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Missouri Waltz Dog Days of Summer: Crime down in Macon

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As you might have noticed, I just returned from a trip to the desert, where yes, I cut all my hair off. It was a very small part of a very large experiment in radical self reliance, and expression that’s been going on out there on a salt flat in Nevada for nearly twenty years. That it took my brother three years to convince me to get out there was the only thing I regret. Well, that and the shape of my head. Burning Man was like nothing I’ve ever seen. Some of the most beautiful art, and some the craziest people in one of the harshest environments I’ve ever been in. It wasn’t a hippie moment. It wasn’t like Woodstock where people felt the freedom for the first time or anything like that. It was like a giant metal moving monster exploded out there, then started breathing fire and moving again, and you had to keep moving yourself to even feel like anything was real. Sometimes, at night, I’d look up in the sky and think I’d see Earth somewhere out there. A salt flat itself is like another planet, but marked by chrome rocket

Sandstorm at Burning Man

ships, cars dressed up like neon rabbits, temples and domes, all struck out there, it was otherworldly, even on the earliest of mornings. Mork and Mindy meets Madmax. Did I learn anything that I could bring back to Macon while I was out there? Probably not, and that’s not a bad thing, necessarily. You need a desert to put on something like that. You need barren assed government land and a bunch of crazies hypnotized by the ten principles an day-glo. But it was good to get home.

22 Will Macon’s new task force help curb the violent crime here? By the way, despite recent tragic events, Macon’s crime rate is down from 2008’s Jan-July reports.




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Dog Days of Summer: Macon Crime Down in ‘09>

Debra McCorkle, Karen Rogers,Tim Bagwell, Rick Hutto, David Higdon, Jenny Murr, Chad Evans, Mike Donila, Cindy Hill, Nancy White, Larry Schlesinger, Bill Knowles

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"It's 'open a beer, sit in a lawn chair, let's have a party' country," Trent says of his music.



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Debra McCorkle, columnist Easy Rider (1969) I watch, on average, one classic film every week. I hadn't seen Easy Rider in years, and its remarkable performances, cinematography, and soundtrack hold up beautifully. George Hanson's (Jack Nicholson) rumination on freedom rings as true as ever. Standout track: "Wasn't Born to Follow" The Byrds.

Meagan Evans Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Due out March 2010 I am so looking forward to Tim Burton’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic Alice in Wonderland, Disney studios have just announced that Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway will be included in the film. And of course, Johnny Depp, who has starred in just about every Burton film will play the Mad Hatter. This is going to be a gothic crafting from the original book close at hand, an acid trip through Fairytale land.

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Columnist Karen Rogers: For over fifteen years Karen Jones has been a military spouse and a stay-at-home mother of two. Last year, she began writing after a suggestion from a professor at Macon State College.This has evolved into a “second career” and love outside of her domestic dalliances.

Columnist Bill Knowles is a lifelong Conservative who has lived in the Macon area for over 20 years. He got his first taste of the political process when at age 9 he proudly handed out buttons for then President Richard Nixon and has been hooked ever since. Bill has held campaign positions for various local, state and national candidates, including President Ronald Reagan, Steve Forbes, Senator Fred Thompson and most recently Senator John McCain. He is currently a member of the Bibb County Republican Party’s Executive Committee and the Georgia GOP’s State Committee. He and his wife Bridget have one son,Teddy.

Columnist Debra McCorkle began writing liberal commentary when she turned forty, the same year that George W. Bush was first elected president. She has spent the last decade in respectful disagreement with various aspects of the government as well as pondering the rapidly shifting social climate. McCorkle has written for The 11th Hour for the past six years. Her work has also appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Hip Mama, and on Georgia Public Radio. The south Georgia native has owned a shop for twenty years and is the proud mother of two daughters.

Freelance writer Jenny Murr has lived in Middle Georgia for 30 years.A recent college graduate, Jenny loves to write, read and make graphic art. She currently freelances for several online publications and is diligently working on her first novel.

community The cast and crew of “Missouri Waltz” awaits direction from local director Sylvia Haynie (left).

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“The play talks about the lives and hardships of being a woman during the depression. It’s a piece that will have particular appeal to woman of all ages.”

Seeing Stars at Capitol Theatre

Artist, teacher and playwright, Sylvia Haynie directs Academy-award nominee Karen Black in a dinner theatre at the Capitol Theatre


Julian of Norwich, 1389


Community Breakfast 7:30am

Worship 11:00am Centenary

Rediscovering the Mysteries of Faith

1290 College Street

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009


ylvia Haynie is the middle generation of three generations of performing artists. Her parents, Martha and Franklin Shirah, are actors and professional storytellers and both of her sons are professional actors. Haynie proudly lauds the accomplishments of her family members while downplaying her own accomplishments. A 1980 graduate of Wesleyan College, Haynie plays several roles: single mom, playwright, and teacher. After years of teaching at Stratford Academy, Haynie and fellow teacher Laura Voss opened the Academy of the Performing Arts, located in Payne City, to provide the community with an educational experience in music and the performing arts. Haynie and Voss teach have over 100 students taking a variety of classes from acting, music and even a ladies stomp class. “We cater to giving a positive education opportunity for anyone wanting to build their self-confidence,” Haynie said. Having written and adapted countless works for the stage, Haynie has received state-wide recognition in G.I.S.A. Literary One-Act festivals. She has worked with Macon Little Theater and Theatre Macon and enjoys working with children, teens and adults in both academic and community theatre productions. “We have a great group of kids in the area who are very talented,” Haynie said as she explained her recent involvement in placing local talent in film roles for the film “The Hardest Hitter.” Always busy, Haynie finds her days even more hectic as she prepares for her latest endeavor—directing the play Missouri Waltz, written by and starring Academy Award nominee Karen Black. Black is an actress, songwriter, screenwriter and singer. During her recent visit to Macon’s MAGA film festival, Tony Long Jr. discussed with Black the possibility of producing Missouri Waltz in Macon. “They began to look for someone locally to direct and work with the actors. I wasn’t consistently booked into one theatre so I had some flexibility and I was available,” Haynie said. “It’s a story about family,” Haynie said. “The spirits of two sisters, who are ghosts, continue to wander through the house they grew up in. When their niece—their only living relative—comes home, they are overjoyed to see her and watch over her.” The production will be held at the Capitol Theatre in Macon from September 18-26. Tickets are $35 (dinner buffet); $27.50 (coffee and dessert); and $15 (balcony seating). For more information contact -Jenny Murr

on faith

TIM BAGWELL, pastor of Centenary Methodist Church reflects on faith; for believers, doubters, atheists & agnostics So many ways to split things up; so little time. Chop nuts. Carve the turkey. Hack vines. Weed-eat weeds. Cut grass. Scythe wheat. You can also segregate races, mince words, shred papers, break off relationships, divide the sheep from the goats. Isn’t it ironic that in an age with Facebook and Twitter we seem to be more polarized and split up than ever? Could it be that technological innovations designed to promote connections accentuate our isolation and split-up-ness? Political conversations spiral down into innuendo, name calling and slander. We might as well be with a bunch of ill-behaved children on a school playground. Division is in. Community is the casualty. Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad. The ancient Hebrews had it right. “Listen up you who struggle with God, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” Echad . One. God is about unity rather than isolation and polarization. When you hear people bad mouthing each other, they do not speak for God. Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad. Resist conversation and dialogue that divides. It is fine to have opinions, but how we express those opinions is of critical importance. How we speak, react, relate – even the smallest thought, the most insignificant activity in the tiniest moment – affects everything else. Everything is related because God is One. Echad. One. When we speak ill of others in a condemning or judgmental tone, we reveal our separation from God. God is One. Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad. “Listen up you who struggle with God: the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” That perspective makes all the difference in the world.


the city scene & views from our readers

What’s Everyone Talking About? Join the 11th Hour online community on Facebook or at to comment on the latest news, upcoming social events and idle gossip! When The 11th Hour Posted “How are we going to save the Music Hall of Fame” here are some of the answers we recieved on Facebook. The fixed costs at the mhof, such as utiilites and payroll, are astronomical. The building is too big and extremely energy inefficient. It seems to me that getting a grip on some of those costs is the only way to save it in the long run. Raising a few thousand here and there is not going to be enough, although it is admirable that people are stepping up and trying to help. - Saralyn

Extending the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail

The Board of Directors of the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail of Middle Georgia, Inc. and NewTown Macon held a ground breaking ceremony on Wednesday, September 16, for the newest section of Trail on top of the levee through Central City Park. The short presentation involved Mayor Robert Reichert; Bibb County Commission Chairman Sam Hart; and Chris R. Sheridan, Jr., Chairman of the Trail Executive Committee; who were on hand to welcome the community, thank project supporters and partners, and celebrate this exciting addition to the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail. The extension will take place where the current Trail ends, along the levee in Central City Park, near the Motor Boat Club. For more information about the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail visit

The Blotter

The 411 on Bibb County Crime

Burglary suspects arrested Macon Police arrested two Macon men for Burglary and Possession of Burglary MITED TIME OFFER Tools on September 8 after responding toEvery an Illegal2nd Dumping call in the 2200 & 4th block of Knott Street. Upon arrival they found 49-year-old Clemmie Williams and 23-year-old Dion Omar Bennett removing items from 2248 and 2250 Knott Street. The two had entered the unoccupied apartments without the consent of the owner and stripped copper and other items from the inside of the house. Both men are being held at the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center on a $10,850 bond. • On September 7 Macon Police arrested 23-year-old Famous Dewayne Bryant and charged him with Burglary. Bryant was arrested on Jones Avenue with a red gokart that had been reported stolen from a house on Bowman Street shortly before his arrest. wedish, Deep Tissue

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Police arrest man for criminal gang activity, another man still at large On September 3 Police arrested Jimmy Lee Scott III at 2977 Gordon Street. Scott was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and Possession of Marijuana Less Than an Ounce in connection to his participation in criminal gang activity.. Police also arrested Andre Maurice Bonner for Hindering Apprehension of a Criminal. Quantez Marquis Rutherford is still being sought for Theft by Receiving Stolen Firearm and Possession of Marijuana Less Than an Ounce.


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Murder suspect arrested Macon Police arrested 81-yearold Willie Lee Willis Murder. On * the 2nd or 4thforTuesday August 28, Police and Saturday only were dispatched to or Reflexology Money is tight, but come a person shot call on people in the 3600 block Swedish, Deep Tissue of Case Street. • On August 29 Macon Police arrested or Reflexology When officers 45-year-old Lisa Diane Sailors for hantelle Cleveland Card Theft. Sailors arrived they found Financial Transaction Willie Lee Willis LMT, NCTM 38-year-old Sharon used a credit card belonging to her previChantelle Cleveland Burnes in front of a house that she ous employer, to purchase makeup from Licensed & she Nationally W AVAILABLE FULLTIME with Willis, had a gunshot shared Belk's on Eisenhower Pkwy. Sailors was Certified Massage Therapist TUESDAY SATURDAY wound to the upper torso. Police saw released from jail on a $2,950 bond. Willis running your from thedowntime scene. After a • Macon Police arrested 32-year-old Schedule hedule your downtime brief foot chase through the woods, offiDawn Krystal Mace for Forgery on cers apprehended Willis at the corner of August 29. Mace attempted to cash a Mumford Rd. and Hollingsworth Rd. counterfeit money order in the amount Burnes was transported to a local hospiof $850 at Wal-Mart on Gray Hwy.When Wal-Mart refused to cash the money tal where she was pronounced dead at order, Mace exited the store leaving the 10:37 a.m. money order and her driver's license.

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82 First Street, Macon

482 First Street, Macon

How about we bring all the amazing music from the burning man festival and the trinumeral festival, and combine it for one BIIIIIIGGGGG festival so Macon can get a dose of quality diverse music and not the same blah blah bullshit....i think this would work out amazingly, but seriously i have such a big fear for macon as of right not, our creative locals musicians are all suffering and crying for help...someone please GIVE us a chance. - Clark Not looking to swell... too much grandstanding by the powers that be in lieu of getting down to business. They prefer to spend hours and monies haggling over a thirty minute alcohol's embarrasssing.. I'm sure Atl, or whomever is looking to scoop up the Hall's , just has to read the Telegraph one time to realize the division in the chamber and grab it!! - Susan


What happened the last few years? I used to attend EVERY 'Live at 5' then it went to Atlanta. They used to have 'Brown Bag Boogie' every September (went to that too)? Maybe if they did things so people would visit it in MACON, people would spend $$$ there like I used to...don't quite understand how you can pay expenses without revenue, but if - Brian you figure it out let me know!


