy, cropped jackets that can come in a variety of prints, textures, and colors to suit anyone's style/body type. Wide-leg trousers are also dominating the runway this spring. They are easy to wear and chic. Bomber jackets are also making a comeback this season with colorful prints, interesting textured fabrics, and sporty detailing like mesh weaving. Tuxedo & athletic striped trousers are also popular on the runways in Spring 2014. To keep the look modern, wear a black and white color- it’s a classic combo! Tea-length skirts (basically to the ankle) are flattering for many body types and at the same time adds a very feminine touch to your outfit (think 1950s housewife.) The shift blouse is also popular this season, which is a dressy version of a tshirt. It's easy, sophisticated, and flattering. It can be worn as daywear or eveningwear. Collarless coats are a strong, spring layering piece without the collar or lapel. This coat allows your outfit to focus more on what’s underneath, so wear a unique print on your t-shirt to show off your fun style. I found these trends along with picture slides on The only thing similar within these trends in 2013 and 2014 is the black and white tuxedo & athletic trousers and the black and white everything trend in 2013. Black and white never goes out of style. In 2013 there were many trends that we did not see in 2014 such as Bermuda shorts, peekaboo pieces, statement sunglasses, bold stripes, leather, beading, shorts suits, sporty dresses, and flats & low heels. 2014 clothing trends are clearly not following 2013 trends. They are both completely different. 2013 focused more on accessories whereas 2014 focuses more on shapes, textures, and prints.

Entry #5- Department Store Trends

JC Penney’s Trends The store that I chose to go into to see what trends are currently popular is JC Penney’s. As I walked around the store, soaking each display in, I came across many trends that seem to be popular in this Spring season. The most prominent trends were pastels, aztec/tribal, and polka dot. I first saw the pastel trend when I was walking around the kitchen area- many appliances and kitchen accessories were pastel, perhaps because of the season and because of Easter. I then went into the home bedding area, and the comforters and duvets on display were all different colors of pastel ranging from pink to purple to light blue. The next prominent trend was aztec/tribal. I first saw this popular print in the bedding section, on the pillows. I then traveled over to the curtain section, and saw aztec/tribal prints. I then went to the junior's section and there were many different types of clothing with this print on leggings, shirts, shorts, and accessories. Each print was different in size in color but are still categorized in the aztec/tribal category. The last trend that I found popular at JC Penney’s was polka dots. I saw polka dots in all kinds of sizes and colors in almost every section of the department store except for the men's. There were polka dots on scarves, umbrellas, gloves, shoes, all areas in the women's clothing, on bedding, on curtains, and kitchen towels. I think all of these trends are very prominent and can even go together with some design thought.

Entry #6- WGSN Trend Reports

WGSN Trends vs. JC Penney’s Trends I found many different trends on the Spring 2014 season on WGSN. Some were even similar to what I found when I went to JC Penney to look for trends. I found all 3 trends (pastel, aztec/tribal print, and polka dots) in the WGSN trends reports. Here are some photos:

Entry #7- Fabric & Color Trends

Fabric & Color Trends A.

Fabric Trends

. Print on Wool 95% Wool 5% Tyvek USA

Double Cloth Block with Mixed Twill 50% Wool 40% Cotton 10% Polyester USA

Felted and Pressed Extra-Weft Dobby Tweed 40% Silk 40% Cotton 20% Alpaca India, USA B.

Color Trends

Designers like Pitti Filati, Chanel, and Donna Karan are using these colors in their collections and runway shows this season.

Entry #8- Global Trends

Global Trends There are all kinds of different trends in different areas of the world. For example, in China, horse-themed clothing is currently a trend because of Chinese Lunar New Year of the Horse. I do not see this trend in the United States because the US currently has a cat craze going on. Islamic countries like Indonesia and Malaysia are currently showing fashion designer's "modern" day headwraps and clothing for Islam women, since there is no longer such strict rules when it comes to Islam's women's clothing. I do see this trend in United States with Islam women. I do not see it all the time but from time to time, there are Islam women who are not completely covered. They are still modest and staying true to their religion with the twist of a new way of their clothing. The next global trend that I see popular is tribal prints and clothing which is shown in all different areas of the world inspired from tribes and countries in Africa. Tribal prints are popular on the runways, in collections, in department stores, in budget fashion stores, on home goods, and on kitchen goods. Tribal is currently the hottest print and can be seen basically everywhere in the United States, especially on me.

