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SHARING THE ROAD Macon’s Pedestrian Danger Index is 1419.6% higher than New York City and 607.7% higher than the national average. A call to action.

+ Top ten cars stolen in Georgia 11th Hour Readers’ Choice Awards Show FEBRUARY 25!



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he response to our Readers’ Choice Awards this year has been pretty amazing. In just the past few weeks, over 3,000 people have voted with hundreds more each day. It’s a pretty amazing gauge of how interested and engaged our readers really are. The awards show is shaping up and what I’m most proud of, and I think what speaks so well of this city is that each year, our show brings forth some bands that you may not have heard of, and after the awards show, we get to watch as they become more and more popular. Had any of you been to a Floco Tores show before the Reader’s Choice Awards last year? How about Doski Wo the year before? Yet they have both become fixtures on the scene here in Macon. This year, while we have some surprises in store of course, there will be performances by big-

time hip-hopper Sonny Spoon along with Southern Kaos, my personal favorites The Roly Bots, Psyk Nyne, 2 Finger Jester, Truffelina and an amazing Songstress in the Round moment that is sure to knock you back a little bit. Molly Stevens, Heather Kemp, Abby Owens, and Amy Godwin will each give us their favorite lyrics. It’s going to be amazing. We’ll have our usual cast of crazy presenters, and there is no telling what uber host Chris Horne has up his sleeves, but there is no question it’s going to be a fun night on February 25. You can buy tickets for $5 at the Cox Capitol Theatre’s website, or you can purchase a table for $100 by calling 464-1840. So mark your calendars, and get red carpet ready, this ain’t your typical night in Macon. Be good, Brad Evans


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Sharing the Road: The importance of bike lanes in Macon T Bird and the Breaks head back to Macon, this time playing on the Hummingbird stage

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Columnist Kevin Bradley is a third generation Maconite who practices family and criminal law in downtown Macon. He is a graduate of Mercer University and the University of Georgia School of Law. He has always loved to write, but until now has not found anyone willing to read his work. He and his wife Heather have two teenagers, one girl and one boy. Columnist Karen Rogers: For over fifteen years Karen Jones has been a military spouse and a stay-at-home mother of two. Last year, she began writing after a suggestion from a professor at Macon State College.This has evolved into a “second career” and love outside of her domestic dalliances.

Congratulations to our Rockin’ Stocking winner Kristi Barfield and a special thanks to our sponsors: Starship, Killians Place, Ginger Michele, Head Over Heels, Fresh Air BBQ, Greek Deli and Designer Tan!

Columnist Bill Knowles is a lifelong Conservative who has lived in the Macon area for over 20 years. He got his first taste of the political process when at age 9 he proudly handed out buttons for then President Richard Nixon and has been hooked ever since. Bill has held campaign positions for various local, state and national candidates, including President Ronald Reagan, Steve Forbes, Senator Fred Thompson and most recently Senator John McCain. He is currently a member of the Bibb County Republican Party’s Executive Committee and the Georgia GOP’s State Committee. He and his wife Bridget have one son,Teddy.


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What our Facebook Fans thought after the Massachusetts Senatorial Election “A majority of people, Democrat, Republican and Independent, told DC to halt the power grabs that have been going on in DC through legislation that attempts to control every single aspect of our lives. Poll after poll say that a majority of The People do not like the version of the health care bill now in Congress, and that, while most everyone ... See Moreagrees some reform is needed such as tort reform and making health insurance available across state lines, the version in Congress now is NOT right for America.” CRISTEN FREEMAN

“My goal is to ride the Tour de France!” Meet Chris Parrett hen Christian Parrett started cycling at the age of 14, it was just a way to spend time with his dad and get some exercise. But his hobby quickly turned into opportunity when, at the age of 16, he was selected to attend a major international cycling race in Canada. While he claims that he “got his butt kicked” that first year, the next year he finished in 4th place competing against some of the best riders in the world. Because of his success, he was selected to go to the Olympic training center in Colorado where he quickly captured the attention of the USA Cycling organization. After winning all of his races, the coach for the Junior National Team told him that he would be flying to Belgium in three days. When he graduated out of the Juniors’ program, he was selected to join the Under 23 National Program—he was one of the youngest riders. After graduating from Westside High School here in Macon in 2008, Parrett returned to Belgium and traveled through Europe for a couple of months before attending Georgia Tech’s Civil Engineering program. However, his college education was short-lived as he found it increasingly difficult to attend classes and train for his cycling. “I think that college is important, so I will go back if I can’t make a living off of professional racing,” Parrett said. But for now, he is getting an education that few are fortunate enough to experience— seeing the world, learning about different cultures, learning independence and discipline.


His days are filled with training exercises: riding 4-5 hours a day, cross-training, and strengthening exercises. “It’s important to do a lot of functional strength stuff with an exercise ball to strengthen my back, core, shoulders and neck so that when I crash, I am okay.” Parrett is enjoying some time at home right now, but that doesn’t mean his training regimen has changed. He still has to ride daily, logging 100 miles per day. “Macon is one of my favorite places to train,” he said. “I live in Barrington Hall so I tend to train out Zebulon Road. A lot of people don’t realize that Zebulon goes into the country. I train between Barnesville, Forsyth and Macon. It’s beautiful country and there’s no traffic.” Parrett claims Macon and the Georgia Mountains to be his favorite places to train and that is something since he has trained and competed in much more exotic places. “My favorite race was in the Alps—in France and Switzerland. It was one of the most amazing places I’ve been.” While Christian Parrett’s life may seem like a dream to most of us, he has even bigger aspirations. “My goal is to ride the Tour de France. Cycling is the biggest sport in a lot of Europe second only to soccer in money, fans, and prestige….If I could ever race the Tour that would be a dream…like playing in the Superbowl.” Keep up with Christian Parrett by visiting his blog at - JENNY MURR


Bike Store Moving to Mercer Village


he Bike Store is moving its Macon location to Mercer Village, the new retail district that anchors the campus end of the College Hill Corridor. The bike retail and repair business has signed a lease for 1305 Linden Ave., a 3,200-square-foot space next door to the Georgia Public Broadcasting studio. Renovation of the space is under way, and the owners expect to complete the move by March 1. The Bike Store remains headquartered at Galleria


Suites in Warner Robins, where it has operated its original location for nine years. In addition to being an exclusive retailer of Trek and Gary Fisher bikes in Central Georgia, The Bike Store offers a professional bike-fitting service for cyclists and a wide variety of cycles, accessories and apparel. Owner Bill Staudt said that plans include organizing group rides from their new Mercer Village location that wind through the Mercer campus and downtown.

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“To paraphrase Townsend, we have met the new boss and he looks alot like the old boss. As a liberal, I'm frustrated that they eliminated the public option, and in its current form, I'm not for the bill either. Torte reform may be necessary, but is a drop in the bucket in health care dollars. I think what happened in Mass. shows that if you promise big changes, you need to deliver on at least one.” SARALYN HARVEY

NEWS Top 10 Cars Stolen in Georgia 1. 1994 Honda Accord 2. 1994 Honda Civic 3. 2004 Ford F150 Pickup 4. 1994 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee 5. 1990 Chevrolet 4x2Pickup 6. 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass 7. 2002 Ford Explorer 8. 2000 Dodge Caravan 9. 1999 Ford Taurus 10. 1997 Toyota Camry


ccording to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) the list above contains the most popular vehicle makes and models among auto thieves in Georgia. Experts tell us this is because older cars are easier to steal than newer ones. Also; people are keeping their old cars longer creating an increasing demand for parts. Vehicles, in most cases, are worth more “chopped” (sold in parts) than in one piece. Although the auto theft rate in unincorporated Bibb County rose slightly in 2009 over 2008 figures, the rate has decreased approximatley 31% since 2006. Older model Honda Accords, like the NICB top 10 list, comprised the largest single group of vehicles (20%) stolen in unincorporated Bibb in 2009. Recently, Bibb Sheriff’s Patrolmen responding to a report of suspicious activity, recovered four 1990’s model Honda Accords abandoned in a secluded area off Nisbet Drive. Older model Chevrolet passenger cars and pickup trucks made up the second largest group of stolen vehicles in unincorporated Bibb. Sheriff Modena is asking for the public’s assistance in preventing auto theft. For a complete list of prevention tips,visit our website at

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he other day I was up on the fifth floor of that sick, decrepit building we are forced to use as a Courthouse. I was in the State Court of Bibb County for jury selection on one of my misdemeanor criminal cases. As I was waiting, a jury for another misdemeanor case was being picked. The defendant, contrary to all reason and common sense, had insisted on representing himself in the matter (free legal advice – don’t do that) Part of the jury selection process is a procedure called “voir dire” – a latin term – the literal meaning is unimportant – we lawyers just like for other people not to understand what the hell we are talking about – the procedure in question is basically a question and answer session where the lawyers (or in this case, defendants with a poor sense of self-preservation) can gather information from prospective jurors so that they can weed out people who are

biased, unstable, or (to be perfectly honest) seem likely to vote against their client. Our pro se defendant was quizzing the jurors individually about their opinions on a variety of odd, and seemingly unconnected, matters, when I heard him ask the jurors if they knew the first amendment to the United States Constitution. To my surprise only one juror claimed to know the first amendment, and he wrongly thought it protected the right to keep and bear arms. (hint- that’s the second amendment) I’ll go ahead and give it to you up front: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. (You, caring reader, will of course nod your head and say to yourself –“well duh, I knew that.” – I just reprint it here for the benefit of everyone else)

Seriously, folks. The greatest danger to any free society is that the members of that society will begin to take their freedoms for granted and forget the source and nature of those freedoms. The liberties that we enjoy, including that of religion and free speech (see above) are not handed down or guaranteed from on high. Your rights, as inalienable as Mr. Jefferson declared them to be, are in reality no more, and reach no further, than what you can convince society at large that they are. For over two hundred years the authors of the Constitution have convinced our society that our freedoms are those set out in the same Constitution. It is easy, but self-deceptive to assume that because the government now basically honors our rights and, largely, follows the Constitution that it will always do so. People dealing with the law in Bibb County are very fortunate. Bibb County State Court Judge William P. Adams is a scrupulous defender of the rights of defenders and litigants in his Court, and as honest and hardworking a public servant as you will ever meet. The judges of the other Courts, from Magistrate to Superior are all equally so. Law Enforcement is


The Scott Brown Miracle BY BILL KNOWLES


f President Obama didn’t get it after Tuesday, January 19th he never will. Call it backlash; call it frustration; call it whatever you would like, but what happened in Massachusetts with the election of Scott Brown to the United States Senate was nothing short of a miracle. Just when it seemed like the Democrats has gotten away with the biggest rip-off in American history by literally bribing U. S. Senators Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska to secure enough votes to pass Obamacare, Brown’s poll numbers started to rise faster than Bill Clinton’s eyebrows in a room full of women. This previously unknown State Senator came from almost 30 points down in early December to winning a seat in what is arguably the most liberal state in the union. Of course now the Democrats are playing the blame game. One says that Martha Coakley, Massachusetts Attorney General and Brown’s opponent, ran a bad campaign. Another blames President Obama’s reaction to the Christmas Day bomber, the guy Rush Limbaugh calls the “Fruit-of-Kaboom” Bomber. (Yeah, I think that’s hilarious so I added it!) I’m surprised President Obama hasn’t figured a way to blame former President Bush for it. Hell, he’s blamed him for everything else! The bottom line is this: the people of Massachusetts are sick of being lied to. The state that gave us the original Boston Tea Party now has given us a new modernday version of their famous get together at Boston Harbor, only this time they weren’t dressed as Native Americans throwing boxes of tea in the harbor. This time they came dressed as ordinary citizens as they went to the ballot box and threw out not only Martha Coakley, but the entire Obama agenda. Way to go Massachusetts! Republicans have now won THREE major contests in a row since Obama’s election as both New Jersey and Virginia

now have Republican governors. (Four if you count the run-off here in Georgia that reelected Saxby Chambliss.) Do you think President Obama is getting the message? It seems like he is: As I write this, the President has said that he doesn’t want to have a vote on the Health Care bill until Senator Brown is seated. Good choice Barack! The Wicked Witch of the West, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is saying today that the House now doesn’t have the votes to ramrod Obamacare through… Do you think maybe she has seen the light too? If all this can be done via one of the bluest of all the so-called “Blue” states why should it be any different right here in Middle Georgia? Isn’t it time we all stand up to the incompetents that run our city and county and take it back for the people? Just look at the City of Macon. Almost half of the Council ran unopposed. That’s criminal. A good portion of the people that are on there are not looking out for your best interests, that’s for sure. They are looking out for themselves and for reelection. I say cut the size down, slap term limits on them and clean house! Until then, Macon will NEVER grow. (Speaking of downsizing, why is it that in one of the most crime ridden spots in the state our police force sees cuts yet the City Council remain at their current number? I’m just asking? Doesn’t make sense to me!) You know what else doesn’t make sense to me: Why does a city that is going bankrupt continue to keep and support an enterprise that is losing money every year instead of selling Bowden Golf Course??? Anyway, I digress… Whether you are a Conservative or a Liberal it makes no difference. You should be mad. You should be mad that you have leaders in Washington who have lied to you about a variety of issues. You want a list? Way too many to mention in a little column like mine, but I’ll list a few for giggles: closing Gitmo, open hearings on C-Span regarding Health Care, ending the income

largely honest and uncorrupt. The attorneys in the District Attorney and Solicitor’s offices are forthright and ethical. However, there is nothing but our own vigilance that will guarantee that this state of affairs will endure. Conservatives and liberals may disagree as to which parts of the Bill of Rights is their favorite – conservatives looove the second amendment (right to bear arms), but tend to be suspicious of the fourth (search and seizures) and rather narrowminded about the eighth (cruel and unusual punishment). Liberals get all aflutter about the first (free speech – see above), but engage in a lot of hand-wringing over the second (guns, again) and generally try to ignore the tenth (limitation of the power of the federal government) One thing both sides can agree on, however: If you don’t know the source of your freedoms, how are you ever going to begin to try to enforce them when they are threatened? But you can’t plan for the future by assuming it will be the same as today. The Constitution may seem like something you learned about in school, then forgot – as something far removed from your life. At least until the day it gets taken away.

