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Second Coming of

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Santa & his live reindeer arrive Nov 20

Fly South Fest featuring The Derek Trucks Band ON SALE NOW! Save the date, Dec 5





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t’s getting pretty stressful that Fly South Festival is three weeks away. Though the folks at Bragg Jam Inc. should be used to this by now, we will all be spending the next three weeks running like a bunch of piglets with our heads cut off to make this thing happen. That’s just the way it works with large scale events, I guess. By the way, we’re still taking vendor applications for any necklace making, walking stick carving, balloon blowing carnies that love roaming around to such events and hocking their wares. You can contact us here at the 11th hour Office for an application. 478-4641840. We’re also looking for professional and Amateur (backyard) cooking teams. With over 10K in cash prizes, it’s worth risking that your butt is the tastiest. You can find that application at along with bunches of information about the event. I think it’s great that we’re seeing more from Bragg Jam these days. They sponsored a great show at the Hummingbird, that got Jimbo Mathis, Alvin Youngblood Hart, and Luther Dickenson from the Black Crows together onstage a while back. More recently, they helped sponsor our annual

Thriller Parade, which brought over 1500 people to downtown Macon to watch us dance. And next week the encore performance of T Bird and the Breaks, Bragg Jam 2009’s most talked about band, at the Cox Capitol theatre is sure to be a sell-out. A once a year pub crawl has turned into a group of people who churn out great events all year long. That’s something to be excited about in Macon. And Derek Trucks tickets are selling fast, even for a walk up town like Macon. I’d get mine today if I were you. As I was writing the above paragraph, I heard tap-dancing outside my window. When I got up to look out, Shantee, as most of us know the cross dressing 50 something year old man who loves to hang out on our block, treated me to a ten minute areobicise, dance-off with himself, while singing the song he spontaneously wrote in my office a few months back called “Steppin into Hollywood.” Think Prince and the Revolution meets Ike Turner meets a cross dressing homeless guy. I tried to video him, but he caught me, winked, and smiled, and I felt too uncomfortable to continue filming. Man I love Macon. I really do.


local profile The Shamrock’s Saint + the blotter,Watercooler & City Scene



city picks Big Bass & Bluegrass, Gallagher + full calendar of events for the next 2 weeks

music T Bird and the Breaks, Chooglin’ and the rest of Macon’s nightlife on pages 14-15.

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local spotlight Polly’s Corner Cafe + Special of the Week,Tipping Point the dish what are you hungry for today?

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The Second Coming of Sonny Spoon

18 The Scene, Shopping Local,

Fried Shrimp done right at Polly’s Corner Cafe

Dear Mr Macon Out, Oddballs, Crossword



Columnist Karen Rogers: For over fifteen years Karen Jones has been a military spouse and a stay-at-home mother of two. Last year, she began writing after a suggestion from a professor at Macon State College.This has evolved into a “second career” and love outside of her domestic dalliances.

Columnist Bill Knowles is a lifelong Conservative who has lived in the Macon area for over 20 years. He got his first taste of the political process when at age 9 he proudly handed out buttons for then President Richard Nixon and has been hooked ever since. Bill has held campaign positions for various local, state and national candidates, including President Ronald Reagan, Steve Forbes, Senator Fred Thompson and most recently Senator John McCain. He is currently a member of the Bibb County Republican Party’s Executive Committee and the Georgia GOP’s State Committee. He and his wife Bridget have one son,Teddy.

Columnist Debra McCorkle began writing liberal commentary when she turned forty, the same year that George W. Bush was first elected president. She has spent the last decade in respectful disagreement with various aspects of the government as well as pondering the rapidly shifting social climate. McCorkle has written for The 11th Hour for the past six years. Her work has also appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Hip Mama, and on Georgia Public Radio. The south Georgia native has owned a shop for twenty years and is the proud mother of two daughters. Freelance writer Jenny Murr has lived in Middle Georgia for 30 years.A recent college graduate, Jenny loves to write, read and make graphic art. She currently freelances for several online publications and is diligently working on her first novel.


Publisher >> Brad Evans

Art Director >> Meagan Evans

Copy Editor >> Jenny Murr>

Contributing Writers >>

Debra McCorkle, Karen Rogers,Tim Bagwell, Rick Hutto, David Higdon, Jenny Murr, Cindy Hill, Nancy White, Larry Schlesinger, Bill Knowles, Priscilla Esser, Chris Horne

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community Dargan, owner of The Shamrock, with Father Michaud Fruitho at a Haiti Benefit on October 28.




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1090 Riverside Dr. • (478) 254-6400 NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009


he Shamrock has played host to many Maconites, providing a place to hang out with friends, hear good music, and have a drink or two. But, what many may not know is that for the past two years the Shamrock has been helping to meet the needs of those living a bit farther away from Georgia—in Haiti. When a Shamrock patron asked business owner Dargan to make a donation to the Haitian Hope Project founded by St. Francis Episcopal Church, he immediately said he would do it. From then on 10 percent of the take collected on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month are given to further the work of the project. “It doesn’t matter if you are a part of our group or not,” said Marcia Aldridge, a Hatian Hope volunteer. “Dargan is Catholic and has never seen a presentation about our project, but he’s given to the project faithfully for two years out of the goodness of his heart.” “Haiti is only 90 miles from Miami and is the largest dioces in the Episcopal church, but we haven’t paid any attention to it,” Aldridge said. “It is the size of Maryland and the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere with its people living on a dollar or two a day.” Five years ago, St. Francis developed a partnership after completing a study of the Acts of the Apostles. “We realized from the beginning that this mission was different from other missions…we were not to go down build and leave, but to develop relationships with the people. Through that we have become brothers and sisters in Christ with them in a way I never thought possible,” Alderide said. According to St. Francis’ website at, only $30 provides a hot lunch to one child for the entire school year. The hearty meal consists of goat meat, black beans and rice with goats’ milk. A donation of only $75 provides a student with a uniform, tuition, supplies and one hot meal. To provide for a teacher’s salary, $1,000 is all that’s needed. The Haitian Hope Project committee is comprised of many local teachers who, after learning that Haitian school children walk 3-4 hours to school without breakfast, they aren’t served a school lunch, and at the end of the day they must walk home, focused on helping with education.

“Haiti is only 90 miles from Miami. It is the size of Maryland and the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere with its people living on a dollar or two a day.” Through their fundraising efforts a kitchen was built. “Now they have kids who can eat and hopefully improves their ability to learn,” Aldridge said. “Enrollment has risen from 165 students to 400 in just five years. We can hardly keep up financially.” The philosophy of this endeavor is to keep the money in Haiti. Instead of sending a group on mission to build the kitchen, the Haitian Hope Project sent money for the Haitians to build it. In this way, the money is helping the children as well as improving the economy. This mission has not only affected Haitian children, it has affected Maconites as well. “I’ve seen how our opulence really separates us from God. They have a spiritual awareness that their life is contingent on what God provides for them,” Aldridge said. “This is a pivitol source in my life…to become true brothers and sisters in Christ with the Haitians.” What began as a ministry of one local church has turned into a Community mission. After watching a presentation at their school, Irene Markson’s French students at First Presbyterian Day School wanted to raise money for the children. So far, they have raised a couple thousand dollars, created booklets in French, and come up with projects on their own to support the Haitians. The Glad River Church of Mercer University, a non-denominational congregation of students and professors, give several thousand dollars a year. Anyone can participate in this project. Individuals and organizations that want to participate in this ministry are encouraged to send a tax deductible contribution to Haitian Hope % St Francis Church, 432 Forest Hill Rd. Macon, GA31210. On your check, please state Saint Francis Church as the payee and on the“FOR” line, write Haitian Hope. - Jenny Murr

THE BLOTTER Sonoma stolen from Sheraton Drive

the 411 on Bibb County Crime

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, a blue 1993 GMC Sonoma was stolen from 4501 Sheraton Drive.The truck has a silver and black Georgia tag on the front and a silver tool box on the back.The tag number is 4119ALR. Anyone with information about this vehicle should contact Law Enforcement immediately with details about the exact location and direction of travel.

Burglary at Hunter’s Run Apartments

At approximately 10:20 on Tuesday, Nov. 10, an apartment at Hunter’s Run on Thomaston Road was burglarized. The suspects are two black males, one approximately 5’10” tall with dreadlocks and the other is 5’7” tall.They are driving a red 2001 Dodge Neon, tag BJA3141. Bibb Sheriff’s office advises not to approach these suspects, but rather call 911 if the vehicle is spotted.

Pursuit leads to arrest in Law Enforcement Center parking lot

Bibb County Sheriff Deputies arrested 32-year-old Thomas Richardson of Macon, on Nov. 9, after a pursuit through downtown Macon and Bibb County. At 4:40 a.m., Deputy Robbie Joiner spotted a blue Chevy Corsica traveling the wrong way on a one-way street on Hardeman Ave.When Deputy


Joiner attempted to stop the vehicle, the car picked up speed and continued to elude deputies as it traveled through the Walnut St.and Riverside Dr. areas. The vehicle got onto I-16, heading west and then onto I-75 and headed south. Deputies attempted to stop stick the vehicle at mile marker 158, Richardson was able to evade that attempt. Richardson continued to lead deputies on a chase exiting to Hartley Bridge Rd, driving on the wrong side of the road to the entrance on I-75N. He exited on Eisenhower Pkwy, turning onto Second St. after hitting a marked sheriff car. Richardson’s attempted escape eventually led him toward downtown Macon where he turned onto Oglethorpe St., next to the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center. After turning into the sheriff’s office parking lot, he came to a stop after running into one of the sheriff office vans. Bibb County Sheriff’s placed Richardson under arrest and later found that he was a suspect in the burglary of Pig in a Pit on Bass Road at 2:30 a.m. that morning. Police found a cash register in the vehicle. Richardson is currently in the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center for the charges of Parole Violation, Burglary, Obstruction, 2 counts of Interference with Govt. Property, Reckless Driving, Driving and Eluding Police.

for believers, doubters, atheists & agnostics

on faith

TIM BAGWELL, pastor of Centenary Methodist Church


harles Dickens begins A Tale of Two Cities with these words which I learned by heart many years ago: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” That classic opening paragraph continues: “…it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness… it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity… it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness… it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair… we had everything before us, we had nothing before us… we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was like the present period…” The times in which we live are reflected in the ambiguity Dickens creates. We are surrounded by good things – opportunities, blessings, plenty, community, hope, freedom… But we also are overwhelmed with obstacles that seem to weigh us down. To be fully human means to be conflicted. The genius of Dickens is that he is able to articulate that which we all recognize in the recesses of our souls. No generation or age is exempt from the paradox, conflict, and ambiguity of living. The Bible is filled with stories of ambiguity, which is why it is loved and revered. The Bible is not linear history, science, or an instruction manual. It is not rock hard, absolute, unchanging, or perfectly coherent. The Bible, in the words of Debbie Blue, is a “tangle of wild poetry, heartbreaking stories, contradictions, twists and turns. It is the concrete struggles of an array of unruly characters being sought after by God…” And so we can surmise in the words of Charles Dickens that “…the period was like the present period…” Biblical times are like the time in which we live. If you can’t stand ambiguity and paradox, don’t read the Bible. If you are interested in stumbling across stories that reflect the essence of life, read the Bible. Some of the Bible is nonsensical. Don’t dwell on the nonsensical part of the story. Move on, for you will find a pearl at some point that has been buried in a field. You will have an “AHA” moment of selfrecognition. Something that was dark will become light. That which was foolish will become wisdom. The winter of despair will be transformed into hope. You will see yourself more clearly. You will encounter God as God searches for you.




from Facebook

When we asked locals to look ten years into the future of their city, this is what we got.

Two words: Flying cars. - Benjamin November 5 at 3:47pm ·

Hopefully with a completely revitalized downtown with all the historic homes restored. - Amanda Lou November 5 at 4:04pm

Poorest city in the nation... inhabited by space aliens who hold Duane Allman as there god..they will take over Rose Hill Cemetery as their own home - Clark November 5 at 4:29pm

I would love to see a commuter train from ATL to downtown Macon. I think Mercer University should pursue this. They could definitely work something out between the Macon and Atlanta campuses. Plus, it would be a wonderful way to bring ATL business to Macon (and the Music and Sports Halls of Fame might have a fighting chance). - Carolann

5990 Zebulon Road, Macon

Weekly Specials

¢ 35 Wings Saturdays 10-4 & Tuesdays 3 - close MON: KIDS EAT FREE! WED: $3 PINTS ALL DAY THUR: FAMILY TRIVIA!


November 5 at 7:03pm

Home of 2 waves of the most amazing music the world has ever heard or seen....From Otis, Richard, R.E.M. Allman Brothers & such to Floco Torres, AL K!ng, Roly-Bots Oh! Dorian, Citizen Insane & such!!!! - Kevin Floco November 5 at 7:38pm

Macon City and Bibb County are in talks for unification. Georgia remains the only state with no public option and illegal marijuana. - Gaul November 5 at 9:47pm

You hit the nail on the head Gaul. R.E.M. isnt from Macon either. - Clark November 5 at 9:58 pm

The 11th Hour: Half of REM (Mike Mills and Bill Berry) is and that half worked for Ian Copeland at Paragon Booking Agency and it was his brother, Miles, that signed them to IRS Records when REM was formed, so it's all connected. The same place it was 10 years ago with different people talking about where Macon could be in 10 years. - Scott November 5 at 10:15 pm

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 5

the city scene

A new revolving column by City Council members Rick Hutto, Nancy White & Larry Schlesinger about city politics and community news


Overnight Camping available! Covered Venue!

Suite 1200 3076 Riverside Dr.

475-5860 Macon, Ga 31210

Happy Hour ‘til 7pm $1 OFF ALL DRINKS!