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Anything but moving to Atlanta.. they already have more than their share. - David

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Saturdays 10-4 & Tuesdays 3 - close


9/19 featuring Matt Moncrief


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I LOVE having the GMHOF here and I would hate to see it go...I just haven't seen a lot of Every 2nd &from 4thit Tue & Sat effort coming forth lately (but I am a missed it). There busy man and may have Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Reflexology just hasn't been much happening that made this rate,and keep rate! meBook want to go there that'sthis a shame to it! And 'cause I used to look forward offer expires September 26!I'm thinkin' they need to do something to change that... - Brian

Every Thursday

Maybe they aren't doing as much cause Free Premium Services they're broke? lol. They did haveUpgrade the Otis Redding exhibit and that a lot of people. (during one hour drew massage, One thing I wish would do is book more call they for details!) events at night. But from a catering standpoint, that place is a nightmare (no stove or heat source, home-sized refrigerator, sucky floor plan). And there's more competi$10 off any Spa Massage tion now with the Armory and other down(special offers notsuperior. be combined) town venues thatmay are far - Saralyn

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the city scene

A new revolving column by City Council members Rick Hutto, Nancy White & Larry Schlesinger about city politics and community news

From Where I’m Sitting


n the last City Council election, the loss of several incumbent members was widely attributed to their being on the wrong side of the vote on “the parking lot hotel.” Noble Investments proposed to place a new full-service hotel adjacent to the Macon Coliseum and Wilson Convention Center and critics instead wanted it across the street. They preferred a now-vacant 30-acre property that used to house the old Bibb Mill next to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office complex (in the interest of full disclosure, I must declare that I voted against the proposal that was ultimately approved). One of many charges was that the new hotel would be hidden behind the complex and not visible from the interstate. It’s amazing what a difference a couple of years can make. Now a beautiful, four-star Marriott – easily seen from I-16 as drivers leave I75 – just welcomed its first guest and everyone is delighted. And what about that vacant piece of property across the road? Developer Earl Barrs could easily have turned it over several times for a quick buck. We could now have a service station next to a fast-food restaurant and guests at our new hotel would not be blamed for keeping shut the draperies in their rooms. Instead, Barrs stayed in for the long haul and for his vision and patience we should all be grateful. Working closely with Peggy and Zan Thompson at ZT3 Placemaker Studios, Earl Barrs has proposed an exciting multiuse development that has the potential to attract a “people mass” much like those at Arkwright Road and I-75 or Eisenhower Parkway and I-475. The crucial difference with this one, however, is that it is only blocks from downtown and Macon’s theatre and museum district in what would easily be considered a walking distance in most cities. The $169 million mixed-use development includes residential townhouses, offices, light retail, and two other hotels totaling 300 rooms that will be aimed at a lower price point than the four-star Marriott. These would probably be the same ones you and your family might stay in as you drive down an expressway on vacation. As beautiful as the Marriott is, it isn’t going to be able to accommodate every visitor to a large event at the Coliseum and these properties will complement the Marriott’s operations. The mass of all of these new people, including those at the Secretary of State’s office next door, will need to have eating establishments available for lunch and snacks so we should expect a couple of food venues as well. A few other medical offices

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009


might join the dialysis center that already operates at the back of the property. There is also a plan for a new parking deck to accommodate almost 2,000 cars. Obviously the lot would come in handy at those few annual events when the Centreplex lot becomes full. That, too, was a strong point of contention for those who opposed the new hotel in its chosen location. Some people might question the wisdom of including residential units in the development, but all the available research indicates that the future demand for housing will center upon smaller units built closer to town with amenities offered within walking distance. The desire for a ranch-style home and large yard in the suburbs will almost surely end with the next generation of families. What Barrs proposes here is a four-storey building of 284 affordable apartments and condominiums, plus 90 rowhouses and 30 town homes. With residences come affiliated support services such as dry cleaners and a health club – in short, a thriving new community on the East Side of Macon in a formerly vacant field of concrete. It is a model of “new urbanism” – the kind of living to be favored in the future. In other words, it is perfectly suited to the educated and upwardly-mobile readers of 11th Hour! Obviously the economy has slowed down such an ambitious project, but Earl Barrs fully intends to proceed. In fact, he recently sent his plans to the State of Georgia for their review. Because of the size and scope of the project, it must be examined and approved for its regional impact. Meanwhile, the Marriott is bustling. Large groups have already booked conventions and sleeping rooms and have anxiously kept up with the progress of construction to ensure they would not be disappointed. The Chamber of Commerce, which sits in the Marriott’s back yard, now has a gleaming and professional venue in which to entertain possible new employers. As the former Chairman of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, I know first-hand how many conventions we have lost to other cities because we did not have a hotel next to the Centreplex. Despite all the naysayers and political posturing, the new Marriott will prove to be an economic boon to all of Macon and could well incite the revitalization of a forgotten swath of East Macon. When it is becomes fully operational, I only hope that those who lost their Council seats because of their vote will be included in the festivities. Economic success isn’t black or white – it is only green. Surely we can all come together to applaud a much-needed (albeit rare) success story.

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1083 Washington Ave. Macon

CALL (478)254-5690 Thursday,Oct 1


A nationally touring duo from Florida reminicent of Indigo Girls

Still the best in dance party Middle Ga!

FRIDAY, SEPT. 18 Thursdays: Live music Fri-Sat: Drag Shows Open Wed - Sat 9p-Until

425 CHERRY ST • 755-9383 SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 - 7

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

8 -


SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 - 9


? d a B s ’ Who

The cast of Missouri Waltz


To-Do List festival

Woof Stock ‘09

Sunday, Sept. 20, 12-5p.m. Al Sihah Shrine Park Don’t miss out on Middle Georgia’s coolest event that lets you “hang with the big dogs”! It will be a day filled with fun events for the entire family. So don’t forget your four legged family members! Entertainment for the day will include local bands A2Z Band, Peach Jamm (gospel/country) and Fair Weather Pilot (southern rock). Also expect lots of family and activities and contests including arts and crafts,a kids fun zone, a blessing of the animals, petrelated vendors, pets for adoption and good food. Admission is $5 for those 12 years old and up, and the first 100 folk thru the gate receive a free Purina Rally to Rescue t-shirt, door prizes will also be awarded. Presented by FURever Friends Humane Society, Inc. The Shrine Park is located at 222 Mecca Drive, Macon. (Rain date Sept. 27). For more information visit

Wine Tasting to benefit Race for the Cure Thursday, October 1 from 5-8p.m. WineStyles on Zebulon Road

Help celebrate the 26th anniversary of this worldwide race to cure breast cancer. $12/Person or $10/Wine Club Members. To reserve your space call 478-4749595. And lets not forget, their are studies that suggest that red wine antioxidants can help prevent certain cancers from forming. Clink, clink.

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

10 -

dinner theatre

Legendary actress Karen Black waltzes her way back to Macon

F It’s Thriller Practice Time!

Join in on the fun, free practices will be held Tuesdays starting September 22 from 6-7:30p.m a

Participate in the 4th annual Zombie Parade! Free practices to learn the iconic Thriller dance by Michael Jackson will be held on Tuesdays starting September 22 thru October from 6-7:30p.m. at the Library Ballroom. All practices are free and all ages are welcome.The Zombie Parade will be held Friday, October 30 at 9p.m. at Third Street Park. Presented by The 11th Hour, for more information call 464-1840.


Come celebrate Halloween downtown and watch the 4th annual Zombie Parade. Last year, the event brought over 600 people to the intersection of Third and Cherry Streets to watch over 75 zombified dancers perform Michael Jackson's Thriller dance.This is a free event and open to the public. Enjoy a street dance party at 9p.m with the Zombie Parade to follow. Presented by The 11th Hour and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. For more information call 464-1840.

ilm legend Karen Black, Academy Award nominee for “Five Easy Pieces” and twotime Golden Globe winner, is bringing her play, “Missouri Waltz,” to Macon. This critically acclaimed, richly detailed and comedic panoramic view of an American family premiered two years ago in Los Angeles to sold out audiences. Performances will be held Friday, Sept. 18 through Saturday, Sept. 26 at the historic Cox Capitol Theatre, 382 Second St. in downtown Macon. “Missouri Waltz” features Black as one of two sisters who inhabit an old family home along the Mississippi River when their young niece returns to put her roots back in the ancestral soil. This heart-warming comedy, set in the 1970’s is lush with memories of the days when love was free and dreams were in abundant supply and reminds you just what it means to be surrounded by family. The play will be directed by Macon’s own Sylvia Haynie and all other roles will be cast locally. The production features songs by Harriet Schock, who was nominated for a Grammy Award for the #1 hit

Adam Smith

Helen Reddy’s “Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady.” Schock has written songs for Nancy Wilson, Smokey Robinson, Lee Greenwood and other artists as well as recording seven albums/CDs as an artist. Black first visited Macon last February as a special guest at the fourth annual Macon Film & Video Festival. During the festival, Black reminisced about sharing the big screen with Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, Bette Davis, and Oliver Reed. She has since returned to Macon to appear in an independent film, “Stuck!,” filmed in the city. Tickets are $15 - $35 and will be on sale at or by calling the Box Office at (478) 257-6391, ext. 3. Reserved floor seating is limited and includes dinner. Balcony seating is general admission and does not include dinner; however, bar service is available. Evening performances begin at 7:30 pm with doors opening and dinner service beginning at 6 pm. The Sunday matinee performance begins at 2:30 pm and reserved floor seating includes coffee and dessert.Doors open for the matinee at 2 pm.


art openings, theatre, nightly entertainment, movies and more

The annual Ocmulgee Indian Celebration, September 19-20

2008 Over 600 people attended, 75 zombies danced, and over 60,000 have watched on YouTube! Thriller, Macon, GA

Email your event to Include dates, times, locations with address, cost and a contact number.

Thur Sept 17

Capital City Bank presents NewTown Get Down

5:30 – 7 p.m. at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Free Admission. The Georgia Music Hall of Fame proudly hosts the inaugural NewTown Get Down networking series, which will be held every third Thursday in some of downtown Macon’s most unique venues. The Crankin’ Daddies will perform inside the museum and the Hall of Fame will preview a new exhibit honoring its inductees from Macon. Mix, mingle and enjoy live music and a cash bar.

Fri Sept 18

Opening of “Missouri Waltz”, a dinner theatre, the play written by and starring Academyaward nominee Karen Black with music by Grammy nominee Harriet Schock. $35 Reserved floor seating includes a Southern dinner buffet, $27.50 Reserved floor seating for matinee includes coffee and dessert, $15 General admission balcony seating (all performances). For more information call 257-6391.

12th Annual Brown Bag Boogie

12 noon – 1 p.m. Luncheon Concert by Redline Express, Free Admission Since 1998, the Georgia Music Hall of Fame has presented Brown Bag Boogie the week preceding the annual Hall of Fame Awards. This year, Redline Express, a popular bluegrass band from Middle Georgia, makes it first appearance at the museum. Enjoy the noontime performance on the front patio, or inside in case of rain. BBQ lunches from Satterfield’s will be available on-site from for $7; boiled peanuts $3 and all lunch proceeds benefit the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Macon’s Midnight Rider, Trolley Bar Crawl 8pm until 2:30am, a $5 wristband is your

ticket to ride all night long! Two trolleys will run from Wager’s to downtown, a second will stop at MLK an d Cherry and to CJ’s and back. Stop and enjoy a drink at some of Macon’s best bars including The Bird, Envy, BJ’s, the Nowhere Cafe, and CJ’s. Sponsored by the 11th Hour.

Rally for the Cure Golf Tournament

This is a co-ed tournament that benefits the local affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Your entry fee includes: 18 holes of golf, range balls for practice, cart, lunch, goody bag, magazine subscription, pink ribbon pin, small gift. Oakview Golf & Country Club, $80 per person. (478) 972-0217.

Macon Police Department Youth and Intervention Fun Day with the DARE car at the

Ocmulgee National Monument. 9am-3pm. Free event, open to all ages. For more information on any of these events contact Youth and Intervention at 478-803-2710.


Sat Sept 19

Ocmulgee Indian Celebration

Join the 11th Hour for the 4th annual Zombie Parade!

Largest gathering of Native Americans in the Southeast. Around 300 Native Americans perform traditional dances, music, storytelling, and demonstrations. There will be a clay table for children to make pottery. There will be food vendors as well. Ocmulgee National Monument, 1207 Emery Hwy. 13 and over $5, kids $2. Saturday-Sunday, 10am6pm.


PRACTICES: 6-7:30pm

TUES: Sept 22, 29, Thru Oct!

Bellevue Baptist Church Fishing Derby

Prizes for most fish caught and the biggest fish, held at Webb Lake, 8am to noon. $15 per person includes breakfast, lunch and a t-shirt. A fish-fry will be held at Bellevue Baptist on Price Road at 6pm, cost $10 per plate. Space is limited, for tickets and directions call 477-7058.

Sun Sept 20

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Sunday Supper: “Bee Movie (2007).” Doors open at 5:30

p.m., movie at 6p.m. Tickets $5, Pizza slices are $1 (children only), Select draft beer $1(adults). 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

Woof Stock ’09: 12-5pm at Al Sihah Shrine Park, 222 Mecca Drive (Rain date September 27th) Don’t miss out on Middle Georgia’s coolest event that lets you “hang with the big dogs”! It will be a day filled with fun events for the entire family. So don’t forget your four legged family members. Listen to local bands; A2Z, Peach Jamm and Fair Weather Pilot while your kids play in the “Kids Fun Zone”. Shop for yourself or your pet and join us for the “Blessing of the Animals”. Admission 12 and up $5, under 12 free.

Wed Sept 23

Whiskey River Comedy Club presents Hunks, the Show: The Ultimate Vegas experi-

ence, ripped, stripped and well-equipped. One show only, 8:30p.m. Tickets $15. For reservations call 7853155.

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Dinner and a Classic: “Sorry,

Wrong Number (1948)” Doors open at 5:30 p.m., movie at 6:30. Tickets $5, or ticket and dinner for $17.50. 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

Sat Sept 26

Hay House Offers Free Admission on Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day "As one of the finest antebellum homes in the South, Hay House offers a window into daily life

You must attend at least 3 practice sessions to learn Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller dance, to be performed Friday, October 30 on Cherry Street!

Location: The Library Ballroom, upstairs 652 Mulberry St, Downtown Macon

For more information call 464-1840

Extra rehearsals for all middle and high school age students at Pilar Wilder’s Dance Studio, Saturdays thru October from 9-10a.m. All Classes are free and open to Bibb County students. in the 1860s, 1880s, and the early 20th century. Plus with our ongoing restoration efforts, there is always something new for visitors to see and learn here." Hay House (1855-1859), is an Italian Renaissance Revival mansion, nicknamed "The Palace of the South." Featuring 18,000 square feet in 24 rooms on 7 levels, Hay House is a National Historic Landmark renowned for its technological innovations and decorative arts. Attendees must present the Museum Day Admission Card to gain free entry. Visit to download yours.

Wed Sept 30

Super Drag Queen Bingo @ The Bird

A special happy hour event from 6:30 - 9p.m. featuring the beautiful and very talented (who saw the backflip into the splits in 4” heels?) Deonna Sage. Free admission, super prizes and FREE drinks for the gals!

Saturday, September 26

Crossroads Creative Fund community-wide yard sale, Washington Park from 8-11am It’s time to clean out those closets to help benefit the Crossroads Writers Conference. Donate your old items and clothes or set up your own table that morning. The 2010 Crossroads event will host 300+ readers and writers headlined by an amazing group of authors featuring Steve Almond (Candyfreak, My Life in Heavy Metal), Judith Ortiz Cofer (The Year of Our Revolution), Jeffrey Stepakoff (TV's The Wonder Years, Simon & Simon), Carroll Rogers (Sportswriter for the AJC), Lauretta Hannon (The Cracker Queen, NPR), and the return of Ad Hudler! For more info email:

Thur Oct 1

Music Matters in Macon: A Benefit Concert for the GA Music Hall of Fame

Come enjoy some great live music at the Cox Capitol Theatre, where all the proceeds will go toward keeping our musuem here in Macon where it belongs. Music by Magnificent Bastard, the RolyBots and Chris Hicks, Tickets just $10 in advance. For more information, e-mail Dan Zook at

Wine Tasting to benefit the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure at WineStyles, 5-8p.m. $12 per person, $10 for Wine Club members. To reserve your space call 474-9595. WineStyles is located in the Kohl’s Shopping plaza on Zebulon Road.