“Just look at Macon’s City Council. Almost half of them ran unopposed. That’s criminal. I say cut the size down, slap term limits on them and clean house! Until then, Macon will NEVER grow.”

tax for senior citizens making less than $50,000...the list goes on and on. You should be mad that you have leaders in Atlanta that don’t pay their taxes. (Brown’s not the only one…) You should

be mad that you have leaders in Macon that just don’t give a damn. We hired them. Now it’s time to fire them. Massachusetts led by example. I hope we have the good sense to follow their lead.

The Macon Film Guild PRESENTS

Featuring some incredible performances from many 70s soul legends, Soul Power is an exhilarating snap-shot of a bygone era.

Though the eyes of the world were on "The Rumble in the Jungle" in 1974, their ears should have been on Zaire '74, the mammoth music festival that took place in the shadow of the battle between... Though the eyes of the world were on "The Rumble in the Jungle" in 1974, their ears should have been on Zaire '74, the mammoth music festival that took place in the shadow of the battle between Mohammad Ali and George Foreman. This documentary takes the stellar cut footage from WHEN WE WERE KINGS and chronicles the concerts from big names such as James Brown, B.B. King, Bill Withers, and Celia Cruz. Though Zaire '74 might have been overlooked in favor of the legendary fight, SOUL POWER still packs a serious punch for music fans.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14 HISTORIC DOULGASS THEATRE, 355 MLK Jr. Blvd All seats $5, Rated R. Free parking in Mulberry Street Deck next door.

Three Screenings: 2:00, 4:30, and 7:30 p.m. Every second Sunday:




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“Who is Jesus ....Really?” January 31 - April 18

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FEB. 13 & 14:

Dinner for 2 Valentine’s Special (four course meal)

A weekend of Music & fresh conversation. Workshop, Concert & Worship with Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor & The Key and David Dark, nationally acclaimed of 1389 Julianauthor of Norwich, The Sacredness of Questioning Everything


Community Breakfast 7:30am

Worship 11:00am Centenary

Rediscovering the Mysteries of Faith

1290 College Street



My family and I love to travel. We decided long ago that the lives of our children are immeasurably enriched by seeing first-hand other cultures and locales.


hile our children can be taught the differences in Spanish dialects, it is far more instructive to hear them in person. We are particularly fond of cruises because we can unpack once and wake up in a different city almost every day. For big events such as Christmas, we can have a beautiful dinner together then walk away from our table without any worries about food preparation and cleanup. Last year’s holiday trip was so successful that we decided to choose another this year. I often give special interest lectures on board cruise ships with social and historical topics that are tied to our destinations. I am given a cabin in exchange for speaking and I greatly enjoy talking individually with those passengers who attend my presentations. This year, however, we decided to make it a complete holiday so that I would have no responsibilities. Unfortunately we didn’t count on the fact that British Air would lose all our luggage and that Norwegian Cruise Lines would do so little to help us retrieve it. The four of us boarded in Barcelona with only the clothes on our back. Within a few days our son’s suitcase caught up with us followed a day later by those of my wife and daughter. Mine, however, seemed to have drifted off into the recesses of luggage purgatory. I spent a fortune in international cell phone charges and was given a different story each time I called British Air. To make matters worse, those stories never matched what I was being told by Norwegian’s on-board luggage coordinator. He was East German but exhibited none of the efficiency for which his countrymen are famous. When you are dependent on prescription medications, as I am, you should NEVER pack them in checked luggage. I am now an expert at being admonished for having done so. By the sixth day, I was in pretty bad shape and all the ship’s doctor could do – even when I told him that my blood pressure was “dangerously high” – was to write me a prescription (without examining me or even checking my pressure) from a list of medications and dosages I handed him. He pointed me in the direction of downtown Naples, Italy, where he said pharmacists tended to be “much more relaxed” about dispensing medications. Without luggage, I could not dress properly for special dinner celebrations on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, nor pose for professional photos my family likes to collect on such occasions. From the ship’s meager shop, I purchased a pair of polyester slacks which I daily alternated with the jeans I had worn onto the ship (Norwegian offered me a 10% discount in their shops which I thought was generous until I learned that I was already eligible for the same discount as a former passenger). Their one consolation was to give me free laundry service so that my two alternating outfits would be clean. Since one of our days was spent riding camels in Egypt alongside the Pyramids, it would prove to be an absolute necessity. We had traveled on Norwegian before and enjoyed it but, from our experience this time, it seems that Norwegian is now targeting the discount low-cost traveler. Judging by our fellow passengers, they are succeeding in everything except the low cost. Choosing not to travel with Norwegian again will be easy, but my real disappointment is with British Air. As a committed Anglophile, I still hope that my door bell will ring any day now and a crisply-dressed Brit with an upper class accent will hand me my lost luggage with a sincere apology and a slight bow of the head. Wherever my suitcase is, I hope it’s having fun. My most recent intelligence is that the last time it was positively identified was on December 27th in Rome. That was five days after we were there. Wherever it is, I send this message, “All is forgiven. Come home.”

I am happy to announce that Lyons Press, a division of publishing giant Globe Pequot, has purchased my book, A Peculiar Tribe of People: Murder and Madness in the Heart of Georgia. The book recounts the tale of an infamous murder that took place in Macon in 1960. Mary Burge was brutally strangled in her Shirley Hills home while her husband, Chester, lay in the Macon Hospital recovering from surgery. He was eventually indicted then successfully defended by the same two attorneys who had prosecuted Anjette Lyles only two years earlier for murdering her two husbands, her mother-in-law, and her eldest daughter. After his acquittal Chester Burge was then convicted of sodomy with his black chauffeur who had allegedly helped him kill Mary Burge. His eventual death by fire in Palm Beach ended a life far more bizarre than fiction. Macon is the allimportant setting for my book and Lyons has not only committed to have Peculiar Tribe as its front-of-catalogue featured title for fall of 2010 but has also purchased the first option on my next book as well.




Dark Side of the Rainbow In August 1995, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette published the first mainstream media article about the “synchronicity” between the 1973 Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon with the visual portion of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Since then, fans have compiled more than one hundred moments of perceived interplay between the film and album. Coincidence or intent, you be the judge! The 11th Hour presents The Dark Side of the Rainbow at the Cox Capitol Theatre on Saturday, January 30. Admission is $5, movie starts at 7p.m.

Macon-made Movie to be Honored in Hollywood


locally made movie starring Karen Black and Mink Stole, and produced by locals Tony Long, Jr., and Elliott and Beth Dunwody, will be honored in Hollywood, California, by the celebrated American Cinematheque on Wednesday, February 3, at Grauman's Egyptian Theatre. The film, a black and white film noir prison drama called “Stuck!” was directed by independent filmmaker Steve Balderson and shot in Macon during April and May of 2009. “Stuck!” is the centerpiece of the 5th Macon Film Festival and will also screen at the Cox Capitol Theatre on Friday, February 19. The Egyptian Theatre opened in 1922, and was the venue for the first-ever Hollywood premiere (“Robin Hood”). Recent Cinematheque honors have gone to Samuel L. Jackson, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts. “Stuck!” had its World Premiere at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival in London, England, in October, 2009 and made the list on Icon Magazine’s TOP 10 Films of the year.

“I’m thrilled by the advance reviews and I can’t wait to present the film at the American Cinematheque,” said director Steve Balderson. “Plus, a lot of people from Macon are coming to Hollywood with me and it’s going to be a riot,” he Karen Black on the pauses to laugh, set of “Stuck!” “No pun intended!” Photo Maryanne Bates The Macon film festival is headquartered at the historic Cox Capitol Theatre. For tickets, call the Capitol box office at 257-6391. Complete information about the film festival, visit

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Daily Best Bets

Paintings by Art Rosenbaum and Photographs by Margo Rosenbaum Opening reception tonight 6 – 7:30 PM. Gallery talk by the

thu 28

artist at 6:30 p.m. Art is a painter, muralist, collector, and performer whose work depicts the music and culture of the South. Margo is a photographer who has captured many of Art’s field recordings. Porter Auditorium at Wesleyan College, 4760 Forsyth Road.

Mac is in Macon


Eddie Kirkland & the Mobile Slim Band at the historic Douglass Theatre Legendary bluesman Eddie Kirkland will perform with The Mobile Slim Band at the Douglass Theater on First Friday, February 5, at 8:00 p.m. Admission is $10.00.

sat 30

The 11th Hour presents “Dark Side of the Rainbow”

Don’t miss this chance to witness the curious synchonicity between Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and the Wizard of Oz film. $5 admission. Cox Capitol Theatre. 7p.m.


Tailgate Party and Gametruck at CJ’s

Doors open at 3p.m. with a tailgate party and a gametruck that accomodates up to 16 people at a time! Leg quarter dinner special for just $4.95 and $2 beers until kick-off! Only at CJ’s Sports Bar on Riverside Drive.


Start your week off right at Loco’s! Enjoy $1 beer specials for happy hour, or double up on their famous 1/2 pound of wings and a draft special at just $5.99.


We’re talking local live music and some of the best wings in town! Wild

Wing Cafe offers 2 fer Wings from 5-10p.m. and live local music every Tuesday evening.

1/2 off Bottles of Wine and the Macon Civic Club Revue

The 49th annual Macon Civic Club Revue opens tonight at the Grand Opera House. Before you catch the show, enjoy a 1/2 priced bottle of Macon and Civic Club’s Annual Revue always wine dinner atMusical the Downtown entertains the audience with familiar musical Annual Grill.numbers Macon Civic Club’s and local humor. This annual favorite benefits local charities. Wednesday - Saturday,with Musical Revue always entertains the audience familiar musical numbers7:30p.m. and Tickets local$25-$35. humor. This annual favorite benefits local charities. Wednesday - Saturday, 7:30p.m. Tickets $25-$35.

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Call the Mercer Box Office for tickets (478) 301-5470





William Jason Reso[2] (born November 30, 1973)[2] is a Canadian professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring names Christian and Christian Cage. He currently wrestles for the ECW brand of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he is the reigning ECW Champion. Reso was trained by former professional wrestlers Ron Hutchinson, Dory Funk, Jr., and Tom Prichard, and made his wrestling debut in June 1995. These days, the reigning ECW champion holds court in the ring and will be doing so at the Macon Centreplex on January 30.

Tell me about how you got started wrestling and what you were doing before.

Wow. I guess that was around 18-20 years ago now. I was in College and though I got my degree I had started watching wrestling a lot and thought it might be something I was interested in. When I finished college, I enrolled in a Wrestling School up here in Canada, and learned how to wrestle from Ron Hutchinson and Tom Pritchard. From there it was just a long climb to where I am today. It by no means was easy.

have a lot of young guys out there today, that are very tough and very competitive, so it makes the job a whole lot more exciting.

You’ve won championships in singles and Tag Team, besides the obvious, how is it different, and what do you enjoy the most.

Dragon steamboat were my favorites, but there were a lot of wrestlers back in those days that were inspiring.

Well you can tag out when your tired, obviously, (laughs) but really it is fun to get to work alongside someone you admire. And there are moves that the two of you can do together that one person isn’t capable of. But personally, I like being out there on my own, feeling the fans and their response to you. It’s up to nobody but you at that point, and that’s a feeling that is really hard to explain.

What about today, who do you enjoy wrestling with? Obviously, The Edge and I work well together.

What else do you hope to accomplish? You’re already an ECW and international champion.

Who were some of the old school wrestlers you looked up to? Brett the Hitman Heart and Ricky the

I love wrestling Chris Jerico, and that’ something I don’t get to do that often these days, but he’s one of my favorites to work with. Lance Storm and Test, we

I just hope to keep doing what I’m doing man, and maybe have some time to rest in between. I’m really enjoying it, and I don’t see a stop sign in the future.