FRIDAYS: Dance Band 9pm-1am

11/13: Project 77 • 11/20: B Keith Williams MONDAYS: Jam & Rehearse 7-10pm

11/16: RJ and Randy • 11/23: tba NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009



Obesity is Killing Middle GA

n early October I attended a breakfast meeting at Mercer University hosted by Community Health Works. It was a kick-off to an all-day Regional Health Summit to follow in a couple weeks. I didn’t particularly feel like attending, but wanted Coliseum Health System represented. I sure felt differently by its conclusion. My spine was stiff and my brain was spinning. The information spoke straight to my nurses training and city council position. The take-home message, distilled to the dregs, was that obesity is killing Middle Georgia both literally and economically, and strategies to prevent obesity fall at the feet of our local governments. That obesity is killing us was no surprise. A local doctor told me over 10 years ago that probably 90% of American’s healthcare costs are attributable to obesity. Think about. Obese adults are more prone to heart disease, hip, knee and back problems, hypertension, diabetes and some cancers. Makes you wonder if we need healthcare reform or lifestyle reform. The surprise was that the CDC recommends local governments –non-traditional partners -- develop policies to prevent obesity. Further, the CDC has identified the highest priority strategies for local governments to tackle and has pilot tested them in 20 communities. Obesity is very personal, which makes it sensitive to discuss. Many regard obesity as a personal choice. After all, the law of thermodynamics is no respecter of persons. Calories in, calories out. It works like your bank account. Our culture, however, does not foster moderation in eating or spending. And the human and economic costs of obesity to Middle Georgia are extreme. Community Health Works cites research showing while 26.5 percent of all Georgia adults are obese, 31.1 of Middle Georgia adults are. Their studies further show a $282.7 million potential annual healthcare savings to Middle Georgia if obesity is successfully addressed (Greg Dent, The Telegraph, 10/04/09). CDC recommends 24 core strategies to local governments to prevent obesity. They fall into a couple broad categories – supporting healthy food and beverage choices, and encouraging physical activity. You may read them in their entirety at As a community we already offer much in the way of supporting physical activity. Consider the 10 miles of Ocmulgee Heritage Trail along the river. The College Hill Corridor will incorporate walking and bicycle paths. GDOT’s new projects include sidewalks. A local cardiologist recently launched an initiative to extend bicycle trails all the way to Monroe County. We have athletic programs offered through Parks and Recreation. But we have room for improvement. We could enhance personal safety in areas where people could be physically active but

are afraid to. We could enhance traffic safety in areas where people can be physically active. Zoning policies that promote mixed use development, i.e., combining residential land use with commercial and institutional, promote physical activity. Downtown is a good example of this. Loft dwellers tend to walk rather than drive to work. I’d like to see our own Parks and Recreation department take the lead in fighting our obesity scourge. No additional employees required – just recalibration of a job description along with innovation. They need look no further than Charlotte, NC. This community created The Fit City Challenge, and they are whittling away at their goal to be recognized as the fittest community in the country. The initiative is woven into the programming of every recreation center. Residents can also participate through an interactive Fit City Challenge website. Public policy promoting healthy food choices is more complex. Public schools are a critical venue for this effort, and the Bibb Board of Education must take seriously their role in this battle. Compounding the complexity is our high poverty rate. According to Forbes magazine, Macon has the seventh poorest metro area in the U.S. with a per capita income of $21,913. Fifteen percent of our metro population receives food stamps. Face it, many local folks can’t get to a grocery store. What can city and county government do? Well, we could make a big splash like New York City and ban artery-clogging trans fats from all restaurants. This was done just three years after New York banned smoking from restaurants. They’re serious about public health! The CDC guidelines are clear. We must address access and affordability of healthy food choices. For starters, we can ensure that within our own government facilities, healthier foods and beverages are more accessible and affordable than less healthy ones. We could institute smaller portion size options within our own facilities. We could provide incentives for food retailers to offer healthier food and beverage choices in underserved areas. We could provide incentives to improve geographic availability of grocery stores (vs. convenience stores) in underserved areas. And we must not forget the communications piece, tailored to our population’s literacy levels. Additional funding is not a prerequisite. We have websites, we have community cable TV channels, and we have cooperative multi media and institutional partners. I also learned at the breakfast meeting that ample grant funds are available for these initiatives. Finally, we must open a street-level community dialogue on our obesity epidemic. How can we galvanize Middle Georgia behind the obesity fight? $282.7 million potential annual healthcare savings to Middle Georgia is huge; and the quality of life gained as a result would be priceless.

Bare your sole this Thanksgiving

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Every Tuesday: Poetic Peace with Y-O on the 1s & 2s Friday, November 13:

Brooke Rhodes, Conceliac, Amy Godwin, Alec Stanley and Austin Crane 7pm, $5 admission

Gallery Talk every First Saturday

567 Cherry Street Downtown Macon

Someone out there needs your shoes! Join us Sunday, November 22nd as we fill the sanctuary with new and gently used shoes Run don’t walk, Clean out your closet, Or buy a new pair as we partner with Soles4Souls… currently donating one pair every 19 seconds to people in over 70 countries, including right here at home.

Centenary Rediscovering the Mysteries of Faith Sundays: Community Breakfast 7:30am, Worship 11am

1290 College Street •

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 7

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evolution monday the


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football on the big screen



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Twin Pines In Historic Shirley Hills Contact Rachel Phillips Property Manager

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themed karaoke


acoustic music


college night


Nov 14, 10pm


ladies night


theme night

Live music with RADIO CULT! Ladies drink free 9-10pm

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To-Do List

City Picks

Big Bass & Bluegrass music festival

Saturday, Nov 14, Perry, GA

Barn Doors swing open at 8:00 pm, Music starts at 9:00 pm. Featuring top-shelf performances by: Larry Keel, Jenny Keel, Garyy Keel, Gove Scrivenor, Caroline Pond and their own Big Bass & Bluegrass musicians. It's sure to be an unforgettable magical musical night! Tickets: $15 at the door. Located 4 miles west of Perry, at The Green Bell Party Barn. ( for printable directions and further information, visit the web-site: or call Jennie Hart at 478-9524640. Overnight camping available and music venue is covered. See you there!

Masterworks #2 with Xiang Gao symphony

Saturday, November 14, 7:30p

The excitement continues with Xiang Gao on violin. Concert at the Grand Opera House. For tickets call 478.301.5300 or visit for half off tickets to all symphony concerts.

Comedy Legend Gallagher comedy

Saturday, November 21 Cox Capitol Theatre

Protective Plastic Advisory! Gallagher has taken the concept of food processing to new heights... He showers the audience with humor, pureed fruit salad and other food groups. Doors open at 7 PM. $35.50 for general admission floor seating, $23.50 for general admission balcony seating. Price increases $5 day of show. Box Office call 478-257-6391.

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009

10 -

Celebrating the Birthday, Life, and Music of Duane Allman, Skydog 63 will be held Sunday, Nov. 22


kydog would have been 63 years old this November 20th and for the past three years on the Sunday before Thanksgiving our Community has been invited to share in this annual event. What began on the ocassion of Duane Allman’s 60th birthday has grown into five great hours of music and reunion. From Noon to 5:00 PM, anyone who wishes to hear the music of “Skydog” can simply drive to Central City Park, bring along some canned goods for your admission, some chairs and blankets and hopefully sunglasses and enjoy the afternoon. The canned goods you bring go to the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank. They transport, store, and distribute food through a network of 501C3 participating agencies. Last year, Skydog 62 enjoyed over 2,000 people in attendance and was able to collect over 3,200 pounds of food for our local needy and elderly. Local musicians participating this year include Paul Hornsby, Glen Harrell, Lamar Williams Jr, David “Demun” Jones, Red Line Express, Greg Brooks and more. In case of rain Skydog 63 will be held at the Macon City Auditorium.

T-Bird & the Breaks Return to Macon Thurs, Nov 19, Cox Capitol Theatre

For ten years now, the people behind Bragg Jam have been working diligently to bring musical diversity to downtown. Each year, on one of the hottest days in July, Macon’s historic epicenter overflows with the sounds of rock, hip hop, jam, and above all else, laughter. This past record-setting year brought to the stage one of the finest bands to exemplify what we strive for, and in order to show thanks to the community for the past decade of support, Bragg Jam Presents an encore performance of T-Bird & the Breaks. On the radar as one of Austin’s not-to-be-missed live performances, T-Bird & the Breaks drove this point home when the curtain first opened on them at the Cox Capitol Theatre. A ten-piece ensemble outfitted with a heavy brass section and deliciously sexy back up singers, they are unlike just about any other band working today. A young group playing in the tradition of old school soul, the group bypasses the faux slacker persona that exemplifies most of today’s touring acts. Instead, the group takes the professional work ethic of such musical stalwarts as James Brown or Sam & Dave. A special ticket price of only $10 in advance/$13 day of show ( will also get you in to see show openers, Macon’s own City Council & the Paper Street Band.


art openings, theatre, nightly entertainment, movies and more

GA Music Hall of Fame presents a tribute to Johhny Mercer, Thur. Nov 12

of heart and history, this one has bestseller written all over it.” -- Publishers Weekly

Mon Nov 16

This day in history: Luke marries Laura on General Hospital (16 million watch) on this day in 1981.

Wesleyan College’s Annual Fall Recital

featuring music students. Porter Auditorium. 7 p.m. Free and open to the public. 478.757.5259. 4760 Forsyth Rd.

Wed Nov 18

This day in history: Acclaimed singer, songwriter and lyricist Johnny Mercer would have been 100 years old today.

Federated Garden Clubs of Macon

Email your event to Include dates, times, locations with address, cost and a contact number.

Thur Nov 12

This day in history: "Full House" 100th episode-twins are born in 1991.

Georgia Music Hall of Fame presents “Jumpin’ with Johnny,” a musical tribute to Mercer featuring the Kim Polote Trio of Savannah, at the historic Douglass Theatre. Polote has recorded an album of Mercer standards and is a favorite of many Savannah celebrities including jazz bassist Ben Tucker, with whom she performs frequently, and Paula Deen, who tapped the engaging chanteuse to perform at her own wedding. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and Douglass Theatre and $12 at the door.

The Macon State College Company of Players will present “Balm in Gilead,”

a play by Lanford Wilson, Nov. 12, Tuesday, Nov. 17, Wednesday, Nov. 18, and Thursday Nov. 19. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for each performance, all of which begin at 7 p.m., in the Arts Complex Theater on the Macon campus. All performances are free and open to the public. From “The setting is an all-night coffee shop on New York's upper Broadway, where the riff-raff, the bums, the petty thieves, the lost, the desperate of the big city come together. The movement of the kaleidoscopic effect, a surging mosaic of overlapping and interrelating speeches and action as separate goals and characters are blended together around a common centre.”

Fri Nov 13

This day in history: Minimum draft age lowered from 21 to 18 on this day in 1942.

Museum of Arts & Sciences presents The Festival of Trees Opening Gala.

The Gala and Auction is on Friday evening, November 13, starting 7:00 p.m. This event is black-tie and features a cocktail buffet by Natalia's, music by The Grapevine and fabulous items to bid on in the silent auction. Not to mention the dozens of designer decorated trees on display throughout the museum! Tickets are $100 and advance reservations are required.

Sat Nov 14

This day in history: 24th New York City Marathon won by Andres Espinosa in 2:10:04 in 1993.

Wesleyan’s annual International Dinner

5p.m. The WORLD cooks for you at Wesleyan’s annual International Dinner. Traditional cuisine representing several different countries will be offered and prepared by Wesleyan’s international students. The entire Macon community is invited. Proceeds benefit scholarships. A great family event! Wesleyan College Anderson Dining Hall, 4760 Forsyth Road, (478) 7575134. $6 adults, $4 kids; all you can eat! (Kids under 10 are free.)

Big Bass & Bluegrass in Perry

Barn Doors swing open at 8:00 pm, Music starts at 9:00 pm. Featuring top-shelf performances by: LARRY KEEL, JENNY KEEL, GARY KEEL, GOVE SCRIVENOR, CAROLINE POND & our own BIG BASS & BLUEGRASS Musicians! Tickets: $15 at the door. Located 4 miles west of Perry, at The Green Bell Party Barn. ( for printable directions and further information, visit the web-site: or call Jennie Hart at 478-952-4640. Overnight camping available and music is in a covered venue. We’ll see you there!

Final Car Show for the year at Captain Jack's & Billiards, 2-6p.m.

Don't forget about the 2010 Car Calendars! Lots of beautiful "Local" cars and it's packed with information denoting dates of interest to car enthusiasts and discount coupons from our sponsors.

Macon Symphony Orchestra presents Masterworks Concert #2: “The Excitement Continues.” Featuring violinist Xiang Gao. Grand Opera House, 7:30 p.m. 478.301.5300. 651 Mulberry St.

Sun Nov 15

This day in history: President Bush signs Clear Air Act of 1990.

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Sunday Supper & a Movie. Family-friendly film

plus dinner. 6 p.m. Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) (G) Tickets $5 for adults, $1 for 12 & younger. $1 pizza slices & draft beer. Call or check website for films. 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

Work Day at Davis Farms, 9:30am Help our local CSA recover from flood damage. Carpool/caravan leaves Goodwill Conference Center at 9:30 a.m. Sunday. Feel free to meet us at Davis Farms at 10 a.m. 701 Hortman Mill Road, Roberta. For more information, contact Tripp Eldridge at (478) 718-7991. For more information, contact Tripp Eldridge at (478) 718-7991. Free movie on the Trail presented by the

College Hill Corridor. 6pm. free showing of Pirates of the Carribean, come dressed as a pirate and get a free College Hill t-shirt! Park at Spring Street entrance.