Sat Oct 3

Family-friendly comedy show featuring Gemini at the Whiskey River Comedy Club An all-ages show with fun, clean comedy

and magic entertaining for the whole family! No alcohol and no smoking. Tickets $10 for adults, $8 for kids 12 and under. For reservations call 7853155.


- music

Poetic Peace Open Mic: Y-O on the 1’s and 2’s

every Tuesday at 567 Cafe, 567 Cherry St. 8-10 p.m.

Live Music Every Friday Night on the Patio beginning at 7:00pm at Edgar’s Bistro. Please call (478) 471-4250 for music line-up.

Free concerts at the Golden Bough Every Tuesday: Come hear some of Macon’s best musi-

cians and songwriters in an intimate listening room atmosphere. 9p.m. 371 Cotton Avenue, Call Eric for music line-up, 744-2446. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 - 11


Macon’s own “Antiques Road Show”






Sept 18-26

Written by Academy Award nominee Karen Black with songs by Grammy nominee Harriet Schock, Missouri Waltz stars Ms. Black as one of two sisters who inhabit an old family home along the Mississippi River, a heartwarming comedy set in the 1970's. Performances 7:30pm. Tickets start at $15.

Thur. Oct 1

Music Matters in Macon: A benefit for the GMHF!

Magnificent Bastard The Roly-Bots & Chris Hicks! Doors at 7, Show at 8p.m. Tickets $10 in advance / $12 day of show

movies at the capitol


Dinner & a Classic

Dinner service at 5:30 Movie begins at 6:30 Tickets $17.50

Fridays, Dollar Night

Open house, catch a film for $1, and $1 select drafts

Sunday Supper

Admission just $5, kids enjoy $1 slices, adults $1 drafts

full menu available Thur-Sun

382 Second Street 257-6392


for a complete schedule of events visit


“Dinner & a Classic”

6p “Sunday Supper”

$5 admission without dinner

$5 admission without dinner

23: Missouri Waltz Dinner Theatre, 7:30p

20: Missouri Waltz Dinner Theatre, 2:30p

30: On the Waterfront (1954), 6:30pm

27: Transformers (2007) $1 pizza, $1 drafts

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

12 -

coming THUR. NOV 5

ZOSO in concert!

istoric Macon Foundation announced today the dates of their annual “Discovery Days” – Macon’s own version of the Antiques Road Show. This year’s event will run from 1-5 pm on Friday, September 25 and 9-4 pm on Saturday, September 26. Historic Macon welcomes back Roderick Hardy, of Hardy/Halpern Appraiser, LLC, from Atlanta, who will be on hand to offer verbal appraisals of your family treasures. Call 742-5084 for an appointment. The cost is just $25 for the appointment and $15 per item to be appraised. Payment must be received at the time your make your reservation. This year, Discovery Days will also feature “Golden Girls” gold buyers. Formed by three entrepreneurial women, Golden Girls is a national buyer of unwanted gold and, through this effort, contribute money to worthy charities across the country. Simply bring in your unwanted gold pieces and odds and ends (10k, 14k or 18k) and you will be paid on the spot for the current value of your old gold. At the end of the day, Historic Macon will receive a check from Golden Girls for a percent of all

- arts

City Market On the Green, every Saturday 9 until 1pm. The market is open to producers, growers, artists and other creative art vendors. Taking place on the block where farmers would bring their goods in horse drawn wagons, the center park of Poplar St.

Buddhist Book Club Tuesdays 7pm at Golden Bough Vintage Books, 371 Cotton Ave. Macon. For more info call 744-2446.

Over 20 studio spaces fill the second and third floors above Michael’s on Mulberry. Everything from painting, printmaking and sculpture. Contemporary Arts Exchange: Mulberry Street

Macon Arts presents “Art Uncommon: Paintings Stay Table and for & the Play by Michele Treesong,” and “Pots 486 First Garden: Ceramics by David Morgan.” in Macon Street, Gallery open Mon- Concert Friday 11am-5pm. presents Series

Tubman Africal American Museum presents Wini McQueen The History of the Dream Project. In 2001 the Tubman Museum commissioned artist Wini McQueen to create textile panels to be installed in the artrium of the new Tubman Museum. The finished commission chronicles the history of the tubman as well as significant people, events and memories from the macon and Middle Georgia community. Endure: Large Installations by Artist Mandi Felici Thru October 30, Opening reception: Tuesday, October 6, 2009; 6–7:30 PM. Cowles Myles Collier East Gallery, Wesleyan College, Porter Fine Arts Building, Gallery hours: M-F 10AM-12PM & 12:305PM. Large sculptural pieces created with felt, the oldest form of fabric known to humankind. Free and open to the public. (478) 757-5189. Thru Sept. 29 – Museum of Arts & Sciences presents, “The Pieper Power Collection: Photorealistic Watercolors.” Part of the Wisconsin company’s large private collection. Included in regular admission, $4$8. 4182 Forsyth Rd.

Beverly Buchanan — Through Sept. 20, Museum of Arts and Sciences, 4182 Forsyth Road. Buchanan’s expressionistic drawings and paintings of rural Southern architecture feature bright patchworks of color. 477-3232. $4-$8.

Thru Sept. 30 – Georgia Music Hall of Fame presents, “Johnny Mercer: Too Marvelous for Words.” Celebrate the Savannah native’s 100th birthday with the exhibit that covers his 5-decade career. Tue. – Sun., 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 478.751.3334. 200 M. L. King, Jr. Blvd. Joycine's Art, Attitude & Accessory Gallery Costume jewelry, art and so much more! 333 Cotton Ave.

sales made that day. Supporters of Historic Macon may also choose to donate their unwanted gold between now and September 26 and we will sell it to help support to work of the Foundation. No appointment is necessary and there is no charge for selling gold. Discovery Days will also once again feature a professional knife sharpening technician, Neil Cowan, owner of The Sharp Shop. Bring in your knives, scissors and garden tools for sharpening both days and have the job done right! The cost is only $5 per item or 5 items for $20 This event is always a sell-out, so make your appointment today. Call 742-5084.

Art Classes and workshops begin at the Barbara Barry Creative Studio -Beginners adult drawing, with Peter Nishanian -Painting butterflies, with Peter Nishanian -Soulscapes creative expressions in acrylic, -Assemblage, with Tim Hedden. -Custom lampshade workshop -“Weekends for Women” with Barbara Barry and Sherry Cox. For schedule and information contact Barbara at 478-743-3144.

Gallery 51, Open -Mon- Fri 8am to 4:30pm and

Sat. 10am-2pm. Fine art, handcrafted jewelery, art glass sculptures, stained glass, woodturned bowls, photography, carved stone. 51 W. Adams St. Forsyth Restoration Exhibit at the Hay House. Features up-to-date photographs and research on the history and restoration of the 7-storyNational Historic Landmark. Included in regular admission, $4-$8. 478.742.8155. 934 Georgia Ave.

Middle Georgia Art Association Gallery, 2330 Ingleside Ave. 744-9557. Middle Georgia Art Association new exhibit/sale @ Market City Café. Thru Sept. 24, 5:30-9 p.m. 478.744.9557. 502 Cherry St.

ongoing - family

“Sky Over Macon”, Fridays at 8p.m. Mark Smith Planetarium 4182 Forsyth Rd. Weekly, live star talk explore the constellations and far away celestial objectsvisible from Middle Georgia. Admission by donation. 477-3232. Live music for kids every First Saturday at Georgia Music Hall of Fame Children love Pam Blanchard, the award-winning musician from Athens who performs music “for little kids and their adults.” Every first Saturday from 12 noon until 2 p.m., Program included with museum admission, $3.50 ages 4-17.

Moonwitch thru November 28 at MAS Ever wonder why the moon seems to follow you home? This entertaining show answers that question and more, Saturdays at noon in the Planetarium. Mini-Zoo Tours Daily at 3 p.m. and Saturday at

1 & 3 pm. Museum of Arts and Sciences, 4182 Forsyth Rd., Macon. Meet furry and feathered friends in the Mini-Zoo habitat. Free with Museum admission.

ongoing - movies

Macon Film Guild: Every second Sunday of the month. Show times are 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Douglass Theatre, 355 M.L.K., Jr. Blvd. For more info visit

Full calendar of events also online,


highlighting middle georgia’s local talent How did the idea for the Battle of the bands come about? Macon has an incredible pool of talent. But unfortunately talent usually does not afford things required to be successful such as quality gear, studio time, video production and other forms of promotion. Mark Storey, owner of Storey Communications which is a video production company, approached me about 6 months ago with an idea to put together a concert on Halloween at the Capitol Theater which he had rented. I told him that I was all in but I thought that we should make it a competition and offer our services as the prizes. I have had an incredible amount of support from key players in the local music community such as Music Masters, Wild Wing Café and of course the 11th Hour. Meet Bob Johnson, creator of Macon’s newest Battle of the Bands, to take place at Wild Wing

Tell me about how it's going to work?

We will have four weekly rounds starting on Wednesday September 30 and roll through the month of October. These weekly Wednesday will take place at Wild Wing Café and will showcase three bands per night. The winner of each of these weekly rounds will play the final local sounds round at the Capitol Theater on Halloween. I have seen and participated in "Battle of the Bands" type events in the past and they all seem to have been rigged or someRob Johnson of Insurrection Sound and Mark Storey, thing shady going on. With that being said, I created five owner of a video production company have joined forces equal categories that the bands will be judged by. One of to bring a Battle of the Bands back to Macon.The duo is the categories is the draw or how many people the act working towards enlightening the local music scene on the brings. I just always thought that just because a band is many options available to them right here in Middle popular or has a lot of friends does not necessarily make Georigia.Their hopes are to eventually start a booking them the best band, but I also realize that this is a very agency and record label that will promote the growing important aspect of a bands success as well. That’s why music scene. Rob tells us a little more about the weekly each of the categories will be judged equally. I want this event that starts at Wild Wing and ends at the Capitol. thing to be viewed as the fairest competition it could possi-

Battle of the Bands

bly be. The other categories are 1)Song Writing and originality, 2)Stage Presence, 3)Performance (tightness), 4) Professionalism, 5) Draw. A copy of the rules with explanations of each category is available at and Music Masters at the Peach Outlet Mall in Byron. Prizes include ten hours of studio time at Insurrection Sound, a professionally recorded and edited video of the performance at the Capitol Theater, $500 gift certificate and a tour pack from Music Masters. All participants get a t-shirt as well. How do bands qualify? Bands are required to fill out an entry form available at Music Masters and pay a $25 entry fee. I wanted the entry to be free but we have a lot of cost involved in this thing that we initially didn't consider. The entrants will be prescreened so if they have a press kit with a recording of their music, even if it's low quality on cassette it will help. These things are not required by no means but will help. We only have twelve slots available so the sooner you can get your application in the better!

What is your hope for this Battle?

I would be lying if I said I am doing this solely for the greater good of the local music scene but that is the major part of it. I really want to get the word out about my studio, Insurrection Sound and Storey Communications. We are working together to put together some audio-video packages to help promote local acts. We are also starting a booking agency and an independent record label and need the best acts in the area to be aware. There's a lot of talented people out there from all spectrums and genres. We all need to work together!

Suite 1200 3076 Riverside Dr.



475-5860 Macon, Ga 31210

Happy Hour ‘til 7pm $1 OFF ALL DRINKS! SPECIALS!



Jam & Rehearse 7-10pm



Dance Band 9pm-1am

Saturdays: Order Your Brunch Specials

FRI: 18: B Keith Williams • 24: Eddie Green & Larry G MON: 21: Friends of Freelance Ruckus • 28: Jessica & CJ SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 - 13


live music, venues, nightclubs, karaoke, drink specials and more

Exclusively in

live music, venues, nightclubs, karaoke, drink specials and more...

The Best Places to See Live Music 17 thursday

Nikki & Jay El Azteca,Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.

Lewis & Matt CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside

Cedric Burnside The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Shane Couilliard Macon Mellow Mushrom Jessica Atkinson Macon Mellow Mushrom

18 friday

B Keith Williams 20’s Pub & Subs, 3076 Riverside Midnight Bluez Backporch Lounge, Northside

19 saturday

Wes Heath (GA Game!) CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside Matt Moncrief Buffalo’s Cafe, Zebulon Road

Tailgate Party! Nowhere Cafe, 3780 Northside Sol Junky Rivalry’s, 3986 Northside Dr Key’d Up Macon Mellow Mushrom

Col. Bruce Hampton The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Richie Fields Whiskey River, 4570 Pio Nono

20 sunday

CJ & Jessica Nowhere Cafe, 3780 Northside

Scott Pallot on the Patio Wild Wing Cafe, 5080 Riverside

George McConnell The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry

Soulshine (ABB Tribute) The Rookery, 7pm

Lixxy Foxx El Azteca, 169 Tom Hill Sr Blvd

Soul Hound Rivalry’s, 3986 Northside Dr

Josh Campbell & Molly Stevens CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside

Richie Fields Whiskey River, 4570 Pio Nono tba The Shamrock, 342 Rose Ave

Big Mike & Booty Papas Macon Mellow Mushrom

Tyler Reeve Wild Wing Cafe, 5080 Riverside

Scott Sanders Macon Mellow Mushrom

23 wednesday

JT Curtis Whiskey River, 4570 Pio Nono

24 thursday

Deep Well The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Jason Hobbs Macon Mellow Mushrom

Matt Moncrief El Azteca, 169 Tom Hill Sr Blvd

JT Curtis Whiskey River, 4570 Pio Nono Lewis & Matt CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside

Scott Sanders on Patio Wild Wing Cafe, 5080 Riverside JT Curtis Whiskey River, 4570 Pio Nono

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

14 -

25 friday

Eddie Green & Larry G 20’s Pub & Subs, 3076 Riverside Coyote Bones, 7pm 567 Cafe, 567 Cherry Street

Toolshed Ginger CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside Mighty McFly El Azteca, 169 Tom Hill Sr Blvd

Lord T & Eloise The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry

CJ & Jessica Nowhere Cafe, 3780 Northside RPM Trio Macon Mellow Mushrom

The Unmentionables Wild Wing Cafe, 5080 Riverside Phantom Wingo Rivalry’s, 3986 Northside Dr

Trent Tomlinson Whiskey River, 4570 Pio Nono

26 saturday

CJ Field & Union South CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside

Romeo Spike The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry JT Curtis Whiskey River, 4570 Pio Nono Scott Pallot Macon Mellow Mushrom

Radio Cult Wild Wing Cafe, 5080 Riverside

27 sunday

Scott Pallot on the Patio Wild Wing Cafe Chris & Chris acoustic Macon Mellow Mushrom Rhythm Escape Tara’s Tavern, Emery Hwy Hank Vegas The Rookery, 7pm