All Pizzas Made With

Homemade Dough, Real Cheese & Fresh Toppings!

Macon’s Largest Selection of Imported Beer!

Dine In or Call Ahead for Carry-Out


2396 Ingleside Ave



1635 Montpelier Ave

Available for delivery through Restaurant Express, call 755.8000




Email your event to Include dates, times, locations with address, cost and a contact number.

Thur Jan 28 This day in history: (1949) New York

Giants sign their 1st black players, Monte Irvin and Ford Smith.

Paintings by Art Rosenbaum and Photographs by Margo Rosenbaum Opening reception tonight 6 – 7:30 PM. Gallery talk by the artist at 6:30 p.m. Art is a painter, muralist, collector, and performer whose work depicts the music and culture of the South. Margo is a photographer who has captured many of Art’s field recordings. Porter Auditorium at Wesleyan College, 4760 Forsyth Road.

Ocmulgee Symphony Orchestra in concert at Wesleyan College. 4 p.m. in Porter

Auditorium. Tickets $15. Call 478.757.5259.

2010 CollegeTown Film Series continues at 7 p.m. Jan. 28, at downtown Macon’s Douglass Theater with the showing of “Old Boy.” Released in 2003, the film tells the story of a man who wakes up to find that he is locked up in a room/prison for a reason about which he’s never told, by someone who he’s never told about. Fifteen years later he is let go, only with more questions than answers. Discussion afterward led by Dr. Tom Ellington of the Wesleyan College faculty. Admission is FREE to students with ID from Macon State, Mercer, or Wesleyan. Admission for faculty, staff, and the general public is $5, which includes a snack pass.

430 Cherry Street | 741-9130 MON-sat 4pm-2am

r u o H y Happ 4-8PM

The 2004 hit movie “Sideways” will show at the Cox Capitol Theatre First Friday, Feb 5. Enjoy $1 wine tastings, $1 drafts and $1 admission from 5-7p.m. Movie starts at 7. tours Africa as President Carter's envoy.

Macon Civic Club Musical Revue:

“After Midnight” 7:30 p.m. at the Grand Opera House. Tickets $15 - $35. Call 478.301.5470

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Dinner & a Classic: The Man Who Shot

Liberty Valance. Classic films paired with a nice meal. $17.50 with dinner, $5 for movie only. Dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. Call or go online for movies & menus.

Fri Jan 29 Thurs Feb 4 This day in history: (1998) Woman's Clinic in This day in history: (1957) 1st electric

Birmingham Alabama bombed, 1 killed.

HomeExpo at Macon Centreplex

You will benefit from educational seminars that are offered during show hours and you don’t want to miss opportunities to win valuable giveaways. $5 for adults at the door. Thru Sunday, Jan 31.

Family Movie Night at the Capitol Theatre. Showing: Cloudy With a Chance of

Meatballs. $10 adults includes dinner ($5 without), $5 for children with dinner ($1 without). Inspired by the beloved children's book, this film focuses on a town where food falls from the sky like rain. 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

Sat Jan 30 This day in history: (2005) Parliamentary elections in Iraq, the first since 1958 .

Dark Side of the Rainbow at the Cox Capitol Theatre: Witness the strange connection between Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (1973) and the MGM classic film The Wizard of Oz (1939). Movie 7pm. $5 admission. Belle of the Ball Benefit at Theatre Macon: WIN A "FREE" FORMAL DRESS!

Hundreds of NEW famous label gowns/dresses (Mostly one of a kind) priced from $30 - $125 PROM - WEDDING - BRIDESMAID MOTHER OF THE BRIDE - RECITAL Sizes range from 2 to 28. Proceeds go to support the THEATRE MACON 2010 season! Cash only sale event, all sales final! 1/30 115p.m. 1/31: 2-5p.m. Theatre Macon, 438 Cherry St.

Live HD broadcast of the National Theatre

in London's performance of “Nation.” 2 p.m. at the Douglass Theatre. Tickets $15. Call 478.742.2000.

Sun Jan 31 This day in history: (1999) Super Bowl

XXXIII, Pro Player Stadium, Miami, Denver Broncos beat Atlanta Falcons 34-19.

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Weeds, Season 2. $1 admission, $1 pizza slices & $1

draft beer from 6-7p.m. Episodes start at 7p.m. 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

Wed Feb 3 This day in history: (1980) Mohammed Ali

portable typewriter placed on sale.

2010 CollegeTown Film Series continues

"Fight Club," 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4, Douglass Theater. Discussion afterward led by Dr. Matt Oberrieder of the Mercer University faculty. Admission is FREE to students with ID from Macon State, Mercer, or Wesleyan. Admission for faculty, staff, and the general public is $5, which includes a snack pass.

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Dollar Night: Showing Ground Hog Day.

available with regular museum admission. Invisible Hands provides visitors an insight into the lives of the servants who lived in the house during each of the Johnston (18601896), Felton (1888-1926), and Hay (1926-62) eras. The roles of specific persons for each era are brought to light as historical portraits. The Hay House is located at 934 Georgia Avenue. Tel. 478.742-8155.

The Cupid Concert featuring PJ Morton

Band, P&W Trio, Stefaun & Lamar Williams w/Demun Jones! Music starts at 8 pm. Cox Capitol Theatre. $20 advance / $25 day of show. All tickets General Admission

Wed Feb 10 This day in history: (1989) Ron Brown cho-

sen 1st black chairman of a major U.S. party (Democrats)

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Dinner & a Classic: Hobson’s Choice.

Classic films paired with a nice meal. $17.50 with dinner, $5 for movie only. Dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. Call or go online for menus.

Doors open at 6p.m. $1 pizza slices, $1 draft beer from 6-7p.m. $1admission. 382 Second St.

Thursday, Feb 11 This day in history: (1966) San Francisco

create $70 million Holocaust fund.

Macon State College Presents “Raptors of the Southeast”a traveling interactive pro-

Fri Feb 5 This day in history: (1997) 3 Swiss banks First Friday in Downtown Macon

are scheduled on the following Saturdays at 2 pm: Feb. 6, Feb. 20, and Feb.

Cox Capitol Theatre Dollar Night:

Showing Sideways, with $1 wine tastings from 5-7pm. Doors open at 6p.m. $1 pizza slices, $1 draft beer from 6-7p.m. $1admission.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presents “Illuscination” at the Macon

Centreplex. Feb. 5 – 7:30 p.m. Feb. 6 – 11 a.m., 3 p.m. & 7 p.m.; Feb. 7 – 2 p.m. Tickets $12.50 - $36.50. Call 478.751.9232.

Saturday, Feb 6 This day in history: (1987) No-smoking rules

take effect in federal buildings.

Invisible Hands Public Tours are scheduled on the following Saturdays at 2 pm: Feb. 6, Feb. 20, and Feb. 27. These guided tours are

Giant Willie Mays signs highest contract, $130,000 per year.

gram featuring live hawks, owls, and falcons, will be presented at Macon State College at 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11, at the Warner Robins Campus' University Boulevard entrance, and at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11, at the lakeside patio of the Professional Sciences building on the Macon campus. The rain date is Thursday, Feb. 25, same times and locations. This event is free and open to the public.

Friday, Feb 13 This day in history: (1982) Dark Side of the Moon, is on charts for 402nd week .

The 21st Annual “Live at the Cardiac Cafe” Macon City Auditorium, Show Begins

8:00pm. Featuring Bobby Collins, Aisha Tyler, and Vic Henley. Cardiac Café is a night of comedy to benefit the American Heart Association's mission to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Balcony seating is also available. Call 478405-3200.

rehearsals FEBRUARY 20: Red Ants Marching! Pictures is holding auditions for numerous film projects

which are to be filmed in Macon. All types and ages needed (filming begins in April). Those auditioning will read from scripts provided. Meet at Killian’s Coffeehouse, 490 Cherry Street, downtown Macon from noon until 4p.m. Visit for more information.

Auditions February 21st & 22nd at 7:30 PM at Theatre Macon for “Hello Dolly”, in production April 2-17. For more information, call 746-9485.

For a complete listing of events, including ongoing exhibits, musuem hours & more visit

with complimentary food & 2-4-1 wells!



$1 Wells Team trivia all Day! free wells for gals THUR. JAN 28

Holy Ghost Tent Revival FRI. JAN 29

Glossary & Vulture Whale

Adam’s birthday bash with


The Dirty Guv'nahs WED. FEB 3


DJ Old Flame FRI. FEB 5

T Bird & the breaks SAT. FEB 6

soulshine Coming february 12: drivin’ n’ cryin’

NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS: General Manager, Bartenders and Sound Technicians.


You Drink. We Drive.

A fully insured Zingo driver arrives on a portable motorbike. Folds it, Bags it, Places it in your trunk, Drives you and your car home safely.

New Lower Rates! $15 + $2 a mile.

254-6555. Exclusively in

live music, venues, nightclubs, karaoke, drink specials and more...


MON 2/01

Holy Ghost Tent Revival The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry

Tim Brooks 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive

Plethrea Loco’s Bar & Grill

FRI 1/29 Randy Wesson 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive

Joshua Fletcher, Efren & Jonathan Bill 567 Cafe, 7pm

Wes Heath CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive Vulture Whale The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry The K-Macks Rivalry’s on Northside B Keith Williams The Shamrock Radio Cult Wild Wing Cafe

SAT 1/30 John Stanley Project CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive The Dirty Guv’nahs The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Robert Lee Coleman Macon Mellow Mushroom Marty Manous Band Rivalry’s on Northside The Notion Wild Wing Cafe

SUN 1/31 Caleb Grimes Macon Mellow Mushroom

WED 2/03 DJ Old Flame, Ladies Nite The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Open Mic w/ Matt Rivalry’s on Northside Gone Country w/ Matt Pippen Wild Wing Cafe

THUR 2/04 Robert Coleman Band Loco’s Bar & Grill

FRI 2/05 Big Mike & Booty Papas 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive Grafted by Grace 567 Cafe, 7pm, free admission

Wes Heath CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive Eddie Kirkland with the Mobile Slim Band Historic Douglass Theatre

T Bird & the Breaks The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Delilah Way Rivalry’s on Northside Josh Carson The Shamrock

Matt Pippen Wild Wing Cafe

SAT 2/06 UFC fight on big screen CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive PJ Morton Band with Demun Jones & Lamar Williams Cox Capitol Theatre

Soulshine The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry

UFC Fight on big screen! Rivalry’s on Northside Mike Brookshire The Shamrock Toolshed Ginger Wild Wing Cafe

SUN 2/07 Jim Cable Macon Mellow Mushroom

MON 2/08 RJ & Randy 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive

WED 2/10 DJ Old Flame, Ladies Nite The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Open Mic w/ Matt Rivalry’s on Northside Gone Country w/ Matt Pippen Wild Wing Cafe

THUR 2/11 Christabel & The Jons The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Floco Torres & DJ Montalban Jr Loco’s Bar & Grill

FRI 2/12 Drivin’ n Cryin’ The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Stoopgrass Rivalry’s on Northside

The Unmentionables Wild Wing Cafe


Happy hour til 7pm, jam & rehearse 7-10pm, 20’s Pub Industry Apprication Night! BJ’s Billiards

$1 Domestics Loco’s Cafe

$1.25 Bud til 8p, 35¢ Wings 8-11p The Hole Thang

$1.99 Margaritas at Polly’s Upstairs Bar

$1 Wells all night, The Bird Happy Hour open to close Rivalry’s Sports Bar

$1.50 Coors Lt Drafts, 2 fer 1 Apps during 1st half of game Wild Wing Cafe

Service Industry Night 6PM-Close: 2 for $10 Jager Bombs; $3 House Margaritas; $3 3 Olives Vodka; $2 Miller Lite Bottles & Yuengling Pints Macon Mellow


35¢ Wings 3p-close, Buffalos $1pints, $3.75 PBR Pitchers Macon Mellow

$1 Domestics Loco’s Cafe

Beat the Clock at Bottoms Up, 50¢ drafts go up every half hour 2-4-1 Margaritas all day at El Azteca

$1.99 Tequila Shots at Polly’s Upstairs Bar Bud Bingo, win prizes! Friend’s Bar & Grill 8-Ball Tournament, 8pm BJ’s Billiards

Live music with B Keith Williams The Shamrock

$1.50 Dom Draft beers, $3 Bloody Marys, Tara’s Tavern 2 fer Tuesday: 5-10p, $13 Import buckets, $10 Domestic Buckets Wild Wing Cafe

WEDNESDAYS $10 Domestic Buckets, Wild Wing Cafe

$1 Domestics Loco’s Cafe

2-4-1 Jagerbombs all day! $3 big drafts & Ritas. El Azteca $7 Drink or Drown The Hole Thang

Ladies night, free wells for the gals


The Hummingbird

Open Mic, 10pm, Rivalry’s

$3 Pint Night at Buffalo’s Macon Steak Night 6-9pm,Karaoke 8pm Tara’s Tavern Beer Olympics, Bottoms Ups

Ladies Night, free cover and $1 drinks for gals, Whiskey River Hippy Chick Night 6PM-Close: $1.50 House Wine & $4.50 Jager Mellow Mushroom


LADIES NIGHT, 3-for-1 Drinks, $2 shots & beer BJ’s Billiards Drink or Drown, 2-4-1 wells, Jagerbombs CJ’s Sports Bar

The Rookery offers drink specials from 11-1am: $2 Bud Light bottles, $4.50 well doubles, $3 Sex on the Beach and 2 for 1 Jager.