Entry #9- Visual Displays

Visual Displays #1- Ikea

The first photos that I took visual display photos from was Ikea. I

love going into Ikea. It's like you're going into all kinds of different rooms and homes of every type of person there is. It's interesting to see how each room is set up and how people can bring their own taste and flavor into the space. Ikea always has such thought out spaces, with pops of color to patterns that people visiting would have never even thought of before. It inspires people who visit the space; it makes them want to be as creative as they can possibly be. #2- Target

The second place I went to take visual display photos from was Target. I have always admired how Target incorporates their bullseye trademark whether it be minimal or not. When you see a bullseye at a store, you automatically know its Target. It really makes sense because you've hit the bullseye with steals and deals at Target.

Entry #10- Trends from New Movie Trends from New Movie A new movie that I can think of fashion trends emerging from the movie is The Amazing Spiderman 2. In the amazing Spiderman 2, main character and girlfriend of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy. In the movie, Gwen pays homage to the 1960s Gwen Stacy with her style. The stylist who did this movie did a very good job at making Gwen's wardrobe classic yet still current. I can definitely see women and girls of all ages being inspired by Gwen's wardrobe. It was sophisticated, yet young; warm, soft, strong, vibrant, flirty, and spontaneous.

Entry #11- Designer & Favorite Design Designer & Favorite Design The designer that I chose as one of my favorite designs is a grey dress by Marc Jacobs. This grey dress is from Marc Jacobs Readyto-Wear Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. This design would definitely be in higher-end retailers such as Nordstrom & Lord and Taylor. I love this design because it looks like moving waves. It is calming, and the grey effect makes me feel even calmer. It’s a simple dress yet very stylish and gorgeous. I love that the gradient goes from very light grey to dark grey boots. Minimal is best!

Entry #12- Career Description Career Description The responsibilities of a fashion designer are to create garments, oversee production, pay attention to details, sell their collection to buyers, draw sketches, create flats, make mock-ups, present their brand with passion, and among many other tasks. A fashion designer has to be involved in all aspects of the fashion process from sketches in a sketchbook to the atmosphere and clothing going down the runway. A buyer buys clothing for their company. They must be up on trends and what is even going to be popular in the future. A buyer must always be on their toes and be on the move, being a jetsetter across the world. A product development manager creates the product that is being produced. They work in the product development in the very early stages to the final product.

Entry #13- Fashion Don’ts Fashion Don’ts The first fashion don't is a dress Dita Von Teese once wore to an awards show in the early 2000s. This dress is completely unacceptable because of the amount of skin showing. Its just trashy.

The second fashion don't is all denim. All denim is just wrong. Some denim is perfectly acceptable and is alright. This, however, is what we call overkill.

The third fashion don't is the classic swan dress by singer Bjork. This dress can be seen as fashionable, however in my opinion it just doesn't make sense. It looks like a dead swan around her neck. I'm not exactly sure if thats what she was going for. There is a fine line between high fashion and huge flop.

The fourth fashion don't is platform sneakers. Even though this

was popular in the late 1990s, as seen in the photo from the Spice Girls, was fortunately a dead trend. Lately, though, I have been seeing a resurgence of this trend and I am really not sure how I feel about it.

Entry #14- 3 Career Opportunities

3 Career Opportunities Three possible career opportunities that I find interest in are: stylist, textile designer, and graphic design. I would love to be a stylist because I have a great eye with putting things together and can envision what would look perfect on every body type and skin color. I also love to help people out with their fashion needs if they are stuck with an outfit or their wardrobe. The second career that I would love is textile designing. Textile designing is so interesting to me. I love designing patterns and messing around with different types of fabrics, yarns, and textiles. The third career of interest to me is graphic design. I taught myself Photoshop over 10 years ago and have always messed around with it. I have done some freelance graphic design work and am always pleased with the outcome. It just comes easy to me.

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