Tim Brooks & Friends, 8:30 Backporch Lounge

Happy hour til 7pm, jam & rehearse 7-10pm, 20’s Pub

$5 Bud Light Pitchers Mellow Mushroom, WR


8-Ball Tournament, 8pm BJ’s Billiards

Happy Hour 4-7p El Azteca

$1.25 Bud til 8p, 35¢ Wings 8-11p The Hole Thang Free Pool Hud’s Bar & Grill $1 Wells all night, The Bird Happy Hour open to close Rivalry’s Sports Bar

$1.50 Dom. Beer, Free Pool Tara’s Tavern

Football, $1.50 Coors Lt Drafts Wild Wing Cafe $1.50 Bud, Miller, $1 PBR Cans Macon Mellow


Ladies Night, 2-4-1 drinks all night long Nowhere Cafe 35¢ Wings 3p-close, Buffalos $1pints, $3.75 PBR Pitchers Macon Mellow

Ladies Night, 241, Nowhere 2-4-1 Margaritas all day at El Azteca Bud Bingo, win prizes! Friend’s Bar & Grill 8-Ball Tournament, 8pm BJ’s Billiards

Live music with B Keith Williams The Shamrock Ladies Night, Tara’s Tavern

2 fer Tuesday: 5-10p, $10 domestic buckets Wild Wing Cafe


1/2 price salads, $1.50 Yuengling, $4 Firefly, Wild Wing Cafe New Karaoke at 8pm! BJ’s Billiards

2-4-1 Jagerbombs during Trivia, Happy Hour 4-7p El Azteca $7 Drink or Drown The Hole Thang

Drag Queen Bingo every 1st & 3rd Wed, free wells for the gals The Hummingbird Open Mic, 10pm, Rivalry’s

$3 Pint Night at Buffalo’s Cafe Free Pool, Steak Night at 6pm, Tara’s Tavern

Ladies Night, free cover and $1 drinks for gals, Whiskey River


LADIES NIGHT, 3-for-1 Drinks, $2 shots & beer with free pool & poker lessons, BJ’s Billiards

Drink or Drown, music with Matt & Lewis, 2-4-1 wells, Jagerbombs CJ’s Sports Bar 241 wells, margaritas, martinis, Nowhere Bar $1.25 Rolling Rock & PBR The Hole Thang

Thirsty Thursday, 241 wells, Margs & Martinis Nowhere Cafe Skirts, $2 drinks all night Rivalry’s Late Night Happy Hour El Azteca

$2 vodka cocktails, $3 Drafts (24oz.) Wild Wing

Free Pool, 25¢ Wells, 25¢ cans Bud 7-9:30p, 2-4-1 select beer Whiskey River Ladies Night, $1.50 house wines, $3 select martinis Macon Mellow


Happy Hour prices for poker players, BJ’s Billiards

WDEN Live Remote during Happy Hour 5-7p, El Azteca

Laugh at the Comedy Club get in to Whiskey River for free!

Drag Show, Club Synergy


College game day, CJ’s

Ladies, 1st drink free until 10pm, Live music and DJ Don, $10 Whiskey River

Game Day! drinks specials & 35¢ wings from 10-4pm, Buffalo’s


Nascar, drink specials, 20’s Pub n’ Subs

Nascar, drink specials Friend’s Bar & Grill

Football & Nascar on the big screen, Nowhere Nascar, Poker at 2:30pm Rivalry’s Sports Bar

Acoustic music, $2 drafts Wild Wing Cafe

Come hear...


Monday, Sept 28

Open Mic Night @ Macon Mellow

Come jam with your friends on North Macon’s newest stage. Your band can try out for regular open mic gigs, ask for Justin for details. Also, from 8-close, enjoy 2 for $10 jagerbombs, $1.50 select domestic bottles and $1 PBR Tall Boys.

Thursday, Sept 17 DANCE PARTY / DJ

Sexy Saturdays, Dress to Impress, Coaster’s Nightclub

DJ Darkshadow on Wednesdays and Saturday nights at Club Envy

Drag Show & Dance Party, Synergy Dance night coming to CJ’s,Wedn.

Insomnia Promotions Presents... every Friday night at Club Envy

DJ Don, biggest dance party in Mid GA, Saturdays Whiskey River


Wed,Thursday & Sat, 8p, Sundays, Tuesdays at 6pm, 20’s Pub NEW,Wednesdays at BJ Billiards Every Wednesday, Macon Shroom Every Thursday, Club Synergy

Every Friday 7:30, Mondays at 5pm, Friends Bar & Grill Every Wednesday, Hud’s Every Monday, Rivalry’s Thursday - Saturday at Tara’s Sundays with Brad, 9pm The Backporch Lounge Every Wednesday, 7-until Mellow Mushroom, WR


Every TUES 8:30p, CJ’s Sports Bar Every Wednesday with $2 Vodkas at El Azteca Every Tuesday, Macon Shroom

Team Trivia every Mon, Red Eye

Every Tuesday Night, Rivalry’s Family Trivia every Thursday evening from 8-10pm, Buffalo’s Macon

Thursday nights 9p, The Shamrock Tuesday nights with Jason Hawk, cash prizes, Wild Wing Cafe Tuesday nights, Buffalos, WR


Texas Hold ‘Em 7:30,Tuesdays, AP’s Hidden Hideaway Nightly Poker 7:30p, Friends Bar

New Poker tournaments held every Wed,Thur & Sat upstairs at Envy Texas Hold ‘Em Tuesdays, Huds

Sunday Poker League 2:30, Rivalry’s Nightly Poker 7:30p, Friends Bar Nightly Poker 8p, BJ Billiards

Texas Hold ‘Em, The Hole Thang

Texas Hold ‘Em Wedn., Brewskeez Poker Tournament 7pm every Mon, Wed,Thur & Fri, 6pm Sat & Sun, Whiskey River Sports Bar

Cedric Burnside & Lightnin’ Malcom @ The Hummingbird

Mississippi Hill Country bluesmen Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm are burning up the road these days in support of their 2008 CD 2 Man Wrecking Crew. The Delta Groove Music release earned the duo a coveted Blues Music Award for "Best New Artist Debut" last year, as well as a Blues Blast Music Award nomination in the magazine's upcoming ceremony. In Blurt Magazine, your humble Blues Guide wrote "Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm have created a fusion of soul, funk, and hip-hop that uses the hypnotic mind-meld of the elder Burnside and his pal Junior Kimbrough as its foundation. Malcolm's guitar is fluid and nasty, purring like a wildcat one moment, roaring like an out-of-tune Harley the next. Together, they update the ancient Mississippi blues sound of their forebears with new blood and fire."

Friday, Sept 18

George McConnell @ The Bird

As both a player and purveyor of guitars, he has amassed quite a collection of sounds, songs and stringed instruments. He’s served as lead guitarist in the bands Beanland, Kudzu Kings and Widespread Panic.

Big Mike @ The Mellow Mushroom

As Old school as it comes in Macon, Big Mike and the boys have been doing this since some of us were in Diapers. Great originals, fun Covers, lots to dance to with a definite bluesy feel.

Tyler Reeve @ Wild Wing Café

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Tyler's music is well rooted in Southern Americana. He attended Florida State University, where he built a loyal fan base and He has tailored his music to the live venue while paying his dues and performing in bars for eight years before recording his first album, Whiskey Down (2008). His performances are infectiously enjoyable and fun. Tyler's blend of Texas-style, raw country and Americana finds audiences waiting with open arms and raised glasses.

Josh Cambell and Molly Stevens @ CJ’s

Molly was highlighted in the last issue of the 11th Hour. She’s a hardcore, “how does she have the lungs for that” kind of singer, and with the affable Josh Cambell behind her, who also does time with Jared Wright and The Red Swill, this is going to be an interesting show indeed.

Saturday, Sept 19

Col. Bruce & The Quark Alliance @ The Hummingbird

Col. Bruce Hampton has been making music since he formed his first band in 1963. Col. Bruce has been in constant motion ever since leaving a trail of memorable live performances with his many bands, including The Late Bronze Age and The Aquarium Rescue Unit. Along the way he appeared in the movie "Sling Blade" as the poet and band manager Morris and starred in Mike Gordon's cult classic "Outside Out" as a mystical guitar 'out'structor. Still rolling down the road, Col. Bruce continues his quest for the tonal center at each exit #6.

The Aristo-Crunk of Lord T & Eloise is back in Macon on the Hummingbird Stage, Friday, September 25

If you haven’t caught a show by these clever Memphis boys, you don’t want to miss this chance to see the spectacle that is Lord T & Eloise before they launch into Auditorium territory. But don’t take our word for it, here’s just a few reviews by ears you can trust. "Immensely clever." -SPIN MAGAZINE; "Better than most of the rap I hear these days…polished, unique, and catchy as hell…funny, relevant, and original." - THE SAN FRANSISCO BAY GUARDIAN; "An intoxicating spectacle." - THE NASHVILLE SCENE; "...a heavy dose of satire..." - RADAR MAGAZINE; “Memphis' most unique musical export." - THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL; "This was perfect for the Grammy's. Thank God somebody put on a show. I love it! Love it!" -E! FASHION POLICE

The Return of the Sunday Jam at The Rookery, an early show of live music, food and fun!

The Rookery has brought back the Sunday Jam Session, Live music lives again in the place once known for giving bands their start. Their first forray into the live music realm is Sunday, Sept 20, when Soulshine brings us the best of the Allman Brothers. When local legend Stan Killingsworth, a drummer, songwriter, and session musician from Dublin, (most notably known for his work with local guitar hero Tim Brooks, Capricorn Records, Dickie Betts), wanted to bring the Allman Brothers experience to local Middle Georgians, he went around and recruited some of the best players he could find. Next Sunday, Sept. 27 catch Hank Vegas on the stage, 7p.m.

Wes Heath @ CJ’s

Back from his jimmy Buffet Style life in Destin, Wes Heath brings solid originals and the covers you love to sing along to back to where it all began for him. CJ’s. Thanks Wes!

Thursday, Sept 24

Jason Hobbs @ Macon Mellow

This guitar man is as good as they come in these parts, quick to solo, and a great singer to boot. Covers and originals, all good, fun and family friendly.

Friday, Sept 25

Coyote Bones @ 567 Café

At about 3am on a summer night in 2006, Coyote Bones was born. The sounds are always evolving, the live show gaining more and more energy, and the members sometimes wearing different skin. 'Gentleman On The Rocks' is our debut album. A big hit at Bragg Jam 2009.

The Mighty Mcfly @ El Azteca

The Mighty Mcfly are overwhelmingly entertaining to watch and also some of the best musicians to be found anywhere. They are influenced

by Queen, Van Halen, Journey, Prince, Sly & the Family Stone, Mothers Finest, Living Color, Garth Brooks, Stevie Wonder, George Michael, Michael Jackson, KISS and many more!

Saturday, Sept 26 Radio Cult @ Wild Wing

Do you miss the days when it was OK to wear leg warmers and jelly shoes? Well, actually, neither do we! but we do miss cheesy $10 videos on MTV, Flock of Seagulls hair styles and music that was FUN! This is Radio Cult and they are here to rock out 80s style.

Thursday, Oct 1 Halcyon @ Synergy

An acoustic duo from St. Petersburg, Florida, this songwriter driven group tours regularly all across the U.S. Reminiscent of the Indigo Girls, it’s a folk/rock set, from solid singer/songwriters, and Synergy has a great listening room.

Read more about it... Bandography online with MP3s of upcoming bands

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 - 15


live music, reviews, charts, venues

The Charts

Billboard’s Top Radio Hits

#1 This week

430 Cherry Street | 741-9130 MON 8P, TUE-FRI 4-2, SAT 8-2

Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling

r u o H y Happ

2 Taylor Swift You Belong to me 3 Keri Hilson Knock You Down 4 Drake Best I Ever Had


5 Kings of Leon Use Somebody 6 Jay Sean Down (ft Lil Wayne)

with complimentary food by IVP, Greek Deli & Good to Go, 2-4-1 wells & more!



$1 Wells all Day!

Free Wells for Gals!


Cedric Burnside & Lightnin Malcolm FRI. SEPT 18

George McConnell SAT. SEPT 19

Col. Bruce Hampton & the Quark Alliance THUR. SEPT 24

Deepwell FRI. SEPT 25



Romeo Spike WED. SEPT 30

Ladies Night with

Chris Hicks SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

16 -

7 Katy Perry Waking Up in Vegas 8 Pitbull Hotel Room Service 9 Mariah Carey Obsessed

Music We Like

This issue was created while listening to...


Dan Zook, saxordinaire of Mag Tard organized a local benefit for the GMHF

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame ushers in September with several events, each of which will feature the newly launched “Music Matters in Georgia” membership drive. “Museum membership invokes a spirit of community and inclusiveness. Our goal is to broaden the Georgia Music Hall of Fame’s base of engaged members to not only help sustain the museum’s future, but to also send a resounding message that in our state, music truly does matter,” says Jim Gillis, Chair of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority. Members who join the museum at any level will receive an added bonus of a colorful “Music Matters” eco-tote bag while supplies last. Memberships begin at $30 and all levels and benefits can be found online at or by calling the Georgia Music Hall of Fame at 478.751.3334. Music Matters in Macon: A Benefit Concert for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Thurs., Oct. 1, 8 p.m. at the Cox Capitol Theatre $10 advance & $12 day of show; all proceeds benefit the GMHF Macon’s music scene is thriving, much in thanks to local musicians who have created an important sense of community among the many diverse artists and groups. Several of these musicians have banded together to organize a benefit concert for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Scheduled participants so far include Chris Hicks, Mag Tard and Roly Bots, with other guests t/b/a. Tickets available at

31st Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards Saturday, Sept. 19

Reception: 6:30; Dinner 7:15; Show 8:30 Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta Individual tickets $75; Tables $750 - $1,000 (We would like our readers to remember that none of the proceeds from this event go to the GMHF, so please, become a member) Friends of Georgia Music Festival, Inc. presents the 31st annual The band’s 8th studio album was released induction ceremony with 2009 inductees including: Collective Soul, on Aug. 25, 2009 Peter Conlon,Third Day, Bryan-Michael Cox, Johnny L. Carson and posthumous honorees Berry Oakley, Roy Hamilton and Shakir Stewart.The Awards will be hosted by Monica Pearson and Leslie Fram and telecast live on Georgia Public Broadcasting. For media information, contact Jamie Annarino, Red Clay Public Relations, or 404.312.0799. For ticket information, contact Diane Alexander at 770.491.9494, ext. 15.