Enjoy a fall afternoon of dancing, food, and fun on the Wesleyan College lawn. 3-6pm

Learn to Salsa and Cha-Cha from 3-4pm. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Dinner available from 5-6pm. Non-Wesleyan students, $5 per person or bring your own picnic.

Book reading and signing

Historic Macon Foundation and The Douglass Theatre present a special Sidney’s Salon with Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help at 3 pm The Douglass Theatre. Advanced tickets may be purchased by calling 742-5084. $10 for members of Historic Macon; $15 for non-members. Books will be available for purchase after the event. “What perfect timing for this optimistic, uplifting debut novel…Assured and layered, full

presents the Neel Reid Rolling Ramble and Luncheon. Coach bus tour of 30 historic Reid buildings. Interior tour of 397 College St. home. Seated luncheon at FGC center. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Tickets $35. 478.742.0921. 730 College St.

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Dinner & a Classic: The Ladykillers

(1955). Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Classic films paired with a nice meal. $17.50 with dinner, $5 for movie only. Dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. Call or go online for movies & menus. 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

Thur Nov 19

This day in history: Patty Hearst is freed on $15 million bail in 1976. Also in 1965 Kellogg's Pop Tarts pastries are created.

Capital City Bank NewTown GetDown

will be held at Market City Café, 502 Cherry Street, 5:30-7p.m. This professional happy hour is an opportunity for both young professionals and business and civic leaders alike to network with fellow leaders in the community. Come enjoy great company and live music by Gertrude’s Mojo. Co-sponsored by Coliseum Emergency Room, iMedia Group, Cumulus Media, The 11th Hour and NewTown Macon.

Bragg Jam Presents T Bird and the Breaks at the Cox Capitol Theatre

Back by popular demand, this amazing 10-piece funk / soul powerhouse in the mold of the Dapkings & Dynamites, T Bird and the Breaks are an original band tearing up stages. Doors open at 7 PM, City Council and the Paper Street Band at 8 PM. $10 advance / $13 day of show, All tickets general admission. KiddyRedd Presents: "Who

N da Hell Let Satan N da Sanctuary" 7:00 PM at

the Douglass Theatre. Tickets $15 CALL 478-742-2000.

Fri Nov 20

This day in history: Commercial teletype service begins (AT&T) in 1931.

SANTA IS COMING TO TOWN! Santa arrives at Macon Mall with his live reindeer at 6pm. Santa parades through the center and lands in Belk’s lower court to greet children. Photos are available. Along the route a special show will be introduced in the food court.

Sat Nov 21

This day in history: 1st commercial crossing of Pacific by plane (China Clipper) on this day in 1935.

GALLAGHER: America Loves Gallagher

Tour at the Cox Capitol Theatre, 8 PM. More than flying bits of food, Gallagher's show incorporates intelligent social and political commentary as only he can deliver. $35.50 for general admission floor seating, $23.50 for general admission balcony seating. Price increases $5 day of show. For the Box Office call 478-2576391, ext. 3.

Continued on next page

430 Cherry Street | 741-9130 MON/sat 8P, TUE-FRI 4p

r u o H y Happ 4-8PM

with complimentary food & 2-4-1 wells!



$1 Wells Team trivia all Day! free wells for gals FRI. NOV 13

Jack Oblivian & the Tennessee Tearjerkers with the one four fives

SAT. NOV 14 loaves & fishes benefit Al King, Floco Torres, Roly-Bots, Mag Tard, Trendlengerg, Jared Wright and SirMontalbon Jr. macon’s bands unite for a good cause!

WED. NOV 18 dj old flame spinning after

Drag Queen Bingo FRI. NOV 20 rusty swinger band with

Scott Little Band SAT. NOV 21 fat possom records presents

Chooglin’ with Death on Two Wheels WED. NOV 25 early bird special show

St Francis THUR. NOV 26 thanksgiving night with

September Haze NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 11


Sun Nov 22

Wed Nov 25

Skydog 63 Concert in the Park

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Dinner & a Classic: The Night of the Hunter (1955).

This day in history: In 1973, Maximum speed limit cut to 55 MPH as an energy conservation measure.

This day in history: Mike Tyson KOs Trevor Berbick in 2 rounds for heavyweight WBC boxing title in 1986.

Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Classic films paired with a nice meal. $17.50 with dinner, $5 for movie only. Dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. Call or go online for movies & menus. 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

Skydog would have been 63 years old this November 20th and for the past three years on the Sunday before Thanksgiving our Community has been invited to share in a wonderful event. Noon until 5p.m. Admission just one or more canned goods. Central City Park.

Soles for Souls at Centenary Church,

help us fill their sanctuary with gently used and new shoes for someone in need. Worship 11a.m. 1290 College Street.

Ongoing - music

Poetic Peace Open Mic: Y-O on the 1’s and 2’s every Tuesday at 567 Cafe, 567 Cherry St. 8-10 p.m.

The Grand Opera House presents “John Berry: The Christmas Concert.”

Live Music Every Friday Night on the Patio beginning at 7:00pm at Edgar’s Bistro. Please call (478) 471-4250 for music line-up.

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Sunday Supper & a Movie. Family-friendly film plus

Free concerts at the Golden Bough Every Tuesday: Come hear some of Macon’s best musi-

Annual favorite. 7:30 p.m. Tickets $31.50. 478.301.5470. 651 Mulberry St.

dinner. 6 p.m. Annie (1982) (G) Tickets $5 for adults, $1 for 12 & younger. $1 pizza slices & draft beer. Call or check website for films. 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

cians and songwriters in an intimate listening room atmosphere. 9p.m. 371 Cotton Avenue, Call Eric for music line-up, 744-2446.





Thur. Nov 19

Show starts at 8pm. $10 advance / $13 day of show

T Bird & the Breaks

Back by popular demand, this amazing 10-piece funk / soul powerhouse in the mold of the Dapkings & Dynamites, T Bird and the Breaks are an original band tearing up stages.

Bragg Jam Presents!

Sat. Nov 21 Gallagher

Show at 8pm. General admission $35.50 floor seating $23.50 balcony

Protective Plastic Advisory! More than flying bits of food, Gallagher's show incorporates intelligent social and political commentary as only he can deliver.

movies at the capitol


Dinner & a Classic

Dinner service at 5:30 Movie begins at 6:30 Tickets $17.50

Fridays, Dollar Night

Open house, catch a film for $1, and $1 select drafts

Sunday Supper

Admission just $5, kids enjoy $1 slices, adults $1 drafts

full menu available Thur-Sun

382 Second Street 257-6392


for a complete schedule of events visit


“Dinner & a Classic”

6p “Sunday Supper”

$5 admission without dinner

$5 admission

11/18: Ladykillers (1955), 6:30pm

11/15:Willie Wonka (1971) $1 pizza, $1 drafts

11/25: Night of the Hunter (1955) 6:30pm

11/22: tba $1 pizza, $1 drafts

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009

12 -



- arts

City Market On the Green, every Saturday 9-1pm. The market is open to producers, growers, artists and other creative art vendors. Taking place on the block where farmers would bring their goods in horse drawn wagons, Poplar St. Over 20 studio spaces fill the second and third floors above Michael’s on Mulberry. Everything from painting, printmaking and sculpture. Contemporary Arts Exchange: Mulberry Street

Macon Arts presents Thru November: “Reflections: Paintings by David Canady” and “A Small Piece of Clay: Paintings by Sooyeon Kim.” FREE. Weekdays, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturdays, 11 a.m. – 3p.m. 478.743.6940. 486 First St.

Tubman Africal American Museum presents Wini McQueen The History of the Dream Project. In 2001 the Tubman Museum commissioned artist Wini McQueen to create textile panels to be installed in the artrium of the new Tubman Museum. The finished commission chronicles the history of the tubman as well as significant people, events and memories from the macon and Middle Georgia community.

Georgia Music Hall of Fame presents, “Johnny Mercer: Too Marvelous for Words.” Celebrate the Savannah native’s 100th birthday with the exhibit that covers his 5-decade career. Tue. – Sun., 9:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m. 478.751.3334. 200 M. L. King, Jr. Blvd. Joycine's Art, Attitude & Accessory Gallery Costume jewelry, art and so much more! 333 Cotton Ave. For schedule and information contact Barbara at 478-743-3144.

Gallery 51, Open -Mon- Fri 8am to 4:30pm and

Sat. 10am-2pm. Fine art, handcrafted jewelery, art glass sculptures, stained glass, woodturned bowls, photography, carved stone. 51 W. Adams St. Forsyth

Middle Georgia Art Association Gallery, 2330 Ingleside Ave. 744-9557. October 2 – November 19 MGAA presents "Moonlighting" at Market City Café. Work by Bibb Board of Education staff, teachers, etc. 502 Cherry St.

Museum of Arts & Sciences presents The Festival of Trees. See dozens of unique decorated trees. Included with regular Museum admission, $4 - $8. Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday, 1 – 5 p.m. 478.477.3232. 4182 Forsyth Rd. November 14 – December 31.

what’s new in popular culture

A Special Sidney’s Salon with author Kathryn Stockett


Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 3 pm The Douglass Theatre, 355 Martin Luther King Boulevard

“What perfect timing for this optimistic, uplifting debut novel…Assured and layered, full of heart and history, this one has bestseller written all over it.” -- Publishers Weekly, starred review n the Jackson, Mississippi of 1962, the white socialites and the black maids spend their days together, but live in different worlds. In her first novel, THE HELP (Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam; on-sale February 10, 2009), native Southerner Kathryn Stockett portrays what happens when three women—two black, one white—decide to break through the boundaries that separate those worlds, risking everything to tell the truth about their lives. Writing in the distinctive voices of each of these characters, Stockett tells a story of friendship that crosses the lines of Stay & Play race, class and age as the momentous in Macon events of the civil rights movement unfold around presents them. Concert Series Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan has just returned to her family’s cotton plantation with a brand-new college degree and aspirations to be a writer, but no engagement ring, much to her mother’s disappointment. As her social consciousness awakens, Skeeter begins to notice the daily injustices borne by her friends’ maids, Aibileen and Minny. Aibileen, a fifty-something black maid raising her seventeenth white child, has suffered the loss of her own son to racist indifference yet remains reluctant to challenge the status quo. Her volatile younger friend, Minny, is raising five kids on maid’s wages and struggles constantly to rein in her outrage. As Skeeter and the maids write their anonymous accounts, foremost in their minds is one question: What will the white women of Jackson do when they read what’s been written about them? The three women must choose whether to jeopardize their jobs, relationships, perhaps even their lives, for the chance to proclaim their vision of a humanity that knows no boundaries.


About the Author: Kathryn Stockett was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. After graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in English and Creative Writing, she moved to New York City, where she worked in magazine publishing and marketing for nine years. She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband and daughter. THE HELP is her first novel. Advanced tickets may be purchased by calling 742-5084 or online at A limited number of tickets will be available at the door. $10 for members of Historic Macon; $15 for non-members. Books will be available for purchase after the event.


Watercooler gossip and interesting bits of local news

Local Businesswoman Meets with President Obama

It is not every day that someone from Macon gets a call from the White House much less an invitation to meet with the President. On Wednesday, October 28, Audrey Price, owner and president of Quantum Dynamics, Inc. headquartered in Downtown Macon, got that call, and by Wednesday evening she was on a plane bound for Washington, DC. “No one could have prepared me for the shock and excitement,” said Price whose firm contracts with the Department of Defense. “It is just a tremendous honor to be asked to meet with President Obama and to represent small business owners across America.” The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the federal agency that assists and protects the interests of small businesses, nominated Audrey to participate in Thursday’s round table discussion with representatives from 14 other companies. President Obama mediated the discussion which centered on healthcare reform and its impact on small business. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia and Karen Mills, SBA’s Administrator, also attended the meeting. After the meeting Price commented: “We believe that healthcare reform will allow small businesses such as Quantum to have viable options for obtaining healthcare for our employees.” A Certified Public Accountant working in a large corporation, Audrey saw an opportunity to build a business that would specialize in providing a range of technical and support services for the defense industry. In just five years, she has built a company from the ground up that has secured millions in federal contracts including a $40 million prime contract award from the National Guard Bureau for Professional, Administrative and Support Services (PASS) IT support. In 2006, Audrey made the decision to move Quantum’s headquarters from McLean, VA (a Washington DC suburb) to Macon. “The low cost of living and doing business in Macon means that we can submit more competitive bids,” said Price. “But it is Macon’s Southern charm and its beautiful architecture that made me want to call the city home.” Audrey purchased the historic Park Hotel at 502 Poplar Street and is investing a substantial amount of money on renovations. All of Quantum’s corporate staff is currently housed in temporary offices on Second Street until renovations are complete early next year. “We are thrilled to have such a successful business with a national scope chose to locate in Macon,” said Mike Ford, CEO of NewTown Macon. “It is our hope that other federal contractors will follow Quantum to Macon and will see the benefits to locating in downtown.”

Fly South Festival Announces Line-up


he first annual Fly South Festival, set to take flight on December 5, 2009 at Macon’s Luther Williams Field, is accepting competitive BBQ teams on its newly launched website Along with the point-qualifying Memphis Barbecue Network cooking competitions, there are also Backyard Team opportunities (pulled pork and ribs) for cash prizes. You can also download an application to sell your wares, arts/crafts and services and more during the Community Jamboaree from 10-5pm. The BBQ competition, taking place in the parking lot outside Luther Williams Field, begins on Friday, Dec. 4 and lasts throughout the day on Saturday, Dec. 5. The festival officially kicks off on Saturday to the public at 10 a.m. for a $5 parking fee. Daytime festivities include live music sets by Molly Stevens, Shane Bridges, Mississippi John Doude, Red Swill, Bo Ponder and the Abby Owens band; kids’ activities in the “Jamboaree;” cloggers and square dancing performers; and the public is invited to “Ham it Up!” with a Macon Talent Competition ($300 cash prize!). There will be an assortment of food vendors - local BBQ, as well as Bison, sweet treats, carnival cuisine, hotdogs, hot beverages and cold beer. Art and gift vendors will be selling their wares in the spirit of holiday shopping. After the BBQ awards are announced, gates open to Luther Williams Field at 5 p.m. for the festival’s evening of live music featuring Laura Reed, the Soulphonics and Ruby Velle, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit and headliners The Derek Trucks Band. Tickets are $20 pre-sale at and $25 day of show at Luther Williams Field. The first annual Fly South Festival is being presented by Bragg Jam Festival Inc., the City of Macon and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia. Proceeds from the festival will benefit the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Rare and Soulful....