$3 Jose Margaritas all day! Free Pool! Tara’s Tavern Skirts, $2 drinks all night Rivalry’s

Late Night Happy Hour SundayThursday: 9PM-close - $2 Miller Lite Bottles & Yuengling Pints, $3 Wells Mellow Mushroom $2 Margaritas, $4 Horne Rums Wild Wing $5 Car Bombs! Loco’s Cafe


Happy Hour prices for poker players, BJ’s Billiards

The Rookery offers drink specials from 11-1am: $2 Bud Light bottles, $4.50 well doubles, $3 Sex on the Beach and 2 for 1 Jager.

$3.75 Domestic 22oz Drafts Wild Wing Cafe


College game day, CJ’s

Game Day! drinks specials & 35¢ wings from 10-4pm, Buffalo’s

The Rookery offers drink specials from 11-1am: $2 Bud Light bottles, $4.50 well doubles, $3 Sex on the Beach and 2 for 1 Jager.

$3 Horne Rums, $4 Firefly Wild Wing Cafe


Nascar, drink specials, 20’s Pub $2 Domestic Drafts, $4 Jager, Rumpie & Gran Ma Wild Wing Cafe





11thr Houests

Sugg se the Miss Don’t ws Sho


Sat Jan 6 Fri Feb 5 T BIRD & THE BREAKS @ THE BIRD PJ MORTON, DEMUN JONES & The big hits from this past year’s Bragg Jam, T Bird and the Breaks have come on the Austin music scene strong over the past two years. They have seen the successes of their debut record consistently played on radio, sold out shows at the region’s top venues, endless write-ups on their big, blood boiling sound that makes any audience move, and a buzz that has people talking from Austin to London, England.


Drag Show & Dance Party, Synergy

Insomnia Promotions Presents... every Friday night at Club Envy DJ Don, biggest dance party in Mid GA, Saturdays Whiskey River

Thursday - Saturday at downtown’s newest college hotspot, Bottom’s Up


Wed,Thursday & Sat, 8p, Sundays, Tuesdays at 6pm, 20’s Pub

LAMAR WILLIAMS @ THE CAPITOL We all know that Demun Jones was the lead singer for Rap/ Rock Sensation, Rehab. PJ Morton’s resume isn’t too bad either. The PJ Morton Band is a contemporary blend of Pop, Rock and Soul music all embodied into several perfected songs. Started by the group’s leader PJ Morton, a Grammy award winning writer/producer (India Arie, Jermaine Dupri, Jagged Edge), the band encompasses a very diverse montage of musical minds that bring a distinctly unique flavor to live and recorded music.

Come Hear...

Read more about it... Full Bandography online with MP3s of upcoming bands!

Thursdays with Brad “the Man in the Box” at Rivalry’s and Sundays with Stephen and T.T.

Mondays with Man in the Box, 9pm at Loco’s on Riverside NEW Wednesdays with Mitch from 9p-1a at BJ Billiards

Every Wednesday, Macon Shroom Every Friday 7:30, Mondays at 5pm, Friends Bar & Grill

Vulture Whale at The Bird, 1/29


Holy Ghost Tent Revival@ The Bird

Family Trivia every Thursday evening from 8-10pm, Buffalo’s Macon

Characterized as "explosively intoxicating," Greensboro, NC's Holy Ghost Tent Revival cannot be pigeonholed into any popular genre. Melding brass with banjo, guitar, bass, drums, and keys this six-piece ensemble boasts an eclectic mash of instruments and styles -- a musical alchemy all their own. The overall air of their creation breathes a sense of celebration and salvation; of a raucous party where everyone's welcome and where even the most stoic will find their toes tapping and a smile breaking free. It's as if, in the same spirit as the blues greats that traveled the highways of the American psyche before them, theirs is not music to lament life's hardships but rather to celebrate in life itself; with all its hodgepodge of pleasure and pain.

Tuesday nights with Jason Hawk, cash prizes, Wild Wing Cafe

The K Macks @ Rivalry’s

Wed, Fri & Saturdays at Tara’s Sundays with Brad, 9pm The Backporch Lounge


Every TUES 8:30p, CJ’s Sports Bar NOW TUESDAYS at BJs Billiards Every Wednesday with 2-4-1 Jagerbombs El Azteca

Every Tuesday, Macon Mellow

Every Monday with Big Jammin, Happy Hour all night, Rivalry’s Thursday nights 9p, The Shamrock Trivia with Jacob at Loco’s every Wednesday, Big payouts!

Every Wednesday at The Rookery, compete for $5,000 grand prize! 8pm

Every Wednesday at The Bird, 8pm.


Nightly Poker 7:30p, Friends Bar

Sunday Poker League 2:30,Tuesdays at 7pm, Rivalry’s Nightly Poker 7:30p, Friends Bar Nightly Poker 8p, BJ Billiards

Texas Hold ‘Em, The Hole Thang Poker Tournament 7pm every Mon, Wed,Thur & Fri, 6pm Sat & Sun, Whiskey River Sports Bar

FRIDAY, 1/29

A punk/rock group out of Athens, GA. you’ll hear reggae, folk, country, blues, rock and some Motown influences. Though they were difficult to pigeonhole, the trio exhibited an impressively constructed and tightly knit compilation of songs. If you enjoy anything that resembles country-fried punk rock, then you’ll enjoy songs like “Sin Boldly” and “The Cock Song.” The band even impressed with their rendition of two classic songs, “Billy Jean” and “Stand By Me.”"

Vulture Whale and Glossary @ The Hummingbird

After playing together in Wes McDonald & the Fizz, Lester Nuby (of Verbena), Keelan Parrish, Jake Waitzman, and the band’s fearless leader, Wes Mcdonald, decided to convert the power structure of the group from a monarchy into a true democracy. Legend has it the band settled on its new name after guitarist Nuby dreamed of a vulture sitting on top of a guitar, eating a

The K Macks at Rivalry’s ,1/29 whale. Out of such fevered visions, Vulture Whale was born. The group hails from Birmingham, Alabama, where in 2007 it released its first self-titled album. “Sugar,” a single from the later self-titled album, was featured in an issue of Spin Magazine, and both albums were acclaimed both in America and abroad.

SATURDAY, 1/30 The Dirty Guvnah’s @ The Bird

The Dirty Guv’nahs have been spreading their rock gospel across the Southeast for three years now, showcasing their sound which has been best described as "a passionate, jubilant slice of rock-meets-Americana.

The Notion @ Wild Wing Café

There are not many cover bands you can get your hands on who play a mix of songs from almost every genre. The Notion means a party for all ages, young and old.

Marty Manous @ Rivalry’s

Marty started playing guitar at age 14, drawing influences from blues, fusion and rock greats. By 16 he was gigging around Atlanta and gaining recognition for his signature style. A recent graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music, Marty has studied alongside great players including Nite Driscol, Bill Hart, Steve Cunningham and Jimmy Herring.

SUNDAY, 1/31

Caleb Grimes @ Mellow Mushroom

“Caleb puts everything on the line and in front for his fans. He'll play a million gigs and look for more, taking the time to shake hands and have a drink and a smile with everyone. More musicians should have the class and downhearted approach of this guy.”- Jason Hawk

MONDAY, 2/01

The Notion at Wild Wing Cafe, 1/30 the caliber of TIM BROOKS has come storming out of the South. Tim's awe-inspiring slide guitar work has earned him the recognition of many hopeful young Georgian guitarists. He received national exposure when he submitted a home studio version of his bottleneck tourde-force, "Made form Scratch" as his entry in Guitar Player Magazine's 25th Anniversary Ultimate Guitar Competition. Tim's entry so floored the distinguished panel of judges that they not only chose him to win the slide guitar category, but they awarded him the grand prize also, out of thousands of worldwide entrants

FRIDAY, 2/05 Wes Heath @ CJ’s

Taking in all that he could during his youth, at the age of 20, he hit the road and never looked back. Playing 250-300 shows a year all over the U.S. for the better part of the last decade. Bringing a sense of showmanship not often found with many solo acts, he is as enetertaining as he is talented; taking performance cues from such legends as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel, and the King, Elvis Presley.

Big Mike and the Booty Papas @ 20’s

Macon’s favorite local blues band, Big Mike and the Gang have been playing since before some of us were born. They actually opened for Bob Dylan when he played here in Macon. Great Original material, and a unique twist on blues standards.


Toolshed Ginger @ The Wild Wing

A local band with members from Gypsy Train, plays a great blend of covers and rock originals that will have your feet moving like they can’t stop. And they won’t stop.

Tim Brooks @ 20’s Pub

It's been quite some time since a guitar force




The 11th Hour profiles a new, local band in every issue to reflect the diverse musical talent in Middle Georgia. If your band would like to be spotlighted here, please email

What's your first memory that involves music?

There was a display at the Chicago Museum involving jazz music. There was a button for each individual instrument that would turn off or on with a push. I was 7 at the time and understanding the correlation between the different instruments would prove to be crucial later in life, however I grew up hearing my father and brothers playing. Music was always there.

What is your writing process like?

When I do have the time to write, I try to draw from past emotions and experiences and somehow try to create a score that will get those feelings across musically. With this band there seems to be plenty of interesting ideas and theories to work with.

Who do you enjoy covering the most?

Being a cover band we have to continuously change who we cover to stay interesting in the eyes of the public. With six active members in the band I can only give my personal opinions which would have to start with Styx, Kansas and you can never go wrong with the Beatles. The bottom line however, is playing all the music everyone knows that no other bands in the area will cover. We like to call those production numbers and try to include three or four in every set. I would say our biggest influences also include Zepplin, and the Moody Blues, when you've grown up around musicians all of your life and shared in their taste, It becomes impossible to count all the bands and people who may have swayed you one way or another.

Project 77

What do you think has helped the Macon music scene?

With influences as diverse at Kansas and Frank Zappa, Project 77 is a local’s favorite cover band. Playing crowd pleasers from Styx and The Beatles to continuously learning new and obscure covers to keep their act original, Project 77 knows how to keep their fans entertained.You can catch the band playing at various venues around town including 20’s Pub and The Shamrock.

As absurd as this may sound, I believe the Macon Centreplex amply provided the venue for all ages to come and see their favorite musical acts and has to bear some responsibility for placing stars in the peoples eyes.

What’s your thoughts on the state of music in Macon today?

The musicians and talent in Macon and the middle Ga. area has never changed throughout all the years and remains second to none still today, which seems to be causing a strange supply and demand problem. With the competition as stiff as it is for the local musician, the monetary gains enjoyed by all performers seems to have been frozen in the 70's. Equipment and expenses continually rise, which seriously compromises a groups ability to stage a true quality act, as opposed to downsizing the group to cut costs.

5-8p 2-4-1 Wells, $3 Svedka, $2 Domestics 8:30p Trivia!

DJ Dance Party at 10pm DRINK OR DROWN!

241 Wells & Jagerbombs Select beer $2, CORNHOLE Open at noon!

Texas Hold’em, 7:30


29: Wes Heath 30: John Stanley Project 5: Wes Heath 6: UFC Fight


Up to 16 players! All your favorite games!

3pm until kickoff! SUNDAY TAILGATE PARTY

Leg Quarter Dinner $4.95

$2 Beers!

New Menu Items!

Grilled Cheese Burgers, Hand-Cut Chix Fingers, and more!

2910 Riverside Dr. tel: 757-3262 WE CATER PARTIES UP TO 150 PEOPLE!


Macon’s Premier Listening Room

The 11th Hour Presents

Wizard of Oz

meets Pink Floyd

Sat 1/29/10:

Joshua Fletcher, Efren, & Jonathan Brill, 7pm

Fri 2/5/10:

Grafted by Grace, Citizens of Heaven 7pm. free admission

Saturday, January 30

Dark Side of the Rainbow Every Tuesday: Poetic Peace with Y-O on the 1s & 2s

567 Cherry Street Downtown Macon

Coincidental Synchronization? You tell us!