Awards After-Party at the Hard Rock Cafe, Sat., Sept. 19

10:30 p.m. until, Hard Rock Cafe, 215 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta. Free admission; cash bar The Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon invites everyone to a lively Awards After-Party at the Hard Rock Cafe featuring live music by the Soulphonics & Ruby Velle.This funky, horn-driven combo, led by chanteuse Ruby Velle, is just right for fans of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings or Amy Winehouse. Free admission, but stop by the Georgia Music Hall of Fame membership table and join the museum to show your support.

TIM BUCKLEY Live at the Folklore Center, NYC, 1976

New Releases

Music writer David Higdon selects his favorite new releases to review

The Jayhawks Music from the North Country Released: July 7, 2009 The rumor of a Jayhawks reunion has been confirmed, and this ripe for the picking three disc release is more than just an anthology covering their 25 year career.The gifted songwriting talents and vocal harmonies of Marc Olson and Gary Louris are represented on disc one’s album cuts, but the rare B-sides and live takes on disc two are for the collector’s collection. The Stone Roses 20th Anniversary Edition Released: September 8, 2009

As though twenty years ago was just yesterday, those Manchester lads known as the Stone Roses released a debut album that has continued to be a cornerstone of influential beats, hooks, and pop songwriting.The bassline intro to “I Wanna Be Adored” sounds grittier than ever thanks to the re-engineering sound overseen by frontman Ian Brown, as this release provides new approaches without changing the music. Standout tracks include “She Bangs the Drums” and “Fool’s Gold.”

y Daily Happ m Hour 4-7p ,

cs 99¢ Domes ti a ri ta s rg a M -1 2-4

Tuesdays: s it a 2- 4 -1 L ime R g! All d ay lo n

Live Music}

ys: Wednesda ttest o H ’s Macon m! p 9 t a Trivia om b s 2- 4 -1 Jage rB k t a il s c $2 Vo d k a C o

: Saturdays ame Day! y a d G s e r g olle Thu : C2- 4 -1 Jage rBom b s o s s y a id r F & $1 t ac Dome s t ic s, ic $2 s u M e L iv

io! t a P e t i r o v n’s fa o c a M n o s r friend u o y h t i w Party

oncrief M tt a M : 4 2 / 9 y Ja & i 9/17: Nikk cFly M ty h ig M : 5 2 / 9 x x 9/18: Lixxy Fo

El Azteca Restaurante Restaurante Mexicano Mexicano && Cantina Cantina

169 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd. (478) 475-9199

Your NFL Sunday Ticket & ESPN Game Plan Headquarters

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 - 17

Chicken Pesto Grinder with a side of Chedder Perogies

All you can eat lunch buffet for just $6.95

dining spotlight

Have you gotten your Piece in the Alley yet?


always get excited when new blood comes to town. So much seems to be going on here right now, that I’m eager to find out how Macon reacts. But this dining spotlight is about pizza, and getting your own little piece in the Alley. Macon Pizza In The Alley has proven to be another great reason to dine out downtown. Joining Tokyo Alley and Downtown Grill on Mulberry Street Lane, Macon Pizza has one of the most beautiful buildings downtown. Tony Long and crew refurbished it the only way they know how, top notch, and though the location has seen it’s share of restaurants come and go over the past several years, Macon Pizza in the Alley seems like a business plan that’s here to stay. The extensive menu leans toward the Italian side with Grinders like the Italian Chicken Pesto (my favorite) and a Chicken Parmesan that will make your heart melt at just $5.75 for a six incher or only $8.95 for a full twelve. They also have traditional pasta dishes like Tortellini Alla Carbonara ($9.95), which features tricolored cheese filled tortellini with a great heavy homemade cream and more traditional Baked Manicotti and Lasagna All Bolognese ($9.95). Pizza and Calzones are of course featured items, and the crust comes out thin, and the plentiful toppings ooze freshness. I am a carnivore, and I

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

18 -

love their all-meat Calzones, meaning a folded over pizza crust stuffed with pepperoni, beef, ham, bacon and sausage. ($6.50 for small, $8.50 for large) The sausage is to die for. Service at Macon Pizza in the Alley is friendly and efficient. We asked server Matthew Hadden what his favorite entree was at Macon Pizza and he was quick to reply, with an enthusiastic echo from another employee, that the Philly Cheesesteak Grinder ($5.95 6”) is a crowd pleaser. Prepared with grilled onions and peppers, topped with baked mozzarrela cheese and served on a golden and flaky bread that is made fresh daily on site is indeed a menu highlight. Another employee from behind the fully stocked bar said, “Y’all are crazy, the Italian Chicken Pesto Grinder is the best sandwich in Macon!” If you’re looking for a quick and tasty lunch option, Macon Pizza in the Alley boasts an all you can eat lunch buffet loaded with several varieties of pizza and salad for just $6.95. They also serve six different flavors of wings, fresh salads and a variety of traditional Italian appetizers. Whether you’re with a date or a group of friends, Macon Pizza in the Alley can accomodate and please your dining partners.

Monday - Friday 11a.m. - until Saturday 5p.m. - until

Meritage Lounge now open! (478) 474-0204 Tom Hill Sr Blvd

Join us for Happy Hour Mon - Fri 5pm - 7pm

Open daily 11am - 10pm

$2 off appetizers (dine-in only) $2.50 Domestics • $2 Domestic Drafts $4 Well Drinks • $4 House Wine


Special Rate


expires 10/31/09


other offer. valid with any only *plus tax, not ila ity, new business bil ava on sed Ba

at The Ramada Plaza 11:00am - 3:00pm

Treat yourself & family to Sunday Brunch Children (Ages 5-9) $7.95 • Children under 4 eat FREE *Price does not include sales tax and gratuity -10% Senior Discount for 65+ years young-


Family owned & operated since 1986


Corporate events or Private parties, give us a call for your catering needs!

Offer Expires 10/31/2009

SPECIALTIES: Gyros, Pastitsio, Moussaka & Spanakopita Call to reserve your preferred seating

108 First Street, Macon

(478) 746-1461

Now under new ownership, with NEW MENU and NON-SMOKING dining room!

The Return of the Sunday Jam! Sun, Sept 20: Soulshine (ABB Tribute) Sun, Sept 27: Hank Vegas

Happy Hour Daily 4-8pm 241 Wells • $1 High Life • $2 Domestics

FREE DRINKS 76 est. 19 macon, ga

FOR THE LADIES! Mon-Thur 10-11pm




LIVE MUSIC Great listening room

NOW ON DRAFT: Bud, Bud Light, Miller High Life & Shocktop! SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 - 19

Backporch Lounge

18 to party, 21 to drink

Never a Cover!

2400 Riverside Dr • 745-8801


Macon Pizza in the alley

Located Inside the Best Western

Live Music!



Tim Brooks & Friends

SUNDAYS, 9P Karaoke with Brad


$2 Highlifes during Nascar

*no cover charge!


$3 OFF

EVERY WEDN. 8:30PM LARGE PIZZA Tim Brooks & W/PEPPERONI mention coupon at time of order ChrisMust Hicks

FREE order of


WITH YOUR DELIVERY ORDER Must mention coupon at time of order

575 Mulberry Street Lane tel 742-5555

Midnight Bluez 9pm Apps just $1 Off $1Band, after after 10pm! 10pm!

Hurry to take adavantage of the up to $1500 in Tax Credits!

downtown grill


1/2 off Select Bottles of Wine on Wednesdays!

MEXICAN Call us FIRST, and we’ll be RESTAURANT the LAST roofing company you’ll ever call!

GET $5 OFF PURCHASE OFallen $20 ORmorris MORE!


(Must present coupon) Not valid with any other offer. Expires 12/31/09

Open Mon-Fri 10-9, Sat 11-9 • Reservations welcome 312 South 1st St. • Warner Robins

Free Across from the Base • 478-329-0638 phone # 478-781-1437 Estimates

562 Mulberry Street Lane Downtown Macon 742.5999

Full Bar


Now open for Dinner Fri & Sat!

closed Sun & Mon

Tues-Thur: 7a - 6p Fri & Sat: 7a - 9p

502 Cherry Street • tel 257-6612


All Pizzas Made With

Homemade Dough, Real Cheese & Fresh Toppings!

OUR CANCER POLICY DOESN’T. Susan Milam, Agent (478) 714-0545

Dine In or Call Ahead for Carry-Out


2396 Ingleside Ave



1635 Montpelier Ave

Available for delivery through Restaurant Express, call 755.8000

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

20 -

Macon’s Largest Selection of Imported Beer!


Dining out for half the cost!

Thrilla from the Grilla with Pineapple Habenero Salsa

BLD: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner BAR: Alcohol Served $: Entrees under $10 $$: $10-$20 $$$: Above $20


The Rookery There isn’t a place downtown that has been serving us longer.The Rookery offers some of the best comfort food in Macon. Burgers, Nachos, Sandwiches and daily lunch specials that can’t be beat. LD BAR $ 543 Cherry Street, 746-8658

COMING SOON... Half off gift certificates to:

LUIGI’S bistro

Hud’s Bar & Grill Hamburgers,Wings, Bar appetizers, homemade stone-baked pizza (new item), homemade Barbecue and brunswick stew. LD • BAR • $ 2213 Gray Hwy, 330-6046

Mexican Pizza with marinated chicken, black olives & jalepenos

20’s Pub n’ Subs Boasting freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and dinner specials in a well-lit tavern-like setting. LD • BAR • $ 3076 Riverside Dr.

5 Guys Burgers & Fries The best burgers in Macon is what our readers say, serving dogs and peanuts too. LD • $ 120 Tom Hill Sr., 474.0445

Wild Wing Cafe Newly opened franchise at the Shoppes at River Crossing, fantastic wings in over 30 flavors, over 20 brews on tap, great salads and one of the few dining options in North Macon that offers live music on the weekends. LD • BAR $-$$, 477.WILD

CJ’s Bar & Grill You can’t really call this bar food. Is it fried, yes, but it’s fresh and so, so good! Sloppy nachos, great burgers and chicken wraps. LD • BAR • $ 2910 Riverside Drive, 757-3262

Rivalry’s – The only place in town where you can order Atomic Buffalo Turds and wash them down with a giantsized bottle of Monty Python’s Holy Ale. 3986 Northside Dr., Macon 474-0606 LD BAR $

Nu-Way Weiners Open since 1916, this original store with its neon sign is one of America's oldest hot dog stands and they serve secret recipe chili sauce, famous hot dogs, hamburgers, and other sandwiches. BLD • $ 430 Cotton Avenue, 743.1368


Fresh-Air Bar-B-Que Award winning BBQ known for its tangy tomato and vinegar style pulled pork, ribs and baked beans. Don’t skip out on the Brunswick Stew neither. LD Open 7 days a week • $ 3076 Riverside Dr., 477-7229

Satterfield’s Serving hickory smoked meats, seafood, vegetables, daily specials and salads. L • $ 120 New Street, 742.0352 AP’s Hidden Hideaway Serving home cooking all day long and specialty dinners at night, enjoy their large patio. Seriously good food. LD BAR • $ 4274 Broadway.

Good to Go There is a slightly different menu available every day, offering the best in the Souths lunchtime favorite, “the Meat & Three”. Full catering services also available. LD $ 1019 Riverside Dr. 743.4663 Sticky Fingers Ribhouse Choose your flavor; Memphis style Wet or Dry, Tennessee Whiskey, Habanero Hot or Carolina Sweet. Served with sweet corn bread muffins! Fresh salads and lunch specials. LD • BAR • $$ 5080 Riverside Drive, Open daily at 11am.

Dawson’s Kitchen You can’t beat southern cooking like this, you can see for yourselves the fresh ingredients in their market next door. LD • $ 3360 Brookdale, Payne City


Caliente’s Burrito Shop We’ve all had this style of big burrito by now, but Caliente’s does them the best. If you can


HALFOFFDEPOT.COM handle it, get the MOAB… if not, there’s always the Thrilla From Tha Grilla, which is just right. LD • $ 6255 Zebulon Road El Azteca One of Macon’s best patios, serving all your favorite Mexican dishes, voted Macon’s best margarita. LD BAR • $-$$ 169 Tom Hill Sr., 475.9199 Margaritas I hear that camarones a la diabla doesn’t mean ‘shrimp of the devil’ but I don’t care—it’s hot and spicy, and probably is what Satan eats when he’s feeling a hankering for Mexican. LD • BAR • $ 6012 Zebulon Road, Macon 477.2410; 4696 Presidential Parkway, Macon 757.1300; 2400 North Columbia, Milledgeville 453.9547


Jim Shaw’s Casual dining with Macon’s best seafood, tuna tidbits, scallops, wild Georgia shrimp. Seperate bar area with smoking. D • BAR $-$$ 3040 Vineville

Fish n’ Pig Spectacular views of Lake Tobesofkee. Patio or inside seating serving both barbecue and seafood. D • BAR $-$$ 6420 Mosely Dixon, 476.8837 Nowhere Bar & Cafe Casual dining featuring fresh oystesr and shrimp specials, along with great burgers and steaks. LD • BAR $-$$ 3780 Northside Drive, 476-0554


Giuseppi’s Pizza & Pasta Casual, fun atmosphere with everything from soup and salads to hot wings, pizza and their signature sandwich creation, the Weggie. Daily lunch specials. LD • BAR • $ 120 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd, 477.7400 Luigi’s Bistro Casual Italian cuisine in a hip, swanky atmosphere. LD • BAR • $-$$ 401 Cherry Street, 743.4645

Macon Pizza in the Alley Serving NY style pizza, grinders, pasta, salads and wings; hot, fresh and affordable! LD • BAR • $ Mulberry Street Lane, 742-5555

Ingleside Village Pizza A big no-brainer. IVP has the best pizza in town and the best beer selection. Keep it classy with the white pizza and a Stella Artois or, keep it real with a slice of the ultimate and a 24-oz. High Life. LD • BAR $ 2396 Ingleside Avenue, & downtown across from Mercer Univ.


Adriana’s Gelato is Italian for “the best ice cream you’ll ever eat” and Adriana’s is the only place in town where you can find it. Also, quick & delicious cafeteria-style lunch. LD • BAR $ 359 Third Street

Molly’s Café – It looks like your grandma’s dining room and the menu eats like it too! This is the place for a quick and quaint lunch. 402 Cherry St., Macon 744-9898 LD $

Market City Café – Widely regarded, especially by our readers, as the best place in Macon for lunch, Market City also has the most amazing banana pudding we’ve ever eaten. 502 Cherry St., Macon 257-6612 BL • BAR • $-$$


ZEBULON ROAD, In front of Kohl’s

our Sign up fourpon o c il a m e club at


Greek Corner Deli Serving delicious lamb gyros, monster greek salads, subs and specialty sandwiches 7 days a week. One of the few restaurants downtown open on Sundays and the only late night eatery on Saturdays 12:30am til 3am! LD • $ 587 Cherry Street, 254.3059.