Brahams - Tragic Overture, Op. 81 Haydn - Violin Concerto in C Major Sarasate - Carmen Fantasy on Themes of Bizet, Op. 25

(478) 301-5300

Macon Arts gratefully acknowledges its support from the City of Macon, Bibb County, and the Georgia Council for the Arts.

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 13

You Drink. We Drive.

A fully insured Zingo driver arrives on a portable motorbike. Folds it, Bags it, Places it in your trunk, Drives you and your car home safely.

New Lower Rates! $15 + $2 a mile.

254-6555. Exclusively in

live music, venues, nightclubs, karaoke, drink specials and more...

The Best Places to See Live Music

12 thursday

Chris Bartlett El Azteca,Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.

Cornhole at CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside DJ Greg 10:30pm The Rookery

13 friday

Project 77 20’s Pub, 3076 Riverside

Austin Crane, Amy Godwin, Alec Stanley, Conceliac, Brooke Rhodes 567 Cafe, $5 admission! Music tba Backporch Lounge

Mad Margritt El Azteca, 169 Tom Hill Sr Blvd

Tennessee Tearjerkers with The One Four Fives The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Sol Junky Rivalry’s, 3986 Northside Dr DJ Old Flame The Rookery

DJ Dance Party CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside Eddie Green & Larry G Polly’s Upstairs Bar

Jason Hobbs The Shamrock, 342 Rose Ave Deacons of Disaster Macon Mellow Mushroom

One Dragon Wild Wing Cafe, 5080 Riverside

14 saturday

Radio Cult Club Viva, Riverside Drive Mudcat, 9:30pm The Rookery

Planet Retro The Shamrock, 342 Rose Ave

Turnstile Wild Wing Cafe, 5080 Riverside UFC on Big Screen! Rivalry’s, 3986 Northside Dr Jeremy Johnson Macon Mellow Mushroom

Loaves & Fishes Benefit: Macon bands unite! The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry

Lewis & Matt after GA game

CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside

15 sunday

Scott Pallot Macon Mellow Mushroom

16 monday

RJ & Randy 20’s Pub, 3076 Riverside

19 thursday

T-Bird & the Breaks Cox Capitol Theatre Barry Darnell & the Mobile Slim Band The Hummingbird

Matt Moncrief El Azteca, 169 Tom Hill Sr Blvd DJ Greg, 10:30pm The Rookery

Scott Sanders on Patio Wild Wing Cafe, 5080 Riverside

20 friday

St Francis @ Bottoms Up B. Keith Williams 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive Ashley & Ross El Azteca

Rusty Swinger Band with Scott Little Band The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry DJ Old Flame, 10:30pm The Rookery Gunshy Wild Wing Cafe

Pedro @ Rivalry’s

21 saturday

The Jazz Janitors

The Rookery

Chooglin with Death on Two Wheels @ the Hummingbird Phantom Wingo Rivalry’s on Northside Megan North Macon Mellow Tim Brooks The Shamrock Outshyne Wild Wing Cafe

Ron Harrell Polly’s Upstairs Bar

UFC Fight on Big Screen CJ’s Sports Bar, 2910 Riverside

22 sunday

Scott Pallot Wild Wing Cafe Josh Carson Macon Mellow

23 monday

TBA 20s Pub


Free Pool, Steak Night at 6pm, Tara’s Tavern Tim Brooks & Friends, 8:30 Backporch Lounge

8-Ball Tournament, 8pm BJ’s Billiards

Ladies Night, free cover and $1 drinks for gals, Whiskey River

Happy hour til 7pm, jam & rehearse 7-10pm, 20’s Pub Football, 1/2 off wings El Azteca $1.25 Bud til 8p, 35¢ Wings 8-11p The Hole Thang

$1.99 Margaritas at Polly’s Upstairs Bar

$1 Wells all night, The Bird Happy Hour open to close Rivalry’s Sports Bar

$1.50 Dom. Beer, Free Pool Tara’s Tavern

Football, $1.50 Coors Lt Drafts Wild Wing Cafe $1.50 Bud, Miller, $1 PBR Cans Macon Mellow


$1.99 Tequilas at Polly’s Upstairs Bar

35¢ Wings 3p-close, Buffalos $1pints, $3.75 PBR Pitchers Macon Mellow

Beat the Clock at Bottoms Up, 50¢ drafts go up every half hour 2-4-1 Margaritas all day at El Azteca Bud Bingo, win prizes! Friend’s Bar & Grill 8-Ball Tournament, 8pm BJ’s Billiards

Live music with B Keith Williams The Shamrock Ladies Night, Tara’s Tavern

2 fer Tuesday: 5-10p, $10 domestic buckets Wild Wing Cafe


1/2 price salads, $1.50 Yuengling, $4 Firefly, Wild Wing Cafe

1/2 price oysters, 241 Drinks til 8 Nowhere Cafe $1.99 Wine Pollys Upstairs Bar 2-4-1 Jagerbombs during Trivia, Happy Hour 4-7p El Azteca $7 Drink or Drown The Hole Thang

Drag Queen Bingo every 1st & 3rd Wed, free wells for the gals The Hummingbird Open Mic, 10pm, Rivalry’s

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009

14 -

$3 Pint Night at Buffalo’s Macon

Beer Olympics, Bottoms Ups $5 Bud Light Pitchers Mellow Mushroom, WR


LADIES NIGHT, 3-for-1 Drinks, $2 shots & beer BJ’s Billiards Drink or Drown, 2-4-1 wells, Jagerbombs CJ’s Sports Bar

Two for One Wells at Polly’s Upstairs Bar Dom. Beer Buckets 5-4-$10 WR Mellow Mushroom

Thirsty Thursday, 241 wells, Margs & Martinis Nowhere Cafe Skirts, $2 drinks all night Rivalry’s

2-4-1 Jagerbombs 8p-Close El Azteca

$2 vodka cocktails, $3 Drafts (24oz.) Wild Wing

Free Pool, 25¢ Wells, 25¢ cans Bud 7-9:30p, 2-4-1 select beer Whiskey River Ladies Night, $1.50 house wines, $3 select martinis Macon Mellow


Happy Hour prices for poker players, BJ’s Billiards

WDEN Live Remote during Happy Hour 5-7p, El Azteca Buy one draft get one free at Polly’s Upstairs Bar

2-4-1 Drafts, wells, bombs, 9-11p WR Mellow Mushroom


College game day, CJ’s

$1.99 Shots at Pollys Upstairs Bar

Ladies, 1st drink free until 10pm, Live music and DJ Don, $10 Whiskey River

Game Day! drinks specials & 35¢ wings from 10-4pm, Buffalo’s

$2 Dom Bottles, $1 tacos! El Azteca College gameday


Nascar, drink specials, 20’s Pub Nascar, drink specials Friend’s Bar & Grill


editor’s picks, must-see shows and macon’s nightlife

The 11th Hour Suggests... Don’t Miss Shows

Friday, Nov 13

Saturday, Nov 14

Saturday, Nov 21

Mad Magritt has released several CD's on the Perris Records label. They have toured all over the United States and have opened for numerous acts including Kiss, Poison, Whitesnake, Slaughter, Winger, and Pretty Boy Floyd,. The band's current release is entitled ANIMAL. The album, released in 2007 on Perris Records, is being distributed in the USA by Select-O-Hits, The UK by Plastic Head Music. Good time music, eighties rock style. El Azteca is the ‘80s rock headquarters and still pours the best margarita in town!

The blues is a universal feeling that transcends languages, social status and the constraints of musical genre. Danny “Mudcat” Dudeck knows that feeling intimately. He travels the globe spreading his version of the blues gospel and regularly works with a number of international blues-preservation organizations. Whether performing solo, leading a smokin' band or a tight, one-off jam session with a founding father or a group of novices, his soulful and emotive delivery evokes images of the hard times that fed the early blues pioneers.

Chooglin' -- as in, to choogle. Just check your Creedence American Dictionary, it's right there: "to ball and have a good time." Or better yet, check the Minneapolis octet that bears the name. To them, Chooglin' means the Soul Train getting robbed by the James Gang, Kiss on 78 speed and the MC5 tearing into Blood, Sweat and Tears. All at once. With a bleating horn section and ferocious guitar playing, the band is a boogie-rock juggernaut that has the guts and the skills to deliver greasy, proto-Stax soul with as much power and conviction as their relentless, riff-driven rockers.

their own original and inventive sounds of today, Larry Keel & Natural Bridge create astonishingly powerful acoustic music rich in heritage, heart and hot licks! With a style that evokes both atomic rock energy and dynamic tonal purity, Keel and his ensemble are intent upon taking their instruments and their voices to their fullest potential for emotion and amazement. While paying respect to the legacy left by the forefathers of bluegrass, Keel bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary American Mountain Music.

ups on their big, blood boiling sound that makes any audience move, and a buzz that has people talking from Austin to London, England. T Bird and the Breaks have recently embarked on a singles campaign, where they will release a twosong single every month starting in November ’09 and ending in April ’10. They will be selfreleased and are available on 7” vinyl and digitally. One of Bragg Jam’s most talked about bands this year. Don’t miss this encore performance.

Mad Magritt @ El Azteca


Drag Show & Dance Party, Synergy

Insomnia Promotions Presents... every Friday night at Club Envy DJ Don, biggest dance party in Mid GA, Saturdays Whiskey River


Wed,Thursday & Sat, 8p, Sundays, Tuesdays at 6pm, 20’s Pub

Thursdays with Brad “the Man in the Box” at Rivalry’s and Sundays with Stephen and T.T. NEW Wednesdays with Mitch from 9p-1a at BJ Billiards

Every Wednesday, Macon Shroom Every Thursday, Club Synergy

Every Friday 7:30, Mondays at 5pm, Friends Bar & Grill Every Wednesday, Hud’s Thursday - Saturday at Tara’s Sundays with Brad, 9pm The Backporch Lounge

On the patio every Wednesday, 7-until, Great pitcher specials & jello shots! Mellow Mushroom, WR


Every TUES 8:30p, CJ’s Sports Bar Every Wednesday with $2 Vodkas at El Azteca Every Tuesday, Macon Mellow

Team Trivia every Mon, Red Eye

Every Monday with Big Jammin, Happy Hour all night, Rivalry’s Family Trivia every Thursday evening from 8-10pm, Buffalo’s Macon

Thursday nights 9p, The Shamrock Tuesday nights with Jason Hawk, cash prizes, Wild Wing Cafe Thursday nights 7:30, Mellow WR


Texas Hold ‘Em 7:30,Tuesdays, AP’s Hidden Hideaway Nightly Poker 7:30p, Friends Bar

New Poker tournaments held every Wed,Thur & Sat upstairs at Envy

Sunday Poker League 2:30,Tuesdays at 7pm, Rivalry’s Nightly Poker 7:30p, Friends Bar Nightly Poker 8p, BJ Billiards

Texas Hold ‘Em, The Hole Thang

Texas Hold ‘Em Wedn., Brewskeez

Mudcat @ The Rookery

Come Hear... Friday, Nov 13

Sol Junky @ Rivalry’s

Sol Junky is ready to rock your socks of with their new album that was recorded with producer Don McCallister. The album features Sister Hazels' Ryan Newell playing slide guitar on Is There Any Love. Sol Junky is known for there high energy live perforances. Their music represents an extremely unique mix of cross fusion, providing an amazing ability to connect with all audiences. Talant over flows in this line up. You never know what you might see at a Sol Junky show.

Jack Oblivian and The Tennessee Tearjerkers & John Paul Keith and The One Four Fives @ The Hummingbird

Jack "Oblivian" Yarber of The Tearjerkers was a key figure in the influential, Memphis based Compulsive Gamblers and the legendary '90s garage-punk band The Oblivians.Though, to only ramble on about Yarber’s work with The Oblivians and skim over his other bands would be a cryin' shame. Beside the stack of gritty garage-punk that Yarber contributed to, are all of his other records that have consistently become more polished and focused throughout the years.

Project 77 @ 20’s Pub

From Brian Adams to Box Skaggs, you’ll hear country and blues and good time rock and roll from this group of locals who’ve been playing Macon for a while now. It’s good time music you like to sing along to. Don’t miss it.

Mad Magritt @ El Azteca See Editor’s Picks, above.

Saturday, Nov 14

Turnstile @ Wild Wing Café

From the Beatles to Quiot Riot, Turnstile plays all your favorite hits form the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and they play them well. Not only do they rock the instruments, they rock the sensibilities. About as fun a show as you can go to they personify rock and roll. They also write some great original music that you’ll love dancing to.

Larry Keel @ Big Bass and Bluegrass

Connecting traditional songs of yesterday with

Bring Your Blankets Benefit @ The Hummingbird

Seven great musical acts in one night for $7, with proceeds going to Loaves and Fishes to help its efforts to serve the poor and homeless in our community. Jared Wright, Sir Montalbon Jr, Trendlenberg, Magnificent Bastard, RolyBots, Floco Torres, and AL K!NG will all perform starting at 8pm on Saturday,. This event is 21 and up. After collecting blankets, coats, and canned goods in lieu of a cover charge at the earlier shows, Bring Your Blankets has decided to organize its third benefit show for Loaves and Fishes to raise some “Strait Cash” during “dire straits”.