Cox Capitol Theatre, 382 Second St. $5 general admission, 7pm Last presented show sold out! The truth is out there!


the dish


Tokyo Alley Can Bring the Heat

EAT THIS GIUSEPPE’S Giuseppe’s Special Price: $14.95 Hand-tossed crust thinned to perfection loaded with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions & black olives. - JERRY & SHERYL

574 Mulberry Street Lane, 743-9449 There has never been a single time when a suggested lunch visit to Tokyo Alley has been met with anything less than enthusiastic daydreams of Red Curry Chicken and noodle salad. It was the first meal I had there and I’ve never switched.


hough normally not such a creature of habit, I can’t help myself because nowhere else in town makes it so good. The only addition to my ritual has been to start things off with one of their cheese sticks, which contains crabmeat and comes with a tangy red dipping sauce (yeah, I’m from Macon and I have no idea what that stuff is called). Although I stick to my Red Curried guns, I know, from the testimony of my eating partners, that the Green Curry, the Hot and Sweet Chicken, the Snapper and the spicy vegetable dish of Basil Leaves is all delicious. I’ve heard such good things about each of these dishes that I’ve occasionally considered giving them a go. One of the things I like so much about Tokyo Alley


is that it’s cozy but maintains some sense of privacy. Conversations remained hushed but not so low as to require a whisper. And the atmosphere is flexible too. As many times as I’ve gone to eat with friends, catching up and joking around, I’ve also gone on business, and the setting allows each easily—a fine balance between the casual and the proper. The service has never been a problem either though it is nothing extraordinary. In fact, it works like a good lunch should: with efficiency. There is little if any banter, and better, seldom a long wait. The wait staff mostly stays out of the way, making sure you can get your food and drink, and get back to your day. If you’ve ever had a midday hang-up at lunch, you know how important that is. Seeing as I was raised thinking that Red Lobster and Shoney’s were the best my money could buy, I’ve had to

get over thinking that every local eatery was going to be expensive. On the contrary, it’s more than affordable. I actually feel like I’m ripping them off when I eat because my entire ticket comes to less than ten bucks every time. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to me, considering how universal the praise for Tokyo Alley is, but I couldn’t believe it’d been there since 1992. That’s like forever in independent restaurant time. But like some of our other fine establishments, it does make perfect sense.

• Specialty Coffees

thedish DINING LOCAL MERCER STUDENTS LUNCH 11AM-3:30PM HOURS: MON-SAT 11am -4pm, OPEN EVERY FIRST FRIDAY! Free soft drink with MODANY - SATURDAY MONDAY Road, Macon your Bear Card!5797 Houston Dinner Specials 478.785.6565 under $10! • Private Parties

1/2 off Select Bottles e on n i W f o VOTED BEST LUNCeHsdays! dnIZE e T SPOR E W P P A FREE entree T!

Specialty Coffees Pastries


• Catering Available

Daily Italian Specialties


an with purchase of 562 Mulberry Street Lane pon per table. cou Must present coupon. One

Downtown Macon Intersection of 742.5999 Hartley Bridge and Houston

downtown grill

Perfect Pairings

Pasta ~ Sandwiches ~ Soup Salad ~ Pizza ~ Daily Specialties

Beer & Wine

Private Parties and Full Catering Available

359 THIRD STREET • DOWNTOWN MACON • 478-742-2255

Free Wi-Fi

Full Bar Come see us: Tues - Thur 7am-6pm Fri - Sat 7am-9pm

Full Breakfast

Large selection of Wine and a fully stocked Humidor

Featuring premium coffees, teas, croissants, eggs, Try the Frenc h waffles and more! Toast Napoleon

Casual Lunches

1/2 off select bottles of wine on Wednesdays 572 Mulberry Street Lane Downtown Macon, 742-5999

Weekdays 5-9:30pm Sat 5-10:30pm


Featuring gourmet pastas, soups, sandwiches, pizza and more!

502 Cherry Street • Tel 257-6612

Try the Oriental Chicken Salad! Fa Open for Dinner Desnstaerststi!c

Friday & Saturday, Full Bar!

(478) 474-0204 Tom Hill Sr Blvd

Open daily 11am - 10pm





BUY ONE GYRO, GET ONE HALF OFF! Must present coupon. Expires 2/28/10

SPECIALTIES: Gyros, Pastitsio, Moussaka & Spanakopita





Sunday Brunch featuring fresh oysters!

Ladies one


glass of wine on Valentine’s Day!

SUN 11-2:30 MON-FRI 11-9 SATURDAYS 11-4 & 12:30AM - 3AM Daily Chef ’s Special $6.99

Happy Hour Daily 4-8pm: 241 Wells

76 est. 19

New Menu

Featuring gourmet 100% angus beef burgers, Fresh salads, sandwiches and housemade desserts. The Rookery’s new Marketplace features: Chicken Salad & Pimento Cheese by the lb. & fine, hand-crafted cheeses from award-winning Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomaston.

Full Service Catering

corporate Events, Business Meetings & Delivery


Full bar open until 2am Tuesday - Saturday

DJ Dance Party Thursday - Saturday Drink Specials 11-1am: $2 Bud Lt Bottles, $4.50 Dbl Wells, $3 Sex on the Beach, 2 for 1 Jager/Jagerbombs!

Trivia Every Wed, 8p Win a chance at the championship & $5000! Dining Hours: Mon 11-3, Tues-Thur 11-9 Fri & Sat 11-10, Sun 12-9

To-Go Orders: 746-8658 18


3-6pm, $3 Imports & $2 domestics 587 Cherry St. Tel 254-3059

Tamworth Farm 100% USDA Organic Produce boxes delivered to your door!

dining hotspots thedish

BLD: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner BAR: Alcohol Served $: Entrees under $10 $$: $10-$20 $$$: Above $20


grill me

Thrilla from the Grilla with Pineapple Habenero Salsa

a Q&A with those in the restaurant biz


The Rookery There isn’t a place downtown that has been serving us longer.The Rookery offers some of the best comfort food in Macon. Burgers, Nachos, Sandwiches and daily lunch specials that can’t be beat. LD BAR $ 543 Cherry Street, 746-8658

Buffalos Cafe on Zebulon You know this place has great wings, but they also feature a large selection of salads and sandwiches, large screen tvs to watch all your favorite games and a popular trivia night for the whole family. LD • BAR • $ 5990 Zebulon Rd. 20’s Pub Boasting freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and dinner specials in a well-lit tavern-like setting. LD • BAR • $ 3076 Riverside Dr.

5 Guys Burgers & Fries The best burgers in Macon is what our readers say, serving dogs and peanuts too. LD • $ 120 Tom Hill Sr., 474.0445

Wild Wing Cafe Newly opened franchise at the Shoppes at River Crossing, fantastic wings in over 30 flavors, over 20 brews on tap, great salads and one of the few dining options in North Macon that offers live music on the weekends. LD • BAR $-$$, 477.WILD

CJ’s Bar & Grill You can’t really call this bar food. Is it fried, yes, but it’s fresh and so, so good! Sloppy nachos, great burgers and chicken wraps. LD • BAR • $ 2910 Riverside Drive, 757-3262

Rivalry’s – The only place in town where you can order Atomic Buffalo Turds and wash them down with a giantsized bottle of Monty Python’s Holy Ale. 3986 Northside Dr., Macon 474-0606 LD BAR $ Nu-Way Weiners Open since 1916, this original store with its neon sign is one of America's oldest hot dog stands and they serve secret recipe chili sauce, famous hot dogs, hamburgers, and other sandwiches. BLD • $ 430 Cotton Avenue, 743.1368


Fresh-Air Bar-B-Que Award winning BBQ known for its tangy tomato and vinegar style pulled pork, ribs and baked beans. Don’t skip out on the Brunswick Stew neither. LD Open 7 days a week • $ 3076 Riverside Dr., 477-7229

Satterfield’s Serving hickory smoked meats, seafood, vegetables, daily specials and salads. L • $ 120 New Street, 742.0352 AP’s Hidden Hideaway Serving home cooking all day long and specialty dinners at night, enjoy their large patio. Seriously good food. LD BAR • $ 4274 Broadway.

Good to Go There is a slightly different menu available every day, offering the best in the Souths lunchtime favorite, “the Meat & Three”. Full catering services also available. LD $ 1019 Riverside Dr. 743.4663

Sticky Fingers Ribhouse Choose your flavor; Memphis style Wet or Dry, Tennessee Whiskey, Habanero Hot or Carolina Sweet. Served with sweet corn bread muffins! Fresh salads and lunch specials. LD • BAR • $$ 5080 Riverside Drive, Open daily at 11am.

Dawson’s Kitchen You can’t beat southern cooking like this, you can see for yourselves the fresh ingredients in their market next door. LD • $ 3360 Brookdale, Payne City


Caliente’s Burrito Shop We’ve all had this style of big burrito by now, but Caliente’s does them the best. If you can handle it, get the MOAB… if not, there’s

Name: Jennifer Lewis Where she works: The Rookery

Mexican Pizza with marinated chicken, black olives & jalepenos

What do you recommend? The Classic City Cheeseburger Favorite restaurant other than where you work: I love Luigi’s! Their lasagna is the best! Your guilty pleasure is: The Rookery just got in the new Captain Morgan and Lime, and it’s great with Sprite. always the Thrilla From Tha Grilla, which is just right. LD • $ 6255 Zebulon Road

El Azteca One of Macon’s best patios, serving all your favorite Mexican dishes, voted Macon’s best margarita. LD BAR • $-$$ 169 Tom Hill Sr., 475.9199 Margaritas I hear that camarones a la diabla doesn’t mean ‘shrimp of the devil’ but I don’t care—it’s hot and spicy, and probably is what Satan eats when he’s feeling a hankering for Mexican. LD • BAR • $ 6012 Zebulon Road, Macon 477.2410; 4696 Presidential Parkway, Macon 757.1300; 2400 North Columbia, Milledgeville 453.9547


Jim Shaw’s Casual dining with Macon’s best seafood, tuna tidbits, scallops, wild Georgia shrimp. Seperate bar area with smoking. D • BAR $-$$ 3040 Vineville

Fish n’ Pig Spectacular views of Lake Tobesofkee. Patio or inside seating serving both barbecue and seafood. D • BAR $-$$ 6420 Mosely Dixon, 476.8837


Giuseppi’s Pizza & Pasta Casual, fun atmosphere with everything from soup and salads to hot wings, pizza and their signature sandwich creation, the Weggie. Daily lunch specials. LD • BAR • $ 120 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd, 477.7400

Luigi’s Bistro Casual Italian cuisine in a hip, swanky atmosphere. LD • BAR • $-$$ 401 Cherry Street, 743.4645

Macon Pizza in the Alley Serving NY style pizza, grinders, pasta, salads and wings; hot, fresh and affordable! LD • BAR • $ Mulberry Street Lane, 742-5555 Ingleside Village Pizza A big no-brainer. IVP has the best pizza in town and the best beer selection. Keep it classy with the white pizza and a Stella Artois or, keep it real with a slice of the ultimate and a 24-oz. High Life. LD • BAR $ 2396 Ingleside Avenue, & downtown across from Mercer Univ.


Adriana’s Quick & delicious cafeteriastyle lunch, serving the most authentic Italian in town, including sandwiches, soup, salads, pasta, pizza and daily specialties. Also, specialty coffees and beer and wine. Mon-Thur 11-5, Fri-Sat 11-6pm. L • BAR $ 359 Third Street Molly’s Café – It looks like your grandma’s dining room and the menu

eats like it too! This is the place for a quick and quaint lunch. 402 Cherry St., Macon 744-9898 LD $

Market City Café – Superb sandwiches, homemade soups, loaded salads, pizza and pastas. Unique breakfast menu including gourmet coffees and teas. Dinner now being served Fridays and Saturdays featuring seafood and steak specials. Full bar, excellent wine cellar. Full catering services on or off site. Open Tues-Thur, 7am-6pm; Friday and Saturday 7am-9pm. 502 Cherry St., Macon 257-6612 BLD • BAR • $-$$


Greek Corner Deli Serving delicious lamb gyros, monster greek salads, subs and specialty sandwiches 7 days a week. One of the few restaurants downtown open on Sundays and the only late night eatery on Saturdays 12:30am til 3am! LD • $ 587 Cherry Street, 254.3059.


ZEBULON ROAD, In front of Kohl’s

our Sign up fourpon email co at club

Live music Friday & Saturday!

The Downtown Grill Slightly upscale dining serving fresh fish, prime cut Black Angus and features it’s own humidor. D • BAR • $$-$$$ 562 Mulberry Street, 742.5999

Edgar's Bistro Open Tues - Saty. Menu includes lobster bisque, stuffed prawns, veal medallions, duck and much more. Declicious. LD • BAR • $$$$$ 5171 Eisenhower Parkway - Across from Macon State College, 471-4250

The Shamrock Dargan and his crew cook up some of the best homemade meals in Macon, including his legendary Shepard’s Pie. Plus, he’ll surprise you from time to time with some interesting seafood selections. D • BAR $-$$ 342 Rose Avenue, Payne City 750.1555 The Tic Toc Room Contemporary setting with a sophisticated menu, great wine selection. D • BAR • $$-$$$ 401Cherry Street, 743.4645

The Cox Capitol Theatre Well the revolving door in the Kitchen of the Capitol Theatre has finally stopped spinning, and the result is some darn good pizza, Hot Dogs, soft pretzels, and subs. Where else can you have a beer and watch a great movie?? D • $$$ 382 Second Street, 257-6391


Killian’s Coffeehouse Serving patries, coffees and smoothies for breakfast and lunch. Come as a stranger, leave as a friend. BL • $ 490 Cherry Street, 492-1771.