The Downtown Grill Slightly upscale dining serving fresh fish, prime cut Black Angus and features it’s own humidor. D • BAR • $$-$$$ 562 Mulberry Street, 742.5999

Edgar's Bistro Open Tuesday Saturday. Menu includes lobster bisque, stuffed prawns, veal medallions, duck and much more. Declicious. LD • BAR • $$$$$ 5171 Eisenhower Parkway - Across from Macon State College, 471-4250

The Shamrock Dargan and his crew cook up some of the best homemade meals in Macon, including his legendary Shepard’s Pie. Plus, he’ll surprise you from time to time with some interesting seafood selections. D • BAR $-$$ 342 Rose Avenue, Payne City 750.1555 The Tic Toc Room Contemporary setting with a sophisticated menu, great wine selection. D • BAR • $$-$$$ 401Cherry Street, 743.4645

The Cox Capitol Theatre Well the revolving door in the Kitchen of the Capitol Theatre has finally stopped spinning, and the result is some darn good pizza, Hot Dogs, soft pretzels, and subs. Where else can you have a beer and watch a great movie?? D • $$$ 382 Second Street, 257-6391


Jittery Joe’s Coffeehouse Serving gourmet coffees and teas with made to order bagels and biscuits, blueberry and cheese streudel muffins. BL • $ In Mercer Village, by Mercer Univ.

J. Christopher’s Serving breakfast all day starting at 7am and lunch Mon-Sat from 11-2. Gourmet food at great prices. BL • $ 220 Starcadia Circle, tel 476.0220

Macons Only Irish Pub Live Music Friday & Saturday


B.Keith Williams 7:30pm

Thursday Sunday

2-4-1 Drinks all day long

Trivia, 9pm



342 Rose Ave, Payne City 750-1555 OPEN 4PM - TIL...

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 - 21

What part of Macon do you feel is the least safe? “South Broadway - due to the drugs and gangs.” – Julie Jackson Warner Robins Resident “I don't feel safe downtown (Cherry, First, Spring, etc). The panhandlers really unnerve me. When I lived on College Street, they came to my front door asking for money. I never went out at night.” – Debbie Bryan

Shurlington (east side of Macon), was very unsafe. Also, like around the old Macon mall. The fact is Macon is not considered a safe place in many areas. Before they opened the new mall, I heard many people in my area say they never went to Macon if they didn't have to.” – Judy Jones, Byron Resident “In my opinion, the least safe part of Macon is its residents' assumption that

bright lines can be drawn between "good" and "bad" neighborhoods. If we could visit, live, and shop throughout the city with the same attitude of awareness toward our surroundings-that is, assuming that we are safe but recognizing the need to be alert, careful, and in contact with law enforcement when necessary--crime would probably have to go elsewhere because it would have nowhere to hide.” - Laura Thomason Macon Resident

Perception is a powerful word, “I've heard it rumored that the

many times, our perception becomes our reality.

And, like Doubting Thomas, we have to “see The two communities believed to be the safest, to believe” something if it differs from our West and North Macon, actually hold the record belief. A recent report released by the Macon for the two highest crime rates in Macon this Police Department drives home the fact that year. In fact, with 1373 crimes, North Macon is Middle Georgian’s perception regarding the only eight incidents shy of tying West Macon as reputation of Macon is far from the reality. the area of most reported crimes. Most people would agree with the first three opinions listed above about Macon and the safety of its neighborhoods—it’s not safe, West Macon as the area of most reported crimes. especially downtown. But, according to MPD’s yearly The figures breakdown as follows: crime statistics through July 2009, this perception is far In a floundering economy, it is understandable that from accurate. most Middle Georgians believe that crime has risen in The fact is, downtown Macon is getting a bad rap the past years. However, according to the report released when, according to MPD Sgt. Melanie Hofmann, downby the MPD, crime in all four Macon precincts has town Macon has one of the lowest incidences of crime. declined in 2009. Sgt. Hofmann attributes the reduction “Downtown is actually one of the safest areas in in crime to the collaboration between Macon communiMacon,” Sgt. Hofmann said. ties and Macon police. Macon resident, Brandon Thompson realizes that his “Crimestoppers has been one of the most effective perception might not be the reality. “Well, my first, tools we have,” Sgt. Hofmann said. Crimestoppers spontaneous response would be that ‘downtown’ is the allows citizens to provide anonymous tips to police least safe area. However, that's not the full truth. I think while receiving payment for it. “Community members downtown is a lot safer than it is given credit for. You'll are actually the ones who can help control crime. We be, without a doubt, be panhandled walking around can’t fight crime if we don’t know about it,” Sgt. downtown. While this is quite annoying, it is rarely danHoffman said. gerous.” Andrew Blascovich, Assistant to Mayor Reichert, Many readers will be surprised to learn that those stated that although crime has decreased for the city areas of Macon that they have deemed to be unsafe, in overall, this is not the time to decrease efforts to make reality, are the safest communities. Macon even safer. “We are pleased to see the decrease in For years, the prevailing opinion is that East and crime for the city overall, but know that armed robberies South Macon have the highest incidences of crime in and violent crimes are a major concern. The Police Macon. However, nothing could be farther from the truth Department has responded to this by forming working as evidenced by the 2009 crime statistics, which state taskforces that work with business to be proactive and to that communities in East and South Macon have the crack down on those few individuals who commit these lowest crime rate—1039 incidences in East Macon and crimes in our community,” Blascovich said. 768 incidences in South Macon. Both Hofmann and Blascovich expressed the need The two communities believed to be the safest, West for ongoing public safety education. Hofmann cited sevand North Macon, actually hold the record for the two eral upcoming events for the Macon Police Department highest crime rates in Macon this year. In fact, with 1373 Youth and Intervention. “By reaching out to and working crimes, North Macon is only eight incidents shy of tying with our children, we can reduce crime,” she said.

Jan-July 2009 Citywide stats for the Macon Police Department Type of Crime Homicide Rape All robberies Assualt/Agg. Arson All Burglary All Larceny Auto Theft

East Macon 2 7 60 53 11 180 656 70

South Macon 3 2 38 46 13 154 446 67

West Macon 2 4 1 70 48 9 277 869

Larceny: The wrongful and fraudulent taking and carrying away of goods or property

SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

22 -

North Macon 2 4 52 54 16 371 744 130

by Jenny Murr

“By reaching out to and working with our children, we can reduce crime,” Sgt Melanie Hoffman said. MPD INTERVENTION EVENT DATE September 18 Ocmulgee National Monument Fun Day – DARE Car, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. September 19 Village Green Area/Clean-Up 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. September 19 Water Authority/Lake Tobesofkee 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. September 26 9:00 a.m. – noon

Northside Hospital/McGruff

PAL Flag Football Game September 28 Village Green Park, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. September 30 PAL Flag Football Game Village Green Park, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. For information, call 478-803-2710


lascovich pointed to community education as a key to crime reduction and stated, “In the near future there will be a variety of new initiatives coming out to help promote not only personal safety, but also public safety as whole. One of our greatest needs is a pay scale and the Mayor is dedicated to implementing one as soon as possible. Also we are putting a greater focus on public outreach and awareness since this is one of the greatest ways to reduce crime and to also help solve existing cases.” Although there has been a decline in crime this year, Macon’s crime figures are considerably higher than other U.S. cities of its size. When compared to the FBI’s crime statistics for cities with a similar population, Macon doesn’t fare well. In comparison to four other U.S. cities, Macon places first in the number of crimes occurring in 2008, while it places second in the number of violent crimes in 2008.

The Little Black Box Reported Crime in 2008 Crime Stats Violent Crimes City/Population 174 Roswell, GA 88,069 5,306 Carson, CA 93,170 6,212 565 470 Tuscaloosa, AL 90,157 11,732 1375 N Charleston, SC 92,749 16,180 Macon, GA 92,576 17,297 884

According to Blascovich, “The Macon Police Department has worked to address the pressing problems we have currently in the city. This has been highlighted by the recent work done to focus on commercial robberies, which resulted in the arrest of the three suspects in the Riverside Drive Chevron murder and robbery.” L-R: Korey Stephens, Maurice Battle, Rashad Harris


n Aug. 30, Dipak “Danny” Patel, 29, was killed during a robbery of the Chevron station located at 1257 Riverside Dr. According to police reports, two black males dressed in all black entered the store shortly after 10 p.m. One of the men displayed a weapon and received an undisclosed amount of money from the clerk. As the suspects began to leave, the gunman fired a shot killing Danny Patel. After a press conference about the murder, police received several tips called in to Macon Regional Crimestoppers. According to Police Chief Mike Burns, three men were arrested for the Murder and Armed Robbery. Arrested were Maurice Murray Battle, 18; Korey Antione Stephens, 25; and Rashad Jeran Harris, 24—all three were residents of Crest Drive. “I want to thank the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, Macon Regional Crimestoppers, the District Attorney's Office, and my investigators. I also want to thank the citizens of Macon and Bibb County who stepped forward and gave information. I want to especially thank and give recognition to Sergeant Jim MacDonald and Investigator Ron Rodgers who worked many-many tireless hours on the case since day one,” Burns said.

Four days later, another murder occurred at a Macon convenience store. On Sept. 4, Jaymal Patel was waiting for his brother to get off work at the RaceWay convenience store on Mercer University Dr., near I-475. A man approached Patel and demanded his wallet, which was empty, the assailant shot him in the head. A 16-year-old was charged in the murder. In response to the two deaths in Macon, as well as the July 15 murder of Baldwin County business owner Dilipbhai “Danny” Patel at Lina Food Store, the Indian community held a rally. Many Indian-owned businesses in the Middle Georgia area closed on Sept. 14 and over 600 people marched in memory of the men and to raise awareness that crime will not be tolerated. According to Blascovich, “The march was a great moment for the community showing that we can all work together to reduce crime. The march showed that people are willing to stand up to criminals and make their neighborhoods safe.” Further steps are being taken to increase the security of convenience stores. Police have worked with local businesses to improve the patrols and security at convenience stores. Two taskforces have

been implemented in the past year to focus on commercial property safety which, according to Blascovich, will continue to be a focus and concern for the MPD. Most recently, a task force dubbed “Operation Safe Business II” was created, providing 27 additional officers to patrol the streets, conducting spot checks of service stations and convenience stores all over the city. Bibb County Chief Deputy David Davis states that they are also working to insure the safety of convenience stores, “We at the sheriff's office will continue to work with all convenience store operators to help them make their businesses less prone to robberies and other crimes. Some of the crime prevention techniques we discuss include keeping an observant eye out for suspicious persons lurking about the stores, keeping adequate lighting in and around the business, and erecting bullet resistant glass around the clerk areas.” Davis stresses the importance of having a surveillance system that is properly operating and shows clear images. “The images we observed and downloaded were instrumental in us having a successful resolution to the recent homicide at the Raceway station in unincorporated Bibb County on Mercer University Drive,” Davis said.

A newly formed organization, Middle Georgia Asian American Business Community Association, will provide training for business owners on the use of security cameras and plan to hold selfdefense classes in the future. But many business owners are not waiting for the Sept. 22 class to make changes. Andy Patel, owner of a Warner Robins convenience store, has already installed security cameras in and around his store. His employee said that while she was nervous last week about her safety, the cameras have done much to make her feel comfortable once again. “Our customers are all so nice,” she said. “I can’t imagine that we would have the same trouble that the other stores have experienced.” Although the MPD has reduced crime in 2009 and, most recently, have stepped up efforts to combat crime within the community, the Mayor’s office encourages citizens to take an active role. “Citizens should take part in their neighborhood watch, if they don’t have one they should join with neighbors to form one. The MPD can assist in this matter,” Blascovich said. “Everyone can do their part; be proactive instead of reactive. ” Communities interested in creating a neighborhood watch can call 751-7400.

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hat was the last book that you read? I'm not talking about an internet article, a skimmed textbook, or a paperback flipped through at a bookstore. I'm talking about an entire volume, from the title page to the author's bio. See, I am worried about the future of books. I keep a book at my bedside. I love perusing stacks of books at bookstores and at my local library. I've made a nice sideline of selling used books on a corner bookshelf at my shop. When the piles don't move quickly enough, I take a few boxes to the used bookstore and trade them for others. Searching yard sales for gently used books is one of my favorite pastimes. Among the treasures have been a Mark Twain first edition, an autographed leatherbound autobiography of Margaret Thatcher, and a full collection of seventies songbooks which enable me to clear a room, at will, with the piano stylings of Debby Boone and Leo Sayer. Meanwhile, book sales are lagging – even Borders has suffered a double-digit quarterly decline - and neighborhood bookshops struggle to survive. Folks get their reading fix on laptops instead of cuddling up with hardbacks. While it is not my place to 18 &I can't Over judge, help but notice that young people are tending to seek out the Wikipedia entry and the Google reference rather than slogging through an entire work of anything. While the Google reader promises to revolutionize the book world, I wonder whether the public will soon lose the ability to turn off their electronics and get truly, totally lost in a story from start to finish. I was not a prodigious bookworm in When my all daughter Sarah my youth. + Happy hour long FRI 29: ETHAN &night EWOKS received the accelerated reader award in the fifth grade, I blamed it on a recessive gene. While my sister read Nancy Drew mysteries and anything else available back when we were kids, I preferred the company of I read comic Veronica. Archie and7:30, Betty and Poker Trivia 9p.m. books, Tiger Beat magazine and the Sears catalog. That was it until adolescence. But in a span of three years, I read three major works which left their disparate indelible marks on me. Around with Moncrief & Friends,10p age Matt twelve, I discovered my mother's copy of The Sensuous Woman in her nightstand drawer. It was a revelation for a shy kid. Its contents were both titillating and horrifying; in fact, the fear of what I thought would be my feminine Specials 8pm - close! requirements should I go all the way

actually secured my virginity for years. But that informative little sex guide was one of the first books I furtively read for pleasure, so to speak. Soon afterward I found Jesus and proceeded to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It was pretty ponderous stuff, particularly the passages in Leviticus which made me wonder what kind of God I had gotten myself involved with. But I struggled on in a manner that others might eat a plate of broccoli – because I was certain that it was GOOD FOR ME. I attempted to alter both my mind and my behavior to reflect what I had read. Therefore, I tried to forget everything that I had read a year earlier in The Sensuous Woman. The next year, I decided that the New Testament had reflected communal ideals, although in more of a Hippie Jesus sense than in a political style. Nevertheless, being a bonafide weird kid, I went straight to The Communist Manifesto to understand why the radical left (who dressed so much cooler than my Baptist friends) was drawn to such complex theories. While some people espoused disco and cocaine in the seventies, I looked to Marxian dialectic until my head ached. I decided that communism was an interesting theory, but it sort of falls apart once people are involved. The next Marx book that I read was titled Groucho and Me by Groucho Marx, a much funnier work which I heartily recommend. But those three books instilled me with certain traits: idealism, a love of politics, and a dirty mind. I still quote the Bible (particularly after a stiff drink), enjoy arguing over politics and economic theory (especially by the third drink), and regularly express my exceeding thankfulness that the Lord God created multiple orgasms. The printed page has remained my steadfast companion, one which constantly challenges and expands my viewpoint in ways that I might easily avoid if I limited my interests to what I choose to quickly skim on electronic media. Once I have devoted a number of hours to an entire work by an author who spent months writing hundreds of pages on a single subject, the knowledge lingers and works its way into the permanent collection of my consciousness. Meanwhile, I can hardly recall the subject matter of the dozen or so short articles I read on Google News this morning. Read a book this week, any book. A good book can change your mind. A great book might even change your life.