Radio Cult @ Viva

Do you miss the days when it was OK to wear leg warmers and jelly shoes? Well, actually, neither do we! ...but we do miss cheesy $10 videos on MTV, Flock of Seagulls hair styles and music that was FUN! Radio Cult rocks out 80s style! They do it all from Madonna to Van Halen (Nena to Guns N Roses, Joan Jett to Devo, Billy Idol to The B-52's, Def Leppard to The Ramones, Blondie to Ozzy, The Cars to Metallica, Bon Jovi to ....well, you get the idea).

Mudcat @ The Rookery See Editor’s Picks, above.

Thursday, Nov 19

T Bird and the Breaks Presented by Bragg Jam @ The Cox Capitol Theatre

T Bird and the Breaks have come on the Austin music scene strong over the past two years. They have seen the successes of their debut record consistently played on radio, sold out shows at the region’s top venues, endless write-

Chooglin’ @ The Humminbird

Matt Moncried @ El Azteca

On of Macon’s favorite local songwriters can play the hell out of his guitar and is a great writer to boot. He’s been nominated and has won as Macon’s favorite songwriter in our readers choice awards. You want to lay back and listen, this is your man.

Friday, Nov 20

Rusty Swinger Band @ The Bird

You might call them a poor man’s supergroup. The members hail from many bands that enjoyed much success in the early 90’s, Mt. Pilot, Blue Voodoo, Gypsy Train, and a later group, Mr. Greenleaf. Now they produce their own sound called, Southern soul and down home boogie.

Friday, Nov 27

Big House Youth Jam Benefit with Lefty Collins Band @ Mellow Macon SingeSinger /Guitarist Lefty Collins has been one of the house musicians at The House of Blues in Chicago for 11 years. He has performed over 450 shows there. Lefty has opened for or shared the stage with Buddy Guy, BB King, Chris Isaac, Styx, Bad Company, Jimmy Buffet, The Lee Boys, Oteil and the Peacemakers and many others. 30 years of honing his skills in the blues clubs of Chicago and on the road have made him a top flight live performer. A partnership with the Big House, and a great event.

Read more about it... Bandography online with MP3s of upcoming bands NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 15

highlighting middle georgia’s local talent


“Some places don’t give you tabs! What the hell is that?”

local sounds

How did the Caleb and Bo Show get started? Well, Bo sings and I sing, so we thought, lets sing together and be the most, best band ever in the history of Macon!

Tell me about it. What can one expect to see at a Caleb and Bo Show?

The Caleb & Bo Show now Playing at Select Venues A quirky chat with Caleb Grimes and the half of the new musical duo, Bo.

We rock! Expect to see women swooning while men want to be us... You'll hear anything from Tenacious D, Cher, Tom Petty, Flock of Seagulls, Katy Perry or even David Allen Coe.

Tell our readers about the TV Pilot.

Soperton is doing well, we had a meeting all last week and now we have contracts in our hands waiting to be signed... The show is about two best friends, Jack Wynwood (Bo

Wooley) and Busty Sinclair (Anthony Ennis) who live together in a small town. Jack Wynwood is a trust fund baby dead-set on spending all of his money on trying to become a celebrity... so he hires a camera crew to document his life... its pretty ridiculous.

What's in the near future for you two?

Don't know... I guess we'll conquer one city at a time, this week Macon, next week Tokyo...

What are your influences?

Anything with a beat. Ultimately, this is for the listener to decide.

Where do you enjoy playing? Any place with a beat.

Anything you not enjoy about Macon's scene? Yeah! some venues don't give you tabs! What the hell is that!? It’s an unwritten rule... it unlocks our creative genius...

2-4-1 Wells till 8pm

weekly events DJ Dance Party at 10pm


241 Wells & Jagerbombs Select beer $2, CORNHOLE

College Game Day! MON-THUR: 5P-2A FRI & SAT: 4P-2A SUN: 4P-MIDNIGHT

Fri 13: DJ & Karaoke with June Sat 14: GA vs Auburn with Matt & Lewis after the game! Sat 21: UFC Fight on the big screen


Everything on the menu just $5 w/student ID

Open at noon! Texas Hold’em, 7:30

NOV 14: UGA vs AU 2910 Riverside Dr. tel: 757-3262 WE CATER PARTIES UP TO 150 PEOPLE! NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009

16 -

NOV 21: UGA vs UKY

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 17

20: St Francis 28: Pistoltown


Polly’s Corner Cafe serves up great food with added fun upstairs


f you’ve lived on the Zebulon side of town for any amount of time, I’d be willing to bet you’ve found yourself at Polly’s Corner Café more than once. As much a staple for that side of town as any restaurant has been for the last decade or so, Polly’s offers down-home service, a great atmosphere (with an upstairs bar!) and best of all, some great food. When I think Polly’s, I think seafood, though they offer much more than that. From a Chicken Finger Basket, to Cajun Chicken Sandwiches ($7.75), Scramble Dogs, Steaks, and great appetizers, Polly’s has great staples on their menu for every empty stomach. Still, it’s the swimmers that stand out. They serve up fresh shrimp several ways, they boil them ($12.25), fry them, and if you like, sauté them in a white wine, butter and garlic broth. Their claim to fame is their daily lunch specials featuring whole, bone-in Catfish or a 10-piece Shrimp basket served with fries, coleslaw and jalepeno hushpuppies for just $7! I ordered my shrimp fried and they were perfectly battered, just the right temp, and lumped up with my baked potato. Nothing fancy, just the way I like

them. Polly’s also serves great Fried Oysters, a wonderfully seasoned fried Tilapia and Catfish, and Oyster Stew ($5.25) that I can’t get enough of in the winter time. Most of their entrees start at $12.95 with the most expensive being a Surf and Turf with a fantastic Ribeye and Shrimp at $21.95. They do have daily specials that usually feature seafood like the Shrimp and Chicken tossed in Sweet & Sour Sauce that was offered when I visited. On a rainy Tuesday, the parking lot was full, and car tags read from all surrounding counties. Our waitress, Tammy, was quick and courteous; we were in and out in forty-five minutes, though we weren’t rushed at all. They’d have loved for us to sit around all night, order a cocktail from the full bar and splurge on a homemade dessert. The Upstairs Bar at Polly’s features drink specials nightly and live music from the likes of Larry G Hudson and other master guitarists on the weekends. Open Tuesday thru Sunday at 5pm, the Upstairs is a tasty retreat. Visit Polly’s Corner Cafe for lunch or dinner Monday thru Saturday.

coff e

DJ, get in free with college id


es sm

KILLIAN’S Comes as Strangers, Leave as Friends!

490 Cherry St. (478) 742-1771


566 Cherry St

4 week tournament


50¢ drafts go up every half hour!


$2 Domestics 2x1 Jagerbombs 2x1 Wells

Special Happy Hour

! s t n e d u t S e g e ll o C Attention 8-10pm with College ID!!! -2am m p 8 y a d r u t a S y a d s Open Tue

18 -


thies oo

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009



highlighting middle georgia’s good eats

(478) 474-0204 Tom Hill Sr Blvd

Open daily 11am - 10pm





BUY ONE GYRO, GET ONE HALF OFF! Must present coupon. Expires 11/30/09

SPECIALTIES: Gyros, Pastitsio, Moussaka & Spanakopita

Thursdays: Happy Hour 4-7

2-4-1 Jagerbombs, $5 Pitchers late night

11/12: Chris Bartlett 11/19: Matt Moncrief

{ Live Music

Fridays: Happy Hour 4-7 11/13: Mad Margritt 11/20: Ashley & Ross

{ Live Music

Saturdays: ESPN Gameplan 2-4-1 Jager Bombs, $2 Domestics & $1 Tacos


all Catch ege oll your C FL &N here! s e m ga FREE WIFI!

El Azteca Restaurante Restaurante Mexicano Mexicano && Cantina Cantina

169 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd. (478) 475-9199

Sundays: NFL Sunday Ticket 2-4-1 Jager Bombs, $3 Big drafts Monday Night Football: HH4-7 1/2 off wings & $3 Big Drafts Tuesdays: Happy Hour 4-7 2-4-1 Lime Ritas All Day Wednesdays: Happy Hour 4-7 Macon’s Hottest Trivia at 9pm

2-4-1 Jager Bombs, $3 Big Drafts & Ritas NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 19

MERCER STUDENTS LUNCH 11AM-3:30PM Free soft drink with MODANY - SATURDAY MONDAY Road, Macon your Bear Card!5797 Houston Dinner Specials 478.785.6565 under $10! • Private Parties



• Catering Available



DINNER FRI & SAT 5:30-9:30




ng Experien Dini ce l a

Express Dinners $7.99 or less Friday & Saturday!

Every First Friday


Enjoy a second glass of wine FREE!


of an with purchaseecou pon per table please.

Must present coupon, on


Hous Intersection of Hartley Bridge and

Most Authentic Italian in Town! Pastries, Espresso, Cappucino, Catering & Private Parties

Mercer Students

FREE DRINK with DINNER when you show your Bear Card!

359 THIRD STREET • DOWNTOWN MACON • 478-742-2255

Free Wi-Fi

steak ÿ shrimp ÿ oysters ÿ catfish

Barbecue Rib Plate

Barbecue Chicken


THANKSGIVING We Smoke the Turkey for you!

Cafe orner

11-13 lb. Smoked Turkey for just $32! No fuss for the holidays!

DINE-IN • TAKE-OUT • LET US CATER OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Sun-Thur: 11am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11am-9pm

3076 Riverside Drive • 477-7229 Tues-Thur: 7am-6pm

Bar Upstairs


AwardDaily Lunch & Dinner Specials Winning Featuring our famous Catfish and 10-Piece Shrimp Lunch! Barbecue! WED/FRI/SAT: All you can eat Catfish Dinner

6351 Zebulon Road Call today to book your Christmas Party, 757-9926!

Happy Hour:

Mon-Fri 5-7, Sat-Sun 3-7

Daily Drink Specials! Tel: 757-6980

One Complimentary Cocktail with Coupon! Expires 12/30/09

Fri & Sat: 7am-9pm

All Pizzas Made With

Homemade Dough, Real Cheese & Fresh Toppings!

Macon’s Largest Selection of Imported Beer!

Dine In or Call Ahead for Carry-Out

• Pastas, sandwiches, soups & salads, as well as croissants, cakes, and desserts baked fresh daily • Premium Coffees & teas, espresso, wines, beer and mixed drinks. Free wireless. Catering available.

502 Cherry Street • (478) 257-6612 NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009

20 -


2396 Ingleside Ave



1635 Montpelier Ave

Available for delivery through Restaurant Express, call 755.8000

Dish the


Q&A with people in the biz

Thrilla from the Grilla with Pineapple Habenero Salsa

BLD: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner BAR: Alcohol Served $: Entrees under $10 $$: $10-$20 $$$: Above $20


The Rookery There isn’t a place downtown that has been serving us longer.The Rookery offers some of the best comfort food in Macon. Burgers, Nachos, Sandwiches and daily lunch specials that can’t be beat. LD BAR $ 543 Cherry Street, 746-8658

Buffalos Cafe on Zebulon You know this place has great wings, but they also feature a large selection of salads and sandwiches, large screen tvs to watch all your favorite games and a popular trivia night for the whole family. LD • BAR • $ 5990 Zebulon Rd. 20’s Pub Boasting freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and dinner specials in a well-lit tavern-like setting. LD • BAR • $ 3076 Riverside Dr.

5 Guys Burgers & Fries The best burgers in Macon is what our readers say, serving dogs and peanuts too. LD • $ 120 Tom Hill Sr., 474.0445

Wild Wing Cafe Newly opened franchise at the Shoppes at River Crossing, fantastic wings in over 30 flavors, over 20 brews on tap, great salads and one of the few dining options in North Macon that offers live music on the weekends. LD • BAR $-$$, 477.WILD

CJ’s Bar & Grill You can’t really call this bar food. Is it fried, yes, but it’s fresh and so, so good! Sloppy nachos, great burgers and chicken wraps. LD • BAR • $ 2910 Riverside Drive, 757-3262

Rivalry’s – The only place in town where you can order Atomic Buffalo Turds and wash them down with a giantsized bottle of Monty Python’s Holy Ale. 3986 Northside Dr., Macon 474-0606 LD BAR $ Nu-Way Weiners Open since 1916, this original store with its neon sign is one of America's oldest hot dog stands and they serve secret recipe chili sauce, famous hot dogs, hamburgers, and other sandwiches. BLD • $ 430 Cotton Avenue, 743.1368


Fresh-Air Bar-B-Que Award winning BBQ known for its tangy tomato and vinegar style pulled pork, ribs and baked beans. Don’t skip out on the Brunswick Stew neither. LD Open 7 days a week • $ 3076 Riverside Dr., 477-7229

Satterfield’s Serving hickory smoked meats, seafood, vegetables, daily specials and salads. L • $ 120 New Street, 742.0352 AP’s Hidden Hideaway Serving home cooking all day long and specialty dinners at night, enjoy their large patio. Seriously good food. LD BAR • $ 4274 Broadway.

Good to Go There is a slightly different menu available every day, offering the best in the Souths lunchtime favorite, “the Meat & Three”. Full catering services also available. LD $ 1019 Riverside Dr. 743.4663 Sticky Fingers Ribhouse Choose your flavor; Memphis style Wet or Dry, Tennessee Whiskey, Habanero Hot or Carolina Sweet. Served with sweet corn bread muffins! Fresh salads and lunch specials. LD • BAR • $$ 5080 Riverside Drive, Open daily at 11am.