B.Keith Williams 7:30pm

Thursday Sunday

2-4-1 Drinks all day long

Trivia, 9pm



3342 34 42 R Rose ose A Ave, ve, P Payne ayne C City iity ty 7750-1555 550 0-115555 55 OPEN 4PM - TIL...


Sharing the Road feature

Macon’s Pedestrian Danger Index is 1419.6% higher than New York City and 607.7% higher than the national average.

Scott Baston wanted to save money and improve his health so he decided to peddle to work at the Medical Center, but he ended up paying a much higher price than the few dollars of gas money he had hoped to save. “It was the third time I’d ridden to my job,” Baston said. “It was such a nice morning. The stars were still out and there was a morning hue in the distant sky. There’s something about the smell of Macon in the morning, that busy morning smell creating an absolute energy of morning solitude. It was just me and my bike.” There was no bike lane on the Second Street Bridge and he was trying to keep to the right while making sure he was visible to motorists. Dressed in light blue scrubs and wearing a backpack with reflective gear, Baston made his way over the bridge. “I was standing up peddling so that I couldn’t be missed. A couple cars passed me, I looked down briefly enough to see the road underneath me light up like a Christmas tree &she hit me going about 40-45 mph, Baston remembered. My bike locked under her front fender and threw me forward. I went 15-20 feet over the handlebars and rolled. My backpack supported my spine and I hit my head. My helmet took the brunt of shock but I bit my tongue, chipped my teeth and scraped my legs up really bad.” Luckily, Baston wasn’t thrown over the rail into the traffic of I-16 below. “I was laying there half conscious, trying to get the hell out of the road. I moved to the median when a huge truck comes by, the driver shouting at me to get out of the way. I’m sitting there; bloody, coughing, tasting blood.” He was going to start a new job as a surgical tech the day he got hit, but that never happened. Instead, Scott Baston has spent the last 2 and a half years recovering. He was sent home in a wheelchair unable to walk without a cane for three months. “I still have depth perception issues, a partially herniated disc in my back, a bulging disk in my neck, I can’t feel my knees or part of my feet and I have numbness due to nerve damage.” He lost his job at the Medical Center with no severance pay. A skilled musician of 13 years, Baston was unable to perform for six months causing him to lose additional income. He is still waiting for State Farm, the driver’s insurance company, to make a settlement. “The accident ruined my credit. I have a hospital lien. Every day I get bugged by bill collectors and all due to being hit while riding my bike to work.” THE MISSION For the first time ever, in America, children are expected to live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents. The annual cost of medical care attributed to obesity topped $117 Billion dollars last year. Sounds like we, as a country, could use some exercise. And providing safe opportunities for exercise is a definite part of that. That’s certainly the view of cardiologist, Dr. Madalyn Davidoff, who along with her husband, local developer David Thompson took up bike riding in Macon less than a year ago. On the weekends, along with a couple of friends, the two would ride some 10-20 miles in a day along the back roads of Macon. One particular October morning turned out to be a little more than they bargained for. Getting a later than usual start, the couple had noticed and commented to each other that there was too much traffic.


For 2008 Macon is ranked first in the nation as being unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists. Mike Lasch, Executive Director, Bicyclist/Pedestrian Advocate The national average annual amount of federal funds spent on pedestrian and bicycling facilities is just $1.46 per person. Georgia s average annual amount of federal funds spent on pedestrian and bicycling facilities is $1.78 per person. 24% of trips in the U.S. are 1 mile or less--42% are two miles are less

“We both agreed we should start earlier next time,” remembers Thompson. “We were towards the end of what was the longest ride we’d been on thus far (30 miles) and Madalyn already had to stop and wait on me several times, which was the norm. I rounded a corner, and noticed traffic coming out of a church parking lot (on Rivoli drive), then I noticed a line of cars pulling off to the side of the road. When I didn t see her yellow jersey, I knew something was wrong.” Dr. Davidoff had been clipped by a passing motorist, and thrown into a ditch where she landed on her head, which was luckily inside a helmet. While she suffered no major injuries, she did have a mild concussion and the two have yet to venture back out onto the roads. Dr. Davidoff has been behind a major push to making pedaling and walking in Macon safer. Her mission is to develop a Private-Public Entity to increase bike-ped opportunities and safety. “It’s pretty simple when you think about it, having better access for walking and biking decreases traffic and parking congestion, it decreases our commuting

costs, it decreases pollution, and it just adds to our quality of life,” says Davidoff. “We want our routes to be more bike friendly for college students to ride downtown,” said Bill Causey, City Engineering Manager. “Funding of the project is the main issue.” Davidoff believes this hurdle can be crossed with a public-private partnership that can raise awareness, the first phase of which is already underway with a partnership with Cox Communications and the 11th Hour. She also hope to raise the funds needed to stripe and sign some lanes. The city will provide the labor necessary to create the lanes but it is up to the fundraising efforts of the community to provide the cost of supplies. According to Causey, it will take approximately $5,000 to complete the first phase one project which will start just west of Montpelier Avenue and end at City Hall. Since there is no space in some places to increase the width of the streets, Causey says the city will use the sharrow method that has been popular in Seattle. Icons of bicycles and arrows will be painted on the roads to warn drivers to watch for cyclists and signs will be posted to indicate the shared facilities. The successful completion of phase one, which Causey hopes will be February 2010, could lead to designated funding in the city’s budget to implement bicycle lanes throughout Macon. But, according to Andrew Blascovich, Director of External Affairs, it will take the involvement of concerned citizens to move the issue higher up on the City’s list of priorities. Causey agrees with Blascovich that more citizens need to express their desire for bike lanes for this project to become a priority. Local government has to want to implement the plan. Macon doesn’t have the critical mass demanding the change. “We know that this is a priority and that it will improve Macon’s economic development to be seen as a progressive city,” Blascovich said. “There is Federal funding available for these projects through the DOT, but Macon would have to match the funding. And there is no allotment in the budget for it at this time. We would welcome any sort of partnership that can help with that .” THE DELAYS There has been much talk over the years regarding bicycle and pedestrian safety. In 2005, the GDOT commissioned a report from the Middle Georgia Regional Development Center. The 161-page report, Bicycle Pedestrian Plan for the Middle Georgia Region, recommended the implementation of bike lanes and paths in Macon as well as surrounding areas. The report stated: The Middle Georgia region is littered with local bicycle/pedestrian plans that have not been implemented. One reason these plans were not implemented was there were no supportive marketing and outreach programs: (1) to generate interest and build support for the project; (2) to change the mindset of residents that there are alternatives to automobile and walking and riding a bicycle are good for their health; (3) to improve safety and security for the bicyclist and pedestrian; and (4) to demonstrate to community leaders that constructing bicycle and pedestrian facilities provide important economic benefits and an important tool to attract new residents and businesses to the area. It has always been the intent to move directly from the Plan to

the implementation stage. In spite of suggested marketing plans, there has been little advancement. In fact, during a Regional BicyclePedestrian Plan Advisory Committee meeting on Aug. 25, Phil Clark, Middle Georgia Regional Commission, reported on the progress of the suggestions made in 2005. Clark identified the major accomplishments since the current plan was completed with the development of the regional bicycle/pedestrian website ( According to the minutes of the meeting, a new vision statement was adopted, The Middle Georgia Region will become a place where people choose to make walking, running, and riding a bicycle (active transportation) a part of their everyday lives by developing accessible, convenient, and safe bicycle/multi-use trails and routes and roads (complete streets). Of the 25 goals evaluated in the progression report, 13 of them were postponed or cancelled due to lack of funding. Bob Rychel, Manager of Planning Programs, MGRC, state that the plan is currently being updated. Blascovich indicated that it is a normal occurrence for plans to get delayed despite committee recommendations. “There was $750,000 allotted in 1975 for paving certain roads in Macon but those roads are still unpaved. In lean times, the Mayor must look at priorities. He went on to say that phase one of the bike lane project should be a good way to gauge the citizens true interest in bike lanes. If the project is successful, city officials will consider including funding for other bike lanes in future budgets.

funding.” She believes that Macon can take advantage of grant funding for green programs. The CDC piloted a program showing obesity has become an epidemic. Bicycle and walking paths built for exercise and commuting will increase activity and improve our health. It’s a matter of a cultural shift, White said. The CDC draws parallels to smoking and seatbelt wearing, it required the creation of public policy to make that cultural change. The biggest impact over the greatest number of people can be accomplished through local government working with schools, hospitals, and employers to demand safe, well-lit paths. “Any plans going forward will include Bike Lanes, as they are with College Hill Corridor’s project, and the Mayor’s vision for second street being an entryway to downtown.” says Blascovish “The real challenge is alloting funds for projects that already exist. It’s up to the community to start this movement, and the City will support it.” You can help support this cause by calling your city council person, speaking at a city council meeting about this issue, and paying attention to the 11th Hour. As more develops, we’ll be feeding you information on how you can get involved.

Important Safety Reminders National Highway Traffic Safety Administration All bicyclists should wear properly fitted bicycle helmets every time they ride. A helmet is the single most effective way to prevent head injury resulting from a bicycle crash. Bicyclists are considered vehicle operators; they are required to obey the same rules of the road as other vehicle operators, including obeying traffic signs, signals, and lane markings. When cycling in the street, cyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic. Drivers of motor vehicles need to share the road with bicyclists. Be courteous, allow at least three feet clearance when passing a bicyclist on the road, look for cyclists before opening a car door or pulling out from a parking space, and yield to cyclists at intersections and as directed by signs and signals. Be especially watchful for cyclists when making turns, either left or right. Bicyclists should increase their visibility to drivers by wearing fluorescent or brightly colored clothing during the day, dawn, and dusk. To be noticed when riding at night, use a front light and a red reflector or flashing rear light, and use retro-reflective tape or markings on equipment or clothing.


THE BENEFITS According to a report by Dangerous by Design, a faction of Transportation for America, researchers have discovered that moderate exercise, such as walking or bicycling, contributes significantly to a healthy lifestyle. A one-mile trip is a twenty-minute walk, or two-thirds of the daily exercise regimen of 30 minutes recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General. City Council Member Nancy White, an R.N., has taken a personal interest in biking lanes. “From a health and wellness and disease prevention standpoint we need to do as much as we can to get moving. There is already a plan for designing paths to go through the city. It’s just a matter of dusting it off and getting the


macon lifestyle




New College Hotspot, Bottom’s Up!

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The Introduction. The New Year and Middle Age.They both come in with a bang and ten extra pounds. We all seem to make that resolution to eat better and live healthier lives. For me it's 10/30: Midnig not an easy thing to stick with. Cocktail and dinner parties abound which make staying on a work out regimen a challenge. I know I have been bucked off that "gym horse" more than a few times, but I always make myself get back on. Part of what makes it a little easier is dressing for the part. Putting on that work out wear and lacing up those trainers serves as a reminder to get a work out in, whether in be a ottom’s Up opened its doors the fall of 2009, just in time to initiate the college half hour on the elliptical or actually rising at 5 AM (excruciatingly painful at middle kids back into the life of Macon’s downtown entertainment district. This large age) to meet my fabulous trainer. I know my body is FAR from where I where I want it to be, and while exercise might not be my favorite activity, it must be done.With venue has 3 main areas; pool tables, a long, full service bar with frozen drinks, the 5th annual Macon Film Festival only 3 weeks away as my motivator, I better step and the stage and dance area. Tacky, beach-themed wall hangings look a bit out of up my game! place, but perhaps that’s the charm of the place. Frozen margaritas churn away,


while the friendly bar staff (and happy security) invite you to try their specialty, or offer up their many, cheap drink specials. Live music and DJs most weekends.

Happy New Year from the

Backporch Lounge 2400 Riverside Dr • 745-8801 18 to party, 21 to drink NEVER A COVER!