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You cannot open a book without learning something. - Confucious


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Poker love of politics, mind. EVERYDAY! Read the whole column NASCAR 1AM at 2:30 and a dirty to find out what got my young mind interested in books.

I agree with the President (I think I’m getting nauseous) when he said it is “parents’ responsibility for making sure (students) stay on track.”

and the right

Conservative commentator Bill Knowles, a resident of Bibb County, spurs debate about local, state and national politics


Bibb County Babysitters Club

sure hope that the Bibb County Board of Education was listening to the speech delivered to America’s children by President Obama on September 8th. Better yet, I hope that everyone in the United States either listened or watched as our President told students that they need to be responsible. This is one of the very few things President Obama and I agree on. Unfortunately in his less than 200 days in office, his actions have contradicted this message, as his programs have rewarded adults by bailing them out of bad economic situations that they have created by their own lack of judgment or irresponsible behavior. President Obama has given free passes to individuals who fall behind on their mortgage payments as a result of their own negligence in purchasing a home beyond their means or financing a home with an adjustable rate mortgage. Obama has bailed out corporations such as AIG, General Motors and Citigroup who made bad investments, bad hiring decisions and bad loans. In his brief tenure, it seems like to me this President is consistently enabling and encouraging irresponsibility each time he gets an opportunity. Yet he stands in front of our children and preaches that they should be responsible. How can the students of America be asked to take responsibility for their own actions if their own government rewards them when they don’t? What role models do our children have if their parents are getting bailed out by a government who talks out of both sides of its mouth? I think former New York Governor George Pataki got it right when he said, “When government accepts responsibility for people, then people no longer take responsibility for themselves.” That statement should be carved in granite and hung in every government building in the nation to serve as a reminder to our government officials! I also agree with the President (I think I’m getting nauseous) when he said it is “parents’ responsibility for making sure (students) stay on track.” Parents must be more proactive in their child’s education and they should never leave it to the school system to completely educate their children. It has become too easy in today’s society to allow our schools to be our children’s babysitters instead of their educators. It is a parent’s responsibility to make sure that their child is literate and is motivated to go to college, but many have put that burden on our schools and unfairly

on the teachers. Go back and read the Pataki quote. (I’ll hum a few bars of “Hail to the Chief” while I wait for you to catch up…) A truly great President, Theodore Roosevelt said, “Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action, and we have trusted only to rhetoric. If we are really to be a great nation, we must not merely talk; we must act big.” President Obama used the word “responsibility” eight separate times in his “Back to School Event” speech. Talk is cheap Mr. Obama. Responsibility can only be fostered by someone who IS responsible. And now we move on to Bibb County where we are “blessed” with one of the worst school systems in the State of Georgia. We have one school that ranks in the top 50 in the state, yet we have several in the bottom 25. Bibb County taxpayers are asked to continue to pour more and more money into the infrastructure of the schools, yet we get less and less for our money. As a matter of fact, we will be asked again to approve another $176 million for school construction this November. Wake up Bibb County (especially our Board of Education)! In President Obama’s words, it is the “government’s responsibility for setting high standards, supporting teachers and principals, and turning around schools that aren’t working where students aren’t getting the opportunities they deserve.” If these things are being done why does the Bibb County School System consistently rank near the bottom of the heap? And why are people not moving into Bibb County yet they are flocking to surrounding counties such as Peach, Houston and Monroe? Have we not learned that prettier and bigger buildings are NOT the answer to the downward spiral that has been happening in our county’s school system, but investing in better and more competent administration and teachers might be? (I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney here…I’m not stopping, I’m on a roll.) Doesn’t it make sense that we get rid of the teachers and administrators who reek of the stagnant stench of mediocrity in favor of those who are dedicated to their profession and retaining them by supporting them and giving them a safe place to teach and adequate supplies to do their jobs? Seems to me that would be the “responsible” thing to do, wouldn’t it? I sure hope the Bibb County Board of Education listened to President Obama’s speech. I just hope they hear his words and not follow his example.


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SCENE... College Hill Corridor’s Downtown Lookaround saw new college students flooding downtown’s streets, and later, the whole town was invited to a free concert featuring the Dexateens. PHOTOS ADAM SMITH

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Chasing Airs


ormally, French words worry me, especially when connected to art—or anything, really. I haven’t spoken French in years, and the reminder is tres triste! However, in the art world, there are certain methods that require the French terms to aptly describe them: Consider the term ‘trompe l’oeil; the translation: creating decorative illusions with paint. Most artists and laymen understand the simplicity of the French term—think back porch at the Hummingbird! In Macon Arts, for the month of September, the featured artists both use methods that are fully defined by their French-terms. While I’ve yet to find a trompe l’oeil painter to embellish our walls, Jim Carson’s plein air paintings and Lora Rust’s unique ceramics created with repousse make for a very lovely exhibit.

Plein Air Painting I’ve written about plein air painting before, when Bragg Jam had their annual ‘Plein Air Paint Out’. To reprise, plein air is a French term for ‘painting outside’. Jim Carson, originally from Macon, now of Saluda, NC, utilizes the plein air method for the majority of his work. He braves the elements on location, unfolds his travel easel and oil paints, pulls out a canvas, and quickly captures the sight with his brushstrokes. His focus is not always the simple landscape—many of his paintings feature abandoned shacks. The vibrant colors and captured sunlight makes each shack appear to be ‘home sweet home’…until one considers the dilapidated condition of the interior.

Repousse & Chasing Normally, this method is associated with metalworking; metal smiths use tools to press and spread soft metal into designs both intricate and

simple. Embossing is a form of repousse and chasing; no material is removed, it is merely ‘displaced’ to create raised designs. To apply this method to ceramics is a unique, meticulous, and difficult process. Lora Rust, (above) who counts influences in art nouveau and gothic architecture, has applied this method to soft-leather hard thrown vases, bowls, cups, pitchers, and all implements of pouring vessels to ‘Enhance the Flow’. She does not carve any clay from her work—each furrow and swirl is added by gently displacing the clay. The result is a beautiful, functional piece of ceramic art. The beauty of her work is also its approachability; each piece has either a design or interesting shape on the bottom, and patrons are encouraged to touch and handle her work. Macon Arts was happy to have this Atlanta artist in our annual Fired Works ceramics show earlier this year, and we’re equally pleased to present her work in our featured artist gallery.

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Painting and Ceramics In the art world, plein air and repousse are normally paired together in a glossary of terms; but I encourage you to experience these art methods for yourself; the combination of the lush outdoors with lush ceramics makes for an interesting visual contrast. As always, there is no charge to look around. The gallery is open 11-5, weekdays, and 11-3, Saturdays. - Heatherly Darnell

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warner robins you get

base basics 50% OFF Journalist Karen Jones delves into the idiosyncrasy that comes along with being a military wife

night, the hostess of that night’s festivities had her purse lifted! No one admitted to the heist, but an informal group decision was made on “who dunnit.” The prime suspect, although never arrested (for no one ever was), suddenly became persona non grata and public enemy number one amongst the Bunco Drunkos. Her name was mud. If you were spotted with the assumed pilferer, you became guilty by association. Things spiraled out of control---the hearsay had hit a fever pitch. When the guys rolled back in from the desert, they had to contain their wives and try to return a sense of normalcy to the social climate on the post. The commander had to, well, command, that the men control their dependents. Disorder and chaos within the spousal ranks is certainly a morale killer for everyone. GNOs and Bunco gatherings are meant to be a time for women to come together, enjoy commonalities, and make deeper friendships; but, they can instead turn into vehicles for women to beat upon each other. Perhaps in the case of the missing designer bag “who dunnit” mystery tour, that night’s game of choice should’ve been the classic board game, Clue, and not Bunco. Maybe Colonel Mustard’s wife did do it in the dining room with the rope?

GIFT Of Swords and Clubs CARDS!


dding stress to an already stressful situation is not a good idea, especially when dealing with the U.S. Army. While deployed in the desert, around a dozen men found out their wives back on the post were being investigated for a crime. What in the hell? It all started with a “GNO,” a girls’ night out. Imagine the setting: alcoholic beverages flood, women giggle and shriek like little school girls (accompanied by “jazz hands” gestures), and finger foods colorfully dot and decorate the kitchen counter tops. Music plays---the kind that encourages dancing and singing out the chorus (cue: Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”). The typical conversation fodder ranges from marital topics and men to parenting yarns to fashion discoveries and even to hairstyles of the “do” and “don’t” variety. Good female bonding and fellowship galore, right? Get ready for gossip, maligning, and sin. Amongst military spouses (the women), these type of game nights are very popular, especially in military housing areas. This


revelry centers on a dice game of luck, Bunco, or as some people like to call it, “Drunko.” The game requires many different seating opportunities, so as to max out gregarious interactions. The “head table” rings the bell to begin and pretty much runs the show from there. Alas, the social pyramid is set. Let the games begin. It is common for a Bunco Night to occur once a month and usually by invitation only. For some, being invited to Bunco the first time is almost like an audition to see if they are cool enough to be invited back. Those head table ladies run the invite list and would decide amongst themselves who made a good fit for the next time. If someone seemed like a square peg, then the head table ladies would arrange to lose the square’s number. I Typically, the ladies are on their best behavior until the booze begins to soak in, then tongues start to wag about whoever isn’t there. And on one Army post’s friendly game night of Bunco, sticky fingers got in on the game as well. At the end of the


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American Idol’s 8th Season Runner-Up, Adam Lambert, Supports Central GA Classrooms


Odd Balls The Nines (AP) Chuck Berendes of La Crosse said he will never forget the birthday of this third child, born Wednesday on the ninth day of the nine month in the year 2009. Nor will Berendes and his wife, Polly, forget Henry Michael's arrival time at 9:09 a.m. by Cesarean section at Franciscan Skemp Medical Center in La Crosse. But they got the biggest laugh when the newborn was placed on the delivery room scale following his birth. Berendes said it was metric scale so the doctor did the math in his head, but to make sure, he had the nurse also do the conversion. Baby Henry weighed 9 pounds, 9 ounces.

Fake Cop Asks for Urine Samples


early 100 Central Georgia classrooms have benefited from CFCG’s $50,000 matching grant to One Central Georgia teacher in particular caught the attention and generosity from American Idol’s Adam Lambert by posting a project entitled “Can You Hear Me Now?” The local middle school chorus teacher created a project request on, a non-profit website that enables public school teachers to request the materials that would benefit their students and improve learning. The teacher requested new microphones, stands, and an amp for the school’s chorus. American Idol’s Adam Lambert saw the request and contributed to fully fund the project. He posted a message to the teacher and classroom saying, “I gave to this project because I wanted to help inspire children that are interested in music and performing arts. I was interested in theatre and music when I was going through school and I understand how limited a school's budget can be to support the arts." Can You Hear Me Now? “I think it is wonderful to see a celebrity like Adam Lambert using his star power in a positive way to encourage philanthropy in support of arts in public education,” said Kathryn Dennis, President of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia.

(AP) Authorities said they have arrested a 30-year-old Pensacola man for impersonating a law enforcement officer. According to a sheriff's office news release, Michael Gainey was arrested after he approached teenagers in a convenience store parking lot and said he was a deputy. He allegedly searched at least at least one teen and told another to take a urine test. Gainey didn't show the teens a badge but they believed he was a law enforcement officer. Gainey faces charges of battery, burglary of the vehicle, fraud-impersonation of a law enforcement officer during the commission of a felony, marijuana possessing and possession of narcotic equipment. He was jailed on $54,000 bond.

Dude, I mean, come on (AP) An East Tennessee man whose driver's license was suspended was charged with driving on a suspended license on the same day. The Greeneville Sun reported a Greene County Sheriff's officer stopped 27-year-old Billy Ray Mathes late Wednesday night. On a note attached to the arrest warrant, Lt. Wesley Holt stated he charged Mathes with driving on a sus-

pended license because he knew a judge had suspended Mathes' driving privileges that day. Mathes had been stopped on Sept. 4 for a registration violation and was driving the same car, with the same license plate, when Holt spotted him Wednesday night. He's due in court again on Friday.

Swine Flu Strikes Again Fear of H1N1 flu will stop devout eapolitans from performing the time-honored ritual of kissing the blood of their patron Saint Gennaro when the city's annual festival begins later this month. The decision to forbid kissing of the glass vial containing the saint's blood was taken reluctantly by city authorities Monday, and has brought protests from local politicians.The vial will be put on display in the city's cathedral for a week from September 19 so the faithful will be allowed to touch.