Dawson’s Kitchen You can’t beat southern cooking like this, you can see for yourselves the fresh ingredients in their market next door. LD • $ 3360 Brookdale, Payne City


Caliente’s Burrito Shop We’ve all had this style of big burrito by now, but

Name: Hannah Hight Where she works: The Shamrock What do you recommend? The Seafood Nachos, perfect for sharing! Favorite restaurant other than where you work: El Azteca What’s your Signature Drink: PBR! Your guilty pleasure is: It’s got to be sushi, I usually go to Taki or Mikata. Caliente’s does them the best. If you can handle it, get the MOAB… if not, there’s always the Thrilla From Tha Grilla, which is just right. LD • $ 6255 Zebulon Road

El Azteca One of Macon’s best patios, serving all your favorite Mexican dishes, voted Macon’s best margarita. LD BAR • $-$$ 169 Tom Hill Sr., 475.9199 Margaritas I hear that camarones a la diabla doesn’t mean ‘shrimp of the devil’ but I don’t care—it’s hot and spicy, and probably is what Satan eats when he’s feeling a hankering for Mexican. LD • BAR • $ 6012 Zebulon Road, Macon 477.2410; 4696 Presidential Parkway, Macon 757.1300; 2400 North Columbia, Milledgeville 453.9547


Jim Shaw’s Casual dining with Macon’s best seafood, tuna tidbits, scallops, wild Georgia shrimp. Seperate bar area with smoking. D • BAR $-$$ 3040 Vineville

Fish n’ Pig Spectacular views of Lake Tobesofkee. Patio or inside seating serving both barbecue and seafood. D • BAR $-$$ 6420 Mosely Dixon, 476.8837 Nowhere Bar & Cafe Casual dining featuring fresh oystesr and shrimp specials, along with great burgers and steaks. LD • BAR $-$$ 3780 Northside Drive, 476-0554


Giuseppi’s Pizza & Pasta Casual, fun atmosphere with everything from soup and salads to hot wings, pizza and their signature sandwich creation, the Weggie. Daily lunch specials. LD • BAR • $ 120 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd, 477.7400 Luigi’s Bistro Casual Italian cuisine in a hip, swanky atmosphere. LD • BAR • $-$$ 401 Cherry Street, 743.4645

Macon Pizza in the Alley Serving NY style pizza, grinders, pasta, salads and wings; hot, fresh and affordable! LD • BAR • $ Mulberry Street Lane, 742-5555 Ingleside Village Pizza A big no-brainer. IVP has the best pizza in town and the best beer selection. Keep it classy with the white pizza and a Stella Artois or, keep it real with a slice of the ultimate and a 24-oz. High Life. LD • BAR $ 2396 Ingleside Avenue, & downtown across from Mercer Univ.


Adriana’s Gelato is Italian for “the best ice cream ever” and Adriana’s is the only place in town where you can find it. Quick & delicious cafeteria-style lunch. LD • BAR $ 359 Third Street

Molly’s Café – It looks like your grandma’s dining room and the menu eats like it too! This is the place for a quick and quaint lunch. 402 Cherry St., Macon 744-9898 LD $

Market City Café – Widely regarded, especially by our readers, as the best place in Macon for lunch, Market City also has the most amazing banana pudding we’ve ever eaten. 502 Cherry St., Macon 257-6612 BL • BAR • $-$$

Mexican Pizza with marinated chicken, black olives & jalepenos


ZEBULON ROAD, In front of Kohl’s

our Sign up fourpon o c il a m e club at


Greek Corner Deli Serving delicious lamb gyros, monster greek salads, subs and specialty sandwiches 7 days a week. One of the few restaurants downtown open on Sundays and the only late night eatery on Saturdays 12:30am til 3am! LD • $ 587 Cherry Street, 254.3059.

The Downtown Grill Slightly upscale dining serving fresh fish, prime cut Black Angus and features it’s own humidor. D • BAR • $$-$$$ 562 Mulberry Street, 742.5999

Edgar's Bistro Open Tuesday Saturday. Menu includes lobster bisque, stuffed prawns, veal medallions, duck and much more. Declicious. LD • BAR • $$$$$ 5171 Eisenhower Parkway - Across from Macon State College, 471-4250

The Shamrock Dargan and his crew cook up some of the best homemade meals in Macon, including his legendary Shepard’s Pie. Plus, he’ll surprise you from time to time with some interesting seafood selections. D • BAR $-$$ 342 Rose Avenue, Payne City 750.1555 The Tic Toc Room Contemporary setting with a sophisticated menu, great wine selection. D • BAR • $$-$$$ 401Cherry Street, 743.4645

The Cox Capitol Theatre Well the revolving door in the Kitchen of the Capitol Theatre has finally stopped spinning, and the result is some darn good pizza, Hot Dogs, soft pretzels, and subs. Where else can you have a beer and watch a great movie?? D • $$$ 382 Second Street, 257-6391


Jittery Joe’s Coffeehouse Serving gourmet coffees and teas with made to order bagels and biscuits, blueberry and cheese streudel muffins. BL • $ In Mercer Village, by Mercer Univ. Killian’s Coffeehouse Serving patries, coffees and smoothies for breakfast and lunch. Come as a stranger, leave as a friend. BL • $ 490 Cherry Street, 492-1771.

Macons Only Irish Pub Live Music

Nov Nov Nov Nov

13: 14: 20: 21:


Jason Hobbs Planet Retro TBA Tim Brooks

B.Keith Williams 7:30pm

Thursday Sunday

2-4-1 Drinks all day long

Trivia, 9pm



342 334 42 Rose Rose o Ave Ave, Avve, Payne A Payne ayn City Cit ittyy 750-1555 77555050-1555 0-1155555 42 ynne C OPEN 4PM - TIL...

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 21


by chris horne | photos maryann bates | cover photo courtesy bright blue sky

“Know anything about the Bible?”




Before he goes any further, Isaac Lightfoot wants to make sure we’re on the same page. A retired marketing teacher at Central High School and the namesake of Lightfoot Records, he’s quick to point out that he isn’t a preacher, but that the story fits. I confirm my familiarity with the Good Book and he continues. “It’s just like the Biblical thing about Jonah and the Whale,” he says—it being the last few years in the life of Sonny Spoon, a Macon street hero who stood on the threshold of fame back when the Dirty South was just reaching its peak. Instead, he watched as the same artists he’d recorded with—Young Jeezy, TI, Cee-Lo, 8Ball & MJG—topped charts and crossed over, a couple even making movies, all while Spoon sat in a Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, merely a few miles from the epicenter of the rap world. “God wanted Jonah to go somewhere he didn’t want to go so the whale came and took him anyway,” Lightfoot says, drawing a parallel to the young man he mentored. “I told Sonny, ‘Your incarceration took you like the whale took Jonah.’” Born James Maxwell—but “Sonny since birth,” he says—Spoon’s arrest knocked the wind out of many in the black community. Macon had been thirty years without a musical champion, all its greats long gone and buried in history somewhere, the whole town taking on the nostalgic demeanor of a once glorious high school quarterback still trading on his sepia-toned exploits. Sonny Spoon was supposed to change that. Believe me, this life ain’t one you want to lead/There’s more to this than sippin’ Henn daily and blowin’ trees/Ain’t shit lame about being smart; Nigga, go to school/Become a doctor or lawyer, don’t be no fuckin’ fool/ These streets a bitch; don’t get caught up in the glamour and glitter/Without realizing all the problems that go right along with ‘em. – Sonny Spoon, “The Game” (feat. Young Jeezy & Lil’ C) By day, Spoon works as the event coordinator for



Coming of

Sonny Spoon

NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009

22 -

the Riverview Ballroom, a stucco-glazed cube that stands guard like a protective older brother in front of the empty Len Berg’s building. The old folks remember it as an S&S Cafeteria, which explains the layout: a horseshoe of iron railing and wood countertops overlooking a dancefloor that once was the dining room. Like hiphop itself, the Ballroom is a practice in repurposing found objects. Here he’s started an open mic series, Hustle and Flow. It’s a venue for new MCs and a chance to gauge the scene. It’s also a clever way to announce his return. “As soon as they heard he done touched down, they started talking— ‘Sonny this, Sonny that.’ Everybody wants to do music with him. Everybody started chatterboxing,” Daryl “Iceman” Jackson says. “He's a Macktown legend. If it weren't for Sonny Spoon, there wouldn't even be no Young Jeezy.” Jackson is here as the head of Brothers of Struggle Entertainment (BOS), parked at the edge of the bar with a couple friends. One of his groups, Southern Kaos, just cut a remix with Spoon—“Get It, Shawty”.

They’ve covered the town with glossy postcards touting the song on one side and pushing their community-minded agenda on the other. Macon A Difference it screams, promising straight talk about staying in school, drug awareness, teen pregnancy, stopping the violence and a half dozen other pressing issues. He and his business partner, Alan Davis, who manages Southern Kaos, say they want to make their mark by putting the community first. Their stable of rappers, which includes Hillside Geez, perform free of charge for organizations like The Mentor’s Project. It’s an approach Spoon pioneered, even before his incarceration, using his music to urge kids away from the lifestyle that got him locked up. “How will the whole community of Macon receive him?” Jackson wonders. “Will they keep bringing up the past to hold him back?” The streets already seem to view him as the one who could bring the promise of a city’s latent talent pool to fruition—either with attention from his “inevitable” fame, or by giving younger heads a leg up. Wanna know the secret?/I work hard/ Forgot the hand I was dealt/and played cards...I ain’t on the bullshit that these haters on/Steppin’ out the S-Class with some gators on/Can’t handle me man-to-man; best to play the zone/And you still gonna be the one that I’m dunkin’ on. – Sonny Spoon, “True Player (feat. TI)” D-Cater is pressing flesh and talking up his next release, but he isn’t going to perform at Hustle and Flow. “I’m just here to support Spoon,” he says, watching a new contestant take the stage. This evening, 15 have signed up to perform, which we’re told is more than normal—but they don’t like turning anyone away. In an hour, the room fills. Most fan out, grabbing drinks and hanging back. The DJ puts his head down and spins club hits to conjure dancers like a shaman recites spells, like a hunter uses a call, like an MC rhymes about money, cars and women. Off and on, one real skinny guy obliges. He’s wearing shades, dreads and a long, red shirt covered with small doves and two big hands folded in prayer. His dance is subtle, tuned for snap music, the light and bouncy stuff of a guy who isn’t worried about anything. That doesn’t seem to be the case for the rappers. They’re leaning over beer bottles and ash trays, peering down at the stage, which stands before a wall of mirror and is bare except for a ragged area rug. They watch and wait. Some have managers, or friends claiming to be. They play the part, handing out business cards and CDs labeled with phone contacts, web addresses and PO Box numbers. They all represent an “amazing new talent,” an “incredible artist” who will “change the game”. “You aren’t A&R, are you?” One guy asks me. He produces a flyer for the country musician he represents. If a record deal walked in, the battle for it would last all night. This is what Sonny Spoon has accomplished already: a venue, an opportunity, a shot to get started. And he isn’t even here to see it.

Incarcerated for the past six years, rapper and promoter Sonny Spoon is back on the scene in Macon, trying to make a difference. Curfew at the halfway house is at 8:30pm and he won’t check out until 9:30am for work. It’ll be like this until he’s released on December 23rd. “When we have the party on December 25th,” Spoon says, “It’ll be standing room only.” Life is. All about. Choices. He stands up in front of a room of middleschoolers, kids far too young to remember Sonny Spoon. “How many of you like rap music?” He asks. They all raise their hands. “Okay, how many of you know Young Jeezy?” And the crowd goes wild. “Did you know that Young Jeezy was actually my protégé prior to me being incarcerated?” Assistant US Attorney Michael Solis and Warren Selby of Crimestoppers have brought him here because they know that what he has to say will actually reach these kids. From their mouths, the words would cut a fast path between the ears. Spoon tells the kids repeat after him: Life is. (Life is.) All about. (All about.) Choices. (Choices.) This call and response punctuates his speech. “A year and a half after I went into the system, Young Jeezy blew up. You know what it was like sitting in the prison system thinking that could've been you? That because of a choice that you made you were going to spend several years of your life in prison.” He calls for the chorus again: “Life is. All about. Choices.” According to a 2008 Pew Center study, 1 in 13 Georgians are under some form of “correctional control”—the highest ratio in the country. The state spends more than twice as much on corrections as Alabama and South Carolina, and almost four times as much as Mississippi. As of this publication, according to the Georgia Department of Correction, of the state’s 54,067 inmates, 17,516 are blacks between the ages of 18 and 34. Though blacks make up only 30% of the population in Georgia, they constitute 62% of the prison population. The US Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates a black person’s lifetime chance of going to prison are six times higher than a white person’s. In other words, if you’re black and male, prison can seem like fate, so the path to it is often embraced like it’s a foregone conclusion. Choice sounds like a lie. That’s why Spoon repeats it. He brings out an inmate’s jumpsuit and a body bag, and asks what they want to be one day. Would-be doctors, lawyers, soldiers and teachers pipe up. So he asks, “How many of you woke up and said you want to go to prison?” No one raises their hand. “How many of you think that was a dumb question?” Everybody raises their hand. “There are several people in prison that never said they wanted to be an inmate but because of the choices that they made that's where they are. Depending on what you want to be, you'll have a uniform. If you decide to be a criminal,” he holds up the jumpsuit, “if you decide to break the law, this is your uniform.” My soul has been chosen/to open the minds of those who've been broken/and given up

on hoping/let ‘em know the time's approachin’/when we've got to conspire/tell the devil he's a liar/control basic desires/or prepare to face the fire/they're tapping the wire/conversations gettin' recorded/we're being extorted/buyin shit and can't afford it/and credit is like a sedative/life is so competitive/but it's imperative/that you live better than your relative/Caucasian culture has got us livin' like vultures/I came to coach ya/back the people like we're supposed to. – Sonny Spoon, “Armageddon (feat. Cee-Lo)” gun and $6600 worth of weed, ecstasy and crack threatened to take 13 years of Sonny’s life. Even reduced to six years, it seems excessive by comparison. When TI tried to buy an army’s worth of guns, he got a year and a show on MTV. Lil’ Wayne didn’t fare much worse when he pled guilty to gun charges and got a year in the same city that put NFL star Plaxico Burress away for two years for shooting himself in the leg at a nightclub. But no excuses. Dwayne Banks is the CEO of Dollyhood Records and one of Spoon’s closest partners. When the Atlanta Falcons made their surprise run to the Super Bowl in 1999, it was Banks who suggested Spoon record “Dirty Bird,” which they parlayed into more attention. They’d built that momentum together. “He disappointed me,” Banks says, “And he knows he disappointed me. We had an agreement as men: stay away from crack.” Spoon doesn’t back away from it. He made a choice, and it was the wrong one. “Narcotics was a way of substantiating my income while I was out here. (It provided) freedom and the ability to make this music happen,” he admits. “At that point, knowing that what you're doing could lead to incarceration was worth the risk compared to being locked into mediocrity for the rest of your life.” No one that’s known him for any length of time will say he’s changed. At most, they say, he’s more focused than before. “I had six years without any distractions,” he says. “There were no fancy cars, no fly clothes, no pretty women to compete for—just the opportunity to be there with the Most High, and to see myself for who I was. I had to see myself for who I really am instead of the facade that we wear for others.” That’s who he wanted to present when he was approached about doing public service announcements for Crimestoppers, which he insisted on scripting. At most, it seemed, this would be a way to speak to the kids, which has always been a passion of his. He hadn’t expected much else. “Until I met Beth Dunwody, I didn't really trust white people because of history and the personal experiences I've had as a young black man growing up in the South. But with Beth, you could look in her eyes and just everything about her was sincere. So I've had to learn to use discretion myself instead of just putting everybody in the same barrel.”