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Let the ! n i g e B Voting

Vote online:


Best Bar Food Cj's, The Rookery Wild Wing Cafe, AP’s Best Seafood Jim Shaws, Polly's Corner Cafe The Shamrock, Rivalry's Fish And Pig Best New Restaurant Texas Cattle Company Favorite Lunch Spot The Mellow Mushroom Market City Cafe, The Greek Mandarin Express Deli, the Rookery Dolce Vita Nu Way Wieners, Adrianna's Best Burger in town The Rookery, Five Guys, The Players Club, Locos Hottest Waitstaff Hooters, The Shamrock Wild Wing Cafe Tic Toc Room Favorite Pizza Joint Ingleside Village Pizza Mellow Mushroom Guisseppi's, Jenoelly's Best Mexican El Azteca, El Sombrero Margarita's Best Wings Locos, Wild Wing Cafe Francars, Buffalos, Hooters Best Desserts Dolce Vita, Adriannas, City Market Cafe Best Bar-B-Que Georgia Bobs, Finchers Fresh Air, Pig N a Pit, Tuckers

An dt



Best College Bar Bottoms Up, The Rookery Club Envy Best Place for a Poker Face Club Envy, CJ's Friends Bar and Grill BJ's Billiards, Rivalry's


Favorite Local DJ DJ Laylo, DJ Trent Old Flame, DJ Montalban DJ Ken Ayers

Favorite Good Samaritan Travis Blackwell Cindy Hill June O'Neal Susan Dunn Tony Long Phillip Banze

Best New Band Big Hairy Monster, Sway Coyote Bones Cult of Riggonia Best Local Album Magnificent Bastard Truffelina Floco Torres/AL K!ng (EP) Coyote Bones Pysk Nyne Favorite Local Rock Act MagTard, Cult of Riggona Citizen Insane Roly Bots

Best Place For Karoake Synergy, BJ's The Back Porch, 20's Pub

Favorite Singer Songwriter Heather Kemp Abby Owens Trendlenberg Shane Bridges Molly Stevens Amy Godwin

Friendliest Bar Staff Rivalrys, BJs' Taras Tavern, The Bird, AP's Hidden Hideaway

Favorite Local Cover band 2 Finger Jester Loose Screws Lewis and Matt

Best Dance Party Club Synergy, Club Envy Bottoms Up, The Rookery

Favorite Hip Hop Act Floco Torres Al K!ing City Council Hillside G's

Best Drink Specials BJ's Billiards, Rivalry's CJ's, 20's Pub, The Rookery

Best Bartender Jeff Payne (The Bird) Amanda Merrit (ElAzteca) Roger Riddle (The Rookery) Amber Whitley (Synergy)




Best Overall Bar The Hummingbird The Rookery, BJ's Billiards Rivalrys, CJ's, Wild Wing Café


Record Goes d l o to.. G e h

Best Sushi/Japanese Shogun, Shoki, Mikada Taki

Best Overall Restaurant The Downtown Grill The Tic Toc Room Natalias, Marcos The BackBurner


Favorite Place for Live Music Golden Bough Rivalrys The 567 Cafe The Cox Capitol Theatre The Hummingbird Wild Wing Café

Community Leader Beverly Blake Sarah Gerwig Moore Larry Schlesinger Robert Riechart Favorite Local Character Shantee (Luther) (Winters) Demon Obrien Deonna Sage Favorite Photographer Doug Nurmberger Leah Yetter Adam Smith Maryann Bates Best Local Artist Benn Dunn Charles Ladson Craig Hamilton Eric O'Dell David Sutton Best Hair Salon Amanda Jane Vinveville Salon W. Chadwix Best Tattoo Studio Beyond Taboo Tattoo Sacred Heart Ink Wizard Favorite Shop Owner (insert your own name)

Favorite Overall Band The Roly Bots City Council Cult of Rigonna Citizen Insane Magnificent Bastard Coyote Bones

5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards: Feb 25! Macon’s Biggest Celebration attended by over 500 11th Hour readers!

Carpet d e R Walk the

Music l a c o The Best L

Live Music for the night to include: Southern Chaos, Psyk Nyne, Roly-Bots, Trufflelina, Two Finger Jester and a special Songstress’ in the Round with Abby Owens, Molly Stevens & Amy Godwin! Tickets just $5!


Check the Bar & Music Schedule for Live Music Listings!


mondays karaoke, 10p HH all night

tuesdays poker 7:30p trivia 9p

wednesdays open mic with matt moncrief

thursdays $2 drinks for gals 8p-close

3986 Northside Dr, Macon 474-0606 •


Large selection of RollYour OwnTobacco and Supplies Mon-Fri: 8-8, Sat 12-8 shop 2385 Ingleside Ave. (478) 742-8830




e d t iddl y M Awardepartmen b d e t & A ! o V orgia Best” 2009 Ge of the 8 and t 00 “Bes ng for 2 i Liv

North Macon’s Most Established Apartment Community

LULLWATER AT BASS, (478) 757-0057 1644 Bass Road, Macon, 31210

TWIN PINES, (478) 737-9300 In historic Shirley Hills, Macon 31211

OVERLOOK GARDENS, (888) 740-1994 1400 Gray Highway, Macon 31211

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Overlook Gardens





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Rare and baffling disease cured by over-the-counter character "Extraordinary Measures" is an ordinary film with ordinary characters in a story too big for it. Life has been reduced to a Lifetime movie. The story, based on fact, is compelling: Two sick children have no more than a year to live when their father determines to seek out a maverick scientist who may have a cure. This is "Lorenzo's Oil" with a different disease, Pompe disease, although it fudges the facts to create a better story.

The White Ribbon (R) A village with something very wrong within its secret soul Something is wrong in the village. Some malevolent force, some rot in the foundation. This wrongness is first sensed in a series of incidental "accidents." Then the murder of a child takes place. This forces the villagers, who all know one another, to look around more carefully. Is one of them guilty? How can that be? One person couldn't be responsible for all of these disturbing events. Have many been seized in an evil contagion? The Book of Eli (R) Strange, how post-apocalyptic doom can be grim and goofy I'm at a loss for words, so let me say these right away: "The Book of Eli" is very watchable. You won't be sorry you went. It grips your attention, and then at the end throws in several WTF! Moments, which are a bonus. They make everything in the entire movie impossible and incomprehensible -- but, hey, WTF. The Lovely Bones (PG-13) After the rape and murder, the really cool part starts "The Lovely Bones" is a deplorable film with this message: If you're a 14-year-old girl who has been brutally raped and murdered by a serial killer, you have a lot to look forward to. “The Lovely Bones” is based on the critically acclaimed best-selling novel by Alice Sebold, and directed by Oscar® winner Peter Jackson. “The Lovely Bones” centers on a young girl who has been murdered and watches over her family – and her killer – from heaven. Good cast, just not a good movie.

GREAT MOVIES Cache (R) (2005)

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How is it possible to watch a thriller intently two times and completely miss a smoking gun that's in full view? Yet I did. Only on my third trip through Michael Haneke's "Cache" did I consciously observe a shot which forced me to redefine the film. I was not alone. I haven't read all of the reviews of the film, but after seeing that shot I looked up a lot of them, and the shot is never referred to. For that matter, no one seems to point to a conclusion that it might suggest.



by Kristi Kates

Modern Rocker The Return of McLachlan and Lilith Fair Sarah McLachlan is stepping back into the music scene to revive the late '90s music festival Lilith Fair, which was the first modern concert event to feature primarily female singer-songwriters all on one festival bill (the early Lillith Fairs included performances from McLachlan along with the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Lauryn Hill, and Christina Aguilera.) The summer of 2010 will see the return of the Lilith Fair event, which has already booked its first round of performers, among them Sheryl Crow, Erykah Badu, Belinda Carlisle, Metric, Chairlift, and Emmylou Harris; for more info, visit Elbow's Guy Garvey has moved from Manchester back to his hometown of Bury, England, and has been working hard on songwriting sessions for Elbow's next album. Garvey recently mentioned that he's actually been including tales of his hometown in some of the lyrics for Elbow's new songs, and that the band is also experimenting with psychedelia and shoegaze sounds in their music, complete with Moogs and Mellotrons. The band already has almost two dozen song ideas for the new set, which will be their fifth album and will serve as follow-up to 2008's The Seldom Seen Kid...

A little Oasis news this week (well, kinda) - Ride/Oasis guitarist Andy Bell is said to be currently collaborating with Liam Gallagher and will be part of the Gallager's new post-Oasis band, which will reportedly also feature guitarist (and former Oasis member) Gem Archer along with drummer Chris Sharrock and keyboard player Jay Darlington. No name has been given to the new Liam Gallagher project as of yet ("well, nothing's sticking yet," Gallagher reports), but they're keeping busy focusing on recording for the moment... Also recording are Radiohead, who are just making their way into the studio to begin work on the follow-up to their In Rainbows album. Thom Yorke is still working on his solo and side band projects, but that won't stop the full Radiohead complement from moving forward; Yorke's right on board to continue putting together songs that the band started last summer. Four weeks of band rehearsal have prefaced the new record-

ing sessions, which band member Ed O'Brien says are finding the band doing more musical experimenting and trying to create "art without fear"; no release date has been given yet for the album itself... MODERN ROCK LINK OF THE WEEK: Interested in new electronica and indie music? Then check out the latest label offering from Ninja Tune, which is launching a new division called Motion Audio, which will present music that will be "more about a vibe than any particular sound or style," according to the division's personnel; the side label's first two 2010 releases will be from Grey Reverend and Lou Rhodes. Check 'em out at MINI BUZZ: Muse have booked a quartet of live show dates for this March across the U.S., where they'll be making their four stops in Fairfax, Virginia (3/1), New York City (3/5), Boston (3/6), and at the Palace of Auburn Hills near Detroit (5/13)... Arctic Monkeys are on the road, too, and will kick off their trek on January 26th with a show in Milan Italy; the band's schedule will keep them in Western Europe through February 10th, including stops in Madrid, Grenoble, and Munich... The Beastie Boys' latest album, The Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 1, of which the

release date was postponed which the band's Adam Yauch fought the good fight against cancer, is now making its way back onto the schedule, and the band says to look for it early this year... Ringo Starr's new album, Y Not, just out last week, features a previouslyunplanned vocal duet from Starr and former Beatle bandmate Paul McCartney on the track "Walk With Me"... Electronica-trance band Above & Beyond have issued a request to Richard Branson to let them DJ on the first V. Galactic passenger flight into outer space; with test flights rumored to be starting this year and Moby and Dave Navarro having already booked tickets, they'd be in good musical company... And featuring their own new tunes are this week's new releases... ON CD: Evacuate Chicago's Veracity... Citay's Get Together... and Chamillionaire's Venom... ON DVD: Whitney Houston's Whitney Houston ... and Michael Jackson's This is It... and that's the buzz for this week's Modern Rock. Questions, comments, rants, raves, suggestions on this column or your favorite musicians? Send 'em to Kristi at

Events at the Capitol

Side of the Rainbow SAT Dark The Wizard of Oz meets Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”


Movie starts at 7pm! General admission: $5


Doors open at 8pm! General admission: $8 advance/$10 day of

Urban legend? You be the judge!

Concert FRI Cupid PJ Morton Band, P&W Trio, Lamar Williams w/Demun Jones!

Hour Award’s Show THU 11th Celebrating the Best of Macon!


Live music includes: Roly-Bots, Truffleina, 2 Finger Jester, Psyk Nyne, Red carpet 7pm! Molly Stevens, Abby Owens, Amy General admission: $5 Godwin & special guests!

On the Big Screen!

Dinner & a Classic Dinner service begins 5:30 Movie begins at 6:30 $17.50 with meal, $5 without

Wed: 2/03 Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1947) Wed: 2/10 Hobson’s Choice (1960)

Dollar Nights

Special Showings

$1 admission, $1 pizza slices Fri: 2/01 & drafts from 6-7pm. When the Levees Broke Movie starts at 7pm. Spike Lee's award winning Sundays thru Jan: documentary, graphically portrays the effects of WEEDS, Season 2 Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans & the response to the Thur: 2/04 catastrophe. $5/$3 students.


$1 wine tasting, $1 drafts 5-7p

Sun: 2/7 Super Bowl XLIV Doors open at 5pm. Free admission!

The Macon Film Festival February 18 - 21 for a complete schedule of events visit 382 Second St 257-6392





macon culture

Journalist Karen Jones delves into the idiosyncrasy that comes along with being a military wife. Read her daily blog at:


Macon Civic Club’s Annual Musical Revue always entertains the audience with familiar musical numbers and local humor. This annual favorite benefits local charities. Wednesday - Saturday, 7:30p.m. Tickets $25-$35.

Call the Mercer Box Office for tickets (478) 301-5470

Suite 1200 3076 Riverside Dr.

475-5860 Macon, Ga 31210

Happy Hour ‘til 7pm $1 OFF ALL DRINKS!