Follow Mr Macon Out on Twitter

Guys and Gals I got a lot of questions and comments this week (fat girl, I’m looking at you) but I just found something too funny not to let you all in on. It’s a twitter page called “Shit My Dad Says.” I’ve never tweeted. I find it silly that folks would want to know what I’m doing. Having read this, I think that you all would find my day to day thoughts very interesting, and I’ll be tweeting in a very manly way at Yeah, I copied the guy, so what? My inspiration’s name is Justin, he’s 28 years old and he lives with his 72 year old father. Each day, his father says something priceless and Justin posts it up. He has over 200,000 followers. I think I must be the most loyal. A gangsta hug and thank you to James T for turning me on to this. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Justin’s dad. "Your brother brought his baby over this morning. He told me it could stand. It couldn't stand for shit. Just sat SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009

32 -

there. Big let down."11:35 AM Aug 20th from web] "It's just a fucking june bug, calm down. Jesus Christ, what happens when something bigger than a testicle attacks you?" 3:12 PM Sep 2nd from web. "What are you listening to?...I know who Hall & Oates are god dammit. It's the mustache guy and the gay man."1:16 PM Sep 1st from web. "I just did an hour on the gym machine. I'm sweaty and I have to shit. Where's my fannypack, this workout is over."12:36 PM Aug 31st from web. "Your mother rented this film, What Happens In Vegas. I thought it was going to be non-fiction, but it's fiction, and it's about some idiot.12:38 PM Aug 27th from web "The dog don't like you planting stuff

there. It's his backyard. If you're the only one who shits in something, you own it. Remember that." 11:33 AM Aug 26th from web "Love this Mrs. Dash. The bitch can make spices... Jesus, Joni (my mom) it's a joke. I was making a joke! Mrs. Dash isn't even real dammit!"11:28 AM Aug 19th from web "The dog is not bored, it's a fucking dog. It's not like he's waiting for me to give him a fucking rubix cube. He's a god damned dog."12:43 PM Aug 18th from web Immediately sign up for this guy at I laugh every morning.

Email your questions about love and stuff to:


with columnist Ask a Mexican EMAIL QUESTIONS TO

Q: Where’s the best place to get authentic Mexican food in Middle Georgia? A: Margarita’s, of course! Dear Mexican: From which states do the majority of Mexicans in the United States come from? I often see window and bumper stickers with the names of Mexican states. Do Mexicans distinguish themselves with statehood pride, apart from Mexican pride? - Stately Señor Dear Gabacho: Segunda question first: yes, just like Americans do, and just like goombahs distinguish their heritage as, say, either Sicilian or Genovese. First pregunta: It depends on where you live in los Estados Unidos. Numbers on the breakdown of how many Mexicans from a particular state have invaded the U.S. are notoriously inexact, with neither American or Mexican ethnographers providing accurate stats due to the double curveball of pochos who still identify with their parents’ states (like your humble wab—¡puro Jerez, Zacatecas, cabrones!) and illegals. Historically, the top states sending Mexicans to el Norte were from the northern and central parts of the country—Sonora, Jalisco, Zacatecas, Michoacán and the like—due to proximity, socioeconomic strife, and chain migration. But with the advent of the Reconquista, different Mexicans go to different places, and a lot of them are Mexicans gabachos never knew existed. California has the largest communities of folks from Oaxaca, many who don’t even speak Spanish as a first language. In Chicago, the dominant group is the chingones from Durango, whose main contributions to Mexi culture are Pancho Villa and pasito duranguense. It seems every third Mexican in Texas who ain’t Tex-Mex comes from northern Mexico, specifically Nuevo Leon, Tamaulimpas, and Chihuahua. And so many people from the central Mexican state of Puebla have migrated to the Big Apple in the past couple of decades—more than half of all Mexicans in the city, according to the Institute for Mexicans Abroad—that those in the know call it Puebla York. So, gabachos: know your Mexicans so you better know how to hate. Quick hint: tell those from Jalisco they’re little better than nayaritas…



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ARIES (March 21-April 19):

















Last issues puzzle answers 6XGRNX6ROXWLRQ &URVVZRUG6ROXWLRQ         








2 3 7 3 ' , ( $ ( 1 ( 0 , ( 6 , 1 1 ( $ 5 1 3 + 2 7 2 ( ( / 3 ( 0 ( 5 $ / ' $ / / 6 : $ 7 2 $ 6 , 6 7 5 , 2 6 0 $ 1 (


( 1 ' 2 ( 5 % ( $ / 6

6 7 $ ( 6 7

2 3 8 6 ( 5 5 ( ' 5 2 * ( 5 9 ( 5 , 5 ( / $ 1 . ( 7 ( 3 $ 1 , 6 2 & / . 9 $ 6 , 9 ( & 2 6 1 7 (


5 $ & .

2 7 : (




To solve the Sudoku puzzle, each row, column and box must contain the numbers 1 to 9. 7RVROYHWKH6XGRNXSX]]OHHDFKURZFROXPQDQGER[ PXVWFRQWDLQWKHQXPEHUVWR






TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You are practical, peace loving, stubborn, and deliberate. Taurus has a natural interest in money, and you like the finer things in life. A period of ideas and plans has just moved into your life. New schemes, conceptions or guesses you have in the next week or so turn out somewhat successfully. Your mind is very alert now and very busy latching on to new and unique ideas. You must see to it that what you come up with gets implemented right away in order to be successful. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Gemini is versatile, fickle, intelligent, creative, quick, neat, and curious. Gemini learns quickly and has the ability to get a good education. For the next month or so, you will find that you feel very discontented and worried for some reason. Your affairs can be unsettled and mistakes are easily made. Self expression is suddenly difficult which means misunderstandings may occur. This is not a good time to move or change residences. Work prospects are more plentiful now. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Cancer is sentimental, sensitive, and needs to have a sense of security. Cancer is intensely romantic and has a vivid imagination. New ideas occur to you now and new plans are made which can be very exciting and turn out to be very successful. This is an inventive and creative time but you may be a little ahead of everyone else. You may need to allow time for everyone else to play catch up with you and your new ideas and plans. Your money picks up again after next week.

VIRGO (August 23-Sept 22): You can be highly critical, sarcastic, & unforgiving. Brand new ideas begin to occur to you now. In a few weeks you should be ready to put them to actual use. This is a week in which you can attack problems and find solutions quickly. You can get excited now about what you are accomplishing. Everything you do now turns out to be successful so hopefully you are working on important.


You will say things without thinking. You can be arrogant, presumptuous, and your own interests will come first. You still have a tendency to overdo. Especially financial. You must try to reign in your extravagance or you may find your finances depleted to a dangerous level. Your partners also need to do the same if you can convince them. Your goals and the direction you want to take in life become well defined now and slow but steady progress is made.

LEO (July 23-August 22): Leo is colorful, self assured, outgoing, impulsive and expansive. Decisions about your finances have to be made within the next couple of weeks. The choices somewhat even out so it is difficult to choose the correct options. Some sort of financial papers may need to be signed. Your best bet is to stick with the tried and true methods that have worked so well in the past. Real changes made now may cause some serious problems.






LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22): Libra is artistic, musical, level headed, sympathetic, and generous. You can be gossipy, critical, and bitter. Should something to sell, even if it is just a service rather than something material, this is the time to do it. You will get the money you want as long as you are patient, drive a hard bargain and stick to your solid price. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve the chance to meet someone very special and unique now so you will need to be out and about as well as being at your best.

SCORPIO (October 23-Nov 21): You are very intense, strong willed, determined and secretive. You can be willful and sarcastic, but a deep thinker with a fine mind. You are making some very nice plans now and you are coming up with some detailed ideas you will want to put into play. People are still giving you trouble but only because you allow them to get under your skin. Your partner or mate is a very busy person and you must allow them their space and the time to do what is needed. SAGITARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Sagittarius is warm and friendly. You like to talk a great deal making it difficult for others to get a word in edgewise. You are being drawn like a magnet to a new and very interesting person. It could even be love at first sight. If so, you will have to be the one to introduce yourself and get the vibes working. This other person will be just as interested in you so do not hesitate. New friendships can become very important in some way so be sure to get out and socialize. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Capricorn is very often politically minded. Capricorn is also patient, reserved, cautious, faithful and shrewd.. During the next few weeks is the right time to implement any and all new ideas or plans for a successful outcome. You have been planning a nice surprise for someone this week. Even though he/she knows something is afoot, they are not quite sure what it is and you will give no hints. You may be making an unexpected trip by air this week. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Independence and a feeling of freedom is necessary. Aquarius has a strong will, and is original, inventive, and will always enjoy doing the unexpected. You have one more week of the luck which you have had going for you so make the most of it. After next week money seems to tighten up again so be sure to save what you can this week. If you have something to sell, now is the time. You may meet someone now who is irresistible to you. It could even be love at first sight for both of you. PISCES (Feb 19-March 20): You are emotional, ultra-sensitive, easy going, and sociable. New, detailed plans and/or ideas are offered to you this week and it will be in your best interest to go along with them. You can add the energy or impetus that is needed to carry them through to a successful end. You may have to run a few errands for your mate but you do not really mind. Something creative in the kitchen may be relaxing for you and your mate.

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BEAUTY/SPA/SALON Amanda Jane Massage.............................5 6XGRNX6ROXWLRQ Jennifer Jones Massage..........................27 LODGING Vineville Spa & Salon.............................30 Ramada Plaza............................................19 CHURCH SERVICES LANDSCAPING Centenary Methodist..............................5 Beech Tree Supply....................................27 EVENTS/VENUES LAWYERS 567 Cafe.....................................................7 Holly Hogue................................................7 Cox Capitol Theatre...............................10 Mike Cranford...........................................35 Georgia Music Hall of Fame...................6 Russell Walker...........................................34 Westobau Festival, Augusta....................8

MUSIC Music Masters...........................................27 NIGHTLIFE 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pub nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Subs........................................13 Backporch Lounge...................................20 Bibb Distributing................................cover BJs Billiards................................................28 CJâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sports Bar..........................................23 Club Envy...................................................29 Cox Capitol Theatre...............................12 Friends Bar & Grill..................................36 Grantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lounge........................................26 The Hummingbird...................................16 The Meritage............................................19 Rivalryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar & Grill................................32 Taraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tavern.............................................25 Whiskery River........................................35

REAL ESTATE Mindy Attaway, Coldwell Banker...........34 Luxury Condo for Rent..........................34 RESTAURANTS Buffaloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,Warner Robins.........................21 Buffaloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Macon..........................................5 Calienteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Burrito Shop...........................23 Captain Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Crab Shack......................36 Downtown Grill.......................................21 El Azteca ...................................................17 Friends Bar & Grill..................................36 Macon Mellow Mushroom.....................17 Greek Corner Deli..................................28 Ingleside Village Pizza...............................21 Larryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Giant Subs....................................30 Macon Pizza in the Alley.........................18 Margaritaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mexican.................................32 Market City Cafe.....................................21

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SEPTEMBER 3 - 16, 2009 33

CLASSIFIEDS To advertise in our classifieds section, call 464-1840 or email your ad to Just $20 for 2 weeks! FOR RENT Great modern gallery space for rent in the heart of downtown Macon. Artists can rent gallery space and take all of the commission. Gallery space available November 1. Please call Betsy at 478-737-5972 if you are interested and want to see space.

HELP WANTED Band Seeking Bassist: Former members of a regionally established band are seeking a dedicated, hard working, bassist for a new project. Vocal skills are optional but seriously considered. Must be open minded and have good people skills. Must also be willing and prepared to play shows out of state and be proficient in the recording studio. Call for audition. Contact Sutton 478-278-2919.

Luxury Condo For Rent

Nationwide Construction Group has an immediate opening for laborers for a highway project in Macon, GA. On the job training (OT) program available. No construction experience necessary. Must be able to pass pre-employment physical and drug screen. Interested candidates may fax resumes to (586) 749-6909, or fill out application at our website at EOE/M/F/V/D

Part-time help wanted to help clean, break-down and set-up tables and chairs for an event facility in downtown Macon. Please call Betsy at 478-737-5972 if you are interested in some part-time work. Pay is $10/hour.

3,000 sq feet with security gate & garage 2.5 baths, 3 bedrooms, granite in kitchen

PERSONALS Friendly Attractive 44 Year old male seeks male 25-45 for tennis, friendship, road trip. If interested please call 478-454-7884.

Cooks, servers and bartenders needed.

Master bath with steam room & jet tub Huge living room, den/dining, bonus room Marble and heart pine floors, 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ceilings

Must have experience. For more information call 254-6011.

Short walk to Medical Center & Mercerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Campus $2500 a month + condo fees Located within the College Hill Corridor at 643 Orange Street, lower right condo includes large porch To schedule a tour call Anne Bragg (478) 808-1749 or email

For Sale by Owner

View details at

Lg master bath with clawfoot tub, dbl sinks and tile shower

4 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 3 Acres

Beautifully restored home located just 20 minutes from Macon off of I-16. Built in 1850 with original stained glass doors, mantels, lots of historic charm and antique heart-pine floors throughout! New exterior paint in 2007, updated plumbing, electrical and new HVAC. Very large, open kitchen includes all stainless steel appliances. Large, well-maintained yard with pole barn and storage shed at the back of the property. Priced WAY below the appraisal for quick sale to someone who will love and appreciate this historic, beautiful home.


(20 minutes from downtown)

$143,000 Interested parties call (478)320-7861 to schedule a tour


Fri & Sat

The biggest dance party in middle GA for 30 years! for more info 788-3000

4570 Pio Nono Ave â&#x20AC;˘ Macon

Live Music Wed - Saturday! SEPT 16-19 Richie Fields

SEPT 23-26 JT Curtis

WEDNESDAYS: LADIES NIGHT Free cover & $1 drinks for gals WED. SEPT 23! Ultimate Vegas Experience

One show only, 8:30pm For reservations or VIP Packages call 785-3155


For a schedule of upcoming comedians, visit Fri 9p / Sat 9p / Sun 8:30p



• 3 lbs. of Crablegs • Prime Rib & for just $22.95! Snow Crab Legs Just $13.99!


A special lunch menu now available in our Billiard Room just $4-$5!



Restaurant: Mon - Thurs 4pm - 10p Friday-Sat 4pm - 11pm

Billiards and Bar: Mon-Sat 3pm - until...



OCT. 24: 9am-5pm


Entry fee $15, Half the proceeds will benefit Kids Yule Love, the other half is cash prizes!

Poker is back! 7:30pm Includes a FREE dinner!!!

Old Fashion Car Swap Meet

Lunch Served Daily 11-2 Meat & two sides with a drink $6.25

Tel: 225-1165 1229 Russell Pkwy, Warner Robins

FRIDAYS Blind Draw Dart Tourney In-House 8 Ball, 7p Karaoke w/Kenny, 9p


Ladies Night!

Wednesdays: 50¢ Wells for the gals, guys get free pool with a bucket of beer!

Nightly Poker, 7:30pm

Tuesday thru Sunday! FREE BUFFET!

Karaoke with Scott

Mon & Wed 5pm Fri & Sat 7pm


7405 Industrial Hwy. • MACON • 784-9191

Your Nascar Headquarters! FREE FOOD!

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Missouri Waltz starring Karen Black, Lord T & Eloise, Woofstock and more!