t was a catalytic experience for Dunwody as well. Co-founder of Bright Blue Sky Productions, the company hired to do the PSAs, she had sig-


Spoon asks the class, “How many of you woke up and said you want to go to prison?” No one raises their hand. “How many of you think that was a dumb question?” Everybody raises their hand. nificant anxiety over the job. “Very intimidating,” she says of her first foray into the jail. But she took to Spoon almost instantly, drawn in by his demeanor. “His sense of calm, sense of self is extraordinary.” Though her husband and business partner, Elliott—a former Sheriff’s Deputy who went in with great cynicism—was likewise convinced of Spoon’s genuineness, it was Beth who asked to provide testimony at his re-sentencing hearing. Conceding that sometimes it takes a personal experience like that to open minds and change opinions, Spoon sees a role for music in the process. He says. “Change the direction of the music and you change the consciousness of the people. I want them to get their money but—I see the Gucci Manes who sound like they're hooked on phonics or something, talking about absolutely nothing. But yet they're the number one artist out there? The powers-that-be are trying to keep the entertainment on a sixth grade level so people cannot see outside themselves.” Puttin’ in work Ed Grant didn’t know it, but he and Sonny Spoon were competitors when they first met. Grant’s Lounge, which his father started, was up the block from Club Insatiables, which Spoon started when he was just 19. (Ironically, the same building is now the office of Bright Blue Sky.) Regardless, “Mr. Grant”—as Sonny affectionately calls him—was impressed from the get-go. When Spoon needed a job after his release, Mr. Grant was there to help. Now, Spoon is repaying it with a project called Music Business 101, which he hosts at the Ballroom. The objective is to educate local artists on how to navigate the music industry “so they can use their money to get their music to the next level of the game.” As Banks puts it, “We’re out to teach our community what we know.” Harold Hatcher is the ebullient director

of the Boys & Girls Club. He’s known Spoon since he was a kid—even learning to play chopsticks on the club piano with him. “He’s the kind of young man who I think the people will follow,” Hatcher says. “He has a million supporters out here ready to help because of who he is and what he stands for.” It wasn’t always like that. “We'd book shows in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida—and people were really feeling what we were doing. Then I'd come home and people'd say, 'Oh, it's just Sonny. I grew up with him.'” This time around, he’s transcending his role as a local celebrity and the poster-boy for “Hard Time for Gun Crime.” By learning to harness both opportunities, he acts as a leader with a vision bigger than himself. “Most guys that are in the streets don’t want to be in the streets,” Spoon says, “They’re doing that because they feel that there was not another opportunity for them to have the things in life that they want. It would be asinine to think that someone would want to stay out there in that lifestyle knowing that the only end result is either jail or a graveyard.” His head turns as the backdoor of the Ballroom swings wide, cutting the darkness open with a blast of light. It’s lunchtime but the staff still outnumbers the patrons. Seemingly pained to be alive, an old white man—haggard like albino beef jerky—shuffles inside. He takes a seat but the room feels lonelier when he hunches over his elbows. Sonny finishes his train of thought, “The streets respect me because I am who I say I am.” And nothing more, nothing less. By nightfall, the club will pack out for another installment of Hustle and Flow. Sonny Spoon won’t be here, but it’ll seem like he is. The club will buzz with talk about him as hopefuls vie for his consideration for when the New Year comes and brings a new album with it and the seemingly inevitable happens: that dream deferred finally comes to pass. NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 23

...This is about keeping dollars local and being willing to sometimes pay full retail price for a product. This is about having a community of shops and a diversity of reading material available for your children.”

the left

Local Liberal, “Mama Karma” takes on the issues plagueing the southeast and the world, one column at a time.

Bookstore Economics 101


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saw the writer Barbara Kingsolver on the first stop of the latest book tour promoting her novel, The Lacuna, last week. Before introducing Kingsolver, an employee from the bookstore which sponsored the reading made an impassioned plea to support independent bookstores through the upcoming holiday season, a crucial period for retailers of any stripe. The business required the attendees to buy a book from them in order to gain entry into the auditorium. There was a full house of over 800 fans, each of us holding a copy of the hardback which we had purchased without discount – but the opportunity to listen to an engaging bestselling author was free. Right now, anyone can go to or Amazon and click on “purchase” to obtain a copy of The Lacuna for $13.49, roughly half of what I paid for my copy. And if you order the book as an audio download, it is even cheaper. Meanwhile, booksellers pay at least 50% of the cover price just to stock a book on their shelves. The continuous act of buying deeply discounted books is killing both the publishing business and the independent bookstore. It hurts writers and their future earning abilities as well. This isn't a column in praise of reading. I wrote that one several weeks ago. No, this is about keeping dollars local and being willing to sometimes pay full retail price for a product. This is about having a community of shops and a diversity of reading material available for your children. This is about the future of publishing and the need to keep writing profitable. This is about voting with your dollars to create the future you envision for the next generation. Booksellers and publishing houses across most of Europe have legal protection from the big box threat. In Germany, the discounting of new books is outlawed for 18 months from publication. Interestingly, the country where Johannes Gutenberg himself founded the publishing industry, currently has over 7,000 bookshops and almost 14,000 publishers (here in the U.S. there are about 2200 bookstores left, down from 6,000 in the early 1990s). Just last month, the American Bookseller Association sent a letter to the Department of Justice asking that the government investigate the discounting practices of Wal-Mart, Amazon and Target. The 109 year old organization suggests that the three mega sellers are engaging in “illegal predatory pricing that is damaging to the book industry and harmful to consumers”. The ABA letter goes on to

quote bestselling author John Grisham's agent, who stated that "if readers come to believe that the value of a new book is $10, publishing as we know it is over. If you can buy Stephen King's new novel ... for $10, why would you buy a brilliant first novel for $25? I think we underestimate the effect to which extremely discounted best sellers take the consumer's attention away from emerging writers”. What is particularly weird to me is the fact that Wal-Mart and Target are willing to cripple the book industry just to insure their own market share. Megastores don't really need to sell books at all. I do believe that if asked a Wal-Mart sales associate to recommend a good book on, say, existentialism, it would be unlikely that she would have an opinion regarding Kierkegaard or Sarte. Furthermore, a search on yielded the suggestion that I might be looking for a “saute” pan rather than Sarte. But my local bookstore might offer a more informed opinion. Long story short, I might go to Wal-Mart for a twelve-pack of Coke Zero, but I'll be buying the books which expand my consciousness at a smaller retailer. How does a small bookshop such as Statesboro's Book and Cranny make it? Owner Debbie Campbell explains it this way: I feel that we're important because we provide an outlet for people of like minds to come. You feel comfortable in a local bookstore. In fact, I have a lot of people who go to Books-a-Million and see what they've got, and then they come here. BAM might be ten times larger, but we have the same quality of titles. We stress quality over quantity. We also can relate better because our customer service is much better than what big box stores can offer. I know most of my regulars by name. I can point out new titles they might like. A local bookseller's importance is not based on what Wal-Mart sells, but on what Wal-Mart doesn't sell. Additionally, buying books at your independent bookstore is better for the local economy according to the 3/50 Project, which aims to “save the bricks and mortars our nation is founded on”. For every $100 spent locally at an independent business, a full $68 is returned directly to the community. If that same $100 is spent at a national chain, only $43 stays in your hometown (the3/ Keep it local. Pay a fair price for a book. Help the book industry survive and support the next generation of great writing.

Yes, the Tea Parties are a goodVisit and yes they are very important to attend, however concerned citizens&must do more for Specials Discounts! than yell for a few moments in revolt.

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“ T

and the right

e d a m y l h s e r f Serving i Rolls! Sush

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Conservative commentator Bill Knowles, a resident of Bibb County, spurs debate about local, state and national politics

The Future GOP

Free his Wi-Fipast Tuesday, November 3rd,

Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Mary marked a turning point in the histo- Landrieu of Louisiana, Roland Burris of Illinois, Evan Bayh of Indiana and Joe ry of our country. On this day the Lieberman of Connecticut. These five Obama juggernaut suffered its’ first and senators hold your children’s future second great defeats at the hands of the financial responsibility to the governRepublicans with the election of Robert ment in their hands. (Another Senator to McDonnell in Virginia and the biggest contact, who is already against this bill, shock of the day, the election of Chris is Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. Christie in New Jersey. What makes this Senator Coburn has let in be known that an even greater victory for the GOP is that President campaigned Hours: Obama 6:30am - 10pmvigor- when this bill reaches the Senate floor, he will have the 1990 page bill read ously in both states for the losers, while word for word in hopes of delaying its’ Vice President Biden campaigned for the vote, perhaps by several weeks or even Dems’ only winning major candidate that Lunch months. Good job Senator!!) day,Daily Bill Owens of the Specials 23rd New York normally $4.99 Franklin Roosevelt once said that “a Congressional district. Did I mention that conservative is a man with two perfectly Virginia and New Jersey both went into good legs who, however, has never the Democrats’ column in 2008 for Free 4oz Antioxidant Drink normally $3.99 Obama? Did I mention that Virginia has- learned to walk forward.” As 21st before 8am with a $2.50 Expires 11/15/09. Limit one per customer per visit. No Century Conservatives we cannot afford n’t had a Republican governor since cash value. Offer not valid with any other discount. purchase or more to let FDR’s quote define us. We must 2002? Did I mention that New Jersey take control of our party much the way hasn’t had a Republican governor since 1993? And did I mention that these races that President Reagan did in 1980 as he Located in thenothing Vineville North Shopping Center to the the wilderness old Crate led the GOPnext out of seem to really mean to the known as “the Carter Presidency.” WE Obama White House who’s spokesman, must get solidly behind candidates who the dunderheaded Robert Gibbs, said that espouse smaller government and tradiObama didn’t even watch the returns and tional family values and not waste our that the voters of these respective areas time with candidates who are lukewarm were “working through very local issues in the name of creating a more diversithat didn’t involve the president.” Then why was he campaigning so hard from fied party. Do we want diversity in our them during the last couple of days of the party? Absolutely! But the Republican race? You can bet your sweet bippie that Party should not have to conform to a had the Dem’s pulled off the wins that a more liberal agenda to gain support. “clear mandate” of the Democratic agenOur support should not be gained, howda would have been reported from sea to ever, at the expense of the base that has shining sea. been the bedrock of the party. Believe These victories will be meaningless me, as John McCain’s local campaign to the Republican Party unless we build manager I heard so many times what upon them starting today. Every person in people REALLY thought of the this country who is tired of the Socialistic Senator. There was no enthusiasm for agenda being pushed upon them by the our nominee. He was “better” than the terrifying taxing trifecta of Speaker of the other guy. People voted for President House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Reagan because of who he WAS not Leader Harry Reid and dear old President who he wasn’t. Obama must do everything within their Our nation is at a pivotal crossroads power to help elect Conservative candiand as Americans WE can still stand up dates and help to defeat any bill in and let our voices be heard. Yes, the Tea Congress that runs contrary to liberty and Parties are a good thing and yes they are sound government. Case in point: The very important to attend, however conhorrific health bill that was just passed last cerned citizens must do more than yell for week by the House of Representatives. a few moments in revolt. WE must do This bill can still be defeated in the something about it. WE must get Senate. Now right off the bat, I will tell involved! WE must be civic minded and you that Georgia’s two senators Saxby run for public office. WE must write letChambliss and Johnny Isakson will vote ters to the editor. WE must work for canagainst the bill that Pelosi ram-rodded didates that WE believe in. WE must though the House. However, they still work for our local political party on a regneed to be contacted and told in no uncerular basis, not only when a presidential tain terms how you feel about this bill and election draws near. And most importantthe implications that will be dealt to not ly of all, WE must all pray for our country only you but your children and for genera- as we go through some of the most trying tions to come. Please contact them! But times in the history of the Republic. more importantly the following Senators Comments can be shared at are the key to this bill failing or passing:

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where you get base basics

Journalist Karen Jones delves into the idiosyncrasy that comes along with being a military wife.