FRIDAYS: Dance Band 9pm-1am

1/29: Randy Wesson • 2/5: Big Mike & Booty Papas NEVER A MONDAYS: Jam & Rehearse 7-10pm

2/01: Tim Brooks • 2/08: RJ & Randy 28


s I walked up the carpeted flight of stairs and choked the white enameled handrails, I wondered what in the hell I was putting myself through. Once I was at the top of the stairs, I fiddled with my rings, turning them round and round. There I was at the officer’s club, searching for my place card on the name tag tree. My slightly clammy hand pinched the folded card which read, “Mrs. Karen Jones,” off the tree. On the back, it stated, “You are seated at Table 5,”---perfect military protocol form. I wanted to turn right back around, run down the stairs, bolt out of the doors, and sprint back to my hotel room. But I was following orders, as usual, and my body went straight to Table 5, like it was on auto-pilot. It was my time to shine or be dull. I had been in class for two days already. The course’s purpose was to teach me how to be a proper and successful squadron commander’s wife. This particular event was the pinnacle of my studies on protocol, only one of the many facets covered during the course. Remembering what I was told in the class, I turned on my brightest smile. The instructions had said, “First and foremost, smile a lot and be your own warm, friendly, helpful, and compassionate self. Be the best supporter of your spouse’s squadron and everyone in it.” There I was at Table 5 representing not only myself, but my husband, and the future of his squadron that he was going to command. Oh, the pressure! Looking at Table 5, it was beautifully clothed and skirted---just like me. It had all the accouterments signaling a formal luncheon: multiple forks, a napkin forming an artistic “poof,” numerous plates, a large collection of fresh flowers in the middle, and some intimidating women occupying chairs. This was a luncheon designed to practice creating conversations out of thin air. I needed to perform well, not be inappropriate, and remember to be reverent toward the “senior spouses.” In other words, not piss them off or have them wrinkle their noses at me, like they caught a whiff of a bad odor. As one of the major command centers for the Air Force, the base’s population consisted of loads of the top brass and their spouses. Some of the spouses were at my practice luncheon to help with my exercise in manners. At Table 5, I had a Brigadier General’s wife. I watched her every move; for that was my plan to pass the muster. I figured that what she did, which fork she used, and how she passed the bread bowl were the most correct. Surely, she had been doing this antiquated song and dance enough times to be the master. After it was over, my face was fatigued from the excessive smiling. I suppose this practice in the finer things was the spouse’s version of simulating a battle scene, but with fluffier surroundings.


A column for Believers, Doubters, Atheists, and Agnostics by Tim Bagwell, pastor of Centenary Church on College Street. Email:


any of us divide the world into sacred and secular. Over the last several years I have become convinced that the divide between sacred and secular is not only obsolete – it never existed in the first place and was a figment of imagination. Look at Jesus – for him, everything was sacred, thus there was the possibility of redemption. Redemption implies that something had value in the beginning. True? Jesus confronted the profane in the world, reminding the world of its sacredness in the first place. Jesus did not make things sacred – he jarred the memory of those who were unaware that they were sacred. Reminding people of their sacredness when they do not want to be reminded can get you into a lot of trouble because sacredness carries with it certain implications for living in the world. Jesus died because he reminded people that they were sacred and belonged to God. Some folks, particularly those of us in positions of power and comfort, just don’t want to hear the truth. The lines we have created between secular and sacred don’t exist in the heart

of God and the mind of Jesus. In the words of David Dark, “There is not a secular molecule in the universe.” Everything ultimately belongs to God. No doubt that some sacred things can become profane… they get off track… people make bad decisions and are overwhelmed by circumstances… but that does not mean that they don’t belong to God! They are still sacred -- they either have forgotten it or never discovered it. So our role is to remind them of what they already intuitively know: They are of sacred worth. Therefore, the role of the faith community is not to avoid what has traditionally been called “secular”. Jesus didn’t. Our role is not even to “engage secular culture”. God has already done that because God created all things so there is no such thing as secular culture. God does not make junk. Three questions: What would it mean to live as if everything is sacred in 2010? How would that awareness change your actions, words, relationships, work, and leisure? How does knowing that you are sacred impact your self-esteem?





Govt. Job: The City of Swainsboro is seeking a qualified candidate for Director of Downtown Development. Applications available in Govt. Employment section of

Free office furniture available. Come get whatever you want, but you have to pick up. Includes: desks, sectional desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Call Betsy: 478-737-5972.

The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom is now accepting applications for a general manager, bartenders and sound technicians. Apply in person at 430 Cherry Street.

PERSONALS Friendly Easygoing, Attractive white male 44 Y/O seeking Male 20-45 For tennis, friendship and roa dtrips. If interested please call 478-454-7884.

Now offering FREE “For Sale”Classifieds, (excludes real estate) and the same great low price of just $20 an issue for rentals, help wanted, yard sales and personals. Place your ad by calling 464-1840 or emailing your ad to

BLOTTER Chambers Road shooting A resident of 2215 Chambers Road was shot on Jan. 16. The suspect shot through the back door, two .38 shell casings were recovered. Anyone with information about this crime should contact Macon Regional CrimStoppers at (877) 68-CRIME.

Citizens warned to be wary of ATM machines Middle Georgia residents are being asked to be wary when using ATM machines. According to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Department a new version of skimming devices has showed up in several states. The devices have a camera used to record account information from cards and any PIN entered. The criminal often remains in the area to monitor and retrieve the device. The information is downloaded and a new card is created to access accounts. Citizens who suspect such a device are cautioned to leave the area and report it immediately to law enforcement.

Warner Robins teen in critical condition after shooting


Police were called to the emergency room at Houston County Medical Center on Jan. 24, 7 p.m., in reference to a gunshot victim. Dajohn Wilson, 17, was sitting in a vehicle at 100 Hudson Street when he was approached by a black male with a handgun. The suspect fired into the vehicle striking the victim in the upper body before fleeing the scene on foot. Wilson was later transferred to the Medical Center of Central Georgia

where he underwent surgery. The victim is listed in stable but critical condition. Police are seeking a black male, 5’7”5’9”, and 15-20 years old. Anyone with information about this crime should call police at 478-929-6911 or report the incident on the website at

GCSU campus locked down Twenty-year-old Holden Fumer, Gainesville, was arrested Jan. 22 for making terroristic threats on the campus of Georgia College and State University. Students were warned, via text messaging and a recorded voice message, to stay behind doors after Fumer’s ex-girlfriend reported receiving a call from him stating that he had a gun. Authorities tracked the suspect’s movement around the campus before arresting him on the railroad tracks between Tatnall and Greene Street. Fumer was charged with multiple felonies, including underage possession of alcohol. Police have not recovered a gun at this time.

Village Green Shooting Macon police are investigating a shooting on Village Green Lane on Monday, Jan. 18. A man drove himself to the Medical Center of Central Georgia after someone shot through the driver’s side window injuring his hand. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Macon Regional CrimStoppers at (877) 68-CRIME. Anyone with information is asked to contact Macon Regional CrimeStoppers at (877) 68-CRIME.

Don’t let the cold take away your cycling fitness!

Mon/Wed 6:30-7:30pm

Bring your bike & stationary trainer $10 per week or $8 per class

Next Standard Fit Camp


• Drop in any time! $8 per class / $100 for 6 weeks • Mon/Wed 5:30-7am, Tue/Thur 9:30-10:30am and Tues/Thur 5:30-7pm

Rick Cain

“It’s all about 478.318.0243 living good!” NEW STUDIO: 419 CHERRY ST

• A.F.A.A. Certified Personal Trainer • Licensed U.S.A. Cycling Coach


ASTROLOGY ARIES (March 21-April 19):

You will say things without thinking. You can be arrogant, presumptuous, and your own interests will come first. Things are beginning to smooth out for you again and not be as difficult as it has been for the last few months. This week you will be more cautious than usual but you are offering good advice to someone who just does not want to listen to your advice. They might come around. New plans and projects will be keeping your mind very busy in the months ahead.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You are practical, peace loving, stubborn, and deliberate. Taurus has a natural interest in money, and you like the finer things in life. Perhaps the planets are making things a bit difficult for you but you are beginning to see the light at the end of that long tunnel. That ‘end of the tunnel light’ indicates that the challenging aspects begin to sort out better for you. Money that may have been tied up for so long should come in around the first of February and helpfully keep coming in thereafter. 3X]]OH-XQFWLRQFRP




the Sudoku puzzle, To solve  &RRN FKHHU each row, column and  1LEEOH  7ZRIROG box must contain the numbers 1 to 9.  &DYLDU  3RVVHVVHV



CANCER (June 21-July 22): Cancer is sentimental, sensitive, and needs to have a sense of security. Cancer is intensely romantic and has a vivid imagination. Fighting any government agency can and will always be very frustrating but if you hang in there, you can win. The planets at fault are beginning to move out of your way now. Some legal help may be needed to help you along to get what you want. The month of February is a big money month for you as everything finally falls into place and obstacles in your path are removed.




LEO (July 23-August 22): Leo is colorful, self assured, outgoing, impulsive and expansive. It is time to get all your paperwork in the proper order and finished. Someone is very willing to help do this project so accept their generous offer and get on the move. Too many things have been put off lately and you will feel much better once your affairs are all in order. This is not a good time to change gears so go along with plans that you already have outlined.

Last issues puzzle answers










&URVVZRUG6ROXWLRQ ( $ 6 7 % , 7 ( % 5 $ 1

$ 3 7 5 2 ( 7 , $ 0 $ 5 , 7 2 6 6 ( , 6 3 $ 5 6 3 , 5 ( : 2 2 & $ 1 $ / , 1 1 / $ * 0 ' 6 ) $ . ( 6 : , 6 ( $ 6 6 . , ( 5 2 * / ( 8 1 & / ( 6 $ 0 0 2 2 ' 2 / ( 2 : 1 6 ' ( 1

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Gemini is versatile, fickle, intelligent, creative, quick, neat, and curious. Gemini learns quickly and has the ability to get a good education. You are to be taking a serious, long, hard look at your goals and ambitions this week. You have some good ideas of what you want and you are willing to do the hard work to go after it. New ideas are occurring to you as well as being presented to you for the next few weeks. Listen carefully so you can make some decent decision and firm up what you really want.

VIRGO (August 23-Sept 22): You can be highly critical, sarcastic, & unforgiving. You have to be real careful how you spend your money. This lasts for only the next week and a half because after that it should come pouring in again. Save up some of that money so you can buy lottery tickets on February second and see what happens. Luck should be with you at that time so live it up and take a chance.

& + ( ) + $ 5 ( $ ' ( 5 6 3 $ 7 2 : $ 3 ( . ( ' , 2 7 $ ' 8 $ / ( 7 1 $

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22): Libra is artistic, musical, level headed, sympathetic, and generous. You can be gossipy, critical, and bitter. New plans and ideas should start occurring to you now. However, you are being very cautious in implementing them. You know what you want and the direction you wish to take but you may need help with the actual doing of it all. Be creative and use your good imagination. You should pay close attention to your intuition or hunches during this period. SCORPIO (October 23-Nov 21): You are very intense, strong willed, determined and secretive. You can be willful and sarcastic, but a deep thinker with a fine mind. The difficult aspects to your sign are beginning to move out now which means it is all getting easier for you than it has been. The third week of February is when you start to feel your old self again so just be patient until then. Things may start to go right. Money should pick up starting the first week of February. SAGITARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Sagittarius is warm and friendly. You like to talk a great deal making it difficult for others to get a word in edgewise. You should pursue new opportunities or studies. Whatever you get out of them depends on the effort you put into them. Be extra careful in signing any legal papers in the next few weeks and be sure to read the fine print carefully. Creative or imaginative work you generate in the next week or so could open new opportunities or plans for your future. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Capricorn is very often politically minded. Capricorn is also patient, reserved, cautious, faithful and shrewd. You seem to have a great deal of money coming to you one way or another about mid February. Meanwhile there is paperwork to do and smart plans to be made. You may be going slowly and cautiously but you are really getting things done. Your social life should be picking up now and you could meet that very special person while you are out and about. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Independence and a feeling of freedom is necessary. Aquarius has a strong will, and is inventive, and will always enjoy doing the unexpected. This being your birth month, it becomes very ‘up close’ and personal. This is a time for pleasure, shopping and doing all those personal things you could not get to before. Perhaps you could even take a one or two day trip to relax and enjoy yourself. If you cannot do it now, at least plan for it for the near future. PISCES (Feb 19-March 20): You are emotional, ultra-sensitive, easy going, and sociable, Worry plagues you. Pisces will see only the good in others. If you make the extra effort, there is extra money out there to be earned. Save some money in case you would like to take a chance on lottery tickets on February second. Luck may be with you on that day so give it a try. (Not too much; just a try!) This is a time when personal problems can be met and solved. You may be feeling restless and in need of some activity. Look around for a new hobby.

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2 bedroom/1 bath Apartments • Hardwood floors, ceiling fans. • Close to downtown. • Quiet, wooded residential area. • Laundry facility onsite, plenty of parking. • No Application Fees 32 Unit Apartment Community

Twin Pines In Historic Shirley Hills Contact Rachel Phillips Property Manager






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Lunch Served Daily 11-2 Meat & two sides with a drink $6.25

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FRIDAYS Blind Draw Dart Tourney In-House 8 Ball, 7p Karaoke w/Kenny, 9p


Ladies Night!

Poker is back! 7:30pm Includes a FREE dinner!!!

Wednesdays: 50¢ Wells for the gals, guys get free pool with a bucket of beer!

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