50% OFF GIFT The Perfect Military Wife, Part 1 CARDS! H

aving the experience of being an Air Force Officer’s wife for fifteen plus years has revealed to me some traits that would create the perfect military wife. If these qualities could be rolled-up into one woman and then some secret military lab could clone that woman repeatedly---the government would have quite the ideal bridal cache to issue to its active duty force. Trait: The ability to successfully adapt to constant change is necessary, for change is the one constant in the military lifestyle. For example, when the military member is getting deployed there are dates and locations that are initially put forth as “the plan.” The wife cannot count on this original, official itinerary to remain static and unchanged, but should view it more like a first draft. This plan can and will be changed an innumerable amount of times before something is set in stone. One time, my husband had a two month heads-up that he was going to

Camp Victory, Iraq, for six months. Two months notice is excellent. Well, that got abruptly modified to a five day notice. Oh, and the return date kept changing back and forth, up and down—interfering with our date to move to another state. Those five days were just enough time to squeeze in an Anthrax shot, get some new uniforms, give a good-bye speech to the squadron, and throw a little party at home to wish him “bon voyage.” Well, never mind. A couple of days later the trip was reassigned to someone else. Imagine that guy’s wife’s reaction! I was RELIEVED that my husband didn’t have to go; but, I had been on pins and needles and running on empty every minute of those five days to get everything done and squared away. Not only had I been needlessly worrying myself to death about his pending Iraqi vacation, but I had to go through the rigmarole of returning the going-away gifts, making a shitload of phone calls to friends and family explaining what had happened, and also telling the kids that Daddy was-

n’t going anywhere anymore. Yes, those are all happy activities, but I was completely spent. I had been reduced to a wisp of a person and my story isn’t nearly as bad as some out there. Having multiple, major shifts in life impacting expectations is mentally and physically draining. The perfect military wife would take the ever-updated news in stride. She would pack his mobility bag with a proud smile, handle the stress in style, throw the best parties in his honor, and send him off with the best sex he’s ever had. However, I have yet to meet a woman like that. Usually the wife is all beat-up, keeping a good front for the children, and trying to make the best of things without crumpling into a wad on the living room floor. In reality, having to deal with the stress is like being a rodeo clown in an arena full of angry bulls---sudden, threatening moves coming one after the other and being in constant need of new strategy. If you aren’t able to adjust to the newest move, you’re shredded.


Look for half-off tickets to The Grand, the Macon Symphony, purchase facials at half cost, and microderms for a fraction of the rate! Participating businesses in Macon so far include:

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JEN JONES, esthetician



NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009 - 31

Odd Balls

Space hotel says it's on schedule to open in 2012

BARCELONA (Reuters) – A company behind plans to open the first hotel in space says it is on target to accept its first paying guests in 2012 despite critics questioning the investment and time frame for the multi-billion dollar project. The Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Suite Space Resort say it will cost 3 million euro ($4.4 million) for a three-night stay at the Man made up knife attack hotel, with this price including an eight-week training course on a tropto miss work ical island. #1 This week EDGEWATER, Colo. – Police in the Denver stay, guests would see the sun rise 15 times a day and #1During Thistheir week suburb of Edgewater say a man stabbed himself, travel around the world every 80 minutes. They would velcrowith Black Eyed Peas NCISwear on CBS then said he was attacked by three men dressed I Gotta Feeling suits so they can crawl around their pod rooms by sticking themselves 20,600,000 viewers in black who were either Hispanic or skinheads, to the walls like Spiderman. Galactic Suite Ltd's CEO Xavier withthe theproject Stars (17,794,000) Run This Town aerospace 2 Dancing 2 Jay-Z,Rhianna in a ploy to miss work. Claramunt, a former engineer, said will put his (18,730,000) (ft Lil( Wayne) Twenty-nine-year-old Aaron Siebers was Sean Down 3 NCIS Los 3 Jay company at Angeles the forefront of an infant industry withtoa me huge future ahead of it, Anatomy and forecast space travel will arrested after police say he admitted making up Swift (17,034,000) You Belong 4 Grey’s 4 Taylor become common in the future. the assault and said he was responsible for the 5 NBC Sunday Night Football (17,469,000) 5 Jay-Z,Alicia Keys Empire State

knife wound to his leg and other superficial cuts Cyrus Party in the USA 6 House Fox (17,156,000) 6 Miley on his body. He faces charges of false reporting 7 CSI on CBS (16,009,000) 7 Lada Gaga Paparazzi and obstructing a police officer. Police say Siebers reported Scared of flying? Press fear iButton 8 Criminal Mindsthe (15,841,000) 8 Drake Forever (f/t Kanye West) the attack Monday to the video store where he works. The SYDNEY (Reuters) – People scared of flying can now press a 9 60 Minutes (14,884,000) 9 Kings of Leon Use Somebody reported assault drew five police agencies to the scene, along button on their iPhone to help them deal with their panic. with K-9 units. Long-haul airline Virgin Atlantic Airways has launched an

photoprovided by the Bedford County, Pa. DA

Woman hold signs admitting theft BEDFORD, Pa. – In exchange for no jail time, a woman and her adult daughter have agreed to stand outside a Pennsylvania courthouse holding signs saying they stole a gift card from a 9year-old girl on her birthday. Fifty-six-year-old Evelyn Border and 35-year-old Tina Griekspoor stood outside the court for 4 1/2 hours Tuesday. They held signs that read: "I stole from a 9-year-old girl on her birthday! Don't steal or this could happen to you!" Because the women agreed to hold the signs, Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins says he'll ask for probation instead of jail when they plead guilty to the theft. Higgins says they swiped a gift card that the girl set on a shelf while a Walmart employee helped her. The girl's mother planned to drive by the courthouse to teach her daughter the importance of obeying the law.

application, or app, for its Flying Without Fear course which boasts a success rate of over 98 percent. Apps are a source of information, games and other novelty ideas for users of Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The airline said in a statement that this app was designed to help people overcome fear, be it of the unfamiliar aircraft, the strange noises a plane makes, or of losing control. The Flying Without Fear app has an introduction by Branson, a video-based in-flight explanation of a flight, frequently asked questions, relaxation exercises and a fear attack button for emergencies with breathing exercises.

Marilyn Monroe crypt auction fails again LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A second attempt to sell a crypt on top of Marilyn Monroe's final resting place has failed, with not a single bid received for the burial spot in a celebrity-filled Los Angeles cemetery. Widow Elsie Poncher is trying to sell her husband's crypt to pay off the mortgage on her Beverly Hills home. On selling the crypt, Poncher had planned to move her husband, who died in 1986, to an adjacent crypt intended for her. But a $4.6 million bid submitted through online auctioneer eBay Inc in August fell through when the unidentified bidder pulled out.

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Dear Mr. Lariat, My wife is interested in having a threesome with a friend of hers, then having a threesome with a friend of mine. I think I’m game, but is this dangerous territory? Signed, Curious Dear Curious, What adults do in the privacy of their own homes is almost never “dangerous territory” and keeping it spicy in the bedroom, whatever it takes, is very important. However, this situation, if you’re both not fully committed, and if you don’t have the proper communication could end up hurting the relationship. There are things that you probably haven’t thought about here. I’m just going to mention a few. Say you end up in bed with your wife and some friend of hers. Obviously there is someone new in your bed, and even if NOVEMBER 12 - 24, 2009

32 -

she’s not nearly as charming as your wife, the chances of you paying her more attention are pretty good, and this is a potential disaster my friend. Make the conscious effort to spread your love evenly. Think about the reverse situation for a moment, and what might sting you a little? Consider that her feelings are even more sensitive than yours. When it’s over, have a talk, the three of you. Reassure everyone that the situation won’t leave the bedroom. When the third party leaves, reassure your wife that you still love her, that you won’t start chasing tail, just because of this, and more importantly, tell her she was awesome, even if she wasn’t. What’s up Lariat, When the world ends in 2012, where will you be? Signed Doom

Dear Doom, How ominous. I can appreciate that you’ve had the TV on for the past couple of weeks, and seen the promos for the new movie coming out and all the documentarians who have chased this stupid tail around the globe trying to prove we’re all goners because the Mayan Calendar runs out in 2012, but if I would’ve played out every movie I loved I’d have died in a basement shootout with Clarice Starling a long time ago buddy. Give it a rest. Ever consider that the Mayans just got tired of chipping shit into stone tablets and just said, you know what, “I think that the next 1000 or so years should be enough. They could have never known that today we’d have calendars filled up with Rat Terriers, and Guns and gorgeous girl motorcycle mechanics. If the world ends in 2012, I’ll be with everyone else I suppose, a strip club.

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The Men Who Stare at Goats

Theatrical Release: November 6 Genre(s): Comedy, Rated: R The Synopsis: A reporter (Ewan McGregor) delves into the world of military psychic regimens during the Iraq War in this adaptation of the Jon Ronson book The Men Who Stare at Goats. George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, and Jeff Bridges star in the Smoke House/BBC Films production. Every review from Rolling Stone to Rotten Tomatoes has given this film two thumbs up, 4 sometimes even 5 stars. The Onion writes, “The Men Who Stare At Goats effectively satirizes the blinkered arrogance of military types and New Agers, showing Clooney and his colleagues—played by Kevin Spacey, Stephen Root, and Jeff Bridges, among others—behaving as though they’re doing something unusual, when they’re really just using fists and weapons the same as any other grunt. Throughout the movie, director Grant Heslov and screenwriter Peter Straughan (working from a non-fiction book by Jon Ronson) offer about two dozen variations on the notion of an idealistic know-it-all so committed to his shtick that he fails to see what’s right in front of him.”

ASTROLOGY ARIES (March 21-April 19):

You will say things without thinking. You can be arrogant, presumptuous, and your own interests will come first. Some great ideas are beginning to come to you and plans will be made within a short time for a vacation trip. Do not allow your imagination to escalate into suspicions this month because you are possibly wrong. Check facts. Older people may be giving you a hard time with their complications and their problems but it is over very soon. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You are practical, peace loving, stubborn, and deliberate. Taurus has a natural interest in money, and you like the finer things in life. You may have suspicions of something that appears wrong and you will decide to wait it out and observe for a while before you suddenly pounce on the problem. You will get it solved around mid November. If you are working on something new, you need to finish up before mid November so you can launch it at that time for instant success. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Gemini is versatile, fickle, intelligent, creative, quick, neat, and curious. Gemini learns quickly and has the ability to get a good education. You may have a feeling that you are being deceived but you must use your common sense because you could be wrong. Listen to others but make your own firm decisions. You will be called upon to fix and right someone’s work that has remained unfinished. You are trying to bring one of your long hoped for goals to reality.

Last issues puzzle answers

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Cancer is sentimental, sensitive, and needs to have a sense of security. Cancer is intensely romantic and has a vivid imagination. You will see new opportunities being offered to you or will simply fall into your hands. It is finally time to expand your business and expect to be very successful. By mid November such a chance should come along out of the blue. However, be cautious and give it some serious thought. With the economy as it is ---- Is now the time?

To solve the Sudoku puzzle, each row, column and box must contain the numbers 1 to 9.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Leo is colorful, self assured, outgoing, impulsive and expansive. At the present you will have to learn patience, understanding and to be very practical during the next two years. You could be taught some hard lessons so be sure that you learn them well as they come along. Taking on new responsibilities is also a part of duty. Your past experience and sharp mind help you to overcome any obstacles placed in your way. VIRGO (August 23-Sept 22): You can be highly critical, sarcastic, & unforgiving. You will be cleaning up old work that was put off or set aside and never really finished. Your money and your overall finances should be improving shortly as the economy seems to improve. This year you should be able to add to your savings account as you see a little extra money come your way. Older people need your help with their problems.

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22): Libra is artistic, musical, level headed, sympathetic, and generous. You can be gossipy, critical, and bitter. You seem to have a run of luck for the next year or so. This means increased finances, more opportunities to save money and a chance to invest for your future. Right now your money is going out as fast as you can gather it but in another month you should be done and will have everything you need or require. Well, not everything; but close. SCORPIO (October 23-Nov 21): You are very intense, strong willed, determined and secretive. You can be willful and sarcastic, but a deep thinker with a fine mind. Your money should be increasing now and your luck should be changing for the better as you go through the month of November. The only drawback to all this can be that it will be too easy to gain excessive weight and very difficult to lose it. SAGITARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Sagittarius is warm and friendly. You like to talk a great deal making it difficult for others to get a word in edgewise. As one dear friend leaves you, it will make a place for a new one in your life. This is a very creative and inventive time for you but you may be too far ahead of everyone else so you must explain. You will have to hard sell others whatever you have in your mind. Mid November is an important time as unexpected offers come in and finances increase. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Capricorn is very often politically minded. Capricorn is also patient, reserved, cautious, faithful and shrewd. You can finally make whatever move you wanted. It is time to expand again. As luck, has again moved into your life. This may mean your finances will increase and you find opportunities more to your liking and success comes easily. New and very important friends are made all this next year only if you are out and about and in a position to meet new people. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Independence and a feeling of freedom is necessary. Aquarius has a strong will, and is original, inventive, and will always enjoy doing the unexpected. You should be very busy trying to implement one of your important dreams or goals into reality during this period. If you do not get it correct, you get another chance next year in December around Christmas. New ideas are starting to occur to you and you are able to act on them right away. This is a creative and inventive time but do not be too quick. PISCES (Feb 19-March 20): You are emotional, ultra-sensitive, easy going, and sociable, Worry plagues you. Pisces will see only the good in others.. It looks like as if you can expect a full year of luck. There will be new opportunities and greater financial gain as the economy gains it’s old ways. Success will come more easily to you. Interesting offers may come your way and new friends enter your life. An engagement or marriage just might take place in your family within the next year.

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